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Written by Robin Mathews

Sweating a little before the cameras, Justin Trudeau saw that Andrew Scheer was becoming ‘reasonable’.  BUT HE IS NOT the much more strange creature thrown up (“thrown up”?) by the Conservative Hordes … Stephen Harper… who wrested all power from ‘Progressive Conservatives’, then pulled Rightest admirers to his fold, and then welded a powerful Right Party together … himself as the single unifying force. He is now gone. (Or at least is occupied being a commentator on U.S. media about Canada.)

With the New Democratic Party having no policy that anyone can ever rememberand a leader wandering in the out-of-Ottawa wilderness, attention has naturally focussed on the ‘reasonable’ Andrew Scheer Party. With the media in Canada (all at least Right, whatever they claim) telling Canadians Justin Trudeau had a bad summer … (whether he did or not), things might be said to be deteriorating for the Great Liberal Party of Canada.  Especially with (in political time) a federal election just around the corner.

But the media of Canada has forgotten what pious Liberals never forget … that God is a Liberal.

And so … out of what we cannot honestly call “nowhere” (but something like it) there has appeared (re-appeared) at the end of a thunderbolt … Maxime Bernier.  He had been not at all pleased, we may believe, to lose the leadership of the Conservative Party by a hair’s breadth not very long ago… and, moreover, he didn’t at all like the namby-pamby nothingness that the Conservative Party was becoming with Andrew Scheer leading it.  Personal ambition  - thank goodness – played no role in the choice Maxime Bernier has made to leave the Conservative Party of Canada and create a new Party, called The People’s Party of Canada.  Not only is he rolling up supporters … but he is taking attention away from the “real” (?) Conservative Party.

Maxime Bernier is a person of colourful character and – to some – magnetic personality and firm Conservative convictions (as well as experience).  He is clearly not a “sparkle plenty” to a lot of other Canadians … but that doesn’t matter because if they ever vote Conservative, it has to be with confidence they aren’t backing a bunch of off-the-wall lunatics. (Which has to be part of the reason they dumped Stephen Harper and his Party which was found more than once trying to fiddle the election process – illegally - in their own favour.)

And so Conservatives in Canada are facing – more and more – what one might call scheer chaos. (Or should we call it bernier chaos?)

What we will see in the next months is the slow and media-followed death-dealing battle between the two Conservative Parties wanting to tear each other apart.

And … unless a very, very generous portion of Divine Power enters into Canadian politics on behalf of miracle, the NDP will paddle itself farther and farther into the faceless Mainstream without hitting upon a single heart-gripping, imaginative, fiercely relevant, people-centred, bold and original (‘popular’) idea.

(Canadians seem to forget [brainwashed??] that if they would raise the miniscule vote of the Communist Party of Canada or of the Communist Party of Canada Marxist Leninist to a not quite miniscule vote, putting one or two candidates in the House of Commons … then the so-called ‘Mainstream Parties’would suddenly discover the need to make the Bank of Canada serve Canadians with free interest loans for public purposes; the need to have a comprehensive co-op/public housing project nationally; the need to slash credit card costs nationally, the need to assure that Canadian wealth is owned by Canadians … etc….)  But ….

Justin Trudeau … about to come upon a challenge too big to overcome … has been saved, it seems.  Doubtless he will say (but only to his intimate circle) it has happened “as if by divine intervention” when, in his heart, he will, modestly, leave out the “as if”. Because true Canadian Liberals know that God is a true Canadian Liberal.

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods 

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Is It ‘Reporting’ or ‘Creative Writing’ in the province of Alberta?

Is It ‘Reporting’ or ‘Creative Writing’ in the province of Alberta?
Written by Robin Mathews, August 2018

Looking at the article “Freedom and Loathing in Lethbridge” by Tadzio Richards for Alberta Views is a depressing undertaking.  Dressed, apparently, in the clothing of serious investigation – the reality of its sham nature is disappointing … for there is no question that clear light needs to be shone on the Court of Star Chamber rape of procedure, fairness, and natural justice in the University of Lethbridge Academic Freedom case now nearly two years in operation.

As in many Mainstream Media pieces, this one seems – on the surface – to be written by someone wishing seriously to consider the long two years at the University of Lethbridge.  But, writing from an Establishment point of view, the writer can only produce material which, in my judgement, violates fairness, balance, and an attempt at exact reporting.  The article, in short, is - to me - hugely embarrassing.

Mr. Richards leap-frogs basic and fundamental material embarrassing to president Mahon and the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors.

The Academic Freedom case was propelled into prominence by a vicious, brutal, anti-semitic cartoon posted on the Facebook Page of a University of Lethbridge professor who was out of the country and unaware of the posting.  That very strange action might be seen as a kind of fully-intended, mini-False Flag.  Surprising, violent, apparently coming out of nowhere, immediately attributed to a false source, then falsely investigated … but, in fact, absolutely uninvestigated by primary authorities … the event was used as a basis, in effect (among other things) to vilify a professor, to further anti-Islamic propaganda, and to provide a basis to work for the suffocation of Freedom of Expression….

As if well prepared in advance, Israel government-connected organizations and people leapt on the August 26, 2016 event and they fell upon University of Lethbridge president Michael Mahon (if they were not already collaborating with him), and they fell upon every government office they could discover in order to vilify the absent (and innocent) professor and demand severe action against him … without a shred of evidence that he was involved.  University officialdom became immediately involved as did the Police of Lethbridge who, apparently, had been contacted by B’nai Brith the day before the vicious posting and who set about “investigating” (without, apparently contacting Facebook authorities) Anthony Hall to learn if he had posted the evil cartoon.

That was August 26, 2016.  One might be certain that within days president Mahon would have met and asked the returned University of Lethbridge senior Professor for his account – especially since he knew nothing of the vicious posting.

President Mahon did no such thing.  But what did happen is that claims were made at the University against Professor Anthony Hall for anti-semitism.  One was made by faculty member Goldie Morgentaler.  It was made, apparently, after she met and spent time consulting with president Mahon. 

The time in Lethbridge between the foul (August 26) posting on Professor Hall’s Facebook Page and the October 4 letter from president Mahon to Professor Hall asking Hall to meet and to hear why Hall shouldn’t be peremptorily, without any due process, suspended and removed from University of Lethbridge property… the time was full of (largely) invalid accusations from non-University organizations, an ostensible Lethbridge Police investigation of Hall’s role in the Facebook Posting, and other such negative ‘noise’ about which no action whatever has been taken and which Tadzio Richards treats (conveniently) as, apparently, not having existed.

He ignores all of those key happenings.  And he accepts that the president of the University of Lethbridge suspending Professor Hall, terminating his salary, ordering him away from any University of Lethbridge property, even forbidding him to have access to his own office (without due process) could be described as “a precautionary” measure not a disciplinary or punitive one. Richards does not ask why the University of Lethbridge president, the Board of Governors, and Alberta government officials failed to ask Facebook who it was that posted the vicious cartoon.  Instead, he opens his “story” with total Establishment “charm”.  As follows …

The marvelously human, very acceptable president, Michael Mahon, is in his office wondering what to do about the totally savage and procedurally improper letter he sent to Professor Hall asking him to appear and say why he shouldn’t be treated contemptuously, viciously, and outside all university agreements and without regard to fundamental processes insuring justice.  Hall did not appear.  And so reasonable, thoughtful, sensitive Michael Mahon writes a letter unilaterally and improperly pitching Hall out of the University of Lethbridge [pending “a review of the matter”]. To that letter, as Tadzio Richards writes: “Mahon signed his name”.

Richards goes on to say what fine things Mahon has done for the University of Lethbridge. And he airs (at some length) the often unspoken differences about Freedom of Expression held by faculty through their Associations and the national Canadian Association of University Teachers and those held by presidents and the Presidents’ Club, called Universities Canada.

Presidents are frequently more dictatorially inclined than faculty are  because presidents are chosen by Boards of Governors often staffed by self-made, no-nonsense, bullying Capitalists, and their like, who expect little back-chat from their inferiors.  As one presidential candidate told me openness to ideas and to student action were not evident in any of the questions put by members of the Board to the candidate … who confided in me … and later became a celebrated university president.

The screaming, incendiary fact that Tadzio Richards appears to avoid at all cost to fair reporting and judicious commentary is that Rachel Notley, premier of Alberta, was drawn into the dispute with (embarrassingly) powerful members of Israel government-connected organizations involved; one was even standing by her side when she made her most outrageous [and ill-informed, I say] attack on Anthony Hall. 

Indeed, at no point does Tadzio Richards so much as introduce the huge and heavy-handed involvement of Israel government-connected organizations in the whole story!  But, on the other hand, he writes a great deal about Monika Schaefer and her brother – questioners of the Holocaust.  And he dramatizes, in a way that almost ridicules, Anthony Hall’s questioning of attitudes to the murdered during and after the Second World War (and elsewhere in history).  Who is it okay to murder … who not? What does the “selected” building of memorials to the dead mean?

Hall’s insistence upon many Holocausts (not the least being the extinction of whole bands and communities of Native Peoples in North America) appears (by the author’s style used) to amuse Tadzio Richards, and Richards’ style may well be intended to ridicule professor Hall – unless I cannot read what is printed in front of me.

Tadzio Richards finds nothing, ever, wrong with the actions of president Michael Mahon, and Richards does nothing whatever (that he makes  evident) to learn of Mahon’s connections and meetings and deliberations with outside-University of Lethbridge forces determined to destroy Anthony Hall.  The image of Michael Mahon is sacred, not to be questioned, even if fact has to be twisted and falsified.  Even if the screaming failure of Alberta power to ask Facebook Authorities who posted the vicious, anti-semitic cartoon on Hall’s Facebook Page is an admission that Alberta power does not want known who did it (in typical False Flag fashion). 

Tadzio Richards shows he has taken a side in his article – and no more clearly than when he ignores the central act: the vicious anti-semitic posting placed on Anthony Hall’s Facebook Page to launch the still unended attack upon him … and the strange and improper actions that have followed that event. To suggest that Michael Mahon’s outrageous actions taken to drive Professor Hall from the University Campus without a shred of acceptable process could be “cautionary” reveals (at least to me) that the writer has given up all independent thought and reasonable judgement ... and will write down anything.

And… I would say … he does write down anything, anything that supports a fundamentally false picture of the real events and the real history of betrayal of the finest values that mark excellent universities.  The effects of that betrayal will not easily pass, and the University of Lethbridge will become legendary as the University that seeks revenge before excellence, loyalty before truth, and brainless kow-towing to empty, Orwellian ‘authority’ before anything like bold and spirited investigation and research….

The University of Lethbridge will, I think, possess all the excellence that can be bestowed upon it by flashy Public Relations pamphlets… and by articles of the kind published in Alberta Views by Tadzio Richards......

Written by Robin Mathews


Justice is blind, and at times, willfully Blind..........Grant G

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Robyn Allen...Kinder Morgan horror story will be told

Early thanks to for the interview recorded today for tomorrow night's 6pm PDT/9pm EDT Who's (Not) Afraid Of Facts On Kinder Morgan?

Tune in, turn on.....become informed...and damn it.....get angry...

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Donald Trump, King Lizard

Originally posted on November 8th/2016(election night).....nailed it..."Donald Trump the failure"

Written by Grant G

Donald Trump didn't win the election....Hillary Clinton lost...

Almost every newspaper endorsed Clinton....most mainstream media outlets(outside of Fox News) pimped hard for Hillary Clinton...

An orange pylon could have beaten Donald Trump...A racist, bigot, a rude loud-mouthed blowhard...a man who treats females like carpets to wipe his feet on...a man who admitted to using his fame and power to physically assault woman...a man who pays no tax, a man who robbed workers, a man with an ego so bloated......a human disgrace...

And despite all of Donald Trump's flaws.....Hillary Clinton lost...

I blame the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton herself.....

I sat with my political junkie Mom watching the poll results come in,  and I told mom..."it feels like BC's 2013 election all over again"...

So much for the pollsters....Adrian Dix, according to pollsters had an insurmountable lead...We were told Hillary had it the bag....

In 2013, when the results rolled in it was apparent early on that Adrian Dix was toast...same thing last night..

I wrote an article after Adrian Dix won the BC NDP leadership(did he win legitimately?)..I wrote how the NDP were destined to lose because Adrian Dix had character flaws, his "memo-gate scandal"....It set the stage for attack ads which the BC Liberals jumped, add in Dix not paying for skytrain and it was game over, not to mention the pathetic nicey nicey campaign he ran....Attack ads do work..

The Big Machine, the Democratic Party, The Clinton Political Machine....

I put all the blame for Donald Trump's shocking win directly on Hillary and the Democratic party...

It wasn't just the Benghazi affair, it wasn't just the email leaks, it wasn't just her physical health it was everything...and most importantly it was greed...

Bill Clinton, already with personal wealth, a lucrative pension for life, personal security for life,...Bill Clinton racked up 10's of $millions of US dollars for making speeches, Hillary Clinton did the same, lucrative speaking engagements to big banks, high priced speeches to Wallstreet...

The Clintons played loosey goosey with their foundation and in particular Hillary Clinton combined her role as Secretary of State and her role in the Clinton Foundation....The Clintons made so much money making speeches, and they made money through political influence...

Hillary Clinton, once she was appointed Secretary of State needed to abandon her money making speaking..Hillary needed to be hands off the Clinton Foundation and Chelsea Clinton needed to get money from Daddy, not the foundation....

The Clintons used poor judgement .....The Clintons used poor judgement in a big way...

What were they thinking, what was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speeches and foundation operations was mere business as usual in Washington while Hillary was Secretary of State and it will go on....

Hillary Clinton, if she was planning another Whitehouse run needed to curtail all those activities many many years ago....

The Democratic party should of recognized the problem(s) it was glaring...Bernie Sanders would have cleaned Trump's orange pylon would have cleaned Trump's clock...

Could not the Democratic Party find an acceptable qualified candidate without baggage to run for President..?

Therein lies the problem, once elected to office almost all politicians fall into bed with special interests and lobbyists..."The swamp"....not to say Donald Trump isn't King Lizard, the boss of the swamp, he is, Trump is as dirty if not the dirtiest of them all...

However, Donald Trump was not elected by the people(until yesterday)....Trump's lizard-like activities was in the private sector...not as an elected by the people, for the people politician..

The Clintons were a powerful political force,(were) ....

The Clinton's, ..Senators...Congressmen and Congresswomen.......These people don't know what it means to work for $5 dollars per hour, to go to food-banks, to beg, to grovel to struggle day in day out just to get by...

I like Barack Obama..."Hope n Change"....8 years in power, blocked by the Senate and Congress, for 8 straight years he accomplished almost nothing substantial and as for Obama-care..kiss it goodbye..yes, Obama tried, he spoke in grandiose hopeful terms, he opined of a bright inclusive future where the grass was greener and wages higher and after 8 years ...?

Wallstreet corruption is still rampant, the big banks are still dirty and corporate CEO pay, banker pay is obscene...nothing changed under Obama except public debt, national debt, consumer debt, the only thing that has gone up in the last 8 years is debt....

Do I think Donald Trump will change anything, fix anything, make average people's lives, not a chance...

Last night while watching CNN they talked about the Dow futures being down 600 points, then 800 points and overnight...after Wallstreet realized their idle threats of a market crash if Trump wins fell flat....Today, the day after the markets are fine, corrupt, rigged but fine, business as usual for Wallstreet......

Wallstreet corruption will go on unchecked and Trump won't make any changes to stop it, the system as it is works just fine for Trump...

I feel very sad for the 50% of Americans who voted for Hillary, I feel just as bad for the 50% that voted for Trump because they believed he was their savior, the swamp drainer, wall builder and immigrant deporter...

Mark my wall will be built, the swamp won't be drained and the immigrants won't be deported, they'll be jailed..

The financial elites of Wallstreet will continue to run the world and run Washington...

I blame you Hillary Clinton, I blame you Democratic party, I blame the Wallstreet juggernaut and I don't listen to self-absorbed consolation speeches...

Enjoy the next 4 years listening to and watching King Lizard build the biggest swamp America has ever seen...

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Final Frontier, Goodbye Dad

(A friend asked me to repost this story...he's going through some tough times.....Story was originally posted..December 16th/2013)

Written By grant G

Anger, frustration, love, jealousy, followed by guilt, fear and finally loneliness........

I left humor out for that is the one secret that Dad and I shared exclusively, never cry, never tell, never show your weakness and when all else fails make people laugh, today my laughter rolls down my cheeks in the form of wet salty tears....

My postings have been down because of medical issues, trip after trip to the big smoke where my humour and presence was required, as the only son in the family and mirror image of my father it was of the utmost importance that I show strength, humour and wisdom,.......

The clock, the dreaded clock and pendulum that never stops, middle age malaise, my friend Neil in Maple Ridge battles too, his battle is different but as emotionally challenging as any, Neil cares for his 80 year old mother, an 80 year old mother who is physically healthy as a horse but lives in full blown dementia, she eats lots, her voice is strong, her arm strength and legs are that of a young woman yet her mind is mush, Mavis(Neil`s mom) has about 5 stories she runs, at times she believes she is a little girl looking for her mom, at times she is a bitter angry spinster spewing threats, her favorite story is...She packs up her purse, gets dressed with outside working clothes and states that she is off to the mill to go to work, but only half the time when she plays out that scenario does she put on her pants, hers shoes are on, a heavy coat that hangs down to her knees but absent are her pants, ...So between visiting the hospital in Burnaby all day and returning to Maple Ridge to stay at Neil`s place my mind has been abuzz with too many thoughts about questions with no answers....Mavis, with her English accent is also enamoured with my car, not that it`s fancy or expensive but where I park at Neil`s place his mom can see it from the kitchen window, Mavis several times per day says..."Whose car is that, it`s lovely"...Neil will respond for the hundreth plus time that it`s Grant`s car.....So Saturday past about 12.00 pm midnight Mavis got on her outside working clothes including the long overcoat(absent of pants or underwear) and asked me to drive her to the mill, Neil of course told her for the zillionth time that the mill is closed and she doesn`t work there anymore, Mavis put her back up and was quite firm that I drive her to the mill....It was a perfect spot for some humour, I piped up, .."Mavis, we aren`t going anywhere until you get some pants on, can you imagine, what if I got pulled over at midnight driving around Maple Ridge with my friends 80 year old mother with no pants on, I would probably be jailed".....With that Neil, Lane and Mavis broke out in laughter and we got Mavis to go back to bed.....

A single loose stick or branch is very weak, easily broken, and that`s family, for on our own we are weak, vulnerable but when single branches, even tiny little branches are bundled together the strength is intensified, for as family we can`t survive as lone twigs but together, bundled, connected, as a group the weakest branches become part of the strongest force imaginable, Family....

Several years ago when Neil`s Mother Mavis was entering the world of dementia another nightmare presented itself, Neil now lives two nightmares, watching a beautiful woman lose her mind while house finances threaten foreclosure on the home, for Neil and his family, I'm not sure the single sticks will ever be bundled into a unifying force....lots of old spilled milk that was never cleaned up..

My Dad(with mom at his side) called me from the hospital last week, his message to me was short and oh so sweet, dad said to me...."I`m proud of your writing son, keep your pen to paper, I love you son, goodbye"

Dad was in a lot of pain, I have one sister who couldn`t stop crying, her love for dad is unmatched, another sister was itching for a family fight, a third sister is stuck in the 80s and won`t let spilt milk be cleaned, a fourth sister wants to be mom, she has always played the moderator, and me.... I try to bundle the loose sticks into a unifying force.

I wept after dad said goodbye.

Sunday morning mom(who never left dad`s bedside for days and days, 24/7) called me from dad`s room and said it was close, the end is near, and as I drove to Burnaby hospital again, tears ran from my eyes, twice I had to pull over to wipe my eyes and clear my vision, thoughts, memories, anger, fear and finally loneliness occupied my mind, and then suddenly..... I realized that strength and calm clarity were required not emotions...

I walked into dad`s room, mom was there, dad laying in bed, he was gone, my mom wasn`t crying, she was strong, my mom showed me more courage than I`d thought possible, she made me stronger, my sisters were there, there was no anger in dad`s room, no spilt milk, no ancient history, there was a power of unity that I hadn`t seen for years, my dad was still laying in his bed, what a beautiful sight, he wasn`t in pain anymore, he was his handsome self at rest, for someone aged and gone he was beautiful, I saw every sister and grandchild in my dad, I saw the love and respect, and as my tears stopped a peaceful warm feeling filled my soul, I can`t explain it, for 2 hours in that room there was only love....

And when I left the Burnaby hospital to head home to Garden Bay the strangest thing happened, at a red light at Sunset street and Boundary road, a car pulled up in the left lane, it was a young family of four, the husband driving, two very young kids in the back seat and the wife in the front passenger seat, they had bikes and firewood tied to the roof of their little inexpensive car, the wife in the passenger seat wound her window down and wanted to talk....I obliged, she asked how the bikes and wood were doing on the roof of their car,... I said ...everything looks good...the woman then stated that they were heading to Alice lake for camping and they were so excited....And just before the light changed the sweet woman said to me,....

"Are you ok? you appear to be almost glowing"......I smiled and said...I`m fine, that`s my dad leading me home! The light changed and I drove off....What an odd thing for a complete stranger to say I thought to myself, odd enough that a stranger talks to you at a red light but add in what she said and it was utterly supernatural..... it made me smile...And on this particular Sunday afternoon heading for Horseshoe bay I caught every light green, I drove straight on the ferry with no wait and was parked in the strangest part of a half empty ferry, on a weird angle right next to the elevator, they could never park someone like that unless the ferry was half empty, again it made me smile, the remainder of my trip home was filled with smiling strangers and nice people, Dad definitely gave me his aura to lead me safely home.

Families are like sticks, as individual branches and twigs we are weak and vulnerable...But bundled together we are a life-force, powerful, as one bundled group of branches we return to what we always were....


Goodbye Dad, see ya soon

The Straight Goods

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Justin Harper, Stephen Trudeau … at the Helm

Justin Harper, Stephen Trudeau … at the Helm

Written by Robin Mathews, June 2018

Those of us who said  (2016) that the Paris Climate Accords were grossly insufficient and a Public Relations Sham … have been proved correct. Justin Trudeau’s enthusiasm for eco-justice - churned into froth among his make-believe ‘middle class’ supporters - burned to a crisp in a matter of weeks. His real policies are Stephen Harper’s policies … which are the policies of the puppeteers pulling both of their strings….

The federal takeover of the Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion in the last weeks of May, 2018 pursues the Stephen Harper policy – maintaining the questionable National Energy Board structure that was Liberal-election-promised to be reconstructed because it was so obviously tainted! It continues as Harper shaped it… with Harper’s policies… The puppeteers pull both of their strings….  (Harper now drops all pretence of independence and appears in the New York Times exclusively. That’s the paper whose famous motto is “All the news that’s fit to print in an expanding Empire”.)

The Trudeau Liberals will not admit (or even discuss!!) the fact that GIGANTIC budgetary problems could be solved by a return to the pre-1974 Bank of Canada interest-free lending to Canadian governments for Infrastructure and related Social Construction.  That means the hokey, new, private ”Infrastructure Bank” is another gift to the real owners of Canada … and an insult to Canadians. (Government fought every step of the way against the Rocco Galati/COMER case, 2011-2016, to return the Bank of Canada to pre-1974 policy as a national, interest-free lender… the Liberals in lock-step with the Harper baboons.)

Since the very brief ‘Sunny Days’ … almost every important move of the Trudeau Liberal government has mirrored the policies of the preceding anti-democratic Conservative government led by Stephen Harper …  revealing that the ‘deep state’, ‘the backroom’, ‘the corporations and private bankers’ ‘the puppeteers’ continue to rule Canada.  A little sparkling confetti is thrown in the eyes of Canadians…but with no significant change toward ’self-rule’, independence, and (what would follow upon that condition) a reconstructed relation with indigenous people and with “the others who are the despised of the Capitalist Class”: in fact, most Canadians.

With significant change Canada would see a wholly reconstructed attitude to innovation employing Canadian talent and Canadian inventiveness … just for instance, using huge, stored geothermal power available in B.C. … and (available) out-front innovations in hydrogen (vehicle fuel) power.  And much more! All, now, are restricted because our “foreign owners” don’t want Canada on the front lines of anything. Both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau have been and are total supporters of the colonial structure in North America, entitled NAFTA, which assures the smothering of genuine Canadian inventiveness and entrepreneurial force.  That is because, in short, NAFTA is the handmaiden of corporate power on the continent and NOT of the people … especially the people seen as a nation working for the benefit of its population and good it can do in the larger world.

With change, Canadian government would begin to take responsibility, too, for those oppressed and brutally exploited outside Canada at the hands of, yes, Canadians. The toys of Imperial Power, Canadians have helped fight the dirty wars that are U.S./NATO-created. Canada plays lackey whipping-boy for dirty U.S. policies in Central and South America – humiliating every self-respecting Canadian. It did so when Stephen Harper was prime minister.  It does so with Justin Trudeau as prime minister.

Canadian controlled mining companies, in addition, frequently practice brutality against native workers, outside Canada, with the consent of corrupt governments …and with the silent consent of Canadian government which knows most Canadians are unaware of the on-going, gross violations of Human Rights. With Harper … turning a blind eye was expected.  With Trudeau … the same.  Justin Harper.  Stephen Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau, we are told, publicly seeks global equality of rights and freedoms for one and all, except, it would seem, when Canada is called to massacre the innocent in brutal wars, or where Canada is called to “stand in” for the U.S. as anti-democratic bully-boy in Central and South America … or for big Canadian corporations acting  brutally abroad …. 

Nor has Justin Trudeau seen fit to act in any significant way where gigantic tax frauds (and forms of highly questionable incorporation) are perpetrated through tax-haven constructs, as revealed in ”The Panama Papers” (2015). (Justin Trudeau’s chief fund-raiser, Stephen Bronfman, as well as the Paul Martin family-owned Canada Steamship Line, and more than 3600 other Canadian names, we are told, appear in The Panama Papers/Paradise Papers exposures. Any morally prudent government would undertake full investigation and – indeed – undertake clear-eyed law-making to protect Canada and Canadians from harbouring (unknown) what are, in fact, criminals and/or opportunists ready to exploit any loop-holes exploitable anywhere that present legislation permits.

Other countries have already, at least, retrieved large tax sums owed.  Canada has done – if results mean anything  -  nothing….

Not to act in the matter, many believe, is to declare partnership in criminal and opportunistic actions. Neither the Harper-led Conservatives not the Trudeau-led Liberals have acted on behalf of Canada and Canadians in the matter. Their policy has been one policy: the policy of the puppeteers pulling their strings. Justin Harper, Stephen Trudeau.

What must surprise many Canadians is that the Liberal Government of Canada led by Justin Trudeau is fighting the Council of Canadians at work to overthrow the dirty, anti-democratic, sleazy, voter-suppression law rushed through by the Harperites in 2014!  (Elections Canada estimates the Act denied 172,000 eligible voters the right to vote in 2016.) The law angered Canadians. Many believe the Act contributed strongly to the swing in the polls that elected the Liberals to government and many believed the Liberals would erase the Harper legislation!  But now the Council of Canadians is seeking special donations …. 

Guess why?  The e-mail letter (June 2, 2018) from Andrea Furlong, Executive Director of the COC, reports that “the biggest reason for the mounting court costs and delays has been the Trudeau government…. Astonishingly, it’s become clear that the [Liberal] government and its legal team are now defending the Act and Harper’s voter suppression measures – and opposing our challenge!”

Read that paragraph again!  And then read it again! The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau is fighting to prevent an anti-democratic Elections act sleazed into law by the Harper baboons from being extinguished in the Supreme Court of Canada! Justin Trudeau is spending huge sums of taxpayers’ dollars on Justice Department time and expertise to deny Canadians the right to vote … and to support one of the dirtiest actions of the Stephen Harper years. [That is what the puppeteers pulling Trudeau’s strings want him to do.] At the same time, Liberal legislation is pending to replace the Harper dirty Election Act ….  Pending.  Will remedial legislation ever see the light of day? 

I think I heard voices – at the start of this column (Liberal voices?) - saying any comparison of the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau with the previous Conservative government led by Stephen Harper is an out-and-out insult! ! !

Perhaps the people behind those voices (after retching with nausea) will begin thinking: Justin Harper, Stephen Trudeau.  If they are honest, “What else can they think"


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, May 26, 2018


People like Anna Maria Tremonti of CBC(IA) and Margaret Wente of ‘Canada’s National Newspaper’ (The Globe and Mail) are put in place - more and more people are coming to believe - to write and speak vivaciously, pointedly, colourfully about anything but the most serious issues facing Canada.  Experts on “Me Too”, the sexual equality battle, and what Ms. Wente calls “the victimhood culture”, the two follow the pack in the game of misleading Canadians.  “With spirit” … you might say… with colour … with imagination, they fill the information space (I say) with padding, “filler”, disinformation, ‘gingerbread’, dreck….

Their role … horrible as it may seem … is – (how to put it?) – to inform with ‘disinformation’ (which is distinct from “lies”, though in the same family).

And why shouldn’t they?  They are part of two of the biggest, richest, fully operative “information displacement” institutions in the nation, operating – some of us think – by special mandate from what might be called the inner authorities of “Imperial Globalization”.

Like all the others (too depressing to name) they fill the information spaces with gigantically irrelevant, heart-tugging, personalist … ‘Deep State Approved’ mush.  Their (has to be) idol … Justin Trudeau just demanded an international investigation of Israel government brutality undertaken in recent days … and then had Canada vote against just such an international investigation at the U.N.  That can only be called disinformation in action.

Anna Maria Tremonti, on Thursday, May 23, interviewed the new RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki, first woman to be appointed permanent Commissioner of the RCMP.  The interview couldn’t have been more irrelevant if it had been conducted by Michael Enright on CBC’s Sunday Morning.

Some of the matters Ms. Tremonti didn’t touch upon … follow.

Brenda Lucki’s predecessor Bob Paulson retired early.  Why? Where is he now? He was Commissioner when the RCMP gathered the “evidence” to have 31 (thirty one!!) fake criminal charges laid against Senator Mike Duffy (2015-2016, on behalf, one supposes, of violations of Human Rights intended by Stephen Harper). ALL charges were thrown out! Lucki’s predecessor was also Commissioner when about 250 RCMP employees expended millions of tax dollars on a wholly fake Islamic Terrorist Event at B.C. legislature grounds on July 1, 2013, entrapping (B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce ruled) innocent Canadians and subjecting them to trial, judgement, incarceration, and worse…. [That case is now at interminable appeal].

That questionable kind of activity of the RCMP is a growing tradition about which Ms. Tremonti should have asked questions, putting them politely and directly and firmly to the new RCMP Commissioner, Brenda Lucki.

In a 136-day trial of Glen Clark, BC NDP premier in 2002, the RCMP fashioned 28 volumes of “evidentiary material” upon which to base the career-destroying case which (at the end of trial) Justice Elizabeth Bennett declared did not contain a shred of material to find Glen Clark guilty of any of the charges against him.  That trial occurred only a few years after (at the historically key, now submerged-from-history, so-called “Gustafsen Lake Stand Off”, B.C., 1995). At that event an RCMP officer was found, on a training film, declaring that “we are specialists in smear and disinformation….” The B.C. native people involved called for a Public Inquiry of the “smear and destroy” tactics (involving even the Canadian army) used against them at Gustafsen Lake … shouting … shouting … and shouting into a deep, empty well….

We know RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli was forced out of the RCMP in 2006 for shady activities (and sent to a good job in Interpol).  We know his successor Wm. J.S. Elliott (in the tradition of wholly politically neutral appointees)  came directly from a Harper cabinet minister’s office – the first civilian named Commissioner.  We know that he was forced out of office by loud, internal complaints  … going to a more than $200,000.00 a year job and an $8000.00 a month apartment in New York, all paid for by the Canadian taxpayer. 

We know … Commissioner Bob Paulson in 2017… very quietly … and with no apparent big pay-off … slunk off into the shadows without Ms. Tremonti even thinking of doing an interview with him.  So much easier to talk to Brenda Lucki about the terrible, heinous, awful, unforgiveable, distressing, unkind, ungentlemanly behaviour of male RCMP officers towards their female associates than to talk about the possibility the RCMP is now a confirmed criminal organization employing, as Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, has written  the “major crime technique” … whenever it is of use to government in power or to the forces of The Deep State.

The failure of Canadian information sources (the Mainstream Press and Media) to discuss publicly the increasingly serious possibility that the RCMP (from the top down) engages in criminal activity to support political policy reveals a terrible, destructive, betrayal of the most fundamental values of democratic society.

Canadian journalists like Anna Maria Tremonti and Margaret Wente, I would say, are not simply failing Canadians and Canadian democracy, they are associates in a deeply corrupt and malign operation to misinform, to mislead, and wholly to takeover the minds of Canadians in the service of falsehood and misrule. That is how I would describe their role and operation.  (Tell me I am wrong.) Oh Canada….

Written by Robin Mathews


Chameleons, changing colours, running left then governing right(as in wrong)...and plain old "snakes in the grass"

Canadian media are as guilty as sin....corporate slaves, lemmings, marchers marching to corporate tunes.....journalism....a profession hijacked......these enablers will have to face their makers one day, and Hell is where they'll rot..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bamfield, the land time forgot

(A repost from a few years ago, time to get my westcoast juices flowing)

Every time we cruise into Bamfield I can literally feel and see the past, the old boardwalk on the westside of the harbour,the fishing lodges, the bright red roofs, the long since mothballed industrial section of the harbour and everywhere you look fish are flipping, birds diving for lunch and trees, sea green trees that hang precariously over a frothy ocean.

I have read up on the history of Bamfield and I would like to share some simple stories and a few of my thoughts on this historic place.

In 1902 a communication cable was laid from Bamfield 4000 miles to Fanning island, a tiny coral atoll in the mid pacific ocean from there to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, so back in the beginning of the 20th century Bamfield was the communication capital of Canada, I find that so amusing because a hundred plus years later Bamfield is in a dead zone,no cellular service at all,talk about coming full circle, makes me smile, it also means my ex, bill collectors,tele-marketers can`t bother me either, my smile keeps growing.

This place has something for everyone, bird watchers, such variety, birds of a feather flock together, that`s true but from what I have seen the birds of all persuasions are hanging out together in what appear to be union meetings, I see whales on every trip here, storms come and go and after every storm sea kelp is everywhere, it`s especially good at tangling up our fishing tackle, the flavour of this timeless place changes by the hour, don`t hesitate,don`t put off that trip, that hike, that kayak excursion because Bamfield can shut you down in a blink of an eye, you can go to bed in a warm summery sea air only to wake up shrouded in cold ocean fog so thick you can`t see yourself in the mirror, ok, a little exaggeration but what a eerie feeling in the fog and then there is the rain, it seems to be much wetter and heavier than metro Vancouver rain, it`s like standing in a shower, soaked to the bone in 20 seconds but weather aside once you leave Bamfield harbour the islands and shoreline are unchanged, literally unchanged for eternity, you could of looked upon these area`s 10000 years ago and they would of looked the same.

We have been coming to Bamfield for a quarter century and the place is unchanged, same store, same lodges, same one and only pub, same wharf finger, Richard, the man has been collecting moorage fees at the government wharf forever, maybe it`s the salt air but he doesn`t appear to have aged even a day, even the fishermen in their boats are the same, our private slice of heaven, the same fishers year after year, not much new blood, it`s like a secret spot that no one wants to gain in popularity, shhhh, make sure you don`t tell anyone about this spot.

Anyway, I am a people person, sort of, I love looking for the story, the old-timer, local first nations, tourists, and of course the trail walkers, that trail being the west coast trail, a world famous trail along the west coast of Vancouver island that traverses streams, old growth canopied forests, a must do for the adventurous, and the west coast trail just happens to end in Bamfield and it`s a place where fuel burning fish killing fishermen and granola eating hair in dreadlocks, hiking, save the world youthful ideologues, frustrated tourists and first nations all come together and the clash of cultures means stories and I would like to share a few of these simple but penetrating stories with you.

Cape Beale is known as the graveyard of the pacific ocean and the road to Bamfield is known as a car killing wasteland, a dark, wiggly, no lights, no stores, no gas stations, no nothing, a 70 miles gravel, pot holed, rock tossing tire eating road, I have driven the road but we prefer to go to Bamfield by boat, Friday early evening after fishing most of the day and after cleaning the day`s catch, 4 fat coho salmon and 2 large chinook, I like to stretch my legs, especially the gibbly one, I was chilling on the loading dock part of the wharf  (that is where cars or trucks can drive down onto the pier and load cargo or goods onto boats via the crane or ramp) which at this time was very steep because the tide was out.

Down the upper dock came this little red car and when it got closer I could see the license plates were from Alberta, what a long drive I mused in my mind, a middle aged man got out of the car and his frustration was quickly apparent, he barked at his wife, "hurry up,we are 6 hours late" the wife got out of the passenger side and she didn`t sound too impressed, she chirped back "why didn`t you listen to Carly" he responded back "never mind,were here now" out of the back seat of the dusty little red car out got Carly(a teenage girl), or at least I assumed it was Carly, she chimed in "I told you to turn right dad" dad responded back "shut up and help unload the car"................I found the exchange fascinating and typical (men just won`t take directions), the trunk opened and I watched clothes, fishing gear, ciders, beer, pops and other stuff get unloaded and carried down the ramp to the dock, Carly went to carry some stuff when she said "dad, oh my god, look at the car, it`s covered in dents and look at all the scratches" dad responded back "never mind,just unload our gear!"..........Well, you know me, I had to stroll over and have a closer look, they were going up and down the ramp with goods and when I got next to their car I could see that this almost brand new car little red car had a half sized spare tire on it, the whole right side of the car was covered in scratches and there were golf ball sized dents everywhere, I did my best to hold back the laughter that was roaring inside me, the daughter came up the ramp and I said to her, I see you had quite a time on the Bamfield road, she laughed and told me her dad wouldn`t listen to her directions and they were on the road for 8 hours, they got a flat tire, got stuck, fought all the way, dad was coming up the ramp so the daughter stopped talking, I guess she didn`t want to irritate an already flustered dad, anyway, they got the water taxi across the harbour and I hope they enjoy their fishing trip, maybe next time they will leave their car in Port Alberni and come to Bamfield on the Francis Barkley, a west coast ferry that has been plying these waters for decades, it sure beats destroying your car on the Bamfield road.

I love to go to the only pub in town(the crows nest) a chance to pick other fishermen`s minds, talk to local natives and bug the the granola eating trail walkers and as I have said before, I am no boy scout and I like beer and I love to dominate a pool table/ 8 ball/9 ball/ straight pool, after all my favorite movie was Paul Newman in the Hustler, a classic......Here it was Saturday night and I went for brewskis, the rear of the pub where the pool tables are were a couple of first nation`s locals, Andrew and Belinda were their names(not exactly classic native names), I grabbed a cue and started knocking balls around and warming up, Andrew asked if I wanted a game, sure I responded, after beating him 5 straight games he gave up and bought me a beer, Andrew was very nice even though he kept forgetting my name, he called Belinda over to join our table, she introduced herself and I remarked that I had a sister named Belinda, she went on to tell me that Belinda meant serpent woman in Spanish, I didn`t know that but that`s what I called her for the remainder of the night, "serpent woman" she seemed to like it........

It had the makings of one of those nights, in walked a group of five trail walkers, 3 males and 2 female hikers with giant backpacks. they sat, started drinking, partying, talking and pool playing, they introduced themselves and I found it interesting that the men were all named Mike, big Mike, a tall muscle bound ape, medium Mike, a hairy un-shaved ape and little mike who informed me that he was trying to grow a moustache and asked if I had any advice on that matter, I didn`t, made me laugh, what a thing to say...after beating all three of the Mikes on the pool table I took a breather on the outside deck, a girl in her 20s joined me and started talking, her name was Kristan, a bubbly, hyper young girl who told me how she had drove from Duncan to pick-up her friends in Bamfield who were walking the west coast trail(the three mikes and the other two girls) she told me the story how she got lost in the dark, no cell phone service, I could tell she had a harrowing experience in the way she told the story, she was quite charming, she said she should of picked up hitch hikers to help her navigate to Bamfield but her dad had drilled it into her not to pick-up strangers, and her story got better, she got a flat tire tire 5 miles from Bamfield but she was too scared to change the tire in the pitch dark with all the animal noises coming from the pitch black forest, so she drove the last 5 miles on the flat tire which quickly turned into just a mangled rim, I chuckled with her, anyway, she was elated to make it to Bamfield regardless of the wrecked rim and scratched car,.........We went back inside and I talked to the group and I asked them who they voted for in the last provincial election and to my dismay none of them voted at all, I didn`t pursue the issue, as they were already in shock over the fact that they couldn`t text message or call anyone on their cell phones.

Anyway, the night went on when suddenly big Mike asked me for a arm wrestle, I said , you look like a ringer and I haven`t arm wrestled in 20 yearswell I said no only to be goaded into it by Kristan and the group, we we went right arms first and the crowd started the bets, the smart money was was on big Mike, or was it, medium Mike held our arms at center and shouted GO......

The arm wrestle began, I`m 5 '10' but built like a fire hydrant, anyway, big Mike was heaving away and had me leaning, I locked in and there was no way he could take me over the top, I of course was having the same problem with big Mike, the battle went on and on, 5 minutes later we were still locked in battle, Kristan started goofing around and started spoon feeding me pie with whip cream(mid battle), I had a couple of bites as the battle continued and maybe it was the pie but I managed to muster up enough energy to put big Mike down, we went left hand next, and I`m left handed, well I had nothing more to prove and to tell you the truth I was quite gassed, Mike won the left handed wrestle(so he thinks)........Meanwhile the table was still buzzing over the first epic arm wrestle and the group was buying beers and drinks and more beers and more drinks and refused to take any of my money.

The next morning (5.30 am sharp) my head was spinning and my arm felt like it was ready to fall off, I had to let my dad battle the salmon that day, simple stories from a town of 200 full time residents, time might have forgotten about Bamfield but I haven`t, I will go back every year until I drop dead, these stories, memories are the fabric of my life, come to Bamfield in late summer, walk the west coast trail, come meet me for a cold one at the Crows Nest Pub, tell me a story, add another stitch to my tapestry.

 (here are some more interesting facts about Bamfield)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open