Sunday, April 18, 2010

Would the real Terrorists Please stand up?Updated

Sometimes people disagree with me, I expect that, but as an avid watcher of news, a reader of facts, facts from both sides, if there is one thing I have learned in life that there is three sides to every story, one side, the other side, and a rational mix of both sides, but there in lies the rub, through out history, from the ancient past to present day it`s the victors who right the history, and or who controls the media.

Wiebo Ludwig...The alleged Ecana pipeline bomber, I`m not going to bombard you with links the data is easily accessible in my mind, remember the big press conference the RCMP had, they said they had their man, then 150 police officers spent the week-end visiting the Ludwig home, they left with thousands of trinkets, the police got nothing, the silence from the police on Ludwig has become deafening, they had no cause, it was a witch hunt.

Yet how many medical issues are the Ludwig`s suffering from, the mis-carriages, I am against violence, I believe what Betty Krawcyzk does, become educated,fight legally in the court, for those not familiar with Betty k ...There is a great video of her in the friends on Nemiah Valley on the top right of my home page.

The media in BC have become stooges, they won`t report about true terrorists, the Enbridge pipeline is in my opinion a proposed terrorist act, 21 years since the Exxon Valdez disaster, a tiny oil spill in comparison to the top 10 of oil spills...Valdez ranks 36th largest, but still, 21 years later and the birds still are contaminated with trace oil, there is still oil in the rocks, the area still isn`t close to recovery, with what we know about salmon farms, the use of chemicals, SLICE, drug resistant lice, to allow them to continue in open oceans is a terrorist act.

Let me clear something up for my Rick Sangha,,(let me rephrase,Rick Sangha is a liar, his last name isn`t Sangha, Rick whoever is nothing but one of the sleaze that lives on Rants and raves on Craigs list, a place where the most disgusting stuff is spread ) the air India bombing was tragic, tragic on many levels, the act itself was disgusting, innocent people on a jet getting blasted out of the sky was wrong, but that was only one of many tragedies involved in that case, it was tragic that CSIS did a poor job at the time, they were following suspected members around before the bombing, they failed, the airport security and baggage people failed more than once, especially in the area of unaccompanied baggage, after the tragedy the farce continued, it continues to this day, the court was a complete failure, there were allegations of judges who had their lives threatened, and then there is the cost borne by the taxpayer having to fund a massive defense team for wealthy individuals, not one lawyer but a defence team, Gordon Campbell has gutted legal aid in BC, rich defendants charged with horrific crimes get defense TEAMS....Yet poor BCers fighting WCB or fighting to protect their land or heroes like Alexandra Morton fighting to save Wild Salmon get nothing!

Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air, only time will tell if he truly wants reform, George Bush launched an illegal war upon Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 tragedy, invading the country of Iraq was an illegal terrorist act, it was Bin Laden who was responsible for 9/11, not Saddam Hussein.

Bin Laden, the man fought from the hills, he fought the Russians, those Russians were messing around in Afghanistan, this battle went on year after year, the Russians couldn`t win a mountain snow battle against who? Terrorists? Freedom fighters, for anyone knowing their history should know that Bin Laden was receiving money and arms support from the Americans, that old saying comes to mind..."Enemies of my enemies are my friends" ...So the Americans funded Bin Laden for decades, they fund him until the Russians left, then they toss Bin Laden aside like old garbage. The 9/11 bombers almost everyone of them came from Saudi Arabia. And again I say the 9/11 attacks were tragic, those people on the ground and in buildings didn`t desreve their fate, I don`t even want to get into who knew what when there was strange stock portfolio dumpnig on the eve of 9/11 attack.

The Iran/Iraq war, again the Americans backed Saddam Hussein against Iran, they supplied him arms, money, strategy, ....But wars start, wars end, the Americans were aware and assisted indirectly with Saddam Hussein using poisonous gas against the Kurds of the north and others, the Americans do not have clean hands, yet Bush pulled the poison gas card when his corporate backers starting beating the OIL DRUMS of WAR against Iraq, and I don`t even want to touch the Israel /Palestine dispute, far too many tentacles there.

The point I am trying to make is that it`s not always easy for the uninformed or the deliberately misled to determine who is the freedom fighter and who is the terrorist, Gordon Campbell is a financial terrorist as well as an environmental terrorist...

Imagine giving permission to destroy fish lake for trinkets of gold, to engage in talks about the Enbridge pipelines, putting a useless road through Burns bog, expanding highways and bridges while pretending his useless carbon tax makes him Green...90% of British Columbian`s strongly oppose an HST, Gordon Campbell campaigned saying there would be no HST, he has NO MANDATE to bring in a HST, the case hasn`t been made, Michael Levy, Jack Mintz, not one study, not one case has been made that isn`t pure spin that can point to the advantage of shifting $2 billion more dollars of taxes upon BCers, not one case, a flip flopping Jack Mintz who sits on boards that benefit from this tax shift, a 12 page skimpy, airy fairy report filled with rhetoric!

It`s my opinion friends that Gordon Campbell is terrorizing the people, as for Vaisakhi Celebration, unless you are clearly part of that culture, no politicians should attend, and that`s goes for all religious celebrations,Gordon Campbell, red mittens and blood stained hands, in my opinion many corporations are terrorists, the courts are ineffective, bought and paid for judges, politicians are terrorists, the law, what law, the law of money or party affiliation, I would like to leave you with one example of the law and how tragic it is....

Gore versus Bush...The Supreme court of the United States, the 9 justices`s , the fact that the decision went to George Bush, a 5 to 4 decision in favour of George Bush, it isn`t the 5 to 4 decision that bothered me, it`s the fact that all 5 Republican appointed judges sided for Bush, the 4 Democratic appointed judges sided for Gore......That`s law? Why didn`t a Democratic appointed judge vote for Bush, why didn`t a Republican appointed judge vote for Gore,why did the judges vote down party lines, there is no law, those with the biggest guns make the law.

The Straight Good

Cheers-eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant said: "The media in BC have become stooges".

No kidding. Look at one of BC's biggest media stooges is doing:

"If members of the press gallery are collecting thousands of dollars per speaking engagement to business groups interested in legislative changes—and I have no proof of this other than Palmer's agent's claim in the past that Palmer charges $3,000 to $5,000 per speech—then I think they owe it to their readers, viewers, and listeners to come clean on this."

"Palmer has a public-speaking career in addition to his work as a paid columnist. Some of Palmer's clients not only like the HST, they see it as a vital ingredient in securing the province's economic prosperity."

Don't these guys show any shame????

And tomorrow the biggest environmental disaster to ever hit BC will be announced - The Site C Dam.

Wiebo Ludwig - are you watching this development?

Grant G said...

I find it interesting that anyone would pay Vaughn Palmer for anything, he doesn`t know anything,all he knows is what he`s told to say....

As for site C....We are talking about a diversion, not the dam, a political diversion, Gordon Campbell is attempting to change the Public`s channel....

The other reason Campbell wants site c because his wind power and run of river is almost useless...

I will wait for the announcement, but one thing you should remember, Gordon Campbell won`t be Government for much longer.

If the HST initiative gets ignored and he rams the tax down our throats "Recall in the Fall" with spell the end for all time for the BC Liberals....Site C can be undone, dams take a long time to build.

Have faith my friend, the times are a changin!

Kim said...

Grant, I went to John Horgan's neighbourhood today for signatures. He was my first cold call. He smirked when I explained why I was there, and said that in Sooke yesterday, they got 1100 signatures. He said he is "petitioned up" but had not had time to canvass the hood. I offered to withdraw, but he said, "no, go ahead". So I said I'll do this road today and the rest of the neighbourhood is yours. He shook my hand and said, "Have fun!" So I did. Every person I talked to, with the exception of one, signed, and then they called their spouse and they signed too. I feel empowered!

Grant G said...

Well I hope my friend John Horgan didn`t talk your head off(LOL)....That`s Fantaaassstttiiiccc Kim..

I`m proud of you, and the rest of our 5000 strong army.

And you are right, it`s empowering to know that there are so many united on this front.

The HST Freight train is coming down the track,get out of the way or get flattened.

My only other wish...It should be a BC Rail Freight train carrying the message!

You Rock Kim!

Kim said...

Ahhh, thanks. I am enpowered! John looks good, he looks ready for a fight. I will support him, as usual.