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Woodfibre LNG, The Great Deception Begins, 2017 BC Election Ploy Unraveled (updated August 3rd/2017...(updated October 30th/2017

(Updated October 30th/2017......Woodfibre LNG, still no FID(final investment decision) ...Construction has been delayed to 2018...Woodfibre LNG cites poor economic conditions as the reason for not going forward with the project...

In a November 4th/2016 press conference in Squamish...Christy Clark n Rich Coleman lied about Woodfibre, they lied when they said there was a FID...there never was was a political was BC Liberals lying...there never was an FID,,,still no FID..and odds are, Woodfibre, without BC Liberals paying BC Taxpayer dollars to Woodfibre LNG to take our natural gas...Woodfibre will not be building this project...without BC Liberals propping up Woodfibre for political reasons..Woodfibre has to stand on their own 2 feet and make money the old fashion way...with a good business plan...with LNG, a micro plant...Woodfibre LNG is a money loser....The project is dead..

Read this...

B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Minister of Natural Gas Development and Minister Responsible for Housing and Deputy Premier, Rich Coleman, right, listen as Byng Giraud, Woodfibre LNG country manager and Vice President of Corporate Affairs, explains the project at the Woodfibre LNG site near Squamish, B.C., on Friday November 4, 2016. Photo by Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

The Straight Goods......nailed it again folks.....Cheers Eyes Wide Open!

Well, it appears that once again The Straight Goods was bang on a article in the Squamish Chief....(August 3rd/2017)

There is no Woodfibre FID(as claimed in November 2016)..only a HOA agreement...Still no buyers of LNG for Woodfibre...Construction for early 2017, or any 2017 construction(as claimed in November 2016) November/2016..timed to coincide with BC Liberals LNG saturation ad campaign..Woodfibre said there was an FID (not)..Woodfibre LNG said on November 4th/2016 construction to start in early 2017(NOT)....I CALLED THEIR BLUFF Then, CALLED CHRISTY CLARK AND WOODFIBRE OUT FOR BULLSHITTING/LYING TO THE PUBLIC...WOODFIBRE LNG WAS DEAD IN NOVEMBER 2016, AS WRITTEN BY THE STRAIGHT GOODS...AND IT'S STILL DEAD TODAY..

Below is The Straight Goods article from November 2016.....Gotcha again BC Liberals...Postmedia, how many times must you say "no mas" to the Straight Goods....only time will tell


Woodfibre LNG, The Great Deception Begins, 2017 BC Election Ploy Unraveled

(Premier Christy Clark announces a new LNG export facility to be built near Prince Rupert on Nov. 12, 2013, with Nexen CEO Kevin Reinhart, middle, and Rich Coleman)

Written by Grant G

You see that picture atop this post? there is Christy Clark and Rich Coleman announcing an LNG project being built, that project is gone, not even pondering going forward....There's a pattern to this government, they announce seismic upgrading for specific schools and a decade later work hasn't even begun....or scheduled to be done, ...what about Petronas' FID? you do know Petronas gave a FID...the date was June 11th 2015.....

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

  There is no better quote than the one above to describe the BC Liberal Government...


 Did Woodfibre LNG really give a legitimate FID or was it a staged photo-op designed to deceive the voting public, designed to keep Christy Clark's LNG delusion alive through election 2017....

On June 11/2015 Petronas gave a conditional FID to the BC Liberal Government, there were two conditions attached, the first one being..
Petronas and its Asian partners stipulated that two conditions must still be met. Industry observers say the key condition focuses on the completion this fall of the federal environmental assessment.
“The final investment decision will be confirmed by the partners of Pacific NorthWest LNG once two outstanding foundational conditions have been resolved,” the consortium said in a statement.
“The first condition is approval of the project development agreement by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, and the second is a positive regulatory decision on Pacific NorthWest LNG’s environmental assessment by the government of Canada,” it added.
The BC Liberal government was ordered by Petronas to create a new PDA agreement..they did, BC Liberal Rich Coleman bent over like a contortionist on steroids, boy did Rich Coleman bend...

BC Liberals used their majority to ram a new PDA through the house, described as, by one of their own, no other than Martyn Brown, Gordon Campbell's one-time chief of staff described the new PDA thusly
Clark’s deal doesn’t even do that. It rather defines our time in purgatory: 25 years, to begin immediately, after each new LNG project is confirmed.
We will all have to pay the big oil companies subsidies for their pollution.
We will be obliged to guarantee them tax credits that are probably too rich and unnecessary.
We will be bound to give them tax rates and tax avoidance measures to which no else is entitled, locked-in for 25 years.
And as a “capper”, we will be forced to absolve them of any higher specific costs that they impose on our environment in intensifying the challenges of climate change.
If that’s our idea of unbridled “worldly pleasure” in a Faustian sense, we really do deserve to be eternally damned for our stupidity.
For a deal that is mostly motivated by corporate greed and the promise of untold wealth for all, the government seems awfully content to rely on Big Oil’s word that the benefits it seeks will flow as it envisions.
“Trust us,” the companies said, “you are going to love the cash we create for your government coffers and the jobs we will create for your families.”
That was good enough for the Clark government, which was far too quick to sign its own name in blood to give Big Oil its insisted dues.

The second condition required by Petronas was federal approval, in late August 2016 Justin Trudeau did just that, granted federal approval and even before the ink was dry Reuters reported that Petronas was shopping their stake in PNW LNG(not that there is any interest)...

Rich Coleman on hearing that Petronas news was flabbergasted, gobsmacked, ....This could not be...Rich Coleman and his sidekick Spencer Sproule sprung to action...What Spencer Sproule did was...It appears he created a fake Petronas press release, a release saying that the rumors of Petronas wanting out of PNW LNG was wasn't false...

The only press release pertaining to Petronas' PNW LNG proposed project is this one..Dated August 28th/2016


"PETRONAS and its partners will study the conditions imposed by the Canadian authorities and conduct a total review of the proposed project prior to deciding on the next steps forward."

In fact there has been no other official press releases made by Petronas on PNW can check it out here..
Ross K and I shredded Rich Coleman and Spencer Sproule over what, in my opinion is a BC Lib manufactured denial...(detailed in below link)
So, Petronas made a conditional FID decision in June 2015 and today, Petronas is out...The project is dead, for all intents and purposes the project is dead..FID caput..
How do I know that project is dead, or at least stalled by years?....Well, ...This.
Rich Coleman told Bob Mackin in a interview for BIV magazine,...paraphrasing here, Coleman was prepared to sharpen the numbers with a new PDA ....You can read the full story in below link

prepared to re-open the Petronas PDA and reduce BC's share to nothing...A PDA the BC Liberals rammed through the house, Coleman was prepared to slice the sliver thinner..I posted a story laying out what Coleman was up to

When Christy Clark was asked about the PDA being opened up ..she denied it..
However, Rich Coleman told a Calgary audience in the first week of October that he was heading to Malaysia to get news directly from Petronas on timelines and when they will pull the trigger on their FID...Rich Coleman went to Malaysia and he got some news, bad news, Rich Coleman went silent, not a word about his trip to Malaysia, no tweets, no pressers, nothing...Now, I wasn't privy to what they told Coleman but I'm pretty damn certain he was told this...

 Petronas a nutshell, the project isn't viable, equity partners are backing out and...And there is at present a 40% excess world LNG supply glut...why was that said, because that's the bottom line, ...Petronas is in a world of financial hurt compared to years gone by, ....Petronas can buy LNG on the open market cheaper than the cost of BC gas, a greenfield proposal...  
Which brings me back to this posting, this article, a story about the BC Liberal Woodfibre LNG fake story...Did Woodfibre LNG really commit to building a project..?
For starters, Check out Bob Mackin's twitter feed...    (scroll down to his November 5th  roughly 9:00 am tweets)
He's reporting that there is no official news on Woodfibre's parent company website, nothing!, no press release, Bob Mackin in my opinion is of the belief that the Woodfibre stageplay was just that, another fake-out by the BC Liberal government..I agree..
My post yesterday, I reported a couple of pertinent items/statements that were in an early reporting Woodfibre LNG article in the Vancouver sun.. after I highlighted the issues, the quotes disappeared from the Vancouver Sun article, Postmedia editors purged that data from the original article.

Below is from the article I posted yesterday
From the November 4th/2016(today)Vancouver Sun...and I quote..

Updated here

"Giraud said work is already underway at the site, but major construction will not take place until after the company receives permit approval from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission by the end of 2017"

(The above paragraph has since been removed by Postmedia editors, it was indeed contained within the original Vancouver Sun linked article, I cut n pasted it, now been removed...Grant G)


That must be a joke, the BC Oil and Gas Commission is a BC Liberal Government industry rubber stamp the end of 2017???..After the election???..and there is more...There are questions as to Woodfibre's LNG buying contracts/customers...

From the same Vancouver Sun article, and I quote..


Updated here too

"More work is needed on hammering out customer contracts for the gas in Asia "Stay tuned"said Giraud when asked about whether the company had nailed down those contracts"

(Again, Postmedia editors have removed that statement from the original Vancouver Sun linked article, same thing, I cut n pasted that statement and it too has been removed, Postmedia are so bad, so corporate owned, so in bed with BC Liberals and big energy...Grant G)


(That is pretty pathetic, I highlight the important parts of Postmedia's reporting and....And then they remove after I point out the flaw and inaccuracies...)

At present, Woodfibre has one potential buyer of half of their gas(1 million tonnes)...Woodfibre would produce 2.1 million tonnes of LNG per year, they have one potential buyer for half the gas produced...A Chinese company wanting a 10% equity share, but, that deal hasn't been nailed down or signed either....

So let's cut to the chase...Woodfibre has not nailed down LNG buying customers....Woodfibre is laughable in saying they have to wait near a year and a half for a permit from The BC Oil N Gas Commission..thus taking any construction start well-past the 2017 BC Election...

You need more...Woodfibre LNG has a long history of playing political footsy with the BC Liberals...

BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy had his election coffers filled up by Woodfibre at a private fundraiser at a private golf course last year, media was banned from the event..

How close is too close for government and large corporations?
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy and Woodfibre LNG are caught up in a controversy after the company sponsored a fundraiser for Sturdy last week.
Although the next provincial election is in 2017, Sturdy was the beneficiary of a Woodfibre LNG hosted, BC Liberal Party fundraiser at West Vancouver’s Capilano Golf and Country Club on Thursday evening.
Woodfibre LNG is waiting to hear if the province will grant the company an environmental permit for its proposed Squamish liquefied natural gas export and processing facility.
“It is embarrassing,” said Eoin Finn, a well known anti-LNG activist who protested outside the event.
“It is basically wrong to have a proponent with a decision in front of the B.C. cabinet sponsoring an event in broad daylight where it is clear that it is right on that edge between legitimate fundraising and influence peddling,” he said.

I reported on that outrageous event too...


So when is an FID really an FID?.....Let me be clear, Woodfibre LNG claims they have to wait for a permit from the BC Oil n Gas commission, that is bullshit, Woodfibre knows any required permits involving the BC Oil n Gas commission are in the bag...
Petronas gave their word in June 2015 and now have backed out.....And how do I know Petronas backed out..Rich Coleman has said just that..and I quote..from the below article
"And it is unlikely that any other LNG proponent will come through with a final investment decision before the election next May", according to an update from natural gas development minister Rich Coleman.

So, Petronas walks away pending a miraculous turnaround in LNG pricing and or a new more generous PDA......Rich Coleman flies to Malaysia and meets with Petronas, he issues no press releases, no news conferences, no statements, no tweets, Rich Coleman comes back empty handed, ..Christy Clark and Rich Coleman needed something LNG related to, as Les Leyne states..To check that off their 2017 election platform, that being, to start an LNG industry..
It took a last-minute electricity price cut to close the deal, but the B.C. Liberals can go into their convention this weekend with a check mark beside the promise to start a liquefied natural gas industry.
A very small check mark
BC Liberals in my opinion faked everyone out with a phony Woodfibre announcement,  premature by a year at a minimum,....Check out Bob Mackin's twitter feed and...And there is this...Woodfibre has not satisfied the 25 conditions imposed by the Squamish First Nation... There is still no agreed upon benefits agreement with Squamish First Nations...Woodfibre has not secured actual natural gas from any of the suppliers and the most important part...
Woodfibre LNG has not secured any LNG buying customers...The part Postmedia purged from their article...Who needs Postmedia to prove what I'm saying...Let me give you the smoking gun evidence..
Directly from Woodfibre's website...


MAY 9, 2016
VANCOUVER, Canada – Woodfibre LNG Limited announced today that its Singapore-based affiliate Woodfibre LNG Export Pte Ltd. (Woodfibre LNG Export) has signed a Heads of Agreement (HoA) with Guangzhou Gas Group Co., Ltd (Guangzhou Gas Group) concerning potential LNG offtake of 1 mtpa of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) for 25 years starting in 2020.
The signing was witnessed by The Honourable Christy Clark Premier of British Columbia and Mr. Hu Chun Hua, Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee as the two leaders continue to work to strengthen the important economic relationship between the two provinces. The Chinese province of Guangdong opened a trade office in Vancouver, British Columbia – the first of its kind in Canada – in September of 2014.
The LNG will be sourced from the Woodfibre LNG Project, which is being developed in the District of Squamish, British Columbia by Woodfibre LNG Limited, a Canadian-based affiliate of Woodfibre LNG Export. The LNG offtake contemplated in the HoA will provide a long-term stable supply of natural gas to meet the rapidly-growing demand for clean energy in Guangzhou City, People’s Republic of China. Guangzhou is the capital and largest city in Guangdong Province of China.
The Woodfibre LNG Project is expected to start production in 2020 with an annual capacity of approximately 2.1 million tonnes.
Today’s announcement follows the signing in September of 2014 of a Memorandum of Understanding between Woodfibre LNG Export and Guangzhou Gas Group concerning the potential LNG offtake agreement.
The HoA includes a potential investment of up to 10% of the equity of Woodfibre LNG Limited by Guangzhou Gas Group, and marks another important step in the development of the Woodfibre LNG Project.
“The HoA with Guangzhou Gas Group shows there is an appetite in Asia for made in BC LNG,” said Byng Giraud, Country Manager and Vice President Corporate Affairs, Woodfibre LNG Limited. “This preliminary agreement gets us one step closer to making the Woodfibre LNG Project a reality, and bringing much-needed jobs and other economic benefits to Squamish and the surrounding area.”
Woodfibre LNG Export, a part of the Pacific Oil & Gas group of companies, has secured an export license from the National Energy Board in Canada to export approximately 2.1 million tonnes of LNG from the Woodfibre LNG Project for a period of 25 years.

Look at the language, "potential"...."Preliminary"....Woodfibre has not secured any customers, everything is preliminary, nothing concrete has been signed...And that is why Postmedia purged what I reported on yesterday...

No construction until after the election, or never,? woodfibre still needs real LNG buying customers not potential customers.

There are no press releases anywhere that state the HOA agreement has been finalized....

BC Liberals were desperate, Petronas. Shell, none of those companies are building anything in the foreseeable future..What was tricky Rich Coleman to do...?

Invite Woodfibre LNG to Play footsy and politics with the BC Liberal government.....Need a little more..

From The Squamish Chief...Christy Clark disrespected the Squamish Nation...and more, the mayor of Squamish found out about the press conference/photo-op through the media??? In other words, this press conference was rushed, put together in a flash, not even a couple days notice...on a Friday..Why.

Perhaps because of the BC Liberal convention, something to show the delegates?..

I believe the BC Liberals intend to become real silent on LNG and if questioned, they point to Woodfibre as success, regardless of no construction before the election...right now, the BC Liberals are only concerned with getting past the next election...when LNG falters, come 2024 it will be some other golden egg...


The Squamish Nation set out its 25 conditions this summer that their support for the project hinged on and those have not all been yet met, Campbell said. Campbell told The Squamish Chief it was his understanding it would be made clear at the event that the Nation and the province in particular still have outstanding issues.
For her part, Clark acknowledged the Nation, but made no reference to outstanding issues.
“I would like to recognize the work of the Squamish First Nation, thank them for welcoming us into their traditional territory. Some of the members of the Squamish First Nation are behind me today working on this site. We hope that many more will find their way to this site in the coming years,” Clark said.
Campbell said issues still to be finalized include FortisBC’s feasibility work to determine a pipeline route under the Squamish Estuary, avoiding the Skwelwil'em Wildlife Management Area, “as well as ongoing management planning and emergency response planning; a number of issues including finalizing an impact benefit agreement that will be with Fortis, Woodfibre as well as a Nation to Nation agreement with the province, which we still don’t have a final agreement with the province on.”
Campbell said the Nation leadership would have preferred the government wait to make their announcement.
Mayor Patricia Heintzman, who was on hand for the announcement, but said she found out about it through the media, said it seemed to be “a little disrespectful” that the Nation’s process had been preempted.
“That is obviously concerning,” she said. “Squamish Nation has set conditions and there is every expectation that they will be met and until such time – people have jumped the gun a bit.”


So, still outstanding issues to resolve, no benefit agreements, gas supply issues, and most importantly, Woodfibre has not secured LNG buying customers, they are merely waving around a HOA preliminary agreement which has not been agreed upon or finalized..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman really went all out in their fakery,.....Fakery brought on by the news that Petronas ain't going forward, at least not in the near future, maybe next decade..

And...Don't expect Japan to buy any BC LNG....Japan's LNG demand is evaporating..

What a fool believes...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

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Bob Mackin, Canadian Glen....and yours truly for 2 must listen to hours, Blogtalk Radio, Wednesday October 18th, 6:00 pm..pst

( updated October 19th...Blogcast archive is up...     the archive is up....    hope you enjoy the chat...)

I've been silent as of Horgan a chance to govern, a day to day grading will not be my least not now..

Under the radar, known by few, ....maybe that's best, ....when I started this website/blog....never did it for reward, or fame, was never promised anything, by any side.

My goal was to remove the corrupt BC Liberal party...success, with my own fingerprints knuckle deep in Horgan's surprise victory..

I get to live with that my entire life, hell fury shoes laid at the feet of Christy Clark, a personal touch delivered cold, for once worn, The Straight Goods shoemaker guaranteed Clark was walking away, defeated....reward enough..

This Wednesday, October 18th...6:00 pm(out here on the west coast  PST)..

Site C.....yup, decision time is coming for John Horgan...recent developments on Site C...we learned it's not "on time and on budget"'s already chasing a $billion dollars over, with less than 25% of the prep work done...with major structural problems rearng up...this boondoggle was already an economic loser at $8 billion...with costs soaring, this project could reach $12, or $15 that price, BC Hydro will go bankrupt, or ratepayers business case, no buyers of electricity lined up, no LNG and even a wave of electric cars, Elon Musk guarantees future cars will be powered by solar...Alberta won't buy it...LNG in BC is dead..electricity demand is falling....

We will delve into this on the show..

We are going to discuss marijuana's coming, but, as of now it's a gong show out there...BC Pot shops are operating a free for all money tree, a tree with endless tax-free leaves...

I sat in a Vancouver pot-shop in recent 2 hours I saw $3k spent on buds..sweet juicy buds(just a general observation)...I have no problem with people selling pot, buying pot..however, we needs bills, receipts, cash registers, we need sales tax paid, and more importantly, we need pot shop employees to be paid proper wages, with EI contributions, Canada pension contributions, income tax, and we need owners to pay income tax on profits..

as it stands right now, it's a free-money, no records, no receipts, a license to print money...this needs to be worked out by Horgan and company, and believe me, the current pot shop operators are going to howl..they will see a dark market, with no controls become regulated, they won't make as much money...doesn't matter, running a proper business, with records, receipts, quality control...there is still room to make good money....

we will also discuss the 8..or is that 7 contenders for BC Liberal leadership...what a mess, all lousy choices, ...

BC Liberals are in big trouble...they won't see power for a long long time, and here's why....

Marijuana is coming,..whoever is in power, or wants to remain in power must cater to that crowd..a huge pot crowd...when I checked out Vancouver pot shops..their customers aren't kids..not yoyng adults..the majority of their customers are in their 40s..50,s..60,s...yes there are younger people too..however..pot is mainstream and voters light up doobies...(as I observed)..

Problem for BC Liberals, they arConservatives, BC Conservatives and federal Conservatives, and..a huge segment of Conservatives are least in public...BC Liberals promoting pot will lose votes to the upstart(again) BC Conservative party....

Ryan Warawa is a good man, despite his political leanings...

What else...BC Liberal wannabe leaders going to run on no bridge tolls....daycare..more teachers...LNG..yes, many of the BC Liberals are still flogging LNG and they're are backing Kinder Morgan pipeline.....yea, I guess these BC Liberal leader hopefuls are listening..listening to their corporate bosses...sigh....welcome to the long wilderness BC Liberal/Cons...

And we are going to pay tribute to 2 individuals who struck cords, many chords, so many chords were struck it turned into a province wide symphony...

Merv Adey....he had an ability to listen, to disagree with you, without scorn, or mock...he pitched his beliefs and defended them, to the death...

Rafe Mare....what can one word sums up changed his entire life, he abandoned his Social Credit roots, he gave away big dollars by not kowtowing to the corporate sector, when cknw gave Rafe the ultimatum...toe(tow) the line or be fired...Rafe Mare....that one word...

Rafe gave up everything for Salmon, for BC wild salmon..he recognized, he saw the beauty, spirit, he saw B.C. wild salmon for what they are, what they represent, clean water, pollution free rivers, the life cycle, from river eggs to fighting giants, feeding orca, bears, eagles along their way...feeding First Nations forever....Rafe saw the salmon as sacred......

He was right....Salmon blood flows in this persuader's veins too...

We'll have lots more to discuss and you never know who might show up...

My pleasure talking the talk, and walking the walk with friends Bob Mackin and our illustrious host Canadian Glen..

Join us here, linked below, Wednesday night, 6:00 pm....

Tune in, turn on, and get angry damn it...

The Straight Goods

Ears Wide Open

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RCMP, Stephen Harper, False Flag Operation...Will Justin Trudeau clean house, or will the bulge beneath the rug continue to grow?

Gleichshaltung in Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, [] (and through him all members of the federal Liberal Party Caucus), federal Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould,  [], B.C. Premier John Horgan [] (and through him all members of the B.C. NDP Caucus), B.C. Minister of Justice David Eby [](and, following, copies to Canadians).

(cc. Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness [])

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Mr. Horgan, Mr. Eby – and Canadians contacted:

This (Open) letter concerns the alleged RCMP Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Breach of Trust in the matter of the False Flag organization and entrapment of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody preparing for, and executing, the July 1, 2013 wholly false “Islamic Terrorist Event” at the Victoria, British Columbia Legislature grounds. This letter requires a reply.

I am obliged as a responsible Canadian to report to you that I have received [July 19, 2017] a letter from The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, in which he gives every evidence of offering support for organized criminal activity by the RCMP – and for the RCMP as an active criminal organization.

I will quote to you here only the first sentence of the first paragraph of Ralph Goodale’s letter, the paragraphs of his letter following it constituting propaganda in favour (I believe any reasonable and prudent Canadian would conclude) on behalf of RCMP criminal activity: “the RCMP must use all tools at its disposal”, etc.

That position, taken – I allege – by Ralph Goodale might well make him an accessory to the crime, after the fact … and, therefore, also criminally responsible.

My letter on the matter to the Prime Minister and others in cabinet asked for a Public Inquiry into the whole matter of the RCMP’s (very probably) highly organized, long-running, criminal construction of the July 1, 2013, Victoria, B.C. faked Islamic Terrorist Event … including the entrapment, subsequent harassment, persistent targetting, and lengthy incarceration of two innocent Canadians unable to confront the massively organized behaviour of the RCMP.

The judgement of RCMP activity was not – as with most False Flag analyses – undertaken by a citizen interest group working (however expertly) with material it gathers independently.  The judgement of the RCMP was made by British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce after presiding over a long trial in which the Crown (for the RCMP) presented a large body of evidence which was met by the two Defence lawyers on behalf of the accused.  The lawyers for the Defence applied to Madam Justice Bruce to have the jury conviction erased.  And the result was the 217 page finding (July, 2016) by Justice Bruce which forcefully places all responsibility for the False Flag incident and for the entrapment of two socially impaired converts to Islam squarely upon the shoulders of the RCMP.

Appeal of the finding by Madam Justice Catherine Bruce is scheduled for January 18, 2018.  Canadians will watch with sharp interest to see what preparations the Crown (acting for the RCMP) will have made. 

Canadians must take careful and special notice of the fact that the Canadian State – while declaring its active opposition to persecution on the basis of Identity Politics – has (before and since) the Liberal election to government in 2015, supported what appears to be a U.S.-incited False Flag action used with the purpose of vilifying, demeaning, and making hate-objects of those belonging to the religion of Islam.

The first sentence of Mr. Goodale’s letter to me is as follows:
“Thank you for your correspondence regarding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) use of the major crime technique.” [“the major crime technique”]. Reasonable Canadians would, I believe, take that sentence to mean that Ralph Goodale considers major RCMP crime intended to entrap the innocent and to criminalize them and to mislead all Canadians into believing falsehoods (in this case about the Muslim Faith) is perfectly acceptable RCMP behaviour.

I believe the Prime Minister should ask for the resignation of  Ralph Goodale from the cabinet. His position as a Member of Parliament lies in the hands of the voters in his constituency.

The seriousness of this matter is compounded by the fact that a central organization related to the Victoria False Flag Event is the INSET-E committee at RCMP headquarters in Ottawa.  It brings together CSIS, RCMP, border services agencies, and other police forces. One may assume that other forces than the RCMP were informed about the wholly fraudulent undertaking by the RCMP.

At the present time The Security and Intelligence Review Committee has issued a decision about CSIS spying (wholly illegitimately, it is alleged) on Canadians engaged in peaceful activity related to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project – but the Committee has declared its findings secret. [See the B.C. Civil Liberties website].  The action of the Security and Intelligence Review Agency Committee may well be seen to be the action of a budding fascist organization – for it is saying that a wrongful action by one of its arms may be kept beyond the knowledge of democratic forces in the society, meaning that legality is a function of power, not of law, and that CSIS is not responsible to the normal functions of democratic processes in Canada.

That (and the RCMP behaviour in the Victoria False Flag activity) are a part of what - in the growth of Nazi power in Germany in the 1930s - was called Gleichshaltung. It was the fitting into the legal structures of Germany the criminal (often brutal) activities of the SS and parallel organizations so that Germany, being radically transformed, would appear to be continuing under the rule of law. The parallels with Canada at the present are too obvious to need comment.

From all that can be concluded after my contact with the federal Liberal cabinet concerning the false Islamic terror event in Victoria, the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau appears to be declaring itself a colonial appendage of U.S. Imperial Globalization, willingly in support of active, organized criminal activity to pursue the ends of the U.S. “deep state” – whatever brutal indignities that support imposes on innocent Canadians. Let the Canadian cabinet prove that conclusion false.

This letter is also addressed to the Premier and the Attorney General of British Columbia – and through them to all the members of the B.C. NDP Caucus.

The present government in British Columbia cannot give assent to criminal RCMP behaviour in the province.  I ask Premier Horgan and Attorney General Eby to discuss this matter in full Caucus and reply to me (and openly to British Columbians) about action they will take on the matter of the RCMP’s (almost certain) highly organized, intricately executed criminal behaviour discussed above.

British Columbians deserve a full-scale, wide-open Public Inquiry into RCMP behaviour in the Victoria False Flag of 2013 and … where relevant … into all other (presently) less visible criminalities of the RCMP that the Inquiry unveils.

I am, respectfully,

Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open