Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gordon Campbell turned his back on the health of Prince George

(Hello folks, I am re-posting this story, the reason I`m re-posting is because a commenter was disgusted with the post below about how Gordon Campbell hates children, the commenter thought I was one-sided and cruel, I would like that commenter to read this story about how Gordon Campbell and the ministry of environment ignored toxic air reports in Prince George, the air reports showed formaldehyde levels 20 times the highest acceptable standards, the reports were ignored, the report wasn`t made public until 10 months later, 1 week after the May election, by the way, Gordon Campbell broke the law by not reporting the toxic air report, issues of public safety must be reported, .......So anyone who thinks I am wrong about Gordon Campbell not caring about children and families, read this and leave a comment)

Friends, this is a huge story that the media has ignored, Global news never reported the story about Gordon Campbell concealing a damning air quality report about Formaldehyde levels 20 times the acceptable maximum Provincial level, negligence or incompetence or willfulness?

The story broke thursday by the CBC...Not a word by Global news on Thursday or friday,NOTHING....CKNW didn`t report the story on Thursday, not even on the cutting ledge with Bill Good,Palmer or Baldrey...Bitter Brian was on hold the whole show wanting to bring it up, apparently Brian is Banned, I guess the "Three stooges are afraid of him"...Imagine that!

The Story the Main stream media ignored.....I have learned a few more details on this shocking story.

  1. First off, it wasn`t that the ministry of Environment voluntarily did air testing in the Millar addition, no siree Bob...The air tests were done because the people,the children at the daycare and school in that area, the seniors living in that residential area, the locals resident were complaining about the Air quality and bad smell.

  2. So the testing was ordered, and guess what, the readings were off the chart with Formaldehyde levels nearly 20 times the highest acceptable standard.

  3. Well,well, well, so here the ministry ordered tests after the public complained about air quality, the results were sky-high.

  4. So what did the ministry do next, NOTHING, the local people were told nothing, the report was buried for18 months...Until the CBC broke the story.

  5. There have been a few statements from Shirley Bond and Pat Bell and from the ministry that, the readings were so high we considered the possibility that the readings were false readings.

  6. That may well be true but.....Wouldn`t you immediately order new tests? Wouldn`t you advise the public to avoid going out in that air,or exercising or jogging in that area?

None of those things happened, Gordon Campbell was asked about the air quality report for that area on CTV on Friday....And what Gordon Campbell said was..."It`s a very tricky air shed" snip

That is not much of an answer,is it? Formaldehyde,a known carcinogen, a known cause of cancers, it causes breathing difficulties, eye trouble, known to cause Asthma, and it is also used for embalming corpses!

Where was the ministry of healthy living and sport on this issue, where was the ministry of the Environment, where indeed.

Of course new testing has been ordered but......The local Pulp mill the day before the CBC broke the story has shut down unexpectedly,ahead of a April scheduled shutdown to repair a boiler and do maintenance, so any new air tests being done wouldn`t tell us much, and of course all the Big industry in the area is aware that there will be testing.(read about the early mill shut down here),+mill+moves+into+maintenance+mode?id=143&st=20

Look folks, the shocking air tests are bad enough, the responsibility of Government is to protect public health and safety, if the air was bad,notify the people,find the source and fix the problem,that is what should have been done, but it wasn`t, that`s the big story here, not the bad air but the deliberate cover-up and or malfeasance and no new testing.

Gordon Campbell and his red mitts turned his back on the people of Prince George.

What kind of human being does that? How many parents are freaking out about the health of their children, you can`t go back in time and make it not happen, you don`t get a do-over when you have cancer, and in researching this subject Prince George has some of the highest cancer rates in BC,without a doubt.

Port Alberni 20 years ago stunk from the industry,it was enough to make people noxious, cancer rates in Port Alberni were well above Provincial averages, but over a decade ago,maybe 2 decades ago the mills in Port Alberni cleaned up their act, the water is clean, the air shed in Port Alberni is fantastic, my last trip to Prince George was like going back to the 80s, the town stunk, stunk like Port Alberni used to stink.

The story gets better from Shirley Bond and Pat Bell, Bond stated that she became aware of the air reports from a constituent who said the air report was on PGAIR website, well I looked there and there was no report, I tried several links they had but the links were dead, apparently wherever the links went are now gone,coincidence,maybe, or maybe the damning air report has been squelched,(here is the link to PGAIR)

I`m digging around for answers.(read what Shirley Bond and Pat Bell said here)

But I have to give credit to Gordon Campbell(The man who turned his back on the health of Prince Georgers)....Because guess what, there is a brand new state of the art northern cancer clinic recently built in Prince George, I`m sure the town will be needing it!

Can anyone come up with one plausible reason why the BC Government buried the report and did no further testing, especially since the ministry was so alarmed with readings that they mused to themselves that maybe the tests were flawed, but considering it was the local people complaining that spawned the initial air quality tests, and what are we talking about, these tests are how much, $100K.....$300K per test...$1 million per test.....Nope, the price is actually.. 6,000.00$.....6 thousand dollars....Less money than Gordon Campbell`s deputy secretary Jessicca McDonald made each week(before she resigned)....But apparently that was too big of an expenditure for the BC Liberals..

And there is the other possibility, perhaps the Gordon Campbell Government didn`t want to upset its corporate friends, and we were also heading into an election year, we wouldn`t want to lose votes..

After all, Gordon Campbell has the carbon tax, premier greenjeans top concern was future generations and his goal of reducing greenhouses gasses by 33% by 2020....I guess Prince George air shed slipped his mind, I guess people`s health slipped his mind, I am no brain surgeon but I bet dollars to doughnuts that there are thousands of freaked out parents worried about their children.

And this nothing little story that Global news and the cutting ledge all but ignored, yea, a nothing story, friends, people would give their last dollar not to die prematurely from cancer,some of the richest people in the world didn`t have enough money to prevent cancer from killing them, including recently Patrick Swayze....And a dear friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with cancer, real serious stuff from all accounts, inoperable, a person that has been fighting tooth and nail to save BC rail, to hopefully get our beloved railway back,or at least to find out all the dirty little details.

That person is right next to Alexandra Morton, both heroes but on different levels, an environmental hero and a justice hero.....I am of course talking about BC MARY...Stress is also known to cause cancer, and I know for fact that Mary has absorbed a great deal of stress on our behalf, my prayers and best wishes go out to my hero BC Mary, and I know you faithful readers of The Straight Goods are sending prayers Mary`s way....I like the sound of that ...

"Mary`s way".....I think it would make a good movie.

What kind of premier would turn their back on Prince George and bury that toxic air report, a demented power hungry premier, one with no regard for anyone but his corporate backers,a premier who has refused to raise the minimum wage even one penny in 9 years, a premier of a Province that has had the most children living in poverty for 6 years going on 7 years, a premier who cut funding for special olympics, a premier who cut funding for specialized treatment for young autistic children, a premier who capped insulin pumps for poor children at 200 per year when there are hundreds more waiting, a premier that has $600 million dollars for a retractable roof on an old stadium, those my friends are the priorities of Gordon Campbell.....And Global news, CKNW,Bill Good/Keith Baldrey/Michael Levy and many more are all complicit in giving the habitual liar Gordon Campbell a free pass!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Campbell is a drunk, a pigs, a womonizers,a cheat, a lowlevel crook. He makes the local hoods look like saints. When the Virk . Basi trial comes up I will be there. I will be taking my holidays at the same time, and will be there to cheer and heckle. Gordo, you are the baddest person on the west coast. Along with your gang of fellow drunks, fellow liers, and druggies, it will catch up to you very soon. Coward, love to meet you face to face you pussy. Withou those 8 bodyguards, and your lovers.

Kam Lee

Evil Eye said...

Prince George is in the "Hurt Lands", Campbell and his cronies don't give a damn.

Vancouver West side types, think that anyone living West of Cambie Street are losers; and people living so far away in the "Hurt Lands" are inferior scum.

Why oh why in gods name would anyone vote for this evil bunch of bastards.

Crankypants said...

This bunch of BC Liberal miscreants sitting in Victoria get more outrageous every day. I heard Penner babbling about this issue in Prince George yesterday or the day before, and I couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth. Imagine, 18 months after the fact, the best the Ministry of Environment can come up with is that the readings may have been faulty and it looks as if we should check them again. What a crock. It's like having one's carbon-monoxide detector going off, unplugging it and going to bed hoping that if you and your family don't expire, you can plug it back in at a later date to see if there is a problem.

This whole scenario brings into question the validity of any environmental assessments the Ministry of Environment has supposedly employed in the last 9 years.

Anonymous said...

I recall that when Campbell was voted in, in 2001, a major polution upgrade that was going to be done at the Crofton Kraft Mill was cancelled. No need to spend that money anymore. Our buddy Campbell is watching our back now! Money trumps all!

Anonymous said...

He brought B.C. the olympics and made a bunch of idiots happy and now those same idiots can do nothing but complain,now too pay off the games Gordon Campbell and the Liberal clowns are cutting education(idiots dont need brains),health care(your idiots you dont care about health) and bringing in the HST(what do you idiots expect now buck up) not to mention going after the people who drinking alcohol(only idiots drink and drive and in the long run they make poor decisions that effect us all if you dont belive me just look at Gordon Campbell) which I wonder are the R.C.M.P. and Liberals void from the same punishment as the taxpayer?

Anonymous said...