Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stephen Harper`s Supreme Beatdown

Written by Grant G

Native leaders cheered, others had tears of joy running down their faces, ancient lands rumbled and shook, tremors reverberated through to the heart of our Canadian constitution...

Moments after the Supremes thundered down their landmark decision I too celebrated, unanimous, 8 to 0....

Was this ruling political, yes, partly it was, I truly believe that our supreme court went out of their way to send a message to Stephen Harper and his gang of corporate thugs, ..

Ever since Stephen Harper was granted a majority he has governed our country but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

6 months ago I tweeted several links to Janet Holder, links to Straight Good`s articles and others, these articles highlighted Enbridge`s lies and crimes against humanity, she wouldn`t respond back to any of my tweets, except one, one of my last tweets to Enbridge`s Janet Holder was...

You will never get northern gateway built, never

Janet Holder responded by favoriting my tweet......What Janet Holder did by favoriting that tweet was mock me, and the reason she mocked was simple, the National Energy Board was corrupted, the panel was in Enbridge`s back pocket, and...And Stephen Harper declared well before the NEB made their ruling that regardless of what finding or ruling they make,  Harper and his cabinet gave themselves the right to overrule any and all decisions, so even when Enbridge was found to have lied, falsified reports, used people`s names without permission, gave incomplete answers and had many pipeline breaches during the review period they knew, Enbridge and Janet Holder knew the go-ahead decision was already in the bag, ...That`s why she mocked me...even last week when Janet Holder was interviewed by Michael Smyth she couldn`t help but open her fat mouth and say....and I quote...


Holder, sounding more upbeat as she talks about the future, predicted the opposite.
“The silent majority is starting to speak out,” she said. “As people start to see things unfold, as we meet all our conditions, they will say, ‘Oh, yeah. I have more confidence now. I’m willing to put my hand up and say this should happen, provided it’s done right.’ It’s the environment first, no question.”
When will construction begin?

Holder said the company expects to defeat its opponents in court, satisfy all pre-construction conditions, and get shovels in the ground by the fall of 2015.

“That’s our plan,” she said. “We believe we can get there.”


Janet Holder had the NEB in her back pocket, Stephen Harper and his cabinet, through advertising $dollars Enbridge had the Vancouver Sun...Global BC..even media whores like Bill Good and mental stumps like Harvey Oberfeld were in Enbridge`s corner....

Today on CTV noon news hour Susan(fingernails on chalkboard) Anton spoke on this historic game changing ruling....the only thing that spewed from Anton`s mouth hole was hypocrisy!...

Susan Anton uttered nonsense, ...We as a provincial government don`t believe in litigation, we believe in negotiations and talking, not litigation...

Unbelievable, these BC Liberals do nothing but litigate and fight court rulings to the bitter end, teachers dispute, class-size and composition, the illegal HEU contract shredding that Gordon Campbell fought through to the supreme court of Canada where he finally lost, lost big, that`s where the teachers dispute is headed too...Remember Basi/Virk and BC Rail..."we can`t comment it`s before the courts"    Wally stonewally Oppal......boggles the mind how someone so IQ deficient could end up as our provincial attorney general...

The supreme court, 8 to 0....5 of the supreme court judges were appointed by Stephen Harper, that thud noise you heard was Harper`s jaw hitting his desk...

The Supreme court judiciary, whether they be left, right, center or pure law-minded souls they have one thing in common, all of them are well educated and attuned to the obvious Stephen Harper assault upon everything Canadians value..

Decency, respect, Democracy, and the environment, seeing Harper and his henchmen through guile, through secrecy, buried in hideous Omni-bus bills, waterways left unprotected, species at risk left to fend for themselves, decades of hard-fought environmental protections gutted, all to enable the movement of heavy oil..

Ever since Stephen Harper was granted a majority he has governed our country but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

The supreme court was left with no choice, Stephen Harper and big oil had to be stopped, the court made a ruling with no ambiguity, it was as clear as day, the precedence has been sent, the Haisla and Haida can establish historic and ongoing use of all the lands around Kitimat, an environment that to this day still feeds the Nations, ...Ambiguity be gone, not just consultation but accommodation and consent, without consent .......(Still feel like mocking me Janet Holder?)

Without consent Enbridge`s northern gateway is dead, still dead, forever dead and no, there is no eminent domain and or national do or die situation for a Chinese owned oil pipeline....A pipeline and oil tanker project that can destroy, extinguish and take away what is now there, wildlife, salmon, kelp and fertile waters...

Our Supreme court judges had no choice but to grant Canadian First Nations extraordinary powers..

How else do you stop a deranged Prime Minister who governs..

but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trans-National Corporate Mole, Stephen Harper, Corporation`s Inside Man

Written by Mark Taliano
Stephen Harper’s very ascent to the Prime Minister’s office was enabled by a corporate media strategy of censorship through omission.

Corporate media conveniently suppressed Harper’s previous affiliation with the fascistic Northern Foundation Northern Foundation and the National Citizens Coalition – an extreme right wing lobby group.  The convenient suppression of his past political associations --- enabled by media baron Conrad Black (who was also a member of the Northern Foundation), allowed Harper to present himself as a “moderate” conservative, and to emerge victorious as Prime Minister of Canada in 2006.

 Corporate media monopolies, already welded to transnational corporate polities,
are now even more powerful.  Information streams can be further exploited with the passage of the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) in the U.S. 

 According to Susanne Posel in "How The NDAA Allows U.S Government To Use Propaganda Against Americans", an amendment in the NDAA “empowers the State Department and Pentagon to utilize all forms of media against the American public for the sake of coercing US citizens to believe whatever version of the truth the U.S government wants them to believe.” 

 Transnational media monopolies also enable government legislation to more easily pass beneath the radar.  The "Integrated Cross Border Law Enforcement Operations Act" 

is one such piece of legislation.  This legislation essentially allows US police to enter Canada with equal empowerment to enforce Acts of Parliament as the RCMP.  The Act also allows intelligence sharing, and it exempts US police from Canadian laws. This seemingly innocuous law, which is currently restricted to water-based operations, was passed “under the radar” in Omnibus legislation, and will likely expand – under the radar --- for land-based operations. 

 Centralized transnational control of media messaging for the purposes of propaganda, coupled with stealth legislation that further integrates Canada and the US, raise red flags that need to be addressed.

 In the context of false flag events and the “War On Terror,” American author and journalist Naomi Wolf offers this advice on her Facebook page:

 “ ... we must vet any news story that a: heightens fear and encourages populations to submit unquestioningly to authority and b) rationalizes boots on the ground (Nigeria schoolgirls...) -- because they may all be completely correct but some, like the 'Weapons of Mass Destruction" story that you recall was on the front page of the New York Times, may be spun, hyped or distorted by what are now private companies confirmed in multiple FOIA requests, whose goals are to heighten fears in populations to boost spending on 'the terror threat' -- or to suppress dissent -- or to create chaos in a geopolitical area that has value for private corporations (Ukraine, Nigeria, Venezuela). We need to face that it is a new time we are in in which private actors have contracts to spin, hype, distort and affect the news and trusted brands such as CNN and CBC often do not bother or don't have resources to check or question news streams generation by these private entities…” 

This, then, leads to the tragedy in Moncton, Canada, where three mounties were slain, and two wounded, on June 4, 2014.

 This incident meets Wolf’s two criterion that should trigger “vetting”: 

 First, the tragedy does heighten fears that would encourage populations to submit unquestioningly to authority – for their perceived safety.

 Second, the tragedy could trigger “boots on the ground”, or in this case, further police militarization.

 Fear of a re-occurrence of a similar incident could make a population more amenable to police state security, including the loss of freedoms, in exchange for perceived protections.  Police state measures would likely include increased surveillance, normalization of lock-downs, plus more and better police armaments: a ramping up of the police-industrial complex.  The government would have more control, the citizens less, and profits would roll in for certain industries.  

 If, for example, a criminal organization, foreign or domestic, wanted the government to have more control over a population, and more power to contain protests against fracking companies, then a fearful population would be to its benefit.

 If the tragedy was enabled or manufactured to criminally advance such ulterior agendas, then the Moncton tragedy is a false flag, and justice has (so far) been thwarted.

 If, on the other hand, the tragedy is exploited (rather than manufactured) to advance an ulterior agenda, then justice may still be compromised.

 So far, the corporate media, with its singular narrative of the incident, is exploiting the tragedy, through its presentation of a “trial by media” narrative.

 Hopefully, justice will be served, and appropriate measures will be taken to limit the likelihood of such a tragedy re-occurring.

 Respect for the victims, however, demands that the tough questions be asked.


 Written By Mark Taliano
The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Corporate Propaganda Government, Stephen Harper`s Bed Of Fleas

Written by Grant G

A thing of beauty isn`t it, watching Stephen Harper squirm from scandal, to lie, to betrayal, from hiding in parliament backrooms to slithering under countless rock bottoms...

The coward, Harper the mouse that muttered, Harper had no courage to take ownership of Enbridge`s Northern Gateway approval decision, instead of a press conference and answering questions old Harper merely released a 4 paragraph government statement on the federal website, pretending this decision was just business as usual, ....Ah but it wasn`t, Joe Oliver calling BCers radicals, eco-terrorists, westcoast nutbars, Stephen Harper`s henchmen made this never-going-to-be-built-project personal..

Those Conservative MPs had no problem photo-oping when they announced the Seaspan shipbuilding contract 4 years ago, remember that, euphoric Christy cluck cluck Clark was there too,
, those thousands of jobs that..oops, that`s right, there are still no ships being built, an entire federal term will have passed since that announcement and still no jobs..Harper has taken the committed $dollars for shipbuilding back, a lame attempt is on the horizon to claim a balanced budget., done through delaying and canceling every military procurement...Smoke meet mirror..!

Peter O`Neil, one of the Vancouver Sun`s rightwing rhetoric blatherers, his article is spun from threads of denial, obfuscation and delirium, ....

Vancouver Sun is a corporate propaganda rag, tired old voices whose journalistic integrity was long ago beaten out of and pryed from their typing fingers...

Same thing is happening in Canada`s lamestream eastern rags, the National Post and Glob n Mail, denial of what happened in Ontario`s provincial election, those paid scribers have no balls, no courage to tell the public why the corrupt Ontario Liberals were elected with a massive majority, it`s real simple, a total rejection of Harper`s agenda, a rejection of Veteran abuse, a rejection of scaling down healthcare contributions, a rejection of grubby corporate fingers making Canadians work longer for a meager stagnant Canada pension...

Montreal Simon wrote a good piece on this obvious media pandering position..

Stephen Harper`s top elected team stumped for Tim Hudak, federal Conservative cabinet ministers campaigned for Hudak, eastern media highlighted every Ontario Liberal scandal, Bryan Lilley, Ezra Levant and Sun News were giddy, scandal newscasting, slime dripping from every Sunnews reporter, all in attempt to carry Stephen Harper`s farm team stable boy Tim Hudak to victory..

And I personally thought Justin Trudeau might be making a mistake by stumping for Kathleen Wynne during the Ontario election writ period, it wasn`t, it proved his charm and drawing power is real, it proved what has been written here before about Stephen Harper...The most despised prime minister in Canadian history

And then,.....A funny thing happened on the way to the polls, ......

Peter O`Neill`s conclusions in his Vancouver Sun article are flawed, biased, corporate driven, delusional..his electoral arithmetic isn`t on par with kindergarten math, Peter O`Neil claims...

Take a look at his headline and sub-header..

Northern Gateway: Approval unlikely to hurt Harper much when B.C. votes


Tory’s hard-core support is likely the same 30 to 40 per cent that are pro-pipeline in polls — and that’s enough for Harper to keep his B.C. seats

Tory’s hard-core support is likely the same 30 to 40 per cent that are pro-pipeline in polls — and that’s enough for Harper to keep his B.C. seats


His conclusions are pure delusion, there`s a big difference between 30% and 40% electoral support...And considering Harper received 46% of  the BC vote in 2011...That`s a mile-wide difference, from 46% of the vote to 30% of the vote is cavernous decline....

I liken Peter O`Neil`s analogy to a rich petulant spoiled child possessing 21 Conservative MP fudgesicles, the child rather than share them thinks he can eat all 21 of them in 110 degree Sahara desert heat before those Conservative MP fufgesicles melt away.....Delusional...Peter O`Neil was right about only one thing....

 Northern Gateway: Approval unlikely to hurt Harper much when B.C. votes

And the reason is, Stephen Harper and his cult-controlled gang was already mortally wounded BEFORE the Enbridge Northern Gateway decision..

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2015 federal election polls..

The public remembered, saw first hand, knew, ....and wept..

The public remembered veterans committing suicide over their abandonment, all those shipbuilding jobs canceled so Harper could give the wealthiest Canadians income splitting tax refunds while our antiquated military ships burned, helicopters crashed, military transport vehicles sidelined, coastguard stations closed, workers betrayed for imported slaves, high-tech airplane maintenance jobs abandoned for corporate greed, ..Healthcare assaulted, pension reform denied, abuse of our courts, antiquated moral highground assaults on prostitution, tampering with our highest courts for political gain, every environmental law and regulation shredded at the behest of CAPP, attempt after attempt to invade people`s private internet world and a thousand other Stephen Harper personal abuses.....

A funny thing happened on the way to the polls.....

The people looked at their shiny brass mailbox now laying on the ground tarnished, dented, screws dangling from, looked at the outline on their fence where it was once mounted, remembering how $5 billion dollars will be expended yearly for tax cuts to Canada`s corporate, wealthiest 5% ers..

When you Lie with dogs you end up with...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau..

You are right Peter O`Neil, the Enbridge Northern Gateway decision will make no difference on Harper`s re-election chances, those cards have already been dealt...

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, June 16, 2014

“Eurosceptics”? European Union Haters? Don’t Ask The Canadian Media.

What Is The Significance Of The “Eurosceptics”?  The European Union Haters? Don’t Ask The Canadian Media.


       June 15, 2014


There have to be reasons for the downright, fundamental badness of present Major Media work in Canada.  People still go to CBC – and to CBC Radio especially – believing the fiction that there they will get some real reporting and real analysis.  It isn’t so.

 In the parlous state of Western democracies and Western economics – and, by extension, the parlous state of the rule of law and malfunctioning parliaments – Canadians should be hearing sharp analysis that sets them on their heels and makes them think and act.  Especially from the National Broadcaster.

 Take this very Sunday and Michael Enright, host of the long Sunday Morning show (that has the opportunity to be the most important broadcast in Canada and never, never is.) The problem is not, for a moment, a matter of budget.  Radio has the wonderful ability to interview and hear from top intelligences at almost no cost.  The problem, rather, is of sell-out, of complacency, of buddy-hunting, of wanting to be part of The Canadian Establishment, of “Pay, Perq’s, and Privileges”.)

 The subject today was the sudden appearance of parties and people in Europe who are enemies of The European Union, “Eurosceptics” – who have won a place in the European Parliament. In Canada there are, perhaps, a hundred people who could address that matter with clarity, with responsibility, and who could relate it intimately to the politics of Canada now. 

 And so Michael Enright went to Bradford University in the United Kingdom to interview Paul Rogers (whom he calls my friend) who is (what is called ) a specialist in “Peace Studies” there. As Winston Churchill once said what followed was “the bland leading the bland”.
Worse. What followed was a rather slimey suggestion that anti-semites and dirty fascists are waiting in the wings to grab power in Europe and to do … well … to do  … well, we know what they do.

 n fact, there are in Europe many Right forces which are anti-European Union.  And there are, doubtless, slimey fascists who would love to get hold of power in Europe.  What’s new?  They are even effectively at work (and in governments) in Canada – but that subject is too unpopular with the Canadian Establishment for Michael Enright to go anywhere near it ... ever.  They are there.  But they are not the real story.  They are the product of the real story.  In Canada as well as in Europe.

 Michael Enright – as if popping out of 1954 and McCarthyism – asks, you know, like, what about anti-Semitism in Europe?  What about old Nazi Germany? Like, what about Xenophobia?  Like what about all those awful things that that we know spell the advent of Nazism, Fascism, brute repression?  It is as if he is saying: “Okay everyone, support repression of legitimate, even parliamentary opposition, learn to hate it because it is fighting the huge global corporate power that is taking over the European Union and turning it to profit, profit, profit for corporations at the expense of the people of Europe. Fight those nasty people who are running in elections and winning seats in the European parliament - and upsetting the entrenched thieves and fraudsters.

 The story of Right Forces in Europe is NOT the story of the anti-European Union people on the Right, in the Centre, and on the Left in Europe. The story is about what has happened to make people in Europe increasingly anti-European Union ... now, and sure to grow in the future.

 That is the story Michael Enright and the CBC should be tracking carefully and brilliantly.  Instead, it is the story they are determined not to tell.  The story they are determined to cover up.  The story they will not go to the hundred Canadians to hear told. But will go to the University of Bradford in England to find someone to do a cover-up job on the story (even if Paul Rogers doesn’t know how he’s being used).

 It isn’t – the story – complicated (though it’s intricate) – and we can ignore the intricacies because it is a pretty straight-up story of dirty tricks and power-grabbing. 

For instance, when the Soviet Empire collapsed, the U.S./NATO moved in with Shock Economics Advisors and helped bring Russia to its knees for years, helped create the oligarchs of Russia and their gigantic theft of Russia’s wealth, and moved NATO closer and closer to Russia’s borders.  (No financial assistance to a Russia on its knees.  No help with slow transformation of State-owned enterprise to mixed and private ownership, Crown Corporations, etcetera.) The NATO West DIDN’T attempt to bring Russia into a cooperative, collaborative, consenting freely influenced and influencing community.  It helped set up everything that was bad.

 And now the West faces a rather truculent Vladimir Putin.  Ungrateful wretch that he is!

 To Europe:

 Put the matter simply … for it is, in effect, a simple matter….

 In the late 1950s, thinking upon the incredible brutality and destruction of the Second World War, some men and women decided Europe had to do better.  It had to collaborate.  It had to build ties and relations that would make it impossible for any single European nation to set about a mad program of repression and conquest and destruction of European civilization.  It had to make a “European community”, a cooperative, collaborative, consenting, freely influenced and influencing community.

 And since the late 1950s it has worked on that program.  Except ….

 Except there are immense riches at stake and there for those who can grab them if they can pervert the idea of the “European Community” and make it something very different.

 That is what is behind the emergence of “far right and far left” forces in the recent European Union elections.

 Here we have to introduce a few ugly factors. The International Monetary Fund (with Headquarter in New York, USA) has used its power to pauperize European countries.  The European Central Bank has generally followed the lead of the IMF.  The mad explosion of huge financial failures (credit swaps, etc. etc.) in the U.S. was exported to Europe to rob it of wealth.  (Remember Goldman Sachs actively helped with the economic collapse of Greece). And more.  That is to say European problems are not just local, by any means.

 But they are local, too.

 Europe has its own thieves and fraudsters.  It has huge corporations who want cheap labor – if possible slave labour.  It has organizations of corporate executives that lobby and lobby the European Union and buy and bribe legislators and civil servants, and work to get a Europe that is corporation-friendly ... corporation governed. It is probably fair to say they have recruited and/or placed the major officers of the European Commission.  That is the semi-civil service, semi-legislating body that is not elected … and pretends it only “puts forward” ideas like the transatlantic free trade idea.  It doesn’t legislate; it just provides intricate legislation to the legislators who have not, necessarily, asked for it.

 It was those Civil Servants (?) who (working from the European Commission) cooked up a three volume New Constitution for Europe in 2005.  Constitutions are usually – when long – a number of pages.  This “Constitution” was three volumes long!!  Because it was a “Constitution” some countries required a national referendum on its approval.  The French media, mostly, rejoiced at it and recommended acceptance. (A lot of the media of Europe sold out from the start.) Other governments  approved the New Constitution without referendum.

 The French unions and some media people read the three volumes … and choked.  It gave preference before human rights, social protections, and individual freedoms to the policies of large corporations.  The French went to work to publicize the real story of the Constitution … and the French people rejected it.  Then the Dutch people rejected it.  And then it was withdrawn before the British people could also reject it.  Victory for the people of the European Union.  Except …

 Except the European Commission went to work, wrote a treaty to be called The Lisbon Treaty, giving the corporations as much as possible from the failed Constitution, and got the treaty passed at Lisbon in 2007 by governments that didn’t have to consult their people in referendum. (They had to have a referendum on a new Constitution, but not on a Treaty!)

 The picture is plain.  The European Commission, the European Central Bank, the IMF, the U.S. government, AND MOST OF THE EUROPEAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS are now instruments of the big global corporations. England’s government, France’s government, Germany’s government – the powerful governments of Europe – are instruments of the corporations wanting to milk Europe and to oppress its population.

 In Europe the attack is on against pensions, wages, education, health care, etcetera.  France is a good example.  A SOCIALIST president, Francois Hollande acts as a total lackey to U.S./NATO demands, and he supports almost all of the initiatives by the large corporations in Europe.

 That sums up the problem and explains the anti-European Union, “Eurosceptics” winning seats in the European parliament.  They are called “far left and far right” movements because the semi-Conservatives in power in Germany, the “Socialists” in France, the Conservative/Liberals in power in Britain all support the takeover of the European Union by large global corporations wishing to flatten the population of Europe, to ransack its wealth, and to oppress the working people of the continent.

 Look at England, just for instance.  Xenophobia? Hatred of foreigners? Screams for limits on immigration?  Terrible?  Not at all.  The corporation/government alliance of Europe has opened up overall migration so that very low wage countries are now pouring out huge numbers to places like England where the new arrivals are REALLY threatening wage levels, really threatening social securities.  So? So some of the English are asking for standards, for assurances, for limitations if standards of living are threatened.  Some of them are getting elected to the European parliament. That is a simple, human demand for fairness.

 Even Michael Enright and Paul Rogers touched on (very quickly, and then ran away) the fact that in England the chance to get low wages set is being exploited by corporations because there are so many near-destitute people “from away” willing to bring down wage standards.

 The story is the global story.  Global corporations are doing everything they can to replace governments of the people.  They are bribing, brain-washing, and coercing governments to go along with the corporate agenda. Slowly … slowly … slowly populations are waking to the fact that their governments in power are selling them out – and are being assisted by national and international media in the sell-out.

 Enter Michael Enright and Paul Rogers of Bradford University in England to talk about the “dangerous” people winning seats in the European parliament.  But not to talk about why they have appeared and what has created them.  Or to suggest that they may be the vanguard of a movement that has to take place to save the great ideal of a European Community...
Written by Robin Mathews
The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lies And Crime

                       Lies And Crime
Written By Mark Taliano

Hanna Arendt describes a peculiar dynamic of mob mentality in her classic The Origins Of Totalitarianism that resonates with the world today.

 She explains that “one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in cynicism; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire their leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.”

 This seemingly cyclical assumption is enslaving us today, and our inability to extract ourselves from its oppressive chains, and desert out “leaders”, is enabling some of the most heinous crimes committed by humanity.

 Even worse, the act of manufacturing and perpetuating lies is now being entrenched in legislation.  Susanne Posel explains in  "How the NDAA Allows US Government To Use Propaganda Against Americans" : “ The US government has unbound the legal regulations against using propaganda against foreign audiences and American citizens.  The intention is to sway public opinion by using television, radio, newspapers, and social media targeting the American and foreign people in controlled psy-ops.”

 The seamless interface between Canadian and American media, already reinforced by concentrated media ownership, now further empowers corporate media to undemocratically advance agendas that do not align with the public interest.

 This, then reinforces the necessity to question corporate media narratives, especially in matters that may impact national and international policy initiatives.

 The dangers inherent in blind acceptance of corporate media narratives are illustrated by the catastrophic and on-going tragedy of the illegal invasion of Iraq.

 Prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, for example, the lie that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction was repeated regularly, and eventually believed by many, despite evidence to the contrary. 

Interestingly, a study by two non-profit journalism groups claims that Bush and his aides made 935 false statements in the run-up to the war in Iraq.

 The gullibility of the masses eventually devolved into apathetic cynicism as the truth eventually emerged and the Big Lie was exposed.  There were no weapons of mass destruction. 

 The lies and deceptions were a pretext for an invasion that has so far massacred about one million “excess” people, and the carnage  continues to this day.

 Apparently, the masses are still caught up in the “gullible then cynical cycle” though, because the leaders have not been deserted, and the wars are continuing. 

 Leaders in this sense are not only the war-mongering politicians who rule through deception, but also their agencies, foremost being corporate media. Nevertheless, the “official narratives” are still believed, despite the shameless pervasiveness of  lies and deceptions

The vice-like grip of fictional narratives are also enabled by the omission, erasure or re-creation of historical context.

 For example, the masses are more apt to believe the “western” narrative of events in Ukraine if they don’t already understand the historical context coups and regime changes
as regularly practiced by the U.S empire to illegally impose its will throughout the world.

 The empire has installed hideous proxy regimes throughout the world for decades, so that it can control and enslave peoples and economies, even as it hides its barbarism beneath the false banners of “freedom” and “democracy”. 

 Beneath the fiction is a military strategy of “divide and ruin” which destroys countries globally.  Currently, for example, the US and its proxies are overtly destroying Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Additionally, they are internally poisoning Honduras, not only through its orchestration the illegal 2009 coup, but also with its continued support for subsequent criminal dictatorships.

 Given this history, why would people believe the official narrative about the Ukraine?  Only the cycle of gullibility followed by cynicism can explain it.  The very credible narrative that an illegal, western orchestrated coup installed a neo-nazi infiltrated regime that is dividing and ruining Ukraine is rejected despite historical context and alternate media narratives.  Once the truth emerges and is widely accepted, however, the masses will once again take refuge in cynicism, and the cycle will repeats itself ad nauseum.

 This toxic dynamic reinforces the importance of questioning official narratives, now more than ever, for the sake of justice and humanity.  The search for truth, and the refusal to blindly accept official narratives, will help us to discover the “news behind the news” and the “money behind the lies” as first steps in paying respect and tribute to victims, at home and abroad.


Written By Mark Taliano

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Christy Clark`s LNG Fantasy, Death By Sock Puppet

Like the cat, contentment, and not a worry in the world, a peaceful easy feeling is running through my veins, I could almost laugh at the futile flailing from both Stephen Harper and Christy Clucking Clark...

Where to begin, snake eyes, deuces and sevens, stars have aligned against both of those named above, Stephen Harper is about to announce approval for Enbridge, I suspect he will make the call on Friday...It doesn`t matter, First Nations, who have a long running winning record in our Supreme Courts have vowed to tie up any construction for years, barring that there are thousands pledging civil disobedience to stop Enbridge, civil disobedience is justified in this case, ...

Stephen Harper is so toxic, so hated that riding rich Ontario is about to elect a corrupt, mismanaging provincial Liberal Government, so afraid of anything named Conservative Ontarians would rather vote in a dirty ratpack than a Harper disciple named Hudak....I`m predicting a Liberal majority Government tomorrow...A black Thursday for Stephen Harper indeed...Despite Ezra Levant and Bryan bible thumper Lilly at Sun News frothing away at Wynne and Justin Trudeau...

Don`t read anything into Ontario`s election result tomorrow except....Except the hatred of Harper by the masses...And it gets worse for Herr Harper...Rob Ford is done too, Olivia Chow, Jack Layton`s wife, a staunch NDPer will be Mayor of Toronto...Another deathblow for Harper....The Conservative marker, akin to the sign of the beast(666) is in it`s death throe...

I mentioned laughing, can`t help myself, Stephen Harper is the architect of failure, Harper was waving his fist at Vladimer Putin, idle threats from a limp sock puppet, ...How many of you know the real reason why Putin signed a sweet deal with China for natural gas.,...Because of Harper`s mouth, Christy Clark blathering away about being a gas spewing super-power...Christy pointing middle fingers at Putin too...ahhh....Putin single-handed destroyed Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy...I laugh at her, and Harper..

There has been several interesting polls as of late.....Read the tea leaves friends...Christy Clark is losing the media war against teachers, parents by a 2 to 1 margin support teachers....77% of British Columbia oppose Enbridge`s pipeline proposal and...

And a majority of Canadians in a poll are sick n tired hearing our politicians praising China, labeling China as our economic saviour, ...Canadians don`t believe it, we hear about Chinese cyber crime, counterfeit goods, toxic foods, patent stealing, blatant government corruption in China too, for over a decade our elected politicians have been singing the Chinese national anthem,, for a decade plus our services have been diminished, our healthcare threatened, education threatened, pensions, that rotten Harper is even taking away postal delivery, all the while praising China as our saviour....

Bam...out of the blue China signs lucrative gas deals with Vlad Putin, ...Stephen Harper with his scary sock puppet aimed at Vlad Putin, ..and BAM...our economic saviour China hops into bed with Mr. Putin...Ending Canadian`s last thread of respect for China and Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy in one fell swoop..

Oh indeed, Christy Clark in the last 2 weeks has dropped her LNG pom poms and replaced them with crude refinery placards...Marky Marissen is begging Ottawa for $10 BILLION DOLLARS IN LOAN GUARANTEES, ....for a mythical refinery...Its the pipeline people, refinery is a smokescreen..

Yet Stephen Harper and his Convict party are on the way out, endless ads attacking Justin Trudeau, ..remember Ontario?..They are about to elect a corrupt provincial party because of Stephen treason Harper.....Justin Trudeau, not a deep thinker, not funny, not sharp,..good hair but he isn`t labeled with the mark of the beast, not 666 but "Conservative"...

Vlad Putin is selling gobs of natural gas to China for less than $12 dollars a gigajuile...

Did I tell you about the tea leaves in a Vancouver Sun article tonight..It was about natural gas..

The article tells us that it cost $6 dollars to drill a gigajuile of natural gas in northeast B.C.,,and that the North America price for a gigajuile is $4.25..meaning gas drillers are losing money...

$6 dollars...that price doesn`t include a very expensive trip in a natural-gas pipeline to the B.C. coast...add another $1 dollar to the price...($7 dollars per gigajuile)....add in First Nation`s cut of the action(?)..Add in the cost of freezing the gas to -161 degrees...($8 dollars per gigajuile)...Add in the cost of building a $10 billion dollar LNG liquefaction plant and financing($10 dollars per gigajuile)...Oh, we aren`t done yet...Shipping LNG across the pacific, to and from gobbles up another 10% of the product..($11 dollars per gigajuile)....What about Christy Clark`s LNG tax......???

Russia has beat the price any LNG company can offer...There will be no longterm lucrative contracts signed by Asia thus ending Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy, and she can thank Stephen Harper and his angry Vlad Putin hating sock-puppet!..

Did I mention that Japan is getting into bed with Vlad Putin too....


Proposed Japan-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline Would Be Good News for Tokyo and Moscow, But Bad News for Washington(and Canada)

the price of the gas. High demand for LNG in the region allows suppliers from Australia and Qatar to sell it at exorbitant prices.
In order to obtain cheaper gas, key policymakers in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the New Komeito Party are resurrecting an old plan to import natural gas via pipeline from Russia.  By supplying gas at a much cheaper price than LNG suppliers, the pipeline would be a major victory for power-hungry Japan. And it is no coincidence that the pipeline is being considered just a few days after Russia inked a deal with China to build a China-Russia pipeline. But as Russia’s Vladimir Putin expands his natural gas prowess to East Asia, the United States – and its abundant supply of shale gas — may be affected by these recent turn of events.
Over the weekend, Bloomberg reported that Japanese policymakers decided to renew a push for a $5.9 billion natural gas pipeline from Russia in an effort to cut energy costs


Oh, I did mention a tea leave filled article on LNG in the Vancouver Stun paper tonight....Here is the money line, bubble tea anyone?


"Pacific Northwest LNG, led by Malaysian stated owned firm PETRONAS, is the closet to a final decision, having promised to give a yes OR NO by the end of this year"


That is the first time any local mainstream media has ever mentioned the dreaded N in NO...

Without longterm contracts at $16 dollars or better no LNG liquefaction plants will be built...

Take a good look at Christy Clark...her LNG pom poms are gone...So is her LNG unicorns for every BCer fantasy..

Contentment and laughter..a pleasant combination..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swimming in Cedar......A Quick Preview, 5107 Harbourview road, Burnaby BC, On Capital Hill

Hello friends, readers and privileged real estate buyers

Here is a little taste of what I have been doing...

Near the end of the video, ....There are some before shots.....

At the 3:18 mark of the below video there is a picture of the old detached car garage, it WAS a flat tar n gravel roof with open sides, not any more!.....The roof over the side door was tar n gravel too...That`s what they did back then....They have been transformed......Cedar siding was replaced on one side of this custom built home and a brand new detached car has been built, wrapped in beautiful triple stained cedar..

A new cedar plant deck was built, a few little touch ups and this house glows, for those wanting a better look or inside the house view contact me at

These improvements were done for my beloved mom, we are the only owners of this beautiful estate property, ...However, the time has come to sell the is moving in with me on the Sunshine Coast...

For My Mom

Some of the improvements made...A cedar planter cedar siding, triple stained with Behr 501 natural cedar stain..cedar gutters hand made, front entrance light fixture, landscaping landscaping and more landscaping..

new upper glass rail on the upper lower balcony, with roof complete and more cedar siding, ...Those pictures to follow very soon..

New cupboards, new sink, new fridge, new ensuite....

Painting, staining staining and more wood staining, all in Behr 501 natural cedar..

New roof and cedar facia over side/back door...

Cedar wire covers...Cedar corner wraps...New plants, shrubs, yards and yards of new top soil, bark mulch..

Getting close to the finish line...

More pictures to follow.....Click the below to view the spectacular new garage, it too swimming in cedar, and some more partial pictures of the massive back yard

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open