Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christy Clark Caretaker Government/ The Beginning of the End

Perhaps it`s the pain, maybe sadness, more likely the source is anger, whatever the cause matters not and as for explaining it I cannot...

Clarity, unadulterated pure thought, the ability to be there in the room with my enemies as they squirm, conspire and plot to salvage not only their future but perhaps even their own lives, the day, today in particular, Shakespeare would be proud, there is another saying or phrase that comes to mind..

"All the worlds a stage"

We had a three part special performed today and from what I gather most of the media and the public bought it hook, line and sinker.....Actually, if you count the BC Liberal movie of the week we have four elaborate movies being played simultaneously,....BC Hydro.....Let`s start with that straw man whipping boy.....We had the BC Liberal review on BC Hydro recently completed, the report clearly indicated the reason for skyrocketing residential customer rates is the aquisition of run of river power, that is the elephant in the room, power buying contracts of 30 and 40 years at rates 4 to 10 times the current spot market rates, the report also mentioned that the real goal of the smart meters was for real time billing(premium cost power at family time..5:00 pm to 10:pm)....The BC Hydro review also highlighted a bloated payroll, 41% more hires in the last 8 years and some pretty good double pensions....

The BC Liberal stageplay on BC Hydro was to, through PAB press releases, through a compliant CKNW and Global TV.(CKNW did a special last Friday, the whole show was about tearing down hydro workers pensions and highlight that BC Hydro has more employees making over 100,000.00 than any other crown corporation....

I am not condoning the over generous pensions but....But can`t you see the con, the BC Liberals are trying to anger the public over salaries when the real reason the public is furious is about skyrocketing hydro rates, the public`s focus has been directed at compensation of employees rather than where the real problem lies, IPP contracts and smart meters...As for BC Hydro having the most 100,000.00 K salaries, Linemen/woman make good money and work long shifts during storms, Hydro also employs engineers, scientists and a very high-skilled workforce, compare the skills of the average BC Hydro worker compared to Translink, high-tension linemen compared to bus drivers, no offense meant to any bus drivers, the reason for skyrocketing hydro rates are the Run of River contracts, we buy high and sell low.....The Gordon Campbell legacy lives on through hydro rates..

The UBCM convention in Vancouver, the mayors and councilors will be voting on the smart meters, whether or not they will be allowed to be installed in their constituencies, first off, these mayors have no say, the people have no say, in-fact Rich Coleman after hearing about the smart meter vote at the UBCM quickly came out with a statement saying and I quote...

“We continue what we are supposed to do, and that is to install smart meters in British Columbia,” he said. “We have already made the investment, we’ve already passed the legislation in the Clean Energy Act. We have invested [as much as] $400 million so far and a resolution [by the UBCM] is not going to stop us.”

I would like to examine that statement, what does that mean...

"We continue to do what we are supposed to do" snip

Is Coleman a robot, controlled, and if yes by who?

"We`ve already passed legislation in the clean energy act"snip

You mean Gordon Campbell told the public, the media, the Province, and by his hand Gordon Campbell said smart meters get installed, no oversight, no public debate, no perusal by the BCUC, no nothing but a dictorial decree by a habitual liar and criminal and Rich Coleman said that he and his fellow law makers are stuck with it, stuck with a legislated law, stuck with a law they voted on?!....Are you kidding me, and you media, where were you, the clean energy act was rammed through the legislature with closure, debate cut off and you just stood there with empty pens and cheerleading words....And you mayors want to make a symbolic gesture, you want to side with the people, you want to grandstand with your useless vote that you all know is worthless, where were your voices when the clean energy act was proposed, if the smart meters are so damn good then why was/is the BC Liberal Government afraid of scrutiny....??..Exactly, many MLAs will live in danger, when the truth comes out, when the facts are revealed, how complicit these BC Liberal MLAs were in abetting the Gordon Campbell crimes, I wouldn`t want to be a BC Liberal MLA, especially a former BC Liberal MLA......Many have written on smart meters, the BC Liberal Ties/The Federal Liberal ties, insider deals, big stock purchases by floor crosser David Emerson...
History will judge thee BC Liberals.....Karma will take care of the rest.

Part III of this stage play is David Hahn, the man is leaving as a failure, he sank a ferry, he chased away tourists with outrageous RV and boat trailer fees, he slammed local residents with insults and even refused to honour pre-paid fares, and despite Hahn being praised by CKNW/Global news and the BC Liberals as a great CEO, the name of the game, the goal of BC Liberal public affairs army spin machine is to highlight a new paid less by tons CEO, also to highlight some tweaking of future pension obligations, a hiring freeze and an end of the sop to the $billionaire Aquilinni and through it all the root cause of BC Ferries fiscal nightmare is all but being ignored, BC Ferries is set to lose $25 million dollars this year, ridership is down to 20 year lows, our population has increased by nearly 1 million in 20 years and ridership is falling, Hahn succeeded at nothing, a stooge appointee planted to shield BC Ferries books from the prying public eyes, because the truth be known, BC Ferries could save $40 million dollars per year on interest charges on their $1.6 billion dollar starting tomorrow, all they have to do is bring BC Ferries under crown corporation status, borrow $1.6 billion dollars, pay of their debt to the German banks and refinance at 4% interest rather than the 11% they are currently paying, David Hahn has left BC Ferries in worse shape than they have ever been in, and without refinancing the debt BC Ferries will continue to bleed cash, yet the story being spun by PAB will be all about David Hahn`s transformation of BC Ferries from the dismal days in the 90`s and his altruistic reasons for leaving, the emphasis will be placed on wages of joe average worker, again the root cause of the Ferries fiscal woes will be ignored, gas guzzling defective ferries, usury interest rates on the debt and, and the big one...The $500 million dollars Gordon Campbell forced BC Ferries to borrow, $500 million that went into general revenue that BC Ferries is paying interest on, the dreaded debenture.

And the really big news today, or should I say the big lie...The BC Liberal Government employ advisors, panels, spin doctors, the BC Liberal Government also employs over 200 freaky looking PAB employees who hang all over the ministers as they speak, the largest public affairs department in North America, maybe the largest in the world, they spin the news, they have direct lines to every complicit media room in the Province.....And what are the odds that what Shirley Bond said today about the RCMP is nothing but another elaborate ruse.

I would like you to think about this.....Why would Shirley Bond say anything about the Federal Conservative Government issuing a 9 week ultimatum to the BC Liberal Government about signing a new 20 year contract with the RCMP.....Why indeed, what is the angle, what ruse is PAB plotting, first off, according to Shirley Bond the Harper Government showed the  BC government a copy of the RCMP contract Alberta and Saskatchewan recently signed and said, you get the same deal, sign it......That does not ring true, what makes British Columbia think they can get a better deal, a cheaper deal than either Alberta and Saskatchewan....This story isn`t about whether we should replace the RCMP with our own BC Police force, this story isn`t about tasering or drunken lying cheating RCMP officers,  this is not the issue.....The story is about the spin, this story is about a senior, I mean a really really old senior politician(shirley Bond) in public, starting a pissing contest with the Federal Government, and, does Shirley Bond really believe that Stephen Harper gives a rat`s ass about the court of public opinion when he`s in the first year of a 5 year majority?!...

So why was this leaked at the UBCM convention? there are over 200 members of the BC Government PAB and they let this story leak out????.....Also, why would Shirley Bond panic at this time, the Federal Government gave her until the end of November to sign a deal.....So why the pissing contest with the Federal Government?

And why hasn`t the media picked up on this, for if the NDP were in power and they started a Federal battle with three 800lb elephants on the line,  they would be ridiculed for stupidity, Christy Clark recently has been on the record as saying.
"The BC Liberal Government has always been on good terms with the Federal Conservative Government"

And maybe some of the people, maybe everybody has forgotten about the three 800lb gorillas in the room, isn`t there a tens of $billions of dollars worth of federal ship building contracts soon to be let out by Stephen Harper, and who is competing for these contracts....The HST province of Ontario, the HST province of Quebec, the HST province of Newfoundland the HST province of......Err, never-mind

So why indeed, perhaps the anger expressed by Shirley Bond today was really in response to British Columbia NOT getting any of the ship building contracts??

Think about these optics..A  Federal Government ship building contract worth tens of $billions of dollars is about to be released to 2 of 4 provinces.....BC is "allegedly" in talks with Ottawa about fast tracking the removal of the HST and then there is that little issue of the $1.6 billion dollar bribe Ottawa wants back.....Harper wants his HST foothold in Western Canada, Gordon Campbell has already been rewarded for his betrayal of British Columbia....

So with that in the background, with the BC Liberals 200 plus member of the Public Affairs Bureau controlling the message,  Shirley Bond screams the sky is falling because the Feds gave her a 9 week deadline to sign the same deal everyone else did. are you kidding me!....A court of public opinion pissing contest with the Federal Government with the HST $1.6 billion on the line and a Federal shipbuilding contract.....It was no accident.

There is only 1 possibility in my mind.... BC got nixed with the Federal ship building contract...The Federal Conservative Government told Christy Clark that the HST must remain or no Ship building contract will come BC`s way....The BC Liberals squirmed a response back to Prime minister Harper...The HST if Kept will destroy the BC Liberal party...To which Harper responded......The BC Liberals are disposable, the HST is not..

And there is also a slim chance that the BC Liberals want to make their own police force,  imagine this scenario, Christy Clark and her corporate advisers hand picking a BC Police force, her chiefs, her PR people, her priorities, as much as the RCMP disturb me, my Dad told me about the old BC Police force, and Dad  described that force like this....."The best police force money could buy"      Sorry folks, the thought of the BC Liberals assembling a police force is too much to take.

So....What we really have is the complete demise of the Conservative side of the BC Liberal party, the line was drawn in the sand today, Christy Clark is in survival mode and has but one short straw left to grasp.....She must distance herself from the Federal Conservatives and hope and pray that the Harper regime crashes and burns in the public`s eye before the next election, good luck with that!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

$2,333,33 for every man, woman and child in the world!

14 Trillion divided by 6 billion, simple math for a regular Joe like me, but more importantly than math skills is equity, and what I mean by equity is humanity, humanity on a grand scale and as I muse about what could have been, what could have happened how life as we knew it had a chance to change directions but it was not to be, instead we repeated history and rewarded the very criminals who committed the crimes.

I was looking at median income demographics from different countries around the world, there were some shocking numbers, including Canada, in Canada the median income is $39 k per year, but many countries, many many countries the median income is measured in a few thousand dollars and even in the hundreds of dollars and this got me to thinking about the continuation of the fraudulent banking bailouts, I wrote before how the US banking bailout in 2008 has now been pegged at over $13 trillion dollars and who knows for sure, it could be double that, and what I found interesting while researching this story is..

Early in 2008 stories were written pegging the banking bailout cost at $1.8 trillion dollars and the more I looked and read, the further into the future the stories were the cost kept rising, stories pegging the banking bailout at $5 Trillion dollars, then $8 trillion dollars and now the 2008 banking rescue packages are pegged at over $13 trillion dollars.

And the more I read the more the outrage boiled within, for I remember quite well when the shit hit the fan with Lehman brothers and Bear Stearns, the banking scum screamed and wailed and said the sky would fall if they weren`t bailed out, they claimed things were bad but they would get much worse if they weren`t rescued but.

But the numbers bandied around were not $1.8 trillion dollars, not $5 trillion dollars, certainly not $8 trillion dollars let alone $13 trillion dollars, no, the numbers being bandied about at that time were in the range of $700 billion dollars, the public was furious and disgusted with that amount, little did the public know, ....In-fact there was a deliberate misleading of the public and the legislation itself had language that allowed the USA to spend as much as .....

$700 trillion dollars to bailout the banks.....Here is a little cut n paste from another site..


Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bailout Is NOT Limited to $700 Billion; Paulson Could Spend UNLIMITED Taxpayer Money

Most people think that the proposed bailout will cost $700 billion. In fact, it is not limited to $700 big ones, and will probably go much higher.

Specifically, Paulson's draft bailout plans says:
"The Secretary’s authority to purchase mortgage-related assets under this Act shall be limited to $700,000,000,000 outstanding at any one time."
That means that Paulson could buy a couple hundred billion worth of assets one day, sell them, and then the next day buy another couple hundred billion, and so on.
The maximum price tag?
There is no maximum. Paulson could literally spend unlimited taxpayer monies. And remember that Paulson has already broadened the proposal to include the purchase of non mortgage-related assets (and see this).
As Chris Martenson writes:
This means that $700 billion is NOT the cost of this dangerous legislation, it is only the amount that can be outstanding at any one time. After, say, $100 billion of bad mortgages are disposed of, another $100 billion can be bought. In short, these four little words assure that there is NO LIMIT to the potential size of this bailout. This means that $700 billion is a rolling amount, not a ceiling.

So what happens when you have vague language and an unlimited budget? Fraud and self-dealing. Mark my words, this is the largest looting operation ever in the history of the US, and it’s all spelled out right in this delightfully brief document that is about to be rammed through a scared Congress and made into law......

You can read the full story here.....


There is no way the American public or the world for that matter would have allowed the printing of $13 trillion dollars to save the corrupt, deregulated banking sector, but it was done never-the-less, done by stealth, done $1 trillion dollars at a time, and coincidentally the US legislation allowed for the printing of $700 billion dollars(at any one time), in other words the US treasury can and will print $trillions more, they can legally print $700 trillion dollars in new currency, which just happens to be about the size of the world`s shadow derivatives market, isn`t that special...And the more I read the scarier it gets, here are some more downright frightening facts.....


By Thomas Kostigen, MarketWatch
SANTA MONICA, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- There's a $700 trillion elephant in the room and it's time we found out how much it really weighs on the economy.
Derivative contracts total about three-quarters of a quadrillion dollars in "notional" amounts, according to the Bank for International Settlements. These contracts are tallied in notional values because no one really can say how much they are worth.
But valuing them correctly is exactly what we should be doing because these comprise the viral disease that has infected the financial markets and the economies of the world

Try as we might to salvage the residential real estate market, it's at best worth $23 trillion in the U.S. We're struggling to save the stock market, but that's valued at less than $15 trillion. And we hope to keep the entire U.S. economy from collapsing, yet gross domestic product stands at $14.2 trillion.
Compare any of these to the derivatives market and you can easily see that we are just closing the windows as a tsunami crashes to shore. The total value of all the stock markets in the world amounts to less than $50 trillion, according to the World Federation of Exchanges.
To be sure, the derivatives market is international. But much of the trouble we're in began with contracts "derived" from the values associated with U.S. residential real estate market. These contracts were engineered based on the various assumptions tied to those values.
Few know what derivatives are worth. I spoke with one derivatives trader who manages billions of dollars and she said she couldn't even value her portfolio because "no one knows anymore who is on the other side of the trade."
Derivatives pricing, simply put, is determined by what someone else is willing to pay for the contract. The value is based on an artificial scenario that "X" will be worth "Y" if "Z" happens. Strip away the fantasy, however, and the reality of the situation is akin to a game of musical chairs -- without any chairs...

Read the whole story here


And it gets worse, those are only the 2008 bailout numbers, nearly $1 trillion dollars has been spent trying to shore up European banks as the toxic derivatives continue to swirl the earth and....And Harper and company are demanding another 1 $trillion dollar rescue bailout on top of that...So what we have according to my math is $16 trillion dollars for bailouts and what do we have....Market turmoil, corporations sitting on $trillions in cash and country after country unleashing austerity measures(taking back and reneging on every promise Governments made to their peoples) upon their own peoples, high unemployment and slash, cut, burn, and for what...The entirety of everything in the world is worth a mere..."Less than $50 trillion dollars, in other words, the bailouts so FAR are equivalent to nearly 40% of the world`s assets value, are you kidding me...!!!

Could you imagine giving countries like Haiti even $10 billion for rebuilding, imagine funneling $1 trillion into African infrastructure, just imagine if $16 trillion dollars was spent on jobs, on clean energy, on food security, jobs would be everywhere, just imagine giving every man women and child on earth $ 2,333,33....Families of five in Africa would receive over $11,000 thousand dollars, the economies of the world would be humming along, domestic economies would have flourished for decades, especially in third world and developing nations but no.....

What we have is $16 trillion dollars spent and....And crumbling infrastructure everywhere, slashed pensions, no pensions, broke states, broke provinces, broke districts, health care and education under assault around the world, human rights being removed, direct financial assaults on teachers, firemen. police, paramedics, care workers, financial assaults upon ordinary joes, we have staggering youth unemployment around the world and the very banks and corporations who defrauded and stole the world`s cash are actively conspiring to reduce employment through technocracy and automation.....

$16 trillion dollars spent and the world is on the cusp of a worldwide depression, with ongoing austerity measures and shrinking economies the world economic markets will crash anyway, the bailouts, a mere $680 trillion more dollars to go.

And Christy Clark`s answer is more raw logs and tar sand bitumen to China.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Christy Gordon Campbell Clark`s Secret Agenda Revealed!

I have written about it before, Vaughn Palmer and other media have their own vested interest in promoting the continued rape of our rivers, the reason?...The reason is they bought the Campbell Kool-Aid and invested their own money in the private power ripoff, in other words Vaughn Palmer and others could give a rat`s ass about British Columbia and BC Hydro ratepayers or the environment, Vaughn Palmer is long in the tooth and all he cares about now is his own bank account...

Today Vaughn Palmer is making waves again about the power shortage to run a natural gas liquification terminals, but Vaughn Palmer avoids the two elephants in the room, and what might those elephants be?

Elephant #1)...Can you imagine the idiocy of buggering up pristine salmon rivers, damming eco systems to facilitate the export of greenhouse gases to Asia, using so-called green power to export carbon and pollution. 

Elephant #2)..The LNG terminal proposed for Kitimat, the electrical demands of this project are to be subsidized by regular BC Ratepayers!!!!!!!!....Yes, Bill Good`s guest yesterday admitted that the hydro rates for British Columbians will rise considerably because of the electric demands of these LNG terminals!!!

In other words regular folks in BC are expected to subsidize EnCana gas, Apache Canada and the over-priced IPP power for the sole purpose of more private corporate profits!!!!...You see friends what is really going on here, it`s a BC Liberal backdoor maneuver to push through private IPP power projects and ....And EnCana gas will not pay the rates that the private power companies wants, you know the prices, Gordon Campbell signed long term contracts with these river rapers that guarantee huge profits for the IPPs, and these prices are 4 to 10 times the spot market electric rates, and the best forecasters in the world had stated that the price of electricity is not likely to rise for at least 30 years, ...Well, except in BC where the BC Liberals and Christy Clucking Clark sold out every family in BC!!!!..

Now hear me out, I am not against the natural gas industry but I will not subsidize big profitable companies like EnCana gas, they can buy all the power they need from Alberta, cheap electricity from natural gas burning power plants, and, here is a real novel idea, how about EnCana gas build their own natural gas burning power plant, or plants to supply their own needs for electricity, !!!!!!

EnCana gas wants free power for this project, well it`s not free, it will be paid for by ratepayers, in fact Bill Good had a guest on his BC Liberal promotional show earlier this week who stated that...

"BC Hydro residential customers rates will rise in costs as a result of the Natural gas liquification plants" snip

And Vaughn Palmer has stated in several columns.....Phase one of the Natural gas liquification plant will require 3000 gigawatt hours alone, let alone three terminals!...In other words, this plan will require roughly 10,000 gigawatt hours of power per year, that folks translates into 10 site Cs dams to be built, but, Site C won`t be running until 2020 or later, so, that means buggering up possibly hundreds of rivers to supply this power, hundreds of over-priced IPP power projects, hundreds of long term 30 and 40 year contracts, hundreds of power buying deals all being subsidized by BC hydro ratepayers!

And, and if the Natural gas market goes bust, if the world discovers new cheap energy, if the global economic markets go bust we in British Columbia(the people) would be on the hook for all this power!

Below are some excerpts from Vaughn Palmer`s columns.


An LNG plant, being basically a giant refrigerator, consumes a lot of power. The first phase of the Kitimat facility would need 1,500 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. Phase two would double that requirement.
Hydro is confident that it will have enough energy on hand to supply Phase 1. Beyond that, I'm told, it will depend on to what degree the government, in its drive to hold down rates, reins in future development or purchase of electricity by Hydro

Read more:

After repeating a vow from earlier in the week to push for one LNG terminal by 2015 and three by 2020, she addressed the concern that BC Hydro will be unable to supply all the electricity (as much as 3,000 gigawatt hours per year) needed to power one terminal, never mind three.
"We have enough electricity available to be able to launch the first two phases of the first project," Clark assured the audience.
"And I need to be clear to you today we will not allow a lack of power supply to stand in the way of any further important steps in the LNG project."

Read more:


What we are witnessing here is a backdoor, backhanded betrayal and a continuation of Gordon Campbell`s ruinous IPP private power scam that has already skyrocketed our electricity rates!...And, was not a review of BC Hydro just completed, the reason for the review was to keep the ratepayers hydro rates from exploding upwards over the next 5 years!...Yes it was and now....And now this project will require buggering up hundreds of rivers and streams with IPP DAMS and river diversions, the pure audacity to alter and ruin pristine river systems to facilitate the export of Greenhouse gas emitting natural gas.....Oh the humanity!

EnCana gas, Apache Canada and EOG resources, multi $billion dollar companies want to use the equivalent of 10 Site Cs or more likely hundreds of smaller river dams from IPPs, all with decades long contracts backed up by BC Hydro ratepayers, and....

And EnCana gas, Apache Canada wants this power for pennies, EnCana gas wants you, wants us, wants little ole residential customers to pay for their massive electrical footprint!....

EnCana gas can build their own Natural gas power plants and they can supply their own power, we BCers are already paying carbon offsets, carbon energy taxes while EnCana gas and the coal exporters ship their greenhouse spewing products overseas without any carbon offsets or carbon related fees!...

There is nothing wrong with the goal of exporting natural gas to Asia or America but the thought of damming hundreds of rivers and streams to facilitate the export of greenhouse gas emitting natural gas is so 18th century, it`s even worse than the tar sands operations, if EnCana gas and Apache Canada need power they can either buy Alberta electricity derived from natural gas or they can build their own natural gas powered electricity generating plants, that makes the most sense of all, they have the gas, they can use it for making their own go-go juice and leave the damn environment alone.....

But, Christy Clark caretaker Government has merely found a way to bring in Gordon and Michael Campbell`s ruinous policies of transferring wealth from families to corporations and the environment be DAMNED..

Only a fool would use clean water generated electricity to create greenhouse gas product for export, fools or BC Liberal corporate stooges....Use natural gas powered electricity to liquify Natural gas, Do not dare bugger up hundreds of rivers for liquifying natural gas.........What abunch of corporate sell outs the BC Liberals are

And Vaughn Palmer...Too bad you sunk your money into the IPPs, go fly a kite you salmon hating BC Liberal Stooge.

Can you say Smoke and Mirrors!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Michael Campbell is demanding everyone who voted against the HST to Send Ottawa over $2000 thousand dollars each!

Well well well, Gordon Campbell`s sick n twisted brother Michael Campbell wants everyone who voted against the HST to send a cheque to Ottawa for over $2000 dollars each...Michael Campbell also stated that the corporate elites and rich people who voted to keep the HST should pay NOTHING!

And, the money moment segment this morning(September 22/2011) at roughly 8:26 am was sponsored by North Shore Credit Union.....I urge everyone to boycott anyone who sponsors  either Money Talk show Michael Campbell hosts or Campbell`s daily 8:25 business comment on CKNW...

Michael Campbell had what only could be described as a childish hissy fit this morning, perhaps his precious metals portfolio got crushed today, perhaps Michael Campbell(who was Gordon Campbell`s financial advisor) sees his policies of destroying the middle class economy are finally being exposed for what they were...Smoke and mirrors and fraudulent accounting...And, and Michael Campbell was caught blatantly lying on his money talks show...

On several occasions Michael Campbell stated on air that the BC Government was going to be sending...And I quote what Michael Campbell said..."The BC Government will be sending everyone in BC a transition cheque of $175 dollars" Snip

Wrong Michael Campbell...Only ultra low income seniors and families with children UNDER 18 years of age would be sent this bribe!...Gotcha you lying bastard, and yes I can prove every bit of it...Bring it on you sick bastard Campbell!

I urge everyone to listen to the CKNW audio vault, cue up (8:00 am September 22/2011)and fast forward to 8:26 am and be prepared to see a mental defect having an HST hissy fit...I also urge you all to call North Shore credit union and demand they separate ties to CKNW, and also to call CKNW and tell them enough is enough!

CKNW by allowing Michael Campbell to berate the BC majority has in fact chosen sides, people against corporations....Bill Good is also complicit in class warfare...The people be damned, CKNW could care less about the suffering public...

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gordon Campbell destroyed BC /Christy Clark continues Campbell`s province killing policies,

The province of British Columbia is dead, that is if you consider Vancouver island part of BC......

When I arrived on the island it was immediately apparent that something was wrong, the weather was gorgeous, the scenery stunning, the fresh air invigorating and the fishing was pretty good too, but all that aside there was a sad undertone so thick you could cut it with a knife..

I was at the Port Alberni Canadian Tire on a Saturday midday, there was 4 young staff in this giant store and I was the only customer, the Safeway store was also barren, Grannies chicken in Port Alberni I was the only customer in hours, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday and I was the only customer, the beautiful people of Port Alberni were their usual friendly self, smiles everywhere and big hello`s were standard fare as always from the locals but this time even the happy facade couldn`t hide their pure fear....Fear of total economic collapse!

The jobs agenda, on CTV news last night they did a story on Nanaimo, apparently they have the highest unemployment rates in BC, 12%, but my gut tells me different, the unemployment numbers are climbing throughout the island, there was no summer tourism bump this year, there was zero summer fattening of wallets and therefor thousands more will be idled very soon and what did we see on Global news...

We saw a Clucking Liberal leader stepping out of a float plane wearing a tight orange skirt and high heels, and the photo-op itself, there was Clucking Christy Clark winking and smiling at the male port workers in Prince Rupert, the only thing missing was a brass pole and stripping music, and what was her announcement, $15 million dollar contribution from the taxpayers of BC going towards CN Rail, all part of a larger $300 million dollar private sector project designed to bring more coal to the port, and yes it was also just a re-announcement of a project long ago slated to happen, although the thought of more freebies to CN Rail sickens me, imagine if we had a provincial railway like say BC Rail, can`t anyone see the irony of the BC Government giving money to CN Rail after Gordon Campbell gave BC Rail to his campaign financier David Mclean(and CEO of CN Rail)...As for the rest of Christy Clucking Clark`s jobs agenda, nothing more need be said, both Palmer and Smyth were quick to note that these announcements are all retread photo-ops, maybe Clucking Clark thinks BCers are too stupid to recognize her deja vu traveling been there done that provincial tour..

The BC Carbon tax on British Columbia must end today, schools and hospitals paying carbon offsets must also end today, if we as a province are promoting and ramping up coal exports and natural gas exports and not charging carbon taxes and carbon offset fees than how on earth can a Government punish it`s own citizens for living, or driving, or heating their home...

Vancouver island, BC`s newest but not last ghost town, it takes years and years to build a reputation, it also takes several years to lose a reputation, the campers, RVers, the boaters, for decades they came to the island in droves to spend their dollars but then Gordon Campbell sold BC Ferries to ourselves(for the sole reason of propping up his election budget by $500 million dollars) and brought in David Hahn to hide the very dirty details of the sale, the result was a loss of control of our ferry system and skyrocketing ferry rates, can you imagine, high priced carbon taxed BC fuel and charging tourists $500 dollars each way on the ferry to tow their boat and camper, or charging over $100 each way for a few adults in a little car, the result was a slow bleed of tourists to other jurisdictions, and like I said, you could make the ferries free tomorrow and it would still takes years and years to draw our customers back..

I don`t know if you noticed but I didn`t refer to Clucking Clark as premier of BC, she isn`t, I didn`t vote for her, nobody did, she has no mandate and all the Clark caretaker Government has done is carry on with Gordon Campbell province destroying policies, Gordon Campbell and Michael Campbell destroyed the BC economy with their right wing free enterprise policies, BC Hydro going bankrupt, BC Ferries bleeding cash, raw log exports spiking upwards and now Clucking Clark wants to let Asia come in and take our natural resources for a song, ....By the way Vaughn Palmer/Michael Smyth/Les Leyne/Sean Leslie and you other media hacks, I and the rest of BC could care less if you sunk $millions of dollars into the private power industry, too bad, you drank the  IPP kool-aid Gordon Campbell was selling.....And to correct your latest lies on the CKNW cutting ledge show Vaughn Palmer....We don`t sell Alberta natural gas, and as for buying power from Montana or Alberta in the middle of the night, if we didn`t buy that dirt cheap power it would be wasted, those jurisdictions can`t store power and they don`t shut off, that`s why we buy it Vaughn, it`s cheap.......Mr. Cobb of BC Hydro has already stated on the record the reason for skyrocketing hydro rates is being caused by the BC Government forcing BC Hydro to buy over priced insurance power, and hundreds of BC Liberal insiders all got jobs at Plutonic and Finavera and many many other private power companies...And guess what folks, Vaughn Palmer and other media stooges invested their own private dollars into the Gordon Campbell  private power scam and despite no real environmental assessments and the cumulative damage, despite the uselessness of the spring freshet power, despite BC Hydro going belly up, despite the harm to the people of BC Vaughn Palmer is continuing to cite first nations and jobs when talking about the private power industry....

Give it up Vaughn, just because first Nation`s people were bribed with a few pesos, just because you sunk money into the IPP power market doesn`t make it right...BC Hydro rates and carbon taxes combined with low wages have already started a mass exodus from British Columbia....In other words Vaughn, shut your lying fucking mouth you two-bit sell out stooge, the game is over, your BC Liberal team has destroyed the province, our revenue sources are gone, BC Ferries bleeding Translink bleeding cash, the Golden ears bridge costing $millions per year, natural gas royalties too low, bank taxes gone, all the effing BC Liberals have done with the help of Vaughn Palmer is give the Provincial resources away, destroy tourism and created structural deficits so deep that unless the world recovers BC is toast...Stick your IPP investments you made Vaughn up your ass!

Vancouver Island, the newest ghost town....and, and if you want some free advice Clucking Clark...Fire David Hahn today, announce to the world that RVs and boats and pleasure trailers ride free on the ferries, tell the world that the ferry fee for travelers is 50$ maximum regardless of heads in the vehicle or what their towing, for if not Vancouver island will be decimated!....Put a tariff on raw logs, an escalating tariff...offer payroll tax breaks to companies that actually create jobs in BC and throw out all the Campbell brother`s policies.

Lastly, to all you BC Liberal media stooges, the NDP don`t need John Cummins to take BC Liberal votes to win, the Liberals are done anyway, all this talk about vote spitting on the right, well, what about vote splitting on the left, how many NDP governments would there be without the green party.

Anyway, stop your damn lying Vaughn, just because First Nations people are involved in private IPP power doesn`t change the fact that they are a rip off and BCers can`t afford it, your investments be damned!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open