Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kirk Lapointe Editor in Chief is a complete Fool!

Here we go again, the Kash Heed affair is growing by the minute, did we get any coverage on global News this morning,nope, did cknw report anything new,nope, how about Kirk Lapointe of the Vancouver sun, nope,nothing there except.....

You know friends, if Kirk Lapointe was in front of me I would call him what he is, a complete fool with worn out knee pads,there is no other way to describe the behaviour of the newspaper he runs, or should I say ruins!

What is in the Vancouver sun is a faceless,nameless opinion piece about the three Solicitor Generals that have stepped down over scandals, the story states, Gordon Campbell maybe was a little slow in accepting John Von Dongen`s resignation over being a "serial speeder"......But then the story goes sideways, I don`t know who wrote the story,probably Fazi of the Sun`s editorial board, the story goes onto say that the delay in clearing up the "baseless accusations" against John Les over land deals and the "Baseless accusations" against Kash Heed over possible elections infractions are "Denying ridings effective representation" snip.

Well excuse me Kirk Lapointe, let examine some known facts shall we, the Les brothers purchased land from farmers, land that these farmers were selling,land that these farmers after years of trying to get the land removed from the agricultural land reserve gave up and sold the parcels as farm land dirt cheap, bring in the Les brothers, within months of the Les`s buying said properties managed to get the land removed from the agricultural land reserve, and it just happens that John Les was mayor of Chilliwak for years, the plaintiffs are alleging that political influence peddling from the Les brothers made the removal possible, and I tell you this, this case would be long gone by now if there wasn`t "dirty deeds done dirt cheap"!

"Baseless accusations"...Really Kirk Lapointe, let`s move on to Kash Heed, Heed fled West Vancouver under a cloud, complaints filed against him by fellow officers alleging Kash Heed interfered in a child pornography case, imagine that,fellow officers filing complaints against their own police chief,so Kash Heed fled West Vancouver with a get out of jail free card and a huge severance package, right into Gordon Campbell`s warm embrace,oh indeed friends, "Birds of a feather flock together".....Kash heed`s campaign manager is in hiding, a world of instant communications,cell phones,Blackberries and he can`t be found, illegal robo calls to Chinese NDP voters, illegal flyers to NDP voting Chinese constituents, tens of thousands of illegal brochures sent to NDP voters,brochures full of lies,scandalous lies, the pamphlets were printed at a BC Liberal friendly printer in Richmond, if there was no connection to Barinder Sall the police and Elections BC would have cleared the "Dirty Heed deeds done dirt cheap" by now,but they haven`t, does that sound like "Baseless accusations" Kirk Lapointe?

But what I really wanted to talk about was something else in the Faceless,nameless opinion piece, the unknown author of the story talks about the people in Chilliwak and Fraserview ridings being denied "effective representation" over the resignations of the accused.

Effective representation, hmmm, are those three disgraced Solicitor Generals not allowed to vote on bills? Of course they are, so where are the fine folks of those communities being denied "effective representation"?

Those MLAs presented the Government platform very effectively in the 2009 election campaign, lets have a look, those potential MLAs said....."BC Liberals will have a deficit of $495 million dollars maximum" snip........And what was the real deficit, $3.5 billion dollars,the largest deficit in BC history,in fact the 4 largest deficits in BC history have been brought in by Gordon Campbell.....Those potential MLAs, Dongen, Heed,Les.....They also stated that "the HST wasn`t on their radar", in fact the BC Liberals put that claim in writing to many industries BEFORE the election.

Here we had an election, just weeks after the fraud the deficit ballooned from "$495 million maximum" to well over $3 billion dollars, within weeks of the election Gordon Campbell and the other habitual liar Colin Hansen ram the HST down our throats!

So here we are, a nameless,faceless Vancouver Sun editorial board talks about Chilliwak and Fraserview being denied "effective representation".....The latest polls done have almost 90% of the people of British Columbia strongly opposed to the HST, education funding slashed,gaming grants slashed,cuts to healthcare,cuts to special needs children, even today First Nations groups are launching a class action suit against Gordon Campbell over his denial and deliberate slaughter of Wild Salmon, and the "Faceless,Nameless" Vancouver Sun editorial board is claiming that because John Les and Kash Heed sitting on the back benches are but only able to cast votes in favour of Gordon Campbell`s agenda,an agenda that 90% of the people of BC are against isn`t "effective representation"

Have you gone absolutely mad Kirk Lapointe? Or did your friend Gordon Campbell buy you new knee pads? Is that what you call effective representation Kirk Lapointe, MLAs avoiding phone calls, hiding,going against the will of 90% of the public? I would rather have "three blind mice" representing me than ANY BC Liberal!

On another note, the apologist Keith Baldrey was playing propaganda pimp on the noon news today...A report came down today, back in 2001 BC was number 1 in Canada on health care spending on a per capita basis, 9 years later and BC has dropped to second to last on per capita spending on health care(8th in Canada) , the only ones below us are the Ontario Liberals,Dalton Mcguinty is dead last, it does appear that "birds of a feather flock together".....And there was more from Keith Baldrey, BC is in last place when it comes to patient satisfaction.....

But bring in the Keith Baldrey pimp job, Keith Baldrey then goes into spin mode, Baldrey drags some other outfit`s numbers out,Baldrey states that BCers are number 1 in Canada with life expectancy and medical outcomes.......In other words all is well eh Baldrey?

Well let me tell you Mr. Baldrey, the reason BCers live longer than the rest of Canada is because of warm mild weather, because we haven`t been inundated with toxic industry to the extent of other Provinces, not yet but Gordon Campbell is working on it! Well that`s the deal friends, this out of control health spending in BC is a myth, similar to the myth of "effective Media"......."When pigs fly"...(read the nameless,faceless Vancouver Sun propaganda piece here)

"Dirty Heed deeds done dirt cheap"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, if you want to read a nasty article written by Keith Baldry go to Nanaimo Information forum and then go to politics provincial, municipal, and federal then go to the anti HST comment scroll through to the comment with the link to the article in a Surrey paper. Disgusting to say the least, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Yes the Sun has ignored another big story. The one where Charest in Quebec has added user fees. Nothing said by Harper clone Iggie and the MSM.

jaydee said...

I have also read Keith Baldry's outrageous article in The Now newspaper, fear mongering based on trash. This is a new low even for Baldry. Also, the Vaughn Palmer Van. Sun. article Grant refers to, with Palmer's lists of things the NDP should question in the "questions only, no answers" period in the legislature but not mentioning that the NDP were cut off before finishing the questions. The media is as corrupt as I have ever seen it in my life and it just keeps getting worse. Palmer, Baldry, and the rest of the MSM mob must be heavily invested in Michael Campbell's crappy advice and Gordo Campbell and the B.C. Liberal mobs' bad deals. The main stream media is in full panic mode and it would only be something involving their personal bank rolls, in my opinion. These mobs are the slime of the earth and it would be better for the people of this province for them to go back to no reporting at all than printing this pure trash talk and BS. Very, very scary and absolutely criminal dictatorship we live in, IMO...Again, last I read G. Campbell, Jane MacDiarmid and Walley Oppal still breaking the law and have never disclosed their personal holdings.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Crankypants said...

Well Grant, I see you've attracted a couple of trolls again.

I was also taken aback by the editorial in today's Vancouver Sun. I thought I'd missed the part where these three were booted out of caucus. It's obvious that they are still very much a part of this despicable government.

I also saw on the news today that Margaret MacDiarmid is appointing a watchdog to interfere with the Vancouver School Board's predicted shortfall of $18 million next school year. That's got to be the most laughable and cynical thing I've ever heard. With the way the BC Liberal party has handled the finances of BC, maybe they should start within their own house.

This government seems to find a new low each and every day. I just saw Hansen commenting on the impact of the HST on funeral costs, and couldn't believe my ears. He states that if a funeral home puts in new carpeting into their facility they will be able to claim the HST attached to the carpet and pass on the savings to their clients. I guess that would be fine if they change their carpeting everyday, but we know that isn't going to happen. Of course none of the media scrum had the balls to call him on it, as usual.


Crankypants said...

Premature posting once more.

The now infamous brochure that asserted that the NDP would bring in a death tax was partially clairvoyant. They only missed the mark on which party would bring such a tax in. If the HST is implemented, funerals will be taxed with this supposed new and improved form of taxation, and as such the BC Liberal party will be the one responsible for a death tax, not the NDP.


jaydee said...

Make that Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid and Wally!

Crankypants said...


She may soon be referred to as Dr. Death to the public school system. No doubt that she is only carrying out the orders of Gordo, but her lack of any hint of contrition to the underfunding of every school district in BC is extremely disturbing.


Grant G said...

Thanks Cam, and Jaydee....Yea the trolls are out tonight, I really enjoy you guys commenting and adding to the threads....

Anon 10:22....If you don`t like my stories don`t read them,if my lack of a space after a comma is that upsetting go read someone else.

Anon 10:40...Like I said to you yesterday,does it matter who is canvassing and under what name.

Your angry tone is not welcome..

You know friends, someone is reading my stories,my stats have me up by 600% over the last month and climbling everyday.

I never took journalism classes, I write with my heart, I try to keep it fresh,a little subtle humour and emotion, I make no money writing and I am asking for nothing.

The last three months my site has climbed from 160,000 ranking in Canada to 34,000 thousand.

Friends,ignore the trolls, they don`t shoot dead ducks.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

It was disturbing to say the least how quickly the speaker of the house so quickly ended democracy in BC.

Clearly, Herr Campbell has got to him as well


Evil Eye said...

It is so sad that the reputation of Vancouver's mainstream media have sunk faster than the Titanic. Once credible reporters are now openly jeered and ignored by the public.

All the MSM have become is a conduit for the Premiers PAB, where NAZI (not allowed to use that word in the Sun Blog) style propaganda is treated as gospel.

The real news is being reported on the blog; the real gut-wrenching news that the Premier can't control.

Kirk Lapointe maybe the Editor in Chief of the Vancouver Sun, but his puppet strings are firmly in Gordo's hands!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the "setting of hair on fire", if you change the headlines to read NDP instead of lieberals. The media would be all over it. They are cowards! Simple as that. Lapointe is a leader of the cowards at the papers. Grow some balls and start telling the truth kirko. This criminal gordo the impaler, will be defeated. He is mentally unstable, past history dictates this, and he still likes his booze. What a winner.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Campbell has to control absolutely everything he can. He is terrified at what citizens would do if the Olympic bill got out to the public, hence the blacked out papers from the FOI, that hid the Olympic debt. I was watching Hansen in the legislature. He refused to give straight answers, to straight questions, as he and Campbell are so famous for. Around and around they go, incapable of being honest. The Liberal government just doesn't get it. The budget had to be done by a lunatic, combine that with the insane HST, and the number of the homeless will double. As a senior, my income hasn't changed for 15 years. I am trying to sell my house, however living in a mill town, that is not going to be easy. There is no way the Liberals will combine the budget and the HST together, in the same breath. I have yet to hear that in legislature. I understand Campbell went on vacation, to dodge the debate, Hansen was all by himself. He didn't do very well.

Anonymous said...

Go Grant! Although headed overseas, am still following avidly! Wish the MSM would remember their job and follow up!

Grant G said...

Thanks Curly, spread the word to the world...We need international help in BC!