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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Nonpartisan Speaker of them All(B.C.'s New Government a Cometh)

Written by Grant G

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most nonpartisan speaker of them all.....?

I've often wondered just that.

Boy oh boy....Michael Smyth is Postmedia's pointman in trying to incite a new election, rather than let Judith Guichon allow/decide to give John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a chance governing with a bare majority.....Postmedia and Michael Smyth are definitely corporate agenda driven..they are so see-through transparent, empty rhetoric suits.....

I wonder if Justin Trudeau and his Federal Liberal brew crew are also lurking behind the scenes....it makes sense, Justin Trudeau has gone all-in on expanding Alberta bitumen exports(Kinder Morgan)...approving uneconomical LNG proposal on the Skeena river estuary, a direct threat to our few remaining vibrant salmon stocks(even with Petronas walking away from the project, he still approved it) ..Trudeau approved the Site C boondoggle and the Retirement Concept takeover deal by the corrupt Anbang Corporation....again, what looks like more corporate money laundering by Chinese players(?) into British Columbia....yea, sure does...Christy Clark and Justin Trudeau fast tracked the Anbang takeover of Retirement Concepts....even when alarm bells were ringing, the entire deal start to finish was completed in a blip of time, mere weeks...someone was in a hurry to move money here...and with what now is going on with Anbang...the shit is about to hit the fan for Anbang....amazing what happens when you make deals at pay to play fundraisers...isn't that correct Prime Minister Trudeau..?


Trudeau was loudly warned about approving the Anbang takeover of Retirement Concepts..


and...we here in British Columbia know that Christy Clark and her BC Liberal government have been promoting BC real estate in China, Christy Clark Liberal led government had trade missions to China with representatives from BC's real estate sellers, .the GVRD market was running away and still Clark was pumping it...


Right now, as in today, Vancouver pre-sales to Chinese buyers have spiked the condo and townhouse markets...continuing to drive the price upwards, pricing regular people out of BC's southern cities...a average worker housing crisis..a fullblown disaster complete with shadow banking, mortgage fraud, holding companies, numbered companies and dummy paper buyers...

And now we have Justin Trudeau about to create a taxpayer financed $350 million dollar Postmedia bailout fund....

Justin Trudeau interfered in our B.C. 2017 provincial election by momentarily approving of Christy Clark's writ period ramblings on banning or taxing coal .....only to quickly dismiss Christy Clark's retaliation trade threats to the Americans immediately after our election was held....Trudeau tried to prop up Christy Clark, without a doubt.....didn't work Justin!

So....Justin Trudeau gave Christy Clark political cover the week before our BC election..he approved Kinder Morgan...Petronas' Skeena River estuary LNG project..he approved Site C dam, even with no business case or BCUC review...Trudeau did not do due diligence with Anbang..even worse, Justin Trudeau ignored advice on the Anbang takeover, he approved this sketchy looking money moving/laundering takeover, a deal that added nothing to Canada's economic portfolio. ..unless you count letting China and the world know that Canada, and B.C. in particular is wide open for money laundering, parking money, hiding looted Chinese money.....for what purpose and for what reason was this Anbang deal fast-tracked and greenlighted...

Postmedia has been beating the drum about instability in store for B.C. under a Horgan/Weaver majority...creating problems before they occur, creating situations that aren't real...Michael Smyth..Vaughn Palmer...Black Press...Keith Baldrey...all playing the same corporate cards.

And what does Justin Trudeau want from Postmedia in exchange for $350 million taxpayer dollars?....Justin Trudeau wants his agenda promoted by a corporate media he soon may hold power over..$350 million taxpayer dollars worth of power and control...imagine that, going into election 2019 with the MSM media licking their chops...it stinks, optics and illusion baked into a good press pie..

According to Andrew Coyne....the $350 million dollar Postmedia bailout fund is virtually a done deal....fast-tracked, will Federal Conservatives vote against bailing out Postmedia and other media sources...that is why governments can never go down that route, corporate media bailout funds dictated by he who pays the piper calls the shots..


Paul Godfrey of Postmedia receives cash bonuses in the 10's of millions every year..Postmedia is owned by a New York hedge fund...CEO making millions and now Postmedia is in line for hundreds of $millions in bailout money...We are about to pay the MSM to work against the public good, a near done deal negotiated in closed rooms..

It all ties in quite nicely....buy more big oil and gas push from Postmedia(how much more who knows).....here in B.C. fan the flames of provincial government instability...while a federal government dangles a $350 million dollar Postmedia carrot...

which brings me to this...who ultimately appoints provincial Lieutenant Governors....?

Has Justin Trudeau spoken to Judith Guichon in recent days....I believe he has..FOIs might take awhile eh Justin Trudeau?

"The Lieutenant Governors. Each of the ten Canadian provinces has a Lieutenant Governor. He or she is appointed by the Governor General, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, usually for a period of five years"

This whole speaker issue is a manufactured nuisance ......because if one thinks about this issue...when B.C. political poli watchers were hanging on absentee vote count news for Comox/Courtenay....our BC media talked about how Christy Clark may still get her 44 seat majority...there was no Postmedia chatter about any problems arising with a 1 seat BC Liberal majority...in fact on election night Christy Clark displayed cocky assurity that with all those Comox/Courtenay absentee serviceman votes that they were going to win their coveted majority...
but alas...Clark did not secure a majority...Postmedia freakout begins straight away...Clark stalls/stalling until the end of June..Mike Dejong telling media in a presser that 10 days of debate are required for a "dead letter" throne speech...Likely dragging debate into early July....then week(s) later for a new NDP/Green government to be sworn in and another throne speech..Throne speech number three for 2017.....

In other words...is Postmedia saying that in a Westminster Parliamentary Political System a majority is no longer a majority...it appears now that Postmedia is saying that to win government you need 46 seats, not 44....perhaps Postmedia can define their new meaning of majority..

This fake manufactured nuisance....A speaker will vote to support the government...BC Liberals will appoint a speaker on June 22nd and when a confidence vote is taken on Christy Clark's second 2017 throne speech she will be brought down..the speaker will not need to vote...44 against..42 for....Adios Clark...

And when Horgan/elects/selects a speaker....after Horgan and Weaver's throne speech and debate the MLAs will vote....if all BC Liberals are present and the MLA vote is 43 to 43 tie on the throne speech the speaker will vote to break the tie..the same goes for voting on a NDP/Green budget...the speaker will break ties in favor of the government...

as for voting on legislation that IS NOT a confidence vote.....Will Christy Clark vote against Andrew weaver's high heel ban Bill?...a bill that died on the orderdesk because Christy Clark shuttered our legislature early so she and her gang could hit the hustings early..in other words, our legislature closed early so premier photo-op could go fulltime photo-oping...

Will Christy Clark vote against legislation to ban cosmetic pesticides(again) like most other provinces have already done(long ago).....will Christy Clark vote against a bill to ban pill presses(again)...will Christy Clark vote against a bill/legislation to ban corporate and union donations?(again)...

Postmedia knows something else too....Christy Clark hates spending time in Victoria, she doesn't like the legislature...does anyone really think that Christy Clark wants to spend most of this summer and this coming Fall in our legislature...vigilantly waiting to bring down Horgan with a vote when a MLA is absent....Clark busy working away, reading reports, talking facts, fighting for her constituents...especially when her taxpayer creditcard and private flight privileges are revoked...HA HA...that is funny...

let me remind you of what Christy Clark thinks about attending our BC Legislature..from 2012/2013


Premier Christy Clark says she tries to avoid working at the legislature because there's "no real people in Victoria" and the "sick culture" is unhealthy.

Clark, whose government cancelled the regularly scheduled fall session of the legislature, blasted working conditions in the provincial capital during an interview with a Vancouver-based columnist for the National Post
The interview was apparently conducted before the end of the spring legislative session in May, but republished on Tuesday.
"When the House rises at the end of [May], you're never going to find me in Victoria," she said. "I'm going to be travelling the province for the next year.
"I try never to go over there. Because it's sick. It's a sick culture. All they can think about is government and there are no real people in Victoria, and you get captured by this inside-the-beltway debate, and it's really unhealthy."
Clark's apparent disdain for the legislature contrasts with comments she made while running for the B.C. Liberal party leadership in 2011.
Then, she told reporters she loved the daily cut-and-thrust of question period. After she won the party leadership, she expressed a desire to run in a byelection as quickly as possible to get her seat in the house. "As you know, I love question period and I hate to miss it," she told reporters.
When Clark was resigning as an MLA in 2005, during her first stint in office, she also professed love for the job in her last speech in the chamber.
"I have a deep, deep love of politics. I love question period. I love debate. I love the people I've met. I even love the protesters. I love politics."
The Opposition NDP slammed Clark for her most recent comments.
"It's little wonder that the Liberals have little support on Vancouver Island if they think the people who live here are part of a sick culture," said John Horgan, NDP MLA for Juan de Fuca.
Her view of working at the legislature is also questionable, he said.
"In my view, it tells people she will say anything to get through the photo op or interview," he said. "You wonder if there's anything genuine there at all."
Clark did not respond to a request for comment.
So, now, according to Postmedia...a 44 seat to 43 seat majority is no longer a REAL majority....and according to Postmedia..Christy Clark is now going to embrace our legislature and attend every single session and spend all her time doing Government business...ha ha...man oh man you Postmedia echo chamber clowns are really reaching deep into your bag of misinformation angles....give it up Smitty!..you'll have to wait for that government communications gig..
Tradition in our legislature....the thing about traditions...like hazing..like wearing hoods, like traditions of church official silence when children were being harmed...goofy hats and giant ornamental scepters do not make good governance.... NDP in 2001 were denied party status by the BC Liberals because according to tradition 4 elected members are required to attain party status...and the 2001 BC Liberal government needed no support...even though the NDP of 2001 garnered 21.76% of the electorate..far more that Andrew Weaver's 16% he garnered in 2017...
Yet in 2017 the BC Liberals offered Andrew Weaver and his Green MLAs official party status..breaking from tradition...I heard no MSM/Postmedia howls about rewriting the rules
Does anyone remember this Globe and Mail headline...

B.C. legislature sits 36 of 579 days. Is this responsible government?

After some speculation last week, Premier Christy Clark announced on Tuesday that there would be no fall sitting of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Although not entirely unexpected it still is a disconcerting development.
By cancelling the fall sitting, Ms. Clark is effectively announcing that the legislature will not sit again – pending some unforeseen emergency – in 2013. The announcement effectively means that the legislature will have only sat for a total of 36 days in 2013, the fewest number of days in any year since 2001. In case you have forgotten, this is not Ms. Clark’s first go-around with limiting how frequently the legislative assembly sits. Indeed, with her party burdened by the weight of political scandal, Ms. Clark also cancelled the fall sitting last year after the assembly rose in May, 2012. As an indicator of what might follow, the B.C. legislature did not meet again after last year’s cancelled fall sitting until Feb. 12, 2013, before rising again March 14, 2013 in advance of the May, 2013, provincial election.
So actually, it is not just that the legislative assembly will have only sat 36 days in 2013, it is that by the end of this year the B.C. legislature will have only sat for 36 of the previous 579 days going back to May 31, 2012 – 17 days in the seven months that followed the election earlier this year plus 19 days between June, 2012, and May, 2013. That the B.C. legislature will only sit 36 days in 2013 is shameful enough, combine it with the previous sitting and it’s astounding.
Ms. Clark’s decision to have the legislature sit for only 19 days in the year before the 2013 election meant citizens were asked to vote in a state of relative darkness, inhibiting their ability to fully hold the government to account. This was met with barely a murmur of discontent
I have watched our legislature for years...BC Liberal appointed speaker has never exhibited a nonpartisan tone...Partisan to the core has been Linda Reid and speakers before her...and if a speaker opts to support a government with a vote, whether done once, twice or every-time matters not..a speaker can vote, ..to now split hairs about tradition and say a speaker voting once or twice is okay but voting often is not.... hooey I say.

If Christy Clark chooses to vote against a cosmetic pesticide ban, or campaign finance reform or banning pill presses than so the hell what...good legislation should be voted for, especially if it's something the public yearns for..

Tradition in BC under BC Liberals...partisan speakers....a shameful amount of sitting days...questions unanswered..BC Liberals voting against every NDP private member bill for no other reason than the fact it was a NDP bill/legislation....a 2009 Gordon Campbell election year $3 billion dollar budget deficit lie...is that tradition...? 

Postmedia might want to ask the BC Liberals about party brass asking near every member of the BC NDP and Green party in recent days to cross the floor, and asking near all opposition members to be speaker...BC Liberals promising everything to retain their perilous grip on power..

Lastly....there has been rampant Postmedia and BC Liberal propaganda fanning the flames of impending political instability...fanning the flames for Judith Guichon to deny John Horgan and Andrew Weaver a chance to govern....

If Judith Guichon breaks with tradition and denies Horgan and Weaver a chance to govern a slippery slope future stares us in the face....Partisan bought government functionaries are walking among us...Revolt...Recall and a new election...driving a final stake into Christy Clark and the Liberal gang will be the result if Judith Guichon goes that route.....

Traditions....It would be nice if we had a government roll up their sleeves and get to work sooner rather than later...it would be nice if blatant corruption was rooted from government and in particular, campaign finance...call it what it is....corruption, buying favor, buying government...buying access..

BC Liberals are going down to defeat in short order.....John Horgan and Andrew Weaver are going to attempt to govern....the speaker is going to vote in favour of a NDP/Green government...

Whether that speaker votes once, twice or every single vote matters not...

If BC Liberals want to vote against good legislation for partisan purposes..matters not..Postmedia's corporate agenda matters not..

Over to you Justin Trudeau and Judith Guichon....

P.S....Happy Fathers Day....you gave me everything I needed dad, with one exception, not enough time with you....


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide open

Thursday, June 8, 2017

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver, British Columbia's New Government, Closer To The Heart

Written by Grant G     (With a little help from Rush)

"And the men who hold high places...Must be the ones who start...To mold a new reality..Closer to the heart ..Closer to the heart"

By the end of July John Horgan and Andrew Weaver will be the architects of not only a new government but creators of a new governance model, at least new to British Columbia...one molded in cooperative progress for the people of British Columbia...a new singular voice made up out of diverse views, a group of governors who know only through cooperation will any legislation go forward...

 "The blacksmith and the artist...Reflect it in their art...They forge their creativity...Closer to the heart ..Yes closer to the heart"

British Columbia citizens under BC Liberal rule have been starved of Democracy, had our voices reduced to mere background noise...that will come to end under John Horgan's leadership for as I write this....Not often, if ever have I seen a group of a elected officials who actually get it...the path to longevity is not a long and winding road, the path to the promised land is straight forward, it stares us in the face, doesn't involve the exploitation of finite resources or environmental degradation....electoral success and longevity survival in British Columbia will only come to those that embrace the air, land and water....agricultural lands preserved for food production, fresh water rivers laden with wild salmon protected from the corporate pillagers, healthy forests, for the health of not only humans but for the survival of all species...

"Philosophers and plowmen..Each must know his part...To sow a new mentality..Closer to the heart ..Yes closer to the heart, yeah, oh"

  A government closer to the heart, no more blank stares, no more cabinet minister footnote memos promising to do better next time, a child dying in care must be heard, like a tree falling in the forest, it does make noise, it crashes and thrashes, no child dies silently, no child goes hungry unseen, poverty is not a silent killer....

"Whoa whoa...You can be the captain...And I will draw the chart...Sailing into destiny..Closer to the heart"

British Columbia's most responsive legislative assembly is set to burst from it's embryo and take flight, new laws, fresh legislation, measures and means, no more corporate treachery, no more governance where the needs of the few, or the one overrule the rights of the many...

I look forward to John Horgan and Andrew Weaver fast tracking legislation and freeing up monies for the most needy...No child in British Columbia or Canada for that matter should go to bed hungry, or attend a dangerous crumbling at risk school, teachers should not have to feed hungry children, although i'm delighted they do...

Seniors need the minimum care standards, legislative care standards must be enforced, not just deferred to the future...Senior's future is the here and now...those on disability or welfare must be given enough support to survive..humanity starts with respect...

It costs society less to house the homeless than to leave the misdirected on the streets, it's less expensive to keep seniors clean and homebound than to have them waste away in understaffed warehouses of germs...

A new government where those left behind and forgotten are not only remembered but included in British Columbia's future...

Longevity and political survival in British Columbia will only be secured by a government that does the right thing, that listens, that changes direction and points to a bright sustainable future...

A government that is "Closer to the heart"

Make me proud Andrew Weaver.....lead us to the promised land John Horgan...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, June 2, 2017

John Horgan, Andrew Weaver...BC's New Government

Grant G and Canadian Glen......BC's hottest political talk...


the first 25 minutes is Canadian Glen on Nova Scotia's May 30th election, then after a short technical issue I join Glen in slicing and dicing BC's political hot potato.....Who is gunning for Christy Clark, how long will BC Libs be lost in the wilderness....who played who....hope you enjoy the commentary..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christy Clark, She`s Come Undone..2017 redux

 Written by grant G

(originally posted March/23 2013....Cheers)

The entire BC Liberal Government and party are in disarray, words and phrases are being tossed around like final death throes, end of a dynasty, thunderstruck, dying days, point of no return and they are all fitting though I prefer to use phrases and words like crime family gunned down, corruption rooted out, zombies exposed to sunlight melt and my favorite, ding dong the wicked witch is dead..

Scandal and organized crime, it`s as simple as that, I still remember the headlines after our BC Legislature was raided by police "Organized crime has infiltrated the highest offices of the BC Government", those headlines were more than eye catchers , it was all true and the saddest part of the last 8 years. It wasn`t quality governance or decisions for the common good that kept the party in power it was a coordinated media effort, a shielding of the sins committed, cover fire for active criminals provided by the biggest media players in the game, Vancouver Sun, Global television and cknw, a radio station that turned stacking calls and promoting red herring stories to an artform..

There is no need to highlight individual crimes committed by this outgoing organization, we lived through the violations and there are far too many to list here.

Gordon Campbell`s operation was no different than that of a criminal gang, he was indeed a mafioso godfather, vast tracts of land given away, revenue sources costing the treasury hundreds of millions of dollars permanently shifted to party insiders, run of river, smart meters, tree farm licenses transferred to corporate donors, communication teams numbering in the hundreds employed to monitor any inhouse leaks, loose lips ostracized, villified and humiliated, on call bought media was quick to respond, willing partners that abetted and enabled the crimewave to continue for far longer than anyone could have imagined.

Maybe it was the departure of Gordon Campbell, maybe some realized it had gone too far, guilt ridden members of the family perhaps thought with Campbell`s departure the cleansing would begin, a renewal, a new path forward not riddled with overt corruption but with the insertion of Christy Clark by the same handlers that placed Gordon Campbell in a position of all encompassing power panic set in, fear for future generations and the health of both treasury and Democracy set in motion a series of events leading to the demise of a corporate Government mafioso, an endless flow of leaks and information that even a corrupt media couldn`t squelch..

We already had witnessed a massive expansion of gaming under Campbell and when he departed the push for more massive gaming outfits was on, players Coleman and Patrick Kinsella, public outrage and leaks prevented these schemes from proceeding, a proposed giveaway and gifted monopoly on liquor distribution was schemed and plotted, Coleman and Kinsella again, names attached to both hideous forestry giveaways and gaming casinos rose to the top again, land, liquor, gaming and revenue streams all gifted to friends of the mafioso, even the backdown on the LDB selloff wasn`t officially gone only postponed until another term of terror was granted, or should I say handed to, by an enabling media....Only with the help of a flood of leaks from an angel with a conscience in the highest office of our province, only with screaming blogging voices, impassioned pleas from those most affected brought this reign of ruin to an end..

Organized crime is very hard to root out and this BC Liberal organization wasn`t going down without a fight, they brought in friendly fire spotters from across the nation, from Alberta, from the highest offices in Ottawa, nasty vicious well-oiled smear machines hired with public money, slimers whose sole purpose was to assist by hook and by crook in controlling and maintaining this criminal gang`s provincial death grip..

Leaks, exposure and bright lights shined open air into dark dank corners where the red eyes of cheese eating rats glowed like the embers of hell..

Christy Clark inserted to smile and wiggle, to distract and confuse, to put on a facade of change where none existed, only with the help of internal firestarters who regained conscience and soul, a one or a group that lit fire after fire in an attempt to force change and force change they did.

Winks, smiles and pearly whites couldn`t hide Christy`s inability to speak or think, a woman over her head, unqualified, uneducated, unelected and unmoving, a power junkie addicted to the sugar of fame, recognition and her own reflection..

Too many fires to extinguish, like the boy with his finger in the dam, once removed the cracks grew and grew until a mountain of water burst through to flood the town, to drown an entire village, Christy Clark possessed not the ability or skill to sell the sham, she failed at faking authenticity, female eyes were first to recognize that christy was not a mother and gender equal, they saw through staged photo-ops to see a power hungry puppet monster..

Christy Clark, she failed to win studentbody presidential elections at S-F-U- she was caught cheating, Christy failed in her power grab of Vancouver city and now she has failed again, leading to a total collapse of the corrupt BC Liberal crime family,..Two years ago Christy Clark was a radio media superstar, big salary, Government pension, huge alimony payments from her millionaire ex and now..

Today the last hopes of any BC Liberal comeback vanished, floodgates are open and the mass exodus has begun, there will be no salvation, no miracles, it`s too late, the party of crime and Christy Clark have both become,....... Undone..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, May 28, 2017

John Horgan, Born to Lead!

originally posted March 11th 2010


Time to talk class, time to talk about a born leader, someone willing to speak to the truth, someone who puts common sense before political points, a rebel in his own party, a man who is not afraid to rock the boat, lets talk John Horgan.

It`s absolutely amazing, John Horgan made an appearance on CFAX radio on Vancouver island, John horgan was asked an honest question about photo radar, well, John Horgan gave an honest answer, John Horgan said in fact he is in favour of photo radar...

Well well well, what do you think happened next? Friends you know there are 200 members of Gordon Campbell`s public affairs team, they`re everywhere, listening, blogging, letters to the editor, spinning out the news,churning,  conspiring stories, a group of money grubbers desperate to change Gordon Campbell`s fate, opportunists, Barack Obama has but 42 members of his PAB, Gordon Campbell has over 200 members, unreal!

So anyway, the Liberals spin machine got busy, the story was sent to Canwest, the story was sent to all of Gordon Campbell`s complicit friends disguised as journalists.

Even the BC Liberals web site instantly had the story, a huge headline...Here is the headline the Liberals put on the John Horgan photo radar story.

NDP wants to resurrect failed photo radar plan.

Well isn`t that special, so in reading the press release and story on the Liberals web site...The Liberals say..NDP energy critic John Horgan on CFAX radio wants to bring back photo radar.

Then they blather on and on how BCers hated photo radar and the great Liberal party listened to BCers and removed it...blah blah blah.(In fact read the story yourself, fresh off the Liberal web site)http://www.bcliberals.com/stop_the_ndp/stop_the_ndp__learn_more/ndp_wants_to_resurrect_failed_photo_radar_plan

So now Smyth calls John Horgan, the Liberals sent the lap dogs to chase John Horgan,chase Carole James and get them on the record, of course Carole James stated..."The NDP aren`t going to bring back photo radar, the people have spoken",good on Carole James for standing her ground as well!....And of course Christy Clark ran with the story on cknw, she started her 1:00PM segment with Kash Heed and of course the topic was....

Photo Radar, 20 minutes with Kash Heed, Kash stating how the BC Liberals would NEVER bring in photo radar, Kash stated they have better methods, and apparently those better methods include 144 new intersection cameras coming to a corner near you soon, Kash Heed denounced Photo radar and the NDP....So Kash Heed leaves and Christy Clark asks for callers .....Christy primed the pump, she asked callers to tell her what they think of the NDP wanting to bring back photo radar.!

Well, I was waiting for the barrage of NDP haters to line up and denounce the NDP, but guess what, it didn`t happen, every call except one either attacked Kash Heed, attacked Christy Clark or defended Photo Radar, I was shocked,blown away in fact, Christy ran the segment to 1:45 PM,...An extra long segment, looking for those NDP haters, well friends they weren`t there today, I of course know it was readers of the Straight Goods who decided to call in, new brave voices, friends and warriors who are prepared to speak to truth, to argue, have opinions, not a lame batch of ...boo hoo, NDP bad, Gordo good, brand new voices, voices that I have heard here,contributing, screaming,crying,passionate caring people who have had enough,and I thank each and everyone of you for making the effort!(in fact,listen to the segment yourself, cue up 1:00PM thursday march 11th)http://www.cknw.com/other/audiovault.html the segment runs to about 1:45 pm
I of course sent Christy a story By Andrew McCleod of the Tyee where it shows definitively that traffic fatalities were down with photo radar, Christy failed to mention the stats, and to be fair Christy Clark did say to Kash Heed ..."what is the difference between intersection cameras and photo radar"

To Which Kash Heed responded, "lots of accidents happen in intersections" Kash Heed went on to say that Photo radar in the 90s was set up on highways, the bottom of steep hills, kash heed referred to these placements as "Fishing".......And friends, to be honest there was photo radar traps set up in the past, but the one thing to remember, it wouldn`t matter where the photo radar trap was set up,if you didn`t speed you wouldn`t get a ticket.
And typical cknw, did they ask John Horgan to respond,no, Christy Clark was trying to incite some anger towards the NDP,that wouldn`t work if John Horgan was there to clear the air,you can bet that the PAB will push this story for all it`s worth, slow brainwash, propaganda at it`s finest.
But what I find disturbing is how fast Gordon Campbell`s public affairs bureau was able to turn a nothing little comment on a radio show by John Horgan and in a matter of minutes had churned out a story and sent it out all over the Province and the bought and paid for media ran with it as big news! Unbelievable!

Is photo radar really any different then plain old radar traps that police employ today? Radar traps on the cut on the upper level highway, or the radar trap by the PNE grounds on Hastings, or the radar trap on the Barnett highway, no,there is no difference, except one, a live police officer can check for liquor, proper insurance,warrants etc etc etc when there is a physical stop, but back to those pesky intersection cameras,the same thing, that camera doesn`t know whether the car is stolen, phony insurance,a driver with arrest warrants,so in my opinion photo radar is no different than intersection cameras!And one more thing about intersection cameras,if it isn`t set up to record speed, people can blast through an intersection at double the speed limit on a green light and not even get a ticket.(read about reduced traffic fatalities with photo radar here)http://thetyee.ca/Blogs/TheHook/BC-Politics/2010/03/11/PhotoRadar/
And I want to be perfectly clear, I am against photo radar where it is used as a trap,a money collector, photo radar should be in intersections,that is where most fatalities occur, photo radar should be in school zones, on bridges, in fact even on freeways but....And here`s the deal, there needs to be posted signage warning drivers that the photo radar is there,photo radar dead ahead, if photo radar was run on those grounds there would be few to none that would be opposed! After all, isn`t our ultimate goal to make our streets and highways as safe as possible? Isn`t that the main goal we are all trying to achieve.
Where was I, oh yea, John Horgan, You see friends, I hope you read the BC Liberal web site propaganda piece on John Horgan, because their story was lacking details, the BC Liberal story on John Horgan stated "John Horgan wants the return of the failed photo radar plan"......But what the story forgot to mention was the rest of the story.
Because what John Horgan said was this....I am fundamentally in favour of photo radar,I believe it saves lives, however, I didn`t like the way it was set up in the past on hills and sides of highways.
That my friends is what John Horgan said, the BC Liberals spin machine tried to turn a mole hill into a mountain, the PAB are so desperate to change the channel on the Gordo song, a song everyone hates.

In fact friends this whole affair upset me on many levels, so I contacted John Horgan and said...What`s up, what is going on.
And this is the response I received from John Horgan....
"Grant the Last thing I want to do is help the Gord change the channel. Was on my local radio –CFAX- and got an honest question about photo radar and gave an honest answer. When Smitty came calling I knew I had stepped in it. Still, the truth is the truth. I am not changing to fit the message box."
There is a place for photo radar, John Horgan is right about limited use of photo radar to make our roads safer, who knows how many lives can be saved from road carnage with some advertised photo radar cameras in place!
Recent road deaths in Pitt Meadows and Maple ridge have local mayors calling for the return of Photo Radar,police want the return of photo radar,as do our Paramedics, as do I, but not as tax collectors, but as lifesavers!
John Horgan, a man who doesn`t backpedal, a man who will stick to his guns, a man who IS THE REAL LEADER OF the NDP!
And lastly, the above story isn`t about photo radar, it`s about the speed and precision of Gordon Campbell public affairs bureau, how quickly they churn and brew and contort stories, it`s about the complicit cknw radio voices, and it`s about John Horgan not fumbling for an excuse, sticking to his principles.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Breaking news....New NDP Leader...A re-run of an earlier post....Lets have an election !

Originally posted Dec 5th 2010


What a shocker,the complete story here.........

Vancouver Sun March 15/2010

NDP Press conference shocker, John Horgan in Carole James out
Story by Vawn Pawlmer

In a hastily put together press conference, in attendance was John Horgan, Carole James and a handful of other NDP MLAs and all the media, a blockbuster announcement by Carole James followed by a speech from the new NDP leader John Horgan.

A shocking announcement from Carole James, Carole stepped up to the mike and announced that she was stepping down as leader of the NDP, Carole James greeted John Horgan on stage with smiles and a hug in a show of solidarity , Carole James quickly left the stage to John Horgan where he made a speech and laid out the immediate direction of the new democratic party followed by a question answer period.

(Here is the complete speech)

"Good afternoon all, thanks for coming, I would like to thank Carole James for outstanding performance and keeping our party together, we are launching our new direction and policy today, I would like to start out by saying that it`s time to take back the province, the Premier from Point Grey has deceived and let down the entire province, the Liberal party has a problem in truth telling.
The stench from the BC Liberal party has become unbearable, our first order of business is to stop the HST, we are asking Liberal MLAs to vote against the HST, we are asking the Liberal MLAs to listen to their constituents, we hope they either vote against the HST or even cross the floor and join with the NDP in doing what is right.
And it`s not only the HST, we as a province need answers from BC Rail, BC Ferries, we need to look into all the dealings and arrangements set up by the member from Point Grey, Translink is in complete disarray, we are going to look into the P3s, these arrangements are costing our province 100s of million of dollars, education funding is a disaster, the per-student funding formula is all wrong, cuts in health care, the fleecing of money from seniors who built this province.
The refusal to raise the minimum wage has made BC the embarrassment of Canada, 8 years and nothing for workers, the NDP will immediately raise the minimum wage to 9.00$ per hour and abolish the draconian 6.00$ per hour starter wage, families,students,everyone falling behind, that is going to change under a NDP government, people aren`t voting anymore, we are going to inspire the youth, seniors, the hardworking middle class to return to the voting booth, and we are going to save the wild salmon, we are going to remove 1/3rd of all fish farms within a year of taking government, we are going to give the remaining fish farms 2 years to get contained on land or to adopt provable mitigation techniques, the NDP are not going to continue on this ruinous road of losing wild salmon, eagles,bears,trees,the whole eco system relies on strong salmon returns.
We are going to bring accountability back to government, a new democratic party will not sell out our rivers to private power companies, we will review these power buying contracts, we will not sign contracts that will cost the province billions of dollars, and private power contracts will have to be a win,win deal, if it doesn`t make sense then we won`t sign the contract, the province of BC will work for everyone under a NDP banner, not just cozy deals for insiders and friends of the member from Point Grey, we will enact poverty reduction targets, a NDP government will fight to make BC a good place for raising families, a good place to invest,an NDP government will plant trees and change the direction of forestry in BC, under the BC Liberals forestry is almost dead, we are asking everyone to have a second look at the new direction NDP, I would like to thank everyone for attending, anyone needing more information can call their local NDP MLA or check our website, thanks everyone"

A media scrum followed the press conference with a few questions asked and answered,.....

Mr Horgan, how will the NDP stop the HST ...." We will prod BC Liberal members to vote against the HST and listen to their constituents, barring that we will be working hard on recalling the premier and 8 other MLAs ,the Liberals have deceived and betrayed everyone in the province,from the HST to the massive deficit to all the service cuts and gaming grant cuts, it has been a total betrayal from the Liberal premier and cabinet, we will tell Ottawa in no uncertain terms we want out or a better deal, a made in B.C. tax that works for everyone................Are the NDP going to change the energy policy...." Yes, we are not going to allow private power to bankrupt BC Hydro, we are going to clear up the debate on whether we import or export power, we are going have clarity, we are going to allow BC Hydro to compete and produce new power if needed, we certainly won`t be signing ridiculous one way contracts"........Are the NDP going to reach out to business........" We will be reaching out to business,industry, but we aren`t going to turn our back and look the other way while big industry pillages and pollutes, we will toughen up the environmental assessments and have truly unbiased and independent decision making,no more rubber stamping of projects"............Can the NDP really compete with the great management team of the BC Liberals........" Ha Ha, you mean the myth about BC Liberal fiscal genius?, our BC debt has doubled under the BC Liberals, BC Ferries is drowning in debt, BC Hydro has added massive debt, Translink is a disaster, and the private power contracts that were signed could cost the province billions per year, P3s like the Canada line and Golden ears bridge that are costing taxpayers tens of millions per year, P3s that were supposed to protect the taxpayer,ultimately they are costing us too much and the public bears all the risk, cost over-runs on the convention center,Canada line, BC Liberals as great fiscal managers is nothing but made up spin from Public affairs"........Do you think the public will trust you and the NDP......" Yes I do, we are going to clean house, no more insiders club, no more Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, and others that have exclusive access to the government,no more donating money to the party then to be rewarded with lucrative cash cow deals that cost the taxpayer plenty, a new democratic party is going to clean up the mess in the legislature, we`re going to air out the stench of a rotten and rotting government, a fresh new start for all BCers, I would like to thank everyone for coming out."

And with that John Horgan left the media scrum, a full report tomorrow on Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal`s reaction.
Story by Vawn Pawlmer

The above story is hypothetical.......Or is it!

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John Horgan, A Man On A Mission

Originally posted Jan 10th 2011

What an interesting day, what are we to talk about, how about the leadership campaigns, last week Dana Larsen announced he was running for leader of the NDP, the pundits all laughed, then Harry Lali threw his hat in the ring and still the politicos laughed, then Nicholas Simons joined the race and still the media laughed and giggled like school girls....

Yes indeed, when Larsen announced he was running CKNW played it up on every newscast, twice per hour, when Harry Lali  entered the ring again the media laughed, every broadcast trying to incite division within the NDP, so today when John Horgan entered the race, the media went very silent, CKNW didn`t get the story until noon(They could have got the story from me the day earlier), the Vancouver Sun, the Province, they were all very late with the story and coverage, Smyth, Macolm, no one talked about John Horgan today.....CTV flashed Horgan`s picture on the evening news, Global did the same and it was no accident...

Yet CTV had no problem starting their evening news talking to Christy cluck cluck Clark and her new family holiday, yes friends, Cluck cluck is proposing another stat holiday, not that I am a big fan of business but the cost to business for a stat holiday is around $400 million dollars across the Province, why not two days, three days of holidays, 5 days, that move by Crusty Clark is so low down, of course everyone would agree to another holiday, as would they agree to tax cuts, free car insurance, lower transit fares, free daycare services, all the usual desperate moves by a sagging politician.....

The media is afraid of John Horgan, in fact the Vancouver sun is already started their slagging of Horgan...Ooooh, Horgan has a bad temper, Horgan defended Carole James,  well Horgan did defend Carole James and Horgan does have a bad temper when it came to lying BC Liberals, who is supposed to remain cool when in question period you ask about BC Rail and some Liberal lackey talks about fast ferries or fudget budgets, who wouldn`t get mad...

The Howe streeters want Farnsworth or Dix because they have baggage, Horgan scares the hell out of the Campbell store bought media and the Liberals, they know they can`t beat him, ....Can you imagine, trying to paint Horgan as a hot head...And Gordon Campbell is not?...Christy Clark doesn`t have a temper?, Falcon isn`t a bitter little asshole?...We all heard Racist Bill Bennett describe Gordon Campbell`s temper, everyone knows about Christy`s radio temper, how she cuts off callers, talks over them and withholds prizes, remember Falcon and his "Boo Hoo" remark about a man committing suicide leaving Falcon stuck in traffic....George smirk Abbott with his lies about long term care beds, a partisan hack and yes man....De Jong, forget De Jong he is already out of the race, Rafe must be on glue or early onset Dementia...

Moira Stilwell, what a waste of space, the media on mass decided to not play up the Horgan Story, the reason is simple, the BC Liberals still pay for and own the media in BC, the NDP rift is over, the party is united, Horgan wins the next BC Election whether the writ gets dropped this spring or fall, Horgan is a lock....Premier John Horgan...Has a nice ring too it!

I suspect that John Horgan will grant Michael Smyth an interview,   I realize that Bill Good is irrelevant, no point in granting Bill Good an interview, Good is weak, Smyth schooled Bill Good all last week, that performance gives Smyth the nod for a Horgan interview before Bill Good.....

You have to understand how our media works, when the NDP were fighting for a new leader the big media fell in love with Carole James, up is down and left is right, the media.....If the local BC Media can`t say anything bad about the NDP they won`t say anything at all.

That friends is why the media won`t cover John Horgan.....Because he is that good, the blogs, the internet, alternative media, the John Horgan story will start slowly and town by town, city by city the wave will grow and every where Horgan goes the public will think Horgan or Kevin Falcon for premier..."I like our chances".....Christy Clark or John Horgan....A nasty combative egotistical radio jockey or a simple man with clear vision..

"I like our chances"

George bobblehead Abbott against Horgan....Game over, folks there is not one scenario where Horgan doesn`t beat the Liberals in an election hands down....The BC Liberals know it, the media knows it.

And lastly, the personal attacks towards me keep coming, there are a few in Ian Reid and Farrell`s camp wanting to sabotage the NDP, some higher up BC Liberals(Like Brad Zubyk who is working on Christy Clark`s campaign)...There have been cyber attacks, personal attacks against me, we here at the Straight Goods won`t relent..We are going to elect John Horgan and put him in the premier`s chair, momentum, power, advisors, strategic advice is coming from voices of reason....No bad advice, no blunders, only the truth, for the betterment of the people, Damn it folks, we have never had such a talent in the NDP camp, let`s not waste it!...

The future of British Columbia is in John Horgan`s hands, picture in your mind, Christy Clark, Falcon, Abbott  or John Horgan ....Who would you trust with your future.

The Straight Goods

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John Horgan, A Cut Above the Rest

originally posted Jan 10th/2011

Well well well, the big gun is throwing his hat in the ring tonight, perhaps our island readers will want to join his rally....The place..7:00 pm in Langford...

For those not familiar with John, he is the current energy critic for the NDP, nobody knows more about what is going on with run of river than Horgan, buy high and sell low, our rivers, our water, our salmon and now private interests control  these resources and were subsidizing it, from conversations and interviews done by Horgan, he knows this file, no one in the media is talking about residential hydro rates, home owners paying $3 $5 $6 thousand dollars per year on hydro, Horgan is aware that Campbell`s energy plan is so flawed that the net result is taxation through Hydro rates, a two tier formula that nails every home owner and the proposed smart meters, 2 $billion dollars for meters that tell you your using power...That same money could generate power, a lot of power, that is if we needed power....

There is no one more on top of that file than Horgan, ........I have been watching the legislature for years, after a while you get to know MLAs on both sides of the house, who is friendly, who is smart, who is partisan, who lies, who tells the truth and more importantly, who is the Alpha male, who walks the walk.

In estimate debates Horgan ran at Blair leckstrom to the point that Blair Leckstrom resigned, that`s right folks, Leckstrom was Horgan`s guy in estimate debates, many say Leckstrom quit because of the HST and deficit lie, the truth be known Leckstrom quit over the clean energy act, Blair Leckstrom was very unsettled during estimate debates, Horgan pounded on Leckstrom.....

Horgan is quick on his feet and is by far the best public speaker in the NDP caucus, John doesn`t harp or whine, he lays out the facts, makes his point and moves on, he also adds sly sideways humour, in other words Horgan can make mincemeat of his opponent crack a joke while easily  being three steps ahead of the competition...

Some people are talking about Adrian Dix, Farnsworth, even Raulston.....All three of those men are talented, Farnsworth is made to be house leader, a bull in a China shop, the problem with Farnsworth is, he can`t speak onTV or radio without using the words eerrr and ummm...He pauses and delays and can`t think fast enough on his feet, Farnsworth was also a little too close to some skeletons with Glen Clark...Even me, it pains me to listen to Mike Farnsworth.....

Adrian Dix, a good speaker although he is very fidgety, Dix is born to be health minister and again, the BC Liberals will punish Adrian Dix to no end over that memo he altered in the 90s, we don`t need those distractions, there is also rumour that Bruce Raulston might toss his hat in the ring, ....No offense friends, Raulston is milky white soggy toast, even his emails are soggy, Raulston has about as much appeal as a bad rash, Raulston would make Carole James look exciting, Sorry Bruce, I have been watching you for years and you as boring as ever.

All I can add is, John Horgan scares the hell out of the BC Liberals, Horgan is respected by both sides in the house, Horgan would make a fantastic leader, he`s honest, responds to my calls and emails, he knows what is really important to BCers...

I`ll have more on John Horgan a little later....

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

John Horgan and Andrew Weaver, Paths Merge to Create a New British Columbia, a Province where people come first, not corporate looting

BC's hottest political talk.....Blogtalk radio featuring Canadian Glen and yours truly...

First 50 minutes Glen discusses Nova Scotia's provincial election, they go to the polls on May 28th....the remaining 1:05 minutes is BC's Hottest political talk....Green/NDP merger, or possible coalition and just how many knives are firmly stuck in Christy Clark's back.....


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Friday, May 19, 2017

Andrew Weaver and John Horgan, a Call for Reasoned Collaboration

Written by Grant G

What a politically delicious paradoxical box we find ourselves in, paralyzed waiting, wondering who will boldly lead us to the promised land...

A minority government in the waiting, that is if one can charm the illustrious Green leader Andrew Weaver, an invigorated club wielding leader, holding keys to the castle, keys that can be acquired if the price is right.

I remember the 90's, very well, a working man could afford to buy a house with a medium income, those are the facts of the 90,s economy, yes mines closed in the late 90,s but not because of BC,s government but because of the Asian flu... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_Asian_financial_crisis

that bothers me, BC Liberals spin like a wurlitzer bragging about BC's economy while making up lies about the 90,s...I had many friends who left BC to go work in the Alberta tar sands in the 90;s, not because there was no work here, because menial labour paid 100,000 plus a year in Fort Mac...jobs in BC have never been high, even today wages in BC are low, too low too survive in a runaway real estate market..house prices in the GVRD have exceeded worker's ability to get in...BC Liberals over the last decade used an out of control dark money, criminally laundering, investor speculating housing market to fatten Government's bottom line....along with fattening the BC Liberal Party bank account...How..or should as I say why did our current government allow this blatant activity to destroy the fabric of our populous cities...

If and when we have our next election, it would be nice if fake facts and fear mongering didn't highlight the campaigns...

In my world, bad governments need to be punished, "Today's BC Liberals" are a bad government, scandals galore, quick wins, health firings, supreme court loss, David Eby is still waiting for the BC Housing documents, the documents Rich Coleman refused to hand over until after the election....election is over Rich Coleman...

How can the BC Liberals say with a straight face that they didn't squander $millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan ads...our auditor general said just that last month...BC Liberals were presented 6 legislative Bills brought forth by John Horgan to ban corporate and union donations, 6 times these BC Liberals said no...BC Liberals have raised $7 million dollars from corporate donors in 2017..$2 million in the last week of the election, how can anyone believe anything Christy Clark and her gang say about campaign finance when the last week of election 2017 BC Liberals raked in $2 million dollars from corporations...

How on earth can we ever make the GVRD affordable for young working families, I don't think it can be done, not without crashing the market, crashing this market will leave countless underwater...BC's housing situation should be declared a provincial emergency, it's that bad..It will take a herculean effort to find a solution to BC's housing crises that doesn't hurt a lot of innocent people, only a government with ideological will can find a solution and with BC Liberals, a party that rakes in $millions monthly from major corporate developers, a party beholden to their financiers I don't hold out much hope..

Economies rise and fall, BC is no different, a vibrant movie and tourism mecca when the dollar is right, we have a record number of cruise ships plying Vancouver Harbour, tourists from around the world flocking to see British Columbia's natural splendor, millions coming to see nature, not bitumen laden tankers...British Columbia has so much going for it.

We need a government, a caretaker government to nurture what we have, not a caretaker that ventures into every corporate dark money venture...

"There is none more blind than those who refuse to see"

That is how Christy Clark governed for the last 4 years....dark money blind, deliberately blind, only when public pressure built did she respond with loophole filled sop, pillar to post, then only to make matters worse with a down-payment helper, an election gimmick that merely exasperated the problem, pushing our housing crisis further afield..

John Horgan has been railing against this corporate blind governance for near a decade, Andrew Weaver you too have railed against this no rules, anything goes, bad bills, provincial sellouts and environmental assault...how can anyone not be outraged over the recent governance of our province...and yes, BC Liberals have a core base of 35% that will blindly vote for them no matter what sins they commit...NDP has a slightly smaller 30% core base and Weaver's Greens have a 10% core...

Christy Clark governed so bad that even $12 million spent in campaigning and media blitzing couldn't lure in enough votes...

Andrew Weaver holds the keys to the kingdom, a kingdom that both he and John Horgan want to see changed for the better..Green Party philosophy is so diametrically different than BC Liberal's gaseous oily corporate ideology....BC Liberals want to embrace sunset industries, chase riches that will never accrue...

John Horgan in his election platform promised to bring forth a referendum on electoral reform, proportional Representation, an electoral change that he vowed to campaign for, and that brings us to where we are today, Andrew Weaver is demanding that John Horgan bail on his election campaign and impose proportional Representation through legislation, and yes, many if not most of BC NDPers want electoral change to PR...But how can one hold their head up, how can a potential new premier pretend to be any different from any other lying politician when a key election plank is abandoned for keys to the kingdom, for power...

If I was John Horgan....I would say to Green party leader Andrew Weaver....

Doctor Weaver, you railed against politicians who break promises, you talk of fairness, of keeping your word, of treating voters and all members of society equally and fairly, yet you are proposing imposing a my way or the highway ultimatum, and you are asking me to break an election promise and demean my word for your acceptance, almost asking me to bow before you....

Andrew Weaver... to allow Christy Clark and her BC Liberal gang to carry on assaulting Democracy and law, not to mention our splendored environment is not acceptable.

Andrew Weaver.... you are asking a man, asking John Horgan to make a decision, a decision to leave a corporate sick government in charge, to leave a BC Liberal government riddled with scandal, graft and in my opinion unfettered corruption in charge of caring for our still beautiful province or to bow down and accept your PR by legislation demand, asking John Horgan to surrender his word...

Andrew Weaver....you talk about working with others, collaborating to come up with solutions that work for everyone....and believe me, I understand your desire to improve government, to bring in representation for all, the goal is not only laudable but desperately needed...

I believe in collaboration too Andrew, Doctor Weaver, and compromise, I see no reason why you can't agree to a referendum on electoral reform, we can have the referendum this fall, before the next election, certainly in this wired society a 6 month campaign is plenty of time, ..a referendum campaign can start almost immediately and a scheduled referendum vote day for November 2017 is not out of the question, and if true, if NDP voters 40% and Green voters 17%  want electoral change the referendum will pass with ease, the only thing stopping this from happening is a government, a government that can last through to the referendum, for if passed, the next election will be held under a new PR electoral system....a win win, you Andrew Weaver will be on the good side of history by assisting in improving BC's governance and John Horgan could keep his word...

Pink shirts, seems they have no meaning to most...

Andrew Weaver.....I like the John, and I could forgive Mr. Horgan for caving to your pressure, he loves this province so much he may well bow down for the sake of removing a clearly corporate controlled government that's strayed too far..

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one"

The Straight Goods

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