Friday, December 31, 2010

The HST Referendum Sting

Happy New Years Friends....A couple of thoughts crossed my mind today, actually, I sortta nibbled around the edges of it a few weeks ago, ever since Gordon Campbell agreed so willingly to have a Province wide referendum on the hst, it really bothered me at the time that he chose that route, only an idiot would deny the tax will be defeated in a referendum vote, especially with only a simple majority required to pass, not the super majority that the act requires, then today Bill Vanderzalm said something that turned on my light bulb(He was on with Michael Smyth on cknw)....

Campbell and Hansen dumped the HST on us in July of 2009, they had a whole year to sell it to us before it came in, despite all their paid hacks, all the spin the public still didn`t buy it, so now the Zalm anti-HST petition gets going and 6000 canvassers make history, the first successful petition, and what happened next, big business tried to use the referendum act and the law to overthrow the petition, they managed to delay the process but we won....

Last month I wrote about Christy Clark wanting a free vote on the HST in the legislature, I warned that if the BC Liberals all voted for the HST it would satisfy the requirement of the anti-HST petition and it would kill the requirement to have the referendum vote......Nobody seemed to pick up that angle of the story but us...And today another angle has come to light, it really bothered me, Gordon Campbell and all the potential leaders of the Liberals state..."They will honor a simple majority on the referendum vote".......

Zalm, Delaney and others have asked and stated that the Liberals must enshrine in law(In the BC Legislature) that a simple majority in the anti-HST referendum will be binding......

Here`s the deal folks, we had a successful HST petition,  10% in each of 85 ridings, with that the act states, ...The successful petition is sent to a legislative committee, the committee has but 2 choices, either it send the HST to the house for a vote or.....Or have a Province wide referendum.....But there in lies the rub, in the back of my mind, ever since Campbell agreed to a referendum and also agreed to a simple majority but refuses to enshrine in law that  NEW aspect of the referendum act in law....We were told to trust him, all the media have been saying..."What leader go back on their word, it would be political suicide"

There it is folks, the referendum act,  the petition, the remedy, a house vote or referendum, a referendum that requires a super majority, 75% in 85 ridings, or something like that, that many people don`t show up for general elections, the point being is....THAT IS the LAW...The legal law....Remember the big business law suit against the petition, the BC Government put their hands up and`s not us! Craig James threw his hands up, the referendum according to the act must receive a super majority to pass, no where does the act say.."Unless a resigned premier gives his word"

I may not be a legal scholar but it`s as plain as the nose on my face, if big business launched a law suit after the referendum defeats the hst but only with a large simple majority then what?...Think about it, would the Liberal Government call the house to order to enshrine the simple majority referendum vote into law?....And if the BC Liberals did that after the law suit, after the vote.....Can they make the NEW REFERENDUM LAW RETROACTIVE?

Remember who has the most at stake, big wealthy resource export industries, mining, oil n gas, raw log exporters, and who pays, everybody, we have a BC Liberal Government that says trust us, we ask them to enshrine that trust in law and they say no.....And who does their dirty work, Hocstein, Chambers of Commerce, big mining, big donaters to the BC Liberal party......The door is being left wide open for them to challenge the referendum, the act requires a super majority, that is law, so the word of a resigned premier or new premier won`t trump the law, the act, and there is no guarantee of making a change to the referendum act after the vote, meaning.....Say you cut a tree on your yard, and it was legal to do so, 6 months later the law is changed and you now get fined $5000 dollars, laws for the most part can`t be made retroactive....

I remember Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen stating that we are stuck with the HST no matter how many people sign a petition, and now delays, stalls, non-binding referendums, no enshrining the simple majority part in law.

I believe friends, Gordon Campbell is leaving a poison pill for the people and a legal out for big business, in one fell swoop big industry can kill the anti-HST petition and referendum, the change to the referendum act must be made ahead of the vote, that`s the only assurance we as voters can get, we must have it....The BC Liberals must at the earliest in the Spring session of the legislature enshrine in law that a simple majority is all that is required in the HST referendum, if they refuse their real intentions will be exposed, so far, every BC Liberal leader has refused to enshrine the simple majority and referendum act change in law... 

Do you trust Hocstein and friends?

"Recall in Fall"

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who are the NDP?

I need to do this follow up post on the NDP and Dana Larsen, my vision is clear, maybe too clear, I just finished listening to David Schreck on cknw and judging from his statements, he isn`t in the game anymore..

Maybe I was too subtle with my last post, in the past while working, if I told a fellow worker to do something or If I give someone the answer to a question I always made the habit of telling them how we arrived at the answer or in the case of the fellow worker I felt if he knew why we were taking care of the minor details if would stick, rather then say  DO THIS, DO THAT, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT....If one can see the madness behind the method..

My story wasn`t about Dana Larsen, what type of candidates are run in the West End, in Richmond, from Federal to Provincial to local Governments, it`s stereotyping in a way, actually it`s much more than that, it`s winning, in politics there is only one way to win, garner more votes and elect more candidates, forget about splits on the left, on the right, what I am talking about is the formula for success.....

You see that family picture above?.....There it is, your average family, a bad dog, a perverted overweight beer drinking father, a daughter struggling with her sexuality, a not so book savvy son, isn`t that life in general, who doesn`t know a woman or man working on their third or fourth wife or husband or have friends with problems, debt, depression, addictions, life is cruel, sad and elastic and human emotions ride a roller coaster from start to finish,.........And shouldn`t the party of the people recognize that, the BC Liberal party have the super wealthy and corporate vote wrapped up, let me put it this way, the money boys and big industry have had their way in this Province for a decade, why would they jump ship and leave the Campbell gang when the Liberals gave them the keys, our assets and a money stream,,,,,,,They won`t, that was one reason Carole James looked silly begging big corporations to like her and the party, wasn`t going to happen......

And I hate to say it, at least so bluntly, Moe Sihota, you are a clueless twit, you have no media savvy, you are toxic, you have no idea how to win an election, if the NDP was smart they would give Moe Sihota a little severance pay and show him the door, maybe Sihota is a BC Liberal plant?

The public in general are not political junkies but they`re not stupid, they see that Rio Tinto and Teck Cominco are making $billions and $billions, Ecana gas is rolling in cash, and they also see their own empty wallets, they see taxes going up, user fees, month in and month out everything costs more, hydro, gasoline, food, coffee, meals out, even the boozers see prices that gouge, sin taxes hit every year, property taxes, everything is up up up and damn it....The people understand very well and they don`t need to be convinced who the bad guy is.....Record profits at banks, golden parachute pensions for politicians who lie their face off, year in and year out the BC Liberal party have shifted BC into a banana Republic, corporations pay less tax in BC than what students pay in tuition....That`s right folks, the Province takes in more money in student tuition than all corporate tax combined, and they wonder why the Government is broke! Sheesh....

Dana Larsen was never going to get much support, he should be allowed to run, the students know BC has the highest tuition in Canada, students aren`t  offended by Dana,  ever been to a good party, if a bunch of stiff shirts stroll around playing image, what a boring party, who will wear the lampshade, who`s groping a willing secretary, who`s puking on the carpet, who`s sneaking outside for a smoke or two....

Smoking pot is so 70s..80`s...90`s...Boring, no one cares, it isn`t a serious issue, but as a party, as a formula for success, we need the angry student vote, the over-taxed family, we need the people who tear their hair out looking at the hydro bill, we need carbon tax haters, union workers, minimum wage earners, overweight bad fathers, we need the people who hate road tolls, retractable roofs, we need parents who care about education, we need seniors who are being treated like garbage by the Liberals....We need the people who care about public assets, about salmon and Orca.....

As a party we need a big tent, the BC Liberals have the corporate wealth and a corrupt media and they won`t be wooed our way, but what we have is a welcome mat out for all the adversely affected, or at least we should....

Finally, as for David Schreck and Moe Sihota.....Let Dana fill out his paperwork, if all the IIII`s and TTTT`s  get crossed and dotted let him campaign, by this time next week the real leaders enter the race and the public stops talking about Dana Larsen, just like Moira Stilwell?..Who?....Exactly.......What happened today is David Shreck and Moe Sihota sounded and acted like prudes, do I have to spell it out, we want the voters Dana is drawing, we can have the best of both worlds...We get the younger voters and we have a solid clean leader.

Do we banish people for all time for deeds committed in their youth, what teenager hasn`t sinned......I heard Dana Larsen call for a public inquiry into BC Rail, he called for retaining crown corporations, for not selling out the public on private power, he called for better education, better health care, raising the minimum wage.....Are these not Democratic issues, every NDP leader will be doing the same, we are the party of people, all people, .........How many parents out there have kids who smoke pot, teenage kids or older, or would you rather they drink, and how many of you will be indulging in spirits of one sort or another on December 31/2010?

Health, education and people are NDP issues, the more leaders sending the message the better. 

Updated here....Moe Sihota was asked forcefully to apologize to Dana Larsen

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dana Larsen, Outspoken, Outrageous, Outta Sight!(updated)

Well spoken, articulate, the man is personable, friendly, level headed and no, he won`t end up as leader of the NDP but we couldn`t have picked a better candidate to start the ball rolling.......

I personally would rather have Dana as premier over any BC Liberal, he believes in retaing public assets, strengthening health and education, he would raise the minimum wage and protect the social safety ney...And if one thinks outside of the box, Dana Larsen is a representitive of BC`s largest industry, one that employs more people than mining, fishing combined, the biggest economic driver in the Province, Dana represents the pot industry, specifically the recreational marijuana user.......Heck, that`s one way to invigorate the restaurant industry, legalize pot and watch doughnut shops spring up like mushrooms!...

All kidding aside, the man is well spoken, today is the third time I have heard him speak on radio and he is an  outstanding communicator, I hope the other horses are listening and learning from Dana, learning how to speak in clear terms...

Mike De Jong talked about having kids vote, teenagers vote, ridiculous, what do kids know about policy, but, teenagers will vote for pot, between the esctasy, pot, club drugs, meth and old fashioned booze, the young people would vote for legal pot for recreational use, so would I......Pot is good for glaucoma, stress, pain, depression, and......

The vapourizer, we(as a society) now have the ability to smoke pot without the smoke, Willy Nelson earlier this year on the Larry King show swore by these vapourizers, the pot gets vapourized, it extracts more THC from the pot and is smoke free, no longer do you have to cook your lungs to get baked, Willy Nelson actually said "I wish these vapourizers were around a long time ago" .....They make  great Christmas gifts, the net benefit to reducing health costs would be enormous,  back when I went to school, everyone was a pot head, in fact it was the pot heads who were more industrious, now don`t get me wrong, I am not advocating or promoting pot use, I am advocating removing simple possession and small personal use grow ops from the criminal code, I`m convinced that everyone, almost everyone would be growing a few plants, this would lead to more gardening in general, grow some tomatoes, beans, carrots, pot and you have the ingredients for a kick-ass salad ......Mmmmmm salad......

The point being is this, the younger voter will vote for pot and the strategy of Dana Larsen and the NDP to open up our tent to all comers, including young people(younger voters) who smoke pot and or people who are not offended by those that do, in other words, for the stooges and PAB who regularily attack me, we, the NDP are the party of pot smokers, greens, enviros, working stiffs, families etc etc....There is no room for pot heads in the BC Liberal or Conservative party, .....Only drunks, one Gordon Campbell, one Jane Thornthwaite and if anyone thinks a BC Liberal candidate could endorse marijuanna use is dreaming, it would tear the party apart, and if any of the real NDP leader hopefuls want to take the race, they might think about endorsing or at least not being opposed to the decriminalization of pot.....

And friends, I wasn`t going to do this post on Dana Larsen until......Until Cool Hand claimed the NDP are a whacko party for allowing Dana Larsen and Harry Lali to run for leader....... Cool Hand, my super fan with his dedicated(To Me) site,..... I have the ability to read Cool hand Luke Skywalker`s mind and it was when this PAB hack tried to spin it as insane that the NDP would have Dana run...... A lightbulb went off in my head and it`s the same advice as when Luke said

"The ndp would be crazy to dump Carole James"

The fear is in his words, free advice from the enemy, I don`t think so.....It isn`t about Dana Larsen, it`s about the message, how you present the message, it`s about projecting honesty, the Liberals cannot compete nor project honesty.

What Dana Larsen stands for scares the BC Liberals, what Dana represents is tapping into the voters who in the past stayed home, a new tool at the NDP`s disposal, a tool that because of prehistoric ideology the BC Liberals or Conservatives could never use....Having, allowing Dana Larsen to run, having a party of the 21st century, Governments are in need of revenue and it`s only a matter of time when all Governments in all countries will be looking at the leaf for revenue, for industry, for cost-cutting measures, think of the court cost savings, the policing, prisons, medical marijuanna, taxation..

With this one move, this one candidate the NDP just gained 10% more of the vote, enough to secure a majority Government, so I embrace Dana Larsen and thank him for thinking outside the box and delivering the youth vote to the NDP....I salut thee Dana Larsen...

Updated here(1:05PM)-Michael Smyth did a 12 minute rant against Dana Larsen, he was particularly critical of the video of Larsen stoned and driving.......Let`s be perfectly clear, that was in the past and Dana Larsen has apologized for that, ......Then Smyth opened the phone lines and the callers, the first 3 callers were supportive of Dana, including his broad based policies, despite Smyth almost begging the callers to hate Dana they didn`t, the last two callers sounded like robotron haters, for the most part, BCers are willing to hear the man out..

It confirmed the point I was trying to make, the man(Dana) is a great communicator, the public hears a clear voive with sound ideas, he immediately connects, the people are starved for honesty, ...........Dana Larsen, despite what your personal biases are, you have to respect the openess, when the NDP present a good leader who can speak in clear terms and runs on a 21st century campaign, a leader who doesn`t ignore the facts, the numbers, the reality, if 30% of the public smokes pot, either past, present or future, that`s a huge voting block.....Judging from the phone calls, Dana if he was leader in 2009 would probably be premier!

"All the ndp need to win Government is present an honest leader who can communicate the truth" gg

Just because someone smoked pot doesn`t mean they can`t beat Anderson Cooper on Jeopardy!

Now where it my box of Crispy Creme doughnuts?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Fires still Burn

Pouring rain, wind, downed wires, friends and good cheer, being from a large family the greatest gift receieved for me is my parents and siblings are all alive, the battle for life never stops, the enemy has been beaten back again but that heathen beast won`t relent, it`s always there, taunting us, toying with us, lingering on the outskirts of our mind and souls, eventually time will return to take its toll......

Sometimes, like today and yesterday, I stare at the keyboard and it appears foreign to me, the stories are there, they have been here all along, for years in fact, so as I reflect back over this year and before it smacks me in the face that the same stories, the same unresolved garbage remains curbside, no one picks it up, no one talks about it but there it is, lingering, always there, the dirty little secrets, and until the garbage is picked up and the street gets washed  the stench will remain and no amount of rose perfume will help......

The HST, the story of the year, the revolt, the petition, the promises, the fiction, the aftermath is lingering, burning on the horizon, prices haven`t fallen they rose, jobs aren`t being created, at least not full time jobs, the only growth in the job sector has been in part time work, if only the BC Liberal government rolled it out better, what a great tax and I wouldn`t be mad if they only rolled it out in a friendlier way, even the polls, week in week out new polls with new questions asked in a different way and lo n behold the public, the dear old public is slowly falling in love with the hst, could I be wrong, could Vanderzalm be wrong, could 720,000 people who signed the petition be wrong......

Even the shocking deficit that was revealed just days after our last election, what was the projected deficit, "$495 million maximum"  and it turned out to be $4 billion dollars, off by a staggering 800%, the biggest deficit lie in Provincial history, and as I reflect back it dawns on me that the hst and deficit lie was in 2009, not this year, Colin Hansen had a whole year to sell the hst, I remember like yesterday, Colin Hansen said the price of funerals would go down, retailors would be passing on savings, 18 months later the HST in effect for 6 months and prices went up more in BC than any province in Canada, was Colin Hansen wrong, was the comparison to Altlantic Canada flawed, Newfoundland and the other Atlantic Provinces went from 19% combined tax to a 15% combined tax rate, a 4% tax rate drop, obviously that comparison was flawed, but certainly the media having seen through the spin and having real life results would be singing a different tune, right!.......

The pattern remains, the fires smoulder and why would the hst be the political story of the year 2010 when the hst was foisted on us in July of 2009.......The largest fudget budget was dropped on our lap at the same time and why, I heard from the media  about Glen Clark`s tiny fudget budget for over a decade, we had an inquiry into the Glen Clark affair over a new deck on his home and yet the media and the BC Liberals hide united opposed to an inquiry....

Did you catch the cutting ledge on cknw last Friday, I did, what a performance by Baldrey and Palmer, and performance is the correct description because believe me, there are two options, either those stooges are paid money to say the garbage they do or they are mentally disturbed, take your pick....

BC Rail inquiry is not needed according to those stooges, Palmer states that the special prosecutor has seen all the evidence and unless we think the prosecutor is corrupt ....Palmer dares anyone to call the special prosecutor corrupt....Berandino......Here it is....You are a corrupt bastard Berandino and if you want to sue me prove to my legal team there was nothing more to learn in a trial, I will need to see all the documents...You hear me Palmer!..I called out Berandino.....And Baldrey, Baldrey states we had a complete trial and the BC Liberals have been elected twice since then, Baldrey claims the public doesn`t care about BC Rail....

What did we learn from the release of just a few documents?...We learned that Eric Bornmann is an admitted thief and burgler, I wonder if it was Bornmann who broke into Bill Teilemans office?..We learned Basi/Virk were taking bribes for years and cleaning the money through their drug dealing friend and reletive Aneal Basi...We learned that Brian Kieran bribed politicians, we learned that Bruce Clark home and business was  searched by police, how much money and drugs did they suspect were at Bruce Clarks home, ....We learned that we need a public inquiry to get any answers because the trial was a fraud from the git go, Berandino should never been allowed to conduct the trial, it was a clear conflict of interest, ......News flash Baldrey, there was no trial, 1 witness out of 40 does not make a trial and the BC Liberals being elected twice since Campbell lied his face off and sold BC Rail for nothing does not certify or make right the deal....You got it Balderdash......

So meanwhile after Palmer gets his nose out of Berandino`s ass  and they opened the phone lines every caller was demanding a public inquiry, after those 2 stooges spent the first 45 minutes deflecting BC Rail, deflecting recall, deflecting the HST every caller was demanding a public inquiry and the stooges were ducking and weaving while sounding like fools.....

The deficit lie, the HST lie, the big theft of BC Rail, they haven`t gone away, they are lingering, burning on the horizon, the timing by media on a mass scale, the stooges on Christmas eve on cknw, Paul Nettleton with his sudden urge to throw(Palmer calls it a coveted endorsement) his support behind Christy Clark and agrees with no inquiry into the BC Rail fraud, Christy Clark who is controlled by Gordon Campbell, Campbell who threw Paul Nettleton out of caucus and beat him in the 2005 election has jumped on the Gordon Campbell band wagon, why....Christy Clark offered Paul Nettleton what position in her Government for that forced endorsement?

These issues aren`t going away, how big is this years deficit, why has no one asked what happens when the hst gets defeated in the referendum, the answer is simple, according to the paid media stooges, the largest fudget budget was the fault of the world economy, time to move on, any BC Rail corruption was limited to two lowly ministerial aides, time to move on, the recalls aren`t neccesary because we are having a referendum, time to move on. the referendum is now a chance for the pro-side to have their say, yet no one, not one media has asked what happens after the referendum, a tax so engrained will it then have to stay, will it take 3 more years after the referendum to get out of, or will the media decide again that it`s time to move on.....These questions will not get answered without anyone asking the questions.....

Meanwhile the Liberal candidates claim to be outsiders or different from Campbell, none will come clean, no one will answer questions, Bill Bennett being thrown out of caucus over calling Campbell a monster, Leckstrom being tossed from caucus for disagreeing yet the media, only the ndp are touted as the party in tatters, Baldrey claims only ndp radicals and dissidents exist, the BC Liberals are a united  and tight team, time to move on, the fires burning on the horizon, the lingering doubts, the countless lies and Liberal betrayals are of the past, only ndp sins live through time.......

And as Gordon Campbell delivers Christy Clark`s or Kevin Falcon`s throne speech and budget we are supposed to believe "It`s time to move on"

Meanwhile the tree and stockings are put away, I ate my last turkey sandwich, my personal New Years wish to family and friends is, may you all be alive next year.

My wish for our Province......May someone ask the questions and provide the answers.

The Straight Goods

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gordon Christy Clark Campbell for Premier

I find amazing that the media is so enamored with Christy Cluck Cluck Clark, it appears to me that a smile and spewing venom towards the NDP(who haven`t been in power for 10 years) is more important than substance and brains...

Perhaps the media have forgot, maybe the pubic has forgot, Gordon Campbell before he resigned was the most despised  political leader in north America, a 9% approval rating, lower than Nixon ever polled, lower than George Bush the lesser, the media keep calling Cluck Cluck "The outsider" in the Liberal leadership race when the reality is, a Christy Clark Government is in actuality a Gordon Campbell Government, the ties between Clark and Campbell is more than coincidence, are the media blind?..No, the media sees what we see but refuse to say anything, Christy is one of their own........BC Rail is Campbell`s shame, he lied, he sold our asset, of all the players involved in the corrupt BC Rail deal none are more entwined than Christy Clark and her family, her ex-husband Mark Marrisen, Bruce Clark and Patrick Kinsella.

As you know Patrick Kinsella was Gordon Campbell`s campaign manager in 2001 and 2005, Kinsella became a lobbyist for CN Rail after 2001, Kinsella also was paid nearly $300.000 over three years for doing a "core review" on BC Rail, and it was BC Rail that was paying him, there was internal email evidence from BC Rail executives which stated..{Why is Patrick Kinsella on the BC Rail payrole} ...The response back was...{Patrick Kinsella is a powerful backroom BC Liberal}.......Let`s have a look at the Patrick Kinsella, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark and her family connection..

Kinsella was a lobbyist for PAYDAY LOANS...A ruthless company in the business (IMO)  of issuing loans at usuary rates  , these companies should be banned, Kinsella is also a lobbyist for Plutonic power, the worst financial disaster in B.C. history, IPP private power, buy high and sell low, a ratepayer money stream being funneled to friends of the Gordon Campbell.....But the ties don`t end there, the Kinsella  tentacles are everywhere...Such as the connection from 1999 through 2004 with this company

 Bruce Clark(Cluck cluck`s brother) was president, Kinsella was on the board of directors, Eric Bornmann  was communication director  and is also  listed as "Investor relations".....Yup, more connections to Gordon Campbell and BC Rail.

Let`s recap, Patrick Kinsella was Campbell`s campaign manager, he was working for both CN Rail and BC Rail at the same time, Kinsella was a lobbyist for payday loan company, a lobbyist for Plutonic power, Kinsella was connected with Bruce Clark, Eric Bornmann who were all in talks about creating a new lobbying/communication company with Dave Basi and Bobby Virk......The below statement from  the warrants released last Monday, the statement was from Eric Bornmann

Eric Bornman, then a lobbyist in Victoria, told police that he believed he first met Basi and Basi's co-accused, Bobby Virk, in 1999 in a "political capacity," the documents say.
"Subsequent to meeting, Basi and Virk became important political allies of mine and social acquaintances," Bornman is quoted in an interview conducted in April 2004.
"I also proceeded to, there was an exchange at that time of political favors, prior to the B.C. Liberals forming government, in 2001."
Bornman says that he, Basi and Bruce Clark, the brother of Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark, entered into "casual discussions" around the possibility of a government relations communications practice.
Following the election, Basi and Virk continued to be "important political contacts" and political allies, he told police

And there is so much more, Patrick Kinsella has been lobbying for expanded gambling for years, years and years before he even bothered registering

The connections don`t stop there, Kinsella was the lobbyist for Alcan and we all know how bad that deal was for the town of Kitimat,  and Accenture....Cut and pasted from Hansard
B. Ralston: We are raising a serious question that concerns the very integrity of the highest office in this province, the Office of the Premier. The question is a very simple one. What did the Premier tell his political chief of staff, Martyn Brown, to tell his campaign manager, Patrick Kinsella, about the CN bid for B.C. Rail?
Hon. M. de Jong: The matters referred to by the member are before the courts.
Mr. Speaker: Member has a supplemental.
B. Ralston: Will the member opposite explain: what was the respective role of Martyn Brown in the Premier's office and Mr. Kinsella in the Accenture deal, the awarding of a contract of $1.4 billion to Accenture and the sale of one-third of the operations of B.C. Hydro?
Hon. M. de Jong: I'll take the question on notice.
S. Simpson: Hon. Speaker, the matters that are before the courts will be dealt with by Justice Bennett there. The matter that is before….
[ Page 14702 ]
Mr. Speaker: Members.
Mr. Speaker: Take your seat.
Members. Members.
Continue, Member.
S. Simpson: The matter that is before this chamber is the integrity of the Premier's office, the highest office in this.… We know that the Premier's chief adviser, Mr. Kinsella, is now up to his knees in this. We now know from today that Martyn Brown was a key adviser on this. We have to believe that the Premier knew about this.
So the question to the government is this. If this government cares one whit about its integrity, if it cares one whit about the integrity of the Premier's office, it will tell us today: what was the role of the Premier's office? What was the role of Martyn Brown, and what was the role of Patrick Kinsella? Anything less is more cover-up by the Liberals trying to cover up their past

Accenture and Patrick Kinsella , The below cut and pasted from

Patrick Kinsella, a friend of Premier Gordon Campbell and one of the most powerful stringpullers in the B.C. Liberal party, has made a killing on government contracts since guiding his pals to power in 2001.
Kinsella was co-chairman of the Liberal election campaign that year. He was a top Liberal strategist again in 2005 when Campbell was re-elected.
When he wasn't running Liberal election campaigns, Kinsella was busy running a lucrative business as a government-relations consultant. His speciality: helping corporate clients like Accenture and Alcan bag juicy contracts with the Campbell government.
Now it turns out even Crown corporations were hiring Kinsella — including nearly $300,000 in deals with B.C. Rail that touched off a firestorm at the legislature yesterday.
B.C. Rail paid the money to Kinsella's companies starting in 2002 — about the same time the Campbell government was planning to privatize the publicly owned railroad ________________________________________________________________________________________

The connections between Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella and Christy Clark are not a coincidence, they are friends, associates, business partners, so many of the shady deals, deals that have cost the Province a fortune are all linked to Christy Clark and her family, Kinsella and Gordon Campbell, Do you want to vote for Gordon Campbell for premier, because believe me, if Christy Clark becomes premier in reality Gordon Campbell would STILL BE PREMIER......So Patrick Kinsella is backing Christy clark,  Kinsella arranged for Christy Clark`s radio gig on CKNW, lets have a look at Jessica MacDonald, who is she, Jessicca MacDonald was Gordon Campbell`s senior deputy until late 2009....She has now since resigned but in reality Jessicca hasn`t gone anywhere, her husband Mike MacDonald is........Drum roll please..

Mike MacDonald, husband of Jessicca MacDonald is Christy Clark`s Campaign manager, coincidence, not a chance, Patrick Kinsella and Gordon Campbell have groomed Christy Clark to carry on as a shadow premier when the truth is Patrick Kinsella and Gordon Campbell will be pulling the strings, nothing will change, the ruinous economic policies in Canada`s narco Province will carry on with business as usual, business for corporate BC Liberal donors!

Let`s do another recap, all the most contentious issues have involved Patrick Kinsella, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark Bruce Clark.....Expanded gambling, usuary pay day loans, outsourcing to Accenture, Plutonic power and rape of river IPPs, Alcan and Kitimat, $900 million dollar retractable roof, the theft of BC Rail, the $600 million dollar and growing tax indemnity to CN Rail, .....And the ethics of these players, Bruce Clark fought tooth and nail to bring back inside smoking to bars and is involved with IPPs too.

So there`s the deal, 91% of the public detest Goprdon Campbell yet Christy Cluck Cluck Clark is touring the Province claiming to be the outsider in the BC Liberal leadership race when in fact the same people who pulled Gordon Campbell`s strings will be pulling Christy Cluck`s strings..
"You can`t prevent the putrid stench that follows Christy Clark no more than you can stop  gulls from following a tuna boat"
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ben Meisner Turns into the Information and Truth Nazi(updated even further)Updated even further in the comment section!

Well folks, as of late Gentle Ben of Prince George has become the information Nazi, not only are comments being deleted that he doesn`t agree with Ben Meisner has now stopped all comments on political stories.

We all know that Ben is a true blue BC Liberal and Gordon Campbell fan, he is also a Christy Clark fan, so when Christy cluck cluck Clark made a visit to Prince George he of course reported it...

Under the story in the comment section people were talking about Christy Clark, talking about her and her brother`s, her Ex- husband`s involvement with BC Rail, contributors were leaving links to Alex G Tsakumis`s site, links to my stories on BC Rail involving Christy Cluck Clark....Ben Meisner then started deleting legitimate comments, and or a Elaine MacDonald at Opinion250 did, and considering I commented there, under that story, I read each and every comment and there was NO LIBEL, no name calling, all that was there was opinion and links to stories about the Christy Clark family involvement in BC Rail...Shame on you Ben Meisner, it`s bad enough when you shamelessly promote Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, it`s poor journalism the way you spin a dying forest industry as a success story, how you gloss over the Pat Bell and Shirley Bond`s spin but to now dictate to readers what facts they can present....For Shame Ben Meisner, in my opinion you are a sell-out!  ....

Well I have one thing to say to you Ben....GET STUFFED....Here is a news flash for you Meisner, you can`t stop the internet, you can`t stop the reporting of news, you can`t stop AGT, BC Mary, you can`t stop Will McMartin or the Powell River Persuader or Laila Yuile from reporting and documenting the BC Rail saga....You can`t prevent the putrid stench that follows Christy Clark no more than you can stop  gulls from following a tuna boat.

All you will do is drive Opinion 250 readers away, the interactive aspect is what draws viewers, so despite your shameless promotion of BC Liberals Ben, despite being a information Nazi despite all your efforts Christy Clark is up to her eyeballs over BC Rail....Might be time for you to pack it in Meisner. And if anyone thinks I am exaggerating, read this opinion from Ben Meisner

In that opinion piece Meisner claims the NDP because of internal fighting and removing their leader the NDP should be punished badly by voters, and of course, from forming Government, ....I commented on that story only to have it deleted, what I said to Ben was...."There was as much internal squabbling in the BC Liberal caucus as the NDP"...I went on to say..."If Gordon Campbell didn`t resign after his failed televised speech and income tax cut flip flop he would have been thrown out, Gordon Campbell got the message, Carole James didn`t" snip

Ben Meisner, just like the MSM, wants the past BC Liberal scandals to disappear, they only want to talk about the 90s and fast Ferries, according to Meisner(IMO), none of the hundreds of scandals plaguing the BC Liberals over the last 9 years compare to the NDP booting out their leader, Meisner is fully in the BC Liberal camp!

Updated here...I just received a message from Ben Meisner and Opinion 250..Here it is below

"You are removed from our list of contributors. If you wish to re register- e-mail
May I suggest that you build your own website on which you can write whatever you choose.
If you re register we will name you, and refer to your posts.
Thank you Ben Meisner"

And then tonight I got another email from Ben Meisner, below is the second letter from Meisner.
This letter is to inform you that your comments on Opinion 250 , are not only untrue, unfounded, but slander not only Opinion250, but its employees.
The comments  you have published are objectionable to for their inaccuracy, untruth and their
defamatory nature. In particular you have incorrectly, recklessly, and inappropriately reported that Ben Meisner could be," bought and sold for a song."
The above comments are objectionable to Opinion250 and their employees  for their inaccuracy, untruth and their
defamatory nature. In particular you have incorrectly, recklessly, and inappropriately reported
that Ben Meisner is," an information Nazi"
We are forwarding your blog and comments  to our solicitors
Ben Meisner
 To which I responded....Bring it on

 That is one man`s opinion, Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A View from the Rocks

Not quite sure of the reason but I don`t feel that festive this holiday season, sometimes I wish I couldn`t see anything, hear anything or more importantly know anything, but that`s not the case because I, make that we are aware of the surroundings and they aren`t very pretty, at least on the political level...Is it just me, I feel dirty thinking about the BC Liberals, all of them, it`s as if we have been Governed by a criminal gang, Bogdanovich of Illinois has nothing on our B.C. Liberal bandits.....

For the most part I have no more information than you but someone needs to tell the story, if there is one ability I have it`s the gathering of clear perspective, nothing is in isolation, one must account for history, pattern, truth, and plain old common sense......Judge Judy has the line..

"If it doesn`t make sense, it isn`t true"

I read this story by Peter Ewart

Peter suggests the NDP in 2003 backed off of their demands of stopping the sale of BC Rail over the taint of the deal.....Well friends, it was a well written story by Ewart although too airy fairy, having watched the BC Legislature almost daily in that time period ......Jenny Kwan and Joy Mcphail  shouted, demanded, bitched and debated up a storm in the legislature, unfortunately, as I have written about before, oppositions can`t stop anything, PERIOD....All an opposition can do is highlight the flaws. point to the real facts, it`s only public backlash of epic proportion that can stop Government(sometimes)...And an honest media is required, Baldrey, Palmer, Canwest, Global, CTV, Bill Good and CKNW not only failed to report the facts they publicly endorsed every decision made by Gordon Campbell`s Liberals, what we had was a conspiracy of media owners and the Government...Let me be clear, I WAS disappointed with the NDP under Carole James, I was equally impressed with Jenny and Joy...77 Liberals against 2 NDP.

Mr. Ewart, with all due respect, the BC Rail deal was never in jeopardy of coming off the rails, CN Rail was always getting BC Rail as of 2001, the only thing in dispute at that time was when they would receive it and how little they were going to pay for it, the NDP had no ability to stop the sale short of blowing up the legislature(while the Liberals were in it), the fix was in, and with CN Rail`s growing tax indemnity against the Province it appears the CN will get BC Rail for free...

The NDP couldn`t stop Campbell and cabinet from a Saturday late night secret session in the BC Legislature with no media present when they shredded the HEU agreement and fired 9000 women, nor could they stop 3 votes on the Canada line, the NDP couldn`t stop the $500 million dollar over budget convention center, the opposition couldn`t stop the privatization and using BC Ferries as an ATM ....Nor could they prevent giving Translink the power of taxation or stopping the stripping of town`s rights....I have said it over and over again, oppositions are not effective, the only opposition is by taking power and actually doing the right thing for the people of this province....An opposition needs a firm clear voice and the ability to prevent facts to the public but again, if a media is corrupt, if senior columnists and radio voices get their wives jobs with public affairs for Government, if print and TV newsrooms fail to report in lieu of advertising dollars, if all that happens it makes an opposition`s voice silent....

That trend is slowing ending with quality blogs, better detail and inside working`s are coming from the internet, BC is a wired Province, the Canwest, Global, CKNW edge is now gone, .....Back to Ewart`s column, an opposition, this opposition couldn`t stop Gordon Campbell from tripling BC`s debt, they couldn`t stop the massive expansion of gambling at the same time gaming grants to charities and sports groups were taken away, they couldn`t stop $900 million dollar retractable roof and gauntlet into Paragon`s soon to be "house of Horror" casino, the NDP didn`t stop Campbell from running a $4 billion dollar deficit when he claimed a $490 million deficit maximum, the opposition couldn`t stop fees being raised on seniors, the carbon tax, tripling of MSP premiums, user fees on parks, illegal gag laws, outrageous ferry fares, shadow tolls on the sea to sky highway, the NDP couldn`t stop the HST , even when the BC Liberals said on paper on the lead up to the 2009 election there would be NO HST, even with 720,000 BC Voters signing a petition to stop the HST, even with every NDP MLA standing and screaming in the Legislature, with 80% of the public on their side they couldn`t stop the BC Liberal party from doing whatever they pleased and the public be damned!

How many legislative sessions have been cancelled, how many times has closure been used by the BC Liberals, how many times has Campbell used the guillotine to ram multiple bills through in a few minutes, too many times to count, and all along Keith Baldrey, Bill Good, Vaughn Palmer and the media forgave, forgot and moved on......I am not defending the NDP but one must look at the big picture, could the NDP stop Kevin Falcon from trying to sell our BC healthcare and turn your hospital into a medical tourism mecca, no they couldn`t, the Canada Health Act did, could the opposition stop Kash Heed from breaking the election law, Jane Thornthwaite from driving drunk during the Olympics, could they stop Colin Hansen from lying day after day about the HST and deficits, the NDP couldn`t stop Campbell from pillaging ICBC for $760 million dollars earlier this year, ...

The NDP couldn`t stop every BC Liberal MLA from standing up in the  Legislature and completely ignoring their constituents and ramming the HST lie and fraud down their throats, the NDP couldn`t force the Liberals to raise the minimum wage, nor could they lift B.C. from 10th and last with the most children living in poverty,the loyal opposition couldn`t stop dozens of BC Liberal insiders from getting directorships at IPPs

The NDP couldn`t stop Gary Collins from getting knee deep in more trash

 You see friends, the opposition is only as effective as the media wants it to be, there have been hundreds of items and reasons to throw out the Campbell Liberals, in fact many should be jailed and when the next writ period begins the media, Global, cknw, Baldrey, Palmer, all of them will forget everything again, they will remember propaganda from the PAB spin machine....

Just like the opposition couldn`t stop Tommy Douglas and keep us from creating national healthcare, the opposition couldn`t stop the NDP from building the Island highway or stop the NDP from building ferries with BC Labour, the opposition couldn`t stop the NDP from creating ICBC or the ALR, agricultural land resereve, the BC Liberals couldn`t stop the NDP of the 90s from building hundreds of schools.

I expect that there will be a thorough public inquiry no matter which NDP leader becomes premier of British Columbia, and as for Peter Ewart and his assertion that the NDP may have possibly stopped the sale of BC Rail, that`s wrong, completely wrong, even with 80% of the public and 700,000 plus signatures the NDP couldn`t stop the BC Liberals from choking us with the HST, BC Rail was ignored by the media at the time and if not for BC Mary and a few dedicated voices no one would care today, what else is wrong is child poverty, for if by selling BC Rail we eliminated or really reduced that statistic...Number 1 in Canada for the most children living in poverty, 9 years in a row, if that number went down it would be worth selling BC Rail...

But it didn`t, 2 members of the opposition or 35 members, it matters not, the only effective opposition is when they take power and do the right thing.

Remember what we as NDP stand for, health care, education, the environment(not a phony carbon tax)..Affordible tuition, let`s not allow the media to re-write the history on the 2000s in British Columbia....A giant step backwards for humanity.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christy Clark, Bruce Clark, Criminal Intent

I am still trying to get my head around this amazing revelation, we .....No, not me, BC Mary and Bill Tieleman wrote years ago about the players, the insiders, the warrants, every leak that  comes out confirms everything that Ross K wrote about this case, what  Tieleman,  what BC Mary, what Robin Mathews wrote, I wrote a little, no where near the volumes by the others....

They were called whackos, internet spooks, conspiracy theorists, the looney bloggers, or what did Vaughn Palmer call us.."Boggers"....Well folks, those bloggers nailed another one, a big fat corrupt rail sale orchestrated by Gordon Campbell and a big red Liberal party, yes friends party, as in plural.
Even though we know most of the story, the tentacles, the connections, intertwined greedy fingers working in tandem, working the room, a game of money for service, money for access, money for favour, the people involved, two people vying to be the next dictator of our Province, two people who are hiding behind privilege and process, a corrupt process and the privilege of protection from the highest chairs.

I am not going to try and unravel very much right now, it`s 12:00 AM and I`m still trying to recover from last night`s moondance, but for now, let me lay out a small bit of the picture involving Christy Clark, Bruce Clark and Mike De Jong.

Here is what we know, even before the election in 2001, Eric  Bornman, Basi, Virk, Bruce Clark were already engaging in political favours for compensation,  right after the 2001 election folks,  Bruce Clark....Basi...Virk...Eric Bornman  started talking about forming a lobbying company, before we go much further, who brought Bruce Clark into the back rooms of Government, who would have had clout, no other than Christy Clark, a member of the opposition Liberals, until 2001 when Christy was part of Goverment, now according to testimony from Eric Bornman, he started paying Basi bribes immediately after the election for favours, information and access, this was a whole year before the BC Rail sale bribes,,,,,,A whole year folks, let`s slow it down here, before the 2001 election, Basi/Virk/Bruce Clark/ Eric Bornman talked of forming  a lobbying/communications company.....Bribes were already flowing,  the 2001 election comes and goes, a huge BC Liberal majority and the floodgates open, the trough over flowith with riches from the commons, and for access, for favour, for money you get it all, information, the inside track,.....Eric Bornman doesn`t divulge what he and Bruce Clark were lobbying Dave Basi for during this pre-BC Rail sale period, the obvious answer was the  BC Rail port subdivision,  Bruce Clark was a consultant to the Washington Marine group.....

So what we know, Bornman claims he bribed Dave Basi countless times, a forensic accounting audit was done, they concluded Basi had nearly $1 million dollars he couldn`t account for, Basi`s lawyer beat that number down to over a $hundred thousand, I imagine the lawyer claimed Basi spent nothing, saved everything and was gifted, never the less, it`s clear the David Basi  received a fortune in bribes, .....Let`s stop here, we already know from this testimony that Mike De Jong has lied to us, not once did Mike De Jong tell us that Basi and Virk were taking bribes not only on BC Rail but other items, like fast ferries, on land, waterfront property, docks, contracts, who knows the extent of what other secrets were sold, the trial was stopped, according to Mike De Jong there wasn`t anything else to learn, but that`s not true, the bribes started before the BC Rail was offered up for bids, so what other secrets were sold....

When they raided the BC Legislature they also raided Christy Clark`s Brother..Bruce Clark`s home where they found confidential information on the sale of the BC Rail Port subdivision, full stop right there......Bruce Clark had in his possession top secret confidential information, Basi and Virk admitted to providing Bruce Clark with confidential information, we also know that Basi and Virk didn`t give anything away for free....

In other words, when Christy Clark was education minister and deputy premier her brother Bruce Clark was paying bribes to Basi and Virk for confidential information, ......Let`s go back a little, are we to believe that Bruce Clark got caught on his first top secret document he received through cash bribes? We already know that Eric Bornman was bribing Basi for over a year before BC Rail went to a bid process, how many other top secret documents did Bruce Clark buy, did Christy Clark provide any top secret documents to her brother........Eric Bornman, a partner of Brian Kieran of the lobbying firm Pilothouse, a lobby group paying cash bribes to Basi and Virk, for years, not just once but years and years of Eric Bornman and pilothouse paying bribes to Basi and Virk and Christy Clark`s brother Bruce Clark is in on the action...

And Mike De Jong stood up and told every British Columbia citizen there there was nothing more to learn from the trial, 1 1/2 witnesses out of a scheduled 40 witnesses and this is revealed, the admission of bribes going back years and years.....Mike De Jong has clearly lied and breached his oath of office, anything short of his resignation is a disgrace, $7 million dollars of defence legal fees, another $20 plus million for the prosecution legal fees, 1 1/2 witnesses out of 40.....And look how much information we got from a couple of pieces of paper.....And Mike De Jong and Gordon Campbell stood up and said there is nothing more to learn, we know that Basi and Virk were taking bribes from Bruce Clark, Eric Bornman, how many more, surely no one believes those were the only ones paying bribes.

And can anyone tell me how Brian Kieran, friend of Bruce Clark, partner of Eric Bornman, ended up with a weekly CKNW radio segment on the Christy Clark show, what are the odds that Christy Clark didn`t have relations with Brian Kieran at least on a friendship basis, was this Brian Kieran`s reward for silence?

And there`s more, what piece of the action did Bruce Clark get, he was a consultant/ lobbyist for Washington marine group, not only did the Washington marine get the fast cat ferries for less than scrap metal price they also received docks, land and waterfront property on the north shore of Vancouver Harbour, the land alone is worth more than what they paid for everything.....Was that Washington marine group`s reward, was that to buy silence from Bruce Clark.......Washington marine group sold the fast ferries in 2009 just before the last election to Abu Dhabi Mar, A rich Arab company, neither Washington marine group or Abu Dhabi Mar has divulged what they were sold for, rumour and tips have told me the sale price was $270 million dollars for the sale, why has Washington marine Group refused to divulge what they sold them for, there is no reason for the silence unless .....Unless you bought three fast ferries, waterfront land, dock all for $19 million dollars and sold the boats alone for $270 million dollars! 

So here we go folks, full circle, Christy Clark voted to keep BC Ferries sheilded from freedom of information, she was there for the debenture and sale of BC Ferries, her brother Bruce Clark is a lobbyist fot the Washington marine group(WMG), her brother Bruce Clark was paying bribes to Basi and Virk for confidential information, WMG ultimately ends up owning waterfront land, three ferries that they sold for a small fortune, cue to Christy Clark lying on the radio about BC Feries making $500 million dollars in annual profits under the excellent guidance of the $million dollar man David Hahn......

Excuse me, and Christy Clark claims she has nothing to do with BC Rail scandal, Christy left Government at the same time all this crap was going down, she used the excuse that it was because of her young son, but she immediately attempted to run for Mayor of Vancouver, she lost the nomination....Bring on her CKNW radio gig....A job that Patrick Kinsella(Gordon Campbell`s campaign manager) placed her in, .....

 I have listened to her show for years, I can tell that the day they announced the trial was over Christy Clark on air was literally giddy with excitement, like a load had been lifted, shortly thereafter Brian Kieran had his weekly radio spot with Christy and a few months later Christy Clark wants to be premier but flatly refuses to hold a public inquiry into BC Rail corruption trial.

And all I can say is....You are finished Christy Clark, Mike De Jong, you must resign, a public inquiry must be called, you lied about the details, bribes came from many people over a period of years and years....Mike De Jong, you are finished, leadership will never come your way and if you were honourable you would do the right thing and resign today!

This is just a small piece of the big puzzle, we started with 5 potential BC Liberal Leaders and we are down to  3...Make that 2 leaders left.....George Abbott, Kevin Falcon, and I have plenty of dirt on both of those rat packers.

Sorry floks. I hope the above story makes sense or at least adds to the BC Rail quilt, I will leave the rest for others, I still have my eye on the prize.

Lastly, neither of those candidates, Mike De Jong, Christy Clark, they can`t be premier, they have more skeltons, more cronyism, they both have been bought and sold like cattle, they would be as bad, maybe even worse than Gordon Campbell.

 "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

 Bring on the BC Rail public inquiry

 The Straight Goods

 Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christy Clark`s Brother is implicated up to his eyeballs in BC Rail

Breaking news.........Breaking news.....Breaking news......Breaking news.....Breaking news.....Breaking news....

More to come.......Read the gory details here

And here are some excerpts from Bill tielemans site, have a visit at Tieleman`s place, more details to come.......

Keith Fraser writes that a statement to police by Bornmann says he, Basi and Bruce Clark - brother of BC Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark - began discussing setting up a lobbying business shortly after the election win in 2001
Bruce Clark's home was the subject of a police search warrant at the same time as the police raid on the BC Legislature on December 28, 2003 and according to a mutually agreed statement of facts from the Special Prosecutor and defence lawyers, confidential documents related to the planned sale of the BC Rail Roberts Bank sub-port spur line were found in Clark's house.

At that time Bruce Clark was a lobbyist for Washington Marine Group, one of the anticipated bidders for the BC Rail spur line - worth up to $70 million
As the details start to leak, it`s been revealed that Bruce Clark even before 2001 had personal dealings with both Basi and Virk, it has also been revealed that Basi and Virk took bribes for many many years, Bruce Clark, Eric Bornman, and Brian Kieran(now a regular weekly guest on the Christy Clark show, now the Michael Smyth show, he was on today).

And, do you see the other connection, the Washington marine group, the company who were given the fast ferries for pennies, Christy Clark was in the thick of it, she was there for the debenture, she voted to keep BC Ferries shrouded in mystery, meaning not subject to freedom of information......That explains Christy Clark lying about mythical profits BC Ferries never made, it explains alot!....How many more skeltons reside under your bed Christy Clark?

Well friends, there may one day be a public inquiry, but I can tell you with 100% certainty, Christy Clark`s total refusal to have a public inquiry into BC Rail, with this latest document dump, has made Christy  Clark`s run for the premiership......Over...Done...Caput....I would expect that Christy Clark will pull out of the race by the weekend!

Things are so bad for the Clucker, her campaign manager just quit today.....Strike 1..Strike 2..Strike 3...You`re outta here!

Which means we get to take on Falcon or Abbott...

"I really like our chances now"

With a Cluck Cluck here and a Cluck Cluck there.

Over to you Bill Good. NEXT!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inside the Polling Numbers

Well, I see the fatalistic bunch are now reading tea leaves, tossing bones and resorting to tarot cards to confirm their premonition of burning up in a fiery crash..

It must be true Mr. Ian Reid  states, Angus Reid`s poll have confirmed the collapse of NDP support?.

These polls, this latest poll, we had Gordon Campbell resign last month, we had 5 different Liberal leaders throw their hat in the ring in the last 2 weeks, we also had the enevitable resignation of Carole James 3 days ago, the poll was taken yesterday, we also had the media talking about the NDP rift over the last month, last Friday Jenny Kwan delivers the message to Carole, a message from the people, your time is up..

The media hyped up the NDP rift as a blood bath, an emergency Sunday caucus meeting was called, with no resolution the Sunday meeting was cancelled at the 11 hour,  Monday morning Carole James(with no grace) announced her resignation, the Province, the Vancouver Sun, cknw, Global, CTV all talked up the spin, the NDP are falling apart, they can`t Govern, knives in the back, the unrepairable division in the socialist camp, so at the same time as the NDP are breaking it to Carole James that she is gone the BC Liberals were parading the contenders around the Province, 4 contenders but everyone knew Christy was coming into the race, Wednesday morning Christy Clark throws her hat in the ring and then there were 5 contenders, Christy`s big radio splash, her CBC interview, her Global interview, not to mention her self promotion on radio over the last month..

So cue Angus Reid, he does a poll after 5 liberals leaders have had their faces splashed all over the Province, Christy Clark profiled on the news the night before this Angus Reid poll, a day after the Carole James resignation, with the mainstream media calling the NDP dead and in disarray, the NDP with no leader, a weekend of bad press and..

And the poll is a dead heat....The NDP with no leader and a party, according to the stooges a party that is in complete meltdown, and with that, is still even with the BC Liberals, with 5 Liberal leaders and more positive air time courtesy of cknw, Global, CTV, CBC....

"I like our chances"

Think about it, I looked at the numbers, both parties about 30%.....The BC Liberals are down 17% odd percentage points since the election, the NDP down about 12%....Where have those voters gone?...Does anyone believe the resignation of Carole James will drive NDPers away, or to the BC Liberals....Not a chance friends, even the hardcore ndp Carole fans won`t vote BC Liberals, they might stay home or vote Green but I don`t think so, I believe the NDP with Carole gone still have their 42% in the bag...

Where has the BC Liberal vote gone?...They aren`t likely to vote ndp, the Conservatives in this poll have also lost support, the Greens are at 14% but we know they won`t get anywhere near that come election day, so what we have friends is the undecided, 30% of the voters are looking for a party..

"I like our Chances"

Michael Smyth had Mario Canseco on his show today between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm ....Canseco said, the decline in the ndp numbers has nothing to do with the resignation of Carole James but with the resignation of Gordon Campbell, Mario also attributed a little bump for the BC Liberals was the 5 potential leaders parading the Province, Mario went onto say, the NDP will get a bounce when they pick their new leader....So from month to month Angus Reid had the NDP drop 11% points and the Libs up 10% points for a statistical tie..

I could leave my analysis there but let`s dig a little deeper, tarot cards, bone tossing, magic dust, how about common sense, the Angus Reid poll spoke volumes to this persuader....You see friends the poll in conjunction with the Ipsos Reid poll done a few days ago,  also asked the respondents to rate the potential leaders and it`s in there where all the goodies preside.

The Ipsos Reid poll and the Angus Reid poll asked about potential leaders and, Christy Clark leads the Ipsos Reid with a 11% positive rating....What Ipsos Reid does is ask two questions on potential leaders, you have positive numbers and negative numbers, one is subtracted from the other, Christy Clark had a 38% positive response among BC Voters and she has a 27% negative rating, for a net score of plus+ 11%......Why is that relevant?

Because in that Ipsos Reid poll George Abbott was second best with a minus1%....Moira Stilwell was minus 8%...De Jong was minus 21%....And Falcon was minus 23%....You can read those numbers here

So those are the numbers, numbers before Christy stated publicly that she is against holding an inquiry into BC Rail....and she also said...That the MLAs should have a free vote in the legislature on the HST......Christy Clark also dodged questions about her ex husband and brother and the BC Rail connection, Christy also wouldn`t commit to running for a MLAship if she doesn`t get the top job(premier or nothing).....So now Christy is already, evasive, dodging questions, partisan attacks on the NDP  and she completely goofed for suggesting a free vote on the HST when she can`t vote in the house, her team, the BC Liberals have already voted on the HST, ....Christy is in favour of the HST and wants MLAs to commit suicide by voting for the hst and foregoing the referendum, Christy knows the BC Liberal MLAs can`t change their vote now, that would be admitting they were trying to guzzle the public, we know they were(are) but admitting it is something else all together.

So Christy Clark, a fresh face but already she`s erred, offended the party, looks like an amateur....So her polling numbers would have already started to plunge, especially when the pundits roasted her all day, even Bill Good mocked Christy Clark on the free vote idea(I was shocked!) and just wait until the rat pack corner Christy, they will knock her down a notch or two more...

But the 800 LB elephant in the room is the rat pack`s polling numbers, you could put Coleman`s name there, Donna Barnett, Ida Chong, Hansen, Terry Lake, Pat Pimm, Don McCrae, Eric Foster, every single BC Liberal will have negative ratings where as the ndp....

Will all have positive numbers, the so-called dissidents will be even stronger and have better polling numbers in their own riding`s, they will garner more votes, so whether Christy Clark leads the party or George Abbott, all BC Liberals will be deep in the negative, can the new leader of the BC Liberals make an angry electorate vote for Terry  Lake?...Pat Pimm?...Murray Coell? Ron Cantelon?

"I don`t think so"

Every riding was betrayed by lying, gutless, spineless BC Liberal MLAs......And if anyone thinks a little lipstick on the pig will make everyone forget...Their wrong!

The BC Liberals will have a new Campbell clone, the NDP will have an energetic new leader in John Horgan and when the hoopla settles down, when it`s Horgan versus Cluck Cluck or Horgan versus Abbott we will have nothing left but Gordon Campbell`s policies, his agenda, his scandals, his fiscal mismanagement, the cronyism(Ken Dobell lobbied for Cubic who were rewarded with a huge contract today for fare gates, a stupid plan for $200 million dollars that won`t make anyone safer or ever pay for itself).......

BC Rail, the inquiry, Kash Heed, the drunk Jane Thornthwaite, speedy Von Dongen, obfuscator De Jong, Colin ferret face Hansen the hall of fame liar,  Kevin Kreuger(missing link, Foghorn Leghorn)....Shirley Bond...Magaret McDiarmid, Mary Polak, expanded gaming, cuts to education, cuts to special needs and the Autistic, BC Rail, Patrick Kinsella, cost over-runs on everything, skyrocketing hydro rates, shadow tolls, deficit lies, when the dust settles the NDP have a new inspiring leader and a clean slate against a tired old bunch of Liberals defending Campbell`s policies with lies and spin.....Lipstick on a pig, no matter who the leader of the BC Liberals is won`t matter, the public, the voter, vegeance will be theirs.

So as for polls, the media have bashed the NDP for a month, they have paraded the BC Liberal contenders all over the province, and airways, and with the NDP in turmoil, no leader, no caucus, no whip, a party who the MSM has been name calling is dead even with the BC Liberals! With 5 new potential leaders, all that airtime, all that promotion, all that Liberal partisan back patting and the leaderless ndp are still even with them ....Hmmm

"I like our Chances"

Every ndp mla will be polling in positive ground, every Liberal will be polling in negative territory...The baggage, Campbell`s policies, habitual liars, huge deficits, education funding, health care, fish farms, seniors care, long term beds, minimum wage, Translink, BC Ferries, Carbon taxes, MSP premiums..etc etc etc...

"I like our Chances"

And so does David Shreck

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christy Clark, Her Ex-Husband Mark Marissen, BC Rail, Ego, Corruption, Skeletons


Christy Clark, BC Rail Questions, We Need To Talk To Your Brother Bruce Clark

There are many unanswered questions surrounding BC Rail and a public inquiry is definitely required..The Gerrand conflict of interest case that was conducted only looked at a very thin slice of the BC Rail corruption scandal, and despite Gerrand`s ruling, too many questions remain unresolved..

First off, I believe taking anything to any conflict commissioner in Canada is a waste of time, these positions are patronage, their rulings and opinions are always soft, tempered tsk tsk milktoast fare, scathing rebukes and critical thought will not be found in any conflict commissioner`s words, written or verbal....

Bruce Clark(Christy Clark`s brother) who had his home raided via search warrant wherein the police found cabinet documents related to the Roberts Bank spur line..

Lobbyist Eric Bornmann was interviewed by Gerrand, Bornmann stated he received leaked information from nobody but Basi and Virk, yet we have no answer as to who leaked information to Dave Basi and Bobby Virk....Bruce Clark(Christy Clark`s brother) was granted immunity from prosecution for telling on the activities of Basi and Virk(Telling of all the bribes they were paid)....Yet that raises another question, one can only assume that either Bruce Clark received cabinet information on the Roberts Bank spur line from Basi n Virk or from someone in cabinet, ..If that is indeed the case, who gave Basi n Virk get the Roberts bank spur line data..Who leaked those documents to Basi n Virk, was it Christy Clark, was it Pat Bell, was it the corrupt Rich Coleman, or perhaps Mike De Jong..For nowhere have I seen evidence that Basi n Virk broke into cabinet offices and stole the data they leaked....That means there is still a leaker out there, a leaker who had unfettered access to cabinet materials.

One can easily take the leap ...Since Bruce Clark had top secret cabinet documents in his possession, and in his home it only makes sense that he received those documents from his sister Christy Clark...However..

Gerrand`s mandate and scope of review didn`t allow him to conduct an entire BC Rail public inquiry..

John Van Dongen`s complaint was..Christy Clark didn`t recuse herself from the very first cabinet meeting involving BC Rail, Dongen was suggesting that a conflict existed from the very first cabinet meeting, and the fact that Christy Clark didn`t recuse herself until the later cabinet meetings..This angle John Van Dongen was pursuing was a very thin slice indeed, Dongen also claimed Christy Clark met with lobbyists, that too is true but that`s what politicians do, and Christy Clark met with all the bribe giving lobbyists on many occasions.. 

Let me be perfectly clear, from the day Gordon Muir Campbell was elected in 2001 BC Rail was gone, and was going to David Mclean, CEO of CN Rail..Everything else is just white noise..

The WIDC scandal in Prince George involving the fleeing Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, the fairness commissioner looked at that scandal and declared everything was above board, yet she had no scope to investigate the charges levied by two Prince George businessmen,,So the BC Liberals use that selective sound-bite to declare all is good, that case is presently meandering its way through our courts..

Last night at 6:00 pm the lead story on BC`s chinese news channel, they led their newscast with Christy Clark beaming, smiling and clucking about how she was completely exonerated by conflict commissioner Gerrand, after the segment none of the important needling details like the ones noted above were mentioned, only the exoneration sound-bite..
There was the $6 million dollar legal fee payment, a payment that was illegal and contrary to longstanding Government indemnity policy, the act clearly states that those convicted of crimes receive no such legal fee financial relief, yet two lowly deputy ministers, one who had only been employed for one month granted/authorized this relief, with no apparent authorization from the cabinet minister in charge, that Minister being Mike De Jong, yet we know that cabinet had to clear this payment, another section of the indemnity act clearly states that no decisions of forgiveness of monies over $100,000  can be granted without explicit cabinet, and or cabinet minster approval..and there is also talk that Basi n Virk were given an extra  1 $million dollars personally to accept the plea deal, that money allegedly came from the BC Liberal party itself, call it a be silent, keep your mouth shut, I call it, "the gift of non-gab"...

Christy Clark, warts and all was still cluck clucking on cknw radio when the illegal tainted legal plea agreement was reached, yet i was listening to her show when the plea agreement was struck and announced on cknw, and I can tell you, I have never heard Christy Clark sound so giddy, giddy with excitement, or was that giddy with a sigh of relief..?

This is why we need a complete public inquiry, an inquiry where Gordon Campbell is forced to testify under oath, David Mclean, Bruce Clark, Christy Clark, Dave Basi and Bobby Virk, all those and a hundred more must testify under oath..

We need to know why Bruce Clark was given immunity, we need to know who he received that top secret cabinet information from..

Gerrand did the job that was asked of him, Christy Clark met with lobbyists, that`s true, however, those lobbyists and companies they represented won nothing, they lost the tainted bid process for BC Rail, BC Rail went to David Mclean, a company who`s main lobbyist was Patrick Kinsella, ...Patrick Kinsella who was working as a CN Rail lobbyist and employed by BC Rail, employed by both at the same time, he was also employed by Gordon Campbell, Patrick Kinsella(who is moving out of Canada) was also Gordon Campbell`s election campaign manager..

Patrick Kinsella needs to testify under oath in a BC Rail full public, judicial  inquiry..

Yes indeed, a full BC Rail inquiry is required, Bruce Clark is corrupt, Basi n Virk were corrupt, Gordon Campbell was corrupt, the whole damn BC Liberal party including Christy Clark is corrupt, a bunch of public cheese eating rats scurrying around trying to find a life-raft, and scapegoat..

Christy Clark has not been exonerated.

Gerrand completed his task, limited in scope as it was...We need to get to the bottom of this scandal and that won`t happen without a full judicial/public inquiry, if that means dragging Gordon Campbell from London England and Patrick Kinsella from Arizona so be it..

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Ian Reid, David Shreck, their Whining and Crying have made their Voices Irrelevant

I will have a post up later on Cluck cluck Clark.....I found Christy Clark`s intro music for her big launch campaign to be very revealing, revealing Christy Clark`s over-inflated ego....The song is...."A new Sensation"....Oh I see, Christy Cluck believes her bi-lines, a new sensation, there is nothing new with Christy, no sensation, she`s a bully, a lover of the HST and a woman who when faces a challenge leaves for greener pastures, again today Cluck cluck stated that she only wants to be premier, if the BC Liberal party doesn`t choose her, she`s gone, no hanging around as an MLA...It`s the top job or nothing....Her strategy so far has failed, ego, self, and a smile, other than that Christy Clark is devoid of intelligent thought,,,,Reality will send her bruised ego back to radio where Nick Ozinsky can lick her feet and bring her coffee while massaging her ego!...More on Cluck cluck to come...

Now where was I...First we had Ian Reid quoting Shakespear, then Ian Reid issued a ultimatum to ignore the NDP(hurry up and enter the cone of silence), I wish he would crawl away and whine somewhere else, then it was David Shreck, the sky is falling, the sky is falling and doom and gloom has descended upon our Province because their friend Carole was finally given the ol heave-ho...Something the VAST MAJORITY of BCers WANTED for Years......These old boys fail to recognize the whishes of the electorate, so David Shreck climbs down from his self-appointed high perch and is demanding everyone who supported the `faction for Democracy` open their wallets and rain money on the NDP....Get stuffed Shreck, I will send money when and if the NDP get a new leader and new game plan....Send your own damn money.....

At least Shreck is coming around a bit but  Ian Reid, a good writer but now acting like a spoiled child, Ian Reid after his doom and gloom Shakespear, his ultimatum. now today, Ian Reid wants Jenny Kwan taken out to the wood shed and beaten down, Reid wants her FIRED, Ian Reid states until vegeance is his and Jenny Kwan gets fired he won`t stop, what`s fair is fair!...... His readers (some fools) want Jenny Kwan ripped to shreads and all the dissidents sent to Hell`s inferno....His not so classy readers want all 13 marginalized, fired, punished, ...OFF WITH THEIR EFFIINNGG HEADS...KILL THEM..DESTROY THEM...DESTROY THEIR FAMILY, DESTROY the BLOOD LINE....

Ian Reid and his band of high morality queens want their vengeance and until they get it the whinefest and self pity display will continue, take your ball and go home, your logic, your unhappy so let`s make everyone else unhappy, I have seen better logic and more cool displayed by my 13 year old nephew!....

I have two words for you Ian Reid and David Shreck....No, not those two but they would work too....`GROW UP

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok folks, the rhetoric is getting to be a bit much, I don`t know why some ndp members, the minority of members are flipping out over Carole`s resignation,  some of the nasty personal attacks aimed at Jenny Kwan and the faction...

If  one is senior in ranks does that predipose them to higher intelligence, I don`t think so, a picture of a cartoon popped into my head today, I don`t remember where I saw it but the first caption was of a child playing with toy guns, the second caption was of an adult playing with real guns, the third and final caption was of an old man, the old man was playing with toy guns, ..........

I will never be as smart as my old man, but at 82 years, sharpness, perception, attention to detail isn`t what it was...Sometimes people need to take a step back and reflect, Leah last week got mad at me when I suggested that true NDPers would still vote for Carole James and the party despite their mis-givings towards Carole, I received alot of flak over that and I do stand by my assertion, the point I am making, me, us, most of us would have grumbled and carried on had Carole reined in the "faction for Democracy" and remained on, I would give a little vent of emotions and make the best of a bad situation, a flickering candle I would have lit.....However on the senior side of political pundritry I don`t see that, I do see claims of the sky is falling and vengeance be mine against the devil 13 spawn, lifetime members and articulate writers issueing their own ultimatums, this disturbs me much......Perhaps I am partially responsible, I wrote a scathing critique on Carole James on January 1/2010 asking her to resign, almost a year ago....

I can`t explain it in real terms, I have visions, sometimes I can taste the mood of the people, ....My latest vision, a surge of support, over-whelming relief and a peaceful feeling overcoming  a voting public, John Horgan has thrown his hat in the ring, I suspect a couple of more will come forward, my mind tells me that when the public hears Horgan speak,when they get to know him as I do the party will burst at the seams.

So instead of celebrating some.......Some cry in their cornflakes and it`s not helpful, Global news tonight along with Keith Baldrey and the latest directive by PAB are trying to paint a picture of untrustworthy knife throwing backstabbers, Palmer and Canwest, samething.........Can`t you see it friends, faithful readers, if the main stream media tells us it`s a duck trust me, their lying, it ain`t a duck....I have listened to sean Leslie and Bill Good for years, the inflection in their voice changed today, sheesh man, this has got them scared shitless, Kevin Kreuger, Campbell`s enforcer and sometimes mistaken as the "missing link"  today said of Carole James, he feels sorry for her, Carole was reaching out to business when the radical demon spawn wing of the party had a coup de tat....Well folks, 2 weeks ago the same Kevin Kreuger called Carole James a weak ineffective leader that even their own members wouldn`t vote for,.....And today he states Carole James is the leader except for the internal revolt by party radicals, today Carole was a good girl in Kreuger`s mind, what a simpleton, I look at Kevin Kreuger and I see nothing, void of life, unable to escape a world built on lies and deception.

We have to be smarter than that, Carole is still an integral part of the party, we have so much ammo, a BC Rail public inquiry, minimum wage, workers rights, Hydro rates, MSP premiums, education, therapeutic initiative`s program, seniors care, I could go on and on.....Today Global news ran a long BC Liberal infommercial on the town of MacKenzie and the great forestry recovery, they were talking about the new 200 jobs in that town, but failed to mention the 1000 plus workers that used to work in MacKenzie a few short years ago, the comeback has been weak, yes some jobs are better than none but......Global played up the exports to China and the HST as the reason for turning things around....Hooey I say, exports of cheap Cants is up, lumber dumping in the US is up...1000 board feet of lumber is around $300 dollars, it`s been as low as $200 dollars in 2006......And as high as almost $1000 dollars a 1000 board feet in 2004.......The HST, if you believe Pat Bell the embedded PST on a 1000 board feet is  about $7 dollars  .....$7 dollars, considering the huge mobile price range of 1000 board feet(from $200 to $1000 dollar swing in three years) what`s $7 dollars, nothing....And folks, Global failed to mention that the American Lumber lobby has filed a $1 billion dollar plus soft-wood lumber complaint against British Columbia, their case is compelling.

This is just one example of the phony PAB spin, on the day Global news and Baldrey claim the NDP aren`t ready for prime-time because of dumping Carole James out comes this archived spin story on the great not-going-to-happen-forestry-recovery....

The tactics won`t change, let`s get Bob Simpson talking forestry, he`s clear and precise and can debunk the forestry myth, 60 plus mills closed since 2001 and a couple come back milling junk wood and the great recovery is on....Hooey I say Hooey.

CKNW have been featuring everyday for over a week one or more of the BC Liberal candidates, certainly the NDP candidates will get equal air time, the stooges might not be as friendly to NDP leadership contenders and lob soft balls but that`s good.

The point I am making, let`s rejoice, let`s ham it up, let`s show the people what we have, let`s fight for all we`re worth, we need David Shreck slicing and dicing the HST and the financial`s, we need Ian Reid with his inside knowledge and subtle jabs, we need every darn articulate voice we have,  we need some of the Tyee faithful to get on board...We need the Straight Goods.

But more importantly, we need a communicator, are we going to let a Kevin Falcon run this Province, a Christy Clark, George Abbott, I am prediciting the largest NDP majority in the history of B.C......

And until someone knocks us down from our lofty perch and set goals....We`re going to remain comfortably smug!

And I reach out to all of you from where it counts,  my heart  and soul

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open