Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baldrey and Palmer, Fools!

Absolutely amazing, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer think they are smart, I have one thing to say to those clowns, bring it on......

Monday morning on Global news, Keith Baldrey starts playing his spin game, right now Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are freaking out, all 85 ridings have got at least 10% sign up on the NO HST Petition, there is still 6 weeks left for gathering signatures, so I was shocked when I heard Baldrey on Monday and read Vaughn Palmer`s column today, the advice they are giving to Gordon Campbell is terrible advice, 90% of BCers are opposed to the HST and Keith Baldrey are Palmer are advising Gordon Campbell to hold a Province wide referendum on the HST in 2011.....

Baldrey and Palmer know how the Province wide referendum would go but..........According to Baldrey and Palmer on referendums that for it to pass the NO HST vote must get roughly 1,600,000 votes against the HST......Apparantly the 50% of people who don`t vote, if they stay home again everyone of their votes will count as a vote for the HST, ......Let me run that at you again, ........

According to referendum law 50% plus 1 of all voters must vote against the HST, but with only 50% of all people on a whole in B.C. who actually vote, that means that everyone who voted in the last election must vote 100% against the HST referendum or the tax will be brought in....

Think about that for a minute, how can the 50% who don`t vote have their vote count on one side of a referendum?

Now that may or may not be the law but, just think about this scenario, Gordon Campbell puts the HST to a Province wide referendum as a trap, the people vote, the hypothetical result is.....

1,500,000 people vote against the HST............150,000 vote for the HST.......And Gordon Campbell and the B.C. Liberals stand up and say ....."The people have spoken, the pro-HST vote has won the Province wide referendum" Snip

You see how silly your advice is Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer? If the HST referendum went down like that to ignore the large majority would be political suicide, so by all means Gordon Campbell, bring on the referendum!

Looks like since the BC Liberals are going to lie, cheat, and delay," Recall in the Fall" will be starting on November 15/2010......I mean really, to think you have 90% against the HST on a referendum only to have Gordon Campbell claim victory for the HST.......

Palmer, Baldrey, you 2 clowns are so stupid, Gordon Campbell, you want some advice, drop the HST by July 2010 or your party will be wiped off the map, if you B.C. Liberals play a stall game and or run a phony referendum and allow a 10% vote for the HST to win the day you will be punished to the point of not being a viable political party ever again.(You can read Vaughn Palmer`s column here)

Take your pick Gordon habitual Liar Campbell, you can take some advice from Grant G or follow Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer to the depths of hell!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Michael Campbell, messages from the enemy!

Well folks, an interesting week, obviously the B.C. supreme court knew Grant G was down in the big smoke to watch some court proceedings, to my dismay little Bobby and his two friends have the sniffles and were allowed to stay home with their moms and suckies!

What I don`t understand is why would the court allow the trial to stop, Martyn Brown was on the stand, none of the defendants would be taking the stand, the defendants would not be doing their own cross examination, how can a court of law shut down a dozen lawyers, shut down court services, close down the whole undertaking because someone has a cold, something is afoot, unless the defendants were getting emergency surgery or knocking on their death bed the trial must go on! Who will be sick next week?

I don`t know if any of you noticed what is going on, there has been a concentrated effort by media to distort, lie, brainwash the masses, the usual store bought pimps are hard at work convincing us to embrace a tax fraud!

Occasionally I get very fearful, my eyes have clarity, my ears can see the enemy, just think about it, 90% of BCers are against the HST, Jack Mintz has been dismissed, all the phony Government spin has been rejected, the public have figured out that there is no benefit from this tax, a complete snow job! Yet CKNW cares not, they repeat the same lies, more Government service with the HST, more investment, embedded PST, give me a break already!

I have recently become a "You People" as of late......Let me explain......

An older woman attempted to razz me for the third time while canvassing on the coast, a month ago she cussed me out, two weeks ago her husband went after me about the HST, he being in favour of the tax, I told him about the HST being a tax shift, how consumers costs would go up, I mentioned how it won`t generate any Provincial revenue for services, he came around to my side real quick, meanwhile his obviously domineering wife hauled him away from me(The heathen anti-HST promoter), look friends, after collecting over 500 signatures in a small town the amount of people I have met who were opposed to anti-HST I can count on one hand, but this woman, WOW, so hear last Saturday at my usual canvassing spot at our mall, while I had several people signing..........Along came Maude!.....I don`t know her name but, ....So Maude strolls up to us and says....

"I don`t understand YOU PEOPLE"

........Then she blathers on about how the Province needs the money to provide services for us, I informed her that the tax was revenue neutral and even reminded Maude what Colin Hansen said about the HST bringing in $180 million less than the PST was bringing in, she got quite loud, she shouted out,

"It`s not revenue neutral the HST will bring in more tax dollars".........

So I say to Maude, are you saying Colin Hansen is lying about the tax being revenue neutral? Maude flips me the bird and scurries away, oh well!

But what I really wanted to talk about was the pure propaganda and enemy messaging coming from CKNW, 90% of the public are strongly opposed to the HST and CKNW has decided to push the Government line and directly mislead and fight the public, a huge majority and CKNW has decided to risk everything to promote bad, possibly illegal tax policy, a direct assault from the CKNW alien force! It has been building for the last month but last Friday CKNW drew the line in the sand, it started on the cutting ledge with Keith Baldrey claiming no evidence had come out of the BC Rail trial, then the three stooges brought up the Evi Mustel poll, in that poll the NDP are at 44% and the Campbell Liberals were at 32%.....First off, Evi Mustel has a close relationship with BC Liberal Joan Mcintyre, in other words the Mustel poll is bogus, Mustel`s Provincial polls are always out 10 points, so put the BC Liberals at 22% and the NDP at 50%.....That is the current spread........

The reason I brought up the Mustel poll is because CKNW ran with it, following the cutting ledge last Friday on Christy Clark.....She started her program by saying, the Liberals might be bad because of the way they brought the tax in but......She then said the NDP won`t get rid of the tax, the NDP love taxes, the NDP will raise other taxes, then she praised the Liberals and......

And she said, call in and tell me who you will vote for and why........Ok, here we go with stacked calls, the first 2 callers said they love the HST and the NDP drove the economy into the ground, the next couple of callers said they are mad at the Liberals but would never vote NDP, Christy`s quick spot poll was 4 Liberals...3 NDP....3 Conservative......And amazingly about 8 of 10 were in favour of the HST. 90% of the public are against the HST but CKNW callers are 80% in favour, what a coincidence!

So that was Friday, Monday on CKNW the enemy messaging continued, Bill Good has Sam on speed dial, Sam informs the Government that it isn`t doing enough on social networks to fend off the mis-information about the HST, Bill Good agrees, Sam was the only phone call Monday until about 11:00am, Bill Good tells Sam before he hangs up to tune in this Friday, Bill Good states the entire program is about the HST, all being broadcast from the Vancouver board of Trade......Imagine that, Mr. Winters, Hocstein, probably Michael Levy, and Helmut Pastrick all telling us how great this new consumer tax is, there will be no anti-HST speakers, nope, one way messaging from the enemy, now we lead into Tuesday morning, the civic affairs panel, boy did Bill Good give them their marching orders, Francis Bula, Mr. Green and Daniel from city caucus, what a sick joke, all 4 of these paid stooges were tripping over themselves to compliment Gordon Campbell and Rich Coleman, all 4 of them called Gordon Campbell...

"The greatest social house builder in Vancouver history" snip

And Daniel was putting Rich Coleman on a pedestal, in fact Daniel stated ......"Rich Coleman deserves the order of Canada" snip!

Then all three weigh in on the HST petition and blather on about how good the tax is and why the petition will fail!, well isn`t that interesting, Daniel was a complete idiot, 84 of 85 ridings have 10% or better with 6 weeks to go and Daniel and the other stooges are beaking off about it failing! Unbloody real! So this morning , CKNW is at it again, this time with Gordon Campbell`s pathetic brother Michael Campbell........I almost threw up listening to Michael Campbell...

At 8:35AM Wednesday Michael Campbell blurted out stuff that made my jaw drop, either Michael Campbell is on the crack pipe again or his Evil brother Gordon Campbell has got control of the strings on Michael`s back!

Michael Campbell started by saying,

"Be careful what you wish for"

Then Michael Campbell said, when people wished for cheaper oil in 2007 they got it, look how that worked out , less Government revenue, less employment, less company profits,...........Then Michael Campbell said this about the HST, .........You people who want to cancel the HST and bring back the destructive, job killing PST, and what about the $1.6 billion dollars in revenue,what services are to be cut with the loss of that revenue from the Federal Government, so be careful what you wish for, then Michael ends with the BS about how big corporate profits are good, it means higher employment and wage increases, and his last words were....."I am Michael Campbell and this is money talk." SNIP!

Lets examine what the financial idiot Michael Campbell said this morning....Remember a $1,50 litre fuel, I do, I remember everyone was broke, the oil companies made record profits, food outlets and retail stores got hammered, most disposable money was going into the gas tank, food prices were spiking, transportation costs were spiking, meat/produce costs were going through the roof, third world countries were rationing fuel, third world farmers were getting crushed, $10,00 per litre fuel in many countries, in fact I believe the high priced oil helped drive the big recession, the poor consumer and little guys around the world got crushed with high priced oil yet all is good in that world for Michael Campbell!

Then Michael Campbell finishes off telling the listeners that.......Corporate profits are good, it means more employment and higher wages. SNIP .....Perhaps Michael Campbell can you tell us about our minimum wage, frozen at $8 dollars for a decade, median incomes have been dead flat for 12 years in BC while corporate profits are increasing!

What planet are you from Michael Campbell, lets examine what you said about the $1.6 billion dollar bribe, what services will have to be cut if we don`t take the bribe, ......Don`t you get it you retard Campbell, it`s a bribe, Ottawa has no money, the $1.6 billion dollars is being added to our National debt, so instead of adding $1.6 billion dollars of debt to our $55 billion dollar B.C. debt we are adding $1.6 billion to Canada`s debt.....Is that about right Michael Campbell? Are you that damn stupid?(You have to listen to the audio vault here, cue up 8:00 am wednesday 26th....Fast forward to 8:26am and prepare to hear the retard Michael Campbell speak!)

Anyone listening to Michael Campbell for financial advice are asking for trouble, any finance guy worth his salt wouldn`t have said what Michael Campbell did today, $150 dollar per barrel oil almost busted the world, bankrupted millions, moving B.C. debt to Canada debt isn`t fiscal wizardry, your advice Michael Campbell is bad, your political spin isn`t financial advice, your blather is political jibberish that has exposed you for what you are, a no-talent flunkie who is controlled be a demented Gordon Campbell! Anyone who made the comment you made wednesday morning must have a screw loose or you and your brother are so desperate you care not about optics!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Colin Hansen begs Canwest for all the Help they can give!

As you know I have been writing a lot about the media, how they have been sanitizing B.C. news, omitting anything critical of Government, smothering the airwaves with anything complimentary of the B.C. Liberals....Today was no different!

I was perusing through various rags looking for goodies, the BC news front is quiet except for the BC Railgate trial, I search high and low for stories and believe me, the Vancouver Sun is next to last on have a look list, there is a reason for that, their pathetic, amateurs, biased, Kirk Lapointe is a Campbell stooge, anyway, I come across this story on the front page, the header on the story was.....

B.C. Finance minister states that recession is over!

Well well well, my curiosity was peaked, I opened the story expecting data, details and intelligent perspective, but to my dismay the story was two paragraphs long, there was a picture of ferret face Colin Hansen and a couple of statements, Hansen echoed what the always wrong Conference board of Canada said about B.C. and Hansen said the all the indicators point to recovery, Hansen said Forestry will recover this year, and the housing and mortgage corporation indicate that B.C. will lead Canada in housing starts that was the extent of the story, no insight, nothing new, it was a nothing article, why Jonathan Fowlie put his name under the story is beyond me, the article was an embarrassment for a main stream media front page story.(you can read it here if you can spare 30 seconds)

All it was ......Was a desperate attempt by Colin Hansen and Canwest (the enemy) to change the channel on the public, we here at the Straight Goods already went over how pathetic the Conference board of Canada was in their predictions, they predicted good things for every Province in Canada, Colin Hansen in this garbage article was touting that forestry will lead Canada and B.C. in the recovery...LOL LOL HA HA......

What is so funny, because Price waterhouse cooper said the complete opposite! Let me lay out the facts for you, confirmed by various sources, lets start with a story on the CNBC stock market web site....They had an article today that states..." Mortgage crisis in the US will be a drag on the economy" and...." Housing prices in the US will drop a further 5% and not bottom out until next spring"

And Price Waterhouse cooper here in Canada state that forestry in B.C. won`t recover until either late 2011 to 2012...Snip....Who are we to believe, Colin Liar Hansen, the CBOC or Pricerwater house cooper?
Colin Hansen in the Jonathan Fowlie tidbit stated that "all the indicators point to recovery" snip...
And just what other indicators are there Ferret face? You mentioned an old tired already beat up report from the conference board of Canada, you mentioned the Canada mortgage and housing corporation, that`s it? Those are ALL INDICATORS?........Perhaps you forgot that the stock market is in the tank, the US is in the tank, the EU(European union) is swirling the toilet bowl....Oil prices are down at 6 month lows, natural gas prices are at rock bottom rates and there is a world glut of natural gas, the Cruise ship industry has slashed the number of vessels stopping in B.C.........
Tourism is in the tank, real estate sales on the sunshine coast are dead flat, even Bob Rennie condo king claims it will take at least two years to sell out the athletes village, where are the indicators? When are the 71 mills that have closed since Campbell took office going to re-open.
You see what is happening, we have CKNW, Canwest and other media engaging in a propaganda war against the public, why the hell would Colin Hansen ask Canwest to phony up a nothing story talking about indicators, wait until it happens, Colin Hansen has zero credibility, none at all, I read a bunch of comments under the Canwest propaganda piece, the comments were either laughing at Colin Hansen and stating the same thing as me or the comments were from the PAB saying, Carole James and the NDP would be worse, the NDP will raise taxes to give to people on welfare, the typical PAB .....
Like I said folks, the Campbell gang is scared out of their mind right now, I expect an announcement next week cancelling the HST, even Vaughn Palmer in his column today warned the Campbell Government to find a way to get out of the HST or face extinction, Vaughn Palmer has finally clued into the fact that the people of B.C. have never ever been this angry at a Government.
Today in the Legislature, question period Rich Coleman lost his cool and struck out in anger at the NDP, he had to apologize, the heat the B. C. Liberals are feeling can be cut with a knife, a full out B.C. Liberal revolt is about to happen, either Gordon Campbell is going to climb down from the HST or expect Liberal MLAs to resign or cross the floor, Canwest can`t save you Hansen, Bill Good and Crusty Clark can`t save you, you have one chance, cancel the HST, boot Campbell aside or be recalled into opposition and reduced to a handful of seats in the next election...It`s now up to you BC Liberal MLAs to save yourself!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HST Myth Unraveled

(Best of luck to our friend Laila Yuile today, she will be on the air with Guy Gentner on his radio show, Laila will follow the other scheduled guest Glen Clark, remember him?.....Knock em dead Laila!)

Time to clear up a few of the HST lies that are being spread by the Gordon Campbell Liars club!

First off, I keep hearing stooges like Bill Good and Crusty Clark talk about how people demand more services and the HST is a way of paying for them, that is totally false, the HST revenue being stolen from the public doesn`t flow to Government it flows to business, Colin Hansen and the finance department have said the tax is revenue neutral, in fact according to Colin Hansen the HST will see the Province collect $180 million less dollars in 2010, the PST actually brings in more money to the Province, so the bottom line is that the HST will mean cuts in service!

Colin Hansen and Pat Bell have said that the HST will be a boon to forestry, let`s examine that false statement, Pat Bell is on the record as saying there is $7 dollars of embedded PST in every 1000 board feet of lumber, that may or may not be true but let`s dig a little bit more...

18 months ago export lumber prices fell to an all time low, roughly $160 dollars per 1000 board feet of lumber, lumber prices at one time were over $800 dollars per 1000 board feet, today`s price for lumber is roughly $345 dollars per 1000 board feet......

So here`s the deal, Pat Bell states the HST will be a boon to forestry, well over the last 18 months the price of lumber has risen 20 times the HST advantage.....20 times, if lumber rises to $500 dollars per 1000 board feet that is equivalent of 50 times the HST advantage....

The bottom line is the HST would only help forestry if the price of lumber was stationary, it isn`t, the price has doubled in the last 18 months and is still very low, forestry depends on a robust market and high price, the HST will not deliver as promised by Pat Bell! (you can read about lumber prices here)

What about mining, does mining need an HST gift from the consumer, no bloody way, in fact mining in BC has never made more money, even during the global recession the miners in BC made record profits, no matter what tax breaks the mining industry gets the price of gold, silver, coal, and every other commodity is controlled by international exchanges, the price of Gordon Campbell`s gold retirement watch will not be lowered through the HST, the price of aluminum in can of soda will not be lowered no matter how many tax breaks the miners get, the HST will not create one single forestry job or one mining job, those are the hard facts folks! (You can read about the record mining profits in BC here, even during the recession)

Here are some quotes from the above article.

VANCOUVER - Profits in British Columbia's mining industry remain at historically high levels despite the effects of a global recession and lower commodity prices, according to a new report.

The report, released Wednesday by PricewaterhouseCoopers, says B.C.'s mines earned $2.3 billion for 2009. This was down 28 per cent from $3.2 billion in 2008 but was close to the profits seen in 2007, which at the time was a record.


Record profits for miners and they won`t lower the price for metal buyers in BC...The HST means nothing to big mining, a few extra dollars from the public that will go to shareholders...

And what about the natural gas and oil industry, does anyone believe the HST will mean lower gas prices? Of course they won`t, natural gas is very low right now yet the Province just raised the price to consumers in BC, gasoline keeps going up even though the price of oil has been fairly stable, in fact oil right now is at a 5 month low yet gas prices are higher in BC today than 5 months ago, the HST means nothing to that industry, the oil n gas sector won`t hire one employee or lower the price by a penny because of the HST, in fact Encana gas made triple their expected profits in the first quarter of 2010 even though natural gas prices are very low, no savings will be passed on to the BC consumer! Encana gas made a record $1.48 billion dollars in profit for the first quarter of 2010.......Do they care about the HST, will they hire extra people because of the HST....Absolutely not!(you can read about record Encana gas profits here)

So on and on the HST lies are being spread, Bill Good had on as a guest today no other than Helmut Pastrick ...Head of central 1 credit union, Helmut was there today to talk about the HST, the whole segment backfired on Bill Good, I give Helmut credit for being truthful today about the HST, Helmut stated..."The HST will cost consumers in BC more money"...."The HST will make the cost of most items in BC go up" That is what Helmut said!

And the segment got better and better, I could feel Bill Good becoming frustrated with Helmut`s answers to HST questions....

And the highlight of the segment was when a man named Jesse called in and asked Helmut about ten questions, Jesse asked Helmut to answer yes or no to his questions....Jesse asked Helmut...."Does a logging company who buys a front end loader pay PST? Helmut said yes.....And Jesse fired off roughly ten questions about lumber, about exports expenses, all the questions Jesse asked ended with Jesse saying..."Do they pay PST on the transaction....Helmut answered yes to every question, .........Then Jesse laid out Bill Good and Helmut Pastrick by saying that Helmut got every question wrong!

Jesse then said to Helmut and Bill Good "here is my phone number/my email and you can call me or email and I can show you documentation to prove everything I said!".......To which Helmut responded.....

"I am not a tax expert, I am an economist".....It was about that time that Bill Good dropped the microphone, almost lost his breakfast on the floor and quickly broke for a commercial, the segment didn`t recover!(you can listen to the CKNW audio vault here, except for one thing, everything that happens on CKNW that is harmful to Gordon Campbell gets mysteriously purged from the audio vault, I just checked the vault, the segments before Bill Good`s program is there, the segments after Bill Good`s program for Tuesday/May/18th are there but for some strange reason the Helmut Pastrick and subsequent segment have been purged from the audio vault! Another coincidence or more controlling the message from the enemy!) Cue up Tuesday/May 18 9:00 AM...The segment is gone!

You see friends, one by one the liars are getting caught with their pants down, the myth, the con, the HST will do nothing but steal $1.9 billion dollars from the consumer, it will stagnate the BC economy, the HST will fuel the underground economy, drive consumers to Alberta and Washington state........The HST is a fraud.

There is only one benefit to the HST, it will mean the death of the BC Liberal party and the hasty retirement of Gordon Campbell!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, May 17, 2010

Marc Jackass Jaccard crawls out from under his rock!

Well guess who showed up today on the Christy(Crusty)Clark show?

No other than the biggest phony in the Green movement Marc Jaccard, Jaccard was sent in by Gordon Campbell to engage in damage control, and as usual Marc Jaccard was deceptive and downright dishonest, I was wondering when Jackass Jaccard was going to show up, I am no fan of the Vancouver Sun but.......

The other day there was an opinion/editorial piece posted in the Vancouver Sun, there was no name attached to the article but it was a good piece, the article was slamming the Campbell Government for gutting the BCUC.......So a day after the article out slithers Marc Jaccard from under his rock to lie and obfuscate and defend the gutting of the BCUC.....Jaccard today said.....The BCUC will still have authority to approve projects, Jaccard also said.... The BCUC will be able to protect the rate payer........

Jaccard said many things today, or should I say Marc Jaccard lied his face off today, Jaccard talked about having to reduce emmissions and he mentioned over and over again "The tiny micro private power projects" in referring to the IPPs..........Jaccard was trying to implant a picture of a tiny windmill or a little turbine that gets plunked into a river.

Let`s start with the editorial in the Vancouver Sun and what they had to say about the gutting of the BCUC....

"The new legislation goes too far when it excludes new energy projects from the scrutiny of the commission"

and this...."The commission is now left with only the job of approving rates based on factors over which it no longer has any control."

The editorial said further....."Since many of the energy purchase agreements between BC Hydro and private energy companies are being kept secret, without the scrutiny of the BCUC we will no longer have any independent oversight" and lastly.....

"The clean energy act also calls for yet another energy plan, this one to be prepared by BC Hydro, that will not be overseen by the utilities commission"

(you can read the whole editorial here)

So one by one Gordon Campbell`s allies are abandoning the BC Liberals, after the scathing rebuke by the Vancouver Sun Gordon Campbell sends out one of the slimiest fake environmentalists who ever walked on earth.....Marc Jaccard, like I said Jackass Jaccard was defending gutting the BCUC, he didn`t say why, he didn`t mention any of the above items, Jaccard merely mentioned that the BCUC has as much power now as it ever had.....What planet do you live on Jaccard?

Look friends, this is the same Marc Jaccard who claimed that the carbon tax was great, claimed the carbon tax would reduce emmissions, and when the carbon tax failed and hundreds of thousands of more cars have been registered to drive in BC the same Jackass Jaccard said....."The carbon tax needs to rise 20 to 30 fold to be effective"......This idiot has an excuse for everyone of his failed teachings!

Still with the Jackass, just before the last election began when the NDP came out with a plan to tax the Natural gas industry to force them to stop flaring and polluting Marc Jaccard came out with a phony paper claiming if we taxed the natural gas industry for flaring it would cost 61,000 jobs....Marc Jaccard you are an idiot, you advocate punishing consumers who have no option but to drive their cars all in the name of reducing emissions but when the NDP wanted to target the Natural gas sector that has skyrocketing emissions with a flaring tax, you Marc Jaccard write a phony paper claiming job losses if we dare challenge the Oil n Gas sector to clean up their act! You are nothing but a paid shill!

Marc Jaccard now admits that the carbon tax is useless in its present form, and now Jackass is defending gutting the BCUC, where is your voice on the Enbridge pipeline?

(For a good read on the phony Marc Jaccard read this)

So isn`t that funny, the carbon tax has now been totally debunked as a useful tool to reduce emissions, yet charging for gas flaring has been proven to be effective yet Jaccard advocated leaving the big polluters alone!

Here is the link to Jaccard`s April/2009 PDF report about job losses if we dare try and clamp down on gas flaring.

Don`t bother clicking the above link, like I said in the past, the Jaccard report on gas flaring and job losses was a hasty bit of gibberish, no research, innuendo with no basis for its claim, in fact Marc Jaccard is obviously ashamed of his pre-election paper/Campbell endorsement,for some strange reason the PDF has been purged from the internet, Marc Jaccard`s phony paper defending gas flaring has been vaporized, hmm! What are you afraid of Jaccard? Are you afraid your peers will laugh at you for endorsing gas flaring?

Anyway folks, Marc Jackass Jaccard was summoned to defend gutting the BCUC, you can hear his interview with Christy(crusty)Clark here.....Cue-up May 17 ..1:30 PM

And again folks, Jaccard referred to all the IPPs as tiny, micro, in fact halfway through the interview when Christy asked Jaccard about site C and whether or not it`s green, Jaccard said....."Would you rather have a thousand 1 mega watt IPPs or a site C"

Well Mr. Jaccard, I don`t know of any 1 mega watt projects, perhaps you could point one out to me, and perhaps you can talk about how tiny the Ashlu IPP is, or how benign and the Toba and Bute inlet IPPs are....Perhaps you can talk about the thousands of miles of access roads, thousands of miles of transmission lines, the hundreds of miles of water diversions, perhaps you can talk about fish being chopped up in turbines......

I believe Marc Jaccard should be forced to return all monies collected from teaching students, the man is not ethical, one more thing, Jaccard mentioned how Tzeporah Berman is in favour of IPPs, he mentioned how Tzeporah is now working for Greenpeace and how she is now based in Amsterdam.....

Jaccard again reiterated getting off of fossil fuels and electrifying everything, but that doesn`t explain his stance on gas flaring, that doesn`t explain his silence on the Enbridge pipeline and or offshore Oil n Gas drilling here in BC....And of course Christy Clark didn`t bother asking, could you imagine folks, a person claiming to be an environmentalist and he is on the air during the biggest oil disaster ever in US history and Jaccard doesn`t mention it once, or Enbridge....

You Marc Jaccard are not fit to teach, you are not honest, you don`t believe in your election slam paper you made up out of whole cloth, that`s why you purged it from cyberspace.....You Marc Jaccard are worse than Gordon Campbell, you are nothing but a paid stooge hiding behind a degree and a green veil!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, May 15, 2010

B.C. Liberals-No one wants to be Leader?

Some very interesting developments over the last few days, Gordon Campbell looks for sympathy on TV....Campbell announces his resignation on TV then pulls back a day later and says he`s staying, but not for the reasons you are thinking of!

As you know The habitual liar Gordon Campbell was on T.V. a few days ago hemming and hawing about remaining as leader and running for a fourth term, lets clear up the myth and cut to the chase, the HST petition will be successful, now that doesn`t mean that the B.C. Liberals are going to respect the wishes of 90% of the populous of B.C.......But, Gordon Campbell is not going to risk his legacy(a legacy of corruption and pain inflicted on the middle and underclass of B.C.) to a successful "Recall in the Fall" campaign, so the bottom line is ......

Campbell is out! Straight from my sources, Campbell made a giant political boo boo on CTV and Global, the knives are being sharpened as we speak, Campbell announced his resignation without a confirmed new leader in the wings, the problem Campbell and the Liberals face is daunting, for starters all the names being bandied around as a possible replacement for Campbell have said thanks but no thanks!

Lets start with Christy Clark, she did at one time have rising star potential but, but with her loose lips on CKNW and her ex husband Mark Marrisen have forever tainted her twinkle, of course we here at the Straight Goods forced Christy Clark to retract for lying on the radio, that won`t help her cause, then there is the millions she will be receiving in her divorce, Christy Clark has advocated the trophy bear hunt hunt and she has all but admitted to hating teachers and public education, that and her rapidly growing laugh lines on her face have ruled Christy Clark out....

Dianne Watts, time and time again Dianne Watts name has come up as the next star of the BC Liberals, maybe at one time, if the BC Liberals were polling in the high 40% range maybe, but they are polling in the high teens according to the latest polls, the Province is broke, but the main issue with Dianne Watts is........She doesn`t like conflict, she backed down on Bear creek park, she ran from the Vasaikhi parade when conflict arose, basically Dianne Watts doesn`t have what it takes, Watts is not prepared to sit as opposition leader, that and the old boys club of the Liberal party aren`t too interested in following a timid Dianne Watts meander around the legislature.....So my friends, Dianne Watts is OUT, Period!

That brings us to Carole Taylor, I have heard it from my most reliable source, Carole Taylor would consider taking over the BC Liberal party now, not in three years but now, but there in lies the rub, Carole Taylor is prepared to take over the party this year but......But Carole Taylor will only take over the Liberal Party if she can rescind the HST.....That`s right folks, Carole Taylor will take over only if she can remove the HST post haste, in other words she is prepared to throw Colin Hansen to the wolves, not just Hansen but every member of the BC Liberal caucus, so unless there is a 180 degree turn from the Liberals Carole Taylor is OUT, PERIOD!

So when Gordon Campbell realized the day after he made his subtle resignation on our local news the insiders in the BC Liberal party started calling the usual leadership suspects, as soon as Gordon Campbell discovered that Dianne Watts won`t budge, Christy Clark has impaled herself with her own cackling words, and when Carole Taylor threw down the gauntlet as to "My way or the highway"........Gordon Campbell realized he opened up a can of worms, his choices for new leader are caput, now that brings us to the old boys club, or as I refer to them ...The rat pack!.....

Kevin Falcon...Rich Coleman...George Abbott..........

Let`s get rid of the weak link first, George Abbot(Bobblehead).....George Abbott is so weak, and he is not very intelligent, in fact among people in the know George Abbott is known for stupidity, outside of a script he can`t think on his feet, George Abbot is OUT, PERIOD!

Kevin Falcon, the whole Province hates Kevin Falcon, he is even hated in his own riding, his assault on our public health system is insulting, not to mention he is one ugly looking SOB.....And again, I have caught Kevin Falcon lying over and over again on CKNW, specifically on the Sean Leslie show, he lied about the MacQuarie group on the sea to sky highway, he lied about many other issues, provable lies that will bite Falcon, but his lies are not at issue, Kevin Falcon couldn`t get elected as premier if there was only one party running, the man(Mouse) is just not liked, in fact Falcon isn`t even liked in his own party!

Rich Coleman, where do we start, the man who slashed gaming grants, expanded gambling, Coleman has too many skeletons, Rich Coleman lied his face off about the illegal land giveaways to WFP(Western Forest Products)....And Timberwest.......At the time Rich Coleman gave 100,000 of hectares away to WFP his brother, Rich Coleman`s brother was vice president of WFP, a clear conflict of interest, Rich Coleman refused to answer any questions from the opposition on the illegal land giveaways, so besides Rich Coleman being belligerant, besides his tick which flares up when he is under pressure, the man is just a flunkie, not one original thought, an unimpressive slug that has done nothing but harm the Province and the people!

Now maybe you think I have a bias, you would be right, but the bottom line is....Everyone with star potential has said no, they realize that taking over leadership of the Gordon Campbell(decimated)Liberal Party will mean sitting as opposition leader for 4 years, Carole Taylor doesn`t need the money, she will only run on a platform of no HST....Dianne Watts has a for sure gig in Surrey, the arrangement works very well for her and her husband Brian Watts who does pretty good with his plastic pipes and city contracts, a win win situation for the Watt family, they won`t go near Campbell and his party.....Oh and then there is Christy Clark....She can`t take back what she has said on radio, like claiming David Hahn was bringing $500 million per year in profit from BC Ferries to the Province, her being on the record in favour of the HST, Christy advocating for the trophy bear hunt, a disgusting practice that Christy loves, and then there is Christy Clark every second day attacking teachers, the school board, Christy Clark believes in the Fraser institute, private education, Chrisy Clark is in the Heather Stilwell, Mary Polak camp, maybe Sarah Palin will invite those three over for a sleep-over where they can discuss big-oil-rich ex-husbands and how to hurt those who disagree...

So that`s the deal folks, the star chamber is empty, none of hyped ladies are coming to the rescue.....And as for the "Rat Pack"..........Again from my top sources, the grass roots of the BC Liberal party are well aware that without a new superstar candidate the BC Liberal party is a defunct organization, in fact friends even with a superstar they are all but dead as a political party, as for Falcon, Coleman and Abbott, the grass roots of the party will be departing, at one time(Before the HST,Deficit lies, the slash and burn) the grass roots may have brought up Coleman or Falcon as leader on a wing and a prayer, but with the 90% hatred of the HST tax, the lies, the hundreds of lies, education cuts, health cuts, hydro rate increases, and every other fee has gone up, the grass roots of the BC Liberal party have said in no uncertain terms, "Bring in a untainted superstar" change direction and we will stand by the party, well the Rat Pack has no superstars, they can`t change direction, or should I say they won`t change direction......

So again folks, I have tapped many of my best sources over the last few days, the grass roots of the BC Liberal party have said in no uncertain terms, "We are outta here"! ......There is a mass exodus underway to the BC Conservative party, some vocal but most defections are silent, that is why individual donor money to the BC Liberal party has dried up to nothing, in fact even business donations are drying up(Unless there is a pending contract award)...Why donate to a party that has lost power.

Finally friends, Gordon Campbell will step down this summer(His new girlfriend is getting harder and harder to hide) before "Recall in the Fall", Campbell won`t risk being the first Government removed through recall, no superstar will step forward, no one wants to be leader, despite aspirations from the Rat Pack none will succeed, what you will have this year, besides Kash Heed having to resign for a fraudulent run campaign, besides John Les being charged in July over illegal land deals, you are also going to see several resignations from backbenchers,..........Donna Barnett will resign before the recall campaign, expect her to cite medical reasons, Don Mcrae in the Comox Valley will either resign or cross the floor, both BC Liberals in the Peace riding`s will be successfully recalled, .......The BC Liberals will lose the Kash Heed byelection/They will lose the John Les by election, the byelection in Point Grey will be lost to the NDP too, Donna Barnett, Don Mcrae, Pat Pimm and Blair Leckstrom all will be gone,.......

The BC Liberals will lose power by mid 2011......A few more predictions are in order....Michael Campbell who has aged 30 years in the last 2 years will be let go from Global and CKNW....Christy Clark will be let go from CKNW......When the BC Liberals become a distant third party in BC...The rats will be scurrying around looking for new homes, may I suggest one with vertical bars!

Gordon Campbell can scream, he can promise to stay on as leader which he did on Friday past(Because his Global/CTV news performance backfired!).......Gordon Campbell can light his hair on fire, the BC Liberals are dead, kaputski, their mask was taken off, people see the demon that is Gordon Campbell, they see the evil which is Michael Campbell, they see the slimy underbelly of the rat pack, you can put this to rest.........There is only one possible salvation of the BC Liberals.

They must cancel the HST, they must cancel further increases to the carbon tax, they must do both of those things before July 1st/2010........They must make those announcements at the same time they announce a new leader, anything less will mean a death march and unemployment for all BC Liberals!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Liberal Party is Officially Dead!

An anonymous contributor left a very perceptive comment on my last post, he noted that although the CBC seems to have lost it`s critical edge, that`s nothing compared to the drivel being reported in The Province newspaper, and he or she is exactly right, but it goes far deeper than what you can imagine, let me explain.....

I started a post a couple of months after the election, it was titled, "Vaughn Palmer is up to his tricks again"

I never finished the post, but the gist of the post was the sly trickery that Vaughn Palmer uses to endorse Gordon Campbell while pretending through the title of his column that he is being critical on the Campbell Liberals, but i`ll come back to Vaughn Palmer a little further down.

Right now Gordon Campbell and his party are in death throe mode, I have noticed a concentrated effort by the overlords of B.C. propaganda machine to juice any and all stories to promote the B.C. Liberals while at the same time ignoring everything that is wrong in the world and especially here in B.C.

I have some examples of the propaganda to share with you just from the last few days.

  1. The conference board of Canada came out with a report stating B.C. and Ontario will lead Canada in growth in 2010.

  2. The World Lottery association has given the CEO of BCLC(British Columbia lottery corporation) and Rich Coleman an award.

  3. On Global news tonight they did a 5 minute story on how marine life is thriving around the new fabulous Vancouver trade and convention center.

Lets discuss those first three starting with the Conference board of Canada, the story was all over CKNW and Global news about this entity saying how great things are going to be in B.C......But on further reading of the report, the CBOC gives a rosy forecast for every Province.

The below paragraphs between the lines are Cut and pasted From the CBOC report____________________________________________________________________-

Ottawa, May 10 — Propelled by a stronger domestic economy and a rebound in the auto industry, Ontario’s economy will rise from the ashes in 2010 to share top spot in provincial economic growth with British Columbia, according to The Conference Board of Canada’s Provincial Outlook – Spring 2010. “There are clear signs of economic recovery from coast to coast,” said Marie-Christine Bernard, Associate Director, Provincial Forecasting. “The improved domestic economies of Ontario and B.C., along with increased demand from the United States, will support a strong rebound in both provinces. However, the rebound will be gradual for most other provinces, spreading over the next two years.” A homegrown recovery is already underway in Ontario. Average housing prices have long since surpassed their pre-recession levels and employment has risen since the second half of 2009. Bolstered by stronger labour markets, Ontario consumers will resume purchasing big-ticket items. In all, Ontario’s real gross domestic product (GDP) will increase by 3.8 per cent in 2010.

British Columbia’s economy is also expected to expand by 3.8 per in 2010, fuelled by a one-time Olympics boost and recovery in the forestry, manufacturing and construction sectors. However, with the Olympic stimulus out of the way and growth in the housing market expected to ease, the province’s GDP growth will moderate to 2.8 per cent in 2011.

Alberta will benefit from a revival in drilling activity and stronger capital investment in the oil sands, but continued weakness in job creation will limit economic growth to 3.3 per cent this year.

Saskatchewan’s economy is again firing on all cylinders and real GDP is expected to increase by 3.5 per cent this year. The potash industry is slowly recuperating as global demand resumes for fertilizers. The agricultural sector is also expected to fare better this year.

Manitoba’s economy will benefit from a recovery in agriculture and manufacturing, as well as a mini-boom in nickel, copper and gold mining. But the province’s outlook will be tempered by a drop in construction activity, and real GDP is expected to expand by 2.2 per cent in 2010.

Quebec’s economic recovery is stronger than previously anticipated, with real GDP expected to advance by 2.6 per cent this year. The domestic economy is improving, as Quebecers are back in shopping malls and rushing to buy houses.

A host of major construction projects will compensate for weakness in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil industry and the impact of a labour dispute in the mining sector. Growth of 2.4 per cent is forecast in 2010. Next year, the province is expected to lead the nation in growth, due to a brief upswing in offshore production that will boost GDP by 4.5 per cent.

Nova Scotia’s economy will continue to benefit from the $800 million in infrastructure stimulus spending by the government. In addition, a revival in consumer demand will help lift growth in real GDP by 2.2 per cent this year. In Prince Edward Island, a steady stream of government public infrastructure spending will boost the economy by 2.2 per cent.

A large drop in business investment and a modest recovery in New Brunswick’s manufacturing sector will limit the province’s economic growth over the next two years. With real GDP growth of 1.8 per cent, New Brunswick will post the smallest gain among provinces in 2010.

So friends, that is what the Conference board of Canada said about all the Provinces, but pay special attention to what they said about B.C.........Olympic stimulus ending, housing and construction weakening and the B.C. economy falling back to sluggish growth in 2011........

That is what was said in the CBOC report, but the propaganda machine in B.C. spun this story and only mentioned one line, B.C. and Ontario to lead growth in Canada, how could any media hang their hat on that reporting, especially when the CBOC was wrong about the recession down south, wrong about Canada`s recession and wrong on just about everything else, yet Global/Canwest and CKNW drag out the stories written by cockroaches, there is nothing in the report from the CBOC, nothing, no detailed study, nothing but a hope and a prayer!

Today on cknw they were pounding a news story, well it wasn`t news but they pounded the story all day and night.......

{The World Lottery Association} ........Has given an award to the CEO of BCLC and to Rich Coleman, the award is for fair and ethical gaming, or something like that.......So who the heck is the World Lottery Association?

I googled them up, browsed their web site, the web site is very sketchy and they have only been around since 2008....Not exactly a long time entity, but what are they about? They are about nothing but promoting gaming countries, specifically gaming Governments, and there was some very interesting catch phrases on their site, they were enough to make me laugh and scoff!

Between the lines below has been Cut and pasted From the web site of The World Lottery Association_________________________________________________________________________

The World Lottery Association

Mission----The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a member-based organization to advance the interests of State-authorized lotteries.

Vision----- Our vision is for the WLA to be recognized as the global authority on the lottery business, to uphold the highest ethical principles, and to support our members in achieving their vision for their own communities.

Values------ Our values are based on a commitment to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, including the WLA Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework, and respect for the duly authorized legal systems which determine where, and in what form, gaming products can be provided to the citizens of a particular geographical or national territory. The WLA is committed to sharing knowledge and experience amongst its members, and to improving their business in the interest of stakeholders as determined by the authorities in their respective jurisdictions.

Our core values are:Responsibility and the highest standards of corporate and social responsibilities
Integrity – transparency and accountability
Professionalism – excellence in service to our members, to all stakeholders and in our performance
Innovation and creativity


Global professional association of State lottery and gaming organizations from 90 countries and 5 continents

Numerous associate members from the supplier industry worldwide.

Member revenues in excess of $ 180 billion.

All members adhere to the strictest standards of social responsibility, responsible gaming, security and risk management.

All members contribute the majority of net revenues to good causes.

(You can visit the world lottery association here)


Ok folks, do I have to point out the obvious, this association is interested in expanding gaming, never the less, why is BCLC and their CEO and Rich Coleman getting an award?

  1. The BCLC has just started a $9,999.00 dollar weekly online limit(WOW).....($1 dollar under under the 10,000$ dollar amount, to facilitate money laundering)

  2. Gaming Grants have been slashed and put into general revenue.

  3. There was a moral promise made by the BC Liberals back in 2002 about ....Expanded gaming will funnel to charities,sports and the arts.

  4. How come those gaming grants were slashed.

  5. Where does a $10,000 dollar weekly online limit show ethical gaming or responsibility.

  6. Have a good look at the last line above from the World Lottery Association...."All members contribute the majority of net revenue to good causes" SNIP

You see friends, another scam, Gordon Campbell has slashed gaming grants and has redirected gambling revenue to fund core Government services, according to the World Lottery Association the Campbell administration is breaking all of the moral rules, but that didn`t stop this group of cockroaches from donating to the B.C. propaganda machine!

The 5 minute story tonight on Global news tonight about how marine life is thriving, how the builders of the convention center cleaned the bottom and incorporated good design to encourage sea life to take hold, they talked about bulb kelp, salmon fry swimming by, dungeness crab.....Look folks, I am glad sea life is flourishing around the Convention center but.....

  1. Global news didn`t mention that the Convention center was $500 million dollars over budget.

  2. There was no mention of Alexandra Morton`s 5000 person march on the legislature to stop fish farms and save wild Salmon.

  3. There was no mention of the disaster on the eastern seaboard, a disaster that will kill millions of animals, birds, fish, crap, shrimp, and destroy nesting marshes.

  4. No mention of how those states will lose billions on tourism and billions in other livelihoods.

  5. No mention of the Enbridge pipeline or offshore oil n gas drilling and super oil tankers risking our fragile one of a kind, priceless wild west coast marine wonderland.

No siree, Global news didn`t dare too see fit to report any of that with their story, but just imagine, hundreds of millions to bring a tiny underwater area around the convention center to life, imagine trying to bring the Hecate Strait or inside coastal waters of B.C. back to life after a massive spill, we are talking generations of death and tens of billions of dollars in economic losses, and the loss of something we can`t replace!

That`s the deal friends, Canwest/Global/CTV/CKNW/CBOC/ TWLA.......And every other cockroach has been called by the B.C. PAB and asked to start spinning, all bad news has been turned off, you won`t get The Straight Goods from the MSM, you are going too have to find your own news on the net! Kirk Lapointe and the other spineless traitors have launched a silent propaganda war to try and save Campbell and the Liberals, it won`t work, everyone has tuned out this Government, this war, this life battle, we are going to have to cut the head off of many snakes before we are safe. If I didn`t know better this must be the 1930s and 40s in Germany!

Lastly, Vaughn Palmer the con man, he`s cagey but he`s getting old n tired, I am on to his game, despite Vaughn Palmer initially being against the HST he now promotes it as good for the economy, despite the stinky casino deal Vaughn is now in favour of the casino, despite the farcical Kash Heed affair and the tainted special prosecutors Vaughn wrote a story claiming there is no problem with this arrangement, Vaughn Palmer completely missed the boat about how serious the Heed affair is, Heed should resign his MLAship, but not according to Vaughn Palmer, Vaughn has thrown Gordon Campbell more life-lines.(read that bogus story here)

And today was more classic Vaughn Palmer double speak, the method to his madness, it`s so obvious, propaganda by the book, in fact Keith Baldrey is a student of the Vaughn Palmer double talk con while implanting a different message.

The below cut and pasted paragraphs are from Vaughn Palmer`s column today, the Palmer game exposed, the title of his column today suggests that the story is negative of Campbell but, the first half of his story does nothing but praise Campbell and hoist the Liberals up the flag pole while slagging Carole James with her own words!____________________________________________________________

Vander Zalm takes advantage of Campbell's terrible ratings.

By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun May 11, 2010

-One year after Premier Gordon Campbell won a third term by promising to make the economy the No. 1 priority, he can point to some encouraging news on that front.

"B. C. and Ontario will lead all other provinces in economic growth this year," the Conference Board of Canada reported Monday.

"The economic impact of the Olympics will add roughly 0.7 percentage points to the province's bottom-line growth this year. But it is the vast improvement in the forestry, manufacturing and construction sectors that will solidify the economic recovery."

Almost simultaneously comes news that for the first time in four years, U.S. lumber prices have recovered sufficiently to eliminate the export tax penalty on shipments from Canada.
The recovery in forestry, like other sectors, is expected to vary widely across the province, nor is it sure to last. Sporadic and iffy would be more like it Still, the evidence to date supports the narrative that Campbell offered to voters a year ago.

"The most important election in a generation," he called it. "On May 12 you will choose whether to build confidence in B.C. that will provide more opportunities for our citizens, or whether to choose an Opposition that will destabilize our economy and cost jobs in every region of the province."

Campbell thus seized on the one issue that the opinion polls had consistently identified as his strongest suit in running against the New Democratic Party. Moreover, by the end of a losing campaign, NDP leader Carole James came to agree with the B.C. Liberal leader about the deciding factor.

"I think it's clear the economy was an issue," she told reporters as the votes were still being counted on election night. "People felt they wanted someone with experience who had been in the premier's chair already. I think that's very clear."

So Campbell won an election on the question of who could best preside over the economy. A year later, B.C. is poised to lead the country in economic growth. And if that were all that counted in the intervening 12 months, the premier ought to be on top of the world, never mind the opinion polls.


You can read Vaughn Palmer`s complete story today at the above link, but as you can see, that is the classic Palmer playbook, the title of his story is deceptive, he does at the end of his story talk about how the HST is killing his ratings in opinion polls but, but not before Vaughn Palmer echoes the cockroaches at the Conference board of Canada, Vaughn Palmer implanted into the minds of the sheep that despite being mad at Campbell over the HST.....Campbell has delivered jobs, prosperity, the better manager, the NDP aren`t up to the task, Carole isn`t up to the task, in other words friends, Vaughn Palmer in his column has stated that Gordon Campbell has delivered......

But that is where Vaughn Palmer has met his match, the CBOC report is voodoo economics, wishful thinking, in fact friends the CBOC had very little to say about B.C.....A little spurt then the balloon will collapse next year, that is what the CBOC said....Maybe Vaughn Palmer should read the whole report and not just the BC Liberal PAB press release!

So that`s the deal folks, the news in B.C. has been sanitized, every story that can be spun is being spun, the greedy cockroaches have come out of the woodwork to try and save Campbell and the Liberals.....Not this time friends, we here at The Straight Goods have got Campbell on the run. Beware, there are enemies of the public in every corner of this Province, they have ratcheted up their game, we won`t get fooled again! Spread the word, never ever buy a Canwest paper. These cockroaches won`t quit until their quivering in death, bring on the RAID!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kash Heed Gets Eaten by His Own Kind, Liberals!

This story keeps growing by the day, Kim Bolan had her name under a story in the Vancouver Sun, as you know I have no respect for Kirk Lapointe, Kirk is a pure amateur, a corporate stooge with no spine, but Kim Bolan has done good work on the organized crime file, funny eh, Kim Bolan almost writes exclusively about organized crime, she doen`t add too much to the story but there are some good quotes from Terence Robertson that sound like they came from someone with a mouthful of bird feathers!

First off, it`s about time, the MSM finally is starting to wake up to the Kash Heed affair, who was talking about Kash Heed and John Les forever now, a few persistent bloggers kept the sterno lit and scorched this story, but the main thing is the story can`t be stopped now, Kash Heed is going down on this one, in fact it may come sooner than later!

Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl and Dinesh Khanna all have court appearences on June 1st/2010, so here is what we know, Barinder and Satpal both played phone tag and pretended to be someone named Jag to throw off Elections BC and the police investigation, Dinesh Khanna, close friend of Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl is the Richmond printer connection, even the mail out information came back to Barinder Sall and co....

What I am saying is.....It`s a cut and dry case, Barinder and Satpal are going down like the Titanic, being oh so guilty heading into court what would you do? Fight tooth and nail gathering costs that you will have to pay, or cut your loses and plead guilty, throw yourself at the mercy of the court, the evidence against Barinder Sall and company is a slam dunk, 10s of thousands of illegal flyers saying vile things, lies and scare tactics were sent out through mail and hand delivery, in fact these flyers went into three ridings, the tentacles could reach more BC Liberals from other campaigns, so Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl have a major decision to make next month, Plead innocent and start a complete and thorough investigation dragging as many into the investigation as possible? Or.....Cut your loses and Barinder Sall, Satpal Johl and Kash Heed all fall on their swords for fear of dragging more Liberals down with them?

I get the sense that Kash Heed will be devoured by the party, the stench is growing by the day, in fact the statements from Terence Robertson today are downright scary, it`s almost a (I am sorry confession)...


{Some excerpts from the Kim Bolan piece below}

While Robertson said he didn't think the $1,000 given by Harper Grey to the Heed campaign compromised his judgment, Gillen had a different view, especially after Robertson had cleared Heed a day before and approved charges against two senior campaign workers.
"He said 'Well, I think your perception is perhaps not accurate, because in my opinion there is a serious problem here, with respect to this and the way the public will perceive this. The fact that you approved charges against Mr. Heed's two main political campaign officers, but did not charge him, may be perceived as having been influenced by your firm's connection to the Liberal party,'" Robertson said,

"It is clear now that I should not have accepted this assignment. For that I am truly sorry," Robertson said.
"Harper Grey recognizes the public concern and seriousness of the withdrawal of Terrence Robertson as the special prosecutor appointed to the Kash Heed campaign matter. We regret that the action of one of our firm's partners has initiated concerns regarding the special prosecution process," he said.
Brown said the firm has returned all payments for Robertson's work on the file, and has decided not to make any further political donations.
The allegations stemmed from the mailing of a controversial Chinese brochure supporting Heed and smearing the NDP, days before the May 2009 general election. It bore no official candidate's marking, but was traced back to some people working on Heed's campaign.
"I would agree in hindsight it may look as though I may have been influenced in not laying charges against Kash Heed. The evidence was not there, in my judgment. I made that judgment free of any influence of any kind," he said.
"I am not a political guy. I am not a member of any political party. I have never participated in the process." (Read the whole Kim Bolan story here)

With all due respect to Terence Robertson, first off, why should Terence Robertson pay back the money, he did the work, he stands by it, secondly folks, and this one really bothers me, the law Firm has come out and said they are no longer going to make political donations!

Well isn`t that interesting, you decide after the fact, after the donations to the BC Liberals and Kash Heed, after you got caught you Terence Robertson agree that it doesn`t look right giving money to Government on one hand while doing lucrative Government work on the other.

In fact Terence Robertson your confession sounded weak, you now realize it was wrong to do legal work for Government while donating money, but not until Gillen of the Attorney General`s office asks you about the donations to the Liberals and Kash Heed does a light bulb go off in your head, and how old are you Terence Robertson, 60 odd years old, not exactly a legal rookie, your confession and back peddling rings hollow, I mean cmon Robertson, look what you said above.............

"The evidence was not there, in my judgement. I made that judgement free of any influence of any kind,"

and this statement from you Robertson

"I am not a political guy, I am not a member of a political party. I have never participated in the process"

Lets get it together Terence Robertson, you even confess like a professional lawyer, your not a political guy, so why the donations from you and the firm? Is that how you play the game? If you want Government work you have to grease the palm?

Sorry Mr Robertson, your apology and confession is pathetic cop-out, you have seen the light, a senior Lawyer who was asked about obvious conflict and you claim you didn`t think about it, but know that you think about it you agree it`s not Kosher! So why are you now going to stop all future Political donations? One reason could be the BC Liberals will wiped off the map politically and probably never be in power again after all the crimes are revealed! Sound about right Terence Robertson, no point in donating more money to a totally dead political party!

Anyway, Barinder Sall and Satpal Johl have really big decisions to make next month, my sources tell me Barinder and Satpal are going to fall on their swords and confess to producing and distributing illegal election material and obstruction, this of course will trigger a by/election which will kill off Kash Heed politically forever but........A quick confession and by/election will be easier than a long drawn out trial and investigation that will implicate many more BC Liberals.....Welcome to Politics in BC Kash Heed....Kash WHO?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

HST.....My name is Sam the Scam!

As predicted, today Bill Good performed an enema on himself, Bill Good and company inserted many large pointy wooden fence parts up their..._SS.

As a long-time listener of CKNW it`s shocking to see how far they have fallen, their credibility is all but gone, today`s Billy BS show started out with Stephen Owen talking about special prosecutors, the program was a yawner, sad really is a better descriptive of the Owen interview, nothing of substance was uttered by Bill Goood or Owen, talk about Bill Boring footsy being played on the radio, watching paint dry would have been more exciting.

Then we move into round 2 of the Bill Good pukeathon, the Colin Hansen interview, nothing new here, a few real callers and a call from a tired old man without a brain named Sam, a Bill Good regular caller who claims he`s smarter, wiser, more intelligent then all of the masses in B.C......

Well Mr. Sam Scam, let`s talk the Straight Goods........One caller called Hansen a liar, another caller asked why the B.C. Liberals haven`t put up on their web site a list off all the things that will cost more under the HST, well......Colin Hansen put his foot in his mouth again, he almost caught himself but too late, Hansen responded by saying there would be pages and pages of items that will be going up across the spectrum, Hansen then realizing he put his foot in his mouth statred backpeddling about how........And Hansen made this statement,..."We might have a list on our webpage this afternoon telling what items may go up under the HST" snip

Well I just checked, there is no list, there will be no list, there will be only more lies from Ferret face Colin Hansen, another caller complained about the BC Liberal`s saying there would be no HST during the election then after the election they brought it in........Then Hansen went into his spin and glow mode, Hansen stated..." No, what we said was, that it wasn`t on our radar"........And Hansen wasn`t done with his lies, Hansen went onto say..." It wasn`t until the Federal Government approached us with a more flexible HST, we were able to negotiate the lowest HST in Canada" SNIP.......

Well friends, listen up Ferret face, the HST tax is different all through Canada, the HST is the GST plus whatever Province`s PST rate is, you combine the established rate and voila, the HST.......You lying sack of garbage Colin Hansen, you didn`t get B.C. a deal, you got nothing, you got our 7% PST combined with the GST at 5% for a combined 12%, .......No deal, nothing special, yet you lay out a con about negotiating a deal......

Would you like to see an example of a deal, listen up Ferret face Hansen, you mentioned today how prices went down on some items in Atlantic Canada when they adopted the HST in 1996........Well that is true Ferret Face, some prices went down roughly 1%......But you silly little liar, the Atlantic Provinces knew how to negotiate in 1996, something you have never learned, in Atlantic Canada the GST was 7%.....The PST was 12% .....The combined rate that Atlantic Canada agreed on with harmonizing to the HST was......Drum roll please....

The Atlantic Province`s leaders negotiated in 1996, at that time, the combined GST and PST was 19%........They enticed the consumer by lowering the combined tax rate by over 4 percentage points to a combined HST of 15%.........

So shut your lying little mouth Hansen, talk about flexability, Atlantic Canada cut taxes by over 4 percentage points, that is completely different in B.C........Here in B.C. prices will be going one direction.....UP UP UP and AWAY!

And a propaganda piece on CKNW with Billy aldoph Good wouldn`t be complete without Sam....Sam is a caller who claims to be the smartest man in the world, in fact Sam has said in recent days on CKNW that the public in BC are stupid, yup, and Sam has said that 98% of all accountants agree with him, Sam went onto say that people are too stupid to understand economics.........And of course Aldoph Good just lets Sam the scam blather on and on uninterrupted.........

Before I carry on exposing how Sam is a fool, time to explain some HST facts....

  1. First off, the population of B.C. is roughly 4 million people.
  2. Of the 4 million people roughly 1 million people pay no tax, these people being children, students, and young people.
  3. That leaves 3 million taxpayers in B.C.
  4. According to Ferret face and Sam Scam, 1.1 million people in B.C. under the HST will be receiving a low income cheque, roughly another $200 dollars per year per poor person, roughly $200 dollars will be added to the GST credit, and added to the carbon tax credit.
  5. According to Sam Scam and Ferret face Hansen, these 1.1 million low income earners will be ahead, according to sam the low income HST credit will be more money in their pocket than they will ever spend on the HST.....After all, these are poor people!
  6. Let`s look at the facts that we do know, 4 million people in BC, 1 million people are too young to pay any tax.
  7. 1.1 million people will receive low-income HST credit and according to Sam the Scam and Ferret face Hansen they will break even on the HST.
  8. The HST is a $1.9 billion dollar per year tax shift.
  9. The HST means that per year, Big business will pay $1.9 billion dollars less and the $1.9 billion dollars will be paid by the remaining 2 million taxpaying BCers, remember, 1 million are too young to pay and 1.1 million low income earners will receive an HST credit and remain even.
  10. That leaves 2 million people to come up with $1.9 billion dollars per year...That is real simple math Sam Scam......Divide $1.9 billion into 2 million people and you come up with roughly $2000 dollars per taxpayer per year.
  11. That is the raw data friends, no spin, numbers don`t lie, who lies are all B.C. Liberals and Sam the lying senile old Scam.
  12. Here is one more fact about the HST, small business used to get paid to collect the PST, roughly $1000 dollars per year, business never ever were paid to collect the GST, in fact in that televised economic statement the Campbell made on TV in 2008, Campbell actually raised the amount small business was being paid to collect the PST, well under the HST everyone of the small business`s are getting the $1000 dollars per year snatched away from them, the majority of small business will lose more money on that against any savings they might see as a result of HST credits.

So listen up you stupid old man Sam, you haven`t a clue what you are talking about, no prices will go down, big business won`t pass on one penny of savings, mining won`t lower the price of minerals, Oil n Gas industry won`t lower fuel prices, the price of a 2X4 milled in China or BC won`t go down in price......Tax evasion and the underground economy is a National pastime in Europe to avoid paying HST tax or a VAT tax.......But you Sam are too stupid to pull your nose out of Hansen ass, can you tell what the Ferret face has been cooking Sam, besides the books?

So today friends on CKNW, I knew Sam would be allowed to blather on and on about how stupid the public is, about how he and 98% of his accountant friends are so wise, how only economists can understand how it works, only economists understand eh Sam Scam, you mean like Enron economists, Bear Stearns` economists, how about Wall street accountants, how about Bernie Madoff, how about the SEC, what about packaged garbage, class 1 securitires, bundled up failing mortgages sold as class 1 investments, credit default swaps, accountants and economists betting trillions that everything will fail on one ledger sheet and the next desk over in the same office trillions are bet that everything will win.

Oh indeed, the gall of any economist or accountant taking the high road on taxes or accounting practices, a bunch of thieves have robbed the future from the masses, and you Bill Aldoph Good march out Ferret face and the loser old man Sam who was too stupid to get a real job and too naive to be listened too by anyone except Bill Aldoph Good!

Sometimes I get angry friends, I do respect my elders but, Sam, if we ever meet I will make you eat your own HST garbage!

Today Sam Scam on CKNW made a pathetic attempt of justifying the HST.....This loser Sam and Bill Good....Sam made the example of a family of 4 in B.C. earning $25,000 dollars per year in B.C. will receive(if their kids are of a certain age) roughly $800 dollars per year in HST credits, Sam the Scam went onto say, this lucky family of 4 will be further ahead and have more money in their pocket with the HST credit, in fact Sam was almost saying how great it must be to be a family of 4 earning $25,000 per year.....

Well Sam scam, lets look at this lucky family of four earning $25,000 per year, this family may buy a used car, this rich family may buy a used car through a bank loan, a $10,000 used car under HST(VST) will have $500 dollars in new tax on that car, if the rich family of 4 should happen to lose a child, a $10,000 dollar funeral will have $700 hundred dollars in new tax, in fact if that rich family of 4 earning $25,000 per year did both of those things in one year it would take 2 years of HST credits to pay for the extra tax load....Not to mention HST on school supplies, meals out if they can afford it, HST on strata fees, on landlord services, HST on house repairs, on labour, on bicycles for their young children, in fact bicycles will go from tax free to 12% tax overnight.

But I think you are a sick demented man Sam, the only example you could come up with is a family of 4 living in complete poverty, in fact Sam a single person making $25,000 per year is living in poverty.

But that doesn`t matter to you Sam, you have your home in Kitsalano that you paid $5000 dollars for that is now worth $3million dollars, you have your university pension, you have your other Government perks, you have your rental income, you have plenty, but there are no liveable pensions for young people today, there is no cheap rent, cheap fuel, you had your day in the sun Sam Scam and now you want to banish people to scraps, you expect corporations to throw a few pennies our way and we should be grateful.

Well listen up tired old fool, you lived in a time where your wife sat at home, raised kids and didn`t have to work, one income could raise a large family and buy a home, a car and groceries, you had opportunity to live, Corporations paid their share of taxes back then so you could have your wife stay home, but now that you Sam have joined at the hip with Colin Hansen you could care less about both parents working, having no kids because of costs, sure Sam, change the rules of the game so you and your ilk can watch and enjoy the suffering, so you Sam can watch the middleclass vanish for the sake of you and other shareholders!

Sorry folks, unless you listen to CKNW you have no idea who he is, Sam is a loser, in fact Brian before he was banned called Sam a loser and confused all the time on the air, I do respect elders, I also know when it`s time to remove them from public speaking when they have gone senile.

Looks friends, lets look at the regressive taxes, low-income earners received the GST credit, now they get the GST/Carbon tax credit, with the HST low income people will be receiving a GST/Carbon tax/HST credit........There is something wrong with new taxes that you have too suppliment the poor.

Simi Sara was in today for Christy Clark, what a great voice she has, Simi Sara tells it the way it is, she had Vanderzalm on today, guess what, we are over 400,000 signatures, 55 riding`s are over the top with still two months to go. (On a side note on the Simi Sara show, a caller called in and called Sam and Bill Good liars and fools, thanks eh!)

On another side note, the Conference board of Canada has been paid to tell the gullible public that Ontario and B.C. will lead Canada in growth because of the HST......Remember this date friends, May/10/2010.........Conference board of Canada states B.C. and Ontario will lead growth in Canada because of the HST, I guess we can expect a huge Provincial surplus eh Hansen, eh Sam.....Oh right, Colin Ferret Face Hansen already covered his butt with that one, Hansen stated that the big corporations all lost money the last several years, and.......Because these corporations lost money they will be writing off all their losses against future profits therefor B.C. won`t be receiving any Corporate tax, therefor the Government of B.C. we see no money or surplus for years, can you write off your loses, can you claim back what you should have made against being unemployed, can you write off your decimated RRSP, your Mutual Funds etc etc etc.....

Sorry folks, to hear losers like Sam or Levy or Michael Campbell or Colin Hansen quote economists who have been wrong about everything and anything claim that they know best.

Stuff it up you know what Bill Good, Sam, drop dead!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Save the last dance for me, (Naikun wind power update)

I had a visit from the bear yesterday, it startled me as it strolled past my window.

I haven`t had a visit from a bear for many years, I opened the window and said....." Hello Bear"........The bear didn`t appeared too bothered by me, in fact he stared at me as I chatted to him/her, it was a fine looking bear, not old, not a cub, but definitely a young bear, blackie looked very healthy, almost to healthy, a fat, plump bear, the bear hung around for a few minutes then left, yesterday 2 deer were in the yard, a doe and fawn, they munched some flowers that are now in full bloom, the humming bird feeders that hang in front are running low on sugar water and those darn blackbirds wait for leftovers, caw caw caw, my friends of the forest.

Just another average day on the coast, well the visit from Mr. Bear was a treat, anyway, time for a Nakiun wind project update, snake oil salesman Paul Taylor still hasn`t attracted any outside investors, Naikun is down to about $10 million dollars and have laid off staff to preserve their dwindling cash, remember folks, the Naikun wind project is over a $2 billion dollar capital project, 10% of this project is over $200 million, Paul Taylor and the Naikun Wind power don`t even have half of 1 percent, they basically have nothing! (Read about the folly of wind power here)

The whole scam with wind power, just like BullFrog Power scam, they are still advertising on CKNW, I am still not sure that Bullfrog power is legal, I don`t believe they can inject more Green power from Alberta one customer at a time through wind or whatever means, and the fact that the power you use is almost all green power, greener than Bullfrog power, well that sure brings up ethics in broadcasting, how CKNW allow Bullfrog power to advertise when essentially it`s a scam, the thought of some company injecting a dribble of power into the grid and it finding it`s way into your home, well, a reputable firm would pass on the ad revenue, but that`s a story for another day........

Naikun wind power is now a 19 cent stock, it was worth 72 cents per share 3 months ago, Paul Taylor is almost out of cash, roughly $10 million, (here is a Naikun Wind Power (nkw) stock overview)

(You can access more information on Naikun in the above link)

The Haida/Haisla Nation have no money either, Paul Taylor has been dangling a 40% equity share for $800 million in front of them, but where are any other investors, shouldn`t there be $1.2 billion in other investors waiting on the Haida? Despite CKNW and other media promoting Naikun, Paul Taylor and company haven`t been able to attract any outside investment, if I was a Haida Nation member I would be very wary of Paul Taylor, 10% of $2billion is $200 million, 10% to 20% on setting up offshore wind farms can vanish in a blink............The reason I am bringing this up is, I just read there is a vote coming up for the Haida/Haisla nation on whether to proceed with Naikun Wind Power. (You can read about their election hear, early July)

According to my sources the Haida vote is going for the big NO, I have given them my best advice, for $800 million dollars of borrowed money having to be paid back it should create jobs, permanent jobs, Naikun has no such jobs, Paul Taylor was head of ICBC during the chop shop scandal, Gordon Campbell`s appointee, if Naikun can`t raise any money or investors then there is a reason for that, a person could retire on 10% skim on $2 billion dollars.

Windmills are not benign, giant fans spinning, vibrating, emitting sonic waves, no one can believe they won`t affect whale and bird movement, the Haida people will get a chance to vote on the project, can you imagine, democracy! The very people will be casting a vote as too pursuing the project, again my sources tell me the number will big time no. (Here is a little background on this project)

The HST petition is going great, we passed our buffer zone last week, I still intend on gathering more signatures, so many fronts are breaking for our team right now, John Les and Kash Heed going down, a successful HST petition, here the media, the stooges, the Bill Goods, Baldrey`s and Palmer`s said it couldn`t be done, I never imagined we couldn`t do it, the same goes for Recall in the Fall, 40% of registered voters, a done deal, and despite the hail mary being tossed this week by CKNW......Yup, Bill Good is back this week, and his guests on Monday will be Stephen Owen To promote Kash Heed and downplay the implications of Barinder Sall, and Good is also bringing on Colin Hansen for a stacked callfest, you watch friends, Bill Good will mention saving forestry, more taxes for Government services, he`ll talk billions in new investment, he`ll talk imaginary jobs, I have seen this play before, Bill Good will talk about how he read all about the HST during his down time and he has come to the conclusion that it is great, Bill Good will do one more thing tomorrow, good will also say that he was disappointed in the way the Government brought it in , Bill Good will get that fence post wedged up his butt so far it might take Rebbecca Scott a week to dig it out!

You can also bet Good plays up the .....The NDP won`t remove the HST so you might as well vote the same and keep the Liberals......The display this week will be sickening, the last gasp, but I suspect that Bill Good is going to get a wake-up call, his world of expense accounts, free fuel and ferries and restaurant meals won`t be able to fend off the anger, the anger is a bout a tax, a lie, a con job, a fraudulent election, the anger is about cuts to health, education and everything else, the anger is over pipelines and wild Salmon, 5000 concerned citizens marched hand in hand with Alexandra Morton onto the lawns of the B.C. Legislature today.

There is something special going on this spring, blooming flowers, happy hummingbirds, plump bears, Bambi, even the Wiley coyote has said hello, HST petition, Recall in the Fall, a new Government, and a new ability to remove enemies of the people, I am looking forward to have the last dance on Gordon Campbell`s political coffin, this victory friends, this isn`t a NDP victory, this is Bill Vanderzalm`s victory, this is your victory, this is the blogger`s victory, this is a triumph of people power.

It`s a marvelous night for a moon dance!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open