Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gordon Campbell, Crime Boss!

11 months have passed since Gordon Campbell`s fraudulent election theft, the stink,the corruption, the lies, the sell outs, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have been given to Gordon Campbell`s party donating friends, the cabinet,MLAs,the stench, a complete criminal investigation of Gordon Campbell must be conducted as soon as possible, all we need now is a Solicitor General, but that may be a bit of a problem.

John Les, ex mayor of Chilliwak, John Les has brothers, brothers who are developers,Corny Les is one of them....I think a more appropriate name would be Carney....As in flim flam carneys at a sideshow who have but one goal,to take your money by whatever means.

The complaint against John Les is this, there were more than one person in Chilliwak who owned land, land that was in the agricultural reserve, the citizens of Chilliwak were wanting to get in on the real estate game, these land owners could make a fortune if they could sell their property as development land, one problem, the Chilliwak citizens applied to the city to have their land re-zoned, applied to get their land removed from the agricultural reserve,well, they had no luck at all, the city said no, but the story doesn`t end there, several of these people sold their property anyway,but for a fraction of the price, and who buys up the property, developers, bring in the Les brothers, and here`s the deal, Joe public in Chilliwak for years couldn`t get their land re-zoned but within months of the Les`s involvement with this land purchase the zoning gets changed and the Les`s start developing and selling and making the big bucks, coincidence,did John Les use his connections and power to change the zoning laws,Ex mayor John Les through influence peddling paves the road with gold for his brothers, that`s the allegations friends, a cut and dried deal, a deal that the RCMP has been looking at for 3 years,and they still have their fingers up their butt,how long should this take,a simple land fraud investigation, in my opinion John Les is a lowdown corrupt politician who should resign today,the RCMP are gutless and in negotiations with the Province,I don`t expect any justice from a sad sorry tainted RCMP, how long should this investigation take another 3 years(more on John Les here)

John von Dongen, John Les replacement, a lead foot, an habitual excessive speeder, John Dongen has been endangering the public, speeding drivers are the worst of the worst, Von Dongen has his license removed and he resigns as Solicitor General, a 4 month driving suspension for many excessive speeding tickets,John Dongen gets his license back and it has just been revealed that he has already had more driving violations, John Von Dongen will end up losing his license again,how much will it cost the taxpayer to taxi,chauffeur these not honourable Liberals around, Jane Thornthwaite when she loses her license for her drunk driving while the streets were full of Olympic visitors,how much will her taxi rides cost the taxpayer?

Kash Heed, Gordon Campbell`s star candidate, let me give you a little background on Kash Heed, since the Tyee has no balls and they keep moderating commenters who merely want to expose the facts,undisputed facts, Kash Heed was West Vancouver police chief, a man,a very rich man from West Vancouver named Jack Crone, an older man with a multi million dollar home in West Vancouver,Jack Crone was also a big time member of RBC securities, Jack Crone was also a sick son of %^$#% who liked child pornography, well the police were moving in on Jack Crone, so what does Kash Heed do? What Kash Heed does is, the morning of the day the West Van police were going to be raiding Jack Crone`s mansion, Kash Heed met with a woman,a woman who was a fellow employee of Jack Crone and informed her that the police were raiding Jack Crone`s home later that day, a shocking breach by Kash Heed, what were Kash Heeds motives for telling this woman,who was Kash Heed trying to protect, was Kash Heed protecting his rich friends,who knows for sure, but what we do know is this, the investigating officers involved in the Jack Crone case filed complaints against Kash Heed, fellow officers furious with Kash Heed,mad enough to file a complaint against their new boss Kash Heed.....

So what does Kash Heed do? He resigns from West Vancouver police department to avoid prosecution, a policeman`s out, a loophole, police that resign can avoid investigation, a get out of jail free card, a practice well used in West Vancouver, so Kash Heed resigns, Pamela Goldsmith Jones,mayor of West Vancouver gives Kash Heed a ton of money to go away,Kash Heed resigned,he wasn`t entitled a massive severance package,Kash Heed was only 18 months into a 5 year term as police chief in West Vancouver, Kash Heed made more money as police chief that he does as a cabinet minister(now a disgraced cabinet minister), why did Kash Heed resign, he ran away from West Vancouver to avoid prosecution for his strange activities, and where did Kash Heed run too, he ran into the warm embrace of Gordon Campbell, a habitual liar,a law breaker, a promise breaker,a lowdown criminal, a premier who cheated on his wife, a premier who hates children, hates the sick,the poor, the needy,a premier who has lied his face off and has blood on his hands,a premier who has attacked the neediest, a premier who every deal he touches stinks, from the corrupt garbage deal in cash creek involving Liberal insiders,insiders that were involved with BC Rail scandal!(read about the garbage scandal here)

For all the links to the Jack Crone/Kash Heed affair read this..Links enclosed.

The corrupt casino deal, another deal benefiting Gordon Campbell`s friend, Ross K over at the the Gazetteer has the story(read his coverage here)
$600 million dollars for a useless retractable roof in a rain forest all for the benefit of some big rollers and friends of Gordon Campbell, and then there is Shirley Bond lying her face off in the people`s house,the legislature in Victoria, whopping lies about BC Rail, Shirley Bond lied about the sale price,Shirley Bond lied about BC Rails debt,lied about the money BC Rail made, giant whopper lies that Canwest Global,CTV,CKNW all but ignored, a corrupt criminal theft of BC assets that is finally heading to court next month.(Read Will McMartin`s fabulous factual story her

And there is so much more, a 3 cent penny stock company named Finerva, $41 million dollars in debt, a company with nothing,an outfit that has never built anything to do with power, nothing, well, after Gordon Campbell fired Bob Elton from BC Hydro,put in a BC Liberal stooge, Finaverva gets 4 massive power buying contracts from BC Hydro, friends of Gordon Campbell that were part of Accenture,part of a BC Hydro sell-out from years back, you must remember Accenture,a Bermuda based company involved with Enron and Arthur Anderson,companies that stole billions of dollars in the power game,a ponzi scheme,a fraud, a fraud that BC is still owed hundreds of millions on. Oh indeed friends, Finavera power buying contract is a fraud,a con, we taxpayers will have to pay Finavera hundreds of millions of dollars for them to pick-up the yellow pages and call a wind mill installer, that my friends is the extent of Finavera`s expertise, I am calling for another criminal investigation over the Finavera contract award, but again, does anyone know a Solicitor General? Does anyone know a Solicitor General that isn`t under criminal investigation?(read another great Will McMartin factual ball buster story here)

Lastly friends, this latest Kash Heed investigation,here`s the deal, his Fraserview campaign team,a real small tight circle sent out pamphlets to voters in that riding, the pamphlets Kash Heed`s team sent out were in English and Chinese, what was said in the Chinese language were blatant election law violations,LIES.LIES.LIES...Things were said,the document said the NDP will legalize all drugs,the NDP will force you to join a union if you want to work, the NDP will bring in death taxes, and many more lies, from what I have read Kash Heed was aware of these lies,dirty tricks, the pamphlets came out of his campaign office, in my opinion Kash Heed is guilty,dirty,he was guilty in West Vancouver and fled to the crime boss Gordon Campbell, he is guilty of election fraud too!

No matter how much lipstick you put on Gordon Campbell,he is a pig,a corrupt Government,habitual liars, Shirley Bond,Falcon,Coleman,bobblehead Abbot, the hater of special needs children Mary Polak, I could name them all,every BC Liberal is a habitual liar, the successful HST initiative followed by "Recall in the Fall" followed by a severe shortage of "special prosecutors".....Does anyone know where we can find 85 special prosecutors!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I was shocked, when I read, there is a 4 member panel to examine: The auditor General, Chief of Electoral Officer, Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Information and Privacy Commissioner, The Ombudsperson, The Police Commissioner, and the Rep for Children and Youth.

They are supposed to report to the Speaker of the House, April 15th.

If this is so, it has been kept, far too quiet.


Anonymous said...

I don't think, I have asked you about this already, I am so tired I don't remember. Did you know about, the 4 member panel, who is examining the: Auditor General. Chief of the Electoral Officer, Conflict of Interest Commissioner. Information and Privacy Commissioner. The Ombudsperson. The Police Commissioner, and the Rep. for Children and Youth.

The panel is supposed to report to the Speaker of the House, April 15th.

Was that perhaps a secret, that was supposed to be kept very quiet?


Grant G said...

Thanks Gloria, I will look into it,I am looking forward to the legislature staring up again this monday...I will pay special attention to submitted reports...

Let me be perfectly clear,Kash Heed stepped down because there is a smoking gun,this investigation was started last June,if Kash Heed was clean it would be so simple to separate him from the fraudulent brochure..

The cost of the brochure isn`t the issue,the issue is deliberate lies authorized by Kash Heed and or by Kash Heed`s campaign manager..

A bi-election will be called,although,the investigation,like the John Les affair might never end...

Other than that,Kash Heed has done nothing of importance in Politics,nothing groundbreaking in West Van,he fled to avoid prosecution in interfering in a child pornography case...

Kash Heed is going down on this one,you can take that to the bank. Pay no attention to the confused!

Crankypants said...

Actually we won't need 85 special prosecuters unless the NDP MLAs and Ms. Huntungton are on the RCMP's hit list.

Apparently the RCMP must deal with the Kash Heed issue within a year of the election which would be May 12. Elections BC doesn't call in the police unless there is something very wrong with a campaign, so there is a good possibility that he could be forced to resign and a new election ordered in his riding.

When all is said and done, the history books will show that the governance of Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal party will have been the worst in BC's history. And they have definitely earned it.


Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you speak about!

Mary Polak, Mary Polak a "hater of special needs children"?!?

Are you wanting a lawsuit for libel?

Perhaps you need to search YouTube for Mary Polak... or check this out:

Mary Polak a "hater of special needs children"?!? Give me a break!!!!

Oh and Kash Heed a crook? Please, if he was he'd hang onto the graft until the Premier or the RCMP carried him out. No, Heed excused himself because most likely some things didn't have the appropriate byline - "Authorized by Financial Agent for Kash Heed".

Anonymous said...

anon 8:26 their actions speak louder than your words for you are a shill (a plant)for the con men,that are perpetrating this con,therefore,enjoy the white caps and lol the bc lions under that dome when it rains and in the sunshine when it's sunny and make a few bets in your casino,all the while knowing the children have an empty belly the poor have no homes the sick and the elderly are being abused and under cared for the waiting list grow longer more hoops to jump through for social services that taxes are truly paid for and by the way taxes that have dramatically increased,for less services just like the corporations downsizing their packages(amounts)while increasing the costs,school children being affected in their classrooms,by cuts and increased burdens (down loading)so just save this bullshit for your shit sucking friends use a straw you'll find it more enjoyable and all the while your drunken buddy plays the fiddle while B.C. burns for JUSTICE<you FU##ken CREEP!!!!! GENUINE.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:26 are you that frog that kinda looks like a fatman.

Leah said...

it appears that Josef strikes again. He's the reason I don't contribute to Sean Holman's much as I respect Sean's work!

Whatever! Here's a link to another site Grant, not sure if you know about it as it is new. Written by Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair...worthy of paying attention to.

Grant G said...

Thanks Leah..Well said Genuine,yes indeed,Polakite/Josef K/....Indeed,the man is a love sick puppy,and yes Leah,I refuse to debate Josef K at Sean Holman`s place,Sean Holman has allowed Polakite to ruin the comment threads for $10 dollars!

No BC liberal cares about Children,elders,needy,.....Smart ones like Tom Christian who quit the party,they may care and got out.

Josef K..Polakite, you are welcome here, but,you will not be permitted to drown the thread with goddess,hero,rocket launcher,superfan,etc etc...

I will not permit my comment thread to be hijacked with drivel,I have read lots of your comments Josef K...You have intelligence,you can express good thought,you can also be very icky when it`s comes to Mary Polak.

If Mary Polak cares about children,autistic children she would stand up to Campbell and threaten to resign her post as minister to secure funding,Mary would demand the retractable roof gets cancelled until funding for children is restored,other than that,Mary Polak is useless,as is Du toit.

Leah(Rafe sends me his news letter everyday)I will be back on the environment soon.


Anonymous said...

Finavera has a 41 million dollar deficit, not 41 million dollars of debt, for they are mostly equity financed.

Anonymous said...

Hey pick my debt is a deficit and have to sell my equity therefore I still have nothing,just like what's in your head and that's the only correction that's needed!FOOL,then I could borrow on that now wouldn't that be nice?(a nice scam) that is,and that in a nutshell is the problem,fool.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic and immature message board. You people are merely fueled by the false rhetoric that Grant G. portraits. Do your own research, than add to the debate.

Anonymous said...

Amon 1:07 pm.... Boy do you have that wrong! This blog tells more truth in one column, then gordo does in a year. This sounds like big Al / hp or a papsmear member.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

big als site is almost dead just like the stories he likes to resurect

Anonymous said...

I don't visit anymore I know his game plus all his best commenter s have been banned,all thats's left is him answering himself my dear friend pedro.LOL

Anonymous said...

This is Josef the Polakite.

First, the far left insanity profanity here would NEVER be tolerated at PublicEyeOnline. BCLibs care about kids... obviously. People who use profanity like candy are clearly dummies, even dumber than that doorknob of a BCNDP Social Services "critic" Mary Polak shoots to pieces.

Second, I'm happy to lob HARMs* for Rockette Polak, Sean Holman and the REAL aces. I'm also never going to work at PAB^ because I'm NOT going to defend sleaze and possible corruption exposed by PublicEyeOnline.

Thanks Grant G for the compliments :-). Come on back to Public Eye Online anytime...

Oh and 8:26 Anon... good hits, now hit the deck and go into Zone 5 Afterburner outta here!! I'm covering your egress.

*HARMs - High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles.
^PAB - Public Affairs Bureau

Anonymous said...

Pokadyke / Josph, your love for mary is really spooky and somewhat sick. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 11:50, the president has been set in BC and it was decided in the supreme court of this province that govt. cannot sue their critics. This being in Powell River vs taxpayer. And I do agree with Grant G. that you would be hard pressed to find a honest politician anywhere in this capitalist society created by the likes of the Liebral ilk. Whether you like it or not this Liebral govt. is the most disgusting excuse for govt. to form anywhere in this country. They will be recalled in the fall and you can either get on board or ride their sinking ship. Cheers Grant, keep up the good work.