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The Trans Pacific Partnership. Canada And Imperial Globalization. Part I

The Trans Pacific Partnership.  Canada And Imperial Globalization.  Part I

Written by Robin Mathews

A characteristic of Imperial Globalization is criminal manipulation of people and events for the profit of a few. It includes massive ‘disinformation’ about equality, benefits, social development, law,  improved standards of living, etc.  The disinformation is spread by “authoritative” news sources.  In the hands of gigantic, wealthy, private corporations, globalization is a process which works to erase sovereign democracies and replace them with “treatied” sub-states, economic colonies ruled by faceless, offshore, often secret, unaccountable powers.

Corruption - often not put into context – is endemic to globalization because the process creates lawless parallel government which uses lawless (and criminal) modes of operation that infect traditional government (apparently) working within the rule of law.
Parties and governments cooperating with globalization forces (Canadian governments have co-operated since the 1987 Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement) are, by their actions, committed to giving up independent democracy in favour of  rule by “international”, unelected, often secretly operating front organizations (and adjudicating panels) acting on behalf of so-called “international capital”. 

The phrase ‘International Capital’ implies great wealth, but doesn’t suggest the full aggressive reality of the force. “International capital”, in fact, is made up of consortiums of corporate and financial power wielding heavy influence on most Western governments (largely working from the U.S.A.), undermining democratic forces, and having available the NATO and U.S. military to back its ‘global’ policies.

A Canadian Tradition of Sell-Out

Since the Brian Mulroney Conservative government acted in 1987, Canadian governments have believed that by supporting international capital and globalization the wealthy of Canada will be part of a ‘global’ club, and will benefit greatly, profiting from the erasure of democracy in Canada.

That makes for consistency of policy through apparently different governments.  Since 1987 no Party that has won federal government in Canada has rejected ‘imperial globalization’ … and each has, indeed, worked to enter so-called Trade Treaties which give away rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Moving in an undemocratic, fascist direction,  Canadian governments (which appear to change) maintain the same ‘globalization’ policies and so – beneath propaganda about root differences – they carry forward the same basic, destructive policies. 

As the failure to take legal action against Mike Duffy’s (almost certainly criminal) false accusers in the Conservative structure shows, the Liberals are, apparently, too closely partnered with the Conservatives  (at the invisible top) to act meaningfully against them.

The complete silence on that subject in Ottawa tells (almost) all one needs to know. 

A Poster-Boy For Sell-Out..

Meanwhile, the jockeying for top national political position continues – and the competition whether to employ soft or hard fascism continues. 

As example we may use the cardboard cut-out figure, Conservative Peter MacKay, apparently considering throwing his cap into the ring as a contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party (apparently supported by the National Post).  He was cabinet minister through most of the years of Harper misrule – as federal justice minister and attorney general of Canada – among other roles.

Peter MacKay takes more than a half a page of the National Post (Apr. 25/A8) to urge Canadians (in large Capital Letters) to


George Orwell would have loved every word of the MacKay article. In short – beneath the surface language – it says that whatever repressive government in Ottawa chooses to make as law … is law.  And the guardian of fundamental Canadian Rights and Freedoms (made clear in the Charter) - the Supreme Court of Canada - has no place in the legislation process.  If a gutted and criminal House of Commons passes fascist legislation – that should be the law.  Period.  MacKay builds the non-argument around a favourite far-Right Conservative matter – ‘tough-on-crime’ legislation.

A member of the Leadership Mob that made the House of Commons a lackey-rubber-stamp for every and any violation of Canadian democracy, MacKay writes of the House of Commons as a
democratically elected and accountable parliament” and he writes of the brutal, neo-fascist power-core of the Harper regime as a group making decisions “through a democratic and consultative process”.

MacKay writes, remember, as a member of the Conservative government that gagged scientists, destroyed valuable libraries, attempted to appoint an unqualified Supreme Court judge, denied the human rights of a deeply wronged Maher Arar, fired the head of Atomic Energy Canada for doing her job, sold off the Canadian Wheat Board in the face of a protesting majority of its members, worked at least two Election Scandals (In-and-Out, and Robocalls) and – most recently – was proved by a higher court to have worked in organized collaboration to entrap and deny the fundamental rights of a Canadian senator: Mike Duffy.  (That incomplete list reveals Peter MacKay’s deep concern for the rule of law.)

Responsible Government. For Whom?

Probably most disturbing in the whole recent story of our democracy is the visible (self-chosen) impotence of the elected representatives of the Canadian people in the House of Commons.  Through ten years of wilful desecration of Canadian democracy, only one Conservative Member of Parliament, Brent Rathgeber, resigned from the Conservative Caucus and sat as an Independent Member. He also wrote a book for Canadians, fittingly entitled: Irresponsible Government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada (2014).  
Corruption … At A Gallop

The Mike Duffy trial revealed – almost certainly – criminal action on the part of significant Conservatives involved in government. Moreover, practised legal professionals fashioned 31 criminal charges against that Canadian – AND NOT ONE OF THE CHARGES COULD HOLD UP under fair judicial scrutiny.  Reasonable and prudent Canadians may conclude that the charges were fashioned maliciously, lawlessly, in Breach of Trust, and for malign Public Relations reasons. The fact that all 31 charges against Mr. Duffy were squashed strongly suggests “a put up job”. And the (too guarded) but strong response of the judge adds another reason to believe full criminal investigation of the Affair should be undertaken to protect Canadian democracy.

[I believe there is no other example in Canadian history of a single Canadian being charged, at one time, with more than 30 criminal charges – NOT ONE of which was able to hold up in court. That is because never before in history has the Canadian State staged such a brazen, criminal attack on the Rights and Freedoms of a Canadian.]

Consider: a malicious, criminal machine, operated at the highest level of government, appears, baselessly, to have conspired to destroy a Canadian – who is found innocent of all 31 alleged criminal acts.  His innocence is proved … and not a Member of Parliament nor a single public commentator in national press and media demands that the actors involved in concocting the 31 non-viable charges against the innocent person be fully and completely investigated with a view to laying charges against one or many of the perpetrators, if charges are warranted. 

Exposed in the trial were the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, members of his office, certain senators, RCMP officers, Prosecution personnel – to name only the most visible.  The failure – still! – in the House of Commons to demand full accounting means, simply, that the MPs do not represent - and make almost no pretence that they do represent the people of Canada. (If Canadian readers were told that of another “democratic” country, they would shake their heads in disbelief.)

The failure of the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau screams of covert policies (shared with the Conservative Party) kept from the Canadian people.

So What Do We Do?

That present, desperate condition must change the role and attitude of all aware and caring Canadians.  They must seriously consider the prospect of creating a new party (or really empowering and bulking-out a present, small one presently unrepresented in Parliament) devoted to sweeping the board of the present “club of ill-doers”, and reversing the fascist directions of present Canadian government.

[Send this column on to MPs, and to others.]

Written by Robin Mathews


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