Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CKNW is Complicit On the HST Fraud!

You see folks, many of you may think I`m paranoid, but I assure you that I am not!

I was busy this afternoon, I didn`t listen to CKNW this afternoon, yesterday I wrote about how on Global noon news, when Keith Baldrey started talking about "Recall in the Fall" on the Monday April/26/2010 noon news on Global, as soon as Keith Baldrey mentioned Recall that sound on the TV went dead, all we had was Baldrey`s lips moving but no sound, first off, I am used to Baldrey flapping his lips and saying nothing but garbage but the sound is there, on Monday someone yanked the plug on the broadcast.

And in my post, 2 posts down from this one, I mentioned about a news Broadcast on Global news about a month ago where Chris Galais went to a taped segment about besides the HST coming, many other fees are going up, such as ferry fares, transit fares, hydro rates, MSP rates, but when Chris Galais went to the news clip the tape just fluttered, my dear mom called me and asked if I had seen the segment where the tape fluttered,......I said I did, we both watched the 11:00 PM Global news, again,........The late night host went to the same tape and.....

And 5 hours later the tape was still screwed, the public never saw it, we here at The Straight Goods are aware of all the increases because were informed, the masses are not, my mom`s and my radar was beeping, someone at global in my opinion sabotaged the tape, there can be no other answer, it wasn`t a satellite feed, it wasn`t a remote broadcast, the tape was a studio tape, yesterday when the sound went out is was Keith Baldrey talking, his face to our face, Baldrey was talking to a camera in his regular studio spot, a common occurrence on the noon news, someone pulled the plug and killed the sound!

Ok...So you think I`m paranoid, a coincidence, so like I said at the start of this post, I was out this afternoon, I didn`t listen to CKNW this afternoon, well guess what.....

Our regular contributor Crankypants (Cam) ...Made his usual informative comment on my last post, Cam mentioned that Randy White was on the Christy Clark show today and was highly critical of all the increases to Hydro, MSP, Transit, ferries and extra critical of the HST, in fact according to Cam(you can read his comment in the below post) Randy White stated that the HST and all the other increases are going to stagnate the economy, basically the same thing we have been writing about here .......

Well friends, I had to hear it, so I go to the CKNW audio vault, I first click on to 12:00 PM (Christy Clark starts at 12:30) ....I fast forward to 12:35 PM to 1:00 PM segment ...It`s not that segment,.....I click to the 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM segment, still no Randy White, I fast forward to 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM segment and........Drum Roll Please....

The 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM segment for April/27/2010 was purged from the CKNW audio vault!

Again friends, back to me being paranoid, my morning post today, I mentioned that Christy Clark and CKNW are the enemy,.....I mentioned Canwest Global news is the enemy....And I reiterate.

Again my assessment was bang on, another damning slag towards Gordon Campbell`s HST was purged. The enemy is here, it`s a coordinated effort, Canwest Global/CTV/CKNW/Christy Clark/Keith Baldrey/Bill Good/

http://www.cknw.com/other/audiovault.html There is the link to the audio vault, go ahead, look for the 1:30 Pm to 2:00PM segment for April 27/2010....It`s been purged, but it has been more than purged, there has been doctoring of the tape itself....Here this...the 1:00 PM to 1:30PM segment is there, but the 1:30 Pm to 2:00 PM segment is not.....It gets better...Usually just before the news break at the bottom of the hour, or the top of the hour, Christy Clark tells listeners who her next guest is or what the next topic is.....So since the 1:30 Pm to 2:00 PM segment has been purged, I listened to the 1:00 Pm to 1:30PM segment, fast forwarded to just before the news, and as usual, Christy Clark announces the next guest at roughly 1:28 PM .....But it wasn`t Randy White, it was about education, BUT, THE EDUCATION GUEST COMES ON AFTER THE 2:00 PM NEWS...

So not only did CKNW purge Randy White, CKNW doctored the audio vault with a slice and cut, that is pure BS....That is dishonest, they purged christy clark announcing Randy White at roughly 1:28 pm and replaced it with Christy Clark announcing the after 2:00 pm guest at 1:28 PM....Clearly the tape was cut and taped over, is that even legal!

There can be no doubt my friends, have a look at the above picture, that is what British Columbia has become.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

So how far have we fallen when this gestapo crap is going on daily?

We (BCers) seem to have accepted a certain level of corruption and it keeps slowly increasing and now... we're in a mess. A real collusion of corporate / government / crony / media mess!

And there are approximately 3 moderately obscure blogs talking about it!

Grant G said...

Don`t be so sure about the "Moderately obscure" part.

We have moved up over 100,000 places in Canada in the last three months.

Ok, we have a long way to go yet, but be rest assured, all the media in B.C. reads this blog.

As do the politicians and PAB.

I`m getting worried, we have been scorching the higher ups, something is very wrong, there is a stealth take-over of Canada going on, in Ontario and especially here in B.C.

Our Country is gone, or at least going, look at what is going on with gag laws,BC rail publication bans and judge tampering, there is a wholesale game of corruption stretching to the highest level, in fact, I believe thereare death squads targeting seniors in this Province, infectious diseases and germs being planted where seniors reside, they won`t kill healthy people but they knock off the elderly.

Public education is being dismantled brick by brick, there are Government plants and aides throughout our media, the messaging, the lies, I have no idea where we are anymore, might be time to storm the palace with pitchforks and burning torches.

Crankypants said...

I just went through CKNW's audio vault to confirm what you have written, and lo and behold the Randy White segment has been vaporized. Quite often I have the radio on as more than a background noise and only pay attention when something comes up that interests me. I scanned the entire show from 12:30pm to 3:00pm and could find only one reference to Randy White. Just after the 2:00pm news Christy makes a reference to an email stating that the author of said email would support the Conservative Party if either Dianne Watts or Randy White were the leader of the party. This was an obvious reference to her segment between 1:30pm and 2:00pm when Randy White was on the air.

There are definitely some shenanigans going on here, and I suspect with GlobalTV as well. This is definitely a sign that the BC Liberal party is running scared and using whatever they can to try and stem the tide of opposition to their governance.

I will be sending an email to CKNW's programming department for an explanation, and if there isn't a credible answer then I will be forwarding a complaint to the CRTC. Radio stations, television stations and the print media are awarded certain privileges that the rest of us are not privvy to, and if they abuse these privileges then they should be held to account.


Crankypants said...

On Christy Clark's show on April 27, 2010 was a segment with Randy White which I was only able to listen to for about 10 minutes. Because of a prior commitment, I figured that I could listen to the rest of the interview via the audio vault. Much to my surprise, when I accessed the audio vault this evening, I could not find said interview. Instead I found a conversation between Christy and the Midelar family(sorry if I spelled their name incorrectly). Where is the Randy White segment?

Thank you

Above you will find a copy of the email I sent to CKNW. I will let you know if I get a response, and what exactly that response is.


Hugh said...

Interesting article about Carole Taylor:


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I felt as though the takeover of the news regarding the new drunk driving legislation was done to deflect from the HST issue. Nothing like a feel good story making Herr Gordo look heroic. Do they not realize that he is the last one to add credibility to the issue of zero tolerance for drunk driving?
You can never shake off a drunk driving offence. It sticks like glue.

Also, I have to commend you for so diligently watching CanWest and listening to CKNW on a regular basis and keeping us UTD. I stopped years ago, as I simply cannot tolerate listening to all those Liberal Bots. Makes my blood pressure go up!

Grant G said...

9 seniors die from mysterious respritory illness on Vancouver island care home this week.


Grant G said...

Third outbreak of Difcille C at Nanaimo hospital, 3 more dead seniors, on top of 6 others last year, reduced cleaning hours, outsources cleaning services, dirty unclean hospitals kill the elderly.


Anonymous said...

Why bother to listen to CKNW or watch Globull.
If you don't know what they stand for by now,you never will.
Who in hell listens to Radio talk shows in this day and age?
The under age of 60 sure don't.
Who watches Globull? The same clucks who listen to NW.
Who gives a rats ass of Crusty, Baldsak, or any of them?
Who other than poor lonely misguided confused persons would even contemplate listening to their drivel.
Grant, the greatest disservice you could offer them is to never mention them or their stations again.

Grant G said...

Kevin Falcon slashes and makes cuts(last week) to the instrument sterilization department.


Anonymous said...

Grant - What I'm worried about is somehow the PAB will also attempt to hijack your blog and one will not be able to open your blog due to a "corrupted" link to prevent you from telling the truth. I have seen that happen before.

Grant G said...

Tens of thousand of reduced hospital cleaning hours..Rolling the dice with health and lives.


Seniors cost money, cut the cleaning, let the diseases run wild, noro virus, def C, flesh eating disease, outsource, slash, burn, take lives, don`t touch anything in a hospital, keep your parents out of government care homes, the bots have launched attacks...

This persuader will not be silenced until they kill me!

kootcoot said...

Grant, it is interesting you should speculate:

"Clearly the tape was cut and taped over, is that even legal!"

There are probably no requirements regarding what a radio station(to use the term loosely) needs to preserve in its "audio vaults" or even any need to have such. HOWEVER

As part of the requirements/conditions for its license for bandwidth IT MUST record and save for possible submission to the CRTC EVERYTHING it broadcasts for a specified (a length I cannot recall at the moment) length of time. This is mostly for purposes of the CRTC responding to complaints from listeners about issues of taste or potential libelous statements. Failure to even create and keep this record for the required time period is grounds for possible loss of license or other penalties. Someone should file a complaint with the CRTC and try to somehow access, or have the CRTC access this "official" recording, as it is definitely illegal to alter or erase this. Of course we all know that the Gordon Campbell government can with impunity destroy potential evidence in a case involving the public trust with apparently the complicit co-operation of the RCMP, the justice system and the Federal Government under Harper who will apparently re-assign judges at Gordo's request like Alain Vignault shuffling his lines in critical play-off game.

Anyone with the stomach to actually listen to CKNW or watch GlowBall should be making their own over the air tapes or digital recordings. This is why I keep a copy of the comments I leave on A-holes' blogs when I know they won't publish them and then mis-characterize why they were considered inappropriate.

Grant G said...

I am aware Kootcoot, I am trying to point out the the extent of controling the message.

I will wait to hear from Crankypants(Cam)

There is a willful purpose by media to distract, confuse, distort, lie to the public, they are not even subtle anymore.....

Someone, needs to start setting up rallies around politician`s homes, maybe if there was 10,000 people on Gordon Campbell`s sidewalk in front of his home with placards, signs, and vocal dissent...

And all the other B.C. Liberals...They need to feel the heat coming from the front of their homes.

Time to ramp it up with peaceful legal but vocal protests, let them sleep on that!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:02, if you had read this article, you'd understand why people do listen to talk radio and watch the news. Some of us do pay close attention to the games going on behind the scenes, and because they do...YOU have an opportunity to know a little more about how the government/law/media are out to screw you! Or does that matter?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 28, 2010 11:02 AM
Said to Anon 9:02, if you had read this article, you'd understand why people do listen to talk radio and watch the news.

Anon.11:02 AM Before you criticize someone, maybe follow your own suggestion regarding reading. Anon.902 never suggested to "not" watch the news or listen to talk shows.
His suggestion was to avoid Globull and NW.
Maybe what anon.902 was alluding to was, listening to lousy talk radio and watching a crappy TV station may affect your ability to read correctly.

Henri Paul

Anonymous said...

For an interesting (albeit dismal) take on corruption in the BC Attorney General's Office and intereference in the Vitoria Police Chief Paul Tattersall's investigation and links to the Federal Government complicity and suspicious deaths of several implicated bc judges go to http://www.waterwarcrimes.com/organized-crime--bc-ministry-of-the-attorney-general.html
This site details a scandal pre-dating the BC Rail fiasco, but involving several of the same players. It reads like a combination of "All The President's Men" and "Chinatown" As nasty as the theft of BC Rail is, it appears to be the tip of a very large iceburg. I would be interested to see what BC Mary, Robin Mathews and Grant G think of this.


Crankypants said...

So far I've had no response from anyone at NW. I went back to the audio vault a couple of times today to see if the missing segment may have been reinstated. No such luck.

Not only that, but the email I mentioned earlier that Christy read out just after the 2:00pm news has also been jetisoned. No doubt that either they have trolls checking your site, or some PAB troll read my reference to the email in my first comment and made sure that it was also erased.

Over the years, CKNW has run an ad where they champion truth in advertising. I guess truth in broadcasting is a different story.


Crankypants said...

I have filed a complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. Maybe they will at least respond to my concerns.

I notice that CKNW has added a disclaimer to their Audio Vault page today. It reads "Some Audio may not be available as a result of technical and/or copyright issues" Maybe this is my answer to yesterday's email.

Old man Griffiths would be turning over in his grave if he could see what his once "Top Dog" has been reduced to by Corus.


Evil Eye said...

We live in a new age, made all the more sinister by the NAZI government that is now in power in Victoria. To control the 'masses' the NAZI government controls the media. The media, to curry favour with the government does as it wishes, lest it be isolated from government news.

Those in the media do not complain about the NAZI government because they are considered elites and as elites they get government baubles such as a senate seat or an Order of Canada, or an interview with the Premier or even a cozy new condo.

Those who voted for Herr Gordo, look in the mirror, you are the same dupes who voted for good old uncle Adolf in the 30's.

Anonymous said...

The media is nothing,if it's not truthful and helpful,to aid in this Larsen just diminishes democracy,the pro media have become irrelevant,no let me rephrase that they have become another corporate welfare bum,they will go down in BC history as the most entrenched bunch of leeches ever seen,bill good ,vaughn palmer,keith baldry,are the best example of the worst I have ever seen,they should be used as examples in journalism on how to spread the govt.propaganda,absolutely entitled to their entitlements.GENUINE.

Anonymous said...

forgot mikey smith

Crankypants said...

I went back to the Audio Vault again to see if anything had been altered since my last post, and now they have moved Christy's reference to the email lauding Dianne Watts and Randy White from following the 2:00pm news to following the 1:00pm news.

I have received no response to my email to CKNW from a couple of days ago and will probably not hear anything from the CBSC for about a week or so. I did hear an ad today that I haven't heard fore quite sometime. They played their ad about belonging to the CBSC and their yada yada adherence to its code. I don't recall hearing this ad for many, many months and just have to wonder whether the CBSC has already contacted them or they have someone monitoring your site and are taking pre-emptive measures to thwart any possible investigations.

We may be looking at a long hot summer for not only the BC Liberal MLAs, but some of those that have blatantly shilled for them.


Evil Eye said...

Maybe a letter to NW advertisers saying that there will be a boycott of their goods and services until the radio station stops censoring the news.

Anonymous said...

It was hard listening to those fools on NW this am, the ledge reporters. I wonder if there was a PABsmear member in the studio. They were fluffing up their dresses and saying nice things about gordon the impaler, sad but true. Mikey smith, tried to build up the HST revolt, then calm everyone down by saying that gordo would push it thru. We all knew that mikey, but please talk more of the recall that will follow. Those fools, are up so deep into gordo the impalers ass it is embarrassing. Where is the media gone? They are all cowards and a waste of skin.

Kam Lee

Evil Eye said...

Since when were Palmer and Balladry on the Premier's payroll?

More and more NW sounds like a Gordo infomercial!

Anonymous said...

Just a follow-up to our previous e-mails...

I have been contacted by three people on my mailing list, and all three have agreed with me about your stand. The upshot of this is, they all bought new vehicles, but not from your company. I know this may seem small by your standards perhaps, but I believe this is only the start of this process. Total sales $68000.00


Kam Lee

This is a copy of an e-mail sent to a gordo supporter in the Okanagan.One of 15 or so dealers that support gordo. I am doing my bit.


Anonymous said...

The NDP needs to go back to its campaign slogans from the 1970's and instead of nationalize BC Tel - Nationalize CKNW!

Anonymous said...

"The NDP needs to go back to its campaign slogans from the 1970's "

Exactly! I understand Carol is courting big business right now. The deals don't work. Look at Goldman Sachs, the crony capitalists only care about money - period, and they will rip you off in a heartbeat.

We are ready for socialism. I don't want to keep gently drifting to the right when my feet are already in the Atlantic!

btw sorry about the "obscure" comment. I'd like to hear grant g replace bull grant any day!

Anonymous said...

Kam, I doubt there will be many car dealers in BC that don't support Campbell. After much whining and money...500,000.00 apparently, they got a break HST wise. Now they OWE him. How sick is that?

Grant G said...

I will have a new post up soon...been busy, some serious health issues with my dad...

Lots of hospital calling, right now I`m full of alot sadness and worry.

Can`t concentrate my thoughts,

Cheers-Eyes full of tears

Anonymous said...


jaydee said...

What a sad time for you, hope all goes well for you and your family.

Crankypants said...


Family comes first. Once things get squared away on the homefront, you can go back to making the lives of the many miscreants a living hell again. There never seems to be a shortage of them. May the health gods be with your father.


Gary E said...

Take care of your dad Grant. Our hopes are with you and your family.

Take some time out and regroup. Believe it or not your posts are needed here. We can wait

Anonymous said...

Evil Eye: 8:55

Right on the nose....Hit them in the wallet, and have every one let them know...Dumb,but not stupid.....

Jamie said...


Suggest you check out youtube.com/thetruthparty

media blackout in effect