Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harper to porogue parliment...Ho Hum

Does anyone really care about Harper shutting down parliament? I don`t, in fact I feel comforted knowing they`re all off the job!

Pure politics, have you read any of the national headlines lately? I saw one or 12 over the last few months, like the latest.."Ignatief,not interested in calling election in 2010 " or "Liberals at lowest support in over 100 years"(Harper porogues parliament here)

Harper is poroguing parliament, Harper is going to stack the senate with enough Conservatives to control the senate, if Ignatief was premier he would do the same thing, the phony indignation federal Liberals are displaying is enough to make you sick, look, don`t get me wrong, Harper,like all politicians fibbed about abolishing the senate or at least having them elected, the Liberals would do no different, anyways, what a complete federal bore, Ignatief doesn`t want an election because he knows half of his MPs would get the boot, where the hell is the opposition in Ottawa?

Look at the HST vote in Ottawa, the first and third largest populations in Canada,almost 40% of Canada`s population are against this tax and the federal Liberals had a chance to stand up for the public and they didn`t, sure Dosange and Martin in BC made a little noise but Ujal voted for it, Martin ran away from the vote, all of them sold out on mass because they were told to, as far as I`m concerned Liberals and Conservatives are the same,Useless, anyways, why not close parliament, there is nothing to do, the stimulus money is drying up, no pressing bills to get through,the Federal LIBERAL Dominated senate passed the HST in an hour, they didn`t even debate it....Hell, in Manitoba the NDP government laid out it`s reason in a long pdf why they are rejecting the HST(read the Manitoba HST rejection here)a good read

I can`t bring myself to vote for either party,both are devoid of thought and direction and neither party wants to stand up for the vanishing middle class, no matter who is in charge the only plan is to raise taxes and cut services or programs, I will be voting for the federal NDP or independent.I wrote in a story last week about Liberals selling out provinces one by one, well

well well, a story by Kim Pollock in the Tyee further explains how corporate Canada is hoarding money,offshoring,tax havens, huge profits leaving Canada,leaving the people, the story went on to say how 18 of 22 big industries are making tons of money,tons of money right through this permanent downturn, so when the HST gets shoved down the public`s throat all in the name of giving billions more to the corporate bastards that are hoarding money,tax loop holes,tax write offs,shell companies, all this while they actively look for slave labour overseas, the federal Liberals are bought and paid for, cons,grits, what`s the diff? (read Kim Pollock here)

Record corporate profits while real Canadians are drowning in debt and falling backwards, where is a direction for either party, what do federal Liberals stand for? Ignatief sitting around waiting for Harper to stub his toe, that sure is one hell of a plan, meanwhile Harper is closing down parliament, here`s the deal....

Harper will open up parliament 3 days after the olympics, on March 3 he will have a throne speech, March 4 Harper will bring in a skimpy budget, Harper will drape himself in the flag and olympic gold(if we win anything), throw down his budget just daring the utterly useless Michael Ignatief to force an election(which he won`t).....The Liberals will huff and puff and vote in lock-step with Harper meanwhile slippery Jack Layton and the Bloc will vote against it....

Same old same old, sorry folks,nothing to see here,useless liberals,useless conservatives, lets just hope neither government ever gets a majority, and by the way, after this poroguement, the Governor General has now laid down a precedent, poroguement whenever you want it.

Time to give the federal NDP a chance, I don`t see Cons or Grits sticking up for workers.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Naikun wind power boondoggle unravaled

I have studied this project seven ways to sunday and concluded it`s a bust for all concerned,especially the Haida nation.
Lets get down to business, fact versus fiction,the straight goods, who else to look at when deciding about wind power than Denmark. In 1998 Denmark did a study on their wind power strategy and concluded that wind power has "Serious environmental effects,insufficient production,and high production costs".
Denmark (pop 5.3 million) has more than 6000 turbines that produced electricity equal to 19% of what the country used in 2002, yet no conventional power plant has been closed or mothballed because of the intermittent and variability of wind power,conventional plants must be kept running. In other words the wind is never blowing sufficiently most of the time and the wind power needs to be backed up at all times, funny thing with wind,it tends to drop off in the early evening when demand is higher.
No matter how much wind power you create you need an equal amount of ready back-up power for when the wind stops, time and time again in examples in Denmark and other European countries the result is dumping windpower energy cheap into the market, and every country peddling their wind power ends up with energy trade losses, the Naikun project is so capital extensive,maintenance, replacement, it will never make money and end up mothballed before the principle investors (The Haida) ever get paid back for their investment.
A writer in the :utilities journal: (David J White, "Danish wind:Too good to be true?," July 2004) found that 84% of western Denmark`s wind-generated power was exported(At a revenue Loss) in 2003,...Denmark`s glut of wind turbines produced only 3.3% of Denmark`s electricity......In actuality wind-power only supplies 1.7% of Denmark`s power. Wind power companies always talk about what they produce in power but that is nothing but myth, here`s the deal, country after country have numbers to show that wind energy ends up supplying only 15 to 24 % of the power they claim, so if Naikun is claiming to produce 396 mega watts of power in reality it will produce at most 100 mega watts of power on a year round basis, and when you take out it`s own internal power the turbines draw from the grid, maintenance, and a dismal financial forecast emerges. (Read about unaccounted power consumption for wind turbines here)
Denmark relies just enough on wind power that when the wind fails to blow they are immediately having to import power, in 2000 Denmark imported more than they exported cheap wind-power.And, added to their Danish hydro bills are the massive subsidies that support these private companies building wind farms, Danish residential users pay the highest rate in Europe for electricity.
Throughout Europe wind turbines produced on average less than 20% of their theoretical capacity,yet both the British and American wind energy Associations(BWEA and AWEA) plan for 30%. The figure in Denmark was 16.8% in 2002 and 19% in 2003 (In february 2003,the output of the more than 6000 turbines was 0%). The average in Germany for 1998-2003 was 14.7%............In the USA was 12.7%.......That`s right,if a wind farm has a capacity of say 500 mega watts year over year will be lucky to produce 20% of capacity.
So no matter what these people tell you about capacity at Naikun the power generated will be lucky to be 20% of rated capacity, so now the Naikun cost per Mega watt jumps from the 5,000,000 megawatt (That number freaked out Chief Roy Jones Junior, 60% more than a land based wind farm)...but now that price jumps to 25,000,000 a mega watt hour, at that price and only produces 100 or less mega watts it will never pay for itself, the cost would be a permanent millstone around the Haida`s neck, the Naikun at present power costs,even with massive taxpayer subsidies will bleed money from the province,from the Haida, from the investors, in 40 years it would be lucky to pay back the capital costs let alone carrying costs, replacement costs, all that for cheap,intermittent power that has to be backed up, every where I look there are problems with wind.
Eon Netz,grid manager for 1/3rd of the German grid explains another problem, for all wind power development you need to have an equivalent of 80% capacity in what`s called "Shadow power plants" , Eon Netz concluded that wind power added to the grid actually increased the burning of fossil fuels not reducing it.(read his report here)
...........The more .wind power you have ,the more fossil fuel back-up that`s required,thus adding to greenhouse gasses not reducing emissions.
Despite all the claims of wind power, in 2008 the Danish government cancelled plans for three offshore windfarms, and has scheduled the withdraw of subsidies from existing sites,development of onshore wind plants has virtually stopped.Because Danish companies dominate the wind industry, the government is under pressure to continue subsidies.Spain began withdrawing subsidies in 2002. Germany reduced tax breaks to wind power,and domestic construction has slowed in 2004. Switzerland also is cutting subsidies as TOO expensive for the lack of significant benefit. The Netherlands decommissioned 90 turbines in 2004. Many Japanese utilities limit the amount of wind energy they put on the grid because it is so unstable, for the same reason Ireland in 2003 halted all new wind power connections to the grid.....In 2005 Spanish utilities began refusing new wind power connections to the grid and....In 2006, the Spanish government ended-By emergency decree--It`s subsidy and price support for big wind energy.( read about the Spanish government decree here)
Everyone of those countries are running away from wind power,study after study are revealing the facts, wind power because the intermittance of the supply doesn`t help reduce greenhouse gasses and in fact causes more gasses and more reliance on other sources, studies suggest that retrofitting older homes makes twice the sense than investing in wind power(Read this article from the guardian here on how wind farms mean more fossil fuel burning here)
All over Europe wind power fails, wind power is in decline,so are the subsidies, the Naikun is so expensive,even cheaper land based operations are in trouble, 2 $ billion dollar capital cost for 100 mega watts of power will keep the Haida nation poor,broke and dependent.
There are studies in the USA that state that by improving the transmission lines they can gain 25% more power and makes far more sense than wasting time on wind energy,more can be gained by insulating homes and transmission line improvement than even the most rosy wind energy forecast, and when you take into account the taxpayer subsidies to wind energy,by far, retro-fitting homes and transmission lines is the better route and will result in greenhouse gas reduction rather than an increase in fossil fuel burning with wind power!
The folly of wind power, The UK government did a study...The government subsidy of one wind turbine,for the same money they could insulate 500 houses and save in 2 years the amount of energy that one turbine would produce in it`s lifetime.
Finally,wind power on a small scale,where a turbine directly supplies the users the fluctuating production can be stored,wind can contribute to a home, school.factory, office building,or even a small village`s electricity,But this simply won`t work on a large scale to supply the grid. Even the small benefits claimed by their promoters are far outstripped by the negative impacts.
I hope the BCUC is listening and paying attention...
It is clear that wind power can`t contribute anything in the fight against greenhouse gasses,climate change,pollution or nuclear waste, in Denmark,with the most per-capita wind turbines in the world,the output from wind equals 15 to 20% of electricity use,the Copenhagen newspaper (politiken) reported only 1.7% of Denmark`s power use was wind power. The grid manager Eon Netz claimed 84% of wind power was exported, ie ....Dumped for pocket change on the spot market,the director at Western Denmark utility claims that wind-power causes more fossil fuel burning not less...industrial wind power are worse than nothing at all, they destroy birds,wildlife, offshore they create hazards for shipping and boats,their low frequency noises are harmful to sea life,They require massive subsidies and regulatory favours to make them good investments, they move us farther away from real sustainable solutions.More on the futility of wind here...
Paul Taylor is selling the Haida nation false hope,study after study,failure after failure, wind power for grid power is a disaster! 2 $Billion dollars for construction, one hundred,two hundred million dollars could just vanish during construction, heck,that`s only 10% missing, maybe that`s the scam, huge cost overuns or not, after the 2 billion is spent whether it loses money or not won`t matter.(A good read here on how windpower is useless)
I hope we can learn from other countries wind disasters....Beware Haida nation,beware of "used car salesman bearing gifts"

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gordon Campbell goes bling bling bling

One of my very firsts posts, thought it would be worth re-posting,enjoy the holidays friends(originaly posted aug 12/2009)

As news stories go this one has little merit but I feel it`s worth reporting,last week while the province was in flames and thousands were out of their homes where was our fearless leader?
Well I found out that Campbell was barbecuing burgers and dogs at the olympic village and handing out 1500 gold medals(which just happen to have his picture and name on them)to the construction workers,look I got nothing against construction workers,I did my time,but lets be frank(no not hot dogs)these workers are making good money and getting tons of overtime.......
Let me remind you that this project is 100s of millions over budget,the social housing aspect of the project is all but gone,anyways,why didn`t anyone report this last week,well apparently the MEDIA wasn`t invited,I wonder why.........

Well Gordon Campbell,maybe you should have handed out gordallions to the firefighters risking their lives,heck,they don`t even need a barbecue to roast their weenies!

P.S. I wish I had a whole box full of gordallions,I would use them to pay for the HST portion on all my transactions!

Here is the story....

Canadians hate Liberal premiers,especially Gordon Campbell

Not only do BCers hate Gordon Campbell`s guts they detest all his muted Zombie cabinet ministers and despise his pathetic MLAs

A very interesting Ipsos Reid poll, everyone one of them have huge negative ratings(read the poll here)

And more interesting news, not only are people leaving Alberta but they are leaving Stelmach, the Wild Rose Alliance party is poised to toss the Conservatives out....And in another poll about Canadian premiers, guess what 4 premiers are in the doghouse? Liberal premiers..Dalton Mcguinty..Gordon Campbell...Shawn Graham...Canadians would prefer those three to vanish from their province...All three are political has-beens...And changing the leader in their party won`t help,Canadian will be voting those Liberal governments to hell, whether or not they can stop the unprecedented thefts that are occurring on their way out is another question.(read about the most despised premiers in Canada here)

As you know Dalton Mcguinty is selling money making public assets, Dalton is such a corrupt bastard, obviously Gordon Campbell schooled him in the fine art of stealing,lying, and cooking books.....There was a good letter to the editor about Mcguinty selling assets,in particular...the liquor distribution agency...The LCBO makes,last year...1.44 billion dollars, the sale price is might fetch is around 10 $billion...If all that money was applied towards debt the Ontario government might save 400 $ million in yearly interest, but it would lose a steady stable money maker...Jim Davies who teaches economics in Ontario would give his students a failing grade if they made a financial move like that...He wrote a good letter (read it here)

And another interesting story, remember Millennium development, the idiots Sam Sullivan and the NPA gave the contract to build the athletes village, as you know Millennium had no money,no support and they hopped in bed with those bastards at Fortress....Remember, The city of Vancouver had to borrow 900 $million dollars to pay off those loan sharks....Get ready for a big laugh.....Intrawest, they own Whistler and Blackcomb mountain, Fortress owns Intrawest.....Well, guess what, Intrawest had to sell 3 of their other mountain resorts around the world to raise capital for debt repayment earlier this year, and yesterday Intrawest had a payment due to creditors,a big payment, 524 million dollar payment to be exact,they don`t have the money,they could be taken over,lock,stock and barrel....LOL LOL, go to bed with dogs and you will get fleas..HA HA....Intrawest states they are working with lenders,maybe Leonard Asper and Canwest Global can spare a half billion dollars!.(read about Intrawest here)

One more thing, I don`t know how many of you are aware that Intrawest isn`t having the olympics on their mountains for free, we, the taxpayers, Vanoc are renting the mountains,that`s right,despite all the taxpayer built venues,despite the free advertising, Intrawest will be charging a pretty penny for renting the mountains,but, we don`t and won`t know how much the rental will cost until after the olympics, because, apparently the cost of the rental depends on many factors, factor 1) How well did they do during the olympics....Factor 2) How well did Whistler and Blackcomb do before the olympics,that`s right, why does that matter,well apparently host mountains do terrible business on the run-up to the games,so that will factor into the unknown rental cost.....And lastly....With Intrawest fat-ass broke and needing 1/2 a billion dollars....Well, my gut tells me that BCers just got a massive rent increase!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinee lovers?

That is what I would like to know, can you name anyone who has worked hand in hand with Gordon Campbell longer?

As you know Lara joined with Gordon Campbell in 1996, she was a young vibrant and very attractive 25 year old, I don`t know that they are lovers, I have no direct proof, but she,Lara seems to have followed Gordon Campbell everywhere, to this day she works for premier Gordon Campbell.

Lara Daphinee from what I have been told travels everywhere Gordon Campbell goes, they spend an immense amount of time together, I wonder what Gordon Campbell`s wife Nancy thinks about this arrangement, surely she must be jealous, jealous of Lara getting to spend so much time with her husband, yet I don`t know, I never see Gordon Campbell with his wife, in fact the only 2 times I can remember seeing Gordon Campbell and Nancy together was when Gordon was weeping over his drunk driving and the only other time was when she was on stage(Nancy) when Gordon Campbell was celebrating his latest and last election victory(In my opinion) ......I looked very closely at the stage presence of Nancy on that night, to me, she looked distant,a forced appearance, even the children seemed to be around mom more than dad.

I don`t know anything for sure, maybe Lara Daphinee is just a great employee, a great travel companion, she must be a great travel companion because allegedly she goes everywhere the premier goes, if they were long term lovers certainly the media would of figured it out, me, well I`m just naturally curious and suspicious.

My last relationship, if I looked at other females funny I would get an earfull and a tongue lashing.

I wonder if Nancy, the premier`s wife is going to attend all the events with the premier at the olympics, now I`m not casting judgement, it`s not a crime, adultery I mean, 50% of all marriages today wind up with at least one partner cheating on the other, heck, in France it`s almost a national pastime, certainly Nancy has had reasons to be disappointed in Gordon Campbell, at least over Gordon Campbell`s drunk driving offence in Hawaii, it must have made Nancy very proud (Insert sarcasm here).

Is Lara Daphinee married, I don`t think so, does she have a long term boyfriend,or girlfriend, hey, the times is a changin so who am I to judge, she is very attractive woman(In my opinion).....Well, I think Marge Simpson on the cartoon show the Simpsons is attractive so don`t go by my judgement, but, if in fact Lara Daphinee has no boyfriend or girlfriend than I would be even more suspicious of the activities between Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinee. Perhaps somebody can let me know if Lara Daphinee joined Gordon Campbell on the trip to Copenhagen for the Climax summit.

Anyways, I am just throwing my personal thoughts out there for consumption, I have no proof, none at all, I do though have a very active imagination, well friends, please keep it clean in the comment section.

Merry Christmas Gordon Campbell. Lara Daphinee, may your stocking be fully stuffed!

And Merry Christmas to all my readers and contributors.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Marc Jaccard promoted gas flaring before our last election

I nominate Marc Jaccard for the :Not fit to teach students anything award:

Lets have a little chat about Marc Jaccard, Gordon (the compulsive liar) Campbell has Marc Jaccard in his back pocket, every time Campbell wanted to show off his green credentials out he marched the great flim flam man Marc Jaccard, how this man is allowed to teach impressionable kids is beyond me, he is nothing more than a paid political hack hiding behind his degrees, I of course have no degrees,honours or education as far as that goes, anyways, I wonder how Jaccard can sleep at night....The man promoted gas flaring before our last election.

But lets go back a little further shall we, back when Gordon Campbell was spending tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money advertising how great his revenue neutral carbon was going to be....In one of the first ads the BC Government ran about the carbon tax, the ad made the false claim "BCs carbon tax is the equivalent of taking 400.000 cars of the road each year" ....What a ridiculous claim, we have had the tax for 18 months so theoretically the carbon tax should have reduced the emissions of BC by the emissions of 600.000 cars, of course the government pulled that ad after two weeks(knowing it was false) but they never made a formal retraction. On CKNW and our local news Marc Jaccard made many appearances telling the upset public how great the carbon is going to be and how it will lower our emissions,he claimed it was the most effective way to reduce emissions. I of course along with every other BCer with a brain knew different...But no one cheered louder about Campbell`s carbon tax than Marc Jaccard.

And today, Kootcoot has a great post over at the :House of Infamy: and Michael Smyth had a good read about the latest release from stats Canada, here in BC we are the only province whose emission went up not down,what happened Jaccard, where`s the beef? Now lets get one thing straight,the other provinces reduced emissions not through carbon taxes or carbon sequestration but because of idle industry and lay-offs, and also I find it very suspicious that the stats Canada report about BCs runaway emissions was released a week after Tzeporah Berman and Pembina presented Gordon Campbell the "Climate Action Award" in Copenhagen and the summit was over.....I wonder how proud those losers are after hearing how our emissions have spiked, obviously Tzeporah Berman and Pembina don`t really care, after all they were both rewarded with appointments to Gordon Campbell "Green resource development team" (read Kootcoot`s article here)

Imagine that, Gordon Campbell hoodwinks the world in Copenhagen,his people HE appointed to his green panel gave him an award for causing a spike in greenhouse gasses in BC, my god,is that sick and twisted, welcome to BC Liberal Bizzarro world.(read the Michael Smyth article here)

So what does this have to do with Marc Jaccard, simple, Marc Jaccrd despite supporting the carbon tax admitted that unless 75Cents or more was added to the price of each litre of fuel the results would be minimal at best, well well well, and Marc Jaccard went to university to learn that,hmm...Put the price of car fuel at 8.00$ per gallon and people will drive less,really,wow,what a brain surgeon,of course Marc Jaccard knew that Gordon Campbell was only going to raise the carbon tax to 7 cents a litre by 2012 so in fact Marc Jaccard knew in his heart that the tax was virtually useless,although,he did defend it staunchly in a Tyee article, in the article Jaccard claimed that even with a small carbon tax we would see results,that has been proven to be false, even I knew the tax would do nothing but punish consumers, 90% of the province has no choice but to drive,there`s no transit,none available even here on the sunshine coast where I live. (read the Tyee article here)

But friends what Marc Jaccard the phony did pre-election(last April/2009) was much more sinister, here is exactly what that political conman did...The NDP launched their election platform and laid out their plan for action on the climate(the plan had no consumer carbon tax)...The NDP in their battle to reduce emissions laid out in their election platform that they were going to force the big gas companies(like Ecana Gas) to either sequester their carbon, put their emissions from gas flaring in pipes and or face a penalty and have to pay royalties on the gas they flare, I personally loved the idea because the citizens in most of BC have no choice but to drive to work and heat their homes and as you know, Ecana gas was making billions in profit every year, even in this year in the so-called recession Ecana gas in the third quarter made 775 million from operations ...and that was down from the 1.44 billion Ecana gas made in the third quarter last year.(read about Ecana profits here)

So why was that last part important, here`s the deal, 3 days after the NDP came out with their climate action plan the Great Phony Marc Jaccard came out with a so-called intensive paper claiming that the NDP plan to go after the gas flarers would be ineffective and cost 60.000 jobs, in this so-called paper which he claimed was well studied and analyzed, and again it was just a coincidence that this "paper" with all this research and study came out just days after the NDP election platform..Hmmm...And you know that Bill Good had on Jaccard right before the election and the Vancouver sun and Province ran the Jaccard paper on their front pages with a headline that read something like : NDP climate plan to cost 60.000 jobs:......Yet I did read Marc (phony)Jaccard`s paper and....For a professor at SFU to write a paper about charging for gas flaring and or sequestration well...Every second line in this "Paper" was the word NDP this and NDP that and NDP and NDP and more NDP...It wasn`t a professional piece it was a political hatchet job disguised as credible work from a professor....Jaccard can rot in hell and god help anyone he`s ever taught! (read Marc Jaccards commercial for Gordon Campbell here)

So anyways, the report from stats Canada states that gas flaring in BC by highly profitable gas drilling companies are causing BCs emission to skyrocket and my friends it gets worse, because there was another article one of my faithful readers sent me about what is being proposed in the Horn river basin in northeast BC....Here`s the deal, Ecana gas wants to build a massive gas plant, called the "cabin gas plant" in traditional Dene territory, the original plan for this plant included major sequestration as part of it`s operations but now that Copenhagen is over,the election in BC has passed Ecana gas now states "It`s too expensive to build in sequestration"......Imagine that, ecana gas who is making billions and billions every year, Ecana gas that now will pay no PST or GST because of Campbell`s HST corporate giveaway tax break,taxes that the public will now pay claim they can`t afford sequestration,.....I wonder how Tzeporah Berman and Pembina and Marc Jaccard feel, I wonder whose bedroom Gordon Campbell has hung his award,I wonder how many Gordallions are hanging beside it?

And the article my readers sent me was written be the leader of the Dene ....and there are some great quotes from this must read article...including...."The environmental assessment agency has said this project will have detrimental effects on the area"...and...."The last time an assessment was given this type of review the project was cancelled" that project being the Kemess mine....and this quote..."The Ecana Cabin gas plant will will be BCs biggest single point emitter releasing 2.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses and other toxins every year"...."The equivalent of the emissions of 450,000 cars on the road" and this quote "This single project will increase BCs total emissions by 3.3% alone" and this....."We have a 100 year old treaty but nowhere in the treaty are we guaranteed clean air" (Please read this story here, I give it a 5 ***** rating)

Yet Marc Jaccard advocated leaving the gas flaring alone in favour of Gordon(compulsive liar) Campbell`s useless,piddly carbon tax. I wrote about about Marc Jaccard promoting flaring back in my archives but in light of these latest stories, in light of Gordon Campbell`s personal award Tzeporah Berman handed Campbell on the stage in Copenhagen in light of these latest development I hereby give Marc Jaccard the award for.......

The biggest phony professor and political hack award for spinning,obfuscating and promoting climate harm and air quality destruction all in the name of personal promotion and money!

The Straight Goods

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Where only eagles dare to soar

A day to forget,a day to remember, dreams of ribbons and achievment, dreams of glory and gold, the journey forward begins anew, the clock, the dreaded clock, it never stops, a lifetime of training in seconds, tears, many tears and that clock that runs and runs and turns into the setting sun.
Years of sweat and internal fear, a girls dream, not sugar,not spice but to slice through the air and soar,to soar where only eagles dare.

Not dresses nor dolls but arrows and poles, to fly as angels, to fly as men, compete as equals and vie for space only to be treated with such disgrace.

Four years more four years more,just wait just wait, you will grow,there there deary deary, don`t be teary, the shame we feel the perma stain, and the clock that never stops,the time won`t wait for angels,time won`t hide our shame, for country, for nation, for power used to tame.

And who is to blame, dreams, hopes and more, when all girls want to do is soar.

Dedicated to our courageous female ski-jumpers who lost their finAL BATTLE today AS THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA REFUSED TO HEAR THEIR CASE OF DISCRIMINATION.The court gave no reasons for refusing to hear the case.

Merry Christmas girls

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is my new plasma T.V.

Global warming,climate change, food supply, the contradictions are mind boggling!

Air Canada has ordered 37 new Boeing 787s..The US senate just passed a defense bill worth nearly $700 billion, Global news has been urging people to spend spend spend on Christmas,John Furlong has asked people to keep to their 14 million Christmas light displays up past the holidays right through the olympic and parolympic games,yet we have a two tier hydro rate in BC, a do nothing carbon tax.

Best buy, Wallmart, China, cell phone companies want you to buy a new phone every year, a new playstation, new rock band, it boggles the mind,personally speaking my cell phone was bought in 1999, it still works, I don`t text, I am actually waiting for a phone that will allow me to communicate with smoke signals,heck,if we are going to go backwards lets go all the way.

I watched a :You Tube: question and answer show about climate change on CNN the other night, people from around the world asked questions through you tube for the CNN panel to answer, it was interesting in a amusing way, the panel itself had different points of view, the biggest blowhard and camera hog on the panel was no other than Thomas Freidman, for those who don`t know who Freidman is...He is a New York Times columnist and author of the book "The world is flat" , His book exspressed the theory that cheap exports from China,India, Malaysia and others was good, good for the consumer,the economy,the world, his book claimed that going down this Kumbia,we are the world,lets hold hands in the community garden path was the road to success, his book today is regarded as nothing more than fire starter.

There was one fellow on the panel who spoke to truth, I forget his name but he said..." People don`t want to change, there is no incentive to change, people want corporations to change, let the CEOs and shareholders take the hit and pay, industry is polluting not the consumer, the incentive to change isn`t offering cars, toys, new stuff, they are asking people to spend money they don`t have to maintain their present life style" ......And Tom Freidman kept interrupting, butting in, challenging any opposing view but his own.....I personally would like to bitch slap Freidman and send him back to his cave......Anyways...Tom Freidman was hell bent on telling the world what must be done, in a nutshell here is what Tommy had to say...

The answer to the world`s woes is simple, what we need to do is bring cheap electricity and power to everyone in the world, 400 million people in India have no electric,hundreds of millions of Chinese have no power, 3 billion people around the world have no power and we must provide them all cheap electricity.

Yes friends,that is what Thomas Freidman said to a world audience, here is my take on how flawed that is, first off...These parts of the world are warm, these countries like India,China,Africa etc etc....Their populations aren`t falling,in fact the populations of these countries are growing in leaps in bounds, and I believe these people have survived for thousands of years with out luxuries, what would happen if every dwelling in the world had cheap electric, for what purpose, if they have power then they will want dishwashers, driers, stereo,T.V.s, phones, and yes, they could put up 14 million bulb christsmas displays, and if they have a olympics they can keep their lights going for an extra three months. Thomas Freidman is so clueless, in fact he reminds me of Stephen $ees...,$ees is great on transport, but, he believes we can bring in millions of people into the lower mainland,walkable communities,bike to work, low flow toilets, save every species, live in a tiny cubicle all built by eco friendly materials.

You see folks, the first thing we need is honesty, and by that I mean we have to be honest with ourselves, I would go fishing in a canoe or fish off the dock if there was any fish nearby,but there aren`t, the local cod are gone, no longer can we catch salmon off any dock in BC, now we have to travel miles and miles to find a fish, that`s why I go to the west coast because our salmon in the Sunshinecoast region are gone...That`s just one issue, the whole world is a capitalistic society, every country,every CEO wants market share, they want you to own ten pairs of shoes, buy the latest fashion trend, newest phone,newest game,newest car, multiply that scenario a billion times and you will quickly come to the conclusion that co2 and green houses gasses are going to rise, if were honest with ourselves you must come to that conclusion,everything we do has a carbon footprint....Let me say this before the greens stomp on me, I am 100% in favour of cutting visible pollution, mandatory reductions,smoke stack scrubbers, highest fuel standards for new cars....But as for Copenhagen and this non binding bullshit, the Kyoto accord had signatories and hard targets and every country failed,including Canada so who amongst you thinks that a non-binding agreement with zero targets for any countries,voluntary emission reporting....All this in a capitalistic society full of greedy CEO`s who want more and more money......Like I say, if we can`t be honest with ourselves to expect honesty between countries is laughable.

Global warming/climate change is being pumped into the young people`s minds in school, it`s being taught without debate, the :You Tube: debate on CNN the other night, the questions were from young people, pleading for a deal,begging for action using phrases like, "what will be left for the next generation".

But again, where is the honesty,the same young people who want the world saved aren`t on bikes, they`re not working in gardens growing vegetables,picking fruit, in fact the closest they come to fruit is in a piece of rubber called fruit roll-ups, they are driven to school, playing video games,they text away, they gab on social sites and they want the latest fashions, newest phone, passionate they are but that passion doesn`t translate into action, everyone of them want gifts from best buy that make them jump up and down, and no polar bear picture in their wallet or Gordon Campbell carbon tax will change that fact about human behaviour......And finally..

Mandatory pollution reductions,a must,not paid by consumers but paid from corporate profits, but what I really want is Salmon habitat saved, farmed fish removed from oceans, a ban of destructive fishing practices that scrape and destroy the nursery(The bottom)...No more drift nets, a reduction of fertilizers on giant agra-farms run by technology, I would like to see a return to labour intensive farming(Summer jobs for the oh-so-concerned youth) lets see how they like that...I would like to see the removal of all the chemicals in the food chain, I would like to see every high rise building shut off the lights at night, deflectors on the windows to keep birds from flying into them, no more toxic lakes for birds to die in.....And finally when places are full they`re full, metro Vancouver is full,bejiing is full, the United states is full,India is full, for what good is life with no fish, birds,forests......Other than that Copenhagen,Kyoto is nothing but spin,lies and obfuscation...We have to start by being honest with ourselves.

Meanwhile, where is my new plasma T.V. ?

The Straight Goods

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dancing with the devil

Well friends, after reading a Scott Simpson article today one thing has become quite apparent, David Suzuki and the other environmentalists were in fact, playing games with the devil Gordon Campbell.

I would bet that right now Gordon Campbell`s eye balls are bugging out of their sockets, not only did 25 environmental groups(including the ones appointed to his green advisory committee) slam his energy policy but in Copenhagen, the conference turned into a bust, China is refusing to budge, the Chinese leaders "refused" to allow any reporters to ask them questions, there is no binding agreement, there is no talk of cap n trade,no talk of carbon taxes, no mandatory emissions`s reporting, in fact the only thing the world leaders agreed upon(verbally) is to not allow the earth`s temperature rise more than 2 degrees celsius over the next decade (whatever that means).)

Obama, he couldn`t even change healthcare,the insurance and big pharma lobby has crushed reform, so what chance does he have playing with the big boy`s lobbyists( Oil n energy,coal,steel).

I watched very carefully Obama`s speech today, he walked on stage angry and terse, he had to say something, he spoke volumes by saying nothing, colourful hopeful words in absence of substance, China is not playing ball, the USA...Well, this summit needed to happen when the world had money(when they thought they had money),countries,the USA,Canada,China, all of them did NOTHING on climate change,nothing on carbon taxes,nothing on offsets when the markets were at record highs and portfolio`s were fat and governments had surpluses, so how in hell does anyone think something is going to happen when every government is broke? With China not playing and the USA flat ass broke being asked to "cough" up billions for other countries, good luck trying to get that through the house or senate, so for the near future there will be NO cap n trade,no carbon taxes on consumers, no mandatory buying of carbon offsets,about the only thing Obama can push through at this stage of the game is higher fuel standards for new cars.

The latest USA polls puts Obama at 47% approval rating and with house representative elections happening in 2010 there will be nothing controversial being pushed through, here are a few more facts that have Gordon Campbell in a tizzy...Besides the millions of homes that have been foreclosed upon there are another 13 million more homes at risk of foreclosure, there has been no job recovery, consumer debt is swamping Americans, so in light of all those items high priced power is many many years away,probably decades.

Which brings me back to today`s column from Scott Simpson, after reading it I came to this conclusion, the environmentalists were "dancing with the devil" .

The first salvo attack in our may provincial election was launched by the green groups against the NDP, these green groups were prepared to look like idiots promoting Gordon Campbell for one reason, these groups felt the carbon tax was so important (silly greenies)..A carbon tax can be successful if you add 50 cents to 1.00$ per litre to the cost of fuel, but at 3, 4, 5, 6 cents a litre it does nothing to change behaviour, the higher price of 50 cents to 1.00$ carbon tax per litre of fuel would of course make fuel unaffordable to people and (would) reduce emissions but at a cost of destroying jobs and stagnating the economy, so meanwhile the greenies play their game with the devil, and at the time I thought how could any environmentalists possibly support Gordon Campbell and his policies?

Boy oh boy, Gordon Campbell must be frothing at the mouth, after our election the greenies remained silent, biding their time, patience, kinda like fishing, and boy did they ever hook one ugly rat fish named Campbell, they bide their time and wait until Gordon(LIAR) Campbell appoints members to his green energy advisory board,members from the from David Suzuki foundation,from Pembina, forest ethics and others, and still they bide their time, they fly to Copenhagen and present Campbell an award for his piddly do nothing carbon tax and then two days later after the conference ends they.....

Snap the rod back and set the hook and drive a barb deep into Campbell`s mouth! 25 environmental groups come out swinging with a scathing report on his energy policy,it wasn`t subtle or suggestive, it was straight to the point and I would like to share some quotes from Scott Simpson article/energy plan report...

"The report says crown corporation BC Hydro should no longer be barred from competing with private power"..........."Ecologically sensitive areas must be off limit to green power development"....................."Plans for exporting power must be halted until environmental benefits can be proven".............."energy development must be clean,low impact as possible, must not have adverse social and ECONOMIC impacts"......"Water licences and land leases must be reformed"........"Environmental assessments must be strengthened"........"The public must be involved and kept informed, discussion can`t take place behind closed doors"......................and ...."Benefits for BCers must be maximized"

Craig Orr(executive director of watershed watch) had some great quotes as well...."The whole system of developing clean energy is just a mess right now.There are huge numbers of changes that must be made to increase public participation,democratic environmental standards." And Craig Orr went on to say....

"BC conservation groups are in broad agreement that the government`s strategy is seriously flawed and needs a major overhaul"

NDP energy Critic John Horgan said
" Even those groups whom the Liberals assumed were in lockstep with the idea of green at all costs are saying, hold on a second,it`s not that simple" And

"I think it speaks to the need,for not a two-month discussion with a selected audience over christmas,but rather a broader discussion about where we are going with energy policy"

And one last quote from from the report co-written by David Suzuki foundation,Pembina,Watershed watch salmon society,west coast environmental law.....

"We must develop a consensus on how renewable electricity could be exported, if at all."

Well friends, there you have it, the enviros were dancing with the devil, they were dancing with Gordon Campbell because they love the carbon tax, but, by dancing with the devil over the carbon tax we risk the enbridge pipline bringing dirty tar sand oil to Kitimat,offshore oil n gas,oil tanker traffic, expanded highways, HST, the demise of the wild salmon, coal bed methane, expanded gas flaring, environmental assessments being further eroded, yes indeed, the environmentalists played with the devil, they put our economic future and stability on the line with a PROVEN LIAR...PROVEN LAW BREAKER, I hope their right, I hope we didn`t lose everything over a piddly do-nothing 3 to 5 cent carbon tax.(you can read the Scott Simpson story here)
The Straight Goods

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Haida nation meets snake oil salesman Paul Taylor

Well friends, time to unravel the naikun wind project, between Gordon Campbell and Paul Taylor (ceo of ICBC during the chop shop,rigged auction,insider thievery) , what chance does the Haida have of getting a square deal with this conman?

I have been researching this project for some time now, it stinks,I`m being polite. Lets start with a little background, Paul Taylor was at one time deputy finance minister for Gordon Campbell, it didn`t last long,Paul Taylor left and magically appeared as the CEO of ICBC....And after a few years problems showed up at ICBC, there was the infamous chop shop scandal, executives and staff getting freebies, rigged auctions, cars being bought up by ICBC insiders,all under Paul Taylors watch...And what happened next,nothing,police yawned, government yawned but in the meantime as quick as Paul Taylor came to ICBC he vanished again, and guess where Gordon Campbell`s friend showed up next?....You guessed it, with Gordon Campbell giving away rivers, giving away lucrative power buying contracts, government insiders left government to work for Plutonic power, BC Hydro executives left for Plutonic power, yes indeed, the road was paved in gold and the rush was on, and just what motivation did Paul Taylor have to leave ICBC, he was making hundreds of thousands per year,he wasn`t asked to leave, but the gold rush, the "Rigged game" was too irresistible, so magically Paul Taylor makes another appearance, this time Taylor is the CEO and wind power expert at Naikun ...Hmmm, what is really going on here?

So what is Naikun, from what I gather it`s nothing but a full scale robbery of the public purse, and the saddest part of this robbery is the fact that the Haida (In my opinion) are being used as financiers of the project, the Haida are being used to garner sympathy from the public and government, the Haida are being used to influence the BCUC(British Columbia utilities commission).

The Haida, a proud nation, government after government have stomped on the Haida, Gordon Campbell and his snake oil salesmen have taken it to a whole new level, his mean nothing recognition and reconciliation act, designed for nothing but Olympic peace and access to first nation`s resources, Gordon Campbell is bargaining in anything BUT good faith, here this Naikun wind project is nothing but an elaborate ponzi scheme.

First off, the mount Hayes wind project would cost 1/3 of the price of the Hecate Straight/Naikun wind project, a $2 billion dollar capital project,that`s alot of money, you would think Paul Taylor and Naikun have some money to put in, you would be wrong, Naikun has a mere $16 million dollars on hand, a far cry from $2billion dollars, there are no investors yet, Paul Taylor needs the Haida nation to "Borrow" $800million dollars to get the project started, Paul Taylor then needs the BCUC to grant a power buying contract for 40 years at about 5 times the current spot electrical market of today, if all those things happen then and only then will professional investors come to the table with the remaining $1.2 billion dollars.

Have I got your attention yet? I have had correspondence with "Chief Roy Jones Junior" the man is passionate about his people, passionate about his children,his grandchildren, the man cares so much for the future well being of his people that he is speaking up, $800 million dollar loan to the Haida, or should I say, $800 million to Paul Taylor in the Haida`s name, 2 1/2 decades of return on the money in the $25 million dollar per year range yet the Haida nation will be paying off this loan for well over 100 years, interest rates are low right now but they`re not going to stay low forever, no private money has come to the table for the Naikun wind project, the Haida were a last gasp stab to ram this project down the throats of BCers, and now apparently the Haida are being guzzled.

I love Haidagwaii...I love salmon, salmon juice flows through my veins, I am a white BC Native, everything that is near and dear to Chief Roy Jones is dear to me, we are brothers in spirit, that said just like corrupt whitey governments corruption and wealth is distributed unfairly in the first nation`s communities as in white communities, corruption, theft and ponzi schemes aren`t exclusive of white governments.

Lets lay out the Naikun wind project, Paul Taylor and Naikun have no money,no investors, this project is 70% more expensive to start up then a land based wind farm,Hecate straight is a mean stormy place, there will be hundreds of millions in unforseen costs in making this project happen, private money won`t come in until a lucrative guarantee is given, that lucrative guarantee starts with the Haida nation debting itself for a hundred plus years, the next part of the guarantee comes from us,the taxpayer, for Naikun wind power will have to have the most expensive power rate in all of north America to be viable, that my friends is where we BCers come in, Naikun wind power is soft power,anybody depending or buying Naikun wind power will have to have "firm power" to back it up, and if interest rates rise the Haida nation on their 100 plus year payback on $800 million dollar loan will be, to be kind "Hooped".....And the Haida, just like us BCers don`t have a voting share on BC Ferries the Haida won`t have control or the voting shares, the Haida are merely a conduit to get the ball rolling, the Haida nation come up with the front money, the "poor impoverished Haida nation" ....That will be the claim Gordon Campbell and BC Hydro will make to the BCUC over this wind project, I can hear it now..".If you don`t allow this project to go ahead with a 40 year guaranteed lucrative contract you are denying the Haida economic activity"...Yes indeed my friends, that is exactly what argument is coming from Gordon(LIAR) Campbell.

So lets dig a little deeper shall we, Paul Taylor can`t raise money, Taylor and Campbell are playing the Haida nation, the Haida deal won`t benefit the vast majority of their nation,only a few Haida insiders, the Haida have to go on the hook for $800 million, Taylor has NOTHING....Ottawa has to backstop the loan to the Haida,the Haida.despite all the cryptic press releases from Camwest news,the Haida have NO MONEY of their own, so Haida nation goes on the hook for the money, Campbell lays a guilt trip on the BCUC, we the taxpayers will be subsidizing this power to the tune of tens and tens of millions per year, the Haida won`t have a majority or the voting shares therefor they will have no control, and if interest rates rise up to 4%...5%....10%....The Haida will be one cooked goose through and through and will no doubtely have to sell their interest in the project, have you got the picture yet?

Chief Roy Jones is adamant that the Haida are being played and set up,of course the liar and lawbreaker Gordon Campbell won`t care he will be long gone, would you trust Paul Taylor?

I have some direct quotes from chief Roy Jones

"The cost per megawatt is around $5,000,000. To do the Mount Hayes project is $2,000,000 per megawatt hour, 60% less" and this quote

"They claim we would make up to $29 million per year, but when you do the math we would be faced with a $5.9 million a year debt and it would take over a 100 years to pay it out after interest,maintenance,payments and replacement." And the Chief went on to say

"No I don`t trust the BC government or the federal government of Canada. I say the pied piper is leading us into a trap, and the Haida don`t have the money to buy in, I believe the press release on August 12 & 13th were illegal as the Haida Nation did not have $240 million dollars to invest when the press release was made." -------And Chief Roy Jones Junior went on to say.......

"I`m totally for green power but not at the expense of my grandchildren`s grandchildren. The council of the Haida Nation doesn`t have the money to invest, if you looked at the shares bought up you`d probably find the Haida`s that are promoting the naikun wind farm have shares in the project"

So you see my friends, nothing is as it seems, Gordon Campbell, Paul Taylor, they are not "Shaman" they are snakeoil salesmen, I don`t trust him, chief Jones doesn`t trust him, Gordon Campbell has lied his face off ever since he became premier of BC, sold assets, BC Rail gone,BC Ferries gone, land gone, no one believes Gordon Campbell cares about first nation`s people, he certainly doesn`t care about whitey, no, Gordon Campbell cares about getting his grubby little hands on our resources,on the first nation`s resources, and in this case,it`s the Great Haida Nation`s resources, I would rather give money to the Haida for feasible projects, my tax dollars, BCers tax dollars could work for everyone, like the stupid $600 million dollar retractable roof, a project that died but was reborn through bribery to make sure the Bloc Quebecois voted for the HST in Ottawa, why do you think the retractable roof project went to a Quebec company, although, since the federal Liberals bent over and received, he didn`t even need to bribe the Quebec government, but that is how the liar Gordon Campbell works, will the BCUC sell us out for 40 years because of Campbell`s pressure, will our hydro rates triple to feed money to Campbell`s American friends, will the Haida nation be played like a fiddle, will chief Jones be safe after speaking out and telling the truth, will the madness continue, will Stephen Harper go along with the Naikun con job, tune in next week for another episode of.......

The Madman Chronicles starring Gordon Campbell and Guest starring Paul Taylor.

I would like to personally thank Chief Roy Jones Junior for all his help on this file, he is a man of principle and class..." The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few"

And thanks to a anonymous contributer who left me the link to a story in today`s Terrace daily...The Province`s latest press release on the agreement with first nation`s was FALSE-MISLEADING-CORRUPT---FULL of FALSE INFORMATION(read it here)

The Straight Goods

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Madman Chronicles

The world changed for British Columbia in 2001.......I will leave it up to you to decide if the change is helping us or destroying our future!
In 2001 the people of BC chose a new government, yes there was problems with the existing government but have we in fact jumped from the frying pan into the incinerator? Early on the new direction and decision making process was evident, promises were made in 2000, a promise was made to honour a recently signed HEU contract, those workers had an average pay of 16.00$ per hour, that promise was immediately broken and the largest mass firing of woman and workers in Canadian history occurred, 9000 workers were tossed aside and abandoned, the united nations ruled the firing illegal, the case eventually made it`s way to the supreme court of Canada where the judiciary found the firing to be illegal, a settlement of $90 million dollars was ordered,although it didn`t help the workers who lost homes, who lost years and many who gave up on life and killed themselves, and for all that there were no savings for government, merely a transfer of monies from the many to the few,and to this day hospital cleaning and seniors care has not recovered.
The " I won`t sell BC Rail" Lie was next, it was sold, the bid was rigged, the players were many,the outcome was pre-determined even before the new government took office, and this lie, 6 years later and probably a hundred million in legal fees, this lie is still before the courts, missing emails, bribes,consolation prizes, immunities given, and even after breaking promises,and after the sale the government still has BC Rail executives (who probably have the inside story) on the pay role for millions per year and they don`t even have trains,from railway executives to real estate salesman, what is wrong with this picture?
BC Ferries was sold to someone,who? Who knows,possibly to ourselves, BC Ferry debt has risen to nearly $1.5 billion dollars, money was funneled to the province, the one voting share kept from the shareholders and a secret organization that is not answerable to no one, and the executive branch can`t be fired,controlled , they set their own wages, we,the people of this province have been shut out of the process, BC Ferries is now in a position where it`s debt is almost unserviceable, at this rate BC Ferries will pay 10s of millions in interest forever without reducing the principle!
And the insanity is everywhere, P3 contracts are that madman`s flavour of the day, P3s that were touted as the best way to protect the public, but that has been proven to be completely false, the Canada line, besides being $1 billion dollars over budget it has now been revealed that besides all the money we,the taxpayers have put into the project,despite all the reassurances from government, the Canada line will cost the taxpayers over $21 million dollars every year in subsidies for at least 2 decades..............The Golden ears bridge,another P3...Another project that was supposed to protect the public from risk, and again that has been proven to be completely false,the consortium changed their mind on the deal,yes, no longer were they going to be paid back with toll revenue,the deal was altered in the 11th hour and now again the public is on the hook for subsidies in the $25 million dollar range every year for probably 35 years, these 2 projects alone will cost the taxpayer in the range of $1billion dollars, insanity, is no one paying attention?
And the sea to sky highway upgrade, an $800 million dollar improvement but that isn`t where the problem is, this project,another P3...Involving the McQuarie Group and Kiewet...(McQuarie,known as the millionaires bank, Keiwet, an American company based in Omaha Nebraska) the price for the upgrade isn`t the problem here, it`s the maintenance part of this contract, the maintenance contract on this stretch of highway is unbelievably high, no one wants to talk about it but it`s unreal, $100 million per year in maintenance for 25 years is what that project is going to cost the taxpayers, how can anyone justify that kind of a maintenance contract, a deal for who? A deal only a madman would ink us to.
And there`s the convention center, a $400 million dollar project that was headed up by the madman`s friend, a project that has reached the $1billion dollar mark, a convention center that will lose money every year, yes,you can tell tall tales about spinoff revenue but all that`s nothing but spin, these deals, deals that can`t be discussed because "it`s before the court" or hidden from the public because of private company status, hidden by means of financial confidentiality, everything is convoluted,murky, shrouded in mystery, yet our tax dollars are taken, a government run by a madman, there are many examples of world leaders who lost their minds, in the far past,the near past, present day, it`s not like insanity can`t happen, it`s not like blackmail can`t happen, what drives these madmen to hurt the public, hurt future generations, for all those above examples of insanity we can overcome, but.
The more egregious crimes against the public are cooking as we speak, the economic well being of our province is at extreme risk.
Copenhagen summit is happening right now, and yes there is going to be a green push but, the United States of America is broke! California is broke, a trillion dollar federal deficit, a $70 billion deficit in California, the USA has lost about 8 million jobs since this recession has started,millions of foreclosed homes, the best experts don`t figure on these jobs returning until 2014 and beyond, if they return at all, and, the USA needs to create 150,000 jobs every month just to keep even with people entering the job market, the USA citizenry had a net worth of $65 trillion dollars before wallstreet sunk everyone, that net worth today is $50 trillion dollars, with huge federal and state deficits the USA is going to raise taxes,they have to.....So believe me, or believe the experts,the best forecasters in the game are predicting a trend downward in electrical pricing, if a green revolution does happen south of the border it will be through innovation and competition, yes indeed, fuel and hydro rates aren`t going to spike,the Americans have no more manufacturing, wages are flat and falling, another housing credit bubble won`t be forming, the American public,the world public can`t afford a massive fuel and energy spike in pricing, the world may or may not turn green but..The world`s citizens can`t afford another Enron or a massive spike in gas prices, as green as Arnold Swarzzenegger may or may not be.
He will not force a bankrupt California to buy overpriced electrical power from BC or anywhere!
But meanwhile a madman is at the helm of British Columbia, the spot market for electricity has been around the 40$ mark for electricity for the last 5 years, even BC Hydro`s own predictors, their own market trend analysers say that the price of electric won`t get to and stay in the $100 range until 2032 and beyond.
So how can we as a province allow one man,one MADMAN to bet your children`s economic stability on the electric future`s market! How can the media stand by silent? How can the federal government turn it`s back on the province of BC? How can the NDP opposition not make any noise on this issue, this isn`t about public versus private power, this story isn`t about the environment, the California senate ruled in the spring of 2009 that big run of river power isn`t green, the environmental footprint is too large to be considered green, that decision means that even if there is a slight premium on green,renewable power, BC`s run of river power won`t qualify.
How can one madman guarantee paying private power companies $120 dollar range for their power for 30 to 40 years when the spot market today is a 1/3 rd that amount, how can a government leader Gamble with a future`s market, that madman has no mandate to risk upwards of $3 billion dollars per year by 2015....These contracts will go on for decades and decades, that madman has put in no safety net for the public, contracts with private power companies could and must be written differently, private power can be guaranteed the spot market rate and a percentage split can be negotiated if the price does indeed rise, our BC Madman has guaranteed over $ 100 dollars to private power and our Madman wants 10,000 MWH available for export by 2015, for every 1000 MWH for export at these current prices will cost $300 million dollars to the province every year, if you do the math we could be on the hook for losses of $3 billion dollars per year,every year for decades,and it`s not just $3billion less the treasury would take in,no, we would have to take $3 billion from the treasury and pay it out, to take BC Hydro from a money making entity that has served us well for decades to a money bleeder is unacceptable!
And it`s not me saying this, Dan Potts, the head of a steering committee representing BC`s industrial power users can`t understand how it can work, Marvin Schaffer, a esteemed professor can`t see how it can work, we can`t risk it, electric may or may not rise up in price in the future, even if it does no one has the power, certainly one madman doesn`t have the power to take that gamble, even BC`s current energy minister agrees that there are huge risks and uncertainties ahead, the energy minister admits the losses could be huge if the spot market doesn`t rise.
The BCUC is a public over sight committee, their job it to protect the public,they have been doing their job admirably, but this one madman has now reprimanded this public oversight entity and demanded they march to his drummer,the head of BC Hydro has been removed,the madman`s ex assistant deputy is rumoured to take over that position at BC Hydro.
These contracts must be torn up,rewritten, I`m prepared to join a pitchfork nation in stopping this madman. I don`t know what music is playing loudly over and over again in the madman`s head but I don`t hear the music, no one else seems to hear that music.
I`m looking forward to "The day, the music died"
Gordon Campbell, Chronicles of a madman.

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another span almost as busy as the Golden Ears bridge

I wasn`t going to write another story on the Golden ears bridge but...Kelly Sinoski and Kirk Lapointe(editor in chief) of the Vancouver Sun are absolute stooges!

Another failed P3, we pay a massive premium for a P3 build and like everything Gordon Campbell touches this bridge project is a big money loser! I have several links ahead but lets layout the Canwest Con.

A story appeared last spring in the Vancouver sun about the Golden ears bridge and the Canada line,the gist of the story is that Translink would be subsidizing these two projects for a few years, the Canada line was only to be subsidized until it reached the 100.000 daily ridership,well it`s almost there but a few weeks back it was revealed that the Canada line will lose over 21 $million every year for decades, so much for Canwest/Campbell spin! the last year of construction on the golden ears bridge,the builder, the builder who was going to be paid back with tolls opted out of toll revenue and chose to have set amounts of money given to them from Translink, Translink agreed and the deal was signed, another P3 screws the taxpayer and bridge drivers.(here is the story from last spring by Sinoski)

Anyways, the set price structure is this...Translink will pay the builder 500.000.00$ each month,plus 316.000.00$ monthly maintenance...That maintenance amount 316.000.00$is every month for 35 years....So Translink pays the builder 500K every month until jan/1/2010...On january 1/2010 the monthly fee rises to 1.5 $million per month plus maintenance and...

On july 1st/2010 the monthly fee Translink pays to the builder rises to 3 $million dollars per month plus maintenance...And a year later the monthly rises to 4 $ million dollars per month....and in 2015 the monthly payment rises to 4.7 million $ dollars per month plus maintenance fee.

So anyways, a couple of months ago the idiots at the Vancouver sun write a column(Kelly Sinoski) titled "Golden ears bridge a goldmine for Translink....I read the story and was shocked with the mis-information, yea shocked...Sinoski claimed that Translink was making a million $ plus every month from tolls on the Golden ears bridge...Yet there was no mention that the fee Translink pays to the builder was going up by 1 million $ dollars in January(one month from now)...And no mention how the fees rises to 3 million $ dollars in July/2010....So I wrote a story "Kirk Lapointe and the Vancouver sun are idiots" I laid out all the facts and timelines and reported that this so-called goldmine was only going to break even in January and will lose over a million per month come july, it`s what I call "honest reporting"..(read Kelly Sinoski here)

So here a few weeks back I heard Drew Snider on the news,Snider made the claim that drivers didn`t know where the Golden ears bridge was and Translink did a poor job in informing people where the bridge was and how it can help their commute, well I laughed my face off and wrote another story about the "lost bridge".....And I explained that people didn`t want to part with their money and would rather sit in traffic then surrender 130.00$ per month..and..

Last night another story appeared from my favorite idiot writer for the Vancouver Sun Kelly Sinoski ,and it was another Golden ears bridge story,this one about how the traffic projections are WAYYY off and traffic is nowhere near what they anticipated...but, the story was playing Canwaste head games,the story talked how Translink was only going to make 11 million in 2009 on the tolls rather than the 13 million they were expecting....

Well, again Sinoski was being dishonest,again Kelly Sinoski failed to mention that the fee rises from Translink to the builder by 1 million per month in January and in july the payment rises to 3 $ million plus maintenance per month,so in january Translink breaks even and in july losses are well over a million per month! But what I found to be absolutely hilarious in the Kelly Sinoski story were the quotes from Ken Hardie of Translink....

Ken Hardie was no longer blaming Translink for Hiding the Golden ears bridge, Hardie wasn`t blaming stupid drivers for low toll numbers, amazing, Ken Hardie was blaming "the economic downturn" Hardie went onto say " People don`t have jobs to go to, people weren`t going to the port,or the border" Apparently Ken Hardie finally figured out that people are broke, imagine that!

The Greatest place on earth and people aren`t working,aren`t driving, aren`t buying tons of fuel, but funny thing though, traffic was thick,heavy,congested everywhere except,except the golden ears bridge, ya think? Maybe,just maybe the lightbulbs have lit up in Translink`s head,but I doubt it.

Because Ken Hardie had some more interesting but subtle things to inform us...Ken Hardie stated that they were expecting 10 million more dollars from transit fares, apparently ridership is down, Ken Hardie stated that Translink was expecting7 $million more dollars from revenue from gas taxes,apparently people are filling up in the USA or filling up out of metro Vancouver or they have cut back their driving,imagine that,people in the greatest place on earth running out of money, that can`t be, the streets are lined with gold, gee,I wonder if the deranged one Gordon Campbell knows?

A couple of other items were mentioned in Kelly Sinoski`s story that made me laugh...Translink can`t seem to sell the two Albion ferries the Province gave them, several deals have fallen apart and....LOL..HAHA...Translink claim the ferries are costing 28,000,00$ per month to maintain....Are you kidding me,28,000,00$ a month for what? Moorage, a little heat, I`m sure Vanoc could use them to house people..HA HA..but....The most scary thing that Ken Hardie said in Kelly Sinoski`s story is.....

"Translink is looking at ways to increase revenues to a level higher than this estimation"..................In other words,LOL LOL...Translink is going to toss out the the present toll structure and crank up the tolls, something they said they wouldn`t do, and, when people star rat-racing down the fraser highway,or rat race over the mission bridge when the port mann gets tolled the same thing will happen there too, tolls will rise to the "point of diminshing returns" just like the ferries,traffic volume falls,they raise the price,volume falls further,they raise the price some more to the "point of diminishing returns"

What else could Translink do to raise more money on the Golden ears bridge but raise tolls, yea,raise tolls,raise MSP, raise municipal taxes, raise gas taxes, bring in the HATED HST....And more people will stop driving,stop spending. On a side note....Translink canned three executives today, Ken Hardie claimed it had nothing to do with the comptroller general`s report, Hardie said Prendergast was "working on efficiencies" (here is the link to Sinoski`s latest dribble)

What a two-bit phony rag the Vancouver sun is, I expect another Sinoski article at the end of January/2010 telling us how the golden ears bridge is already breaking even,and...I don`t expect a Sinoski article at the end of July/2010 telling us the Golden Ears bridge is losing 2 million per month, in fact I would imagine after January 2010 that we never have another Golden ears bridge story in the Vancouver Sun, just stories about the fast ferries and stories about the "Financial wizardry" of Gordon(The proven liar and proven lawbreaker) Campbell!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gordon Campbell has put BCs financial future in wallstreet`s hands!

I saw Gordon Campbell on the evening news tonight, and what is it,Campbell looked deranged,for sometime I have noticed that Campbell is bug-eyed with this psychotic glare about him, I truly believe that Gordon Campbell is about ready to snap, he looks like a drug addict running from his latest crime to his next fix with the authorities in hot pursuit,Gordon Campbell in my opinion is wondering,waiting,anticipating being arrested any minute for his crimes against humanity.

The Scott Simpson story needs more discussion, as you know I wrote a series on pollution,burrard thermal and one particular story "Run of river is all but dead in BC".....Now as you know when Gordon Campbell hatched his private power scheme big revenue was starting to flow to the province,housing was booming south of the border,markets were up to record levels around the world but how quickly times change....Gordon Campbell took literally millions of dollars from Plutonic power and other IPP companies for his Liberal Gang`s benefit, Campbell promised them the moon, Gordon Campbell thought with yearly surpluses in the billions that he could siphon off a billion or two yearly to feed his American friends, he knew the media(the stooges) would be STILL occupied with fast ferries and the 90s to bother paying any attention to current affairs.

Well along came wallstreet, the best and the brightest bet trillions in derivatives, credit default swaps, a bunch of greedy,crooked con men fleeced the world for trillions of dollars,markets crashed,money dried up and so did Gordon (deranged) Campbell river of fool`s gold!

I suspected that Campbell,with a 4 billion dollar deficit and multi billion dollar deficits for many more years to come realized that there was nowhere to hide billions in power trading losses and ultimately he would have to back off and wiggle out of these power deals to his American friends.

So as you know the current spot market for electric is around 40$...Campbell has signed deals averaging 120$ a MWH, his only hope was for the BCUC to bail him out,which they did in july of this year, now of course Campbell having taken all this money from the IPP vultures had to put on a good show, he rattled BCUC`s cage, he removed Bob Elton as CEO of BC Hydro (which was surprising because BC Hydro has done everything Campbell has asked!) So what new has transpired since the fraudulent election, well in the toilet bowl speech(I mean the Campbell throne speech) Campbell talked of tearing burrard thermal down......Well, as of last month Leckstrom and Campbell have decided to keep Burrard thermal forever(a complete pullback of their earlier position) and this latest revelation (The Scott simpson Article in the Vancouver sun)

Why is that a revelation? because the Vancouver sun is Gordon Campbell`s biggest bought friend! The Vancouver sun didn`t have to air the Scott Simpson article, and, if you actually read the article Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute anything, Blair doesn`t dispute the guaranteed 100$ plus for IPP power, triple the going rate of the spot electric market in the last 5 years,Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute the fact that this IPP power is for export and that BC won`t need it, Blair doesn`t dispute the fact that if the spot market doesn`t go crazy(upwards) that we will lose billions, Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute Don Potts(who represents industrial power users in the province) ...Don Potts and industry are perplexed with how guaranteeing a huge profit for IPPs can only drive the rates for big industry through the roof, Don Potts has asked to see a explainable business plan, his request has been denied because the business plan doesn`t exist! Apparently the only business plan was written on the back of "Martini coaster" Blair Leckstrom also doesn`t deny the fact that power forecasters don`t expect hydro rates to reach 100$ for decades to come, so why did the Vancouver Sun run the story?

But what I really wanted to talk about is the BCUC....They rejected the power call from BC Hydro and the IPPs in july because of these reasons...."It`s not in the public interest" "The power which we don`t need for domestic use is way too expensive" ..." Buying expensive power in the spring freshet will have low value that time of year in the export market".....Those were just a few of the reasons the BCUC came to the right decision....

Well my friends,Gordon Campbell is ready to snap, Campbell will retire after the olympics and after he gives us the HST tax kiss good-bye...His ultimate good-bye gesture to the people of BC...Gordon Campbell only needs to stall the run of river decision a while longer before he has fled to Maui with Lara Daphinee....And Plutonic can look elsewhere for it`s payback, anyways,back to the BCUC....Since their july decision what has changed? Nothing, except this Scott Simpson article, how could the BCUC ever reverse their position when Blair Leckstrom states the IPP power is for export, and Blair Leckstrom admitted the Province will lose a fortune unless the spot market goes crazy, how can the BCUC reverse it`s decision when Don Potts and the industrial steering committee say....The deal CAN`T WORK....Blair Leckstrom has admitted to the entire province,and to the BCUC that BC Hydro and Powerx stand to be bankrupted if we proceed with this IPP power call at these prices,the only way the BCUC could grant a private IPP power call is....If the Contracts get re-written to protect the taxpayer.

The same people who caused trillions of dollars to vanish(Wallstreet) have the future of BCers in their hands,will Wallstreet drive the electric market upwards, no,it`s not going to happen, California is already almost double the cost for Electric than most states.

I was reading today,California has 13% unemployment,more foreclosures than any other state, counties,the state has set record deficits, so here`s the deal, Thermal solar power is making great breakthroughs in creating power,instead of creating electricity,thermal solar power uses magnifying type technology to heat water to steam thus creating power,power that can be stored in the form of heat, portable nuclear, wind power,more importantly personal windmill technology for individual home owners, 15,000,00$ and you can have 2000 watts of power,new appliances,arnie is even legislating electric consumption from T.V.s to be halved...and the biggest innovation is in LED lighting...25% of electric use in the USA is for incandescent lighting...LED lightbulbs are coming in strong, the price of the LED bulbs is falling fast, a LED light bulb uses 1/10 of the power of regular lights, so a person could have 10 led light bulbs running for the price of one,and, LED light is clean,white,bright,the best reading light,it`s the closest light to natural sunlight....LED bulbs cost about 30$ a bulb and or 60$ for a LED fluorescent...That price is expected to fall to a quarter of that price within 18 months, and with LED lights you don`t have disposal worries like you have with CFL lights.

So what does the BCUC do....If they grant the deranged Gordon Campbell power call they might as well resign now, how could any of them live with themselves, hydro rates are trending downward,consumption is trending downward, and with Californian`s already broke the high energy prices will not occur...In fact I was looking at hydro rates across the USA and besides a couple of eastern states California hydro rates are almost double the rates of 45 other states, in other words, if California wants to attract new residents or new business they will have to stay competitive, and yes,the USA is full of competition,and yes the wind,solar, run of river power, tidal power, you name any source of electric power there is one very important drawback in trying to force the price up,and,

That drawback is this,unlike oil,coal,nuclear,natural gas,unlike those sources of power solar,wind,tidal,run of river power cannot be stored. In other words, these soft power suppliers can`t withhold power to force prices up, with electric power either you use it or lose it! Electric power through run of river cannot be stored and held back, so no one is going to lock in for a 100$ MWH for 20 years when competition is abundant, now add Thermal solar and LED lighting and it`s a perfect storm, how many Californians are in a position to get jacked on their power rates, there is already millions of foreclosed empty homes in Cali.......

So again I find myself asking why was the Scott Simpson article aired in the business section of the Vancouver sun,the BCUC can`t dismiss the story,Blair Leckstrom has admitted all the dire possibilities are true...

Act I...Campbell is backtracking on private power but is letting the BCUC be the messenger with bad news.

Act II...Campbell puts on another huff and puff show as an illusion to try and convince IPPs that he is fighting for them...Yet already Campbell has flip-flopped on Burrard thermal.

Act III... The Scott Simpson article with all the facts laid open for the BCUC

Act IV...(the preview) Campbell retires after the olympics and before the hundreds of volunteers can gather signatures in Point Grey to have Derango Campbell recalled,private power loses it`s momentum.

Act V...(BCUC) allows a dribble of new power, which one...Naikun wind power, all in the name of the federal government and the province courting first nation`s peace.

Finally with Campbell resigning, the knives in the liberal party come out,all of them are political casualties,Falcon,Hansen,Bond,Heed and the rest are finished, there will be so much infighting, survival of the fittest, no one will wave the IPP flag and all the benefits.

Yes my friends, I hate Gordon Campbell, the only thing I give Campbell a two thumbs up about is......At least Gordon (deranged) Campbell is blowing up himself and the entire liberal Zombie Caucus on his way out.

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