Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nice Cuff Links Kash Heed,John Les and Jane Thornthwaite!

Sometimes folks I need to vent a little bit, when Gordon Liar Campbell stabbed us in the back with the HST, before anything could happen the bill had to go to Ottawa to be voted on, like I have said in the past, the Conservatives and federal Liberals are 2 sides of the same coin, Harper agreed to put his hand on the knife and thrust, so did the spineless jelly fish known as Federal Liberals, but what about the Bloc Quebecois?

Right now there is a tax revolt happening in Quebec and B.C., Quebecers are furious with their Provincial Government, obviously that HST thing ain`t working for Quebec, could you imagine the howls we would be hearing if MPs from B.C. and the rest of Canada voted against the wishes of 90% of the people from Quebec and rammed a tax down their throat, screams calling for a revolution and separation from Rideau hall to the Ottawa river would be reverberating across Canada, so why does a party that only represents Quebec and separation have a right to ram a tax down our throats here in B.C.?

Now don`t get me wrong, I like the French, they sure know how to party and their cuisine is delicious, some of my closest friends are French Canadian, and as for the opposite persuasion, those girls with that accent are enough to melt this persuader`s abrasive exterior, but I digress, it`s my belief that Quebec`s self interest Government has no right to impose their will upon other Provinces, Quebec`s votes in Ottawa should be limited to National issues, PERIOD!

But what I really wanted to talk about was law breaking and possibly corrupt B.C. Liberals being allowed to vote for Legislation in the house, take John Les for example, Les has been under investigation for land zoning fraud and or influence peddling for almost three years, I have zero faith in the RCMP for resolving any public official investigation, unless it`s a patio deck or someone grabbing a breast on facebook, put this thought in your mind, John Les votes to stab you in the back with the HST and in the near future he may be removed from Government and facing criminal charges, until the Les investigation is over he should have no vote, and that goes the same for Kash Heed, it`s my belief that Kash Heed is guilty as sin, he left West Vancouver with a dark cloud hanging over his head and complaints filed against him for interfering with a child pornography case by fellow officers, and as for the alleged complaints filed against Kash Heed over the election, we know Kash Heed is being sued for firing a campaign official without warning or cause, why was that campaign worker fired? Was he fired to give room for Barinder Sall to work his majic, I know one thing, the election complaint is serious and has legs, the police have had almost a year to clear Barinder Sall and Kash Heed, the fact that the investigation is ongoing speaks volumes to me(Guilty imo). In fact I have heard some things about this case, I expect the shoe to fall on Heed by June!

So again friends, think of your outrage when Kash Heed sticks us with a shank and votes the HST upon us, and within a matter of weeks he potentially resigns for election tampering by him or his top staff Barinder Sall, we don`t know for sure YET, but again, should Kash Heed be allowed to vote on any bill in the house with these dark clouds hanging over his head, I don`t think so, as for John Von Dongen, John Dongen has no corruption or criminal charges against him, John Von Dongen only endangered the public`s life by being a serial speeder, that is slightly different, or is it? John Dongen has shown poor judgement, myself, I have never had a regular speeding ticket in my life, let alone multiple excessive speeding tickets, Dongen has shown no capability of exercising proper judgement, so once again folks should Von Dongen be allowed to vote on the HST, in fact Von Dongen after a 4 month driving suspension has already got another ticket, this one was apparently for running a red light, the man just won`t learn and or refuses to abide by the same rules as us mere mortals, Von Dongen has no right to vote on anything that requires clarity of thought!

Of course those individuals can`t look to Gordon Campbell for a moral compass, Gordon Campbell lost his compass while swerving down a hawaii highway while full of wine and matini`s, a complete lack of judgement, a deliberate disregard to the safety of the driving public, for a complete report from the arresting officer and what he saw and why he pulled Gordon Campbell over and arrested him read this!

And that brings me to Jane Thornthwaite, here we were hosting the world, tens of thousands of Olympic visitors roaming the streets, the entire GVRD was told not to drive, take transit, stay off the street, but no, Jane Thornthwaite ignored that advice, she has an expense account, taxpayer paid for Olympic event tickets, what does she do, glug glug glug, burp! Hops in her car and takes a backdoor route to North Vancouver and fortunately for the public at large ran into a road block, they haul her butt down to jail where she proceeds to blow well over the legal limit, what kind of judgement does Jane Thornthwaite possess, NONE! And of course Gordon back stab Campbell gives her the two thumbs up of forgiveness. jane Thornthwaite has no right to vote on any bill requiring clarity of judgement!

Sorry folks, I get a real sour taste in my mouth knowing these immoral, possibly criminal rejects get to cast their vote on our future! and lastly friends, I have a funny feeling that a bunch of B.C. Liberals will be getting shiny new CUFF LINKS!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Book 'em Danno - and then send 'em all off to a nice walled compound - where the people of BC can't touch 'em with their flaming torches and pitchforks!

jaydee said...

We should have the final 1000 signatures and close off our campaign in south Surrey/White Rock this weekend, then on to help in other areas. So easy, so much for Gordon Hogg, probably the most useless MLA of all!

Crankypants said...

As much as I hate the BC Liberal government and what they have done to this province to date, I have to disagree with your view on this one. Kash Heed and John Les may be under investigation by the police, but they have not been charged with any offense to date and as any other citizen should be free to carry on with their lives. Now, if they were actually charged with a criminal offense then I would expect that they would and should temporarily step aside until the matter was resolved.

Ms. Thornthwaite has already copped to breaking the law in the media and should resign her position and let the electorate in her riding decide whether she is a competent representative. She should have no votes in the Legislature on anything until she has been reaffirmed as the representative of that riding.


Evil Eye said...

You speak for all of us Grant, the disenfranchised.

Campbell is the ultimate technocrat and he shares with no one. His is a government of fear, a government of repression; a government of elites; a government that has become disengaged. The sole reason for Campbell existence is to portion out BC assets and taxpayer's monies to corporate friends.

The NDP are juvenile, dated and have a leader that is seen as an impairment; a half wit.

This has empowered Campbell to aim for new extremes in wickedness.

This is the sad state of BC, a grand province being raped by a malodorous villain. abetted by Her Majesties Loyal Opposition, who have forgotten the rules of engagement and worried more about small internal matters of little consequence.

Anonymous said...

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I applaud you for speaking out on, it's important to remember a few ethics of journalism. 1) Facts: Present the fact then present your opinion. Kash Heed is not under investigation, Barinder Sall is. John Van Dongen did not run a red light; he went straight while in a right turn lane. These simple facts are easily accessible to the public (I just looked them up myself). 2) Spelling and grammar- work on that. It doesn't make you look so good when your commenters have better writing than you.
Work on those few things et voila- a real editorial valid for consideration.

Grant G said...

8:07am...Who do you think you are?...I said of Von Dongen`s latest offence "Apparantly" ran a redlight...

He still had another driving infraction... That is a nit-pic.....

As for the investigation of Barinder Sall, Kash Heed had complaints filed against him in West Vancouver for the above stated reasons..

And my friend, what do you know about the election fraud case? Barinder Sall is being investigated,the police and elections B.C. already have their answer, and do you know for sure that Kash Heed isn`t under investigation?

Kash Heed is directly responsible for Barinder`s actions...

But you are prepared to make a leap of faith, aren`t you?

Again friend, perhaps your reading skills aren`t up to snuff, I said....

"as for the alleged complaints filed against Kash Heed over the election, we know Kash Heed is being sued for firing a campaign worker without warning or cause" SNIP

And I said...

"I know one thing for sure, the election complaint is serious and has legs, the police have had almost a year to clear Barinder Sall and Kash Heed, the fact that the investigation is ongoing speaks volumes to me(guilty IMO)" SNIP.

So there you have it, I don`t know what you read, but it`s not what I wrote or what you said I wrote!

But I will make you a deal, you work on your reading skills and I will continue to improve on my writing skills(hopefully)!

And as for an editorial writer, do you know of an honest mainstream media looking to hire me?

If you want to hire me, leave a contact number.

Last point friend...Go visit AGT`s site, that guy for a so-called professional makes many grammatical errors, most readers don`t bother pointing out little errors, you are the exception, so go do your good work there!


Grant G said...

Oh one more thing...Perhaps you could point out ethics in journalism from the Vancouver Sun/The Province...

Canwest Global, they are not journalists,they are propaganda, they do not divulge the truth, they know the truth but they have an agaenda..

They know we are a net exporter of power..They know Campbell is a habitual liar, they know the Translink lies, yet they spin and spin, as does CKNW...

In fact I made Christy Clark retract for lying on the radio, Bill Good deliberately leaves out the real truth, despite good grammer...

If they lie and distort and spin, it turns to garbage, I will put my ethics in journalism over the above mentioned in a heartbeat.

This my friend is "The Straight Goods"


kootcoot said...

GG for GG!

As far as these LIEberal snakes being allowed to vote on important stuff, I don't think they should be allowed to breath the same air as actual humans and other living things!

Anonymous said...

I was watching the BC Legislature. Ding dong DeJohn, put on, the most disgraceful exhibition, I have ever seen. Hansen as usual, refused to give a straight answer, to a straight question. As usual, with the BC Liberals, he went around and around, and was incapable of being honest. He was beneath contempt. The Liberals are so smarmy, it is no wonder, they have lost their voters. The budget, looked like a lunatic wrote it up, toss in the insane HST, and Campbell and Hansen's homeless will double in number. The speech from the throne was full of pretty adjectives, scintillating, wonderful opportunities, riding the waves, of the Olympics, he must mean the waves of the Olympic debt. The FOI papers were whited out, so we still don't know, how badly in hock we are. Campbell and Hansen have refused to tell the people the cost. Campbell and Hansen said, BC is out of the recession, so, I wonder why, all of those unreasonable taxes? I know they said. A little spot on the map of the planet, being BC, had survived the recession, when the entire world, had fallen apart. If you go by, Campbell and Hansen's word, there is no recession in BC, as they claimed. Or, do we go by their actions, a frenzy of taxing, some of which, are so low and indecent, it makes decent people cringe.

Anonymous said...

kash heed is nothing but an ego inflated loud mouth.He was hated by most members of the vpd when he was there.