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Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, Canadians Need To Hear About A Return To Democracy

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods has been deliberately quiet on the federal election, sort of, I`m not prepared to endorse either Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau, I am however continually highlighting the evil that exists in Stephen Harper and his reform ultra rightwing base..

Tom Mulcair wants to bring in affordable quality daycare and his goal deserves merit, ..remember the days of large families with stay at home moms, average Joe worker could support a wife, home and a basket full of kids on a modest middle of the road income, those days are long gone, year after year bit by bit the lack of buying power has decimated large family units ...Mulcair`s daycare plan might turn that around, perhaps..

Justin Trudeau`s promise of an infrastructure spending spree....I like this idea for a couple of good reasons, it will put people to work and interest rates have never been lower, what better time then now to invest in Canada....But what to build...A  $3 billion dollar subway line along Broadway to get students to UBC is a big fat toilet bowl flush of money....However sewage treatment for our B.C. Capital District and Capital City Victoria is a must....18 million litres of raw sewage would no longer be dumped directly into the ocean each and every day...Light rail is good, even a high speed rail line for moving people around Canada...Canada needs to build infrastructure for the future and that shouldn`t include wider highways and bigger bridges for moving cars, we need vision, we need new water systems, sewage treatment a must, clean drinking water essential, greening of buildings, a push to develop geo-thermal power, tidal power, we do not need to spend gobs of money on technology of the past..

There was a time in man`s history where one would be jailed or executed for claiming the earth was round, seems silly today but back then if you went against religious based beliefs espoused by the Catholic church, hell have no fury like a bunch of false prophets wearing white robes...

There has been plenty of white noise in recent days about the niqab and swearing-in-ceremonies, oh the humanity, of all the issues to discuss, strawmen come in many shapes and colours and if one believes the polls the niqab controversy is a winner for Stephen Harper, or is it...

If one cares about the environment, the future of healthcare, pensions, human rights, respect and saving Canadian Democracy from ideological erosion one can`t vote for Stephen Harper and if people do care about those causes..

For the life of me I can`t see people foregoing those values and virtues and jumping on the Harper crazy(as a shit house rat)train over the niqab issue and on a more fundamental but personal level any persons who would change their vote to the gruesome blue bullshitting Harper over a face covering that one almost never encounters in their day to day life..I don`t want to be associated with those persons, those creatures can vote for Harper, those prehistoric remnants can vote for working longer before receiving a pension, vote for private profit healthcare, vote for a scorched earth....Stay there, stay with conscience will sleep easier knowing I voted for a party that didn`t court the flat earth knuckle-dragging segments of society...

Remaining quiet has become increasingly difficult, I ponder away, muse to myself wondering when Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau are going to wake up and fight, not for power but fight for Canada, fight for the reinstatement of Democracy...A legacy of Harper corruption has sullied the office of Prime Minister...A single(so far)Stephen Harper majority term in office has been catastrophic for Democracy, ...Muzzled scientists, environmental laws gutted, regulatory bodies tainted with the insertion of political and heavy industry cronies, a Harper Government that deliberately writes laws that fall under the weight of the supreme court justices but for how long, how long until all the current justices are replaced with hard-line reformacon ideologues...

Promises promises and more promises, stump speech after stump speech reciting tired talking points, enough already, I want to hear for a solid week by all three opposition leaders about Democracy, or should I say the return of Democracy and respect for all members of a civil society and as far as I`m concerned this Campaigning for Democracy doesn`t include pandering and courting voters so fickle they would switch parties and vote for a diabolical Stephen Harper because of a rarely seen face covering..

The removal of the navigable waters act, the removal of species at risk act, the destroying of historical scientific libraries(book-burning),,,Muzzling of scientific voices and the denial of science itself, the continual assault on the supreme court, the endless legislation against The Charter of rights, ...Cronyism, patronage appointments and downright dirty criminal hires, Bruce Carson, Arthur Porter, Vic Toews to name but a few..

Marine safety gutted, coast guard stations closed, veteran offices closed, Kinder Morgan employees appointed to Canada`s National Energy Board, the regulator of oil and oil movement tainted with the insertion of industry whores, this is not acceptable and damn it, it`s not Democracy..

Justin Trudeau...Thomas Mulcair....Canada has heard your promises, your plans, your ideas but we haven`t heard stump speeches entirely dedicated to reciting point by point the erosion of Democracy under the tyranny of Stephen Harper...Remind Canada why we hate and fear Harper, props are allowed while campaigning so throw dead fish on the stage, dump piles of shredded paper and tell Canada about Stephen Harper`s historical scientific research book-burning, pick up a set of the scales of justice and hurl at the ground with force and smash them to bits and tell Canadians the truth, tell Canada how Democracy under Stephen Harper is the next endangered species...

For without Democracy we have nothing.

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, September 21, 2015

An Unconditional Apology To The Green Party, to Paul Manly, And To Elizabeth May. AND Additional Comment

An Unconditional Apology To The Green Party, to Paul Manly, And To Elizabeth May.  AND Additional Comment.

   Written By Robin Mathews  Sept. 2015

In my last column I made a mistake to apologize for.
That column is about the failure of the three Opposition Parties to focus – as the major election issue - on what many Canadians believe is the criminality and near-criminality of Stephen Harper and his supporters.  It bears upon all the abuses of power, all the violations of the rights and freedoms of Canadians under his prime ministership.

In that column I made an absolute statement – that none of the Opposition Parties is dealing with the economic treaty with China, FIPA, (signed, almost secretly, into law by Stephen Harper) which encroaches on Canadian sovereignty and the future freedom of Canadians.   In fact, at the early September Green Party press conference and large meeting in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, the subject was seriously addressed and Professor Gus van Harten’s criticism of the treaty seriously considered. 

Ms. May, with Mr. Manly, spoke to a very large audience about the importance of the treaty and of van Harten’s criticism of it.  I apologize.

As Well … Not Quite An Apology … Because ….

One of my informants also remarked that “at both events Elizabeth May spoke of Harper’s behaviour as criminal.” 

I apologize for missing that … but I apologize with less completeness and conviction about that apparent error on my part.

The English language being what it is – to say someone’s behaviour is criminal is very different from saying that the person is a criminal.  In the first case “criminal” often means outlandish and extreme but it is not necessarily intended to say the person is in criminal violation of Canadian law. But when a person says someone is a criminal, the meaning is much more certain and unequivocal … and usually does mean that he or she is believed to have broken the law, criminally, in Canada and is, therefore, a criminal (but not necessarily a “convicted” criminal).

What Is A Criminal?

When I say I believe Stephen Harper is a criminal, I mean I believe he has acted criminally repeatedly but has not been investigated, charged, and convicted. Examples could be listed tiresomely. 

Take any and all the abuses of power apparently emanating from Stephen Harper’s office, called The Prime Minister’s Office, for example – “the PMO”, possessing nearly one hundred unelected workers directly accountable to Stephen Harper (and paid for by Canadian taxpayers).

Repeatedly, Stephen Harper has hidden behind the  highly questionable claim that even though he is (and has to be by definition) the person totally responsible for the actions of people working in his office, he claims he is not touched by criminal and other abusive actions in which they engage.

What Should Opposition Leaders Do?

In the present election campaign ALL the Opposition Leaders should force that matter into debate.  They should confront Stephen Harper directly, and they should make enough of the issue publicly that it has to be reported over and over and over…. They should demand, now, (and all through the campaign) full RCMP investigation of Stephen Harper’s role in every questionable action arising from the PMO and from his foreign policy actions unaccounted for to Parliament.

Informed Canadians are standing back in wonder and surprise. “Omnibus bills” have gutted transparency and have destroyed the role of the elected representatives of the Canadian people.  They have been combined with Acts intended to strip Canadians of fundamental rights (as in the dis-enfranchising new “Unfair Elections Act”).

Citizen organizations in Canada – Leadnow and Dogwood Initiative (to mention only two) are working valiantly and tirelessly to blunt the effect of Conservative/fascist legislation intended to disenfranchise Canadians in this election. Those organizations are not, it appears, receiving nearly the public recognition and encouragement from Opposition Party leaders, candidates, and Party structures that they should be receiving!

Opposition Party leaders … and candidates running for Opposition Parties … should be seizing the national media (“conventional” and unconventional) to force all those matters onto the attention of every Canadian (whether “interested” in this election or not).

In the heat of a democratic election campaign “hot”, “hidden” issues are easily brought to the forefront. Bringing forward the truth about the neo-fascist activity of the Conservative Party and government would be easy.  Every Opposition leader should be forcing the national media to focus on Conservative Party and government fascism.  And from the body of Opposition
Candidates should spring angry members appearing in unexpected places to underscore the foul, dirty, criminal, democratically destructive actions of the Conservative Party and government in the last ten years.

Instead, Canadians face Opposition Parties which are – almost unanimously – accepting the Conservative “New Order” of deceit, dishonour, Parliamentary abuse, lies, criminal behaviour, attacks on the vulnerable, the destruction of Canadian history and records … and more.  It is not enough for Opposition leaders to say “we bring this up in meetings” (where the Party Faithful gather – and the rest of Canadians remain uninformed). Opposition Leaders must take the information to ALL Canadians by whatever means (conventional and unconventional) the historical moment demands. 

Where is Stephen Harper In All This?

Close to Stephen Harper in friendship and Party work, some Party members admitted criminal guilt as part of the In-and-Out Election Scandal (2006-2011).  RCMP and other investigation never went near Stephen Harper. Could a Canada-wide Conservative criminal scam (involving more than 65 constituencies) to de-fraud the election of 2006 have happened without the knowledge of the Conservative Party leader, Stephen Harper?

And if he was innocent, why did he not act to remove ALL those involved, including Conservative senators?
He did not remove or discipline important people  involved in that fraudulent and criminal activity.

Close to Stephen Harper in friendship and Party work, Nigel Wright is the payer of an alleged bribe that Mike Duffy is charged criminally with having accepted.  The trial itself (as I argue in an earlier column) may be wholly fraudulent.  The failure of the RCMP and Prosecution services to charge Nigel Wright is illogical as well as scandalous - as is the willingness of the judge on the trial to hear argument based on that nonsense charge. Failure of the Opposition Party leaders to question the (probably phony) trial should be deeply disturbing to Canadian voters.

Increasing evidence reveals that the closest colleagues of Stephen Harper knew of the attempt to act fraudulently in the Mike Duffy matter. There is powerful reason for alleging that Stephen Harper was, at least, an accessory before and after the fact of the alleged crime…and is therefore a criminal. Where are the Opposition leaders on that subject?

The RCMP - which permitted its findings to be distorted for the Mike Duffy trial - is not investigating the role of Stephen Harper in the Mike Duffy affair.

In 2013 an order came out of the PMO, from a top officer there, we are told, that set in motion an extensive improper Robocall campaign throughout Saskatchewan to influence the process of redrawing constituency boundaries.  The Robocalls were reported; the Conservative Party of Canada paid a fine to the CRTC of $78,000.00 for violating CRTC regulations.

No charges were laid.  No investigation was undertaken to find who ordered the violation.  Stephen Harper was not questioned about his role in the violation. Because no criminal law was broken.  And that is so because corrupt governments don’t write laws to entrap themselves when they engage in what is, in fact,  criminal activity. In fact, they do everything they can to erase the connection between the Law and their lawless activities.  Opposition leaders should be making the Saskatchewan fraudulent 2013 Robocalling by the Stephen Harper forces known to every Canadian.

No employee in the Prime Minister’s Office would dare to undertake an action – like the Robocall Fraud in Saskatchewan - without knowing the action would be approved of by his/her employer – Stephen Harper.

What Are The Opposition Parties Doing?

As the September 17 Election Debate among Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, and Justin Trudeau proved – the Opposition Party leaders involved refused to confront Stephen Harper with alleged criminal actions…even when they were involved in the subject of the Debate.

So far – I think it is fair to make an absolute statement – no Opposition Party leader will state publicly and loudly that he/she believes Stephen Harper is a criminal – someone who has engaged directly and/or as an accessory – in criminal activity, and is – therefore – completely unsuited to be prime minister of Canada or even to be qualified to run for political office in Canada. Many, many Canadians are wondering what is wrong with the Opposition Party Leaders.

THE ISSUE In This Election

As I wrote in my last column, Stephen Harper’s dishonesty is THE ISSUE in this election.  His abuses of power – many of which could, I believe, be categorized as criminal breaches of trust (if investigated by an RCMP which, instead, protects this government from charges of criminal activity), his almost certain participation (the Mike Duffy affair) in criminal activity, his violation of democratic practices, his attacks upon the weak and vulnerable in Canada   (upon almost defenseless crippled Canadian war veterans, for instance), his endless abuses of power in Parliament and out of it …and much more, constitute the most important issue in this federal election.

There is not an Opposition Party Leader in Canada who has named the most important election issue – Stephen Harper’s dishonesty… with the allegation that Stephen Harper is, in fact, a criminal who must face full criminal investigation by all the forces in our society tasked with that role. Instead, they are all giving him “a pass”, agreeing not to push publicly what for a huge number of Canadians is the key issue in the election.  And so – ironical as it may seem – the leaders of the Opposition Parties in Canada are accepting criminal activity as a natural and normal activity of the prime minister of Canada. 

That means “goodbye to the Canada created in 1867”, and it means “goodbye to legislation on behalf of the Canadian people” and it means “goodbye to the normal daily safety of Canadians and to their rights and freedoms”.  

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

British Columbia Provincial Liberal Party, Accounting LIES Exposed, Mainstream B.C. Media Silent, For Years Silent.

 This posting is entirely based on the comment of Mark Zain, ..The comment was under a Harvey Oberfeld blog posting..

Here is the link to Harvey Oberfelds posting..




Grant g here.....Harvey Oberfeld is upset that the BC NDP of the 90`s, according to Mike Harcourt, who proudly and truthfully proclaimed on the CBC that the record of the NDP of the 90`s was far superior   than the record of the BC Liberals(rebranded Social credit party) Harvey Oberfeld is upset with the fact that the CBC didn`t bring in someone neutral...Even though real facts bear out that the NDP of the 90`s outperformed the BC Liberals by a country mile....Read Mark Zain`s link-filled comment and ask yourself...

You see folks, Harvey Oberfeld is right in a way, Mike Harcourt is definitely not neutral, because, occasionally even partisans can tell the truth.. ..Mike Harcourt spoke the truth...

As for Harvey Oberfeld, he seems unconcerned if the facts stated by Harcourt on the CBC are true....As for me, I don`t care who speaks and where one speaks, all I`m concerned is the truth...


Mark Zain nails the truth..

I present you Mark zain`s comment..

Mark Zain // Sep 20, 2015 at 3:18 pm

"The Secret Dirty Truth that Christy Clark & the BC Liberals DO NOT ever want you to know and find out ever about the real BC economy & BC Liberal Jobs Plan – What the Corporate Mainstream never revealed to protect the BC Liberals to get their tax cuts and advertising funding; Hiding behind smoke & mirrors Finally REVEALED & EXPOSED:
The Dirty Facts:

1) It took BC 140 years to accrue a $30 billion debt in its history since its very creation.

2) Since the BC Liberals took over, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark increased that to around $165 billion in just around 12 years, which is $135 billion more in debt and contractual obligations.

3) 25% of that increase in debt has been generated under Christy Clark’s leadership in just 3 years!!!

They always get elected based on the “Job Lies” they keep promising now fully exposed.
The Hard Economic Facts according to Statistics Canada:

1) BC is last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on “% Change in Employment Rate”. (2006-2014)

2) BC is the only province with NEGATIVE “% Change in Employment in Canada”. BC is again last or 10th place in Canada of all the provinces based on the “% Change in Employment Rate”. (1996-2014)

3) BC is again last or 10th place in Canada for “Service Sector Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)

4) BC is not last, but 8th out of 10 places in Canada for “Goods Producing Earnings Change”. (2012-2014)

5) BC has the worst performing “Employment Rate Change” in Canada. (April 2011- April 2015)

6) The BC Liberals under both Gordon Campbell & Christy Clark has the worst “Average Monthly Job Growth” & “Average Monthly Job Creation” in the last few decades.

7) BC had the highest “BC Log Exports, m3, Monthly Average”, but the LOWEST “BC Log Exports – Value per m3″. (1991-2015)

8) BC Job Growth has massively dropped from “14.5% to 1.8%” from 1991-2015.

Very scary times indeed.
With Statistics Canada data compiled, the data charts in the links below reveal the true BC Liberal dirty truth. This info can never be deleted & shredded.
Warning: You can get sick to your stomach after seeing all the charts that exposes the Dark Truth.

“Horgan Speaks to the Premier”

“Campbell Misled Public on NDP Finances”

“Remembering the Desperate Nineties”

“Sliding from have to have-not”

“Not Last in Sparkle Ponies”

“You Can’t Pray a Lie”

“All the Spin that’s Fit to Print”

“The Struggle is Real for Families in B.C.”

Do you call that “Debt-Free BC” as you see on the BC Liberal election buses and ads? Forget about the “balanced-budget” illusion as the total debt is what really matters.
Oh, yeah how is that “BC Liberal Jobs Plan” going? Nowhere, but down, worst in Canada in employment performance.Yet, the BC Liberals have given those making over $150,000 a year a tax break. With large energy companies such as Encana, Teck Cominco, & the Albertan energy companies donating to the BC Liberals and gov’t paying billions in their royalties, the future is screwed and the province raped. 
“Alberta Oil and Gas Millions Fuel BC Liberal Machine”

BC Hydro is buying power from private “Independent Power Producers – BC Liberal donators” at least 4x’s the energy cost when they can be producing their own cheap energy as their dams are overflooded. As a result, BC Hydro is billions in debt and our electric bills have skyrocketed by more than 50% and even more.

The BC Liberals were voted on big promises (LNG – selling out the province) and the fake illusion of a prosperous smoke and mirrors economy funded by media advertising. Their time must come to end.
And that’s the tipping point as there are even more.

“Globe omits Christy Clark caught Cheating During University Election”

We can no longer keep watching this but to kick and vote them out for good. Enough is enough.
Many of us have been fooled, but not anymore. This is one mistake that we cannot afford to make ever again as our current and future generations are greatly impacted by the choices we make.

Copy/paste & share it to everyone. This cannot be kept quiet any longer. If this was the NDP, the media would be hiding in Christy’s backyard stalking their sundeck for any news until someone has to resign kinda how the media loves to beat the BC Fast Ferries and Adrian Dix’s skytrain ticket to death.

We must do our part and spread the word as more people are waking up everyday to the grand BC Liberal deceit and deception. The BC Liberals represent the 1% and we are the 99% resistance against the corporate takeover and selling away the resources of our future generations. It is time for mass resignations and recalls before they delete and shred any more public documents and leave behind nothing left for the future generations. 

The Future is Yours."


Harvey Oberfeld usually responds to commenters with a response, ...Mark Zain`s comment received nothing but silence from Harvey Oberfeld..

And that is no surprise to anyone..

I couldn`t have said it better Mr. Zain....Bravo

Najib Razak (Petronas boss) Malaysian Prime Minister is now being investigated by the FBI for money laundering..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman`s LNG Guru ...$700 million deposited in his personal bank account...
My Gawd, you BC Liberals will do business(sellout) to any criminal, ...UNREAL!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, September 18, 2015

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister Moosehead

Written by Grant G

Sweet, seductive and oh so feminine, eyes are the entrance way to one`s soul and as a man I find many female attributes appealing but nothing can compare to inner feelings brought on by a direct gaze into a woman`s eyes..

Stephen Harper`s reference to "Old stock Canadians" in itself would be an inert statement but in last night`s debate it wasn`t, Stephen Harper uttered those words when the debate moved into the refugee, refugee healthcare and niqab issue, and perhaps Canadians are making too big of a deal over the inappropriate comment but I don`t think so...

 Regardless of anything, even IF a refugee`s claim is denied once they arrive in Canada they must be given healthcare, I watched a divisive debate years ago on this issue and health officials, doctors and the medical community as a whole advocate for healthcare, how small minded and irrational can Stephen Harper be, should a sick refugee denied status suffer, spread illness, not only is Harper small-minded, his policy of denying healthcare is potentially harmful to all Canadians..Harper made the same error with food inspectors, he slashed their budget resulting in far less Canadian food inspectors on the ground actually inspecting food, it resulted in corporations and industry regulating their own inspections, by trying to save pennies countless Canadians lost their life over ingesting tainted meats...Clearly Harper hasn`t learned his lesson, penny wise turns pound foolish, turned to needless death!

The wizard of oz or as he is known in Australia "The Lizard of oz"...Prime Minister Harper after a month of campaigning and lackluster polling numbers brought in a well-known political hatchet man, a hired gun whose specialty is racebaiting and bigotry division, the man`s name is Lynton Crosby...

The game-plan designed by Lynton Crosby for Stephen Harper is exactly that, to turn "Old Stock Canadians" into haters, to instill fear of others different, Mr. Crosby has honed the knife`s edge of the Karl Rove doctrine of smear and fear politics razor sharp, refugees, immigrants and fear are his only issues, you can call Lynton Crosby a specialist....

Let me be perfectly clear, "Old Stock Canadians" is not a mainstream phrase, with all the preparation and talking points rehearsed pre-debate by all the leaders makes a phrase like that uttered by Prime Minister Harper a deliberate act, with a very specific purpose, and it`s clear what that purpose was...Aimed at seniors and hardcore rednecks, aimed at the racists that live among us and there are many...

I watched the Globe and Mail debate last night and to say the least, wasn`t impressed with anyone but I was disgusted with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, because before he blew his reformacon dog whistle he attacked provincial governments of different stripes(NDP and Liberal) both sitting and past, he attacked the BC NDP Government of 1991 to 2001, Harper claimed the BC NDP ruined the economy and drove up debt, preposterous claim it was...The BC NDP took power in 1991, BC`s debt stood at $16 billion dollars and when they were voted out in 2001 they did indeed double the debt to $31 billion dollars, however, the BC Liberal party, who have no relationship with the Federal Liberal party are not Liberals, they were a re-branding of the discredited Social Credit party, Gordon Campbell took the name Liberal because the name was available, the BC Liberal party are actually Conservatives in sheep`s clothing, or as I call them, Corporatists...For that is who they govern for, spend for, the big multi-national all-mighty Party donating corporations...The BC Liberals came to power in 2001 with a near $3 billion dollar budget surplus...BC`s debt under these quasi Liberals has gone from $31 billion to over $70 billion dollars, $170 billion if one counts contractual obligations and hidden crown debt, a sixfold increase in BC`s debt...

More people immigrated to BC in the 90`s than did between 2001 to 2011...Economic growth was higher under the NDP of the 90`s than it is under the BC Liberals...Only because interest rates for Governments have fallen to historic lows, that`s the only reason B.C. isn`t bankrupt...Everywhere Governments have gathered up debt and economic disaster would fall many a nation if interest rates returned to past levels...And yes, I remember 20% mortgage rates...I remember 12% savings accounts...Today mortgage rates are below 5% and interest rates for savings near zero...What Stephen Harper muttered about the BC NDP was patently false...

Harper blamed last night in the debate, he blamed Rachel Notley for Alberta`s fiscal woes, my gawd, they have been in power but for a few months....Hogwash Harper, Alberta after 44 years of Conservative rule left the cupboard bare, oil drops and Alberta was INSTANTLY broke, no nest egg, no Norwegian type heritage fund...Mr. Harper...Rachel Notley raising corporate taxes next year from 10% to 12% is still less than the rate in the USA or any other developed country in the world by far, just where would those tar-pit miners go??..Russia....Harper attacked the Ontario Government of decades past in Bob Rae and he verbally assaulted the current Wynne Government...

You Mr. Harper are the current Prime Minister, you are supposed to govern a nation, all the nation, not just your hard-core reformers...Exactly how does a Prime Minister after insulting Ontario`s government, Alberta`s government, and BC`s next Government...After lying, insulting, denigrating those sitting Governments how on earth could you ever sit down with them and come to agreement on healthcare, the environment or the colours of the new curtains for the new administration at 24 Sussex drive...?

How indeed...

No Mr. Harper...Justin Trudeau did not say, Thomas Mulcair did not say they were bringing in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, that`s a lie on the national stage ....No Mr. Harper...Trudeau and or Mulcair did not say that the 30 or 40 thousand proposed to be brought here(Over 4 years) Syrian refugees will not be subject to security checks, another bold-faced lie!....How can you Prime Minister Harper stand on a national stage and lie your face off.....Clearly Stephen Harper you are NOT mentally fit to Govern.

There is even more distasteful race-bait antics by Harper, politicizing the Niqab face covering, it`s bad enough enough that $millions of dollars have been wasted on Conservative Government lawyers to abolish a religious freedom garment, Harper lost in the courts, lost the battle in the appeals court and now he vows to fight it all the way to the supreme court and after that loss Harper plans to write new legislation to circumvent the Charter of Rights....On an issue that means nothing to  most Canadians, but resonates with "Old Stock Canadians"       ...Say hello to Lynton Crosby for me would ya...

Face coverings, oh the humanity, you mean like millions of children donning costumes and face-masks for Halloween, you mean the person wearing a giant chicken suit outside of Church`s Chicken....Some of the world`s greatest Super-heroes wear masks, Spiderman... 

Where would we be without our super heroes, should they be forced to take off their masks....

Perhaps men should be forced and legislated to remove their..

Beards....Who is thee that hides behind a face full of hair.... 

Could it be that even Santa Claus is hiding his identity...Could Santa Claus actually be a terrorist lurking around looking for innocent targets, after-all, "Old Stock Canadians" leave their doors and chimney flutes wide open and invite him in, without verifying his true identity or intent..

Lynton Crosby and Stephen Harper, separated at birth, maybe, birds of a feather, race-based politics, unbecoming of a Prime Minister...

Didn`t we go through this with Turbin wearing Canadian Mounted Police and ceremonial daggers in courtrooms...

Oh the humanity, let`s vilify a tiny minority of beautiful proud Islamic ladies for crass political gain

Well Mr. Harper..

You and your reformacon "Old Stock Canadians" should be forced to wear special hats as identification so we can see you coming..

 ....Prime Minister Stephen Moosehead Harper


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Are The NDP, The Liberals, And The Greens Handing The Election To The Harper Conservatives?

Why Are The NDP, The Liberals, And The Greens Handing The Election To The Harper Conservatives?

  Written By Robin Mathews  Sept. 2015

Sand Box Nobodies

To begin.  Like dumb school-yard bullies, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau have agreed to Stephen Harper’s terms for the final two Election Debates.  They will exclude Elizabeth May. 

No better than them on the primary question – the major issue in the Election – Ms. May should, nonetheless, be in the debates. The two males could have done nothing but improve their own chances by insisting on her inclusion. “No Elizabeth May”, they should have said, “means No Thomas Mulcair, no Justin Trudeau”.  That would have been doing the right thing, and shaming the graceless neo-liberal robot, Stephen Harper.

The Major Election Issue
The major issue in the Election touches every other issue (which is why it is major):  Stephen Harper’s dishonesty, his abuse of power, of ethics, of law, of decency, of fundamental democracy - Stephen Harper’s near- criminal and (perhaps) criminal destruction of democracy and the rule of law as prime minister of Canada.

None of the Opposition Party leaders will talk about that. Nor will any of their candidates. They have given away their most powerful weapon in the Election campaign. And in doing so they betray Canadians, Canada, and Canadian democracy.

The Three Male Monkeys – And The Issues

The so-called Economic Debate is about to be held – with the three male monkeys: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil.

Will the Opposition leaders point out [ECONOMICS] that Stephen Harper lied about the immense cost of the F-35 fighter plane?  Will they say Stephen Harper abused the senate to make money and was involved in the alleged bribery of Mike Duffy (a part of the on-going economic misuse of the senate)? Will they ask the price of destroying Marine Science Libraries? Will they talk about the near-criminal (new) power taken to borrow for non-budgetary spending without Parliamentary approval? About omnibus bills to hide spending and to hide attacks on Democracy?
Will they accuse him for Party political advertising using public money? For spending $50 million to bribe in Tony Clement’s riding?  For suppressing monies for necessary scientific research? For stealing money from crippled veterans?  For being fined $78,000.00 by CRTC for dirty Robo-Calling two years after the 2011 election, in 2013 in Saskatchewan? For pleading guilty (after five years of denial) to (criminal) acts in the 2006 In-and-Out Election Scandal – the investigation costing Canadians at least 2 million dollars? For making a wholly “dirty” economic treaty with China?

Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil”

In the so-called Economics Debate on September 17, the NDP and Liberal leaders (or one of them) could erase Stephen Harper from the Election campaign – simply by telling the truth about his economic wrong-doing and  his political thuggery. The matters mentioned above only scratch the surface.  One or both male Opposition leaders could make mincemeat of Stephen Harper on the Real Issue.

Neither of the male Opposition leaders will do it in the debate – and Elizabeth May wouldn’t do it, either, if she were there.  She could be perhaps more effective by going on the attack outside the so-called “leaders’ debates”. She won’t do it.

Foreign Treaties expert Professor Gus van Harten (Osgoode Law School) has openly and widely condemned the China economic treaty that robs Canada of sovereignty and endangers the well-being of all Canadians – saying any new government must begin terminating the treaty immediately.  The three Opposition Party leaders (and all their candidates) ignore the subject completely in the Election campaign.

The three Opposition Party leaders reveal to many a Canadian that they are moral cowards, sycophants to illegitimate and criminal power, ethical morons only fit to spend time with frauds, incompetents, fawning lackies, paid admirers … and Stephen Harper.

GOD Save Canada … because the present Opposition Parties will not do it.

Written by Robin Mathews 


 Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, September 14, 2015

AltaCorp Capital Shines Up Their Crystal Ball and Conjures Up An LNG Spinfest, A British Columbia LNG Fantasy, Separating Fact From Fiction

Written by Grant G

Christy Clark`s golden LNG winged unicorns take flight and soar to the heavens...

Oh to laugh, chuckle and bust my gut......Remember that damning report on the chances of any LNG terminals being built in British Columbia posted by the Financial post last week, an article that confirmed my posting...British Columbia`s LNG Industry..The Last Gas(P)....

And then a two-part special posted in the Vancouver Sun that reported findings from an internal Petronas audit, a report citing serious damning evidence on Petronas`s safety violations and lack of regulation....Followed by a Vaughn Palmer article where Vaughn takes swipes at BC`s gasman Rich Coleman...

We knew what was destined to happen next...Christy Clark and company ordered up another LNG spindoctored LNG article to counter the bad press and keep those paved with gold LNG dreams alive...

Well, It`s the first Monday following the release of those damning articles and shazzaam....The spindoctered drool appeared right on cue, posted in The Province newspaper....

The report, it had four authors, it wasn`t a report by an energy company, it wasn`t a report by any LNG company that is proposing a project in British Columbia....This rosy, hip hip hooray article/report was written by Altacorp Capital....A money lender....

And boy oh by, the spin is delicious, juicy, and personally speaking... comical!....

Let me break down the Christy Clark ordered gobbily goop "report" piece by piece....Please, try not to laugh to hard..

First off....

In this Financial Post damning, accurate article last week....Petronas`s proposed LNG terminal is costed at an estimated $11. 4 billion dollars(And yes, the majority of that money to be spent overseas)....Cut n pasted from the accurate FP posting last week..

 "Malaysia’ state-owned Petronas and its partners gave a conditional approval to their $11-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert, but the consortium faces stiff opposition from some First Nations. It has also not secured an environmental certificate from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency"

And in the Vancouver Sun two-part special on Petronas...They also say Petronas`s proposed Prince Rupert project is $11.4 Billion...

In the latest spinfest posted in The Province newspaper....A special report written by an Alberta banking firm..(Altacorp Capital)

In that latest spinfest AltaCorp Capital has bumped Petronas proposed Prince Rupert project back up to $36 billion dollars....!!!!..And I quote...

"That timeline, and AltaCorp`s prediction, Douglas channel would be the first LNG project to be built in the province-Leapfrogging Petronas larger $36 billion Pacific Northwest project"

So here we go again, Petronas`s proposed project jumps from $11.2 billion..$11.4 $36 billion to $46 billion Canadian and now back to $36 billion....It`s enough to make one dizzy, these spindoctors at AltaCorp Capital, in their Financial Post special report article(reposted in today`s The Province newspaper) must have forgot that Petronas`s proposed estimate was just last week in the Financial Post article was a $11.4 billion dollar price tag....So, AltaCorp Capital, in their just released special report have made a $25 billion dollar error...And we are just getting started...Next I breakdown the spin line by line...

In that AltaCorp Capital report...

Calgary-A new report "dissents" from bearish predictions that no LNG terminals will be built on Canada`s West Coast, and instead says four natural gas export facilities will be greenlighted in the coming years.
The report by AltaCorp Capital, released Monday, predicts that AltaGas LTD. Shell Canada LTD, Exxon Moibile Corp and Petronas, will build massive facilities to super cool natural gas for export from B.C. Coast in the coming years, although not in the order that many industry observers have come to expect.

"while this may appear to be hopelessly optimistic, we would argue that the smaller Douglas Channel LNG project is on track for a positive(final investment decision) by the end of 2015, AltaCorp Capital analysts said,  


Did you read that?...Appear...We would argue....hopelessly optimistic....A report by AltaCorp Capital...Talk about weasel words...This is a lender, not an energy company, it`s hooey and it gets much worse..


 Executives at AltaGas, which is leading the $500-million Douglas Channel proposal, have previously defied predictions that no liquefied natural gas terminals would be built in B.C. and recently said the company’s facility would be complete by 2018.

That timeline, and AltaCorp.’s predictions, would mean that Douglas Channel would be the first LNG project to be built in the province – leapfrogging Petronas’ larger $36-billion Pacific Northwest LNG project.


Now...AltaGas`s proposal, remember AltaGas...They were a major sponsor of Christy Clark`s failed Burrard bridge yoga-fest...

AltaGas`s proposal($500 million) is not for a big LNG on-land terminal, thus the price, AltaGas`s proposal is for a floating LNG vessels(all built overseas, little to no construction work, they merely need a land compressor, secure moorings and access to a natural gas pipeline, thus the small price-tag..


Altagas`s LTD LNG proposal

"The LNG project will be developed in two phases. The first phase will consist of floating liquefaction facilities with the capacity to receive 110 Mmcfd of gas.
In the second phase of the LNG project, the joint venture plans to increase the gas export capacity of the project up to 1 Bcfd.
The parties involved in the LNG project are: AltaGas, Idemitsu Kosan of Japan, Exmar of Belgium, and French company EDF Trading."


AltaCorp`s second major faux pas...AltaGas LTD is NOT PROPOSING A TERMINAL..They are proposing a floating facility that will be built entirely overseas... Then the AltaCorp Capital spin deflector gets really thick.


AltaCorp. now expects Pacific Northwest(Petronas), “the project that looked like it would proceed first,” to be built sometime after Douglas Channel and after Shell Canada Ltd.’s massive LNG Canada project, which would be built at a cost widely estimated between $25 billion and $40 billion.

The report cites a “preponderance of evidencesuggesting that Shell will decide in the first half of next year(2016) to build its massive project. Neither Shell nor AltaGas responded to requests for comment on construction timelines. Exxon’s Canadian subsidiary, Imperial Oil Ltd., did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Do you see the deflector spin...EXPECTS......TO BE BUILT AFTER.......A PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE...SUGGESTING...
Shell and ALTAGAS failed to respond when asked for a comment...WOW..Talk about spin, and it gets worse... 

AltaCorp Capital analyst Dana Benner, one of the four authors of the report, said in an interview that the collapse in crude oil prices has weakened the demand for labour in Western Canada, and companies could use the slowdown as an opportunity.
“If oil stays at these levels, in fact, it will probably get weaker yet, in which case more people will free up, So it is actually a perfect environment for not only one but maybe a couple of these projects to go because of the talent pool,” Benner said.
 Did you Read that?, that AltaCorp Capital author(?)...He`s saying the low oil price is perfect because now there will suddenly be lots of cheap labour available for LNG construction..Didn`t Christy Clark tell British Columbia that these LNG jobs will be very high-waged family supporting jobs..Now apparently the companies will have gobs of cheap labour..????...The spin keeps coming..


Petronas, Malaysia’s state-owned oil producer, may need to reposition a bridge and other parts of its project near Prince Rupert to gain the support of a local aboriginal group before proceeding with its Pacific Northwest project.

However, the AltaCorp report noted that an “unconditional positive FID” for the project is still expected at some point next year(2016), most likely after Shell and AltaGas.


Didn`t Mike De Jong say Petronas would have shovels in the ground by September 2015?

I believe he did...


In the News:

'The Malaysian Insider' -Business report states: The US$36 billion (RM137.5 billion) liquefied natural gas ("LNG") export terminal project in Canada is expected to commence this September(2015), said British Columbia (BC) Finance Minister, Michael de Jong.

Victor N. Bryant, CEO/President comments: "It is a great pleasure to share this news with you from Malaysia, where B.C. Finance Minister-Michael de Jong has just met with the Malaysian Prime Minister- Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak."

In a press conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia today, Michael de Jong states: "The construction will begin soon….this fall. All other prerequisites have been dealt with." Excerpts from the Malaysian Insider/Business The Finance Minister thanked the Malaysian Prime Minister for his leadership and vision in positioning Malaysia to play a lead role in the international development of the emerging LNG industry in British Columbia, Canada.


Ok...So the Petronas decision is now being pushed off to sometime in 2016????

I gotta tell you readers, this AltaCorp Capital spindoctored Christy Clark ordered Golden Unicorn LNG special is a real funny hoot, that is if you are an idiot or a turnip who just fell off the truck..!

And now the last bit of spin...


The fourth LNG project to be built, the report predicts, is Exxon Mobil’s West Coast Canada LNG project, which has “quietly” been making steady progress and recently finalized plans for an onshore terminal.

“The company plans to finish engineering studies in 2017, with FID now anticipated for late 2017 or 2018,” the report notes.


AltaCorp Capital, the money lender, not an energy company but the money lending outfit is predicting?..Boy oh boy.., that sure instills confidence, those economists are never wrong...

Exxon Mobile Corp...Engineering studies to last until LATE 2017...???..With a FINAL INVESTMENT DECISION to come After Our Provincial 2017 election...?

So, in a nutshell...AltaCorp Capital, a money lender, is predicting, SUGGESTING..AFTER A PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE that Petronas will delay a FID until sometime in 2016? ...And, they gave no timeline for Shell Canada, AltaCorp Capital has no statements or comments from any of those above mentioned energy companies...AltaCorp Capital is saying that Exxon Mobile needs another three years to do Engineering studies(?), and that a final investment decision will come after our 2017 provincial election....AltaCorp Capital is also saying that the low oil prices are good and energy companies will now have gobs of suddenly cheaper construction and skilled trades...??

Hilarious...The Financial Post last week had a damning report by an energy analysis stating that Petronas`s project proposal in Prince Rupert was a $11.4 billion dollar project, and that with the current and growing LNG glut that unlikely any LNG terminals are going to get built in British Columbia for at least a decade, and here a week later another article posted in The Financial Post(and The Province newspaper), not by an energy company or energy analysis but by money lenders at AltaCorp Capital..An article where Petronas`s Prince Rupert proposal has jumped up in value by $25 billion....? $11.2 billion?....$11.4 billion?.....$36 billion?......$46 billion Canadian dollars?....Whatever!

Christy Clark said during our 2013 provincial election that B.C. would have two LNG operations up and running by 2015...and she said that we would have upwards of ten LNG operations up and running by 2020....

Now we have AltaCorp Capital in their oh-so special report, calling AltaGas`s floating offshore vessel proposal a "terminal" it isn`t, a terminal I mean....the price tag, a reported $500 million, Petronas`s terminal($11.2 billion or $95 billion or whatever) Shell`s LNG terminal($25 billion to $40 billion)...AltaGas`s terminal(?) $500 million?.....Not mentioned by AltaCorp`s illustrious authors(?), the floating vessels will be built entirely overseas...

Have a good read of this latest Christy Clark ordered spinfest(to counter all the latest bad LNG news)Link directly below

Try not laugh too hard....

Also...I reported several months ago that in the current and midterm LNG export scene that land-based behemoth LNG terminals are over, and the new operators would be flocking to mobile, versatile floating facilities...And though they would allow BC natural gas to get exported, these floating facilities would be built entirely overseas, construction crews would be minimal, not thousands of construction workers but maybe a hundred short term workers to build a compressor station and secure moorings for the foreign built floating facilities...In this post..

Do you see that picture...AltaGas`s Douglas Channel proposal would look like this...All that would be constructed in BC would be secure moorings, a land compressor and connection to the vessel(Kitimat already has an existing LNG pipeline and natural gas capacity to supply this  110 Mmcfd of gas per year proposal(tiny in export capacity)...So there would be no need to even build a pipeline, a barebones proposal..Barebones as to creating BC construction jobs, very short term, minimal investment in B.C.

And, you can always read this, the most accurate data on BC`s grim LNG export future..

This is why I so despise our mainstream media, when speculative fluff passes as a newsworthy article, it strains credibility... 

Well folks, I needed a good laugh today.....I can thank the bovine scatologists that reside at AltaCorp Capital for the gut busting laughter..

Cmon AltaCorp Capital boys...If you are going to spin, at least put a little effort into it!.

As for those high-soaring winged golden unicorns......They will take flight as soon as..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stephen Harper Fiddles While Canada and Canadian Values Burn

Written by Grant G

I wrote an article when the federal election writ was dropped....

The gist of that posting was thus...

Canada`s economy was in recession, Canada was in deficit, massive record breaking trade deficits every month, price of oil had crashed, Alberta`s economy being hammered, Alberta farmers were/are reeling with crop losses in the $billions, British Columbia and other provinces had/have wildfires raging, British Columbia in the midst of the worst drought ever recorded...Canada, according to Stephen Harper was waging a war(Bombing campaign) with the biggest threat to humanity(ISIS)..

Stephen Harper was promoting fear, frightening Canadians with claims of domestic terrorism hiding behind every bush and shrub in Canada...And yes, there was an ongoing humanitarian crisis going on in many parts of the world....

I don`t blame Stephen Harper and the Conservative party for the death of refugees, there are countless needless deaths arising everyday from all parts of the world...

Canada can`t take in unlimited refugees, there are far too many victims, do I believe Canada can do more for refugees, yes I do, much much more but that is not what this post is about...

Today Chris Alexander, Canada`s immigration minister suspended his election campaign to return to Ottawa, apparently this world humanitarian crisis required his return to the department of immigration, in other words the federal Government needed to function, needed a decision maker, needed someone with the ability to govern, to make decisions, in this case life-saving humanitarian decisions..

That is what this posting is all about...Stephen Harper failed, Stephen Harper`s robotic trained seals failed, Stephen Harper`s group of useless slugs elected by the people of Canada failed...

Stephen Harper, the man who claims to be a great leader, rather than govern Canada, at a time when the economy was brutal, recession, deficits, record trade deficits, at a time when the environment was burning, wildfires and droughts, crops failing, provinces like Alberta reeling, at a time when humanitarian tragedies were raging around the globe, with Canada engaged in what Stephen Harper calls the "fight of our generation"....With all that going on Stephen Joeseph Harper chose to ask the Governor General to dissolve parliament, to shut down the Government of Canada so he could hold the longest and most expensive election campaign in Canadian history...

That is not leadership, that is cowardice, a puny man with no moral conscience, it sickens me...

I have been listening to the speeches being made by all parties on CPAC...and this isn`t me asking you or telling you who to vote for, everyone reading this article has already made up their mind...This article is about a man who is not a leader, Stephen Harper has been lying his face off at every campaign stop and in every campaign speech, we are not the best economy in the G7, we haven`t created millions of jobs, there are less people working today than there was before 2008, job creation hasn`t been this bad for nearly 70 years...Canadians are drowning in personal debt, the corporate sector has been shedding jobs, fewer and fewer people are being employed by the big corporate sector while more and more tax reductions and subsidies are being gifted to them by rightwing Governments, give more and more to a whining corporate sector while receiving less and less in return..

Disrespect.......I can`t believe what my eyes are seeing and my ears are hearing...I have never heard in all my life a leader be so disrespectful as Stephen Harper...In his campaign speeches he refers to the federal Liberal leader as "Justin"...He refers to the federal NDP leader as "the other guy(s)"

I haven`t heard Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair even once refer to the leader of the federal Conservative party as just Steve, or Stephen....I hear them use the term Mr. Harper, or Stephen Harper, or Prime Minister Harper...

Even in the excited states of America (USA) during their presidential campaigns we didn`t, we don`t hear residing presidents seeking re-election or new candidates vying for the position of president calling their opponents by their first name only in campaign speeches...We didn`t hear people calling George Bush just George....Or Barack Obama calling John McCain just John...Candidates in all parties deserve to be addressed or named in a respectful way, either by party, as in the leader of the Conservative party, leader of the Liberal party or leader of the NDP party or even the leader of the Green party or if one is giving a campaign speech and is referring to another person in another party by name it must be used in a respectful way...As in Mr. Trudeau, or Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair or Mr. Mulcair, Elizabeth May....You Stephen Harper are not Justin Trudeau`s father so please stop calling him just Justin...It`s very disrespectful and very deliberate...

A normal federal election campaign in Canada is 37 days, campaigns should be as short as possible because we are country that needs governing, that needs leadership, we are country that has major problems from coast to coast and it was bad enough that Stephen Joseph Harper saw fit to spend $800 million dollars of taxpayer money on partisan ads over the last decade to promote himself, along with the power of the government bully pulpit, the power of the public purse to promote himself, to hand over $5 billion dollars to Canada`s top 15% of earners in the form of income splitting when we are in recession and in deficit...

That is not "proven Leadership"...It`s a failure of leadership, that is not governing that is running away from governing so when Chris Alexander suspends his re-election campaign to rush back to Ottawa so he can pretend to be governing or leading rings hollow...

So here we are, 5 weeks of this ridiculous election campaign gone, 48 days left, still 11 days longer than a normal 37 day federal election writ period and a picture of a dead child floating in the ocean blazes across my screen, it offends, it saddens and scares me, the disrespectful campaign of the Conservative Party of Canada also offends, saddens and scares me...

 Chrissy rushing back to Ottawa to "govern" and Stevie campaigning on "leadership" spewing lie after lie to muzzled, screened, dog-sniffed captive disciples while showing nothing but childish disrespect to his opponents and to Canada as a whole offends me!

It`s time for change, time for leadership, time for Canada to vote out a man who isn`t mentally fit to govern and a Conservative party that was led astray...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes and Ears Wide Open