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577,The Unluckiest Number,Ten years out......The British Columbia Diluted Bitumen pipeline disaster

(I wrote this story in 2010....I wrote it in response to the proposed Enbridge northern gateway pipeline.....nothing has changed, big oil will never go away, the fight to save B.C. goes on...is no world Eden safe, can't we as a species strive to save what little clean environment that's left...Kinder Morgan is not our friend...however, KM is not our worst enemy..it's Trudeau, Notley and PostMedia's entire corporate newspaper chain..add in CKNW which is wholly owned by corporate propaganda central Global B.C.....we're alone on this one people...Horgan won't stop Kinder Morgan, nor will anyone help us....It will be the people of BC that stop Kinder Morgan...there will be political casualties..namely Trudeau and Notley(although Notley is already gone).....this story, change location, Island names and....this disaster is in the gulf Islands..

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Disaster, Ten Years Out.......Grant G..April/17th....2018...)

Written by Grant G
                                    Number 577, The Unluckiest Number

The 10 year anniversary next month of the Bengal Lion Star tragedy and I had to come to ground zero to see for myself, perhaps it was a mistake to come here, from what I have seen i`m way too angry to cry and too sad for fury, in fact I almost have that peaceful easy feeling.

How I miss my dad`s analytical explanation and mom`s hope springs eternal talks, yet I fear that neither parent could explain away this tragedy, 10 years later, 10 years of black death extending it`s reach.

Looking around by boat off Banks island, one mile from ground zero the feeling is of the surreal, trees are still green but any ocean life or bird activity is eerily quiet, no salmon fry swimming , no squawking gulls just silence, for tens of miles in every direction the great kelp forests are gone, who gave us permission to gamble and lose what we didn`t own and what we could never replace, sacrificing little Fish lake was a horrid environmental mistake, imagine deliberately destroying a huge natural watershed for trinkets of gold, thousands of migrating birds executed for the mere sin of just landing, how many species of frogs or insects still get near or in the lake only to perish or leave half dead, what insanity compels man to convert clear clean water into a poisonous tailing lake devoid of life, but as horrible as the deliberate execution of little Fish lake, the scale of the Bengal Lion Star oil spill off Banks island in Hecate Strait is beyond compare, how is it that my only terms of reference in attempting to describe the aftermath is that of dead zones, in a way its very peaceful, no eternal battle for life here, those days are long gone.

Only if I could turn back the clock, why did it happen, the Bengal Lion Star should not have went out, a deep pacific low moving in, was the Captain pressured to leave, why why why, even with two large commercial tug boats assisting wasn`t going to stop the wreck, maybe if there were extra support tugs who knows but when lead tug boat Kitimat queen capsized in heavy seas nothing was going to stop the massive oil carrier from grounding on White jagged rocks that stormy (March 14, 2017) night, 30 to 40 foot high waves capped with fury pounded the Bengal Lion Star on unforgiving rocks, section after section burst like watermelons, spewing millions of gallons of tar sand oil, the 3rd largest oil spill in the world, maybe if the oil containment teams had gotten out here sooner but with storm force winds blowing for 2 days along with extreme high and low tides, my god, oil sprayed the shore line high on exposed rocks and layered thick into the lowest tidal zones, mountains of Alberta bitumen flowing in deep water, who could imagine the oil and heavy sheen would have spread 50 miles in different directions over 2 days, coves, bays, narrow channels coated in black death,  as far as I can look in any direction this paradise is dead, who knows what the bird count will ultimately be, millions of direct bird deaths with millions more that died in subsequent migrations, birds all along the coast found dead, birds with clear signs of contact with heavy oil, the natural engine in this migration route blasted with Alberta crude, indeed, the scale of the Bengal Lion Star oil spill can`t be measured in millions of oiled birds or the 40 distinct salmon runs that were decimated and or all of British Columbia`s wild salmon teetering on extinction, the sea lions, otters, coastal bears, eagles, ferrets, no salmon spawning led one extinction into another, we broke nature`s bond, too many dead for one`s heart to count, oil stained carcasses feed other animals that ultimately die too, black oil`s death-grip reaches on and on, only with time, generational time, perhaps millenia before this area recovers, can it recover, and for what, to spill another tanker of crude.

I don`t what is harder to take, the fragile existence of a few northern runs of salmon and southern Sockeye, it`s almost like the cycle of life has been thrown out, this large swath of nature, thousands of square miles destroyed forever, well at least for my lifetime, perhaps 6 or 7 generations before this area will become fertile again but with continued oil tanker traffic when will black death strike again, even if the shell fish recover, even if herring spawns again, the  Orca will never be seen again, the birthing females were first to die then the small adolescent Orca perished, 2 adult males are all that is left of the species, maybe mankind should have figured out how to start a new Orca pod before destroying the only one we had, unique species and west coast wildlife gone, in a blink, for all time, gone, why didn`t we learn from the Valdez disaster, there is no going back, First Nations have mourned, the northern and island tourism industries decimated, maybe I should have fought harder against the National review 15 years ago, 10 years out from this disaster and Hecate Strait still lay mortally wounded, you can still smell crude oil, I can only think of Charlton Heston`s Planet of the Apes movie when he sees New York`s Statue of Liberty and realizes that it was mankind itself that burned mother nature, this area is no longer worth fighting for, top scientists are mostly in agreement that outside of decades of time there is nothing on scale that can be done to remediate the damage.

It appears the only ones left fighting about the Bengal Lion Star are the litigants, where have we seen this picture before, the Exxon Valdez law suit still lingers unpaid(40 years later), the Liberian registered Bengal Lion Star oil tanker had but minimum insurance, $200 million dollars yet the insurance has been contested,  Bengal Lion Star hadn`t paid premiums in 2 years, Honshu commercial carrier insurance company have claimed bankruptcy, between the Province and Ottawa more than $14.9 billion has been spent on clean-up and species mitigation, First Nations, affected business`s and local town`s folk have law suits filed worth more than $15 billion dollars, everyone suing and litigating for compensation on something no one can return, Enbridge pipeline inc washes their hands of any responsibility, Shell, Exxon Mobile and the Chinese petroleum company are all pointing fingers at each other, owners of the Bengal Lion Star blame the escort tug company, tug company blames act of god and file for bankruptcy, how long will these trials go on and who will ultimately pay, what price, what price to return nature to the way it was, all this pain to secure dirty Alberta crude oil to China, oil use falls for the last 7 years, a dying product needing desperate tyrants, we sold out nature on British Columbia`s wild west coast for a handful of pesos, how can ancient dregs of plants take so much away from present and future life cycles, I can`t shed tears anymore, my life, my personal battles, millions of wasted words warning of potential harm or should I say risk management, I `m too old to repeat the warnings and too tired to muster passion, the battle for Haida Gwaii is over.

Even the First Nation`s blockade attempting to stop the very first oil tanker, 8 First Nations elders gave their life that day, not near enough pressure to stop that massive Vessel, oil tanker Shell diamond and its Canadian naval escort, dugout canoe versus high-speed frigate, symbolic but futile, the time to stop Enbridge was before it started, certainly native voices on opening day weren`t going to stop it, you can`t stop $5 billion dollars spent, never-the-less, January 13/2016 was the day the first super tanker left Kitimat, thousands of small protest vessels, nothing, not even Greenpeace and Suzuki foundation`s concentrated efforts could stop the Stephen Harper Federal Conservatives and the Gordon Campbell Christy Clark B.C. Liberal administration from rubber stamping this project from the git-go, proceeding at full speed behind closed doors, no matter how much evidence anti pipeline opponents, scientists, biologists and environmentalists put forward they were all but ignored, the NDP government vowed to stop the completion of Enbridge if they were elected in 2013, was the fix in, too much money invested to stop, too big to fail, needed economic growth, jobs jobs jobs, yes I heard everyone of those excuses justifying the completion of Enbridge, what jobs, imported foreign workers building the pipeline and 120 permanent after construction jobs, was it worth it.

Madness, I knew something really big would happen, not the 5000 barrels that spilt into the Skeena river, not the 50,000 barrels dumped at the port of Kitimat but something epic, mathematicians also knew it was coming, not if a big spill would happen but when a spill would happen, I can still hear Christy Clark talk about risk management, the best corporate spinners hired to say we can manage the risk, how come no one asked how do we manage armageddon, how do we clean up, how do we create more Orca, how do you bring back thousands of square miles from the dead, I wonder what Gordon Campbell would say today, Adrian Dix, the rejected NDP leader stated he regrets that the NDP didn`t do more to stop Enbridge, Gordon Campbell is long since dead, yes Stephen Harper and Gordon Muir Campbell I pass blame on to you and your complicit Cabinets, your legacy, Enbridge, bankrupt utilities, a dismal health care system, a dead central coast and slow dying life cycle, well, no one is listening to me, not the Governing federal Conservatives, not Premier Gordon Coons of the newly elected Refederation party, no, no one wants to listen to the left wing, after the BC Liberal led economic collapse, the seeds of P3s, IPPs and insider deals dominated, it didn`t matter who was Government in British Columbia, so many bad deals were signed, how many can the court overturn, the extent of the economic damage that came to fruition, what happened, like the Spanish flu in 1919 that killed millions, no one talks about the harm Gordon Campbell`s corporate Government inflicted upon us, the extent of one way contracts that ate up every Provincial dollar and more, I can`t help but think back to our 2010 Olympics, the pride, the I am Canadian attitude, Super Natural British Columbia but just a few short years after the closing ceremonies we have poisoned interior lakes, lost countless wild salmon runs to fish farms and now the third largest oil spill in the world, a death blow to our BC Coast, a massive spill in our migration engine.

Just picture heaven covered in oil, and what hurts even more, the people of BC don`t seem to care anymore, in the latest public opinion poll by Ipsos Reid job creation and big industry are more important than the environment, 67% for jobs and 16% say protect the environment, it`s times like this when I stare across at Mc Caully island or look into Norway inlet, smell the oil, I see the end of the world being played out, there is no shoulder of comfort to lean on, no soothing hugs that can squelch my silent anger, 576 successful departures from Kitimat, 576 loaded oil tankers that safely managed the inside passage, risk management, reward versus risk, despite 5 years of cruise ships not plying the inside passage, despite the loss to tourism, despite a sterile ocean desert, despite the tiniest of recoveries on the outer edges of the spill zone, despite of everything tanker traffic is predicted to triple over the next 3 years, an insatiable Asian appetite for oil and now that paradise is lost there is nothing left to fight for and no reason to stop, perhaps other Edens can be spared.

Number 577, no tears of anger no screams of silence, nothing but...

 "That peaceful easy feeling."

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, October 26, 2018

Donald J Trump......Coward in Chief

Donald J Trump......Coward in Chief

Written by grant G

        It's gone almost as predicted in a post I wrote November 8th, 2016..the night the US elected Donald J Trump president.

here's the last few paragraphs in a post titled....

Donald Trump, King Lizard


I feel very sad for the 50% of Americans who voted for Hillary, I feel just as bad for the 50% that voted for Trump because they believed he was their savior, the swamp drainer, wall builder and immigrant deporter...

Mark my words...no wall will be built, the swamp won't be drained and the immigrants won't be deported, they'll be jailed..

The financial elites of Wallstreet will continue to run the world and run Washington...

I blame you Hillary Clinton, I blame you Democratic party, I blame the Wallstreet juggernaut and I don't listen to self-absorbed consolation speeches...

Enjoy the next 4 years listening to and watching King Lizard build the biggest swamp America has ever seen...



Pretty well gone to script, man, i'll tell you, ......Who is Donald trump...he's a coward and habitual liar....

Yesterday, October 26/2018 ... the day before Cesar Sayoc was captured and arrested as the domestic terrorist mail bomber Donald Trump sent his secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen out to his favorite propaganda television station Fox News to ....to change the channel from the bomber story...Kirstjen  Nielsen in a Fox exclusive to pump up the "wall"..pump up the immigration strawman issue and change the conversation from bombs sent to Trump's espoused targets to Border security... ..


Think about that for a moment.., a dozen bombs have been sent to ex presidents, Democrats, movie stars, CNN and others...all targets Trump has denigrated.....think about it...two ex-presidents(Clinton and Obama) targeted and Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security secretary, ..her number one job is to protect America from terrorism both domestic and foreign.... and she goes on Fox news not to talk about the mail bomber but to fear-monger about a slow-moving caravan full of woman, mothers, daughters, many little children and job wanting men that's over a 1000 miles away from the southern US border..

Donald Trump proudly asserts the the US Military has never been stronger, brags about the over $700 billion dollar one year budget he approved..


Standing with Easter Bunny, Trump boasts of military, economy, 'tip-top' White House

"President Trump taught the kids at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll a really big number on Monday — $700 billion.
"Just think of $700 billion dollars because that's all going into our military this year," Trump said while addressing kids and their parents at the annual event on the White House lawn.
Trump spoke to the crowd from the Truman balcony flanked by First Lady Melania Trump and the White House Easter Bunny with its perpetually shocked face.
"Our military is now at a level, will soon be at a level, that it's never been before. ... The funding of our military is so important and so many military people are with us today."



There is so much to say....I barely have words....Donald Trump next week is sending a 1000 military personnel armed to the teeth to the southern border in preparation of the arrival of a caravan full of unarmed mostly woman and children....the Caravan is still a month away..

Think about that, .....America, they possess enough nuclear weapons to burn the earth to a crisp, they possess smart bombs, attack drones, spy satellites, they have the most extensive network of espionage and intelligence gathering... ..FBI/CIA/informatives, Homeland security...American military, American intelligence can freely and easily place personnel smack dab in the middle of the moving 25 miles a day caravan ...and Donald J trump is so scared that he's sending the military?..

Trump is a coward, he was to bought and owned to face-off against Vladimir Putin, ...Trump was too awestruck to do anything but smile at Kim Jung UN......Trump has too many personal business interests to play hardball with Saudi Arabia.....

but .....Big Brave Donald J Trump suddenly found his military spine and who is the target....a few thousand desperate people who are wanting to come to America for a chance....for a chance at  what...For a chance to get one of the millions of jobs Donald J Trump claimed need workers that aren't presently available.......

That's right folks...Words have consequences and over the last month and a half trump has told the world that "millions of American jobs are in need of workers"..and considering the US is directly responsible for much of the hardships Hondurans face today..


Donald J Trump himself was the genesis of the migrant caravan...

These poor scared desperate people fleeing their home countries, for fear of death, fear of gangs, fear of their own government they risked everything and are attempting to journey to the once bright light known as United States of America....

Big tough Donald Trump sending the military to the border next week to wait another three weeks for the arrival of the desperate..


And tonight in Charlotte North Carolina....Donald Trump, at his rally, when talking about immigration and the caravan told his supporters that a really big surprise was coming to the border next week...Trump was referring to sending the military to their southern border..and he is...


Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!


Well America....What have you become, you elected a buffoon, not the first time you elected stupid but never before, at least in my memory where you elected the biggest coward....

Donald J Trump.....The president who needs to use world's most lethal military machine to protect him and the equally cowardly GOP from a few woman, children and work wanting men...

It doesn't get any lower than that America.....my how the mighty have fallen

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Written by Grant G

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Justin Trudeau...Rachel Notley...John Horgan...Too Clever By Half

The Emma Jackson Story

Written by Grant G

Something going on around here......

Emma Jackson, who is she, I don't know but boy oh boy is she needed, especially the message she voices..

Ten Years.....according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) that's how much time citizens of planet earth have to stop using the worst of the worst fossil fuels, that includes fracking and tarsands....ten years, that's not a lot of time, it's a blink and a wink and we're there...ten years...and if we don't?

Forget about limiting average temperatures around the world rising by ONLY  1-1/2 to 2 Celsius....it'll be game over, we're looking at runaway climate change, it could lead to a rapid extinction of mankind....perhaps, just perhaps if there is a God, he'll, she will let us perish, punishment for failing to protect and preserve what's really precious, harmony with nature, with millions of species from winged, to finned to furry, to land and ocean plants....species are dying off , becoming extinct at a pace that....at a pace that scares the hell out of me..

Oh, i know, there are climate change deniers among us, in fact all our Canadian elected politicians are climate change deniers...

Maybe Emma Jackson and the IPCC is wrong

If we follow Emma's advice, and she's wrong, what's the harm, less pollution, a faster transition to cleaner fuels, human longevity increases, habitat restoration and maybe even a return, or at least a stop to this current mass extinction..

What if the IPCC and Emma Jackson are right, a mere ten years to get it done or earth rampages into runaway climate change...

Who am i.....a nobody, what do I know......I've been on earth for five plus decades, my dad, my dear departed dad, he took me fishing when I was tiny person, rod, reel hook and line, we used live herring and mooched for salmon, mooching, probably not a term most of you are familiar with...throw out the anchor, reach into the live bait-well, grab a herring and put em on the hook, long slender light tipped rod, very thin fishing line and about a three ounce weight....drop it down 10...20....or even to 100 feet down and wait for a bite..

We fished together near every summer up until he passed....

Howe Sound use to brim with salmon, they are no more, the Sunshine Coast and Pender Harbour, .the salmon, the herring balls, needlefish, hake, black cod and sharks, an ocean bread basket market that existed for millennia, it's gone, no more...From Vancouver Island's west coast to Kitimat and beyond, a once bountiful filled ocean is now a mere shadow of what it once was, yes there are still fish and nature sometimes surprises us Westcoasters and delivers a large unexpected return of wild salmon, however, we have Orca, Orca whales that depend on Wild Chinook salmon for their survival, they're starving, dying and making me cry..

Everywhere dad and I fished, everywhere we didn't fish along the B.C. coast the story is the same, numbers in perpetual decline and countless outright extinctions...what most don't know, our BC wild salmon...Chinook..Coho..Chum..Sockeye..Steelhead salmon, the same species of salmon in different river systems produced different Coho,..unique to that river Chinooks, up and down our beautiful coastline the same fish species were one of a kind...the massive 100 pound Chinook that a mere handful of rivers could produce, one of those being Rivers Inlet....why did those Chinook get so large, again, it's the river system...only the biggest and strongest Chinook could spawn, the gravel was heavier...

Again I cry, because it's gone, bird life gone, species extinction here in B.C...death by a thousand cuts.

I'm a nobody...but i'm smart enough to know that what remains of mother nature must be left alone, be given a chance to recover, areas still pristine must be left alone, areas already decimated must be cleaned up, restored and be given all the help we can to return it to a stable state...

Ten Years left to do something about it...

Too clever by half...Justin Trudeau once elected told Paris and the world that Canada was back at the climate mitigation table..

Justin Trudeau once elected told Canadians and the world that Canada is doing its part for the climate by expanding tarsand production and building pipelines to the Westcoast, Eastcoast and south to the USA as our commitment to the Paris Accord...huh?

Justin Trudeau told us now laughing Canadians that his world leading climate change plan requires us(Alberta) to increase production of the dirtiest of fossil fuel tarsands and build new bigger pipelines to tidewater so Canada can ship this product to Asia as a key plank in his plan to protect the environment..? huh?

Every year the Prime Minister of Canada gets a sit-down meeting with provincial premiers, what happened, did they, in private come up with this latest bafflegab plan to try and fool the people that they were concerned with climate change...a joint plan among the leaders where they all say in unison, like lemmings that "increased production and exports of dirty fracked gas and dirt oil are the key to saving the world as long as we put a carbon tax in place"...huh?

"If we then choose to start looking at both of Trudeau’s pet B.C. projects in terms of how much eventual total GHG they produce, it is shocking. His Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) project will ship material off the B.C. coast with more than an additional 100 million tonnes (MT) per year of GHG when burned. When you include field GHG production to get the material out of the ground, this number is greater than 120 MT/yr.
So Canada LNG, plus the Trudeau TMX pipeline project have a total associated GHG of more than 160 MT per year. To put that in perspective, the Harper 2030 target the Trudeau government committed to for national total GHG emissions is just over 500 MT/yr.  These two projects alone — both of which the Trudeau government is promoting — are equal to almost a third of our total targeted national 2030 emissions"


Tens years left to stop using the worst of the worst fossil fuels

Rachel Notley, Alberta's NDP premier....Rachel Notley authorized Alberta to run full of false statement ads across Canada promoting Trans Mountain Bitumen pipeline expansion to BC(tripling current capacity)....Rachel Notley has turned shrill and noisy..Rachel Notley endorsed Justin Trudeau's climate action plan until....until TMX pipeline expansion was halted by the court, the court ruled the NEB, the Federal government and big oil tried to ram this project through..through unceded First Nation land...Canadian Supreme court thus far has stopped TMX from going forward...then Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta, shrilly hollered, like a big oil executive that....

Unless that TMX pipeline to Vancouver Harbour to transport diluted bitumen for export to Asia gets built Alberta won't agree to a carbon tax or the decades off Alberta tarsand emissions cap ..

Alberta, 300 square miles of toxic tailing ponds, poisoned rivers like the Athabaska ...

Alberta tarsands.....Canada, a nation of more than 40 million people, a northern hemisphere country..Tarsand operations use 1/3 rd of all the natural gas used in Canada, just for extracting the tar from the ground...once out of the ground upgrading and then more refining is required to make the product usable...imagine that..all that energy just to get it out of the ground, all that steam, all that toxic water needed to be pumped into bird killing tailing ponds....and that's just the start of the process...
2.38 billion cubic feet per day or a record 29 per cent of purchased natural gas was used for oil sands production in northern Alberta in 2016. That compared with 730 million cf/d or 12 per cent of total demand in 2005.


Ten years left to stop using the dirtiest of the dirty fossil fuels....TMX pipeline expansion is being built for a 100 years of use...not 9 years, or 10....a 100 years of bitumen dirt oil to Asia..

John Horgan, British Columbia's newest Premier...When John Horgan was merely opposition leader in BC..Horgan and his entire party screamed, yelled and debated facts about LNG emissions in our legislature, how we couldn't possibly keep our provincial emissions flat let alone achieving any climate ghg reduction targets with an LNG industry..and he was correct..


"LNG Canada Project...... When you add up the GHG emitted in getting the natural gas produced, shipped and liquified, combined with the amount that will be emitted from the final burning of the material, you have emissions equal to 75 per cent of the B.C.’s current GHG emissions. And that’s being kind about how much fugitive methane will result in production" 



But, once elected in 2017 those provincial emissions no longer mattered, to hell with a climate change plan, we are going to frack and combust and leak methane and let 5 foreign mega-corporations build Canada's most prolific GHG emitting operation. .....millions of megatonnes of GHGs year in year out for decades to come from a single plant, ..a single LNG plant increasing our provincial emissions by 20% or more...all these years we paid a BC carbon tax and now the BC Government says to hell with targets we're gonna sell LNG and don't worry folks because we'll be helping China burn less coal......Horgan said all that while promoting BC coal exports to China...Meanwhile the last 2 years British Columbia's forests have burned for months on end, the beautiful lower mainland, Vancouver, Surrey, Fraser Valley, everywhere in the province people  choked on forest-fire smoke, all summer long, advisories telling people to stay indoors....five decades in British Columbia and never had it happen once, now two years in a row....

Too Clever by Half...10 years to stop using the worst of the worst, fracking, tarsands...or face runaway climate change..

Who am I....I'm a nobody...

Who is Emma Jackson......She is the future..

And here is a little of what Emma has to say..

StraightGoodsTweet text

I responded to Emma....Rachel Notley didn't..

I love your passion Emma...Don't waste time on ..Notley has dead eyes and no soul...Between Notley and ..NDP and everything they stood for died with those two, no vision..it's up to your generation to punt them out of office.


Too Clever by Half....nobody with commonsense believes you Justin, Rachel, John....you don't build dirty fossil fuel infrastructure for 40 years, 60 years, a 100 years of use on one hand while at the same time claiming this is how we'll fight climate change...

Nobody buys the bullshit, not the 50+ years me or mankind's future, 25 year old Emma Jackson...

That's the generation we can't fail..

Too Clever by Half,,,,,indeed

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open