Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

(A fictional opinion piece story(or is it) by Grant G)

I can`t fight this feeling anymore, the Gordon Campbell Government is going to be removed through recall, it`s not a matter of if, the clock is running, the public has tuned out Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell is despised, Kevin Falcon is a dirt bag and the masses know this to be true, Shirley Bond and Pat Bell will never win another election, nor will Mcdiarmid, in fact the only B.C. Liberals who stand a slim chance of surviving another election are those in the bible belt.

"Ignorance is Bliss" I have said it many times, Gordon Campbell is criminally insane, he knows he is a dead duck politically, I welcome his demise and relegation into the abyss of forgotten history, the 1919 Spanish flu, there are some things so terrible they seemed to vanish from memory and the history books, the Spanish flu killed an estimated 200 million people, it spread from town to town killing indiscriminately, people went to bed sick and drowned overnight, lungs full of fluid, a defense mechanism of the human body, natural antibodies over-reacted and people drowned, the meat wagon would roll into town each morning picking up the dead that survivors would place at their door steps, many thought it was the end of the world.

But something happened, a few of the sick survived, the folks that didn`t get sick had a natural anti-body, and as fast and lethal as the Spanish flu was, as quickly as it came it was gone. The quiet horror children endured, returning to school and half their friends were gone, it was so scary, no one spoke of the horror, it was almost as if they pretended it had never happened, it truly was hell on earth. Some of the few interviews decades later were surreal, did it really happen, many lived in fear that it might return, it was a classic case of almost forgotten history.

The scary thing we in B.C. are facing is a politically dead Gordon Muir Campbell and a decimated party, Gordon Campbell also knows this,the criminally insane Gordon Campbell, a vicious man with nothing left to lose, an adulterer, a liar, a criminal, his power is gone but he`s still steering the ship and he is deliberately heading for the rocks, he doesn`t care, his intent is too inflict as much harm to the education system as he can, to dismantle the health system, brick by brick, one child at a time, perhaps an insanity gene runs in the family, I honestly believe the Site C announcement was more about retribution to the Peace River area, they have 25% sign up on the HST, a vindictive little man, he has a history of vengeance, NDP ridings have seen his fury,ferry dependent communities have felt his wrath, the Vancouver school board who spoke up loudly now have a Comptroller General lackey to burn the board.

It has become so clear to me, this revenge streak was there early on, Gordon Muir Campbell was interviewed in the Guardian magazine in the run-up to the 2001 election, he was specifically asked about honouring the HEU contract, he said he would, with a smiling and friendly charm he gave a nice interview but once in power called a special week-end session in the legislature, no reporters, just his yes men and he, Gordon Muir Campbell said to his cult that the HEU contract was to be shredded, a deliberate and illegal act, the Supreme court of Canada and the UN called his actions illegal, we as a Province saved zero dollars tearing up this contract, the lowest paid hospital staff, 9000 females workers fired without cause, their wages given to a service provider, it was nothing but deliberate vindictiveness, Gordon Muir Campbell is criminally insane.

B.C. Rail, Gordon Muir Campbell talked of selling B.C. Rail during the 1996 election, it cost him the election, the revenge would be his, he knew what to say in 2001, "I won`t sell B.C. Rail, I won`t tear up contracts" he knew once in office revenge would be his, BC Rail was making money, a recently upgraded track to accommodate high speed rail, the more and more I think about it the reason for tearing up contracts and selling B.C. rail was about nothing but revenge against Gordon Muir Campbell`s self perceived enemies!

The fact that he rewarded our money and assets to his friends and insiders while he was exacting his revenge is another issue, the same revenge was exacted against B.C. ship builders and ferry dependent communities, he sold our B.C. ferries through debentures and guile, nobody seems to know that we don`t own B.C. Ferries anymore, we can maybe get ownership back by paying off B.C. Ferries $1.6 billion dollar debt, maybe. He has shown a continual dis-respect towards the common man and those less fortunate in our society, every time the going gets tough he has launched an attack directly upon the masses, stitch by stich the fabric of British Columbia is being unwoven, I refuse to allow this idealogue to continue raping and pillaging my home.

The more I think about it I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gordon Muir Campbell is deranged, "The last desperate act of a scoundrel is to wrap them self in the flag"......I don`t know about the rest of you but during the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympics and Paraolympics games, those red mittens, the giant flag and he was screaming the National anthem, it was utterly embarrassing, it was a telling sign, there is a mental defect there, and there is so much more, the revenge against paramedics, teachers, and now with the HST revenge he is going after everyone who`s left.

And now that he and his party are lame ducks he`s awarding stinky contracts, 1/2 billion dollars lids, giant casinos, power buying contracts to companies with but a desk and Gordon Campbell`s secret phone number, Finavera, that contract award is a joke, he has billions of our dollars for stadium lids and casino`s but has no money for meals on wheels or the autistic, Gordon muir Campbell is criminally insane, and what`s scary right now is that he knows he`s done in a year and he`s inflicting as much harm as he can and as fast as possible before he`s dragged out of office and arrested.

Anyone who can`t see what is happening is stupid or willfully blind, brick by brick, piece by piece our Province is being gutted, he will be dragged from office and hopefully arrested, and when Gordon Campbell is gone and when people see what he has done to our education and health system, to our natural assets, the legacy of debt, the 30 and 40 year contracts, he has conspired for your children to feel the pain of his devious manipulation of today`s people and press, and just like the Spanish flu horror of 1919, a blip in time that has been purged from people`s memory, Gordon Campbell will not be spoken of, no legacy, it never happened, Gordon Muir Campbell will be relegated into the abyss of forgotten history.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


BC Mary said...

I just checked today's Supreme Court listings and:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Basi-Virk case is in BC Supreme Court today

Confirmed in today's BCSC listings: Basi, Virk, Basi at 10:00 AM.

No mention of locked Courtroom doors, so we may assume that the people's court is open to the public today April 20, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Hello and thank you for all your exceptional and excellent work! Let Justice be Done, Though Heaven Falls! Comrade Campbell should be remembered as the 1st of traitors cheerfully defenestrated out of their offices.

Anonymous said...

You've articulated what I've believed for awhile...He and his toadies are in the midst of a major scorched earth policy. It will take years to repair the damage these buttwipes will caused to this province.


Grant G said...

Thanks Gambler and Gerald...I can`t take it anymore, our hospitals and schools are in a mess, a funding fiasco and these Cabinet Ministers just laugh it off in the legislature,...

The NDP MLA from the Kooteneys was brought to tears today in question period, she`s fighting to help troubled children with serious problems, and that SOB Kevin Falcon blusters about the 90s, he won`t answer questions, obfuscation.

The same from McDiarmid and Hansen, they chuckle and giggle and thump their tables while never answering a question, I am so ashamed of our Province......

8 B.C. Liberals are going to be "Recalled in the Fall"

The media won`t fight, being nice doesn`t work, I will hold no punches back, our one million signature plus petition will shake this Government, were going to turn Orange within a year, and any Shennanigans from the NDP and I will help bring them down too.

The line in the sand has been drawn, join with me in the fight.

Crankypants said...

I think that the governance of the Gordon Campbell BC Liberal Party will eventually be regarded as that of the most inept, vindictive and malicious government in the entire history of BC.

They have racked up a massive debt, succeeded in decimating the public education system, healthcare and pretty much anything to do with the social safety net.

They have virtually given away many public owned assets, lined the pockets of their friends and financial supporters with taxpayers hard earned money and sweetheart deals and generally relegated the citizens of BC as nothing more than their own personal serfdom.

Above all else, we must not forget that although Campbell may have been at the helm, he was aided and abetted every step of the way by the BC Liberal caucus. Neither the cabinet ministers nor the backbenchers can claim innocence. They all equally share the legacy of Gordon Campbell and deserve every bit of scorn one can muster. They all have blood on their hands.

The worst part of it all is that they will still get the last laugh on the citizenry of British Columbia. So many of them have been in government for so long that they will be collecting their gold-plated pension at the expense of those that they treated like shit. This is just another sad statement on the political system we live under.


Anonymous said...

In our local hospital here, a heart attack is now known as a Gordon Campbell. If you are experiencing one, yell 'please help me, I'm having a Gordon Campbell!'

Anonymous said...

Grant, please add Murray Coell to your list as a targeted recall MLA. In this riding he won by a very narrow margin and it should be one targeted as well. He is the ultimate lifetime politician and has been sucking at the taxpayer teat for decades. If it were the game of survivor, he is one that always flies under the radar. We should recognize his incompetence as well.

Recall in the Fall should be attempted in many more ridings than 8. I say go for all of them!

Leah said...

Anon 4:49 - it's nice to see someone else saying "go for all of them!" I've always wondered why we would bother to target only 7 or 8, when the amount of work is the same for all. Besides, if you target all - you might actually get the 8 you were after in the first place!