Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Donald Trump's Last Gambit and Last Stand----Start a Civil War

 Written by Grant G

  There was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016......

Donald Trump did use the power of the US financial purse to pressure Ukraine to dig up and or manufacture dirt on the Bidens, it was proven without a doubt, it justified Trump being impeached...and impeached he was. Rudy Giuliana's mystery laptop discovered by a blind computer repairman story was a comic-book comedy and more...

It was a scheme cooked up by Donald Trump, a lame limp attempt, a failed October surprise...Trump's and Rudy's amateur scheme proved one thing......Donald Trump did pressure Ukraine to cook up a case against Joe Biden..


Party politics is what is wrong with Democracy, our side, your side participants have polluted the process and poisoned the well of so-called civilized societies.

In 2016 two despised candidates vied for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...

 Democrats didn't want Hillary Clinton as their candidate but party backroomers stacked the deck in her favor, that brutal miscalculation directly led to Donald Trump taking power and take power he did, Trump's power was not Republican power it was his personal power, what I mean by that is...

Everything Trump did was to advance his personal cause, not the cause of improving America and in doing so, Trump exposed a Republican party devoid of ethics and lacking a spine.

Imagine this,(we don't have to imagine, it happened in real time) ...A man is elected president of the United States of America, first thing he does is insult world leaders, he treats woman and people of colour like scurvy, he lies over 25,000 times in three years, refuses to hand over tax returns or financial information, he grifts the US taxpayer of millions of dollars, he funnels money into his pockets..

Need more...Donald Trump is/was a sexual predator....Trump robbed and stole from workers, contractors, avoided paying taxes and defaulted on $billions in loans. Trump cheated on all his wives, Trump ripped off family members and more...

Nobody with even a tenth of Trump's scandals would even be considered as a viable candidate for dog catcher let alone president of the United States.....So what happened.

PARTY POLITICS is what happened along with the distortion of the electoral college.

And i'm not saying Democrats are much better than Republicans but the bottom line is....Republicans could care less how unethical, how immoral or how unfit for office Donald Trump is, he's their candidate so they close eyes, plug their ears and deny the factual writings of Trump wrong-doing in print, visual proof in video and undisputed documented facts from watchdogs throughout government..

Republican Senators and Congressmen chose self survival, money and power over truth and justice, even today, after Donald Trump has clearly been defeated elected Republicans and party members refuse to acknowledge that fact.....Donald J Trump was soundly defeated at the polls by the mushy middle, independent non-party voters rejected Donald Trump on masse..

Donald Trump despite being a very flawed and broken human being could have won a second term if..

If he took the virus serious, if he campaigned in the 21st century rather than dwell on life in the 1950s, a time when a single wage earner could pay the bills, a time when most wives were housewives but that reality has been gone for decades, long gone is a time when single earner families thrived, today in 2020 it takes two earners to survive financially and family, as in having kids is pushed to later in life and instead of 5 children or 10 children the new norm is one, or two....or even none...indeed, the times did change for most, but not for Donald J Trump....Donald never moved past the 1950s...He was too isolated and sheltered, he was sculpted by Fred Trump, Trump's father was a racist and cheater extraordinaire and Donald Trump was his star student....The rest is history.

From the bowels of the beast came the reelection Campaign from Hell

Just think about what Trump said over and over during the last few months of the 2020 campaign.

  • Biden will take away your 2nd amendment.
  • Biden will raise taxes 400%
  • Biden will take away God
  • Biden will outlaw religion
  • Biden will destroy the suburbs
  • Biden will have open borders
  • Biden will release violent offenders
  • Biden will defund the police
  • Biden will indoctrinate your children
  • Biden is owned by China, owned by Iran
  • Biden is a corrupt politician
  • Biden and his family are a criminal organization
  • Biden will allow infanticide up to 9 months
  • Biden will turn America into a Socialist country
  • Biden will turn America into a Communist country
  • Biden will turn America into a Marxist 

Those are but a small example of the poisonous utterings by Donald Trump.

Trump never surpassed 50% approval rate in 4 years as president and ...

And over the last 6 months Trump deliberately laid the narrative America finds itself today, and I quote..

For at least 6 months Trump has stated..

"The only way I can lose the 2020 election is through fraud and a rigged election" snip

Donald J Trump lost......Donald Trump will be removed from the office of the Whitehouse on January 20th/2021.....But it's gonna get real ugly..

Trump is restructuring the Pentagon, removing all persons he deems a threat, he's installing Trump loyalists in key positions....Trump believes in his muddled mind that if he removes the Pentagons' civilian oversight and installs sycophants that the Pentagon powers for removing a defiant defeated president will vanish....Delusional indeed, but that's the domain Donald Trump's head space occupies.

Even worse, Donald Trump, besides not doing anything his job as president requires is planning on doing a series of MAGA election fraud rallies.....

Trump will never concede or admit he lost the 2020 election and a civil war is what Trump is trying to start.

75 million people voted against Trump, ....Even the electoral college numbers went against him...

306 to 232

None of that matters to Donald....Trump is propagating debunked conspiracy theory after debunked conspiracy theory..

Recounts will not change any state results....The courts, even the Conservative stacked Supreme court isn't going to overturn any state election results(Trump is very dismayed that the supreme court won't bend to his twisted whims)

That leaves but one last option for Donald Trump.....Maga rallies spewing election fraud lies, Proud Boys, Klansmen, Boogaloo boys and closed minded MAGA zombies rioting and tearing up America.

Donald J Trump is going to leave a violent flaming mess behind him as he departs the stage.

There is only one way to put this impending fire out......

All media, including Fox news must call Trump out, call him the loser he is, even if that means losing a large percentage of their viewing audience..

The days of big media trying to coddle the disturbed Donald Trump must end..

Start by ignoring Trump...Do not broadcast his upcoming MAGA rallies, do not broadcast his propaganda whitehouse yarnfests disguised as press conferences, don't broadcast Ronna McDaniel and Kayleigh McEnany....Don't give any Trumpers airtime..

If Trump is successful in turning over the election results and nullifying over 75 million voters that rejected him...It will not be IF THERE IS A CIVIL WAR  BUT WHEN A CIVIL WAR STARTS.

Don't give Donald Trump anything but dead air.

The only way to diffuse Donald Trump is to treat him as if he doesn't exist.

That's the only way to stop Trump.....The onus is on all big media, and that includes Fox News!

Time to Drift Away

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 




Saturday, October 31, 2020

America at a Crossroad---The Demise of Donald Trump and The Powerful Rise of New Voices and Votes, the Young

America at a Crossroad---The Demise of Donald Trump and The Powerful Rise of New Voices and New Votes, the Young

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Updated November 4th/2020........Thank goodness Trump lost..however......Once again pollsters led us astray.....Not enough young voters followed through....and it is so distressing to see that many people vote for Trump, that scares me, it shows how easily seemingly educated societies can drift, or be pulled into the darkness......

America is destined for more protests, more hurt and tears, until the populous embraces change .....A divided nation where 50% reject science, ....Rejecting science while embracing religious scripture..

Religion.....The number one reason for human conflict, religion....Religious zealots across America voted for a man they know is deeply flawed, they know Trump is harmful....They don't care who or how many get harmed as long as their religious desires are fulfilled.. 

The American levee is gonna break soon, one can only hope it breaks for the future

Lastly...Over the last couple of weeks on the campaign trail, Donald J Trump said to his raptured super-spreader-rally-goers on more than one occasion, and I quote...

"Sleepy Joe Biden is the worst presidential candidate in US history, about pressure, how can I lose to the worst candidate in history...I can't lose to Biden" 

Trump was right about Joe Biden being the worst presidential candidate in US History.

That about sums up Trump and his one term...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Grant G....November 4th/2020....1:42 pm 


 Written by Grant G

World holds its collective breath, five more days and this predictable travesty ends, and end it will, Donald Trump has unwittingly unleashed a new powerful force, a force that threatens not only the survival of the Republican party but also the make-up and direction of the Democratic party.

Change or be changed.

      There was a time, in the not too distant past when politicians deliberately lied or found themselves embroiled in scandal they would resign but gradually over the last two decades that tradition of falling on one's sword was replaced with non-plausible denials and utter bafflegab, along with near unanimous subservient obedience from party members, in other words, when it comes to their own, no stench is too overpowering.

The Predictable Travesty

     Donald Trump becoming president was the result of an electorate and party faithful on both sides of the aisle that allowed it, no more would politicians be punished for lying so why not lie twenty thousand times in less than four years, corrupt every government office and pollute Democracy at it's core, name-call everyone and demean, divide while looting wherever possible..

The carnival barker Donald Trump was given a free pass on corruption and malfeasance by a Republican party devoid of any ethics, or spines....

And now, Trump is gone, a Joe Biden presidency, along with an increased majority in the House of Representatives and control of the Senate, all three branches of the US Government controlled by the Democratic Party....There will be no excuses, Joe Biden, Pelosi and Schumer can now pass all their legislation, reform the tax code and make the rich and corporate pay, make real strides towards renewable power and clean tech, and....and its long overdue for the "Tax Havenesque Corporate Sector" to pay..

    Trump can't change, can't alter course or become human, even when he knows that he is way behind in the polls, a massive deficit among woman, in Arizona the other day at a Trump Super-Spreader rally he called up to the stage struggling to hold onto her senate seat Senator Martha McSally....And Donald Trump called her like one would call a dog..."hurry up, quick quick quick, nobody wants to hear you" 

The display by Trump was ghastly...The acceptance of the treatment by Martha was even more ghastly...Only a person who sold their soul to the devil would have went on that stage after being scuttled by Trump....I would love to have seen Martha McSally yell to the "infectious" crowd, something like...Hey Arizona, i'll always work hard to deliver good government to the people of Arizona and the nation so go out and vote....and then see Martha just before exiting the stage say....Fuck you Trump while giving him the middle finger(Dare to dream)...

 Martha McSally had nothing to lose, Trump is going down and she could perhaps have saved her own skin and seat...Now they both lose and unfortunately for Martha McSally, she'll have to live that canine moment forever..

Everything has been said about Trump's flaws, by Trump's family, associates, ex-cabinet members and even from high-profile Republicans....This list of what's wrong with Trump is too long to detail here, instead i'll list what is what right with Donald J Trump......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................well maybe i'll tell you what's right about Trump......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................The Silence is Deafening.

Donald is broken, however, this short story isn't about Trump, or Biden, it's about the New Powerful Force Sweeping America, America's droves they are voting, organizing, they are the ones removing Donald Trump from office and it is not because they are enamored with Joe Biden, in fact the youth don't care for Biden at all, it's their hatred of everything Donald Trump is....A 74 year old golden spoon-fed lost in the 50's racist who will burn the earth to the ground, a climate and science denier and today, in the year 2020 the youth of America will not have a president with but a few years left to live decide their future. 

What is in it for the youth?

The future of planet Earth itself..... that's something worth voting for.

Trump is trailing female voters by 20 points....Trailing seniors 8 points...Trailing in educated men by 20 points, trailing among independents by 20 points..The only group of voters Trump still holds a sizeable lead with is uneducated white men..

Trump will lose Texas, Georgia, N Carolina, Iowa and many more...Blowout city......Game over.

The youth of America will vote in the millions for a man they don't like to remove a president they despise and fear..

This is and will be the story of the 2020 US Election...

"Children of uneducated white men vote in droves to elect Joe Biden"

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open





Sunday, April 12, 2020

This Will Get Better

Written by Grant G

     Easter, a religious time, a time for atonement, celebration and prayers, prayers for a future that's better.

I'm not religious, nether was my dad, yet, my father could cite biblical verse and passages like someone trained and or schooled in the preisthood, because he was, his dad, my grandfather was a religious zealot and every Sunday made my father attend church, dad was also required to read scripture every night at home....This my dad tolerated, until, until he got old enough to say no..

This story is not a slight against religion, my dad was a free spirit, logical, smart and not easily led astray, this of course led to friction between him and his dad....Decades later my dad told me the reasons he rejected religion, he felt too many in the flock were mindless sheep, sheep who were told how to act, how to treat others and even worse, instructed as to how to think... What dear church leader thinks must be copied and strictly adhered to.....For my dad....He and the church parted ways yet verse and scripture remained ingrained..

Dad never told me at the time(I was young) but in thinking back to decades ago, and how he explained religion to me as an adult I know now he struggled early on with his decision to abandon the church..When dad's children(including me) were young he took us(dropped us off) at Sunday school for a mild dabble into religion.....perhaps he was wondering internally if it was himself only that had issues with religion...Dad never disparaged the church to us kids when we were at that tender age, with me, Dad let me attend Sunday School...only in my later years did I put it all together...

I didn't attend Sunday School for long......Dad asked me what I thought about it, Sunday School that is and I answered him honestly..Told him it was silly, boring and not real....Sunday School was quickly replaced with fishing...For me and dad, that was as real(reel) as it gets...

As mentioned above, this story, these thoughts are not a slight against religion, it is however, a slight against mindlessness, a slight against worshiping false idols, a slight against religious zealots who praise pure evil heathens as long as those heathens deliver unto them..

Many have asked why I stopped writing, stopped fighting for what's right, my answer is simple, with the election of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, leftwing,rightwing governments matter not, there is currently no difference and...Until Donald Trump gets removed from power the world will not get better.

Donald Trump....He is NOT RELIGIOUS at all, not one scintilla of faith lives within him..nothing, yet Trump tells the Christian flock that he is....Donald Trump, the racist, Trump the rapist, adulterer, many times married, Donald Trump who has deliberately bankrupted thousands of small contractors/workers, a conman man through and through...Trump did that because he could, over money, for Donald the Dim, court battles be his name, over 4000 lawsuits...Trump's motto, let them sue and sue and sue some more until they exhaust all their financial resources and settle for pennies on the dollar..

Trump cheated on all his wives and abused 100s more, Donald's crimes cover the entire gambit from financial, personal, family, sexual offenses yet even knowing this "heavy"Christian zealots still support Donald Trump....Why...Because of the 2nd amendment(guns)..indeed, and pro-life/anti-abortion stance...Donald isn't pro-life and he's forced abortion upon a victim or two, and marriage, sacred not be his name...

I mentioned ingrained scripture, particular chapters and verse as to my dad...To this day, Donald Trump when cornered couldn't cite a single passage from the bible..

(check out the below short video, proof positive Trump and Religion are oil & water..meaning they don't mix, and never did)

17,000 proven lies in 3 1/2 years ....bombastic, vengeful, petty, unintelligent when it comes to knowledge but he's deviously sharp when it comes to demented distortion...

Christian flock, not all but huge proportions of the flock overlook his many flaws because they're told to by their religious leaders, even knowing of Trump's many flaws those believers look the other way and refuse to see, hear or acknowledge what they know...

False idols praised as long as they deliver words supporting pro-life and more guns.

Pandemic scourge spreads wildly through earth's billions of inhabitants....mother nature finds a way to reduce population growth run amok, we see it all the time with animals and corralled fish has to, the planet is finite and as for myself personally,...I have no right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her own only wish is that a lot of thought is put into a woman's decision and that the procedure is as safe as possible..

Restricting woman, owning woman, like cattle....Religion needs a rethink, needs to open up and air out their skeleton filled closets and allow the sun to burn off the virus that's existed in religion for far too long..

Donald Trump will be removed in November and then, with luck, and perhaps with prayer the world will move progressively forward....Call it lessons learned...

This will get better..

Music has always inspired me,......Fuck the Church..Time for science.

and a little inspirational music..


Billy Talent has a few words and some inspirational music

I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better)

  One day you're gonna wake up from this dream
To find out that your life ain't what it seems
When you feel so lost, that you don't belong
Well I beg to differ
As time goes on this will get better
And you can't go wrong if your will is strong
Enough under pressure
As time goes on this will get better
This will get better
You struggle every day but no one sees
And trouble eats away your self esteem
You're so afraid to face tomorrow
The only thing that waits is sorrow
You can't see the light from behind the curtains
When you feel so lost, that you don't belong
Well I beg to differ
As time goes on this will get better
And you can't go wrong if your will is strong
Enough under pressure
As time goes on this will get better
This will get better
Don't suffer through the dark days
Burn up all the barricades
Turn and face the pain to let it go
No matter what they all say
You can find another way
Never have to battle this alone
Don't suffer through the dark days
Burn up all the barricades
Turn and face the pain to let it go
No matter what they all say
Always be another way
You don't have to battle this alone
When you feel so lost, that you don't belong
Well I beg to differ
As time goes on this will get better
And you can't go wrong if your will is strong
Enough under pressure
As time goes on this will get better
This will get better
This will get better
Don't you surrender
This will get better
This will get better
This will get better
Don't you surrender
This will get better


The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Friday, April 3, 2020

Paradigm Shift Courtesy of the Black Swan named Corona

Paradigm Shift Courtesy of the Black Swan named Corona

Written by Grant G

      Oil demand has fallen by a staggering 16 million barrels per day, terrible right?.... no, not at all, it's the future, it's progress, albeit progress at a terrible cost.

I'm not afraid to die, but, this pandemic scares the hell out of me, I fear for my mother because it will kill her and fear that it will kill your mother, father, grandparents and millions more and there is nothing anyone can do to ease this terror, and that's what it is, terror, worse than war, a terror nobody has seen since 1918....The Spanish Flu...and despite the name, the Spanish Flu originated in Kansas.

Having personally suffered pulmonary embolisms, where breathing is laboured, when coughed up phlegm comes in the form of chunks of blood, disturbing to say the least but even worse then the pain is the fear factor, each laboured breath sends one's mind reeling to thoughts of a last breath..

Millions of older people, or those with risk factors, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, immune deficiencies and so many more afflictions see the carnage on near every TV channel and there is no escaping the reality...A dry cough, a fever and for many, a few hours later lungs are fluid soaked water bags, the fluid is caused by the human body fighting back against the virus, unfortunately the body's attack is too aggressive and the result is drowning in one's own fluid.

 That's where Intubation and ventilators are required, give the patient life giving air through mechanical means long enough that the body can clean itself out....Ventilators mean life.

Being a caregiver to my last parent, my mom, I fiercely practice social distancing, fear of bringing this uninvited black menace home but I do go out to get mom's medical supplies, prescriptions, and yes food, and upon my return I reflect on the disturbing scenes....empty store shelves, hoarders gone wild, even where we purchase mom's medical supplies the war profiteers have gloves, no cleaners, no pads, and masks, good luck finding masks of any kind, the profiteers loot the stores of stock, even per person limits don't suffice because...Because entire families, one at a time or nefarious groups enter the stores as individuals over and over again to circumvent rules, circumvent decency, my words can't describe my thoughts....

When I do go to Safeway, or Regency Medical, Shoppers Drug Mart besides getting a few items there is something else I do, i'll spend a half hour or so watching from the safety of my truck...what am I watching..people...and it's amazing, hoarders, profiteers, the reckless and those that are sick and how they try to conceal it, but the one's that interest me the most are those in the vulnerable group, fear oozes from them....A bullet to the head is quick......Intubation, ventilator and probable death thoughts occupy their minds slowly and methodically, you can see the fear and there is nothing one can say, or do to soothe their souls...Knowing this I go out of my way, even with social distancing one can still smile at people, that's what I do, smile at these troubled souls and try to exude a sense of calm....even though inside, I too am terrified...

Societal Breakdown.....We are at a crossroad, mankind either makes fundamental changes or else, or else government structures of the past will be removed for a new progressive order.

Governments are cranking up printings presses, pixel money is being created at record speed, big banks, creditcard companies will not be permitted to swoop in and seize assets from distressed persons, not this time, and the wealthy elites know it, there is no safety behind their iron shields, gated communities, Hampton castles and private islands will not keep an enraged public from seeking their revenge.

Trillions of pixel dollars being created out of thin air, backstopped by nothing, the world debt crisis had already reached the absurd before this beast arrived, these trillions will never be paid back, unsustainable debt levels...The world is on the verge of, and should claim bankruptcy...So many countries yet only a few can print pixel money, that is unfair, unworkable not equitable..

The day has arrived, endless supply increases of fossil fuels, Alberta politicians of all persuasions need to acknowledge this fact and exit that dead-end road..Trudeau needs to accept the futility of TMX...America, once a new president is elected, or one is appointed by an angered mob must abandon the frack...The earth is angry, the 99% are angry and promises spouted by elected idiots to quickly return to normal will not suffice because the old normal was already fucked,

Species extinction must stop, deforestation must end, sustainability needs to be the path forward..

By the time this pandemic is finished $30 to $40 trillion pixel dollars will have been made out of thin air, all in an effort to return to the fucked up old normal...Just imagine if $40 trillion pixel dollars was allocated to bring clean renewable power to the world, to create hydrogen fuel cells, to clean up orphan wells, to clean up Alberta's toxic restore forests, wetlands, to save animal, marine and plant species worldwide...monies need to be spent to preserve what nature gifted us.

Planet Earth sent this pandemic, call it a shot across the bow or a stern warning, endless expansion cannot be sustained, the world is finite and industries of the past will never return to levels of yesterday..Cruise ship industry will decline, airline travel will fall and the oil industry just took the on-ramp to the Buggy Whip Highway.

There is a silver lining.....The old fucked up normal is gone.

Time to do it right.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, March 27, 2020

Black Swans and The Future?

Black Swans and The Future?

Written by Grant G

        March 27/2020......Coronavirus is hideous, a virus that smothers one's ability to breathe, attacks the heart and leaves permanent damage on those that survive....even worse, it strikes deep fear in the aged, the already frail and there are millions of people in North America alone that fall into the vulnerable category.

A cloud of fear hangs like thick ocean fog over our entire world.

Warnings, the world had warnings in movie form, by the CDC and WHO, by health professionals around the globe....A drum beat of warnings, decades long warnings that we were not prepared for a pandemic, but here we are..

There were other warnings ignored, warnings that the government even in the midst of this current crisis refuses to acknowledge,....Economic warnings...Most people can't afford to lose even a few weeks pay without falling into financial ruin...

Governments responded to this disaster, indeed they did...First the US Fed offered Wallstreet $1.5 Trillion dollars, then they lowered interest rates for banks and Corporations to 0%....Then the world's bankers, including Canada, Europe, China offered up another $trillion for the big-boys and in this latest $2 trillion dollar rescue package making its way through the US House of Congress is another $500 billion for corporate grants...yes I said grants...Boeing alone is asking for $60 billion...and they aren't alone..Bailouts?... after Corporate North America spent hundreds of $billions in tax breaks to buy-back their own stocks, increase corporate CEO pay, and juice the stock markets to way over inflated levels....

The people are given crumbs....Creditcards have not lowered interest rates for people...Prime lending rates for people remain unchanged...Those two items alone would help out average Joe and Jane far more than short term temporary handout(weeks away and nothing for pensioners or disabled)..and nothing for millions more.

The economy....It will bounce back if, and only if the people have money to spend when these stay in place orders/requests makes no sense to even consider corporate bailouts(Socialism has suddenly become very popular among those rightwing corporate governments who scream hell-no to Socialism, eh Trump) until a semblance of normalcy..

Bailouts for the oil and gas industry? Why.....Does government bailout the people when oil goes to $100 dollars per barrel, when big oil is making huge $dollars hand over fist, and when the oil price spikes and profiteering wins the day, does big oil put money away for a rainy, they merely whisper poverty and governments jump to attention....over and over again, ....Hello Alberta, and it didn't, and doesn't matter if Conservative or advertised as left leaning governments are in power, Horgan, eh Rachel Trudeau, eh matters not.

There are silver linings to this pandemic but are we as a people prepared to actually acknowledge them and move forward with making the changes, will governments change course and allow progress or will the monied interests of the very few keep us in the dark ages..

Tele meeting, ...Tele working...$billions of dollars wasted every year flying politicos to gabfests, G20..G7..on all levels of government..not needed...Giant 7000 person floating petri dishes(cruise industry)....That industry will not recover, nor should it, before Coronavirus these ships were notorious for Ecoli, Norovirus and many other gastronomical breakouts..Both the airline and cruise industry want endless expansion...This can't happen...yet, that's how the money markets operate, if company X doesn't grow their value plunges, it's that dichomity that is unsustainable.

Planet Earth and all its inhabitants...When animal populations, fish populations get to large famine or disease attacks, farmed salmon is a perfect example, too many fish crowded into pens, lice, disease and mushy fish..even worse, these toxic practices destroy natural salmon...Norway, Chile and here in B.C.....Humankind is no different, eventually growth must cease and stability or less must rule the day. Unfortunately stock markets don't operate that way, money markets force growth, but that isn't sustainable..

More silver linings, the air is cleaner, sky is bluer, noticeably positive changes are already happening in the world's atmosphere...This short little blip of time decrease in economic activity has benefited the earth, and given science a chance to study the effects....and from what i've read, the earth atmosphere responds to the good rather quickly to reductions in emissions but the big question is,  will our elected leaders acknowledge this fact or will they stick their collective heads firmly up corporate asses....From what i've seen and witnessed over the last month, corporate asses are still the preferred nesting areas for today's elected politicians..

An endless growth paradigm is not sustainable

With the earth's population growing exponentially, with air travel increasing, with all 4 corners of the earth merely hours and a flight away, there will be another pandemic, maybe sooner than we think.....It's time for a rethink of everything...


Many have asked me why I gone a little silent, stopped writing...Simple answer is..

With today's elected politicians...Donald Trump...Justin Trudeau..John Horgan, Jason kenney and even Rachel Notley before him.

They aren't listening, they won't change course and there is no difference who is in power...Here in Canada specifically, ...Andrew Weaver(Green) contributed nothing...John Horgan(liar), outside of a few social issues is no better than the corporate branded BC Liberals, and as for Trudeau, well, you know where he nests(TMX) ...where they all nest....

In Corporate Asses

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



I would like to thank all health professionals, doctors, care aids, nurses and frontline support workers, police and fireman, tellers at grocery stores and everywhere else...You are the real heroes... Thank You