Sunday, February 26, 2012

Alberta and the OIL Companies, Bold-Faced Liars!

Sometimes it`s enough to make your head spin, the lies from Alberta Government, the lies from Stephen harper, and the utter bullshit crap from the oil companies...

Here is a little cut n paste from a story in the Globe n Mail...

"according to the Canadian Energy Research Institute.
The Calgary-based think tank calculates that 94 per cent of the economic benefits of the oil sands (about $84-billion annually through 2035) stay in Alberta, but many of the materials needed for oil-sands development, such as vehicles and their parts, as well as pumps and gauges, are manufactured in Ontario and elsewhere far from the oil sands.

CERI also projected that over the same 25-year time frame, British Columbia could expect $28-billion in economic benefits and 31,500 jobs connected to the oil sands, while Quebec may see $14-billion and 16,380 jobs.

Ontario urged to speak up for oil sands - The Globe and Mail

And who is the Canadian Research Energy Institute ?...Well, they are the oil companies, the numbers are bogus, this is pure hogwash propaganda coming from the oil whores....And where are these 31,500 jobs, Enbridge northern gateway pipeline according to Enbridge will create 150 full-time jobs???

And where is that money, Alberta hasn`t offered any part of the royalties to British Columbia, of course the Globe n Mail ask no questions, they run that article with no scrutiny...Because perhaps they missed another article with another set of numbers, only these numbers are from The University of Calgary, but here`s the deal, the Canadian Energy Research Institute`s numbers are 200 hundred times higher than the University of Calgary`s numbers...Have a look..


"The University of Calgary's School of Public Policy issued an analysis Thursday concluding that with expanded pipeline access to U.S. and Asian markets, Canada's gross domestic product would jump $132 billion in 2010 dollars between 2016 and 2030, generating $27 billion in federal, provincial and municipal taxes and 649,000 person-years of employment.
But the study also shows that the overwhelming economic benefit of pipeline expansion to B.C. goes to Alberta.

The opening of the Asian market would trigger $10.5 billion in gains and 52,000 person-years of employment in Canada, but almost $10 billion of that wealth and 44,000 person-years go to Alberta. Ontario would get $286 million and 4,000 person-years, while B.C. would enjoy $131 million and 2,000 person-years.

The study also suggests that B.C. would gain an additional $85 million in GDP and another 1,000 person-years due to increased exports to California if pipelines are built to the West Coast."


Amazing, the oil companies $dollar numbers are over 200 hundred times higher than the study by the University of Alberta, the employment numbers are over 10 times higher, Alberta hasn`t offered one dime of royalties, so you tell me people, how can one study by a University claim BC will receive $131 million by 2030 and The OIL Company sponsored group(Canadian Energy Research Institute) claim BC will receive $28 billion dollars....

And according to to same group(CERI) Ontario will receive $18 billion, Quebec $14 billion and it also says that Alberta will receive the lion`s share,.....Alberta will receive 94% of all the benefits, well if you do the math...This oil company think tank are stating that Alberta will receive well over $1 trillion dollars...$1.054 Trillion dollars...So riddle me this, how come Alberta is running deficits this year and next?

What also is so amusing, everyone at CERI ether worked for the oil industry and all are graduates from the same University of Calgary..Even the board of directors, and also, they won`t say where they get their funding, well, I`ll tell you where..From big oil companies, talk about big oil propaganda sleaze!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kevin Falcon, Stephen Harper, Jack Mintz, Incompetent Corporate Shills

Before we get started let me say this, ANYONE WHO BELIEVES or DEFENDS Stephen Harper and his CON party on Bill C-30 and doesn`t believe there was an organized effort by to suppress voters when thousands of calls were made in a dozen plus tightly contested swing ridings is either lying to themselves or is mentally deficient and utterly delusional with no grasp of the real world....Someone who resides in a SEWER FANTASY LAND...

Kevin Falcon does not want to remove the HST, it`s clear with his comments, his attitude, Falcon has always been a corporate stooge, a ruthless lying S-O-B,...I have caught Kevin Falcon in so many lies, Falcon is an habitual LIAR, and even if Falcon replaced Christy Clark the BC Liberals are doomed, if Falcon joined the BC Conservative party it wouldn`t help them either...People get a visceral response just looking at Falcon, he`s hated, not respected, not admired, Falcon is hated by British Columbia...Falcon throughout the HST wind-down has called going back to the HST..

"Foolish, an old clunking archaic tax, an outdated step backwards"

Are those the words you want to hear from your chief negotiator with Ottawa?..Considering Stephen Harper loves the HST, the HST is a Federal want, we have Falcon claiming he`s bargaining hard for us when even as late as last week he talks of regrets returning to the PST/GST .....When one thinks about the complicated smoke and mirrors transitional rules for the homebuilders and all its intricate parts....How on earth can anyone believe that restaurant meals can`t have the HST removed tomorrow, a flip of a switch on a cash register and it`s gone, that is too complicated to remove according to birdbrain Falcon, the BC Liberals and the Federal Government are lying their faces off for one reason, they still want the HST, it`s still here, they`re trying to save it ...

HST/Fraser institute  pimps are crawling out of the woodwork trying to save the HST and even  expand it...Where are those millions of promised jobs the HST was going to bring  Jack Mintz, how is Ontario doing with the HST, BC like Ontario bled thousands of jobs over the HST, consumers pulled back as prices rose across the board on everything, nothing went down in price, no jobs created, everything about the HST was and is a lie...

Another corporate stooge has crawled out of the woodwork, Kesselman, that`s right, John Kesselman had an opinion piece in the paper 2 days ago, the gist of his article was ...Poor people in BC(which there are millions) are so going to be hurt by returning to the PST/GST...He goes on a long drawn-out spiel how when poor people lose $230.00 dollars per year their lives will be shattered...

Hello Kesselman, hey wake up, people living in dirt poor conditions are not going to benefit from your corporate HST tax sop, $230 dollars per year, 75 cents per day will not save these people, one major purchase like a used car would wipe out that money in a blink, poor people buy food, there is tax on food, on vitamins, many poor buy small portions, Kesselman is so far out of touch, he too must believe in the tooth fairy...

You can read Kesselman`s garbage here..

It`s all coordinated between Kevin Falcon, Jack Mintz, Kesselman, Stephen Harper, we still have the HST in BC and believe me, the BC Liberals and Stephen Harper still want the HST, in fact they want it expanded...

There was another Fraser Institute initiated story that came out at the same time...Firstly though, the Fraser institute`s stated goal and purpose on earth is to have corporate tax levels reduced to 0..To ZERO, that is their goal...In an article that first appeared on the Fraser institute`s web site then the Globe and Mail...

The gist of this story is...Barack Obama is wanting/proposing lowering corporate tax rates in the USA to match the level of Canada, if that happens Canada will be forced to lower corporate taxes by another 10% percentage points or more because we in Canada have poor productivity, and for those that don`t know what poor productivity means in the language of corporate, right-wing Governments..It`s code word meaning, WAGES ARE TOO HIGH!...That`s what poor productivity means...Even Caterpillar who made $billions last year used that excuse to kill 500 good paying jobs when they up and left for Muncie Indiana where good paying jobs were turned into McFlip jobs..

Even the widely publicized Drummond report for Ontario, Drummond recommended cutting and slashing services, wages, everything, but what few realize is that Drummond was prevented from even suggesting raising corporate taxes..

" Economist Don Drummond, who recently provided detailed cost-cutting advice to Ontario in advance of its provincial budget, was not allowed to recommend higher taxes in his report."


Stephen Harper, Kevin Falcon and these phony voodoo economists are using troubles in other parts of the world to achieve the Fraser institute`s stated goal, that being no corporate taxation, in a systematic campaign being launched simultaneously around the world, the lowering of corporate taxation while increasing record corporate profits while Governments rack up huge deficits then in turn go crying the sky is falling and we must slash healthcare spending, slash education, slash wages and little guy`s pensions, corporations have infiltrated Governments around the world and in fact, in South America where corporations controlled and decimated countries a 100 years ago are now more progressive and fair than so-called western democracies...Will this con ever end or will we, we the people have to rise with pitchforks and torches and burn the mother #$^&*^** to the ground?

Now out comes Jack snake oil Mintz, from the university of Calgary, Stephen Harper`s economist, Stephen Harper`s economist of choice, the author of Canada`s HST Jack Mintz came out with a story to coincide with the Globe and Mail piece, with Kesselman`s piece, a coordinated campaign designed to not only sell the HST but to expand it by proclaiming Canada must now tax all groceries...What Jack Mintz is proposing is a $40 billion dollar per year tax hit on Canadians, Mintz claims if this is done income tax can be lowered, and whose taxes would be lowered....High earners and corporations...People have no choice and must eat, poor people and seniors and million s more have no income to tax, this is another Kevin Falcon, Stephen Harper, Fraser institute regressive tax,....

These phony Voodoo economists playing both sides of the coin to rob and steal from you, Jack Mintz Claims Europe taxes food and we must follow suit and yet our Provincial and Federal Governments are at the same time speaking out the other side of their mouth and saying we must slash, cut, burn education, pensions, wages, services or we will fall like Europe...Yet Jack Mintz and Harper are proposing following Europe`s taxation model, the hypocrisy is stunning!

You can read Jack Mintz`s garbage here..

This friends is why the NDP will and must take power both Federally and Provincially because right-wing, corporate profit driven, corporate owned Governments are selling out our future...

Time to rise up Canada, time to tell these corporate pigs that we won`t take it anymore...

Time to tell hose that live and dwell in the corporate sewer that enough is enough...

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Friday, February 24, 2012

BC Budget and Transitional Rules, Under the Microsope of the Persuader and Mom

First off, before we start I would like to comment on today`s Cutting Edge of the Ledge show.....

A caller was complaining about the hiring by Christy Clark of her and Bill Good`s gal pal Pamela Martin...Billy Good got very angry and showed his true bias and renowned temper, Billy fired back at the caller claiming all parties have political appointments, yet Billy never answered the ultimate question, that being, what exactly does Pammy do besides sit in a hot tub at her Whistler chalet?

There was one intelligent caller near the end of the show that talked about the BC budget and its true meaning, the caller called herself can listen to the audio vault and listen to Rebbecca`s call and the silence from Billy Good...

The BC Budget.

The $10,000 dollar one time tax credit for first time buyers, this only applies to NEW housing, so consider this, I know of hundreds of people who have never bought a new home, if first time buyers with little money are looking to buy property in a particular area, consider this, a young family looking at homes in  Langley, used houses can be had for say,,,,$400.000.00....New homes in Langley are $550,000.00.....To access that $10,000.00 that first time buyer has to go way deeper in debt, if they`re financing that house purchase the extra cost through financing blows that $10K by a factor of 10 or more.....Let`s face it, new costs more than used, as with the entirety of this budget the devil is in the details...

Also, most people didn`t know but Harper`s and Christy Clark`s HST applied to all second homes and vacation properties, there was no rebate to the  $550,000.00 dollar thresh-hold mark, you just paid full shot, Christy Clark`s HST decimated that vacation housing market, so again out comes the trickery in the BC Budget....Falcon announced that second homes and vacation properties would now receive the same treatment as to the HST rebate on new homes, to the new amount of $850,000.00K.....But again, the devil is in the details because...

"To help support workers and communities in B.C. that depend on residential recreational development, purchasers of new secondary vacation or recreational homes outside the Greater Vancouver and Capital regional districts priced up to $850,000 will now be eligible to claim a provincial grant of up to $42,500 effective April 1, 2012."
  • B.C.’s portion of the HST will no longer apply to newly built homes where construction begins on or after April 1, 2013. Builders will once again pay seven per cent PST on their building materials. On average, about two per cent of the home’s final price will again be embedded PST.
  • The temporary housing transition measures will be in place for two years, until March 31, 2015. The tax only applies to homes where construction begins before the transition date and ownership and possession occur after.
  • The temporary housing transition tax and the temporary housing transition rebates will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency on behalf of B.C. The Province is administering the grant for new secondary vacation and recreational homes.

Because that ONLY applies to the areas outside of the GVRD and Victoria capital region, those housing markets remained strong throughout the last few years, the reason for that was Chinese money flooding in and over-paying, driving the market...

So in a nut shell, if one wants to buy a second home or vacation home in the greater Victoria area or the greater Vancouver area you will STILL be paying the full HST, in other words the BC Liberals again have picked the winners and losers, home foreclosures in the interior are up exponetially since the HST was rammed down our throats, more proof that Stephen Harper and Jack Mintz are clueless as to real life economics, my mother has more sense than these phony economists...

Why should a buyer be penalized for committing the sin of buying vacation property or second home in the GVRD or Victoria Capital district area?

Voodoo Economics.

There was so much flim Flammery in Christy Clark`s budget, I was waiting patiently for either David Shreck or the mainstream media to highlight these issues but none was forthcoming, too many pundits and those proclaiming to be the greatest are so vacant when it comes to real facts, it`s one thing to rant it`s another to offer up zippo but hyperbole....

The Vancouver board of trade, Jock Finlayson, Phil HACKstein, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, Peter Simpson of the new builders association, these BC Liberal stooges all came out praising Falcon and Clark over the budget but truth beknown it`s almost all slight of hand...

Let`s cut a little deeper into this scam budget...

For newly built homes where construction begins before April 1, 2013, but ownership and possession occur after, purchasers will not pay the seven per cent provincial portion of the HST. Instead, purchasers will pay a temporary, transitional provincial tax of two per cent on the full house price. This ensures equitable treatment among purchasers and will help mitigate distortive market behaviour. Builders will receive temporary housing transition rebates to offset PST on materials to help prevent double-taxation on homebuyers.
  • Average amount of embedded sales tax in newly built homes under PST: two per cent.
  • Tax paid by purchasers on an $850,000-newly built home after HST rebate: two per cent.
  • Tax rate on a newly built home during transition: two per cent.

So here`s the deal,  if you buy a new home after during the transition period, which runs to April 1st 2015, you will pay a 2% tax on the entire amount, don`t ask what happens after April 1st 2015 because no one knows, but consider this, if one waits until April 2nd 2015, theoretically that 2% tax disappears, ...

Here is another juicy detail, the average detached home in Vancouver is $850,000.00 dollars, the Province(BC Liberals) were(Before these transitional rules) rebating back the PST portion of the HST up to the $550,000.00 dollar mark, that has now been increased to $850,000.00 dollar mark, buyers will get a rebate of $42,500.00.....But the PST portion of a 12% HST tax is ...7%....7% of $850,000.00 K is......

$59,500.00 K.....In other words you will still pay $17,500.00 K in tax over and above the property transfer tax when you buy a new home....!

A $1 million dollar home will still have during transition period that runs until 2015 an extra $20,000.00K tax bill over and above the property transfer tax,.....

And, as the BC Liberals boasted about the previous rebate thresh-hold of $550,000.00 when average home prices were $850,000.00 dollars, people buying those homes in that range were on average still having to pay the province an additional $16K to $20K in taxes on those homes.....

Well, these transitional rules which run until 2015 all home buyers will be paying 2% on the ENTIRE HOME PRICE, in other words anyone buying a home for $800,000.00 K will still be paying $16,000.00 in tax...A $300,000.00 dollar home buyers will be paying an extra $6000.00 dollars!

 A flim Flam budget designed to confuse while changing very little......

A couple more points before I go...Remember how all the economists, Michael Levy, Michael Campbell, Kesselman, Jack snake oil Mintz, every lying S-O-B BC Liberal including one Christy Clucking Clark loved to talk about embedded PST in our consumer prices, they all claimed prices would go lower or stay the same, the HST added 7% cost to thousands of items and services, added 7% to vacation properties, 7% to used automobiles, 7% to almost everything, .....

Remember that dirt-bag Colin Hansen talking about the removal of embedded 7% PST........Do you need anymore proof that all those bastard and bastardesses were lying....The BC Liberals admitted they were lying through the release of the transitional rules, and I quote....

"For newly built homes where construction begins before April 1, 2013, but ownership and possession occur after, purchasers will not pay the seven per cent provincial portion of the HST. Instead, purchasers will pay a temporary, transitional provincial tax of two per cent on the full house price. This ensures equitable treatment among purchasers and will help mitigate distortive market behaviour. Builders will receive temporary housing transition rebates to offset PST on materials to help prevent double-taxation on homebuyers.

Average amount of embedded sales tax in newly built homes under PST: two per cent"

So there you have it, the BC Liberals have admitted at most the amount of embedded PST in new products, even major items like HOMES amounts to 2%.....Yet the BC Liberals were charging 7%...A tax grab of mammoth proportion,,,,We all knew that there wasn`t that much embedded PST, now the BC LIBERALS HAVE ADMITTED  what we knew all along, a low-down dirty tax grab, an extra 5% percentage points of taxation!!!!

Gotcha again you lying BC Liberals
One final point, that second to last phone caller to the Bill Good Cutting Edge of the Ledge show today named Debra, that was my mom...
Roughly 10:54am..February 24th

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brian topp, a Man Above the fray

According to Brian Topp there is nothing more important today than stopping Stephen Harper and his CONservative/reform/scorched earth party from transforming Canada into a petro state run by foreign multi-national corporations....

He got my attention to say the least, he`s married with two sons and indeed, a cat lover..As Brian Topp says..."My orange cat named Tigger is more charismatic than Stephen Harper"

The man is also a writer, Brian Topp is the author of....

 How We Almost Gave the Tories the Boot: The Inside Story Behind the Coalition

A memoir about his experiences attempting to broker a coalition between the NDP and the Liberals to take down PM Stephen Harper`s Conservative government. The book was nominated by Samara and the Writers trust of Canada as one of the "Best Canadian Political Books of the Last 25 Years"

You see foks, besides some very progressive ideas on taxation and the environment Brian Topp is painfully aware of the threat Stephen Harper poses to Canada, to our democracy, nobody elected Stephen Harper to attack meager pensions of baby boomers, these aren`t large gold-plated pensions, these are supplements barely enough to keep one in food and Harper has targeted changes in OAS to come in effect at the exact time millions of boomers arrive, it`s a betrayal of mammoth proportion, healthcare too, again the planned changes are set to come in effect when boomers arrive, demographics told politicians that boomers were coming, Stephen Harper didn`t wake up after our last election and say..Hey, where did these baby boomers come from, Stephen Harper lied his way through the election, suppressed voters at Guelph university, and now there is rumor that he hired Conservative friendly robo call centers to send Liberal voters in swing ridings on a wild goose chase away from their voting least 3 seats may have been stolen, maybe more..

Yes indeed, Brian Topp was prepared to join with other parties to stop Stephen Harper, he recognized the threat Harper posed early on, too bad the Federal Liberals were reluctant to cede any power and ultimately the coalition died, Brian Topp today has rejected joining the Federal Liberals for two reasons, firstly because the  ndp Orange surge are on a roll and growing stronger by the day, secondly the Conservatives and MSM have branded Liberals as weak and at present the Liberals are more of a liability than benefit...  One must remember that not only will NDPers be choosing a new leader next month but will be choosing Canada`s next prime minister.

Internal polling clearly reveals that if a Federal election were called today Harper would not have a majority, infact the Big Orange Star would be Government..

Early years, education, early career

His mother was Francophone, his father was Anglophone 

Topp attended elementary school in Saint-Lambert at the francophone École Rabeau and the Anglophone St Francis of Assisi.

He studied social sciences at Champlain regional College a CEGEP in the Montreal-area suburb of Saint-Lambert, from 1977 to 1979. He was the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, and was elected to the College Board of Governors where he served on the executive committee.

In 1979 he enrolled at Montreal McGill university where he studied history and political science.While at McGill he was a senior news editor with the McGill Daily, and a member of the Scarlet Key Honour Society. As a reporter for the McGill Daily in 1981 Topp asked Bob Rae-- then an NDP  MP -- a "disrespectful question" and, in Topp's words, Rae "blew his stack." 

Brian Topp also interviewed Rene Levesque, which he called "without any question the most intimidating 10 minutes that I've ever had in my life."

He speaks fluent french and English, he was union leader, he also has an extensive background in journalism and editing, he knows how to ask questions, how to drag out the truth, yes there are stories of Brian Topp being rough n tumble aggressive in politics but so what, we need someone who can rip Harper to shreds, there is no playing nice or fair with Harper`s reformers, they fight dirty, they cheat and corporate greed is funding Harper`s scorched earth agenda, no more Mr. Nice guy for the NDP, we as a party never had Federal power but now...But now we are almost there, on the cusp of making history, a new Government where corporations come after the little guy, a Government where high earners pay a little more, a Government where big profitable corporation`s subsidies end, for the last two decades Federal Governments have given and given again to the wealthy and well-heeled only to see Canada`s workers fall further and farther behind, wages have been stagnant for two decades while the upper crust have filled their boots, no, this isn`t about wealth transfer it`s about leveling the playing field for if we as a country don`t make a united stand very soon we will be powerless to stop our descent into a Robber-baron world where there are but two classes of people, Rich and peasant..

Ok, what are his policies, well as NDP we are almost all on the same page, let me be clear, I won`t stoop to a Harper Conservative or Republican campaign Level of smear, slag and name calling and this is not an endorsement, this is a first in a series on who I believe are the top contenders for Canada`s next prime minister.

) A Limit on carbon pollution

2)An end to Federal subsidies for carbon fuel production

3)Making polluters pay for carbon pollution.

4)Reducing energy needs with an extensive domestic and industrial retro-fit program, this will create perhaps millions of jobs.

5)Transition to future energy sources and renewables while weaning off carbon intensive fuels.

6)A real major Federal commitment to public transportation, this will help achieve the above goals.

7)Develop a national energy plan using low carbon or renewable energy sources and limit the impacts of the oil sands.

8) Work aggressively with the USA to reinvest in protecting the Great lakes.

A permanent legal ban on oil tankers on the pacific north coast of BC

Ending Canada`s asbestos industry.

A safe chemical act

A complete review of the provincial and federal royalty structure to receive maximum value..

Start refining in Canada and create added value to our resources while in transition to cleaner fuels.

A safe clean National drinking water act.

A crack-down on corporate loopholes.

Increase taxes on those who make above $250,000 per year.

Corporate incentives only for those that create family supporting jobs in Canada.


 Those are only but a few of Brian Topp`s plans, we have to wake up Canada, quality of life is rapidly falling, Canadians are drowning in debt while the corporate elite are getting richer and richer, the gap between the haves and have nots is growing, never has that gap been so large, every year we little people pay more while corporations pay less, they keep promising prosperity down the road, just give them a little more money is their constant refrain, we have the resources they aren`t going anywhere, we must make our stand now or it`s game over..

Harper wants to spy on us, build prisons to house the dissenters, mega prisons, war jets, police state laws, muzzled scientists, Canada ignoring human rights violators with nary a peep, our parents and grandparents fought and died to protect Canadian values, the time is now people...

Give Brian Topp a good look and stay tuned, next week two more featured NDP candidates..

 Brian Topp, he won`t kowtow to Harper, nor will any NDP Leader...

"Tigger has more Charisma than Stephen Harper"Brian Topp....And more brains!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Falcon`s budget a Failure

MSP premiums are going up again, promised small business tax cut that was to go in effect April 1st/2012 canceled..

" Tuesday, announcing plans to privatize the liquor distribution branch, increase MSP premiums and some business taxes, and to sell off hundreds of millions of dollars in surplus government properties.

" Falcon said his government will cancel a drop in the small business  income tax rate, keeping it at 2.5 per cent instead of dropping it to zero as had been planned for this coming April.

Kevin Falcon has chosen to tax small business, not corporations, notice the word IF in the below statement

He added that if the fiscal situation worsens, the government will increase the general corporate income tax rate to 11 per cent from 10 per cent on April 1, 2014"

No money for education,  education budget frozen for 4 years, nothing for inflation, education funding will fall again as inflation takes its toll..

Money for healthcare being scaled back,

"Jim Sinclair of the B.C. Federation of Labour called the budget tailor made for the top one per cent of wage earners in B.C.
"If you're an ordinary person, you're going to pay more for everything, including MSP premiums and at the end of the day you're worse off," he said.

" British Columbia Teachers' Federation president gave the budget a failing grade.
"This is a fiscal failure of gargantuan proportions," she said.
"We calculated, looking at the operating budget this year, that it would cost about $137 million just to keep up with inflation alone," she added.
"If you take the $30 million the finance minister has allowed for public education, that means $100 million cut to public education next year," she said, predicting "deep cuts" to class size and the prospect of more school closures"

" Mary Ellen Turpel-Lanfond, B.C.'s Representative for Children and Youth, was also highly critical, calling Tuesday's budget "callous" and a "U-Turn from [Premier Christy Clark's] families first agenda".

"On the sale of government assets, Falcon said government plans to generate $706 million by selling select assets in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 fiscal years.Falcon said one of the key assets it hopes to sell is the liquor distribution branch, a move he said is fashioned to allow government to "get out of a business we don't need to be in."

"Falcon's budget also said the government will proceed with the next increase to the Carbon Tax planned for this July - a lift that will bring that tax to 7.67 cents per litre from 6.39 cents"

Families will pay more for healthcare, more for fuel, small business get their chained yanked while corporations get left alone, Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon with this budget have clearly chosen the rich over the rest, for shame, more to come, I`m still in shock...And everyone who works for a decent buck in the liquor business will now be laid off and replaced with a private sector Mc flip pay job..And The BC Liberals are selling assets that belong to the people to shore up budget numbers, again for shame, the worst budget in BC Liberal history..

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Season of the Which, Sandwich that is

Pacing back n forth, cold dead sweat runs from brows of over-seasoned politicos in dark smoky war rooms, what to do, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, swap a deputy secretary here and replace a press spinner there, listen to old tired friends or embrace the school of Hail Mary, welcome to the season of witch...

Yes indeed, Bob Plecas fearing the worst scenario, fearing an end to public service dollars being funneled to his corporate elite, fearing an end to chronic under-funding of schools, of justice of seniors care, fearing an end of corporate largesse handouts has come out swinging, come out advising, a tired oldman has crawled out from his rock to advise Christy Clark to be deceptive, to dictate, to confuse, to act as a single solo all encompassing power broker and run rough shot over anyone and everything that gets in way of the BC Corporate Liberals self perceived right to rule British Columbia, in other words Bob Plecas wants Christy Clark to act like Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper but with a more Hitler-esque flair...Let`s have a look at Bob Plecas`s advice to Christy Clark....

"Today, Premier Christy Clark faces three problems.

1. The Campbell legacy will not go away. While it was the perceived deceit over the harmonized sales tax that brought him down, he was rap-idly losing conservative support by moving the party to the left, supporting the carbon tax and first nations settlements. The tax fiasco proved the last straw for conservative anti-tax voters."

Let`s tear this tired old conman apart, first off Mr.Plecas, it wasn`t "Perceived deceit" it was downright deliberate deception, Campbell lied about the HST, he lied about a $4billion dollar deficit, he cooked the books and as for Gordon Campbell`s phony carbon tax, all that scam tax did was reward corporations for polluting and strip dollars from schools, students, hospitals and the like, that carbon tax didn`t take 1 gram of carbon out of the air....And as for "supporting First Nation settlements".....That comment is so racist if you were in front of me I would slap your saggy face, the word settlement implies that we were here first, if anyone has settlements in British Columbia it`s white man, not First Nations, as as for Campbell accommodating First Nations no such thing happened, his reconciliation act died a swift death in the legislature from complaints from corporate racists like you..

3." Clark's biggest challenge does not lie on the left, it lies on her right.
She is a well-known federal Liberal, and the federal Conservatives are wary of her. There is great suspicion in Ottawa about her loyalties, and also among Conservatives in B.C."

Yes indeed Bob, let`s paint a little black moustache under Christy Clark`s nose and pretend she`s a Federal Conservative hell bent on scorched earth policies, let`s have Christy Clark hire two prominent Stephen Harper top staffers to fill staff positions in Christy Clark`s inner circle....Hmmmm, infact let`s try and confuse the voters....

"Can Clark rebuild the centre-right coalition?

The answer is yes. There are three reasons.

1. She is a great communicator. 2. The spotlight has not shone on Cummins, and some of his views, on homosexuality and first nations, appear under close scrutiny to be too extreme right-wing."

So Mr Plecas, John Cummins is a long-time Federal Conservative, with Conservative beliefs, and according to you....You want Christy Clark to use all her radio talk show host honed communication skills to call John Cummins an Indian hater and a man who hates Gay, Lesbian and transgender people....Isn`t that a Conservative trait Bob? On one hand you want Christy Clark to lose her Federal Liberal roots and embrace Conservatism and on the other hand you want her to attack a long-time elected Federal Conservative, seems to me Bob Plecas that you want to create a name-calling labeling hatefest with mud flinging every direction and see what sticks...Classy dude you are, welcome to the 21st century, how did that cryogenic freezing work out for you...

"3. Dix has past issues and strong ideologies that are also not representative of the majority of British Columbians, and these also have not been widely discussed"

Really Bob, you mean memo-gate, you mean the fact that Adrian has been elected 3 times by a large majority of his constituents in that riding, you mean you missed the fact that every contender against Dix raised memo-gate as an issue, and let me guess, you missed all those risky Dix ads ran by the Federal Liberal/Federal Conservative/BC Christy party, you must remember, they ran every hour on cknw, on Global news, on Spike TV, in the newspaper, ads attempting to portray Adrian Dix as ...Risky, not to be trusted, ads reminding people that Adrian as young man back-dated a memo but according to the BC Christy party Adrian Dix wasn`t a staffer but he was secretly premier of BC in the 90`s, the best kept secret in BC History...Yes indeed, obviously Bob Plecas you were still in a state of cryogenic freezing when those ads were running....

"What are Clark's options? 1. Continue down the path she is on. That is a sure path to opposition.

2. Go to Cummins and form a coalition. With the egos involved, that is unlikely."

Well Bobby Plecas, you want Christy Clark to change course, you admit that she can`t join John Cummins because after all, John is a homosexual hating, indian village burning dyed in the wool Federal Conservative, so what is your secondary plan?....Let`s have a look...

"1. The Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. Demand Alberta share the revenue from the pipeline between the oilsands and Kitimat as a condition for B.C.'s support. As proposed, Alberta would gain all the benefits, while B.C. takes all the risk"

Well Bobby Plecas, I`m glad you ADMITTED that BC takes all the risk and receives ZERO benefit....... That strategy probably isn`t too smart....Considering the entire town including city council of Terrace has signed up against Enbridge and Alberta, as have Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte regional district...That`3 ridings gone Bobby Plecas, care for another 82?

"2. Legislate a two-year tax freeze on the province and municipalities. The NDP can announce targeted tax increases all it wants.

3. Legislate to end the teachers' dispute. Stand on the side of students and parents, let the NDP stand with the teachers' union.

4. Legislate the end to the current public sector pension plan for MLAs and staff, and create a new plan, based on a private-sector model, for new hires and newly elected.

5. Terminate all bonuses for senior executives in the entire public sector. This analysis points a clear direction for Clark to remain in power. Move to the right; provide voters with a choice, through aggressive, controversial policy and legislative action - basically, attracting Conservatives back to the centre-right." 

Well Bobby Plecas, you seem to like the Campbell/Harper approach..

Legislate, legislate, legislate and terminate, gee that really does sound rather Hitler-esque to me..

Yet I notice when it comes to your suggestion about legislating a new modest pension plan for MLA`s and staff you threw in  little self preservation detail..."For new hires"....Meaning how dare anyone touch your bloated public trough pension....And as for bonuses for the heads of crown corporations and deputy ministers, how did think the BC Liberals managed to keep the whistleblowers from talking...

"Bob Plecas is a former deputy minister in several previous B.C. governments and ministries"

Read Bobby Plecas`s whole screed here..... 


In a nut-shell Bobby Plecas, your advice to Christy Clark is...Use your communication skills to throw Federal Conservative John Cummins under the bus and call him an Indian hating, gay bashing dinosaur to attract more Conservatives to the BC Christy party, and to call Adrian Dix names and remind BCers of his radical agenda of helping seniors, students and a long suffering over-taxed middleclass British Columbians, and the most amusing part of your advice is you want to short shrift new MLAs and new hires while leaving the old guard including yourself with their public trough largesse..

Well Bobby, I have a novel idea, how about running on their record, how about running on facts, you want mud, lies, name-calling, you don`t want good Governance you want power for the sake of power......I have a news flash for you Bobby Plecas, Christy Clark has heeded your advice and for Adrian Dix and the NEW Democratic party of British Columbia..

It`s advice worthy of a NDP super majority!

Time for the NDP to eat your lunch!

BC NDP follows The Straight Good`s Lead and makes Rich Coleman look like a BUFFOON, Coleman loses his mind and turns red-faced over pure incompetence

More breaking news, New memberships surge for the Federal NDP, especially in Ontario and BC...Christy Clark hitches her star to the Harper, too late Christy Cluck, Harper has turned into a black hole, a pariah!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Shell Game/British Columbia Edition

The Missing Women Fiasco.  British Columbia Corruption.

Robin Mathews

Reasonable people today are reading “The Real Story”, Ian Reid’s blog, and they’re reading “The Straight Goods” blog by the Powell River Persuader (posted Feb 17, 2012).  That’s where the big, important B.C. news is today. News about the looting of BC Hydro, with details; and the lying of the premier, Christy Clark, about the budget of the B.C. Court System. As well, in those reports, there is news of the painful and corrosive failure of the Mainstream Press and Media to do its job in British Columbia.

Ian Reid and the Powell River Persuader are dealing with the important news because they are talking about the real collapse of democracy and the rule of law in British Columbia.  Primary issues.

The stories today spread out and take in the apparently well-meaning and apparently seriously pursued “Inquiry” into the Missing (murdered) Women of Vancouver’s Downtown East End. The multiple murders were overlooked for years and years by the RCMP and the Vancouver police.

I say the “apparently well-meaning” Inquiry because I don’t – for a tenth of a second - believe the Inquiry is well-meaning.  I believe it is a huge whitewash and snow-job, a huge public relations boondoggle ... costing British Columbians millions of dollars.

Begin at the beginning.  The Commissioner of the Inquiry is Wally Oppal.  Wally Oppal was a Supreme Court judge and an Appeals Court judge in British Columbia.  He did a large Inquiry into policing in British Columbia. He jumped from the court into the Liberal Party of Gordon Campbell and became the Attorney General of the Province.  Obviously he was one of the best informed law officers in the Province.

As Attorney General he spent much time – in my judgement -preventing the legislature from having reasonable information  through answers to questions asked in session and in the foyers of the legislature– about the B.C. Rail Scandal and the connected criminal case against government aides Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi.  In my opinion Oppal disgraced the position of Attorney General, made it a clown’s role and a ridiculously partisan charade.  In my opinion he refused to answer perfectly acceptable questions – which he had an obligation to answer as Attorney General.

But he got caught.  And so we can move beyond political analysis and my opinion to fact … undoubted fact.

Wanting to make a case against the alleged bigamists in the Bountiful settlement in B.C., Oppal set to work to have a case taken against them. [I happen to believe he did so to garner approval for the Campbell government, deteriorating in public regard. Playing a political game with justice.]

The process for taking such a case is for the Attorney General to go to a distinguished private lawyer and to place the matter in his/her hands.  In that way, government is saying “we think there is grounds here for action, but to make sure it is not seen as a political move, we place it in the hands of reputable counsel who will make the decision to proceed or not to proceed – ON THE BASIS OF LAW. The Special Prosecutor we appoint will make the decision.”

Wally Oppal went to lawyer (Special Prosecutor) number one.  The lawyer said don’t take a case.  First Canada has to know if the Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that bigamy - as an expression of Religious Faith - is acceptable.  No case can be fought until that matter has been decided.  So Wally Oppal went to another lawyer. Wally Oppal wanted a case.  The second lawyer said exactly what the first lawyer said: don’t take a case until Canada knows what the Charter of Rights and Freedoms says about bigamy as an expression of Religious Faith.

And so Wally Oppal went to another lawyer appointed as Special Prosecutor.  And – third time good luck for Oppal!  That lawyer said that he’d take a case, now, against the Bountiful bigamists. Wally Oppal wanted action, we may believe, for political reasons - not for reasons of the administration of justice.

The case against the bigamists of Bountiful began in B.C. Supreme Court.  Counsel for the Defence pointed out to the judge that Wally Oppal, Attorney General of the Province, the highest law officer of the Crown, had refused the decision of two appointed Special Prosecutors, had gone around them to a third, until he had a case before her.

The judge on the case didn’t waste any time.  She referred to Wally Oppal’s Special Prosecutor shopping – to what was, in fact, the misuse of the whole process.  And she threw the case out of court right then and there.  Done. 

The accused took a case against Mr. Oppal and his government and won it.  The wrong done in the Wally Oppal-attempted Bountiful bigamy case was underscored.

It doesn’t matter what you or I think about the bigamy of the Bountiful community.  What matters is that the Attorney General of the province, Wally Oppal, (a former judge of the Supreme Court and the Appeals Court of B.C.) was found to be attempting to have a case in the Supreme Court of B.C. that may fairly, I think, be called a rigged trial.  The judge thought so, too, apparently, and threw it out, without a moment’s delay.

That event, and the case taken by the accused … and won … should have been the basis upon which all authorities in British Columbia determined that Wally Oppal had disgraced his position and his status and must never again receive an appointment of significance from the British Columbia government.

Instead, he was named to be the Commissioner to head the Inquiry into the whole history and ‘policing’ of the Downtown Eastside Missing Women.  Why?

Begin at the beginning.  An RCMP investigating officer told the Missing Women Inquiry on February 15 that Robert Pickton was murdering in 1991.  He went on murdering until arrested more than ten years later.  Dozens of women (and how many victims of Organized Crime?) were disposed of at the Pickton farm.  Fed to the pigs.

And the only person who knew anything about it was Robert Pickton.  Police officers allegedly drove women to the Pickton Farm parties. There were many, apparently raunchy parties.  Many “respectable” people attended. Some of the Downtown Eastside women disappeared – and the police officers never put two and two together?  Only Robert Pickton knew.

Tips were given to police.  Witnesses reported seeing evidence of violence and murder – to police. Over years.  Nothing was ever done.  Only Robert Pickton was ever charged.  Only he knew anything about the murderous activities there.

I don’t believe it.

Questions have to rear up.  Were the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department using the Pickton Farm – the Pickton Death Camp – as a way of cleaning the Downtown East Side of unwanted women?  Did the RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department, at highest levels, know all about the activity at Pickton Farm?  Did they know about and approve of Organized Crime disposing of victims at the Pickton Farm? 

Those are questions that should be a major focus of any Inquiry into the history of the Missing (murdered) Downtown Eastside women.

Questions. Questions.  What were the police connections with Robert Pickton? What were the connections of the police with the Pickton Farm Party Goers?  The names of all the people who attended there? The connections of police to criminal elements wishing to use the farm for criminal purposes? Their names? The names of people (police officers and others) who transported women to the farm and to its parties?  Bring forward the names of officers who were given information and who rejected search and inquiry – with the thoroughly investigated names of all their non-police connections? What are the names of people guilty of failing to do their duty? What is the full story of DNA on the farm not connected to missing women but connected to victims of organized crime?

Certainly the Commissioner should be preparing to recommend further criminal investigation, charges, and heavy disciplinary actions.

Don’t be silly.  That is not what Wally Oppal wants to do.  As Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun columnist (Feb 16, 2012, p. A5) tells us: “The former justice wants to write a report that addresses the problems created by B.C.’s patchwork policing structure, the structural cracks that hampered homicide and missing-women cases and the need to build better relationships between the police and the community, especially with the minority aboriginal population.”

The former justice, in effect, wants to write a report that will cost millions of dollars and that will (we may predict) be put aside and have absolutely no effect on policing in the province.  But it will have served to get those who want justice done off the backs of the government and its friends.

Mulgrew (as if taking dictation from some of the people who appointed Wally Oppal) goes on to tell his readers that – “Granted, it [will not be] the kind of self-righteous report denouncing the cops and prosecutors so many, many critics would like….”


Why – suddenly – is a strong desire for justice and fairness on the part of British Columbians “self-righteous”? I believe it is called self-righteous by Ian Mulgrew because I believe his aim in the column is to get people in the Inquiry away from asking really pertinent questions and on to asking, instead, empty, vapid, useless questions that can be answered in an empty, vapid, useless Report written by the Commissioner - who never should have been appointed in the first place.

Ian Mulgrew has never, to my knowledge, questioned (as he should have) the appointment of Wally Oppal as Commissioner.  When he refers to legitimate demands participants are making to know about culpability, to hear important witnesses, to get full police disclosure, to see the apparently, suddenly non-existent police notes of meetings and activities, to hold real individuals to account for failures of professionalism, he brushes them aside as irrelevant to the Inquiry as it has been set up.

Ian Mulgrew should be asking why the Inquiry wasn’t set up to do a real job.  He should be asking what is going on with a multi-million dollar Inquiry that is bent on avoiding the most important questions and (apparently) covering up for police forces and others connected to police who failed dramatically, demonstrably, and shamefully to do their fundamental duty to society.

He is showing himself a perfect member of the Mainstream Press and Media in British Columbia, in my judgement – failing monumentally in the task a law reporter should undertake.  That task is to see through all the smoke and mirrors, all the fake and frivolous appointments, all the prepared cover-ups – and to report the facts to the readers without fear or favour.

But that kind of work is rarely done by any Mainstream journalist in British Columbia.

By some kind of journalistic accident (for B.C.) Sam Cooper revealed in the Feb 10 Victoria Times Colonist how a major question in the Inquiry was squashed and pushed aside by Commissioner Wally Oppal.  It had to do with an RCMP corporal admitting he was tipped off that a Hells Angels associate “was chopped up in a meat grinder on the [Pickton] farm and fed to the pigs.”(page A9).  That tip was not investigated. 

Equally as strangely, Sam Cooper writes in his story, “lawyer Jason Gratl was shut down by Commissioner Wally Oppal”, and “Oppal cut in, telling Gratl he did not see the relevance of the Hell’s angels questioning, and asked the government lawyer if she would like to rise to object”.

When the presiding officer asks someone if he or she wants to rise to protest … you know what’s happening.  The presiding officer is determined to stop the questioning one way or another. Why would Inquiry Commissioner Wally Oppal want to cut off very serious questions about the relation of Organized Crime to the Pickton Farm murders?  Why?

Bill Hiscox, who tipped police off early in the troubles said – as Sam Cooper reports it in the Times Colonist - “investigating officers like Conner ‘had their hands tied’ by ‘higher ups’”. 

Okay.  British Columbians want to know all about that. Which higher ups? And why didn’t investigating officers like Conner refuse to have their hands tied? And why aren’t those people  going to be recommended for serious discipline or criminal charges?

British Columbians may be assured, I believe, that those people will not be dealt with, and British Columbians will not be told anything about those things if Wally Oppal can help it.  And they may be assured, I believe, that Ian Mulgrew will do everything he can to support Wally Oppal in not telling anything important.

British Columbians may be almost perfectly sure that Ian Mulgrew will go on writing columns like the one he wrote on February 16, a column that legitimizes a know-nothing, do-nothing Inquiry.

Look at the larger picture.  Look at it.

Millions upon millions of your dollars are being spent to cover up, I insist, the real events and the people, beside Robert Pickton, responsible in the Pickton Farm murders. 

Millions and millions of your dollars were spent, many believe, to cover up the people really guilty of Criminal Breach of Trust in the BC Rail Scandal and in the connected trial of the three accused, lower-order aides in the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial.  The RCMP formally refused to investigate Gordon Campbell and others responsible for the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR (which happened when premier Christy Clark was deputy premier of the province).

 The Auditor General of B.C. had to go to court to get information that should have been handed him without delay on the spending in the BC Rail Scandal case – and he is still investigating.

Millions and millions of dollars of your money have been looted from B.C. Hydro in “accounting” shifts that almost certainly would eventuate in charges, at least, of Criminal Breach of Trust, I believe. The Auditor General of B.C. has – in fact – condemned, for years, the so-called book-keeping of B.C Hydro.

Nothing is being investigated in BC Hydro by any police forces in British Columbia. 

BC Ferries has been “privatized”.  The word to describe what has been done might better be “criminalized”.  Millions of your dollars have been looted, misspent, otherwise “relocated” – and no police force in British Columbia is investigating.

But all is not lost!  Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu – spurred on by an apparently revenge-seeking Christy Clark who wants an on-going movie made of the trials – is spending millions and millions of your dollars to try dumb, reckless, stupid ‘rioters’ after the Stanley Cup game.  Those people are not ‘criminal’ in anything like the serious way almost all the others being protected are, who are almost certainly criminals, hard at their work.

Almost all the people Jim Chu is spending millions of your dollars to squeeze through the over-crowded and failing court system would never break the law again in their lives if left alone. That one dumb night of folly would be their “criminal” history.

What we are seeing, I’m afraid, is the 1% and their servants beating up on the 99% to make it look as if Law and Justice are being served in British Columbia.  Instead Law and Justice are being fouled, distorted, suborned, erased, trampled upon and made to serve the very kinds of criminal they were set up to apprehend and remove from society.

The big news today is about the looting of B.C. Hydro, on the blog of the Powell River Persuader.  And it’s about the lying of premier Christy Clark regarding the funding to the courts of British Columbia, on the blog of Ian Reid. 

The real story about the Inquiry into the Missing (murdered) Women of the Vancouver Downtown East Side is interesting.  But it’s a secondary story today.

Or is it…?

Written by Robin Mathews

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Friday, February 17, 2012

Christy Clark Liberals are Thieves and Liars

Well here we go, the British Columbia Utilities Commission has spoken, BC Hydro is broke and rates are going 7% as of April and this latest increase isn`t for power buying agreements but for interest payments on BC Hydro`s deferral accounts...

That`s right folks, Gordon Campbell`s BC Liberal party are guilty of cooking the books, these deferral accounts were a way for BC Hydro to show a phony profit, and why would they do that, the answer is simple, it was the only way the BC Liberals could take huge dividends and put money in general revenue...

In other words it was theft by the BC Liberal Government, Gordon Campbell and his IPP private power money transfer scheme which took public money and placed it in private hands, under Gordon Campbell and a complicit band of BC Liberal ministers and MLAs BC Hydro a once profitable crown jewel corporation is now bankrupt...

The reason is easy to explain,  under Gordon Campbell`s directive BC Hydro paid $billions to private IPP power companies for excess energy only to turn around and sell that power at a huge loss on the spot market..

But the saddest part of this fiscal disaster it was all preventable, Rafe Mair rang the alarm bell, John Calvert has warned loudly for years.

Cleaning Out BC’s Hydro Assets
 John Calvert

"BC’s Bill 17—egregiously named the Clean Energy Act—represents a dramatic escalation of the provincial government’s electricity privatization agenda. The Act will gouge ratepayers, needlessly damage the environment, violate the principle of government accountability and undermine public finances. It includes so many bad public policies that it is hard to know where to begin an evaluation of its impacts."


The Tyee ran articles, I wrote dozens of articles warning of this exact scenario, John Horgan was on with Bill Good this morning just after the 8:30 news and explained what happened in clear concise terms...Gordon Campbell should be arrested over this, most BC Liberals should resign for their complicity in deliberate theft and the saddest part of the whole nightmare is how cknw and Global news not only defended Gordon Campbell theft but actually promoted it...

Rich Coleman has come out with his usual excuse making, John Doyle, our BC auditor General wrote a scathing report on these deferral accounts last year and was immediately bashed by the BC Liberals, Doyle just wrote another report about how the Liberals have failed on forestry and again he has been slammed, report after report by a real professional(John Doyle) lambasting the Liberals only to be mocked ridiculed by this horrid Government, out they come swinging, Falcon, Pat Bell, Rich Coleman, every single time these fiberals say that the auditor General is wrong, he`s mistaken, a difference of opinion and while that`s happening the Christy Clark edition of the same old corrupt Campbell Liberal party are currently bringing in legislation for a auditor General to monitor BC`s municipalities, the hypocrisy stinks,what`s the point, Christy Clark expects cities and towns to OBEY a municipal auditor while they not only ignore our provincial auditor they actively mock him..

For shame on BC`s corrupt media, infact bitter Brian was calling cknw and blasting the Liberals over the direction they were forcing upon BC Hydro 6 years ago or longer, we both warned of these IPP contracts, we warned of the wealth transfer, we screamed and yelled until our voices were horse, we talked about how signing 30 and 40 year contracts with these outfits at rates 5 times the spot market price was a recipe for bankruptcy..

Now the damage is done, more massive rate increases are coming, BC Hydro has plans for adding another $4 billion to the deferral accounts...And just so you are all clear on this latest rate increase, this 7% is for one reason, to cover the interest payments only on these deferral accounts, there is more run of river ripoff contracts coming down the pipe...

"The B.C. Utilities Commission this week approved an interim increase that will see rates jump by 7.07 per cent starting in April — well above the 3.91-per-cent increase Clark was pushing as an example of how her government is looking out for families.

Adding to the setback, the independent commission said Wednesday that the higher-than-scheduled increase was necessary to offset the growing burden from BC Hydro’s practice of deferring current spending into future years."
Let me be clear, this latest increase has nothing to do with future planned deferral accounts, the BCUC was prevented from looking to the future this was a response from actions of the past, there will be many more increases coming, and later this month Kevin Falcon will submit his budget where another huge chunk of money will be stolen from BC Hydro in order to make his budget numbers look better, they ignored auditor General John Doyle`s last harsh rebuke and continue to thieve from BC Hydro, thieving imaginary profits that don`t exist, exactly what Gordon Campbell and his trained monkey trough snorters did to BC Ferries when they took nearly $500 million dollars from BC Ferries in 2004-2005 to supplement their election year budget, a $500 million dollar theft from BC Ferries on which to this day they are still paying interest on...

And yet BC Liberal stooge media still cling to their own private illusion that BC Liberals are good fiscal managers when debt has been buried everywhere and our BC on the books debt has tripled in the last decade, these Liberals make the NDP of the 90`s look like miracle workers compared to the fiscal incompetence of the Campbell brothers..

And if anyone thinks the word LIARS is not accurate when it comes to Christy Clark and the Liberals one only need to view this blatant lie Christy Clark made this week in the BC Legislature when questioned on the disaster in BC`s justice department.

Courtesy of Ian Reid
Christy Clark was asked by Adrian Dix about cuts to BC`s justice system

How did the Premier respond? 

 With a straight out lie is how.

Clark“But here’s the thing,....We are putting more money in at the same time that crime is dropping, the number of cases going to court is dropping and the length of cases is actually staying the same.  It just doesn’t add up.  We are adding more money to the system"

No here’s the real thing, Premier.  There is not “more money.”  There is less money.  As the following chart shows, the Attorney General’s operating budget has been cut by almost 20% in the last four years.

AG budget estimates (in 000s)
2008/09                    2009/10                    2010/11                    2011/12
545,454                       465,198                      468,487                   443,204
Source: BC Government Ministry Service Plans

Read more here

Time for an election Christy Clark, enough is enough, British Columbia can`t afford 15 more months of corrupt incompetent thieves and liars!

The Straight goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tempest in a Tea Pot, The Human animal

According to Doug Stead, who is one of the founding members of "Entrepreneurs Against Pedophiles."..Yesterday(February 15th) at 4:45 pm on cknw Doug Stead made the claim that there was 50,000 British Columbian residents engaged in, watching, producing and distributing child pornography..

I personally found the number unbelievable, Doug arrived at that number by gathering up credit card numbers of those who registered at a XXX porn site in the USA, the site had millions of customers and Doug Stead stated 50,000 were from BC...

Doug was defending Vic Toew`s and Stephen Harper`s internet spying bill, I believe he was exaggerating in order to win over the radio listeners because if you extrapolate Doug`s numbers, BC having roughly 1/10 of Canada`s population means in Canada alone according to Doug Stead there must be 600,000 thousand citizens engaged in, watching, distributing and producing child pornography, if that`s the case Harper better start building prisons, like about 600 mega prisons if their capacity is 1000 inmates...

There was a little bru-ha-ha over 15 Vancouver police officers watching, viewing and emailing "legal" pornography to each other, some of it was mild some quite risque and apparently the "sin" they committed was not the watching, viewing or emailing but the fact that they did it on company time and company computers...

Now let me be clear, anyone who abuses children in any way are committing crimes, however there`s a big difference between pornography and child pornography, or is there, i`m not sure what the legal age of consent is, down in some USA states I`ve heard stories of 14 and 15 year old girls getting legally married to older teenage boys, many countries in the world arranged marriages are the norm, older adult men being handed little girls as wives in exchange for 2 goats and 5 chickens...

Remember the Jerry Springer show, naked guests baring their all while the crowd chants "Jerry Jerry Jerry" ...Or the crowd shouting "take it off, take it off take it off"...Is that too not pornography, and if any of his naked guests had fake ID and were not actually  18 but 16 years of age,  wouldn`t that too be considered child pornography...

This is very difficult story for me to write,  I`m not defending pornography and I`m 100% against child pornography in any form and I don`t want to be judged either way for writing this article, personally I like grown-up adult females close my age, however any adult male who is inclined to lean hetrosexual will look at and be pleased by the female form, what draws their attention could be breasts, butts, hair, face, legs, the list is long,  men who are honest with themselves will admit that, wealthy older men marry younger females, they can afford the so often called "hood ornaments"...

Remember Stanley Kubrick`s film Lolita, a story of a professor who becomes enamored with his female landlord`s young underage provocative sexual tease daughter, it was a classic award winning picture that has been re-made several times, why, why was that movie re-made several times, the reason is sex sells and the story line rings true for some, fortunately for civilized society most men don`t act upon these animal instincts, they have self control, I can`t speak for females but the female form in all its beauty drives man`s most basic instincts....

My ex longtime Girlfriend was older than me but to be honest, many times through our relationship I received an earful or a poke for glancing too long at other female forms as they strolled by us on the beach or when ample breasted model types sauntered through our local watering hole dressed to kill with everything cut short and hanging out there for the world to see, females want to be noticed by males, teenage girls will dress to attract older males, in fact without some dress codes many girls would go to school have naked, my favorite line to my dear sweet Marcy was..."Who cares where I whet my appetite as long as I come home for dinner"

These police officers who were watching porn, they only did what most males do in one form or another, the Jerry Springer show or how about those who watch, attend these little girl pageants where mere babies are dressed to the 9s with make up and  hair done up and wardrobed as strippers, hookers, airline stewardesses, these babies are taught to smile, wink and ooze sexuality, I find those pageants absolutely revolting..

Is there any difference if these policemen watched porn on a computer or looked at girls spreading wide in Penthouse magazines with their free time or ate lunch at the number 5 orange or some other strip joint and watched girls play aerialist on a brass pole, like I said, I`m not here to judge for in my more youthful days I played pool in many strip joints where girls spun and twirled, infact I recall one particular stripper who made the rounds who performed amazing tricks with ping pong balls and the like, I believe her stage name was Harley...It wasn`t my cup of tea, playing pool hustling rubes was more my style, watching strippers in a bar is a right of passage for most western boys, been there done that ....I rather play pool..

I don`t know what motivates parents to have their babies dress like adult strippers for a prize, maybe it`s all about the money, or fame, perhaps it`s ego or something lacking in their own life, I won`t watch it but as for pornography, it is on Spike TV, ads for Corona beer, ads for vacations, ads for pills, it`s everywhere, on TV, most movies have snippets of sexuality that is meant to trigger male response, even some of the video games are loaded with computerized sexual characters, even mainstream media news broadcasts insert sexuality, why do you think Bill Good was dumped for Tamara, weather girls wearing high heel shoes or shows like the Naked Chef...Sexuality is part of everyday life, from Katheryn of Ezra Levant`s Ethical oil group to Christy Clark stepping out of a float plane with high heels and a painted on skirt or the hideous Polygamist practice of multiple baby girl wives, baby didlers are the lowest form of human behavior and those crimes require the harshest of penalties..

Females between 30 to 60 years of age are what I like, younger than that they are trouble but that doesn`t mean I don`t appreciate their raw beauty, I don`t even know where to find any child pornography and know of no one who watches, distributes or produces child porn but as someone who surfs the net researching, looking for stories I have clicked many a link that sent me to XXX pornography site, I do of course leave, but again, to be honest I have inadvertently watched short snippets of legal adult porn, it`s not my thing, what attracts me to appropriate aged females is the eyes, eyes that lead me to their soul for that is where the ultimate sexuality and beauty lies..

I`m not defending these 15 police officers but to expect a bunch of men in a male oriented atmosphere to behave any different than the majority of Canadian males is absurd, there was in the past seedy XXX movie houses, 10 cent peep shows , now these officers will only watch porn on their own private computers but believe me, they will still be watching,  wreck beach, naked bike riders, beauty pageants, massage parlors, pride parades or establishments with bare breasted servers..

I am not my brother`s keeper and not appointed to moral standard bearer but if I ever caught or found some adult harming a child either sexually or physically I would become rather violent,  perhaps sexuality should be removed from TV, movies, bars and video games, no lingere football, cheerleaders or even bikinis....I don`t have the answers.

And British Columbia leading Canada for 8 straight years in child poverty is that not too child abuse..

What I do know is corporate money runs the world and sexuality is their number 1 selling tool and in researching and writing this story I would have been red-flagged a dozen times by Harper`s internet spying bill..

 Knock knock knock, gotta go, someone is beating down my door.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open