Monday, December 29, 2014

End of Innocence

Written by Grant G

This time of year, festivities, food, blissful blessings, giving thanks for what he have while $dollaring our way to soothing our troubled souls, yes it is that simple, fooling one`s own mind with platitudes and plankton..

Nothing to read this time of year, care nothing of the fate of the millionaires Vancouver Canuck hockey team, won`t bow to the perceived greatness of hockey, a child`s game stolen by corporations, media`s at the ready distraction, look over there the Canucks won again, lost again, dominated the front pages again and again to the point of nausea, change the player serial or uniform number and it could be any year, 1980...1997 or unfortunately, 2030...

Stories of the year, vote away, select, choose or raise your hand the story(s) have already been chosen, volunteering a mouse click keeps your membership and chains connected to the hamster wheel...

2014`s story(s) of the year, the Ottawa shooting, yea, sure it is, because Stephen Harper and the Corporate media wanted it to be.

That was the one and only happening in 2014 that gave Stephen Harper any bump in the polls, yet so many others stories flew under the radar, mystery stories, everyday someone in Canada just vanishes, never to be seen again, young white males, aboriginals and even bloggers, one day here then gone, without a trace, hundreds of Canadians just vanish from the face of the earth every year, ever wonder where they went?

For The Straight Goods and me personally there were two stories that mattered plus the end of privacy as we know it, the latter story directly connected to the first, the first is the missing plane(s)...A Boeing 777 with all the bells n whistles, GPS, black boxes, satellite links, engines that pulsed out real-time data and location every 15 minutes just vanishes, like our missing Canadians, without a trace.

I read a story

Not that story linked above.

 British officials say hackers in 2015 will be able to and are planning to take complete control of your car`s computers, they`ll have the ability to cause mayhem and havoc galore and that got me to thinking, the missing Boeing 777...That`s what happened, it was hacked into and that`s the big secret airlines and Governments don`t want the public to know about, it could literally destroy the aviation industry..

Sony hacked, Target was hacked, big banks hacked, cell phones hacked, cyber attacks everywhere, how much security in a car`s computer system..Canadian Government`s computers hacked, that Boeing 777, and several other new airplanes that just vanished, I couldn`t put me finger on it as to what the industry was hiding...I believe these plane`s systems were hacked....And the industry is playing Russian Roulette by not informing the public...

Because of spying and complicit compliance by social media I....

Recently closed my Facebook page, not that I used it to socialize or find a friend(Say hello to Emma Regier, Sisters) Facebook for me was a means to post comments and place links under posted articles in the newspaper, Vancouver Sun..The Province and many other newspapers use Facebook for their comment boards..

A not so funny thing has been happening recently when on Facebook, it followed you everywhere, if you visited a website for say back pain, or appliance repairs within a day or two emails would appear, emails that promoted pain relief for sore-backs and or appliance sales, coincidences over and over again, that was bad enough, Facebook was data mining and tracking your every move....

It went further, Facebook and almost all social media sites, plus service providers caved into federal governments in the USA and Canada, they freely handed over any and all information asked of them, well, not doing anything illegal I put up with this invasion of privacy until....Until invasion of privacy turned into these social media entities silencing those who the powers at be didn`t want to be heard, at the whim of those who govern and regulate and police, and by requests of corporations.

Let me clarify, ...CKNW, a rightwing hack radio station...For years and years I battled the likes of Bill Good, Sean Leslie and other radio voices, a regular and well-known caller, in fact Bill Good at one-time described me as an all-star caller, ...Always had very pertinent and usually damaging to the BC Government information to report...4 months before the 2009 provincial election and the 2013 provincial election CKNW banned my phone calls, for political reasons, because the governing BC Liberals who spent plentiful $$$ on advertising, on CKNW, those governing BC Liberals didn`t want me to report damaging to Government information...CKNW obliged, the mighty $dollar and power trumped freedom of speech..

Over time I learned, as many others have learned that depending on what you are saying and who your words may harm freedom of speech is anything but..Persecution, prosecution, denial and SLAAP law suits follow...

Facebook comment boards, to my surprise because of me inserting links to Straight Good`s articles, links to Tyee articles, Norm Farrel articles, links to reports of oil spills, tanker spills, links to devastating articles that harm the powers at be, those powers being Governments and big oil  corporations, also known as advertisers, like Kinder Morgan, CAPP, Enbridge, Suncor ....

To my surprise my Facebook comments were now blocked....Never ever said anything libelous or slanderous, never linked to holocaust denial stories or Luke Magnotta videos....My links slammed energy company`s claims, Government claims, ...So effective and damning my articles and other writer`s words be that the controlling powers asked for and received silence, muting of those truth tellers..Therefore I had no choice but to deactivate my Facebook page....

And that my friends IS the story of the year, the internet is now an open domain, Governments, police, security agencies, hackers, corporations, almost everyone is now watching and monitoring your every online move, what websites, what hours, when, how often, privacy online is fiction, ancient lore, like Dodo birds and Sabertooth tigers privacy is long-gone..

Oh how everything goes full circle, thinking back, old movies where operators physically patched you through to the other party, one phone call at a time, those operators could listen in on any call if they wished, today it is no different, the Government is listening in, their over-arching goal is not security, per se, the security Governments are concerned with protecting is their own political security, stop anyone or anything that can end their grip on power.

I mentioned two stories of the year, internet privacy, gone, now so is innocent interaction between the sexes.

In Garden Bay I cut the cablevision , in Burnaby mom still watches the propagandacasts(cablevision),....Gian Ghomeshi was an animal and deserves a severe beatdown, with luck his prison buddies will oblige, Bill Cosby, the good television doctor and the voice of Fat Albert, both with more money than god, both with ladies offering themselves in full, both deviants, both deserving hardtime behind bars, in Bill Cosby`s case he is too old and can`t spend enough time incarcerated to atone for his sins..

As a strong male presence, don`t know how to address girls anymore, can you say nice dress, like your hair cut, those with legs that don`t end, busting out on top, dresses designed to attract men`s eyes, I`m left with merely giving the other fairer sex a brief smile..

I mentioned television, the station that was airing tonight, ads for Trojan condoms, special condoms, lubrication on the inside for him and different lube on the outside for her(?)...And another real sleazy ad..This ad has a young pretty blonde girl(?)...She talks about how she may look young but she`s actually real experienced, ..Then she says..."Were 18, call us up and come play with us"....A very distasteful ad, using too young girls to entice too old men, money knows no moral high ground, I worry about saying you look nice to smartly dressed ladies while sleazy television pimps still promote heavy breathing and telephone masturbation, money knows no morality...

2014 will go down as the year we lost the last of our innocence....Because of sexual freaks like Bill Cosby and Gian Ghomeshi men like me can`t compliment beautiful ladies for all the hard work they put into to making themselves glitter and shine...We are left with generic you look nice compliments..

And as for the internet, Facebook, Twitter, all service providers have already caved into to powers that be, none of you have any online privacy anymore, your every move is tracked, every website you visit recorded, your emails read, we all are victims of data mining..


 "While it is true that Bill C-13 contains several new warrants that require court approval (albeit with a lower evidentiary standard), what the government fails to acknowledge is that telecom companies and Internet providers already hand over subscriber data hundreds of times every day without court oversight. In fact, newly released data suggests that the companies have established special databases that grant law enforcement quick access to subscriber information without a warrant"


2014....Chivalry gone...innocence no more, privacy a thing of the past, all that`s left is a number and category, deeming you either friend or foe..

Fighting internet privacy bills, stopping legislation giving police or government more access..

That horse left the barn long ago, internet and spying legislation being drafted is merely legalizing what Government and corporations are already doing....Call it After-The-Fact-Legislation..

To all you gorgeous ladies out there, I might not be saying anything but I`m still thinking it, thank you for being beautifully there...And..

Stephen Harper and his Conman Party, Christy Clark and her gang of grifters...May you lying thieving corporate controlled bastards and bitches rot in hell..

Signed...... Foe 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Canada`s Parliament, or a Banana Republic Country Club, No Difference, Democracy is Dead in either House Today

 Written by Robin Mathews


A major Opposition Party with Independent Members of Parliament and/or Members of The Senate; or the Opposition Parties and Independent Members of Parliament and/or Members of The Senate; or a body of Members of Parliament and/or The Senate – self-selected without Party approval; or Members of either place without the other, will act. 

They will ask the Speaker of the House of Commons, Andrew Scheer, M.P., Regina-Qu’Appelle, to announce and to rule in the House of Commons on the following matters in the ways indicated. 

Speaker Scheer will announce to the Members of the House of Commons that from this day forward the following shall be the rule in the House:

 (1) In Question Period he will judge if an answer has been made by a member of government (the majority party) to a question asked ... or if any question asked has been fairly answered. 

If the Speaker judges the question has not been answered fully and fairly, the Speaker, Andrew Scheer, will demand the question be answered and, if denied, will rule that until it is answered to the satisfaction of the questioner and the Speaker no business of the House may go forward.  And/or he will immediately expel - for a significant term - from the House the person questioned, for conduct unbecoming to a Member of the House.

(2) In Question Period, or in discussion of legislation placed before the House, the Speaker will judge if a request for information about any aspect of a Bill presented, or the preparation of such a Bill, or any implication of the Bill whatsoever has been answered, fully and promptly, to the satisfaction of the questioner and the Speaker, Andrew Scheer. If it has not been, the Speaker will rule that until the request for information is fully satisfied no business of the House may go forward. And/or he will immediately expel from the House – for a significant term - the person questioned, for conduct unbecoming to a Member of the House.

(3) In the matter of the presentation of new legislation the Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer, will declare he will no longer accept for consideration by the House the category of legislation presently known as an “Omnibus Bill”.  If such a piece of legislation is presented to the House – in whatever form or guise or under any name whatsoever - for consideration, the Speaker of the House will reject it and demand it be presented piece by piece, in such a way that Members of Parliament may ask questions about all aspects of the matter presented, receive all the information they need to judge its suitability, and be confident they are fully informed about its meaning and its future implications.

During the time that the “Omnibus Bill” is rejected for consideration and the parts of it are being prepared for presentation as they should be, the Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer, will rule that no business of the House may go forward. 

Anyone who asserts that Andrew Scheer may not take up the matter of discipline in the House of Commons as a subject to examine, to shape, and to act upon is saying, in effect, that he must remain a Conservative MP, serving the Conservative Party of Canada and the Stephen Harper cabinet – as he is presently doing.

If the present Speaker of The House of Commons, Andrew Scheer, refuses to accept the responsibilities set out above, saying he does not have precedent to do so, or for any other reason whatsoever, the Members of Parliament and/or The Senate requiring that he act in fair and reasonable fashion will observe that it is the obligation of Speakers to create precedents as they are needed to protect the integrity of the House of Commons, and that the Members of Parliament in question have lost confidence in Andrew Scheer as Speaker of the House and will demand that all business of the House cease until a new Speaker of the House has been elected – one who will fairly assume his/her duties and act to enforce the three powers named above … as well as all of the other powers he/she possesses as Speaker of the House of Commons.

If that body of Canadians, Members of Parliament and/or The Senate, are frustrated in their attempt to free the present Parliament of Canada from the calculated, foul, and malicious actions presently being undertaken to effect a coup d’etat and to erect a fascist dictatorship in Canada, they will undertake new, forceful, imaginative methods to focus on the abuse of Parliament, the brigand actions there, the outrageous breaches of trust that are present practice … until Canadians throughout the country rise up (by whatever means appropriate) against the evil-doers responsible and restore the Parliament of Canada, Canadian Democracy, and the rights and freedoms of the People of Canada.

 Written by R. Mathews.

Christmas Day, December 25, 2014.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christy Clark To Pay OFF BC`s Debt With Liquor Taxes And Funeral Fees

Written By Grant G

All through the house the only creature stirring was a drunken old louse, abusing the children and beating his spouse.

On dancer and prancer who strip on the stage, where liquor is quicker to incite his rage, come after work and spend your hard earned pay, drink is aplenty, slurp a few more, gulp down some shooters then one for the road, happy hour never turns sour so let off a load.

On Yap, On Coleman on Anton too, Christy Clark wants tax revenue from all of you, booze in the barn, golf courses ski hills and flea markets too, bring your children and babies into the bar, remember not to take it too far.

Red lights and sirens light up your mirror as you struggle to steer while hiding the beer, wine is just fine and at every store, pop a cork, click open a can, have a swig, swallow and watch out for the man.

Walking his grandchildren at the crosswalk, never for a moment thinking of clocks, when suddenly point .07 send his children to heaven, On Anton On Coleman On Christy Clark too, resource revenues reduced to so slim, replaced by liquor taxes filled to the brim.

Time and fury as dreaded clocks bury, pictures and memories of children so friendly.

Under the earth, beneath all the rocks, family`s lost souls and human scars, leaves loved ones looking to twinkling stars.

All this deathly insanity for the promotion of bars.


Merry Christmas everyone, take a taxi or drink eggnog...I don`t care what Rich Coleman says, what Christy Clark and Susan Anton say....One can`t drink to .05 ...Liquor doesn`t work that way, alcohol levels are either rising or falling, they don`t just reach that level .05 and stay there..

There will be many wives and children beaten by drunken men this holiday season, violent abusive drunks, other will be slaughtered by drunken drivers, ....Liquor is not some elixir derived by the gods, booze is a mind altering substance that producers and Governments make money from, and those who die be damned..

Lastly, there was an announcement by Susan Anton last Friday...BC Wines will, if small corner stores want to avail themselves of, come April 1st/2015.....All corner stores can sell BC wines, but only BC wines, not hard liquor or American wine, French wine, no beer, only BC Wine..

One might not know why this new change in liquor policy was implemented, and when, it was announced on a Friday, the week of the health worker`s firing phony review release, the week of the Site C dam build announcement...Take out the trash Friday..

The reason for this liquor change, allowing BC wine and only BC wine in corner stores everywhere...Is Because the BC Government quietly changed the taxation rate on BC wines, wine producers were furious, in fact a representative from BC`s wine producing interior was on CKNW two months ago complaining...I remember laughing at the segment...

The man said to Simi Sara that "BC`s finance ministry must have made a mistake, surely they wouldn`t have raised tax on BC wine from 51% to 67%"...The man said, surely the BC Liberals will fix this error before April 1st/2015...I had to laugh..

The BC Liberals heard the complaints, Christy Clark heard the complaints from her Kelowna wine producing constituents, ....And to appease the BC wine producers on December 19th/2014 Susan Anton announced that grocery stores can now sell BC wine only(if they want)

The new higher taxation on BC wine...a previously $20 dollar bottle of BC wine will rise to $23 dollars....A previously $100 dollar bottle of BC wine will rise to $130 dollars...

For me raising the tax on BC Wine while simultaneously increasing BC wine exposure is insulting, and with the very little amount of wine buying I do...Rest assured not $1 dollar will be spent on domestic.

These BC Liberals want booze everywhere, gambling everywhere and sin taxes everywhere, Christy Clark and the Liberals have failed with forestry, fishing, tourism and energy policies, have driven British Columbia to the brink of bankruptcy, the only thing these Harper Conservatives disguised as BC Liberals can do successfully is promote booze, gambling and regressive taxation.

A boozy Merry Christmas from Christy Clark...Susan Anton, Rich Coleman, John Yap..

P.S....If you do indulge and partake in spirits....Please don`t drive.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Monday, December 22, 2014

Stephen Harper Lies To His Conservative Base And Lies To All Canadians(updated, December 22/2014)

 Updated here, December 22/2014......Exactly what The Straight Goods and The Powell River Persuader reported October 31/2014.....Stephen Harper is a Bald-Faced LIAR....Stephen Harper promised Canada`s wealthiest people income splitting tax cuts as soon as the budget was balanced or in surplus..

Stephen Harper made his tax cut/income splitting announcement nearly 2 months ago... Stephen Harper the disgusting habitual lying Conservative made income splitting retroactive to this current fiscal year...That being 2014/2015....Well it has been confirmed today that Canada in in deficit, the Federal Conservative Government is running a $2 billion dollar deficit for this current year, and...Canada would not be in deficit for this current fiscal year if income splitting for Canada`s wealthy wasn`t made retroactive to the current fiscal year...

So, Stephen Harper the lying Conservative hiding in a closet coward is adding $billions to Canada`s debt, all to put borrowed money in the RICH voter`s hand before the next federal election....

Here is the proof that Stephen Harper is an effing loser and LIAR..


The Conservative government’s recent tax cuts have added $1.6-billion to the deficit so far this year, but Ottawa remains on track to post a smaller deficit than the year before

Finance Canada released monthly tracking figures for Ottawa’s bottom line on Monday that show the federal government posted a $3.2-billion deficit in October, in contrast to a $2.5-billion deficit in October, 2013. The report said this reflects a $1.6-billion downward adjustment to revenues based on the year-to-date impact of two personal income tax cuts announced that month that were effective immediately: income-splitting for families with children under 18 – which the government calls the Family Tax Cut – 

Over the first seven months of the fiscal year that started April 1, the federal deficit stood at $3.95-billion, a significant improvement over the $12.8-billion deficit recorded between April and October of 2013. However the figure is $1-billion higher than the government’s stated target of posting a $2.9-billion deficit this year. 

Monthly deficit and revenue figures can fluctuate significantly.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government announced several tax cuts this fall

The government also announced a two-year tax credit for small businesses in September.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s Nov. 12 fiscal update indicated that the expected cost of all of these measures will be $3.2-billion this year, $5-billion next year and then slightly less than $5-billion-a-year going forward. 

The update also indicated that the government expects a deficit of $2.9-billion this year, meaning the package of tax cuts announced this fall had the effect of moving Ottawa from a projected surplus to a projected deficit

The government is projecting a $1.6-billion surplus in 2015-16. The Prime Minister recently insisted that the surplus will be achieved even with lower oil prices, which have a negative impact on federal revenues.

below is The Straight Goods article highlighting what an habitual liar Stephen Harper is...Can you imagine any normal leader, a prime minister who would add $billions to Canada`s national debt to hand more money to Canada`s richest demographic...Only a deranged loser would do that...

Stephen Harper was crystal clear when he said in 2011....and I quote.."A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the Government returns to balanced budgets"

News flash, the budget isn`t balanced, we are in deficit this fiscal year and will be in deficit next year, so how does it feel, having a prime minister who is adding $billions to Canada`s debt to give money to his wealthy friends...Canadians having to pay $millions and millions of dollars in interest payments so the rich get richer!!!

Stephen Harper is the lowest form of slime, the worst prime minister in Canada`s history..


 Written by Grant G

Stephen Harper in 2011 promised income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced, so why has Canada`s mainstream media fallen asleep and not reported Stephen Harper`s latest betrayal and whopper lie?

Stephen Harper has slashed the income splitting measures he promised Canadians, when Harper proposed income splitting on the condition of a balanced budget in 2011 the benefit was supposed to amount to a $7000,00 yearly benefit....That benefit has been capped at $2000,00 yearly benefit, those who qualify(which I certainly don`t qualify for by a country mile) will now have to collect that benefit for 4 years to see that $7000,00 dollars, clearly that is a blatant lie..

Let me be clear, I totally disagree with income splitting, it rewards only15% of the population, that would be the wealthiest 15% of Canadians, the one group that needs no financial assistance, story after story about the growing gap between the haves and the have nots, medium income in 2014 is 17% dollars less than it was in 1970, and that`s not even adjusted for inflation...

Those who won`t qualify is separated parents, single parents, gay parents, only extremely wealthy will qualify and how shameful is Canada`s media, they all know that income splitting helps only the wealthy, every newscast I listened and read made the assertion that by lowering the income splitting benefit from $7000,00 to $2000,00 makes it all better, they claim that amount of money($2000,00) is hardly worth mentioning, ...Those statements show how completely out of touch with the majority of Canadians they are, how they only represent the corporate and well-to-do demographic..!

Not only will the wealthy get $2000,00 dollars they will also receive increased child benefits too.

No increase for those with disabilities, no increase to a meager old age Canada pension, Stephen Harper is raising the eligibility threshold to collect OAS to 67 years of age, 2 years longer for us peasants to collect that meager pension...

Stephen Harper stated in 2011 that income splitting would only come in when the budget is balanced, no sooner, no later...

I have a question for Stephen Harper....If Canada falls back into deficit will this income splitting measure be cancelled?

A bold headline atop this Straight Goods article, perhaps you are wondering what the other big whopper lie is?, what did Stephen Harper say in 2011...

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced" snip

I have a newsflash for all you Canadians reading this story...The budget is not balanced this year, it may be balanced and or in surplus next year(do to the deliberate timeline delay on every multi-$billion dollar military procurement, from jets to helicopters to transport vehicles and particularly those photo-op ship building contracts announced in 2011, not one piece of steel has been cut, no monies handed out, zip, zoodle, nada, not a damn red cent..

And perhaps you doubters of The Straight Good`s assertion are wondering why I`m saying the budget isn`t balanced...

It wasn`t me that said the 2014 budget isn`t balanced, Stephen Harper said it yesterday during his nauseating tax cut/income splitting photo-op...

Stephen Harper took a handful of questions...A Bloomberg reporter asked the 4th question...

"Sir what is your outlook for the budget balance with these cuts in place, do you have any concerns about eliminating the surplus you budgeted for this year"

Stephen Harper answered...and I quote......

"We didn`t budget a surplus for this year, we`re planning on running a deficit this year 2014/ 2015....It`s next year 2015 2016 we`re planning a surplus..We`re not planning on advancing that, we are budgeting to run a small deficit this year and a small surplus next year" snip

This income splitting is retroactive to this year, a year which is in deficit!!!!! remember this statement from Harper..

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced"  Stephen Harper snip

So here`s the deal, here is the elephant in the room that all the mainstream media missed...

Stephen Harper is borrowing money against our Canadian accounts to advance monies to his Conservative base, that`s right folks, Stephen Harper is borrowing money, adding to Canada`s debt to give money to the wealthiest people in Canada...

Stephen Harper is a liar, he said no income splitting until the budget is balanced, Harper`s own words prove him to once again be a bald-faced LIAR

Those want to see the smoking gun this video courtesy of CPAC(Canadian public affairs channel)

The question and offending answer comes just past the 27 minute mark in the above link, ..It`s Stephen Harper`s answer to the question from the Bloomberg reporter .....

How come no one in the mainstream media is reporting on this Stephen Harper lie, the budget isn`t balanced for 2014/2015...Therefore Harper is lying to all Canadians...Harper is adding to Canada`s debt to give the richest among us more walking around money..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, December 19, 2014

Enbridge Spills 56,700 Gallons of OIL, and Attempts To Conceal the Information From the Public?(breaking)



Enbridge Line 4 spills 56,700-gallons of oil, causing closure of pipeline to U.S.


The Vancouver Observer has confirmed that Enbridge has spilled another huge amount of crude oil..

The most disturbing part of this report is....It appears that Enbridge was not going to report this massive oil spill in Saskatchewan as the spill was within the confines of an Enbridge pumping station grounds...

Evidence is pointing to an Enbridge employee, a whistleblower who tipped the Vancouver Observer to this oil spilling event..

The spill has now been confirmed by Enbridge..


The day began for at The Vancouver Observer yesterday with an email allegedly from an "Enbridge Inc. engineer" who wrote that the spill was massive and that the scope of it remained unreported.
"We just had another massive oil leak on December 17 from our Line 4 oil
pipelines in our Regina Terminal. This has not been made fully public yet," the alleged hacker wrote

Dubious of the identity of the source, a reporter called the number listed on the contact form.  The man who answered said it was his account, he was the person in question, but he had not written the email. His account was being hacked, he said, and it was not the first time. 

The alleged hacker contacted the Vancouver Observer about the spill twice yesterday through the website's "contact us" form.  The IP address points to an Enbridge server.
We have not yet been able to confirm if the impacts of the spill are worse than the company has revealed.

"Air monitoring is being conducted and levels are well within safety limits. Enbridge first responders with clean-up and response equipment are on-site and expect the cleanup of free product to be completed tomorrow," the company's official statement said.

"Immediately upon Enbridge's confirmation of the release, the pipeline and pumping station were shut down. Assessments have confirmed that the release occurred entirely within the facility, and that all product is contained on-site in designated catchment areas. All regulatory, municipal and provincial officials have been notified".

 Initial estimates place the volume of the release at approximately 1,350 barrels (subject to change).

"A complete investigation into the incident is being conducted. We are committed to the goal of reaching zero spills and will thoroughly investigate the incident for lessons learned. At this time there is no estimate for the re-start of Line 4. Enbridge has notified shipper clients and will work with them to mitigate any impacts to deliveries."




The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and C.D. Howe`s Ominous Warning

 Written by Grant G

Sometimes articles appear out of nowhere and all one can do is shake your head in disbelief.

British Columbians should make health care contributions now to avoid $384 billion shortfall: report

BC`s LNG fantasy is a complete and total bust but even IF Christy Clark`s preposterous claims came true, even if her LNG revenue claims were correct who knew that those grandiose predictions of a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, elimination of BC`s debt($80 billion not counting contractual obligations) monies for infrastructure, northern communities, money for First Nations, even the possibility of eliminating our BC sales tax...Who knew that even if all that money flowed into British Columbia`s coffers over the next 35 years it wouldn`t even cover our provincial healthcare looming shortfall!

Oh indeed, what this article is saying in not so many words is....Canada is broke, British Columbia is broke and that taxation for the masses will rise exponentially regardless of what economic activity takes place..

This scenario is being painted by the rightwing organization known as the C. D. Howe institute...Their claim is British Columbia, a province that has about 1/10th of Canada`s population is 384 $billion dollars short on healthcare funding over the next 50 years, and that a new funding/taxing model must be created to avert the demise of the Canada heath act, ..

C. D. Howe claims that taxes for the rubes would have to rise by 70% percent to head off this crises, the institute suggests either payroll taxes be increased as one option, but prefers the creation of a new contribution regime similar to Canada pension, a new fund directed at healthcare costs..

Clearly we know that the C D Howe institute, like the Fraser Institute speaks for the Stephen Harper Government, ...Jack Mintz, Alberta`s renown economist, the author of the HST, the tax Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals shoved down British Columbia`s throat after the 2009 provincial election...A tax that would have taken roughly $2 billion dollars out of ordinary BCers hands every year and put that money into the hands of the corporations...

Jack Mintz is the C D Howe institute..

Jack Mintz bio
Jack Mintz is a Fellow-in-Residence at the
C.D. Howe Institute and also holds the
Palmer Chair in Public Policy, University of Calgary. He was the President and CEO of
the C. D. Howe Institute 


In the C. D. Howe article that appeared yesterday in the Vancouver Sun, ...This rightwing Stephen Harper advising institute rules out other means of funding this massive near $400 billion dollar British Columbia healthcare shortfall...C D Howe rules out any increases in Federal transfers from Ottawa, ...C. D. Howe rules out any increase in corporate taxes...

Only taxing individuals, the little people must pay....The article is hilarious in a scary way, it`s British Columbia specific yet we aren`t much different than most of Canada and at 1/10th of Canada`s population one can surmise, deduce, extrapolate that Canada must be short that British Columbia number times 10....Meaning Canada as a whole over the next 50 years must be short in healthcare funding a staggering $4 trillion dollars ....$4 trillion dollars short on healthcare funding...

C. D. Howe talks about aging baby boomers, but their article spans the next 50 years, no mention of year 51, I guess magically in 51 years everyone is suddenly young, or perhaps have developed gills and swimming abilities in order to cope with our new water world, I`m not sure..

50 years from now even the teenagers of today will be old men, old woman...chasing 70 years of age, C. D. Howe ....The way the article is presented Canada`s population is and will be permanently old and...Sickly, needing massive amounts of expensive healthcare.

This is the shot across the bow from Stephen Harper and our rightwing Harper junior farm team BC Liberals..More average Joe Taxation is coming, healthcare shortages guaranteed, healthcare transfer payments from Ottawa to provinces slashed and the creation of two tier medicine, good quality care for the wealthy and first-aid kits for the rest...

Stephen Harper has already promised to reduce healthcare transfer payment increases from Ottawa to provinces starting in 2017 to the rate of inflation which everyone knows is always kept artificially very low, energy, housing costs and other essential life staples removed from the equation..Kept artificially very low..

C. D. Howe rejects any and all federal transfer payment increases, C D Howe rejects any raising of corporate taxes to pay for this looming money shortfall...Jack Mintz, Stephen Harper`s favorite economist, his go to guy for advise and spin...

Funny how C D Howe didn`t call for cancelling income splitting for Canada`s wealthy, to put that $5 billion per year cost of this niche tax cut for the wealthy into a healthcare fund...50 years and that money just from the niche income splitting tax cut would accrue $250 billion dollars, 1/4 of a $trillion dollars, and that`s without that money accruing interest, in the right fund who knows how much money that niche income splitting tax cut money could garner..

And let us be perfectly clear, Jack Mintz is Stephen Harper`s advising economist, thus making C. D. Howe the rightwing institute that guides Stephen Harper`s every economic maneuver..

Here is Jack Mintz praising Stephen Harper`s niche income splitting tax cut for the wealthy..


 "As another economist, Calgary's Jack Mintz, argues, the Harper policy is desirable because "The purpose of income splitting is to treat more equally families of different types under the income tax system. Single-earner families bear more tax than dual-earner families."


One must read between the tea leaves, C. D. Howe obviously doesn`t believe one word of Christy Clark and the BC Liberal`s grandiose revenue promises associated with LNG...C D Howe obviously doesn`t believe a single word out of Stephen Harper and his Conservative party`s mouth either, all their bluster about Canada being the economic envy of the world, we can`t afford home mail delivery and now we can`t afford healthcare....C. D. Howe is lining us regular indebted Canadians up against the wall and is preparing our future as taxation peasants..Preparing us to accept less and less while paying more and more.

Stephen Harper has already announced that healthcare funding transfers from Ottawa are on the way down as of 2017...C. D. Howe, Harper`s go to rightwing thinktank has ruled out transfer payment increases to fund healthcare`s funding shortfall, ruled out increases in corporate taxation, and at the same time Jack Mintz, C. D. Howe institute and Stephen Harper and his Conservative party are applauding and defending tax cuts for Canada`s already wealthy..

That C. D. Howe authored article posted in the rightwing Vancouver Sun newspaper and its implications should scare all Canadians, C. D. Howe is not some fly by night outfit, they have more than just Stephen Harper`s ear, they own Stephen Harper`s oily corporate soul, C. D. Howe Institute is dictating Stephen Harper`s every economic move..

Have a close look at Stephen Harper`s new Canada....No mail delivery...A police state..A petro state..A war-monger country who doesn`t even care for its broken down soldiers...A land where clean water, wildlife and working eco-systems are merely impediments blocking the movement of dirty tar oil from Alberta, healthcare and pensions being razed, while simultaneously cutting taxes on the corporate and well-to-do....The 5% percent being handed everything at the expense of all others..

Welcome To Stephen Harper-Land

 British Columbians should make health care contributions now to avoid $384 billion shortfall: report

Written by Grant G 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Site C Dam and A Failed LNG Gambit Combined To Win the 2017 Election

Written by Grant G 

Christy Clark last week said to Bloomberg.....and I quote


"British Columbia will prioritize LNG over a proposed hydroelectric dam, the C$8.5 billion Site C project, if labor estimates show it will put LNG projects at a disadvantage in securing workers, Clark said. The power project can probably go ahead when the government decides on it by the end of 2014, she said. 

“LNG is our priority in British Columbia and we don’t need to do Site C in order to fuel up the LNG industry,” Clark said, adding she ran for office on a pledge to establish the sector.

 “Hopefully, we will find a way to do both, but if it’s one or the other, I’m choosing LNG.”


 There it is in a nut-shell, nobody could retain any credibility if they said anything but the below statements...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals LNG revenue promises turned to dust....

Christy Clark`s jobs plan and LNG job numbers never materialized, all hype, spin and bluster, a complete and utter failure...

BC Liberal`s singular obsession of developing an LNG export industry at any cost failed on all counts, it also embarrassed, humiliated and placed British Columbia at the bottom of the grovelling barrel..

 Those above statements will not be heard in the mainstream media, those are my quotes, accurate and what this column is all about..

Site C....I have several points to make on the issue of Site C...

First off, if we actually needed the power, Site C is a much better option than a dozen run of river projects buggering up eco-systems all around the province, Site C limits the damage to one area, albeit a large area and yes I do hear the concerns of First Nations and the people of the Peace River Valley and Hudson Hope..

Run of river projects in the long-term would cost much more money.

My 2 biggest concerns about Site C are ....There is no compelling proof presented that British Columbia actually needs this power, the BC Liberals refuse to let the BCUC or any other group of impartial professionals look at this proposal, the reason the BC Liberals refuse access to the BCUC and other analysts is because they know what conclusions would be arrived...There is no need for this power, we already have a glut of power ...and every single year old appliances, old TVs are replaced with new technology that consumes less electricity, ...Site C dam cost will be borne by BC Hydro users, average bills will rise an additional 30% to cover interest payments on the enormous cost, this too will result in even more domestic/residential energy conservation thus creating an even larger excess energy gulch.

A perpetuating problem, keep cranking up BC Hydro ratepayer`s cost thus driving Hydro customers to use even less power...We have seen this picture play out on BC Ferries...Forget about the little fuel surcharge the BC Liberals just removed, it won`t drive any more traffic to BC Ferry..

BC Ferry rates over the last 8 years have driven life-long customers away, to other jurisdictions, ridership on BC Ferries has dropped to 1991 levels, BC`s population has grown by 600,000 people since 1991 and ferry traffic has collapsed, ferry rates have driven down BC Ferry traffic, RV traffic and those who trailer boats have fled to cheaper jurisdictions, money talks and bullshit walks...unfortunately for BC Ferries those boaters and RV crowd have migrated to less expensive cities and countries to spend ever shrinking vacation $dollars.

BC Ferry rates don`t need to be frozen they need to be slashed in 50% or more, and even with that move it will takes years to bring back our traditional customers...Unfortunately the BC Liberals will never make that move, two reasons why, they are clueless as to how to run an economy and coastal ridings have rejected the BC Liberals in election after election, for Christy Clark and her petty politics this has become personal..

Back to Site C dam...If the BC Liberals continue to increase BC Hydro rates customers will start sitting in the dark, conservation will be the order of the day, ..BC Liberals will raise hydro rates, customers will use less and less, resulting in an even larger glut of electrical power...

BC Hydro, a corporation already, before Site C has one shovel in the ground is already $10 billion dollars in debt, after Site C ...BC Hydro will have a debt of $20 billion dollars..interest on that debt will be nearly $1 billion per year..

If the BC Liberals want to add to British Columbia`s debt by $10 billion dollars they need to raise the provincial sales tax to pay for it..The PST must rise province wide to 8%...Everyone must pay, corporate taxes must be raised, residential customers can`t afford higher rates.

To be clear, everyone who has a BC Hydro account or uses electricity knows what`s coming in the way of billing...I guarantee that the Translink funding referendum will fail, I will be voting no...The lower mainland already is paying steep costs for toll bridges...$1500 to $2000 per year per driver using the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridge..

Plus the GVRD is paying another 10 plus cents per litre on fuel to the GVRD pays Translink money out of their property taxes..Over $400 dollars per year for 1 home in Burnaby...Plus there is a Translink levy on BC Hydro bills...Every BC Hydro user in the lower mainland knows what`s coming, a huge rate increase for BC Hydro power,  to pay for Site C...Thus the Translink referendum will fail, there is only so much blood contained within a stone.

The whole province needs to pay for Site C and Translink,...A province wide increase in our PST to 8%...or 8-1/2 %...combined with an increase in corporate taxes.

Vancouver and BC`s southern suburbs are near the most expensive jurisdictions in the world to live in now...A big hydro increase will only add to that burden.

However...If one looks at the top of this post, Christy Clark told Bloomberg in New York that if it was a choice between Site C dam and LNG she was choosing LNG...And a week later the BC Liberals announce that Site C is going ahead...

Clearly this is an ominous sign that LNG ain`t happening, LNG is dead, the export market collapsed, these big LNG energy companies are asking the Federal Government to allow big-time tax write-offs... Ottawa, especially with oil`s price collapse is in no position to offer multi-billion dollar tax cuts, credits and refunds to energy companies spending large in foreign countries..

Furthermore, the profit margin in LNG has withered away to nothing...Winter cargoes for LNG deliveries in Asia has collapsed...Winter cargoes, not summer but winter cargoes, ...Less than $10 per BTU...Best case scenario for BC LNG export break-even costs are $12 to $13 dollars per BTU..

Platts: Asian January spot LNG prices plummet | LNG World News

"The marker dipped below $10/MMBtu for the first time since the week of the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. The JKM for January delivery bottomed at $9.90/MMBtu on assessment date December 1, before rebounding to end the month at $10.00/MMBtu.
The January average JKM had lost 19.4% in month-over-month comparisons as a result, as buyers waited on the sidelines for prices to bottom."


Christy Clark`s jobs plan has been a complete failure...LNG has been a total failure too...Site C dam.

BC Liberal`s desperation ploy....Site C  peak construction may reach 3500 to 4000 jobs, up north jobs, jobs that will be ongoing through the 2017 provincial election...Photo-ops aplenty coming, a BC Liberal very expensive job creation election strategy....Well, so much for the free-market, the private sector...Site C is actually Socialism...maybe even definitely isn`t what the BC Liberals have been preaching for the last decade....It`s not the private sector driving B.C.`s economy..

The bill for BC Hydro users will be enormous, if the bill is not enormous BC Hydro....BC Hydro is being primed, indebted and being readied for a sale...Thus handing over to the private sector all of BC`s electricity, consumers would be held hostage...No doubt the BC Liberals would absorb most of if not all of BC Hydro`s debt, put BC Hydro`s debt on the provincial Government`s books before selling off our once prime asset...Definitely plausible...BC Hydro will have a $20 billion dollar debt, British Columbia`s debt in 2001 was a mere $28 billion dollars, BC Hydro`s debt in 2001 was zero...In just over a decade British Columbia`s debt will have risen to $80 billion not counting P3`s and IPP long-term contracts and obligations($190 billion all in, not counting Site C debt) and BC Hydro debt rising from zero in 2001 to $20 billion dollars by 2020...

And still our BC Media promotes the lie that BC Liberals are great economic managers?...Compared to who...Enron..Bernie Madoff....Bear Stearns..

If Christy Clark and the BC Liberals were really convinced that LNG was coming, that LNG was lucrative, that LNG was a $trillion dollar boon to British Columbia Site C dam costs would be put on the BC Government`s account ledger...But it isn`t, these BC Liberals are saddling BC Hydro with massive debt....This is very telling that these BC Liberals won`t put Site C debt on the Government`s debt ledger, clearly our provincial Government knows that LNG riches they promised during the last election are off the table

LNG in British Columbia is dead for at least a decade, probably forever.

This Site C gambit is about being able to post job gains for the north in the lead-up to the next provincial election....Don`t be surprised if Site C dam construction is postponed until the summer of 2016...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are using Site C as an election gambit, and using Site C to change the channel and stall criticism on a failed LNG strategy..

Canadians thought Dalton McGuinty spending $1 billion dollars on a gas plant cancellation strategy to win an election was a massive waste of taxpayer`s money, if not a criminal act..

Ontario has nothing on our BC Liberals....Indeed..

Try $15 billion dollars after interest payments to win an election.

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide open

Monday, December 15, 2014

Alaska`s Killer Salmon Shark and Captain Stephen Brown the Bold Faced Liar

A gorgeous documentary on Alaska and Northern BC`s coast...

The scenery is stunning, nature in the raw, exciting, horrifying, informative..

Salmon...Sharks...Birds...Otters...Clean pristine water..

Click the above video..45 minutes in paradise, popcorn and twizzlers not included.

Before you watch the video..

3 stories caught the persuader`s eyes today....The first story...That Orca whale that died, the member of our southern pod...The autopsy revealed she was starved for food...In other words she died of starvation...That is not a good sign for British Columbia waters..

The second story of note angered me....A member of BC`s marine shipping industry in an op-ed piece made the outrageous claim that an Exxon Valdez type oil spill is impossible today, couldn`t happen today,....!

Such ludicrous statements make the article unfit for the bottom of a bird cage...Who would of thought a modern BC Ferry with all the modern navigation equipment could run into an island...Supertankers lose power all the time, lose propulsion, lose steering.

Stephen Brown...  president of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia is not only a bold-faced liar and conman, he can`t back up his statement, and if a supertanker wrecked on BC`s coast he wouldn`t have one red cent to contribute to the clean up...Stephen Brown needs to be jailed for deliberately propagating dangerous misinformation to the public at large...

I won`t waste any more time on one with vested interest, one who won`t risk one dollar of his own money....Go stick a pipeline up your arse yourself Stephen Brown...

The third story that caught my eye is dedicated to Capt Stephen Brown...


Catastrophe': Oil Spill at Bangladesh World Heritage Site

Fears of long-lasting ecological damage at a UNESCO World Heritage site are mounting following a massive oil spill into a river in Bangladesh.

The disaster began early Tuesday last week when an empty vessel struck a tanker carrying an estimated 92,500 gallons of oil, causing the fuel-filled vessel to capsize in the Shela River. That waterway is part of the biodiverse-rich Sundarbans, the world's largest contiguous mangrove forest and home to the endangered Bengal tiger and Ganges and Irawadi dolphins. An area next to the river is designated as a dolphin sanctuary.

A forest official said Saturday that the spilled furnace oil had spread to an estimated 300 to 350sq kilometers through the mangrove's network of waterways. Hundreds of fishermen in the area are attempting to clean up the oil with pots, pans and sponges, Agence France-Presse reports. The area's chief forest official Amir Hossain told the news agency Thursday that there were "no coordinated efforts to tackle the disaster," and said the air in the area was toxic.

The spill could be "the largest catastrophe to have happened in this fragile mangrove ecosystem," Monirul Khan, a zoology professor of Dhaka’s Jahangirnagar University, told AFP. "It’s going to cause a long term damage to the forest," he said, adding that the impact could be worse than that of the deadly 2007 cyclone.

Media reports add that environmentalists have long sounded alarm about the risks of using the Shela River to transport such cargo.

Ecology and biodiversity researcher Pavel Partha told the Dhaka Tribune Tuesday that the dolphins "will soon find breathing hard because the thick layer of oil over the river water will reduce the level of dissolved oxygen."

On Sunday, a potential dolphin victim emerged. The Dhaka Tribune published  a photo of a dead dolphin floating in a canal off the Shela River, though an autopsy has yet to confirm the death was the result of the oil spill.

Dhaka University botany department Professor Abul Bashar warned of inaction, telling Bangladesh's bdnews24 Monday: "The effect on various species of trees and animals will be visible after at least three generations."

Stephen Brown is a godamn idiot, human beings make mistakes, ships breakdown, storms come up out of nowhere, plus there are potential terrorist threats, even Captains committing suicide after deliberately wrecking their vessels, spewing their toxic cargoes..

Captain Stephen Brown needs to write a formal retraction and take back his lies...but he won`t..

Enjoy the film..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Stephen Harper`s Walk In the Snow, No, Stephen Harper Being Thrown Face First Into a Snowbank

Been saying it for the last 18 months.....Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister of Canada..

The only question left to be decided is whether it will be a majority Government or minority..

If one believes Forum`s latest poll it would be a majority Government.

2 other Federal polls were recently released....A Leger poll and an Ekos poll..

In each poll Justin Trudeau leads...

Stephen Harper has been attacking Justin Trudeau for over 2 years, the CPC has spent $millions of dollars trying to tear down Justin Trudeau.

I find it very interesting, I mentioned that the Conservative Party of Canada(CPC) has been running election style attack ads on CKNW...The target of these attack ads is Justin Trudeau, the message, how great Stephen Harper`s economic record is and how wonderful income splitting for the rich be..

These ads personally turn me off...I hate attack ads, especially when the writ hasn`t been officially dropped and only one party is sniping....

According to the Forum poll Stephen Harper has attack ads running on radio in heavy rotation from coast to coast and like me..


"In addition, the Conservatives have radio ads attacking the Liberal leader in heavy rotation, and our findings show that these ads actually increase Justin`s popularity, and attract recruits to the Liberal party" said Forum


I agree with that statement, with Stephen Harper`s ugly record glaring at all Canadians, how Harper has disrespected the Supreme Court, muzzled scientists, shit on veterans, won`t enhance pensions and is planning on dismantling the Canada Health Act, not to mention taking away Canada post home mail delivery, ..Not standing up for Canadian workers...A foreign policy that has embarrassed Canada, knuckle-dragging approach to climate issues ....And of course his unholy alliance with all things oily and tarry...

Especially since Canada is now back in deficits with oil`s sharp decline...All eggs in one basket syndrome, also known as Dutch Disease..Canadians drowning in debt, record debt for average Joes while the wealthy get handed more and more money, Stephen Harper adding to Canada`s national debt so he can hand over more money to the top 5%, to Canada`s already wealthy..!

And to be clear, I think Thomas Mulcair is a pretty good guy, however Mulcair couldn`t capture the electorate, unless you are in a NDP stronghold riding like Burnaby with Kennedy Stewart you should vote Liberal.

One must vote for Justin Trudeau`s team if one wants the evil habitual lying control freak Stephen Harper punted out of office, power removed..

Harper`s attack ads are falling on deaf ears, he`s a one-trick pony ruler, nasty, rude and completely bonkers, hasn`t a clue how to govern, Harper doesn`t understand Canada, he only sees Canada through the lens of an oil executive`s son ....Harper`s believes if he spends enough money advertising he can change the narrative, he can`t, over the last 5 years Harper has wasted nearly $1 billion dollars on suspect government of Canada ads, pushing his agenda, pimping his gooey black tar, threatening British Columbians..

Justin Trudeau now has over 300,000 members who have joined his federal party, more than 150,000 more than Harper`s party...I too plan on putting my name behind Justin Trudeau`s party..

Justin Trudeau has a beautiful family, and I believe that Trudeau is not hard-wired into any ideology, not bought and controlled by the corporation, he`s already very wealthy.

Justin Trudeau wants to turn Canada back into the science leading nation it once was...Back into a world leader on ideas and peace-keeping, wants to restore Canada`s reputation abroad, it won`t be easy, Stephen Harper is a pariah and has shamed Canada, blackened our eyes.

I was no fan of Brian Mulroney and voted against him and his party`s policies but the visceral hatred I and most Canadians have towards Stephen Harper and his nasty trained seals is beyond compare.

In a recent posting Montreal Simon asks the question...."What would you tell Stephen Harper if he tried to shake your hand"

I couldn`t answer that question,  wouldn`t shake Harper`s hand, like to punch him in the nose, I know violence solves nothing but there is no reasoning with asshole dictators like Stephen Harper...He`s a nasty piece of lying garbage, a control freak, a law-breaker, he`s surrounded himself time and time again with known felons like Bruce Carson, paid these thieves plenty of money, taxpayer`s money paying Harper`s thieving friends..

Stephen Harper has cheated elections, engaged in deliberate vote tampering, deliberately has strove to disenfranchise voters, to scare away every other party`s voter, and so many more personal attacks on Democracy, privacy and human rights.

Stephen Harper is a petulant little boy, he needs to bent over and have his rear end paddled, needs to be treated like a child, sent to his room for a long time out..

We have lost half the animal species on earth over the last 30 years through environmental degradation by industry and Stephen Harper ignores this, Stephen Harper cares about nothing but the promotion of oil and his archaic religious beliefs, that being rapture and salvation for him and his cabal, a trip to never never land, a one way heavenly journey to the promised land..

Stephen Harper you will be going on a one way journey....

Straight to hell

I can`t wait for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

If these results were projected up to seats in the current 308 seat Parliament, the Liberals would take a nine seat majority of 164, to just 109 seats for the Conservatives. The NDP would take only 34 seats, while the Green Party would retain leader Elizabeth May's seat. In a first time finding, the Bloc Quebecois would take no seats in Parliament. These projections stand in contrast to a hung Parliament seen last month (Liberals - 124 seats, Conservatives - 125 seats).

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Comfortable Liberal majority seen if election held today

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Comfortable Liberal majority seen if election held today

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

John Horgan.--The Straight Goods

Written by Grant G

Herding cats, compelling a diverse and widely varied in opinions caucus to come together as one, as united is at times as difficult as herding cats...

Corporations, CAPP, Kinder Morgan...Stephen Harper`s unholy alliance with all things oily and tarry, Christy Clark`s incestuous relationship with the industrial hard-hat, media outlets like the Vancouver Sun..The Province..Global TV..CKNW radio...

Propaganda on levels that would make Herr Joseph Goebbels

Oil..Pipelines..LNG...Coal....Raw logs...

The gullible public has been so inundated with industrial resource extraction propaganda that many feel life as a British Columbian or Canadian is over if one doesn`t cede all control and life direction to the all mighty corporate extractors.

Candice Malcolm of the Ontario Taxpayer`s Federation recently wrote a book called "Generation screwed"...

The gist of her book is that the people born today, and Millennials are screwed because of the amount of debt governments have amassed by offering healthcare, pensions and social programs...

Before I get into this post I wanted to touch on Candice`s book premise...When I was a boy, I remember watching political shows out of the USA, in these Sunday boring shows the argument ensued, one person representing the pro-side another person representing the anti-side...They talked about the looming healthcare crunch, the looming social benefits crunch, how the numbers and math didn`t add up, how all these services will come to an end because of unaffordability..

That was 40 years ago....Today, 2014...British Columbia is $190 billion in debt...Ontario $400 billion in debt..Canada Federal Government, counting pension obligations $2 trillion dollars in debt...Europe, counting pension obligations $30 trillion dollars in debt....The USA, counting medicare and other benefits...$80 trillion dollars in debt..

Forget about generation screwed, these debts will never be paid off, that much money doesn`t exist in the world...The banks too..They have wagered $700 trillion dollars worth of derivative bets..on everything, on $dollars, interest rates, on the colour of grass, on soy bean futures, on pig bellies, on fish sticks..

This money is imaginary, merely pixels on a computer screen, interest rates will stay down forever, what Government wouldn`t fall flat on their face if interest rates rose to 10% for Governments..

The point I am getting at is one day when this fiat money is outlawed, all debts are off, as in all bets are off, debt forgiveness will be the order of the day...Africa, imagine if Africa or Haiti could borrow a $trillion dollars and not have to pay it back, schools, healthcare and life itself could be lifted, slums and shanty towns razed, replaced with clean water, sewage treatment and modest modern dwellings..

Money today...Actually...Debt today is used as a control measure, a way of keeping the public in line, one must work that hamster wheel and pay off that debt..Work, toil, grind away for 50 years then die, next, next, next while the robber barons live in the lap of luxury, bathing in their buckets of fiat money..

Michael Campbell, a failed economist, now a huckster, a swindler, a peddler of paper product, junk on a stick, food of the gawd damn stupid...Who wins in the market, no one, only the big robber barons,..Fees, percentages, deductions, swapping, trading and timing the market...All these snake oil elixir salesmen on radio and TV wanting nothing but to pass on their expertise and make you a millionaire...

Back to the fear mongering from our federal Conservative government, fear mongering from our corporate controlled media...Scaring the bejesus out of everyone that resource extraction is the one and only way out of our financial funk..

Look at oil today..$59 dollars a barrel and dropping, Alberta to run a $7 billion dollar deficit and the Federal Government will now run a deficit next year, not a surplus but a deficit..Will Stephen Harper cancel his niche income splitting tax break for Canada`s wealthy, or will he add to Canada`s national debt to put more money in the hands of Canada`s wealthiest... Stephen Harper will add to Canada`s debt, give more to those with more..

Canada`s debt, America`s debt, the World`s debt will never be paid off, all that remains is debt for the sake of control, debt and those who are allowed debt, and those who are denied debt because....Don`t know why, it`s apparent that debtor nations need third world hurting people who drink sewage, pick through garbage dumps.....Generation screwed are those countries denied debt for no other reason than because...Because we who have say no..

Resource extractors, robber barons by any other names..

Global B.C.....Keith Baldrey...His Television station`s newscast said not one word about Petronas telling British Columbia that their entire LNG plant if built in B.C. was all being imported from other countries...And Petronas also stated that Cheaper Chinese pipelines were in order, not Canadian made pipes..And more, that 70 percent of workers would be Malaysian temporary foreign workers..

Not one blurb or utterance about this on CKNW...The Vancouver Sun ignored this....The Province Newspaper ignored this information too.

Absolutely outrageous that Petronas thinks this approach is a ok..of $11 billion dollars worth of work $9 billion dollars worth was offshored, outsourced overseas, and Petronas wanted to write-off all that money spent overseas in China and Korea against Canadian owed taxes...Christy Clark said nothing except....pant pant pant pant....tongue dangling, paws scratching and tail wagging, pant pant pant pant..Christy Clark couldn`t sell out British Columbia fast enough...

And from the media gallery in our BC Legislature sits Keith Baldrey, Sean Leslie and Tom Fletcher..Giggling, laughing, mailing in tepid sleepy Sergeant Schultz I see nothing, I hear nothing I know nothing columns...Those clowns...Tom Fletcher who writes for Black press...

Mr. Black trying to back-door the Enbridge pipeline with his mythical refinery proposal, no money, no market, China who won`t buy refined fuels, a money project no bank will ever fund...Mr. Black who wants the bitumen pipeline in place first, yea, sure Mr. Black, we trust you...You could refine it at source in Alberta, pipeline smooth upgraded syncrude, less corrosive on the pipes..Ahh..But that isn`t your angle is it Mr. Black..?

Tom Fletcher, a hard-nosed climate change denier, a believer of bitumen and tar, a believer in raw resource extraction as the only road to the promised land...Tom Fletcher also knows who butters his bread, anything less from Tom Fletcher would see him writing on paper towels in front of his 19 inch glass tube TV, collecting unemployment insurance, then welfare and finally early onset dementia..indeed Fletcher is a dinosaur, and the onset for Tommy has already begun..

Sean Leslie...His wife works for the BC Liberal government, communications department in the children`s ministry...You know the ministry, the one that fails children at risk day in day out..The ministry that has led Canada in child poverty for 12 of the last 13 years...No conflict there eh Mr. Sean Leslie....

Keith Baldrey, the king of tweets and twitter followers, Baldrey seems to think followers means people who live for his next tweet...Anyone can buy 20,000 twitter followers for $50 dollars..

I have followed people on twitter, click a button and I`m a follower, yet I don`t know what those people tweet, not a clue, no one tells me, no one emails me...Justin Bieber has 57 million twitter followers...are they really following Beiber..of course not..

On CKNW in 2004..2005..2006 and later I argued regularly with Billy Good..Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey..The topic was run of river private power..I warned of the costs, the 30 and 40 year contracts...Those BC Liberals argued that us NDPers were merely ideological, public versus argued finances and fraud..

Today in 2014 BC Hydro will lose in 1 year on IPPs(run of river) projects $490 million dollars...That is only one year worth of losses to BC Hydro..Buying high and selling low is a recipe for bankruptcy..

Today Sean Leslie..Keith Baldrey won`t admit they were wrong on private power, they forgot all about it, like it didn`t happen..

What Global BC`s viewers don`t know is that Keith Baldrey is a BC Liberal plant..He is funded extra money and perks galore courtesy the BC Liberals..Keith Baldrey is known in BC Liberal circles as Mr. Scandal fixer upper...No matter what the BC Liberal scandal Baldrey is called in to smooth things over...Even when the BC Ferry Queen of the North was sunk by David Hahn...David Hahn called Keith Baldrey on his private phone line and asked Baldrey to play up the tragedy angle and dismiss everything else...Don`t you find it odd that David Hahn`s first phone call after the queen of the north sunk was to Keith Baldrey..?

Our media is corrupt and boy oh boy is it easy to lose one`s perspective watching these propaganda casts..

I went hard after John Horgan as of late...And I like Mr. Horgan. 

I wanted him to call out the BC Liberal government, to call out Petronas, to denounce their proposed 90% outsourcing of everything...And to my surprise John Horgan did just that..

From October 2/2014..


Premier’s words cannot be trusted – she is failing to ensure responsible LNG development can move forward

October 2, 2014 | News Releases
While Premier Christy Clark certainly knew what to say about B.C.’s LNG potential, she has not done what is needed in order to ensure responsible LNG development moves forward, said New Democrat leader John Horgan and spokesperson for natural gas development Bruce Ralston.
“Even though Premier Clark and the B.C. Liberals are completely pre-occupied with LNG to the exclusion of other important economic sectors, they are failing to do what’s needed to ensure responsible development of B.C.’s LNG potential,” said New Democrat Leader John Horgan.
“The premier gave away a strong bargaining position when she promised total debt elimination, a fantasy fund of billions of dollars and 100,000 jobs when LNG plants are up and running starting in 2015,” said Horgan. “That sent a clear message to potential investors that her Liberal government would become desperate for a deal, putting British Columbia in a weaker bargaining position and threatening our ability to ensure a fair return for the province.”

Horgan said there’s a reason why several companies have already pulled away from LNG development in B.C. and why the biggest potential investor, Petronas, is threatening to follow suit.
“It was a huge misstep to promise too much with no plan to deliver on those promises,” said New Democrat spokesperson for natural gas development Bruce Ralston. 

“There have been major delays in introducing the tax regime and regulations for LNG development, there have been delays in implementing a skills training plan and, rather than engendering support from First Nations, Clark and the B.C. Liberals have instead antagonized these important partners,” said Ralston.

Horgan and Ralston outlined the government’s record on the four conditions Horgan told the recent UBCM convention are necessary for responsible LNG development:

1) That projects expressly guarantee jobs and training opportunities for British Columbians.
The promise-happy government has not even said it will achieve express commitments from proponents that British Columbians will have the first and significant share of jobs and skills training opportunities. Instead, Christy Clark’s Liberals are capping two decades of undermining skills training in B.C. by taking a defeatist attitude that says we will have to rely heavily on foreign workers to build LNG.

2) That British Columbians receive a fair return for the resource that belongs to them.
Right out of the gate, Christy Clark made unrealistic and unachievable promises about LNG. Now, having ditched the fiscal framework in its Budget 2014, she is headed to be a year and a half behind schedule in defining B.C.’s share. It’s no wonder proponents say they are still far away from being able to make a final investment decision. 

3) That government respects and makes partners of First Nations and recognizes their right to a share of any benefits that flow from the resource.

If Christy Clark was serious about respecting and including First Nations - and keeping B.C.’s focus on projects that could benefit all British Columbians - she would have given Stephen Harper an unconditional “No” on Enbridge’s Alberta bitumen pipeline. Instead, she is giving her conditional support to a project that puts First Nation and other B.C. communities at great risk with little benefit. As we saw in her government’s recent reversal on gas plant environmental assessment, she still does not know or care enough how to work with First Nations to share the benefits of the LNG opportunity. If her government had spent the last three years negotiating on aboriginal title with First Nations – rather than spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars fighting a losing battle against the Tsilhqot’in– there would today be more opportunity and benefits for First Nations and greater certainty for investors and workers on where and how LNG related pipelines and plants will proceed. 

4) That our air, land and water be protected, and that our resource development be as clean as possible.

Christy Clark said she would deliver the world’s cleanest LNG industry, but instead she is trying to sweep environmental issues under the table. A government that knows how to gain social licence to move LNG forward would today be leading an evidence-based discussion with communities on hydraulic fracturing as it is conducted here in B.C. to identify and mitigate any impacts. Premier Clark’s failure to deal with this issue, and with implications for greenhouse gases, has worsened - not improved - public confidence in this aspect of the LNG opportunity.
“Premier Clark’s ‘say anything, but do the wrong thing’ approach to this opportunity has hurt, not helped, potential LNG investors. It is hurting the workers, families and communities who are hoping for benefits from LNG development,” said Horgan.


I also checked John Horgan`s Twitter feed and to my pleasant surprise on December 3rd/2014..John Horgan Tweeted

If the BC Liberals let BC businesses get shut out of BC LNG, what’s next? BC Workers? # bcpoli


That link in John Horgan`s Tweet is to the Petronas article in the Globe N Mail on all their proposed outsourcing....

John Horgan was indeed outraged with Petronas, furious with the BC Liberals for doing nothing but applauding Petronas`s proposal of outsourcing and offshoring, even more, even worse, Christy Clark was making statements to the effect of congratulating Petronas for squeezing their offshoring deal-making even harder...

I spoke with John Horgan tonight...And like me sometimes the human animal with all its ailments and fragility rears its ugly head...Details need not be spoken off, except to say that John Horgan is a fiesty Irishman with resolute determination to toss Christy Clucking Clark and her gang of grifters out on their ass..

John Horgan was aghast that Global BC...The Vancouver Sun..The Province..CKNW completely ignored that article, reported nothing, an eastern Canada based newspaper runs an article about major ramifications for a BC project and our domestic media goes silent...

John Horgan also told The Straight Goods that Sean Leslie..Tom Fletcher and Keith Baldrey are like vultures in the media gallery, watching, waiting to pounce on any NDP mistake yet they refuse to report with zeal any BC Liberal scandals, refuse to report on those outrageous shennanigans Petronas is involved in...Sean Leslie refuses to be critical of the BC Liberals in any way..Tom Fletcher is beholden to David Black and his corporate agenda and Keith Baldrey is well known in Victoria as the BC Liberals personal Mr. Fiixer upper..As Mr. Horgan said..Time and time again he has wanted to ...@#%$^ #%^& #%^&* all over those clubsy legislative reporting gang but we have laws preventing such actions....Horgan states that he can`t twist our legislative press gallery`s arms, can`t force them to report, to investigate, to read, to be honest, there are no rules in our legislative press gallery that mandates ethical journalism..

According to Horgan....BC`s media has become a cesspool for the desperate, hanger-on-ers...Scribers doing time, writers looking to the corporation for future pay cheques therefore cutting edge journalism that upsets corporate advertising $dollars is shunned, vetoed and or butchered and left for dead on the cutting room floor..

Horgan tells me that these legislature corporate media representatives have their own agenda and it`s not to inform to public but to propagate the corporate message that resource extraction must happen unabated, unfettered, unrestricted and without NDP resistance or everything we hold dear will cease to exist..That is the only message those reporters are permitted to promote..

In other words corporate fear-mongering down to an artform..Collusion between the Vancouver Sun..The Province newspaper., Global B.C. and CKNW....Collusion, coordination, a corporate campaign of lying to the public, presenting fake data, eliminating data that hurts corporate interests...The mighty advertising dollars and Government perks the driving force..Jas Johal leaving Global, jumping ship to join the (BCLNGA) British Columbia Liquid Natural Gas Alliance is just one example..Chris Galius is on CKNW everyday....Global News and CKNW are one of the same...Black press was the publisher of record...David Black published dozens and dozens of letters to the editor critical of the NDP...all those letters written by Brian Bonney and his wife Monika Bonney..All part of the quick wins scandal, you know, the scandal making its way through the courts..That viral story here..

David Black knew exactly who was being published in his papers and for what reasons..

Anyway, I talked to John Horgan tonight and....Horgan is attempting to win over the interior of the province, ...I did say to Horgan that the interior of BC is home to most of our red-neck braindead global BC propagandized zombies ....

John Horgan is also attempting to win over the north...These next words are not Horgan`s words but my words...I told John that....Those interior folks and northern dwellers, to connect with them one must talk very slowly, not use big words, preferably words with 5 letters or less for fear of confusing them, scaring them..

Perhaps that`s why Christy Clark seems to connect with those people..

To finish off....John Horgan is up for the fight, fighting not just the BC Liberals but a corrupted, biased, corporate agenda filled media..

We here at The Straight Goods are prepared to help herd those NDP cats too..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open