Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gordon Campbell Hates Children

I am so ashamed of Gordon Campbell and every B.C. Liberal, what kind of a blood oath did they take to agree to harm the Province and hurt Children.

Margaret McDiarmid, the minister of education, a doctor by trade, she has plenty of personal wealth, so why would she keep denying the crisis in public education, did she not notice the hundreds of parents and students rallying in front of her constituency office, has she not noticed the rallies over the lower mainland by parents fighting tooth and nail to save their child`s education? What happened to the hippocratic oath

How can you Magraret McDiarmid look at yourself in the mirror, what blood oath did you take Magaret? What was your reason to run for Government, how much do you hate children Margaret?

If our Government was broke, if our Government could not borrow money it would be different, but that is not the case, $500 million dollars for a retractable roof, over $100 million dollar subsidy to big banks this year alone, over $150 million in direct subsidies to the Oil N Gas sector this year alone, do they need the money, are the banks hurting, is the Oil n Gas sector hurting, not on your life, I will show you their profits further down.

You Margaret McDiarmid are not worthy of being in Government, you are not worthy of being part of the Human race, childhood comes once, children can`t wait until recall or 2013, you margaret Mcdiarmid are directly responsible for inflicting harm on children and families.
Mary Polak, why are you in Government, why did your ministry cut the EIBI early learning, the highly successful program for autistic children? What blood oath did you take Mary Polak to agree to harm children? Mary Polak your ministry cuts will inflict dire consequences on families and Children, there is no do-over with children, you get one kick at the can with kids, your blood oath, you agreeing to allow Gordon Campbell to destroy hope, destroy life, how can you sleep at night, the cuts will affect autistic children for the rest of their lives, there will be blood on your hands Mary Polak, why Mary have you cut the (SAY) suicide prevention program in Victoria, a program that has saved lives, when a teen-ager commits suicide in Victoria will you Mary Polak attend the funeral with the family and explain why you cut the program and why you feel it wasn`t needed? Mary Polak, why would you work for Government that has cancelled regional suicide lines on Vancouver island and replaced it with a 1-800 generic number, will you attend those funerals too.

You Mary Polak are not fit to live amongst human beings, why won`t you resign, will you be attending any events under the $500 million dollar retractable roof?
Kevin Falcon, you do have blood on your hands, you are already on the record for saying "Boo Hoo" to a suicidal man on the Iron Workers bridge, you were upset that he delayed your travel, how many funerals are you going to attend Kevin Falcon, the mess in our emergency rooms, the severe cuts to MRI`s, the closing of hospital beds, the dirty hospitals in Nanaimo that have claimed 6 or more lives, people dead from germy under cleaned hospitals, what blood oath did you take Kevin Falcon to look the other way as people die.
I know you sleep well Kevin Falcon, you could care less, your prepared to sell our beds to Americans while BCers wait for years, people who built this Province and you laugh and chuckle as my friends wait to die, you Falcon are not human, you are a dirty piece of scum, you will be heading south to hell when you die, and no one in this Province will shed a tear, how can you look in a mirror without throwing up!

Each and everyone of you B.C. liberals are disgusting, why did you run for Government, how come you hate children, hate seniors, billions and billions of dollars for un-needed infrastructure while suicide prevention lines are cut, meals on wheels are cut, EIBI cut, MRIs cut, hospital beds cut, schools closed, special Olympic`s funding cut, how come all you B.C. Liberals hate children, what blood oath did you all take to destroy lives and families?

The life of a child, 1000s of children who need insulin pumps will never receive them, they will be adults before their lotto number is picked among the waiting, many of these children may die, why don`t you B.C. Liberals care?

I`m saving the best for you Gordon Campbell, are you insane? Why do you lie to us, why are you stealing lives, are you exacting revenge, self perceived revenge against invisible enemies, why do you hate Children Gordon Campbell, why would you spend $500 million dollars on a retractable roof while you direct your ministers to cut suicide lines, EIBI, even the HST is harming children and families, the Gordon Campbell I ....Hate Students Tax....$2 billion dollars per year being taken from families and given to Encana gas and Teck Comenco, how many Children will suffer from you taking $2billion dollars from families?

Why do you lie Gordon Campbell, we know your wife left you in disgust, no one will cry when you die Gordon Campbell, I suspect the majority will cheer.

Do you remember what you said 18 months ago on the run-up to the election? Do you recall, maybe I should remind you of one of the thousand lies you and Colin Hansen made.

Here is what Campbell and Hansen stated during a dramatic televised economic announcement in October 2008.

VICTORIA — Premier Gordon Campbell unveiled a dramatic 10-point economic plan Wednesday that promised cuts to taxes,

In a 12-minute prime-time televised speech in which he struck the most dour tone he has taken on the economy since the beginning of the current global crisis, Campbell introduced a new private-sector pension plan.
Campbell promised to re-evaluate all government spending.
Campbell did not announce any changes to the carbon tax, In other measures He said the government will ensure ferries return to a full sailing schedule.He announced a voluntary pension plan for the estimated 75 per cent of private-sector workers who do not have access to a plan through their employers.

“British Columbians have every reason to be confident about their future,” Campbell said.“We have faced tough times before and come through with flying colours. This time will be no different,”
The rare prime-time address struck a much more dramatic tone than Campbell’s government has been sounding in recent weeks on the ability of the provincial economy to weather the global financial storm.
Finance Minister Colin Hansen told reporters in mid-September, the day the Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers collapsed, “We’re saying to British Columbians that while we have challenges on the economic front, we continue to have a strong economy; strong revenues that flow into government." Hansen also said

“We still see our forecast economic growth in British Columbia to be higher than pretty much any other jurisdiction in North America, and we expect that will continue,” Hansen said then.The B.C. government had projected it would have a cushion of more than $1.7 billion this fiscal year — comprising a surplus and a $750 million forecast allowance — that it could translate into everything from tax cuts to extra spending.Hansen did not update those numbers Wednesday, but acknowledged the turmoil of the past month.“The world has changed very dramatically since Sept. 12,” Hansen said.

Campbell told reporters after the speech that the plan is meant to give people money they can use to keep the economy strong....(And here is the real big thing Campbell said)

“I think the bottom line is want to make sure we put more money into the economy,” Campbell said.
Gordon Campbell also said this during that televised speech......

“We’ve watched as our province has gone through difficult times before and when you put more money in people’s pockets, more money in small business, I think that actually stabilizes the economy and helps people make choices for themselves,” he said.“We know tax cuts drive healthy economic activity.”
Marc Lee, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was critical of the Campbell’s speech, saying the government needs to start talking about deficits, not tax cuts. “That’s a political no-go zone ... but everybody is talking about deficits right now and they need to be pretty sizable given the storm that’s coming is huge,” Lee said.“The premier is suggesting a modest retouching of the living room, when we have a hurricane coming that threatens to blow the house down.”Lee said he didn’t see anything that would benefit low-income families and those most vulnerable.“
While Campbell’s address was meant to respond to global financial uncertainty,
Here is what M r. Ruff said about Gordon Campbell`s speech...

“There is a civic role to play here, so it’s partly that, but one can’t forget he’s a premier facing a general election in May,” Ruff said.“One doesn’t have to be an old hard cynic to realize this is the kickoff for the May 2009 election.”(here is the complete story from Johnathon Fowlie on that televised economic announcement)
So what happened Gordon Campbell, that night you said the best way to stimulate the economy was to put as much money as possible into the hands of the Public, why are you a Habitual Liar, your credibility is so shot, you are going down, I Grant G will put the last nail into your political coffin! Where is the private pension plan? Did you evaluate Government spending and decide to spend $500 million dollars on a retractable roof for your friend Richard T Turner, that is your priority? What about you saying we need to money in people`s hands? Oh I know, you hate the common man, you mis-spoke that night, you meant to say that the best thing you can do is take money from the middle class and give it to EnCana Gas and Teck Comenco!
So a year after Gordon Campbell states that the consumer drives the economy, you win a fraudulent election and within weeks after the election you decide to take $1.9 billion dollars per year from consumers, you are insane aren`t you?
And just who benefits from the HST, the Oil n Gas sector, are they hurting? Perhaps Gordon you can explain why Natural gas prices are down on the mercantile exchange and you raised Teresan prices? Perhaps you can explain why EnCana Gas hasn`t lowered their price to the consumer, after all their profits for the last quarter are triple expectations, but they won`t lower prices ever, will they Campbell, and why are you giving them a tax break, you are a sick individual!(read about EnCana profits for the last quarter here)

And how much money did Teck Comenco make in the first quarter of 2010?

$205 million dollars, and you want to give them a tax holiday and make the BC middle class pay(read how much Teck Comenco made in the first quarter of 2010 here)
You are such a child hater Gordon Campbell, there could be no other explanation, you talk about saving forestry, yet you just gutted the ministry of forestry, the HST won`t do anything for forestry in B.C. ....The CEOs of big forestry say there will be no recovery until the price of lumber rises and wages get more competitive with Chile and Asia, should foresters work for $2 dollars a day like China? Is that what you think Gordon Campbell? You have zero clout and zero credibility left.(read about the big trouble for B.C. mills here)
What blood oath did you B.C. Liberals sign with Gordon Campbell, how come on mass you all hate children, where do you hide in your own home towns, what does your family and neighbors think of you, how can any of you sleep at night, do you dream of watching soccer under a $500 million dollar roof, each and everyone of you have the blood of families and children on your hands, I have never been so ashamed of any Government in Canada before, you bow to a third rate lying dictator who is resigning before recall in the fall, and not one of you have the courage of your convictions to stand up to Gordon Muir Campbell, what an oxymoron, B.C.Liberal and courage in the same sentence....What blood oath did you sign? You`re all going to hell.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Bookmonkey said...

There is hope as you will see with this article.
I can think of no better fate for Gordo Scumball

kootcoot said...

"I Grant G will put the last nail into your political coffin! "

And I, kootcoot, will happily bring an air nailer for the real coffin to accomodate his putrid corpse!

Evil Eye said...

Campbell and is malodorous pals are simply the new Canadian elite. Canada now has a social or caste system based on wealth, race and linguistity.

Those who are not from South Asia & Asia proper, or speak French, or are not wealthy are seen to be a lower or undesirable cast. The government avoids them and does nothing for them except to take tax money.

In order to keep this iniquitous cast system viable, huge taxes must be paid by the lower castes so the weaker caste can keep its wealth.

It is into this sick society/caste system Gordon Campbell has been brought up into and it is the only social system he knows.

Canada is a sinking ship of greed, corruption and criminal activity. The police are agents of the government and do little to catch the real crooks; the courts have been bought; and the mains stream media has been bought and sold like a cheap whore.

It is not just third Gordo government that needs to be changed, the entire structure of Canada needs a massive overhaul.

Leah said...

Eye, you've got that right. From the SCoC, to the Parliament, to every legislature and supreme court in every province - it's time to clean house!!

It's time for an upheaval...a structured, peaceful and well-intentioned one. It's time those we've placed in trust to show they're worthy of PROVE they're worthy of it.

Though she may be a figurehead with little power, it's time for a letter writing campaign by all Canadians who are concerned about the removal of rights, responsibilities and upkeep of our "democracy" write to OUR Queen. A few million letters landing on her desk may cause a few eyes to open.

What can she do you ask? Well, maybe not much - but what do you think the British Press might have to say about the avalanche of mail from one of the "outposts" complaining of corruption in every house of law, and the venerable Parliament itself? They'd have a helluva lot more to say than ANY newspaper in this god-forsaken country! Maybe that's what is needed - to draw the WORLD'S attention to what Canada has REALLY become, not just the face she portrays to the rest of the planet.

Anonymous said...

Although we may win against the HST in BC Province. It is said, Hansen has introduced the HST in the Federal House, a province can't overturn anything in the Federal Parliament. What the HST, doesn't get us for, the budget does. The price gouging started, the minute the budget was read. Citizens of BC, are in a dictatorship. Some say, Fascism, others say Communism. What other party would allow, children to live in poverty? What other party would thieve, the peoples assets and natural resources, and sell them? The BC Liberals are the most corrupt and indecent party, I have ever seen. Lying deceit, is their trade mark. Hansen was bitter, saying if he says white, the citizens say black. Hansen and Campbell, just don't get it. Everything coming out of his mouth and Campbell's, is automatically a lie. There is so much corruption in this country, we would have to strip it bare and start over. Every agency, such as, the CRA and the RCMP, are all corrupt. Millions of our tax dollars, go to the banks, large corporations, gas and oil company's. The world now has, a different view of Canada, and, that view is shameful.

Anonymous said...
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Grant G said...

Anon 9:43...No friend, it`s the Straight Goods..BC has led Canada in child poverty for 8 years in a row, lowest minimum wage in Canada, hasn`t been raised in decade, we are second to last in health spending in Canada.

Slash/Cut/burn our core servives, ....Do you know that B.C. collects more money from tuition than all corporate tax in B.C.

Watch the question period video`s in the top right of my home page, watch Falcon laugh and lie when asked about closing hospital beds...

Watch Mary Polak refuse to move off the message box when asked about cuts to suicide lines...Do you hear me, they cut suicide lines, they cut a 43,000 $ suicide prevention program that has saved lives.

They have spiked senior care rates...All the while building a $500 million dollar retractable roof, 100s of millions in subsidies to the OIL n GAS sector, to Teck Comenco,......

And when the opposition asks questions in the legislature, the B.C. Liberals laugh, thump their table and talk about 1991.

No I feel sorry for you, anyone happy with the status Quo has been drinking the Kool-aid.

Go ahead, you listen to Hansen`s lies, listen to Gordon Campbell lie and lie and never stop lying..

"ignorance is bliss"

Anonymous said...

We may not be able to know WTF is happening in the courtroom because of a stupid, on the take judge. But, we can talk about that slimebucket gordo the impaler. He heads up a gang of mobsters rivaling the mafia. We could go on for many pages of his past indescresions, but I prefer to have him tarred and feathered. A womanizer, breeder of iligitimate children, a drunk (Still drinks!) and a lier. More to come.

Kam Lee

Crankypants said...

The reality is that Gordon Campbell hates British Columbians whether they be 6 or 60. His actions over the last 9 years, aided and abetted by his gang sycophants, have done nothing but cater to his supporters at the expense of the citizens of BC.

He and by extension, his cohorts, have systematically dismantled and/or gave away many of the assets that belonged to the people of BC in favour of his puppetmasters.

I've come to the conclusion that the worst thing that ever happened to BC was for him to get pulled over by the policeman in Hawaii. Maybe if he was allowed to continue towards his destination, he would have driven into the ocean and saved us from the crap we've had to endure since.


kootcoot said...

"I've come to the conclusion that the worst thing that ever happened to BC was for him to get pulled over by the policeman in Hawaii. Maybe if he was allowed to continue towards his destination, he would have driven into the ocean and saved us from the crap we've had to endure since."

Don't give the asshole (ScamBull) too much credit, without his toadies, like Ding Dong DeJong, Kevin "I like to cut deals on my cell while driving" Kreuger, John "let's rezone" Les, Kash "out" Heed(less), Walley "It's before the courts" Offal, Mary "I'm stupid" Polak, Dr. (of WTF) Marg McDirtmid, Colin "the Sneer that Walks Like a Snake" Hansen, Former Ferret Farrell-Collins, Krusty Clark, etc. etc. Gordo the Impaler could never have accomplished so much destruction.

People have to realize that just getting rid of the Gord is NO ANSWER. We have to get rid of an entire breed of greed and criminality.

kootcoot said...

Ethnic cleansing is, understandably, considered a crime against humanity. ETHICAL cleansing is what we need in British Columbia!

Anonymous said...

The Federal M.P's, are also complaining about Harper. They call him a fascist, and say he is so terribly stubborn, he is impossible to deal with. Then BC has Campbell and Hansen who, have lied, deceived, broken promises, they are every vile name in the book. The BC Liberals are, riddled with, scandal, corruption and, even has criminals. This is what this country has come to, and it's disgraceful. But, Campbell and Hansen are sociopaths and pathological liars, so, lies and deceit comes natural to those kind of people. Not even the 83% of, BC citizens who want them gone, doesn't phase them, what-so-ever. Just imagine yourself in the Legislature, lying, and refusing to give honest answers to straight forward questions. Decent people don't behave like that, however, sociopaths and pathological liars do. And, that's what the decent people of BC, are forced to put up with. There are thousands of people, who, have nothing but a growing sense of contempt, for Campbell and, his Liberal government. Hansen, seems to think we should trust him. He said, if I say white, the people say black. Well, Mr. Hansen, look to yourself and Campbell, for that one.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone watched ding dong DeJong in the legislature. He behaves in the same manner, all of the Liberals do. He had nothing to say, beyond ridiculing the NDP for working for Zalm. He doesn't seem to understand, 83% of BC citizens, would take the Zalm, any day before they would take, ding dong DeJohn. Every one of them mockers of the Legislature. All of the Liberals in the Legislature, behave in the same idiotic way, and make asses of themselves. That is what we have running this province. Liars, deceivers, promise breakers, corruption, thievery, criminals, frauds, mockers in the Legislature, disrespect for their own citizens and, every other God awful thing, in the book. However they fit right in with, the other two liars and deceivers, Campbell and Hansen. I have never seen such a display in the Legislature, as I heard today. An utterly disgraceful exhibition. It is no wonder, the BC citizens are sick to death of the BC Liberals.