Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keith Baldrey Fibs and Spins out of Pure Fear!

Well folks, can you smell it, can you see it, it`s so thick you can cut it with a knife, I am talking about fear, Colin Hansen is being laughed at, Kevin Krueger in the legislature has resorted to talking about burying and slapping ex-NDPers, Michael Levy has finally admitted today on cknw that the cost of thousands of consumer
goods and services are going up, and now, now Keith Baldrey has resorted to LIES, spin, and fairy tales, Gordon Campbell`s number 1 media bullshitter has resorted to writing Lies., a sign of pure panic, what else could drive a seasoned writer to put lies down on paper?

Colin Hansen has turned into a laughing stock of Canadian politics, the average funeral is about $10,000.oo dollars, so the cost to grieving loved one`s on a Modest funeral with the HST is an extra $700 dollars, and Colin Hansen used his hilarious example that when the funeral parlour buys a new carpet they will get the PST back as a inflow credit so the funeral hall should be able to lower the cost of a funeral, friends that is ridiculous, how often do they replace their carpet, every 10 years? the Habitual liar Colin Hansen doesn`t even have enough class to come out and say hey, it`s going to cost a lot more, tough luck!, no, Colin Hansen is like a child lying about eating all the doughnuts with their face covered with powdered sugar, Colin Hansen has turned into a complete fool.

Who hasn`t heard the ads, ads from roofing companies, renovation companies, every other business is advertising to the public warning them to buy and purchase before you get hammered by the HST and yet Colin Hansen the lying fool sticks to his comic book script that no one in the Province believes, even the 10% of BCers who don`t care about the HST know that Colin Hansen is full of bullshit!

But today friends, the spin doctor, the water carrier, the apologist, Keith Baldrey has stepped up the BS and is making up stories hoping he can turn Gordon Campbell`s fortune around, well Mr. baldrey your piece of garbage column not only won`t fool anyone but it now has people, real media, bloggers, people with brains laughing at you, I personally suggest you pull your story in the Burnaby now, retract the lies and start over!

Look folks, the word lies is a strong word, I wouldn`t use unless I was confident that I am correct, here is what Keith Baldrey has stated in his latest Burnaby Now story.

"But I question whether the NDP really wants the HST to disappear. Getting rid of the tax would mean B.C. would have to send Ottawa a cheque for more than $2 billion as a repayment for money the feds will have already sent the province's way as an incentive to implement the HST."snip

That`s what Keith Baldrey said, let`s examine that statement, first off Mr. Baldrey when did the HST bribe from Ottawa to BC go from $1.6 billion dollars to over $2 billion dollars? You have over stated the amount by a country mile Baldrey, "over $2 billion dollars" ? How much more? You have added over 33% to the bribe number, and here is another fact Baldrey, Gordon Campbell has only taken $250 million dollars of the bribe money so far, if the money is so necessary why hasn`t Campbell taken it all and put it towards the massive BC Liberal deficit? Why indeed, BC will have to pay tens of millions in interest by delaying taking the money, and if Campbell doesn`t take the money until year 2 of of his term there will be hardly any money to be paid back!

But the main theme of Keith Baldrey`s story is this......Keith Baldrey states (spins) that the HST revolt isn`t about people having to pay $700 dollars extra on a funeral or hundreds of extra dollars on a bike, not about BC business along the Alberta border going bankrupt, not about amateur sports getting slammed with the HST , or hundreds of dollars in costs to season tickets, not about the fact that everything is going up, Keith Baldrey states the HST petition is about people just being angry at Government.

Well Mr. Baldrey your are only a teeny weeny bit right, people are angry but, People are angry over Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen holding BCers upside down by their ankles and shaking every last penny out of their pockets, listen up Baldrey, most BCers don`t have a wife like you have with a cushy well paid job working for Gordon Campbell, most BCers don`t make the money you do spinning fibs on Global TV everyday, it`s about anger but the anger is over money, nothing else Baldrey, MONEY....So get your head out of the sand and call it what it is and stop spinning like a top! (read Keith Baldrey`s pathetic story here, disregard his lies, you can see BC Liberal fear jumping off the pages)
Another theme about the HST that Colin Hansen keeps dragging out is this, Colin Hansen states that the HST will help BC forestry, well, Gordon Campbell since coming to office over 60 mills in BC have closed, over 40,000 forestry jobs caput, yea, forestry needs help, let me give you a little advice Campbell, listen up Hansen, if you want to help forestry, help forestry, but you don`t have to screw over the entire Province to help 1 sector, you gave massive subsidies to the big banks, massive subsidies to oil n gas..The mining industry is making money hand over fist, all those big profitable businesses don`t need the HST and they won`t add 1 job because of the HST...You can give a subsidy to forestry, if the BC economy and BC Government is flat on it`s back broke do what you did in your first term, raise the PST to 7.5%.....Direct some of that revenue towards Forestry, that`s right folks, perhaps you don`t remember but Gordon Campbell raised the PST to 7.5 % in his first term. Then he made a big deal and photo-op about lowering the PST from 7.5% to 7%....Well Campbell, yea, some photo-op, expecting BCers to be grateful for having a rock removed removed from the inside of their shoe, a rock that Gordon Campbell put there in the first place!
And here is some food for thought on Gordon Campbell`s pathetic claim that the HST will help BC Forestry....Well remember that soft-wood lumber agreement, I guarantee that any incentive that BC Forestry receives,just like when stumpage rates were lowered and other incentives were given to BC forestry the Americans consider it an unfair advantage and under the soft-wood lumber agreement the Americans will add a tariff on our US bound lumber exports, so on goes the saga of lies and deception from Gordon Campbell, and you Mr. Baldrey have become even a bigger laughing stock amongst "real journalists"!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Grant, you are correct, the mainstream media is in a panic; they are being laughed at; scoffed at and they don't have the influence to respond.

All the "Orders of Canada"; all the Senate seats available will not stop the MSM early demise in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Telling it like it is Grant, I commend you for your forthright manner. And yeah, the media (conwest, glowball, nw) in this province stinks to high heaven!
It's about the MONEY, as you say, and it's about more. THE LIES, THE DECEIT, THE TREATMENT OF OUR SENIORS, the POOR, THE KIDS, the list goes on, with utter contempt from these corrupt politicians. I will not rip up contracts; we will not expand gambling ... we will not sell BC Rail. They take the money from ICBC (that should have stayed there to help our premiums, we who pay them not bail out this bunch of a$$holes who couldn't run a popcicle stand. They've robbed us blind and continue to do so.
What goes around comes around!
SHAME ON THEM ALL !!!!! Bring on Recall, Bring on the Petition.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals seem to think, people can't add the budget and the HST together. And as a senior, I added all the budgets outrageous tax hikes, with all the HST's tax grabs, subtracted them from my fixed pension amount. And, I'll be dammed, I don't have enough money to live on. I must sell my house, however living in a mill town, that will not be easy. I have to hope I can get enough to pay the mortgage out. A single mother of two, living on the minimum wage, will not make it. The $235 rebate is a joke, she will need at least $16.00 per hour, to barely survive. Low income families, just won't survive either. Many people have to live on far less than, a governing official spends on his booze bill. There is no doubt, the number of homeless will double.

BC Mary said...

There are reports starting to show up in blogger-world about people who get into the line-ups (yes, the line-ups!)

at the HST gatherings, and suddenly feeling

empowered ... just from hearing the other people speaking the same thoughts and actually DOING something positive to help.

Grant G said...

Thanks folks, I will keep bringing you "The Straight Goods"

I started canvassing tonight, 2 hours, 50 signatures,and that while the Canuck game was on, almost everyone at our little bingo hall signed the petition!!!!

Nanaimo has already got the required signatures,but their not stopping,Peace River riding is 90% there, this after 10 days.

Well over 3000 canvassers and Elections BC is still processing.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Grant. Yippee for Nanaimo.
And on the heels of the anti-HST campaign a new poll out for BC today.

Do you support anti-HST crusader Bill Vander Zalm and the BC Conservative Party?
Yes 52.91 %
No 34.54 %

That's an astonishing 53% support for the BC Conservative Party here in BC. This is getting unreal. And a goodnight to that criminal habitual liar Gordotron.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. Does anyone know, what happened with the 4 member panel? The panel was to report to the Speaker of the House, yesterday, April 15th. Campbell wants the watchdogs off his back. Hence, the NDP pulled the papers from the FOI, trying to find information on the Olympic debt, they were blacked out. I believe the panel were examining, 8 commissioners. Campbell and Hansen are desperate, to stop everything getting out to the public and the NDP.

jaydee said...

Mr. B.S. Baldrey...You also need to retract your idiotic 'HST Fight suits NDP just fine, thank you' column that the Now newspaper in Surrey let you print. Seems they and all the MSM care nothing about printing the truth. You are way too old to be having hissy fits. Sorry all your investments are probably in serious trouble, guess you too believed Michael Campbell and the B.C. Liberal mob. Looks good on you. The whole bunch of you are LOSERS.

jaydee said...

Anon 8:12 am.
Yup and now we hear the B.C. Liberals are going to start mailing out, in my opinion, leaflets telling us all nice LIES about the HST.....and the taxpayers get to pay for them too. How many wasted thousands will that be they are stealing from taxpayers? How can this be that they can actually put all their lies in print and get away with it? Too scary to even think about this seriously mentally ill mob who have run this province into the ground and all the nut cases in Campbell's 200 member public affairs bureau costing just about $200,000.00 each per year to spread nothing but lies and trash.

Crankypants said...

There may be another way to register our displeasure with Campbell & Co. If as many people as possible take this HST bs document, to be mailed out by the government, and mark it "RETURN TO SENDER" and chuck it back in the mailbox. It would just be another message to them that they have become irrelevant in the minds of most of us and their messages are no longer wanted.

It's time to turn off the "BS Machine". No one believes it anymore.


jaydee said...

Anon 9:21 pm...I do that with the costly mailouts from the right wing religous freak federal Conservative, Rus Hiebert, in my riding so that is exactly what I planned to do with the Campbell Mobs fiction garbage paid for by us.

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

Can you imagine if the Burnaby Now had a comment section?

They would be still picking up the pieces of what was left of Baldrey’s reputation.

Same reason Palmer doesn’t what a comment section.

There is no doubt you can smell the fear.

Anonymous said...

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Grant G said...

I will look into it.

I know Colin Hansen`s wife has been selling junk to all the crown corporations.

Keep your Eyes Wide Open