Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stephen Harper and Christy Cluck Cluck Clark are Running Scared!

Well here we are on the verge of armageddon, the end of the world, everything we love and hold dear will vanish from Canada when....

Big mouthed blow hards like Alex Tsakumis, braindead idiots like the stamp salesman Michael Levy, the Globe and Mail, the big banks and even Jack Ass Mintz are all predicting financial ruin for Canada if Jack Layton becomes premier or even the official opposition, what a bunch of fools..

Michael Levy was on cknw between 10:00am and 10:30am with Simi Sara, Levy wasn`t there to talk about oil, or gas, he wasn`t there to talk interest rates he was there to.....Michael the fool Levy for years claimed he was "Non-Political"....That was then this is now, Levy was warning of a stock market collapse, offshore investors and corporations leaving Canada, Levy mentioned that Telus won`t invest in BC without the HST....What a load of crap, thank goodness Simi Sara laughed at Michael Levy and called him a fear monger, Alex Tsakumis is also braindead, Tsakumis makes up his own revisionist history on past Government performances, or in case of the Federal Conservatives a lack of any financial stewardship, in fact Federal Conservatives are nothing but spenders and debt creators, Harper was also scare mongering about what would happen if the Big Orange Star Jack Layton took  power....According to those shaking in their boots stooges....

If the Federal NDP win power there will be Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, locusts and God will wreak havoc on mankind with Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Droughts and even nuclear accidents.....Oops, never mind, look folks, these idiots are scared shitless and that confirms that the orange surge is real, Michael Smyth was also ordered to sling mud at both the Federal NDP and Provincial NDP, he was ordered to do so by his bosses at CKNW and Christy Clark, Smyth has now become irrelevant as a credible radio voice, he`s a Federal Conservative and BC Liberal ball licker with no spine.

Michael Smyth.....I have a little message for you.....Are you stunned or paid by the BC Liberals?...Your on air rants about the NDP of the 90s, you claim they were high tax, ran deficits and life was bleak, the NDP doubled our debt in the 90s and the BC Liberals doubled our debt twice in the last decade.....You are a conman Smyth...What debt did Gordon Campbell create, what taxes did Campbell inflict?....Hydro rates more than doubled in cost under the BC Liberals plus a two tier rate for home owners, ferry fares, fuel taxes, MSP, park fees, ICBC, user fees, downloaded cost onto the municipal Governments who in turn pass it on to the tax payer, steep increases on seniors, transit fares, and on and on, those are all stealth taxes, and now smart meters coming for real time billing and don`t forget the HST and carbon tax....Wages grew in BC by the lowest% of any province in the last decade...How much is our debt now Smyth?...Try the figure $65 billion dollars not counting P3s and IPP power buying contracts, BC Liberals more than doubled our debt, closed 186 schools, closed 25 court houses, closed 9 prisons......Why not compare Campbell Liberal debt in his decade to the NDP`s, compare GDP numbers, compare employment numbers, housing starts and even net migration and you will find that the NDP outperformed the BC Liberals...

You know all of those facts Michael Smyth for I have sent you proof more than once........So for you Michael Smyth to blatantly Lie on the radio is criminal, in fact you should be reported to the CBSC council....Maybe I will give my friend Solange Courteau a call.

The Conservatives, what meek mice they be, remember the howls from Stockwell Day when John Cummins became the leader of the BC Conservative party, he was crying in his corn flakes, Stockwell Day and Michael Smyth told the public that they can`t vote for the Cummins party or they will elect the NDP by default, imagine that, these gutless cowards can`t put forth a party platform to attract voters so they fear monger about the socialist hordes, ....

Maybe the Federal Conservatives should have passed a bill declaring no parties can run for power except Federal Liberals and Cons, the Conservatives don`t like the fact that there may be two parties on the right in BC and and the Federal Cons can`t stand the fact that their voters have deserted them for a party of the people.

Jack Layton may well win the next election and I can tell you with certainty that no one will leave the oil patch, Encana gas won`t leave BC, Teck Cominco won`t go, the foresters won`t go, Telus, Bell, Rogers, nobody will leave and that is the biggest fear tactic the right wing losers have....

For when the NDP take power in Canada and in BC life will go on, the market won`t move, the corporate thieves and profitable banks won`t go anywhere, life will go on without a hiccup and the myth of Conservative fiscal stewardship will be forever removed from the revisionist history buff`s cheat sheet, no longer will fear work, in fact they may actually have to present honesty and ethics to get elected..

Christy Clark is in big trouble, Colin Hansen was on the radio news today and he said.......
 Premier Christy Clark's by-election campaign chair Colin Hansen said "there are better ways for candidates to spend their time than participating in all-candidates' meetings.
"It winds up with a room full of the converted who come out," said Colin Hansen, the MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena.
"There are very few undecided voters in the room," said Hansen, who has participated in such meetings himself in the past. "Quite frankly in the time it takes to go through an all-candidates' meeting in a riding, a candidate can visit a lot more undecided voters that really have questions they want legitimate answers to"
Let me translate what Colin Hansen said......Christy Clark is afraid to discuss her role as education minister between 2001 to 2005...Christy Cluck Clark doesn`t want to answer question about her and her brother Bruce Clark`s direct illegal involvement in BC Rail...Just like the soon to be departed Federal Cons the BC Liberal Cons refuse to debate other candidates in public, so much for the new sensation of change, just think, Falcon and Clark and Hansen believe it`s okay to avoid questions, avoid debate, Christy Clark wants to be premier but she is refusing to attend any all candidate meetings...

What a buffoon, Christy Clark is sunk, not only will the HST be voted gone but the BC Liberal party itself is imploding quietly behind the scenes, there is no unity, both the Federal Cons and Federal Liberals are losing seats to Jack Layton and Clark has done nothing to support her Federal Liberal counterparts and Kevin Falcon has been ordered to keep out of the Federal Conservative debate, internal anger is brewing..

The public, the youth, the middle class, nobody is drinking the Kool Aid from the Corporation, the Wall Street thieves and financial giants ripped off the world, bail outs and bonuses for failed performances, fraud, lies and ponzi schemes, we here in British Columbia were told prices would drop with the HST, jobs would be created, investors would flock to BC...

Prices have risen, gas is nearing record high prices, oil is over $112 per barrel, food prices up, everything is up and we have lost 30,000 full time jobs in BC since the HST came in and still these conmen claim  the HST is good...HA..

Kevin Falcon the bold faced LIAR, he lied in the legislature yesterday, he lied today, every other word out of his mouth is a lie, yesterday Falcon lied about the HST credits families get, then Falcon said this load of garbage...

160 countries around the world have a HST type tax system and no country would dream of adopting a old antiquated PST GST dual tax regime

Well....Isn`t that interesting, both Stephen Harper and Falcon make the claim that Canada and BC are the strongest economies in the world, in fact Harper in his tired campaign speeches states this...

The world recovery is fragile, earthquakes, debt crisis in Europe, our American neighbors in a financial mess, Canada is an island of stability in a world of trouble

So let`s see if we have this straight, Europe with their HST/VAT is drowning in debt, the United Kingdom is drowning in debt, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Greece, all those countries THAT HAVE THE HST ARE DROWNING IN DEBT AND CANADA AND BRITISH COLUMBIA WANT TO ADOPT THEIR TAX STRUCTURE!

Well, you see how idiotic that is, what happens with HST/VAT taxes is....Economies go underground and Government revenues fall, Governments respond by raising the tax level in hopes of increasing revenue, the more they raise it the more goes underground, very similar to pricing BC Ferries too the point of diminishing returns, the fares increase and fewer riders travel, less riders equals less revenue thus requiring more increases and that is what happened in Europe....Idiots like Alex Tsakumis, Michael levy and Michael tabloid drivel Smyth are just too stunned to understand!

Anyway, the Orange surge is real, the BC HST is going down and with this National NDP surge Christy Cluck Clark and the lying Liberals are done like dinner.

These dinosaurs have been outsmarted by technology, Canada is the most wired country in the world per capita, BC is the most wired of all the Provinces, BC has 87% of its people on line, the remaining ghosts who aren`t online are dying off in droves...Web sites, blogs, links, facebook, twitter, no longer can buffoon idiots spew lies on air without being called on it...

Meanwhile...When the NDP take power in Canada and BC the sun will still shine, miners will mine, drillers will drill and bankers will bank and the last vestige of Conservative spin and distortion will be gone!

Canada is turning left...."Go left or get left behind"

Lastly, can`t you see how amazing all this is....Corporations can no longer control the message, Governments can`t stop the truth, the Trojan horse of technology is the death knell for both the Federal Cons and Provincial Fiberals.

Have fun with your HST town hall meetings Kevin Falcon and good luck Christy Cluck Cluck Clark with those rare diseases you contracted....Debate laryngitis and a 5 year memory lapse!

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Orange Star, Some Call it the Sun, I Call it the Future

Where was I.......Good morning British Columbia......My lack of posting has been family related, Dad wants to go fishing this weekend, what better way to celebrate a birthday, not mine but Dad`s....A day of scrubbing, a day on the boat ramp, electrical, bottom paint, a spring cleaning ritual....

Now hopefully the salmon cooperate.....Oh how we long for a screaming reel and a seafood bounty and as for politics what a week, I turn my back for a few days and slippery Jack Layton is knocking on the prime minister`s office, what is happening, could it be...

I look back to a recent post we did, the one titled "Brave New World", we talked about the Conservative voters dying off in droves, older people who relied on the printed news, radio news and television, an older group of citizens who have been systematically brainwashed by the corporate elites, with the polling I have seen, the legitimate polling, I am talking about Ekos polls.....

Before I get ranting and raving we need to examine polling, the last federal election Nik Nanos polling was a nightly  feature on the non-partisan CPAC political channel, Nanos polls were the most accurate in the last federal election but something has happened to Nanos polls, for whatever reason when polling outfits get connected or tied to corporate sponsors the results go goofy, I saw that happen with Ipsos Reid when they hooked up with Global television, Mustel provincial polls in BC have become useless with a capitol U....Compas polls, innovative polls, the fraudsters are not reporting results they are manufacturing results, the Nanos polls have become useless ever since they got sponsored by CTV, Nanos like the other corporate pollsters have been bought off and are now totally useless...

Nanos polls have been stagnant, no movement, a continual over inflated Conservative poll number designed to influence the election, no longer is Nanos a credible source for polling, Ekos poll is the only one that is truly reflecting voter sentiment from ALL age groups, the Conservative majority is dead, the Cons will lose many seats.

In watching CPAC and viewing the leadership tours, the Harper crowds are ghosts, old tired white haired ghosts who rely on printed news and radio for information, others at Harper rallies appear angry and or brainwashed, at the Federal Liberal rallies the crowd is different, there is more life, more hope and definitely more future vision and yes, there are many of the same white haired ghosts knocking on heaven`s door and then there is the NDP rallies...

The Jack Layton rallies are amazing and shocking, the Layton crowds are alive with life and truth, youthful ideologues with a message of hope and justice,  I saw weakness in the Federal NDP campaign early on, a pale Jack, a cane, questions of health and fitness but then something happened, young people, university students, middle class voters who receive news online, what we are witnessing is a change in the old guard, Federal  Conservatives and Liberals have been taking turns ruining the economy, lying, cheating, stacking the senate, kowtowing to the corporate elites and yes, maybe under Michael Ignatief the Federal Liberals will change their old ways of betrayal and backstabbing, I myself have been thoroughly impressed with Michael Ignatief`s personal performance, he comes across as real and believable but I don`t blame anyone for having misgiving about voting for Federal Liberals.....So what is really happening?????

Jack Layton`s message is no different from the last 7 Federal elections he has run in, the platform, more support for seniors, more health care, more education funding, better stewardship of the environment so what happened, why is the NDP`s message resonating, the reason is the youth, the internet, blogs, web sites, in other words it`s you people online telling stories, relaying real life situations without spin and distortion, it`s young people who live online, unpolled untethered clear thinking youthful ideologues coming out in droves and their voice and message is loud and unaffected by media spin, unaffected by campaign rallies, these people have access to the truth, youtube, facebook, tweeter and the like....

The Federal Conservative wanted this election because their time, their people, their voters are dying off, this election was the last chance grasp for a Federal Conservative majority and it`s their last chance of holding power at all, the message machine from Harper has died, the Trojan horse of technology has destroyed corporate parties phony lying messaging machine, the gears have ceased up, leaking oil, smoking and smoldering on the side of the highway waiting for the wrecker to tow the dead hulk to the dustbin.

Today there is hope, maybe with their third place showing the Federal Liberals will rebuild from the ground up and put the people first, there is still much resentment against that party, the political landscape has changed for the better!

Only political parties who stand for people, environment, human rights will succeed in the future, corporate parties will find themselves in the wilderness, the world is swinging left, far left and it`s time...

It`s time for the New Democratic Party of Canada and British Columbia to take power.

Can you imagine, Canada has never had a NDP Government in charge or even the official opposition, the NDP will not only be the official opposition but with this wave of change building like a tsunami wave who knows.......

Meanwhile, I have some fishing lures to tie up, the sun is shining, the water is like glass, Dad wants to catch one more salmon, Mom wants that to happen too and so do I.

Hope springs eternal.........Change is coming........History will be made.....I`ll talk to you a little later.

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gunfight at the OK Corral, Juice Boy Versus the New Sensation

Unbelievable, that is the only word that can describe this amazing turn of events, Vancouver city hall is actually listening to the majority and voting against the giant new casino......

On the surface this story may appear to be a simple case of a council rejecting a proposed development but that is but one tiny little thread, for only yesterday,  Adrian Dix was elected as new NDP leader, Christy Clark has talked about her families first agenda and listening to all parties, Christy talked about a friendly transparent open Government. Adrian Dix has talked about health, education, human rights, fair taxation, students and seniors..

Another dynamic is Gregor Robertson lagging in public support going into Fall civic elections, here`s the wedge issue, Gregor has sided with the majority in voting down the casino.

There are so many threads to this story and none are more glaring than the connections between Rich Coleman, Kevin Kreuger, Paragon gaming and Patrick Kinsella, now add in all the donations to the BC Liberal party by interested parties, remember when the BC place retractable roof was almost canceled because the price ballooned from $360 million to over $600 million dollars, remember the calls from Paragon officials directly to Kevin Kreuger and in a matter of days presto, the retractable roof was back on, Paragon threatened the Government that without the retractable roof and walkways to their casino they were out, the BC Liberal Government obeyed their masters and everything was put back on the rails...

There are so many big time BC Liberal insiders connected to this deal, a great deal of money has been spent ramming this project through, plenty of political contributions, many people stand to make large cash on the deal.

We have a brand new Christy Clark as premier beholden to the people that placed her in the premier`s chair including one Patrick Kinsella, Gordon Campbell`s right hand man!

And people, there is one more very special thread in this story, the City of Vancouver doesn`t own the land that the new casino was to be built on, the Province does, that`s right folks the Province owns the land and....The lands is also zoned "Entertainment District".....What does that mean?

It means a war between the left and the right, it means a war between the Province and the City with both going into election cycles, Gregor needing a boost to help his fortunes and Christy needing to appear different from Gordon Campbell by LISTENING to the People and communities....

And if that wasn`t enough to get your juices flowing there is one more thread.....Remember in Gordon Campbell`s and Christy Clark`s first term in power, I forget the Bill number but the Province has a Bill where they can over-ride communities, towns, cities or the like, that means that Christy Clark can use authority she and company enacted and ram this project down the throats of Vancouver.

This is gonna be a war, who has the power, Gregor Robertson or the BC Liberals, who has the most influence, what about Paragon and Patrick Kinsella, what about the promises, what about the donations, what about Gregor fighting a cause the majority want, what about Gregor`s new found re-election chances, what kind of disrespectful bullying Government does Christy Clark want to portray.

The tentacles are everywhere with Paragon and the BC Liberals, in my opinion this deal was cooked up and rammed through with a stench, the retractable roof, the sweet deal, the kickbacks, the party donations and so many back-room BC Liberals involved.

Will the BC Government ram the project through.....Will the power brokers behind Christy Clark force her hand....Will Christy Clark stay out of the battle.....Does the BC Liberal Government and party insiders leave the dead casino project alone until after both civic and Provincial elections.....Will the BC Liberals ram the project through with their draconian legislation.

This is going to be very entertaining, who will prevail, David versus Goliath?...Juice Boy against the "New Sensation"

A tip of the hat for Gregor Robertson, a political masterstroke, the casino project isn`t dead yet and you can bet your last dollar that the big boys behind the scenes are phoning Christy asking(demanding) help, Gregor sided with the majority of the residents and made the right decision and you watch, CKNW/Global and CTV will be ruthless in mocking Groegor`s business prowess, if the power brokers who rammed this project through want the deal they will have to persuade Christy Clark to use the Provincial sledge hammer to get it done!

If Christy Clark uses the sledge hammer the label of a different caring listening Government will tarnish fast!

Pleasant dreams Patrick Kinsella....

Well Christy Cluck Cluck Clark, the ball is in your court!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Premier Adrian Dix

A tip of the hat to my worthy opponents, our man Horgan battled hard and was coming on strong, we needed another 2 weeks, his performance was exemplary and it made me proud, the big media all but ignored Horgan, if he was even given half a media shake he would have won hands down.

Now is not the time for sour grapes, there is still one more ballot to go but I believe Adrian Dix will prevail, Bill Teileman`s name recognition and organizing machine prevailed again, I salute you Bill T  and...


I don`t mind making a sharp left turn, I would have preferred another leader to slide left with but we have no choice, as a party, as a people, we made history with the HST petition, we will win the referendum, we will battle.

This war will be bloody, every big media will be loading both barrels as we speak, we will hear about big labour(what`s that?) ..Big union money, runaway deficits, socialist hordes, welfare handouts, taxing business out of the Province, the Vancouver Sun will attack, Hocstein, big mining and gas will attack, boards of trade, chambers of commerce, every paid economist in the world will be attacking.

But we also will hear about seniors, health care, social justice, fair taxation(with high commodity prices nobody is going anywhere even if when we raise corporate taxes) education, this will be class warfare, the cards are stacked against us, our leader has some background issues and we have very few media friends and whole lot of bought and paid for stooges working against us.

We are strong, the time to rise up is here, Wall Street, Big oil, raw logs, salmon farms, HST, we have plenty of ammo too and we have the Christy Clark Gordon Campbell dismal decade to attack, we have the BC Rail inquiry, Kash Heed, Jane Thorthwaite, we have Kevin Falcon and Mary Polak in our sights, we will also have John Cummins and a resurgent BC Conservative party to bleed votes from the right, are you ready to fight, I am!

Lastly.......Congratulations Adrian Dix, let`s get ready to rumble!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

Brave New World

Canada comes alive. there are more people per capital online in Canada than any country in the world, tablets, Iphones and gadgets this dinosaur has even heard of, a tetherless mobile sea of unpolled young voters carrying trillions of bits of information everywhere they go.

This Federal election is different this time, the choices are clear and the lines aren`t blurred, two parties of hope and one party of fear, we all need a little something to hope for and what are we afraid of and what are the Conservatives fearing, yes Canada, it`s not Canadians that are in fear it`s the Federal Conservatives that are terrified of their world dying off, by that I mean their world of controlling the message, controlling the press, making up the rules for their gain, I talk about control and power in the same breath for they are intertwined and neither exists without the other.....

The naive voters are dying, thousands everyday are succumbing to time, both Conservative voters and Liberals voters are dying in droves, the generation of AM radio listeners and big printed daily newspaper readers are going the way of the VHS or early pong game,the generation of people whom are next to die is the generation that depended on honest print, TV or radio for news but what that generation never figured out was.....Their news sources were hijacked by corrupt bribe taking talking heads and corporations with buckets of cash and over time the message of truth has become lost in a sea of spin, lies and advertisnews, news is no longer reported but managed.

The Guelph university voting scandal, the angry Conservatives, the fear..........The fear is emanating from the Conservative party themselves, I couldn`t quite put my finger on it early on, what was different about this election, what was different about Stephen Harper, for the longest time I couldn`t put my finger on what was different this time around, why did Harper runs election ads for months before the election, why did Harper poke a stick in the eyes of the opposition parties, why indeed and then the answer came too me in a flood, like a tsunami it filled my mind and the answer stood before me, the above Michael Ignatief video, when I received that video there was but 30 views, that was early yesterday afternoon, I spread the link around, I placed it at the Globe and Mail, at the Tyee,  and less than 12 hours later it had gone from 30 views to 11,000 views, by morning(this morning) it jumped again to 18,000 views......

The students web sites, the harper web sites, sites about freedom, Democracy, sites about atrocities, about corruption and I realized just how scary the new untethered unpolled and now possibly voting youth is, the fear of self informed young people swarming the polls in record numbers, an army that can mobilize both people and data across the land in seconds, from Facebook to Twitter to blogs, millons of views in hours and it`s that power that has put the fear of god into the Conservative party.

The Guelph voting scandal has sealed the fate for the Harpercons, the story has gone viral and the youth are rising to challenge the status quo, stories of media and public relation firms hiring trolls to put Conservatives talking points in comment threads and social media which tells me that these people of those views don`t exist in reality and it also tells me that the new age online untethered unpolled unrestrained youth is left, center left, an entire generation of Canadian citizens educating themselves free from spin and charts, the Harpercons shut down or attempted to shut down the youth vote for one reason, they lose that vote badly and that bodes well for a bright future.

Technology, a Trojan horse of technology, our corporate masters have themselves sewn the seeds of Democracy around the world, young wired people around the world, Africa, Asia, the middle east, Europe, the Baltics, America, Canada, Home, everywhere young people are RISING UP too say no more, blood will run and ditches will turn red but Democracy will rise, darkness, fear and loneliness no longer exist in a wired world, cameras and I reporters are bringing stories of heroism and sacrifice directly into the young people`s world in seconds, no more smuggling out pictures of atrocities or burnt books, no longer is the African man blind too his surroundings, the child in the Congo can read the same stories as the Harvard graduate, no longer will minds be wasted because dictators burnt down the library, the sacrifices of one youth inspire two which in turn inspire thousands and in milliseconds millions of people rise up and that is what Conservative and other repressive Governments fear more than anything.

Put down that AK-47, don`t light that fire bomb, don`t strap on the martyr suit, pick up your Iphone, your camera, your tablet, film, record click and send.

How ironic, the planned corporate take-over defeated by the very technology they produced, the genie is out of the bottle and elections will never be the same, teachers, professors, facts can no longer be silenced.....

Hope and Fear, the youth of today have re-inspired hope and the fear, the fear exists only in Governments that can`t control the message, can`t control the stories and can`t control the truth.

The Straight Goods

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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Canada, can`t you see what the hell is going on, call your friends, spread the news, turn on their computers and lastly.


"When you fear your own Government the time for change has long passed"   Grant G/ April/12/2011

More on this later.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Vancouver Sun, Home of Yellow Journalism II

What a week this has been and as predicted by many, Christy Clark has turned out to be nothing but a Gordon Campbell clone, same lies, same broken promises....

Christy cluck Clark promised during her leadership contest with the other Liberal liars that she would fund both sides of the HST referendum equally, well that turned out to be a blatant lie and to tell you the truth I am glad Christy Clark has lied before even getting into the house, it proves that nobody runs the BC Liberals, what I mean by nobody is none of the names, Christy Clark, De Jong, Falcon, these losers are powerless, if you want to see the people who are running(ruining) this Province you will have to book an appointment with Teck Cominco, EnCana Gas, Plutonic Power, Accenture and General Electric, it`s the only conclusion one can come too considering Clark couldn`t even keep her first promise on the HST referendum, it`s no longer a referendum it`s a two month long exercise in stupidity, the tax will be voted down but the BC Liberals will never remove the HST tax because their corporate bosses will not allow that to happen, unfortunately the BC Government is controlled by corporate board rooms and not the public, the only answer is to purge the Liberals from office either by the vote or by more nefarious means.

Clark has chosen to run in Vancouver Point Grey, no surprise there, I imagine the brain dead voters in Point Grey will continue to vote for both the unqualified and corrupt Liberal leaders, I don`t know how much weight the voters will give the recent BC Supreme court decision, that decision being...The BC Supreme court stated that Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark as education minister deliberately broke the law, the bill Clark brought forward in 2002 was illegal, it was disgusting, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark(education minister and deputy premier) brought forward illegal bills for but one reason, to bust the unions and remove human rights, both the health workers and teachers have been vindicated by the Supreme court, when Christy Clark was confronted with this news by reporters she looked like a deer caught in the headlights, she was dumbfounded, the same day she announces the by election date the supreme court called her and her Government a law breaker!

The reporters asked Christy what she was intending to do about this ruling, Clark responded with..

"I have not read the ruling yet, the court has given us one year to resolve the problem"

I personally was not impressed with her response, the ruling needs to be respected and changes must be made for the upcoming school season for if Christy Clucking Clark uses the entirety of the allotted time allowed..... That would mean the entire 2010/2011 school year will have illegal class sizes and the same glaring problems that exist today.

So anyway, I was curious as to how the main stream media would react to the ruling, Vaughn Palmer wrote an intelligent story for a change and gave Christy Clark a definite slap, I guess even Vaughn recognized the dagger the court threw at Clark and couldn`t avoid the harsh rebuke, Michael Smyth also slammed Clark over the story but what about the others?

CTV ran the story and showed Christy Clark squirming like a worm when being questioned but they ended the story with a shocking untrue statement, what CTV said at the very end of the story was and I quote..

"This ruling will cost the province hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars" snip

You can`t make this stuff up, how they came up with the cost to improve class size and composition with a range from $hundreds of millions to $billions is beyond me, I believe that statement at the end of the story was meant to sow the seeds of the future Government(Christy Clark) arguments, it was not so subtle but CTV left the impression that improving class sizes will cost $billions of dollars, that folks is reckless yellow journalism at its finest.

Christy Clark on her CKNW radio show must have done at least 150 segments minimum bashing teachers on everything, her show was a anti-teacher rant fest, I don`t know if this stems to the fact that her father was a teacher and maybe Christy hated her dad or perhaps she hates teachers because Christy attended three different universities and came away with a incomplete fail at each, who knows for sure, maybe her plastic surgeon or hairdresser knows the truth but the point is this ruling will do one but one thing, it will improve the outcome for our most precious resource, your children, this ruling doesn`t reward the teachers it rewards the children, I wish everyone would keep that in mind, this will mean that more teachers and teacher aids will have to be hired but it doesn`t mean teachers will receive more money, even though BC Teachers get paid a mere 70% of what teachers in Alberta and Ontario make the BCTF is more interested in the children this time and perhaps they can get wage increases to keep up with the cost of living increases(Inflation).

So my review of the big media was mixed until I read a Vancouver Sun editorial, it was unauthored meaning no one put their name behind it, but from past stories from the Vancouver Sun editorial board it had the fingerprints of Fazi Mihlar all over it, those not familiar with Mihlar, he was/is a big time member of the right wing Fraser institute, no more need be said, Mihlar is a moron extraordinaire....The editorial is all about the BC Supreme court decision they rendered on the teachers.

The editorial claims that the ruling isn`t that bad but, the unnamed author claims that just because the supreme court ruled in favour of the teachers it doesn`t mean class sizes have to change!...That`s right people, whoever the idiot author is claims the court didn`t rule on class size the court ruled on the "process"...Meaning this, the author claims the court ruled that the Christy Clark Government failed to "consult teachers on class size and composition" ...The seeds the author was planting is....The Government can decide whatever it wants about class size and composition only it must consult the teachers and let them know WHAT they decided!

This was a cheesy bullshit editorial, I don`t know who the Vancouver Sun is getting their legal advice from, maybe Kash Heed or illegal Gag law Wally Oppal who knows but what the editorial is suggesting Christy Clark do is...Pull a Gordon Campbell, whoever wrote the story should be fired!

I would like to show you a couple of the key lines and paragraphs in the garbage Vancouver Sun editorial.

"It should be noted that this ruling was based on a Supreme Court of Canada decision that did not exist at the time the offending legislation was enacted. The legislation was part of a restructuring of government and of provincial labour laws that the Liberals undertook when then premier Gordon Campbell took power in 2001"

"In 2007, in response to a challenge by the Hospital Employees' Union to Bill 29, similar legislation that negated the contract provisions, the Supreme Court of Canada made a 180-degree turn on its own earlier rulings and recognized that collective bargaining is protected as a charter right under freedom of association"

"That said, the government made a mistake in refusing to discuss what it was planning with teachers before bringing in the legislation, which Judge Griffin ruled was much more sweeping than needed to accomplish the province's stated goal of optimum allocation of resources to schools."

"That omission, the judge noted, was taken by teachers as evidence of a lack of respect by the government for their contribution to the education system".

And the next paragraph in that pathetic editorial goes right too the meat of the author`s intent, trouble making!

"  Looking ahead, it's important to recognize what the ruling does and does not do. It does not give teachers the right to impose their collective view on class size and other workplace issues. What it does is restore their right to bring such issues to the bargaining table. What emerges is still up to negotiation. This ruling is about process, not outcome"

And I have a couple more juicy lines from the bullcrap editorial to share with you.

" So the government should and will still have the right and responsibility to set the curriculum, set standards and to control costs in the public school system"
Well well well, the Vancouver Sun editorial board has given both Christy Clark and the BC Government some crappy legal advice, the gist of what this asshole is saying is....The Government can do whatever the hell it wants as long as they consult stakeholders first, it`s not about the outcome it`s about the "Process" snip.
That is one sick and twisted editorial, beware teachers, Christy Clark`s bosses have again given her and the BC Liberals their marching orders.
The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gary Korpan, Overstuffed Ego Maniac!

 This post is dedicated to Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin, two people I admire for standing their ground and standing up to ugly bullies like former mayor of Nanaimo Gary Korpan...

This type of story is right up my alley, the big bad establishment using lawyers and courts against the little people, Gary Korpan who was Nanaimo`s mayor for decades but when the people of Nanaimo said enough is enough and threw this blowhard out of office with thud! Yes folks a thud, John Ruttan received 46% of the vote in the 2008 mayoral race, Dianne Brennan received 36% of the vote and the incumbent mayor Gary Korpan received a paltry 16% of the vote, the actual numbers for dictator Korpan was 3,119 votes.....In fact Angela Negrin who ran for city council garnered 6,032, 132 votes shy of being elected...

Not only was Korpan defeated but he was trounced and sent packing with a one way ticket, one might have thought that would have been the last we hear from this ugly mean spirited blowhard but no, this dirtbag has been terrorizing local citizens with what only could be described as a overblown hissy fit, Gary Korpan has filed writs of claim against Angela Negrin who owns a little restaurant called Pirate chips and he has filed writ against Tony Parkin, the issue the garbage man is flailing his arms about was a bumper sticker that thousands of Nanaimo residents put on their trucks, cars and boats, the bumper sticker read....

``Stop the Koruption`` 

 This overstuffed whack job believes that the bumper sticker harmed him and cost him his self perceived GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to be Mayor of Nanaimo, it`s a classic case of ego over-load, Korpan`s ego is larger than his pant size, the issue many Nanaimoites were upset with the mayor was for his strong-arm tactics against the people, locals didn`t share Korpan`s vision of turning Nanaimo city Harbour into a high rise blight, local store owners including one Angela Negrin fought back and part of the fight back was the bumper sticker, but there were far more issues than that, Korpan like the city of Vancouver also drank the Millennium development Kool aid.

(you remember Millennium Development, they built the Vancouver Olympic athletes village and now Vancouver is out $hundreds of millions of dollars)

In particular the Nanaimo hotel and convention center, under Korpan Millennium Development was given extension after extension to build on the free land the city provided, well, we all know how well that turned out, the city of Nanaimo eventually surgically removed the clutching grip Millennium had on the city and booted them out, unfortunately it was too late, Nanaimo lost $millions of unrecoverable dollars because of Millennium Development`s lies!

This was the issue that ultimately brought down Gary Korpan, that and his strong arm bully tactics he deployed against the little guys, after Korpan was routed and sent packing this ugly egomaniac went on a legal tirade against the very citizens of Nanaimo, his focus of rage was aimed at Angela Negrin and Tony Parkin and others, ..Korpan has filed claims against these individuals for slander, Korpan with his high flying legal buddies are suing them for slander over the bumper sticker....(Stop the Koruption)

Well well well, my friend Tony Parkin after being terrorized for years now by this ugly pig apologized and offered an olive branch to the disgruntled and now deposed mayor Gary Korpan, but that`s not good enough, Korpan has nothing better to do with his unemployed time than attack the little people and he wants to bankrupt both Angela Negrin and Tony Parkin.

Tony Parkin, by no means a wealthy man, he does his best to keep food on the family table and doesn`t have the money for $400 dollar an hour attorneys, last week papers were sent sent to Mr. Parkin demanding he respond to the law suit or lose to a default judgement.

That`s where I come in, Mr. Parkin asked for a little advice from the Powell River Persuader, I strongly suggested to Mr. Parkin to file a defence, do not let a default judgement be placed on your name, for those not legal savvy a default judgement is a win for the plaintiff, it is deemed that the defendant accepts the plaintiffs assertion and a judge renders a decision of cost and damages against the defendant....

I have had my share of threatening legal type documents calling for me to cease, stop or be sued, well, this persuader has three word for those bastards....BRING IT ON

I told Mr. Parkin a few things, for one, the word koruption has no meaning, Gary Korpan doesn`t own that word and Gary Korpan isn`t the one that decides what the meaning of words are, it`s liken to calling someone a dufuasarian or fatuglislobertarian, those words have no meaning, that and Korpan lived in a political atmosphere,  he threw as much mud as he received, that bumper sticker doesn`t even come close to the nastiness of most political ads, who deemed Gary Korpan that special that no one can lay a verbal or printed glove on him, man up Gary Korpan....Maybe Gary Korpan is related to Kash Heed!

I also advised Mr. Parkin to ask Korpan for all his documents, all his provable financial losses, ...

Tony Parkin has followed my advice and filed a defence against Gary Korpan and is defending himself, I told Parkin to call Gary Korpan`s bluff and force him to spend his dollars on lawyers, drag it out, fight it out, I also suggested that there is a good likelihood that Korpan will back off and give up on his overblown ego based vendetta once his bluff had been called and he has to start paying lawyer fees.

Gary Korpan doesn`t have a legal leg to stand on, tens of thousands of people FIRED KORPAN not Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin, thousands had the bumper sticker, well, maybe not thousands but they were seen everywhere, speaking of bumper stickers I see them everywhere, stickers like..

Stop the scampbell...Stop the Tax..Anyone but Campbell...Burn the Bush...people kill not guns...Gordo Sucks...and I am sure our readers can cite all kinds of intriguing bumper stickers.

As for stop the Koruption bumper sticker, the only reason I can think of that this bumper so offended Gary Korpan is that maybe he is korrupt, who knows, it appears thousands of Nanaimoites thought that, after all they threw him out of office with a thud.

But personally speaking I believe Gary Korpan is probably in desperate need of a brain doctor, actually not a doctor but a whole team of doctors.

If there are any graduate law students or pro-bono lawyers out there that would like to assist Tony Parkin in fending off this ugly ego maniac let me know through the comments, if you don`t want the comment published just write NOT FOR PUBLICATION......For a little background on this story you can read these  link, or this one.

Mr. Tony Parkin, your cause is just, Gary Korpan doesn`t have a legal leg to stand on, fight the good fight, make Korpan pay and pay some more for his lawyers, never backdown when you are right, the people of both Nanaimo and BC are on your side, including Grant G...And if Gary Korpan has a problem with my post....


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blue Door, Red Door, Orange Door or Outhouse Door

Lately I find myself being pulled in so many directions, I would like to write about poor children, starving children, salmon, water and the environment, the Japan tragedy pains me so much because I knew when the reactors exploded this meltdown wouldn`t stop and I knew the media and Japanese officials would allow a slow bleed of facts, very similar to the gulf spill but time and time again I`m pulled back into the political arena...

I got on CKNW today with Michael Smyth but he cut me off after one sentence, I was phoning in on the Athletes village and the point I wanted to make was the warning Estele Lo gave the city of Vancouver, Estele Lo was Vancouver`s chief financial officer, she warned not to sign off on the athletes village deal because the city was taking all the risk, she was promptly fired, given severance and forced to sign a vow of secrecy, this all happened under the NPA, Peter Ladner and mayor Sam Sullivan, CKNW didn`t want that information out there, it might be high time I file another complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC)....

The media, our biggest enemy next to the politicians, all these issues I care deeply about have been put on the back burner while the political season is in full bloom, nothing in the way of change will ever happen until the rule of law is returned and the politicians are tossed out on their collective butts, I know you fine people see my anger in these posts and I apologize for that but the niceties just don`t work, the Jane Thorthwaite story on its own means nothing but symbolically it bodes a scary future with laws and judgments being decided by politically motivated special prosecutors.

And when we combine these decisions with corporations controlling all Governments the day of reckoning is fast approaching, who among you are prepared to stand with me to give both limb and life for change, for the future, for everything we hold dear, how many aquifers are to be poisoned, how many watersheds to be drenched in crude oil, how many species will disappear having never even been discovered, I am greenpeace, you are Greenpeace, we are all Greenpeace or we are all dead, dramatic, no, not nearly dramatic enough.

Family pressures and extending life have consumed my sleeping hours and those tears I waken with have stained my pillow but those tears, those salty tears are proof that I care and damn it, I cannot  remove  any of this from my programming, I am not the same person I was 20 years or even last year, for all of you have given me both purpose and hope.

Doug Pyper, Alexandra Morton, BC Mary and so many others, you heroes are real, your goals are honourable and the passion you display only makes me try harder and harder and even though it`s like banging my head on a brick wall......My head may crack but not before the bricks and mortar are laying in a dusty heap.

Who will help tear down the bricks and mortar of our Parliament with Democracy.......The day is here and sacrifices must be made, peaceful demonstrations will not suffice, politicians need to see placards and people outside their personal homes, fear of reprisal must be on the minds of our elected officials, one vote, one pitchfork, one funeral, one dead political party and until our elected representatives have the fear of God burned into their souls nothing will change, until the corporate elites run out of expensive safe hideaways to keep their yachts, helicopters and screen pixels it will never stop.

We are not alone, there are over 5 billion victims ready and willing to rise, gated communities and security guards will not stop us, these crimes against life must stop, madman or genius, terrorist or freedom fighter, life or death, we all have choices to make and you can`t take wealth to heaven or hell, this is no longer Canada, I`m not sure what country we live in anymore but when you fear your own Government the time for change has long passed..

Why did our Grandparents fight in Vinny ridge, why did we stop Germany, it wasn`t so General Electric and Accenture could take over our Government, they fought for freedom and the right of law and human justice, Iran is not our enemy, Columbia is not our enemy, North Korea isn`t the enemy.....

The enemy smiles and promises you a new Ipod,  triple AAA securities and a shiny new toilet brush......

Which you use to clean their toilets.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

BC Liberal Jane Thorthwaite gets Off Scott Free!(updated)

Well it`s been confirmed today, there is no justice in BC for BC politicians, unaware to me a special prosecutor made a deal with Jane Thorthwaite and threw out the impaired driving and charged her with driving without due care and attention, ..

Thorthwaite was fined $500 dollars and a 30 day driving suspension, the punishment doesn`t make sense, she shouldn`t have lost her license if she ONLY drove without paying attention, something stinks to high heaven...

Thorthwaite admitted drinking, she tweeted about BC wine being delicious, she apologized to her constituents for drinking and driving, there were hundreds of witnesses who saw Jane Thorthwaite drinking....

But again...A special prosecutor decided not to proceed on impaired driving charges against Jane Thorthwaite..That is so effing funny considering she blew over point 1.0 three times...

Well Christy Clark....Is this change, is this fair...This is crappolla...!

Well folks, fuck the drinking driving laws, go get wasted, drive away, who cares, the BC Government sent a message that drinking and driving is A OK.......Have another shooter, more wine please, glug glug glug...

Actually, please please never drink and drive, sometimes I just get so angry, the BC Liberals can`t even toss us a little morsel of democracy or fairness, nothing!

This friends is the final straw for me...Kash Heed illegally holding office, the BC Rail scandal and fraud, the John Les affair, the Von Dongen episode,.....

The special prosecutors are effing stooges and bought off, there is no justice, Gordon Campbell`s and the Liberals have destroyed the law, the courts, there is no justice, I guess thats why Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark closed 9 prisons and 25 courthouses and fired 300 prison guards in his first term...

Cut n pasted from the CBC below

B.C. Crown prosecutors have dropped a drunk driving charge against Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite, following her arrest at a roadside stop last year during the Olympic Games.
The North Vancouver MLA was stopped at an RCMP road check in North Vancouver last February as she was heading home from visiting two Olympic pavilions.
She was originally charged with one count of operating a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol level over .08 BAC after she blew 0.11 BOC, according to police.
But on Tuesday in court, that charge was dropped by Crown prosecutors who said they had insufficient evidence to proceed with the charge.
Prosecutors said police failed to administer a breathalyser test at the station within two hours a roadside test, as required by the courts.
Instead Thornthwaite pleaded guilty to a Motor Vehicle Act infraction of driving without due care and attention. She was fined $500 and her licence was suspended for one month.
Outside the court Thornthwaite apologized to the public, and said she no longer drinks any amount of alcohol before driving.
First elected in the North Vancouver-Seymour riding in the May 2009 general election, Thornthwaite is a former dietician and former chair of the North Vancouver Board of Education.

You see the bolded part..She no longer drinks BEFORE she drives, what a pathetic statement, Jane blew over over more than once and guess what, the special prosecutor manufactured a technicality for Thorthwaite, they claim she did not get a breath test back at the station in 2 hours or less, I do not believe that, if she didn;t get a breath test in less than 2 hours why not, was that the advice of her lawyer, was it the advice of her Government masters, and as a kicker she intends on running again for office, do these BC Liberals know no shame. 

You can go to hell Jane Thorthwaite, you get plastered and drive drunk, you waste the courts time and plead not guilty, three appearances and a trial that never happens and on the day of the trial another oh so-special prosecutor cuts you a deal and gives you a free ride and no criminal record!....
 (updated here)
And I have one really big question, just what was Miss Jane Thorthwaite doing for over 2 hours at the station, this wasn`t a random police check, this was a planned road block designed to catch drinking drivers, surely they must have thought they would pinch someone in THIS PLANNED ROAD BLOCK.....They had to have had staff at the station, why did they delay, they know the law, who caused the delay, was the time on a written police report, why did the cop even bother with the second breath test knowing over 2 hours had elapsed....Did she refuse to blow until her lawyer got there, was it a Government lawyer, what caused the delay....What if she had run someone over, would they have delayed 2 hours at the station, would they?.....What if she did run someone over and got caught, fails a breath test at the scene, taken to the station, 3 hours passes and she blows, she blows over the legal limit...Would the charges be dropped, would they?...In that hypothetical situation, wouldn`t the eye witnesses at Sochi house come into play, Jane`s own confession, the estimation of what she drank, wouldn`t the crown go for conviction, in fact I want to thank Cam for his comment(Crankypants) for it opened up another lens....Carole Berner was convicted on testimony and self confession, she had no road side test I believe, the police and prosecution put a case together after the fact, she admitted to drinking three large glasses of wine, I`m not defending Carole Berner, but the comparison is identical except for a victim.

Only in BC....Flock the law...Bring on the pitchforks and water cannons ....Kootcoot has his take on this lack of justice here

I would like to welcome Doug Pyper to my blog roll....Sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture, Doug Pyper photographer extraordinair and his battle for the world`s children, I would like to personally thank him for soothing my angry spirit and for fighting the good fight...Bless you Doug and God speed!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

NPA, Millennium Development, The Big Fraud

 (I wrote this post a long time ago, I felt it was worthy of a re-run considering it has been confirmed that the City of Vancouver will lose well over $200 million dollars, trust me folks, it will end up closer to $400 million dollar loss, the properties owned by Millennium development that the City of Vancouver seized are all mortgaged to the hilt to banks, those properties will yield nothing)

$1.3 billion dollar athletes village, shoddy construction,rushed timeline,paper thin walls,athletes from around the world complained of how poor the quality of this development was.

Betty Krawcyzk raised the alarm about Millennium development company,in fact Betty and my opinion that this was a robbery,theft,a planned con and shell game from the very beginning, the tentacles of this deal travel in many directions.

But lets start at the beginning, we win the bid for the 2010 Olympic games, the roving band of criminals,the IOC descend upon Vancouver, but we didn`t have to look far for persons wanting to fill their pockets with taxpayer`s loot, in fact all we have to do is look to whom the NPA chose to build the athletes village, the non partisan association,the city councillors,the Mayor,the NPA chose Millennium development.... I laugh at that name,nothing could be further from the truth,non partisan..HA HA.

Who are we going to get to build the athletes village? Put out the bids, the city of Vancouver got bids from Wall development, Concord pacific, huge companies,huge companies with money,capital,development companies who had the financial resources to build the athletes village,and these companies have good track record for building large projects in the GVRD for decades, and there was also a bid from a little known company named Millennium development,a company with nothing,no money,no capital,no staff,no financial records with any real standing..

And who is Millennium development, well at the time of the bid?

Well,at the time of the NPA dominated city council, Millennium development had two directors..Sharam and Sharokh Malekyazdi,who hold no board meetings,issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial papers with the Provincial ministry of finance.They are partnered with the Armeco group of companies,Armeco has one director, a lawyer who recently headed the NPA party, that lawyer is no other than Paul Barbeau.

Well isn`t that special, Sullivan,Ladner and and the other NPA councilmen and woman,along with Paul Barbeau give the nod to Millennium development over reputable firms like Concord Pacific and Wall development, and guess what folks, Millennium has ZERO MONEY,NO ASSETS, AND GUESS WHERE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT IS GOING TO GET THEIR MONEY, FROM FORTESS HEDGE FUND AND THE CITY OF VANCOUVER.


And how did that deal work out for Vancouver,the Province had to call a week-end session in the Victoria legislature and bring in legislation to allow the Vancouver charter to be changed,that change being.....To allow the city borrow up to $1 billion dollars to pay off the loan sharks known as Fortress,of course Ken Dobell was getting bi-weekly reports on the status of the construction at the athletes village and reporting to the Province and Vanoc, well so much for Dobell keeping us up to date,the same Ken Dobell was in charge at the Vancouver trade and convention center and we know how well that worked out,$450 million dollars over budget,the project going sideways and finally Ken Dobell had to be removed, and who is Ken Dobell,Gordon Campbell`s friend and they shared the premier`s office, yes,friends,the tentacles from the NPA,Gordon Campbell,Ken Dobell,Paul Barbeau,Fortress...These clowns couldn`t run a LEMONADE STAND, it`s my opinion that there are many in this deal who should be held to account,criminal charges and a complete investigation is required!

The fix was in from the very beginning, Paul Barbeau and the entire NPA are answerable as to why they chose this company connected to Paul Barbeau, we are all familiar that the city of Vancouver had to borrow like $700 million dollars to pay off the loan sharks at Fortress, the city also had to put in place their own accountants and management team to oversee the project, because the snow job was working, the athletes village was spiraling over budget,hundreds of millions of dollars seemed to just vanish, what did Sam Sullivan,Peter Ladner and the NPA dominated city council have to say, not much, they had no answers, damage control, this boondoggle was started under the NPA, but it ended up being dumped in Gregor Robertson`s lap when the people of Vancouver threw out the NPA lock,stock and barrel, but throwing those losers out of office couldn`t stop the athletes village boondoggle that had taken place,.....

This was big news at the time, also at the time when the city of Vancouver was potentially getting ripped for hundreds of millions of dollars there were questions,lots of questions, lets go ask Estelle Lo, the city of Vancouver Chief Financial officer, well guess what folks, the NPA forced Estelle Lo out, forced her to quit or be fired, why would the NPA do that? That my friends is the $700 million dollar question, and guess what......

Estele Lo warned against the Millennium deal, Estele Lo was adamant that if anything went wrong the city of Vancouver would be on the hook, Estelle Lo was upset that the way the deal was structured,she warned against it, the alarm bells were ringing in Estelle Lo`s head about this deal, but the fix was in, the entire NPA council have questions to answer, and of course they didn`t want Estelle Lo to talk, so when they forced her out,for Estelle Lo to get her compensation package she had to sign a "Keep your mouth shut clause"!(read about Estell Lo being forced out here,Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail was all over the story,here is a quick read by the Tyee)

And where has Paul Barbeau slithered off too? Who knows, the money for the boondoggle is gone,the city of Vancouver is taking a huge bath on this deal, the Vancouver taxpayers will be paying off the athletes village for decades,possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back to the Athletes village, the city of Vancouver had to turn the buildings over to Vanoc in the fall before the 2010 Olympic games or face a huge financial penalty, a tight timeline,rushed construction, shoddy work, the city is already out so much money,astronomical amounts of money,they don`t want to lose more money,there is no turning back.

The NPA run city of Vancouver,their decisions, their boondoggle,the BS has Vancouverites on the verge of losing hundreds of millions of dollars, they forced out the top accountant who was ringing the alarm bell, Peter Ladner,Sam Sullivan in my opinion all have dirt on their hands,personally I think Gregor Robertson did his best to fix a terrible situation caused by the NPA......

  The NPA has cost the city of Vancouver potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in what I would call a planned deliberate,calculated fraud, a deal the chief city financial officer warned about all the risk being assigned to the city, so the corrupt bunch (IMO) forced her resignation, the hypocrisy is unreal!

The NPA and Fortress hedge fund have by crook stolen the cows,the farm,the deed to the land.

The below story is from Betty Krawcyzk, she was the first to write about it!

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF THE OLYMPICS!Love? Oh, no. It’s actually money. For everybody but us Vancouverites who have to shell out for this huge province wide construction party masquerading as a civic celebration (oh, all right, everybody in the province pays). We’re supposed to do it for love. Do what exactly? Well, let’s just consider the Athlete’s Village.Okay, so a lot of figures are boring. Even to me. So I’ll keep it simple. There’s a corporation named Millennium Development Corp. They got the nod to build the Athletes’ Village on Southeast False Creek for the Olympics which will include 1100 condos of which 250 will belong to the City after the games. For this privilege Millennium will pay us, the city, 193 million, of which 30 million will be a down payment. These condos are not for the working poor. They will go for between 500,000 and 6 million all of which they plan to pre sell. Millennium will also receive over 82 million for building the units and we will do the site fixing at another 153 million. There are two directors (Shahram and Sharokh Malekyazdi) who hold no board meetings, issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial paper with the provincial Ministry of Finance. They are partnered with Armeco Group of Companies. Armeco currently has only one director, a lawyer who recently headed the Vancouver NPA party (Paul Barbeau). But where can these corporations, wealthy though they are, get such huge amounts of money? Well, there are two lenders… The Fortress Credit Corporation and guess who? Well, bust my britches! It’s us! The City of Vancouver! Which means that we, us, yes us, the tax payers of Vancouver will be lending a hunk, or even most (maybe all?) of the start up money to Millennium who is supposed to pay us, for God’s sake. But somehow they have it fixed so that we pay them for borrowing money from us so they can make billions. But if we, Vancouver, have this kind of money to lend out for the already super rich people so they don’t have to use their own money why don’t we do something about the homeless? Or affordable housing? No money for that? Or money in that? Well, back to Millennium and Armeco. These two, along with Gordon Campbell simply take my breath away. Their ability to pull off such a gigantic public robbery in secret takes stealth and cunning the likes of which makes Lord Black look rather amateurish. I think Gordon Campbell, VANOC, Millennium and Fortress along with Paul Barbeau are guilty of conspiracy to defraud the public. I’ll be pouring over my law books. This has got to be against the law. Betty Krawczyk .

Nothing but Politics as usual friends, just like the Republicans in the USA,Ronald Reagen,George Bush Senior,George Bush Junior,.....Especially the last,George W Bush, he lied to the world and invaded Iraq,a illegitimate war, he allowed Wall Sreet to destroy world economies,tax cuts to the rich, ruined the economy, the absolute worst president in the history of the USA, him and Dick Cheney, criminals,they are nothing but criminals, so they dump a huge mess in Barack Obama`s lap, and the FOX News,the haters, the spinners trying to blame Obama for the Bush created disaster.

The same thing with Gregor Robertson, personally I think Gregor is a little flaky, but the mess that Sullivan,Ladner and the NPA dumped in his lap is shocking, so when I hear an ex-journalist crying wolf over nothing while totally ignoring the largest and most expensive possible ponzi scheme in Vancouver history is disingenuous at best.The athletes village deal that was set up,organized,arranged,by the NPA, rejected by the Chief Financial Officer Estelle Lo,the NPA forced Estelle Lo out ,the cost to people of Vancouver will be a kings ransom for a very very long time.Glad I don`t live there!

Nothing but Politics friends, the Gordon Campbell junior edition(The NPA)..Are beating the drum,they are also beating a dead horse!

What took everyone so long to agree with me, media stooges and spinners, I have outclassed the MSM with one little computer and no help and time after time I am vindicated, the truth is out there now

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jane Thorthwaite and Cluck Cluck or Thelma and Louise(updated at the bottom)

Isn`t that special, Christy Clark and her gal pal Jane Thorthwaite smiling for the camera, I know one thing for sure, one of them won`t be smiling for much longer, maybe both!

Alex Tsakumis, my fellow loud mouth blogger(not an insult).....Alex had another scoop on Sunday past, Alex Tsakumis claims Christy Clark will be announcing Tuesday/April/12th(tomorrow) and calling a by-election for Gordon Campbell`s old riding, to me the timing is strange and I have even mused to myself that it`s possible that Cluck Cluck will be calling a full general Provincial election ...The date..May 10....

And as I read his post something was bothering me, nothing to do with his post but sometimes my internal radar starts beeping, I can`t explain the ability I have to see things in a multi dimensional form, so anyway, my radar was going nuts and then I got to thinking, where have we seen this play before, well, we have to go back to 2009, remember, I am talking about the Canada line RAV line, ......Remember the opening of the Canada line, there was a ton of overtime hours put in by the workers too ensure that the Canada line`s grand opening was 2 weeks early, the Grand opening was on a Monday, and, BC Mary and others will remember, the same day the BC Rail trial was set to start was the day Gordon Campbell chose to have the Canada line open, the big photo-op, all the press enthralled with the Canada line party, line ups for hours for a free ride, Gordo and company riding the front of the train, it was all Canada line news all day long, and others like me who considered all the overtime hours that were involved to make that date happen, why wasn`t the grand opening on the Sunday(The day before)...Families and workers could have attended the grand opening, instead it was a Monday downtown disaster, some people like me pondered and mused that Gordo went out of his way to change the channel on BC Rail by having the Canada line open the same day...Maybe it was just a coincidence, or was it?

So Alex Tsakumis claims Christy will be calling the big By election tomorrow morning, and I believe he may be right, and what else might be happening tomorrow that may embarrass the Christy Clark Campbell Liberals...

Lordy lordy, what another coincidence, Jane Thorthwaite hypocrite and drunk driver is in North Vancouver Provincial court for her trial for driving while drunk as a skunk, that`s right folks, her trial, imagine that, I wonder how many media will be watching Jane Thorthwaite squirm in court compared to how many stooges will be covering Christy Cluck cluck Clark smiling and lying to the camera....

Same old playbook, same old BC Liberals, same old crappolla.....What are the odds that Christy Clark would announce her by election the same day Jane Thorthwaite is in court?

Let me remind you what Jane Thorthwaite did that night during the Olympics....

Jane Thorthwaite went to a big party at Sochi house in Vancouver, Jane left her car at the sea bus on the North Shore side....She went to Sochi house via the sea bus, at Sochi house where hundreds of witnesses saw Jane Thorthwaite consuming wine, plenty of wine...Jane Thorthwaite while she was at Sochi house actually tweeted this message..."BC Wine is Delicious" snip..Fact!

After Jane`s night of good food and cheer, she got a ride to the sea bus where she got on the sea bus and returned to the north shore where her car was parked, (considering she makes over $100k per year, she couldn`t afford a taxi)...Jane got in her car and drove the industrial lower road and headed to North Vancouver, but sometimes the police put sneaky road blocks in weird places to catch those that use barren industrial roads while drunk, never the less she drove smack into a road block under the ironworkers memorial bridge, the police smelled booze, they made her blow in a road side device where she blew well over the legal limit, she was brought to North Vancouver police station where she blew again in the big breath tester and again she failed.

When the story broke two days later Jane Thorthwaite made these public statements....\

"I know what I did was wrong, it was stupid, ....I didn`t think I was that impaired....I know even one drink and driving is too many....I ask for forgiveness from my constituents and I will work very hard to regain their trust" SNIP

Well lordy lordy, that`s sure sounds like a confession, the tweeting about BC wine being Delicious, the apology, and

And you blew well over the limit both road side and back at the station so can you tell me why Jane Thorthwaite is not only wasting the courts time but she has shown herself to be nothing but a pathetic life endangering hypocrite, you confess, there were hundreds of witnesses who saw you drinking at Sochi house, you blew over over over and out and you stand up and plead for forgiveness and when no one is looking you plead not guilty in the hopes of getting off on a technicality or hope the officers were transfered to Moosejaw .....

Well, I guess it`s just another BC Liberal coincidence, Christy stealing headlines while the drunk tries to wiggle out from her responsibility.....Anywho....Jane Thorthwaite`s full trial starts at 9:30 am in North Vancouver Provincial courts.

P,A 54940-1 THORNTHWAITE, JANE Ann North Vancouver Provincial Court 12Apr2011
9:30 AM
001 FT IBJ 720:10-5138

One thing I know for sure, no one will shed any tears when these two drive off a cliff!

(UPDATED HERE....Obviously I was right about this announcement being made for no other reason than to change the channel on all the pathetic BC Liberal stories, why would I say that....Why would Christy make her by-election announcement without offering a date for when the election is...Will there be another photo-op  when she announces the date, expect that announcement on another BC Liberal trash day!)

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Mouse Among Men, Kash Heed Edition

What ever happened to class, morality, honour, take the Kash Heed affair, the Victoria Times Colonist actually used the word "Exonerated" in the title of their Kash Heed article on Mr. Wilson NOT RECOMMENDING CHARGES against Heed.....

Such a blatant false headline, it`s liken to a driver having a dead body in his trunk with a bloody knife stuck in the corpse`s back, maybe the LAW, maybe the legal law can`t prove the driver placed the dead body in the car and or stuck the knife in the victim, however to call such a car driver "Exonerated"  after he gets off on a technicality(no search warrant).

Here`s another example, a man/woman owns a business, the man`s employees defraud the customers, the employees pick the customers pocket and proceeds of the fraud flow to the business owner, the police are called and the employees are arrested, found guilty, does that mean the business owner can keep the proceeds of crime?

There is absolutely no difference in the Kash Heed affair, Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna didn`t profit in any meaningful way, the beneficiary of the election fraud was Kash Heed....Very similar to the Corrupt John Les and the zoning scandals he and his staff were arranging when John Les was mayor of Chilliwak....Again, charges were filed against one of John Les`s employees but just like the Kash Heed affair the only beneficiary in the land zoning frauds were John Les and his brothers, an underling takes the fall for John Les....And just like Kash Heed affair, even though the John Les property rezoning scandal benefited John Les he too was allowed to keep the proceeds of crime.

What ever happened to morality, resigning, the gutless criminal Kash Heed has had stench after stench follow him like a shadow for years, ...Mr. heed, how do you feel about holding office illegally, are you going to hide from both the media and your constituents for another 2 years and what about Christy Clark, the new sensation of change, we had another Friday trash day, what about you premier designate Clark?

Miss Clark, do you have faith in Kash Heed?....Would you Christy Clark stay in office if your campaign over spent, broke the election act? Well? Would ya?

For me, if I was a new premier trying to promote real change I would make Kash Heed resign, if he wouldn`t leave he would be kicked out of caucus, you see Christy all you have demonstrated is....Same old same old special prosecutors clearing BC Liberals of criminal charges, in both cases, the John Les land zoning corruption case and the illegal election of Kash Heed....Both cases the special Prosecutor did not clear the BC Liberals, in both cases the special prosecutors stated that...

"The likelihood of a criminal conviction is in doubt"

Those are not exonerations or even clearing one`s name, back to the driver with a dead body in his trunk, the driver claims his car was stolen then returned back too him, he had no idea anything was in the trunk and he never even reported the car stolen, with a good lawyer the car driver is scott free, Kash Heed`s election team broke many many elections laws, illegal brochures, they overspent, they lied to Elections BC, they lied to the police, they obstructed the investigation,...And all this happened in plain view of Kash Heed`s eyes and he claims ignorance...Again friends, only Kash Heed benefited from the election fraud, maybe I`m old school, the only thing to do is resign.....

If Kash Heed was a real man he would resign, Kash Heed is not a man, he`s a weak no morals mouse and Christy Clark is Christy Crunch cereal, new package but same old slop, a new sensation, I don`t think so, I think Christy Clark is a little un-educated girl who never got any formal education, failed every university she attended, she failed in her bid for mayor of Vancouver, she failed with her marriage, she was outclassed by Grant G, forced to retract on air for lying to me, a vindictive little girl who hates teachers, and considering her father was a teacher I suspect that you hated your father and his profession but that`s a matter for trained brain doctors, however...You Christy Clark had the perfect opportunity to show BCers that real change and accountability meant something, but you failed, you dumped the Kash Heed press release along with BC Hydro threatening the Public along with gobbliy goop about the HST referendum on Friday afternoon, same old play book, same old excuse making for your MLAs,.....

Kash Heed`s entire campaign team are being charged, 16 charges between Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna alone, the Fraserview riding election was won by criminal means, it`s a fake phony win, a corked bat, a stacked deck, dirty illegal actions won that election and Kash Heed is hanging on to a faint hope chance that the BC Supreme court makes a mockery of our BC Election laws and allows Heed not to file anything,

Is there anything more important than election laws, for if the BC supreme court allows Kash Heed relief from Elections BC on filing accurate reports, if that were to happen new precedent would be set, for then one could break any and all election laws and merely ask the court to shield them from Election officials, one could spend unlimited money to win an election, one could have dirty illegal flyers going out everyday, one could have their campaign team lie, cheat, steal, coerce, blackmail, bribe the voters to win the election and if caught afterwards the Bambi candidate does the Sergeant Shultz routine and says..."I see nothing"....That my friends is the reason Kash Heed must resign, that is the reason the BC supreme court can`t grant Kash Heed any relief.......And besides, hey Kash, how can you look in the mirror, your prize is dirty, a man, a real man, a real INDO-Canadian MAN would step up to the plate and swallow his sword and resign, you think you won, face your constituents, what a sorry piece of work you are Kash Heed, go put on your dress and hide behind behind your wife.

Same old no representation of the people, same old mocking the public, same old Gordon Campbell tricks and cover ups....What you say New Sensation?

Which brings me to the June 24th/2011 HST referendum, isn`t that silly, no point in calling it the June 24th hst referendum, what does June 24th have to do with it, maybe we should name it....

The June 12th to August 15th HST referendum.....Two months, the referendum is 2 months..Are you kidding me!

Barry Penner, my gawd the man is insufferable, I`m being polite, he`s an idiot, however, he`s an idiot following orders, Barry Penner has no original thoughts, no brain power, wind him up, bend him, twist him Barry don`t care, he is a nothing, I could dance on Barry Penner in any court of law and trounce him, and no, I didn`t get a degree from a match book, but my brain works, Barry Penner is IQ deficient, mothers side, fathers side, mailman`s side, doesn`t matter, Barry Penner wasn`t blessed with a brain, maybe we should call Barry Penner the "Straw man"..Remember the Wizard of Oz?

But as for the HST referendum, I really hope the NDP and Media(lol lol) try and pin this down...The mailout will start on June12/2011 the deadline for returning ballots is July 22/2011 and counting complete by mid August..Are you kidding me!

Why not send out the ballots starting on May 12th/2011....And the deadline for the return of the ballots June 24th/2011 and a week to count them...We should know the results before the end of June, in fact we can have the HST removed and our PST returned starting on July 1/2011...That is what makes sense, an actual election would be preferable however...

Christy Clark, do you feel a two month long referendum ending in mid August is keeping your word?  Is that what you call moving up the referendum to June 24th/2011...Is that being honest with the voters, Elections BC has an entire month to ready the mail out ballots for May12/2011, there is no legitimate excuse that you or Craig James can make that can justify not having ballots ready for mail out by May 12th/....This way the June 24/2011 date would mean something, why is you want 2 months to count ballots, is your plan to look at the ballots first and when you see the tax voted gone the 2 months gives you time to figure out another con to lay on the public, it doesn`t make sense.....

All these moves Christy Clark are not helping you, your advisors are idiots leading you to the slaughter at the polls, personally speaking I think you should cancel the HST referendum, instead call a General Election for June 24th/2011, no need for the Kash Heed and Gordon Campbell by-election, no need for a mail out ballot, we can do everything all at once, how many $millions to hold two separate by-elections.

I going to give you more advice Christy Clark, change the HST referendum, have all ballots to be returned by June 24th/2011...If you screw around like this you will make Rita Johnson look like a populous, I guarantee you that the NO HST ballots(Vote yes to return the PST in conjunction with the GST) will come in droves and come early, also, when the counting is taking place when the early numbers are 70% opposed to the HST pull the plug, kill the HST and save yourself the embarrassment.

And lastly, the BC Legislature needs to be opened, we have major problems to resolve, like funding for the evergreen line but most importantly the BC Government needs to draft legislation and enacting laws in preparation of the defeat of the HST, our BC PST tax collectors need to be hired, this leg work must be done before the HST vote, a contingency plan needs to be prepared pre-HST referendum.

And lastly, come on Christy Clark...A two month long HST referendum, Kash Heed hiding and illegally holding office, Jane Thorthwaite in North Vancouver court on April 12/2011(this week, Tuesday morning to be precise) for her trial on drunk driving, are you the New Sensation or are you......Premier Gordon Christy Clark Campbell?

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Barry Penner, the man with little or no BRAINS!

I think the title of this post is very appropriate, now Barry Penner has never been very astute, his inane statements are well known and what I find unbelievable is that Barry Penner Attorney General, the top law and order man in the Province is so absolutely stunned!....Below is cut n pasted from a CP article(Canadian Press) ...No wonder this photographer of Barry Penner mocks Penner...A matchbook attorney, remember those, get your degree through the mail...Meet one of their graduates..Barry dumb ASS Penner

VICTORIA — British Columbians will know the fate of the harmonized sales tax in August.
Attorney General Barry Penner says ballots for the referendum on the future of the HST will start arriving in the mail starting June 13 and that most people should have them by June 24.
He says the cut-off date for Elections BC to receive the ballots by mail or in person is July 22.
Penner says it will take several weeks to count the ballots.
Thousands of British Columbians signed a petition last spring calling for the repeal of a provincial law that led to the introduction of the 12-per-cent combined federal and provincial tax.
Controversy over the HST prompted the mid-term resignation of former premier Gordon Campbell last fall.
His replacement, Christy Clark, promised during the leadership campaign to move the vote up to June 24_____________________________________________________________________________________________
You can read the whole story here

Well well well....Do you see the part I highlighted in bold....So now the referendum has been moved/extended to July 22/2011 to return your ballot to Election`s BC.....And Barry Penner claims it will take several more weeks after that to count the ballots....Are you kidding me!...Three weeks to count ballots!!!

Listen up you stupid stupid man Penner...The ballots will come back in June, ballots will be returned throughout July...The counting will be happening as soon as the first ballot comes in, Elections BC will not wait until the deadline has passed to start counting, the counting will be ongoing all through this period, most ballots will be returned right away, the amount of ballots that will come in at the 11th hour on July 22/2011 will be very minimal...

Yet the stunned Attorney General Barry Penner states that it will take until mid August to count the ballots...What the hell, are they having one person only counting ballots, of course not..We have Federal and Provincial elections with millions of votes counted in one night...This mail out ballot referendum is turning into a joke...First we were told Election`s BC needs 6 months notice to hold a general election, that is a bol\d faced lie..Then we were told how easy and fast a mail out ballot would be....We were told by Christy Clark that the referendum would be moved up...

All that bullshit talk...Moved up to what...The middle of August, all that bluster about moving up the referendum to June 24/2011 and now according to the brain dead match book attorney Barry Penner it will take several weeks to count ballots....You Barry Penner are a bold faced liar and idiot extraordinaire ...Congratulations Christy Clark...You made a huge error by allowing Kash Heed to illegally hold office and now you slapped the people with a bunch of HST crappolla and you send out your idiot Attorney General to make the lamest lie to the public, a lie so lame it boggles the mind..

You just blew it Christy Clark, your snap election will backfire, Heed couldn`t get elected as dog catcher and Kevin Falcon has given up even trying to promote the HST...Falcon is aware of the polling numbers and how badly the HST is going down.

Christy Crunch Clark, new label, same old bitter taste of mean.....BC Liberal motto..."We only cheat when we can`t win"

Your advisors have failed you badly Christy Clark, their advice is toxic, can I give you a little advice...Tell Barry Penner to apologize to the public for such a bold faced lie about three weeks to count a few ballots...

Perhaps next time Barry Penner you will check in with Election`s BC before you put your feet in your mouth....

My Gawd...To think that no counting will start until July/22/2011 when ballots will have been arriving for 5 weeks already starting in June/2011

And finally, in watching CTV news at 6:00pm tonight, apparently BC Hydro has made a threat to the public ....According to the story, BC Hydro stated today that unless it get`s a almost 9% increase starting May1/2011 that we will pay much more later...The statement from BC Hydro continued, they went on to say...

"By summer without the rate hike BC Hydro will be $120 million dollars in the hole" snip....Tammara Taggert asked her reporter if the head brass at BC Hydro wanted to clarify their statement...Apparently Mr. Cobb has declined to comment on BC Hydro threatening the public...

I implore you all to watch tonight`s CTV broadcast here..(make sure to click the Friday/April/8th broadcast).The segment on BC Hydro is around the three minute mark...Prepare to be outraged with the BC Liberals for threatening us through their appointed toadies at BC Hydro...This is beyond sick, BC Hydro needs to be cleansed badly!

Listen up people, Gordon Campbell is a treasonous bastard and BC Hydro can no longer hide the hideous IPP contracts, BC Hydro is being bled dry by the IPP  power buying contracts that Gordon Campbell signed...

I am calling on a judicial review of contracts that the BC Liberal cabinet signed in secrecy, all power buying agreements must be scrutinized, if they aren`t in the public interest they shall be shredded, the review must be conducted from people outside of the Province, preferably outside of Canada.

You can stall Christy Crunch Clark all you want, we want answers not threats....I am also calling for the arrest of Gordon Campbell and charges of Grand Theft, abuse of power, money laundering, breach of public trust, deliberate crimes committed against the Province, every contract must be scanned and scrutinized.

You hear me Cluck Cluck...You pull the Friday trash day trick and hope nobody asks the tough questions...Well we know Balderdash and Vaughn Palmer are useless corrupt media personalities...What about the rest of you so-called Journalists with credentials...Never mind....No wonder big media is broke, both financially and morally.

British Columbia is a very sick Province, it`s called BC Liberal disease and it`s fatal unless surgically removed, can you imagine..BC Hydro threatening the public and the people having to launch class action law suits against David Hahn and BC Ferries after they STOLE FROM REGULAR FERRY RIDERS, Paramedics treated like dirt, 14,000 illegal school classes in BC, even that law gets broken with impunity, theft of assets like BC Rail, torn up contracts with the lowest health workers, financial assaults on seniors, how on earth can anyone ever vote for these BC Liberal creatures....And I blame you main stream media...I hope the disaffected people who have been crushed by the BC Liberal policies come back and take it out on you corrupt media, almost everyone of you are in dereliction of duty, the athletes village, BC Hydro, BCRail, Crappy tied to the dock German Ferries, hundreds of worker suicides caused by Worksafe BC...Attacks on the Autistic, on charities and you corrupt bastards Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer and lazy gutless lackeys like Bill slob Good and Les waterboy  Leyne, Fletcher, Don Cayo, Fazi Mihlar of the Vancouver Sun are all complicit in crimes against British Columbia..

A bunch of useless slugs and when the truth is revealed you media criminals better run for your life, everyone of you have committed crimes against British Columbia.

The Straight Goods

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