Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HST Revolt, How to Win, Cash is King

The Habitual liar Gordon Campbell is an arrogant pig, Colin Hansen(Ferret Face) is a putrid shit stained piece of used toilet paper, every B.C. Liberal is now on the "Recall in the Fall" hit list.

They won`t listen to 90% of the public, so until "recall in the fall" we will fight the HST through stealth, first off we need to identify the enemy, yes ENEMY, Christy Clark is an enemy, CKNW is an enemy, I got a huge laugh yesterday, I heard CKNW on the home page had an online poll, the question was, { Will you sign the HST petition}.......The latest poll numbers from reputable polling outfits peg the number at 80% who say they will sign the poll, yet the CKNW poll had 72% agreeing NOT to sign the poll, obviously the PAB(Public affairs bureau) had lots of free time to play with their cookies! What is it with the PAB, yesterday the blond PAB was standing behind Mike De Jong, what a scary looking alien she is, she has glasses, she tilts her head to one side, has her tongue hanging out of her mouth, in fact this particular PAB looks like a librarian on crack.

Canwest Global is the enemy, someone in production has been in my opinion sabotaging BC Liberal damning news stories, Gordon Campbell has control of the strings, every news story emanating from Canwest must be considered false, unless their reporting the sports or weather, every news story from Global news regarding the environment, business or politics must be totally ignored, it must be considered messaging from an attacking enemy.

The only thing left to do until "recall in the fall" is to fight back with our wallet, unfortunately the only way they will listen is to cut the money, we have to go out of our way to hurt Provincial revenue, here are some suggestions.

Number 1) Everyone along the Alberta border must boycott buying anything but the basics in B.C.....Buy all fuel in Alberta, buy all goods and services in Alberta, I am aware that you don`t want to hurt your local business but it must be done, the only way to change the direction of this Government is with a big stick, a big way to get their attention is by not buying any lottery tickets, none at all, forget the big jackpots, the Province makes a billion dollars per year on gaming revenue, let`s knock that number down by hundreds of millions, if gaming revenue fell by half they would reverse the HST in a heartbeat.

People who live along the Southern border, the dollar will be at par or better, buy your new tires in the US, have them put on your car while you are there, wear raggedy clothes heading down, returning as a sharp dressed man or woman, fill your gas tank, if possible bring a 25 litre gas container with you or 2, buy in bulk while you are across the line, sugar keeps, bread freezes, coffee stores well, school supplies and the like can be purchased, it`s time to be smarter.

Now I understand most can`t travel south or east but, if you live in a small town and are on good terms with local restaurant or eateries talk cash, no bill, no tax, forget paying only 5% tax on eating out, pay none! If your older and get landscaping or yard work done, offer cash with no bill, same with home renovations, buy basic groceries and cut off the junk food money for your children, start breaking the habit of spending, even though liquor isn`t being charged the HST cut in half or better going to watering holes, buy a box of beer and stay home or visit friends(Don`t drink and drive)....Buy a thermos and forget Tim Hortons, if each and everyone of us cuts out a couple of spending habits we can send Provincial revenue reeling, especially hurtful to Government is STOP BUYING LOTTERY.

This summer take your holiday in Alberta or Washington state, leave BC alone this year, avoid the ferry, avoid Vancouver island, wear your seat belt when driving, don`t speed, avoid any financial hits, I don`t want to hurt local business but we have to make a statement, short term pain for Democracy.

If the Provincial Government, Federal Government gets whacked with plummeting revenue they will back track, turn off your lights, even if you leave a room for a minute shut off the light, turn down the heat, for car repairs ask around and you will find a good backyard mechanic, get you dental check up and work done before July 1, if 3 million consumers pullback spending by 1/3 rd we can send a shock wave strong enough to bring down the house in Victoria, break your children`s habit, cut out the McDonald`s and slurpee`s, make them lunch, again if you cross the line you can buy bulk all your kid snacks, a dollar here, a dollar there, I am determined, I have already started, sorry folks, this corrupt Government will only understand getting hit with a large stick, who knows, maybe a revolution against consumerism will start, a revolt, polish up those old shoes, you can also buy online from out of Province, out of country, think of ways to beat the taxman at every turn or go without.

Our parents and grandparent made sacrifices, recycled for the war cause, bought fuel only on certain days, they rationed supplies, they did without, this is where we draw the line in the sand, the new war, the class war, us versus them, corporate power against the middle class, this is war, to the victor goes the spoils.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


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Anonymous said...

For an interesting (albeit dismal) take on corruption in the BC Attorney General's Office and intereference in the Vitoria Police Chief Paul Tattersall's investigation and links to the Federal Government complicity and suspicious deaths of several implicated bc judges go to http://www.waterwarcrimes.com/organized-crime--bc-ministry-of-the-attorney-general.html
This site details a scandal pre-dating the BC Rail fiasco, but involving several of the same players. It reads like a combination of "All The President's Men" and "Chinatown" As nasty as the theft of BC Rail is, it appears to be the tip of a very large iceburg. I would be interested to see what BC Mary, Robin Mathews and Grant G think of this.

Gary E said...

CBC is reporting a bogus anti HST site. It's called saynotohstinbc.ca. They are being investigated by Elections BC.
They are asking for donations and this is taboo. It appears to be a Official site but there is no one listed under contacts.

Wonder how lonf it will take the Campbell lackey propagandists to report this. CBC did it an hour ago.

Crankypants said...

That PAB wench you refer to must be one of the head trolls. She seems to be behind pretty much any Liberal that is being interviewed. I figure that she must suck on a lemon just before each scrum to achieve that look.

Today Christie Clark had Randy White on as a guest, and he basically called the BC Liberal party a bunch of idiots for bringing in the HST and raising all the user fees. He told Christie that the combined effects of all these extra fees and taxes brought forward in the last year will do nothing but stagnate the economy. This has to be the first time I've ever agreed with anything Mr. White has ever uttered in his political career.

I too will be avoiding as many HST expenditures as I can.


Grant G said...

Very interesting Crankypants..I was out this afternoon, so I just checked the CKNW audio vault..

and guess what..Christy Clark show today(tues 27april)...On the audio vault, her entire show is available on the audio vault,.....


Like I said, CKNW is the enemy, so someone gave the order to purge Randt White from the audio vault, check it out yourself!

If anyone doesn`t think the media is complicit in the scam.

islandcynic said...

Did you let Randy White know?

Anonymous said...

The underground is cropping up, and the bartering system as well. Communities will grow enough to feed all the people within a 100 mile radius. All citizens will have to buy is, sugar flour, tea, coffee, salt and pepper. Instead of the price gouging gas prices, perhaps, we can do as the Amish do, get hay burners, and put the hitching rails back up. That's about how far this province has regressed. There are a multitude of people, who run into, comments disabled, pages won't turn, face books, have vanished. There is nothing safe or sacred anymore. We suspect the worst, because, it usually is the worst. We people of BC, have been subjected to, every dirty tricks in the book.