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Christy Clark Government, Jack Daniels And Jackboots

 UPDATED JANUARY 30th/2013....

The power of the blog..This post laid it out, a threatening story 2 weeks ago in the Vancouver Sun was a Jackboots special..

After 1000`s of page views, BC Hydro has backed off, John Horgan was on with Jon McComb today between 3:06 and 3:21 pm..

The BC Liberals blinked, again, because of you, the people, ..Now remember, if the BC Liberals are elected they will Jackboots these smart meters through..

BC Hydro has confirmed that for now, smart meter installations on those opposed to these heathen devices has been canceled..

Thank you readers, this proves the power we possess, as a whole, united, we can prevail, divided and silent we fall..

In my news alert e-box, this statement just issued by BC Hydro..

"BC Hydro issues statement; says it won't install Smart Meters without customer's permission. Up to 140 thousand people have refused the meters."

Below is the story that made them blink...Cheers

The Straight Goods


I read a very telling article in the Vancouver Sun tonight, it was threatening in tone, it was disrespectful with an all encompassing authoritative demeanor, a you have no choice, a submit submit submit message sent from our BC Liberal corporate Government to 170,000 voting households who have refused smart meter installations

 Christy Clark after being anointed premier by several thousand members of a stench stained BC Liberal party has done absolutely nothing, a bumbling stumbling wink and wiggle marionette carrying on with Gordon Campbell`s agenda, a Liberal in name only jackboots Government with but one intent, to transfer as much money from taxpayers to private hands, a BC Liberal Government with a systemic corporate mindset ingrained, public wealth stolen, or in this case the public`s credit card used to steal monies, we haven`t paid for smart meters, Gordon Campbell put the bill on BC Hydro`s credit card, $1 billion dollars plus spent, $1 billion dollars plus still owed and accumulating interest

The article was indeed a jackboots special, an ultimatum....News flash Christy Clark, 170,000 household, let`s say there are 2 adults per resident, 340,000 people, even if 50% of those vote that`s 170,000 voters, what percentage of those are, or were BC Liberal voters...Those numbers would be in tens of thousand, the 2005 election and the 2009 election was decided by a margin of but 10,000 voters among a handful of ridings..

Read the Jackboots article Here..

I remind you fine folk that smart meters were brought in for one reason, for real-time billing, it states as much in BC Hydro`s service plan documents..

Christy Clark, why do you lie?

You promised the public you would call an election, you said you couldn`t be premier elected by party members only, you said you needed a public mandate, you reneged, no, you lied your face off, you said there would be no persuasion campaign to save the HST, you lied, you spent $10 million dollars on stickmen ads, $10 million dollars wasted on stick people, despite the fact that these stickmen figures had more personality that the entire BC Liberal party, why do you lie Christy, have you learned nothing..

Hey Bill Good, you are a phony asshole, you too are a liar, all week blathering on how Adrian Dix was the person who made British Columbia remove the HST, news flash ShillyBilly, it was the people, after a people powered successful attack against corporate cronyism spearheaded by Bill(Social Credit right winger)Vanderzalm, Chris Delaney, NDP pundit Bill Teileman and Cheryl B along with millions of consumer taxpayers, we rejected having $2 billion dollars per year being plucked from our pockets..

Indeed, Bill Good is back to his partisan tricks, his seething hatred for the NDP, we have had the HST for 2 years, prices didn`t drop one dime on anything, consumer goods went up in cost, that is the first HST lie, they claimed prices would drop, they didn`t, these Liars, these BC Liberals claimed the HST would create jobs, it cost thousands of jobs, and Billy Boy, if you want to blame Adrian Dix for the demise of the HST then you must also say that Adrian Dix listened to the wishes of the public, something you and your BC Liberal party have never done..

A couple of weeks ago Bill Good was claiming calls to his program aren`t being screened, he`s a liar, earlier this week(January 21st) he had on a Mr. Caruthers, the CEO of Enbridge, very few callers were actually aired on the pipeline segment, the calls were passive and weak, yet me and three other callers in the household I was in called, we were not given airtime..

Just before the noon hour when email and listener lines are played, Bill the Shill Good claimed there was no angry callers wanting to speak to Mr. Caruthers, the tone was civil, his junior lady bug producer concurred, she did play one angry listener line call, a call against Enbridge, and then buffoon Billy Good actually stated on air, and I quote...

"Why didn`t he call in, it amazes me that Mr Caruthers made himself available, opened himself up to callers and the listener didn`t call in"

The segment with John Caruthers was January 21st, 10:36 am to 10:58 am..

The listener line bit comes around the 11:55 am mark, just before the noon news..

You and your staff are partisan game playing call screening liars, period, I was waiting on the phone, my friends were waiting on their phones, none of us got through..

I wanted to remind the public of Enbridge`s 800 oil spills in the last decade, the Kalamazoo incident, and more, and yes Billy`s lady bug producer asked me what I wanted to say, and my friends, none of us were aired, ..

So for Billy Good to play up how civil the callers were, no ranting, his stage play was obvious, his subtle messaging to his few remaining gullible listeners was...Enbridge is good, it`s needed, the public has become accepting...

This pattern with Billy Good is so predictable, he takes the corporate agenda and runs with it, he promoted the HST, every cknw radio voice claimed they wanted and voted for the HST, now the corporate pig Bill Good is pushing Enbridge, the man is incapable of asking tough questions or any tough follow up questions, a sad old man whose relevance vanished a decade ago, a BC Liberal stooge..

Newsflash Billy, dilbit can`t be cleaned up, it sinks in water, newsflash Billy, the HST might be good for the corporate bottom line but that good came at a $2 billion dollar cost to consumers, consumers who are already drowning in debt..
And today, his view panel, featuring the mouth of the Republican south Alise Mills..

Yes, they bashed Adrian Dix for costing the province the HST..the program featured HST pimp, featured a partisan attack on Adrian Dix over the impending loss of the HST, Social Credit ex-premier and right winger Bill Vanderzalm wasn`t mentioned, Bill Teileman wasn`t mentioned, the millions of British Columbian voters who cast a vote to destroy the consumer gouging tax weren`t mentioned, only Adrian Dix...

And Alise Mills, what a pathetic piece of garbage, Alise Mills said to the listening audience that the BC Liberal Government should have stood their ground and kept the HST, she went further, Alise Mills stated that Gordon Campbell erred by even allowing a referendum, !!!...Alise Mills basically said that Democracy and the will of the people be damned, and the partisanship of Billy Good and Alise Mills was just getting started, besides playing an Adrian Dix attack ad they played a new BC liberal party ad(for free again), then they proceeded to call Adrian Dix a hypocrite for traveling to Los Angeles to talk to the movie business bigwigs, ..And Alise Mills continued with her vitriolic hatred of Adrian..She planted seeds of corruption by stating, "I wonder who is paying for the trip"..Insinuating the taxpayers are being raped..Does Alise Mills talk of Christy Clark`s near $million dollar travel bill over the last year??

Alise Mills, a nasty bimbo who not only lies, spins and deflects, she doesn`t believe in Democracy or human rights, a throwback to the mindest of the 1800`s..Robber Barons and Surfs...Alise Mills, her blather is white noise, her ilk is white trash!

 Billy Good and cknw promoted the Vancouver casino proposal, they lost..Billy Good and cknw promoted the HST with vigor, they lost..Billy Good and cknw promoted the Surrey casino proposal and lost..

You have no credibility left Bill Good, and now that you are once again showing your corporate puppy dog tail and promoting Enbridge, well, I look forward to beating your sorry ass again..

Christy Clark, why do you lie?

Smart meters and Christy Clark`s jobs agenda carpet bombing ad campaign, smart meters destroy jobs, what about meter readers, those workers cast aside.

Enbridge, Terry Lake has been performing his stunned idiot routine again, yesterday in fact, he was on with Jon Macolm, Jon asked no questions, his balls too have been snipped, or maybe his mental illness has returned, Terry Lake was talking about oil spill clean up response, and polluter pay discussions with stakeholders..And to tell how stupid Terry Lake is, here is what Terry Lake said, on air..

"We are looking at what other jurisdictions have, we are looking at what we have and were talking to stakeholders to develop a world class strategy"

Terry Lake, you are supposed to be our environment minister yet yesterday it was revealed that the run of river projects have had near 1000 low water and fish kill violations, violations that went on for months on end, and only counted as a single violation, the ministry have no resources, no oversight, a wild west game of ignoring rules, fish are dying by the thousands, an entire eco-system being slowly killed off, your Government Terry Lake can`t enforce the simplest of water rules to protect fish and wildlife and you expect us, the people to trust you with anything Enbridge, you too Terry Lake will be punted out of office, 16 weeks Terry Lake, 16 weeks...

And earlier yesterday I read the article in our lamestream media about this polluter pay talking group, they did indeed talk, they didn`t however say anything...

In that above article the message is clear, there are 16 BC staffers and a yearly $2.4 million dollar budget for environmental clean up..WOW..

In the above article the oil industry makes it clear, pipelines, tankers, shippers, everyone is on their own, there will never be a industry wide pool of cash funded with $billions of dollars for the inevitable BC oil spill disaster..

Keep on pimping Bill good, keep on threatening the public Rich Coleman, keep on looking like an idiot Terry Lake, keep on advertising Christy Clark..

Internet news, the new media, honest voices writing their hearts out, propaganda through television won`t work, a tech savvy public no longer believes the messaging from the box..

See you in Hell Billy Good

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Bill Good Blasts Bloggers For Calling Him Out On Staged Stacked Calls

Billy Good is in full damage control mode today, his 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. segment attempted two things, firstly, he defended the fake Bollywood awards as the real thing..

His "view panel" , now absent of Sandy Garrisino, the one person who spoke from the left side, the view panel now with Alise Mills(BC Liberal booster)..Bridgette Anderson,(Gordon Campbell`s press secretary), and now with Sachi Curl(big fake Bollywood booster and new addition)..

Not one mention that the BC Liberals tried to get IIFA , the real awards show to move from their traditional award date in June to April, not one word..And in fact, Sachi Curl accused the IIFA committee(the real ones) of sour grapes for speaking to Michael Smyth..Sachi used this word to describe IIFA`s talking to Michael Smyth..and I quote.."Tsk tsk"...As in the IIFA is just jealous and upset that the BC Government chose to make an arrangement with the Times of India...HA HA, that is funny...And it`s desperate...Billy Boy, meet the new power, thousands tune in here for The Straight Goods everyday..

And the spin gets even better, Bill Good, obviously feeling the heat from my post about stacked calls, and Alex Tsakumis`s almost identical critique of Bill Good about stacked calls then attacked us, the messengers, called us "Little people"..

Alise Mills went further, calling us "bloggers" nasty, accused us bloggers of making up lies.

So, in a nutshell, Bill Good`s view panel today, the new all pro-BC Liberal view panel cheer-leaded the fake awards, not one word about Michael Smyth`s column, not one word about Spencer Chadra Herbert`s critique, not one word about IIFA telling Michael Smyth they were being arm-twisted to change the date to April, not one word about anything, Sachi also said that IIFA and the Times of India have no clue about or BC politics or BC`s election cycle..

And then they blathered on about how the people who answer the phones at cknw don`t recognize voices, their staff is too busy, it`s too hard, and how cknw really want people to challenge  the premier, to challenge guests..And all 4 of them were in complete agreement, they claimed this went on in the 90`s, not now..

Well Billy Good...

You are a sad old man, if you believed your own blather you wouldn`t be crying in your corn flakes, there would be no need to defend your actions..

I hope you see this Bill Good, the last Mustel Poll.

Click that link above, there you will find Mustel`s BC political party tracking line, and, the last Mustel poll has the BC Liberals no more popular today then what they were when Gordon Campbell was forced to resign..In fact, the BC Liberals are polling even lower today under Christy Clark then they were when Gordon Campbell announced his resignation, that my friends is according to BC Liberal friendly pollster Mustel..

Gordo the thief Campbell announced his resignation on November 3rd 2010, according to Mustel`s tracking line, BC Liberals were polling at...

Mustel has the BC Liberals at 37% of support in November 2010....

Mustel today,  has the BC Liberals at 33% of support in January of 2013...In other words, there was a short-lived bump in the polls for these Liberals that happened as they were engaged in choosing a new leader, it didn`t last long, for with Christy Clark at the helm their support has fallen back to their lowest of lows.....And guess what, even Keith Baldrey agrees, fancy that!


Mustel poll shows BC Libs have gone up 1 pt. in 4 mos. NDP down 2. Margin/error: 4.3%. Conclusion: no real shift in public opinion.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Christy Clark Gets Busted, Fake Awards Ceremony IS BC LIBERAL ELECTION PLOY

Here`s the deal, details are emerging, the BC Liberals approached IIFA , ...IIFA is the outfit that holds the Bollywood Oscars, the real ones, the BC Liberals attempted to get IIFA to change the traditional date in late June/Early July to April...IIFA said no..

I`ll let Michael Smyth explain the rest, here`s an excerpt..

"The International Indian Film Academy negotiated with the government to bring their 2013 awards gala to Vancouver, but the deal never got done.
Why? According to an IIFA official, the government wanted to move up the date of the awards from June to April.

“The reason was very obvious to everybody,” IIFA spokesman Sabbas Joseph told me Monday from Mumbai.

We were well aware of the political situation in B.C.”

In other words, he said, Clark’s governing Liberals wanted to stage the awards right before the May election.

“That was a key condition for them,” Sabbas said. “We explained the IIFA Awards are always held in June or July, and we couldn’t change that.
“They weren’t happy at all.”


Well well well, I`m glad Michael Smyth regained his sanity, hopefully it isn`t temporary..

BC Liberals just spent $11 million dollars plus to fake you all out..

It just doesn`t get anymore desperate than that....For shame Christy Clark, for shame BC Liberals..

Hello Indo-Canadian voters, I hope you realize that Christy Clark just played you for suckers..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Bill Good`s Female Phone Answerer Stages Fake Partisan Phone-In Callers

 CKNW brass and BC Liberal Operatives are playing fake phone-call games on Billy Good`s Show

Bill Good phone-in callers are being staged, partisan callers who hate the NDP, BC Liberal operatives are being put through while NDP supporters and those critical of the BC Liberals are being screened out..

I`m not too sure that Bill Good is aware of it, the woman answering the phones on his show is a new voice, either Bill Good is fully aware or cknw brass have planted a BC Liberal operative on his show to screen callers..

I mentioned last week how Billy Good set-up Adrian Dix with bile callers..

On Friday past, January 25th/2012..At roughly 8:55 about 8:57 am..

a caller named Patrick Rossman called Adrian Dix vicious names, he called him a crook, his tone was vitriolic..

On Friday`s cutting ledge show the NEW woman who answers the phone, refused to let me on air, my call was dumped, I wanted to talk Rich.Coleman..

The same woman was answering the phones for Sean Leslie this weekend past, both Saturday and Sunday my call just lingered, Sean Leslie wasn`t even told I was on the line with questions or comments..

On Friday past, while I was waiting to speak on the cutting edge of the ledge show, my line went dead..I immediately called back in, a different person answered, a male voice, he said I wasn`t allowed to call in..

I have spoken on the cutting edge of the ledge all through last fall, all the last year on Sean Leslie`s show, on the cutting ledge 3 weeks ago, 4 weeks ago, and more

Let me be clear, I am a long-time caller who has spoken hundreds of times on air over the last 10 years..

I was banned before by cknw, that was on the lead-up to the 2009 BC Provincial election, now they have done it again, on the lead up to the 2013 election.....

The reason??

Because I destroy the BC Liberals on air with hard-core, straight-to-the-point, hard hitting critical facts..

Today on Billy Good`s show..The same time-slot..8:30 am to 9:00 am..


All while my calls are not refused per say, they merely let my call die with the end of the segment..

Either Billy Good is aware and this is a set strategy(That`s what I believe) or Billy Good is being duped by the woman phone-answerer, a BC Liberal operative, a plant, and or a tactic being employed by the brass at cknw ..Either way, it`s disgusting, non-professional and very partisan, and..

It won`t work..

After what Patrick Rossman said on-air, Friday January 25th at 8:55 AM(roughly)....He should never been allowed back on air, but he was..

At almost to the minute, the same time this Monday morning...8:55 am(roughly) Patrick Rossman was again put on air to attack..

Silly CKNW head games, this reeks of desperateness, ...

Cup up the cknw audio vault..Friday, January 25th, 8:55 am to 8:59 am..

Then cue up the audio vault for today, January 28th, 8: 55 am to 8:59 am..

The same Patrick Rossman with the same bile vicious attack on Adrian Dix, I kid you not...

Hey Bill Good and cknw can`t handle the truth...Or....

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shawn Atleo and Neville Chamberlain: “peace for our time”.

Shawn Atleo and Neville Chamberlain: “peace for our time”.

                                  Written By Robin Mathews

Shawn Atleo, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations in Canada, is an intelligent, concerned human being, deeply committed to his people.

So was the British prime minister leading into the Second World War, Neville Chamberlain – forever cursed with the name of an appeaser of Adolf Hitler, and charged by many with responsibility for the war.  Chamberlain did everything in his power – as appeaser -  to head off war … agreeing to okay some of Hitler’s crimes. We know what happened.

Coming back from a meeting with Adolf Hitler in the fall of 1938 Chamberlain told grateful and adoring crowds there would be “peace for our time”. 

Speaking in Vancouver on January 24, 2013, after meeting with Stephen Harper, Shawn Atleo declared that the native peoples of Canada have a common enemy.  That common enemy is very clearly Stephen Harper – who has forced through omnibus bills C-38 and C-45, both of which undercut First Nations power and place in the Canadian community. Shawn Atleo would not name Stephen Harper, but called the common enemy “the status quo”.

The common enemy is not the status quo.

Before the two omnibus bills, the condition of First Nations people in Canada was parlous, unacceptable – needing serious attention and constructive action…without delay.
The omnibus bills significantly worsen the place of First Nations people … beyond what was the status quo. 

The bills change negatively the Fisheries Act and environmental assessments.  They close aboriginal-specific programs and information gathering.  They work to undermine aboriginal treaty and constitutional rights – in fact, to erase them in real terms. They undertake to divide and conquer, both First Nations peoples and people in the larger Canadian community.

In the aftermath, Harper supporters may even be inciting racism in order to alienate other Canadians from the First Nations people.  Anyone who has been taken on by the Harper support group knows that truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness become the victims of ruthless slander, deceit, and falsehood, especially on social media where the identity of abusers can be hidden.

What is Shawn Atleo doing in saying that the common enemy is the status quo when the common enemy is Stephen Harper and the Harper Junta?  He is practicing appeasement.  He is attempting to deny the fact of the wholesale attack upon the Native people by the Harper Junta. He is hoping he can jolly Stephen Harper into warm, agreeable reforms. He is hoping that if he pretends Stephen Harper is honourable and honest, that is what Stephen Harper will be.

Stephen Harper will never be those things.

At the time of Chamberlain’s attempted appeasement of Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill said the country had a choice between war and shame and had chosen shame.  And, he said, it will [also] get war.  Anyone might say the same thing of Shawn Atleo and his choice: he has chosen shame … and the condition of the First Nations people will get worse, much, much worse than it is now.

Looking over the gulf of more than seventy years that separates Neville Chamberlain and Shawn Atleo, many will say the comparison is ridiculous. “There is nothing in common between the two historical events”, they will say.  But they are wrong.  There is a major, significant similarity – in my view.

Both Neville Chamberlain and Shawn Atleo faced fundamentally dishonest men: liars, manipulators, deviously destructive men.  We know Stephen Harper lied about the multi-billion dollar F35 aircraft.

Under his management, we have seen the falsifying of government documents, suppression of research, misinformation about persons, intimidation and bullying of adversaries, production of an elaborate handbook on how to destroy parliamentary committee work, illegitimate attacks on journalists, the insane misnaming of destructive legislation, an alleged attempted bribery of a member, and – as Susan Riley, Ottawa journalist reported recently – the complete creation of ALL Harper MPs into lying parrots.

We know his Party and supporters admit guilt to attempting, illegally, to destroy a fair election in 2006.  We know they are believed by the majority of Canadians to have attempted to rig the 2011 election by fraud, with Robocalls.  And they may have succeeded in doing so.

We know Stephen Harper has not shown the tiniest concern or  regret that those things have happened.

The world now knows that Neville Chamberlain faced a psychopath when he negotiated with Adolf Hitler.  I believe that Shawn Atleo also faces a psychopath when he negotiates with Stephen Harper. (Others may disagree … so far.)  Psychopaths, we are told, are morally dead.  They are manipulative.  They are consummate and tireless liars. They work to dominate. They stop at nothing to “fulfill” their desires and mad dreams. They can be, in turns, charming and lethal.  They want to seem normal and make special efforts to hide their real selves. (Stephen Harper has travelled for years with a personal attendant in charge of his appearance and self-presentation!)

Interviewed by CBC reporter Duncan McCue in Vancouver on January 25, Shawn Atleo seemed strangely reticent about his meeting with Stephen Harper.  He seemed unwilling to speak frankly about the man I believe is a psychopath. What motivated Shawn Atleo’s unreasonable reticence? A desire to appease?

Neville Chamberlain did everything he knew how to do in order to prevent the Second World War, by practicing appeasement. And he failed. He was succeeded by Winston Churchill who insisted on the reality of the situation. Bold, courageous, dramatic, imaginative action had to be undertaken with the recognition that a psychopath was loose and had to be met head on.  Action replaced appeasement – and eventually succeeded.

Shawn Atleo, attempting appeasement, is plainly failing to protect Canada’s First Nations. Things will get worse. Who will succeed him … and how soon? 


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, January 25, 2013

CKNW`s Question of the Day(updated, January 26))

UPDATED AT BOTTOM__11:23 am...

CKNW`s question of the day...The results at 10:00 am...are..

If a provincial election was held today who would you vote for


I guarantee you readers that as soon as the BC Liberal public affairs department gets wind of this poll question the numbers will turn around 180 degrees..
My early guess is the numbers by 3:00pm  today will be BC Liberals 65% to to wager?

UPDATED HERE, 11:28 am.. latest results courtesy of the BC Liberal PAB

Liberals..... .....53%


Updated-Saturday January 26...

The question of the day, at 10:00 am PAB was not quite awake, but, the poll numbers(The top set of numbers) were very similar to the latest Angus Reid poll, albeit the Green vote provincially is much higher, the reason the Green vote was so low is because, Green voters don`t listen to cknw, they listen to CBC and FM stations..
Yesterday, Friday, January 25th on Billy Good`s cutting edge of the ledge, believe it or not, that`s the first time I have ever heard Bill Good advertise the question/poll of the day...
Desperation is oozing from the BC Liberal party, they have nothing left but bad partisan advertising..And PAB has done this many times, remember this post about PAB messing with CKNW`s question of the day, I busted their asses on that one too..

On another note, Billy Good set up Adrian Dix on Friday on his 8:30 am to 9:00am segment, it was disgusting..and as of late Jon McComb has got his marching orders, he`s pimping the Enbridge pipeline and slapping at the NDP..

In Bill Good`s segment where he set up Adrian Dix, a vicious caller called Adrian a crook, his tone was vitriolic hatred, it came at 8:58 am, right as the segment ended...Jon McComb also on Friday(January 25th, 3:06p.m. to 3:21p.m. started his show blathering about Adrian Dix and memo-gate, and guess what, he played the vitriolic call from Bill Good`s morning attack on Dix..

McComb could have raised the issue without playing a nasty vicious phone call from earlier in the day on Billy Good`s show..The whole segment was preplanned, preplanned with BC Liberal operatives..

This too is a sign of how desperate the BC Liberals are..

Adrian Dix back-dated a memo in 1998, it`s no secret, it cost him plenty, he resigned, however Adrian Dix worked his butt off and has been elected twice since then, the hardest working MLA in the province, he listens to, and fights for his constituents, he fights for all BCers...every election opponent who ran against Adrian has highlighted memo-gate..The BC Liberals have attacked Adrian in our rarely open legislature over memo-gate for years, remember Harry Bloy`s weird statement last year..

Hocstein has highlighted memo-gate, now Jim Shepard is spinning and twisting, hoping and praying that memo-gate gathers traction, however, these desperate Liberals have already used that tactic, remember the Risky Dix attacks and website..

Still with Jim Shepard, in their attack they are using the island highway(on Vancouver island) as some weird angle to attack, talking about how union labour was used thus costing a made-up number, 37% more, more than what?

It makes no sense, and, the island highway is spectacular, my favorite highway in BC, a great build..What is Jim the spin Shepard driving at, there is no proof a non-union shop could`ve built the Island highway cheaper, should minimum wage earners have built the highway?..Highway builders are made up of tar and gravel workers, machine operators, surveyors, geologists, truck drivers..

Everything the BC Liberal`s have built is way over budget, the Canada line was $1 billion over budget, Convention center was $500 million over budget, Golden Ears bridge was $400 million over budget..

The workers who built the Island highway spent money, fed children, paid mortgages..

And as For Christy Clark`s jobs agenda..Kiss you meter readers good-bye, foolish, meter readers being vanquished will allow the drug trade to flourish, no longer will humans have to enter properties to read meters, meter readers are important, they point out hydro electric diversions, report suspected grow-ops..In fact I believe in part that smart meters are being brought in to facilitate more grow-ops..

Translink outsourced building our new Seabus, $25 million to build in BC..$23 million to build in Singapore...The spin-off alone would more than triple the domestic benefit..

Bill Good, Phil Hocstein, Jim Shepard...Desperate pigs..

And, I love the island highway...

Lastly, Washington Marine group refuses to tell the BC Public what they sold the fast ferries for, Gordon Campbell used those ferries as a political attack for a decade, he sold them cheap on purpose, it was all politicking...Because..

Abu Dabai Ma, the company that bought those ferries....My sources tell me they paid over $200 million dollars for the Fast Cats..

And ask yourself, why would the Washington Marine refuse to tell what they sold them for, isn`t that something shareholders would need to know, accountants, investors?

Perhaps the real sale price will get leaked, ....Stay tuned.

Keep on Freeping you pathetic creepies..


"To slew or cheat an online poll by repeatedly voting (clearing cookies, using proxies) or to make a blog appear to be commented by numerous posters by the same means. (From the practices of the Free Republic or "freepers")
The results of the CNN question of the day were running 70:30 in favor until an hour ago when it got freeped."

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, January 24, 2013

John Doyle Makes Bombshell Statements on CKNW(Breaking news)

John Doyle speaks his mind with Simi Sara on cknw, Doyle tells listeners his term runs until October 2013..

Doyle states that Eric Foster doesn`t understand how the committee process works, Doyle refutes Eric Foster`s claim that he was unaware that he was under investigation..

And the big one..

John Doyle accuses Eric Foster of asking him inappropriate questions..

John Doyle is biding his time before revealing what Eric Foster asked..

And an even bigger statement from John Doyle, he doesn`t have to accept or refuse the latest 2 year extension until after the election..

John Doyle blasts with both barrels..Cue up January 24-- 1:00pm on the audio vault and fast forward to 1:45 pm...

Cue up January 24, the segment takes place between 1:45 pm and 1:58 pm..

Really worth the listen..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Christy Clark`s Public Pissing Contest Gambit Exposed

UPDATED-January 26th/2012...At bottom.

BCTF President Susan Lambert says the Premier's 10-year contract plan is a non-starter, because it asks teachers to give up the right to bargain class size/composition and salary/compensation.

I just listened to Susan Lambert, she was responding to Christy Clark`s musing about a 10 year deal between the province and the teachers union, Susan Lambert`s above statement is all you need to know about non-elected premier Clark`s proposal..

Standing beside Clark is one of the most useless BC Liberals of all time, Don pharmaceutical Mcrae, ...

I wrote a post some time ago, it was titled, Christy Clark, Woman of the 90`s

Here is an excerpt from that post..

"Christy Clark is old, tired, ad nauseum, she hasn`t progressed into the future and is stuck in a time warp somewhere around 1996, she doesn`t want to get along, Christy Clark wants to refight fast ferries, unions, schools, health care, and the environment, there is no point fighting those things Christy, they died years ago, where were you? And as you noticed from my last post, Christy Clark can lie with professional ease, she can argue not knowing any facts and or choosing to ignore them, what comes out of her mouth is anti ndp venom and hyperbole from the 90s....We need a leader of the future, not a prima donna who failed to finish anything she started, we don`t need another liar and time warp victim...."


I read Keith Baldrey`s latest column in the Burnaby now, he talks about how Christy Clark wants a public fight with Adrian Dix, how Christy is angry that Adrian won`t come out and play on the public stage..

My post.... Christy Clark, woman of the 90`s...Was a story about Christy Clark being a little school girl, stuck, frozen in time, Christy wants to fight battles that don`t exist anymore, Clark has always hated teachers, her Dad was a teacher, I`m not sure what spawned her hatred, maybe she hated her father, maybe because she had poor grades, maybe her hatred of teachers began after she quit S-F-U, ..As you know, she was caught cheating on student elections, after new student elections, Christy Clark lost badly, her fellow students saw Christy for what she was, an habitual cheater and liar...The stunning story based on actual transcript is here..

Christy Clark caught cheating on student elections, Clark quits S-F-U after fellow students reject her and her cheating ways

Christy Clark used her flirting ways to marry money and launch her political career, she joined the BC Liberal party and won a seat in Port Moody, ...

Gordon Campbell selected Christy to be education minister, and the rest is history, Clark put her name on Bills that were illegal, Bills that stripped teachers of all rights, a Bill that the supreme court of Canada ruled illegal, against the charter if rights, just one of many illegal human right stripping Bills that came out of the BC Liberal hierarchy...

Last night our big daily newspapers were promoting Clark`s 10 year teacher/labour peace deal, no details were put forward, today we learn that the details were/is more of the same treachery Christy Clark employed in 2001..This proposal is nothing but an election gambit ..

Let me be perfectly clear, Christy Clark when she was a radio host on cknw, she did more segments bashing teachers than anything else, hundreds of segments attacking educators, attacking the teacher`s union, BCTF leadership, like a dog with a bone Christy couldn`t let it go, my gut tells me her attack against education and teachers was personal, maybe because she failed in school, never graduated, poor grades, a school drop out...

The bottom line, Christy Clark wants to lift her leg and spray urine on teachers, on unions, on the ndp, Clark wants a public pissing contest with teachers for she believes it`s a winning strategy, right versus left, Clark has never won a battle with logic or skill, she has always used ideology and rancor, and on radio the kill button to win arguments..

Jim Shepard starting a pissing contest, Keith Baldrey in his column describes Christy Clark as wanting a loud vocal us versus them pissing contest, Adrian Dix is smart to not want to play with an habitual liar and cheater..

Christy Clark is indeed a woman stuck in the 90`s, she stopped learning in the 90`s, she quit school in the 90`s, her messaging is from the 90`s, Jim Shepard`s attack ads are from the 90`s..

Christy, we see right through you, this gambit with the teachers is an election ploy, present the teachers with an offer they must refuse, then use your media buddies to play up the teachers being left wingers with Adrian Dix and you being rightwing standing with free enterprisers..

Well guess what Christy Clark, I knew this ploy was coming last year, I wrote about it, in fact is was another tired old Social Credit Dinosaur who gave you this advice,  the name of that dinosaur..

BOB PLECAS..from my post written February 21/2012..


Yes indeed, Bob Plecas fearing the worst scenario, fearing an end to public service dollars being funneled to his corporate elite, fearing an end to chronic under-funding of schools, of justice of seniors care, fearing an end of corporate largesse handouts has come out swinging, come out advising, a tired oldman has crawled out from his rock to advise Christy Clark to be deceptive, to dictate, to confuse, to act as a single solo all encompassing power broker and run rough shot over anyone and everything that gets in way of the BC Corporate Liberals self perceived right to rule British Columbia, in other words Bob Plecas wants Christy Clark to act like Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper but with a more Hitler-esque flair...Let`s have a look at Bob Plecas`s advice to Christy Clark....
"Today, Premier Christy Clark faces three problems.


1. The Campbell legacy will not go away. While it was the perceived deceit over the harmonized sales tax that brought him down, he was rap-idly losing conservative support by moving the party to the left, supporting the carbon tax and first nations settlements. The tax fiasco proved the last straw for conservative anti-tax voters."

Let`s tear this tired old conman apart, first off Mr.Plecas, it wasn`t "Perceived deceit" it was downright deliberate deception, Campbell lied about the HST, he lied about a $4billion dollar deficit, he cooked the books and as for Gordon Campbell`s phony carbon tax, all that scam tax did was reward corporations for polluting and strip dollars from schools, students, hospitals and the like, that carbon tax didn`t take 1 gram of carbon out of the air....And as for "supporting First Nation settlements".....That comment is so racist if you were in front of me I would slap your saggy face, the word settlement implies that we were here first, if anyone has settlements in British Columbia it`s white man, not First Nations, as as for Campbell accommodating First Nations no such thing happened, his reconciliation act died a swift death in the legislature from complaints from corporate racists like you..

3." Clark's biggest challenge does not lie on the left, it lies on her right.
She is a well-known federal Liberal, and the federal Conservatives are wary of her. There is great suspicion in Ottawa about her loyalties, and also among Conservatives in B.C."

Yes indeed Bob, let`s paint a little black moustache under Christy Clark`s nose and pretend she`s a Federal Conservative hell bent on scorched earth policies, let`s have Christy Clark hire two prominent Stephen Harper top staffers to fill staff positions in Christy Clark`s inner circle....Hmmmm, infact let`s try and confuse the voters....

"Can Clark rebuild the centre-right coalition?

The answer is yes. There are three reasons.

1. She is a great communicator. 2. The spotlight has not shone on Cummins, and some of his views, on homosexuality and first nations, appear under close scrutiny to be too extreme right-wing."

So Mr Plecas, John Cummins is a long-time Federal Conservative, with Conservative beliefs, and according to you....You want Christy Clark to use all her radio talk show host honed communication skills to call John Cummins an Indian hater and a man who hates Gay, Lesbian and transgender people....Isn`t that a Conservative trait Bob? On one hand you want Christy Clark to lose her Federal Liberal roots and embrace Conservatism and on the other hand you want her to attack a long-time elected Federal Conservative, seems to me Bob Plecas that you want to create a name-calling labeling hatefest with mud flinging every direction and see what sticks...Classy dude you are, welcome to the 21st century, how did that cryogenic freezing work out for you...

"3. Dix has past issues and strong ideologies that are also not representative of the majority of British Columbians, and these also have not been widely discussed"

Really Bob, you mean memo-gate, you mean the fact that Adrian has been elected 2 times by a large majority of his constituents in that riding, you mean you missed the fact that every contender against Dix raised memo-gate as an issue, and let me guess, you missed all those risky Dix ads ran by the Federal Liberal/Federal Conservative/BC Christy party, you must remember, they ran every hour on cknw, on Global news, on Spike TV, in the newspaper, ads attempting to portray Adrian Dix as ...Risky, not to be trusted, ads reminding people that Adrian as young man back-dated a memo but according to the BC Christy party Adrian Dix wasn`t a staffer but he was secretly premier of BC in the 90`s, the best kept secret in BC History...Yes indeed, obviously Bob Plecas you were still in a state of cryogenic freezing when those ads were running....

"What are Clark's options? 1. Continue down the path she is on. That is a sure path to opposition.

2. Go to Cummins and form a coalition. With the egos involved, that is unlikely."

Well Bobby Plecas, you want Christy Clark to change course, you admit that she can`t join John Cummins because after all, John is a homosexual hating, indian village burning dyed in the wool Federal Conservative, so what is your secondary plan?....Let`s have a look...

"1. The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Demand Alberta share the revenue from the pipeline between the oilsands and Kitimat as a condition for B.C.'s support. As proposed, Alberta would gain all the benefits, while B.C. takes all the risk"

Well Bobby Plecas, I`m glad you ADMITTED that BC takes all the risk and receives ZERO benefit....... That strategy probably isn`t too smart....Considering the entire town including city council of Terrace has signed up against Enbridge and Alberta, as have Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte regional district...That`3 ridings gone Bobby Plecas, care for another 82?

"2. Legislate a two-year tax freeze on the province and municipalities. The NDP can announce targeted tax increases all it wants.

3. Legislate to end the teachers' dispute. Stand on the side of students and parents, let the NDP stand with the teachers' union.

4. Legislate the end to the current public sector pension plan for MLAs and staff, and create a new plan, based on a private-sector model, for new hires and newly elected.

5. Terminate all bonuses for senior executives in the entire public sector. This analysis points a clear direction for Clark to remain in power. Move to the right; provide voters with a choice, through aggressive, controversial policy and legislative action - basically, attracting Conservatives back to the centre-right."

Well Bobby Plecas, you seem to like the Campbell/Harper approach..

Legislate, legislate, legislate and terminate, gee that really does sound rather Hitler-esque to me..

Yet I notice when it comes to your suggestion about legislating a new modest pension plan for MLA`s and staff you threw in  little self preservation detail..."For new hires"....Meaning how dare anyone touch your bloated public trough pension....And as for bonuses for the heads of crown corporations and deputy ministers, how do you think the BC Liberals managed to keep the whistleblowers from talking...

"Bob Plecas is a former deputy minister in several previous B.C. governments and ministries"


I can see right through you Christy Clark, so can the voting public..

As for you lifting your leg and spraying urine on everyone..

Judging from these comments, nobody is buying Christy`s bullshit..

Oh, and I see the BC Liberal public affairs bureau is messing around with cknw`s poll of the day, priceless...

CKNW's Question of the Day

Will the new provincial education framework finally secure labour peace between the government and the BCTF?



Christy, maybe you should call Richard Branson and accept his offer, nothing would please us more..

UPDATED HERE--January 26th/2013

The BCTF and the employer just nullified Christy Clark`s election gambit, her attempt to create a US VERSUS THEM pre-election..

The Teachers union, BCTF and the employer hammered out a negotiating framework..

 The reason why Clark and her Liberal GANG brought this 10 year deal BS out now, because the BCTF was already smoothing out a negotiating framework..

The new negotiating deal means....It means Christy Clark` dropped nother dud bomb, her proposal is now..NULL and VOID..

here`s the link..

Ha HA...Priceless...Adios Christy Clucking Clark

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, January 21, 2013

Stephen Harper`s Economic Killing Fields

2013. The “Defunct Economist” And The Psychopathology Of Stephen Harper.

Written by Robin Mathews

2013.  We know a few fundamental truths about human society, now, at a point where we have the most dishonest federal government in Canadian history.

A very few truths must be acted upon if individual and community freedoms are to be maintained, if justice is to be upheld, and if reasonable measures of security, tranquility, and good health are to be assured for all.

The first truth to be noted and acted upon is the one uttered by Lord Acton – that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  That is so in any political (or other) system. We do not act upon that knowledge sufficiently. Power must not be entrusted to any one person or group without automatic and effective safeguards more stringent than any present in so-called ‘democracies’ … or anywhere else.

The second truth we are coming to know is closely related to Acton’s.  It speaks to a medical condition of inequality that must be identified and controlled by equally automatic and effective safeguards.  As I write – by merest coincidence – public debate surrounds the desire of scientists to examine the DNA of a serial murderer to see if there might be an ascertainable genetic composition which guarantees the production of serial murderers.

Freighted with ethical and moral questions, that kind of inquiry won’t abate.  By the same token, research into the presence of psychopaths, sociopaths, and other social psychotics in responsible political and corporate positions has been shaping for a few decades, at least.  The subject is still in flux and strenuously argued over.  But with research of the kind by Robert D. Hare on psychopaths and psychopathy at UBC it won’t go away.

On the one hand, there is the normal person who is swayed by a position of power to become corrupted.  On the other hand, there is the person who is corrupt by nature, devious, power-driven, without conscience, a pathological liar who works hard to mislead and oppress others on his or her way to gaining power as close to absolute power as possible.

One of the assumptions of psychopaths and supporters of a world dominated by psychopaths is that human beings are unequal.  A part of Reactionary (Stephen Harper style) political philosophy insists upon human inequality - though it usually claims to believe in equality before the law.  The economist and self-described political philosopher Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992) insists upon human inequality.  As might be expected from a Reactionary, an ardent Free Market advocate, and a supporter of neo-liberalism, he does so, I believe, in order to urge the release of specific kinds of people – unfettered, uncontrolled, unsupervised – into economic activity.

The kinds of people he would release and those who champion them, I suggest, may be those who science may well come to prove are psychopaths, sociopaths, and other kinds of social psychotics.

2013. The present brutality and desolation being wrought in the world by corrupt power and deranged leadership are visible to all sane people.  The actions of those “leaders” have come to threaten life as we know it on the planet.  Addressing the problems they present must be of primary importance.

Friedrich von Hayek and his school are a major influence in all reactionary Canadian institutes, think-tanks, in the Canadian Conservative Party, and in the cabinet of Stephen Harper. Aping U.S. neo-liberalism, its economic monopolization of the economy called ‘the Free Market’, its anti-democratic governmental partnering with unchecked corporate power, the Stephen Harper Junta operates a barely disguised despotism in Canada.

In more than one election the Harper Junta has attempted to invalidate free elections by highly organized fraud. Stephen Harper has not shown any alarm at the lawlessness and has done what he can to cover it up. He is believed by many to be a pathological liar, and to force dishonesty upon all the members of his caucus.

In a summing up of the year 2012 in Ottawa, decades-long Ottawa columnist Susan Riley can’t find one honest Harper Conservative in Parliament. (The Hill Times, Dec. 17, 2012, pp. 1,12). Even of promising Chris Alexander, a former Assistant Deputy Minister and “star” candidate, Riley remarks that his claims about the F35 aircraft debate “are transparently and demonstrably false”.  Of ALL the Conservative Members of Parliament she asks: “Is there no limb too long, no lie too outrageous?”

Are those people terrified, robotized beings driven by a psychopathic, sociopathic Junta?

The Harper Junta is rendering Parliament almost ineffective by lies, deceptions and majority-steam-rolling passage of gigantic multi-subject legislation driven by Global Corporate Ideology that wholly discounts Canadians and Canadian interests except when challenged by massive thrusts of public opinion that might threaten to overturn the Junta. In their latest move, the Harper Junta has attempted to gut First Nations rights and freedoms without referring to history or the constitution or existing treaties.

Racist responses on Social Media to First Nations, Idle No More stories are even suspected to be manipulated from Harper Junta sources. Since evidence exists of repeated tawdry and illegal behaviour by Harper supporters no one can categorically deny the claim of Harper-supporter staged racism to inflame public opinion.

Much of the “reasoning” for Stephen Harper Junta policy comes from Friedrich von Hayek and his school.  Von Hayek’s presence in Harper policy-making calls up a statement by economist John Maynard Keynes.  He writes: “Practical men who believe themselves exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.  Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.”

The “academic scribbler”, “the defunct economist” for the Harper Junta is Friedrich von Hayek.

Friedrich von Hayek believes power corrupts – but only government power exercised on behalf of the well-being of the general population.  His work is dedicated to getting the hands of democratic government away from power and releasing the ‘free individual’, unhindered, into economic activity.

He believes that wealth and poverty are both necessary, apparently so the poverty stricken (by being grossly exploitable) can assist the wealthy to make material advances.  The advances, then, eventually leak down to those among the impoverished who have survived the brutality of their exploitation. It is perhaps no accident that Margaret Thatcher is said to have thrown on the table von Hayek’s book The Constitution of Liberty at a Conservative Party meeting, saying “THIS is what we believe”.

Von Hayek wants strict limits on the powers of government and unions, but almost none on entrepreneurs and corporations.  “There are good reasons why all governmental concern with economic matters is suspect”, he writes. (The Constitution of Liberty, pp. 330-331). He admits that a free system might show concern for the economy within the rule of law.

But … as one might expect, Hayek’s rule of law is Stephen Harper’s.  It is a total sham.  Erecting ‘rule of law’ that can be almost completely eluded by private enterprise is von Hayek’s and Harper’s ideal.  The rule of law must be the basis of a free society, von Hayek, argues.  But any legislation [the making of law] that requires respect for human dignity and human rights von Hayek considers offensive.  Such law-making he consistently attacks and
rejects as outside the rule of law!

If that suggests a touch of psychopathy, there is more in von Hayek’s book The Constitution of Liberty (1960) to back up the suspicion.

In the fashion of people who believe all social ideas of fairness and equality are, in fact, the product of selfishness and greed, von Hayek claims the attempts to assure equal opportunity for all rests “to put it bluntly, on envy”. (p. 155)  By the same token, questions about the legitimacy of wealthy people involved in “ostentation”… “bad taste”… and… wastefulness” arise “through envy”. 

The idea of progressive taxation in which huge corporate and private profit-makers pay more tax than wage-earners is, he writes, about permitting “gratification of the envy of the less well off” (p. 438)  Progressive taxation for von Hayek, “even elevates into a principle what in fact has no better basis than envy”. (p. 450)

There is something bizarre and twisted about a “political philosopher” seeing only narrow and selfish motivations in the actions of social reformers.  That happens, I suggest, because von Hayek doesn’t possess normal humanity.  He cannot accept that human beings often, at their best, engage in selfless actions.

I think it may be said of von Hayek – and followers like the Stephen Harper Junta – that they have no moral intelligence.  They can learn the phrase “the rule of law”.  They can use it.  But they rebel when law is made that sanctifies something else than The Law of the Jungle by which they wish to live.

If that seems a strong statement, it is backed by von Hayek himself who not only fails to understand the humanitarian motivations of social reformers, but even denies the motivations can exist. “General altruism is a meaningless conception”, he writes (p. 141).”A free man”, von Hayek goes on, can decide for himself “what and whose needs” are important.  He makes clear that the “free man” will decide important needs exist for only a small, closely related few. 

That is because the free man, in von Hayek’s view of reality, cannot register as real – cannot understand – what social reformers do over years and what whole segments of the population do at times of earthquake, disease, or other calamities on behalf of people they will never meet – give selflessly and generously to assist.

As if to validate his brutish views of humankind and human community, von Hayek declares that for people like him “the spiritual and temporal are different spheres which ought not to be confused”. (p. 528)  In Western democracies which contain a variety of religious beliefs we ask that the spheres of the Church and State are kept clearly separate. 

That isn’t what Friedrich von Hayek means.

He means (as most neo-liberals do) that if the temporal sphere – for him the sphere of economic activity – requires the brutalization of other human beings in order to gain profit, then ideas of justice, mercy, benevolence, sharing, law and love which might come from, say, the spiritual sphere of Christianity must not be permitted “to be confused” with the temporal, economic sphere.

All is of a piece.  Like the “religious” Stephen Harper, von Hayek wouldn’t let the teachings of Christian spirituality get confused with the values of global corporate capitalism.  And, like Stephen Harper, von Hayek reveals that his free society has severe limits.  He is enraged that labour unions possess the right to free association.  He would forbid peaceful picketing (p. 393) as coercive, especially since he argues – as if he believes it – that unions have more power than capitalist enterprises in the Market Economy.  Peaceful picketing offends von Hayek as well because it can be used for “purely political purposes” – as if free association for political purposes is somehow a violation of democratic society.

Friedrich von Hayek finds peaceful picketing offensive as Stephen Harper finds free collective bargaining offensive.  Despite convention, law, and established practice, the Harper Junta has, more than once, erased free collective bargaining in order to assure profit-making by big employers.

Friedrich von Hayek touts the free society.  He extols the rule of law.  He battles for the unhindered activity of the ‘free man’.

But, nevertheless, in his section on education and research von Hayek declares that “a Communist should not be given ‘tenure’” (a permanent position and opportunity for promotion in professorial ranks). (p. 513) The danger is, of course, the person might talk about class [which von Hayek never mentions], class interests, Capitalism, and the role of working people as the providers of “surplus value” – or profits – that corporation owners claim they alone create.

2013. Friedrich von Hayek, it would seem, has planted seeds that have helped lead to a Conservative Party of unrelieved liars in the Canadian Parliament. They undertake wholesale and vicious attacks upon social reformers. They concentrate attacks upon labour unions, give consent to or participate in major law-breaking, and in secret foreign treaty-making. They accept scandalous election violation and repression of information absolutely necessary to democratic society.  They make up a Party in power in which a serious and experienced Ottawa newspaper columnist cannot find a single, honest, upright person.

Welcome Canadians to 2013 in Canada.

Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Friday, January 18, 2013

BC Liberals, A Family Of Alcoholics

Canadian official fined
for driving drunk on Maui

By Gary T. Kubota
LAHAINA >> After drinking three martinis and some wine, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell drove erratically on Maui, speeding and nearly crossing into a lane toward another vehicle. Campbell pleaded no contest yesterday to drunken driving and three other offenses.
As a first-time offender, Campbell was fined $500 for the petty misdemeanor of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also was ordered to pay $50 for failure to drive on the right side of the road, $50 for disregarding lane markings and $125 for speeding, going 70 mph in a 45-mph zone.
Campbell, who has publicly apologized for his behavior, did not appear in court, but was represented by Honolulu attorneys Steven Barta and Philip Lowenthal.
District Judge Reinette Cooper did not require Campbell to undergo 14 hours of alcohol abuse counseling and a substance abuse assessment, since he fulfilled the requirements before his court hearing.
Cooper said based on an assessment, she was satisfied Campbell required no further counseling.
"I do not believe there are aggravating circumstances," Cooper said.
She said she felt Campbell had been sufficiently embarrassed in the public, "as well he should be."
Barta said Campbell immediately accepted responsibility and has accepted a harsher penalty than usual.
Barta said usually, first-time drunken-driving offenders have lesser offenses dismissed, but Campbell decided to plead no contest to all of them.
Barta said Campbell's license was suspended for 90 days in Hawaii immediately after he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and that Campbell has continued to observe the suspension while in Canada.
Campbell, 55, was arrested on the early morning of Jan. 10 on the two-lane Honoapiilani Highway near the Napilihau residential subdivision in West Maui while driving a rental car toward Kaanapali.
He has told the news media that he had three martinis and some wine while dining with friends Fred Latremouille and Kathy Baldazzi during his annual vacation on Maui and was returning to a place where he was staying.
Deputy Prosecutor Mark Simonds said that about 12:55 a.m. a police officer stopped next to Campbell at a traffic light, and when the light changed, Campbell sped his vehicle forward.
The police officer said Campbell crossed the double solid line to his left, then pulled to his right crossing into the bicycle lane, Simonds said.
Campbell's driving was erratic, sometimes hitting his brakes, and he almost crossed into a lane that had a motor vehicle going in the opposite direction, he said.
Simonds said when the police officer stopped Campbell, he had a strong odor of liquor, an oily face and slurred speech.
When asked why he was speeding, Campbell said he was tired and wanted to return home, Simonds said.
Campbell was recorded to have 0.161 percent blood-alcohol in a field sobriety test and was tested at the police station in Wailuku to have an official blood-alcohol of 0.149 percent, well above the state limit of 0.08 percent, Simonds said.
Nonresidents arrested for drunken driving are subject to the same procedures and penalties as Hawaii residents arrested on the petty misdemeanor charge and can arrange to enter a no-contest or guilty plea by mail without being present, usually through an attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii.

Gordon Campbell drunk out of his mind, impaired drunken driving, driving on the wrong side of the road...

Jane Thorthwaite`s decision to drive drunk, she admitted drinking, she tweeted on that infamous night "BC wine is delicious"

Jane Thorthwaite drove drunk during our 2010 Olympics, at a time when the general public was urged to not drink and drive, take transit, stay off the roads, Jane Thorthwaite bucked that trend, she got drunk, she sneaked across the sea bus and took lower roads home to North Vancouver, all in an attempt to avoid traffic stops...And, with the money she makes, the ability to take a taxi and write off the cost to the taxpayers ..Jane Thorthwaite still drove drunk..

Gordon Campbell endangered lives, so did Jane Thorthwaite..

John Slater was thrown under the bus..

Gordon Campbell was permitted to destroy our provincial finances, hurt families, students, seniors, ...

 John Slater didn`t drive drunk..

The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BC Liberals Reap What They Sow, The Movie Business Crying Game

I would find it almost funny if it wasn`t so tragic, I`m  talking about the movie industry and the latest corporate strategy being deployed..

Corporations and lobbyists pitting countries, states and provinces against each other, a deliberate distortion, a race to the bottom..

Pat Bell 2 weeks ago on Sean Leslie`s radio show stated(I`m paraphrasing here)..

I wish each province would have the same tax rate rather than trying to lowball one another, let every province fend for themselves with equal taxation...

Pat Bell was responding to criticism from the film industry over not matching Ontario`s tax credits, the film industry is crying up a storm, they want more dole, productions are leaving BC and heading to Quebec and Ontario and to be completely truthful the movie industry is also heading to a even cheaper filming jurisdictions, those being in Eastern Europe..

A race to the bottom, I have a friend, he`s not overly skilled, he is a competent fabricator, when he works for the film industry he makes over a $1000 dollars per day, or more, certainly he can sharpen his pencil, that`s what European labour has done to attract the movie industry..

I mentioned how this latest movie industry Tempest in a Tea Pot was funny, I`ll tell you why, it was British Columbia that first started under-cutting Hollywood over a decade ago, a cheaper Canadian dollar and lucrative tax credits, Hollywood cried foul, yet BC carried on undaunted, we soon found ourselves with a new nickname, "Hollywood North"..

Here are some excerpts from a well written article from 2005..

Canada rolls credits on a slump
By Richard Verrier, Times Staff Writer

VANCOUVER, Canada - There's probably no better barometer of Hollywood's presence here than Lynne McNamara.

Her thrice-weekly column, "The Backlot," chronicles filming and celebrity sightings around town in the Vancouver Sun. There's Halle Berry and Nicollette Sheridan dining at Gotham Steakhouse. Lucy Liu with friends at Savory Coast. Robin Williams sampling tapas at Bin 941. Burt Reynolds singing "Pennies From Heaven" at Rossini's, accompanied by Michael Moriarty on piano.

Just a year ago, soundstages here were half empty. Production in a city whose vibrant movie business earned the nickname "Hollywood North" had plunged to its lowest level in six years. A sagging U.S. dollar had erased many of the cost advantages enticing studios. Seizing the opening, other countries and states used incentives to poach work.

So British Columbia and other Canadian provinces answered with a fresh round of sweeteners layered on top of an already generous package. Now, studio lots are jammed until well into next year.

"As soon as the new credits were announced," McNamara said, "things just started to go crazy. It's nuts."

In the borderless world of movie making, the scramble over Hollywood's production dollars is a financial arms race of government subsidies. Eager to get the best deals, Hollywood skillfully pushes the ante up by playing off one another the myriad countries and states hungry for the dollars and glitz a film production generates.

"It used to be Canada and America," said Randall Emmett, a producer of "The Wicker Man" with Nicolas Cage and "88 Minutes" with Al Pacino in the Vancouver area. "Now, everybody is competing for the film business."

Added Ron Haney, executive director of the Directors Guild of Canada, Ontario: "Everybody can compete with tax credits now…. It's absolutely frightening."

For Los Angeles, global outsourcing could turn the city into something of a general contractor for feature films. Projects are often conceived and financed at studios in Southern California. But increasingly the actual moviemaking is delegated to such countries as Canada, Romania and Australia or states such as Illinois and New Mexico that actively court film work...........

To the east, Toronto was using financial sweeteners to lure productions to build its own vibrant film business, with the city serving as a stand-in for New York in such movies as "Three Men and a Baby" and "Moonstruck." Nearly all of Hollywood's made-for-TV projects, which survive on thin profits, set up shop in Canada.

By 2003, production in Vancouver alone totaled more than $1.2 billion in Canadian dollars, or $950 million in U.S. currency then. Hollywood labor groups complained that $3 billion in production fled the U.S. annually, mostly to Canada, although Canadian officials called the number exaggerated.

For Les Erskine and about 35,000 other workers in the Vancouver area, it meant a good living. The 55-year-old gaffer, or chief lighting technician, found regular film jobs, including working on major movies such as 1988's "The Accused" starring Jodie Foster and the 2003 Will Ferrell comedy "Elf."

But as the U.S. dollar weakened, hampered by budget deficits and trade imbalances, Canada suddenly wasn't so cheap anymore. By last year one U.S. dollar was buying about $1.20 in Canada. Production spending on non-Canadian films plunged 50% in British Columbia.

To make a living, Erskine had to teach sailing.

"It was dismal," he said. "There was hardly anything."

With Canada's filming industry infrastructure at risk, thousands of local film and TV workers mobilized across the country.

 In Ontario, industry workers marched on the provincial Legislature, helping prompt an increase in its tax credit on labor expenses to 18% from 11%. Toronto went further, guaranteeing that producers would be charged just 78 cents for every Canadian dollar spent on city services.

Quebec and British Columbia quickly followed. In Vancouver, producers now receive 18 cents for each $1 of local labor costs instead of the 11 cents they previously reaped. The federal government upped its tax credit on local labor spending to 16 cents on the dollar, from 11 cents.

"Everybody has figured out what a great business this is," said British Columbia Film Commissioner Susan Croome. "We're not going to be less expensive than Romania, but what we need to make sure of is that when someone sits down and does the cost-benefit analysis, they realize we're the best value for the money."


That was in 2005, since then the movie tax credits have grown, from 11% to 18% in 2005 to now over 33% labour tax credit in BC and  25% credit in Ontario on everything, on all expenses..and guess what..?

The well orchestrated movie industry is crying the blues again, asking for more dole, more gifts, the corporate race to the bottom continues..with Harper pushing his toxic pipelines, if Canada ever does become a energy exporting super-power, and our dollar rises to $1.10 or $1.20 against the US greenback we`ll be back here again, listening to howls and moans from the fickle film(flim) flam industry..

Yesterday and today movie people called into cknw and lashed out in segments on movie tax credits, lashed out at Bill Teileman, Bill Vanderzalm and the NDP, they blamed those 3 parties solely for the impending loss of the HST, yet we know it was the people who spoke up against a very unfriendly consumer tax, it was all voters and shoppers, it was Liberals, Greens, NDPers and Conservatives on masse who rejected the HST, it was a monumental success for millions of REAL British Columbians..Millions of regular folk who don`t make a $1000 dollars a day for banging nails..

And then even more movie folk called into CKNW radio today and declared they were now going to personally vote for the NDP because Christy and the Liberals won`t give in to their demands..Funny stuff those cry baby movie folk, they bash the NDP and Vanderzalm for listening to the vast majority of BC`s populous and then threaten the Liberals with a NDP vote for not caving into their demands....They`re probably part of the 45% of the electorate that doesn`t even bother to vote.

And guess what, it`s not just the movie industry, all corporations are now doing it, pitting country against country, state against state, everyone promising lower labour rates, cheaper corporate tax rates, in fact I wrote about this not too long ago..

Remember the Caterpillar betrayal, a very profitable company left Ontario for a cheap labour state, even our national air carrier Air Canada sold us out and moved all maintenance to a third world country, El Salvador, where airplane mechanics, welders and electricians work for $4000 per year, 1/20 th of a Canadian equivalent worker..

By David Segal, executive director of the online organizing group Demand Progress and former member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives

The New York Times published an expose this week on Texas’s regime of business incentives, but for anybody who pays passing attention to so-called municipal and state economic development schemes, there wasn’t much news: Our states and localities are cannibalizing one another as they concoct targeted tax breaks which they use to lure corporations from their neighbors. Meanwhile, a bevy of middlemen wet their beaks by helping corporations pit sucker states off of one another and brokering deals to sell the tax credits that comprise much of the ensuing largess. Here’s the rub:

Granting corporate incentives has become standard operating procedure for state and local governments across the country. The Times investigation found that the governments collectively give incentives worth at least $80 billion a year.

That’s an especially big deal for cash-strapped states, banned from deficit spending, no printing presses on hand. The $80 billion figure represents a full ten times the budget of my state of Rhode Island, and more than 15 times the amount spent from locally-generated funds.

So here we are in 2013, Ontario out tax-credited us again, and Quebec, and if we match them they will respond in kind, so will Eastern Europe where labour can be sliced so low..

I was amazed with the remarks on radio from those who claimed to be in the movie industry, they talked about how easily the industry can move to new jurisdictions, to the greener pastures of Bulgaria and Toronto..Greener?..Really?

Was more money the only reason the movie industry came to British Columbia?..Did exquisite super natural scenery or a friendly skilled workforce not matter, a safe place to do business, pleasant mild weather all year round, these weren`t factors?


That`s funny too, evil snakes, seems for years that I have been surrounded by evil snakes, like our Government, both Federal and Provincial...

The movie was called Vipers..We extras were paid $8 dollars per hour, minimum wage, they did supply us lunch though..Lucrative business?..For some..My friend who makes $150 per hour to bang nails on sets..Really, that`s what these tax credits are used for, to jack up wages for the few?

But the thing is, people can take vacations, cheap holidays to Mexico or Las(WAGES)Vegas...Or people can travel to exclusive islands, or Rome, Paris, those vacations aren`t cheap, they cost a small fortune, its called choice.

We have cheap restaurants like Denny`s, and we have more upscale places like Nick`s , and even more upscale joints where meals are way out of my league, you know the places, places where the likes of  Billy Good and Pamela Martin go, or Christy Clark and her oyster bar fetish..

The point I am making is this, there are choices, go film in Africa and wages are peanuts, or free, go to China and find even cheaper labour..

These BC Liberals crying the blues over having to match lucrative tax credits from other provinces and countries is hilarious, I`ll tell you why, just think about their BC Jobs plan ads...

They brag about the lowest corporate tax rates in Canada, and they are, our corporate controlled BC Liberal Government has been lowering the corporate tax bar over and over again and each time the Limbo bar is lowered for corporations sneaky taxes and user fees are dumped onto an already indebted British Columbian, the highest tax burden in Canada, MSP, ICBC, highest SIN taxes, liquor and smokes, highest priced fuel in Canada, highest property taxes, property transfer taxes..

Each and every time corporations had their taxes lowered more hidden taxation and user fees were dumped on Joe Lunch-bucket..

And now that the BC Liberals have lowered corporate taxes so low we are now running permanent structural deficits, there is no more room for lowering taxes, big oil, resource royalties at a 2 decade cumulative low, that`s right, we got more resource revenues a decade ago then we get now, even with record coal shipments and Fracking gone wild and raw log filled tankers heading for China our royalty revenue is but half of what is was a decade ago...And yes, these resource exporters have never been wealthier..

Now that`s funny, deficit after BC deficit, our BC debt now topping $67 billion(not counting P3s or energy buying agreements or deferral accounts)..

From $28 billion dollar debt in 2001 to almost $70 billion and the film industry is crying for more dole, more gifts, crying for BC to increase its structural deficit..

How often do we have to go through this, blackmail from an industry, manufacturing in North America including Ontario decimated by cheap Chinese labour, conglomerates don`t bat an eye as they shutter domestic plants and set up shop in the land of the exploited, what happened to being a good corporate citizen, those days are a thing of the past, despite record tar oil extraction reduced royalty rates have Alberta running its 5th straight multi-$billion dollar deficit, no contributions in the last decade to Alberta`s heritage fund, now that longterm safety net is shrinking, been drawn upon, how low can we limbo before we finally fall flat on our backs... Alberta being portrayed as Canada`s economic future, yearly $billion dollar deficits and growing..Alberta was debt free and ran steady surpluses when oil extraction was a 1/3 of today`s volume..

Proposed LNG exporters are negotiating as we speak for subsidized hydro electric power, and guess who`s rates are and will climb for the sake of said corporation`s bottom line.

I have no beef with our movie industry, however this time it`s up to you, promote your skills, our high tech facilities, our diverse one of a kind wild scenery minutes away from a bustling world class and voted world`s most liveable city many times...Location location location...What`s that worth..Chivas Regal or gut rot rye..from swanky west side to our downtown east side ghetto, we got it all, snow covered Whistler mountain by day and Kits beach by night....Toronto right?

Well, you reap what you sow BC Liberals and now that you are fiscally backed up against a cliff edge, no more money to give, a structural deficit, you no longer want to play a race to the bottom game and plead for other provinces to stop..

And as for the crying game being deployed by the movie and television wimps..

When does Joe Public get subsidized?

Suck it up, sharpen your pencils, reduce your wages.....And or..

Go East young men/women, go east...-

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open