Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Open Letter to the Honourable Neil Wittmann, Chief Justice,

Dear Chief Justice Wittmann:

        This Open Letter is written to you to help stimulate discussion about the allegations widely made in Canada that the present Tory cabinet in Ottawa is engaging in anti-democratic moves serving to destroy major national institutions that assure Canadian freedoms.  One of those institutions under serious threat is the higher court system of the country.  You appear to me to be complicit in helping to make the system an instrument of criminals and fascists present in governments and corporations. I hope I am wrong in my assessment.

Your recent career, in my estimation, closely parallels and supports the general neoliberal move to destroy the rule of law in Canada and otherwise to diminish the traditional freedoms possessed by Canadians. The problem is complicated by the high judicial position you hold which is normally fenced around with respect, awe, and what is considered prudential silence preserved to protect the objectivity and unfettered independence of the judiciary.

But since you and some other highly placed members of the Canadian judiciary seem more and more to engage in hardly disguised partisan activity on behalf of forces determined to destroy the rule of law in Canada and all other defenses which assure that Canadians may live peaceful and tranquil lives, perhaps the time has come to brush aside cosmetic conventions which disguise high judicial officers acting (or seeming to act) in “the new way”.

The new way involves elected representatives, appointed judiciary, and significant numbers of civil servants engaging in what ordinary Canadians would call criminal actions – but actions which (often purposefully) are not covered by criminal law.

The condition of what may fairly be called criminal behaviour not covered by criminal law offends the sense of natural justice in the population and, eventually, is often a precursor, historically, to armed community disruption and even to revolution.

Indeed, observing Canadians have watched as the present neoliberal government of Canada, fronted by Stephen Harper, violates election procedures, tramples parliamentary trust, tampers with public documents, intimidates and bullies adversaries, strips regulatory procedures from private exploitation of national riches, muzzles (in a clearly neo-fascist way) scientists on the public payroll and – it seems – even pays off a senate buddy to hide galloping corruption.

The Jessica Ernst legal suit against the Encana Corporation and the Alberta Regulator involving hydraulic fracturing is predicated upon trespass, invasion of property, malicious and/or careless ruination of assets and environment, and gross violation of the-well being and the right to tranquil pursuit of lawful, private interests - in Ms. Ernst’s own case at Rosebud, Alberta, and, by extension, among many, many more innocent people in Alberta ... and elsewhere.

The legal complaint made by Jessica Ernst SHOULD BE actionable under criminal law and should be being conducted by the Crown against a series of alleged criminal violations. No criminal law covers the violations, I believe, because of the collusion of legislators and willfully acting private corporations.  The failure of criminal law to cover the violations suggests an alliance between irresponsible and probably psychopathic partners in government and private corporations driven by avarice and blind power-seeking.

That means your role, as a responsible jurist, should be to show special sensitivity and to demand rapid, effective, open, progress on the case by holding the Defendants to strict response. Instead, I suspect you were consulted by the federal justice minister Rob Nicholson or his office before the removal of Madam Justice Barbara L. Veldhuis from the Jessica Ernst case.  Your “selfless” willingness to take over the case, I believe, was set up well in advance so that you could serve Encana Corporation, Stephen Harper, and Alison Redford in their determination to smother the rule of law. I hope I am wrong in my suspicion.

The protocols of the Alberta higher courts could easily have permitted Madam Justice Barbara Veldhuis to have completed the matter she was engaged upon – regardless of her (highly suspicious) promotion by the Stephen Harper cabinet.  She could have both moved to the Appeal Court AND completed her decision-making on the request that Ernst be permitted to sue the Alberta Regulator.  You could have enabled her to do so.  But you, it seems, chose to force her from the matter, to take it upon yourself, to engage in delay, and to report you would pursue a less rigorous procedure to test the application. 

Unfortunately, reasonable and prudent observers may conclude that you have engaged in and are engaging in a baldly obvious support action on behalf of Encana Corporation, Stephen Harper, and Alison Redford – in order to impair the fair administration of justice in Alberta.

The ruinous condition of water and environment from wanton hydraulic fracturing at Rosebud, Alberta is being replicated all over the world.  Jessica Ernst’s case is of first importance provincially, nationally, and globally. Her latest report written for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, Belfast, Ireland, reveals an accomplished expert in the field whose skill and knowledge make the people she is challenging appear, in my opinion, as abusive miscreants willing to desecrate any part of Creation in their lust for wealth and power.

Where you should be insisting – as judge now seized with the case – on prompt, full response and cooperation from the Defendants, and upon the uninterrupted pursuit of the legal process, you are permitting (encouraging?), as I see the matter, delay, malingering, and abusive (if tacit) contempt for the Complainant, Ms. Ernst. 

In that connection the RCMP without cause chose independently (unless ordered to do so … by whom?) to visit, to “interview” Ms. Ernst, and by their physical presence to intimidate her.  I request that, as judge on the case, you order a complete report from the RCMP about their decision to participate in the court action as partisans of Encana Corporation and the governments of Canada and Alberta.

 You have been in apparently equally dubious situations before.  When Kelly Marie Richard sought to present a case about Dental Malpractice (2003-2009) you were from 2005 the Associate Chief Justice of Court of Queen’s Bench in the Calgary region. Ms. Richard alleges you permitted (in 2006) her case to be assigned to Case Management without her knowledge. 
Ms. Richard and her sons possess scientific evidence of malpractice that should have gone to trial without Case Management.  Their incontrovertible evidence was never permitted by the Alberta higher court system to be presented and judged.  She reports to me that “We, Ryan and I, contacted Neil Wittmann in writing repeatedly, and in court applications, reporting the serious injustice being done to us by/in his court, as well as formally requesting and applying for the evidence from him that we were unjustly denied ….” (email, June 26, 2013).

The large interests involved were many.  ING was the insurer for Dental Malpractice.  CGI was the large corporation providing legal representation on behalf of ING.  The Alberta Dental Association was the professional organization in the region.  The RCMP was the police force acting, I believe, in dangerous collusion with corporate forces.

Ms. Richard alleges gross mistreatment by judges, by Defence lawyers (with apparent court assent), and harassment by the RCMP. In my study of her history I find nothing whatever to contradict her claims. See her full account at the following location: http://www.therichardtriggcase/thekellymarierichardcase.htm
You presided, I believe, as Associate Chief Justice in Calgary,
over the financial ruin, the extreme medical hardship, the deep psychological anguish of Ms. Richard and her two young sons – and the refusal of the court to examine her incontrovertible evidence of malpractice. And, most important, it is my strong belief that you presided over violations of justice and procedure that constitute such an outrage they still cry out for a full Royal Commission Inquiry into the Kelly Marie Richard case … and your role in it. I can only hope my strong belief can be shown, somehow, to be in error.

My own experience of your “expertise” leaves you looking, I regret to say, like an empty, manipulative buffoon.  To begin, when you represented the Canadian Judicial Council to answer a complaint I made about the conduct of then Associate Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court, Anne MacKenzie (2010) you were, with her – I believe – a member of the Canadian Judicial Council (the CJC).  If that is true, you were, of course, acting in conflict of interest.

In full knowledge that she was permitting an illegitimately appointed Special Prosecutor to act in her court, Anne MacKenzie was, I allege, conducting herself improperly.  Acting, I allege, to protect your fellow member of the CJC and the people she was shielding by permitting an illegitimate “Crown” to act in her court, you refused to acknowledge that her conduct could be described as conduct.  You did not say what it could be called if it was not conduct. 

In addition, you had your agent report that you had no opinion about the legitimacy of the illegitimate Special Prosecutor. Presented with an indisputable fact, you chose to say you had no opinion because, I believe, you knew that to support an illegitimate “Crown” in the B.C. Supreme Court could not be defended under any circumstance.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of your reply concerning the complaint lodged about the conduct of Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie in the Basi, Virk, and Basi (BC Rail Scandal) case was your apparent complete confidence in providing a response that I believe would insult the intelligence of a six-year old.  No reasonable and prudent Canadian, I believe, would consider your response as a meaningful reply.

In the B.C. case it is hard to come to any other conclusion, I believe, than that you were supporting the improper conduct of a judge who was (in my opinion) protecting highly-placed wrong doers in the Gordon Campbell Liberal cabinet, in B.C. Rail, in the B.C. Civil Service, and very probably in top positions in the CNR and the RCMP. One can only hope another conclusion is possible.

In the present Jessica Ernst case against Encana Corporation, etc., I believe that “the optics”, the perception of observers, point to a belief that you are acting in a way that serves interests other than the rule of law and the fair administration of justice.

I believe an interested public will be waiting, as I will be waiting, for your reply to this Open Letter.  Your candidness and fair-mindedness, I am sure, will help to broaden and further the important debate in Canada about the relation of our higher courts to growing fascist attitudes and actors in the country. 


                                                             Robin Mathews

Court of Queen’s Bench, Alberta. [Calgary Courts Centre, 601-5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 5P7].

[As well as being posted on the net, this letter was mailed by Xpresspost to Neil Wittmann so he can be assured of receiving it and so he can make open public reply about the problem of the decaying behavior of (and the decaying public trust in) Canada’s higher courts.]


The Straight Goods

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Friday, June 21, 2013

BC Liberals Play Voters As Fools, Energy Companies Play The BC Government As Fools

Written by Grant G

Natural Gas...Yes I am aware that many of you want me to discuss other issues, and I will, however right now everything in British Columbia, health, education, debts, deficits, Government spending, tolls, utilities and our entire future has been placed in this one basket by the BC Liberals..

So for now, we must fully explore the topic, I have been racking my brain on these LNG announcements coming fast and furious, for years we have been hearing about mergers and acquisitions, hearing about $trillions of dollars and the need to act fast, yet every announcement is just that, an announcement announcing that several years from now a financial decision will be made on building facilities in British Columbia..

The Petronas proposal has been announced at least 6 times, yesterday The Vancouver Sun played foot loose and fancy free with the Exxon Mobile announcement, that paper omitted the timeline of 2021 to 2023 from the original Jeff Lewis article..

This morning I read an article about Andrew Weaver and LNG(sortta) in the Georgia Straight paper, it offered nothing new, very thin on details, a worthless read in fact, but there was one comment below the article that got me to thinking about these LNG announcements in a different way...

The article was devoid of facts, but this comment got me to thinking..


Setting aside all the current arguments fail, the permits are obtained and the petronus LNG terminal is in operation...
Why would Malaysia pay world prices for a product they own from well head to consumer. There are no laws to prevent them from running at a loss to avoid taxes and likely most royalties.
It sounds terrific, well all be rich by 2020 but in fact its just a be happy ad so don't worry about the $62B and climbing public debt."


Poppavox is exactly right, Petronas is the Malaysian Government, theoretically they could ink energy buying/selling contracts to subsidiary companies at rock bottom prices,  prices so low that the BC Government receives next to nothing in royalties, maybe even operate at a loss, let the subsidiary company make the wink wink nod nod profits, there would be nothing the BC Government could do about it...If Petronas owns the gas at the wellhead, the pipeline, the LNG plant, and has subsidiary companies with the customers, there is literally no way to stop them...In other words B.C. would be used like a rented mule...

I wasn`t done thinking about different angles, as discussed here, there is more than ample supply coming on-line in many countries, more supply coming on-line in Russia, in Qatar, tons in Australia, Papau New Guinea, East Africa, and the USA....And guess what, the companies operating LNG plants, and or building LNG plants in other countries are the same companies making announcements here in British Columbia.

There is also Japan re-starting all their nuclear facilities and proposing building more new cleaner nuke facilities, China has plan for 25 nuclear facilities by 2020  plus another 42 more nuclear facilities built by 2030...We have newer energy efficient technology coming on line around the world, we have China with vast domestic reserves of LNG, Russia has tons, we have Japan and South Korea looking to develop hundreds of years of supply of ocean hydrates...China is already served in their south and east by Russia, with China sitting on 400 hundred years of domestic natural gas, with China moving towards nuclear plants the realistic outlook for China is not un-ending growth in consumption of natural gas..Japan is forecast to consume much less LNG in the future, if ocean hydrates turns out to be successful the entire LNG industry will be thrown on its ear...massive LNG cups will runeth over..

I want you readers to imagine this, take a stadium that holds 100,000 people, there are 20 hotdog vendors in the stadium and they can handle the volume and service the 100,000 people...Would it make any sense to have 20 more hotdog vendors enter the stadium, the stadium still has 100,000 hotdog eaters, instead of 20 vendors serving those people hotdogs 40 vendors are serving hotdogs, now these vendors only sell half the amount they did before, and guess what, the vendors are owned by the same company, company X has spent extra monies to build 20 more hotdog vendor facilities, ..Think about adding that expense only to receive the same sales dollars?....
The very same thing is happening in British Columbia with LNG, I am getting the feeling that the energy companies are using the BC Government and the BC Government is using the energy companies, both zooming each other to achieve their goal...That goal being propaganda and spin...
If Exxon Mobile, the world`s largest and most profitable energy company in the world thought, and or believed there was enough LNG capacity coming on line to service the needs of all countries, why would they expend $tens of billions of dollars to create excess capacity?...That is indeed an important question, the answer is equally important..
Wouldn`t you as the world`s largest energy company try and secure competition`s potential gas fields, as a company with hundreds of billions of extra dollars, as a company who is presently spending $tens of billions in new LNG capacity wouldn`t you want to buy up and secure gas fields that could possibly go into competition against you?

Just think about that for a moment, so yesterday Exxon Mobile announced they were filing an application for a BC project, a project that they admit won`t be on line for at least a decade, maybe more, a project they admit may not be built at all, yet in theory this application ties up trillions of cubic feet of gas, it prevents this gas from getting into the hands of competitors..

So, I did a very quick cursory look at what else Exxon Mobile is involved in, and the answers came fast and furious..You would think a filing is a big deal, it isn`t, not with Exxon Mobile...What I learned is Exxon is involved in The Gorgon Chevron LNG plant in Australia, a $60 billion dollar LNG plant...And more, Exxon Mobile besides being involved in that Australian operation have proposed building the world`s largest floating LNG plant in the world, it too will be operating in Australia..They filed with the Australian Government in  April/2013


"Exxon Mobil Corp. and BHP Billiton Ltd. are planning to build the world’s largest floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and export plant off the northwestern shore of Australia, despite growing concerns about the cost competitiveness of the country’s LNG projects.

At around half a kilometre long, the vessel would be nearly as long as five football fields laid end-to-end and would be the largest floating facility in the world.".....

 The plant would bump up Australia’s current LNG production by nearly 30 per cent, producing 6 million to 7 million tonnes per annum (mtpa), enough to fuel the LNG needs of Japan, the world’s largest importer of the gas,....

 Exxon, which detailed the plan in a filing with Australia’s environment department on Tuesday, did not give a cost estimate for the plant.
Australia currently has $190-billion (U.S.) worth of LNG projects underway and is on track to replace Qatar as the world’s largest LNG exporter by the end of the decade......

 Royal Dutch Shell, considered the industry leader in floating LNG, has touted floating technology as a way to circumvent Australia’s rising costs and reduce construction time.....

 An added advantage of floating LNG vessels is that they can be redeployed to another location once a gas field is depleted.
The Scarborough LNG plant would start production in 2020-2021 and be moored 220 kilometres from the Australian coast, Exxon said in the government filing.

If the Scarborough gas field were developed using floating LNG, the plant would be about double the capacity of Shell’s Prelude LNG, also off the cost of Australia, which will have a capacity of 3.6 mtpa when it comes online in 2017 and be the world’s first floating LNG plant.

Shell indicated that its Prelude LNG project was expected to cost in the range of $10.8-billion to $12.6-billion. With a similar cost structure, Scarborough LNG would cost $18-billion to $24.5-billion, according to Reuters’ calculations.

The Scarborough floating LNG plant would be built offshore, likely in South Korea, which is already in talks to build similar facilities.
Exxon and BHP, which are 50-50 joint venture partners in the Scarborough development, expect to make a final investment decision on the plant in 2014-2015, Exxon said."


Do you see, Exxon Mobile already is part of Chevron`s Gorgon LNG plant(coming on line next year/2014)..)It has also filed with Australia to have a cheaper, versatile, floating LNG plant operating in Australia`s offshore Scarborugh gas fields...

Again, how much capacity is one company going to create, in my opinion some projects are real and other proposals are merely proposed to tie up gas reserves and prevent serious competition from cutting into their action..Exxon Mobile isn`t finished, Exxon has also teamed up with the largest LNG exporter in the world, that being Qatar and are working on a joint venture in the USA, in fact, the US operation was originally built as an LNG import plant, but with fracking technology those import facilities were never used, they were built but shelved quickly thereafter, so Exxon Mobile has tweaked this import facility and turned it into an LNG export facility and they have filed in the USA to export huge volumes of LNG from that already built facility..That story and filing is from May/2013...


"Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), the largest energy company by market value, signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum International to move forward with construction of a $10 billion natural gas export terminal in Texas

The project will involve installing liquefaction equipment at an existing import facility in Sabine Pass, Texas, according to an e-mailed statement today from Golden Pass Products LLC, a subsidiary formed by the two companies. It won permission last year to export the fuel to nations with free-trade agreements with the U.S. and is awaiting approval to send the fuel to all other countries. 

Exxon, based in Irving, Texas, and state-owned Qatar Petroleum plan to ship as much as 15.6 million metric tons of gas annually from the Golden Pass facility, according to the statement. A boom in U.S. production has spurred several proposals to export the fuel, which is cooled to liquid form at -260 degrees Fahrenheit (-162 Celsius) to reduce volume and allow for transportation by ship. 

“This agreement sets out a highly competitive commercial blueprint for Golden Pass Products, with a commitment that builds on the unique combined strengths of QPI and Exxon Mobil through the the global downstream LNG value chain,” Bill Collins, president of Golden Pass, said in the statement. 

Exxon has been expanding its worldwide gas portfolio with acquisitions such as the 2010 purchase of XTO Energy in the U.S. and investments in projects that include the A$52 billion ($52 billion) Gorgon LNG complex in Australia. Gas accounted for half of Exxon’s global production during the first three months of this year. 

U.S. liquefied natural gas import facilities have been operating below capacity as a glut of domestic gas from shale formations erased demand for foreign supplies. The import terminal at Golden Pass began operations in 2010."


Do you see that, Exxon Mobile are proposing a cost saving mobile floating LNG plant for Australia, one that could be moved to service any natural gas supply, including a pipeline to the port of Kitimat or Prince Rupert, Exxon doesn`t need a land facility to export LNG gas from BC, a floating facility would suffice...Cost saving cost saving cost saving...Exxon Mobile is also taking advantage of an existing facility in the USA...I have discussed this fact in other LNG posts, a decade ago in the USA many companies started building IMPORT LNG terminals ...What happened next, about the time these facilities were completed or near completion the fracking revolution hit the USA and all of a sudden they were/are awash in gas, these import LNG terminal were shuttered, they are still shuttered, except now there are energy companies, Cheniere energy for one and Exxon Mobile, the largest energy company in the world are taking full advantage of these shuttered terminals, spend a little money and shazaaam..They are now LNG export facilities...cost saving measures, cost saving measures and more cost saving measures..There are approximately 10 of these under-used, or not used at all LNG import facilities that are being converted to LNG export facilities..!

So my question is...Who is zooming who, the BC Government we know is zooming us, and the more I study this topic, the more I believe both the energy companies and the BC Government are zooming each other...Christy Clark`s fantasy LNG super-power dream and the worldwide energy companies teasing British Columbia on project PROPOSALS while all they are really doing is shutting out competition...

Remember the hotdog vendor story, if existing vendors can service existing and future customers why flood the market, why cut into their own pie?

We hear all these names in British Columbia, we hear about Shell, about Exxon, about BG(British Gas)....These energy companies, those energy companies making no decisions to build anything in British Columbia are actually building and planning even more massive LNG plants in East Africa...A location close to India and China....

British Columbia Government has a big problem, they have already sold the gas field rights in northeast British Columbia, they can`t force anyone to build or produce LNG, ...If British Columbia is serious about LNG facilities they must be built, and or start construction today,...However, I am now of the belief that nothing will be built in British Columbia, except maybe, in time the Petronas project, however, Petronas will operate on scant margins leaving the BC Government with empty pockets..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Vancouver Sun Omits Pertinent Facts on Exxon Mobile LNG Proposal and Adds Christy Clark Spin and Bluster

The Vancouver sun omitted the most important paragraph from an LNG article tonight...June 20th/2013..

The article, originally written by Jeff Lewis and posted in the National post..

His article included this paragraph...

"Exxon, which has optioned land from the B.C. government at Grassy Point, north of Prince Rupert, said the project would initially produce 10 million to 15 million tonnes of chilled fuel per year, beginning in the 2021-to-2023 time frame. At full capacity, the facility would include six processing units. It would draw gas from fields owned by Exxon and Imperial Oil Ltd., its Canadian subsidiary, the company said."

The Vancouver Sun ran the identical story only they tweaked it, they removed the above paragraph and added these statements from Christy Clark..


"Premier Christy Clark welcomed the news of the two most recent LNG export applications.

“Once again we see companies wanting to take advantage of B.C.’s LNG potential and this move today highlights industry’s continued interest in its potential,” she said Thursday in a statement.

Clark touts LNG as a future saviour of B.C.’s economy, generating between $4.3 billion and $8.7 billion in government revenues a year once the industry is running full steam by about 2020."


It is quite obvious that the Vancouver Sun is spinning for Christy Clark, the reason was obvious as to why they pulled that paragraph from Jeff Lewis`s original article..

His article was about Exxon Mobile maybe, possibly building an LNG plant in B.C....IF they do build it won`t be on line until 2021 to 2023, if ever, well, Christy Clark is blathering about $billions and $billions by 2020...Christy Clark`s statements clash with the Exxon mobile article, so the Vancouver Sun had to make a choice, don`t put in Christy Clark`s statements or pull out the Exxon Mobile timeline from the original story, they chose to pull out Exxon Mobile`s timeline..

And more...Read the entire article, Exxon mobile admits they have made no decision to build, in fact Jeff Lewis mentions Japan`s nuclear plant plans as a LNG killer...He mentions China`s massive domestic natural gas reserves, he mentions the massive cost overruns on LNG plants in Australia...He mentions how Exxon Mobile needs firm, long term lucrative energy buying contracts to justify a massive LNG plant build, he also mentions how Asia is not willing to sign LNG buying deals linked to the oil-indexed price, the new price scheme will be linked to North America`s Henry Hub price..

In other words, the LNG industry in B.C. is in flux, it is fluid, nothing is for sure, ...I mention Jeff Lewis touches on those issues, more like barely grazes those issue...

This persuader has gone into great detail on all those issues..

Here are the links...

On Christy Clark`s fantasy LNG industry..

On The Perfect storm for Asian energy buyers, the downward spiral..

On China`s massive domestic natural gas reserves..

 on Australia`s massive cost overruns on LNG plants..30..40..50..60..100% over budget or more..

And more uncomfortable LNG facts, like huge natural gas reserves being found everywhere, including a brand new energy source, hundreds and hundreds of years of supply..Ocean Hydrates..

On the BC Liberal phony claim about big employment numbers associated with LNG plants, a fake claim, the largest LNG plants will employ a mere 250 people with maybe another 250 spin-off jobs, 10 LNG plants, 10 won`t be built but if they were, a mere 2500 jobs would be created with an equal amount of spin-off jobs, those facts at this link..

For shame on the Vancouver Sun, the Home of Yellow Journalism, spinning and twisting to help sell Christy Clark`s bogus LNG fantasy..They know better, they choose aid and abet a corrupt Government..

The BC Liberals LNG fantasy will crash and burn, unfortunately rather than tell the truth now this Government and bought media will allow this fraud to swell for several more years, it will hurt a lot more later than it will by nipping it in the bud now..

For shame..

The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Christy Clark, Running Scared

Well, not that I trust pollsters but rumours abound, Christy Clark is not polling well in Westside Kelowna..

The public, even Alberta/Kelowna rednecks don`t like a candidate parachuted into their riding, even if that candidate is the leader of the party, the NDP are not popular in Kelowna and voters aren`t flocking to that party either, or the BC Conservative party, what is happening is BC Liberal voters, those who elected Ben Stewart are simply staying home...In an obvious desperate move, in a blatant electioneering tactic Christy Clark has temporarily rescinded the pay hikes to political staffers...


“Today, I am rescinding those changes because leadership means listening to people,” she told reporters Wednesday, adding she has been getting an earful from the public since the move.

“I think giving people raises didn’t sit well with citizens,” she added.
“People didn’t feel like it was consistent with what I said during the election. So that’s why I’m fixing it.”


Let`s review the facts, the public, the public even in Kelowna is questioning as to why nothing is happening on the LNG front, David Black`s refinery scheme has vanished too, wheelchair fees for seniors is hammering her election chances in Kelowna, not only wheelchair fees but the fact she gave away(read privatized) wheelchair maintenance, and all new residents to homecare facilities, as of September 1/2013 will have to either buy or rent wheelchairs from the same private company, in other words all wheelchair aspects of senior care-homes has been privatized to political insiders...

This hurts Christy Clark in Kelowna, however, the Christy Clark Government signed contracts and can`t easily get out of them, it would be costly, pay-raises can be delayed, wheelchair fee crimes are locked in contracts...
That left Christy Clark desperate, so today in a survival move tactic she announced the pay raises to political insiders rescinded..

You see the quotes from Clark above, we have a BC Liberal Government who campaigned on balanced budgets, this year`s balanced budget depends on selling near $1 billion dollars in assets....It didn`t take a rocket scientist to realize pay raises to political hacks wouldn`t fly in British Columbia, not while simultaneously jacking up seniors with new fees.......

I want to be perfectly clear about a couple of things, these rescinded pay raises to political staffers have merely been delayed until the new year, until the by-election has passed..

Secondly, many have wondered and or mused as to why Christy Clark gave out pay raises to political friends and jacked up seniors for monies so soon after the election...That answer is simple..

Christy Clark is very vindictive, Clark was absolutely twisted that her party won big while she lost her Point Grey riding, against advice Clark pushed the raises through, she fast-tracked the privatization of wheelchair services at senior care-homes as a slap to the people, she has mocked media, Clark has been sassy and brazen with her post-election speak, Christy Clark did those unpopular things as a slap to everyone in British Columbia, it`s sortta like a ..
How dare you cross me, how dare you cross Christy Clark, I`ll fix you stupid voters...Attitude being portrayed by Clark..

Christy Clark was that way at S-F-U....When confronted for cheating on student elections she vowed to get even then quit,...

When this Powell River Persuader filed complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council(CBSC) against Christy Clark for lying on CKNW(when she was a radio host) ..Christy lied her face off about BC Ferries`s financial situation, I confronted her on this blog and on the radio that fateful day, I won my complaint and Christy Clark was ordered to retract on air, she was forced to do a mea-culpa on air and apologize for lying...That story is here..

Months later, Christy Clark was still a radio DJ on CKNW, radio stations often have prize giveaway contests, well, we were nearing the start of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games being held in Vancouver...CKNW had phone-in contests, so months after I made Christy Clark retract, on her afternoon show I was caller number 8 and won a prize, that prize, as advertised before I phoned in was two tickets for opening day at Molson Hockey House on opening day of our 2010 Olympics...

When I was caller number 8, when Christy Clark learned that I was the winner, the same person whose complaint to CBSC forced her to retract on air, she started swearing like a sailor, screaming, yelling and literally freaking out, like a deranged madmad, like a foaming at the mouth rabid dog, she vowed to make sure I never got my Olympic prize, and I never did, she embarrassed cknw, she embarrassed the show, she embarrassed Tom Plasteras(Station manager at CKNW)....After weeks of fighting Christy Clark and CKNW after my contest win..I finally received a prize, not Olympic tickets for an opening day event but tickets to see a show at the River Rock casino in May/2010.....The whole story here...

You see, Christy Clark couldn`t let it go, yes I made her retract, but only because she lied on air, I gave her plenty of opportunity to step back from her on-air statements, she blew me off as an annoyance, how dare some lowly radio caller best her, she couldn`t let it go, ...The pay-raises to friends and fees  to seniors was Christy Clark being vengeful to voters, a  spoiled brat

Christy Clark is a vindictive, spiteful nasty woman, she`s uneducated, unbearable and still...

Unelected...The only reason Christy Clark has temporarily rescinded pay raises for her political friends is troubling polling numbers in Kelowna..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, June 17, 2013

Christy Clark Goes Down The Rabbit Hole(LNG Fantasty)

The British Columbia advantage when it comes to LNG exports, our unelected gabby premier Christy Clark has been blathering about out B.C advantage, yet everywhere I look, everything I examine tells me we don`t have an advantage we actually have disadvantages..

This fact may be the catalyst for Clark negotiating all potential provincial profits gone, Christy is in panic mode, her entire election campaign was based on selling a gullible public a fantasy about $trillions flowing to our province in the form of LNG dollars, those $trillions are being negotiated down to scant $millions, and the reason is obvious, Clark needs to show the public progress on LNG export facilities being built, knowing nothing will be built or online before the next election her immediate goal is to con the public that all is well, that carries the sham through the next election and after that, after no big profits accrue she won`t care, her exit strategy will be plotted and torch be passed on to a next false prophet...

I was doing a little globe research and lo n behold I discovered that the LNG facilities in Australia, which are concentrated on or near the Barrow Islands are near 1000 nautical miles closer to Shanghai than is Prince Rupert, Australian LNG a 1000 nautical miles closer to South Korea and about 800 nautical miles closer to Japan...

With modern LNG tankers traveling about 19 knots per hour(in good sea conditions) means Australia shipping is 2 days closer than British Columbia, and considering vessels must come and go, the round trip is 4 days closer, therein Australia LNG can be shipped cheaper, 4 days plus of vessels fuel burning costs as well as staffing costs....

Prince Rupert to Shanghai.4500 Nautical Miles, Barrow Islands Australia to Shanghai, 3600 Nautical Miles...Now, as for China itself, China neighbor on the east is Russia, Russia has gobs of gas and there is existing pipeline networks into eastern China, including a massive natural gas pipeline from Kazakhstan into China, a pipeline with several spur lines with the capacity to service 500 million Chinese, in other words the eastern China market is satisfied, China will not build infrastructure from Western China(Shanghai) to the east, too costly and the market already served, so we are talking Shanghai as a import terminal when it comes to Australian LNG, and or B.C exported LNG...
 Line A was completed in 28 months and inaugurated in December 2009. Line B became operational in October 2010. The fourth compressor station in Kazakhstan was completed in December 2010. The total cost of the project is estimated at $7.31bn.
 The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) began construction of the pipeline in August 2007. CNPC Exploration and Development Company, a subsidiary of CNPC, executed the project.

The pipeline transported 4.38 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas from fields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China's gas transportation network in 2010. 

In April 2006, CNPC signed a contract with Turkmenistan for supplying natural gas to China for 30 years.

China and Uzbekistan signed an agreement in June 2010, under which Uzbekistan will provide 10bcm of natural gas a year to China. As part of the agreement, Uzbekistan's gas pipeline network was connected to the Central Asia-China gas pipeline to supply natural gas.

Natural gas from Turkmen fields, such as the Samandepe gas field located near the Amu Darya River, is being fed to the pipeline. Fields in Kazakhstan, including Karachaganak, Kashagan and Tengiz, are connected to the pipeline. Gas fields in Uzbekistan also supply natural gas to the pipeline.

The natural gas supplied by the pipeline is expected to meet the growing energy demands of China. It is forecast that by 2012-13, it will have a delivery capacity of 40bcm a year."


As you can see most of the Chinese market is being supplied, Eastern and Southern China market is gone, that leaves western China, Shanghai and surrounding areas, Australia is 2 shipping days closer, 4 days counting round trips, that shipping advantage is gone, and as for India....

Two things, we know there are many wealthy Indian millionaires, however, there are 950 million dirt poor people, we have all read about the wage levels of garment workers and farmers, 25 cents per hour, hundreds of millions more making not much more than that, the point I am making is the vast proportion of India`s people can`t afford even a $100 Canadian dollar natural gas bill per year, I don`t see that changing anytime soon...

Barrow Islands Australia to India is about 3200 nautical miles to 4400 nautical miles depending on what port you call on,...Prince Rupert to India is anywhere from 12,000 nautical miles to 16,000 nautical miles depending on which route they chose, as in going east or west, with those distances so vast the shipping costs are enormous, the spread a mile apart, for you are looking at a difference of 16 days minimum in ocean shipping times, and again, ships must come, and go, you are looking at roughly 30 days longer for a round trip to India from B.C. than Australia, in other words the Indian market for B.C LNG is not there, won`t be there in the near or long term..

That leaves us competing for Japan and South Korea, however, the Japanese market which after the Fukushima disaster LNG exports increased as other nuclear plants were shut down, that trend is being reversed, the short term outlook for LNG exports to Japan is stable to a slight decline, the long term forecast for imports of LNG to Japan is a very large decline as most nuclear facilities are coming back online, and there are other demographics at play with Japan, conservation, a small dense populous and most importantly, an aged population, demographics predict a die-off and more migration into warmer cities....Not to mention both Japan and South Korea going big into exploring the massive energy potential of ocean hydrates, hundreds and hundreds of years of supply, if indeed Japan manages to tap this energy source the world outlook for LNG to Asia is bleak, the entire industry will be thrown on its ear..
 "Despite weak growth in 2012, Japan`s LNG imports rose by 11.2% year over year in 2012, as the country continued to seek alternative fuels to fill the gap left by the closure of nuclear capacity, Australia replaced Malaysia as the country`s largest supplier with an increase of 13.8% in LNG exports to Japan-largely because on the coming on stream on Pluto LNG. 
Two nuclear facilities came back on line in 2012 and, despite public opposition, we believe a gradual return to higher levels on nuclear power generation will be inevitable in the medium term, indeed, the prospect of a return nuclear-fuelled power appears to have increased with the election of another Liberal Democrat party(LDP) Government, 
The new prime minister Shinzo Abe has already declared his intention to build new, much safer nuclear facilities. The previous Government had stated that an increase in renewable energy was its long term goal, our current consumption forecasts that a few more nuclear facilities will be brought back on line in 2013-2014, but in the more medium term recent gains in gas consumption will be reversed if nuclear capacity comes back on line in a more significant scale. 
A further constraint on Japan`s LNG consumption is more structural, in that the country`s geographical and population density hampers Japan`s ability in terms of gas infrastructure to significantly absorb higher volumes of LNG",0,792


Well, new nuclear facilities that have no waste, efficient, thorium reactors, the same electric producing reactors China is building, and building in numbers..


"The liquid fluoride thorium reactor (acronym LFTR; spoken as lifter) is a thermal breeder reactor that uses the thorium fuel cycle in a fluoride-based molten (liquid) salt fuel to achieve high operating temperatures at atmospheric pressure.

The LFTR is a type of thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR). Molten-salt-fueled reactors (MSRs) such as LFTR, where the nuclear fuel itself is in the liquid form of molten salt mixture, should not be confused with solid-fueled molten salt-cooled high temperature reactors (fluoride high-temperature reactors, FHRs).[1]

Molten salt reactors, as a class, can include both burners and breeders in fast or thermal spectra, using fluoride or chloride salt-based fuels and a range of fissile or fertile consumables. LFTR refers to a particular design subset of MSRs defined by use of fluoride fuel salts and breeding of thorium into uranium-233 in the thermal spectrum.

In a LFTR, thorium and uranium-233 are dissolved in carrier salts, forming a liquid fuel. In a typical operation, the liquid fuel salt is pumped between a critical core and an external heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to a nonradioactive secondary salt. The secondary salt then transfers its heat again to a steam turbine or closed-cycle gas turbine.[2]

This technology was first investigated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment in the 1960s. It has recently been the subject of a renewed interest worldwide.[3] Japan, China, the UK, as well as private US, Czech and Australian companies have expressed intent to develop and commercialize the technology.

LFTRs are a particular class of molten salt reactor that includes several design variations. LFTRs differ from other power reactors in almost every aspect: thorium fuel cycle, low operating pressure, liquid fuel, salt coolant, higher operating temperature, and online refueling and reprocessing. The unique characteristics of a LFTR give rise to many potential advantages and also to a number of design challenges. This article addresses some LFTR reactor design variations and their advantages and disadvantages. Power conversion cycles that could be used to generate electricity with a LFTR are discussed, as well as online removal of fission products which is an important aspect of LFTRs."

So basically, the Japanese market is dead, the only way Japan will buy BC LNG is if the price is cheap, very cheap, and therein lies the problem, all that fracking, all that heavy water use, billions of gallons of water injected deep underground, laden with chemicals, so desperate is Christy Clark to get big energy companies to build in BC that she is now giving away the immense profits she campaigned on, ...Before the election Christy Clark claimed LNG taxes and royalties(based on the Australian LNG taxation formula) were going to pay off BC Hydro`s debt, BC Ferries debt, our provincial debt, pay off bridge tolls, fund more money for health and hospitals, education and teachers as well as creating a prosperity fund with hundreds of $billions of dollars for future generations..

The BC Government paid for Ernst and Young to throw some fiscal numbers togother based on the Australian taxation model, they also used extensive volumes of exported LNG too, numbers that are unrealisticly large, this was done pre-election..

At that time Christy Clark stated that her taxation model would mimic the Australian model..David Schreck also broke-down some taxation and LNG export volumes too..

Last week we learned that Christy Clark is in negotiations with energy companies on LNG taxation, or more aptly, Clark is negotiating downward, industry has scoffed at Clark`s taxation model, the numbers Christy Clark talked about pre-election are off the table, off the table in a big way, as in next to nothing in taxation, and even with that industry isn`t jumping up and down to start building in B.C...

The Vancouver Sun and BC Government spinners have been milking the Petronas proposal for all its worth, they are spinning, Petronas has no long-term buyers yet, Japex is not a customer, Japex in the Japanese Government who have bought a 10% equity stake in the proposal, customers are not equity investors, TransCanada who has been approached by Petronas to build the pipeline to Prince Rupert from northeast B.C. are not a contractor but a partner in the proposal, in other words, we have the Japan Government wanting a cheap gas deal, we have TransCanada(pipeline company) needing profits, healthy profits to make both new money and pay for a $5 billion dollar pipeline, and we have Petronas, also known as the Malaysian Government, a company that provides the Malaysian Government 50% of its entire budget, they want super profits too,

That is the catalyst for these desparate negotiations with industry on taxation and royalties, the Australian taxation model is now gone, and so are Christy Clark`s fantasy pre-election numbers..

And more, Japan has supply, China has supply, South Korea has supply, the only way to get market share with these countries, considering we have no shipping advantage over Australia is to lowball the price, lowball any provincial share we might have seen..

I have more very interesting LNG data from The Economist Intelligence Unit, very interesting indeed..


"LNG in Canada has government support but needs..
 huge investment
Companies operating in Canada are also seeking..

 to begin LNG exports. Traditionally, 

Canada has exported its surplus gas to the US market, but
the shale gas boom in the US is reducing demand for these flows. 

Partly because of the original focus on the US market, ...

Canada lacks the infrastructure required to quickly become an LNG exporter.
Canada's gas is found in interior British Columbia and Alberta,...

 some distance from the coast...

 and with no existing infrastructure linking the sites to ports.

As of February....

Three export projects had been granted licences by Canada's National Energy Board; ..

the latest of these was a licence granted in early February to the LNG Canada Development consortium,...

 led by Shell and including PetroChina, Mitsubishi and Korea Gas...

 Kitimat LNG, co-owned by the US's Apache and Chevron,...

 was granted a licence in 2011,....

 while (US/First Nation) BC LNGExport Co-operative received....

 one early in 2012. None of these projects, which will target
Asian markets, is likely to come on stream much before 2020.

Once the infrastructure is in place, Canadian gas would....

, in theory, have an advantage over its US counterpart....

 (assuming that US gas will be exported from the US east coast)....

, as shipping times would be shorter.....

However, the price of Canadian LNG is expected to be oil-indexed..

, and the costs involved in building the terminals and infrastructure will be huge.
Given that there could be additional costs associated...

 with allaying environmental and First Nation concerns....

 about the projects,....

 it remains to be seen whether Canadian LNG will be....

 price competitive compared with US LNG."


So here we have our unelected premier offering up,..

 I mean giving away taxation and royalties to industry as a sop..

 so they will build, and build fast,...

 but that creates a another problem,....

 these LNG plants proposed for British Columbia won`t be built here..

 at all, they will be built in South Korea in modular form,....

 barged to either Kitimat or Prince Rupert and put together ...

like a big jigsaw puzzle, .....

Nothing for these plants will be manufactured in British Columbia,..


So maybe you think these LNG plants will employ thousands...

 and B.C. will reap large on income taxes,...

 you would be wrong,...

 as the BG(British Gas) group said earlier this year, ...

the modules will be built in Asia, barged to B.C....

 and assembled,....

 once up and running the most massive of all the proposals,..

 according to the BG group will employ...

 a mere 250 plant employees...

 with perhaps another 250 spinoff jobs throughout the province..

Meaning even if 4 LNG plants were built(the big ones)..

 employment would number roughly 1000 employees ..

with about 1000 spinoff jobs..

I was already initially skeptical, and I`m not talking about temporary construction jobs, we are talking about the facilities get built, they are in operation, how many workers will they employ?..Because the BC Liberal 2013 election platform is quite specific... And I quote..

"LNG facilities are currently proposed by business groups that include some of the world`s biggest energy companies-Shell, Imperial, Chevron, British Gas, Petronas, SK & and ES of South Korea, Inpex and the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation, to name some of the major players, it`s no fantasy.
The projects mean 39,000 jobs to British Columbia during construction with another 75,000 full time jobs created once in operation. We can create 1 $trillion dollars in economic activity and create the BC Prosperity fund with $100 billion over 30 years.

An opportunity this good faces lots of global competition. Premier Christy Clark and Today`s BC Liberals have worked diligently to enable LNG as an economic generator for decades to come."

(BC Liberal platform at below link)


There is the smoking gun evidence, from the BC Liberal platform...39,000 construction jobs and 75,00 full-time jobs once in operation..

That whole number thing seems backwards from the git-go, normally there are more during construction jobs than the full time after everything is built job numbers....

Do you see those job numbers in the BC Liberal election platform...

"39,000 jobs to British Columbia during construction with another 75,000 full time jobs created once in operation"

How many LNG plants are being proposed, we have heard these Liberals say 4 LNG plants, 6 LNG plants, 8 LNG plants...

Well, there was an article in the Vancouver Sun earlier this year, the BG Group(British Gas) announced they are going to the planning stage, then if that goes well they will apply for an environmental assessment, no they haven`t made any firm commitments, it`s still very early in the process, they mention something about, if everything goes well they will start assembly of their LNG plant in 2016..

But what is absolutely startling is the honesty in the article, honesty from a major world class energy company..

What British Gas has stated in the article is this...


"The BG Group has filed plans for a liquefied natural gas plant at Prince Rupert that would consume the equivalent to all of the province’s current production of natural gas and almost all the energy generated by BC Hydro’s proposed Site C dam to produce it."


Do you see that? This one LNG plant will consume all the present natural gas production in British Columbia, that`s not the scary part, what is stated in the article puts "Christy Clark and Today`s BC Liberal`s" jobs number to shame, this article makes a complete mockery of what the Liberals are stating in their 2013 election platform..


"BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 

Do you see that?....3500 temporary construction jobs, 250 full-time jobs with 250 full-time spinoff jobs...

Well well well, let`s take the 6 LNG export plants scenario,  first off, the plants are built in Asia, shipped here and assembled, that`s a problem, but the bigger problem is the job numbers..This British Gas project is a biggy, so big it will not only take all our present natural gas production it will also require all the power generated by the proposed $12 billion dollar public taxpayer project known as Site C Dam..


"The scope of the project is huge: All three trains would consume about 3.3 billion cubic feet of gas a day, which is the equivalent of B.C.’s current natural gas production. The plant will require 800 megawatts of energy to run refrigeration compressors and to run the facility. By comparison, the Site C dam would produce 900 megawatts"


The British Columbia advantage is industry`s advantage, they have the BC Liberals over a barrel, Christy Clark has gone cap in hand begging for an LNG build before 2017...She is giving away the farm, the Australian LNG taxation model is gone, Christy isn`t negotiating up but down...

Her LNG windfall claims was a lie, the employment numbers associated with LNG is a lie, the future market growth forecasts are a lie...

In 2011 and 2012 combined British Columbia made less than $400 million dollars on natural gas, these big energy companies want free hydro-electric and cut-rate royalty rates..

Whatever gets announced, whatever goes forward who knows, there is only one thing I am sure of...

Taxation schemes, royalty schemes for energy companies dealing with British Columbia will be a secret, no prying public eyes will be allowed to see the details, it will be called proprietary concerns, and will be shrouded in cabinet secrecy..

Remember, we paid $12 million dollars for a fake Bollywood award show, I wonder how much this illusion will cost us..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

Are There No more Honourable Men, Hari Kari Is In Order

Written by Grant G

Many have awaited my analysis of BC`s 2013 election, the mainstream media have weighed in, bloggers and pundits too..

No one is happy with the result, pollsters led us astray, or did they, I am of the belief that pollsters posted results with deliberate guile, had anyone known that in fact at the beginning of the writ period the two big parties were actually tied in support levels the campaign would have taken a drastically different direction, the BC Liberal record would have been front and center, the scandals and lies would have been highlighted..

The mainstream media and pollsters worked hand in hand to screw the NDP, it`s been that way since 1996, Adrian Dix announced his election strategy 18 months ago, he wasn`t going negative or personal, pundits on radio and TV challenged Adrian for months on whether he would change his early announced tactics, this was very important for the pollsters and media personalities to know, the reason is obvious, with Mr. Dix stuck in neutral the pollsters had to portray a precise picture in his mind, that picture was an illusion, that picture was of Adrian Dix cruising to victory, it was vitally important that they didn`t spook the NDP from the sanctuary of their peaceful perch..

I was 35 years old and didn`t know any better, that was the utterance that sent Adrian Dix into the dustbin of the defeated.

Angus Reid, Ipsos Reid, they had one thing in common, their employer, the people who paid for the service are the clients of corporatism, they were enemies of the NDP, enemies who wanted the status quo..

The only other things the pollsters reported correctly was....The public felt that neither Adrian Dix or Christy Clark was worthy of the office of premier and the public wanted change, unfortunately there wasn`t change on the ballot, there was a choice between the corrupt BC Liberals and a fatally flawed Adrian Dix..

My post on John Horgan and the NDP leadership written in April of 2011 spelled it out clearly..I congratulated both Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman for winning the leadership contest, that was a mistake, thanking them was a mistake, I listened to the leadership shindig event on the internet, it was web-casted, on my computer and from actual reports from people at the event, in fact I believe it was Michael Smyth on CKNW who was reporting on the event concluded the attending crowd was clearly in John Horgan`s corner...On my computer all I could hear was "Horgan Horgan Horgan" ..

And then came the first ballot results, Adrian Dix had won the contest virtually on the first ballot, a lead to big to overcome, and all I could think of was Mable Elmore and others, with Adrian Dix walking into NDP headquarters right at the membership sign-up deadline with thousands of memberships and a sack of cash, $10 dollar bills to be exact, the money not even yet attached to the membership card..

So Adrian Dix back-dated a stupid memo in the 90`s, took severance pay, then he gamed the leadership sign-up game the same way Christy Clark did, only Adrian Dix had the help of a couple of MLAs and Bill Tieleman...

I congratulated Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman for winning the contest, and can anyone tell me why Adrian Dix didn`t have a yearly pass for Skytrain?..After all, Adrian Dix had the ability to write-off the cost of the transit pass in its entirety...As a MLA he can write-off travel expenses and or have it come out of his constituency office expenses but no..Adrian Dix running for premier, with a memo-gate scandal in his closet and a stink-to-high-heaven membership sign-up plot, and he gets busted riding the train without a ticket..

I did tell you that I congratulated Adrian Dix and Bill Tieleman, I should have told both of them to go to hell, what geniuses in the backroom of the NDP actually thought we could win with a tainted candidate...

I gave it my all(for the sake of the party) I left bread crumbs and trails, I painted a path to victory, a path to victory even with Adrian Dix`s fatal flaws, my article on how Ezra Levant attacked Adrian Dix`s wife, that story needed to be brought up in Adrian Dix`s campaigning, Adrian needed to challenge Christy Clark to denounce Ezra Levant...Adrian Dix did nothing..

Dix was still being played by the pollsters....Adrian Dix needed to come out when the writ was dropped, as one regular commenter stated..."He needed to come out like the junkyard dog"...For those not familiar with the WWF wrestling, the junkyard dog was a big-black wrestler who when he was tagged into the ring came out like a rabid dog, swinging and hitting, kicking and scratching everything in sight...His analysis was correct, Adrian Dix needed to come out when the writ was dropped like the parties were even in support, because they were, the pollsters played the NDP like a fool, it was cold, it was calculated and no I can`t prove the pollsters played the game of fraud, but I assure you they did..

Adrian Dix must step down as soon as possible, like yesterday, only the hard-core NDP faithful voted for Adrian Dix, he attracted no new voters to the party, in fact he lost voters, with a mountain of scandals at his disposal, ethnic-gate, Basi/Virk, BC Rail, Burnaby hospital, deficit lies, massive BC debt, smart meters, the HST, Ken Boessenkool, kim Haakstad, Pamela Martin...John Yap, Brian Bonney, Pacif Carbon Trust, Wazuku, deferral accounts at BC Hydro, Run of river fraud, I could list scandal after scandal for hours, until my fingers bleed, until my keyboard gets saturated with tears, the list is that long..

And the next election every single one of those scandals are off limits, they`re finished, no more BC Rail, no inquiry(Sorry BC Mary)no Basi/Virk investigation, no smart meter inquiry, nothing, those smoking gun crimes are over, if Adrian Dix couldn`t win with all that ammo...Well..

Brian Topp needs to stay well clear of BC Politics, Moe Sihota needs to move along too, every adviser to Adrian Dix must not only fall on his or her sword they must vow to never ever become part of the NDP election planning, period...

The NDP leadership contest, Dana Larsen was part of that campaign, what if Dana Larsen managed to get every pot smoker in BC to purchase a NDP membership and vote for him in the leadership campaign, and Dana Larsen wins...Would the party brass accept his win or would they politely ask (in private) for Dana Larsen to move aside?...What if a multi-millionaire with a tainted past, an adulterer, tax evasion, drunk driving, outsourced thousands of jobs, violated worker`s rights, discriminated against seniors, and females and transgender, Gay, lesbian and the like but he has so much money and influence he buys or persuades tens of thousands to attain NDP membership cards and actually gets them to vote him as new leader of the party...Yet he in unelectable in society`s mainstream, at what point does the party say NO...You can`t be leader..

What I am talking about may well be considered non-democratic, however...

However, the voters of British Columbia did not vote for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals..

The voters of British Columbia said no to ...I was 35 years old and didn`t know any better, they said no to a man who didn`t buy a skytrain ticket, they said no a man who back-dated a memo in an attempt to save his boss, a boss who couldn`t be saved at any price,.....Adrian Dix can`t attract any new members to the party, he can`t inspire others to fight for the cause, he can`t light a fire under the writers in this province who care about truth, and justice..

The next election will be won with talented star, all the past issues are just that, past ....

Maybe there is someone better than John Horgan to lead, however I haven`t met that person yet, probably never will....John Horgan needs to be the voice of the party, he needs to ask the first three questions when our legislature opens up..We can`t grow as a party until the face of defeat is removed from our letterhead..

The people of British Columbia said no to a man who wouldn`t call thieves thieves, call corruption corruption, we, the people rejected a man who wouldn`t fight, scream, yell and even swear at the most bile, most evil, most incompetent Government in the history of Canada..

The people who cast ballots couldn`t put their support and children`s lives in the hands of a man who ran from the shadows.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open