Saturday, December 3, 2022

Elon Musk Exposed Himself as Partisan Rightwing Hack......Elon Musk's Lackey Tweets Out A Story Riddled With Slant---Total Amateur hour

Written By Grant G 

First off, I have no issues with Elon releasing what he calls "The Twitter Files" , what I have issue with is how poorly it was presented, how slow it was Tweeted, but more importantly, how it was weak, partisan and, to be honest, brought nothing new to the table.

I'm not exactly a perfectionist, but that one sided hit job couldn't get published here, it's not up to my journalistic standards, or any journalistic standards, this was Newsmax/OAN type garbage.

I'm going highlight some of the glaring mistakes Elon made last night with his overhyped nothingburgers expose.

Elon Tweeted out before his NDA signing lackey started releasing the thread that it was a first amendment violation for government to tell a private company what to suppress, or allow on Twitter, ...Well golleee Andy, who was government pre-2020 presidential election ....I do believe Trump was government, he had the Whitehouse and Senate...Well Elon, that's kind of pesky fact...And, Elon has yet to walk that back.

M the thread stated this.....

"Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored"

Look at that will ya...M Taibbi says that the Trump Whitehouse made requests of Twitter and it was granted...ahem...The Trump Whitehouse IS Government.....Yes he says the Biden campaign made asks, so did the Trump campaign and the Trump Whitehouse!!!!

Yet Elon's lackey provided nothing on the Trump demands of Twitter.

Right there...Sloppy, major fail...What did Twitter remove for Trump and the Whitehouse...

The Twitter files fall apart from here on out.

M Taibbi stated there were mostly Dems working at Twitter, newsflash..It's California where most of these staffers resided...M Taibbi also posted some political donations these Twitter staffers sent to Democrats....Really, Elon? Yet there was some money donated to GOP, albeit less...Good luck finding a GOP candidate who doesn't live in Trumplandia or Qanonville...Who the fyck would donate to the GOP...Certainly not most highly educated techies.

Very weak performance by Elon, and it only got worse.

Elon Musk refused to release any Twitter data about search requests....Because, there were 10's of millions of searches on Twitter for Biden Hunters laptop, pre 2020 election..Elon didn't bother mentioning that in that boring thread.

Despite the suppression it was being searched out in Twitter bigtime..

In other words...The Hunter Biden laptop suppression story, actually amplified the Hunter Biden laptop story...

Anybody searching on Twitter for Hunter Biden laptop story, or Hunter dick pics, if they found nothing on Hunter, and that's a big if, there was plenty on Hunter and the bogus laptop on..

Fox News ran pre 2020 election stories on Hunter Biden and the laptop, as well as the NY Post...OAN was all over it, Newsmax, Bannon, Alex Jones and all the usual rightwing propagandists were all over it, Rudy, Trump, surrogates....Hunter Hunter Hunter

How many times was Hunter Biden's laptop searched on Twitter the 2 weeks before 2020 Elon Musk...Huh, have you got the balls to release that number...? Millions of times

Now, today, Trump on Truth Social because of Musk's baloney expose wrote that he wants the constitution thrown out and have himself installed as president...Way to go Elon...


Donald J. Trump



So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!


...and that's funny, not funny ha ha, but so fucking stupid and lacking in thought funny, and you brought it on...Why?

But but but, Trump said Dominion stole his election, then it was Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss..Dinesh D Souza said thousands of mules and fake ballots stole Trump's 2020 election...Michael Gableman said illegal drop boxes stole Trump's win..Mike Lindell say Dominion voting machines and algorithms stole Trump's 2020 win...Sidney Powell says Italian satellites stole the election.......And now on masse MAGA morons and the rightwing echo machine is screaming Trump was right...Yea, so now Twitter employees, who were wrestling whether to allow Hunter Biden dick pictures on the platform cost Trump the election....Well, it didn't matter, the story was amplified by the suppression, not a single fucking US political follower/partisan, for either side who went looking for Hunter Biden stories or pics was deprived of indulging on Hunter Biden's penis..., Fox news/Newsmax..NY Post...All the usual offenders ran full speed with Hunter stories..

Elon Musk has cherry picked weak material, one sided material...and the amateur rollout by M Taibbi actually debunked Elon's premise...There was no FBI pressure to suppress...any government pressure came from Trump...and both Dems and Republicans were gaming Twitters moderation/content gurus....Elon and Taibbi stated that Democrats made more requests......You bet they did..

Republican spin doctors and Trump himself spread more fucking disinformation and downright lies than anybody, so of course there were more Dem requests...My gawd, all the Qanon garbage, Dems drinking children's blood...I could go on and on....Bottom line.

Dems ran on policy and anti Trump.

Trump and GOP ran on Q.....on hate, on lies, on cultural issues....Trump spread crap that Biden was going to take away religion, take away God, remove borders....and much more inflammatory garbage...So of course Dems made more requests...But how many more, how many Trump requests of Twitter, either Trump campaign or Trump Whitehouse, how many, let's compare apples to apples......M Taibbi said that the Trump Whitehouse made moderation requests of twitter, as well as the Trump campaign...Elon offered no balance.

"Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored"

If I had to grade Elon's Twitter expose... not a B, nor C....a big fucking F....Elon has more money than millions combined, he could have made or paid for a professional presentation, with balance.....

Elon has nothing, all he exposed was already revealed years ago....Also, Elon does not keep his word, part II of the Twitter files was advertised by Elon for tonight, it never materialized, Elon, a week plus ago promised amnesty for suspended accounts...Hasn't happened, Elon only reinstated big name assholes...Elon lies, he's making it up as he goes along.

There's more...Elon's Nazi loving friend embarrassed Elon, a total Kanye West clusterfuck...Elon suspended YE...That's why Elon dragged this hairless stray cat of an expose to Twitter's forefront, to deflect from the Twitter dumpster fire, advertisers bailing, hate speech on Twitter up 80% since he took the reigns..

And to try and fuck with the Georgia Senate runoff race.

Elon Musk, for a self described genius is stupid.....Give me the Twitter data...I'll give people The Straight Goods on what happened....ahh, but Elon ain't got balls and or intellect to compete with little ole me.

Lets refresh....Elon buys Twitter, said he'd be fair to left and right....Just a couple weeks before 2022 midterms, Elon tells the world and his 100 million plus followers he used to be a Democrat but now he's a Republican.....Than a week later, Mr. Elon not partisan Musk tells his 100 Million plus to vote Republicans....hmmm, that sounds fair...and definitely not partisan....sheesh.

When the ugly frothy right tried to advance a despicable Paul Pelosi gay tryst love affair resulting with a skull getting cracked with a hammer...Who amplified the story and spread it...Elon did, pre 2022 midterms....Elon knew it was crap..

You see folks.....Elon believed the fake rightwing polls about a redwave coming, Elon wanted to be on the winning side....Elon's a moron, as I posted, they were shit polls, designed to influence, not designed to get an accurate result

Elon did worse than that.....Not only did he want to be on a winning GOP side, he tried to influence it...His display was gross, and yes, it would have been wrong for an alter ego Elon to have endorsed Democrats....Elon played dirty, ....He's an idiot, yes, filthy rich, born into emerald mine money, still, he's a fucking moron.

Back to the Hunter Biden story, post 2020....What Elon failed to notice, or deliberately ignored for the 2 years leading up to the 2022 midterms, all we heard from rightwing media is Hunter hunter Hunter...GOP candidates campaigned on investigating Hunter...most lost, Trump's big election denier endorsees got spanked, the GOP have been dining on Hunter Biden's laptop since the 2020 election, albeit they are dining alone in a rightwing media echo chamber...Even Trump himself, at all his 2022 rallies dined on and fed Hunter Biden food to his MAGA base...

In other words...The 2022 midterms were a referendum on Hunter, on Joe Biden, on the Government, and...

And the public chose policy and sanity over Qanon, or Hunter's penis and or culture wars.....And by doing so..

The people rejected Elon Musk....Unfortunately, Elon harbors grudges...

Elon lashed out, a rich boy tantrum, he aimed his anger at Democrats...And he's set Trump off, and his violent maga base on another tangent, a tangent built on bullshit made up out of whole cloth crap...And Elon ended up doxing peoples private emails, names, many have already received death threats from MAGA...Great job Elon...Gonna get people killed

"Congratulations ! You shared the name of a junior employee who had no role in any decisions and now her photos are being shared and people are calling for her death. Way to stand up for the little guy."

And even worse, Elon's NDA signing lackey M Taibbi, in his pathetic one sided thread suggested foul play in Brazil's last election....Fuck man..Silva won round one, and round two...And major pollsters nailed the results on the money...Elon is prepared to mess with Brazil's Democracy, trying to encite a military coup......Elon, another fucking chaos agent, a rightwing chaos agent, who pals around with Nazis....Say hello to Ye for me would ya Elon.

So there you have it folks....The richest man in the world, and this is the best he can deliver, a one sided partisan amateur expose, full of wholes, it contradicts so many of Elon's and rightwing assertions.

That's all you got Elon....You can't hold a candle to little ole me, let alone millions of very astute straight up Twitter users...

Elon Musk.....

You just PUNKED YOURSEF in front of 100 million plus Twitter accounts..

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G

Friday, December 2, 2022

The Curious Case of the Amazing Elon Musk

Written by Grant G

Wasn't so sure I should use the word "Amazing" in the title of this article, but, after careful consideration decided to keep it in, after all, the word amazing doesn't only apply to successes, as Elon Musk so clearly demonstrates, it equally applies to failures.

$44 Billion Elon paid for Twitter, ....Yet Trump created a Twitter copy for a tiny fraction of that, $millions not billions to create Truth Social. 

Trump acolyte Jason Miller(CEO of Gettr) created Twitter copy Gettr.....And Ye(Kanye West) I think bought Parler, or is buying Parler, although no price has been disclosed..

Oct 17 (Reuters) - American rapper Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, has agreed in principle to buy Parler, the social media platform popular among U.S. conservatives, parent company Parlement Technologies said on Monday.


Nashville-based Parler, which has raised about $56 million to date, said it expects the deal to close during the fourth quarter of 2022. It did not give a deal value.


Suffice to say...Ye ain't spending anywhere near even a $billion for Parler..

The point i'm making..Elon Musk, could have created another Twitter knock-off, a real good knock off for a few $billion dollars...But he didn't..Why..

Elon Musk, if he hadn't been in such a rush to own Twitter before the 2022 midterms he could have acquired Twitter for half that amount, but no, he publicly blurted out a platinum Cadillac price of $44 Billion... That's one hell of a price to owns the Libs and Democrats on Twitter..

First Elon Musk blathered(Tweeted he was now a Republican)..Then he told his 100 plus million followers to vote Republican and Elon was still not done...He just brought back Donald Trump to Twitter, Elon is also reinstating many high-profile rightwing accounts known for hyperbolic bullshit, lies and misinformation..


This part of my article looks at Elon Musk's "Amazing" feats that go both ways....

Elon put Trump in sort of a no-win-situation....Truth Social is already a boring echo chamber, who's stock price has crashed from over $100 dollars to $21 dollars...

If Trump leaps back to Twitter...Truth Social dies, if Elon allows all the misinformation spewers back on, along with Trump...Truth Social...Gab..Parler...Gettr all die...Well, not much growth for sure...So, in that aspect it's a shrewd business move, and I love the fact Trump was given the choice, burn Truth Social and it's investors by migrating back to Twitter or stay put at Truth Social with a way smaller audience......Delcious.

Now, Back to Elon Musk paying $44 billion to own the Libs and Democrats...Well

Republicans lost near every big election, lost Governorships, every state attorney race, lost the Senate, election deniers kicked to the curb...and as a bonus..Tesla stock has lost a fortune in a very short time..

Tesla Stock price...From one year ago to today....A year ago, Tesla was trading at $399.93...Today Teslsa closed at $167.87...

Now, I don't own a Tesla, or an electric vehicle, however, I am thinking about buying one...And Tesla will not be included in my choices....Politics matter and CEOs should keep the fuck out of it, stay in their own lanes...Pretty sure Elon Musk was anticipating favorable tax treatment if there had been a redwave..

Elon Musk is Amazing, $44 billion to own the Libs and promote Trump....At the exact same time Big Mega donor Republicans, and Big Dark Conservative money has given the order to dump Trump..

Not only that..Have you heard the latest?

Not only Mega Donors are dumping Trump...But now Evangelical leaders are dumping Trump, not because they are against Trump's lies, bullshit, hatred, no, the Evangelicals love da Trump, however, they too know Trump can't deliver another win...Trump lost 2018...2020 and 2022 midterms the GOP went backwards..They have tired of losing..They're moving on from trump

Big money gone...Evangelicals gone, Trump is left with nothing but the MAGA redneck hillbilly base, without the money, and without the White Nationalist vote....Trump is done...Evangelicals are moving on to Ron Desantis....Younger, smarter, just as devious, he's the man to push the Evangelical agenda forward.


Influential evangelical Christians have turned against Trump after his 2024 announcement, report says

“Donald Trump can’t save America,” Mike Evans told The Washington Post. “He can’t even save himself.”

Evans was part of a group of evangelicals who met with Trump at the White House, and at one point gave him an award.

Now, he says he’s done with Trump.

“He used us to win the White House. We had to close our mouths and eyes when he said things that horrified us,” Evans told the newspaper. “I cannot do that anymore.”


Fads come, and go...The Hula Hoop was big...Beanie Babies were big too, for a while, all the rage..hundreds of different Beanie Babies, Princess Di Beanie and countless others were all the rave on late night infomercials...These Beanie Baby packages cost $thousands, $tens of thousands, now, not so much, now a mere niche market..

Elon the Amazing Musk spent $44 billion to own the Libs, $44 billion to bring Trump back to Twitter, $44 billion to shine Donald Trump's fading star....All the while Telsa has lost $hundreds of $Billions in value and countless potential Tesla buyers will look to other E vehicle manufacturers..

Lastly...Elon Musk will never recoup the money he squandered on Twitter, and that's alright, he'll never be broke and he'll always live in the lap of luxury.

Incredible really....Elon Musk paid $44 billion, drove down Tesla value by hundreds of billions more, all because Elon wanted to be a Fascist Kingmaker and Trump fluffer.

Mr. Musk read the room wrong as he hitched his star to, or at least took in tow Donald J Trump's fading star, who in recent days has been cast aside by establishment republicans, mega donors and now add the ChristoFascist wing of the GOP....What timing for....

The absolutely "Amazing" Elon Musk

The Straight Goods 

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Thursday, December 1, 2022

Donald Trump's Last Gambit and Last Stand----Start a Civil War

December 1st/2022.....I wrote this article and posted it in December 2020......It was spot on...Nothing I wrote didn't come true, ....Trump tried to start a US civil war, he failed......Donald Trump should be jailed for treason and handed a death sentence....So many in my generation, and in younger generations wondered how could Hitler have driven Germany to war with everyone and convinced millions that exterminating millions was acceptable....One only has to look at Trump, Nick Fuentes and Kanye West and their millions of fanboys and fangirls to see how one deranged Party leader with a subservient spineless group of party members  with assistance from propaganda media(Fox News) can turn a nation to the darkside...

We avoided civil war this time......But the threat still remains...Remnants and fascists are here in Canada too....Be careful Alberta.....Grant G December 1st/2022


Donald Trump's Last Gambit and Last Stand----Start a Civil War

Written by Grant G

December 20th/2020

  There was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016......

Donald Trump did use the power of the US financial purse to pressure Ukraine to dig up and or manufacture dirt on the Bidens, it was proven without a doubt, it justified Trump being impeached...and impeached he was. Rudy Giuliana's mystery laptop discovered by a blind computer repairman story was a comic-book comedy and more...

It was a scheme cooked up by Donald Trump, a lame limp attempt, a failed October surprise...Trump's and Rudy's amateur scheme proved one thing......Donald Trump did pressure Ukraine to cook up a case against Joe Biden..


Party politics is what is wrong with Democracy, our side, your side participants have polluted the process and poisoned the well of so-called civilized societies.

In 2016 two despised candidates vied for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...

 Democrats didn't want Hillary Clinton as their candidate but party backroomers stacked the deck in her favor, that brutal miscalculation directly led to Donald Trump taking power and take power he did, Trump's power was not Republican power it was his personal power, what I mean by that is...

Everything Trump did was to advance his personal cause, not the cause of improving America and in doing so, Trump exposed a Republican party devoid of ethics and lacking a spine.

Imagine this,(we don't have to imagine, it happened in real time) ...A man is elected president of the United States of America, first thing he does is insult world leaders, he treats woman and people of colour like scurvy, he lies over 25,000 times in three years, refuses to hand over tax returns or financial information, he grifts the US taxpayer of millions of dollars, he funnels money into his pockets..

Need more...Donald Trump is/was a sexual predator....Trump robbed and stole from workers, contractors, avoided paying taxes and defaulted on $billions in loans. Trump cheated on all his wives, Trump ripped off family members and more...

Nobody with even a tenth of Trump's scandals would even be considered as a viable candidate for dog catcher let alone president of the United States.....So what happened.

PARTY POLITICS is what happened along with the distortion of the electoral college.

And i'm not saying Democrats are much better than Republicans but the bottom line is....Republicans could care less how unethical, how immoral or how unfit for office Donald Trump is, he's their candidate so they close eyes, plug their ears and deny the factual writings of Trump wrong-doing in print, visual proof in video and undisputed documented facts from watchdogs throughout government..

Republican Senators and Congressmen chose self survival, money and power over truth and justice, even today, after Donald Trump has clearly been defeated elected Republicans and party members refuse to acknowledge that fact.....Donald J Trump was soundly defeated at the polls by the mushy middle, independent non-party voters rejected Donald Trump on masse..

Donald Trump despite being a very flawed and broken human being could have won a second term if..

If he took the virus serious, if he campaigned in the 21st century rather than dwell on life in the 1950s, a time when a single wage earner could pay the bills, a time when most wives were housewives but that reality has been gone for decades, long gone is a time when single earner families thrived, today in 2020 it takes two earners to survive financially and family, as in having kids is pushed to later in life and instead of 5 children or 10 children the new norm is one, or two....or even none...indeed, the times did change for most, but not for Donald J Trump....Donald never moved past the 1950s...He was too isolated and sheltered, he was sculpted by Fred Trump, Trump's father was a racist and cheater extraordinaire and Donald Trump was his star student....The rest is history.

From the bowels of the beast came the reelection Campaign from Hell

Just think about what Trump said over and over during the last few months of the 2020 campaign.

  • Biden will take away your 2nd amendment.
  • Biden will raise taxes 400%
  • Biden will take away God
  • Biden will outlaw religion
  • Biden will destroy the suburbs
  • Biden will have open borders
  • Biden will release violent offenders
  • Biden will defund the police
  • Biden will indoctrinate your children
  • Biden is owned by China, owned by Iran
  • Biden is a corrupt politician
  • Biden and his family are a criminal organization
  • Biden will allow infanticide up to 9 months
  • Biden will turn America into a Socialist country
  • Biden will turn America into a Communist country
  • Biden will turn America into a Marxist 

Those are but a small example of the poisonous utterings by Donald Trump.

Trump never surpassed 50% approval rate in 4 years as president and ...

And over the last 6 months Trump deliberately laid the narrative America finds itself today, and I quote..

For at least 6 months Trump has stated..

"The only way I can lose the 2020 election is through fraud and a rigged election" snip

Donald J Trump lost......Donald Trump will be removed from the office of the Whitehouse on January 20th/2021.....But it's gonna get real ugly..

Trump is restructuring the Pentagon, removing all persons he deems a threat, he's installing Trump loyalists in key positions....Trump believes in his muddled mind that if he removes the Pentagons' civilian oversight and installs sycophants that the Pentagon powers for removing a defiant defeated president will vanish....Delusional indeed, but that's the domain Donald Trump's head space occupies.

Even worse, Donald Trump, besides not doing anything his job as president requires is planning on doing a series of MAGA election fraud rallies.....

Trump will never concede or admit he lost the 2020 election and a civil war is what Trump is trying to start.

75 million people voted against Trump, ....Even the electoral college numbers went against him...

306 to 232

None of that matters to Donald....Trump is propagating debunked conspiracy theory after debunked conspiracy theory..

Recounts will not change any state results....The courts, even the Conservative stacked Supreme court isn't going to overturn any state election results(Trump is very dismayed that the supreme court won't bend to his twisted whims)

That leaves but one last option for Donald Trump.....Maga rallies spewing election fraud lies, Proud Boys, Klansmen, Boogaloo boys and closed minded MAGA zombies rioting and tearing up America.

Donald J Trump is going to leave a violent flaming mess behind him as he departs the stage.

There is only one way to put this impending fire out......

All media, including Fox news must call Trump out, call him the loser he is, even if that means losing a large percentage of their viewing audience..

The days of big media trying to coddle the disturbed Donald Trump must end..

Start by ignoring Trump...Do not broadcast his upcoming MAGA rallies, do not broadcast his propaganda whitehouse yarnfests disguised as press conferences, don't broadcast Ronna McDaniel and Kayleigh McEnany....Don't give any Trumpers airtime..

If Trump is successful in turning over the election results and nullifying over 75 million voters that rejected him...It will not be IF THERE IS A CIVIL WAR  BUT WHEN A CIVIL WAR STARTS.

Don't give Donald Trump anything but dead air.

The only way to diffuse Donald Trump is to treat him as if he doesn't exist.

That's the only way to stop Trump.....The onus is on all big media, and that includes Fox News!

Time to Drift Away

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 




Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Reading the Room 2.0....When Rupert Murdoch Dumps Trump, Mega Donors Dump Trump, Ivanka and Jared Dump Trump.....Game Over.


Written by Grant G

Donald braggadocious Trump started his unhinged Mar A Lago announcement/rally rerun speech last night by boasting of his endorsement success...

Let the delusions begin...

Trump's endorsement winners in the 2022 midterms were, for the most part House seats in ruby red districts held for near ever by Republicans....In other words, Trump endorsed odds on favorites, almost all house seats, competitive house seats Trump stayed away from..In fact, in house districts where the GOP stood no chance Trump didn't endorse at all...

Trump's major endorsement loses.

Trump's major endorsements...In Pensyvania Mehmet Oz....Mastriano...PA said Hell No!

In Arizona...Trump got swept out...Kari Lake..Blake Masters..Mark Finchem..Abraham Hamadeh all lost.

In Alaska Kelly Tshibaka lost to Murkowski ..Palin lost

In Nevada...Marchant and Laxalt lost.

In Michigan, Tudor Dixon lost, in fact dems flipped Michigan state house too.

Up and down the entire country Trump lost the big ones, election deniers shown the exit doors.

Yet Trump blathered like he won...Yet his team lost,,,Trump and his team lost.

This is nothing new, Trump started decades ago, by advice given to him by Roy Cohn.."Never admit defeat, even when you lose"

That advice might work in some circles but it doesn't work in politics, we witnessed here in B.C. with Carol James...She too was given multiple chances to become premier...However, after three strikes, she was out, Trump has had his three strikes.....He got hammered in 2018 losing the House and Senate...Trump lost in 2020(bigtime, 7 million vote loser) Trump got bruised again in 2022...Trump got bruised when so many things were in Republicans favor, from inflation, energy costs and world strife.

Trump's extreme ultra-mage candidates were rejected on masse.

Trump's ego, and Trump's never admit defeat defect is one reason he wants to be president again, there is however another reason, or two as to why he's running for president..

First and foremost....Trump needs money from the rubes who have been sending him money(small donors)...That money has dried up..

The dollars have stopped flowing into his coffers...Trump believes his announcement will bring those donors back...It won't, some may return to giving but most will not.

Also, Trump thinks announcing a presidential run will stave off indictments, it won't...The unwritten rule of not investigating those running for office only applies to 6 months before an election, not two years..

Here's another fact...No man, woman or other in the history of the USA has announced a presidential run 2 years out, a record...That was a major mistake by Trump..two years of Trump whining and self grieving won't play well...It becomes like ad nauseum..

 GOP insiders pleaded with Trump not to announce a run this early, and or to at least wait until the Georgia runoff between Hershel Walker and Warnock has been settled..

Trump has now guaranteed that Hershel will lose...Dems WILL be motivated..GOP, not so much, especially after Dems already won the Senate...

Trump is not a team player...Never has been, never will be...He's a bloated, silver-spoon-fed megalomaniac who's only concern is himself...

Notably absent from Trump's Mar A Lago unhinged rally was his daughter Ivanka, and Jared..They have chosen, out of self preservation to keep as fucking far away from trump as humanly possible..

As for Melania destroyer of rose gardens Trump...She, last night full-filled her contract obligation and briefly appeared on stage with Donald..

Trump, because of derangement and what he perceives as self preservation by announcing a run, has killed of Hershel's chances to win a Senate seat...Hershel is so punch drunk he should never be near the levers of power, on anything let alone a US Senator.

Behind the scenes...The big dark money cheque writers have, in no uncertain terms said they ain't backing Trump, they will in fact fight Trump with everything they got...and what they got is $$$money, lots of money for anti-Trump moderate candidates..

Trump, even if he raises money..None of it gets spent on anything but himself, 2022 midterms proved that..Trump spent next to none of his super-pac money on GOP candidates.

Trump today, one day after his unhinged announcement suffered another defeat..

Donald has been going full throttle after Mitch old crow McConnell and pushed to have him replaced by fellow Floridian, Senator Rick Scott...Today the Senate voted...Rick Scott got no traction, meaning Trump has no traction.......Old Crow won the Senate leadership vote 31 to 10....Another Trump loss

Chris Christie...yea, i'm not a fan, but he knows politics..

Yesterday, Christie was at an event with a room full of mega dark money Republican donors ...Christie made a speech where he ripped Donald Trump and...And after his speech the room erupted in applause and rose to their feet and gave Chris Christie a standing ovation..

That seals the deal...For when did Chris Christie ever get a standing ovation? Never, until yesterday.

Lastly....Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News...and the New York Post...

You can't send a bigger, more pointed message to Trump than what Rupert Murdoch sent today..

This is savage, almost as savage as Liz Cheney's tweet to Kari Lake yesterday..

The below was on the front page of the New York Post

  And for those that haven't seen the Cheney Tweet...A little background...Liz Cheney spent money to help Katie Hobbs beat Kari Lake in Arizona Guv race...Kari Lake a couple of weeks ago released a statement, a statement directed at Liz Cheney..Kari Lake in that statement thanked Liz Cheney for supporting Hobbs..saying that it was a good thing Cheney supported her opponent Hobbs, that it was driving voters to the Kari Lake team..

Liz Cheney yesterday, in a savage tweet to Kari Lake said, very simply......"You're welcome"

Absolute savage Tweet, with 500k likes...Salt in the wound savage tweet.

As for reading the room, Trump can read the room and that's why he launched his run yesterday, two years out because he knows his star is dimming and its killing him, 

That and the need to grift with hats, knives, picture books and  reoccurring donations from the duped MAGA faithful....and a Hail Mary move Trump thinks might prevent indictments.

The game is over for Trump, at least any chance of winning the game is over for Trump....


It's not enough to just read the room....You need to know when to hold em, and when to fold em..

We ain't playing bridge where Trumps matter,,

We're playing for Democracy....

And that's what matters.

Knowing when to fold em is.... "reading the room correctly"

PS.....Everyone say a prayer for the "carters"...cuz apparently Trump is out to get them.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open