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America's Dumbed Down Republican Party Faithful------Donald Trump "I was wrong on so many election fraud claims but...." .."But after the latest Wisconsin supreme court decision, which allows me to throw out countless legal votes in Wisconsin means I won Wisconsin..." ...So that's your story now Donald?


Written by Grant G

It boggles the mind of sane people everywhere....How a man with a record of crimes, of lies going back decades, Trump used fake personas many years ago to create press, under the aliases of John Barron and John Miller and who knows how many others...

For Trump, lying is his second nature...

Trump's Alter Egos


Trump calling elections rigged is nothing new, there hasn't been any political battles he was involved with that he hasn't called rigged before the votes have been counted, even the contests he ended up winning...Starting with his first political challenge, the 2016 GOP primaries to decide who would be the Republican candidate for the November 2016 presidential election....

Trump lost the first GOP primary but ended up winning the remaining primaries giving him the nomination for the 2016 presidential election......However, ..Trump versus Hillary Clinton, polls had Hillary leading or close in most polls, odds on money had Trump losing....So the claims of a "rigged election" ramped up again, at every 2016 campaign rally Trump cried foul, cried "rigged election" over and over 2016 Trump was prepared had he lost the election to scream "it's rigged" to high heaven.....But lo n behold, to the visceral shock of many Trump won...Trump won the electoral college vote but lost the popular vote...Meaning Trump was president..

Then the attempted rewriting of history by Trump began in earnest......He lost badly in his attempted history rewrite..

Trump made boastful claims that he won the popular vote and he could prove that millions of illegal votes were cast for Hillary, so emphatic he was he created an "Election Commission" at taxpayers expense to get to the bottom of it...

Well, Trump lost again...The commission he created...?

Trump Dissolves Controversial Election Commission

Trump created the commission in May 2017 after he continued to insist that as many as 5 million votes were cast illegally in the November 2016 presidential election where he bested Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. But there has been no evidence to back up that claim, and the president's assertions have been dismissed by election officials and experts. Trump won the Electoral College, giving him the White House, but he lost the popular vote to Clinton by almost 3 million votes.

Trump wasn't finished trying to rewrite history...Nothing is more petty than his blatant attempt to claim the absurd over a nothingburger to most normal sane persons...
Donald claimed to have the largest inauguration crowd in history....Yet pictures proved this to be categorically false...But facts and truth do not matter to the world's most prolific liar..
Let's have a look at side by side pictures of two inaugurations...Obama versus Trump.

The crowd-size controversy began on Saturday, Jan. 21, a day after the inauguration, when President D Trump claimed the media had misrepresented the number of people attending his inauguration. Trump spoke at CIA headquarters and said that “one of the networks” had shown “an empty field,” while he saw a crowd that “looked like a million-and-a-half people” and “went all the way back to the Washington Monument.”

Trump claimed that “we caught [the media] in a beauty, and I think they’re going to pay a big price.”

Spicer then read a prepared statement later that day, further criticizing the media for “dishonesty.”


Do you see a pattern forming yet? unending lies, whopper lies over nothing, over crowd sizes and vote tallies, Trump can't just accept victory he had to bitch, belly-ache and attempt to rewrite history, in an age of access and photography Trump flamed out with his outlandish claims...And to this day, July 17/2022 Trump still clings his absurd claim he had the largest inauguration crowd in history and he won the popular vote in 2016 presidential election....Take note GOP rocket scientists...Can you spot the pattern or were your eyes blinded by the sand in the hole you planted your head in?

This post i'm not going into what Trump did or didn't do in his one term as president but instead focus on Trump's 2020 election fraud claims or more apt, the ex-president who cries wolf wolf wolf until, uh, until forever, the Trump brain crying wolf is currently in the midst of an internal feedback a skipping vinyl album on a old needle stereo player... it never stops..

Before I dismantle Trump's 2020 elect fraud claims let's highlight the latest bombshell, a leaked audio recording of Trump's friend and advisor Steve Bannon admit that Trump was going to declare victory on election night early before millions of votes were counted.....It was Trump's plan all along..


Before Election Day, Bannon Said Trump Planned to Falsely Claim Victory

What Trump’s gonna do is just declare victory. Right? He’s gonna declare victory. But that doesn’t mean he’s a winner,” Bannon, laughing, told the group, according to audio of the meeting obtained by Mother Jones. “He’s just gonna say he’s a winner.”

“As it sits here today,” Bannon said later in the conversation, describing a scenario in which Trump held an early lead in key swing states, “at 10 or 11 o’clock Trump’s gonna walk in the Oval, tweet out, ‘I’m the winner. Game over. Suck on that.'”

Trump’s plan to falsely declare victory while tens of millions of votes were still being counted was public knowledge even before the election. Axios reported on the scheme at the time. Bannon himself discussed the idea on November 3—Election Day—on his War Room podcast. Weeks earlier, Bannon had interviewed a former Trump administration official who outlined how Trump would use allegations of fraud to dispute an electoral defeat and would seek to have Congress declare him the winner. Last month, the congressional committee investigating January 6 detailed how Rudy Giuliani convinced Trump to go ahead with a victory declaration after 2 a.m. on November 4, over the objections of campaign staff. “Frankly, we did win this election,” Trump insisted in that infamous news conference.

The nearly hourlong audio obtained by Mother Jones is new evidence that Trump’s late-night diatribe—which came a few hours later than Bannon had anticipated


Gravitas: Trump caught trying to 'rig' elections


Now, let's move to post 2020 election...

If you, or me or anyone made countless allegations of crimes to the police, and police had investigated and found our claim after criminal claim to be false, eventually the police would not only no longer take our calls but would tell us to retract our claims or face our own legal repercussions.....However, logic and the simple brain function of deciphering facts from fiction unfortunately seems to be deficient in the heads of rightwing media and a vast swath of GOP voters......

Either these people are knowingly lying to themselves or they are so dense they probably shouldn't be legally entitled to vote...Methinks it's the former, rather than admit to themselves facts they would rather wallow in Stupidville...

The first election fraud claims made by Donald Trump.

The first claims of fraud Trump made, with the help of loudmouth con-artists Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn was....

"Dominion Voting Systems were hacked by foreign countries, algorithms were secretly installed that switched votes from trump to Biden"...

Shocking claims...Claims investigated by DOJ, William Barr......nearly two years after the 2020 election and still no proof was offered, no proof at Mike Lindell's three day 2021 cyber symposium in S. Dakota election fraud, Dominion machine vote theft still not proven....Not only were the Dominion machines not hooked up the the internet...if machines actually switched votes...There would have to be stacks of extra Trump ballots, and with many hand counts, in Georgia, in Arizona...not one extra Trump ballot has been located..

Trump no longer even suggests that Dominion stole, swapped or changed votes, he's dropped that election fraud claim altogether, mere water under the bridge..Has Trump admitted that he was wrong about Dominion?...No..Trump pretends to forget about that false and thoroughly debunked claim, shuffles his feet and moves onto the next election fraud allegation..


Despite a lack of evidence of widespread irregularities or fraud, President Donald Trump’s legal team used a Thursday press conference to go through a laundry list of far-fetched, thoroughly debunked claims on the 2020 election.

Trump attorney Sidney Powell spun fictional tales of election systems flipping votes, German servers storing U.S. voting information and election software created in Venezuela “at the direction of Hugo Chavez” — the late Venezuelan president who died in 2013.


Trump claimed there were more votes in PA than there were voters...That was easily debunked, yet as of July 2022 Trump and Mike Lindell are still making that claim..


CLAIM: There were 205,000 more votes than voters in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania.

THE FACTS: A misleading claim about election results based on incomplete data is circulating widely on social media a week before Congress meets to reaffirm Joe Biden’s decisive presidential win. The claim emerged in a Monday press release from Pennsylvania Republican state lawmakers, including state Rep. Frank Ryan. “A comparison of official county election results to the total number of voters who voted on Nov. 3, 2020, as recorded by the Department of State shows that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicate that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted,” the release said. The claim then spread to several right-wing websites and social media influencers, including Trump, whose tweet claiming Pennsylvania had 205,000 more votes than voters was retweeted more than 117,000 times. However, these claims rely on incomplete data, according to Wanda Murren, communications director for the Pennsylvania Department of State, who called the lawmakers’ release “obvious misinformation.”


Well, there are two election fraud claims debunked(so far)......Wouldn't a normal sane person at this point start to doubt Donald Trump?....Of course they would....But we aren't talking about sane persons we're talking about Republicans..

Trump claimed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss were "professional vote scammers" who ran 18,000 ballots through the vote tabulator 3..4...5 times and single-handedly stole a Trump Georgia victory and handed it to Biden....Wrong, debunked by DOJ..William Barr..Georgia SOS, Georgia senate, investigated over and over again...three Georgia recounts, including one hand recount...

Yet Trump, to this day in July 2022 has never admitted he was wrong in targeting Freeman and Moss, though he never mentions the Ruby Freeman accusation anymore he has not once ever admitted he was wrong...Trump merely forgets his false accusation and moves on to new election fraud claim..

Only if you live under a rock, because anybody paying close attention know the Ruby Freeman/Shaye Moss allegation have been long since debunked and all his other allegations too....How many Republicans live under fucking rocks because every other week Trump is telling rally going magas the same debunked tales of fraud.....How far can one take the playing stupid role...?

The boy who cried wolf syndrome....At this point of election fraud claims being debunked fast and furious, with Trump's campaign legal team going 60 to 1 in court cases, 60 losses and 1 inconsequential win....At what point does it not sink in that perhaps, just perhaps Trump is lying or has become "Totally Detached from Reality"...


In more than 60 cases, judges “looked at the allegations that Trump was making and determined they were without any merit.”
Arizona rightwing/GOP controlled Senate permitted a farce "forensic audit" by an extremely partisan company(now defunct) Cyber Ninjas that was funded partly by the state and with $millions in rightwing dark money.....
Cyber Ninjas went broke, their 6 month audit(yes, that's not a typo) found nothing, no bamboo in the paper, no fraudulent ballots, they found but one thing...Extra Joe Biden votes..

After months of work and some $6 million spent, a so-called audit that Trump supporters claimed would show that the election had been stolen from the defeated president found that Joe Biden actually won Arizona by more votes than the official tally — and it found no conclusive evidence that the election had been influenced by fraud.


Trump claimed in Georgia 10,813 dead people voted....investigations found 2 votes from dead people, Trump claimed thousands of underage persons voted, investigators found none.

At what point does even the most ardent Trump supporter wake up and admit to themselves that Trump is lying....

I mean sure...I want to live in a Q world too...A land where everything I want to be true is true, my own reality...

I really don't get it...Trump is holding rallies nearly every two weeks and at each and everyone of them he lies, spins, insults and disparages America...Calls it a shithole under Biden, calls the military weak, he insults DOJ and near every Federal institution, he paints Biden in a very poor light while showering praise upon dictators worldwide......Trump trashes America to roaring applause coming from the Sleep-Under-Rocks crowd of MAGA faithful..

At what point does real America say Fuck off ...? It's long since time the media, real media tell MAGA morons to fuck off, tell them they don't matter, anybody that stupid or that willfully blind does not deserve one iota of respect..

After all those debunked claims from Trump.....Without one word of attrition coming from, nothing, Trump shuffles his feet and moves on to the latest scheme to undermine Democracy..

Here's the latest election fraud reinstatement spiel from Trump...

Donald on Truth Social, repeated by RSBN(Right Side Broadcasting Network) and others is..

Wisconsin Supreme court has ruled some drop boxes used in 2020 were illegal(by the letter of the law) ....However, the Wisconsin Court did not rule that any votes were illegal...It was a bad ruling 4 to 3 ruling on a case brought forward by partisan Republicans....The ruling is as such..


 The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that most ballot drop boxes aren't allowed in the state and that a voter can't have someone else return — in person — their completed absentee ballot on their behalf.

The high court's ruling Friday, which comes one month before the swing state's primary elections, is a loss for voting rights groups and disability advocates.

The decision is the latest in a legal battle that began in January, after a Waukesha County judge sided with a conservative legal group in a lawsuit, declaring state law doesn't allow for unstaffed ballot drop boxes and requires that voters physically return their own absentee ballots.

Although an appeals court temporarily blocked the order for contests in February, the ban was in effect for local elections in April.

"The key phrase is 'in person' and it must be assigned its natural meaning," wrote Justice Rebecca Bradley for the conservative majority, referring to the state statute governing ballot returns. "'In person' denotes 'bodily presence' and the concept of doing something personally."

That ruling inspired Trump to launch another spun bravado statement that he won Wisconsin election and their electors are his..


ex-President Trump shared a triumphant post on Truth Social in response to news of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling to make absentee drop boxes illegal.

“This means I won the very closely contested (not actually!) Wisconsin Presidential race because they used these corrupt and scandal-ridden Scam Boxes,” he stated.

On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the state’s standing statutory regulations require that absentee ballots be delivered personally to the clerk or an authorized representative of the clerk. Absentee drop boxes were found to have violated that requirement.

According to the 4-3 ruling, The Gateway Pundit reported that drop boxes can only be placed inside election offices where they can be observed.

“[Ballot] drop boxes can be used for voters to return ballots but clerks should ensure they are secure, can be monitored for security purposes, and should be regularly emptied,” the court ruled


Like I was a bad ruling by the court...Because, thousands of votes, millions of votes get placed in unmanned USPS mail boxes.....That's right, Wisconsin GOP want to play letter of the law extreme while ignoring the fact mail boxes throughout America have unmanned mail boxes....

Election drop boxes were used in near every American state, including all the states where Trump won...yet there hasn't been a single Trump challenge or dispute about drop boxes in Texas, or Arkansas, or Missouri or any other red state...

Foolish Trump claiming he won Wisconsin because of this drop box ruling is crazy...The court didn't rule any votes were illegal, the court didn't say votes could be tossed...The court ruled that going forward drop boxes will be handled differently and with that..

The big tough Donald Trump claims he's a Wisconsin winner because he is demanding that countless votes just get tossed from the count..

That's not going to happen..

At what point does big media, all media tell Trump and MAGA to just fuck off already..put up or shut up time has long since passed..

The time to not offend maga voters has long since passed too....These sand dune under rock dwellers have been given too much time and attention, time to call these willful blindness liars out...There is no hope for anyone who after so many Trump outright slam-dunk defeats still espouses his lies.....These people will never be converted to Democrats or sanity...So fuck-em...

You will never hear Trump say the below sentence...because he has no balls, no courage and no morals.

"I was wrong on so many election fraud claims but......"

Something else I'll probably never hear either..

I would so pay to hear Joe Biden make a national public speech where he calls Trump a delusional fucking pathological liar and conman extraordinaire.....

The time to worry about offending MAGA and Trump has long since passed.

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