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B.C. Liberals Corrupt LNG PLOT, .........Exposed

Written by Grant G

A couple of months on Vancouver island, no internet, no cable, merely AM radio, .....What the hell is going on around here, !!!!!!!

Houston, we have a problem...,....Actually British Columbia has a problem, we have no media, fully complicit in accepting, regurgitating and passing on to a sheepish public pure bafflegab, that is no understatement, ....Where to start..

GHG emissions, .....1 LNG plant emitting green house gasses at the lowest level, at the level of the most efficient LNG plant in the world 1 LNG plant will emit the GHGs equivalent to the emissions of 3 million automobiles....5 medium LNG plants would emit greenhousegasses equivalent to 15 million automobiles, that level these plants will pay no carbon tax, only if they pollute more than that of the level of the most efficient LNG plant(3 million tonnes per year) will they have to purchase carbon offsets and or pay into a industry innovation fund?????

Our BC enshrined in law GHG reduction targets require British Columbia to reduce greenhousegas emissions by 33% over 2007 levels by 2020....

5 LNG plants will triple British Columbia`s current GHG levels, .......Are you listening BC media, this corrupt BC Liberal government will continue to gouge BCers for carbon tax money(returned to the wealthy and corporations as tax cuts) while our provincial GHG levels triple....

Christy Clark, ......You blathering idiot, expecting the public to believe you, referencing reducing China`s emissions by claiming we`re reducing their coal use when at the same time we are selling them coal..

I have a question for you Christy Clark....Are you high on magic mushrooms? LSD?...

I have a question for the media.....What is your price, how much money does it require for you all to turn in to idiot sounding boards, echo chamber for stupid dumbass buffoons!...My gawd, why aren`t you laughing at the BC Liberals?..

Here this you effing media fools....1 LNG plant will add the emissions of 3 million automobiles, 3 million automobile emissions pouring in to Kitimat, in to Prince Rupert......oh indeed, don`t get me started with carbon offsets, our Great Bear rainforest .........If one could claim our Great Bear rainforest as a carbon offset(if)...The Great Bear Rainforest in it`s entirety per year is only 1.2 million tonnes of carbon capture...and no, the Great Bear Rainforest CAN`T be claimed as a carbon offset!...

Why aren`t you laughing at the BC Liberals, ?....Nobody is buying the bullshit, no one, not even the BC Liberal supporters..!

Honesty, a value lost, nowhere to be seen in British Columbia, if our BC Liberal government was honest they would just tell the truth, LNG plants will blow our B.C. emissions off the chart...cancel the carbon tax, cancel the carbon tax tax cuts, game over, no other argument applies, no bafflegab, no bullshit, no spin, just spit out the truth....

Will the public be forced to pay a carbon tax as BC`s emission double, triple....square pegs in a round hole and I can`t believe my ears, the media, Global, CTV, even the CBC sit there regurgitating this crappolla , you couldn`t sell this lie to a kindergarten child, no one is that stupid....yes BC mainstream media, you aren`t that stupid either, just bought and sold like cheap junk bonds, ...

Mike De Jong is lying, Rich Coleman is lying, Christy Clark is lying, ......

Mike De Jong claims that a 3.5 percent tax on profits on a medium LNG plant will bring British Columbia $800 million per year(after build costs are recouped) ...Wrong...The current world LNG export market is 170 billion dollars per year(that was when LNG was trading for $18 dollars per BTU in Japan, current price is 12$ per BTU), that is from all the world`s LNG plants......

Do the math people.... Mike De Jong is claiming British Columbia will collect $800 million per year at the 3.5% taxation level......???.....That means that a medium sized LNG plant must be making $23 billion dollars on LNG per year, that would be $23 billion dollars in pure profit....Let me remind you that the current LNG market for all the world is less than $170 billion dollars...Are you telling us that 1 medium BC LNG plant will take 17% of the world market?....5 medium British Columbia LNG plants are going to acquire 80% of the world LNG export market?????

The numbers don`t add up, not even close, 1 medium LNG plant over 30 years is going to achieve $700 billion dollars in profit ?......5 medium sized LNG plants making over $100 billion dollars in pure profit, pure year, Total sales would have to be in the $Trillions ? per year

HA HA, ......Hello Keith Baldrey, hello Vaughn Palmer, are you awake, alive, or are you both in a coma?

PETRONAS.....hmmm....The Malaysian government, the project PETRONAS is proposing is made up of equity partners...They are as follows.....The government of Brunei....Japex(Japanese government).....The Government of India...Sinopec(Chinese Government).....

These equity partners are taking(committed to taking) 70% of the gas, leaving only 30% of the gas being liquefied for sale, ..that 30% is in PETRONAS`s hands for potential sale to cash buyers...

Riddle me this media.....Why would Brunei, India, Japan, China, Malaysia pay $billions of dollars for an LNG plant only to pay market rate for the gas?, they can buy market rate gas from Australia, from Qatar, from Russia.....Equity partners do not invest $billions to pay ther same price as joe public...


There is no guarantee that the time PETRONAS finishes building their plant that the equity partners will take all the gas...However, as it stands now only 30% of the natural gas PETRONAS liquefies is for sale and subject to taxation..hello Vaughn Palmer, ask some questions and perhaps even a follow-up question...Sheesh..

How many more leads do you media need....These LNG plants proposed are to be built on the coast, guess where the mainframes are to be built, fabricated, modularized, ....That`s right friends, 90% of the mainframe for the LNG plants are to be built in South Korea in modular form and barged to British Columbia... Why am I mentioning this?...Because we in Canada and British Columbia are going to be allowing $billions of dollars of LNG infrastructure built in South Korea to be written off against BC and Canada taxes????

You don`t have to believe me, believe British Gas....

("BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.
 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" )


Do you need more, PETRONAS has a problem, a big problem, they want to dredge the Skeena river estuary....meaning the end of BC`s second most productive salmon river, ....PETRONAS wants a free pass from the federal environmental assessment, they have already received a free pass on our provincial environmental assessment....Remember?

Remember when Christy Clark announced that LNG plants wouldn`t require an environmental assessment, that is still in play...Christy Clark had to backtrack(verbally) as First Nations flipped out after hearing that...


A group of B.C. officials has been kicked out of a First Nations forum on liquefied natural gas over the government’s decision to exempt most of the gas produced in the province from mandatory environmental assessment.

Chief Sharleen Gale of the Fort Nelson First Nation, organizer of the summit in the northeast corner of the province, asked the bureaucrats to leave and escorted them out.

“There was no consultation as far as changing that policy,” said Chief Terry Teegee of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, which represents eight First Nations communities in northern B.C. “We were blindsided.”

Cheryl Casimer, an executive of the First Nations Summit, called the revisions “another unacceptable example of government once again attempting to water down and minimize its consultation and accommodation obligations with our communities.”

Earlier this week, the Liberal government passed an order in council that means, as of April 28, natural gas plants that produce so-called “sweet gas” will no longer face an automatic environmental assessment. According to figures from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, that would account for about 99 per cent of the natural gas produced in the province.

Environment Minister Mary Polak said processing plants will still be subject to an approval process overseen by the commission. The revisions eliminate duplication, she said.

(Do you see the highlighted section above, a corrupted oil n gas commission has been given the power to yea and nay environmental approvals!!)

PETRONAS wants to dredge the Skeena river, PETRONAS has been offered a free pass from the province on the environmental assessment, ...Just like the province green-lighted Tesako`s prosperity mine project, a project so environmentally destructive even the Federal Government rejected it, rejected it twice...

Where the hell is the media, ask some effing questions,.....These BC Liberals don`t need to be mollycoddled they need to be questioned, as in an inquisition!....

Bottom line on this LNG scam.... Greenhouse gas emissions from these LNG plants will double to triple BC`s entire provincial emission total, no mandated by law targets will ever be met, no carbon offsets large enough exist anywhere in the world....And as for the so-called industry innovation fund, call it what it is, industry filling industry`s own piggybank....News flash, there is no scientific way to reduce natural gas emissions, can`t be scrubbed, or buried, science, pure science.....

The money the BC Liberals are claiming we will receive from a 3.5% tax will never accrue, never, I dare any accountant to prove me wrong...And....It will take more than a decade for these companies to recoup their build costs, their double and triple over budget build costs, ..These would be the south Korean built modules, foreign built modules written off against Canadian taxes...

Christy Clark...Mike De Jong..Rich Coleman..Shirley Bond will be long gone before British Columbia realizes they have been duped...


The Petronas EIS dated Feb. 2014 lists CO2 emissions at 5.28 million tonnes (MT) for an LNG annual output of 19.2 MT, which is a ratio of 0.275. Even if ratio is 0.22, as they are now claiming, that equals 4.22 MT CO2 per year.

Let's put this in perspective. If Burrard Thermal, which Christy liked to tout as a "major polluter", ran as a standby plant producing 900 MW 15% of the year, annual CO2 would be 0.6 MT.

If a $1.5 billion gas-fired power plant was built instead of $8 billion Site C, annual CO2 emissions to produce 5,100 GWh/yr would be 1.9 MT. Yet the gov't has outlawed such a plant under the Clean Energy Act due to its GHG emissions! Yet this same gov't had no issue modifying the Clean Energy Act to allow LNG terminals to burn all the gas they want. The hypocrisy is astounding


Pony up the proof media...Prove me wrong....


The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Howe Sound, Bowen Island, West Vancouver, Kitimat and Prince Rupert, In The Line of Fire, KABOOM

Before you read this article, and watch the videos, ....Jordon Sturdy, a BC Liberal, along with Rich Coleman, Susan Anton attended a swanky affair in a West Vancouver private golf course, media was forbidden to attend, Bob Mackin got chased out, ..The event was billed as an election 2017 fundraiser for BC Liberal Jordan Sturdy...However, the private, no media allowed event was funded by, paid by,...Woodfibre LNG...A company that just submitted their application for a environmental certificate from the BC Liberal Government, ...On the eve of this event Woodfibre filed for that certificate, then Woodfibre paid for, funded and donated large sums of cash to the BC Liberals....This is/was a total conflict of interest..Woodfibre paid off the BC Liberals, to attain greenlighted environmental certificates Woodfibre paid the piper, ....Also know as the grafty BC Liberals....Details of this corruption is the below link..

Oh, before you read the below, you should be aware that the own of Woodfibre LNG is a convicted tax evader....A environmental criminal, his own family has tried to warn the world of her father`s sins, and record..

Pemex gas plant explosion in Mexico..(December/2012)

Huge natural gas explosion in Sissonville West Virginia....

 Kansas City 2012

Alabama 2013

Western Massachussetts 2012

Mexico 2012

LNG Tanker in China, 2012

Edison NJ..1994

2012..Natural gas pipeline explosion


The LNG Tanker, massive ship, the length of two football fields..

One LNG plant, for example the Petronas proposed project, 190 LNG transport ships per year, 190 ships coming, 190 ships going, in reality it`s more like 380 traverses per year, those ships that arrive must also leave..

That is one LNG plant, let`s assume for the time being that 8 LNG plants get built in BC...4 in Prince Rupert and 4 in Kitimat..each requiring 190 yearly LNG transport ships..760 LNG transport ships coming to Kitimat, 760 LNG transport ships leaving Kitimat each year, the same for Prince Rupert...(760 X 2 in Prince George too = 1520 traverses)

Now let`s add in 200 Alberta tar oil(diluted bitumen) transport tankers coming each year to Kitimat, 200 tar oil tankers leaving Kitimat each year.

Add it all up, the third most dangerous waterway in the world(Douglas Channel and the Hecate Strait)...A place where 40 and 50 foot waves are common, a place where hurricane force winds occur many times per year, every year, a place where these storms rage for days on end, raging storms where no shipping could happen, thus piling up ships in waiting, ..

1520 LNG transport ships coming and going..760 in..760 out...400 Diluted bitumen ships coming and going..200 per year in...200 out..And when storms rage for days these ships will pile up, get backlogged, these ships cannot call on other ports, an accident waiting to happen.

And we have the LNG plants themselves, giant potential bombs, visible, not discreet, giant white orbs filled with millions of litres of frozen natural gas..

Accidents do happen, a collision at sea between a behemoth LNG carrier and an oil tanker would most certainly be disastrous, and explosive..

LNG plant explosions, being so visible they are indeed a target for terrorists, and if anyone thinks terrorism doesn`t exist in British Columbia has forgotten our B.C. history, the Air India bombing that killed hundreds, that bomb was placed on the jet at Vancouver International Airport...

The millennium bomber who was caught at a border crossing in British Columbia, caught with a car loaded with explosives, the terrorist had intentions of bombing LAX airport in Los Angelos..

Homegrown terrorists, or should I say, British Columbia based terrorists..

Kitimat, Prince Rupert, not exactly security hubs, rural coastal towns with easy port access, ports where one can sail in, or motor in and out of with nary a question asked..

Pooled gas explosions ....Slow leak explosions....Sudden catastrophic explosions,..LNG is concentrated frozen natural gas, holding tanks contain millions of litres of gas, terrorism is a real threat, collision at sea and within the ports are real threats, human error is a threat, mechanical breakdown and many others factors come into play..

Natural gas leaks can send gas downwind where gases can accumulate to the point where one, or many can become asphyxiated, or accumulations of gas can migrate until an ignition source sets off the gas, a muffler, a switch, an engine, even a thermostat, ....

Natural gas fires burn hotter than oil fires,  these fires cannot be extinguished with water or foam, these type of fires only stop burning when all fuels are expended, with many LNG plants proposed for each of those ports, all being fed by pipelines coming from the east, or northeast, pipeline coming from inland head towards the coast, any LNG plant explosion would rip through the port of Kitimat, rip back towards the pipeline burning everything in its way, ...

Natural gas leakages would blow inwards, towards inland, meaning towards the populous, the prevailing winds blow from offshore towards the mainland, ...A natural gas leak of scale, the gas would migrate back towards the town of Kitimat until it finds an ignition source, then kaboom, depending on the gas concentration a fire or explosion would track back to the LNG plant where a catastrophic explosion would occur, any LNG plant explosion could be compared too or be on the scale of the great Halifax harbour explosion....That explosion of munitions was caused when two marine vessels collided. a fire started which ignited the munitions..An epic disaster, historic levels of human suffering, films have been done on that human error disaster, tales of terror passed down from generation to generations, a true story of a populous port  town nearly wiped off the map, entire families blasted to bits...2000 dead, 9000 injured..


"The Halifax Explosion occurred near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917. SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship fully laden with wartime explosives, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo[2] in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. Approximately twenty minutes later, a fire on board the French ship ignited her volatile cargo, causing a cataclysmic explosion that devastated the Richmond District of Halifax.

 Approximately 2,000 people were killed by debris, fires, and collapsed buildings, and it is estimated that nearly 9,000 others were injured.[3] The blast was the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons[4] with an equivalent force of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT.[5] In a meeting of the Royal Society of Canada in May 1918, Dalhousie University's Professor Howard L. Bronson estimated the blast at some 2.4 million kilograms of high explosive."


There is more explosive power in one loaded LNG carrier than what blew up in Halifax in 1917...One loaded LNG tanker is equivalent to 5 Hiroshima nuclear blasts, yes, there is that much explosive energy in those carriers....

The port of Kitimat, if it had 4 LNG plants, if there were several loaded or partially loaded LNG tankers, with all the adjacent feedstock natural gas pipelines, you are talking about the equivalent of 50 Hiroshima nuclear bombs sitting there, one collision, one catastrophic human error, one  Tsunami, an earthquake and tsunami, a runaway marine vessel, an act of terrorism..

Hello British Columbia, let me be perfectly clear, I don`t expect a bunch of LNG export plants to be built, however, no one has talked about the potential dangers, we have seen in recent days large industrial explosions that destroyed towns, there was a big explosion in Texas....Towns in California have been blown to bits by natural gas pipelines that were punctured..

There are several issues at play for people living in Kitimat, these behemoth LNG plants, and LNG cargo ships will be belching vast volumes of greenhouse gases that will blow directly into Prince Rupert and Kitimat, that is the direction prevailing winds blow..

With such a concentration of LNG plants in one area, all needing pipelines and feedstock, all needing LNG cargo ships to export the product the potential for a catastrophic explosion does exist, human error, drunken or drugged employees, mental issues, blackmail and terrorism, with winds blowing fumes inland entire towns can become asphyxiated, die in their sleep..

I hope you enjoy the above videos, there are hundreds more available if one looks..

Catastrophic accidents happen every year around the world, Murphy`s law..

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

And reality, the more LNG plants in one area the more likelihood of a accident, also, there is no way to remove the human error factor, the tired employee factor, the defective part, the lax inspection, terrorism..

Here`s a very interesting link on LNG pool explosions and slow leak explosions..

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Patience Friends...What LNG Windfall?....Christy Clark is now HOPEFUL?

Been busy entertaining mom on Vancouver Island.....

I`ll be back by the weekend...(October 10)

Stay tuned....

We`ll talk LNG....And BC Ferries

The Straight Goods

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