Thursday, January 28, 2010

40,000 Atlantic Salmon escape from Fish Farm

(The above picture are Wild B.C. Salmon)
Well well well, another escapement, actually this escapement happened on Ocotober 21/2009....And guess what,it wasn`t reported anywhere, as an avid reader who looks at almost every local rag in B.C. I didn`t spot the story, the only one who had the story was Alexandra Morten, and guess what, she has some great pictures.

(read her story and look at these fabulous pictures here)

Anyways, here`s the deal, on October 21/2009 at Port Elizabeth in Knight inlet 40,000 Atlantic Salmon escaped and Commercial fisherman two days later and 40 kilometers away were catching them, and Alexandra Morten took some great photos, and they gutted one and lo n behold guess what was inside, a B.C. wild Salmon smolt. A baby wild Salmon, the thing is with our native species of Salmon they don`t eat each other, but Atlantic Salmon will eat everything.

Two years ago 25,000 Atlantic salmon escaped from a fish farm near Campbell river, but the thing is with Marine Harvest and others it`s up to them to report problems and I can tell you first hand that "accidents happen" frequently but rarely are they reported! So how come this story didn`t make the radio airwaves or the Canwest media fish wrap newspapers?

In fact friends I have a very close friend that works for DFO in the food inspection agency,specifically monitoring fish farms, and the things I`m told would rock your world, the heavy "illegal" chemicals that are used for lice infestation, and other antibiotics, in fact the federal Government (DFO) is complicit in the illegality of these farms, but....what DFO has done to cover their butts is this....."They stopped testing for these chemicals" snip,"Chemicals that are banned in Canada"snip

That`s right friend, the department of fisheries and oceans have stopped testing for these chemicals but for one reason,to cover their asses because if you don`t look for certain chemicals you sure aren`t going to find them! A gift from the Federal Government to the Norwegian fish farmers...."My source is guarding this secret but it can be proven"

And as you know farmed Salmon are killing off smolts with sea lice and predation when these baby wild salmon get attracted to the lights and food in these Atlantic Salmon Fish Farms, and.....And who knows how many hundreds of thousands of these ALIEN salmon escape to prey upon baby wild Salmon? I can tell you this, we had a fish farm in Agamenon channel and it killed off our local Sockeye run out of Sakinaw lake, the farm has long since been removed but that run is caput! And there was another fish farm in the Alberni Canal near China Creek but after the Sockeye run was almost wiped out they were forced to move, but who knows where they have moved to, wherever they have gone you can bet wild Salmon are dying!Since it left 5 years ago the Sockeye this year have returned in sufficient numbers to allow a limited First Nation`s and Sport fisherman catch.

The fish farms in Chile are in total collapse from Salmon Anemia, and these farmed fish are wreaking havoc with natural fish.....But don`t expect Leonard Asper and his chain of garbage newspapers (fishwrap) to report anything, a pathetic newspaper,more like a comic book..And guess what, a story in the Vancouver Sun tonight with a phony title,misleading, propaganda crap...and why would I say that, because the title of the story is (B.C. puts moratorium on aquaculture licenses),what a load of bull, the story is true but if you read the story you will figure out why, the Province of B.C. had no choice, a B.C. supreme court decision has banned all new licenses until the federal government takes over jurisdiction, oh yea, Kirk Lapointe again trying to make Gordon Campbell APPEAR like he`s doing something when in fact that again it took a court of law to stop that madman! (read the story here)

And what`s happening in Chile is an environmental disaster brought on by the same Norwegian fish farmers(read about it here)

I am getting so sick about Atlantic Salmon fish farms, they over exaggerate the economic benefits, the dollars go over-seas, they are destroying our wild Salmon and Gordon Campbell is fully aware of the damage these alien fish are causing...In fact there was a bi-partisan legislative committee on these fish farms done four years ago,a group of BC NDP MLAS and a group of BC Liberal MLAs that studied the problem and guess what, both sides agreed that the Alien fish farms had to be removed,get land-based, or removed all together, what a rarity, BC Liberals and NDP agreeing on a topic but guess what?

Gordon Campbell tore up the report and filed it you know where,Gordon Campbell,wild salmon killer doesn`t gives a rats ass about anything but his corporate donaters!

Well friends,great news yesterday, the courts won`t allow any expansion and Target foods is dumping ALL ALIEN FARMED FISH from their stores,from now on all they will use is Wild Salmon, whether they be wild Salmon released from a HATCHERY or natural spawn, and lets be perfectly clear, hatchery Salmon are not farmed,caged, pellet fed,antibiotic filled fish, the Capilano river, the Robertson hatchery in Port Alberni are hatchery success stories, these fish are released in these rivers,they smell their home river and they head out to sea and 4 years later they come back to the same river to spawn,they don`t have lice problems, or diseases like Salmon Anemia, and they aren`t ALIEN Atlantic Salmon that prey on wild B.C. Salmon, our hatchery salmon are pink,cohoe,Chinook, chum,Sockeye salmon...And you know what,I could care less if Marine Harvest took Natural B.C. salmon and reared them to small smolts and released them to the wild and in 4 years they can harvest the returning Salmon, just like mother nature, in fact if the river system,stream etc is unobstructed the runs can be self sustaining, can you imagine friends...

Allow Marine Harvest to get in the hatchery Salmon business and they can net them up when they return...Gee whiz..What a thought,and my friends they better think long and hard about it because either get land-based or go hatchery or get lost,those are the ONLY OPTIONS they will have,the tide has turned on Farmed Alien Fish,and you can bet that Target foods will play up the Wild Salmon routine and embarrass the other big retailers to follow suit! (read about Target Foods here)

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Reading Between the Lines

Should anyone be surprised, I`m not, personally speaking I was awaiting this announcement, the habitual compulsive liar Gordon Campbell in our fraudulent B.C. election, during the writ period Campbell trying to save Wally Oppal`s butt in South Delta promised $17 million dollars plus of Provincial funding for a Whitecaps training center in Delta, the money is gone, the promise broken, the legend of British Columbia`s most prolific liar Gordon Campbell continues to grow.

Oh indeed friends, the images in my mind are quite clear, Wally Oppal sneaking through back doors in Delta to avoid protesters and criticism,that was standard fare all through the month May in Delta, Wally Oppal would "slither" his way into B.C. Liberal friendly events in Delta, yet regardless of the Canwest spin, despite the glowing Global coverage Wally Oppal was losing badly in internal polling numbers in Delta, the fine folks in Delta have lived through dozens of Gordon Campbell lies in the past, Robert Nuefeld lied about power lines, lies about Port expansion,lies about Gateway and the notorious South Fraser Perimeter road, the best farm land in B.C. being sold off to Gordon Campbell`s corporate backers, yes indeed, the people of Delta were well aware of the depth and scale of past lies foisted on them by a devious Campbell government.

Meanwhile independent candidate Vicki Huntington had proven herself as an ally of the people of Delta, a steady voice, honesty, upfront, she put her word and constituents before scoring political points, so the battle rages, :Wally versus Vicki: and we knew which way the winds were blowing, so bring in the Gordon lying machine, I remember several of the late in the game announcements, Wall y Oppal and Gordon Campbell flanked by Bob Lenerduzzi and many Vancouver Whitecap soccer pros....The Announcement! (read the election promise here)

Gordon Campbell pledged over $17 million dollars of Provincial funding for Delta to build a training center for the Whitecaps, what an announcement,great news for Delta, new soccer fields for the public and the community,work for local builders and certainly revenues from this activity would flow to the city.

Now lets clear up a few facts first, Lois Jackson the Mayor of Delta is a staunch supporter of Gordon Campbell and his loudest cheerleader, she`s even a bigger cheerleader of Campbell than is Dianne Watts of Surrey.

Yet the devil is in the details, for Gordon Campbell and Wally Oppal said the money, the bribe would only be available if they were returned to office, which to me, I found that statement to be offensive, for if this training facility was needed, if it was good for the community funding should have been nailed down, well we know what Happened, the people of Delta spoke and voted Wally Oppal out and sent him to the pasture where he can graze amongst the cow patties.

And friends, we know how the Habitual liar works, we are all too familiar with his Governing techniques, and even though Gordon Campbell won the election (allbeit through lies and fraud) you know, well at least I knew that Gordon Campbell would have his retribution and punish Delta for their betrayal against the Campbell crime family.

So low n behold there the story appeared, Delta has pulled the plug on the soccer training center, Delta and Lois Jackson(Gordon Campbell friendlies) are downplaying the announcement and are directing blame to the Whitecaps, well friends nothing could be further from the truth, there is no way the City of Delta would kiss good-bye over $17 million dollars of funding to build a modern training center with many community fields and having the Vancouver Whitecaps drawing crowds thus spurring economic activity!

And Bob Lenerduzzi isn`t going to say anything negative against the Habitual Compulsive liar Gordon Campbell, not when B.C. taxpayers are on the hook for a $600 million dollar retractable boondoggle roof on the old B.C. Place stadium, certainly Bob Lennerduzzi isn`t going to say squat, especially when there is still no funding in place for the retractable roof, no business plan, the retractable roof is far from a done deal so Bob Lenerduzzi will say nothing. (read about the cancelled training center here)

That folks is how Gordon Campbell operates, the fine people of Delta were very wise in not trusting Gordon Campbell or Wally Oppal.

There is no limit to Gordon Campbell`s lies, right now friends I can sense the fear he is living in, dis-mantling the freedom of information office, muzzling his Cabinet and zombie MLAs, a full frontal pimp job from Canwest newspaper, a mis-information campaign from local papers owned by the Asper propaganda machine, Prince George has to be the most manipulated people in the Province, the RCMP with phony arrest,phony investigations, Ludwig Wiebo comes to mind, I remember,the RCMP said they had the bomber, 150 officers and three weeks later nary a charge has been laid, Don Plecas with his stupid propaganda piece about snitches which has done nothing but re-start the shooting gallery on our streets.

The Vancouver Sun with nothing but Olympic feel good stories, the Conference board of Canada is in full pimp mode, making the wild claim that B.C. because of the Olympics will lead Canada in growth, the conference board of Canada is nothing but a whos who of business appointees beholden to their political master, Paul Taylor is a member,nuff said! (read what the conference board states here)

And what I find absolutely hilarious with the Conference board of Canada and Kirk Lapointe (Editor and chief) of the Vancouver Sun, is this, they haven`t a clue what is going on,Kirk Lapointe doesn`t know what his left hand is doing but I can imagine what his right hand is doing, and why would I say that? Well here`s the deal friends, on the same day the Conference board of Canada made that Claim about the Olympics Vaughn Palmer in his column stated....After reading several reports from proffessional audit and accounting firms,including reports from the B.C. Liberals and other studies that the Olympics are a net loss,no economic benefit, the Olympics will do nothing for B.C. but make some people feel good. (snip) (read Vaughn Palmer`s contradictory story here)

Hilarious, Perhaps the "Snake Oil salesman Paul Taylor" and the conference board should have checked with Vaughn Palmer and coordinated their efforts rather than making the Vancouver Sun look like a bigger joke than usual!

The scale of lies and spin from the Campbell government is staggering, as one astute contributor notes Lois Jackson and city council in Delta are nothing but Campbell stooges, and apparently there is more to the training center than meets the "eye" ...It`s alleged that small sports groups and community groups in Delta were getting pushed out as a result of the training center. Again with the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell, there isn`t one deal that his government makes that is straight forward, there is always an angle,a catch, a poison pill, yes indeed friends, Gordon Campbell nothing but a "poison pill"

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haida Gwaii and a healthy,sustainable sea Lion harvest

Yes friends, I`m all for it, now you might have thought that I am a tree-hugger, you would be wrong, I`m a realist, plain and simple, and here`s the deal, a west coast First Nation`s seal harvest is a win win win, let`s get down to business!

Okay, before you hammer me let`s go over some facts, as a long-time fisher on the west coast I can tell you first hand that the population of west coast seals has sky-rocketed, at the same time our B.C. wild Salmon are in serious trouble, there aren`t that many big salmon runs left in B.C. ......But, areas where there are large Salmon runs there is also many sea lions, and....Here`s the deal with Sea Lions, they`re pigs, they eat lots of Salmon and they`re picky, what I mean by picky is this, when Salmon are abundant Sea Lions only eat the bellies of Salmon, that`s where all the heavy Salmon fat is, so a large 1000 pound plus Sea Lion can eat hundreds of Salmon bellies in short order.

Also, I`m sure your curious, why has the Sea Lion population sky-rocketed? Well, there are several reasons, the first one is........Our B.C. commercial fishery is all but dead, in years past when we had a large commercial fishing industry at the beginning of the season the fishermen would kill many seals, no commercial fishers no Seal kill, but the other big reason is this, Sea Lions have no natural enemies, they are at the top of the food chain,only one predator can get Sea Lions.....And that predator is the Killer Whale, also known as the Orca, and unfortunately these magnificent Sea Creatures are in decline, they too are starved for salmon.Orca can and do eat Sea Lions but the whales have to get lucky and trick or trap them in isolated bays or coves but for the most part,Salmon is the mainstay of the Orca`s diet.

So, back to the win win win scenario, with a limited First Nation Seal Harvest.

  1. There would be economic benefits to the Haida/Haisla and other First Nations, Sea Lions on average are worth anywhere from 1000,00$ to over 5000,00$ per animal.

  2. There is no waste, from the rich oils, the lean Seal meat right down to the flippers there is absolutely ZERO Waste, they use every bit of the Seal.

  3. A West Coast Seal Harvest would not only benefit the Wild Salmon population it would also benefit our British Columbia Whales, The Orca, The Symbol of B.C. is known around the world, there are not enough Orca to make a dent in the Sea Lion population, and Salmon are much easier for the Orca to catch.

  4. Start up cost wouldn`t be that much, Chief Roy Jones Junior is talking about a mobile processing ship, the advantage of that is......They could move from area to area and only take out as many seals without depleting the brood stock.

  5. The Haida/Haisla First Nation are more than aware that the key to this operation is sustainability, for if the Haida/Haisla Nation over fished the Seal population this upstart industry would die before it even got started.

  6. This is not clubbing baby seals on ice floes, we have no sea ice,this is a completley different fishery.

  7. There is a big market in Japan and other over sea countries, high end seal products, this is an excellent opportunity for a small scale industry that could be directed towards First Nations and First Nations only.

The value to the community is employment opportunities for harvesting & processing the seal products and if the community is setup for finishing the Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid it would have many spin off opportunities that would create employment for up to 30 people year around. The other opportunities would involve working with many natural resources such as herbs, plants for cosmetic’s & essential oils that are available in many areas on the Pacific coastal forest.

Here is a good read about all the damage Sea Lions are doing and how many Salmon they are eating, large groups of overstuffed Sea Lions hanging around dams gobbling up Steelhead and other fin fish by the thousands, these Sea Lions have learned where and when dinner is being served,these are spawning fish,they can`t flee or wait until the predators leave. (read about it here)

And a good read here about how healthy the Sea Lion Population is, hundreds of thousand of large salmon eating Sea Lions,again I would like to re-iterate that if we had salmon runs even close to to the historic runs from only a few years back these measures wouldn`t be required!

Anyways, I think it`s an excellent idea, maybe at one time time we could have left the Sea Lion population alone, but, unfortunately Mother nature is out of order, because of all the destruction and Salmon loss caused by Fish farms, because of a far too small population of Orca/Killer Whales, because of these reasons we can`t support a massive Sea Lion population on the West Coast, the population is far too large, if we still had Salmon spawning in every Creek,river and stream the population of Sea Lions would be okay, but like I say, I`m a realist...

The link below is a thorough report done by Army corp group of engineers on Salmonoid predation at Bonneville Dam, a good read.

Chief Roy Jones Junior is a realist, he knows what sustainability means, his people,his Nation can`t depend on a Salmon fishery for an economic future, and as for forestry, well Gordon Campbell has decimated Forestry in our Province, Chief Roy Jones junior like myself believes in a limited small scale mobile West Coast Sea Lion fishery, a win win and win. A win for a struggling Wild Salmon, a win for the declining Orca and a win for the Haida/Haisla Nation.

On the Sunshine coast the seals are everywhere, never in 40 years of fishing have I seen so many seals and Sea Lions, and it`s not just here, there are tens of thousands in Nanaimo, Egmont, Bamfield, Port Alberni Canal, and with very few salmon runs these Sea Lions congregate where the Salmon are. All through our coastal waters the population of Sea Lions is too large, in fact even around our toxic fish farms Sea Lions congregate,often breaking into and ruining the netting holding farmed fish, resulting in many UNREPORTED Alien Farmed Fish escapements, yea I know they look cute but with the lack of fish, eventually when the Salmon and fish are gone so too will the Sea Lions die, so in reality, a limited West Coast First Nation`s Sea Lion Harvest is good for the Sea Lion.

And Chief Roy Jones Junior swears by the medicinal benefits of Seal products, I am not as versed in all the uses for seal products, certainly it`s kept the Haida/Haisla and other First Nations peoples healthy for centuries, but I swear by Omega III fatty acids, I consider wild Salmon as brain food, and it`s good for the skin, memory, endurance, I`m getting a hankering for a piece of Salmon just writing this,anyways, the medicinal benfits are many.

Everything in British Columbia and Haida Gwaii revolves around the salmon, the bears with a salmon extinction will too die off on the coast, the eagles depend on Salmon, Salmon nitrogen is in the trees in our rain forests,not to mention the staggering tourism money that can be generated in bear watching,eagle watching,whale watching tours, Salmon charters in Haida Gwaii, boat rentals,fishing trips, we as British Columbians can really profit from a Super Natural British Columbia,tourism, not tourism to the River Rock casino or tourism to the sinking speed skating oval but a vibrant tourism industry that helps out all corners of B.C....Not just the center of the universe Vancouver....And my friends.

What the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell doesn`t understand, it all depends on the salmon, so for those reasons, the removal of water based fish farms and a sustainable Sea Lion harvest are the direction we must go.(Anyone needing to get a hold of or contact Chief Roy Jones Junior, leave a comment and contact address)

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Target Food Stores will no longer sell Farmed Salmon!

Great news friends, the discount food giant, TARGET FOODS has decided to eliminate all B.C. farmed salmon from their store,that includes fresh fish,frozen fish,smoked fish,even sushi.

The American food giant has decided that the damage to the environment, toxins, the devastating harm to Super Natural British Columbia Wild Salmon is too heavy a price to pay, this is the first step friends, it won`t be long before the other big retailers get on board.

TARGET states that from now on they will be only using Wild Alaskan Salmon, I`m so happy, the only thing these fish farm monsters understand is money, they can see the writing on the wall, either they get land-based,self contained or die a slow painful death, similiar to getting the life sucked out of you from sea lice.....Congratulations Alexandra Morten!

Geez, I think I better crack a bottle,(beer) Now if only the habitual,compulsive liar Gordon Campbell could figure it out! (read the story here)

Wow, talk about news getting even better,Gary has the story over at :How bad the Record: (here is the link)

here`s another link folks, read about the Chilean environmental disaster from Salmon farms,rampant diseaes, sea lice,salmon anemia, despite the spin from Marine Harvest and the other Norwegian environment killers!

Here`s the deal, Alexandra Morten scores another victory in Federal court,no more fish farm expansion! Read the above link.....Geez, this calls for another brew! Heck I might just get google eyed tonight!

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Naikun Wind Power on the Rocks!

Well well well, just a little update on Paul Taylor`s Naikun Pipe dream....For a $2 billion dollar capital investment project...How come Naikun Wind Power has had to LAY-OFF 25% of their work force to protect its already weak financial position?

Last I heard Naikun had only $14 million dollars left, it appears they had to get rid of 25% of the money sponges to hold that weak position, my estimates.....Naikun is basically BROKE!

Vaughn Palmer has the story, although he only grazes over the financially depleted Naikun company...

Is it me...or a company needing $2 billion dollars worth of "gullible investors" and they have but pennies? Well, if it walks like a duck.......You know how it goes!(read Palmer`s piece here)

And for those who need a little background on Naikun read this--

More on this story....I`m looking friends, Stay tuned!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gordon Campbell Lara Dauphinee affair

BC Mary has The Straight Goods.........Buy some twizzlers,Ju Jubes and Jiffy Popcorn......Part 1

Next post from the Powell River Persuader....Midday tomorrow.


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Writing is on the Wall

Well friends, you know by now that I am suspicious by nature, in fact I would call myself the human lie detector, a little story quietly appeared in the Canwest fish wrap known as the Vancouver sun, Scott Simpson, who IS on our side had the story, he does some great work and I would like to personally thank him for his vigilance on Gordon Campbell`s doomed energy plan.

So here`s the deal, Powerex, our BC energy/power trading division which in the past made B.C. a whole lotta money, and, and the head traders for Powerex are compensated handsomely for positive results, they received a healthy base salary but, but the bonus structure is where these trading gurus made the big bucks, for decades B.C. has done very well on the energy trading division, and these gurus did pretty good for themselves, so here is how I read what has happened.

If in fact what I and most intelligent BCers think is true, B.C. Hydro is going to lose a fortune on power sales because of the ridiculous one way guaranteed contracts Gordon Campbell has signed, in fact I suspect B.C. Hydro will be bankrupted, as you know they were unable to pay B.C. any money this year because of debt, and, as you know the world of economics is in complete flux, people are in fear of losing their jobs, so when I hear about these Powerex trading Gurus jumping ship and leaving their lucrative jobs well, my radar starts beeping, you see folks, if you were one of those Gurus at Powerex and you knew that Powerex was going to lose vast amounts of money and your bonuses for making big bucks was all but over, if you thought that Powerex too would be going bankrupt wouldn`t you leave,wouldn`t you look for a greener pasture?

If Powerex loses money, there will be no bonuses, like my dad always said,it`s better to leave on top then get dragged into the mud!

That`s how I read the story, what else could explain the mass exodus from Powerex to another power trading company? Six of the big boys left,including the top gun for Powerex who has been there forever, and,these big boys had no difficulty in finding a new gig with the American giant Morgan Stanley.(read the story here)

So that`s the deal friends, I would like to hear your thoughts on this latest revelation, it`s my opinion that these trading Gurus gave Gordon Campbell a glorious salute good-bye,similar to the one in the above picture!(On a side note Gordon Campbell`s public affairs bureau have launched a personal attack against this blog and Grant G) also Michael Smyth latest column is promoting open pit mining, a two-bit piece and, and I really appreciate all the loyalty from my regulars.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bill Good, the missing link!(UPDATED Jan/27)Bill Good responds

Well friends, if one listens very carefully you can really get a sense of the man,people like Bill Good usually guard their true feelings and beliefs but occasionally these people expose their inner vile and disdain for the masses, Bill Good of CKNW did that today in spades....In fact I would suggest on the above chart that Bill Good is maybe as intelligent as the second from the left!

UPDATED JAN 27/ Bill Good because of mass complaints to the radio station, because of all of you,Succumbed to pressure and had to do a 45 minute segment this morning with Adrian Dix, Bill Good had trouble not sounding angry(He Was,because he was forced to respond to the pressure) and acting like a BC Liberal, it just shows you friends, we are making a difference, Adrian was great,.......Just remember Bill Good, The Powell river Persuader is listening and will highlight any malfeasance, and that goes to all you RIGHT WING Gordon Campbell pimps!
(Listen to the audio vault here) cue up January 27/ 8:00 am the segment ran from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM

(Updated January/23/2010.....By the way folks, elective surgery is...Galbladder/cardio vascular/brain surgery/cataract/back surgery/in fact Bill Good(Neanderthal)....Every surgery is elective, with the exception of car wrecks,gunshots,stabbings.....A nice sanitized phrase,elective...And Bill Good knows all that, say hello to your cousin Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson!)

Well, actually Bill Good is somewhat educated but his core beliefs would rival Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, but, before I get started here let me say that in 2009 Bill Good had some sort of surgery, I believe Bill Good had elective surgery on his shoulder.

In listening to the three stooges today and an open line segment on the Bill (Neanderthal) Good show, all I can say is WOW, my friend Bitter Brian called to expose the almost collapsed BC Place roof.(read it here)

And to expose the FACT that BC Hydro for the first time in decades returned ZERO dollars to the Province, and he also mentioned the Eurocan mill closure and the Catalyst Crofton and Coquitlam`s permanent closures, all these closures while the Compulsive, habitual Liar Gordon Campbell was quoted(On Tuesday) saying....The B.C. Forest industry is the greatest on earth and very bright lights are shining ....YA YA..blah blah blah...Sheesh!.....Anyways, they blew off Bitter Brian(as usual) and took more callers whining about the tolling billing procedure with the money losing Golden Ears bridge, and the usual stacked callers who are so proud to be Olympic volunteers and are giddy with anticipation!

This Olympic hype, reminds me of history, reminds me of the crusades from centuries past, these religious bullies going from country to country trying to "Reform the natives" oh indeed, history records these events very well...Either they fully except "Their god" or feel the fury of the club, the gun or the sword, like Galileo who said the world was round and the Earth circled the sun, he of course was jailed, locked up for heresy!

Back to the Olympics, there was a Ipsos Reid poll done recently show the majority of British Columbians are against the games, fed up, and a large percentage that are downright angry about the 1000s of Olympic lies that have been foisted upon B.C.

And all week, all last week, everyday Bill Good brings on the guests and or "arranged callers" to tell us, to tell you, to tell B.C. that you WILL love the games, You WILL embrace the games, and these callers, telling us to shut up and enjoy it, telling us to "suck it up and take it" .....On a side note I learned something this week, the Olympic torch run, the torch run isn`t part of the ancient Greek games, in fact the very first Olympic Torch relay was invented, was enacted, was foisted upon the public by no other than Aldolph Hitler in the 1936 Olympic games, of course, it all makes sense, anyone who didn`t show up in Germany to watch and applaud the Hitler Torch go by was Questioned or rounded up as possible threat to Hitler`s agenda, amazing, so here we are in B.C.......The IOC, the grand Marshall, this group of thugs who have more power than our Canadian charter,or courts, a group of Elitist,pompous dictators who practice racism, totalitarianism, a group of smokers,drinkers, self appointed royalty......And by god "You Will embrace the Olympic spirit or else!"

Well friends, I won`t, damn the threats, well, anyways back to Bill Good, Billy boy would have made a "Good" little Nazi, and excuse me for using Nazism and Hitler for shock value but in this case it is appropriate, no, we don`t have to bend over and take it, and damn it, when I`m told I must, I Have to, I put my back up, people all over this province living on the margins who can`t afford to go to these so-called "People`s Olympics"....6 Straight years B.C. is leading Canada in Child Poverty, 9 years with no raise in minimum wage, a draconian $6.00 per hour starter wage, corrupt courts,corrupt governments, Oh I hear Bill Good and these rah rah cheerleaders say, you don`t need money to enjoy the games, there are all kinds of "Free events for you peasants" Free events that you can`t bring in a sandwich or water, free events that you have to get frisked,searched,scanned and poked, and if you want a sandwich or beer you better bring a good chunk of change, meanwhile the IOC Olympic Family are sitting in 5Star***** hotels smoking,drinking champagne, with escorts on speed dials, in fact we B.Cers are even paying for their condoms, and who else is referred to as "the Family" ....Isn`t that what they call organized crime groups, the family....Don`t mess with the family....

Where was I, oh yea, the neanderthal Bill Good, on an open line segment today,just before the news break, a caller called in and said "Did you see Adrian Dix on T.V. last night" at which time Bill Good chimed in (I think he thought the caller was one of his right ring Rush Limbaugh types) and said, Adrian Dix is always making an issue out of nothing......To which the caller said...Adrian Dix is the only one in the province doing their job, all these cuts to surgeries during the Olympics is hard to take, people don`t want to wait,they want their surgeries, they don`t care about the Olympics,especially when it means their surgery gets cancelled to who knows when!........To which Bill Good responded, like I said at the top of the post about occasionally people accidentally let out their true feelings and belief system for the world to see.

And what Bill Good said then shocked me, well not really because I know how Bill plays and what he thinks, Bill Good said....."These are elective surgeries, their not necessary, they can wait a few weeks"

I will put up the audio vault and time to listen but first, excuse me bill Good, your elective surgery you had done in 2009, was your shoulder painful, you didn`t need it did you? It was elective, you can wait eh!.....Well here`s the deal Billy(Neanderthal) Good....Your Friend and neighbor Gordon Campbell has cancelled over 10,000 surgeries, and cancelled even more surgeries during the Olympics,once a surgery is cancelled it isn`t rescheduled for two weeks later,it might be a year later,two years later, with 10,000 surgeries cancelled the backlog of surgeries is growing by leaps and bounds, seniors and other will DIE waiting for surgeries, and your callous remarks about "elective,not necessary" surgeries, well, you let the whole world see your true colours behind your death mask!.....If it was your mother Bill Good,your aunt,your cousin needing a hip, a knee, or eye surgery you wouldn`t put up with that would you, you would be calling your friend Gordon Campbell or using your unearned loot to go to a private(for the rich) clinics.....Yes indeed friends, 1936...2010...There isn`t much difference, just the names!(Here is the audio vault) Cue up 10:00 AM January 22/ fast forward to 10:55 am and be prepared to get angry over what Bill Good said..

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gordon Campbell killed forestry, ho hum!

Well well well, I see Gordon the liar Campbell has been spreading his smug Mugg shot around the Province, he was up in Golden with the olympic flame, he was on the stage as they used the flame to light another ground based torch, I was hoping for it to blow-up.....No luck.

Anyways, a few stories have caught my eye today, as you know I torture myself by listening to cknw, Bill(boring) Good and the teacher hater Christy Clark...Ugh....Anyways, I read a story about Natural gas auctions for this month, but here is the deal, the reason I mentioned cknw is...Because last year and other years, cknw had bragged up about the natural gas auctions, in fact last year on the cutting ledge with the three stooges, they did one of those "Breaking news" things during the program, last year (2009) the head stooge announced....." Near record auction..$370 million in sales" snip......

So today I don`t hear "Breaking news" about the auction, but I read the story and lo n behold it`s another record! ....Just kidding, It might be a record for the wrong reasons...It`s a whopping $13 million dollars. (read it here)---Actually read about the record from last year first

And here is the quiet little story today about this years whopper sale! (Here)$13+million?id=143&st=0

Today`s sale was $13 million, the amount of parcels offered was less..9,500 hectares, average price per hectare (1,372$).....Last years record averaged 5,625$ per hectare....At this rate, with the slashed natural gas royalties, expect a new record, a new record deficit, Gordon Campbell already owns the three largest B.C. record deficits, by the time he`s gone he will own the top 7 deficits all-time in B.C. history, so much the myth of great management!....The sad thing is this, there is a huge glut of natural gas in north America, Campbell put all his eggs in one basket, no silver lining coming from gas this year!

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about was forestry, as you know the Eurocan mill in Kitimat is closing permanetly this month, 535 jobs caput, and there`s more, Catalyst announced that their Croften operation and Coquitlam operation are Caput as well, another bunch of jobs gone, today`s Crofton and Coquitlam closure has me baffled, these operations, the Coquitlam operation took used newspapers and de-inked the paper, then the pulp would go to Croften, the Coquitlam operation is but of only a couple these plants in North America, the story didn`t make much sense...

The story goes onto say that the newspapers people put in the blue boxes(recycling) is in decline, I can believe that but the part that doesn`t make sense is now all the used newspapers in B.C. is heading to China, that`s right China, China is going to de-ink the paper and use the pulp, now you tell me, how in the hell can newsprint get shipped to China,all that travel and handling and China can make a go of it but we can`t.....Unreal (read it here)

So lets talk forestry, Gordon Campbell the liar and con man was the special guest yesterday at a meeting of the Truck loggers association (TLA).....So I read this story and start laughing, then start crying, the part about 300 members greeted Gordon Campbell with a loud ovation, unbelievable, this was yesterday, let me share some of the verbal diarrhea highlights from Campbell.

I tell you friends this is rich, you can`t make this stuff up...Lets go...the story starts....

Gordon Campbell was talking in celebratory terms, as he noted...

"B.C.`s forest industry was the best in the world and ideally placed to take advantage of a changing landscape" and he said...

"I think there is a very bright light here for forestry" snip

I don`t know friends,the changing landscape he talks about must be the miles of clear-cut for transmission lines, as for the bright light, maybe he was reminiscing about last years forest fires!

A couple more items from this ridiculous story...The Truck loggers want the "woodworkers Lien" act changed....Here is the deal, small operators, truckers,loggers have been getting stiffed for payment from some pretty big forestry companies, they asked Campbell about changing the act and....Here is what the liar had to say..Campbell told the crowd the " Act is a priority" and "We expect legislation to be introduced to deal with that"....He went onto say "We hope the framework will be passed and we can get that behind us" snip.

What a load of bull, we hope? If passed? Who the hell is stopping him? He has a majority, he can pass any legislation he wants, his zombie MLAs will bend over and receive and smile while their getting it! Sheesh!

But friends, there is more, and believe me this last part is rich! Let me fill you in, one of Campbell slogan only schemes, the forest revitalization scheme, these truckers and independent loggers got most of their contracts torn up and shredded, these independents got a token cash settlement for having these contracts shredded, well guess what, the Canadian revenue Agency (CRA) wants to charge taxes on this money!

So lets go back to the story.......

The other pet issue of the TLA is resolving a dispute with the CRA over money logging contractors received from the B.C. forest revitalization trust and central coast trust in exchange for ripping up contracts, the loggers had been hoping pressure from the province would force the CRA to back down on demanding taxes be paid on the funds.

The TLA estimates there is $25 million dollars in capital tied up over the issue.

Campbell pledged his support.

And my friends here is where the story gets rich!...LOL.

Campbell said

" We agree with you, we are committed as a government to pressure this issue with the Canadian revenue agency, we`re going to do it on your behalf" and he went onto say

"We have been very clear that if they agree to waive the Federal taxes the Province will fore go any share of taxes we may expect to get" snip!

And with that folks the meeting was over, let me quickly dismantle that last part, Campbell said if the feds agree...if....If the feds fore go their taxes the province will fore go it`s share, well well well, and if the feds say no which they will....Not only will the feds get taxes but so will the province...That damn fool Campbell, he could of agreed to fore go all provincial taxes no matter what the feds do!...God are those truckers for real, do they actually believe a single word from the liars mouth and if they do...Well....."Ignorance is bliss" (read the story here)

The garbage that spews from Campbell`s mouth, amazing, he insults anyone with a brain, I guess we know why the media stays silent, forestry is a stinking disaster!...Baldrey/Palmer/Bill Good....You three fools will forever be linked to Gordon Campbell, I know not your financial connection to the most corrupt leader this province has ever had, but I`m looking and when I find it.....Stooges!

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Court of Public Opinion

Well friends, it`s been an interesting week, my mind is abuzz with all these breaking stories, information overload, lately, because I (and others) boldly going where the mainstream media won`t, the issue of my safety has arisen, big money,power, corruption, fangs of death are closing in, but, the Powell River Persuader will fight, in fact, I feel the Internet is my safety net, for if I was to vanish, the faithful will carry on in my footsteps.

A lawless society, a banana republic, corruption around every corner, are we there yet? Not quite sure, I don`t no what`s worse, a lawless society where we know the rule of law is gone or a country that has but the illusion of law.

I and others take on these stories but the masses, my lord the masses, life,water,food,health,money is being stolen from the public and they nary bat an eye, yet, Tiger Woods boinks everything that moves and the world clamours to the story, Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Canucks gets a slap from Ron Mclean of the CBC and the story goes "Viral", the headlines on our B.C. dailies go exclusive on Burrows, the live blogging, the travesty of it all, Alex Burrows was called a goon and the people are ready to march in the streets with pitchforks, meanwhile, meanwhile people`s children are being poisoned, their child`s future is being handed to corporations and nothing.

Something very disturbing is going on in Canadian courts, ruling after ruling going against the Provincial governments and Federal governments yet, .....Yet the issues remain unchanged, for example the criminal crown land giveaways to the big three forest companies(Gordon Campbell`s bankers)...First Nations people wave their ancient treaties only to be told...There there,nothing to see,move along. (read about it here)

The honourable B.C. Auditor General, John Doyle, our last unbiased watchdog comes out with scathing report after scathing report only to be ignored and discredited from Gordon Campbell`s public affairs bureau, these forest giveaways were described by John Doyle as " Not in the public interest'....and...." The province failed to consult".....also...." Giveaways are illegal as set out in the original terms"..........Yet nothing happens, the deals stand, read John Doyle`s HARSH REBUKE against the Campbell government`s ILLEGAL forest giveaway here..

How is it possible to have Canadian courts, independent watchdogs, even our police forces to see false facts, flawed processes, laws interpeted wrong, only to put their arms in the air and say oops and then move along, surely we can`t allow this pattern to continue, a startling example of this happened yesterday, the Federal government, after the Provincial government allowed the controversial RED CHRIS mine to be approved, like the Province the Federal government was required to conduct an Environmental assessment on this project, what the Federal government did was basically rubber stamp the project, the Federal assessment was lacking any Public hearing or input, the Federal government ignored their own rules on environmental assessments,especially controversial mining projects that affect water health,fish survival and pollution, so I read this the story about the court decision.

Here`s a little background, a group known as :Mining Watch: took the Federal government to court, to the supreme court of Canada and guess what?....They won, good news right, not really because the Controversial Red Chris mine also won, how can that be, how can both sides win in a court of law, it`s not like a soccer game that can end with a 1 to 1 tie, surely both sides can`t win......But the new reality in a corrupt court system is both sides can win, well let me qualify that a little, the Red Chris mine won, the Federal government lost but they get a free pass, :Mining Watch watchdog group: lost the present and apparently won the Future?

Here`s the deal, the Supreme court of Canada.....Justice Marshall Rothstein in the written decision...In a .......7 to 0....Decision the supreme court of Canada agreed with Mining Watch that the Federal government failed to allow a "Proper Environmental assessment" and failed to allow public consultation but the court failed to undo the deal and or to have a proper environmental assessment to be done!

That`s right friends, how can that be, we are talking about the health of water,fish and ultimately human health, how, how indeed can a court say the process was flawed but allow the mine`s approval to stand? Think about it, the court is allowing law breaking, public safety, first nation`s rights, Canadian rights to be circumvented and stomped on, that folks is not justice,that is, in my opinion "Criminal obfuscation".....(Read the decision here)

This pattern of courts letting travestries to stand does and will have repercussions, I wait with baited breath on the B.C. Rail trial!

I don`t know about the rest of you, but for me, I would rather have a "Kangaroo court" that I know is corrupt,that I know I`m going to lose, that I know the deck is marked,the judges bought off, I would rather find another resolution process than live in a country that when it comes to the "Rule of law that it is nothing but an illusion"

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Ponzi Scheme Olympics

Updated Again at 7:30 PM ---Check out a shocking link on the bottom of the story!

Well well well, here we go again, prepare to get your pockets picked, Intrawest...Which owns Whistler Blackcomb, Fortress which owns Intrawest...Fortress owes a group of lenders including the now defunct Lehman brothers....Fortress will need to make a $600 million payment to the lenders to prevent the olympics from being cancelled!

UPDATED Again at 7:30 pm Read this link first,that`s where it all started---My hero--Friends of Nemaiah Valley--Betty Krawczyk was the first to bust the story on how illegal the althletes village deal is...People laughed,....Read her post,check out the date of her post..

Betty Krawczyk is one class act----There should be dozens of people in jail on racketeering charges including Gordon Campbell!

Lets start from the beginning, way back when, it started under Larry Campbell, carried on with Sam Sullivan.....BC was awarded the 2010 Games(Selected for robbery) ..The first order of business was to start building an Olympic athletes village, and who were we going to get to build the village? First off the land was free in the sense that the city of Vancouver was providing the land, now look friends, we have some great builders in this city,builders with money,capital and experience, builders like Wall Development, Concord Pacific,big companies that bid to build the Athletes village, and,....These companies had their capital to build, capital and assets, but no, City council gave the project to a company with SWEET BUCK ALL...!

My oh my,what choices, shall we get a builder with assets and a good reputation for building large projects? No sirree Bob, behind the scenes, the mayor and Vancouver city Council hem and haw and they choose no other than Millenniun Development ,who the hell is Millennium development, well I have looked and as far as I can see they are really nothing but a shell!...Of Course Paul Barbeau (a backroom Vancouver city council insider) is connected to Millennium development, why is that important, because, who in the hell okayed Millennium Development when they had no money and not even a "pot to piss in".

So we`re off and running, lets build a village, my oh my, we must of course have friends of Gordon Campbell and friends of the dealer of this stacked deck of cards, so no other than Ken Dobell was chosen to get bi-weekly updates on the status of the olympic village, you must remember Ken Dobell, he was in charge of the $500 million over budget Vancouver trade and convention center, of course he was removed after money seemed to vanish into a black hole and construction was going sideways, anyways, Ken Dobell was the guy getting bi-weekly updates on the Athletes village and he was reporting to Gordon Campbell(Dobells personal friend) and Vanoc....

Well, we know what happened, Millennium development didn`t have a pot to piss in so how were they to finance and pay for workers and materials, well what else, Millenniun Development goes to no other than Fortress hedge fund and borrows( at usury rates) from the criminals(IMO) known as Fortress, Fortress is known for lending money at such rates that ultimately they repossess the projects after the borrower fails.....And lo n Behold who is Fortress?

Fortress just happens to OWN Intrawest who just happens to own Whistler Blackcomb....Are you getting the picture yet, well, we will come back to that part a little later, so Millennium development signs away its future with Fortress, what happened next, certainly Ken Dobell is keeping us up-to-date....Yea right(insert sarcasm here)....The athletes village goes sideways,sound familiar? you betcha, money seems to vanish into a black hole and nothing is getting done and Millennium Development runs out of money and the project is dead, now what, bring on the taxpayer, Gregor Robertson asks his Friend Gordon Campbell to allow Vancouver to rewrite the Vancouver charter so the the city of Vancouver could borrow upwards of $800 million dollars to pay-off Fortress(who owns Intrawest,who owns whistler/Blackcomb).....So that`s what happened,a special session of the legislature was called(on a week-end) ....And the reason Gordon Campbell held the session on a week-end even though the NDP wanted a mid-week session to start the Monday Before the week-end session, the reason was because of Parliamentary rules if there is a week-end session there IS NO QUESTION PERIOD.....Because of course Gordon Campbell didn`t want to answer any questions about his friend Ken Dobell, or about how Vanoc and Vancouver city council chose Millennium development, a company with nothing,no money, a company that used the land that the city of Vancouver GAVE for the athletes village for collateral ,no siree ....Gordon Campbell did not want to answer questions about all his development friends which include Jack Poole/Concert properties,Ken Dobell and all the usual suspects...

So the Vancouver charter is changed,the city borrows hundreds of millions and pays off the loan shark known as Fortress, the taxpayer of Vancouver in my opinion will being paying higher taxes for decades to pay off the athletes village ponzi scheme orchestrated by all of the above mentioned!

And everyone gets in on the act..Millennium using leverage got a big chunk of land in Nanaimo for 10.00$ that`s right, ten dollars, Millennium was to build a big hotel,but like I said Millennium had no money,none, the city of Nanaimo spent a fortune on Millennium,they gave them extension after extension only to finally kick Millennium out and start from scratch, today Nanaimo still doesn`t have a big hotel to compliment the trade and convention center.

Millenniun used their leverage in West Vancouver as well,and defaulted there.

Look friends,the athletes village was a snow job from the very beginning,Gordon Campbell,Ken Dobell, Larry Campbell/Sam Sullivan/Paul Barbeau/BC Liberals/Intrawest/Fortress/Vanoc/IOC.....And you my friends are going to pay for this snow job for decades! Don`t forget that Millennium development HAD to GIVE over $1 million dollars to Vanoc to be an olympic sponsor? Does that make sense, the builder of the athletes village having to pay Vanoc to be a sponsor, What a Racket!

So now you have a little history, well I was listening to the news this morning to hear about the second installment of the Gordon Campbell Ponzi Olympics, ....Whistler Blackcomb, which is owned by Intrawest, which owes Fortress....Well well well, Intrawest owes the hedge fund known as Fortress $1.6 billion dollars, a group that includes the bankrupt Lehman brothers who were running what I would describe as ponzi schemes that ultimately brought them down, anyways, Intrawest was supposed to make a $600 odd million dollar payment months ago, they didn`t make it, they were granted a 60 day extension which has now passed, now, the lenders named Fortress are demanding payment or they are going to (within their rights) FORECLOSE on Whistler Blackcomb and hold the Vancouver olympics hostage!

That`s right folks, this ponzi scheme was set up years ago and now unless the government makes good on this payment the olympics could be all but over, the Federal government agreed to provide Intrawest an emergency $50 million dollars to prevent forclosure......

Well friends, Fortress doesn`t want $50 million, they want it all and they have more clout now with the olympics coming then they ever will, the lenders have a right to foreclose on the mountain and are threatening to do so in ten days unless they get paid like a $100 million dollars and friends just watch!.......(read about it here)

Friends, something stinks, what are the odds of all these things linking together, this was in my opinion a ponzi scheme from the get-go...Look at the mastermind Gordon Campbell, Ken Dobell, Intrawest/Fortress/Larry Campbell/Vancouver city council/--Who-ever the hell Millennium Development is, yes friends this is beyond coincidence, and in case you are unaware, we have to PAY RENT to use Whistler /Blackcomb for the olympics, despite all the free advertising,despite the venues built on the mountains,despite all of that we are being charged An UNKNOWN AMOUNT of RENT.....You see folks, the rent is a weird formula,it has to do with how many people BEFORE the olympics visited the mountains....That`s the way the deal was structured...

Well well welll, The backroom boys will never have more leverage to force payment with the olympics being held ransom, by waiting they lose that leverage, this my friends in my opinion was the ultimate of all ponzi schemes that was foisted upon the taxpayer, look to the Premier Gordon Campbell...Look to Ken Dobell..Larry Campbell.....Millenniun development...Paul Barbeau..

There is a good read in the CBC

But...The CBC doesn`t connect the dots to the Athletes village, the NPA to Ken Dobell,Paul Barbeau,The CBC story talks about something being worked to save the Olympics,oh the olympics will be saved via a whole bunch of money, who wants to take over a resort with debt, the big lenders will use leverage to get the $600 million dollar payment......Millennium development is connected to Armeco....An Iranian shell company...Follow the money....more links coming

My friend at BC Liberals suck did some excellent work early on.....We tried to shake loose the numbers,I had no blog up at that time but for a ....FIRST-CLASS read....Follow the money..Read this,the story of course was done before this latest development.

One more important point my friends...We, the city of Vancouver had to rescue the athletes village from the hooks of the New York hedge fund known as the tune of hundreds of millions and now someone(The Taxpayer) has to save Intrawest from a bigger player in the loan shark game? There is some sick ponzi scheme going on, as for the CBC or the Globe and Mail or any media, without explaining the background of the Olympic athletes village and the city of Vancouver bail-out PAID to Fortress the story doesn`t make sense, only when you connect the dots and the players can you see the extent and sophistication of the snow job! -----Here is a deadly link that tells how Concert properties was literally gifted millions from the Gordon Campbell Government in this olympic snow job---Updated 7:30 PM-- Shocking story

And don`t forget to check out Laila Yuile excellent piece of investigative research...Here

I have more links to come,this story is a work in progress.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Open Pit,Mining`s Legacy of Shame, Death,and Poison

The story of Fish Lake has really struck a nerve with me, I have been busy reading and learning, I have come to discover that Canadian mining companies have been ruining,polluting,poisoning water and land around the world, their crimes have been happening usually in what we consider third world countries, but now that we have the equivalent of a third world dictator running our province, these decisions to ruin the land and water were all but inevitable. Yes I am talking about YOU Gordon Campbell.
Upated January 18/2010..First Nations Scream Foul,First Nation`s Chiefs say GORDON CAMPBELL Betrayed Them Read it here

For centuries man has been driven in his pursuit of gold, the allure, the intoxication and need to hoard gold, tunnel mining and gold panning were the techniques employed in centuries past but easy to access gold using these benign techniques(In comparison to open pit mining) have all but been exhausetd, most people in developed nations when hearing or thinking about gold mining vision men with picks,shovels and leather pouches for holding their booty, but gold mining hasn`t been done that way in ages, at least not in the industrial sector.

The gold pursued by these mining giants is in the form of specs or flakes of gold, open pit mining is the modern method of mining, massive trucks the size of houses hauling out tons of ore, the ratio of gold from raw ore is staggering, what I mean by that is is the amount of gold extracted from said amount of ore, a mid-range example of the ratio is 30 tonnes ore dug and treated to extract one ounce of gold, these mining giants dig giant open pits, the ore extracted is piled in to larges piles, this method of mining is also known as "Heap Mining", these heaps and piles of ore are than showered with a cyanide solution which separates out the gold and copper from the pile, this method is very effective but the legacy of death, water destruction and wildlife losses is staggering, you see folks this process of extracting copper and gold also releases other long since stored heavy metals, metals like lead, mercury, uranium and countless others, metals that end up being dumped in what is called tailing`s, and as you can see with the mid-range ratio of ore to gold there is a staggering amount of tailing`s. (Vancouver based mining companies accused of deliberate environmental damge,read it here)

That is where tailing ponds come into the picture, or in the case of many third world countries, rivers and the ocean is used for disposing of tailing`s, Canadian companies have been operating with impunity in countries around the world, countries where corrupt governments care not a wit about the environment or the long term and short term disasters, the horror stories I have read are numerous,too numerous to mention all but I will cite a few further along.

Hard rock mining in the United States generates more toxic waste than any other industry, according to the EPA (environmental protection agency) last year they estimated the cost to clean up metal mines would exceed $450 billion dollars, the problem is most of those mines are long since shut down and with mergers and transactions there is no one to pay for the clean-up except governments, time and time again mines are given permission to open pit mine with a promise to clean-up their mess but they are never required to hold in bond or trust anywhere near enough money to even start a clean-up, too many times to count where mining companies suddenly go bankrupt when the clean-up is supposed to ramp up!

Most open pit mining is done in third world countries like Ghana and Guatemala, these mining companies come with promises of jobs and prosperity but nothing could be further from the truth, the amount of jobs are always over stated as are the benefits, and almost always after these short term jobs end( 10 to 20 years) the people are left with dead rivers, heavy metal in ground water and scarred land not fit for animals,farming or human habitation.

An Interesting read about how mining companies overestimate the benefits and underestimate the true costs of these operations.(read it here)

Just one excerpt from the above article is this ....Economist Dr. Power did an extensive study about mining benefits in Alaska and how they were minuscule compared with the damage they cause......."Fort Knox mine recently poured its one millionth ounce of gold but has yet to pay one dollar in royalties to the government"

All in pursuit of gold, even today there is minimal industrial need for gold, 80% of all gold produced today is used for rings and trinkets, the world doesn`t need gold, are we as British Columbians prepared to spoil our land,water, fish for centuries for baubles and beads?

Recently a Philippine province sued the world`s fifth largest gold company, Canada based Placer Dome claiming they have destroyed a bay, a river and coral reef by dumping enough mining waste to fill to a convoy of trucks that could go encircle the world three times.

Even the world bank has got in on the folly of open pit mining, the world bank had a policy which is now under extreme scrutiny, the world bank would lend money to multi billion dollar companies(Like they need it) to start open pit mines in impoverished nations, the world bank thought the promised job creation was a fair trade-off, not near the amount of jobs claimed ever materialized and corrupt governments gain personal wealth and local people`s are left with less than they started with, left to live with a toxic environment, these open pit mines once they are exhausted are fenced up to keep people out but time after time poor local people go into these sites looking for dregs,looking for gold but finding nothing but early death caused by tunneling into heaps and slag piles only to became laden with chemicals, unfortunately death is not swift but a slow painful deterioration.

The lessons learned are painful, in the late 1990s Montana banned cyanide mining after shocking headlines of the open pit environmental disasters were shown the light of day,what happened there was a complex disaster involving bad science,regulatory gaps...The Zortman and Landusky open pit mines near the tiny towns with a population of 50 people were the first large scale open pit mines opened in the USA (1979) .....The Canadian mining company Pegasus made all the same claims, no harm no foul, but that was far from the truth, cyanide and heavy metals leached into water supplies and the area was left devastated, despite the continual claims from Pegasus to be a good corporate citizen, when it came time to put their money where their mouth was the top executives at Pegasus mining company got $5 million dollar bonuses only for the company to file for bankruptcy protection soon thereafter, another practice of these "good corporate citizens" is when a mine closes in on the end of the life of the said mine there is a sale of the mine to a "shell" company with no assets or at least none that can be accessed, ultimately the shell company claims bankruptcy and disappears, ultimately leaving the state,country,province with the mess and costs to clean-up, IF it can be cleaned up! I recommend that everyone read this piece by the New York Times I give it a 5 ***** rating for information,and shock value, after you read this story you will be almost ashamed to be a Canadian citizen!

Friends, the bottom line is this, Taseko mine isn`t going to build a replacement lake, the replacement lake will be when the giant pit has been exhausted and years later after with enough rainfall to fill the pit it will be one day,perhaps centuries be some sort of water body.

Access roads, giants trucks destroying roads, messing around with cyanide mining,cyanide and acid solutions, millions and millions of gallons of this toxic mix with tailing`s being put into Fish lake, that whole area in the Caribou Chilcotin is part of a larger watershed,the Fraser river watershed, you can`t poison Fish Lake in isolation, it`s part of a vast chain of lakes and ground water, we can`t as civilized beings contaminate lakes, lakes where migratory birds have been visiting for millennia, if there was ever a reason to incite or get involved in civil dis-obedience this is it, I of course am not recommending pitchforks in the street but I couldn`t get angry at anyone who did.
Economic activity, Canada has had plenty and what do we have to show for it, broke governments, citizens swamped in debt, parkinson`s law explains that, "I know Gordon Campbell is a third world monster hiding behind a carbon tax while he ravages our province", higher powers will deal with the premier but we as a nation,as Canadians can`t allow the wholesale destruction of our greatest resource, fresh,clean water full of abundant wildlife, rivers and lakes teeming with fish, as one bright contributor noted, "we can`t eat gold or drink oil".

Contact Canada`s Environment minister here--

Environment Canada here---

Tell the world my friends, Gordon Campbell and his muted zombie cabinet ministers have long since sold us down the river, now he`s taking away every last fish that inhabit those rivers!

The Straight Goods

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Give us back our shanty town

Well well well, a tragic earthquake strikes Haiti, the pictures being beamed back into our plasma T.V,s LCDs and big screens are, to say the least SHOCKING.

The out pouring of aid from governments, movie stars,individuals is a hopeful sign, or is it?

This disaster reminds me of the Katrina hurricane that rocked New Orleans, after Katrina governments pledged billions for rebuilding,dikes,infrastructure and I had the same hopeful feelings that New Orleans would be transformed into something better, as you know New Orleans at that time was the poorest big city in America, there was also daily murders and a raging gang and drug war going on, then boom, the hurricane struck, of course George Bush was in charge, I mean DICK Cheney was in charge, and everyone one remembers George Bush saying "Good Job Brownie" referring to the head of FEMA, who in my opinion didn`t have a clue as to what he was doing, I remember those pictures from Orleans that beamed into my big screen T.V.....The same shock was there.

So money started flowing, promises were made, commitments and slowly as the viewing public grew tired of the pictures and went back to watching American idol the real disaster took place behind the scenes, contractors/insiders headed to Orleans to cash in, contractors who were offering work, minimum wage work, or less,these contractors not only paying as little as possible they brought illegal workers to work for less than minimum wage,with all the money flowing it was hard to imagine how average wage levels in Orleans dropped to its lowest level in over a decade! FEMA stuffed families into toxic trailers, and then another tragedy happened, big insurance, All State, State Farm and others put their lawyers to work, we have all seen those insurance ads on T.V....

"Like a good neighbor,state farm is there" these oh so caring insurance companies with smiling faces, these ads, but then reality sets in, these companies realize that the hurricane was going to cost them plenty, so they set their lawyers and adjusters loose, deny,delay,deduct, all of a sudden people with insurance were denied, of course many homes in the flood plain of New Orleans didn`t have flood insurance but they did have insurance for wind damage, families were denied any money because they lived in a flood plain, but thousands of these homes had water marks on them of two feet,four feet, six feet etc....But, but these homes had their roofs blown off, homes had major wind damage, now bring in the adjusters, on orders to delay,deny,deduct...Offers were slow in coming and what offers were given were pennies on the dollar, of course the people put their backs up and fought back against big insurance but big insurance has money and time on their hands and most citizens of Orleans couldn`t afford to fight, hundreds did fight and spent hundreds of thousands doing so, ultimately most people gave up and accepted the token dollars offered, it`s nothing new to these people, the news crews and world interest had long since waned, you see folks, insurance companies are designed for individual accidents or injuries,anytime there is widespread disaster out comes the lawyers and adjusters and the games begin.

To this day New Orleans still hasn`t fully recovered, billion and billions of dollars from governments and individuals were spent but somehow the money never got to the ground, never got to the people, New Orleans isn`t Haiti, a black state for the most part, older African Americans grew up with blatant racism and rode the back of the bus,segregation,rights denied, so there was always this under current of being second class citizens, Katrina set back any and all of the little progress that had been made in healing the wounds, the black Americans realized once again that he is a "Black American" and are not equal to the white man, at least in terms of financial support.

911, the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York, the financial district, 13 billion dollars alone was spent just on cleaning up the two downed towers,not rebuilding just cleaning up the mess, 100s of billions was spent there, if a Katrina like disaster had occurred in Texas or L.A. or Washington state the town would be made whole, made better in fact, hurricanes in Florida, earthquakes in California, the people,the mayors and governors would never accept the treatment New Orleans got!

Haiti, the poorest Nation in the Western hemisphere before the earthquake, millions of people living on one to two dollars per day, a country that has been living on world aid for decades, like most impoverished countries there are many wealthy people,usually connected to government, like New Orleans,like other poor nations no matter how much money flows in to government coffers the cash doesn`t get to the ground, well, a minuscule fraction of monies ever gets to the people, the aid gets gobbled up by corrupt governments and government friendlies, even in our own First Nations the same thing happens, multi millionaire chiefs and associates while the underclass are kept in their place, poor and needy.

The pictures from Haiti are startling,collapsed homes, buckled roads, bodies lining the streets,no electricity or water flow, no hospitals, suffering beyond anything I could imagine in my wildest dreams, how many billions of dollars of goodwill money will vanish into the bottomless pit of corrupt government offshore bank accounts, I have been reading stories about transforming Haiti with a rebuild, a new beginning,a fresh clean start, stories of spending large to really make a difference, to take Haiti to a place where it has never been before, but, then there is Pat Robertson, a religious voice, a religious leader who made his way to the airwaves to condemn Haiti, yes friends Pat Robertson stated to the world and to his right wing Rush Limbaugh type friends that "Haiti deserved the earthquake for their sins, Haiti chose voodoo and hasn`t embraced with god, and god has punished Haiti"

Well friends, typical, typical right wing religious garbage,embrace god and all his glory or face the wrath of the sword,the gun, the bomb, you know, it makes me sad, it makes me mad, millions of people will give and give, pennies will get to the ground, the viewing public will become bored, the coverage will wane, the stories will be gone from the front pages, American Idol will top the ratings, yes friends, this movie I have seen before, it`s amazing what people can get used too, the harsh reality of life in Haiti, there will be no Mecca built, there will be no fresh beginning, there may well promises of such things,there always is, people living on $2 dollars a day aren`t going to get new modern homes,fancy appliances, shiny cars, or mowed lawns, and friends, a line from a song comes to mind ...."You don`t no what you got til it`s gone".

What the people of Haiti want, is to be "Given back their Shanty Town"

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red tape run amok or should I say red lobsters

Well friends, time to lighten up the mood for a short change of pace, I read this story last week and I couldn`t help but laugh and get real hungry,mmmm Lobster!

In New Brunswick last week there was some vicious storms, and apparently hundreds and hundreds of lobsters were blown ashore, and from what I read this is not all that rare of an occurrence, but here`s the deal, these lobsters, unless your on the beach during one of these storms to throw the lobsters back they die on the beach.

So after the storm the local residents from the town of Petit-Rocher headed for the beach in pursuit of lobsters, and since it was such a violent storm there were lobster everywhere,fresh dead lobsters, and here is where the story takes a strange turn, a conservation officer by the name of John ST-Coeur after hearing about the bounty got in the face of the mayor and residents, he told the mayor that.....

You are only allowed to catch lobsters if you have a license, and you must use a boat and a trap, the conservation officer went onto say that a first time offence is a fine of 100,000 and or jail time...I think that fine amount might be a typo, I think they meant to say 100,00$.....Well, this is what the mayor Pierre Godin had to say to this conservation officer.

" We been eating lobster all week, if we don`t eat them they will merely rot" the officer was firm in his assertion that you can`t eat them and if you do you could be jailed, well, the mayor fired back and said "You better build a big jail because everyone in town is eating lobster" and the mayor went on to say "It`s an act of god" By mid-week all that was left on the beach was a few rotten dead lobsters and lots of shells. (Read the story here)

Well friends, I wish I was there,mmm lobster, but the imagery in my mind is still laughing, I imagine this Conservation officer marching into city hall to complain to the mayor about local residents eating these lobsters, only to find the Mayor and staff wearing Lobster bibs with butter dripping from their face and hands!

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The Curse, are we next?

( My sincere condolences go out to Canadians and everyone who has been affected by the severe earthquake in Haiti, may higher powers prevail and spare as many as possible)

It`s come to my attention that many massive new high-rise towers are being proposed for Vancouver, including towers that are higher than the Shangra-La, I am not against all development but.....But why are these buildings being built in view corridors?

A January 5 council meeting,the planning department urged council to approve these buildings, council has already approved a 20 story rental that will block the view to English bay from Denman street, georgia street and seymour is the proposed site for a super tall 213 meter monster, taller than the 201 meter shangra-La building, view corridors are a hotly debated issue in Vancouver, maybe it`s just me folks but I would be twisted if I was living and or paying for a condo or apartment only to have a massive building erected and destroy my view,maybe I`m old fashioned that way.And, according to the story, these giant towers will be built to the highest "Green standards" well well well, how the heck can you build a 65 story "Green" building? Perhaps that means a vegtable garden on the roof! (read the story here)

I hope city council remembers the curse, what am I talking about, it`s called the skyscraper curse and I would like to share it with you.

The Skyscraper Curse
By Tom Dyson
Tuesday,December 15, 2009

The "Skyscraper curse" has struck again....

Every time a country builds the world`s tallest building, it seems their stock market crashes soon afterward.
It happened in America before the great depression, Architects unveiled two awesome new skyscrapers-the Chrysler building and the Empire state building--just as the worst bear market in America`s history was getting started.
There was another bear market in the 1970s The stock market lost 75% of its purchasing power in a decade, the completion of the Sears Tower in 1973 marked a two-year, 45% decline in the dow.

In 1997, Malaysia`s Petronas Towers took the title of the world`s tallest building from the Sears Tower. The same year, the Malaysian stock market fell 50%.

Most recently, the curse struck Dubai, the Burj Dubai became the world`s tallest building last year, Now Dubai is close to bankruptcy,and its stock market has crashed.

Famous speculator Victor Niederhoffer says mankind has a " Tendency to build high before a fall" , He devotes a chapter to this tendency in his second book, Practical Speculation.

One example Niederhoffer cites is the Nasdaq`s Marketsite Tower, which featured the world`s largest video display on its facade. The building was completed in December 1999, three months before the Nasdaq composite crashed 70%.

Enron is another example he uses, Enron was halfway into construction on a $200 million,40-story skyscraper, with an eight-story trading floor when the company collapsed into bankruptcy in 2002.

The book`s advice is, don`t just look at "tallest in the world" when trying to guess where the skyscraper curse could strike next.You should also pay attention whenever you see the tallest in the nation,the state,or the "CITY". These buildings could attract the curse.

Also,skyscrapers make a lot more sense in Hong Kong than they do in Omaha.So watch out for "Conspicuously tall buildings" where population density or land values don`t justify them.

So where will the curse strike next?

Dubai is still in play, The Burj Dubai isn`t complete yet, The official completion date is sometime in 2010. So there could be more trouble to come for Dubai...

There`s a gargantuan skyscraper going up in Shanghai right now.The Shanghai tower will be the world`s second-largest building when it`s complete in 2014.

South Korea`s stock market could be in danger. The Koreans are building the world`s tallest twin skyscrapers, the Incheon Towers, scheduled for completion in 2012. And the country will also get a building that`s going to be taller than the Shanghai Tower. It`s scheduled for 2015.

But my favorite candidate for an attack of the skyscraper Curse is Saudi Arabia...

The Saudis are building a complex called the Abraj Al-Bait Towers in Mecca, it`ll be the largest building in the world in terms of floor space and the tallest building in Saudi Arabia, The complex will include a prayer room with capacity for 10,000 people and a seven-star hotel.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2010, If the curse strikes, you should expect a stock market crash in Saudi Arabia to follow shortly thereafter.

The Straight Goods
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another mirage from the RCMP

You know folks, some of the stuff I read I just shake my head, as you know I wrote about Wiebo Ludwig, the alleged Ecana bomber, and, it is my opinion that this was nothing but a fishing expedition, the RCMP and the Campbell government are held in such low regard that this arrest,press conference was nothing but a public relations exercise.

( Breaking news happened after I posted(I posted at 8:35 PM), there are shocking updates at the bottom of this story,an update at 11:00PM...Update at 12:35 AM....Update at 1:00 AM)

OK, so you think I might be a little paranoid, time will tell when they release Wiebo Ludwig without charges, anyways, I was glancing through some of the Canwest (fish wrap) newspapers tonight and I ran across this story headlining on the front page in the Sun,the Province and the Victoria times paper, the story is titled :Informants destroying B.C. gangs from the inside out, expert:

The expert who is quoted in this story is Darryl Plecas, an Abbotsford professor with lots of awards,degrees, and he is the Chair of the RCMP learning center, I wonder if he is related to Bob Plecas, ah but I digress, the headline alone sent my alarm bell ringing, so I read this story(comic) and I can`t believe what he said, Plecas states that gang members are turning on themselves, reeking havoc internally, Plecas mentions Clay Rouche, Clay was arrested by the American justice system on drug and money laundering charges and received a 30 year sentence(which he is appealing).....Plecas goes onto say that since Some upper level gang bangers have been caught that the gangs have had to recruit new inexperienced bangers and these new bangers are easily scared and are ratting out upper members of the gangs.

Lets cut to the chase with this story, the RCMP are so desperate for a good news story that now they are manufacturing good news stories, and they use Plecas with all his degrees and awards to pimp the story, and friends this whole story is nothing but a public soother and PAB trick, and, Darryl Plecas is connected with the RCMP, he chairs the RCMP learning center.

First off, this isn`t the police saying this, this is a so-called professor, is Plecas being kept up to speed by the RCMP? If he is, is that kosher? I don`t think so, and, think about it, if bangers are destroying the gangs of B.C. from the inside out through informing(ratting out) why would you tell the world that this was going on? If it was true would you want the gang leaders to know about it? I don`t think so, kill the golden goose, uh uh, and there is more, if there are gangs with lots of new recruits what`s going to happen? Who is going to get killed? get shot? Get set -up, you see if this story is true and informants are ratting out their bosses, and if gang leaders or upper echelon gang members are getting busted and they didn`t know why they are getting busted......Well now Professor Plecas(brain surgeon) you have just let the cat out of the bag and I would expect to have some shootings in the very near future!

You see folks, this story in my opinion is nothing but the RCMP still fishing for a story to hang their hats on, especially since Jamie Bacon`s brother has no charges against him and the court is going to rule on Thursday that the warrant they used on Jamie Bacon was invalid,not to mention they got caught taping and listening in on Jamie Bacon and his lawyer, talk about amateurs, (Look friends,I am no friend of bacon or bangers,I think their scum but that`s not the issue)

So the police are looking for feel good stories to soothe the public because Bacon and Wiebo Ludwig will be free.(Read the story here)

Anyways, story after story about drugs, money, crime,how many gang murders have the RCMP solved, I read a story last week about how the youth and hard drug users can get dope in minutes anywhere in Metro Vancouver, the eastside of Vancouver has drug dealers everywhere, every block there is dope, heck they are allowed to carry Crack and heroin and go shoot up at :Insite: and they are going to do a legal heroin study in Vancouver, and Metro Vancouver is the hard drug, crystal meth,crack cocaine ,ecstacy capital of Canada, drug addicted sex workers all over the city, all over Nanaimo, drugs everywhere in Victoria,the fraser valley,the interior, not to mention the marijuana grow ops, estimated 6 billion dollar a year industry.(you can read Darryl Plecas`s credentials here,including his ties to the RCMP) "If it doesn`t make sense then it isn`t true" That motto will serve you well.

Yet Darryl Plecas comes out with this story, who is he trying to convince,himself, the gullible public, maybe the story is for the olympic visitors or the press core, we wouldn`t want the world to see our shame, of course our ugliness will be swept out of site for three weeks, so who is this story for? I suspect it`s a little of both, I just hope this story doesn`t start another shooting gallery, if it does, whose conscience will it be on? And lastly, if I was a gang banger I would fear a retaliation death sentence far more than I would fear the Canadian justice penal system!

(Updated at 11:00 PM Tuesday, 90 minutes after my post.....A man was shot in the chest in Vancouver tonight,the story had only a few details, it was in the west end, I hope for your sake Darryl Plecas that this shooting isn`t gang related,like I said, you might just start a shooting gallery, how`s your conscience feeling Plecas) read the story here

(Updated again tonight at 12: 35 AM......I just clicked the link above and mysteriously the Vancouver sun states "The story is no longer available" I suspect that the powers that be pulled the story because it`s a downtown(Olympic city) Vancouver murder story, I will look for more information, maybe they were wrong,maybe it wasn`t a shooting,why wouldn`t the story then say,with new information we discovered it wasn`t a shooting) Anyways, the story said a man in an older apartment (The Chelsea) was shot in the chest, police and ambulances were in front of the building according to a witness, the witness wasn`t sure whether the victim was still alive. Something fishy going on here....Vanoc, could it be that Vanoc and the IOC ordered the story buried? As you can see from the above link, the link states....SHOT +DOWNTOWN+VANCOUVER.....Curious.

(Updated again at 1:00 AM.....I called St Paul hospital to get information on the shooting,it was a shot in the dark, St Pauls hospital is the closest hospital to the shooting, the main switchboard transfered me to emergency department, I asked the woman who answered if the shooting victim from the west end was brought there, she said....." You will have to call the police for any information on the shooting" snip.....I then said to her, I`m a reporter with the Straight Goods, are you saying you won`t give me any information on the shooting?.....To which she responded......"No,I can`t give you any information on the shooting".....And with that the phone call ended........Well my friends, the lack of an answer spoke volumes, I tricked her into saying ...."I can`t give you any information on the shooting".......Like I said, it`s obvious to me that Vanoc, on the 30 day count down to the Olympics, with a worldwide Olympic push, they have shut down the bad news from Vancouver. You see folks, with the 30 day countdown being blasted around the world, people looking up information on Vancouver would hear about the shooting, is this what Vancouver is turning into, news being surpressed,news that the public has a right to know,news that has public safety implications?

If I get any new information I will keep updating,if any of my faithful readers and contributors hear anything,don`t hesitate in posting a comment.

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