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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Premier Christy Clark's Legacy of Corruption-Real Estate Edition

(Pictured above, from left to right....Bob Rennie..Pamela Martin(Trillion dollars LNG tweeter) Cynical Christy Clark and the now disgraced and resigned Harry Bloy..)

Start by watching above question period video.

Written by Grant G
(and friends)

Graft, corruption, thy name is Christy Clark, leader of the scofflaw gang known as BC Liberals...

That's not an actual quote by Christy Clark, but it should be......

Cynical and IMO corrupt....Christy Clark in 2002 as Education Minister brought in illegal legislation stripping teachers of basic working rights, Clark's draconian legislation also stripped resources from children...in 2016 the Supreme Court of Canada rebuked Christy Clark and ordered a return to the original contract language.....15 years and 10's of millions of taxpayer dollars spent by BC Liberals and Christy Clark only to ultimately lose.....the cost, although substantial it pales to the damage done to our neediest children, those with special needs, those requiring specialized training and tutoring...The weakest and neediest children among us left to fall through the cracks for 15 years...

That cost can't be measured in dollars and cents, parents, families and peers paid that ultimate price with buckets of tears..

The title of this post, what does the education file have to do with corruption and real estate? everything....after Gordon Campbell was elected in 2001 and reneged on most of his 2001 election promises(I won't tear up contracts...I won;t sell BC Rail...etc etc etc) the BC Liberals heading into election 2005 were not assured victory, the promises made by the party of cynical were thick, and, as almost always, went unfulfilled... promise any and everything to get elected...

Christy Clark as education minister in 2002 to 2004(and deputy premier) promised much..including a school, a new school for Burke Mountain in Coquitlam...but, BC Liberals don't build schools, they shutter schools, close schools, the only time BC Liberals build schools or promise to build schools is when unbearable conditions exist and or it is politically important to do so, such as when a electoral riding could be lost, or not won without appeasing the community with visions of happy children attending a newly built school...

However, breaking school funding announcements is old school tactics for Christy Clark Liberals.

In 2002 Christy Clark promised her government would build a new Burke Mountain school, and as of 2015 there was still no new Burke Mountain school built, or under construction...but the school is coming, getting built for real this time...so what changed, why the imperative now for new Burke Mountain schools?

Cynical Christy Clark, real estate expert, deal maker, BC Liberal party fund raiser extraordinaire..

Christy Clark Liberals use real estate and real estate deals in two distinct ways....BC Liberal Government sold off provincial real estate assets to help them balance the budget, in this case, the 2013/2014 going into the last provincial election budget....The second way Christy Clark Liberals use real estate is to generate vast amounts of cash that goes directly to the party, including money to pay for Christy Clark's $60 thousand dollar cash stipend she received from the donor money going to the BC Liberal Party.....$millions of dollars flowing to Christy Clark's political party, $millions of dollars given to the BC Liberals by real estate developers, construction companies and mega builders...$millions and $millions..

Here is what Lindsay Kine of the Times Colonist wrote back in April 2015...


Senior bureaucrats were under intense pressure in 2013 to quickly sell off Crown properties in Victoria and elsewhere in order to balance the B.C. Liberals’ election-year budget, government emails show.

The NDP said the documents, obtained under the freedom of information law, explain why the government rushed the sale of 14 properties on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam for $43 million below appraised value.
“The memos show clearly that staff within the various ministries were under pressure to get assets sold — land sold — so they can have the revenues in by the end of the fiscal year,” said NDP house leader Mike Farnworth.
One memo, dated May 17, 2013, states that “asset sales is a key initiative for the government to balance the budget in fiscal 2013-14.”
In another, dated June 20, 2013, a senior official stresses the urgency to sell Crown land in Victoria.
“To be part of the sale and development of over eight acres in Victoria’s beautiful Inner Harbour area is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An opportunity that normally would warrant years of planning and preparation,” the memo states.
Unfortunately we don’t have unlimited time — our goal is to have For Sale signs up by October 31st with sales proceeds in the bank by March 31.”
Indeed, the province announced in early 2014 that about six acres of Crown land behind the B.C. legislature, most of a large city block, would be sold and developed into government office buildings, housing, retail and commercial space.
NDP Leader John Horgan said the memos put the lie to the government’s claims that the Burke Mountain sale had nothing to do with balancing the 2013-14 budget, which was introduced just prior to the provincial election in May 2013.
You have two levels of government — senior officials … writing back and forth to each other saying, ‘Giddy up. We gotta get this done by March 31.’ If that’s not rushing a land sale, I don’t know what is.”
Horgan noted that the province marketed the Burke Mountain properties during the slow season over Christmas and ignored the appraisers’ advice to leave the land on the market for six to nine months.
Instead, they were unloaded in three months for $85 million to Wesbild Holdings Ltd. despite being valued at $128 million.
Wesbild issued a statement Wednesday saying it purchased the Burke Mountain parcels through a public tender process. “We paid fair market value and fully stand by the integrity of this transaction,” the statement said.
Premier Christy Clark also said the province got fair value for the properties because Wesbild was one of six competitive bidders. She denied the deal was accelerated to balance the budget.
“We had a $350-million surplus, so that money just wasn’t necessary to ensure that it was balanced,” she said. “There would have been no rush for that reason.”
The government, however, did not know in advance that it would have a $350-million surplus.
As late as Nov. 27, 2013, shortly before the Burke Mountain properties went on the market, Finance Minister Mike de Jong was projecting a surplus of $165 million.

I know what you're thinking, where is the evidence the BC Liberal Party benefited from this land giveaway on Burke Mountain(sold for nearly $50 million below assessed value)?
Let's look at what Dirk Meissner wrote in the Globe n Mail on April 14th 2015...
NDP justice critic Mike Farnworth said British Columbians were “hosed” when the government sold about 150 hectares of property in Coquitlam for $85-million when the land was appraised at $128-million........
Wesbild Holdings Ltd., founded by businessman Hassan Khosrowshahi, paid $43-million less than the appraisal price for 14 pieces of property on Burke Mountain, east of Vancouver.
The NDP said Mr. Khosrowshahi donated $228,500 to the Liberals individually and through his companies since the sale, and $934,664 since 2000.
Wesbild and Mr. Khosrowshahi could not be immediately reached for comment.
“We got hosed,” said Mr. Farnworth, adding the sale didn’t make sense.
A Metro Vancouver homeowner would never sell their home at such a drastic price drop, Mr. Farnworth said.......
NDP Leader John Horgan said one lot was appraised at $5.6-million, but sold for $100,000, a price unheard of in Metro Vancouver.
He also said taxpayers may have to buy back two lots so the government can build schools

Back to those long decade plus delayed BC Liberal promises of building new school(s) for Burke Mountain community....There was no incentive to build a new school...until now..Wesbild, a giant among BC Liberal Party donors was building 800 plus units of family oriented detached housing on Burke Mountain...
Well, a family oriented housing community need schools in order to...in order to sell at a premium, families with kids need schools, building school(s) in this new development was not only a must, it also made(makes) selling of said units easier and....more profitable, for without schools what family would spend a fortune to live in an area where they have to bus their kids elsewhere...?
Problem solved, eer, I mean favor returned.....Shovels are in the ground, a new school is being built on Burke Mountain..

Smiling Creek elementary school to open on Burke Mountain in 2018

Long-awaited announcement by provincial government and School District 43 means new elementary school in northeast Coquitlam will open in September 2018

/ Tri City News
November 30, 2015 01:07 PM

  • Burke Mountain announcement

The progress in getting the land for schools was made possible through agreements and negotiations between the district, the City of Coquitlam, the provincial government and Wesbild, the developer on Burke Mountain.........
While officials at the meeting were suggesting the announcement on Tuesday was a cause for celebration, it wasn’t quite the view for some parents.
During a question period portion, district officials were grilled over the timelines presented for the schools, and what would be done in the meantime to deal with issues like the lack of bus service for kids.
Nicole Jones is a parent and has lived in the Smiling Creek area of Burke Mountain for seven years.
Her daughter is five years old, and based on the timeline presented, she may only get a couple years in the new elementary school, but will likely miss out on the middle and high school.
“It’s not good timing,” Jones told the Tri-Cities NOW at the meeting. 
While the mom is glad to see progress, she questions why the district took so long to get to this point.
Lesley Lee and her family also live on Burke Mountain and helped organize the group that pushed for the meeting with the district.
She too is concerned with the timelines, and feels there are still more questions that need to be answered.
Lee is also hoping for a solution to the bus issue in the meantime while the schools are being built.
SD43 officials noted there would be no school bus service to Burke Mountain for the next school year, but beyond 2016 the issue would be considered on an annual basis.
“I find that hard to accept,” Lee said.
SD43 Board chair Judy Shirra hailed the agreements and the securing of land as “unprecedented,” adding it now allows the district to expedite the process to build the new schools.
“Securing the land puts us on the fast track to actually get them [the schools] built,” she said.
I can answer Nicole Jones' question, why it took so long?.....It took a BC Liberal Party donor in need of adding value to his steal of deal land he was developing into family housing, schools were a must to add maximum value to his great investment...money talks, party donations talk loudest, don't they Christy?
The developers behind Vancouver’s Trump Tower, the Holborn Group, donated $25,000 to the BC Liberals last year and its sister company, TA Management, gave $25,000. Both companies are part of Malaysian-based TA Global.
Since 2005, property developers have donated more than $10.7 million to the BC Liberals (including $1.55 million in personal donations), or roughly 10% of the party’s total $107.8-million haul.

Full Stop.......
The Vancouver and surrounding areas...Real Estate is out of control, has been for years, regular workers in greater Vancouver face a housing crisis, $million dollar teardown's, housing has reached a crisis for average workers...The Vancouver area market is fine for wealthy Chinese investors(money launderers, Chinese Communist Government embezzlers)...The criminal element lives in the GVRD real estate market, ...Real estate companies, real estate agents, flaunting toothless disclosure rules, double dealing, shadow flipping, ...An unregulated BC Real Estate market led by Bob Rennie filled their boots with money, money laundered ..no income sources disclosed, shadow buyers, numbered companies..Under Christy Clark and Bob Rennie BC's city housing market reached levels of the absurd...for years it raged on, unregulated, applauded by the Christy Clark BC Liberal Government, and what was not to applaud on the BC Liberal Government and Party end....BC Guv was filling their coffers with $billions in property transfer taxes...while the BC Liberal Party was raking in ten's of millions of dollars from developers and real estate insiders...
The Vancouver market raged out of control...crimes were(are being committed by both individuals and now, it appears the BC Government was complicit in crimes, even using taxpayer money to commit those crimes..)
Ok....Maybe Christy Clark was too stupid to know what she was doing, not realizing she was fueling a BC Real Estate nightmare....not, oh indeed she knew...for when the public started to rage over skyrocketing real estate prices, seeing any dream of meaningful home ownership evaporate before their eyes, what did Christy do on an advertised LNG trade mission to Asia?...Christy Clark brought representatives from many of BC's most corrupt(?) complicit real estate companies with her..

Christy Clark downplays real estate ties to her latest Asia trade junket

Real estate company representatives on trip, but premier says trade mission not promoting B.C.’s residential real estate

Premier Christy Clark is on the defensive after public criticism over leading a trade mission to Asia that included executives from Vancouver’s red-hot real estate industry.
A list obtained by Business in Vancouver from the International Trade ministry (see below for documents) shows Nu Stream Realty’s commercial division president Mercedes Wong and Sutton WestCoast Realty’s real estate team leader Tennyson Wong were part of the May 23-30 junket to Seoul, Tokyo and Manila.......

Clark’s delegation also included AyalaLand Development (Canada) Inc. director Josh Ferrer. AyalaLand partnered with Rize Alliance to develop a controversial Mount Pleasant condo tower called The Independent.
Last fall’s Clark-led mission to China included representatives of Royal LePage, Macdonald Real Estate Group, Viceroy Homes Ltd., Big Grizzly Construction, SSC Properties and Shanghailandmark Investment (Canada) Ltd......
Courtney Carne, spokeswoman for B.C.’s International Trade ministry, refused to name the individuals on the China junket, because she claimed they did not give permission.
Clark’s entourage included two deputy ministers, Clark Roberts (International Trade) and Dave Nikolejsin (Natural Gas Development), three Asia trade agents, communications director Ben Chin, events manager Anish Dwivedi, aide Andrew Ives and videographer Kyle Surovy.
The government did not release the trip’s budget. It spent $961,175 on 17 missions and investor trips in 2015.
Clark’s trip to China last fall was the most expensive at $289,191. It included $60,056 for the premier’s entourage travel costs. The biggest item was $176,101 for meetings and functions. 
I am aware that the above information filtered out over the last 2 years...great work I might add....however, no one has pieced the bigger puzzle together....Real Estate corruption involving the highest level of the BC Liberal Government, Premier Christy Clark, Deputy Premier Rich Coleman and the BC. Ministry of Housing....Including a starring role for Christy Clark's chief 2013 election fundraiser, no other than multi-millionaire Bob Rennie...
Breaking News...This group/society ran across the damning criminal information and they wanted to get it out there...it cuts through to the top of the BC Liberal Government..
Let's go back to ...
It was back on April 26th, 2012, when BC Deputy Premier / BC Housing Minister Rich Coleman, appointed Mr.Bob Rennie to the BC Housing Board of Directors for a two year term. Mr.Rennie became chair of the Capital Review Committee. The Board shares the responsibility of deciding all loans over $25 million dollars. Shortly before the first of two loans was approved, Michael Flanagan, Director of real estate services at the City of Vancouver was hired at BC Housing where he continued his involvement in this plan which he had helped structure while at the City. http://vanparks.ca/?attachment_id=666 
Collusion, corruption, interest free loans made by the BC Government under the purview of BC Ministry of Housing...BC Ministry has a mandate over social housing, not sponsoring at taxpayer's expense the loaning of free capital for the sole purpose of benefiting select developers and Bob Rennie who donate large sums of money to the BC Liberal Party...
The scam perpetrated as best I can understand goes thusly....
Rich Coleman appoints Bob Rennie(for profit Real Estate marketer and multi millionaire) to the Chair of the Ministry of Housing...Chairperson(s) decide the fate of non-profits seeking low interest loans to develop social housing...Chairpersons decide the fate of loans over $25 million dollars..
What happened next...BC Housing, along with former city of Vancouver employee in the real estate division Michael Flanagan, Bob Rennie, hatch a deal where BC Housing lends a builder ...$36.2 million for a property which might have social housing at 1077 and 1099 Richards Street in Vancouver....This money lent by BC Housing allowed the builder to get that property exclusively, no competition...
What happened next, ?..It's shocking...The initial loan secured the property, also in the initial loan agreement was a provision that the loan would require no repayment for over a year...Then this..
 On August 12, 2016, the 2014 $36.2 million social housing loan was terminated and a new $39 million loan issued by the BC Housing Board on a different property site. The new 2016 loan was approved in early 2014 with some unique wording. The new loan was granted to finance the market condo “pre-sale” of 508 Helmcken, which would later be marketed by Liberal fundraising chair Bob Rennie. There is no social housing at 508 Helmcken. The 2016 mortgage was issued only to finance the luxury tower known as “8X8 ON THE PARK”. This is a development with only market housing. The 2014 loan feature set in place the pre-approval for a new mortgage elsewhere at the market only site. Brenhill executed the original loan on March 17, 2014. Financing disclosures have been misleading by BC Housing and the City of Vancouver who together arranged the financing for the luxury condos. The multi million dollar real estate listing for these condos was then exclusively contracted to one company by the new owner. That company is controlled by Bob Rennie who has been a chief fundraiser of both the BC Liberals and Vancouver Vision.


So, Rich Coleman appoints Christy Clark's chief 2013 election financier Bob Rennie to the Chair of BC Housing....while there Vancouver City employee in the Real Estate division Michael Flanagan and Bob Rennie collude(IMO) to provide a private builder with an initial loan for a project on Richards Street to develop property that may contain some social housing, a no-competition deal....and shortly after Bob Rennie leaves BC Housing the Ministry of BC Housing cancels the initial $36.2 million dollar interest free loan and creates a new loan for $39 million for a property at 508 Helmcken road.......There is no social housing at that site, it's a luxury condo site...

Brenhill Developments Limited is a wealthy company, they didn't need a leg-up, they didn't need a no interest loan....Bob Rennie is very wealthy too...

However, when you save a construction development company $millions in interest charges you are pretty much guaranteed the $$$$ Largess will continue to flow to the abiding Government(also known as BC Liberals)....


There is no social housing at 508 Helmcken. The 2016 mortgage was issued only to finance the luxury tower known as “8X8 ON THE PARK”. This is a development with only market housing. The 2014 loan feature set in place the pre-approval for a new mortgage elsewhere at the market only site. Brenhill executed the original loan on March 17, 2014. Financing disclosures have been misleading by BC Housing and the City of Vancouver who together arranged the financing for the luxury condos. The multi million dollar real estate listing for these condos was then exclusively contracted to one company by the new owner. That company is controlled by Bob Rennie who has been a chief fundraiser of both the BC Liberals and Vancouver Vision.


Now.....David Eby and John Horgan are attempting to get to the bottom of this apparent crime...Little chance anything will come of this before the election...

This whole sordid affair is not only unethical, not only was this activity abetted by the BC Government, an illegal activity that was fueling an out of control real estate market....

This is a crime committed, Bob Rennie...Michael Flanagan.....Bob Rennie appointed to a position of trust by Rich Coleman....Bob Rennie, a multi millionaire and Christy Clark's chief fundraiser and personal friend....This crime leads to premier Clark's desk...And Who was in charge of BC Housing Ministry?...Bob Rennie...No, Ministry of Housing is Rich Coleman's Ministry..

Rich Coleman had to know, Christy Clark had to know....The RCMP need to be called in on this BC Liberal Government scandal..


Questions about BC Housing financing for BC Lib donor


 The whole sordid affair is highlighted here, complete with documents and proof of criminal activity..

The South Vancouver Parks Society released this information for a reason...To expose thr rampant corruption in BC's real estate market...more shady practises..but more importantly, this round of corruption has been facilitated by a BC Ministry led by Rich Coleman, involving taxpayer's money, a scheme hatched by Christy Clark's personal friend and chief fundraiser....

This is a crime(IMO) and needs to be investigated by the RCMP...
Graft, corruption, thy name is Christy Clark, leader of the scofflaw gang known as BC Liberals...

That's not an actual quote by Christy Clark, but it should be......

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Election is coming folks....regardless of how you feel about the NDP....BC Liberals have been in power too long, the corruption and bad governance is blatant...if you reward these BC Liberals another term......it's like giving carte blanche permission to carry on robbing, stealing and governing for the benefit of the wealthy few....

When is it enough...? May9th 2017...go out and vote!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go

Better audio in this Youtube version....

"hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go"..."shame, shame, shame"


Thanks for the link...

The Straight Goods

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Selling Cynical---A Christy Clark Portrait

  Written by Grant G

I can see a political party paying their leader a stipend if.....if their leader is not already elected to public office, if said leader is spending all his or her time campaigning a party platform to the people, occupied day in day out trying to move their political party forward....however, once elected to office(if successful) any and all stipends must end...

There can be simple exceptions to the stipend rule(s), or what should be a rule, if a political party has a private function and their chosen leader expends money to attend, the party is within its right to reimburse their leader.

However, this is not what Christy Clark's "stipend" was/is used for, Clark's stipend came in the form of raw cash, this cash came to Clark month in, month out, whether she spent a $100 dollars or none...not a rental subsidy, not a car allowance, Christy Clark's "stipend" was cash on the barrel head dole..

The name Allison Redford comes to mind, a seemingly smart individual who was elected premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford the leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party and Premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford did not get a stipend from the PC party, however, those with a lack of ethics and little moral character don't need a party stipend to benefit beyond their worth, or pay-grade.

Stories filtered out of Alberta's legislature year after year, ...Allison Redford was benefiting bigtime, so was her sister, husband and family...Taxpayer trips on private flights, free travel for family, free trips to South Africa with friends, townhomes paid by the taxpayer, contracts for hubby, luxurious stays around the world, the list of royal perks directed at Allison Redford were endless..


Premier Redford over the course of a few years in power turned from a leader named Allison to Queen Allison of Alberta...no expenses to large, no conflict to glaring, no family or personal gift to lavish...

Some say Power corrupts, and it does, the stench from Allison Redford was so bad that the people of Alberta did something nobody thought possible, they elected a NDP government, they threw Redford and the complicit PC Conservative party in power out, with a thud..

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time"

wrong, you can fool the people all the time but no one escapes hubris.......You can sell out generations of Albertans, cost a province 10's of $billions of dollars with bad deals, kowtow to corporate lobbyists and create corporate giveaway tax policy and walk around unscathed, but, spend a few $million public tax-dollars playing the role of Queen of Alberta and get sent packing...justice, no, hubris.

Christy Clark and her loyal subjects running to their Queen's defense..

Judy Tyabji, the author of the Christy Clark biography book, a book that went over like a lead balloon,.... Judy Tyabji recently was howling away on Facebook that Christy Clark had been bullied into relinquishing  her oh-so deserved cash stipend....Funny stuff coming from Judy Tyabji, hubris I mean...Do Fentanyl traffickers deserve to run for office, does a old tired Gordon Wilson deserve $200k per year to promote LNG, did Gordon Wilson's sheep farm in Powell River B.C. deserve a hefty BC Government grant....it appears to this observer that Judy Tyabj /Gordon Wilson family and farm is or was entirely dependent upon the kindness of strangers, that is, if you call B.C. taxpayers strangers..

The Wilson family is entirely dependent on the kindness of Queen Christy Clark and her decision to expense stranger's money to her political friends, her family friends, that is sorta like "families First" isn't it.

There are others that run to Queen Christy's, err, I mean Premier Clark's defense.....There is her brother Bruce Clark and her ex-husband Mark Marissen.....independent people running to Clark's defense, but are they independent, or innocent...

Bruce Clark 

Bruce Clark, a government lobbyist, employed at one time by the Washington Marine Group, there is nothing wrong with being as lobbyist but to this day no one can explain how Bruce Clark, while Christy Clark was a member of the BC Liberal cabinet(before her time as elected leader and premier) how cabinet eyes only documents ended up being in Bruce Clark's possession, cabinet documents related to the BC Rail owned Roberts Bank rail spurline.....To this day Bruce Clark has never been forced to reveal who in the BC Liberal cabinet handed him top secret documents...


Police summary alleges influence-peddling, fraud

A summary of the investigation reveals that senior government staff may have traded information

Senior employees of the B.C. government may have been trading confidential information related to the $1-billion sale of BC Rail in exchange for the promise of benefits or future employment, according to a document released Tuesday.

The document, a summary of the police investigation into a breach-of-trust probe related to police raids on offices in the provincial legislature in December, alleges influence-peddling and fraud.
The summary suggests two government officials could have exercised "influence in connection with government business, including BC Rail."

The document also reveals for the first time that a third government office was raided by police during the Dec. 28 raids -- the province's computer server system.
Previously known to have been raided were two legislature offices and the homes or offices of people with ties to the B.C. or federal Liberals.
Premier Gordon Campbell said Tuesday it's troubling that government officials are being investigated for corruption and breach of trust related to the railway deal, but he said the allegations do not taint the $1-billion privatization.

"The BC Rail investment partnership is great for British Columbia and we should be proceeding with it," Campbell said, saying all decisions related to the deal were made by his cabinet.
But the release of the information created a political firestorm in Victoria, as the opposition New Democrats demanded the resignation of B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins.
"There is now allegation of corruption at the highest level of this government, right into the finance minister's office," NDP house leader Joy MacPhail said during a raucous session in the legislature.
"There was a cloud of suspicion around BC Rail . . . and Gary Collins now needs to resign to have any hope of integrity being restored to this province."
Collins, whose former ministerial assistant Dave Basi was previously identified as one of two government employees whose offices were raided, refused to resign.
While government officials are hoping for a speedy conclusion to the investigation, the document released Tuesday says the RCMP remains in the "early stages" of the complex probe.

In addition to paper documents, police are about to search through a massive amount of electronic data seized at the legislature. In all, there are more than 97 compact discs of information, which officers will spend the next month going through.
Most of the details in the five-page document released Tuesday have previously been reported in The Vancouver Sun, although the newspaper relied on confidential sources for its information. This document is the first on-the-record confirmation of the alleged connection of the legislature raids to BC Rail and specific influence-peddling accusations.

The information released Tuesday relates to the breach of trust part of the police investigation that prompted the raids on the legislature offices.

Initially, police began investigating a government official with respect to crimes involving corruption and the proceeds of crime. Details of that investigation, which also involves drugs and organized crime, will not be available until April 1 at the earliest.

Tuesday's document says the RCMP breach-of-trust probe is looking into whether two senior government officials were offered "promotion prospects or employment opportunities."
Police are also probing whether the two officials, in turn, committed a breach of trust by "pass[ing] unauthorized confidential information to persons interested in government business for the purpose of obtaining a benefit."
The search warrants relied in part on information from a Dec. 17, 2003 government bulletin entitled, The B.C. Rail Fairness Report, which was written by an external consultant for former transportation minister Judith Reid and concluded the sale of the railway was fair, Tuesday's document says.

The Sun, based on interviews and information from sources, has previously reported that the search warrants issued Dec. 28 targeted Basi's office as well as his home; the office of Bob Virk, the former ministerial assistant to Reid; the Victoria office of lobbying firm Pilothouse and the Vancouver office of employee Erik Bornman, who represented a failed bidder, OmniTRAX, in the BC Rail deal, and the Vancouver home office of Bruce Clark, a chief fundraiser for the federal Liberal party and brother of B.C. Deputy Premier Christy Clark.........

 On Dec. 28 police also visited the home of Mark Marissen, Martin's campaign chairman in B.C. and Christy Clark's husband, who voluntarily handed over documents to police that were later revealed to be resumes.
At the time, Martin was hiring his new administration and anyone from B.C. who wanted a job with the federal Liberals had to send a resume to Marissen.
Two senior Liberal insiders say Basi and Virk applied for jobs as chiefs of staff to cabinet ministers, but a screening committee in Ottawa rejected their applications because their qualifications were deemed to be inadequate. They also said Bornman was not in a position to offer anyone a job with the federal Liberals.
Campbell and Collins said they were unaware until Tuesday that a third B.C. government office was raided last December.
The Victoria building that houses one of the government's computer servers was also searched by police, who seized documents. The server keeps back-up copies of the government's electronic information, including all e-mail.
Campbell said he was told e-mails were among the things police were seeking in the offices of Basi and Virk but said he was unaware the government's computer server was also the subject of a search warrant......

Bruce Clark is never far from the Queen...including when Christy Clark flew to Haida Gwaii to hand over a stranger's cheque(BC Taxpayer) to a First Nation leader running for First Nation office, a First Nation leader who just happens to be in a Wind Farm business deal with Bruce Clark, a wind farm deal relying on government guaranteed return..


Coincidence, or Hubris....but what of Mark Marissen, Christy Clark's ex-husband, ....could he too be involved?..involved with BC Rail...or be involved with Tarsand pipelines and dirty oil to B.C....?



Seems to me that Bruce Clark and Mark Marissen are dependent upon decisions that Christy Clark is tasked to make on behalf of all British Columbians.....

Yes, I did get a little off topic, hypocrisy, ...Queen of British Columbia Christy Clark has finally said no to the $50K cash stipend, calling it a "distraction"....distraction, what could be more distracting than the soon to be arriving many large manila envelopes?

  Conflict of Interest Commissioner of British Columbia is in Conflict

Only in B.C......John Fraser, BC's conflict of interest Commissioner son works in Premier Clark's office, coincidence, no, typical political hubris..


The petition filed Tuesday in Vancouver also asked the court to find Fraser should not have ruled on the complaints because his son works as a deputy minister for the provincial government.
It said John Fraser "has personal ties to the premier. It is reasonable to suggest that the close family connection to senior members of the B.C. Liberal party, including Premier Clark, is a factor indicating a reasonable apprehension of bias."

Let us be perfectly clear, the $50 thousand dollar cash stipend Christy Clark receives is not used to pay for flights on private jets...Christy Clark since becoming premier, as of November 2015 had spent over $560,000.00 on private jets.... 

I find it very interesting, many of the private flights that the taxpayer is getting dinged for are on David Mclean's airline....Remember David Mclean..? Gordon Campbell's campaign donor and manager, he now is the CEO of what was once known as BC Rail....another coincidence, I guess

Christy Clark bills taxpayers big for oyster bar bill

B.C. Premier's office defends $475K credit card bill

B.C. Premier Christy Clark's office is defending a credit card bill that is more than double the size of her predecessor Gordon Campbell's.
Records from the Office of the Comptroller General show the Clark's office charged $475,000 in expenses to credit cards during the 2011/12 fiscal year.
Charges under Clark's tenure include several tabs for thousands of dollars at various top restaurants, such as $3,267.66 at Ferris Oyster Bar in Victoria and $2,279 at Bishops in Vancouver.
The charges also include a large number of travel expenses with airlines, hotels, plus office supplies, and more than $100,000 from communications companies Rogers and Telus.
The year before under former premier Gordon Campbell, the office's expenses totalled $205,000 and $195,000 the year before that.


A one year credit card bill, Christy Clark's first year as premier credit card bill that the taxpayer paid...nearly $ 1/2 million dollars....So, clearly Christy Clark's stipend of $50k per year isn't paying her oyster bar bill, you are..

Christy Clark's stipend didn't pay for a photographer to accompany her to Paris, you the taxpayer did..

Nor did Christy Clark's stipend pay for near $1 million dollars on photographers and videographers over the last three years..That's right...over $1 million taxpayer dollars spent on filming Christy Clark...Her $50k stipend would only cover her photographers for 100 days....Christy Clark is averaging $500 taxpayer dollars each and every day, 5 years and counting...

There must be something her stipend is paying for?...nope, nothing

Even when our BC Legislature is in session(or not in session)....Christy Clark gets $18,000 dollars per year for housing and or rental accommodations in Victoria...$18,000 per year for the rare BC Legislature appearance...on top of her Government credit card, on top of her private flights, on top of $millions in photography...

Christy Clark's stipend doesn't pay for a damn thing,

Christy Clark in election 2013 campaigned on two themes..."Families First" and "LNG $trillion dollar windfall"

As for the LNG windfall....LNG in British Columbia is kaput.


What about Families First....BC Hydro rates have skyrocketed...ICBC skyrocketing...The endless increases to Canada's only healthcare premium, the MSP...

Welfare rates frozen for a decade,...

Canada's lowest minimum wage right here in B.C. 

BC's provincial debt under Christy Clark's 4 year term as premier has gone from $48 billion dollars to over $71 billion...increasing by almost $5 billion dollars per year..

Transit fare increases...

Disability rates frozen in British Columbia for a decade,  and finally a modest increase in disability rates was announced, only to see Christy Clark clawback bus passes from those same disabled people...


Food or Bus Pass? Clawback Creates Hard Choices for British Columbians with Disabilities

Tears, resignation as people on disability assistance discuss how they’ll try to make ends meet


Hypocrisy...do as I say, not as I do....?

Christy Clark this last week has told media that she has put an end to her $50k yearly cash stipend, she called it a "distraction"....

The endless stream of taxpayer funded partisan government advertising will continue...Christy Clark's penchant for private jet flights will continue, her taxpayer funded in-tow photographers will continue and so will her taxpayer funded pigfests at swanky oyster bars..

Christy Clark's $50k per year distraction will continue, we just won't see it...

Christy Clark putting her family, and only her family first will continue..

Whether or not British Columbia will continue to buy cynical is in doubt..

As for the BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark..

Selling Cynical will continue in earnest..it's all the BC Liberals have in Christy Clark.

Selling Cynical, a Portrait of Christy Clark 

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open