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Left Nationalism. Canadian Survival. And The Great Brainwash.

Fascism And Contemporary Canada. Part VIII 

 Left Nationalism. Canadian Survival. And The Great Brainwash.

 Written by Robin Mathews

Informed younger Canadians (under the age, say, of 50) are aware of the One Per Cent, are aware of “offshore” tax and banking havens hiding illicit funds in the trillions of dollars: free of taxes, and the law.  Younger Canadians are aware of Canada being made a Pollution Centre of Tar Sands and Fracked Gas operations, of economic ‘agreements’ built to hand foreign corporations power over Canadian legislation ... and Canada’s wealth. They are aware of losing, for instance, CN Rail, once a Crown Corporation, now U.S.-owned and headquartered in Texas which has added – by staged corruption –  the former B.C. Crown Corporation BC Rail.

Younger Canadians know that since (Lyin’) Brian Mulroney (1984-1993) Canada has increasingly signed over power to legislate for Canadians – signed it over to foreign (largely, so far) U.S. corporations that can sue (and do sue) the government of Canada for blocking “the right” of those corporations to make profit in Canada!

The old joke that Canada went from (British) colony to independent nation and back to being a (U.S.) colony is a bitter joke. 

No more perfect colonial puppet exists than Stephen Harper who has inherited the sell-out posture of Brian Mulroney and perfected it in the direction of greater sleaze, dishonesty, and sell-out. Brian Mulroney’s lies were usually undertaken to hide alleged shady dealing made for his own personal advantage.  Stephen Harper makes statements about his own dealings and government actions – in every direction - that turn out, repeatedly to be false.  In the matter of falsehood, you might say that for Stephen Harper it’s nothing personal - the sky’s the limit.

Many informed younger Canadians still glue themselves to U.S. experts, U.S. gurus, U.S. issues, U.S. personalities, U.S. trivia.  That is always what some colonials do – become hypnotized by the Imperial Centre. Many colonials disappear into a no-man’s-land which is neither Canada nor the U.S.A.  Colonials in their own country can never become imperials – no matter how hard they try – because their own country: raped, bled, and ridiculous is there all around them.

In our time the only way to prevent the increase of colonialism is a move to the Left.  There is no other direction available.  That means change for the good can only be effected by careful, precise, staged removal of corporate capitalist power over Canada and Canadians.  It means the end of – or the complete re-writing of - all economic agreements with other countries. 

In 1993 prime minister (1993-2003) Jean Chretien vowed he would leave the Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement unless “dumping” and “subsidy” were defined and “observed” in the FTA.  Just for instance (briefly) – U.S. branch plants in Canada often “subsidize” head office as a way of masking profit.  The branch plants ‘subsidize’ head office by “buying” from head office all kinds of ‘permissions’ and patent leases, etc. – which make them seem hardly profitable (fewer taxes for Canadian use). As well, the gigantic military research budget in the hands of private corporations in the U.S.A. gives them enormous research and development advantages over Canada well beyond weapons production. U.S. taxpayers subsidize those corporations in the trillions of dollars.  The U.S. refuses to discuss those (and dumping) advantages. That is so because they would be penalized richly and would owe Canada billions annually for what is called “unfair competition”.

Two years after his vow Chretien admitted defeat on the two points, and, incidentally, signed ratification of the enlarged North American Free Trade Agreement - “subsidy” and “dumping” were never defined (or mentioned again).

In China (briefly) “managed” currency rates provide gigantic subsidy to Chinese enterprise.  In addition so-called sovereign (state-owned) enterprises employing non-union workers earning slave-labour-imposed wages add gigantic subsidy to China-produced products. Neither fact is mentioned in the latest economic agreements inked (but not yet ratified) with China.

Decolonization of Canada means many, many things.  It means leaving ALL - or restructuring ALL - foreign economic agreements.  It means restructuring the Bank of Canada as a supplier of credit for Canadians and for chartered banks.  It means leaving NATO – a front for U.S. global military adventurism. It means a significant increase of Crown Corporations in Canada – the only major oil-producing nation in the world without a State-owned oil/energy corporation. If anything demonstrates Canada’s colonialism, it is that.

Between 1950 and the retreat of the Trudeau Liberals in the early 1980s, Left nationalism was slowly, slowly moving Canada towards independence. Not only were social insurance measures – medicare, pensions, union protections, and unemployment insurance created, but Canada was asserting some global independence. The NDP, for instance, was pushing hard to get Canada out of NATO.

The creation of PetroCanada gave Canada a watchdog in its own oilpatch (for the first time!). The viciously and unfairly aspersed National Energy Policy (approved of by 80% of Canadians – even in Alberta) was intended (a) to increase government revenues from fossil fuel exploitation in Canada, and (b) and to have Canadian enterprise and ordinary Canadians benefit from the Canadian resource. Alberta (fabulously rich in fossil fuels for the last fifty years) is, right now, in dangerous deficit and without a home-owned corporation, AND is among the lowest oil royalty structures (paid by foreign corporations) in the world.

Next to come in the early 1980s was a National Industrial Strategy, a way of re-industrializing Canada by using all its immense natural wealth with some general direction and purpose.  The U.S. felt alarm. It threatened. Then the retreat happened. Jean Chretien, minister of Energy, Mines, and Resources, went to New York to announce Canada was open for business.  Allan MacEachen, deputy prime minister, went to Washington to apologize and promise there would be no more independence moves.  Pierre Trudeau took a walk in the snow … and left politics. 

And then the U.S. ambassador in Ottawa, Paul Robinson, met (it was said, secretly) with “continentalist” interests to find a way to prevent Canada from ever again moving towards genuine independence. The instrument the group came up with was Free Trade.  Shortly after, Ronald Reagan called for “a new constitution for North America”, a Free Trade agreement.  The rest, as we say, is history ….

The result is that Canada has been moved Rightwards in its economy, political structure, and cultural integrity since at least the early 1980s, until today it may be called an incipient fascist state under the present Conservative government headed by Stephen Harper.

A fascist state, we remember, is one in which private corporations and governments work together to advance corporate interests by deregulation, privatization of public services, dramatic erasure of corporate taxes, destruction of unions and the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.  The marriage of government and private corporations secretly (and then openly) employs police to prevent lawful assembly, free expression, and public meeting. The secret U.S. surveillance in Canada at the invitation of the Harper government during the G20 summit in 2010 and the gross misuse of police forces to terrify and brutalize freely assembling Canadians may be said to announce what is called here the incipient fascist state in Canada.

Anyone may take for granted that in a move Rightwards the main opposition forces will be subjected to attack, ridicule, disinformation, and harassment. In fact, the attacks reveal the obstacles to achieving a fascist state. In Canada – even in the ‘good days’ between 1945 and 1982 – attack was unrelenting upon the Left: socialism and social democracy.  And attack never ceased against Canadian nationalism (even, ironically, from the brainwashed Left).

The reasons for the attack on nationalism are simple.  Every liberation movement in the world begins with the real, visible oppression and injustice experienced by the population. Foreign/international theories of State reorganization come second. Liberation movements begin with the claim that “we, the people of this country” have the right to name our own leaders and to shape our own culture, economy and government.  Liberators make perfectly reasonable “nationalist” claims – which threaten foreign interests controlling, exploiting, “governing” and profiting from supremacy in the country. And so “nationalism” is attacked tirelessly.

Even in the U.S.A., in 1776, when U.S. Capitalism was seizing power from British Capitalism, the language of “we, the people” was used – though the extermination of the native Indian people continued unabated and the employment of Black people as slaves actually increased after 1776. The English conservative and famous dictionary maker and writer, Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) saw the contradiction.  “How is it”, he asked, “we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes.”

As in the more blatantly fascist states of Italy under Mussolini and Germany under Hitler nationalism in the U.S.A. was (and is) a drum beaten to support evil and repression.
It has continued until the U.S. use (especially) of global military oppression is undertaken under the hyper-nationalist (strangely) titled doctrine of “U.S. Exceptionalism” – which means the right of the U.S. to undertake any violation of human rights in order to maintain global supremacy. That doctrine was used early on to support the extermination of native peoples and the right to build a Capitalist economy on Black slavery.

The “nationalism” employed to oppress peoples should not be confused with the nationalism organically involved in every national liberation movement, empowering and directing the energies of liberation.

Canadian nationalism is almost more attacked than Socialism and Social Democracy in Canada. That is because nationalism is so potent a force in national liberation. Bafflingly, many (so-called) Left organizations in Canada join with U.S., Canadian, and global Capitalist interests to attack nationalism.  U.S. union headquarters, for instance, profitting handsomely from Canadian union dues, do not want independent (read “nationalist”) Canadian unions, and so fight the concept.

Trotskyist organizations in Canada – twisting Leon Trotsky’s ideas out of recognition – always attack Canadian nationalism as parochial, as supporting the ruling class, and as leading inevitably to fascism. Some “Trot” organizations in Canada have even been accused of being quietly managed by the CIA.

As well, many soft-hearted “internationalists”, preaching the noble concept of global humanity, join hard-hearted Capitalists to scorn nationalism as a (misnamed) parochial and selfish concept.

But Left nationalists are different from many other kinds of nationalists.  Left nationalists believe in the rights of other nations and their peoples.  At home, Left nationalists are wiling to empower Crown Corporations, labour unions, other labour organizations.  Left nationalists are willing to initiate programs of social care, to nationalize central activities in the economy (banks, energy enterprises, etc.) and to be open to possibilities of fuller socialism in the society. 

Left nationalists may not be complete socialists, but they are wide open to programs of social ownership of the means of production and control of the economy.  They are dramatically aware that unregulated Capitalism becomes Predator Capitalism and, finally, an intricate part of a brutal and repressive fascist state and system.

Canadian nationalism has been attacked at least as consistently as Left ideologies in Canada.  The attacks have ALWAYS been to prevent Canadians from taking decisions and acting independently in the interest of Canada and Canadians.  The U.S. government and U.S. capitalist interests have always attacked Canadian nationalism.  U.S. unionism – built into Canadian labour organizations – has fought Canadian nationalism.  Left political parties (including the NDP) have fought Canadian nationalism out of financial self-interest or because they believe “internationalist” rhetoric.

If Canada is to survive … and thrive as an independent, self-respecting nation, it will do so by the force of Left nationalism.  The Great Brainwash against socialism and nationalism will have to be overcome.

As the thinkers of the Waffle Movement in the NDP of the 1960s and 1970’s pointed out Canada cannot have a reasonable measure of socialism until it gains more independence, because every capitalist and external force in Canada fights against the development of socialism.  On the other hand, the country can’t have a significant degree of independence until it has enough socialism in place to hold off the capitalist forces sucking away Canadian independence.  The two must be brought together – as a building force.

The move to liberate Canada must be guided by a Left nationalist force.  That will be a force that is truly representative, that appeals to the care Canadians want taken of the environment and the whole population, the desire of Canadians for equality and justice (at home and abroad), their aspiration to have a well-developed and modern industrial and agricultural capacity, an effective educational system, and their simple desire to live in tranquil possession of their own lives and their country.

None of that is the case now with a Right, reactionary, incipient fascist government led by Stephen Harper in league with a Predator Capitalist system contemptuous of the Canadian people and their highest aspirations for the country. The answer to that suffocating force is a move to Left nationalism … and to a democratic political formation embodying the ideals of Left nationalism.

  Written By Robin  Mathews


 In my heart and mind, can`t you feel it, I can.....Harperism is over, so how do you feel about Justin Trudeau...

He will be prime minister of Canada and one can point to the last federal by-election results as proof of our mood...Canadians want different, we aren`t sure about what type of different we want....through the years we have seen many advertised prime contenders, smooth talking spit polished and well heeled runners, we`ve seen blowhards and blustering partisans come and go for decades...However..

Never before has a contender been able to make females swoon and our youth smile, even smart, aware of important issues electors, even those voters like Justin Trudeau..maybe we need Justin Trudeau for democracy renewed, who else can drive younger generations and the disenfranchised back to Canadian voting booths..

I`m NDP and I like Justin Trudeau......We don`t need a leader who thinks his path is a chosen right, Justin will bend with the breeze...He`s not a hardliner and the masses are the wind of change..

And that in my opinion is why he`ll win....Don`t look for logic to explain his popularity, with Justin Trudeau it doesn`t apply..

Can`t hold back gravity..

Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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British Columbia`s Private Liquor Store Owners, Welcome To The Club(An LNG Story)

Written by Grant G

What a bunch of white noise, John Yap, our minister of booze and previous participant in the ethnicgate scandal has a blog,...and on his blog he asked for feedback on a proposal to allow beer and wine to be sold at grocery stores, and those who responded(800 respondents) voted 75% in favour of booze at grocery stores..

I also heard John Yap on radio saying...75% of British Columbia want to be able to purchase liquor at grocery stores, it is top of mind for British Columbians....

First things first, ...The Christy Clark BC Liberal jobs plan is an utter failure, they have no more ability to create jobs than they do to make it rain, the jobs plans was always about propaganda, and it still is..

Also, LNG in a big way ain`t happening, the hyperbole, spin and bluster from Rich Coleman and Christy Clark is sounding more and more desperate, Rich Coleman has resorted to flat out lying every time he opens his mouth..Still no final investment decisions, in fact big private energy companies are busy selling their piece of British Columbia`s LNG ponzi scheme to Chinese Government state run agencies, what Christy Clark and the BC Liberals don`t understand..Shell, BG Group, Exxon, these private energy companies want to sell LNG to Asia...By Asia, I mean Japan, China and Korea..

If Japan(Japex), China(Sinopec/CONOC), and Korea(Korea Gas) own British Columbia`s gas field holdings, own a pipeline and LNG plants these state run companies will not only sell gas to themselves on the cheap, or at a loss they will employ Asian workers almost exclusively, private energy companies will divest all their BC assets, there would be no point...Why would China buy high priced, Asian premium priced LNG from Exxon or Chevron when China, Korea and Japan would own their own LNG supplies right here in British Columbia?...And remember...When you hear the company names..Nexen or Progress Energy, even Tslisman Energy sold off all their B.C. assets......Those North American based companies are no longer private companies...CONOC(Chinese Offshore National Oil Company bought Nexen and Petronas owns Progress Energy)...

And there`s so much more, those Asian energy companies, including Petronas(another foreign Government owned company) me, these energy companies can smell the desperation on Christy Clark`s and Rich Coleman`s breath, in other words, they ain`t making any (FID) final investment decisions until the taxation, royalty and incentives scheme reaches an all time high...or in the case of we the people of British Columbia and B.C. Government coffers, an all time low...You see, you don`t go into negotiations when you`re desperate, panting like a dog, wait another year and these BC Liberals will be paying CONOC and SINOPEC to build an LNG plant..

Also, we have the BC Hydro story, absolute proof is flowing throughout the province that BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell, now under Christy Clark not only sold us out, they proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they can`t run a peanut stand....BC Hydro is in a structural deficit, these rate increases won`t even get BC Hydro to even, these rate increases are a stop-gap measure..Debt will rise until BC Hydro is sold off to China....

The forecasts are for almost zero growth in British Columbia....These BC Liberals have dipped into forecast allowance funds to attempt to claim a balanced budget, well, it isn`t balanced, in fact last year $10 billion dollars was added to our BC debt..

Employment in British Columbia is in negative to flat territory...Canada`s economic future is forecast to be flat in the way of growth and LNG is everywhere, including China....Any LNG prosperity wet dream will flop, and flop badly...Even in Western Australia, they have been exporting natural gas for decades and their debt has done nothing but grow exponentially..Decades of selling LNG and $10s of billions in LNG liquefication plant investments in Western Australia and that Government is broke and getting poorer by the day...And Rich Coleman and Christy Clark are going to have a lower taxation and royalty scheme than Western Australia...amazing, maybe one day BC`s media will either start telling the real story, or drop dead, I`ll take either option, after all, the news reporting wouldn`t get any worse if they all died tomorrow, they`re not reporting news now, and apparently, they are alive?


S&P Cuts Western Australia Rating to AA+ on Growing Debt Burden


Western Australia’s long-term issuer score was cut to AA+ from AAA by Standard & Poor’s, leaving only two of Australia’s six state governments holding the top credit grade from the ratings company. 

“WA’s debt burden is now at the high end of the domestic peer group, and in our view is likely to continue rising,” S&P said in a statement today. “Upgrade potential in the coming two years is not currently expected. It would likely require a greater commitment to fiscal improvement than we expect.” 

Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett’s government last month forecast a budget deficit for the 12 months ending June 30, 2015, as a China-led mining investment boom wanes and slowing growth curbs government revenue. The difficulties faced by the state, which accounts for almost all of Australia’s iron-ore exports, mirror those confronting Tony Abbott, sworn in today as the nation’s 28th prime minister. 

“The state government hasn’t shown a lot of signs of adjusting its budget strategy as yet in terms of cutting back a little more meaningfully on expenditures,” said Adam Donaldson, the head of debt research at Sydney-based Commonwealth Bank of Australia. “Following the WA budget which was quite disappointing it’s certainly no surprise to see the downgrade come through.”

We are number 1 in child poverty again, our rightful place, the one thing this Government has been number 1 at for more than a decade..Were back baby!

Translink is broke...The Compass cards system is broken..Faregates are an unmitigated disaster..any Translink funding referendum will go down in flames, ...The education system is broken and broke..

Any greenhouse gas reduction targets we thought we would meet are gone, we weren`t going to meet them before, now it`s a sick joke, all targets abandoned yet the carbon tax on consumers remains as a symbolic tax grab gesture..

Anywho, perhaps there are those who would like to go get drunk, get stoned, if one actually contemplates the predicament these BC Lberals have put us in, it is very depressing, enough to make one want to get drunk and change the channel, dream of days past when life was..when life was more upfront and honest..

However, this story isn`t about any of those subjects, this article is about the BC Liberals using a beer n whine in grocery stores gambit to change channels...Why on earth was this announcement made today when no decisions are to be made until late next year, that is if the legislature ever opens again, why on earth would would John Yap bring this issue up today??

To change the channel on all the bad news, nobody is buying this channel change, it is painfully obvious what this Government is up to..."They are pulling a Stephen Harper"...Grant G November 28th/2013

I`m not one to often sympathize or cry foul over the treatment private liquor store operators are getting but in this case they are right, they were encouraged by Gordon Campbell and his lobbyists (patrick Kinsella) to get into the booze game, and they did, for the most part these private liquor store owners are small-business operated by average people, not corporations...And these business men(woman) are in shock over the fact that the BC Liberals are stabbing them in the back...Shocked I say, they got stabbed big time...Welcome to the club, every British Columbian outside of big Corporations are wandering around with scars, open wounds, open gaping dripping blood stab wounds on all our backs....Private liquor store owners..

Welcome to the 4 million strong and counting stabbed in the back by the BC Liberals club...No fees or club dues required, as no one can afford any dues..

These questionnaires are so easy to manipulate, so easy to achieve whatever result you want..For example...Question--- Would you like the convenience of being able to buy beer or wine at the same place you buy your groceries...

Everyone would answer yes..Everyone would also answer yes to this... Would like the convenience to buy groceries, buy gas, see your doctor, get car repaired, buy liquor, buy prescription drugs, go to the bathroom, pay all your bills and play slot machines, blackjack, roulette all at the same place, yes or no?

These questions are meaningless, John Yap said "buying liquor in grocery stores is top of mind for most British Columbians"..John Yap, November 28th/2013

No, buying booze is not top of mind....

Let us be clear, those who call into radio stations talking about the American system, cheap beer and wine at grocery stores...That won`t happen here, these BC Liberals don`t give a rat`s ass about you or the consumer, ....Second, the prices for liquor will not be like the USA($10 dollars for a case of beer)..Prices will remain high, the goal for these can`t run a peanut stand BC Liberals is revenue, all they know is gambling and liquor...more gambling, more revenue, more booze sales, more revenue, anyone who thinks the BC Government will lower prices on taxation for the sake of making up the lost revenue with volume is delusional...

The BC Government`s goal is to sell more booze, to make it easier for under aged teenagers to get booze..

This Government is so devoid of ideas that all they can do is propose selling more booze and installing more one armed bandits(also known as BC Liberal IT technology) ..

Anyway, this announcement by John Yap today was merely a channel changing exercise, any changes won`t happen until July 1st /2014...But they will happen, the Safeway(Sobeys)..Save-ON(Jimmy Pattison) and Wallmart(Walton family of $billionaires) will get the BC Liberal grease and private liquor store owners will get the shaft.....

Lastly...Like I said, these BC Liberals couldn`t run a peanut stand...Gaming revenue in British Columbia has flatlined over the last 3 years, even with increased access to gaming revenue is flat, the same goes for liquor, all you will do is water-down the market in favour of the corporate sector and get a few more teenagers drunk a little more often...An unemployed province with staggering tax bills, staggering utility bills leaves less and less throwaway money..

Welcome to the stabbed in the back club private liquor store owners.....We have more chairs on order, however, there is standing room only at this time as we are filled to capacity..

Even in the quietest moments..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Rich Coleman, British Columbia`s Minister of Giving Away Public Assets To BC Liberal Friends(An LNG Story)

 Written and assembled by Grant G

B.C.'s Auditor General John Doyle has condemned former forests minister Rich Coleman for allowing a forestry company to remove land from three tree farm licences for residential development, citing the possibilities of conflicts of interest and insider trading by government staff.
The report, released Wednesday in Victoria, said Coleman's decision to remove private forest lands from three tree farm licences (TFLs) on southern Vancouver Island was made without sufficient regard for the public interest.

The auditor general also said the investigation raised concerns about at least two potential conflicts of interest and possible insider trading, all of which are now under investigation by the province's conflict of interest commissioner and the BC Securities Commission.

In the report, the auditor general blasted the minister for being more concerned with the financial problems of Western Forest Products than the public interest.

Doyle said the minister acted on incomplete information and with too little public consultation.
"Based on this evidence, I concluded that the removal of private land from TFLs 6, 19 and 25 was approved without sufficient regard for the public interest," Doyle said.

"I am not criticizing the policy of allowing licensees to remove their private land from TFLs," said Doyle, "but I expect that such decisions will be thoroughly informed and that stakeholders will be consulted. In this case, the minister's decision was based on an incomplete analysis."

Minister indignant over allegations

Doyle has also raised the issue of conflicts of interest in the deal. Coleman's brother is an executive with Western Forest Products, the forest company that is developing the land.

The auditor general also noted what he called unusual activity in the stock markets, an issue he asked the BC Securities Commission to investigate.

The government responded by attacking the auditor general for issuing "a biased and inappropriate report."


17% of Vancouver Island was given away to BC Liberal party donors, Rich Coleman was in conflict of interest and should have resigned in shame, instead the BC Liberals attacked the messenger and used Global Television and CKNW to make excuses for and to deflect from the crimes committed, ..

Not only did that crown land giveaway not produce a single forestry job...It also allowed those forest companies to cut down trees and ship them out of Canada as raw logs, without having to report the volume, after all, these were now "private lands", you don`t have to report out on raw log shipping from private lands...Another result of Rich Coleman and the BC Liberal`s land giveaway was...It allowed these forest companies to become prime waterfront real estate sellers, which they fully partook in..

You see friends, Rich Coleman is an habitual liar, all BC Liberal ministers are, their leaders too..

Rich Coleman was the minister in charge of giving away our analog meters and shoved smart meters down our throats, BC Liberals paid double the price for smart meters than the going rate, the reason?..Because BC Liberal insiders owned shares of the smart meter producing company, people like David Emerson, $1.4 billion dollars B.C. spent on smart meters, and of course, the reason for smart meters was for real-time billing, after all, BC Hydro because of $70 billion dollars in energy buying contracts from IPP`s Gordon Campbell forced them to buy was going bankrupt, now BC Hydro rates are rising by 60% over the next 3 years, and even with those increases in consumer rates, BC Hydro`s $6 billion dollar in deferral debts created by the BC Liberals to hide their crimes are scheduled to rise even higher, yes indeed, Rich Coleman has his grubby little fingers in that file too..

First to Profit from $1 Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders.

And we all remember Rich Coleman threatening the city of Surrey over a giant proposed casino,


Rich Coleman issued warning to Surrey councillors ahead of casino vote

Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun

Published: Thursday, January 24, 2013
Days before Surrey's controversial casino vote, the minister responsible for gambling called some city councillors with a warning: If they voted no to this proposal, they could forget about a new casino anywhere in Surrey.
Councillor Bruce Hayne, who voted against the proposed $100-million casino resort in South Surrey, said Minister Rich Coleman's call was unusual but clear: "He let me know in no uncertain terms that if we turned down the proposal, the province and (the B.C. Lottery Corp.) would not be looking at another site in Surrey."
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts says it was inappropriate for Coleman to call councillors just days ahead of a public hearing into the proposed casino and, in a scathing letter to BCLC Thursday, she also blasted CEO Michael Graydon for what she described as inflammatory comments following Surrey's 5-4 decision to reject a gambling license for the project, proposed by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Ltd.

Watts said the actions by both Graydon and Coleman have shown a disregard for public process. Coleman also blasted Surrey council for rejecting the proposed casino and said B.C. won't waste any more time looking to place a casino in Surrey.
"Why even have a process and engage the public on a gaming license if your expectation is that it should go through regardless?" Watts said earlier this week.


Rich Coleman`s grubby little hands again, how much money has Rich Coleman taken illegally in bribes and payoffs to giveaway public assets and sell monopolies, only Rich Coleman can answer that question, I would guess that it`s in the $millions..Rich Coleman has no shame, he lies as easily as a rug..

Rich Coleman was front and center again as he tried to give away liquor distribution and hand that  $2 billion per year monopoly over to another BC Liberal party donating company, only extreme public pressure and world class sleuthing by Bob Mackin who uncovered a tangled web of meetings, connections, secret lobbying, ...I`ll let Bob Mackin fill in the dirty little details..


Liberals pondered liquor store privatization

One of the biggest provincial stories of 2012 was the BC Liberals' controversial, aborted attempt to privatize the Liquor Distribution Branch's warehousing and distribution.

There was no business plan and no formal industry consultation. There was plenty of intrigue, because BC Liberal backroom boy and BC Rail adviser Patrick Kinsella was lobbying for Exel Logistics. The government did its best to wrap the deal in a shroud of secrecy. We still don't know precisely how and why it was kiboshed before the shortlisted bidders could make their final presentations.

But the government didn't count on me and my li'l library of #LiquorLeaks shining some much-needed light on the specious process. Thanks, also, to good ol' fashioned brown paper envelopes and the documents inside. (I'm not finished yet. Far from it.)

So, what's the latest, you say?

Remember when the government released Treasury Board and Cabinet reports in late May? They were so heavily censored that the only information visible had been cut-and-pasted from already published service plans and financial reports. I appealed and pressure from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner caused the government to uncensor portions of those reports. I'm not satisfied yet, but I am happy to report what the government was hiding from you.

Specifically, that the government was studying the sale of its chain of 197 B.C. Liquor Stores, along with the LDB logistics! I revealed this in Business in Vancouver on Dec. 13. The documents are below, which indicate anticipated opposition from the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union was the biggest obstacle.

The government opted to keep the stores, but tried to sell the warehouses and distribution. Then, on Sept. 27, it agreed to a new two-year deal with the BCGEU that included a moratorium on any LDB privatization.

 This happened after liquor minister Rich Coleman spent six months banging the drum for a private warehouser and distributor to come along and help government save money (despite industry players warning that higher prices would be the outcome).


 Liquor, gambling, land giveaways, payday loan sharking, smart meters, Rich Coleman enjoys all the perks associated with selling out the public and the scariest part of all,,,,,,

Rich Coleman is the lead conman on the LNG file, in fact Christy the dunce Clark gave Rich Coleman a brand new ministry, a new title, a suitable title considering all the bullshit and hot air Rich Coleman has expelled..

Rich Coleman, The Minister of Natural Gas...or as I like to call him.."Rich Coleman, an over-stuffed corrupt windbag"

I did say this article was about natural gas.........

Last week was rather peculiar,  I`m talking about this announcement here..


B.C.'s natural gas reserves double previous estimates

Report estimates B.C. has 1,965 trillion cubic feet of natural gas available

A new report from the B.C. government claims the province's natural gas reserves are more than double the size of previous estimates.

The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation, which spans northeast B.C. south of Fort Nelson into the Fort St. John area and across the border into Alberta.

B.C.'s total natural gas reserves are estimated at 2,933 trillion cubic feet — enough to support development and LNG export operations for more than 150 years, according to a statement issued by the Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman.

But according to the study, an estimate of 1,965 trillion cubic feet of available gas, often referred to as gas-in-place or GIP, is the most realistic scenario of available reserves in British Columbia...

The study, The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta,  was a joint effort by Canada's National Energy Board, British Columbia's Ministry of Natural Gas Development, the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, and the Alberta Energy Regulator.


Let me say this, a joint effort from the Alberta energy regulator, and the NEB(the appointed panel that heard the Enbridge hearings) and the same group shutting out the GVRD on the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue, only Alberta will get to attend Kinder Morgan`s twinning application, the B.C. Oil n Gas Commission, weren`t they or aren`t they about to be handed to them by Christy Clark the authority over the ALR.(Agricultural Land Reserve) for 75% of the province and of course, Rich Coleman and the ministry of natural oh my, never a finer group of honest brokers been assembled.(sarcasm insert here)

A joint study with a stupid name..... "The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta"

With a study title like that what would you expect, yet there was no mention in the study about how much gas is in each province as this natural gas play crosses over into Alberta..When this announcement came out last week I was wondering why...Rich Coleman and Cluck Cluck already claimed we had a 75 year supply of natural gas available for export so why was it important to double the estimate to 150 years?...Why indeed, would not the LNG exporters invest with only a 75 year supply, after all, the chatter on LNG plants mused about operating over 30 years, now we can look forward to LNG exporters for the next 150 years, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days per year blasting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere..

The announcement last week, last Wednesday..Why, why, why....There was more to the announcement about "the study" than meets the eye..

First off...The joint study, let`s be clear, the only way to prove up reserves is to drill for gas, are you telling me the NEB...The Alberta Energy regulator, the B.C. Oil n Gas commission and BC`s ministry of natural gas were all over the Montney Basin drilling test holes?????...No, they were not, it`s a study based on nothing but propaganda that can`t be proven one way or another..

150 years of gas, is that with 3 LNG plants or 5....Is that with 5 LNG plants or 12....You see that doesn`t make sense, its purely a number meant for propaganda effect, 

Let us delve a little deeper....


"The Montney area will support economic activity in our province for a very long time as a supply hub for liquefied natural gas development, said Coleman.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has made developing the province's LNG industry the cornerstone of her government's economic development strategy for the province. She heralded the report's release on Wednesday. 

"In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas  — so since 2007 we have discovered that we have huge resources that we have the ability to access that we didn't have before," said Christy.
According to the Ministry of Natural Gas Development, there are more than 10 proposed LNG projects in B.C., three of which already have approved export licences from the National Energy Board.
The government estimates if five of these proposed facilities move forward, the cumulative gross domestic product benefit to British Columbia could total $1 trillion by 2046.


 The above is more from last Wednesday`s BC Liberal Gov press release....Before we carry on, I called Christy cluck cluck Clark a "Dunce"....The reason I did because it`s true, look at the above statement from Christy Clark..

 "In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas  — so since 2007 we have discovered that we have huge resources that we have the ability to access that we didn't have before," said Christy...

Have at it Christy Clark..?

Not only is her English that of a valley girl(sorry valley girls) but she lied again..

 "In 2007, we were talking about importing natural gas"

No, British Columbia was not talking about importing natural gas in 2007, in fact in 2005-2006-2007 natural gas was near $12 dollars per unit and British Columbia made record amounts on royalties, peaking in 2006 at $1.9 billion dollars, B.C. has been exporting natural gas for decades, why on earth would B.C. have ever talked about importing natural gas, it was the USA, let me repeat that, it was the USA of America that started building LNG regasification plants in 2007 in anticipation of receiving imported LNG from abroad,.... B.C. never ever considered importing natural gas.....Obviously Christy Clark has us confused with the Americans or perhaps she heard that refrain in Washington when she was there promoting LNG and looking for investors last month..She heard it, now repeats it, it`s a lie, a falsehood, not true, Christy Clark just blathers away oblivious to her surroundings, and facts..

Now, like I was saying, what was the reason for that announcement about gas reserves, Rich Coleman and Duncy Cluck already stated over and over again how large our gas reserves are, so who are they trying to con/convince, themselves or potential investors....

 As you know no energy companies have even put a shovel in the ground, no final investment decisions made, why the delay, these BC Liberals have been blathering about LNG for 4 years, still nothing..

 So last Wednesday this gaseous reserve announcement was made and to me it made no sense, until last Friday when another LNG article came out, when one puts both stories together it became very clear as to the BC Liberal`s motivation..It was a deflection from the real story..

Let us recap...Rich Coleman claimed we have not 75 years of gas in the Montney basin but 150 years worth of gas in the Montney basin..

So, if you were a company like say....Talisman Energy and you had vast holdings in the Montney Basin, this announcement would be huge, your holdings have just doubled in value...

And suppose even at the low natural gas prices in North America gas extraction in the Montney basin was still very profitable.

If all that was true Talisman Energy certainly wouldn`t be or have considered selling their Montney Basin holdings, would they, double the reserves, profitable at low prices, who would sell and why, that is indeed a very important question because...

Because on Friday November 8th ....2 days after Rich Coleman`s Wednesday gas reserve announcement.....

"The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation"---That statement means nothing, read what it says, an estimate based on a formation study, meaning no drilling..

2 days after Rich Coleman`s announcement Talisman Energy sold all their British Columbia and Montney Basin assets to Progress energy for $1.5 billion dollars..

Why, why would Talisman Energy sell their piece of a $trillion dollar gas play in northeast B.C....Why indeed..

The article claimed Talisman was "reorganizing".....Reorganizing, selling a now double in value asset is reorganizing?

And who bought this asset from Talisman Energy...?

Progress Energy, hmmm, that name rings a bell, Progress Energy used to be a Alberta energy company but they were bought out last year..Progress energy is actually...

Petronas, The Malaysian Government..

Interesting no....It get s better because according to Petronas`s subsidiary company Progress Energy..

According to Progress Energy, Petronas(Progress Energy`s Mother Corporation)..Petronas is having Progress Energy over the next 2 year do test drilling in the Montney Basin to prove up reserves before any final investment decision(FID) is made..


"Calgary-based Progress Energy Canada Ltd. increased its stake in British Columbia’s Montney Basin with the $1.5-billion purchase of Talisman Energy’s interest in the lucrative shale natural gas field.

Progress Energy CEO Michael Culbert said the Talisman properties are adjacent to its existing drilling operations and infrastructure in the Montney, so Progress gains efficiencies from the addition.

However, the newly acquired resources won’t factor into the natural gas development that Progress is pursuing in support of the bid by its parent company — Malaysian state-owned firm Petronas — to build a $10-billion liquefied natural gas export plant at Prince Rupert. At least not for now.
“We really look at these assets as having the pedigree to be able to compete in the North American market,” Culbert said.

The field produces natural gas that is profitable, even in the current environment of extremely low prices, and also contains liquids such as propane and butane that increase revenue potential, Culbert said.

 Progress’s ambitions in the region were bolstered earlier this week when the National Energy Board released a new estimate of the Montney’s potential reserves at 449 trillion cubic feet of gas — 271 trillion cubic feet in the portion of the Montney on B.C.’s side of the Alberta border.

Culbert said the NEB estimate classifies the Montney as a “world-class” resource, “and I think as a major player in the Montney, particularly the north Montney, we believe that as well.”

Talisman put its B.C. holdings up for sale earlier this year as part of an effort to dispose of $2-$3 billion worth of assets as part of the company’s reorganization.

Very interesting, Talisman, a north American company is running away from British Columbia, running away just 2 days after Rich Coleman made a claim that "estimates" have doubled, running away from British Columbia days after Rich Coleman made the unproven claim that Talisman Energy`s asset just doubled in value...Strange?

But there is yet more intrigue......

Rich Coleman just made the claim/estimated claim that the Montney Basin ..


A new report from the B.C. government claims the province's natural gas reserves are more than double the size of previous estimates.
The new estimate is based on analysis of the Montney Formation, which spans northeast B.C. south of Fort Nelson into the Fort St. John area and across the border into Alberta.

B.C.'s total natural gas reserves are estimated at 2,933 trillion cubic feet — enough to support development and LNG export operations for more than 150 years, according to a statement issued by the Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman.

Even Bernard Schulmaan is calling the....
"The Ultimate Potential for Unconventional Petroleum from the Montney Formation of British Columbia and Alberta" study.. BULLSHIT.

And so am I...There`s still no final investment decision, and Petronas, the parent corporation of Progress Energy doesn`t believe Rich Coleman either, I can safely say that because of this statement from last Friday`s article. 


 "Culbert said Progress Energy will continue what he referred to as the appraisal phase of drilling in the north Montney, which the company is developing in partnership with the Japanese energy producer Japex.

Appraisal will see the company punch 160 to 170 new wells per year into its property over the next two years to establish how much gas its holdings can supply to Petronas’ proposed LNG plant.

Culbert said the company’s goal is to show that its existing holdings contain reserves of 15 trillion cubic feet of gas by the time Petronas makes a final investment decision on whether to proceed with its proposed LNG plant.

According to the Ministry of Natural Gas Development, Progress Energy holds the oil and gas rights to 190,000 hectares in the Montney region"


 Does that make any sense?...Rich Coleman just made the unproven claim that gas reserves in the Montney Basin are double earlier estimates, 150 years worth...Yet Petronas, yet Petronas doesn`t believe Rich Coleman and is using the longstading tradition of..."Trust but verify" and is spending the next 2 years having its subsidiary company Progress Energy doing test drilling..

Which means the earliest Petronas would announce a FID would be is......late 2015 to 2016...That is IF the gas is actually there, .

It is obvious that Rich Coleman used that "Estimate of gas" story to try and put out the flames of discontentment from the energy companies..

Funny stuff because Petronas has a big mess in its own financing..

(I recommend you read the above liked article,  a first class informative read)

 ...and the very first proposed LNG project that was granted the first LNG export licence in British Columbia has stalled over financing,  that project was a tiny little $500 million dollar LNG plant proposal, tiny in comparison to Chevron`s $60 billion dollar Gorgon LNG plant in Australia..

So ask yourself..

Why is Petronas still needing 2 years and hundreds of test-wells before even considering a FID..

Why did Rich Coleman make the doubling of gas reserve estimate claim when the BC Liberals and Christy Clark already claimed we had the largest gas reserves in the world...75 years not long enough to lure energy companies?

Why did Talisman Energy dump all their BC holdings, why when days earlier Rich Coleman claimed Talisman`s asset theorectically doubled in value..

 And lastly..

Why is Christy Clark dumb as a stump, "ya know"

P.S......I recommend you listen to this audio on LNG and natural gas plays in the below link, it discusses this topic on audio..

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British Columbia`s LNG Future, As Told By An Expert, Full Of Holes, Guesses And Bafflegab

I like to read, and occasionally write, and every now and then one runs across a story so well written, so articulate, compelling and in plain understandable English tongue, no ambiguity..

And tonight I read that article...

Focus Online
Victoria`s magazine of people, ideas and culture

The article is titled..

Manufacturing consent

 By David Broadland, November 2013

 I`m going to post a few passages from David Broadland`s outstanding worldclass article on LNG, and I know it`s worldclass because I have read thousands of LNG stories from around the world..This is the story of ponzi, of desperation, of myth, fabrication and plain old spin-doctoring, it`s a story of political donations to the BC Liberals from energy companies who gambled in B.C. and lost...It`s a story of guile, illusion and guesstimations disguised as science...

I don`t want to understate the story...Let`s get are only a few passages of many from the article titled...


Manufacturing Consent


 By David Broadland


 "Between 2005 and the 2013 election, EnCana Corporation made 52 contributions to the BC Liberal Party totalling $791,270. EnCana is an Alberta-based company that produces and markets oil and natural gas in several North American locales, including northeastern BC. The company is second only to mining giant Teck in the amount of money it gives to the Liberals. EnCana isn’t the only natural gas producer in BC providing financial assistance to the Liberals. Other donors include Spectra Energy, Talisman Energy, Apache Corporation, Crew Energy, Nexen, Devon Canada, Imperial Oil, Suncor Energy, ConocoPhillips, Arc Resources, and Penn West. ......

though the NEB released an Energy Briefing Note in November 2010 indicating that the average cost of producing Horn River Basin shales was $4.68 per gigajoule in 2009, not including pipeline tolls.”According to the BC government, in 2013 the average price a BC producer was expected to get for its natural gas “at plant inlet” was $2.25 per gigajoule, less than one-half the NEB’s estimated cost of production from a Horn River Basin well—not including pipeline tolls.....

And therein lies the rationale for liquefying and exporting BC’s natural gas to Asia. North American gas marketers will buy BC shale gas, but only at the same price they pay for gas produced much closer to major markets from wells that are much less expensive to drill. The NEB estimates a single horizontal well in the Horn River Basin costs up to $10 million.......

 But even without knowing that cost, it’s clear the distance between the NEB’s estimate of $4.68 per gigajoule and the current market price makes Horn River Basin production a losing proposition. BC gas producers, who miscalculated the impact American shale gas production would have on North American prices, invested close to $3.7 billion acquiring drilling rights on Crown land in BC shale gas plays between 2005 and 2010. Now they’re looking for a way to recoup their bad investment......

 Coleman is expected to announce that formula in November and the Liberal government will presumably “lock it down” in the legislature soon thereafter. Will Coleman lower, or eliminate the royalty to make conditions more favourable for LNG investors?
It’s already at rock bottom. Last February’s budget stated the Province would collect $228 million in royalties from natural gas production this year, which, it said, was a rate of 20.9 percent. That was somehow reassuring because the maximum royalty rate is 27 percent. But those who were reassured were being misled. The effective royalty rate is actually less than 7 percent, lower than BC’s supposedly lowest rate of 9 percent.....

 The Ministry spokesperson obliged: “Producer prices since June have ranged from $0 per thousand cubic metres to $88 per thousand cubic metres.”
That big fat zero suggests a gas well that’s a losing proposition. A money-losing well would certainly produce the minimum royalty. So would one where the producer price was $50. But more importantly, in an industry where producers also operate pipelines and processing plants, or have joint ventures with pipeline companies and processors, what’s to stop companies from charging themselves or their partners enough to bring the producer price down to zero, and then splitting the unpaid royalty on some other balance sheet?

 The uniqueness of the Horn River Basin study is noteworthy. To date, the Basin is the only shale gas area in the Province that has undergone even a probabilistic determination—by government—of the volume of natural gas that might be found. That is to say, the Province has only a vague idea of how much natural gas can be economically extracted in BC....

If all the liquefied natural gas projects that have applied to the NEB to export natural gas from BC ports were operational today, and production for the North American market remained at roughly 1.6 trillion cubic feet per year, BC would burn through its discovered marketable gas in under 3.5 years.
If “undiscovered” gas is included, and that means gas that hasn’t actually been found yet but is assumed to exist and for which a quantity has been estimated by a probabilistic resource assessment—surely a case of counting your chickens before they’re hatched if there ever was one—the reserve of 109 trillion cubic feet would last about 16 years.
So what is Coleman basing his “84 years” claim on?..

Considering the BC Liberals’ indebtedness to gas producers, it’s only prudent to also question what motivated this scheme. Did Clark get her “vision” from EnCana founder and former CEO Gwyn Morgan when she appointed him to her transition team in 2011? Or did it come to her shortly thereafter, when Morgan handed over the second of two $50,000 personal cheques made out to the BC Liberal Party?

David Broadland is the publisher of Focus.


Please go read the whole article, it is quite long but very readable..

Manufacturing consent


Below are links to more critical information on LNG and the big scam, the ponzi, BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell told us IPPs would make us rich as an electrical exporting super-power, now BC Hydro is broke...BC Liberals said the 2010 Olympics would make us rich, put BC on the map, they didn`t even break even..

BC Liberals told us exporting wood to China would make our forestry industry flourish, industry is dead and forest depleted..BC is drowning in debt..And there isn`t one shovel in the ground and no big energy companies have made a final investment decision(FID)..

British Cloumbia is a sick, corrupt province run by what best could be described as...THIEVES!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BC Hydro, John Horgan, What Real Leadership Sounds Like

I have very little to say right now...However John Horgan has plenty to say about BC Hydro..

Cue up November 26th/2013..1:00 pm....And listen to A sizzling fact-filled BC Liberal ball busting segment without a stitch of spin....

Listen to  what real leadership and command sounds like.

And for those that want contrast, listen to Bill(Knob Gobbler)Good and his guest David Austin`s version,  Goodly gobbler Billy had on his 11:00 AM segment an IPP/PPP3 promoter, though Billy described him only as an energy lawyer with an interest in electricity..

Cue up November 26th/ 2013 ,,11:00 am and listen to that segment..

Two completely different versions, who are we to believe

Damien Gillis..

Rafe Mair..

John Calvert..

John Horgan..

Prem said no incr b4 election": Without massive spending deferral, Hydro rate increase would be 50%+ over 5 years."

Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature.

  1. Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature.

  2. Look for what Minister didn't talk about in prepared materials. Growth in debt, obligations to IPPs, selling power at a loss. 

      1. BCLib Hydro plan calls for property sales and LNG to save the day. Where have I heard that before?

        Reply to  

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    1. I'm sure Premier will take a break from Asian junket to justify rate hikes and growth of debt. What happened to families first?
    2. Can't wait to grill Energy Minister in Question Period after post election rate flip flop. Oops, I'm a BC MLA with no Legislature

        1. BCLib 10yr plan has 5yrs of rate increases. Keep taking dividend from BCH, keep avoiding BCUC, keep deferring debt.

          Reply to  

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      1. Hope Coleman will join Bennett at Hydro presser and explain how the pre election sunshine turned into post election storm.
      2. No Legislative debate, no BCUC review, no accountability at all. BCLibs set multi year rate increases, more deferred debt. 

        Instead of having BCUC review BCLib hydro rate plan BCLibs to review BCUC! Only in bizarro BC? Nope, for real


Bill Good,

  Bill Bennett

and David Austin

Another interesting item, something about timing...Christy clucking Clark just happens to be on a trip, she`s in Asia, this Asian trip wasn`t announced to the public until she was boarding a plane, and today, on the same day BC Hydro slaps us in the face, on the same day another report stating British Columbia leads the nation in child poverty, again and again, and still....

All this happening while cluck cluck clucking Christy Clark is out of country....coincidence?

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