Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jane Thornthwaite`s decision to drink

Let`s talk consequences of Drinking and Driving, a few personal stories and some stubborn facts.
First off, the lack of leadership displayed by Gordon Campbell on the Drunken driving Jane Thornthwaite committed is incompetent, a lack of any integrity, a complete slap in the face to every victim of the carnage inflicted by drunk drivers, I of course expected as much from a man who has broken law after law with impunity, Gordon Campbell is not a premier,he`s an excuse maker, an obfuscator, Gordon Campbell has never once in his entire career made a tough decision, I have seen better decision making by children, if this is the best you can do Gordon Campbell it`s time for you to resign, you are a complete moral failure.
The Jane Thornthwaite drinking and driving affair, I heard her apology, she`s sorry she got caught, in the era of information and knowledge on drunk driving her actions were unacceptable, when Jane Thornthwaite decided to drink that night she made a conscious decision to drink and drive, from the time of her very first drink that night she chose to break the law, Jane Thornthwaite should have decided then at that very moment that she would be taking a taxi, but she didn`t, statistics bear out that drinking drivers drive drunk 135 times before they`re caught, and it is obvious that Jane Thornthwaite has drunk and drove on many many occasions, is that a libelous statement, no it`s not, by her own admission Jane Thornthwaite claimed the ability to know what her blood alcohol level was at, that my friends is not a person who is truly sorry for anything but being caught!
You see, if a person never drank in their entire life,a non-drinker for some reason consumed and made a mistake could claim they never realized their blood alcohol limit could get so high,but that`s not the case, Jane Thornthwaite is a drinker,hundreds if not thousands of people can testify to that,in fact two days before the drunk driving affair Jane Thornthwaite while out celebrating tweeted about how great BC wine is, again, another admission to consuming alcohol, the conscious decision to drink knowing full well where her car was parked, at that moment she knew full well that she would be drinking and driving and breaking the law.
The one drink rule, I`m no lawyer but I am familiar with law, it is an offence to have even one drink and get behind the wheel of an automobile, if you get pulled over or drive through a road block and are asked if you have been drinking, if you answer yes,even if you only had one drink of wine, the police have no choice but to issue a 24 hour driving suspension, even if you blow a clean breath test on the portable device,the green pass light can come on but it matters not,you had one drink and a 24 hour mandatory suspension from driving must be issued, Jane Thornthwaite knew that, her decision to drive drunk was a conscious decision,not a mistake but a deliberate act, for her to say that she thought her blood alcohol reading would be lower is disgusting, for what Jane Thornthwaite is saying is this ....
"I Jane Thornthwaite drink and drive but have no fear because I usually stop drinking just short of the legal limit."
For Gordon Campbell to wash his hands of the event and not discipline Jane,no consequences,nothing,she can retain her $100K dollar a year job, what Gordon Campbell is saying ......... "Que sera sera,whatever will be will be,the future not ours to see, Que sera sera"
Imagine me expecting Gordon Campbell to set a precedence,a precedence on morals or ethics by forcing Jane Thorthwaite to step down, boy was I dreaming!
When I was 14 years old, summer in Garden Bay, my older sister had a friend named Janice and boy was she pretty, well here it was this summer evening, my sister had her friend staying over night and visiting us, my sister and Janice being older and allowed out late, well anyway they came home and Janice when my sister wasn`t around approached me gave me a big hug and a deep kiss and remarked on how cute I was, I was flabbergasted and boy was that kiss good,I wanted more of them, well my sister saw the second kiss and Janice and I were both embarrassed, the night ended, the next morning Dad and I were up at 5:00 AM to go fishing, we had a Salmon charter to do, well friends I can tell you that fishing wasn`t on my mind, no way, that next morning I was a love struck teenager with a Girl on my mind, never the less Dad and I went fishing and I couldn`t wait to back home, kisses and hugs were occupying my mind, 3:00 pm we return to the dock, we go home, my sister and Janice weren`t home, they had gone to Ruby Lake to go swimming that day.
The phone rang shortly after we got home,my Mom answered the phone, her face went pale, there`s been an accident, few details at this time but what we ultimately learned was this, my sister and Janice were swimming in Ruby Lake and a water ski boat with a Drunken Driver raced his boat into the swimming area and mowed Janice down,she was sliced by the prop,her face,her arms,legs,body were shredded by the propeller,a float plane landed in an emergency call and airlifted her to Vancouver,she was still alive but.....
I was in shock,my sister was in shock, my first love,my first kiss,my first crush and the very next day she`s almost dead and mangled, I went to Vancouver General hospital to visit as soon as the hospital staff would okay it, she had deep wounds when I saw her and I knew dozens of surgeries would be required,Janice didn`t want to live, I was still a love struck teenager and I didn`t see the scars, I brought her hot home-made lunches and dinners everyday for three weeks, fresh wild salmon dinner,roasts beef,pasta, home-made pies, a love struck teenager taking a bus from Burnaby to Vancouver General hospital everyday with steaming hot food in tupperware and tin foil.
The tears are pouring from my eyes as I write this story, sorry, give me a minute to recompose, ok,where was I....Janice had a lot of problems,many surgeries and I couldn`t sustain the effort,ultimately I got but one more kiss from Janice, my first love and I were not to be, but I learned a hard lesson early in life about consequences of drinking and driving, the other story I told you in the below post, that episode with the drunk man in the Park struck a real cord in me too....I had a in-law member of our family who was regularly driving drunk, he was drinking on his lunch break,coffee break, he had gotten away so many times driving drunk but just before the park episode he had several accidents, including being broad-sided when he drove right into traffic at a stop,or should I say he WAS supposed to stop,he didn`t, he wasn`t injured but he was on his way to pick-up his young daughter, my sisters daughter, I warned him never again, he ignored me and I was forced to call the authorities on him,to this day my relationship with my sister and her husband is vacant, I miss my sister but I couldn`t be around it or condone his actions.
Like I say, all through my life major set-backs and events have unraveled my plans, anyway, drinking driving is personal to me,personal to the thousands of dead grieving family members whom had their lives ripped apart by drunk drivers.
So when I say I am disappointed with the lack of leadership or morals and ethics displayed by Gordon Campbell is an under statement, Jane Thornthwaite probably needs to join AA or ALANON or some other self-help group, Jane won`t step down from public duty,..Gordon Campbell won`t step up to the plate and discipline anyone, the drinking and driving from public officials will continue,nothing will change, no example will be set.....All we can expect from leadership from Gordon Campbell is..
"Que sera sera,whatever will be will be, the future not ours to see,que sera sera"!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Full of Tears

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jane Thornthwaite apology rings hollow!

Time for a serious discussion on ethics, thousands of Canadians are killed by drunk drivers every year.

When I lived in south Burnaby several years back,my apartment looked out onto Richmond park(In south Burnaby,don`t let the name fool you) I could barely walk as I was still not recovered from a serious leg injury and never will, anyway, one summer day in the early evening (5:00PM ish)...I heard kids screaming from the park (There is a little kid play area in the park and a community center adjacent to the park)...I limped to my bottom floor balcony and looked out to the park,to my amazement there was a little Honda car rat racing in and around the children at a high rate of speed,right inside the grassy park, I as quick as I could limped over my balcony and went to the park,on my way to the park the car took off, being angered beyond belief I asked if anyone knew who the idiot was...No one knew, I waited a few minutes and lo n behold the car appeared on the other side of the park and was heading down the road towards where it had entered the park the first time, I wasn`t sure if it was the same car but I went limping towards where it entered the park the first time, down the road came the car and then I saw it starting a 90 degree turn towards the park,the car had to hop the curb to enter the park,the car arrived, I arrived, I bolted(Pure adrenalin) towards the car and placed myself directly in front of the car, it revved it`s motor and inched towards me, it stopped, parents and kids congregated at the scene, the driver got out and cursed at me to move, I grabbed him by the collar and said your under arrest,I yelled for someone to call 911....5 minutes later the police arrived and hauled the man away, his eyes were bloodshot,he reeked of booze,he had no shoes on and one sock, his car had empty bottles all over the front and back seat,the drunk driver who blew triple the limit was lucky he never killed a child! The parents and community center staff called me a hero, I`m not a hero, I`m a protector of those who can`t protect themselves,it`s not in my nature to walk away.

But what I want to talk about is Jane Thornthwaite`s apology.

Would Jane Thornthwaite`s apology mean anything if she struck another car and there were minor injuries? Would she resign if she caused minor physical injuries? What if she killed someone,would she then resign? What if Jane Thornthwaite crashed her car into a telephone pole and had minor injuries to herself,would she resign then? These questions need to be answered, I was watching Global news tonight wondering what coverage it would get, 20 minutes into the news they did a 30 second spot, I then switched to CTV news at 11:30 with Bill Good to see what coverage he would give the story,a brief 30 second piece but then what happened shocked me, Bill Good said the people of North Vancouver were prepared to forgive her,they had 3 people whose names weren`t mentioned and showed the viewers what these anonymous people said...The first person said, "Well she did say sorry"...The second person said..."It`s not a good example but I can forgive her".....The third person said.." She has accepted responsibility for her actions,we all make mistakes" snip

Well friends, that was the most disgusting piece of dribble I have ever seen, CTV and Bill Good, a few hours after the story was reported and that BC Liberal news and radio hack Bill Good was making the case for forgive and forget,CTV and Bill Good should be utterly ashamed of themselves!

The Global news report said she was pulled over at a road block on Main Street under the second narrows bridge, that`s a long way from the sea bus, we know from her twitter account two days before this incident,while out partying she tweeted "BC wine is the best"

Did she take the sea bus that night, if she did she must have drunk and drove that night too, there must be witnesses who can attest to her actions two days before Jane Thornthwaite being busted for Drunk driving, by now you have heard or read Jane Thornthwaite`s statement, she said she knows drinking and driving is wrong,dangerous,she said she knew better, but we know that rings hollow because she drove anyway, how can anyone say I know it was wrong and dangerous but I did it anyway but I`m sorry and I take full responsibility, that doesn`t make sense,that`s a lie and I`m not afraid of libel from Jane Thornthwaite, the Tyee might pussy foot around but I won`t, if she sued me the publicity would be great, but that`s not the issue here,the issue is endangering lives and knowingly breaking the law on more than one occasion, unless she brings forth a witness to say they drove her home the night she tweeted about how great BC wine is, and testified under oath, I feel very safe in my accusations.

So is there really a difference between the drunk driver who just gets caught without a car accident or injury,is there really a difference? I don`t think so, Jane Thornthwaite must resign or be kicked out of Government, it must happen, for to "forgive and forget" is allowing this practice to continue, if a public figure knows his or her job is over for this type of infraction they will be less likely to offend, Gordon Campbell has no morals or ethics so don`t expect him to make Jane Thornthwaite resign, another real funny irony is this, she made a Christmas message for the public where she urged everyone to "Not drink and drive through the holiday season"

These anonymous people who were giving Jane Thorthwaite support on CTV amaze me, especially the one who said "At least she has taken responsibility for her actions"... Has she?

No bloody way, what else would she say in her written statement ....Would she say ..I take no responsibility for my actions, I was force fed booze, they put a gun to my head to drive, no friends the apology rings hollow.

And I would like to leave this with you, could you imagine, you know what would be an honest apology and taking responsibility, if after the first night she drunk and drove, Jane Thornthwaite made a public statement ...Imagine this because you will never see it...

I Jane Thornthwaite the other night drank wine and spirits, I drove intoxicated to my home in North Vancouver, I had no accidents and made it home safely, I never got pulled over but I should have been pulled over, I apologize to all the visitors to the Province of BC, I apologize to the people of BC, I let each and everyone of you who voted for me down, I failed in my duty as a public servant, even though I never got caught for drinking and driving I feel it is important to confess and to promise to never ever drink and drive again.

That my friends would be honest, Jane Thornthwaite`s after the fact apology rings nothing but hollow, she makes over a 100 hundred thousand dollars per year, she can afford a taxi, she must resign, she must set the example for the rest to follow.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BC Liberal Charged with impaired driving last night

Breaking news....BC Liberal MLA from North Vancouver Jane Thornthwaite Charged with impaired driving last night!!!!!!!!!!
Details when they are available!
Everyone was told not to drive to Olympic sporting events, everyone was told to take Transit,Sea bus,Taxi or the West Coast Express....But this case is far more serious because she wasn`t at a sporting venue,she was at Several party tents, Sochi house was the last booze tent she was at, the previous day she was also at these booze tents and tweeted about "How Delicious bC wine is".......One can only surmise she was Boozin and Crusin the previous days only she wasn`t caught.
For your information ...This is the law, "It is a 24 hour suspension from driving even if you have but one drink"!
Even if you blow green on the breathalyzer machine but admit to having one drink you will get a 24 hour suspension, for Jane Thornthwaite to be way over the legal limit is disgusting...
Imagine how big the story could of been, picture this headline, ( 5 Olympic visitors killed by Drunken BC Politician)
Apparantly she was boozing it up big time and gulping wine by the boatload!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, February 22, 2010

Then there was light!

Friends this is amazing, energy, clean energy,cheap energy, no grid, no radiation, this isn`t fiction, many of the top companies in the world are using it, what is it?

The BLOOM BOX.....I never heard of it before, 60 minutes did a story on this revolutionary power plant, Colin Powell,the one honourable member of the Bush administration is on the board of directors.

Electrical and Coal monopolies are trembling in their boots over this device, the cost to buy the Bloom Box could be as low as $2000 dollars, and who cares if the cost was even $20,000 dollars per home.(Read the story here)

Watch the video here....

Friends, if the Bloom Box is for real it`s all over for wind power,the end of Run of River.

The folly of big run of river power, the financial disaster of signing 30 year lucrative power buying contracts, not lucrative for British Columbia but a windfall for private power companies,Plutonic and Naikun wind power being showered with your tax dollars, we as a species are on the cusp of amazing new technology for producing "Clean Green Power" without an environmental footprint the size of the Jolly Green Giant.

The company is having a "coming out" party on Wensday, the VIP list includes Colin Powell, many "Fortune 500" companies like Ebay and others who are already using the "Bloom Box"...And guess who else is going to be at the Bloom Box party?...No other than Arnold Schwazenneger...Gordo must be having a heart attack over this, his buddy Arnie is on board, like everything Gordon Campbell has done as BCs premier, he`s a dollar short and a day late, run of river, Gordon Campbell knows it`s all but over, Gordon Campbell "Couldn`t run a lemonade stand"

It could also bankrupt the Province unless the secret "Not in the public interest power buying contracts" aren`t torn up...Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Paul Taylor/Plutonic. This Bloom Box could be the greatest thing since "Sliced Bread"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Matter of Respect

Sometimes when I`m out and about whether it be waiting for a ferry, buying groceries or waiting in a bank line-up I tend to stare, I can`t explain it, people gaze at me and it`s not for my good looks or lack there of, many times people ask me what I`m looking at and the answer is nothing, despite an intense looking stare I am always deep in thought, the ability to see everything with clarity while formulating deep thought, I hardly blink an eye for that`s all it takes to miss something.

The last few years my mind has been burning, I listen to conversations and time and time again the words I hear are of anger or disappointment and always it`s government related, this raging fire ablaze in my head cannot be put out, maybe I am in need of therapy, time to concede, capitulate to the powers that be but something prevents me from laying down, I try and educate people where ever I go, funny though, where ever I have lived the riding has never voted for Gordon Campbell with the exception of 2001, in South Burnaby while riding buses I have made public speeches pointing out the crimes of Gordon Campbell, while listening to people and if I hear them complaining of one thing or another I go out of my way to tell them why it has happened, and almost always the culprit is Gordon Campbell and his MLAS.

Occasionally my outrage can`t be contained, 2 years back I was on the radio twice a week and I was determined to embarrass Gordon Campbell, for months I talked about insulin pumps for children with diabetes, the heart felt statements I made about Campbell`s inability to fund insulin pumps for poor kids on the radio, and you know what, the BC Liberals relented, and in typical Campbell fashion he announced he was going to fund the pumps for poor families with a photo-op, I didn`t care about the photo-op as long as young kids could live a normal life, I felt the weekly embarrassment I threw at Gordon Campbell worked, but as usual with Gordon Campbell the devil was in the details for it turns out that although he was going to fund poor families who qualified financially he set the limit on yearly funding at $2 million dollars, or about 200 kids, well friends there are over a thousand families with small children with the bad type of diabetes who qualify financially, just so we are all clear the serious type of diabetes these kids need many shots per day, they need to be tested multiple times per day and for 3 year olds, 6,7, 10 year old children their lives are on hold, these kids without an automatic pump can`t attend parties,field trips, sleep overs at friends, but with an insulin pump that costs about $10,000 dollars they can be regulated by this device and children can have their childhood back, and here as I gaze intently at nothing another fire rages, $600 million for a retractable roof and the insulin pump program is capped at $2 million per year or roughly 200 kids, but what about the other 1000 poor children waiting for insulin pumps, for with $20 million dollars all the poor children can have pumps, other provinces fund these pumps but not here in BC, I have heard there are so many loop-holes designed to deny families or only partially fund them, there is a 40,000 $ dollar cut-off for family income, well friends in this town,this province $40,000 for a family income is the poverty level.

But I ask you this, what do you say to the 1000 kids on the waiting list? next year? Maybe you will be chosen next year Billy, be patient Sally, you know childhood comes around but once, it`s short,fleeting, once kids reach a certain age they can test and inject themselves, how long is a year in a life of a child, with the massive spike in diabetes the Gordon Campbell $2 million per year program will never catch up or reduce the waiting lists, you know diet is important, poor families eat poorer quality food so the problem gets exasperated with the poor, Pepsi,coca cola, McDonalds, the big advertisers are as guilty as anyone for causing the spike in diabetes, but what I really wanted to talk about is respect, how can anyone fund that retractable roof for $600 million dollars while only $2 million per year for insulin pumps, what dis-respect to those families, yet this Government, this cowardly gutless Gordon Campbell who dis-respected us by lying about selling BC Rail, he dis-respected 9000 female workers when he tore up a legally negotiated contract and fired all of them.

Dis-respect for Wild Salmon, Campbell has lied and gored everyone`s ox, and for those who tried to speak up were gagged with an illegal law, a gag law that was approved by an ex- judge who knew it was illegal,that judge being Wally Oppal, the same Wally Oppal who Gordon Campbell wants to be the chief judge in BC, that of course is illegal,we have no Chief judge in BC right now because Gordon Campbell is working on breaking that law as well, mark my words,Wally Oppal by hook or by crook will be appointed to that position, a slap in the face of the judiciary,Gordon Campbell never met a law he wouldn`t break, when the new Government takes over I fully intend to lobby to have illegal contracts that are financially harmful to the public to be torn-up,that goes for all the power buying agreements,we don`t have to honour contracts based on lies, what`s good for the BC Liberals is good for the NDP.

The 2009 election was an insult to every BC voter, the election was an illegal fraud, the deficit, the HST, the cuts, the "Stealing of gaming grants" Gordon Campbell has no mandate to steal from us, recall, whatever it takes, the Cambie merchants were dis-respcted,they were told lies, no compensation, Susan Heyes and Cameron Ward, courageous warriors, yet I have heard many times on the radio and TV that Susan Heyes "Won $600,000 Dollars", that offends me,CKNW portray Susan Heyes law suit as a win, like a lottery win, Michael Smyth especially called the law suit "A Win" friends,Susan Heyes never "won" anything,the case isn`t over and those are her financial losses, there is no win, being made whole isn`t a windfall, it`s justice, Rich Coleman, Mike De Jong, Kevin Falcon,George Abbot, Shirley Bond, Pat Krueger, Wally Oppal, everyone of those habitual liars have dis-respected us, Wally Oppal especially, a man who knows the law, an ex-judge who when bringing in the gag law....You know what Wally Oppal said about the Gag Law?....Wally said.."I hoisted the Gag law up a flag pole to see how it would fly" Snip....

Can you imagine, an ex- judge bringing in laws he knows are illegal, a cowardly man you are Wally Oppal, you gave away any respect you had at the behest of Gordon Campbell, you are not worthy Wally Oppal, in fact any credentials you have should be torn up, $ 100 million dollars for rental of Whistler for the Olympics, $35 million for the owners of GM place for Olympic events, every crown corporation funneling money to Vanoc, Campbell has stated that mining companies who had leases in the Flathead valley "will be compensated" yet the Cambie merchants, flight schools, heli-skiing companies, none of these entities will get a dime from the Province, there are two sets of rules with Gordon Campbell, those who pay the BC Liberal party and those who don`t. A corrupt political party, Richard Nixon went down for a few minutes of tape while Gordon Campbell has ordered the destruction of thousands of documents!

Alexandra Morten has been dis-respected,injured workers have been left with nothing, seniors, my god the betrayal against seniors is beyond compare, Kam Lee wrote about his father in law, his wife`s father being treated with such dis-respect, I could feel his pain,it`s real and will never go away, Pete Piercey was dis-respected and robbed by the Campbell government, thousands of seniors have been left to die waiting, this year Gordon Campbell jacked up their care rates, seniors in these homes are now left with like $100 per month out of their pensions, and that Lying bastard Kevin Falcon was smiling and tee heeing when he announced the increases, I am not a violent person but I have heard people saying they wish Gordon Campbell and his cabinet ministers would drop dead, I could care less if the entire Campbell government all perished in a plane accident or died of food poisoning, the pain and suffering Gordon Campbell has inflicted upon the masses, the pain and suffering Gordon Campbell and his ministers have refused to alleviate, it`s a matter of respect, how many tears, how many Kam Lee`s, how many Grant G`s, how many young children with diabetes have to be dis-respected, what will it take for even one member of this government to stand up for those who can`t stand up on their own, how many seniors have to sit in soiled under garments for days, eat unhealthy foods, how many surgeries have to cancelled, how many people have to fly planes into buildings, how many more suicide notes will it take, it`s a matter of respect, how many of you would respect a sacrificial Martyr?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Sleeping Dogs lie!

Just before Christmas last year on my way to the big city I heard about a man, a 76 year old man with dementia and diabetes who spent 5 months in a hallway at the over crowded Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, it`s time to talk acute care beds.

Anyway, a man by the name of Pete Piercey was in a hallway for 5 months, 5 months with a flimsy curtain in a hallway, 5 months of being rolled around in a hallway,I was personally in shock over the true story of Pete Piercey, I wasn`t shocked over the fact he was in a hallway in a BC hospital, I`ve spent time in the hallway myself, almost every BC hospital has patients in hallways, the part that really offended me was the response from the Vancouver island health authority when the story broke.

Now I`m not blaming the health authority, I blame the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, you see folks if a health authority speaks out against the government they are punished financially,anyway, the hospital staff claimed when they asked (Pete Piercey) if he was OK in a hallway he answered yes, well excuse me, a frail scared man with dementia who was afraid to speak up, scared they would kick him out, so the staff claimed he was happy in the hallway,well well well, the story gets better, VIHA then did the unthinkable sin, they went after the man`s money and were charging him $55 dollars a day for that hallway space, that works out to over $20 thousand dollars per year, luckily the story broke in the media and VIHA backed off on charging this sick man for 10 feet of hallway space. (read the story here)

Lets go back to to the 2001 BC Provincial election, I remember many promises from Gordon Campbell, this was before he turned into the Habitual liar, anyways here are a few of the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell`s first lies, remember this one from Gordon " I won`t sell BC Rail" well the trial starts in a couple of months, how about this one..." I will honour the HEU contract"......Well we know what happened, the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell ripped up that contract and there was the largest mass firing of Woman in Canadian history.

Ultimately the mass illegal firing made it`s way to the supreme court of Canada and despite millions of our BC tax dollars spent on lawyers the Supreme court ruled against the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell and there was a settlement offer of about $90 million dollars, although that settlement didn`t help the workers who lost homes, who had marriages break-up,it didn`t help the many suicides that occurred from the stress of the situation, oh indeed friends, Gordon Campbell has blood on his hands, you might not see the red stains of blood through those red mittens but it`s there!

Well, I didn`t want to talk about those lies and hundreds more, the one lie from Gordon Campbell and everyone of the BC Liberals I want to discuss is the one about..

" I promise to build 5000 new acute care beds" snip

Remember that little 2001 promise, well here it is in 2010, 9 years later and there are less acute care beds today then there was in 2001, that`s right, 9 years later and tens and tens of thousands more seniors and there is over 1000 less acute care beds today than we had in 2001.

Can you imagine, and the death rate of seniors is up a staggering 60% in these fewer beds, like I say, Gordon Campbell has blood on his hands,his direction,his government decisions has resulted in many many deaths, and it`s not just the habitual liar Gordon Campbell, it`s the habitual liar George Abbot, the Habitual liar Kevin Falcon, in fact every BC Liberal cabinet minister is a Habitual Liar, they have to be, they are told what to say, how to say it, in fact no BC Liberal cabinet minister can say anything without a member of the Public Affairs Bureau monitoring their statements, and if the discussion gets too hot the PAB ends the media scrum!

Yet these cowardly mice,these BC Liberal cabinet ministers only say what Gordon Campbell permits them to say, how can any of them look at themselves in the mirror, there has been a few BC Liberals that headed for the hills in the past, like Paul Nettleton, even Carole Taylor couldn`t stand Gordon Campbell, in fact I believe in my heart that half of the BC Liberals despise Gordon Campbell as much or even more than me, why they hang on and take it I know not why, but there are others that are in so deep they don`t care, the two I mentioned above, Shirley Bond, she is one evil bitch, although see is paying a price for those lies, she`s aged 30 years in the last 9.

I have watched the acute bed argument in the legislature for years,in estimate debates, and particularly in Question period, George Habitual liar Abbot, or as I call him..."Bobblehead" Question after question about the 5000 acute care beds and his answers are the answers of a Liar....George Abbot answers the question about 5000 acute care beds like this "We have created over 5000 acute care,rehabilitated,assisted living and incremental care beds"

Wow, for years now I have been wondering what a "incremental care bed" is, it doesn`t sound pleasant, and now that Kevin Falcon has been brought in to finish off public health care the Habitual lies continue, Kevin Falcon answers the question the same way about the 5000 acute care beds that Habitual liar Gordon Campbell promised to build in the 2001 election campaign...9 years later and over a 1000 less acute cares beds then what we had in 2001...Yup, Kevin Falcon follows the script to a tee, when asked about those 5000 beds Kevin Falcon answers...."We have created over 5000 acute care,rehabilitated and assisted living beds" SNIP.

And I challenge any media to ask that question of the BC Liberals or Gordon Campbell, you will not get a straight answer, and whenever Bill Good, or any radio voice at CKNW has a BC Liberal as a radio guest that question if asked gets answered that same way, I challenge Kevin Falcon to answer the question about acute care beds only,he won`t answer,Campbell won`t answer, and as for Global TV,as for Canwest News service, heck,they won`t even ask the question. (read about the beds here)

I hope your prepared for the budget shocker coming two days after the Olympics, more cuts,more beds closing,more blood will be on Gordon Campbell`s hands, I wonder if the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell will ever take of those red mittens again.

Folks,I sometimes wonder what planet I live on, it reminds me of those weird alien programs I watched as a kid, those TV shows where only a few people can see the aliens among us, the masses just wandered around smiling and cooperating as they were systematically destroyed.

Where is the media, I don`t mean Bill Good,Gordon Campbell`s neighbor on the sunshine coast, I don`t mean Keith Baldrey whose wife works for the BC government, I don`t mean Vaughn Palmer who sold out years ago, I don`t mean Les Leyne, I mean where is the real media, where is the media that hasn`t been corrupted by the alien ray gun?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The American/Canadian Dream

The Suicide Note from the man who flew a plane into the IRS Building(for real)

(Part 1)
If you’re reading this, you’re no doubt asking yourself, “Why did this have to happen?” The simple truth is that it is complicated and has been coming for a long time. The writing process, started many months ago, was intended to be therapy in the face of the looming realization that there isn’t enough therapy in the world that can fix what is really broken. Needless to say, this rant could fill volumes with example after example if I would let it. I find the process of writing it frustrating, tedious, and probably pointless… especially given my gross inability to gracefully articulate my thoughts in light of the storm raging in my head. Exactly what is therapeutic about that I’m not sure, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

We are all taught as children that without laws there would be no society, only anarchy. Sadly, starting at early ages we in this country have been brainwashed to believe that, in return for our dedication and service, our government stands for justice for all. We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place, and that we should be ready to lay our lives down for the noble principals represented by its founding fathers. Remember? One of these was “no taxation without representation”. I have spent the total years of my adulthood unlearning that crap from only a few years of my childhood. These days anyone who really stands up for that principal is promptly labeled a “crackpot”, traitor and worse.
While very few working people would say they haven’t had their fair share of taxes (as can I), in my lifetime I can say with a great degree of certainty that there has never been a politician cast a vote on any matter with the likes of me or my interests in mind. Nor, for that matter, are they the least bit interested in me or anything I have to say.
Why is it that a handful of thugs and plunderers can commit unthinkable atrocities (and in the case of the GM executives, for scores of years) and when it’s time for their gravy train to crash under the weight of their gluttony and overwhelming stupidity, the force of the full federal government has no difficulty coming to their aid within days if not hours? Yet at the same time, the joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple, and this country’s leaders don’t see this as important as bailing out a few of their vile, rich cronies. Yet, the political “representatives” (thieves, liars, and self-serving scumbags is far more accurate) have endless time to sit around for year after year and debate the state of the “terrible health care problem”. It’s clear they see no crisis as long as the dead people don’t get in the way of their corporate profits rolling in.
Corporate profits rolling in and justice? You`ve got to be kidding!
How can any rational individual explain that white elephant conundrum in the middle of our tax system and, indeed, our entire legal system? Here we have a system that is, by far, too complicated for the brightest of the master scholars to understand. Yet, it mercilessly “holds accountable” its victims, claiming that they’re responsible for fully complying with laws not even the experts understand. The law “requires” a signature on the bottom of a tax filing; yet no one can say truthfully that they understand what they are signing; if that’s not “duress” than what is. If this is not the measure of a totalitarian regime, nothing is.
How did I get here?
My introduction to the real American nightmare starts back in the early ‘80s. Unfortunately after more than 16 years of school, somewhere along the line I picked up the absurd, pompous notion that I could read and understand plain English. Some friends introduced me to a group of people who were having ‘tax code’ readings and discussions. In particular, zeroed in on a section relating to the wonderful “exemptions” that make institutions like the vulgar, corrupt Catholic Church so incredibly wealthy. We carefully studied the law (with the help of some of the “best”, high-paid, experienced tax lawyers in the business), and then began to do exactly what the “big boys” were doing (except that we weren’t steeling from our congregation or lying to the government about our massive profits in the name of God). We took a great deal of care to make it all visible, following all of the rules, exactly the way the law said it was to be done.
The intent of this exercise and our efforts was to bring about a much-needed re-evaluation of the laws that allow the monsters of organized religion to make such a mockery of people who earn an honest living. However, this is where I learned that there are two “interpretations” for every law; one for the very rich, and one for the rest of us… Oh, and the monsters are the very ones making and enforcing the laws; the inquisition is still alive and well today in this country.
That little lesson in patriotism cost me $40,000+, 10 years of my life, and set my retirement plans back to 0. It made me realize for the first time that I live in a country with an ideology that is based on a total and complete lie. It also made me realize, not only how naive I had been, but also the incredible stupidity of the American public; that they buy, hook, line, and sinker, the crap about their “freedom”… and that they continue to do so with eyes closed in the face of overwhelming evidence and all that keeps happening in front of them.
Before even having to make a shaky recovery from the sting of the first lesson on what justice really means in this country (around 1984 after making my way through engineering school and still another five years of “paying my dues”), I felt I finally had to take a chance of launching my dream of becoming an independent engineer.
On the subjects of engineers and dreams of independence, I should digress somewhat to say that I’m sure that I inherited the fascination for creative problem solving from my father. I realized this at a very young age.
The significance of independence, however, came much later during my early years of college; at the age of 18 or 19 when I was living on my own as student in an apartment in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. My neighbor was an elderly retired woman (80+ seemed ancient to me at that age) who was the widowed wife of a retired steel worker. Her husband had worked all his life in the steel mills of central Pennsylvania with promises from big business and the union that, for his 30 years of service, he would have a pension and medical care to look forward to in his retirement. Instead he was one of the thousands who got nothing because the incompetent mill management and corrupt union (not to mention the government) raided their pension funds and stole their retirement. All she had was social security to live on.
In retrospect, the situation was laughable because here I was living on peanut butter and bread (or Ritz crackers when I could afford to splurge) for months at a time. When I got to know this poor figure and heard her story I felt worse for her plight than for my own (I, after all, I thought I had everything to in front of me). I was genuinely appalled at one point, as we exchanged stories and commiserated with each other over our situations, when she in her grandmotherly fashion tried to convince me that I would be “healthier” eating cat food (like her) rather than trying to get all my substance from peanut butter and bread. I couldn’t quite go there, but the impression was made. I decided that I didn’t trust big business to take care of me, and that I would take responsibility for my own future and myself.
Return to the early ‘80s, and here I was off to a terrifying start as a ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ contract software engineer... and two years later, thanks to the fine backroom, midnight effort by the sleazy executives of Arthur Andersen (the very same folks who later brought us Enron and other such calamities) and an equally sleazy New York Senator (Patrick Moynihan), we saw the passage of 1986 tax reform act with its section 1706........(Part 2 farther down)
(These are tax sections he was fighting)
(For you who are unfamiliar, here is the core text of the IRS Section 1706, defining the treatment of workers (such as contract engineers) for tax purposes. Visit this link for a conference committee report ( regarding the intended interpretation of Section 1706 and the relevant parts of Section 530, as amended. For information on how these laws affect technical services workers and their clients, read our discussion here (
(a) IN GENERAL - Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1978 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new subsection:
(d) EXCEPTION. - This section shall not apply in the case of an individual who pursuant to an arrangement between the taxpayer and another person, provides services for such other person as an engineer, designer, drafter, computer programmer, systems analyst, or other similarly skilled worker engaged in a similar line of work.
(b) EFFECTIVE DATE. - The amendment made by this section shall apply to remuneration paid and services rendered after December 31, 1986.
"another person" is the client in the traditional job-shop relationship.
"taxpayer" is the recruiter, broker, agency, or job shop.
"individual", "employee", or "worker" is you.)
(Part 2 of the note)
Admittedly, you need to read the treatment to understand what it is saying but it’s not very complicated. The bottom line is that they may as well have put my name right in the text of section (d). Moreover, they could only have been more blunt if they would have came out and directly declared me a criminal and non-citizen slave. Twenty years later, I still can’t believe my eyes.
During 1987, I spent close to $5000 of my ‘pocket change’, and at least 1000 hours of my time writing, printing, and mailing to any senator, congressman, governor, or slug that might listen; none did, and they universally treated me as if I was wasting their time. I spent countless hours on the L.A. freeways driving to meetings and any and all of the disorganized professional groups who were attempting to mount a campaign against this atrocity. This, only to discover that our efforts were being easily derailed by a few moles from the brokers who were just beginning to enjoy the windfall from the new declaration of their “freedom”. Oh, and don’t forget, for all of the time I was spending on this, I was loosing income that I couldn’t bill clients.
After months of struggling it had clearly gotten to be a futile exercise. The best we could get for all of our trouble is a pronouncement from an IRS mouthpiece that they weren’t going to enforce that provision (read harass engineers and scientists). This immediately proved to be a lie, and the mere existence of the regulation began to have its impact on my bottom line; this, of course, was the intended effect.
After months of struggling it had clearly gotten to be a futile exercise. The best we could get for all of our trouble is a pronouncement from an IRS mouthpiece that they weren’t going to enforce that provision (read harass engineers and scientists). This immediately proved to be a lie, and the mere existence of the regulation began to have its impact on my bottom line; this, of course, was the intended effect.
Instead I got busy working 100-hour workweeks. Then came the L.A. depression of the early 1990s. Our leaders decided that they didn’t need the all of those extra Air Force bases they had in Southern California, so they were closed; just like that. The result was economic devastation in the region that rivaled the widely publicized Texas S&L fiasco. However, because the government caused it, no one gave a shit about all of the young families who lost their homes or street after street of boarded up houses abandoned to the wealthy loan companies who received government funds to “shore up” their windfall. Again, I lost my retirement.
Years later, after weathering a divorce and the constant struggle trying to build some momentum with my business, I find myself once again beginning to finally pick up some speed. Then came the .COM bust and the 911 nightmare. Our leaders decided that all aircraft were grounded for what seemed like an eternity; and long after that, ‘special’ facilities like San Francisco were on security alert for months. This made access to my customers prohibitively expensive. Ironically, after what they had done the Government came to the aid of the airlines with billions of our tax dollars … as usual they left me to rot and die while they bailed out their rich, incompetent cronies WITH MY MONEY! After these events, there went my business but not quite yet all of my retirement and savings.
By this time, I’m thinking that it might be good for a change. Bye to California, I’ll try Austin for a while. So I moved, only to find out that this is a place with a highly inflated sense of self-importance and where damn little real engineering work is done. I’ve never experienced such a hard time finding work. The rates are 1/3 of what I was earning before the crash, because pay rates here are fixed by the three or four large companies in the area who are in collusion to drive down prices and wages… and this happens because the justice department is all on the take and doesn’t give a fuck about serving anyone or anything but themselves and their rich buddies.
To survive, I was forced to cannibalize my savings and retirement, the last of which was a small IRA. This came in a year with mammoth expenses and not a single dollar of income. I filed no return that year thinking that because I didn’t have any income there was no need. The sleazy government decided that they disagreed. But they didn’t notify me in time for me to launch a legal objection so when I attempted to get a protest filed with the court I was told I was no longer entitled to due process because the time to file ran out. Bend over for another $10,000 helping of justice.
So now we come to the present. After my experience with the CPA world, following the business crash I swore that I’d never enter another accountant’s office again. But here I am with a new marriage and a boatload of undocumented income, not to mention an expensive new business asset, a piano, which I had no idea how to handle. After considerable thought I decided that it would be irresponsible NOT to get professional help; a very big mistake.
When we received the forms back I was very optimistic that they were in order. I had taken all of the years information to Bill Ross, and he came back with results very similar to what I was expecting. Except that he had neglected to include the contents of Sheryl’s unreported income; $12,700 worth of it. To make matters worse, Ross knew all along this was missing and I didn’t have a clue until he pointed it out in the middle of the audit. By that time it had become brutally evident that he was representing himself and not me.
This left me stuck in the middle of this disaster trying to defend transactions that have no relationship to anything tax-related (at least the tax-related transactions were poorly documented). Things I never knew anything about and things my wife had no clue would ever matter to anyone. The end result is… well, just look around.
I remember reading about the stock market crash before the “great” depression and how there were wealthy bankers and businessmen jumping out of windows when they realized they screwed up and lost everything. Isn’t it ironic how far we’ve come in 60 years in this country that they now know how to fix that little economic problem; they just steal from the middle class (who doesn’t have any say in it, elections are a joke) to cover their asses and it’s “business-as-usual”. Now when the wealthy fuck up, the poor get to die for the mistakes… isn’t that a clever, tidy solution.
As government agencies go, the FAA is often justifiably referred to as a tombstone agency, though they are hardly alone. The recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies in their eight years certainly reinforced for all of us that this criticism rings equally true for all of the government. Nothing changes unless there is a body count (unless it is in the interest of the wealthy sows at the government trough). In a government full of hypocrites from top to bottom, life is as cheap as their lies and their self-serving laws.
I know I’m hardly the first one to decide I have had all I can stand. It has always been a myth that people have stopped dying for their freedom in this country, and it isn’t limited to the blacks, and poor immigrants. I know there have been countless before me and there are sure to be as many after. But I also know that by not adding my body to the count, I insure nothing will change. I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at “big brother” while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough.
I can only hope that the numbers quickly get too big to be white washed and ignored that the American zombies wake up and revolt; it will take nothing less. I would only hope that by striking a nerve that stimulates the inevitable double standard, knee-jerk government reaction that results in more stupid draconian restrictions people wake up and begin to see the pompous political thugs and their mindless minions for what they are. Sadly, though I spent my entire life trying to believe it wasn’t so, but violence not only is the answer, it is the only answer. The cruel joke is that the really big chunks of shit at the top have known this all along and have been laughing, at and using this awareness against, fools like me all along.
I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different. I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.
The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.
Wake up everyone, the man told it the way it is, a free spirit driven too far, how many more have to die to get the message out!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gordon Campbell, the man who eradicated wild Salmon

( UPDATED) Everything in the two paragraphs below has been copied from Wikipedia.If anyone wants to make a big issue about geography while obfuscating the issue can take it elsewhere....The issue is sea lice, the issue is Alien Farmed fish that escape,the issue is the extinction of wild BC Salmon caused by NORWEGIAN FISH FARMS owned BY MARINE HARVEST.

The Broughton Archipelago is a group of islands on the northeastern flank of the Queen Charlotte Strait on the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The largest islands in the group, which includes numerous smaller islets, are Broughton Island, North Broughton Island, Eden Island, Bonwick Island and Baker Island. The islands are all located within the Mount Waddington Regional District which has little jurisdiction over them, as nearly all settlements in the area are either Indian Reserves of bands of the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk Tribal Council or fish farms under the jurisdiction of the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

The archipelago is the traditional territory of the Kwicksutaineuk-ah-kwa-mish and Tsawataineuk subgroups of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples and is the focus of controversy over commercial fish-farming by Norwegian aquaculture companies. One of the most prominent studies carried out to assess the relationship between fish farms and sea lice infestations on wild species was carried out in this archipelago in the spring of 2002.

Well friends, here we go again, a pleading letter from a Norwegian Judge about drug resistant sea lice, sea lice run wild, a new post up by Alexandra Morten talks about sea lice larvae flooding through discovery passage, this has gone too far,the facts are clear, I don`t give a rats ass about the Olympics, I care about one man(if you can call him that) single handidly killing off wild Salmon, that species killer is Gordon Campbell.

Friends, this is serious, the Norwegian fish farms around the world are in big trouble, in Chile,in South America the Salmon are sick with sea lice and Salmon anemia, in Norway the sea lice infestation has become drug restistant, even in eastern Canada the effects of drug resistant sea lice are being felt, and here in BC Alexandra Morten has rushed to Nootka Sound to investigate, she`s there because you can`t get ant information from Marine Harvest(Norwegian fish farmers)...And the totally inept DFO is too busy to investigate...

Alexandra Morten is reporting a full blown sea lice bloom, drug resistant sea lice, no legal chemicals can stop the sea lice, sea larvae are being driven by tides to eastern Vancouver island, the Fraser River Sockeye smolts will be decimated by sea lice.(read this scary story here)

Right now First Nations people on the coast are staging a 29 hour hunger strike against Norwegian Fish farms, one hour of hunger strike for every fish farm in the Broughton Archilpelaga which is on the eastern flank of the Queen Charlotte Strait...And yes, it`s a little ways from Queen Charlotte Islands now known as Haida Gwaii, although we,many of us have always called the Queen Charlotte Islands Haida Gwaii .(read about their hunger strike here)
I have had it with Gordon Campbell,what will it take to stop him, will some radical environmentalist try and kill him,I am not in any way advocating violence but I could see that type of anger erupting over the extinction of wild Salmon, we have had wild Salmon forever in BC and one man, one creature,one HABITUAL LIAR named Gordon Campbell is hell bent on destroying all wild BC Salmon.
Are you happy David Suzuki, are you happy Tzeporah Berman, you two phony environmentalists helped elect the species killer Gordon Campbell.
There is no more discussion, Fish Farmers has given Gordon Campbell`s(party) hundreds of thousands of dollars , the money is payment, the taking of said money is carte blanc permission to destroy BCs wild Salmon.
Study after study, Fish farms in Chile have been culled to try and stop the Norwegian made disaster, these fish farms must be removed from our oceans today, no more study,no more obfuscation, Target foods has stopped buying any farmed fish, when word gets out about this latest development the other major stores will abandon buying farmed fish, friends,these fish are alien fish,they are not BC Salmon.
These fish are as alien to BC !
These fish, my soul, my blood, how can one man decide to take species from planet earth, how can one person single handidly decide to take money in exchange of extincting wild BC Salmon, how could such a person sleep at night, how can Gordon Campbell look at his grand children, what bed time stories does Gordon Campbell tell those kids, does Gordon Campbell start those bed time stories like this.
Godon Campbell`s bed time fable to his grandchildren(hypothetical)
"once upon a time a long long time ago there were 5 types of silver fish swimming in our BC oceans and spawning in our BC rivers, these silver fish I removed for all time in exchange for silver coins, for with silver coins I can buy martinis and beach front property in Hawaii, silver coins are far far better to have than silver fish, silver fish fed families of First Nations,silver fish were bothersome to the river divertors, with the silver Salmon gone granddad and his American cousins could turn all the silver coins into gold coins and granddaddy gordon loves golden coins and one day little one you will have all the gold coins and the evil silver fish eaters will have nothing."
You are a sick habitual liar Gordon Campbell, your party is sick, And Anyone who thinks the BC Liberal party only needs to remove their leader and carry on is one sick puppy, one sick puppy with a rude mouth, a foul mouthed ex journalist who is nothing but a goon, someone Grant G could stomp on mentally.
Friends, I normally don`t get this angry, sometimes it boils over, maybe that`s why I have been banned from the Tyee web site, I am not a violent person, but I have never run from a fight.
And if Gordon Campbell wants a fight, if some two-bit journalist want to fight.
Bring it on!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, February 15, 2010

Banks won`t accept Olympic pride for Mortgage payments

A person reading our local newspapers or watching local TV news would be hard pressed to find anything that isn`t Olympics related but trust me, there is news out there, bad news, bad news for BC.....I hope your ready, ready to move to a new promised land!

I hope your basking in the glow of Canadian pride, enjoy it, soak it up, 17 days of a lifetime, you know friends, I start writing these stories not knowing where I am going with them, I have a few ideas about what I want to write about but sometimes,......Sometimes while writing something pops into my head, today,this story the same thing has happened, I want to and I am going to write about the disaster in BCs forestry industry but there is a 5 word line above that I wrote and when the words appeared on the page it caused me to pause, no that`s not quite true, it actually caused me to come to a complete stop.

And those 5 words are.....17 days in a lifetime.

20 minutes later after musing about 17 days in a lifetime.....You see folks I won`t remember that mogul run by next week, I won`t be talking about the opening ceremonies with friends, I won`t be chanting "go Canada go" two weeks from now, 25,550 days, that`s how many days I will have lived if I make it to 70 years of age, the Gordon Campbell Government stopped performing it`s duty to the public several years ago, in fact many would say this Government stopped performing it`s public duty 8 years ago.

The entire Province has been neglected because of those 17 days, massive cuts to everything over those 17 days, and more massive cuts will be announced by the Campbell Government 2 days after these 17 days in a lifetime.

Those days will be gone, the bill, the bill for those 17 days of a lifetime will linger for at least 7000 days...Yikes, forestry, as you know the Eurocan mill has now closed in Kitimat, over 500 jobs gone forever, a deathblow to that town, small town BC is bleeding jobs, there was a mill in Castlegar that I read about where the employees took a 25% cut in wages only to be laid off promptly after the wage concession, mills throughout BC have refused to pay their tax bill, I was reading a story this morning about the Coulson mills in Port Alberni, they are shutting down indefinitely next week, the owner of the mill is pondering getting into the ultra cheap lumber milling game, what is that, well as you know Pat bell has been crowing about exports of lumber to China but, the Cants and raw logs and cheap 2X4s made out of low value bean poles going to China isn`t lucrative, in fact it`s a losing proposition, the owner of the Coulson mills has asked the workers to take a 30% wage cut, the owner of the mill has also stated that there are no guarantees, he has suggested having a 6 month trial period and then re-assess...Of course this has only been talk, the fact is the mill is closing next week and the jobs are gone.

Friends, I have seen the movie before, it started many years ago with almost all electronic manufacturing moving to Asia all in the pursuit of cheap/slave labour, the manufacturing of basic goods slowly moved to Asian labour markets, housewares, clothing, shoes, even Starbuck`s coffee cups are made in China, the USA is reeling from job losses that aren`t coming back, cheap labour from all over the world is killing off the once great north American dream, here is an example I like to use, 10 years ago in California the the average wage for a meat cutter was $17 dollars per hour, today the average meat cutter wage in California is $8 dollars per hour.

So here in British Columbia the foolish people of BC re-elected Gordon Campbell in 2005, the man and his cronies,particularly Gordon Campbell with his preference to give everything away to his American friends, Gordon Campbell deliberately destroyed BCs forest industry, he had lots of help from Rich Coleman and now Pat Bell, Gordon Campbell allowed the big three forest company to gobble up all the small players, and these big companies that are all controlled by New York investors don`t care about the town of Kitimat, or Port Alberni, Castlegar, and hundreds of other towns, these investors could care less if those towns die and friends that is exactly what has and is happening, now BC is quite diverse and I can hear the city folks saying...Move, come to the big city,the land of plenty,land of jobs, land of the future....And I say this to anyone who states that about the city,......The big cities have somewhat of an internal engine that drives those economies but, that city engine is now running on gas fumes and rural BC and rural resources and wealth generated by the Heartlands is the gas station that fills up the big city`s gas tanks, and friends, the rural and the heartlands gas stations are closed! There will be no filling up the big city`s gas tank!

I thought at one time that a country with resources,natural resources would be able to fend off the multi nationals and New York shareholder owned Companies, I also believed that the fact that these natural resources are here in BC,in Canada that we would be safe, I was wrong, it`s now cheaper to cut down a tree, ship it 5000 miles across the pacific ocean, unload it, truck it to an Asian mill, mill the trees, put it back on a truck, ship it back across the Pacific ocean, put it on another truck and ship it to our stores shelves for less money than we can do it here.

What is wrong with that picture, wages have been cut, how far can we cut them, our BC mills if any survive will be nothing but MC jobs, minimum wage jobs, that would suit Gordon Campbell just fine, that would suit the New York shareholders, in fact I suspect that is one of the reasons Gordon Campbell and ALL BC Liberals won`t ever raise the minimum wage, let me quickly touch on rural BC...People in rural BC generally have long commutes, crummy roads, trucks are usually the transportation of choice and need, it`s generally much colder in Rural BC, higher energy bills,higher electrical bills, much higher food bills, there isn`t multiple grocery stores competing against each other, and food and goods are more expensive than the big cities because of transportation costs, the property tax load is generally less than the big city but any savings there are more than offset by higher priced basic goods so the idea that our BC mills and forestry jobs can be MC jobs/minimum wage jobs is foolish folly!

I personally think we should close down the forest, supply nothing to China,nothing to Asia, the system is broken, we can`t compete with Asian workers making $2 dollars per day, there is no point in trying to compete, save our trees,save our forests, shut off the supply and drive prices up, the race to the bottom can`t be won,only lost, why would we compete for a loss,a loss of our Canadian society so New York shareholders and Chinese sweat shop owners can fill their pockets! Let`s all have empty pockets, sounds like a simple answer, it is to me, but there is a fly in the ointment, that fly being....Gordon Campbell,Mike De Jong, Rich Coleman, now Pat Bell have given away our forest to these New York shareholders and these forests are now called "Private lands" and we have zero say on what happens to those trees, unabated raw logs leaving from private lands that don`t even get counted in our raw log export market, these private lands, how can I describe it, well, it`s like a black market for logs, no tax, no paper trail, an underground industry that benefits nobody but Chinese sweat shop owners and New York shareholders.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Coulson mills in Port Alberni is predicting that most BC mills will be shut down by summer, that`s right folks, what little is left of our forestry is swirling Gordon Campbell`s toilet bowl.

And maybe you think oil n gas will save us, you would be wrong, with the royalties at rock bottom in BC (3%) ..With all the tax breaks,the subsidies, and with the very limited employment the industry offers there will be no oil n gas saviour, and how long will it be before the slave labour market breaches even that limited employment, 17 days in a lifetime......These shareholders, the bankers, the robber barons, they won`t accept Olympic pride for mortgage payments, they won`t trade "go Canada go" for an installment, so I hope you enjoyed the lip-sinc, I hoped the Orca in BC place was worth it, I hope you remember "what`s his name" who won the mogul event, I hope 17 days in a lifetime is worth 7000 days of pain! (you can read about the mill closures here)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please and Thank You, What About Showing Class?

(The above picture says...SHAME)
Well well well, so the first day of the spectacle comes to an end, I want to talk about about day one but first, first we have to discuss recent history!

As we all know Gordon Campbell is arrogant,smug, selfish, corrupt and a Habitual Liar, we know he has lied his face off over B.C. Rail, over tearing up contracts, Gordon Campbell tells more lies than Tiger Woods, back in the 90s the NDP came up with a slogan for advertising British Columbia.....The Slogan was....

"Super Natural British Columbia" and I personally loved those ads, the scenery, the NDP along with Tourism BC nailed it, it was the perfect slogan because we are "Super Natural" ....From our Salmon to the Orca to vast river systems,from one end to the other British Columbia is "Super Natural".

But, mentally I can read Gordon Campbell like a book, he is arrogant,smug, selfish, and I imagine Gordon was a greedy child, underneath his skin is a vindictive child mind, now why would I say that, let`s get back to "Super Natural British Columbia"......The greatest and most accurate description of BC, in fact those ads were copied by countries all over the world,but no other country was "super Natural" but BC....So along comes the child mind Gordon Campbell who is greedy,doesn`t like to share and Gordon Campbell went out of his way to destroy "Super Natural British Columbia" not just the slogan but our land,sea and wildlife. And friends, we got rid of super natural BC only to replace it with Gordon Campbell`s slogan....."The best place on earth" .

You see the arrogance in that slogan, but that`s how Gordon Campbell`s mind works,the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell can`t raise the minimum wage in BC ever, meanwhile he has given himself two massive pay increases and a lucrative golden parachute pension, yes indeed, Gordon Campbell,a greedy little child mind!

Lets go back to last summer, Gordon Campbell appeared on the "Today Show" on NBC....It was in the morning and he was talking Olympics, why is that important, simple, Gordon Campbell invited Americans and the world to come to BC for the 2010 Olympic games, when the host of the Today Show mentioned Olympic medals Gordon Campbell said.

"Your welcome to win Bronze or Silver medals but the Gold medals are all ours" Snip.......You see folks, arrogance, the appearance reeked, Gordon Campbell again displayed his inner selfish child mind.....Which brings me to our 2010 games, as you know between all levels of governments(but mainly BC) an Olympic program was developed, the cost over the last 5 years for the "Own the Podium" program is/was $120 million dollars, well with a team of 206 members it works out to nearly 1/2 million dollars per athlete, now I don`t have a problem with the money I have a problem with the name..."Own the Podium".......Another Gordon Campbell name selection, and it`s greedy,selfish,arrogant, own the podium, who the heck are we to say we are going to own the podium, the world media has noticed the name "Own the Podium" and they feel the same way,we`re acting arrogant,cocky and I agree, why couldn`t our program been called..."Strive for your Best"....or...."no gain without pain".....Okay that last one is a little hokey but it`s better than..."Own the Podium".

A luge slider died yesterday,tragic, should never have happened, the world media and reporters have sniffed out a story, a story about denying other teams practice time on the world`s fastest sliding track, about going out of our way to gain an advantage, I have heard that about every Olympic Venue in B.C.....And friends I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Gordon child mind Campbell is behind this ......CHEATING, Gordon Campbell and his entire party have been lying,cheating, and selling out the province, in fact the slogan for the BC Liberal party is...."We only cheat when we can`t win".

So day one has come to an end, the highlights are in my head, the men`s 1500 meter skate, we had two potential medalists, one got eliminated in a quarter final as did the other, the second quarter final our Canadian got tripped up by a competitor and the judges ruled our Canadian could go through to the final because of the trip....And in that final he finished a distant 4th....Both of these skaters in my opinion didn`t represent Canada well,I`m not talking about their athletic ability, I`m talking about the appearance of Sportsmanship.....But the most egregious display of the Gordon Campbell effect was at Cypress Mountain....The Girls moguls.

I watched intently all day, there was 27 skiers in the preliminary round and 20 skiers would advance to the final mogul run....The running order went by scores in the first round, the worst lowest scoring skier went first in the final and the best Preliminary round scorers skied last in the final.....Which set up an interesting final, our best Canadian in moguls skied second to last and an American skier was the last one down the mogul run....

Anyways, our girl (Heil is her name) skied a great mogul run and her score put her in the gold medal position with one American skier to go....And lo n behold the final American skier made even a faster,better run and knocked (heil) out of the Gold medal and into Silver medal position...So the Cypress mountain mogul event was America Gold..Canada Silver...And America Bronze.....

Now I understand everyone wants gold but Silver is okay.....But the display on the mountain by our girl (Heil)was....Gordon Campbell like.....The three medalists were on the mountain waving and celebrating.....No friends that`s not true...The two Americans were jumping for joy, the gold medal winner was ecstatic, the American Bronze medal winner was so excited,smiling,waving,teary....The American Bronze medal winner was on top of the world, she was thrilled to have a Bronze medal.....Meanwhile our Silver medalist was sulking, not excited,barely a wave, the last event of the day being broadcast to the world and we showed selfishness, arrogance,poor sportsmanship, we displayed a Gordon Campbell child mind selfish hissy fit for the world to see!

You see friends, the games are cursed,Gordon Campbell with his "Best place on earth".....Gordon Campbell`s "Own the Podium"......Has turned bad karma towards us.

I hope we win more medals, I don`t know what our athletes were promised if they win a Gold Medal, but something is up,something that has tainted our country, it smells of Gordon Campbell.....However, someone needs to have a serious talk to all our athletes and remind them the world is watching,they need to be reminded, "Don`t be like Gordon Campbell"....Try Showing some class.....And a 300 to nothing score in Girls Hockey isn`t helping matters!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Canada, home of fiddlers and Lip Sinc

Well well well, the opening ceremonies, confused, cluttered,missed the mark, on a scale of 10.... I rank the opening spectacle 3

You know what friends, I was actually hoping for an interesting opening ceremony but very early on the truth of the colossal deception became glaringly apparent, look, I don`t want to talk about the final torch lighting ceremony at BC Place that had a major malfunction,as you know only three of the four arms came out of the ground, it was good for a laugh.....
And I don`t really want to talk about the fact that the singers all lip sinc their songs, no doubt it was their voices but it was their voices recorded, I`m no expert but....Bryan Adams and Furtado lip-sinc, the woman who sang the Canada anthem lip- sinc.... As was the Olympic operatic piece.....Okay, so you think I`m nit-picking because the music was faked and they screwed up lighting the big torch.....

But friends, I`m not upset over technical problems, that`s real life, shit happens, nothing is perfect, but the lip-sinc...Now that annoys me, because no matter how much Vanoc strove for perfection they came up short, the torch lighting error was a classic, but singing, I want to hear people actually singing live, if they lose a note or err a bit so what, at least it is real, I figured after the lip-sinc scandal in Bejiing they wouldn`t try that here....Well I was wrong and they did, pawned off a fake.

Now as for the overall theme....Come on, sure there was a strong First Nation`s theme but what theme was that, a theme that First Nation`s do nothing but wear colourful headdresses and dance and chant, what`s with the stereotyping of First Nation`s, no folks I`m not a racist, but First Nation`s people are lawyers, carpenters, plumbers,politicians, but, the state of affairs among First Nations in rural Canada is that of Alcoholism,drug abuse, gas sniffing, dependency, deplorable housing with black mould,zero job opportunities locally....And yet a select few First Nation`s groups who happen to have traditional land near ski-resorts or natural assets that whitey wants do quite well, but for the most part the representation of Canada`s First Nations was false, deliriously false!....Which brings me to the remainder of the show.

I had no idea that Canada from coast to coast was known for fiddling and tap dancing, now don`t get me wrong, I love tap and riverdancing and I have seen the movie deliverance(yea I know,it wasa banjo) many times, in fact I suspect that premier Gordon Campbell is a product of banjo music and inbreeding but I digress.....In fact the best part of the Opening ceremony was on the TV when they were showing off B.C.s natural beauty, you can`t mess up mother nature or can you?

You see friends I did at one time have pride,I felt so good to be a Canadian but over the last decade everything I hold dear is dying, which brings me back to the "spectacle" the opening ceremonies.

Symbols mean a lot to me, the Spirit Bear, the Raven, Eagles, Wild Salmon....My goodness the wild salmon are in my blood, so anyways these symbols will be on my coffin or ash urn, so when the Vanoc opening show dedicated so much fanfare to Salmon,the Orca,Spirit Bear and others, the show came across like we actually care about these species, we portrayed these symbols as important part of Canadian life, as something we hold dear,as something we would never allow to vanish, and for me friends that`s where the rubber hits the road. There is so little wildlife in B.C. compared to even a generation ago, we can`t blindly do what we do and expect the Orca and Salmon to adapt to us, neither Federal or Provincial government has been able to grasp that fact, WE have to save habitat, Canada`s governments are watching species die....Like I say friends,I`m a realist, I was reading biographies on the Wright brothers,in particularly when they were at Kitty Hawk.(eastern seaboard) They describe every stream as brimming with fish,games birds aplenty, at one time wildlife was rich and diverse from Texas to the high Arctic, there are nothing but pockets of wildlife left, 100 years to remove 90% of the big animals and fish.....A concerted effort will be required to save what`s left and unfortunately all levels of government are only concerned with growth,industry and development, tonight`s spectacle was nothing but false advertising, we as a country care not for other species.

For 9 years Gordon Campbell government has assaulted wild salmon, gutted environmental assessments, rubber stamped industrial projects with no regard for any of the wildlife, Barry Penner and Christy Clark...Both who advocate the Grizzly bear trophy hunt, a massive expansion of Alien species fish farms all over our west coast and study after study has proven the catastrophic consequences associated with Farmed fish pens in the wild salmon`s ocean, sea lice infestations, toxic tailing`s, escapement, night lights and fish food attracting wild salmon to the alien fish farm pens where alien Atlantic salmon devour wild Salmon smolts, a complete disregard for all wildlife in this province yet Vanoc and the Campbell government engage in fakery on all levels, no, the dancers were great,the costumes were stunning, the story line was a fictional novel, our wild Salmon are in complete collapse,bear numbers are down,bird numbers are down, and Gordon Campbell has ignored all the evidence, we, Canadians are proud, friendly, helpful, we are also gullible and lied to by politicians and big media....

Lastly friends, I was paying special attention to the VIP section, I noticed Stephen Harper with his wife,the Governor general, I also spotted the loneliest man in B.C.....Gordon Campbell appeared to me to be isolated among the group,I didn`t see Nancy Campbell, it appears that important federal politicians gave Gordon Campbell his marching orders,don`t sit near me!

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Olympic Spirit, Gordon Campbell Style

A couple of stories I would like delve into, lets start with my close friend Brian...Tom Plasteras yanked the prize Brian won, Tom stated the station didn`t get their hockey house tickets, CKNW stalled Brian for over a week about the tickets,after Tom Plasteras called Brian last night to inform him that he wasn`t going to opening night Brian had to inform the person he invited to the opening that it was over.....Brian doesn`t give a rats ass about going to Hockey house, but Brian put a promise out to a friend who cancelled a dinner engagement to join him, CKNW did say to Brian that "Maybe" they can get him tickets for Sunday at hockey house.

But,Brian has waited,been stalled,delayed, Brian ruined another person`s aspirations of celebrating the grand opening of Hockey House, I do believe that CKNW got screwed out of tickets,there were 9 other contest winners that got screwed too...The saddest part of the ticket scandal was being kept in the dark until Thursday evening,a few hours from the Grand Opening only then get the inevitable letdown!

But friends, Brian is very wise and to him, the Olympics are nothing but a let down, promised tickets to the opening night only to have the thrill snatched away from you, that is what Gordon Campbell has done to everyone in the Province on every issue.

Wensday night on CTV news there was a heartfelt story about a young BC woman who is living on borrowed time,she needs a organ transplant, her maid of honour at her wedding who is a match has offered her an organ, isn`t that great I was thinking, but the story went on, the surgery has been cancelled again for the fourth time, this time because of the Olympics,this woman`s doctor states that she could die anytime.....But you know what, and I dedicate this next part to Bill Good....This woman`s surgery is called "elective surgery" and the reason it`s called elective surgery is because it is "Scheduled Surgery" that`s right friends, potential life saving surgery under Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon is "elective Surgery"...This young woman was in tears....And the reason I dedicated that part of the story to Bill Good is because two weeks ago Bill Good said "elective surgeries can wait, we all have to make sacrifices" SNIP...Thanks bill Good, say thanks to your friend Gordon Campbell for me, would ya?

I wanted to talk a little more about the Throne speech,particularly the Tax Deferal for families with kids living at home....Every where I read from experts that this idea is bad news not good news, although Canwest newspaper have been pimping the tax deferal as a good thing....Well I was reading the Nanaimo Daily News article on the tax deferal and the writer thinks the tax defferal is good but....I couldn`t help from laughing my face off when I read the article through to the end.

Here`s the deal on the tax deferal, Gordon Campbell oh so wants to help struggling families, in fact according to Rich Coleman the government has been scouring the province looking for people to help...Anyways, Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell told desperate young families with kids they can defer taxes to help them through the economic downturn, but...According to the Politically appointed (Conference Board of Canada) ...According to Colin Hansen that B.C. is going to "Lead the nation in growth"....."Create the most jobs this year" .....So this tax deferal might come in handy this year to keep families in their homes as they wait for all this economic growth and family supporting jobs.....

Well friends, that`s not quite right, what Gordon Campbell has stated to these desperate families is this...: You think your desperate now, wait until next year, because NEXT YEAR you will REALLY NEED to defer your taxes:......Because guess what folks, the tax deferal can`t be used until 2011...Next year...So what the Campbell government has said to hurting jobless families is hang in there, in just over 15 months from now you can defer your taxes!

So just like Olympic tickets, just like the tax deferal, Campbell promises a pig in a poke and delivers NOTHING but a tax hike! (read about the tax deferal not ready until 2011 here)

These Olympics are cursed, my sincere condolences to the family and fellow team members of Olympic Athlete from Georgia (the country near Russia) who was killed in a practice run at Whistler today.

Everything is Karma, every desperate politician is trying to wrap themselves in the Olympics..Stephen Harper(forever lost his majority).....Arnold Schwarzenegger(He`s not running again for Governor,he`s quiting before he is tossed out if he did run)....Gordon Campbell....He is delusional, the Olympics won`t give him even a 1% bounce.

One more item, apparently I offended Alex Tsakumas, well Alex that is exactly what I intended to can read Alex`s comment in the "{Premier Rich Coleman story)....But, in Alex Tsakumas`s comment Alex stated that Ben Stewart and Bill Bennett were worth keeping on as MLAs(and cabinet ministers) in a BC Liberal party with Dianne Watts or Carole Taylor as leader...Well Ben Stewart is new but he has learned very well how not to answer question and obfuscate...But I want to concentrate on Bill Bennett(Alex Tsakumas`s Friend,or possible mentor)(IMO)....

Lets talk about Bill Bennett,this man has swore at constituents,verbally threatened voters, he has been reprimanded,Bill B is a partisan politician and who is one of the dirtiest electioneering Politicians in B.C. history.....

Read about last may`s Provincial election and what Bill Bennett called his NDP opponent during the writ...Bill Bennett called him a tax dodging first nation`s person, Bill Bennett`s election ad stated that he (His opponent) wasn`t a taxpayer,he wasn`t quote "ONE OF US"......A dirty red neck ad, but that`s okay with Alex Tsakumas......And what else did Bill Bennett do during the writ period last may....

Bill Bennett invited young people to join him at local bars, Bill Bennett stated he would buy them beer and teach them how to vote,of course Elections B.C. told Bill Bennett to cease and desist all beers for votes campaigning...Now bill Bennett has been around,Bill knows his ad was dirty,he knows he implied racism and taxes,Bill B knew you can`t buy beer for votes....

So we know, I know that Bill Bennett will stoop to any level to "cling" to power, break laws,incite racism.....And that is a person whom Alex Tsakumas thinks is worthy of holding office and worthy of continuing in government! (Read about Bill Bennett and his beer for votes campaign was shut down here)

Well AGT...If you think Ben Stewart and Bill Bennett are the worthiest B.C. Liberals out there,boy the Campbell Liberal`s are worse off than I thought! If that`s even possible.

Gordon Campbell has lost his mind,he is mentally unstable, and B.C. Liberal cabinet ministers or MLAs who votes in lockstep with Gordon Campbell are as guilty as a party host handing keys to a drunk rolling around the ground,they are all culpable!

(Updated) A Mike Cowan from Rock 101 fm called brian about a consellation prize, Mike Cowan stated that no one from CKNW is allowed to contact Brian,Mike Cowan said CKNW asked rock 101 to fix the ticket problem.....And guess what...Brian has been offered a new prize and guess what it is?......Is it tickets to figure skating? Is it tickets to the Gold medal Hockey game? Is it tickets to the mens curling final?.....No,it wouldn`t be any of those things....Brian`s consellation prize is.....Drum roll please...................

Two tickets to see the ever popular Don Rickles(In April,2 months from now) at the river rock casino (Value 140$) plus....Plus a Whitespot gift certificate and a Chevron gas card(Value 100$)......For those of you who are younger than 40....Don Rickles is a comedian of about 80 years old who was famous for racial jokes(He`s quite funny)Maybe I will run into Bill Bennett at the River Rock Casino,bill is probably looking for new racial material! (so much for the Olympic exeperience!)

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