Monday, January 8, 2024

The Age of Deliberate Idiots, and The Fall of Donald J Trump


Written by Grant G

I'm grateful, and we all should be grateful that there are so many stupid people in America. 

Donald Trump's followers, the cult, the poorly educated, the weak-minded, the religious zealots beholden to the words of false prophets, and yes, we can't forget about the racists, the haters and those afraid of a progressive future. Those are Trump's people, the Republican base, they all fall into the category of 21st century "Deliberately Stupid" humans.

You'll notice I used the word deliberate in describing Trump's base, because their stupidity is not by accident, these people, not all but most their stupidity is deliberate, they can follow internet conspiracy threads with razor wire intensity, they can wait with bated breath for the next Q-drop, or sit on the edge of their chair with anxious anticipation of self proclaimed prophet Julie Green's reciting God's latest message.

Looney tunes are us


Being an idiot, in Trump's case, a very dangerous idiot but nevertheless, an idiot that brought himself down, for if Trump was smart, if he hid his ball, if he disguised the game, if he played the walk quietly and carry a big stick long game he perhaps could have pulled it off, but Trump was and is too stupid to pull it off.

His followers, also known as magamorons, from hundreds of interviews of these people on youtube from podcasters like David Pakman, Luke Beasley, The Good Liars and countless others, including RSBN network's Brian Glenn.....

This is Trump's base

It's clear where these obtuse morons get their information...They get their info from Alex Jones(a convicted serial liar)...Steve Bannon(soon to be convicted felon)....Mike Lindell(another serial liar and soon to be bankrupted conman)....Rudy Giuliani(convicted conman)....

There are many more conmen, grifters and serial liars, far too many to list them all here, but nevertheless, those are the sources where magamorons get their data and talking points.

Those entities and magamoron idols are accessed on the internet, on Rumble, on youtube, on Twitter/X, on Facebook...and...And alongside the rabid spew from these fringe grifters is truth, is data, is reality, but none of that matters, as mentioned above, Trump's cult are deliberately stupid, it's a choice, those cultists can text, tweet, email and access internet sources with a click of a button.

Fraudulent junk like Dinesh D Souza's 2000 mules fictionary movie is thoroughly debunked by 100,s of sources, sources with no partisan skin in the right versus left battle for control game.

Dinesh D Souza claims there were thousands of ballot mules in multiple states, mules that made money collecting ballots, mules that made mere $thousands of dollars, not millions, not hundreds of thousands of dollars but mere thousands, making $10 to $20 dollars a ballot....Dinesh's claim that thousands of ballot toting mules risked a decade in prison for $10k..or $20k..?

Did Donald Trump, did Mike Lindell, did any ultra rich peddler of election lies find even one ballot mule, did these rich assholes offer a 1 $million dollars to mules to come forward with proof? No they didn't make the offer because they don't exist and the grifters know they don't exist. 

It's not possible to keep thousands of mule voices silent, leaks and confession, money trails and taxes, even the Supreme Court leaks, yet we are to believe thousands of lowly ballot mules hide in plain sight?

Trump spending $10,s of millions of donor dollars on lackluster lawyers claiming election fraud but no money offered for mules, Tru the vote couldn't find mules, Dinesh D Souza couldn't find mules, Kari Lake, Steve Bannon, Mike lindell, Charlie Kirk and thousands more wealthy rightwing social media influencers and not a single ballot mule to be found....And yet, the deliberately obtuse pretend to believe ballot mules are real, that Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss stuffed ballots, that JFK is rising from the dead to be Trump's running mate, that Trump is still president, that the military is going to hold thousand of tribunals and execute thousands for treason and on and on...


Not in any particular order but, the Bronze age, the dark ages, the age of enlightenment, the space age, and the 2020,s through 2024 and maybe more we have ...

The Age of Deliberate Idiots

And that brings us back to Donald J Trump and his impending downfall..

It won't be magamorons that bring Trump down, it won't be the Democrats that bring Trump down, it will be........

The educated that bring Trump down....


The Supreme Court of the United States will be Trump's downfall.

Indeed, you can say what you want about SCOTUS, their biases, who appointed them, their philosophy, their allegiance to who appointed them, say anything you want, they, all nine of them have one thing in common, something Trump doesn't possess, something Trump's deliberate idiots don't possess.

SCOTUS justices are all highly educated and can see the difference between sanity and Trump's burn it all to the ground dementia, oh indeed, this isn't about women being able to choose, or ramming religion down the populous' throats, not about tax cuts for the wealthy this is about the future of the world.

SCOTUS can see that Trump is not in sound mind, they see his deranged posts to Truth Social, they see his words about purging color from America, the Supreme Court Justices can clearly see that Trump is totally insane, and getting worse by the day, his threats, his malignant narcissism and realize that allowing that deranged and in serious decline power hungry madman to be in control of weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying planet earth for human habitation is a bridge too far.

SCOTUS knows Dinesh D Souza is full of shit, they know Trump has no election fraud proof, they know he incites scholastic terrorism, they know he is a lifelong conman, rapist and overall foul person, they also know that Trump is capable of ending not only Democracy for Scotus's offspring but ending the planet for all persons of earth, including The Age of Deliberate Idiots, Trump's base.

There will be no presidential immunity granted to Trump, not by the DC appeals court or SCOTUS.

From my most trusted American source........SCOTUS quietly hoped that Mitch McConnell and GOP senators when they had the chance to affirm Trump's deserved second impeachment that they voted yes on impeaching him...But alas, the GOP lacked a spine and courage to do what was necessary and now there is only one branch of government left with authority to stop Trump and his army of idiots.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G


Friday, October 20, 2023

The Rise and Fall of Trump and Magadonia


Written by Grant G

I've been waiting a longtime to write this article, my faith in the forces of good kept me grounded, and sane, kept me from pulling out my hair which is a good thing as I can't afford to lose much more...

The Trump maga movement reached it's highpoint last week, Thursday October 13th to be exact, when Jim Jordan came within spitting distance of being the Speaker of the House....

That MAGA highpoint achieved that October 13th/2023 day will never be reached again, it's all downhill from here on out....Trump will never recover from his self-inflicted wounds, his crimes, his moral depravity, his self-absorbed insanity......Destiny has arrived..

Absolutely terrifying, watching over the course of 7 years, Trump inspired millions of lost souls, low information, poorly educated mostly rural people, along with the haters, racists and a large cadre of grifters, scammers, religious zealots and demented rightwing social media influencers...

This group of destroyers peddled fear, lies, racism, white nationalism, hatred of all others outside of the maga echo chamber...

To this day it boggles my mind how so many became enamored in Trump, an obviously flawed man, flawed his entire life, Trump was a scum-dog racist, cheat, immoral soul and outright conman for decades, 10's of thousands of proven Trump lies, 1000's of lawsuits for crimes before he became the 45th president..

Trump, a man who not only dog whistles to the crazies, he bullhorns it, he spells out in direct and indirect threats, nothing subtle from Trump, not subjective no nuance, nothing like saying......

 "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest" 

No, Trump uses full-throated threats and it's one of those threats that led to and will lead to the fall of Trump and Magadonia, and it couldn't be more fitting than to have the below people bring Trump down..

Donald Trump brought up Ruby Freeman's name 18 times during that infamous 1 hour+ long phone call to Brad Raffensperger .....A call in which Donald Trump stated, and said this to Brad Raffensberg .... 


"I mean, I’ll, I’ll take on to anybody you want with regard to Ruby Freeman and her lovely daughter, a very lovely young lady, I’m sure. But, but Ruby Freeman … I will take on anybody you want. 

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss and a female, black prosecutor named Fani Willis....The misogynist and racist Donald John Trump has been brought to heel by three black ladies, with assists going to Brad Raffensberger, Brian Kemp and other Georgia officials...

I mentioned how close the world was to seeing Congress hijacked by a minority group of MAGA extremists and having a Trump bootlicking pitbull attack dog elected speaker.....Jim(gym)Jordan got close, moderate GOPers(not many)repelled Jim Jordan..and then?

And then this week Sidney Powell, after seeing the mountains of evidence against her pled guilty in the Fani Willis sprawling RICO election corruption case.... Sidney Powell was the second of the 19 defendants to plead guilty....When that news broke yesterday it sent shockwaves everywhere, especially through Magaville and Magadonia.

 The Sidney Powell plea deal and agreeing to turn witness against Trump and the remaining 16 defendants led directly to Jim Jordan losing more votes today on his third attempt to become speaker....

And, after the failed Jim Jordan speaker vote today news broke about Kenneth Cheseboro.....Ken bailed and plead guilty too, and agrees to become a state witness..

What does this all mean?....

It means the so-called GOP moderates and maga extremists, these Republican congress-people can see the writing on the wall, Trump is going down in Georgia for trying to steal that State's election and only a fool political party would prop up the face of Trump and maga-extremism in Jim Jordan with what's coming down the pipe..

Had the Georgia RICO trial had no pleaders and was ongoing, perhaps Jim Jordan could have pressured, threatened enough GOP hold-outs to vote for him as speaker, but after these first three of many defendants cutting deals and running away from Trump, and willing to turn State's evidence..

That directly resulted in Jim Jordan OUT..OUT...and OUT!

That my friends is Game, Set, and Match for Jim Jordan....and for Trump.

Rumors have it that Mark Meadows, and a bunch of fake electors are going for plea deals too..

By the time this goes to trial, there may be only two defendants left, Donald J Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and I have my doubts about Rudy, with his financial woes at the hands of Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss....My guess is Rudy will look for a deal too.,,,

Leaving just Trump, to throw everyone under the bus, including the 18 other defendants that turned State's evidence against him...When that happens, Trump will be left with one out...I wrote about it, a form of insanity defense, insane by default.

Despite all off that....Trump, if not jailed and runs for president, will still garner a lot of votes, millions of votes, but he won't even come close to winning....He'll lose in a landslide..

As for the harm Trump has done to the world.....It will take a longtime for Maga to recognize the Trump movement is dead, but, for millions of these magamorons they are lost, lost for their entire lives, no chance to bring them back into reality.....Ticking timebombs planted all around America, maga bombs waiting to explode.

Anyway, one battle at a time, Trump and Trumpism is done, and the Georgia RICO case has ended extreme maga threat in Congress....Adios Gym Jordan

Well, Trump said he would take on anybody on Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.....He got what he wished for...Those lovely brave black ladies with a little assist from AG Fani Willis and Georgia state laws  took-down Donald John Trump and bankrupted Rudy Giuliani...

The dirty 19?...Down to the dirty 16...

Georgia....How sweet it is.

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, August 4, 2023

Donald J Trump....His Latest Indictment....A No Win Situation, Even if He Wins, He Loses


Donald J Trump....His Latest Indictment....A No Win Situation, Even if He Wins, He Loses

Written by Grant G

Fascinating to watch Trump squirm, finally, after decades of avoiding any accountability on his too many to list lifetime of crimes, Donald Trump has finally been cornered, boxed in, a no-win situation, like Captain Kirk's Kobayashi Maru.

Even if Trump wins, even if the court jury finds Trump not guilty of these latest election interference indictments from prosecutor Jack Smith, he loses....Let me explain.

From all reports, from Trump's own lawyer's mouths...Trump is going to use as a defense to these charges is...

That he actually believes the election was stolen, so all incidents post 2020 election were justified, because Trump actually believed he was robbed of a rightful election win..

Alina Habba, Trump's mouthpiece stated when asked questions.....She was asked by reporter...Trump was told by DOJ, NSA, CISA, by his top campaign staffers, told by his attorney general William Barr, by state officials, by top staffers in his adminstration that he lost the 2020 election, that the fraud allegations have been investigated and have no merit...Alina Habba responded by saying..

Yes, that's true, Trump was told he had lost the 2020 but he was also told by other lawyers, other officials that there were many elections issues and he won......


Those "others" are....Rudy Giuliani, who is disbarred, and facing more disbarments as well as lawsuits pending involving Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss and another lawsuit where he's being sued for being a sick pervert, liar and more...

Sidney Powell, disbarment proceedings for her are ongoing, she's been sanctioned by the courts already for false, frivolous election fraud claims..

Sidney Powell will be bankrupted by Dominion.

Jeffery Clark......John Eastman....Both facing serious criminal charges too...

Before we get started, lets have a look at Trump's revolving, changing, moving election fraud claims....

Trump claimed Dominion voting machines, through internal algorithms switched votes from Trump to Biden.....That claim was fostered by disbarred and sanctioned attorney Sidney Powell....Sidney Powell in 2023 still doesn't have a shred of evidence backing her claims, ....A nutterbutter using the ghost of Hugo Chavez to invoke election fraud through a vast network of adversarial countries, like China...

Trump claimed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss pulled illegal votes out from under a table, scanned them multiple times, ..Trump claimed Ruby and Shaye were professional vote hustlers, that they passed around USB flash drives like vials of heroine...Trump got that from disbarred and sanctioned attorney Rudy Giuliani...

Trump claimed a network of 2000 mules and vote harvesting stole the election...

Trump got that from convicted felon Dinesh DSouza ...Whom Trump pardoned for his crimes....Dinesh's fiction movie has been thoroughly debunked...

Trump's election fraud claims keep changing, Trump now says.....

Twitter censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story cost him at least 17% points in the 2020 election and Facebook censoring too...

Again, the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed for 24 hours only, and, as a result of the suppression the Hunter Biden laptop story got amplified a hundred fold...Trump's claim is speculative at best, and the facts don't bear it out, after the 2020 election.... GOP 2022 midterm hopefuls dined out near exclusively on Hunter Biden, for two years all we heard from GOP candidates is Hunter Biden...

The 2022 midterms, all of Trump's big endorsements, election deniers like Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, Matt Deperno, Tudor Dixon and many others....They lost badly....The predicted GOP redwave didn't happen, after two solid years of Hunter and Joe Biden stories from GOP hopefuls they got clocked at the polls...Democrats gained in the Senate, State Houses, Governorships, State Attorney Generals, the GOP barely squeaked out a majority in Congress..

Bottom line....

Donald J Trump rejected what DOJ told him about the 2020 election, rejected William Barr, Trump rejected his top campaign staffers, rejected CISA, rejected the courts, rejected state officials, Rejected NSA,....Trump even rejected the two reports and investigations his campaign paid for....Even Cyber Ninja Arizona audit found no difference in hand count from machine count...Found no bamboo either..

Donald J Trump rejected the top investigatory apparatus in the world...The US federal Government, Trump Dumpy rejected all that and latched onto...


Donald J Trump rejected the top investigatory apparatus in the world...The US federal Government, Trump Dumpy rejected all that and latched onto.....

Trumpy Dumpy latched onto Drunken, disbarred, sanctioned Rudy Giuliani, who had no proof in 2020 of election fraud because in 2023 Rudy still has no evidence of election fraud...

Disbarred, sanctioned attorney Sydney Powell had no proof of voting machine fraud in 2020 because in 2023 she still has no evidence of election fraud from any voting machine or tabulator, and she's currently facing defamation lawsuits from Dominion and others...

Jeffery Clark and John Eastman.....Their unconstitutional legal theories, their fake electors scams, their advice to Mike Pence, telling him to break the law, go against the constitution, pick his own electors or even send electors back to the swing states, ....Their fringe legal theories were soundly rejected well before the J6 insurrection/coup attempt...

Here is where Trump's Kobayashi Maru moment rears up..

Trump might convince a jury that despite the most powerful government voices, justice department, his top legal staff, after they investigated all of Trump's election fraud claims, after they told him he lost, but, that Trump himself instead chose to disregard all the departments, DOJ, CISA, his own campaign, his family, his chief of staff, his attorney general, state attorney generals and.......

and then decide to believe Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell...

When none of those people possessed a shred of evidence that would stand up in court...

Yes indeed, Trump and his legal team might be able to prove that Trump actually believed the deranged, discredited lunatics and by default, find Trump innocent.

Yes, that is Trump's legal strategy, it's actually a modified form of an insanity defense...

This is what we may see in the near future....

And so, by reason of insanity this jury, this court finds the defendant Donald J Trump innocent of all charges.

That folks is Trump's Kobayashi Maru moment....The only way Trump beats the charges is an insanity defense..

An insanity defense does not make a very good 2024 campaign slogan....And it calls into Trump's mental state, when he denies and goes against the entire government. An insanity defense, or even temporary insanity defense will be the last nail in Trump's presidential coffin.

The only way Trump beats this latest set of indictments is a modified insanity plea, and that will kill any of his faint chances...

One more thing....It will be entertaining watching/reading how Trump and his legal team throw Rudy, Sidney, Jeffery and John under the bus...Gonna get crowded, gonna need another bus.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Titanic Disaster ........Too many questions, too many mistakes


Written by Grant G

Saddens me to write this, and I do hope that i'm wrong, however my gut instincts tell me it's already over..

From what i've read the company owner is a risk taker, innovator and is very strident, very strong in his belief that fast innovation requires an element of risk....He also seems to be prepared to personally take that risk, that risk being death....

The part that bothers me the most, risk and all is fine, but to try and turn this risk into a money making venture...we haven't got there yet, not for 13,000 feet below the surface....This submersible was a ticking time bomb....wasn't a matter of if, but when it failed.

Too early to write a longer post....however..

The surface support lost contact/communications with the submersible about 2 hours into descent....Probably between 9000 and 10,000 feet....

We know the submersible had more than just communication issues, because it never resurfaced, ..i'm sure if communications failed 3/4 of the way down the submersible would abort and head back up to the surface, if it could....So that suggests that the sub lost all power, and according to reports read, there was no back up power.....Like said, too many mistakes, why didn't the sub have the ability to send a sonic pulse out in case of power loss, in fact why didn't the sub have a regular sonic pulse denoting it's position, perhaps a pulse every 5 minutes, or ever 20 minutes, something, anything....a sonic pulse with a separate/single isolated power source, at least the surface would know it's intact

Again, that brings me back to the company owner, his go it bold strategy, his keep it simple strident personality..

When communications went out on the descent, and propulsion power(air pressure buoyancy to bring the sub up)went out....Did the sub continue to it laying on the bottom....did the heavy deep currents take it away, to who knows where....6000 pounds per square inch of pressure on the hull/shell/tube.....on a submersible that apparently was never pressure the company owner stated.."There is no way to pressure test it"


OceanGate sued Lochridge that year, accusing him of breaching a non-disclosure agreement, and he filed a counterclaim alleging that he was wrongfully fired for raising questions about testing and safety. The case settled on undisclosed terms several months after it was filed.

Lochridge’s concerns primarily focused on the company’s decision to rely on sensitive acoustic monitoring — cracking or popping sounds made by the hull under pressure — to detect flaws, rather than a scan of the hull. Lochridge said the company told him no equipment existed that could perform such a test on the 5-inch-thick (12.7-centimeter-thick) carbon-fiber hull.

This was problematic because this type of acoustic analysis would only show when a component is about to fail — often milliseconds before an implosion — and would not detect any existing flaws prior to putting pressure onto the hull,” Lochridge’s counterclaim said.

Further, the craft was designed to reach depths of 4,000 meters (13,123 feet), where the Titanic rested. But, according to Lochridge, the passenger viewport was only certified for depths of up to 1,300 meters (4,265 feet), and OceanGate would not pay for the manufacturer to build a viewport certified for 4,000 meters.

OceanGate’s choices would “subject passengers to potential extreme danger in an experimental submersible,” the counterclaim said.

However, the company said in its complaint that Lochridge “is not an engineer and was not hired or asked to perform engineering services on the Titan.” He was fired after refusing to accept assurances from OceanGate’s lead engineer that the acoustic monitoring and testing protocol was, in fact, better suited to detect any flaws than a scan would be, the complaint said.


However, with the extreme temperature changes from bottom to top, the very extreme outside pressure, from 6000 psi to 0 psi of outside pressure...A carbon fiber shell, 5 inches thick, when one expert, maybe more stated it should be 7 inches thick, and the one window, from what I read, is only rated to a depth of 1300 meters, not 3900 meters to where the titanic was..

I suspect it imploded.....Which, in thinking about it, would be instant, a blink of an eye, no suffering...Tragic, reckless, greedy and the very strident owner, taking innovative risks for advancement, maybe even a belief that the  knowledge gained was worth the lost lives, personally, i'm not so sure about that..

Lastly...In the event that the submersible is laying on the bottom, 13,000 feet down....There is no sub that can retrieve it, nothing can dive down there, nothing that has a hook or tow line that could grasp the powerless sub and return it to the surface....That type of passing would be painful, terrifying and slow, also, inevitable..

Here's the best read i've found so far are a few snippets..


In a 2020 article, technology news site Geekwire reported that tests on OceanGate’s carbon-hulled Titan submersible – built for Titanic journeys – that were conducted at the Deep Ocean Test Facility in Annapolis, Maryland, in the US, revealed that its hull at that time “showed signs of cyclic fatigue” at lower depths, with the hull’s depth rating reduced to 3,000 metres as a result.

OceanGate’s website states that the current five-man Titan sub used in Titanic expeditions can now descend to depths of 13,123 feet – or 4,000 metres, with the company stating in a May 2021 court filing that the Titan had an “unparalleled safety feature” that assesses the integrity of the hull throughout every dive

.“That sub has a crush depth of 4,000m, the Titanic is down 3,800 metres,” he said. “So [the vessel] had gone into the red zone. It wasn’t designed to continually go down to that depth.”

The British passenger also raised concerns that there was no “umbilical cord” attaching the Titan to a vessel on the surface that would allow it to rise in case of an emergency.

A three-person research submersible named Alvin, involved in a 1986 exploration of the site of the Titanic shipwreck, was built with an emergency mechanism that would allow a titanium sphere containing the crew to separate and rise to the surface, he argued.

Instead, he said the search mission currently being launched was like “looking for a needle in a haystack”.


Here's good video(also in below twitter feed), showing failure at 4200 meters....Same company..

In a nutshell...The submersible was being pushed to it's max every dive.....One tiny flaw, one stressed anything and....Good bye..

Too many questions......Too many mistakes

Hope i'm wrong and a miracle happens......Thoughts and prayers..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Mike Lindell, Swindler, Liar, Fake Christian ....You can add the title Bet Welcher to Lindell too.


Written by Grant G

Such an intriguing story, Mike Lindell, an admitted one tine crack cocaine addict, gambler, law breaker, he lived for years on the edge of society, a couch surfing drug addicted Lindell who's life consisted of cocaine, prostitutes, drug and gambling houses...Living on the edge indeed yet somehow Mike found the strength to turn things around....The strength came in the form of pillows, sheets and according to Lindell, God.

The now (always wearing a religious cross) Mike Lindell had seen the light, the light of scripture, of the lord Jesus and all he stands for, the now clear minded Mike Lindell decided to go into the pillow business and if almost by biblical design Mike Lindell and My Pillow become a financial success, the one time gambling, sluting, drinking crack addict turned his life around and was now making $millions as a bonus, from a raggedy drug addict to a super-rich devout believer of God......And then.

This story isn't about dissing religion, to be clear, I believe in my own God, believe in not harming others, of not bearing false witness, believe in trying to do the best...and I don't need structured religion to guide the way and fuck my mind while they're at it...I just try to be a good person....But what about Mike Lindell....Personally, at one time I saw, many saw Lindell as an interesting person, funny, harmless, I first heard of Lindell after he visited the Whitehouse in March 2020...Lindell at the Whitehouse..With Trump and others,..As you recall, that was at the time of the Covid nightmare, Trump was in damage control mode over his Covid theories of it will go away in the spring, .....Lindell was, I believe, there to promote himself, and to place Trump on a pedestal...Lindell at that Whitehouse presser made the statement that          "Trump was chosen by God"...

A marriage made at the Whitehouse, Lindell announces he's making face masks and that Trump is the chosen one, chosen by God....Trump is Lindell's messiah...

Trump sees not only a charming wealthy man bowing to his greatness, he sees someone he can use..


(Lindell first announced the project in March/2020, during a televised Rose Garden press event alongside President Donald Trump and a number of corporate executives. Trump had at the time called on American companies to boost the government’s anemic capacity to manufacture and distribute protective gear for desperate hospitals and frontline workers. When the president gave the podium to the pillow tycoon, Lindell delivered a short, bizarre speech during which he said Trump had been “chosen by God” for the moment.),online%20and%20in%20media%20appearances.


That was the moment Lindell married Trump, Mike tied Trump and his reelection to his Christian faith and therein lies the problem...All those false Christian prophets who declared before the 2020 election that Trump was chosen, God told them so these Christian prophets claimed..

Lindell made the same claim, invoking God into the equation....Then when the people voted 6 months later in November 2020 Trump was on the losing end of the contest....Meaning the prophets were wrong, meaning Christian faith leaders were wrong, Mike Lindell was wrong....and no, God was not wrong, because God didn't tell Mike Lindell, Julie Green, Robyn Bullock, Hank Kunneman, Johnny Enlow, Kat Kerr and countless other self proclaimed prophets a damn thing.....Damn religious leaders refuse to accept reality...Refuse to admit they're full of shit....And that brings us back to Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell is not charming, not funny, he's a destroyer of Democracy, he's a fake Christian, a deliberate liar, conman and a bet welcher...A disgusting human being who has/is directly responsible for people he duped going to jail..Tina Peters being one of them.

Mike Lindell is still delusional, and he's not harmless, he's not religious, he knowingly lied, and continues to lie, he has no proof of any election fraud, his own experts he presented at his 2021 S. Dakota cyber symposium told him his advertised PCAPS(pocket captures) were garbage and showed nothing...The junk data(PCAPS)conman Dennis Montgomery sold to Mike Lindell was garbage, it was less than nothing, it was air...Dennis Montgomery took Lindell to the cleaners, he swindled Lindell into buying PCAPS that showed nothing....Mike Lindell's 2021 Cyber Symposium was a colossal failure...With Lindell having to make excuses as to why he had zero evidence..


I own it,” Lindell said of Montgomery’s data, touting it as irrefutable proof Trump was cheated. “The machines are going to be gone!” he yelled, to uproarious applause. “We’re going to get our country back!”

He called Montgomery the “smartest man I’ve ever met.”

Lindell confirmed to Reuters that he bought the data from Montgomery in 2021 but declined to say exactly when or what he paid. He said it includes internet records of intrusions into U.S. voting systems to manipulate election results.

Lindell has promised to publicly release the full data set for more than a year but hasn’t delivered, citing legal and security concerns for repeated delays. He did release some data, however, in August of 2021, when he invited teams of information-technology experts to scrutinize it at a “cyber symposium.”


Lindell told Reuters the information he gave the experts for vetting was “metadata” that proved the authenticity of the full data set. Three experts who examined it told Reuters what Lindell provided was “bunk,” “bogus” and “nonsense.” In interviews, the experts described massive files that contained a hodge-podge of gibberish code — often meaningless text or numbers, or randomly generated characters, in no recognizable data format.

Bob Zeidman, a computer forensics specialist, said it was “absolutely” not metadata, or any data related to an election. He wrote in a social media post after Lindell’s event that the material had “stumped” the assembled experts and made him wonder: “Was someone sabotaging Mike’s data? Or had Mike been bamboozled? Or was Mike the bamboozler?”


Bottom line...Mike Lindell literally begged Dennis Montgomery to sell him his junk data...Montgomery had fish Lindell on his hook, played him out and landed the $$$fish named Lindell, and what makes Dennis Montgomery's swindle of Lindell priceless...A $1.5 million dollar hook, that's how much money Dennis Montgomery swindled from Lindell....

 It was a perfect crime pulled off by Dennis Montgomery...Lindell, a born again white Christian, Lindell, who claimed "Trump was chosen by God"....Lindell, who refuses to admit Trump lost, refuses to admit all his election theft theories have been debunked, Lindell, who is surrounded by grifters taking his money...Including RSBN(Right Side Broadcasting)...Bannon Howse has swindled $millions out of Lindell...Dennis Montgomery..Steve Bannon, and even Trump himself takes Lindell's money..

Mike Lindell can't sue Dennis Montgomery for fraud or for misrepresenting his PCAP data without....Drum roll please....

Mike Lindell can't sue Dennis Montgomery for fraud without admitting to a court that the data he bought from Dennis Montgomery, the data Mike Lindell has promoted going on 26 months(well after the fact he knew he had been swindled in 2021 by Dennis Montgomery) is nothing but gibberish, junk, garbage, worthless data...Mike Lindell has arrived at his..

Come to Jesus moment... Mike Lindell just lost $5 million and been ordered to pay Robert Zeidman $5 million, Zeidman won Lindell's $5 million dollar challenge to anyone who could prove Lindell didn't have election fraud evidence....Zeidman won

Mike Lindell has no winnable defense to Zeidman's claim....Here is Lindell on Twitter squirming.

Mike Lindell could take it to a court, but, to succeed Lindell would have to admit that the Data he bought for $1.5 million dollars from Dennis Montgomery was not what he claimed it was, and that Dennis Montgomery is ultimately responsible for the $5 million dollar prize Lindell offered up ..

That won't fly in a court of law, even if a court ruled Dennis Montgomery ripped of Lindell $1.5 million dollars by selling him useless data advertised as 2020 election fraud proof and or Chinese incursion into 2020 election.....A court wouldn't hold Montgomery responsible for Lindell's $5 million dollar prize/award...because, Mike Lindell used that $5 million dollar contest to drive big media to his S. Dakota cyber symposium.

Lindell, by the weekend of his advertised cyber symposium, an event advertised months and months before it happened....By the weekend of the event Mike Lindell knew he had no evidence, at least no evidence in the form of PCAPS from Dennis Montgomery that showed 2020 election theft data.....By the time of Lindell's cyber symposium in 2021 he knew he had been duped by Montgomery...Lindell had reached the tipping point, reached a time to make a choice, Lindell either had to admit he had no evidence of Dominion election fraud or Chinese election interference and move on....Or double down and hope Trump gets reinstated and or 2022 would bring GOP power...and that they'd wield that power in defense of Lindell.....At the S Dakota Cyber Symposium in 2021 ...Lindell, the former crackhead and gambler rolled the dice, refused to admit any fault, he doubled down, Mike Lindell, the fake Christian clutched his cross hanging from his neck and chose to lie about his Dennis Montgomery data, chose to carry on deceiving everyone......and now..

After Dominion Voting Systems cleaned Fox New' clock....And Dominion's case against Lindell is up next.....The $5 million dollar award arbitrators awarded Zeidman....With SmartMatic suing Lindell too...

Mike Lindell will have his Come To Jesus front of the courts and here are Mike's two choices he has left to make, and neither are very good for him..

Mike Lindell can admit he has no evidence, admit he was scammed by Dennis Montgomery, admit he's known for a long time that he has NO evidence of election fraud and throw himself at the mercy of the court and beg Dominion and Smartmatic not to bankrupt him and his My Pillow Company or..

Or Mike Lindell can go forward with trying to defend himself in court and present the Dennis Montgomery garbage data to said court and lose badly...Lindell can have the courts prove to all Americans his data is garbage and everything he's been peddling on election fraud falls apart....And the court will award Dominion, SmartMatic and others all Lindell's money...

Mike Lindell is in a no win situation....He'll get sued for everything...If he tries to settle the cases, he'll have to admit he has/had no evidence at all and, that he lied from beginning, to the bitterly expensive end...

Either way......Mike Lindell is fucked....All because he embraced Trump and fake Christianity.

Written by Grant G

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Sunday, April 16, 2023

The USA is on a Collision Course with Itself....The Unstoppable Trump Force versus the Progressive Immovable Object

 Written by Grant G

 This is a fascinating time to be alive, scary time too, so many moving parts, with technology combining with inter-connectivity ease, meaning the simplicity to stream audio, video as well as messaging in seconds, to millions, to billions, the ease in which one can influence large swaths of the world's electronically connected society is stunning, and it doesn't matter one iota if the information or messages sent into the interconnective sea of billions is true, everyday fake conspiracies, doctored video, doctored photos, cut and sliced audio streams to the masses where influencers spread this toxicity far and wide, even while knowing its bullshit they still spread the poison, and that doesn't bode well for a peaceful future going forward, in fact, it's going to get ugly before it gets better...

This is not a both sides do it whataboutism scenario...rightwing radio, rightwing media, rightwing influencers are the habitual spreaders of fake garbage, cut, sliced, diced out of context garbage is spewed daily.......Those two below libel verdicts....The awards were not for saying what they said(the first time) was the fact they continued to lie, thus enraging viewers, sowing doubt, feeding Trump's ego, looking for ratings,  over and over again Fox fueled the political fires Trump was lighting....Dominion, Smartmatic and others warned Fox to stop the lies.....  

Donald J Trump and his 30%  imaginary majority

Trying to imagine what it would be like to be a member of a political party or religious sect and see it distort into something you don't recognize, to see your group turn into a purveyor of hate and division with not only violent undertones but overt overtones, one only needs to look at Trump's social media posts where he posts cropped photos of him preparing to smash Alan Bragg's skull with a bat. Trump also posted too many to count messages calling judges', prosecutors', their wives and family members evil too...Thousands of death threats have flowed to people Trump targeted on social media, he's learned nothing from the Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss episode....How many lives has Trump cast into a sea of fear, fear from what his 30% majority of angry patriots might do....Call it scholastic, call it intimidation call it anything you want, it isn't subtle or self perceived it's in your face domestic terrorism spewed and streamed daily to millions, streamed to Trump's minority but also streamed to Billions worldwide who reside in the connectivity sea...This by a former president of the United States.....It's deranged, dangerous and destined to collide with an immovable object.......the majority

Are declining numbers in religious denominations the reason faith leaders are preaching hate and raising up high false messiahs, or is it about the grift, is it fear of the future or a desire to go back to yesteryear, it's something and its coming to a head....

The sane minded people of the world anxiously await the 2024 US presidential election, it may be perhaps the most pivotable moment the world has seen in decades.

Many Christian faith leaders hold up Donald J Trump as their means to their end and the majority be damned if they disagree...

If this wasn't real it would be funny, but it's not funny, and its real, Trump, the persecuted, the attacked, the martyr, the holy and the inspiration of Christian nationalists...and most importantly, Trump, the wannabe rewriter of history books, what you see isn't real, the truth is what thou says it be, eyes ears mind and soul be damned.....

There are two main dynamics in play here, Christian nationalists are prepared to distort reality and remain deliberately blind to the people's voices and deaf to what their own eyes see...Trump to these white Christian nationalists is merely a means to their end, a way to achieve their chosen goals, and it matters not how obviously flawed and broken Trump is.....

Conmen, grifters and cross-wearing liars spread conspiracy after conspiracy, which get debunked over and over again, do they stop, no, on to the next big conspiracy they go, rinse, repeat and grift all along the way, how are these entities allowed to exist.....

Mike Lindell just lost $5 million and been ordered to pay Robert Zeidman $5 million ...Zeidman won Lindell's $5 million dollar challenge to anyone who could prove Lindell didn't have election fraud evidence....Zeidman won....Mike Lindell still has pending lawsuits against him by Dominion, Smartmatic and others....Lindell will be declaring bankruptcy very soon.....Everything Trump touches dies, .....Fox, they still have lawsuits pending...By the time the dust settles, ...Those who defended Trump with lies and made up conspiracies will be out $billions of dollars, however, the cost to Democracy is a lot more, this is how nations fall..

Where would the world be now if Trump pulled off his 2021/j6 coup and remained president?

Trump's Christian/maga base bellow that he is being persecuted over a hush money payment, and perhaps he is, but how can the religious right put aside the fact that Trump had sex with a porn star while his third wife was home breastfeeding a new born baby boy...How can they ignore the 25 sexual assault charges against Trump, the financial crimes, ignore Jared Kushner getting $billions from Saudi Arabia, Ivanka making $hundreds of millions while traveling with Trump...How does the religious right ignore Trump's 34,000 lies while in office or the 3500 lawsuits he's been involved in before he was president, were those cases all witch-hunts too...

Trump has defrauded investors, robbed contractors, not few but thousands, not a one off but the norm for him.....Trump, a draft dodger, never served, none of his family past or present served for the country...Trump robbed his own family, he knows no bounds, a lifelong disgusting human being, a non religious self absorbed man, not fit to be a dog catcher, a man who lies not every now and then, but  every single day, provable lies....How on earth could the religious right hold that person up as the future?

Simple, a means to an end, Trump's imaginary majority, his 30%, which includes the currently distorted and confused religious right, they mistakenly believe with Donald J Trump at the wheel it'll empower the few and allow the minority to rule by fiat and or by the barrel of a gun...

The unstoppable minority is about to collide with the unmovable majority......Rational compromise at this time in history is not possible, this impending collision is inevitable, needed and, as I look through history books, seems to be a repeating cycle...Perhaps, just perhaps its not possible for mankind to advance forward smoothly, change, real change appears to only happen after conflict....2024 will be no different.

We know what the religious right want, but what about their messiah, Donald J Trump, what does he want, why does Trump want to be president?

To be clear, Trump doesn't care about faith, he doesn't care about the well being of average Americans, those are the people Trump robbed and ripped off for decades, little people without the financial means to fight back, no, Trump could care less, in fact, I don't believe Trump even cares about his own family, even at Trump's advanced age, it is still about him, and money and more importantly...

There's an old saying, and I believe it to be true, although, in today's day of instant inter-connectiveness and instant worldwide reach I don't believe its possible anymore...That old saying is..

"History is written by the victors"

Donald J Trump wants to be president again for four reasons, but number four reason dwarfs one, two and three by miles..

Trump's wants to profit from the presidency, he can't help himself, its ingrained, secondly, Trump wants to shield himself from prosecution for his countless criminal acts, three, he wants retribution on any and all who he thinks weren't loyal or tried to hold him accountable...and four...

Donald J Trump's most important reason why he wants to be president again is to rewrite history and make himself out to be a hero, a messiah, Trump's narcissist ego is his driving force...

Let me be clear, from man's earliest time of writing history, recording history in a unconnected isolated world where wars, battles and exterminations took place indeed the victors wrote the history, in many instances the winners destroyed every bit of written history from those who were vanquished, century after century battles raged, wars fought where the losers' history was purged, burned, buried and secreted away...Only in modern times have archeologists, scientists and scholars tried to piece the ancient past together...Just like how the pyramids were built, the further back in time you go the more precise, more skilled the mega rock builders were...and still unexplained in 2023 how these structures and granite sculpted artifacts were made, the technology was lost and the craftmanship declined....The recorded history has disappeared, disappeared on purpose....?

Let's look at the facts....Donald J Trump earliest lawyer was Roy Cohn, and Cohn had advice for Trump which Trump abided by for decades...and I quote "even when you lose declare victory" ....Trump has lived by that motto his entire life, when he was sued over the Trump University fraud, after his court loss, and $25 million dollar settlement...Trump walked out of the courthouse, claimed victory to the waiting press, and drove away in his limo ride..

As Trump would say, ....the phrase he coined.."Fake News"

Every news story Trump doesn't like he declares it fake news.      Nobody is that stupid as to believe Trump's lies, he's a terrible liar, he's shameless, even his base support maga cultists know Trump is a serial liar....Fact checks take seconds, and that's part of the problem, that 30% is lost and will go down with the ship, in this case, the SS Trump..

Trump's imaginary 30% majority.....70%+ want tighter gun laws and assault rifle bans......70%+ of woman want control over their own bodies.....70%+ want the ultra rich to pay more taxes...70%+ support ACA healthcare....I could go on and on, from LBTGQ rights, 70%+ support Ukraine ...70%+ support public education....on and on it goes, everywhere you look, Trump is on the wrong side, the 30% side...

Independent voters, youth voters, Gen Z..Gen X are bailing on the GOP.....There's another group of voters too...GOP voters, millions of them that are in disgust with what their political party has morphed into....GOP voters, not the maga base but the centric GOP voter, they see Trump, they see a deranged man who can't write or speak above grade 3 level, they see a man who cheats, insults, embarrasses, they see corruption and grift...Many of those centric GOP voters won't pull the Trump lever in 2024...Trump's imaginary 30% majority...

 Trump's main reason for wanting to be president is to rewrite his history, to turn a story about a silver-spooned nasty man who led a life of crime, who harmed thousands along the way into something glorious.

Trump, he's not sane, he can't change history but that's not going to stop him from trying and you can't debate derangement.....

When Trump won the electoral college in 2016 he also declared he won the popular vote, he claimed there were millions of illegal votes(mainly in California)....Shortly after he took office he created a federal task force to try and prove he won the popular vote...His task force quietly disbanded a couple years later with nada, nothing...without a peep, without a press release, like they were never there......Trump's 2016 Inauguration crowd...Trump claimed it was the largest inauguration crowd in history, when clear cut video and photos proved that to be false, a self-shameless lie indeed..Trump had his Fox News press secretary Sean Spicer make a fool of himself on the national stage trying to prove Trump's absurd claim..Trump recently, a few weeks ago held a rally in Texas, 3500 maga fans were estimated to have attended, Trump claimed it was probably in the 55,000 range that attended...

This isn't normal....A laughable Trump claim debunked with video proof and still Trump will tell the lie over and over again, shameless or...or rewriting history..?

Let's look at some of Trump's ridiculous lawsuits, lawsuits that got tossed out and lawyers sanctioned..

Trump tried to sue dozens of Democrats in a vast lawsuit, Hillary, DNC, dozens, all to try and rewrite the Mueller report...Trump had Bill Barr try and change the Mueller narrative..Trump has filed multiple lawsuits at the Pulitzer prize association/board in an attempt to remove the Pulitzer awards given to those who wrote about the Mueller report. All in an attempt to rewrite history books..

There's more....Mike Huckabee wrote a Trump book...Called ...A Kids Guide to President Trump...another Trump influencer, Kash Patel wrote a book too...a childrens book called...The Plot Against the King....These books are being promoted by the religious right,,targeting children...Those books are fiction, a rewrite of history..

And one only needs to look at what Donald J Trump says he is going to do once he is returned to office...

Trump has posted statements and videos on his Truth Social site, these videos and messages are spread worldwide by influencers..

Trump stated in recent speeches he's going to...

He will fire 100 District Attorneys and replace them with his chosen 100 prosecutors and direct them to go after all his perceived enemies....Trump has stated he will gut the federal department of education and mandate schools, colleges, universities teach patriotic education...We all know who else had patriotic education...

Trump is saying he'll create Freedom Cities on federal lands for freedom loving, gun toting patriots, free of regulations and rules...Trump doesn't mean cities for immigrants..

Trump, Desantis and the maga cult are literally promoting book burning as well as removing black history that doesn't read well in Trump's maga reality..

Trump speak...."Russia Russia Russia hoax, ...Impeachment hoax number 1...impeachment hoax number 2...Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine....perfect phone call number one, an even more perfect phone call number two..witch hunt witch hunt witch hunt "....

Yes, I know, the thought that in a world so digitally connected, connected so fast with facts clear as day and so widely available any thought of rewriting history is a fools errand...But that doesn't matter to Donald J Trump, he's not sane....Trump's going out swinging and he doesn't care what burns down to achieve his selfish goals.

However, none of this really matters, in 2024 we are going to see America collide with itself, Trump's imaginary and deluded unstoppable force 30% majority is about to collide with the progressive's unmovable object 70% minority..

I can't see Trump regaining the Whitehouse, don't think it will be even close......and if i'm wrong?

I wish America wasn't going down this road but perhaps, it's inevitable....

Seems mankind is always having to go one step backwards before once again taking two steps forward..

History won't be kind to Donald J Trump, or to many of today's religious leaders.

2024 in a worldwide connected society.....

"To the victors will go the spoils, but not the history books, not anymore"...Grant G..April 16th/2023

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G