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British Columbia And Imperial Globalization. Part IV

British Columbia And Imperial Globalization.  Part IV

Written by Robin Mathews   June 2016

Attention across the world is, at last, focussing more and more on what is called ‘imperial globalization’ – the growing power of unchecked international capital to poison grand attempts at democratic community such as the ones struggling in the European Community and the Mercosur countries of South America ... and, alas, also, in smaller, national attempts at democratic self-determination from Venezuela to Palestine.

Very broadly, the poison is intrinsic to the ideas found in the group calling itself The New American Century which expounds the necessity of the U.S.A. to dominate and, in effect, to rule the world.  In that context the terms ‘international capital’ and ‘World Government’ are freighted with threat ….

Aspects of U.S. expansionism in our time are increasingly visible, warlike, and unpredictable. But the process of ‘takeover’ by U.S. interests has been a common global factor.  In the life of ‘the Americas’ (just for instance) South America lives a bloody and brutal history of U.S. planted (and/or approved) dictatorships as its major history.

In Canada, the process has been less-warlike for large, historical reasons.  But a core activity used by the U.S. all over the globe has been effective in Canada.  That is the process of economic takeover (in Canada, usually effected without the assistance of the U.S. Marines, or other military). Peaceful economic takeover follows a consistent pattern.  A huge program of indoctrination, propaganda, and cultural invasion praising the freedom-loving nature of the U.S.A. is conducted.  (The program is never not at work in Canada with the assistance of all press and media, including the CBC).
Absolutely key to the success of economic takeover is the winning of local governors and media owners to the program.  They must be won by indoctrination, by subtle threat, by ‘unifying’ cultural and trade agreements, and by bribery.  The last named is brought to clear light in any serious history of South America.  In Canada public discussion of on-going bribery of governing officials is not permitted as a subject of discussion ... yet.

That is a sign of Canadian innocence – put kindly. Put less kindly, other names would be used. As I write, stories arising from the Panama Papers reveal (CBC news) “How Canada got into bed with tax havens” (June 18).  What is plainly and simply clear is that major corporations and wealthy people massively rob the Canadian people with the active assistance of Parliament.  And the present Liberal government – so far – has not lifted a finger to end the practice. Anyone suggesting major bribery is not a part of the activity belongs in a distant, unapproachable, high-walled nunnery.
The wealth sucked out of Canada is precisely the wealth that would provide for research, education, development, break-through science, entrepreneurial start-up – the invisible Infrastructure of independent countries.  What happens in Canada is the slow ‘hollowing out’ of the economy by off-shore development and by takeover of absolutely central enterprise located here.

Much of the takeover – as the B.C. examples will show – becomes reality without most of the people affected being aware of the change.  And though the effects reverberate throughout the society, the central ‘operation’ is economic takeover accompanied by the wooing, the relentless indoctrinating, and the bribing of a sell-out ‘governing’ class.
After the Second World War advances were made in standard of living for the larger populations in ‘the Western World’.  That happened regardless of the name of the political forces involved.  In British Columbia the active force was the Social Credit government of W.A.C. Bennett. His (thought of as ‘Right’) government created, or secured, and brought into public ownership, and expanded, BC Hydro, BC Rail, BC Ferries, and BC Gas.

Altogether, those “Infrastructure” components assured secure and flexible transportation in the province; energy and power for development and for use by the population into the future. And – TOGETHER – they created a reasonable profit source for government, pouring money into General Revenues, money that was used to support health-care, education and other semi-Infrastructure activities.

British Columbians were set up for a sunny future which, indeed, they experienced until the increased velocity of imperial globalization took hold in the 1980s and after. The truly mortal blows to British Columbia were not delivered until the appearance of Gordon Campbell, leading what was called a “Liberal” government containing hard Right actors like his deputy premier and education minister, Christie Clark.

He set to work at the start of this century to destroy all the publicly-owned Infrastructure entities (including Public Education.  In 2003 his Education minister, Christie Clark, violated the Canadian Constitution in order to penalize and disable B.C. teachers and B.C. Public Education.  Her son attends private school. And the attack on Public Education is on-going. Most ironic of all – the taxpayer is drained to provide public support for private schools while the Public Education budget is attacked wherever possible.)

The BC Rail Scandal court case, revealed a number of things.  The trial was corrupt. The Special Crown Prosecutor on the case was improperly appointed (Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice refused to act in the matter). The RCMP  – I allege - was very probably involved in corrupt investigation. And it refused to investigate top level government and corporate people. Finally,  documents placed “on public record” were severely restricted from examination in a dramatic denial of the meaning of “on public record”. 
I came to believe that Gordon Campbell was a bought servant of international capital, given the task of destroying all the publicly-owned infrastructure entities in B.C. and privatizing them – and where possible privatizing them into U.S. hands. He is said to have met David Hahn (the man he later hired to run the destroyed Crown Corporation, BC Ferries) when Campbell was resident in the U.S.  Who else of like character did Campbell make contact with when he was being educated in the U.S.A.?
I believe, in addition, that some RCMP, lawyers, high court judges, media figures (and owners?), as well as key people in the major Opposition Party, the NDP, were “taken in” in one way or another and were, in fact, Campbell’s supporters.  Certainly they were never strong opponents of the wholesale destruction of what might fairly be called the publicly-owned British Columbia Infrastructure Network.

I believe, in addition, that criminal behaviour was common among some cabinet members, some civil servants, some RCMP employees, some lawyers, and some high court officers. (Poisonous takeover often requires poisonous methods.)
British Columbians will remember that it was the NDP that allowed BC Gas to be privatized – for no apparent reason.  The NDP put restrictions on ownership and head office location.  The Gordon Campbell forces gained government, erased the restrictions, and delivered BC Gas into the hands of the U.S. giant, Kinder Morgan.   A Gigantic Betrayal.

In 2001 Paul Tellier appeared in B.C.  He was a completely self-advertised advocate of Canada’s integration into the U.S.A. – currency and all.  Tellier had taken the reins of the Canadian National Railway, had privatized it, and had delivered it into U.S. hands.  It is now headquartered in Texas, and employees are instructed to speak of ‘CN Rail’ not of ‘Canadian National’. (Tellier received ‘best CEO’ awards for his sell-out of CNR.)
In 2001 he came to B.C. and publicly urged that BC Rail go the way of CNR.

I believe Gordon Campbell set up a civil service team to weaken, sell-off profitable parts, and destroy BC Rail so it could be handed (as it has been) to CN Rail.  I believe evidence exists of criminal Breach of Trust in the matter – which the RCMP refused to investigate.

The Gordon Campbell sell-out team handed away BC Gas, BC Rail, and tried for years to dump BC Ferries onto foreign owners. 
BC Hydro has not been such an easy victim.  Nevertheless, the Campbell/Christie Clark forces have overseen its division, partial privatisation, and what I choose to call its “criminalization”. 
Variously stripping the B.C. Utilities Commission of its powers to oversee development and changes to energy policy and attempting to use it for political purposes, the Campbell/Christie Clark forces have produced an almost impenetrable thicket of irrationalities. The Auditor General of B.C. refused for at least ten years to ratify the methods of accounting of BC Hydro. 

That alone should have prompted the NDP to prevent all legislative business from going forward in the Legislature until full correction was in place.  The NDP has done nothing.

 The creation of the Independent Power Producers and “run-of-the-river” energy production has been as close to lunatic as it can be.  A contract was made between them and BC Hydro to buy energy  at far more than what it can be sold for (one way of bankrupting BC Hydro).  And presently, Hydro, apparently, is paying the IPP people not to produce energy. In a rush to prevent British Columbia rivers from being carefully and environmentally absorbed over a long time into the BC Hydro overall energy structure (if desirable), Gordon Campbell (following orders?) conducted a crash program of handing BC rivers to privatizers (privateers??) of all stripes (to keep the river development from public ownership?).
Economic, environmental, social, cost-overrun estimates as well as cultural and First Nations Rights studies of the projected multi-billion dollar Site C dam construction pile up evidence of its extraordinary cost and destructive potential ... and, in fact, uselessness! 

So unnecessary and damaging is the project that British Columbians have to conclude it is being continued for one (or some) of the following reasons.

One.  The whole activity is a massive, corrupt program to enrich friends and to make government appear to be “managing the economy for British Columbians”. 

Two. It is intended to create power to satisfy U.S. needs at enormous cost to British Columbians. 

Three.  It is intended to create a huge water reservoir which can be drawn off for U.S. use (again at gigantic cost to British Columbians).

Four.  It is a part of the intended bankruptcy of BC Hydro in preparation for privatizing it into U.S. hands ... so that the Gordon Campbell/Christie Clark project to destroy and privatize to U.S. interests all B.C.  Infrastructure entities can be virtually complete.

The sad, sick history of destruction in B.C. of the magnificent, publicly-owned Infrastructure Network is almost unknown by the people. But it is in perfect harmony with “imperial globalization”, the hollowing out of Canadian industrial capacity, the flourishing Canadian use of Panama Papers-style offshore banking hideaways, and political leaders shilling for “Free Trade” treaties that rob Canadians of Parliamentary Democratic Power. 

British Columbians are brain-washed by sell-out media to think the destruction of B.C.’s publicly-owned Infrastructure Network had to happen, or was best to happen.  But the fact is of a gigantic robbery of the peoples’ wealth. That it was undertaken and continued by the Gordon Campbell/Christie Clark forces should be shouted from the rooftops … endlessly ...  until every British Columbian knows the truth ... in smallest detail.

But since British Columbia is the only province in Canada without an Opposition Party that probably won’t happen.

Written by Robin Mathews


Like the photo atop this post....Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are naturally UGLY, there is only one way to hide that much ugliness... surgery, lighting, face masks, dark curtains and a willfully blind media  ..Only through guile, and a paid off/bribed/blackmailed bootlicking media and sheepish political opposition has allowed this sick bunch of grifters to thrive...

Funny how much cooperation the media provides criminal organizations...Guess that's  what happens when you catch media personalities doing drugs, having sex with escorts...The great 1996 media capture....Where, Whistler B.C..The venue..BC Liberal Convention....The Pimp?..Gordon Campbell.

Like magic....BC Liberals have endless rabbits to pull out of media hats....isn't that right Keith Baldrey..

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Postmedia Defends the Indefensable, Site C Dam Boondoggle and Defunct British Columbia LNG Industry

Written by Grant G

Ross K likes to use fanciful verbiage when describing British Columbia's media and BC's provincial Liberal government..."lotusland...Clarkland..Clarklandia" etc etc etc ..

And if one really thinks about it....Ross K's descriptors are the most accurate around...

Is there any better way to describe our legislative reporting gang..?..Perhaps..The in need of polident denture glue?..that way they can sink their teeth into a story or scandal without fear of their pearly whites falling out...or perhaps we could call our legislative reporting gang...The demented bunch...

as in suffering from dementia, suffering from selective memory loss and prone to fits of anger when bloggers and BC Poli watchers attempt to set the record straight....isn't that so Keith Baldrey?

Lotusland legislative reporting from "the demented bunch" and back of the napkin governing from the "queen of mean" Christy Clark...

As Norman Farrell pointed out just yesterday....back in 2005 in the lead up to that provincial general election Gordon Campbell and these same BC Liberals presented another whopping vote getting fairy tale..that being..

British Columbia will become a hydroelectric exporting super-power, run of river power generation could create as many as 400,000 jobs....

Now in 2016 BC Hydro is drowning in debt and with future obligations going out decades, future obligations to buy at guaranteed prices from run of river power projects electricity at rates far above what BC Hydro can sell it the tune of $70 billion worth of power buying...BC Hydro might be able to sell this un-needed power for $30 billion....maybe...that leaves a $40 billion dollar hole to be picked up by BC Hydro's about to get real ugly...

"Lotusland media reporting" indeed....I remember very well...Bill Good was on air blathering the BC Liberal talking points..the years were 2004..2005...2006...and on and the time I was a regular caller to CKNW radio, and the cutting edge of the ledge Friday segment....I recall arguing with Bill Good..Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer about run of river and the guaranteed contracts..I discussed the selling of public rivers to BC Liberal friends and party donators....

I remember too well...and I wasn't alone.....John Calvert..

John Calvert wrote of this exact scenario....debt obligations and the demise/bankrupting of BC Hydro....

John Calvert was absolutely correct....funny..Bill Good..Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer defended the run of river scheme, those BC Liberal pom pom girls claimed that the argument I was making and John Calvert was making against run of river private power generation was an..

"ideological argument, not grounded in facts,, merely a weak public ownership versus private ownership"......

actually, it wasn't, our argument was two-fold...destruction of wild fish habitat and the financial argument, the bankrupting of BC Hydro......

John Calvert was was I.......BC Hydro is in a huge financial pickle...a politically made pickle..

More importantly....where is the legislative reporting gang, what happened to holding the government to account?...that selective memory thingy rears it's head know.."The demented gang"

There is no mention anymore of B.C. becoming an electrical exporting super-power..Huh?...those 400,000 mystery jobs..what jobs?'s like it never happened, those long-gone BC Liberal election promises...funny eh, yet our legislative media and MSM still has to energy to discuss Fast Ferries and Glen Clark tales from the darkside...including a 2016 Global BC newshour Glen Clark anniversary trilogy special...did I mention run of river power buying contracts are bankrupting BC Hydro...

From Canwest to Post Media...what a fall, from quality journalism in the 21st century to printing blatant partisan propaganda originating in corporate boardrooms...Corporate agenda disguised as news, portrayed as fact..spin, distort, delete and more importantly...omit the real facts...

Just for a moment...let's forget that Christy Clark and the BC Liberals promised a 100,000 plus LNG jobs...the elimination of the provincial sales tax, elimination of the rapidly growing BC Debt, money for schools, hospitals, First Nations and northern communities and a whopping $100 billion dollar prosperity fund....

As Norm Farrell points out in his radio spot with Ian Jessop....The media forgot all about Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal's grand promises related to run of river....I guess that gives Christy Clark and this current batch of Liberals confidence that the same "media memory loss" will occur in the 2017 election....

Such sad reporting, I wonder what it's like to belong to an organization where one's school training, one's ethical guidelines are tossed out, ....Journalism and media ethics...honour, ethics and the ability to look in the mirror flushed down the toilet..all for a paycheque...

Right, June 21st 2016...The BC Liberal government is running around like chickens with their heads cut off...Christy Clark trying to dispel her "queen of mean" reputation...BC Liberal government running around like chickens(cluck cluck cluck) trying to put out vote snuffing fires...School/education Money infused in Coralee Oakes riding, an attempt to save this lacklustre BC Liberal ....School funding rules being made on the fly...a BC Liberal held riding, if there is a chance of losing the seat..infuse some cash, save the riding's school....if the riding is NDP...well..95% capacity required for Seismic funding, 95% capacity required to keep the doors open...BC Liberal riding where they are vulnerable...forget about that 95%'s ok..we'll save the school..

Bill Good...Keith Baldrey..Vaughn Palmer....Those three stooges so defended Gordon Campbell and his run of river scheme....They, those stooges were not neutral..they were promoters, those stooges went after any and all who weren't on board with private run of river power, and the fact that run of river is a financial boondoggle..those three media voices would rather forget run of river ever happened than admit how they were wrong, won't admit they promoted run of river on radio and in newspaper print (Canwest)...any valid arguments made against run of river those three parrots started echoing Gordon Campbell's spin..years later.....Suddenly, there it is, again, "selective memory loss"...What run of river disaster...Who talks about the disasterous financial numbers related to run of river and BC Hydro..Bloggers, internet scribes, Farrell, Rafe Mair..Straight Goods..

A story finally appeared in the Vancouver Sun, an article where the economics of the Site C dam project is seriously called into in another financial boondoggle in the making...

I will not get fooled again into thinking that Post media is finally prepared to do it's tasked job, informing the public of facts, unbiased facts...

The financial damning Site C dam article didn't linger on the Vancouver Sun front page very long,  it was quickly replaced with another Site C dam bafflegab word salad tells no facts, it implies, suggests, it muses...

I will highlight the particular offending Vancouver Sun article.......however, let me first say...the offending Vancouver Sun article on Site C is ....lost, has no direction, all over the map..

I see clearly what Post Media is up their bid to reelect the BC Liberals, in PostMedia's latest article(?) on Site C .... PostMedia leaves all their BC Liberal promotional options open....

 In an article titled...

Justin Trudeau "Open" to $1-billion  B.C. power line into Alberta

The article is confused, it leaves all options are some of the offending passages...

"Premier Christy Clark’s government has launched “exploratory” talks on a jointly funded project, estimated to cost close to $1 billion, with the Alberta and federal governments.

The objective would be to help BC Hydro improve the economics of the $8.8-billion Site C hydroelectric project, while helping Alberta reduce its dependence on coal and natural gas.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s government, meanwhile, has expressed an interest in the notion as long as B.C. shows more support for an oilsands pipeline to carry diluted Alberta bitumen to the West Coast."


First off..exploratory talks? is it a massive $10 billion taxpayer funded project is allowed to even get off the ground..why isn't the media assailing Christy Clark and the BC Liberals over sanctioning an uneconomical project...

here is a little more from the spinning article..


"Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s government, meanwhile, has expressed an interest in the notion as long as B.C. shows more support for an oilsands pipeline to carry diluted Alberta bitumen to the West Coast."


OK..So Rachel Notley, who will be punted out of office in three years when the next Alberta general election happens is potentially agreeable to Site C dam if..if she can get Kindermorgan tripling pipeline pushed forward and or Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline through...Enbridge, a pipeline Rachel Notley was against pre-election and has now flipped 180 degrees and supports Enbridge....So Rachel Notley will buy Site C power IF SHE GETS TAR GOOP PIPELINES TO B.C. BUILT....

Is that how one governs in the 21st century, by blackmail?...

Here's a little more from the article..

"Harry Swain, who was the chairman of the defunct federal-provincial panel that assessed the Site C proposal, cited in a Vancouver Sun opinion piece last week figures that indicated B.C. power would cost Alberta more than twice what it pays producing power with natural gas and its own renewable sources.
“The Alberta market is not for real,” writes the former senior federal bureaucrat, who is now an associate fellow at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies."


So...Rachel Notley will lock Alberta into higher electrical rates, higher by double, ..hurt her own domestic natural gas producers in a bid to push through dirty tar pipelines to BC.s pristine coast...Take electrical power, at double the price or more, claim to do it to reduce emissions all the while big energy corporations in Alberta ramp up dirty tar/bitumen production, which in turn ramps up pollution....what am I missing...Spend $billions on Site C dam....Claim Site C power will make Alberta's GHG totals decline...While simultaneously blackmailing BC Alberta buying BC Hydro electrical power unless more dirty tar oil hits the westcoast for export to China......

Can't the media see the irony...Alberta moving to cleaner electricity if and only, unless they can ramp up tar goop production and ship it through new targoop pipelines to BC's pristine westcoast...

Rachel Notley...Elected promising reforms, promising change and a new future..only to be elected and near instantly become controlled by Big Oil..same old same old..  ...Rachel Notley will accomplish nothing of substance, abandon almost every election promise, cowtow to big industry and still get punted out of office...

Now back that Postmedia article...

Postmedia had to add some bafflegab....Postmedia is not prepared to let the LNG road to golden riches BC Liberal election gambit die just the article highlighted above this nugget was added...


"The Canadian Energy Research Institute, in a January study of options available to transmit electricity to power the oilsands sector, also said the B.C. option  would be significantly more expensive than natural gas.
And the study questioned whether B.C. system will have the capacity to follow through.".....

 One main factor that leads to uncertainty in the viability of importing hydroelectric power B.C. is the high forecasted electricity demand growth in B.C. " the institute noted....

The BC Hydro system appears to run into electrical and capacity shortages in the early 2020s, the report noted...

"Therefore it is uncertain whether the B.C. hydropower options would be able to export large volumes of baseload electricity into oilsand operations in Alberta"


Full Stop....The Canadian Energy Research Institute...Who are these people?

The CERI...They seem to be parroting BC Hydro's electrical forecast without any evidence, ...BC Hydro's electrical demand was predicated on a robust B.C. LNG industry rising isn't, it won't..The LNG market is dead for at least the next 10 years...

Before we move on...Who is CERI..who are the people parroting the BC Liberals and BC Hydro...?



Mr. Mike Cleland?

Former CEO of the Canadian Gas Association


Mr. Terry Abel

Director, Oil Sands at

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers


Mr. Kendall Dilling

Vice President, Environment and Regulatory

Cenovus Energy Inc

Mr. Michael W. Ekelund

Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Initiative
Alberta Department of Energy


Mr. Allan FogwillPresident and CEO
Canadian Energy Research Institute

Mr. Fogwill previously worked for natural gas distribution companies in BC..Alberta and Ontario


Mr. Kevin Heffernan

Mr. Hefferman was a stakeholder in Trident Exploration, a private company developing coalbed methane..


CERI is a group of industry insiders with vested financial interests, in other words, the more gas and oil moved and produced, the more money those individuals make....

Full Stop....

How is it Site C dam project got off the drawing board with no business case...We have Christy Clark musing that Site C is Alberta's answer to reducing displacing natural gas power...???

We have Rachel Notley musing about saddling/costing industry and ratepayers by buying high-priced Site C power...Buying Site C power to reduce Alberta's GHG emissions while admitting that any Site C purchase is contingent upon British Columbia allowing targoop pipelines to the westcoast of B.C....for the stated purpose of hugely expanding the tar sands...What am I missing..Clean power to expand dirty tar goop expansion....

We have people with vested financial reasons with CERI echoing BC Hydro's electrical forecasts which were predicated on a robust LNG industry rising up...

In other words.....The Vancouver sun article leaves all options open..All the possible BC Liberal election gambits are still in play...

Site C will reduce BC and Alberta's GHG emissions....Site C power has a market in Alberta...Site C power project can be bailed out financially if BC allows dirty targoop pipelines and...

Site C power is needed because BC will be electrically deficient by the early 2020s...

Lastly..Site C power will be needed for the burgeoning LNG industry...

Nowhere in the article was ridicule directed towards the BC liberals...No where does the article question the sanity of spending over $10 billion tax dollars on a project without a business case, a project the BC Liberals refuse to let the BCUC or any other non-partisan group of experts examine...

That Postmedia article tells me that big media is well prepared to sell whatever yarn Christy Clark is knitting...

Oh, I did tell you this article is about LNG..About the death of LNG in British Columbia...

The latest bad(for British Columbia)LNG news not reported by Postmedia or by any of our legislative gang, you know..

"The demented bunch"


Japan Steps on Gas in Bid to Reshape LNG Market

Tokyo wants to overhaul a market in which Asian buyers pay higher prices and establish Japan as an LNG trading hub


Japan is using their LNG buying clout, using their clout in an energy world awash, a world saturated with excess gas, excess LNG to rewrite the LNG buying rules...That Asian premium for LNG...It's gone...Japan will now pay the lowest LNG prices in the world....It really is a big story, ignored by the demented bunch...

There's more bad LNG news...another possible LNG market dries up...Egypt, ..there was a huge offshore(offshore Egypt) gas discovery in Egypt...a mere year ago, one of the biggest REAL gas finds...Egypt, who has been struggling to pay their LNG bills....They have an answer...Egypt has sanctioned/fast-tracked the development of this gas field for....

Not for selling gas to Japan, not to create a 100,000 jobs, not to eliminate taxes and create a massive prosperity fund...Egypt is fast-tracking this gas find for...

For domestic use in Egypt, to remove the reliance on high-priced LNG imports...To become self sufficient with energy...Another LNG market is gone..


The fast-track project, which won the support of the Egyptian minister of petroleum Tarek El Molla in November last year, will bring 300 million cubic feet a day of much-needed gas to the Egyptian energy market.

Market analysts say the speedy development of the Atoll gas field - from its discovery in March last year to a government green light within eight months - shows the Egyptian government's support for oil and gas exploration by BP, and could clear the way for further investment in the region.

BP’s North Africa boss Hesham Mekawi said the acceleration of the project is a “significant achievement” that will “bring critical gas to the Egyptian market and establish a new material hub offshore East Nile Delta”.

Two years ago the country was wracked with blackouts due to its growing population and the ensuing shortfall of gas and power supply. It has been forced to pay billions to foreign companies to import gas via tankers.

Gas discoveries off the Egyptian coast by BP and Italian energy giant Eni have emerged as a boon for the country.


Altagas....Kaput, cancelled...BG Gas..Prince Rupert project, scrubbed..Chevron in Kitimat..Out..Shell Canada..taking a long LNG time out, Prince Rupert project shelved....Quicksilver Resources..out, bankrupt..LNG is dead in British Columbia..


Tsartlip Elder Takes Gordon Wilson To Task At North Saanich-Steelhead LNG Meeting

Woodfibre...Wanting more government concessions, no funding secured...

Petronas in Prince Rupert...The project has been deferred to the middle of the 2020s...need more..

The IEA, international energy agency has talked about the massive LNG glut..a glut until at least 2020....Actually, the glut is even worse...


MEI; LNG Oversupply To Stretch to 2024

The latest research by McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI) predicts the LNG oversupply could last until 2024, meaning few projects could reach financial investment decision in the next 12 to 18 months. 

The research shows the LNG supply glut is “exacerbated by the 100 million tons per annum of new export terminal capacity currently under construction in the United States and Australia.”
By 2019, MEI expects the oversupply to peak at 60 mtpa.

According to James Walker said, “Our research shows that the current market oversupply is creating challenging conditions for operators hoping to take FID on projects in the near term.”

He adds that, in order to be viable, such projects would require an assumption of either a sustained high LNG price post-2024 or a cost optimization strategy to reduce projected capital expenditures.

In an oversupplied market, many projects will struggle to secure buyers, Walker said, adding that, even if the projects move to the construction phase, LNG supply would hit the market at a bad time.
The research predicts that the market will remain oversupplied unless the current low prices can stimulate a demand recovery, however, that response has been limited over the past two years


So let's examine the present there is a massive LNG glut, with near 100 million tonnes of capacity, 100 million tonnes of new LNG supplies already under case scenario, demand catches up to supply by 2024...However, every new big LNG project coming online extends that glut out to future years beyond 2024...Every nuclear plant in Japan coming online extends the LNG glut..Every country that sources it's own natural gas/LNG extends the gas glut well beyond 2024...

Meanwhile, we have no LNG final investment decisions...any LNG revenue forecasts by the BC Liberals or their spindoctors are meaningless...LNG terminals selling gas at a loss pay no income to government...They claim financial losses against future earnings...

It really is that simple...

Meanwhile, I won't hold my breath waiting for Postmedia to start practicing journalism... and or any of our legislative gang ...

"The Demented Bunch"....

CERI might want to re-evaluate their forecasts too....Stop parroting the cronies the BC Liberals appointed to BC Hydro...

Written by Grant G


The Straight Goods

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Seeing Canada’s Direction? Imperial Globalization. Part III

Seeing Canada’s Direction? Imperial Globalization.  Part III.

Written by Robin Mathews

Something strange is occurring in Ottawa… something more than ordinarily strange.

Call it, for short, The Canadian Infrastructure Bank … an apparently totally unnecessary (and expensive) idea being moved toward existence by the Liberal government headed by Justin Trudeau.  The work of such a ‘Bank’ can be done by the Bank of Canada and has already been done by that Bank.  It worked for several decades before 1974 with unquestioned success, financing huge infrastructure activity through interest-free loans, keeping the country almost debt-free. 

In 1974 the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau silently let that power slip away to please the [imperial globalizing] Bank of International Settlements and its very close connection to International Capital and U.S. designs for the globe.  Since that time Canadian debt has sky-rocketted almost beyond the possibility of paying it off as Canadian governments have borrowed at market rates from private Canadian banks or foreign ones.

The Justin Trudeau Liberals have appointed an “advisor” to the Minister for Infrastructure from The Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the U.S.A. (as well as other unnamed advisors to cabinet to design the new Infrastructure Bank).  But the Liberals know that COMER (the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform), with William Krehm and Ann Emmett, is conducting a case in the Federal Court of Canada to return the Bank of Canada to its fully viable function as the already existing Canadian Infrastructure Bank!

Something Not At All Strange: the COMER case was launched by Rocco Galati in December of 2011.  And from the start the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper fought hard to destroy the case, wanting no power removed from Big Private Capital, no matter how much it pauperized the country. 
Something Most Strange: The Liberal Party platform for the November 19, 2015 election contained the promise of heavy Infrastructure spending to fill real need and to further employment and industrialization. But when the Liberals took government, they continued (and still do) to fight the COMER case in an attempt to destroy it (just as the Conservatives did).

Reasonable Canadians might well have expected the Liberal government to withdraw opposition to the COMER case and to announce that the existing power of the Bank of Canada to finance Infrastructure and related spending, interest-free, would be taken up and used – and so COMER could fold its court action as unnecessary.

That didn’t happen.

In an article in the March-April COMER (pp. 1-5) Joyce Nelson draws attention to the simple stupidity (my word) of appointing, however talented, an advisor from two U.S. corporations (now one - Bank of America Merrill Lynch) deeply tainted by the Derivatives Scandal and Bank Collapse of 2008.  Does that mean the Liberal government is going to involve U.S. ‘international capital’ in the “Canadian” bank? Nelson points out the additional stupidity (my word) of the Liberal government in appointing a number of other advisors, too, to the Infrastructure Bank matter without making public even their names!  That is exactly what the ugly, insensitive Conservative government of Stephen Harper would have done.
Something more than ordinarily strange is going on in Ottawa … obviously.

Into the picture comes Paul Hellyer, for years a Liberal (and cabinet minister) and then a Tory, and then founder and continuing supporter of the Canadian Action Party – and a person deeply concerned with the questions raised by COMER, by the national debt, and by ways to finance the Canadian economy and public spending in a way that is viable and debt-free.

In “An Open Letter to Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau” (Dialogue, Summer 2016, pp. 8-9), dated June 1, 2016, Paul Hellyer says nothing about the COMER case that he earlier supported.  That may be an accident. He proposes (without reference to the Liberal intention to create a Canadian Infrastructure Bank) a process of feeding into the Canadian economy money (not loan-created debt) in order to absorb previous debt and re-root private banks and the economy on a sound basis. [That process would have to have money created by the Bank of Canada available to feed into the Canadian economy. Hellyer doesn’t mention that very significant fact.]

His proposal, I think, is sound.  He is a Privy Counsellor, which means he may be given privileged information by government and may be consulted in confidence by government.  Does his letter suggest that both Rocco Galati and the COMER case to retrieve the Bank of Canada for the Canadian people have been thrown to the wolves?

Hellyer makes a very strange statement in his letter to Justin Trudeau… that in 1974 “Bank of Canada Governor Gerald Bouey, unilaterally, and without consultation or agreement with your father, the prime minister, announced that the Bank was adopting ‘monetarism’.  There was no hint that shareholders’ interests were to be abandoned in favour of policies established by the International Bank of Settlements, an organization indirectly controlled by the elite banking families.” (Dialogue, p. 8)
That statement seems almost over-simple.  Even if what Hellyer says is true, the Pierre Trudeau cabinet could have said to Bouey: “That initiative must be significantly reconstructed. Do it”. Pierre Trudeau was prime minister for nearly another eight years and had the power (with his cabinet) to change the situation at any time.  The Bank of Canada is not more powerful than the cabinet - which is The Government of Canada in fact. The Bank of Canada is not a separate State.  And so blaming the Bank of Canada for the huge failure of the Pierre Trudeau cabinet may be admirably loyal, but it is considerably less than convincing.  (That was a time, moreover, when Pierre Trudeau was still in his phase of “internationalism”, and splenetic anti-nationalism.)

The cabinet of Pierre Trudeau (and the following cabinets of both major Parties) permitted the “imperial globalizing” Bank of International Settlements to make major (damaging) monetary and economic policy for Canada. And, now, the present Justin Trudeau cabinet is using boatloads of taxpayers’ dollars to defeat the COMER action to return the Bank of Canada to it’s pre-1974 state as Canada’s very successful Infrastructure Bank! ! !

Something more than ordinarily strange is happening in Ottawa ….
Could it be that the Liberal Party of Canada is tied to International Capital, to phoney, and “world” organizations (the hand-maidens of U.S. imperial globalizing) and can’t confront them through the Bank of Canada? Could it be the Liberal cabinet is going around them – to avoid bloody confrontation - and moving to create a separate Canadian Infrastructure Bank (seemingly abandoning the Bank of Canada’s role as lender-without-interest for Infrastructure and related projects)? What they are doing seems more than ordinarily tricky, tacky, and strange.  Can they (possibly?) be creating a “Canadian” Infrastructure Bank with U.S. partners – another name for National Suicide? Questions.  Questions.  Questions.

Neither you nor I know the truth of the “Infrastructure” situation, nor the answers to the questions asked above … and no one who knows is willing to tell Parliament - or us - what is really happening.  Why not?

Written by Robin Mathews


"Does anyone really care what time it is"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

British Columbia's Legislative reporters and Columnists go silent on Christy Clark's Epic Failures including her Whopping LNG Fabrications

Perhaps you wondered why I reposted this LNG article..

The answer is obvious...For several years now I have been calling out the LNG industry, and calling out the BC Liberal government...been warning everyone who will listen that British Columbia arrived too late to the LNG game, very similar to those dupes who gamble on a know..put in $10,000 dollars into the pot and then go bring in 20 more suckers so you get paid off..problem is with pyramids, only those who get in early reap any rewards and eventually all pyramids collapse under their own weight...

Greed...Pure greed killed the golden LNG goose..

Japan, faced with public fear over safety of their nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster shut down all of their nuclear power generation and..

And big energy companies pounded Japan financially with skyrocketing LNG prices...

Big energy companies did not help out Japan for altruistic reasons, they gouged Japan with sky-high energy prices, energy bills of $TENS OF BILLIONS per month ...

And it wasn't just big energy companies that went for Japan's scalp..So did Christy Clark and the BC Liberals..

Christy Clark told the British Columbia electorate, the world and Japan that British Columbia was going to become super rich, debt free, eliminate sales tax, payoff crown debt, remove road tolls, 100,000 s of jobs, money for First Nations, money for northern communities....and a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund!!!

All that wealth to be bled from Japan.....

And for the last 4 years nothing has happened , the LNG jobs aren't there, no fact the only one getting rich on LNG is Gordon Wilson..
School boards were forced to start training students for the BC Government advertised LNG jobs...

Full Stop.....

Christy Clark could have forecast during the 2013 election......The possibility of two LNG terminals and a few thousand permanent jobs and an opportunity to bring in some needed government revenue...

But no, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and Pamela Martin went all in, promised a $trillion dollar bounty, wealth beyond our imagination..

2013 Christy Clark promised the sun, the moon and endless wealth.....Students/young people jumped on the LNG training train

I don't blame the electorate for falling for the bullshit, the media deliberately failed...I and others reported on the bogus LNG job projections Christy Clark and Rich Coleman were using, on how they were manufactured for the 2013 election....The public for the most part is not engaged in fact-finding missions, yes, the public understands the basics, mortgage, job, bills, school, healthcare but LNG was a blank slate...

At one time in history legislative scribes like Vaughn Palmer would sink their teeth into an issue and suss out the truth, separate the bull from the shaft, at one time big media actually broke down the stories and informed the public of the facts, particularly the financial facts....Fast ferries were pounded by the media for years....

BC Hydro is in a very bad financial way and it's about to get a lot worse and the only ones highlighting this pending disaster is David Bond....Rafe Mair,  Norm Farrell..and a few other internet scribes.. 


Failed Liberal plans will boost B.C.’s deficit


Rafe: Clark getting free ride from media, Horgan just dropping ball


IPPs received $672 million above market price in 2015

  This BC Liberal LNG gambit started 2012/2013...It did not start in 2014..2015..2016...20 LNG proposals and not one sanctioned, nothing sanctioned for financial return on investment..

Going on 5 years...LNG riches have been promoted by the BC Liberals as our financial saviour for 5 years...

and now, in 2016, even the most lazy media outlets, the most bias reporters and columnists, there isn't one media outlet that really believes in Christy Clark's LNG fantasy...They, Baldrey, Palmer, Smyth...Every media personality knows LNG as a moneymaker for British Columbia is D.OA...Dead on arrival....

Silence, all we hear is media silence on the BC Liberal failures..

Funny eh, instead of holding Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and the BC Liberal's feet to the fire on LNG, instead of criticizing Christy for the $trillion dollar lie our legislative gang just decided to forgot about those in what mean LEAP mean the party of no, are you talking about the anti-industry NDP..Fast Ferries...or perhaps Global BC wants to talk about Glen Clark's alleged crime of the century..a patio it a television blockbuster...Call it the Global TV elect the BC Liberals anniversary 2016 special...The Glen Clark trilogy....Global B.C.....March the year 2016..The below Global BC special anniversary Glen Clark trilogy was broadcast(in between the saturation/carpet bombing BC Liberal Government ads Blitzkrieg)


March 2, 2016 6:08 pm

Updated: March 3, 2016 2:20 pm

The police and the premier: remembering the RCMP raid on Glen Clark’s home


That Global BC Glen Clark trilogy anniversary special was a long in most of the news hour, not a soundbite, ..Global BC went all in, nuanced, detailed, longwinded....A deck on a house, and now,...2016..BC LNG, the $trillion dollar lie...let's talk about LEAP Manifesto....

Now in 2016...LNG training curriculum falls away and Christy Clark's BC Liberal Government is talking "coding" as the new big thing for educators and students...Christy Clark's government has loosened the purse strings and allotted a massive...

$10 dollars of coding funding per student....

Full Stop...

Where is the media in calling out the BC Liberals?

Christy Clark promised BCers the moon in 2013....

What kind of ethical governing has the BC Liberals done since then...?

Still no real $funded transit money for seniors care, no money for education, no money for anything except....$Except BC Hydro being forced to spend 15 $billion on Site C dam(for the purpose of providing free electricity for a non-existent LNG industry) and a back of the napkin plan for a sky-high Massey bridge...High enough off the water so LNG super tankers can get up the Fraser River...even worse..

After a 10 year rate freeze for people on disability the BC Liberals offered up a meager increase, $55 dollar per month increase...Only to clawback the bus passes thus eliminating the rate increase..

A blatant slap towards all those on disability...

So brazen and crass, so out of touch with British Columbia the BC Liberals couldn't see the outrage, couldn't see the optics and the best BC Government spindoctors couldn't put lipstick on that disability rate increase pig!..

Altagas...Bankers shut down their BC LNG proposal...Shell Canada has cancelled their LNG project as has BG, Chevron and Petronas..

All the big LNG projects have faded to black...

What was Christy Clark to do?

Here's an idea, pay Gordon Wilson's better half(?) to write the Christy Clark went over like a lead balloon...recent polling had Christy Clark swirling the toilet bowl in popularity...

And still the LNG news, the bad LNG news drips out from around the world...nary a word whispered by our BC Legislature covering media..

Fast forward to 1 week ago...(June 6th/2016)

Shell Canada announces they are freezing their LNG business, ..Shell announced to the world they were taking an LNG time-out because of the world glut and low prices..


Shell to move away from growth in natural gas business


Later that same day(June 6th/2016) the IEA ..International Energy Agency came out with a damning report on the LNG glut...low demand, massive glut for the next decade and on-going low prices....

LNG glut will continue for years as demand falls and supply surges: IEA


And where was Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth, Keith Baldrey, where was any mainstream media with any LNG article of substance...

The next day, June 7th 2016....CKNW radio, 10:30 am to 11:00 am..

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth talk Christy Clark on CKNW..How great a campaigner she is..They also bash John Horgan and the NDP over LEAP Manifesto..

Then...Then Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth mention the "Christy Clark botched disability clawback" and how Christy Clark needs to somehow dispel and or lose her "queen of mean" persona..

June 6th/2016...really bad news on the LNG rears it's head..

The B.C. media is silent....June 7th/2016...

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth tell/advise Christy Clark to work on losing her "queen of mean" persona...

The next morning June 8th/2016...

Lead story on Global news..headlined story on CKNW..Front page story at the Vancouver Sun..The Province and The Globe and Mail..

Even worse ...Big media called Christy Clark's revelation a "sexual assault" wasn't, not quite sure what it was...Christy Clark at age 13 went to work at a restaurant immediately after the alleged grabbing...she had no ripped clothes, no wounds, ..Christy Clark told no one..not her many friends, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, teachers or even her employer....Christy Clark was physically grabbed by someone at age 13, wriggled away, frightening indeed..However...

Big media went way over the top with their coverage of Christy Clark's 37 year old revelation, thus drowning out any real know, like the demise of the promised $trillion dollars...!

Only after the Christy Clark book authored by Judy Tyabji went over like a lead balloon, only after BC Liberal supporter Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth advised Christy Clark to try and lose her queen of mean reputation did Christy Clark tell a 37 year old horror story....Which just happened to be uttered on the same day the BC Liberal advertised BC LNG road to riches fantasy came crashing down...

A week has gone by...I don't want to talk about Christy Clark..This article is about LNG and the future of LNG.

Where is the media on the LNG debacle...

Greed, greed by the big energy companies caused the LNG goose to die...

Fools rush in, everyone was going to cash in on Japan's power woes..

Game over..Japan has restarted some nuclear power, with more scheduled to come online this year, that combined with gobs of available LNG ...So much gas, gas gas everywhere gas and new gas discoveries..

Lastly..The reason for this posting...Big energy has a new plan to  get the LNG gravy train rolling...

Big energy is not interested in bringing poor nations and isolated communities into the 21st century for any altruistic reasons...

The LNG glut is so severe, so deep, no big population or populations can absorb the excess gas and LNG can't be easily stored...there is so much excess gas, so desperate to find away to move the excess gas a new plan is being hatched...and the plan is laughable..

In a nutshell...One particular company thinks they can build LNG burning electrical plants in rural towns, tiny villages, create many tiny niche other words, build gas plants here there and everywhere...for but one reason.., not to bring people out of the dark ages but to absorb the excess LNG big energy dumped on the market..

It won't work, those tiny little towns can't afford big LNG prices...The poor can't pay for the rip-off price for LNG Japan was paying a few years ago....

Those LNG prices will never ever get close to those highs ($21 dollars per MMTBUs, current price, $3 to $4 for longterm LNG buying contracts, spot market price?..Even lower..$3 dollars per MMBTU) again, never, there is too much available LNG/gas from too many sellers...and too much...

Cheaper renewable power..Wind..Solar..Tidal..Geothermal...

The Christy Clark LNG super power road to riches fantasy is dead...

Where is the BC Mainstream media on this.... That's right..

Polishing Christy Clark's "cowboy up" boots...What LNG says the B.C. legislative gang...we have 37 year old horror tales to tell along with some dated Glen Clark sagas..

The below article lays waste to any thoughts that British Columbia will reap any LNG rewards....

Game over Christy Clark


Coming wave of gas puts focus on finding new shores

Energy giants such as Royal Dutch Shell and Total are looking to build terminals and power plants in new markets to soak up the industry’s rapidly burgeoning supply.

Companies have invested billions in plants to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) in places such as Australia and the United States.

But gas demand growth is slowing, prices are down and the LNG volumes companies are set to produce will exceed those even major buyers such as China and Japan can absorb.

That has turned attention to the downstream market and opportunities to create new markets from Ivory Coast to remote Indonesian islands by building gas-fired power plants, pipelines, regasification and storage terminals.

“We are ready to go downstream as much as it takes to unlock gas demand,” said Laurent Vivier, president for the gas division at Total. “We need to be present in downstream ourselves, to create demand and unlock bottlenecks along the chain including regasification, pipelines and power plants.” Total aims to triple the number of its gas and power markets and raise its annual LNG output to 20 million tonnes and its trading to 15 million tonnes by 2020.

The company is taking part in LNG infrastructure tenders, including several gas-fired power plants, in countries including Indonesia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Morocco, Vivier said.
Shell believes the number of markets buying LNG could double, according to its chief financial officer, Simon Henry.
“From around 20 to 30 …we can see potential for around 50 different markets if you look out to 2030,” Henry said. “Our aim is to capture the best share of those who are looking now to start or grow.” The focus on downstream mimics a model that companies such as Shell, Total, Exxon Mobil and Chevron have used for decades in the oil sector where their operations span oil wells, refineries and service stations.

But some analysts question how easily that model can be reproduced.

“Whether they succeed in this is another story, whether they have the mindset for this type of work is also another story,” said Thierry Bros, senior gas analyst at French bank Societe Generale.

It will be a painful test for these companies who are not that experienced in building small downstream demand,” he said.


New technologies are helping speed development, with floating terminals, for example, offering a cheaper alternative to onshore units that cost more than $1 billion.

“We are looking at multiple markets around the world in terms of potential to regas,” said Shell’s Henry. “Quite a lot of it is floating regasification because it is quick and you can develop (a market) in stages.”
Shell, the world’s top LNG trader after buying BG Group, expects to produce around 30 million tonnes of LNG this year and trade nearly 50 million tonnes, accounting for about a sixth of global trading volume.

Global output capacity is expected to rise by half by 2020, potentially adding some 150 million tonnes of LNG to the market.

However, overall gas demand growth is expected to slow to 1.5 percent a year to 2021 from the 2.5 percent rate seen recently, the International Energy Agency has forecast.

In step with oil and gas, LNG prices have also struggled in the last two years. That has prompted traders to offer more single cargoes for immediate delivery on the spot market, making it easier for smaller buyers to find supply.


Well there you have it....British Columbia will create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, eliminate our $70 billion dollar and growing B..C. debt, eliminate our sales tax and create 100,000's of LNG jobs by merely creating LNG markets in remote villages on the Ivory Coast..

When Pigs Fly.......

Must be time for the BC Liberals and our mainstream media to publish and print liquor announcements and more tales from the 1980's

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another Made In British Columbia LNG Tale

Written by Grant G

 Unfortunately I can't believe a word Christy Clark blathers, on anything.....

Christy Clark through her entire youth and adult life has used every opportunity to advance her career, and she does it using the crudest of political tricks and smears...

As a longtime watcher of question period and legislative proceedings... Christy Clark snickers, smirks and responds with nothing but smarmy lowbrow responses, doesn't matter if the questions were Mount Polley or on a death in the Children's ministry, Christy Clark is always rude, partisan and even worse, nauseating.. , Christy Clark in the legislature acts, and talks like a sassy rude teenager...Christy Clark never misses a chance for a photo-op, a coattail hitching she will go....

The majority of British Columbia public doesn't like Christy Clark...With a massive campaign war chest, with son Hamish, with ex-hubby Mark Marissen campaigning for Christy she still couldn't win the well to do Point Grey riding...the queen of mean(disability bus pass clawback, wheelchair fees, skyrocketing utility rates, MSP increases) and word salad master chef had to run to the interior of B.C. and run in the safest BC Liberal riding...a riding where a snow-cone running for the BC Liberals would win...

Yes, I am Cynical, skeptical, and it bothers me that I have to say this...Christy Clark has used every opportunity for photo-ops, whether a child commits suicide or whether the Vancouver Canucks are playoff bound...even when there are no photo-op opportunities Christy Clark's never-stop-campaigning team invent photo-ops...First inaugural Times of India Bollywood award show that was purchased by the BC taxpayer for the exclusive purpose of advancing her election prospects comes to mind...or a LNG energy company sponsored Yoga-fest on a bridge ...

Is it just me, oblivious or obvious, some people seem oblivious to the callous childish politicking Christy Clark never stops engaging in...their memories are short, maybe Dementia or Alzheimer's disease is a job requirement ...Yes I am talking about the gang led by Tom Fletcher, you know, the BC Liberals disguised as legislative reporters and columnists....a group of apologists and excuse sellers, a legislative media in dire need of Polident, perhaps then our legislative media could keep their teeth from falling out when they bite into one of the many BC Liberal Government scandals, or crimes...

However, for me, Christy Clark is an open book, the slowly moving cogs in Christy Clark's brain are clearly visible to anyone that looks....The Judy Tyabji book on Christy Clark, the buzz has faded(yawn)..All the BC Liberal funding announcements, the "book" the endless media fawning and still Christy Clark is deemed the queen of mean and for goodness sakes.....

How high a pedestal can the media build for Christy Clark...

You do know what demographic Christy Clark polls the worst with..

That would be middle-aged females.. 

Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist...I don't listen to CKNW very often(anymore), however, a couple of days ago, Tuesday past, the day after Christy Clark's fundraising dinner, a staged event where Christy Clark snickered and tee-hee'd  at the NDP's expense at every chance, Clark talked of the LEAP manifesto and of 10 seconds, as in 10 seconds it takes to mark a ballot, 10 seconds to destroy B.C. with a NDP vote..10 seconds of foolishness to destroy all the great things the BC Liberals have done..

The day following that fundraiser while flipping through radio stations, on CKNW..Michael thin gruel Smyth was filling in for Simi Sara and his guest was no other than BC Liberal cheerleader Keith Baldrey...My ears perked up in anticipation to what these legislative super sleuths might have to say about the Christy Clark speech...and yes, the slow turning brain cogs of our legislative media are clearly visible too....

The two old legislative club members Smyth and Baldrey on cknw played snippets from Christy Clark attack speech againstthe NDP, particularly on LEAP Manifesto and a myriad of other things, Keith Baldrey went to great pains to inform the cknw listening audience in detail what LEAP Manifesto is.....Then the radio jockeys praised Christy Clark's campaigning skill, how talented she is...Hmm, yet history tells me that Clark had to parachute into the safest BC Liberal riding and run in a by-election just to get into the B.C. Legislature...The pair of legislative BC Liberal media cheerleaders also went on to chat about what Christy Clark said in her partisan speech about BC's red hot real estate market, how Christy Clark said the government was going to bring in more measures to make first-time home buying easier...Michael Smyth asked Keith Baldrey if Christy Clark was vulnerable on the real estate issue....Baldrey nuanced his answer with something about a multi-pronged issue...In other words Baldrey said nothing...However, Keith Baldrey did say something very interesting Tuesday past...Baldrey said the disability buspass clawback was botched and Christy Clark is perceived by many as "the queen of mean"  and how she needs to soften her image in this already started year long election season...

Smyth and Baldrey laugh at the NDP in lockstep with Christy Clark..put no meat on the table, repeat BC Liberal talking points, never mention ballooning BC debt and or any of the unanswered BC Liberal scandals and while their at it they give Christy Clark political this case..."soften up her queen of mean reputation"

(June 7th/10 :30 am to 11:00 am)

That is exactly why I rarely listen to CKNW anymore...poor journalism, bad radio

Did I mention this posting was and is an LNG story...?

Christy Clark needs to soften up her Queen of Mean image

I remember an election campaign in 2013...what was Christy Clark advertised nauseating election mantra..

Families First and LNG riches for everyone.."What would you do with a $trillion dollars"..

Wheelchair fees, ferries fares, Hydro rates, MSP premiums all increased every year under Clark's governance, no new money for disabled after a decade long rate freeze...

We also learned recently that Christy Clark besides her Government creditcard and huge premier's salary she also gets a $50,000.00 dollar stipend from the BC Liberal party...

Let us run through this again...Christy Clark told BCers during the 2013 that BC Families will be first and LNG would create over 100,000 jobs, money for First Nations, money for northern communities, eliminate the B.C. provincial sales tax, pay off the $70 billion dollar provincial debt (and growing)...and..and and create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund...

And in 2013 the Straight Goods was reporting, along with others that the advertised LNG job projections were bogus, made-up out of whole cloth, wrote that massive LNG supplies are coming online and along with a boom in renewables that Japan was going to restart their nuclear plant..

In other words Christy Clark's 2013 election win was based on fiction....

What was it that Christy Clark said in 2013....("Peoples will say anything to get elected"...Christy Clark)

I believe politicians would and will say anything to heed Keith Baldrey's advice..."Soften up the Queen of Mean's image"

Christy Clark won the 2013 election....and as of still in 2016 the Families First meme has fallen away, those LNG fantasy predictions withered away too...Story after story written here describing, telling and forecasting the demise of BC's LNG aspirations...Reason, a major glut...too much supply seeking too little demand, the surge in renewables and Japan returning to nuclear power for financial reasons...

Altagas...Bankers pulled the plug on their uneconomical proposal..Shell Canada just announced they are NOT increasing or growing their LNG assets..dooming their Kitimat proposal, also dooming BG Gas's(British Gas) proposal for Prince Rupert(Shell bought out BG Gas)..

Shell to move away from growth in natural gas business

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth never said a word about this latest nail in Christy Clark's LNG coffin...

Now, as a regular joe, a simple internet scriber, a reader of data....For years I have peeled back the stinky onion like layers of the mythical LNG pot of gold....Renewables..Over supply..hyper-inflated on paper written off by taxpayer build costs...the Japanese return to nuclear as well as natural gas discoveries in near every country...Been ignored, laughed at by BC Liberal operatives and spindoctores(eh Zubyk)...

And...well, Shell Canada is the canary in the natural gas drill hole, they are walking away from LNG.....and then along comes a LNG report by this little outfit, an organization with accountants, statistical examiners, energy company pros, bankers and business experts....perhaps you have heard of them?

The International Energy Agency

What the IEA had to say about LNG is quite informative, unless you are a regular reader of The Straight Goods..if that is the case, you regular readers will find nothing new or interesting in what the IEA has to say about LNG, it was all said here first...Let's have a little look..


LNG glut will continue for years as demand falls and supply surges: IEA

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market which Australia has pinned much of future economic fortunes on will remain over-supplied and stricken with low prices until at least the end of the decade, according to the International Energy Agency.......

The IEA's annual medium term Gas Market Report for 2016 released in Paris overnight makes for grim reading for Australian gas exporters, their investors and the Federal Government who are hoping for a strong revenue stream flowing from the massive $200 billion worth of investments in the sector.....

"Barring any significant supply disruption, markets will struggle to absorb these incremental supplies," the IEA warned.
Currently four of the seven big new LNG plants sanctioned in Australia have commenced production.
The wave of start-ups is likely to see Australian gas production almost double from 2015 levels of almost 80 billion cubic meters to 153 billion cubic meters in 2021.

Lower generation, cheap coal and renewables growth crushing LNG demand

The ongoing pain the gas producers will endure results from the massive surge of supply about to hit the market being not particularly responsive to tumbling prices and the simple fact the world is becoming increasingly less energy intense and demand is falling.

"Slower generation growth, rock-bottom coal prices and robust deployment of renewables constrain gas's ability to grow faster in today's low-price environment," the IEA said.
"Reversing a long-standing trend, gas usage in power is projected to grow more slowly than total demand; its share of incremental demand falls to one-third compared with almost half between 2009 and 2015."

The IEA finds little respite in any global market.

"Europe's flexibility to take in additional LNG is limited by slow demand growth, cheap coal, and competitive Russian supplies.

"Demand in Japan and Korea — which today account for almost 50 per cent of global LNG imports — is forecast to stagnate or even decline sharply depending on the scale of nuclear comeback in Japan."

Latin America and the Middle East are marginal markets at best, and pinning hopes on China to bail out the gas producers looks a forlorn hope with infrastructure bottlenecks and regulatory hurdles limiting the growth in its demand.

While Asian demand, including China, is forecast to increase by more than 100 billion cubic meters by 2021 the IEA said it still would not be sufficient growth to bring the market back into balance, and that is one of the better scenarios.

There are far worse potential problems that would push the gas glut out well beyond the time frame of the IEA report's forecasts.

"Should the implementation of environmental policies be slower than expected, the expansion in Chinese gas demand would also be much slower; were gas demand growth in China to stabilise at 2015 levels, there would be no need for incremental imports throughout the end of the decade. In this case, the oversupply in global gas markets would extend well into the 2020s," the IEA noted.

Spot prices crash as long term contracts rewritten

The report also found increased evidence of large buyers who have found themselves over-contracted with supplies renegotiating contracts to lower prices and volumes, as well as pushing excess supplies into the spot market and forcing prices down there as well.

Spot prices in the key Asian market have tumbled 75 per cent from $US20 MBtu (million British thermal units) in early 2014 to below $US5 MBtu currently.

The producers will have little alternative to just survive through several tough years and even then improving conditions are unlikely to deliver anything like the returns expected when the new capacity was commissioned.

"LNG liquefaction plants will need to run below capacity, as demand growth will not be sufficient to balance the market, particularly during 2017 and 2018," the IEA found.

"Utilisation will recover by the end of the forecast period but will not be back to the high levels of 2011-12."

"For new projects in particular, this suggests that returns on investments will be low for some years."


Call me a skeptic when it comes to anything Christy Clark blathers, she lies, has lied, lied during her time at SFU, cheated during elections, ...Christy Clark really will say and do anything to get elected, honesty or facts have no bearing on Queen Word Salad's blatherings...

It pains me to say this...

Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth just advised Christy Clark to soften up her "Queen of Mean" persona..
Call me a skeptic....40 years ago...A 13 year old social butterfly named Christy 13 she was already in the workforce, a job in a restaurant, a ton of school girl and boyfriends, two loving parents, one a school teacher, fellow employees...No visible wounds, no trauma of any kind observed, never missed a day of work, ...

A 13 year old teenage girl who said nothing to no one, said nothing to parents, employers, girlfriends...not a word....Christy Clark managed to escape unharmed(physically) and remained forever silent, not even a word mentioned in just released/published Judy Tyabji's biography book about Christy Clark, not a word about this alleged traumatic event 40 years ago..

Not a single word about that event until today...Two days after Keith Baldrey and Michael Smyth advised the queen of mean Christy Clark to soften her image..I'm not saying it didn't happen....But if it did?...Christy Clark's policies have not exactly been young person friendly..Education funding shortfalls, children in care money shortages and no real action taken on the highway of tears..Booming British Columbia according to Christy Clark and we can't afford a daily shuttle service for that notorious highway..

I would like to remind you what Christy Clark said in election year 2013
..And I quote..

"people will say anything to get elected" Christy Clark

I wonder if certain politicians will say anything to soften up their "queen of mean" image too?

Shell Canada announces to the world they are out of the BC LNG race...Literally the same day the IEA comes out with a damning forecast for any B.C. LNG prospect and dire warnings for up and running LNG producers in other countries....

Election year 2016/2017 and Clark's memory returns on the same day the BC Liberal LNG dream fades to


P.S. I wonder when Keith Baldrey and company will finally stop playing the BC Liberal LNG fantasy card...and lastly....Any and all assaults are wrong....Forgive me for being an election year cynic...

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Cheers Eyes Wide Open