Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HST to the Rescue? NOT

Let`s talk HST in Canada, as you know Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen lied their faces off pre-election,they lied about the size of the deficit, Campbell claimed the deficit would be $495 million dollars maximum, that deficit quickly turned to over $4 billion dollars immediately after the election,and they also stated in writing that the HST would not be brought in,another whopper of a lie.

First let`s look at the Province of Quebec, in Quebec they have had the HST since 1991, imagine that, Quebec right next door to Ontario, one Province with the HST one without, has Quebec lured all those head offices in Ontario to move to Quebec, no,that hasn`t happened, is Quebec leading Canada in jobs,growth,economic activity, the truth is no,in fact Quebec is the most indebted Province, their Provincial debt is 53% of GDP, so as a percentage of debt per person no one beats Quebec, did the HST save Quebec? According to Colin Hansen, the HST is the best thing his government can do to screw the public, lately Colin Hansen`s face has twisted and contorted as he repeats the lies, baseless lies about the HST, Colin`s face appears warped, watching Colin Hansen lie in the legislature is like a bad acid trip from the 60s, warbled words and traces leading into the rabbit hole.

Back to Quebec, year after year Quebec receives equalization payments from Canada, from Alberta basically, so how is that HST thing working for you Quebec, perhaps Colin Hansen can explain why in Quebec, the poorest Province in Canada is raising fees to fight their HST debt, Quebec is raising fuel taxes by a cent a year, well big deal, we have a useless carbon tax that hasn`t lowered emissions by one gram, health fees are going up in Quebec, right now adults pay $25 dollars per year, those fees are going up 800% over 2 years, that fee is rising to $200 dollars per year by 2012, well, out here in BC people languish for years on waiting lists only to either die waiting for medical service or spend their pension cheques on private health care....Quebec is also raising tuition fees, that will hurt families in Quebec, but as for tuition fees, BC leads the nation with the most unaffordable/expensive tuition, .......Yes friends the HST is a lie,a stinking fabrication,a bad acid trip,not one shred of credible evidence to prove the HST does anything but hurt the public,yet despite Quebec having the HST since 1991 they are in the worst fiscal state of all Provinces, now those fees and charges that are going up in Quebec are but the tip of the iceberg....Because guess what, Quebec`s Provincial sales tax is being raised, presently their tax rate 7.5% PST--5% GST for a combined HST of 12.5 %.....Well friends, Quebec is raising their PST to 8.5% and in 2012 they are raising their PST 9.5% ....That means their combined HST rate is going 14.5% by 2012.

So how is that HST working for you Quebec? But there is more, much much more, because of massive cuts to the Corporate tax structure in Canada, in fact Kootcoot wrote about it, of the G7 nations we are the lowest in cost to corporations, well second lowest,Mexico is still cheaper but only because of wages, although Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are giddy with pride over their $6 dollar per hour starting and firing wage rate, these massive tax cuts to the corporation, subsidies, gifts, free to pollute and make people sick, but the problem is this, Stephen Harper, Ignatief, even slippery Jack Layton all know that Ottawa has not only massive growing debt but they have a structural deficit, in other words, economists,legitimate economists,not phony flip-floppers like Jack Mintz but real economists say that the GST must be raised back to 7%......Ottawa needs that money, so unless the federal Governments slash and burn and cut health services, unless they reform all of Government the GST is going to go back up to 7%.........

So folks, what does that mean, quite simple, it means that the HST tax rate in Quebec will 16.5% by 2012.....It means that the HST in BC will be 14%....Or will it, in fact friends the BC hst will lose money, with everyone along the Alberta border will be buying goods and services tax free in Alberta,no PST,no HST ,no nothing....And with the loonie at par or better against the US greenback, well, those long,hot summer line-ups heading south will stretch from Abbotsford to Victoria.....Spend spend spend,cheap milk,cheap gas,cheap clothes,cheap electronics, and Quebec,the underground economy in Quebec is huge, we will learn in BC, no cheque,no bill, cash is king, so what you have in a nut shell is this, the HST will create a bigger hole in BC`s Provincial revenues, consumers pull back,tourism suffers, Canadian dollars head south, so what then, well you guessed it, TAXES MUST BE RAISED, imagine that, because of the HST the BC LIAR Party will have to raise user fees and the PST to make up for the shortfall, think about that irony, the BC public gets a $2 billion dollar per year tax hit and the Province has to dig into the public for Another $ 2 billion dollar tax hit to make-up for the tax shortfall brought by the HST.(read about Quebec raising taxes and fees here)http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601082&sid=ae0tk1hRwVzA

You see friends that is exactly what is happening in Quebec, 20 years with the HST and they are a have not Province with the most debt and soon to be the highest taxed jurisdiction in Canada, no, there will be no HST to the rescue, we will pay more and more and corporations pay less and less, well.......Maybe Nova Scotia did better with the HST, after all, they have had the HST since 1996, 14 years of HST certainly it has made Nova Scotia the place to be, national companies moving there from far and wide to take advantage of the HST, a wealthy Province with a fancy HST that business`s can`t resist, surely Nova Scotia can make the case for the HST,well perhaps not!

Nova Scotia, the HST,when they brought in the HST in 1996 as an enticement to get the public to but into it they lowered their PST by 5 points, that`s right folks the GST/PST combined rate was 19% in Nova Scotia, to convince the public to go along they lowered the combined rate to 15% HST....And when Canada as a whole was doing pretty good Nova Scotia lowered their HST to 13%.....Wow,amazing, the HST must have been a huge success in Atlantic Canada, well perhaps not, the Nova Scotia Liberal Government was drowning in debt, in their last election the Nova Scotia Liberals were tossed out on their butts, too many lies,hidden debt, well when the NDP took over they realized the Liberals had fried their economy, and that new 13% HST rate will not do, nope,not enough, again with shoppers buying on line,the underground economy, they now are forced to raise the HST to 15% on July/1/2010, As of July 1/2010 the tax rate in Nova Scotia is rising from 13% to 15%......

That`s right, the Provinces drowning in the most debt are none other than the HST provinces, so Quebec`s HST is to rise to 14.5% next year,....Nova Scotia`s HST to rise to 15% this year...Ottawa to raise the GST to 6% this year and eventually to 7% next year......So the HST in Quebec will be 16.5% in 2012......Nova Scotia HST will be 17% in 2011/2012....BC`s HST will be 15% in 2011/2012, and like Quebec and Nova Scotia the BC PST will have to be raised to 8% or more to make up for tax short falls, yes friends,as more and more people go underground,no receipts, no bill,no tax the BC Liars will have to take more and more from fewer people.(read about Nova Scotia raising their HST here)http://www.news957.com/news/local/article/42568--hst-income-tax-changes-highlight-nova-scotia-budget

Imagine that, Quebec has the most debt per capita(#1), Nove Scotia(#2) and the other Atlantic provinces rank 3rd and 4th ....The HST,no case,no facts,the historical data has debunked any good coming from the HST.

That is the HST in a nut shell, a fraud, a gift to big business, the hst will add zero jobs,the hst will add zero investment,Jack Mintz states the HST will cost jobs and hurt consumers,like everything Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have touched,fraud,con,scam,insider juice,public sell offs,privatizing public assets, by far, a government of idiots,even worse than the Vancouver NPA and the Athletes village financial boondoggle, the Gordon Campbell Liberals couldn`t run a lemonade stand.

(On a side note, a certain loudmouth has been spewing more garbage,let me be perfectly clear, I tweaked one story,my premier Coleman story, I tweaked it as a courtesy to shut up a loud-mouth, my mistake was tweaking the story to appease, for now the foul-mouth thinks he can bully me,well he is wrong, Mr.Meech tried to save someone`s face,he failed badly, you can read the exchange in my Britannia beach story....I was also sent a long email called ...."Without prejudice".......It was sent to me by you know who, the email gave me a 72 hour deadline to respond...The Email stated that I Grant G must post a statement on my Blog for 72 hours apologizing to the affected person,the email went onto to say that during this 72 hours I can`t post any other stories....The email finished off saying a team of lawyers will be contacting me if I fail to meet the deadlines!!!!!!!!!!)

Well friends, I returned the email to you know who, and this is what I said, "Bring it on,I agree to nothing,see ya in court"

That was my response, the deadline was last Monday, 9 days ago, and here I was looking forward to blogging on my court victory!...Anyway, the silence from you know who and his family of lawyers is "Deafening"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Hang gordo the drunk. This is criminal. Like all the rest of his lies. I guess womonizing, been a new father, selling out hydro, BC Ferries, and our rivers, killing salmon via farmed ratfish, giving our land away to his friends. Make him jump off the new bridge, no traffic, should be over quick. Ask gordo why he is drinking again. Lots of problems. He is at the bottom of all these messes. Good on you gordo, you piss tank criminal mouth-breader.

Kam Lee

Gary E said...

So, a certain loudmouth is still at it Grant? I just hate it when you deflate someones ego and they feel they have to resort to law suits. I wonder how many lawsuits he has on the go? And I wonder how they break down? Like how many he filed and how many are filed against him. Maybe I'll pay $6 per search just to find out.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note... Well done against Alx b bad. He has earned it. Congrats.

Kam Lee

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary(25).....Norman Farrell wrote a nice story about a few bloggers,he mentioned my site..Only guess who showed up to take another rip at me?

I fired back of course,just letting my faithful know that I ain`t running away,changing my tune.

Just ignore him.

Kim said...

Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Grant - These guys should stick the Millenium PLUG up their arse!

Anonymous said...

boy that would need a lot of cement to fill that loud mouths ass!GENUINE.

Evil Eye said...

Ha, ha, ha - you got one of those "Without prejudice" emails too, well don't fret, the "Eye" has received a few of those too. It's when a server knocks at the door, that it is time to get concerned.

A team of Lawyers eh, ha, ha, ha; I bet Mr. Loudmouth hasn't a clue what a team of Lawyers cost! Pure bumf.

My retort is simple "The defense for Libel is truth. See you in court!"

Crankypants said...

Your assessments are bang on regarding the HST. It has done nothing to help the provinces that have had it for a while and will serve both Onatrio and BC no better. All those that were and are responsible for bringing it about should be residing in the same digs as the like of Bernie Madoff. They have come up with the perfect plan to steal from the poor and give to the rich.

And this bull that Hansen and Campbell are spewing about it "being the most important thing that they can do for BC's economy" would be humorous if it wasn't for the negative impacts it will place on the majority of the citizens of BC. If this were truly the case then they would have brought it up before the election, not mere days after.

From what I saw on the news tonight the NoHST campaign got off to a pretty good start. The meeting at Kitsilano Highschool, in Gordon Campbell's riding no less, was fairly well attended. The reporter covering the meeting interviewed a few attendees who looked to be wealthier than the average working stiff, and they were solidly against the HST.

I never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm becoming a ZALMOID.

Anonymous said...

The problem that Campbell and Hansen have now is that they cannot change the game. It is to late. These guys have to dig deeper to get out and we all know how that works out don't we? So while the majority are screaming at them, they just climb into their hole and hide and try and splain in vein.

Recall in the Fall

Anonymous said...

here in Ontario it starts, July 1, 2010. I wish we had that "recall" law, but Ontario doesnt have it.

good luck BC . that hst tax looks to be very "regressive"

but what has me worried is the "big smile" on Campbells face. what is going on??????