Monday, April 19, 2010

Site C Diversion, Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat, NOT!

Well friends, today`s "Big News" announcement from the Peace River is laughable at best, don`t be fooled folks, this propaganda play isn`t about power, it isn`t about a dam, it`s a diversion, this is about changing the HST channel, everyone is tuned into the 24/7 all HST all the time channel.....Now, lets get to "The Straight Goods" on Site C.

First off, the 5 stage economic and environmental review process is only in stage 2.

Second, besides Gordon the Impaler wasting tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars by flying dozens of his minions to the Peace region for a press conference( Propaganda play)....When this project has three stages of review left, not to mention even after a rubber stamped B.C. environmental review which is still years away ......This project would still require an extensive Federal environmental review.

If Gordon the Impaler wanted to announce his intentions of steaming ahead with this project, he should have made the announcement from Victoria and saved the Province and the taxpayers thousands of dollars, and the cost to the taxpayer is enormous, it has been revealed that Gordon the Impaler along with his yes men went by lear jet, and, and there were 4 other taxpayer paid for planes that flew to Hudsons Hope to make an announcement of going forward with an environmental review, are you nuts!!! A small fortune spent to change the channel! What happened to restraint on Government travel, I don`t know what the environmental footprint of a lear jet and 4 other planes is but I can tell you that the cost is probably in excess of a $100,000 dollars! but like I said, this announcement is about changing the channel, the Impaler is so desperate to create a wedge issue and get people talking about anything but the HST and all his lies he and his enablers spewed during the last fraudulent election, well friends I can tell you it won`t work....I will further add that I do believe that Gordon the Impaler would love to have a dam named after him, like the WAC Bennett dam, the Impaler would love to have infrastructure named after him, the ...."Gordon Campbell Dam"....HA HA LOL LOL..

Well folks, there will be infrastructure named after Gordon Campbell, you could perhaps in the comment/contribution section give your suggestion but to get the ball rolling here is my suggestion for naming something after the Premier.....

"Gordon the Impaler Campbell Prison"

Ah but I digress, I dream of the Impaler spending a lot of involuntary time there.

Where was I, Site C dam, here are a couple more angles, just like the Evergreen(nevergreen) line every time Campbell wanted to change the channel the construction office for the Evergreen line gets re-opened with a photo-op, what happened to that announcement that was supposed to be coming from Shirley Glug Glug Bond about new funding formula for the Evergreen line, the "Silence is Deafening" .

I was listening to my friend Mr. Horgan on cknw this morning and he reminded me of something that I already knew, Site C Dam has been looked at and discussed for decades, in fact the NDP looked at the project and the cost back in the 90s.....Well guess what the projected cost of Site C was 15 years ago......Drum Roll please....Over $6 billion dollars, the exact same price Gordon the Impaler and the enablers are forecasting today, well blow me down Popeye....Are you pulling my leg, 15 years ago the price was $6 billion dollars and the Impaler is using the exact dollar figure as then, do even one of you believe that there has been no inflation, no increase in labour costs, fuels, the price of concrete, HA HA, ....Who are those guys, talk about complete amateurs.

Talk about Campbell throwing a "Hail Mary" pass, too bad there is no one there to catch it, there will be no rabbit pulled out of a hat for the Impaler, this folks is nothing but a diversion, it won`t work, the media, the real media will keep reporting The Straight Goods.....

And there is more, even if, and that`s a big if, there will be no shovel in the ground for years, well after the next election, there are miles and miles of reviews, reports, hearings and of course legal challenges, so have "No Fear" my friends, rumours from my sources tell me the B.C. Liberal party is in tatters, money has dried up, no individuals are donating, the Liberals are down to shady promised contracts as a means attracting political donations, such as a recent B.C. Liberal campaign party dinner where all the IPPs were invited to attend, the dinner tables cost money, lots of money and of course party donations were made, but how ethical is it to invite IPPs(Independent Private Power companies) on the night before B.C, Hydro was announcing energy purchase agreements....Talk about a shakedown, holding the corporate interests up by their ankles for money....Desperation is setting in!

So friends, have no fear, Pitchfork Nation won`t be fooled, in fact even the Rabbit needed to get drunk before he agreed to be pulled out of the Hat!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

The intersection at Main and Hastings in Vancouver is now named Gordon Campbell Corner.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are right. Gordo the Gargler wants to leave himself a named legacy - the Gordo Campbell Dam. Damn.

Grant G said...

1:42 PM.....Ahh, you remember,I haven`t used that one in a while.

He won`t get a dam named after him...Maybe the (Gordon Campbell sewage plant) in Victoria!


Crankypants said...

I think that this announcement was made now to deflect the public's attention away from all the newly announced IPP contracts as well as those that are still to be announced. In Campbell's mind, it gives the impression that we are woefully short of power and continue the gold rush on our rivers. Just another smoke and mirrors moment courtesy of this useless government at taxpayers expense.