Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Blonde Bomber Laila Yuile Hits a Homerun into Outer Space

Sorry folks, I will have a new post up later in the day but in the meantime I need to give praise where praise is due.

Last week when Laila sent us her story about  "Shadow tolls" on the Sea to Sky highway, in a concentrated  effort we all promoted her story on our own sites, not to mention Ross K , myself , Gary E and many others sent Laila`s story to everyone, I sent it to all the media and to my friends in the NDP....................

And last night after arriving home from 3 days in the big smoke, (a little bleary eyed) I was listnening to radio news while catching up on messages,emails and more love letters from my super fans ......

Anyway, the background noise of cknw caused my ears to vibrate, what was that I heard, Chris Delaney on the news, on cknw and the story was about Gordon Campbell hiding(not divulging) shadow tolls from the public and then there it was....

Attribution for busting this story was given to our good friend Laila Yuile, on air, her named mentioned more than once and on more than one new broadcast,(!2:00 am and 12:30 am news, probably more) .......

The ministry of Finance is now in the ackward position of not only explaining these tolls on the Sea to Sky highway and the Kelowna floating bridge but explaining why the public have been left in the dark...

Congratulations Mz Blonde Bomber Laila Yuile, and boy oh boy friends, the Campbell crime family may be able to explain or justify these tolls but the Government has no credibility and.....

And when the fine folks in Maple Ridge and the Fraser Valley find out that they along with all taxpayers are paying shadow tolls for the creme de la creme to shish and slide and soak in hot tubs at Whistler,  no tolls for the jet set cruising the sea to sky but full blown $2000 dollars plus a year tolls for working stiffs to have the honour of working...

That is the story folks, not who isn`t paying tolls but who is paying tolls, Working Class people!

It`s a good thing I don`t have any jealousy bones in my body, Laila Yuile did some great work, many bloggers are doing great work, each and everyone of us keep raising the bar, high quality civilized blogs, internet news, voices outside the main stream cookie cutter news, we are a vibrant community live with  passionate, dedicated journalists, accredited or not, Robin Mathews, Ross K, Kootcoot, Gary E, Ian Reid, Shreck, BC Mary, Tieleman, and so many others,.......

Thanks for raising the bar again  Laila Yuile, I can now walk under it but I intend to leap over in time.

Lastly, there is no competition among us, we all have different styles, all us bloggers have mental images of our contributers, like the old radio plays,(which I still listen too)....The voices and the words put images in our minds, everyone`s mental image is different, you fine folk who contribute and vent in your comments, I can see you and what a fine looking group you are....

Meanwhile, watch out for the Blonde Bomber, she`s on a roll......Too hot to touch...SZZZZiiizzlling!!!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Thursday, October 28, 2010

John Les/Robin McFee, Con Men Run Amok!

 This post is being be re-posted, the reason, John Les has been given a $15 K stipend to sell us the hst, his new title is (Legislative hst information and promotion secretary).....And if anyone thinks John Les doesn`t have a permanent whiff of corruption needs to read this post.

Well well well, I have been reading some stories from pundits about the John Les affair, Les Leyne wrote a sad piece, Alex Tsakumis closed his eyes and mind, Keith Baldrey looked like he was ready to throw up as he defended John Les`s actions and stumped for John Les`s return to cabinet, and Robin McFee failed to ask the right questions or even report on the pertinent facts in this case.

Robin McFee...What a good name, because what Robin McFee did was ........He robbed the taxpayers of heavy fees and delivered nothing, he failed miserably, a pathetic investigation not worth the paper it was written on, let me explain.

Robin McFee(The special prosecuter assigned to the John Les corruption scandal) had no mention in his report that John Les`s real estate agent Lorraine Dyck presented a small in scale development plan for the Rosebank property to Chilliwack council, 6 days later John Les`s real estate agent Lorraine Dyck presented a much larger in scale plan to Grant Sanborn, a new plan that Chilliwack council never saw, it was for Grant Sanborn`s eyes only, Chilliwack council voted for the first plan, but the development plan that was given assent was the plan that only Grant Sanborn, John Les and Lorraine Dyck saw.....And of course John Les was aware that Grant Sanborn had in his possession a new, larger in scale plan, a plan that John Les`s real estate agent presented at the request of John Les.......There was no mention of that by Robin McFee........And the failure of McFee`s report has just gotten started....Strike 1....You can read how John Les and his real estate agent Lorraine Dyck played bait and switch with city council here

Strike 2.....Robin McFee also failed to mention that Corney Les(John Les`s brother) was a real estate agent and John`s other Brother Larry Les is a land developer, why should that matter? Here`s the deal......John Les when asked about doing business with his brothers stated and I quote......"They are not in politics with me and I`m not in business with them"......But minutes from Chilliwack council in May 2000 tell a different story...

A letter of support from applicant John Les was presented to city council, and the then developer of the property was no other than Larry Les, hmmm, I guess John Les was mistaken folks! .....

Strike 3.....Robin McFee in his pathetic eyes closed report failed to mention the most damning aspect of the whole affair.....And here it is.....Robin McFee states that under John Les there was a

"Pro-development culture being fostered in Chilliwack"

"Bylaws and rules were only guidelines".........So McFee claims that everything was skewed towards development, but what Robin McFee failed to mention is that the culture of development, that pro-development seems to be for a select few people only!.......

Because Wilmer and Karen Rasmussen.......Who were the original owners of the Rosebank properties ....They wanted to keep 2 acres of the property and sell the remaining 11 acres .....They wanted the money for their retirement, and they tried multiple times through Chilliwack council, while John Les was mayor, while Grant Sanborn worked under John Les to get the land removed from the ALR through the Agricultural Land Commission but were denied over and over again, they didn`t even have a big old development plan like John Les did, no siree Bob.....They wanted to sell 11 acres of the 13 and were denied, denied ,denied, they ultimately sold the property to their daughter and son-in-law, who then flipped and sold to property to John Les....You can read about John Les`s false statements and how Wilmer and Karen Rasmussen were denied rezoning many times and how John Les succeeded, and on his first try...Here

Strike 4.....John Les ....Bait and switch, tries once to get the land rezoned and has success....

So indeed friends, Robin McFee has failed on all accounts to report these pertinent facts, without these facts in his report it`s not worthy of being on the bottom of a bird cage, and Les Leyne..AGT....And the big media has failed the public......You can read Robin McFee`s lacklustre report here

The best special Prosecutor money can buy...Robin McFee........

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Luke Skywalker/.Luke/ Cool Hand/Brad/....Public affairs bureau, this is how they spend your tax dollars in Victoria

Luke Skywalker, ...Luke...Cool hand Luke, also known as Brad ar AGT`s one time blog, he is real life he is no other than BC Liberal operative Brad Zubyk..Brad Zubyk , the chief clown and slimer from the lobbying/communication outfit..... WAZUKU 

Listen up friends, I thought you would all be interested in what the Tyee commenter known as...Cool Hand /Luke Skywalker/Brad does in his spare time, he is obsessed with my site, (The Straight Goods) and has created his own blog dedicated to attacking me, Cool Hand uses phrases that AGT uses in an attempt to confuse and have people point fingers at AGT....I hope you are real proud Luke Skywalker!

The belows comments were in a story at the Tyee dated April 21/2010

Firstly, according to the FIGHTHST campaign, a certain Brian Lorne Gough is now the top canvasser for the Zalm's Initiative campaign. His BC election's ID number is as follows: IPC-2010-002-2740.
The Zalm has promised the top canvasser a dinner for two.
BTW, do you remember the Libs being up 17% just 4 weeks prior to election day on May 12, 2009?
Toobad - methinks that you have read too much of, and are drinking the kool-aid of, this humourous blogspot:


These comments are from .Luke in this story at the Tyee

Dated March 24/2010


Wrongway Feldman...

Well, looks like "the Straight goods" will be recall central. Wanna join HE HE HA HA LOL
Are you referring to this comedic website? :D
That site is like gettin' into Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club without even payin'. It's genuine slapstick Moe, Curley, and Larry stuff.:D
Only a member of the Liberal PAB could be behind that routine. Seriously! The PAB have introduced a Trojan Horse onto the internet. :D
Now what about Carole James???? The silence about Carole James here on the Tyee is deafening. I wonder why


Ok folks, our super fan is not that smart, by now you have seen or heard about a stupid blog dedicated to trying to embarrass me and this blog....Calling me a drunk, delusional, this site has tried to stir up shit between AGT and I...

On this site Luke Skywalker/ .Luke/ Luke redux/ now using the handle Cool Hand and he uses the handle Brad over at AGT`s place......

Brad must think we are pretty stupid not to figure out who is behind this pathetic site.

Luke/Brad has his fingerprints all over this site, his prints are at AGT`s site....

Luke/Brad uses ....:D

Do you notice that in his comments, I don`t know what that means, but Luke has used it for sometime now...Do you need more clues folks?....Here they are....Luke does call me Brian Gough in his comment from back when the HST petition was going on.....Luke/Cool Hand uses it on his pathetic blog site.....Do you need another clue....Brad/Luke has a picture of "Wrong way Feldman" from the Gilligan island show way back when, you notice .Luke uses the phrase Wrong way feldman in the above comments, coincidence, no way....

Do we need more clues...No we don`t, but I have another smoking gun clue.
Here is Luke using the name Brad at AGTs site attacking me and talking about me at the Tyee,  this comment was in AGTs "king of bloggers story"

Brad says:
Yeah, the Sun had a good article, which I’m sure has now piqued many people’s interest, who don’t read blogs, by checking out your site as well as others. You might even see a further spike in site visits as a result. BTW, I guess the photographer forgot to say “CHEESE” when they took your pic. :D
I also had a good chuckle with your comment “people too cowardly to leave their real name (including the NDP-loving discredited drunk from Garden Bay)”. The same “Brian from Garden Bay”, whom CKNW has banned from calling in to their talkshow hosts. The guys real name is Brian Gough (was also a registered Elections BC anti-HST canvasser) and has been banned under at least 20 pseudonyms on the left-wing Tyee. Even they think he’s nuts. Just google up Tyee + Brian Gough” – his first moniker and you’ll see what I mean.
And he doesn’t even have the cajones to use his real name on his own bogspot – Just “Grant G”. I tell ya, he’s quite the “space cadet” from wayyyyyyy out in outer space. And his spelling and grammar are akin to someone leaving their fingerprints at a crime scene.


Folks, do you see how Cool Hand/Brad wrote the word wayyyyyyy  in the above comment he made at AGT`s place. below is a cut n paste from a story on Luke`s idiot blog (Briangoughisawesome)


Most people - like you and me - enjoy their breakfast cereal. One with a sweet tooth can even enjoy the the occasional bowl of Fruit Loops. But good old Brian takes the word Fruit Loops to a new level.

Case in Point - today Mr. AWESOME put his fingertips onto his keyboard and then Abracadabra he had another Brian Brain Fart "I am actually being too kind to the Vancouver Sun, the word journalism doesn`t apply to most of their articles, a better description would be spin, distortion and or repeating lies, lies from the Campbell public affairs bureau."

You see, MR. AWESOME has always been a conspiracy theorist of the most Fruit Loopy kind. That's why Mr. AWESOME also has an interest in astronomy as his musings are wayyyyy out in outer space. But those same Fruit Loopy musings, sprinkled with sugar and spice, also attracts the same Fruit Loops from Mr. AWESOME's ilk on the 'net. Case in point - good old Brian received this response.

Do you see the word wayyyyy  again and how Luke wrote it......I have one more for you folks.

The below is another one of Luke`s/Cool hand/Brads post.

Watching old Gilligan's Island reruns can be a welcoming respite from some of the fare broadcast on television today. Take the episode with Wrongway Feldman. Wrongway never could get anything right. Even if he had today's GPS technology handy he would still land his plane in Timbuktu instead of New York City.

No one could ever follow Wrongway Feldman in his footsteps. Or could they? Sometimes fiction mirrors reality. And none other than good old AWESOME Brian would be able to prove that point.

Today, AWESOME Brian has come out with another doozy. Keep on cranking them out Brian [with further information in Parentheses]:
"(P.S. a special message to my superfans)        No problem Luke Skywalker/Luke redux/Cool hand [characters from the movie Star Wars], or should I say Brad Z [Brad Zubyk, worked for Mike Harcourt's NDP and was a Vision Vancouver strategist helping NDP MLA Gregor Robertson win Vancouver's mayoral candidacy]

....But there is one thing you didn`t consider, readers will be pointing fingers at the "Frogman" [Alex Tsakumis].....And reputation is everything, not that he [Alex Tsakumis] has one,  make sure to tell your friend this .....We know why he [Alex Tsakumis] is furious at Mike Klassen and Sammy, ...Sammy praised for bringing the NPA back to life...And the "Frog" [Alex Tsakumis] wasn`t mentioned at all...That is too funny!  That sure is a big old JEALOUSY STREAK....Everyone seeking power distance`s themselves from the Frog [Alex Tsakumis] ...He is "toxic"

Another Brian Brain Fart ™. So you see folks, good old Brian doesn't have two legs to stand on...... he doesn't even have one leg to stand on. He just can't seem to get anything right. So he has no other alternative but to make typical laaa deee daaa accusations inclusive of calling Alex Tsakumis a "frog" and a "frogman" who is "toxic". Brilliant stuff. Only Brian can make Wrongway Feldman look like "Rightway Feldman". Atta boy Brian.

As Alex Tsakumis further succinctly stated today:

"It's worth noting that he [Good old Brian] should be considered dangerous since his meds are clearly not working. Residents of Garden Bay beware!"

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight 

You see folks, Luke called me Wrong way feldman back back in April of 2010 in the Tyee  story linked above, and here Cool Hand has gone back to his old standby theme and name calling  again with Wrongway Feldman complete with a picture!

So the mystery is solved, there are the clues folks, the writer and author of this sick web site      is the person known as Luke Skywalker/Cool Hand

blog is no other than Brad/Cool hand/Public affairs bureau....

And, Cool Hand is directly responsible for the arsonist who burnt down my home and killed my animals, because Cool Hand gave my address/phone number and town, as well as he lied about everything, lied about booze/drugs/pills.......And David Beers allows freaks like Brad/Cool Hand and stalkers like Joeseph K to pollute the Tyee.

The time is coming very soon when Cool Hand will be gone!

And like I say, they don`t shoot dead ducks and boy oh boy has the PAB been trying to set me up, just like they attacked Gary E at (How bad the record)........You can call me Brian, you can call me Grant G, you can call me jimmy, or you can call me Sherlock Holmes, just don`t call me late for dinner!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gordon Campbell Couldn`t Run a Lemonade Stand!

Well well well....The big yawner of a speech, to me Gordon Campbell looked very uncomfortable and several times seemed to gulp.

Highlights and lowlights, I almost laughed when Gordon Campbell stated there was no HST on legal aid, that was foolish because only the dirt poor can get legal aid, what`s left of legal aid, every legal aid office but 2 in the entire Province has been closed and funding for legal aid has been slashed...That was very insulting to those in need, especially after Basi and Virk were forgiven over $6 million in legal fees.

Campbell mentioned minimum wage earners pay little income tax, no mention that minimum wage has been frozen for 10 years and ours is the lowest in Canada by a country mile.

We were bombarded with funky charts showing us past income tax cuts, that`s why our kitchen cupboard is bare, any tax cuts have been swamped by MSP increases, massive spike in hydro rates, your average house owner is paying over $1200 dollar more per year in hydro rates then just a few years ago, and those charts, fireside chats shouldn`t require tricky charts to explain, the gall to tell us how great off we are because of income tax cuts.

I don`t know enough to comment on the early childhood learning, but, the cuts to autistic children, cuts for special needs children, cuts for the disabled, cuts to education in general, any early learning will probably be underfunded, remember the 10 great goals throne speech, Campbell didn`t fulfill any of them, the butterfly pollinates and moves on, never completes.....

And again Gordon Campbell  stated that he negotiated a lower hst ...He did not, we had a 7% pst..5% gst..Combined is 12%....Campbell can`t stop spinning even on a TV speech....That is so dishonest, more than dishonest, it`s insulting to any thinking person.

The highlight, there was no highlight, the 15% tax cut in January 2011....Everyone knows how taxes work, BCers will not see that tax refund until 2012....The tax year ends in April, not December, tax cuts starting in 2011 won`t be claimed until you file in the spring of 2012....

Campbell and Hansen and the finance department have stated that BC will be in deficits for 3 more years, that`s not me saying that, Hansen and Campbell said that, these income tax cuts total about $550 million per year, how will that money be replaced, what service cuts will there be to offset the loss in revenue, what user fees will be loaded onto taxpayers to pay for these tax cuts, or will we be running larger deficits?

If you remember during the writ period of our last election when the NDP talked about tax cuts the media and the BC Liberals lambasted the ndp over fiscal irresponsibilty......

There was no mention of the escalating carbon tax, how much more will Translink dig in your pocket..More gas taxes, bigger levy on your hydro bill, a bigger chunk of property taxes, Port Mann bridge users will soon be out over $2000 dollars per year in tolls and that will rise every year....

My last point is on the income tax cuts, not until the budgets are balanced should any income tax cuts be announced, the tax cuts might make for a good sound bite but as for fiscal policy, Campbell and Hansen get a certificate for STUPIDITY!......And in case you think I`m crazy, here is a must read..."Fictitious funds can`t rescue Budget......Reality Check

And a good read from Paul Willcocks 

And the money man himself...Professor David Shreck

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

All of Gordon Campbell`s Friends are Cashing in on the HST

John Les has been given the job of selling the HST and he will be paid an extra $15 thousand dollars on top of his $100K plus MLA salary.....The B.C. Government has already spent over $50 million dollars on advertising the HST and another $100 million dollars has been budgeted to be spent on propaganda advertising leading into the referendum next September....

It appears on the surface that Global/cknw/ and our big daily are not interested in pressing for the referendum to be moved up, the reason, the largesse of advertising revenue that`s on the table, not private advertising revenue but your tax dollars.

The pure gall to waste this money on advertising when charities and money for the autistic, the mentally disabled, the physically handicapped have had their budgets squeezed and squeezed.....

The question I would like to know is how much more of our money is being wasted on propaganda, it`s been revealed that there is going to be a new HST information office opening up in Prince George on November1st....

The man chosen to run this office is Tom Syer, a former deputy in the Campbell government and director of green energy policies, I haven`t seen the final tally of how many staffers will be required to run this hst propaganda office, but one should assume that this office will have to be advertised, someone will have to answer the phones, the staffing levels at a minimum will be at least 3 employees but probably more...Then there is rents, utilities, insurance, phone lines.

This office will be in Prince George, but how many more regional hst information offices will opened, from what I have been told there will be at least 6 regional hst propaganda offices opened up, added all up ......

$150 million dollars in advertising, millions more in regional hst offices, extra stipend for John Les.

All of our money being spent in the lead up to the referendum, a referendum that will fail, a referendum that will be thoroughly rejected, not only will the public vote down the hst but this referendum people will be voting against the Government, any Government would have trouble getting the people to vote for a tax but a ruling government with 19% support and their leader with a 4% approval rating you can forgetaboutit.....

So why bother with the referendum, Campbell won`t be leader by then, the referendum is only binding with Gordon Campbell`s word and we all know what that`s worth...NOTHING....And.....What Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell aren`t telling you is.....

Even with a successful referendum, meaning the public reject the HST, the new leader of the BC Liberals(Rich Coleman) will tell us that we can`t get out of the hst until 2015...

You can read about the hst propaganda offices here

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vancouver Sun, Home of Yellow Journalism

I am actually being too kind to the Vancouver Sun, the word journalism doesn`t apply to most of their articles, a better description would be spin, distortion and or repeating lies, lies from the Campbell public affairs bureau. I had planned on writing this story last week but I was delayed as everyday there was another nail to hammer in Gordon Campbell`s political coffin, now that Campbell`s coffin has been hermetically sealed and lowered to the three foot mark .........

Fazil Mihlar....The head of the Vancouver Sun editorial board, a little background is required, Fazil was a writer for the Fraser institute and is still a high regarded member of the right wing red neck stink tank, in fact I wouldn`t be surprised if the latest article from the Fraser institute was co-written by Niels Veldhuis and Fazil Mihlar...

In the latest Fraser institute spinfest they gave Gordon Campbell a generous mark of 90 out of 100 and rated Gordon Muir Campbell as the best premier and fiscal manager....The methodology on how they arrived at their numbers is a mystery.....

But from what I read the marking`s and scoring went as such.

  1. Gordon Campbell recieved 20 points for lowering the minimum wage to $6 dollars per hour.
  2. Campbell received another 10 points for not raising the minimum wage in 10 years and agreeing to never raise it as premier.
  3. 10 points for giving massive subsidies to the highly profitable oil n gas sector.
  4. 5 points for eliminating the minimum tax on highly profitable banks.
  5. 5 points for lying about our last record setting B.C. deficit.
  6. 5 points for the excellence and efficiency of the BC Government document shredders.
  7. 5 points for appointing Liberal insiders and big business friends in positions of power.
  8. 5 points for devouring and licking clean every last drop of money from the public trough, thus eliminating the need for a trough cleaner.
  9. 20 points for lying to win the election.
  10. The HST was not part of this years rankings, the HST will be part of next year`s rankings, so Campbell`s score is at 90, if the HST was taken into consideration Campbell`s score would be 110
You can read Fazil Mihlar`s and Niels Veldhuis co-written story here

But what I really wanted to talk about is.....Fazil Milhar`s story on the Millennium boondoggle athlete`s village, because according to Fazil the problems at the athletes village was all caused by Gregor Robertson, Mihlar`s story is a classic example of yellow journalism, the title of the story, the premise of the story would lead the uninformed reader to blame Gregor Robertson, and only in the second to last line of the spin does Fazil state.

"Vancouver's successive city councils created a crisis from the outset and the current council continues to make it worse."

Let me be clear, Gregor is a flake and I am not a fan but the blame for Millennium development boondoggle doesn`t sit with juice boy.

The Fazil Mihlar story is really sad and it`s actually a prelude to a law suit that will be launched by Millennium Development against the city of Vancouver.

According to the Vancouver Sun editorial board(Fazil Mihlar)

  1. According to the story, the city of Vancouver left Millennium development to pay for the clean up of the polluted false creek property.
  2. The city changed the scope of the project from leed silver to leed gold standards mid-stream, thus raising the cost per unit by a factor of 50%.
  3. Millennium Development ...Because of irregular development procedures thrust on them by the city prevented Millennium development from going to a "regular bank for financing".
  4. After the city paid off the Fortress loan sharks and took over financing the city of Vancouver didn`t pass on any savings to Millennium.
  5. The city didn`t award the project early enough thus forcing Millennium to pay thousands of hours in overtime pay to workers.
And the last line of the story Fazil Mihlar states....

"Now the city should back away, far away, and leave the marketing experts to sell the units -- all the units -- at the highest prices they can command."

Ok folks, so according to the Vancouver Sun(friends of Mellenium Development).....The units should be sold for what the market will bear and if that means a huge loss for the City of Vancouver so what, because, according to the drivel story disguised as something else, it`s all Vancouver`s fault that Millenium development is having trouble.

Really Fazil Mihlar, was it not Peter Ladner and Sammy Sullivan who picked Millenium over Concord Pacific orWall development, 2 companies that were well financed, with assets, 2 companies that needed no help from loan sharks for financing.

Was it not the NPA insider Paul Barbeau who was the only name on Millenium`s board of directors.

Did Estele Lo not resign over the NPA picking Millenium development over reputable well financed companies?

Did the city of Vancouver put a gun to Millenium development, were Millenium negotiators forced by way of death threat to build leed gold or else?.....Was it up to the city to stop Millenium development from doing business with the Fortress loan sharks?

The Fazil/Vancouver sun editorial board story states that Millenium was forced to pay thousands of overtime hours because of delays caused by the city,......Is that why the units aren`t selling?....Even if Millenium had 1 million overtime hours, 1 million times $30 dollars is a mere $30 million dollars, $30 million divided by 1000 units is $30 thousand dollars extra per unit.

Read the whole story here folks, the Vancouver Sun wrote that story as a favour to their friends at Millenium development. Hey Fazil Mihlar, you forgot to blame the Gregor for Millenium development being forced TO GIVE VANOC $1 million dollars to be a sponsor of the 2010 Olympics.

Classic yellow Journalism folks, designed to cast blame at Gregor Robertson, but what Fazil Mihlar has done is help Millenium development in its future law suit against the city of Vancouver when they default on their loan, a law suit that Millenium will lose but ....The law suit will takes years to resolve.

Poor old Millenium development, the shysters at City hall took advantage of the "pure as driven snow" Millenium development.

Perhaps the Vancouver Sun or a investigative journalist might be interested in writing about the Millenium development escapades from here to Iran!

Put the blame where it belongs, Sam Sullivan/Peter Ladner, NPA council and Millenium development.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, October 25, 2010

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Its bad enough we are paying to Maquarie group $100 million dollars per year for 25 years for maintenance on the sea to sky highway...

Now we learn, thanks to the blonde bomber Laila Yuile.....That there is a shadow toll on the sea to sky highway, isn`t that special, so poor working stiffs have to pay tolls to cross the Golden Ears bridge and soon the Port Mann bridge yet the high flying whistler crowd gets their tolls paid by ALL the TAXPYERS in the Province. Why not have shadow tolls on the Golden Ears bridge, the Port Mann bridge....If we the taxpayers are paying the tolls for Ida chomp chomp Chong and Jane chug alug Thornthwaite to wine and dine in Whistler why not for the working stiffs!

Laila has the story here

And my story here about the $ 2.5 billion dollar maintenance contract

Whether or not "shadow tolls" are appropriate is for the economic wizards to decide, but honesty is something else...

Why weren`t the shadow tolls divulged to the public, how many more roads have shadow tolls, does the new floating bridge in Kelowna have shadow tolls, does the Canada line have shadow tolls....

The answer is yes to all of those questions...

Perhaps Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell will explain all this to us on Wednesday night...Or perhaps all these questions and more will be asked and answered in estimate debates for the ministry of Finance and the ministry of transportation.

Stay tuned folks, there will be more shocking revelations revealed about another Campbell scandal involving E........... ..C.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gordon Campbell is Drunk on More than Power

The ole two step shuffle, or in this case it`s more like dealing from the bottom of the deck........

A few items from today`s move stick out in my mind as shocking, why is it when the Gordon Campbell Government is running massive multi-billion dollar deficits, deficits directly attributable to his idiotic fiscal policies,...examples of those are the massive subsidies to the oil n gas sector, outsourcing B.C. shipbuilding, the elimination of the minimum bank tax, bankrupting BC Hydro with power buying agreements with Campbell`s American masters, at a time when Campbell has run our Province into the ground Campbell has created new ministries, the largest cabinet in B.C. history......

A ministry of building codes???....A ministry of science????.....It`s quite clear that Gordon Campbell is attempting to bribe all the BC Liberal MLAs with our tax dollars, he is trying to buy loyalty.

George bobblehead Abbot as minister of education????....Rich Coleman as the new top cop, now that`s rich, the man who gutted all oversight into gaming, Coleman eliminated government oversight into the rampant money laundering and organized crime, it`s now a free-for-all......Coleman as Solicitor General means but one thing, there is no more law in British Columbia except laws to fine and steal from it`s own citizens....

And, Martyn Brown is no longer Campbell`s Chief -of-staff....Brown has been transfered to the tourism minisrty, I wonder how Martyn Brown will find it, as you know Martyn Brown required a seeing eye dog to lead him to the court room, wow!

So here in a time of huge deficits Gordon Campbell managaed to funnel literally $millions of dollars to his spineless jellyfish MLAs....Trying to buy loyalty and stave off dissent are we Campbell?

John Les along with half a dozen other backbenchers have been given little chores in exchange for big raises, these zebras are showing their stripes again....MONEY..GIVE us MONEY....John Les is now legislative secretary in charge of explaining the HST....You mean the crimean war veteran Sam couldn`t sell the HST..

Kash Heed, yes friends Kash Heed will be facing charges soon for election fraud and has been thrown under the bus,......Basi/Virk/Heed, ......They have one thing in common, you can figure it out!

But for this persuader, the most egregious move by the Habitual liar Campbell is ....The appointment of Paul Taylor to be Campbell`s Chief-of-staff....

Folks, Paul Taylor was Campbell`s Deputy Finance minister in his first term, .....But then Gordon Campbell appointed Paul Taylor as CEO of ICBC.....And what a stellar performance by Taylor at ICBC....Under Paul Taylors watch ....ICBC had the chop shop scandal, the ICBC insider rigged car auctions happened under Taylors watch, but before the shit hit the fan at ICBC Paul Taylor resigned from ICBC, Paul Taylor ran away and hid, and, Paul Taylor took with him......A severence package of well over $500,000.00 dollars...

Yes indeed, illegal chop shop, no diclosure to the duped buyers of wrecked cars from ICBC, fraudulent sales, the rigged auctions were organized by ICBC insiders, high salaried employees of ICBC were allowed to bid $10 dollars over the last bid, thus scamming the system, all under Paul Taylor`s watch....

So when the fur was flying Paul Taylor took his massive $1/2 million dollar plus severence package and scooted.....And where did Paul Taylor scoot to.....Taylor went to Naikun wind power, but he wasn`t there very long, Taylor was unable to con the Haida, he was unable to peddle his snake oil and after being thoroughly rejected by the Haisla/Haida Nation the money brokers at Naikun wind power told Paul Taylor to take a long walk off a short pier........

It`s apparant to all that Gordon Campbell wanted his favorite bag man back in the fold, don`t be surprised if Gordon Campbell doesn`t put Taylor back in charge of thieving at ICBC......

All in all this shuffle has done nothing but add a minimum of $2 million dollars per year in Legislative expenses, this ploy is so obvious, buying loyalty, your desperate plan wont work Scampbell, the public hasn`t forgot about Paul Taylor and his leadership style, you can buy loyalty from your gutless MLAs but that will not save you from the Recall of Ida Chong, Donna Barnett or Terry Lake and more until your Government falls......

Gordon Campbell is desperately hoping the new minister of science can figure out how to turn fools gold into real gold, or at the least to turn "water into wine"

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Say hello to Gordon Wilson,the newest member added to our Favorite blog list

Gordon Wilson has joined us in the "real media club".....

Welcome aboard Mr. Wilson.


Yes indeed folks, the list of people lining up to bring Campbell down is getting very long...Brown envelopes, leaked documents, everyone has a story to tell.....If the BC Legislature ever opens again the questions about BC Rail will have to be answered, maybe not in Question period but in estimate debates, no more "no comment it`s before the courts"...

That little $600 million and growing tax indemnity will certainly be one of many highlights in estimate debates.

(P.S. a special message to my superfans)        No problem Luke Skywalker/Luke redux/Cool hand, or should I say Brad Z....But there is one thing you didn`t consider, readers will be pointing fingers at the "Frogman".....And reputation is everything, not that he has one. Luke/Brad make sure to tell your friend this .....We know why he is furious at Mike Klassen and Sammy, ...Sammy Sullivan at the "big" NPA dinner praised Mike Klassen and for bringing the NPA back to life...But no mention by Sammy of the "Frog" or the rubbish pile...That is too funny!  That sure is one big old JEALOUSY STREAK....Everyone seeking power distance`s themselves from the Frog...He is "toxic"..And the NPA knows it!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vaughn Palmer`s Crediblity is All But Gone, Period!

Everyone in the Province is in disgust over the blatant and obvious corruption involved in the BCRail Corruption trial, specifically over the forgiveness of the $6 million dollar legal fees for Basi and Virk.

According to.......

Financial Administration Act:

Guarantees and indemnities

And there is a regulation that governs how this can be done:

Approval for indemnities on behalf of government

1 An indemnity may only be given by or on behalf of the government if
(a) prior written approval has been given by the Minister of Finance, or
(b) the director of the Risk Management Branch of the Ministry of Finance, or a person specified by the director for the purpose of this section, has given prior written assurance that the proposal for the indemnity has been reviewed and accepted by the Risk Management Branch.

Any debt forgiveness to the B.C. Government over $100K has to be approved by cabinet(Gordon Campbell).....So how is it that Basi and Virk`s legal fees which were over 60 times that amount were forgiven by the recommendation of David Loukidelis, an appointed deputy minister, a deputy who hasn`t even been working in the Attorney General`s office for 1 year? .........

What we have going on today is Vaughn Palmer trying to cover up(and looking foolish doing so) the Campbell government`s royal screw up...

You see folks, this is where the "real media" , the bloggers have thrown a monkey wrench into the BC Liberal LIES.....After the "criminals plead guilty" on Monday on corruption charges, the question of legal fees arose, of course everyone in the province knows that there WAS political interference in this case at every step, but when the question of who pays for the convicted criminal`s legal fees came up the Government had to come up with some excuse and spin.....

So what the BC Liberal government did was punt that question over to Whitmarsh and Loukidelis, according to Mike De jong`s first rendition of "the story" Whitmarsh and the newly appointed Loukidelis made the decision of forgiving the "convicted criminals" legal fees........Of course nobody is buying that bunk excuse from Mike De Jong,...... but that was the BC Liberal`s story and they were sticking to it......

Until......Until Ian Reid over at The Real Story posted the act and section that clearly states that any Government debt over $100K cannot be forgiven by anyone except Gordon Campbell and or his complicit cabinet....

That disclosure by Ian Reid sent shockwaves through the BC Liberal Government, again the BC Liberals and Mike De Jong were caught in lies, Mike De Jong has changed "the fable" more often than one would change a baby`s diaper!

(without internet bloggers and the real media the MSM would never divulge these facts, we owe Mr. Reid and all the real honest bloggers a debt of gratitude, thank you Mr. Reid)

So what were the BC Liberals to do to squash this bad news revelation?....Well, we have many complicit stooges working for cknw and the Vancouver Sun.....

The award for Jackass stooge of the day goes to no other than Vaughn the Pawn Palmer for his bafflegab and non-believable excuse making dog ate my home work column.....

My Gawd friends, the pure gibberish Vaughn Palmer wrote today reaches far and beyond the level of bought and paid for diversion, Vaughn reached a new high water mark for garbage writing, a level of comedic writing fit for vaudeville or the funny papers......

It really is sad to see a once respected journalist surrender a life time`s worth of credibilty, to see Vaughn Palmer give up his reputation and surrender his brain cells to appease his masters at the Vancouver Sun....It`s either that or he was handed his marching orders by the BC Liberals....

One or the other, it matters not which one, Vaughn Palmer reached a level of garbage writing that few media if any have ever reached before and that my friends truly is sad and pathetic, I wonder what Vaughn`s relatives or offspring think of Vaughn`s fall from grace to match the level of excuse making equal too..."The HST was not on our radar" or "We didn`t sell BC Rail"..or "The 911 attacks were arranged by George Bush".....Yes friends, the excuse making of Vaughn Palmer has reached a level so low he could walk under a slug or ride  under the slug sitting on the back of AGT!.....

Here are the money lines from Vaughn Pawn Palmer(his words)

(The amount forgiven here exceeded that threshold by a factor of 60. But no cabinet order was forthcoming because the amount was not, technically, a debt. It could have been, if the accused had been convicted and the Crown had proceeded to try to recover the legal fees.

But when the decision was made, the outstanding legal bills were only a contingent liability, advanced by way of indemnity, and cancellable by the deputy minister of finance under his standing authority under the act. Whitmarsh, acting on the recommendation of Loukidelis, signed off on all the paper work)

But when the decision was made, the outstanding legal bills were only a contingent liability, advanced by way of indemnity, and cancellable by the deputy minister of finance under his standing authority under the act. Whitmarsh, acting on the recommendation of Loukidelis, signed off on all the paper work)

(Here are Vaughn Palmer1s words translated into plain speak english)

(Here are Vaughn Palmer`s words translated into plain speak english!)....

Here are Vaughn Palmer`s words translated into plain speak english!)

Yes it`s true, if the defendents Basi and Virk were convicted of criminal acts they would be responsible for their legal fees, and the answer is yes to the question of..... Any debt owed to Government over $100K can only be forgiven by cabinet or Gordon Campbell ......Yes it`s true that government employees lose any indemnity and have to pay their legal fees if they are convicted of crimes, technically that is true but in this case the defendents(convicted criminals) were NOT CONVICTED OF CRIMES THEY PLEAD GUILTY TO CRIMES THEREFORE THE ACT WHERE IT STATES THAT CONVICTED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES LOSE THEIR INDEMNITY AND THE PART OF THE ACT THAT STATES ANY DEBT OWED TO GOVERNMENT OVER $100k CAN ONLY BE FORGIVEN BY CABINET DOES NOT APPLY BECAUSE THE DEFENDENTS WERE NOT FOUND GUILTY THEY PLEAD GUILTY!......(Read Vaughn Palmer`s garbage dog ate my homework fictitious story here)

aughn Palmer....Tsk tsk tsk.....You have now surpassed Keith Baldrey and have almost matched Bill Good in the BC Liberal/Gordon Campbell apologist department....

Do you have no shame Vaughn Palmer?.....Never mind.

The Straight Goods

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Friday, October 22, 2010

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil(updated at bottom of post)

Well friends, an interesting week to say the least, I was up very early this morning, I don`t know why, maybe I was full of anticipatory excitement over today`s cutting ledge show on cknw...

Anyway, I turned on the TV morning news(Global) with Steve Darling....And apparantly BCTV/Global are celebrating 50 years of news highlights, .......

So they aired a segment...It started with Jas Johal chasing after Mike Farnsworth(NDP MLA) over bingogate, the clip was from 2002....Then they did a clip with Harvey Oberfeld asking hard questions of a federal politician, the next clip was a reporter hammering Vander Zalm from the 80s...Next clip was Clifford Robert Olson...Next clip was the Bountiful polygamists.....And the last clip was again Jas Johal chasing after Mike Farnsworth from 2002....

OK...We aren`t fools, we know that Global is run by BC Liberal stooges...But to run highlights of BC news over 50 years....

No raid on the legislature clip, no clip of Campbell pouting about his drunk driving, nothing on the tsnami in Port Alberni, no siree bob, as far as Global is concerned the biggest stories of the last 50 years are....And in this order

Mike Farnsworth(2002) on bingogate(he had nothing to do with it), Bill Vander Zalm in the 80s, Clifford Robert Olson, polygamy in Bountiful B.C...and Farnsworth was so bad he made the front of the list, and he made the end of the list....Twice in the same segment for Farnsworth, boy he must be really bad!.....Oh the humanity!

And today on the cutting ledge, boy were the stooges spinning, they said nothing, they obfuscated, everyone knew they would...But there was a couple of great calls, including one call from someone named Grant at about 9:38 AM...Although they cut him off before he could get his other 2 points out in the airwaves.....Cue up the audio vault here (October/22/9:00 forward to 9:35 and listen through to 9:40am, or listen to the whole hour)

Still with cknw, Cluck cluck spent 45 minutes yesterday attacking Guy Geunter over glow in the dark wristbands he purchased for school kids in Delta(he ordered them last year)...Bill Good did another segment at (10:30 am) attacking Guy Geunter on the same subject, Bill Good primed the pump to attack Geunter, he asked for callers to do a "Focused open line on Geunter"...The segment backfired, Bill Good pulled the plug on the segment when the callers agreed with Guy and defended him, and 1 caller got the really story out there on these wrist bands...Top marks for Guy Geunter.....

Man O Man are the BC Liberals desperate.......And Man O Man did the stooges freak the hell out when your friendly neighborhood persuader called in at 9:38AM on the cutting ledge, enjoy the listen folks!

(Updated here, Cluck cluck today did another segment attacking Guy Geuntner over glow in the dark wrist bands, I think we need to remind the stooges and cluck cluck about Gordon Campbell and the Gordallions, read one of my very first posts here)

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who is the Deranged Grappa Swilling Fool ?(updated at the bottom)

Well well well, the truth has come out, the BC Government and the attorney general are liars!

But before we get going here friends, I wrote this post here, it was about all the various methods to collect fees owed to government, I talked about garnishee, siezing homes, garnishing future wages, the Basi, Virk legal fee debts could be kept on the books,......

And what happened next, my super fan, you know the one, the hating frog from St Georges preppy boy school wrote a post about Basi/Virk in which he again called me deranged, off my rocker for writing my post about collecting legal fees, he laughed, he tee-hee,ed, I think St Georges school need to work on actually educating their students.........

Now I understand that the hater is jealous of us, toobad.....Stick to your forte, bike lanes and gossip....The hater also berated me for saying Carole Taylor was not interested in saving the BC Liberals, that was confirmed yesterday as Carole Taylor took an important job at UBC...And it`s a three year term, also Dianne Watts is totally offside with the Liberals on skytrain, bridge tolls and the HST, Watts IS NOT COMING TO SAVE the BC Liberals, NEVER!....

Michael Smyth wrote an article today, Smyth has talked to a BC Government debt collecter, and...

The Debt collecter states the BC Government has siezed homes, garnished wages for legal fees, the debt collecter was shocked that the Campbell government didn`t keep their debt on the books, future earnings, a lottery win, "a directorship"...Whatever, according to Michael Smyth the BC Government routinely go after poor welfare cheats for hundreds of dollars, ....

Maybe the province would never get all the legal fee money but certainly they could have collected lots and made life a little more uncomfortable for the defendents, the whole story stinks......And I have been proven right, again!....Gawd, why do these hateful pukes speak and write their ignorance on pages for the world to see before they think!

And the icing on the cake is here .....Robert Matas has revealed that the BC Government did just that, 5 years ago the Province advanced Basi legal fees and for that they were holding the mortgage to his home, now valued at nearly $1 million dollars, gee whiz, that would be almost 1/3 of his legal fees, that sure would pay for some surgeries or school supplies.....

But no, the whole deal stinks, this plea will kill Campbell chances of getting anything done, there is no saving the BC Fiberals, now Mike De Jong is swirling the toilet bowl, loukidelis has greasy hands too.....

A public inquiry must happen, the lies and garbage have piled up so high, the stench from these morally bankrupt thieves called BC Liberals has drifted across Canada, a real shame we have to rely on the Globe n Mail to dig for truth...The media in this province should have their accreditation stripped.....

And foul mouthed haters should make sure they clip their toe nails before sticking their feet in their mouth!

(updated here)...The Globe and Mail is reporting that the Basi`s may own 4 or 5 homes plus a large acreage at Shawnigan lake, 2 homes in Victoria, there must be an inquiry, or Campbell must be arrested and dragged from office)...Read the Globe story here

(P.S>...Update to a post I did a couple of months ago on Natural gas prices crashing and taking B.C. revenue down with it....Today Natural gas has crashed to $3:33 .....When Campbell has his 3 surplus budgets way back when, Natural gas was around $10:00 to $13:00 per unit...And remember Hansen and Campbell blamed natural gas revenue decline for the big part of their last record deficit, .....Pleasent dreams Hansen!)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get Your Stinking Hands Off Our Province Gordon Campbell.!

It`s all very clear to everyone in British Columbia what Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals have done to our beloved Province.

We should have been wiser, the writing was on the wall in 1996 when Gordon Campbell was financed by David Mclean to run for premier, the deal was a simple one, David Mclean finances Gordon Campbell in exchange for BC Rail, that would be bad enough if we actually got paid for the railway, but if one takes into consideration the cost of paying Patrick Kinsella and BC rail executives 10s of $millions for years to play golf, the $50 million dollar cost of the Corruption trial and then there is the tax indemnity inked in the deal, originally a value of $300 million dollars but with a 9% annual escalter clause we now owe CN Rail $600 million dollars, dribs of money from the sale put in the Northern trust has been hammered with financial losses, money could have been put in a safe haven but it wasn`t, all tolled the $1 billion dollar sale price for BC Rail has been reduced to...

A mere $200 million dollars, but the tax indemnity hasn`t been paid yet, it`s rapidly approaching the $650 million range, if CN Rail delays for another 2 years we will owe them every dollar they paid us for BC Rail.

Campbell lost that 1996 election because he campaigned on selling BC Rail, that didn`t stop Gordon Campbell or David Mclean, they bided their time until the 2001 election, David Mclean pumped $millions into Campbell`s 2001 election campaign, nothing had changed and BC Rail was going to be gifted to Mclean, well there was one minor change, Campbell`s 2001 election platform promised Not to sell the railway, Campbell knew to get elected he must lie his face off and lie his face he did in spades, Campbell had many more lies in his election platform, including honouring the lowest paid hospital workers contract, he made that promise in the Guardian magazine......

But in a hastily called late night weekend session at the BC Legislature with no media present Campbell ordered by decree to shred that HEU agreement, the rush of adrenaline while breaking promises and tearing up contracts was not only intoxicating to Campbell but addictive, it mattered not that the United Nations chastised Campbell, it mattered not that his shredding was illegal, it mattered not that Campbell spent $20 million dollars on lawyers in a case that went all the way to the Supreme court of Canada....Even that loss in court and the $100 million dollar cash settlement awarded to the HEU couldn`t quench Gordon Campbell`s lust for lies or his addiction to the shredder.....

The lowering of the minimum wage to $6 dollars per hour wasn`t enough to fill the void in Campbell`s hate chamber, one by one Campbell stripped away rights of towns, of community, the selling of our Ferry system to German banks couldn`t stave off his empty soul pings, the wealth transfers from the builders of our province to his American masters was only a temporary solace to Campbell, even with billions of Canadian dollars heading south and billions more being put on our credit card couldn`t satisfy the premier, vast tracks of land, forests, 17% of Vancouver island gifted to his financing friends....

Money transfers, land giveaways, future debts, nothing seemed to please the premier, perhaps the empty vacuum in the premier`s mind needed more, needed human suffering, pain, maybe blood stained hands could fill his needs, he closed hospitals, burned schools, woman shelters boarded up, thousands forced to live on the streets, legal aid eliminated, courts priced out of reach, every last scintilla of hope must be razed from our province to satisfy Campbell`s thirst and addiction.......

The sleeping public wasn`t waken by our media, Campbell`s addiction to human suffering was abetted by the printers of news, by voices on our radio, how, why, media writers, radio voices, news reporters were bought one by one, wives, sons, daughters and relatives of media were hired by Campbell, how better to control the message than to pay for the message, the wealth transfer from the poor was used to gloss over, paint and perfume the foul stench rising from the bloodied and wounded laying in the streets.

A well oiled propaganda machine that isolated town from city from village, everyone thought they were suffering in isolation when in fact the carnage was province wide.

The stench, the circling vultures, the rotting flesh was getting harder to conceal but gordon Campbell`s addiction to lies and confetti was not yet satisfied, gag laws, gerry mandering and a coordinated effort was required if Campbell was to continue feeding on human suffering, media was bought, radio voices were owned, Suzuki, Berman, Jaccard and Weaver, phony voices once respected aided and abetted the vampire, tactics of fear, lies and spin was required, socialist hoardes, taxation and threats were all cue,ed on masse to serve the premier his last supper.

And once his last mandate was granted the execution started, $billions in new taxation, health care being dismantled, our courts of law removed, judges on the payrole of those whose our wealth was transfered to, mobsters, human traffickers were granted keys to our province for brothels and casinos.

Rivers sold, contracts inked that last for decades so Campbell`s blood feeding will continue forever.

"The tunnel is always darkest before you come out the other side"

Then there was light, the people awoke through massive efforts by the new media, by concerned citizens, bloodied, battered and bruised the public rose up by the thousands, signatures of millions, screams of foul directed at print, radio at the legislature, at the enablers, the voices of dissent have permeated every corner of our Province.

And on October 27/2010 the vampire will rise, crocidile tears will roll down his cheeks, the vulture will tell mythical tales of prosperity, of taxes and tough choices, he will lie, spin and confuse, the demon beast with belly stuffed full with human suffering and lies will walk off the stage after announcing his departure leaving a mortally wounded Province in a state of shock and joy.

"Keep your hands off our province you stinking ape"

The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do Baldrey, Palmer, Leyne, Bill Good Have in Common?

You can add, the BC Liberal hack disguised as a legislative repoter Tom Fletcher,  Sean Leslie, the Vancouver Sun, Ian Mulgrew to the list, the stooges have 2 things in common.

Keith Baldrey wrote that the NDP would be insane to change leaders and dump Carole James, Bill Good for the first time in his life was praising Carole James and deterring a leadership change for the Dems, Sean Leslie called the NDP crazy to be having a leadership change, Vaughn Palmer wrote columns and on the cutting ledge show staunchly defended Carole James and claimed there is no one else in the world capable of being the NDP leader....

The Vancouver Sun ran multiple stories and editorials  from many of their writers defending Carole James, the Vancouver Sun who endorsed Gordon Campbell and slammed Carole James during the writ period of our last election, they called Carole and the NDP out on every single part ot their platform, they had Jaccard, Weaver, Fraser institute, everyone attacking Carole James and the NDP got lots of space on the front page of the Vancouver Sun....
And Greasy Les Leyne, Leyne wrote last week in his column..."If the NDP change leaders now it would be the stupidest thing any party has ever done in B.C. , and that`s saying something"....That`s what Les Leyne said last week.

I of course documented, reported, called these stooges out on the fact they all attacked both the NDP and particularly Carole James like pit bulls before the last election and now they`re all singing the "Carole James is great" song.........

Only a fool or a BC Liberal stooge would believe those clowns, it scares the hell out of the BC Liberals just thinking about a new leader for the NDP.....(although right now an orange pilon could beat Gordon Campbell in an election)

What else do these stooges have in common?

Well, today Bill Good argued with Leonard Krog at 8:30 am, then Good argued with Bill Tieleman at 8:45 am.....Then Bill Good had steam coming out of his ears arguing with callers, every guest, every caller wants answers, wants a public inquiry, Bill Good like Gordon Campbell are stomping on any suggestion of an  inquiry, in Bill Good`s case, today he was an angry old man on the losing end of every argument he had with all callers!

Gawd, I was reading some garbage from Tom Fletcher, how on earth can a anti-NDP  blogger be respected as to anything he writes, how can someone so bias and a preacher of spoonfed  BC Liberal pablum  get a job as a so-called neutral reporter on the BC Legislature, man o man, I am going to have to see an eye doctor after perusing Fletchers "dead Sea Scrolls"....They turned bloodshot and teary!You can look at a sample of Fletcher`s handy work here.......Be warned, can be harmful to your eyes, please limit exposure to very short intervals!

Keith (bags under his eye) Baldrey on global news last night said the public doesn`t want an inquiry, Baldrey was like, move along, nothing to see here, nothing but 2 low level crooks who plead guilty, and of course Chris Gailas said when the segment ended.."Thanks Keith, another one for the archives"snip....

Vaughn Palmer wrote a good column today but was still spinning, Vaughn talked of no evidence, hence no reason for a public inquiry, then Palmer made an appearence on Cluck cluck`s show today  and he echoed Gordon Campbell, Vaughn down played everything, Vaughn said the case is old, nobody will remember anything after 10 years, even if the NDP call for an inquiry if elected no one will remember anything according to Palmer, and he cited wasting money for no more answers!

The Vancouver Sun ran a pathetic editorial saying there is no need for the inquiry, they blamed the RCMP, they blamed only the 2 defendents, their editorial board claimed there was no evidence linking any politician in court.....It was a sad piece, the Vancouver Sun didn`t mention that only 1  1/2 witnesses of 40 took the stand and the 2 witnesses that did take the stand couldn`t remember anything but their names and the way to the courthouse......

Ian Mulgrew claimed the same thing, no need for an inquiry, nothing to see here, no evidence, nothing at all...

And last but not least is greasy Les Leyne, Les Leyne mirrored the gordon Campbell BC Liberal script today, he wrote how there is nothing to see, no reason for an inquiry, no politicians involved, the RCMP screwed up and again none of the details of delays, shredded evidence, 1 1/2 witnesses out of 40...No mention of this in his article today, sorry folks no links, the articles aren`t worth reading.....

How can these people look at themselves in the mirror, do they have no ethics at all, how can Bill Good even hold down all those oysters and fine wine he consumes on restaurant patios every night?

I find it unbelievable that the above mentioned stooges have identical thoughts on Carole James and the exact same take on a Public Inquiry into BC Rail corruption, the public needs to know the details, I heard every caller today on CKNW demand an inquiry, almost every comment on every story in the Sun, the Province,Times Colonist, Opinion 250, terrace daily, every paper in the province, every radio caller in the province, how is it that 91% of BCers want a public inquiry, every media beside the above stooges are demanding answers, there is nothing but anger sweeping through our province, furious rage at levels I have never seen before....

Yet the Canwest/Black press stooges,  Sean Leslie whose wife works for the PAB, Baldrey whose wife works for Campbell, Gordon Campbell`s neighbor Bill Good, Palmer and Leyne with their side deals, the Vancouver Sun stooge writers following orders from the elites, yea they all  have the same thing in common....

Their credibilty and believability is thoroughly shot, bring on the BC Rail Corruption public inquiry and .....

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

The RCMP, The Crown, The BC Government, Must Not Be Permitted to Destroy Any Evidence Associated With BC Rail Corruption Trial!

Rumour has it that all evidence associated with the BC Rail Corruption Trial will be burnt, shredded, eradicated, obliterated from the face of the earth in a matter of days.

If the courts, the crown, the justice department, the Government destroy all the evidence collected in the biggest political corruption trial in B.C. history they will be sealing their fate as enablers of the largest theft from Brithish Columbia.

What is the rush, the defense bill alone for this trial is well over $6 million dollars, the prosecution legal fees are well over $30 million dollars, $36 million dollars or more for this "Mock Trial" and all of a sudden the evidence must be destroyed....

If the B.C. Government doesn`t step in to preserve the evidence and store it they will be......

They will be admitting to all the defense allegations, it`s not up to the crown to order evidence destroyed, it`s up to the Gordon Campbell Government, if Gordon Campbell and Mike De Jong allow that to happen they will be charged with destroying evidence...

Willy Picton was found guilty, there were mountains of gathered evidence, none of the evidence against Willy has been destroyed, almost 2 years after his conviction and after mounting public pressure the Government has agreed to hold a public inquiry, the precedence has been set already....

Can you imagine the outrage if after Willy`s conviction and subsequent failed appeal..........

Can you imagine the public fury if all the Willy evidence was shredded within days!

A public inquiry of Picton would be impossible if that had happened!

All evidence connected to the BC Rail Corruption trial must be preserved, if Campbell destroys the paper trail....

When  Gordon Campbell ordered the  shredding of  all the early years of emails and documents related to BC Rail Sale, that single handidly delayed the trial by years, the Government was reprimanded for that move, certainly they learned their lesson, or did they! If that happens again....

Democracy and justice will be forever removed from British Columbia, drive drunk, grow dope, snatch purses, break windows, pillage, poison rivers, lie, steal then run for office and.....

"You will be greeted with open welcoming arms"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, October 18, 2010

Let`s Repossess Basi and Virk`s Home to Help Recoup Legal Fees

Amazing, absolutely amazing, a very interesting read over at Ian Reid`s place, according to the "law" the special prosecutor has no authority to waive legal fees for the guilty defence, a waiving of fees had to be cleared through the attorney general`s office, yet Mike De Jong said different.....

I have many questions for the attorney general.......

  1. Do the defendents own their homes outright
  2. If the defendents have a mortgage how are they making their payments
  3. Do the defendents have any government pensions and have they been forfeited
  4. Do the the defendents have any government income besides welfare payments
Now I was doing a little research and as far as I know the Government can seize homes for non-payment of taxes, they can seize homes if the government deems the home was paid for by the proceeds of crime......

In fact the lawyer for Willy Picton(pig farmer) put a lien on Willy`s farm to make sure he got paid(read that story here)

So Mike De Jong agreed to waive legal fees for a plea bargain, De Jong must have known about this deal for at least a week, if not years,.....

Mike De Jong has also flatly refused to hold a public inquiry, De Jong cited the cost of the inquiry as a deterent and De Jong also said that all the questions in regard to the BC Rail deal have been answered in court!...Really Mike De Jong, you think so.....

On Global news at 6:00 PM there was an interview with Basi and Virk, I don`t know where the interview took place, it wasn`t outside the courtroom, it looked like the interview was at the Global news room studio, there were no tough questions....

I have another question, why were Basi and Virk at the interview, aren`t they supposed to be under house arrest...Are the defendents going to wear ankle bracelets to make sure they ARE at home?

And the BC Liberal Apologist Keith Baldrey was in spin mode today, actually Keith Baldrey was a sad pathetic stooge, bags under his eyes, Baldrey didn`t even believe the bullshit he was trying to peddle, but like a good little stooge he followed the script to the letter...

Baldrey on Global news at 6:00 pm said  ....When asked about a public inquiry Baldrey said....

The public has no interest in a public inquiry.......The BC Rail trial never did capture the public`s imagination......The NDP are calling for a public inquiry but it`s not going to happen.....It`s similar to Bingogate under the NDP, the BC Liberals never did pursue a public inquiry after they were elected, I doubt the NDP will pursue a public inquiry if elected...

To which Chris Gailas responded, ...."Thanks for that Keith, another one for the archives".......

And with that Global news put to bed the BC Rail corruption trial and all the tentacles.....

Ian Reid over at the Real Story provided us with the information how only the Attorney General`s office can waive legal fees, NOT THE BC LIBERAL APPOINTED SPECIAL PROSECUTOR....Cut and pasted from Ian`s Post(read his entire article here)
: Ian Mulgrew is reporting that Mike DeJong is saying that the Special Prosecutor made the decision to pay the defense’s costs.
But the AG should know that’s not possible.  Under BC law only Cabinet and the minister can make that call. Here’s the relevant section of the Financial Administration Act:

Guarantees and indemnities

And there is a regulation that governs how this can be done:

Approval for indemnities on behalf of government

1 An indemnity may only be given by or on behalf of the government if
(a) prior written approval has been given by the Minister of Finance, or
(b) the director of the Risk Management Branch of the Ministry of Finance, or a person specified by the director for the purpose of this section, has given prior written assurance that the proposal for the indemnity has been reviewed and accepted by the Risk Management Branch

Now I am no legal scholar but there must be a way to garnish money or seize assets from the guilt ridden pleading defendents!.....

And lastly, this is a special message to the PAB...A special message to all BC Liberals...A real special message to the habitual liar Gordon Campbell.....

Mike De Jong has flatly refused a public inquiry....That`s a real shame because......Drum roll please......

The NDP are going to make a public inquiry into the illegal BC Rail sale and Campbell election fraud and lie......The NDP are going to make the public inquiry  part of their election platform!

And guess what, the BC Liberals Could call for a public inquiry, if they did they would be able to "appoint" one of their people to run/oversee/control the public inquiry but......

If the BC Liberals don`t call the inquiry, the NDP will and guess what, the NDP will be appointing their "special appointee" to run the BC Rail inquiry!
After all, the BC Liberals spent hundreds of $millions displaying the fast ferries on the north shore, the fast ferries were part of the BC Liberals election platform in the last 3 elections, they went out of their way to display, write, talk about, and if memory serves, the BC Liberals answered about 10,000 questions from the NDP in the B.C. Legislature with 1 stock answer...Fast Ferries, no matter what the question was about, questions on education funding, on health budget, questions on fish farms, question on the childrens ministry, 10,000 questions asked in the BC Legislature by the NDP and evey answer was...."Fast Ferries" snip

Indeed, revenge is a dish best served cold! 

Just a little food for thoughts friends, actually it`s a shot across the bow from your friendly neighborhood persuader, and if the BC Liberals attempt to sweep this under the carpet it will do great things for...

"Recall in the Fall"...

Pleasent dreams Mike De Jong and Gordon habitual Liar Campbell.......

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

I Can`t Comment, it`s Before the Courts

Great news folks, the "Mock BC Rail Corruption Trial" has ended..........

In a sudden turn of events Basi and Virk have plead guilty to lesser charges, the crown has offered a plea bargain, I haven`t looked at the deal and or punishment involved in this plea deal yet....Now before you regulars jump all over me for this post, think about how glorious an opportunity this brings.....

As a regular watcher of the B.C. Legislature for years, whether it was Wally Oppal, Colin Hansen, Mike De Jong, whether it was a transportation mininster, minister of finance, whether is was Patrick Kinsella......

Whether it was even Gordon Muir Campbell, I can`t tell how many questions from the opposition, from media, from radio callers, from everyone, I can`t tell you how many BC Rail questions were answered with....

"I can`t comment, it`s before the courts" snip

So now my friends, Gordon Campbell (if he doesn`t resign very soon)....When asked about Patrick Kinsella being paid by CN Rail and BC Rail at the same, when Campbell is asked about Martyn Brown, when Gordon Muir Campbell is asked about the massive now over $600 million dollar escalating at 9% interest per year tax indemnity clause that was inked in the election lie BC Rail sale deal.!!!!!

Gordon Campbell can longer hide behind it`s before the courts, and....

And the BC NDP Party can now demand, fan the flames, the NDP can insist for a complete public inquiry over the Campbell election lie and the selling of BC Rail....

Of course the B C Liberals can refuse a public inquiry but they will do so at their own peril.....

I know that many of you will be disappointed with the BC Rail corruption trial ending but....It was a farce, legal watchdogs shut this Mock trial down because it was humiliating to all, the legal purists, to the rule of law, the judge, the prosecution, the rulings, every part of this trial was nothing more than "Court jesters and fools" on display in a shameful squashing of justice.....

So Mr. Gordon Muir Campbell.....My first question to you is.....

1)How much do we owe CN Rail for the tax indemnity and when are we going to pay it, and if we aren`t paying it today, at 9% interest per year, when will we pay it, when it reaches $1 billion dollars!

Could you answer that question please Mr. Campbell!

I`m sure you all have questions, I`m sure the media has questions, let everyone get in line to hear answers to questions that have been refused for years!
A day to celebrate my friends!

The Straight Goods
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birds of a Feather Flock Together?

That`s true, usually birds of a feather flock together, but sometimes there are exceptions, in fact sometimes even politicos on the opposite side of each other can spot the obvious bright light!

That is if they are honest with themselves.......Because as you know and as I have reported that the Baldrey`s, Palmer`s, Bill Good, Les Leyne, everyone of those paid Gordon Campbell pimps have been artificially promoting Carole James as a great NDP leader, they are all liars, they have been lying to the public for years about the NDP fiscal and social record,........

Now the paid stooges are lying to themselves!

Let me be perfectly clear, I am no fan of Bernard Von Schulmann or his web site BC Iconclast,  we are oil and water when it comes to policies on the economy the environment on social issues but.....

Bernard Von Schulmann gives honest and well thought out positions on a myriad of issues, Bernard Von Schulmann has weighed in on the Carole James leadership challenge, Bernard gave his honest assessment on Carole James and......

And after careful consideration Bernard Von Schulmann has officially endorsed for leader of the NDP........

John Horgan

And it was a well thought out article, there may be hope for you yet Mr. Schulmann!....Read Bernard Von  Schulmann`s great assessment here

You see folks, left, right, center, I don`t care what your politics are, but I can`t condone the deliberate lies foisted on the public by stooges in the media with financial ties to Government, the main stream media have been propping up Carole James for the wrong reason, this is being done to help the BC Liberals, they are nothing but a bunch of gutless pukes who haven`t got the cojones to speak their mind!.....The BC Liberals don`t deserve power, they have earned an 8 year term in the penalty box, with luck maybe even a  8 year prison term!

It might take a few months, it might take a week but eventually Carole James will realize that she must step down, move aside for someone else for the good of the Province and the desperate public.....

Palmer/Baldrey/Good/Sean Leslie, those stooges will never change, they have financial incentives to promote Gordon Campbell`s lying Liberals, Baldrey`s wife works for Campbell, Sean Leslie`s wife works for the public affairs bureau, Palmer has his marching orders, Bill Good...Bill Good is an economic racist, a Bilderberger, a believer in economic classes of British Columbians....

Bernard Von Schulmann and I are polar opposites when it comes to ideology, but we have one thing in common.......
We can both be honest with ourselves!

The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gordon Campbell is now a 9/Christy Clark is a zero!

There have been flyers, advertisements, every BC Liberal stooge, all the paid economists, Bill Good, cluck cluck...Palmer and Baldrey, Smyth, Leyne, Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW, Global, CTV, Shaw,....Chambers of commerce, boards of trade, we have heard from rabblers, babblers, spinners and sinners, we heard from Sam, and despite........

Despite all that propaganda the public in the latest Angus Reid poll ....Nearly 75% are strongly opposed to the HST......The vast majority declare that they will vote against the HST, even low-income earners will vote against the HST, even if it means giving up their quarterly  food survival stipend...

Am I missing something, Gordon Campbell and all his spineless jellyfish MLAs stand up and tout the low income supplement, Campbell wears it like a badge of honour, Colin Hansen is as proud as a new young father with a baby, only Hansen`s pride is over the HST, the BC Liberals are proud, the fact that 1.1 million poor destitute living in poverty BCers will receive an HST credit, Campbell and Hansen wear that fact like a badge of honour, look at us, our great province, how on earth can Campbell and Hansen be proud of the fact that 1 in 4 people in B.C. need a suppliment to survive another layer of taxation...

And that`s Campbell`s last gambit to sell his economy killing tax, if you haven`t heard the news, later this month, October27th...Gordon Campbell has booked  $100,000.00 dollars plus worth of prime time air time on Global News....1/.2 hour of propaganda, Campbell and his minions are calling it an economic update, now that`s funny, we have idle MLAs not sitting in the Victoria legislature, Gordon Campbell again has single handidly decided there will be no legislative session, nothing to talk about, democracy has been stifled in this Province again, cobwebs and spiders have replaced our representatives and moved into the BC Legislature because Campbell is afraid of questions and legislation yet he has the audacity to spend your money to buy airtime, airtime where he controls the message, a friendly platform where no tough questions will be asked or answered,.......

Do you remember the last televised economic update, I do, in fact Campbell said things like...

October23/2008 The Televised speech
VICTORIA — Premier Gordon Campbell unveiled a dramatic 10-point economic plan Wednesday that promised cuts to taxes, changes in government spending and even a temporary cut to ferry fares.

In a 12-minute prime-time televised speech in which he struck the most dour tone he has taken on the economy since the beginning of the current global crisis, Campbell introduced a new private-sector pension plan, promised to re-evaluate all government spending and announced he would recall the legislature next month to implement all the necessary changes.

“Today, the world’s financial system is in the grips of the worst crisis in over 75 years,” Campbell said. “World stock markets are reeling, commodity prices are plunging and the world’s financial system is under significant pressure,” he added, saying B.C. is being “impacted by events beyond our control.”

Campbell said the two-per-cent personal income tax cut that took effect on July 1 would be made retroactive to the beginning of this year.

He said a three-per-cent personal tax cut that had been planned for January will also be made retroactive to the beginning of 2008, giving British Columbians a total tax cut of five per cent for this year.

The two tax cuts were initially envisioned to offset Campbell’s carbon tax, a climate action measure that is set to rise incrementally in the coming years.

Campbell did not announce any changes to the carbon tax, though he estimated the accelerated tax cuts would return an extra $144 million to the taxpayers of B.C.

The premier also said he would cut small business taxes one percentage point to 2.5 per cent effective Dec. 1, which he said would save $146 million for small businesses over three years.

He announced a voluntary pension plan for the estimated 75 per cent of private-sector workers who do not have access to a plan through their employers.

There was nothing that appeared to offer relief directly to B.C.’s struggling forest sector.

“British Columbians have every reason to be confident about their future,” Campbell said.

“We have faced tough times before and come through with flying colours. This time will be no different,” he added.
The rare prime-time address struck a much more dramatic tone than Campbell’s government has been sounding in recent weeks on the ability of the provincial economy to weather the global financial storm.

Finance Minister Colin Hansen told reporters in mid-September, the day the Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers collapsed, “We’re saying to British Columbians that while we have challenges on the economic front, we continue to have a strong economy; strong revenues that flow into government.

“We still see our forecast economic growth in British Columbia to be higher than pretty much any other jurisdiction in North America, and we expect that will continue,” Hansen said then.

The B.C. government had projected it would have a cushion of more than $1.7 billion this fiscal year — comprising a surplus and a $750 million forecast allowance — that it could translate into everything from tax cuts to extra spending.

Hansen did not update those numbers Wednesday, but acknowledged the turmoil of the past month.

“The world has changed very dramatically since Sept. 12,” Hansen said.

Campbell told reporters after the speech that the plan is meant to give people money they can use to keep the economy strong.

I think the bottom line is want to make sure we put more money into the economy,” he said.

“We’ve watched as our province has gone through difficult times before and when you put more money in people’s pockets, more money in small business, more money into the industrial sector, I think that actually stabilizes the economy and helps people make choices for themselves,” he said.

“We know tax cuts drive healthy economic activity.”

NDP leader Carole James said she was disappointed with the measures and thought much of what was announced lacked detail and fell short of what British Columbians wanted to see.

“I think tonight was more about the premier trying to repair his image than it was about repairing the challenges in the economy and addressing the challenges working families are facing,” James said.

“He missed the biggest opportunity, to address the biggest new tax that this government has brought in, which was the gas tax,” she said.

“He’s left the gas tax in place and it was a huge disappointment.”

The entire program is estimated to cost $485 million over the next three years.

The personal income taxes are estimated to mean an extra $56 for someone making $40,000 per year, and $140 for someone who makes $70,000.

Early business reaction was positive.

Helmut Pastrick, chief economist for Central 1 Credit Union, said while the tax cuts and acceleration of capital spending were expected, he was happy with the unlimited deposit insurance for credit union deposits.

“It certainly helps alleviate concerns individuals may have with their deposits,” he said, adding that some other provinces have already taken similar measures. “It’s quite likely ... that the federal government will go in that direction as well.”

The construction industry was pleased that infrastructure spending will be accelerated.

“The industry is slowing down. There’s certainty about some costs, more availability of labour, so taxpayers will get more value for their money now,” said Philip Hochstein, who speaks for independent contractors. “Speeding up and increasing infrastructure spending is exactly the right move.”

On the consumer side, Mark Startup, president of Retail BC, said the personal income tax cuts were very positive because they will leave British Columbians with more money to spend.

Startup said he was also happy about changes to provincial sales tax rules.

“It sounds like a small benefit, but at this time, as retailers are buckling down for choppy seas, a $25-million benefit is well received,” he said.

Marc Lee, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was critical of the Campbell’s speech, saying the government needs to start talking about deficits, not tax cuts.

“That’s a political no-go zone ... but everybody is talking about deficits right now and they need to be pretty sizable given the storm that’s coming is huge,” Lee said.

“The premier is suggesting a modest retouching of the living room, when we have a hurricane coming that threatens to blow the house down.”

Lee said he didn’t see anything that would benefit low-income families and those most vulnerable.

“The mindset that we always have to balance the budget means that if revenues really take a sharp drop-off, then government will have to cut spending,” he said. “That’s only going to make the underlying situation worse.

He said said accelerated spending on infrastructure should include climate change, which could be addressed by building up public transit infrastructure.

While Campbell’s address was meant to respond to global financial uncertainty, it is also precedes two byelections — in Vancouver-Fairview and Vancouver-Burrard — to be held next week, and a general election next May 12.

Veteran political observer Norman Ruff said before Campbell’s speech he thought Campbell had taken lessons from the U.S. and Canadian federal elections, in which voters have demanded candidates demonstrate a firm grasp of economic issues.

Ruff said Campbell can improve the economic outlook for B.C., but added that the speech’s role in the pre-election agenda cannot be understated.

“There is a civic role to play here, so it’s partly that, but one can’t forget he’s a premier facing a general election in May, not to mention the two byelections next week,” Ruff said.

“One doesn’t have to be an old hard cynic to realize this is the kickoff for the May 2009 election.”

The above highlights and lowlights was from Campbell`s televised speech in 2008, followed with some commentary  from pundits....The Story was from Johnathon Fowlie

Now where was I....Let me slice and dice what Campbell said and did on October23/2008....

Gordon Campbell doubled the fee paid to small business to collect the PST, a move that was worth $25 million dollars to small business, ...But guess what, with the HST not only is that additional fee not paid to small business, small business with the HST now get paid ZERO dollars to collect tax, the additional and original fee has been stripped from small business, a $50 million dollar hit.

Campbell talked about a new pension?...That has vanished from the "radar"....But more importantly, the so-called income tax cuts, they were announced before the HST, and oh what large cuts they were, someone earning $60,000.00 per year with the announced income tax cuts was to save $60 dollars per year, and guess what, those tax cuts were to offset the Gordon Campbell carbon tax, yet now Hansen and Campbell are calling the same tax cuts that took place in early 2009 and July 2010 as offsetting the HST, which is it? the last 2 income tax cuts were announced at the 2008 televised speech, one took effect in 2009 the other in 2010.....And look what else Campbell said after that speech, .....Campbell talked about consumer confidence, he talked how the best way to stimulate the economy was to and I quote..." They best way to stimulate the economy is to put more money in consumers hands"

That was then, yet after our last election Campbell reached into your pockets for $2 billion dollars per year tax hit, a direct lie, a massive flip flop,  before the election tiny tax cuts, after the election $2 billion dollar tax hit, per year, the largest new tax in B.C. history.....and what do we have to show for it, the food industry is down, forestry is reeling, tourism is flat, cross border shopping is rampant, businesses on our side of the border have been crushed, the consumer have pulled back and we have lost thousands of jobs, that is the result of the HST, ....The reason I put Campbell`s 2008 televised speech for you to peruse is....

Look at all the contradictions, look how Campbell gave to small business then took it back plus more, look how Campbell gave a $60 dollar income tax break to offset the carbon tax only to take $2000 dollars more each year in the form of HST....Look how Campbell said the best way to stimulate the economy was to put money in consumers pockets yet after the election Campbell flip flopped and is taking $2 billion dollars or more per year from consumers, .......Look what Hansen said in that 2008 economic speech, all his budget lie numbers on display, the imaginary surplus, how great BC  is compared to any other jurisdiction in the world.

So that`s the deal folks, Gordon Campbell rather than being able to speak for free and address the very serious concerns BCers have in our Legislature has decided to spend $hundreds of thousands of dollars on a televised speech, a speech where Campbell will go out of his way to scare the 1.1 million BCers living in poverty ...He will talk about the removal of the cheque, Campbell will stand tall and be proud of his flock of poor people who get a little cheque four times a year for food,......

No folks, Gordon Campbell won`t open the legislature, Campbell won`t talk how the HST cheque is to make people living in poverty whole, Campbell will act and sound like a proud father, proud of the low income HST, Campbell will come across in a tone of celebration, yes siree Bob, the premier will tell the 1.1 million starving people in B.C. that receive this life sustaining offsetting HST rebate that they should be dancing a jig in the streets!

B.C. tourism is on the ropes, B.C. auto sales are down, restaurants are laying off thousands, BCers heading south to Washington state is up 60% , Watcom  county is reporting the sale of  retail goods to BCers up a staggering 55% since the HST....The HST fraud is hurting the economy, the Michael Campbell`s, the Michael Levy`s, Fraser institute, Jack Mintz, Colin Hansen, .....They talk of job losses for 5 years because of the HST, they talk about how it will take a decade to see positive results from the HST, it`s all hooey, it`s a fraud, there is no way to quantify jobs and investment after a decade and point to the HST as the catalyst, it`s voodoo economics......
Without the HST, over 10 years the BC consumer would inject $20 billion more dollars into the economy, how many jobs would $20 billion create, ...a heck of lot more than taking $20 billion dollars out....

It`s all perfectly clear why Gordon Campbell is a 3 and according to the latest Angus Reid poll......

Gordon Campbell has achieved an all time low approval rating of 9%, No Premier in the history of B.C. has ever polled that low, that includes Glen Clark and Vander Zalm at their lowest points in their careers!.......That means that less ...LESS ...LESS than 1 person in 10 approve of Gordon Campbell.........I wonder how long the media will support Campbell and the HST, because according to the latest poll numbers, the only people in the Province supporting the Campbell Liberals are the media!

You can read the latest poll here 

The Straight Goods
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