Monday, January 8, 2024

The Age of Deliberate Idiots, and The Fall of Donald J Trump


Written by Grant G

I'm grateful, and we all should be grateful that there are so many stupid people in America. 

Donald Trump's followers, the cult, the poorly educated, the weak-minded, the religious zealots beholden to the words of false prophets, and yes, we can't forget about the racists, the haters and those afraid of a progressive future. Those are Trump's people, the Republican base, they all fall into the category of 21st century "Deliberately Stupid" humans.

You'll notice I used the word deliberate in describing Trump's base, because their stupidity is not by accident, these people, not all but most their stupidity is deliberate, they can follow internet conspiracy threads with razor wire intensity, they can wait with bated breath for the next Q-drop, or sit on the edge of their chair with anxious anticipation of self proclaimed prophet Julie Green's reciting God's latest message.

Looney tunes are us


Being an idiot, in Trump's case, a very dangerous idiot but nevertheless, an idiot that brought himself down, for if Trump was smart, if he hid his ball, if he disguised the game, if he played the walk quietly and carry a big stick long game he perhaps could have pulled it off, but Trump was and is too stupid to pull it off.

His followers, also known as magamorons, from hundreds of interviews of these people on youtube from podcasters like David Pakman, Luke Beasley, The Good Liars and countless others, including RSBN network's Brian Glenn.....

This is Trump's base

It's clear where these obtuse morons get their information...They get their info from Alex Jones(a convicted serial liar)...Steve Bannon(soon to be convicted felon)....Mike Lindell(another serial liar and soon to be bankrupted conman)....Rudy Giuliani(convicted conman)....

There are many more conmen, grifters and serial liars, far too many to list them all here, but nevertheless, those are the sources where magamorons get their data and talking points.

Those entities and magamoron idols are accessed on the internet, on Rumble, on youtube, on Twitter/X, on Facebook...and...And alongside the rabid spew from these fringe grifters is truth, is data, is reality, but none of that matters, as mentioned above, Trump's cult are deliberately stupid, it's a choice, those cultists can text, tweet, email and access internet sources with a click of a button.

Fraudulent junk like Dinesh D Souza's 2000 mules fictionary movie is thoroughly debunked by 100,s of sources, sources with no partisan skin in the right versus left battle for control game.

Dinesh D Souza claims there were thousands of ballot mules in multiple states, mules that made money collecting ballots, mules that made mere $thousands of dollars, not millions, not hundreds of thousands of dollars but mere thousands, making $10 to $20 dollars a ballot....Dinesh's claim that thousands of ballot toting mules risked a decade in prison for $10k..or $20k..?

Did Donald Trump, did Mike Lindell, did any ultra rich peddler of election lies find even one ballot mule, did these rich assholes offer a 1 $million dollars to mules to come forward with proof? No they didn't make the offer because they don't exist and the grifters know they don't exist. 

It's not possible to keep thousands of mule voices silent, leaks and confession, money trails and taxes, even the Supreme Court leaks, yet we are to believe thousands of lowly ballot mules hide in plain sight?

Trump spending $10,s of millions of donor dollars on lackluster lawyers claiming election fraud but no money offered for mules, Tru the vote couldn't find mules, Dinesh D Souza couldn't find mules, Kari Lake, Steve Bannon, Mike lindell, Charlie Kirk and thousands more wealthy rightwing social media influencers and not a single ballot mule to be found....And yet, the deliberately obtuse pretend to believe ballot mules are real, that Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss stuffed ballots, that JFK is rising from the dead to be Trump's running mate, that Trump is still president, that the military is going to hold thousand of tribunals and execute thousands for treason and on and on...


Not in any particular order but, the Bronze age, the dark ages, the age of enlightenment, the space age, and the 2020,s through 2024 and maybe more we have ...

The Age of Deliberate Idiots

And that brings us back to Donald J Trump and his impending downfall..

It won't be magamorons that bring Trump down, it won't be the Democrats that bring Trump down, it will be........

The educated that bring Trump down....


The Supreme Court of the United States will be Trump's downfall.

Indeed, you can say what you want about SCOTUS, their biases, who appointed them, their philosophy, their allegiance to who appointed them, say anything you want, they, all nine of them have one thing in common, something Trump doesn't possess, something Trump's deliberate idiots don't possess.

SCOTUS justices are all highly educated and can see the difference between sanity and Trump's burn it all to the ground dementia, oh indeed, this isn't about women being able to choose, or ramming religion down the populous' throats, not about tax cuts for the wealthy this is about the future of the world.

SCOTUS can see that Trump is not in sound mind, they see his deranged posts to Truth Social, they see his words about purging color from America, the Supreme Court Justices can clearly see that Trump is totally insane, and getting worse by the day, his threats, his malignant narcissism and realize that allowing that deranged and in serious decline power hungry madman to be in control of weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying planet earth for human habitation is a bridge too far.

SCOTUS knows Dinesh D Souza is full of shit, they know Trump has no election fraud proof, they know he incites scholastic terrorism, they know he is a lifelong conman, rapist and overall foul person, they also know that Trump is capable of ending not only Democracy for Scotus's offspring but ending the planet for all persons of earth, including The Age of Deliberate Idiots, Trump's base.

There will be no presidential immunity granted to Trump, not by the DC appeals court or SCOTUS.

From my most trusted American source........SCOTUS quietly hoped that Mitch McConnell and GOP senators when they had the chance to affirm Trump's deserved second impeachment that they voted yes on impeaching him...But alas, the GOP lacked a spine and courage to do what was necessary and now there is only one branch of government left with authority to stop Trump and his army of idiots.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G