Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enbridge Pipeline Disaster is an Inevitability

The silence from David Suzuki and Tzeporah berman is "Deafening" .....As you know folks I have written about the still lingering legacy of the Exxon Valdez, we also made a journey through time and had a sneak preview of the future, coincidentally 12 hours after our journey a tanker grounded on the Great Barrier Reef, today an environmental disaster is unfolding off the Louisiana coast, yet our big media, newsprint, radio, T.V. has gone all but silent on the subject of Enbridge and coastal tankers.

Also friends, during our last fraudulent election professor Weaver made robo-calls, David Suzuki held press conferences, Tzeporah Berman was shilling on radio and T.V. .....Shilling for the vaunted carbon tax, and as predicted by most thinkers without a bias or paid endorsement, the carbon tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, NOTHING, in fact British Columbia was the only Province in Canada to have a spike in Green house gases, transportation emissions did fall by 0.7 percent, but they fell more in other Provinces without the carbon tax, and the only reason they did fall was, in 2008 gasoline spiked to $1.50 per litre, now that the price has settled, regular driving has returned, in fact there are hundreds of thousands more vehicles on the road today in B.C. then there was before the carbon tax, yet this corrupt Government and phony environmentalists continue to play a muggs game.

People have to drive, public transit through most of the Province is not an option, but what I really want too talk about is oil, I have heard nothing from David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman about site C, they have been strangely silent on the Enbridge pipeline, not one word from them about the Grounded vessel on the Great Barrier Reef, nothing on the Hebei Lion that grounded in the lower Gulf Islands, nary a word about the now 40 miles wide oil slick off the coast of Louisiana, .......What`s up Suzuki, have your string pullers muzzled you, where are you Tzeporah, are you designing another fake award for your mentor Gordon Campbell?

And as for our big media, why have you gone silent on this latest disaster with oil!

This current disaster, dozens of skimmer vessels are on site, airplanes are dropping dispersements onto the ever growing oil slick, the latest news has 100,000 barrels of oil per day leaking from the well, from what I have read the experts say it could takes days or months to cap this well, in other words they don`t know, the well is 5000 feet below the surface, all the oil is puking into the ocean, the bottom of the ocean, even the oil dispersements solutions, what this stuff does is......It makes the surface oil sink to the bottom, despite putting man on the moon we still have no effective means of cleaning oil spills or mitigating the damage, why hasn`t Harper spoke of this disaster or Enbridge, where is your press conference and photo-op Blair Leckstrom, can you shine a light on the darkness, what do you say now robo calling professor Weaver, where are you hiding the microphone Tzeporah, David Suzuki, are you resting, retired, or irrelevant?

All the salmon fry were slaughtered in Burnaby creek a few months back, there is a large oil/diesel spill that came from an industrial site flowing down a river in Surrey yesterday, early reports aren`t good, the B.C. ministry of environment is not concerned, there will be no investigation and no culprits will be found, there is no desire from Barry Penner to find guilt against Gordon Campbell`s friends.

The weather has been dead calm off the Louisiana coast, no storms, the growing spill is tens of miles from shore, the tidal action out there is tepid, no coves, no bays, no inlets, no large tidal swings like we have on our B.C. coast, no fast moving tides like we have, no stormy weather like we get daily, a spill like that in the Hecate Strait with fast moving tides, strong winds and heavy seas would be a disaster, if ever a call should be made to cancel Enbridge now is the time, even double hulled vessels aren`t safe, one was punctured just months ago in Houston, a barge hit the tanker and punctured a section of the vessel, hundreds of thousands of gallons puked into Houston harbour, yet the silence from all of the above is deafening!

No matter what mitigation efforts are made off Louisiana it won`t be enough, the dispersements they use to sink the oil to the bottom, I have researched this process, the oil turns into little balls, these balls sink to the bottom where they roll along the bottom, pushed by tide, no matter what, there is an environmental disaster 5000 feet below the surface, the 40 mile wide surface slick is but one tiny part of this nightmare, local enviro groups are standing ready to rescue birds, the slick is heading to shore, a fragile ecological area, migratory birds, shrimp, crabs, spawning beds, wet lands, just imagine if a deep low system or hurricane roared through that area, the clock is ticking.

If a similar spill occurred on our B.C. coast we wouldn`t have the luxury of time, the oil would have already destroyed miles of the coast, birds, kelp forests, otters would be dead, and yet Gordon Campbell, his award winning carbon tax that has done nothing, his speeches from 2 years back about Global warming being the biggest threat mankind faces, premier Butterfly has pollinated that flower and moved on, his priorities have changed, gas flaring and getting heavy crude oil to China is his latest fancy, no, that`s not true, that was his priority all along, Gordon Campbell cares not one bit about the environment, he never did, the carbon tax was a green wash, a green wash that the environmental groups sold for a dollar! Right Marc Jaccard?

One of the reasons B.C.s emissions spiked upward is gas flaring in the Peace region, well Marc Jaccard, did you not launch an attack against the NDP for suggesting that the EnCana gas players be charged money for flaring sour gas, did you not hit the airwaves with your phony Jack Mintz type report about job losses if we dared challenge the natural gas drillers to stop flaring?

Yes friends, Marc Jaccard(jackass) is a paid stooge and despite his degree`s from universities, I could out debate Jaccard and put him in his place, expose his voodoo bullshit for what he is, A CON MAN without standing, as for you Suzuki, time to park the bus, go home to your little island and wait for the oil slick, Tzeporah Berman, time for you to chain yourself to another tree, in fact chain yourself to a raw log heading for China and take a box full of Gordallions with you!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant - It can be stopped and use the NO BC HST campaign as a template.

Start a Facebook group called NO BC PIPELINE - then later start an Initiative like the Zalm has. I'm sure that many of the 5,000 plus canvassers would jump on board as they have already caught the "bug". It's as simple as 1-2-3.

Go for it. You would be a BC environmental hero.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grant IS a hero for the powerless, for free doing what agents and agencies paid to do maximally obstruct and destroy. THANK YOU Mr. Grant

Grant G said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, I am no hero, I am the messenger.

Terry Fox was a hero, Tommy Douglas was a hero. Alexandra Morton is a hero.

Right now our Province, our country needs messengers, they need The Straight Goods, the media, CTV,Canwest, they are no longer sources of facts, they are extensions of a right wing neo-con agenda, propaganda agencies, they would have made Tokyo Rose proud.

If only we could put our collective knowledge of the truth into the minds of the sleeping masses.

Anonymous said...

Come on David Suzuki & Tzeporah Berman, where are you now? It seems the payoffs to you two have worked. Lift the rock, and you will find these two along with gordo the impaler. Both are leeches, as well as cowards. Suzuki you are such a phoney, just go away. Both of you are a waste of skin.

Kam Lee

Kim said...

got 26 signatures on the petition today.

Grant G said...

Good stuff Kim...I can`t divulge total numbers but..let`s just say Powell river/Sunshine coast riding is well over the top.

I have collected myself...Over 300 signatures and under 500 signatures so far, use you imagination to hone in.


Anonymous said...

343 ??

Kim said...


jaydee said...

Little late but for those who don't know Rafe Mair is on Joy TV channel 10 right now talking about salmon and Site C.

BC Mary said...

CBC National News this evening (April 25) did report on the oil rig disaster off the Louisiana coast,

then they brought on somebody (forget his name) who was pleased to inform us that this was good news for the Alberta Tar Sands because "people would now realize that, by comparison, it's clean energy ..." or some such dangerous nonsense.

Crankypants said...

This proposed pipeline by Enbridge must become nothing more than a pipedream. The systematic assault Gordo and Co. have set forth on our land and ocean for the sake of lining their pals jeans with money has been despicable.

The way I feel now, even if they capitulate and cancel the HST, recall campaigns should still go ahead in the fall.

In almost every news broadcast we are given another story or two about how they are destroying our health services and educational system, and I fear if they are allowed to remain in power through to 2013, there will be nothing but a shell of a province left for our children and grandchildren.

jaydee said...

It's way past time...the only thing that the B.C. Liberal MOB rule understands is $$$$$$...WE MUST DO A GENERAL STRIKE NOW. B.C Federation of Labour and BCGEU, etc., WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?? NOW BEFORE ANY MORE PEOPLE DIE.

Crankypants said...


The last thing we need right now is a general strike. Right now we have many BC Liberal supporters on our side because they feel that they were misled by Gordo in the last election with respect to the size of the deficit and the implementation of the HST. Most of these people are against unions, which is why they voted for the BC Liberal party in the first place. They also equate a strike of any kind as union activism. A general strike will just make them reconsider their animosity towards the HST and sit on the sidelines.

You must also keep in mind that the arrogance of our premier will likely result in his ignoring the results of the initiative and pressing on with the HST. The next step for those of us that feel disenfranchised is to go for recall. The only way for any recall campaign to be successful in a given riding is to have pissed off liberal voters onside. This would be less likely if a general strike ever became a reality.


Josef Fisher said...
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Grant G said...

Mr. Fisher...I had a quick look, all I can say is...

For me to comment I would have to absorb vast volumes of data, my plate currently is too full to engage in another war.

As for advice,if you believe your cause to be true keep fighting, "Never say never"

"The tunnel is always darkest before you see the light on the other side"

Maybe David Iby can help, he is the lawyer for people`s rights, maybe talk to Ujal Dosangh, he`s looking for something to jump on.

I wish you all the best, and maybe when I have finished removing the red scourge from our Province I will have more time.


Anonymous said...

jaydee said...April 26, 2010 12:10 AM
I fully realize that your pissed with this government,but a general strike is not in the cards.
Strategically placed protests and demonstrations are far more meaningful and disruptive, or you can simply support the referendum initiative then, "the recall in the fall".
Supporting and showing your displeasure on these blogs gets pretty good mileage(km) also.
Just don't give up.....
Henri Paul

Leah said...

Grant, whilst we fight the good fight at the front of the bus...the back of the bus has much information that may well be the basis for all the corruption we see happening in both law and government. "Let's get our piece of the pie, while there's still some pie left" is their way of thinking. After going through these documents - they may well be right. BC corruption may well be the least of our worries.

Mr. Harper is really quite the most dangerous and damnable prime minister this country has ever had - and the sneakiest.

Check this out:

Josef Fisher said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why is there not a vote of no confidence, against Campbell? He and Hansen, are the worst politicians in Canadian history. They won first prize for, causing the most damage, in a province, ever. The BC Liberals, will never be forgiven, for the crimes they committed against the people. Iggy is searching for a platform in the west, don't come to BC, Iggy, you will be tainted, with the BC Liberals scum.

Stephen K said...

What are you talking about? Suzuki and Berman have both opposed it, as I knew they would.