Thursday, April 26, 2012

Season of the Sun

Looks like the BC Liberals are attempting again to alter society, more social engineering, Gordon Campbell`s and Rich Coleman`s smart meters, it was in BC Hydro`s service plan, real time billing, meaning this, when kids get home from school, when moms are cooking dinner and dads are relaxing while watching TV, resting up from a hard day`s work..

Extra premium charges for electricity, for those who complained over prime-time real-time billing, these creatures inhabiting Victoria told those complainers to buy automated appliances that can be turned on in wee hours of morning, burn electricity at off peak hours, all well and fine in a BC Liberal fantasy world, most live in a 9 to 5 world, social engineering the public to operate after midnight was and is so insulting, people won`t change, the bottom line is hydro rates would rise, families will pay more, parents won`t change their electrical usage patterns and this BC Liberal Government knew that, it`s a cash grab...

And now George Abbot is again attempting to social engineer families and children, School years were structured with summers off for several reasons, at one time when family farms dotted the landscape summer was harvest time, farmers needed their children to assist in reaping what they have sewn, there`s also the issue of scorching heat, ever been to Kelowna in August...

This BC Liberal assault on the school year is so poorly thought out it boggles the mind, clearly Christy Clark is attempting to create a wedge issue, she`s also continuing her own personal war against teachers...Cost to schooling will rise, schools will need air conditioning, more janitorial costs, more school crossing guards and so many more costs related to this ridiculous idea..

First off, the children won`t receive more teaching hours, all that will happen is students will be taking 2 months of holidays through the year, 2 months of holidays slicing up the already sliced up schooling year..

Here`s a list of major concerns that this Government has failed to consider, costs will mount for families as now parents will have to arrange year round day care..

Students will barely get into the flow of routine when another mid year week long holiday will arrive, 3 weeks on, 1 week off, all year long..

Summer camps is big business, these businesses will get slaughtered as there will be no summer camp, our provincial parks will be empty, summer is the time of parks and camping, this move will affect BC`s domestic tourism industry in a bad way, it will affect BC Ferries in a negative way

Students getting summer jobs, students getting summer jobs to pay for secondary education, employers won`t like this one bit, wealthy parent won`t like this either as they can afford long vacations, there will be a huge rise in days missed by students, and think about this..

Those high and rising hydro rates, in summer children are outside, look at how rainy BC springs are, how cold this spring was, British Columbia is a rain forest, now children will be at home in the fall, the spring, 3 weeks in school, 1 week off, kids will be at home burning electricity, on their computers, lights on, cooking food, costs to families will rise and believe it or not there are still some family farms that rely on their children assisting with harvesting..

And what of other provinces and inter-provincial student activities, tournaments, other provinces that aren`t engaged in social engineering, unless the model was adopted North America wide it`s foolish folly...What about the PNE and other summer events that require 2 months worth of children spending to survive..

There are so many more problems with this idea, I would really like to hear your views on this, personally, this appears more like political shenanigans and wedge hunting than good policy..

Actually, this is Christy Clark and George Abbott poking a stick at teachers...

This won`t garner votes it will anger many..

And you know what happens when you poke a stick into a hornet`s nest..

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Murphy`s Law

Remember this tragedy, it`s the Concordia, it was caused by human error, shit happens, mistakes are made and nothing is failsafe.

Burns lake saw mill explodes and burns to the ground, tragedy caused by what I suspect, human error, there were reports the week before from employees who claimed to have smelled natural gas, their concerns were ignored, it was also -minus 30 below, workers were wondering why the facility was still operating, everything was frozen up, workers complained of having to torch-heat equipment just to get it to operate, were still waiting on the official report....Of course the Babine mill was very old, not state of the art, not new, not modern...

However, the Lakeland mill in Prince George was a brand new modern facility yet it too blew up, these deaths were indeed tragic(My condolences to all the injured and affected families, I weep for thee)....The Steel Worker`s union representatives are shocked, no exploding mills for over 2 decades and then suddenly 2 explosive disasters in less than a year.

A train de-railed in Surrey 2 days ago, it blocked Scott road, even trains in populated areas, trains on straight running tracks can suddenly come unglued and crash...

Bullet trains in Germany, trains in Pakistan...There was a major refinery fire locally too, at Cherry point, damage is in the $hundreds of million range..

Where am I going with this, Enbridge, pipelines and tankers on our pristine northern coast..

Kinder Morgan had a 5,000 gallon leak at their storage facility in Abbotsford a couple of months ago, people became nauseous from the fumes.

Kinder Morgan had their pipeline in Burnaby ruptured by a backhoe, homes were bought out..

These saw mills disasters, if someone asked this question 14 months ago...Are saw mills safe?

The answer would have inevitably been, absolutely, there hasn`t been a major saw mill disaster for 25 years...

Enbridge has had over 800 major spills in the last decade alone, including 870,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo river 18 months ago, clean-up costs are approaching $1 billion dollars and the river is still toxic, no fishing, no swimming, Enbridge hid their crimes with sand, with canvas, with grass, oil is leaching into well water, into the food chain and Enbridge treats the affected people with intimidation and threats.

This is why British Columbia won`t allow Stephen Harper and China to destroy what isn`t theirs, what can`t be replaced, remember Murphy, as in Murphy`s law...

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"


Oil in EDEN...This is what were fighting for, Stephen Harper, you are one sick n twisted man...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of Distraction, Volume III(updated at bottom of post)

As you regular readers know I am fascinated with polls and polling in general, personally speaking, to me it appears polling is not a science but a form of art..

Before the 2005 and 2009 B.C. general election pollsters, Ipsos Reid...Mustel..

Right up until the last few days before those elections the pollsters mentioned above gave the BC Liberal party double digit leads, yet I knew, party officials knew the real numbers, the Liberals won those two elections by a mere few points, and yes polling does affect those weak minded lazy voters, for many want to have voted for the winning side.

Alberta`s election yesterday was a prime example, excuse makers are busy trying to salvage their credibility, many low-hanging fruit pickers are suggesting it was bigoted comments that turned the freight-train around, they`re wrong, yes bigoted comments can affect an election but not a 20% percentage point swing in 1 week, I find it particularly amusing that those who claim these racial comments made the difference, and make that claim the day-after the election, those interpretors expect Monday morning quarterbacking or in this case Tuesday morning quarterbacking to be believable,..

Because if we were to believe these bloated pundits as Gospel truth speakers, the racist comments were made last week, how can one predict a Wildrose landslide in lieu of those comments uttered the weeks before then stand before you and blame their prediction fault on the same lame comments, it contradicts logic, these experts should have said, after the uttering`s were spoken last week something to the effect.. 

Game over for the Wildrose over bigoted verbiage

But they didn`t, these bloated predictors stuck to their crystal ball right up and through the election, now as for me, been too busy to pay much attention to the province of Jurassic park, however I tuned into Election`s Alberta web-site, looked at the first ballot boxes with voting numbers of 100 to 200 vote range and one glance I returned to The Straight Goods and posted that the election was over..

I`m convinced that big-oil assisted in skewing both polls and pollsters in an attempt of influence peddling.

One only needs to look at polling Enbridge commissioned here in Beautiful Columbia..They present polls suggesting a majority are in favour of Gateway pipeline when we know that at least 75% to 80% are opposed, clearly results are being purchased and pollsters are the sales-people....

In fact during the 2009 election in Delta, the Delta times online paper had a poll, the question was..Who do you support, Wally Oppal or Vicki Huntington...A couple of  days later they ran an article complaining about political  FORCES JAMMING THE POLL, THEY NORMALLY WOULD GET VOTES IN THE HUNDREDS FOR ANY GIVEN QUESTION.

On that particular poll they got something like 7000 votes, apparently PAB out of the Government bunker were clearing cookies and making multiple votes on multiple computers..

Even today, I rose early as chores beckoned, turned on cknw and blathering Billy was on, he mentioned a poll on NW`s website, the question was, who do you support..BC Liberals..NDP..BC Cons...I went there and cast a vote, after voting(8:00 am) the percentages came up and NDP was at 47%, Libs at 30%..Cons at 23%..Very similar to the recent by-elections...After choring all-day on boat maintenance, about 6:00 pm, dear Mom called me for our usual early evening chat, she mentioned the NW poll and said the numbers were alarming, with phone next to computer I clicked their site and now..After PAB had awoken, after this poll was advertised all day the numbers went like this...(11:40 PM)

CKNW's Question of the Day

How would you vote if a provincial election were held today?

BC Conservative
BC Liberal

If those numbers were true Christy Cookie Clearing Clark should be calling a Red Snap(per) election..

But the numbers aren`t true, also, PAB is smart enough not to over-do-it..They could easily have pushed Liberal numbers to 70%--80%..But then numbers like that would be far too unbelievable..

Anyway, Bernard Schulmaan.....Schulmaan does election predicting, he dredges up historic polling data as his guide(polling data from the 50`s..60`s..70`s..80`s and 90`s, historic polling data is garbage, no longer relevant, , the reason is connectivity of the internet, online news, voice to voice, hyper link to hyper link, no longer are the masses like sheep..Harper`s voters are dying at about 800 per day whereas Big Orange Star party is growing at about the same rate, it`s a new game, even phone polling, who has a land-line?..Silver-haired ghosts, youthful voters have cellular mobile devices..

As for El Bloatto`s predictions, he`s batting 000%...Vancouver civic..Strike 1...BC by-elections..Strike II....Alberta General election..Strike III.....III strikes and your outta here!!!.

MLAs know the real poll numbers, wise ones can feel it in the air, pick-up vibes through conversations, what are people talking about and since 2009(1 month after our general election)..That talk has been of revenge.

Barring all ndp members getting arrested on murder charges both the Federal Tories and BC Liberal Tories are toast, nothing can change that reality and no matter how loud the likes of El Bloatto and Hocstein scream the sky is falling...

The Big Orange Star will be shining...

(Updated here....Mr. Mario Canseco corrected my error, his polling outfit was indeed very accurate on the 2009 BC general election, you can read the short exchange on the comment thread)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

David Shreck confirms Christy Clark used Tax Dollars for Partisan Politics

Further to The Straight Goods first to post "Exclusive" story on Pamela Martin campaigning in the by-elections(Not you AGT)....

This from the esteemed David Shreck..Apparently Christy Clark has been using public tax dollars and a BC Government website for partisan political purposes..

Update: April 21 The inappropriate partisan news release has been removed from the government website. 

Liberal party organizing out of the premier`s office

April 20, 2012

Liberal Party Organizing out of Premier's Office

Premier Clark and her senior staff appear to be using public resources for blatantly partisan activities.

In an astounding display of bad judgment, Premier Clark's response to the April 19th by-elections was posted to the government website. That may have been appropriate had she limited her remarks to congratulating the candidates, but most of the response was a rant about how to defeat the NDP with a coalition. That kind of partisan nonsense belongs on the BC Liberal website, not on a site paid for and maintained with taxpayer resources and the contact person for that kind of response should be a Liberal party official not an employee in the Premier's office, Communications Director Sara MacIntyre.

During the campaign the Premier's outreach director, Pamela Martin, was seen with Liberal candidates. It will take a freedom of information request for her appointment calendar to determine whether claims that she was on her day off can be verified. An FOI won't be required to verify partisan activity of the Premier's chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool. On April 20 the Globe and Mail reported that during the campaign he..............



 Thank you David Shreck...

Just what will it take for any honourable BC Liberal members of Government to say enough is enough and cross over...

Christy Clark and this current administration is finished.

The Straight Goods

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Wildrose Party Gets Pricked by their Own Thorns(updated)

UPDATED AGAIN--Its official..A tory majority.

Despite the early pundit polling...This pundit....

Your friendly neighborhood Powell River Persuader calls this election over..

Game-over for the Wildrose Party...

And no, this is not breaking news, it is however..

A Straight Goods "Exclusive" prediction..

My early analysis is this...The polling outfits skewed the polls to give the impression that this party was going to win, my guess is this, Wildrose party is the party owned lock, stock and barrel by big oil....

Big oil manipulated the polls....Just like Enbridge`s polling in B.C. on alleged support for Northern Gateway...

The new tactic of corporate parties..Manipulate the polls to affect elections.

UPDATED HERE---PC majority-

 “We’re talking about a vision. And I think Albertans have bought into that vision and I think Premier Redford and her team are going to be able to make that vision a reality.”
He didn’t criticize pollsters — who unanimously predicted a Wildrose government— but said the party got a clear message from Albertans that it has a lot of “navel gazing” to do.
“We’re grateful that they’ve put their trust back in us to form the government, and certainly as a party we have a lot of work to do.”
The new majority gives the Alberta Tories bragging rights as the longest-governing party in Canadian history. The party has been in power since 1971.

Can anyone explain how the pollsters missed by a mile, they weren`t even close, I smell propaganda polling designed to give a false impression...

I guess Alberta was wise enough to not surrender their legislature to China and corporation oil.

What I find stunning, it`s the first time in my life where I was happier seeing a Conservative party win...sheesh

The Wildrose party slogan....."When right isn`t right enough"

The Straight Goods

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Steve Thomson, BC Liberal with More Options than you can Shake a Stick At

Christy Clark Liberals are contemplating cutting down old growth forests and wildlife protected areas for short term lumber supply for BC mills, these old growth stands once cut will never be seen again, the bio- diversity will end, and what next, log Stanley Park, here`s a suggestion, stop shipping record numbers of raw logs ...

A damning report from the auditor general has criticized these Liberals for failing to maintain our forests, a failure to plant new trees, a failure to have even enough foresters on the ground to know what`s going on in our stands...New BC Liberal proposed legislation, or should I say a new proposed Order-in -council, a BC Liberal cabinet order that will take away and decision making or responsibility from British Columbia`s Chief Forester...Shocking, the Minister now in charge of the forestry file is ....Steve Thomson...And apparently Steve Thomson has LOTS of OPTIONS, far too many to count..

Here is a typewritten transcript of Sean Leslie`s short interview with Steve Thomson from Sunday, April 22, 2012(Yesterday)...You can listen to Steve Thomson`s Option-fest on cknw`s audio vault, link at bottom.

S Leslie- "Joined now by Steve Thomson BC`s minister of forests, land and natural resources operations, good afternoon minister thanks for your time"

S Thomson- "Good afternoon, how are you"

Leslie- "Good, can you tell me about this document Bob Simpson was talking about that warns about 12,000 potential job losses in the interior over the next several years as we run out of the easily accessible Pine Beetle kill timber, what is your Government doing about this minister"

Thomson- "Well Sean as you know this was part of work underway it was part of a mid-term timber supply project, review and technical analysis being done on the impact of the potential job losses, it was work that has been underway for quite a while, it`s not new news certainly the information that has come out is not new news and new numbers that people didn`t expect, it`s unfortunate in the way it came out, this information was always meant to be in public realm and public discussion, it just came out in an unfortunate way"

Leslie- "Alright though, that said, job losses, as I said, running out of this easily accessible pine beetle kill lumber, yes we`ve known it`s coming, again what`s your Government preparing to do about it"

Thomson "What were doing is an analysis looking at all the options, and clearly it points out the potential job losses if no action is taken.

 There are the potential impacts if no action is taken, the process is to look at a range of options, that may, that would impact the downturn and impact the job losses over a period of time, options are being analyzed, options were being considered in the meanwhile we have invested over $840 million dollars to battle the beetle and its impacts since the 1980`s, to make sure we had programs in place to get maximum utilization out of the pine beetle wood available, that`s been a focus and were now turning significant attention to looking at all the options

The events in Burns Lake with the Babine mill and forest products mill and Hampton mill, obviously it clearly excelerated a lot of considerations of those options"

Leslie "Are those options opening up areas of old growth timber and  areas set aside for wildlife habitat or bio-diversity or other values"

Thomson "When we went to look at all the options, all the options being considered and even previously as you know Sean through the local mayors, through the community, through the region, through a resolution to UBCM asked that those areas be part of the consideration of options, and those are one`s to be considered very carefully, very very carefully.

 If the constraints are put in place through a process of public process and through legal measures but they`ve asked and it`s contingent upon us to look at the mitigation options and to at least look at all the options and that would be one of them but only this is only an option and no decision has been made at this point"

Leslie "Who would be making that decision Bob Simpson was talking about, the importance of involving the public in that decision making process"

Thomsom "Well, I think you heard, clearly we`ve been having a public consultation process as we`ve gone through this with the local communities, with First Nations, with the industry, you also heard clearly in the legislature from the premier and the minister Mr. Pat Bell in response from questions that there would need to be a public process, were committed to do that"

Leslie "I remember covering a lot of these roundtables and the core process 20 and 15 and 25 years ago minister and the years of effort it took to set aside some of these protections, does it really make sense to lift them now to save what is really just a fraction of the jobs were talking about here"

Thomson "I think they need to part of the consideration of options Sean, there is also another number of options on the table, we`ve looked at how we may smooth the impact of by bringing some of the harvestable timber forward, again that`s something that needs very very careful consideration at looking at options, again looking at options that would make better utilization out of the current uneconomic stands through tools on the bio-energy policy side that would make more saw logs available and that`s what was underway and in doing those options we needed to look at all the tools that we may have available to us to be able to do this, those are the options that were being considered and worked on, that staff was asked to look to ensure if we considered those options what tools and what processes we would have to do to consider them"

Leslie "Yea, and one other issue before I let you go minister as were approaching the 3:30 news, I know interior communities and forestry communities have talked a lot about diversifying their economy and moving away from having so much reliance on the forestry industry, but is it not clear that many communities are reliant on the forest industry"

Thomson "Well, and clearly forest, and forest dependent communities is a very significant part of their economy and you just need to look at the significance of Burns Lake and the impact its had on that community and that`s why we`ve had such a focus on seeing if we can at least find the options to see if a mill can be rebuilt there.

 We do in consideration of all these options, we also can`t not continue to not look at all those other options that provide those additional economic opportunities whether it`s recent mine expansion that`s been announced or other options and other opportunities that we`ve been looking at to be part of the ongoing discussions as well as we look at timber supply options as part of that."

With that the Option-fest interview ended.

7 minute interview and Steve Thomson used the word option(s) 24 times.

Cue-up 3:00 pm, Sunday April 22/2012..The interview starts about 3:20 pm

Clearly Steve Thomson has many many options, unfortunately for Mr. Thomson..

Christy Clark and this current administration have run out of options.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Open Letter to B.C. Liberal Members of Government

Dear all members of the B.C. Liberal Government, it has come to the attention of all British Columbia citizens that your previous leader Gordon Muir Campbell signed a deal in a secretive manner that surrendered British Columbian`s sovereignty and control over major contentious industrial projects to the Federal Government. That secretive agreement signed on 21st day of _June, 2010.

British Columbians have been wondering why the current leadership and administration has refused to take a position on and or even submit an application for intervener status on Enbridge`s Northern Gateway pipeline, that riddle has been solved...

Pursuant to this secretive agreement...The B.C. Government is unable to apply for intervenor status, clearly Christy Clark and members of cabinet were aware of the reason for staying silent on Enbridge, they had no legal grounds to make such an application, those rights were ceded.

The question I pose to all B.C. Liberal MLAs, especially backbenchers...How many of you were aware of this secretive agreement, were you told ahead of time, were you told at all, if you weren`t told and you discovered this information in the same fashion as British Columbia`s populous, through Robyn Allen`s breaking news..

Are you as shocked as the rest of us, can you defend this agreement, in light of Stephen Harper`s and Joe Oliver`s obsession to Enbridge`s contentious project, in light of the Federal Government demonizing and threatening British Columbia`s environmental leaders, badgering British Columbia`s majority, selling out British Columbia`s sovereignty.

When this project is rammed through, when the inevitable inland spills happen, when a super-tanker crashes in Canada`s most treacherous, roughest and windiest waterway and coats thousands of kilometers in oil, ruins a huge swath of our pristine Northern coast for generations, when species vanish for eternity, will you be able to live with yourself?


WHEREAS certain Projects are subject to the National Energy Board Act and also may meet or exceed thresholds established pursuant to the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act, S.B.C. 2002, c. 43 (“BCEAA”);
WHEREAS the Parties wish to promote a coordinated approach to achieve environmental assessment process efficiencies with respect to such Projects;
WHEREAS sections 27 and 28 of the BCEAA allow the British Columbia Minister of Environment to enter into an agreement regarding any aspect of environmental assessment with Canada or its agencies, boards or commissions and provides for accepting another party's or jurisdiction's assessment as being equivalent to an assessment required under the BCEAA;
WHEREAS any assessment of a Project pursuant to the National Energy Board Act would take into account any comments submitted during the assessment process by the public and Aboriginal peoples; and,
WHEREAS the Minister's section 27 powers have been delegated to the Executive Director of the EAO.
  1. In this Agreement,

    "Project" means a project that constitutes a reviewable project under British Columbia's Reviewable Projects Regulation, B.C. Reg. 370/2002, including but not limited to:

    1. an electric transmission line;
    2. a transmission pipeline;
    3. an off-shore oil or gas facility;
    4. a natural gas processing plant; or,
    5. an energy storage facility;

      as defined in the Reviewable Projects Regulation, where the Project also requires a decision on whether or not to approve the Project pursuant to the National Energy Board Act.

  2. EAO accepts under the terms of this Agreement that any NEB assessment of a Project conducted either before or after the effective date of this Agreement, constitutes an equivalent assessment under sections 27 and 28 of the BCEAA.

  3. The BCEAA and the regulations enacted under it, are deemed to be varied in their application to or in respect of Projects subject to this Agreement to the extent necessary to accommodate this Agreement, and the Projects to which this Agreement applies do not require assessment under the BCEAA and may proceed without a BCEAA certificate.

  4. The Parties agree to develop a joint strategy to enhance the exchange of information related to proposed Projects covered by this Agreement. The NEB will notify the EAO on receipt of an application for a Project that would potentially be covered by this Agreement, and subsequently of any NEB decision on whether or not to approve the Project.

  5. This Agreement is not to be interpreted in a manner that would fetter the discretion of statutory decision-makers. Projects covered by this Agreement must still obtain all applicable British Columbia provincial permits or authorizations.

  6. Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon giving 30 days written notice to terminate to the other Party. The termination of this Agreement will not affect the acceptance of equivalency for any Project that has received a decision on whether or not to approve the Project pursuant to the National Energy Board Act prior to the date of termination.

  7. EAO and NEB will post this Agreement on their respective public websites.

  8. The Parties agree that, effective the date below, this Agreement replaces and supersedes the agreement executed by the Parties as of November 26, 2008.
THIS AGREEMENT is dated for reference the 21st day of _June, 2010.
GaƩtan Caron
Chair and CEO
John Mazure
Executive Director


Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is one of the projects whereas B.C.`s sovereignty has been ceded to the N.E.B.(National Energy Board), whether or not you as individual members of the B.C. Government agree or disagree with this project is secondary to the betrayal of ceding jurisdictional authority to decide our own fate, clearly this act committed by Gordon Muir Campbell falls outside of partisan boundaries.

This historic betrayal will clearly be the final nail in this current administration`s coffin, the BC Liberal Government will surely fall next May 14th/2013...However you as individual members can become household names, and British Columbian heroes by simply crossing the floor and sitting as either members of the official ndp opposition or sit as BC Conservatives or preferably independents as John Cummins is in favour of Enbridge`s Northern Gateway pipeline.

As independents, if 4 or 5 members of the current B.C. Liberal Government cross the floor the present administration can be terminated, as independents responsible for bringing down a immoral Government your political stock would rise, as independents responsible for changing this Government your ticket to re-election would almost be guaranteed, and even if that didn`t happen you as moral-high-ground-defectors would be able to look in the mirror or look your children, your grandchildren in the eyes and say...

"I did the right thing for the right reasons"

Kash Heed, you will not get the nomination to run again, you can make right your election indiscretions of the past by assisting in returning the rule of Democracy and Provincial sovereignty.

Jane Thorthwaite, you too will not get the nomination to run again, you too can make amends for your ill-fated decision to drive while under the influence, you too can assist in returning British Columbia`s sovereignty.

John Rustad, rumors are rampant that you too are disgruntled with the present administration, partisan politics aside, can you state that this secretive agreement Gordon Muir Campbell signed when the house wasn`t sitting in the middle of summer is appropriate, were you aware of this secret agreement and can you condone the current B.C. Liberal leader for not telling the voters the reason why British Columbia`s Government refused to take a stand or apply for intervenor status. Can you justify Christy Clark keeping these facts from the public?

DR. Moira Stilwell, you are an esteemed doctor, as a doctor you signed the Hippocratic oath, an oath to protect patients above all else, would you sign an agreement relinquishing that oath? Do you believe in Sovereignty, do you believe in Democracy or secrecy?

Naomi Yamamoto, Japanese people as far as I know are among the most honorable people in the world, can you point to any honor in this secret agreement, can you reasonably justify that secret agreement? And if you can could you explain why unelected premier Christy Clark failed to inform the public?

Christy Clark has brought in Ken Bosenkool, he`s a Enbridge lobbyist, a member of Stephen Harper`s inner circle, Sara Macintyre and others from Stephen Harper`s team also, clearly there is a pattern developing where British Columbia is being controlled by Ottawa.

Linda Reid, can you condone this secrecy, can you explain why there was no press release on June 21/2010...One week before the HST was implemented.

None of you MLAs were privy to Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen plotting before the 2009 election to bring in the HST, you have all paid a very heavy emotional price for Gordon Campbell`s betrayal, you B.C. Liberal MLAs have had your phone ringing off the hook, your email box overflowing as well as ridicule from your own constituents, meanwhile Bill Barisoff broke the nominating rules to expedite Gordon Muir Campbell getting the order of B.C...

Meanwhile Gordon Campbell was rewarded with his OBC and Stephen Harper rewarded the same Gordon Campbell with a $250,000 per year ambassadorship, a driver, a residence, a chef, the man who betrayed British Columbia is sitting in the lap of luxury while you MLAs are losing sleep every night.

The B.C. Liberal Government will fall on May 14th 2013....Asset sales have been announced, the current administration is just as secretive and immoral as the last, they have no mandate from the public to sell the silverware to pay our provincial credit card, selling assets is one thing, selling and ceding our provincial sovereignty is another thing altogether.

All it will take is 4 MLAs to do the honorable thing, 4 of you can make the difference and end this current administration.

As a citizen of this beautiful Province, me and 4 million British Columbians implore you to do the right thing, the madness must end.

Sincerely, Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Orange Star II

The beautiful Sun, orange life giving Star that melts the winter`s ice and warms my wintered soul...

Recently I have written about British Columbia moving left and today a confluence of polls have confirmed just that, perhaps the terms left or right are incorrect, British Columbia has finally emerged from its media cocoon and embraced a new path forward, black widow web politics of hatred being spun by Christy Clark, Stephen Harper, John Cummins are failing to ensnare the usual victims, what has emerged from the decades long embryotic slumber are butterflies of the sun...

No longer are we, we the people at the mercy of old stale lazy media, the internet along with creative passionate voices have crumbled the great wall of corporate crime, the systemic takeover of Governments by Facist dictators controlled by sacks of cash and directorships, and as sad as it might be those last remnants of populations living in the dark are dying by the thousands everyday..

Multiple polls showing the NDP taking control of Canada for the first time in history, multiple polls showing our provincial ndp heading for a dominant 70 plus seat majority, this isn`t bragging or gloating this is justice, the years of Gordon Campbell`s lies, the politics of division, years of theft and influence peddling, years of federal politicians using divide and conquer tactics to control the masses, promised prosperity, deliberate lies only to deliver disappointment time and time again..

Some immature writers and bloggers have accused me of being hard core left, a ndp hack when nothing could be further from the truth, my goal has always been one thing, that being good Governance, I could care less who was in power if they did the right thing, in fact I`m the only one who gave Christy Clark intelligent advice...

Some of the stories I penned, "Christy Clark, women of the 90`s", the gist of that story is how Christy wants to fight old past battles that don`t exist, big labour against free-enterprise, the threat of big labour unions, years of BC Liberals and Conservatives bashing labour, but what is labour but people, your neighbor, your friend, the family having dinner, imaginary enemies invented by the divide and conquer back-room political machinery, paid hatred advisors that scheme, trick and lie for what big labour is there? Outsource after outsource leaving communities and towns high and dry, Aveos and Air Canada are the latest perpetrators, Caterpillar last month but these corporate criminals have systematically sold out the people who built them up only to discard them for 20cent an hour third world slaves..

Politicians with directorships from the same companies whose taxes they lowered, subsidized and exempted, the greatest time in history for wealth creation and Joe public is broke, Canadians have never been more indebted, Americans drowning in debt, Europe choking on IOU`s while Corporations write off most taxes, shelter cash offshore and fly the Liberian flag to avoid paying anything,....Gwyn Morgan and EnCana gas, big oil, what is wrong with this picture for now Canadians are being forced to lower wages and give up benefits and be thankful for the crumbs, Stephen Harper lowered corporate taxes on January 1st 2012 and now is slashing $8 billion from the budget, those cuts coming in the food inspection division, coast guard, the environment and a thousand other important areas...

I advised Christy Clark to throw Gordon Campbell under the bus along with his MLAs who blindly supported his draconian policies, those policies of a two-class society, rich and peasant, I advised her to remove the HST and stop playing reindeer games but Christy Clark chose to descend into the 90`s and start a fight, to politic with cameras and gimmicks and basically continue down the scorched earth path Gordon and Michael Campbell sent this once vibrant province..

The two brothers poisoned the education well, infected our hospitals and invited corporate robber barons to kill our salmon and take the wealth while leaving the fiscal cupboard threadbare, for everything these BC Conservative criminals pollinated turned brown, wilted and died, from BC Hydro, the ferries, average wages, forest giveaways, subsidized destruction and when Christy clark stands and defends the actions of those brothers grimm and blames the woes of today on wages of workers, blames those drowning in debt, blames the lowest paid among us and praises free enterprise...

Free enterprise vanished 2 decades ago and was replaced with crony capitalism, these run of river contracts will be reviewed and shredded under an ndp Government, 30 and 40 years deals guaranteeing that BCers lose $billions per year, where is that free enterprise, building more IPPs river diversions at guaranteed prices to facilitate free power for gas frackers...Where is that free enterprise, even the announcement yesterday on Jumbo Glacier resort, the builders have been promised a $300 million dollar taxpayer paid road to again facilitate profits for these so-called free enterprizers...

Phil Hocstein and Bobby Plecas...Phil is running cheap hatred ads that only serve to galvanize our Province forward, Bobby Plecas wanting teachers hung by their credentials and showcased at the gallows, wedge issues and imaginary battles, stale orators like Billy Good, Sean Leslie and Philip Til who blindly follow corporate orders, dishonest bagmen who would sell their own mother for a sack of cash and advertising dollars, karma has caught up with those fools and the game has ended, people have risen from the decades long media slumber and the people, the real people have seen through the mask..

British Columbia doesn`t believe China and India are our savior because they aren`t, they won`t buy Canadian made products they want mother nature`s wares on the cheap, the pipeline to hell will not be permitted to destroy our iconic species, the Raven, the Spirit Bear, Orca and the majestic bald eagle, Corporation Enbridge and their sea of lies, that game too is over..

Stephen Harper`s world of tyranny and private scripture are burning on the Parliament steps, it truly amazed me the speed at which his radical agenda has crumbled, Canadians now reject Stephen Harper on a 5 to 1 ratio, his fables of ndp Governments transferring wealth of the hard working to the poor are falling on deaf ears, even those bloggers that pimp BC conservatives and decry the ndp as destroyers of business, those who swear to launch attacks upon the left are firing blank hyperbole invented in their mindless self aggrandizing drool...

British Columbia is ready for Adrian Dix, yes I wanted John Horgan for I feared that memo-gate attack ads would come in droves, although I didn`t expect those attack ads to come from leaky condo builder Phil the shill Hocstein, but from the party of hate, the party of Christy lost in the 90`s Clark, and yes they came early from her in the form of risky Dix, even the uncalled for dour stalinist label created by the worst journalistic writer in mainstream media Michael Smyth didn`t stick, perhaps one day Michael Smyth will learn to research a story and actually write, I won`t hold my breath, Vaughn Palmer with his written sleight of hand articles where he pretends to criticize the Liberals in the title only to go sideways with his patented Palmer technique....

The numbers are huge, the BC NDP have a 30% percentage point lead over both Christy Clark and John Cummins, 60% support for Adrian Dix, more support than the BC Conservatives and quazi Liberals combined and that`s after Phil Hocstein and Christy Clark and cknw`s corruption facilitators blew their load in an early ejaculation....Yes indeed, big media and the stooges satisfied nobody and solidified the next provincial Government...

That being Adrian Dix and the New Democratic Party of British Columbia.

And if that isn`t something to look forward to we also have in 4 years from now(maybe sooner)

 Thomas Mulcair and the New Democratic Party of Canada running the Government of Canada.

They deserve their shot and Canada and British Columbia will oblige.

It`s our last chance friends, conservatism and corporatism is dead, the era of people and workers first has arrived, we are the messengers born of the sun..

Big Orange Star, some call it the sun, I call it the future.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, April 19, 2012

BC Liberals Flame Out(updated 10:37 pm)

So much for Bernard Schulmaan`s prediction, so much for the bloated one`s prediction..

Chuck Strahl..Stockwell Day..Mike De Jong...Bill Bennett..Pamela Martin,, Even when the BC Liberals started campaigning illegally before the writ was dropped..None of those black holes could help save the BC Liberals!

The unsinkable BC Liberal/Conservative riding is done........Congratulations..From your friendly neighborhood Powell River Persuader..Well Done...Gwen O `Mahony.

Forget about historic riding results from the past, the past didn`t have the internet and new honest media..Bloggers, ...

People get real news from me, from Laila, from Ross K, from Merv Ritchie and others..

Stephen Harper is a pariah, a black hole..It`s not party affiliation, it`s not ideology, it`s issues..

And what might be those issues..

HST, Enbridge, pipelines, raw logs, internet spying and total disrespect towards the electorate...

Congratulations Big Orange Star..

So much for the pros...Check out the below story where yours truly called the Gwen O`Mahony victory......

And that prediction was last week, April 13th..Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky.....And for the curious, from my April 13th post...This is the number predicted..

"42% of the vote, a clear winner...Yes indeed, Gwen O`Mahony will win Chilliwack hope, an NDP sweep in by-elections."

UPDATED HERE ----With 1 ballot box to go..

As of April 19, 2012 10:35 p.m.
Electoral District Candidate's Ballot Name Affiliation Total Valid Votes % of Popular Vote
Chilliwack-Hope Lewis Clarke Dahlby Libertarian 137 1.00%
John Martin BC Conservative Party 3,465 25.36%
Gwen O'Mahony BC NDP 5,666 41.47%
Laurie Throness BC Liberal Party 4,395 32.17%
125 of 126 ballot boxes reported 13,663 100%

It appears my prediction and vote percentage was BANG ON..Hmmmm

Thomas Mulcair and BC By-Elections.

Here comes the Big Orange Star, a true professional, Thomas Mulcair, this man is an ideal leader and in the latest Federal poll the NDP are in a dead heat with Stephen treason Harper`s Cons...

But there`s more, the Federal NDP have a staggering double digit lead in BC over Harper and the Cons, which brings me to the point of this post, Phil Hocstein, Michael Smyth and certain bloggers have totally missed the mark on their perception of the political wind in this province, people are awakening to what right wing parties are really about, CRONY CAPITALISM....Free enterprise vanished 2 decades ago, the occupy movement, we, they may not be presently sitting or occupying any public spaces but the movement and mindset is alive and well, in fact it has grown in intensity...

Below is from a Federal poll showing rising support for Big Orange Star.
OTTAWA — After enduring weeks of criticism over robocalls, the F-35 and the budget, the federal Conservative party is virtually tied with the NDP in public opinion, suggests a new Ipsos-Reid poll conducted exclusively for Postmedia News and Global TV.

But the controversies haven't stuck to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who continues to enjoy strong approval ratings throughout most of the country.

The survey found that if an election were called today, 34 per cent of Canadians polled would vote for the Conservative party, compared to 37 per cent last month and 40 per cent when the last election was held on May 2, 2011.

In contrast, 33 per cent would vote for the NDP, which is up from 29 per cent in March and 31 per cent during the election.

What we see in this poll is the NDP on the rise across Canada and Harper`s support tanking, that is real bad news for John Cummins..

As you know I didn`t endorse any Federal NDP leaders, I knew either Brian Topp or Thomas Mulcair would win and was equally happy with either candidate as leader, also, Thomas Mulcair was the very best candidate for the NDP to keep the strong support levels in Quebec, this man has impressed me from the very first time I heard him speak, a fabulous communicator, he has John Horgan type qualities, once you meet him, hear him speak with concise  clarity combined with a level of charm unmatched by any political leader in Canada, this too is very good news for the Big Orange Star...And the really big story in our province, even before the NDP chose a new Federal leader they were slamming Harper`s Cons in BC..

Federal Conservatives losing support among BC voters: poll

Vancouver, BC (Mar 16, 2012) – The federal Conservatives have lost a lot of ground among BC voters since the May 2011 general election.

Federal Voter Intention

According to a recent poll by Justason Market Intelligence, popular support for the governing Conservatives has fallen from 46% in May 2011 to 30% currently, now behind the official opposition NDP (at 40% from 33%).

  Support for the Liberals also has grown, from 13% to 20%. The Green Party has held steady at 8% since the election.

BC Residents Oppose Lawful Access Bill

The Justason poll also finds a strong majority of BC residents (73%) opposing the Lawful Access bill (Bill C-30, also known as the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act). Notably, over half of BC residents strongly oppose this legislation (55%). Seventeen percent (17%) support the legislation, with 5% strongly supportive.
The question: “The Canadian government is currently attempting to pass the Lawful Access Bill, also known as the online surveillance bill. This bill would force internet and telecommunications service providers to hand over basic information about their clients at the request of law enforcement without a warrant. It would also allow that data to be duplicated without permission. Do you support or oppose this proposed bill?”

Any fool that thinks Harper is a star and vote getter in British Columbia is delusional, clearly those who propose this scheme of a merger between Christy Clark and John Cummins are not thinking things through, the Harper bandwagon has lost 1 wheel and the other 3 are wobbling badly..

Now to the by-elections, let`s be clear, my predictions mean nothing, it certainly doesn`t require..a "BREAKING NEWS" headline announcing my own picks on my own site, funny stuff eh, ..

Joe Trasolini wins in a cake walk, he didn`t need a single endorsement, an ex popular mayor, a mayor for years, a harsh critic of the BC Liberals for years, especially on the evergreen transit line stall game and Burrard thermal, yes indeed Joe Trasolini is in favour of keeping burrard thermal for all the right reasons, it`s an ideal back-up power supply that BC owns, no need for IPP ripoff long term contracts bankrupting our province, Burrard thermal is a tiny emitter of GHGs compared to Lafarge cement....Trasolini would have won this election running for the NDP even if the Liberals didn`t implode over corruption, scandals and betrayals..

Below are the 2009 election results for Chilliwack Hope


LIB Barry Penner Elected
NDP Gwen O'Mahony
CON Hans Mulder
GRN Guy Durnin

First off, the Greens aren`t running a candidate, those Green voters will NOT go to the Cons or the Liberals, Gwen O`Mahony received just over 33%...Now remember, the BC Liberals weren`t hated(near as much) in May 2009..

The Green votes will go to O`Mahony, her base support is 33%, add the Green vote to that total..38.87 %...

I guarantee that the BC Liberal`s vote won`t completely collapse in Chilliwack-Hope...But as you can see Gwen is already well over 1/3rd of the vote, almost 40% in fact..

 BC Liberals have lost half their vote, but here we go again, at least 5% of the BC Liberal vote support has gone to the NDP, maybe more, John Cummins is from the old Reform part of the Conservatives, abortion, cut Government services, privatize everything, religious dominant thought processes..

Also, there is a very strong Environmental vote in Chillwack-Hope, with Enbridge threatening and now Kinder Morgan, I suggest that many centrist voters from the Liberals would rather go NDP than Harper`s Reformer`s farm team, not to mention Harper`s pension and health care cuts...Still with the environment, Gordon Campbell in 2009 had hoodwinked BCer`s(some) into thinking he was green, carbon tax, carbon trading and offsets, Liberals have thrown out all of their green credentials with LNG, fracking, incinerators, Fish lake, now the assault on the ALR, and more IPPs...

I`m adding another 4% points of support to Gwen O`Mahony, giving her a total of..

42% of the vote, a clear winner...Yes indeed, Gwen O`Mahony will win Chilliwack hope, an NDP sweep in by-elections.

The NDP are on the rise in BC, and across Canada, the latest poll(Angus Reid) has the NDP at 46% support levels in BC.

I think both candidates for the Big Orange star are fantastic....I`m not endorsing and this isn`t breaking news, these are my predictions, Trasolini is a wall in Port Moody, no brain surgeon required to make that call, and Gwen O`Mahony in Chilliwack...The numbers add up...Common sense.

My pulse on the people is usually spot on,  even at 40% support Gwen O`Mahony wins easy..

Harper has turned into a black hole, the wheels on his bandwagon are broken and people have had enough of crony capitalism for the select few being called free-enterprise..

Average BCers can`t afford any more right wing free enterprise.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Fish Story

Nothing bonds a father and son than like a rod n reel and sometimes the student grows better than the teacher....

My earliest memories are of fishing with Dad, we fished together even before Dad saved enough money for his own boat, funny, as I lay fingers to keyboard and write this article I find myself smiling, joyous memories are indeed the catalyst for this grin..

My Dad`s best friend when I was but 7 years old was a man named Ken...He was a log scaler, and a fisher too...His boat was simple, 18 feet long, outboard motor, a little cover and a steering wheel, stiff trolling rods with big wooden Penn reels, Ken wasn`t much of a fisherman to tell ya the truth, Dad was more intense and me, I was fascinated from day one..

Dad worked many hours 6 days a week, and truth beknown Dad and Ken enjoyed a box of these stubby bottled beer while fishing, Lucky was the brand I do believe....Maybe Dad`s initial draw to fishing was a way to get out with his friend and relax over beers but whatever the draw both Dad and I became masters, although Dad never matched my ability with rod and reel, skilled fishing for me came easy, by 8 years of age I could handle big fish and smokin hot screaming reels with ease..

I don`t believe childhood ever entered my life, meaning Dad never treated me like one, Dad yelled a little bit, he was a stickler for details and things done right, I strived to do things perfectly, everything perfectly including catching fish. While fishing in those early years tide rips, sea changes, kelp lines and wildlife scenes dominated my vision, and who knows for sure, who knows for sure but I believe Mom made Dad take me with him fishing for a reason,  Mom really had me watching Dad, although me and Dad had a pact, Mom was always to be told everything was fine on our return, no matter what!

While Dad and Ken drank beer rod watching detail was my responsibility, keen eyes and a photographic memory was standard fare for this young fisher...

Fishing drew me in and held me captive, captive for life, those first few trips angling with Ken, if fishing was slow Ken would say to me, "come here, come to the side of the boat and call the fish, here fishy fishy, here fishy fishy, here fish fishy"....

I was rather a quiet shy child but the memory is clear, I remember thinking to myself, but saying nothing aloud...

 Are you an idiot Ken, that ain`t gonna work, what, does this old guy think I`m stupid...

This childish fish-calling business had to stop...On our third trip out, when Ken called me over to the side of the boat to call for fish I blurted out..

"No, I`m not calling the fish, that`s stupid and it won`t work, change the lure and re-bait the line with fresh herring, try trolling against the tide"

Ken`s mouth went agape, he looked at Dad and said..."Your son is a fisherman"

I was never asked to call the fish again, from then on I set up the lines, called the depth and made decisions on location and trolling direction, funny too, as a child car sickness for me was common yet the roughest ocean never bothered me a bit and no my birth sign was not Aquarius..

I quickly learned that slack between tides was prime-time fishing, diving birds were signs of feed-fish in the water, direction, speed, the angle of the line was important, working reef edges and shoals, apparently I was born to fish well, not sure if Dad pursued angling to please me or himself..

I suspect Dad seeing his son smiling and pleased was reward enough

After that fishing trip where Ken got an earful over fish-calling, Ken didn`t take Dad and me home, we went to Ken`s humble abode(1 block from our home)...Perhaps that day Ken and Dad had one too many Lucky beers...

On arrival to Ken`s home he looked me in the eye`s and said..

"well master fisherman, you are now old enough to drive"

Puzzlement came over me, I looked at Dad and he seemed befuddled too...Ken went to his shed and brought out a little gas powered dirt bike, he started it up, told me to get on, Ken, with about a 30 second lesson gave me the low-down on how it runs, picture in your mind a big grassy yard about 50` by 50` a fence on the street-side and wooden shed towards the back...

I was nervous, and for a reason, he told me how to steer, how to give it gas, how to go faster was a throttle on the right handle, brakes, as I found out later, much much later mind you were the foot pegs, Ken left that part out...Never wanting to disappoint Dad,....Onward ho...

Oh to remember, steering wasn`t a problem for me but easing off on throttle was, Ken told me to drive towards the shed turn around and return..

Here was this little guy mounting a small motorcycle, I hit the gas and headed off, my right hand firmly clenched on the throttle with no ability to brake, or ease off on the gas, with the shed approaching turning right was my only option, then turning right again as the perimeter fence approached the whole time gaining speed, and on the third right-hand turn now going probably 40 miles per hour with a wooden shed again approaching, approaching fast there was no way I could turn..

Dad`s son drove, at speed right through the wood-sided shed and half-way out the other side....

Dad came a running, he was screaming my name as his voice neared, apparently I mis-read the situation, for sure I was in trouble for smashing the shed and ripping the front of the bike apart...

Dad bolted into the shed, picked me up and hugged me like there was no tomorrow...The first and only thing Dad said.."I think we`ll stick to fishing"

I was completely unhurt, barely a scratch, we went home , Mom was never told, and never the wiser

Dad bought his own boat the following week and the rest is history.

Father and Son, fishing together, for life, forever....Including as I write this story with a big grin and tears of joy.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

British Columbia`s Restaurant of ILL Repute

Time to put to bed this talk about a merger between the BC Liberal and BC Conservatives, let me put it this way...If you have a gallon of clean water and you add a gallon of toxic poison to it you won`t end up with 2 gallons of clean water you end up with 2 gallons of watery poisonous  sludge..

Jonathan Fowlie has an article out tonight with quotes from failed human being Geoff Plant and a so-cred dinosaur named John Reynolds...


Reynolds acknowledged that Cummins has already rejected the idea of a merger with the Liberals, but said he thinks that could change, especially if Clark is willing to change the name of her party, and allow a challenge of her leadership

 “I know John Cummins very well. Yes, he may not like this coalition, but the premier has already said she’s open to a name change and maybe that’s part of the bargaining,” he said.

“We’ve got a little over a year before the next election. We’ve got lots of time to have conventions for both sides,” he added.

“If you want to make a coalition work you’ve got to be prepared to put everything on the table.”

On Wednesday, Clark said she’s willing to consider a name change — something the party officially proposed at its last convention — 

but made it clear that she believes her party is the only one able to credibly represent the free-enterprise coalition.

I will certainly be leading this free enterprise party, and there will only be two choices in the next election."

These desperate Liberals, first off they are already making excuses for tomorrow`s losses...

Did you notice the parts I highlighted..."HER PARTY"(Christy Clark`s party) and "I Will" (Christy Clark will)...

There is no way in hell Christy air head Clark would volunteer to enter a leadership contest and if her caucus FORCED a leadership contest on Christy Clark she would resign...That much I do know...And that is but a small part of the merger dynamics..

Christy Clark states she is willing to consider changing the party name, well well well, let me put it like this, when a restaurant goes belly up...

When Christy`s House of Floundering Fish restaurant goes under and claims moral bankruptcy then reopens a month later under the new name Johnny`s Fish Flavored Flipflop Flapjack Joint and when you walk in, and the menu is the same, the cook`s name is Christy Cluck and the waiters and waitresses are named Kevvy, Ding Dong and Ida Chomp and Jane BC Wine is Good Thorthwaite...
Well, you get the picture...And there`s more.
The General election next year, let`s be clear, the NDP won`t lose a seat on Vancouver island and will actually gain, who among the BC Liberals and or the BC Conservatives is in a big hurry to run for MLA there?..No one, because there really are few open seats....There are 35 held NDP seats, except for Sather in Maple Ridge and maybe one other riding the incumbents are all running again, very very unlikely that the Big Orange Star surrender any seats...
So what ridings are up for grabs, perhaps Jane Thorthwaite will be thrown to the curb, Kash Heed will head for the hills, Brainless Don Macrae might be shipped out, Ralph Sultan and maybe a handful of other Fiberals won`t be running for re-election, independent MLAs Vicky Huntington will run again and win, independent Bob Simpson is most certainly a shoe-in to win his riding, .....What might I be talking about..Pat Bell isn`t resinging, Troglodyte Kreuger is running, most BC Liberal incumbents are planning on running
So in reality if the two Crony capitalism parties merge how many new faces would actually be running in ridings where they stand a chance to win?

First off, what you have in the next election is 40 safe NDP and independent seats, so we are talking about 45 ridings left with maybe 10 new faces.

What you`d end up with would be many voters who joined the BC Conservatives pissed off....John Cummins would be ridiculed for flip-flopping and there would also be dozens of vetted BC Conservative candidates already picked for next years election who are told adios...And if every nomination was up for grabs on the Government side there would be a revolt...

And if they picked and chose some incumbent seats as safe and had nominating contests in others....To try and justify some seats being contested and others be left alone would again cause revolt...There`s more bad news for this pipe-dream

If Christy Clark allowed a new merged party leadership contest and she lost(Which she would) Christy is smart enough to know her career as a politician would be over for all-time..

A merged party with all the same faces would so repulse the electorate the  NDP would still win easy..

Desperate days for the BC Liberals....And there is of course one other option, the BC Liberal party disbands completely before the next election and all BC Liberals walk into the sunset never to be seen again..

That option too would fail, for all Red BC Liberal/Small c Conservatives and Liberal minded voters would run away from an Enbridge endorsing religious HST loving right wing option...

Sortta like "Between A rock and a Hard Place" or as I like to put it..

A choice between Christy`s House of Floundering Fish restaurant and.....

 Johnny`s Fish Flavored Flipflop Flapjack Joint! 

The botton line, "Oil and Water Don`t Mix"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Big Tail Comes to our Front Yard

A 16 foot long six gill shark came to downtown Garden bay last month, practically in my front yard(next door)  ....These big fellows are common to BC, although they reside in deep water, usually between 400 and 2000 feet of water, however they do  come to shallow water to give birth, this shark was indeed a female and apparently she did give birth..

First time anyone has seen one shore-bound in Pender Harbour, 40 years up here and this is a first..
 After an enormous struggle the shark was placed in the water, unfortunately mother shark succumbed to the grounding, hopefully her babies are well....

I don`t think i`ll go swimming anytime soon..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

AGT Attempts to Claim My Story as Exclusive, Low Class

Well well well, let me say this, AGT tried to do the same thing with my Michael Smyth story...

The Pamela Martin saga was my story, a story I reported and posted last night and AGT a day later claims exclusive to the same story?

Your so-called exclusive that you posted Tuesday evening is 24 hours old AGT ..... Old news..

Your readers pointed out that I had the Pamela Martin story then you went digging..

Desperate days eh?..No B.C. Rail bombshells available, no John Von Dongen leaks..

Below is my story that was posted 24 hours earlier on Monday night...


Pamela Martin campaigning with Laurie Throness in Chilliwack bi-election, all being paid for by the BC Taxpayer!

Well well well, the mystery has been solved, everyone has been wondering why Pamela Martin was being paid $140,000 per year(plus expenses)....

Pamela Martin who is paid a small fortune by the BC taxpayer, media, the public, everyone has wondered why Pamela was brought on board the BC Liberal Government, she`s written roughly 1 email per month..

Well, as I stated last year when Pammy joined Christy Clark`s leadership bid..

"It`s to garner voters for her gal pal Christy Clark"

That was bad enough but tonight it has been confirmed that Pamela Martin is..

Pamela Martin is paid 140,000 dollars years to...

To campaign for BC Liberals..ON YOUR DIME.

On the Global 6:00 pm news tonight (Monday April 16th)....Global news ran a story on the upcoming Chilliwack bi-elections and...

Drum-roll please..

Pamela Martin is accompanying Laurie Thronessas as he knocks on doors and campaigns in Chilliwack/Hope trying to convince Chilliwackers to vote BC Liberal...

The 6:00 PM newscast for Monday April 16th is unavailable at this time at Global`s website...

But perhaps someone could ask Christy Clark to explain why the BC Taxpayer is paying for Pamela Martin to accompany BC Liberal candidate Laurie Throness on a door knocking campaign..

Is this illegal, I think it is, BC Liberals aren`t paying for Pamela Martin`s pay-cheque, we are, you are, the taxpayer is...

Since when did public servants get hired to stump for candidates in bi-elections...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have some explaining to do to the people of British Columbia..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open