Friday, April 16, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Political Suicide

Well well well, if there one thing I no for sure the East Indian people take their politics very seriously, assassinations are far more common in India and Pakistan then North America, Dave Hayer(BC Liberal) and Ujal Dosangh(Federal Liberal) were given a not so subtle threat about their safety if they attend the Vaisakhi Celebration!

What is this all about? I have the answer, Gordon Campbell has said he will not attend the celebration unless the organizers of the celebration unconditionally apologize to Hayer and Dosangh, that`s not going to happen, there will be no apology forthcoming, anyway, I got to thinking about this situation and was musing to myself but as you know, I think outside of the box, I read the story in the Vancouver Sun and it was very sketchy on details, the first thing that caught my attention is the statement by Gordon Campbell, here is what he said, "It`s a religious celebration not a political celebration" snip

I want to touch on that first, why was Gordon Campbell at a similar celebration last week in Vancouver, Gordon Campbell is not a religious person, he`s a politician, he`s a Liar, a lawbreaker, an adulterer, last week Gordon Campbell attended the celebration in Vancouver purely for political purpose, and you all must have noticed the hat he was wearing, I don`t know what that type of hat is called but it`s similar to a painters hat, ( I mean no offence to anyone from that culture if I described the hat wrong) ....If you paid attention to last week`s celebration there was something very different about the hat that Gordon Campbell was wearing against the same hats worn by the real people......

The hat Gordon Campbell was wearing had writing on the front, it wasn`t large print but it was there, it wasn`t on the other hats, so what did it say?

British Columbia, the best place on earth......That`s what it said friends, isn`t that a political statement, isn`t that an affront, why was the Premier there with a hat with slogans on it, after all today Gordon Campbell stated about the celebration in Surrey that`s "it`s a religious celebration not a political celebration"

Gordon Campbell has never done anything in his life that isn`t political, photo-ops, press conferences, i`ll admit his best before date expired a decade ago but he is all politics all the time, everything is a cold calculated maneuver, although lately he`s been mired in manure!

Back to these threats, warnings from that community that Ujal Dosangh and Dave Hayer`s safety can`t be assured, why them, why are only those two politician`s life in danger?

The answer is simple, it`s the HST and the lies, in my opinion Dave Hayer and Ujal Dosangh are terrible politicians, of course that begs the question......Why was Gordon Campbell and other "white politicians" safety not threatened, again the answer is simple, that community has never trusted a white politician, whitey has been screwing over the world with politics for millennia, but as for Dave Hayer and Ujal Dosangh they are one of their own, Ujal Dosangh went to Parliament in Ottawa and voted the HST down our throats, Ujal made some pathetic excuses as to why he did it, he was on the record as saying it`s a terrible tax, we shouldn`t do it, his constituency office was inundated with phone calls, including one from me, his office staff told me that Dosangh was strongly opposed to the HST, but a week later Ujal went to Ottawa and rammed it down our throats, Dave Hayer did the same thing, he lied about the debt, his party lied about the HST, 90% of the public are strongly opposed, including 90% of the East Indian community, if a politician betrayed the people like that in Pakastan or India there would be rioting in the streets and assassinations would be a real possibility!

Gordon Campbell won`t get an apology directed towards Hayer and Dosangh, they won`t be threatening Gordon Campbell, Campbell isn`t one of their own, Campbell is nothing but a lying whitey Politician, they expect that from whitey, but there is an honour code amongst those fine folks, I wish the white voting public in Canada were as vocal and disruptive when they get screwed over by lying politicians!(read the Vancouver Sun story here)

So that`s the deal, Ujal Dosangh and Dave Hayer didn`t have that difficulty at the last Vaisakhi Celebration, the only thing that has changed is the betrayal on the HST by both of those dark skinned politicians, Dave Hayer betrayed his people in a dozen ways, the BC Liberals have jerked the people of Surrey over big time on the Surrey memorial Hospital expansion, 5 years late, the education cuts in Surrey, the $3 billion dollar fudget budget lie, hydro increases but the big one is the HST, the Vancouver Sun, The province newspaper, cknw have all reported on this story but not one of them have reported as to why their safety is in doubt, especially since the Celebraters are allowed to wear Ceremonial Kirpan daggers!

Gordon Campbell`s physical safety isn`t in doubt, they won`t harm him with the Kirpan, but Ujal Dosangh, Dave Hayer, Gordon Campbell have committed political suicide, and that`s the short list, the BC Liberals will be decimated as a political party, a re-birth of the BC Conservative party, refederation party, and the next Government of BC the NDP.

You play with fire you get burned!

Pleasant Dreams Liberals!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, when I heard on the radio a sound bite that Gordo was asking for an apology I could not stop laughing! Simply by his asking for an apology shows him to have some sort of mental deficiency.

It is about time that we saw some sort of public push back. Hopefully more will come in future. Push back, with no apologies!


Crankypants said...

Grant, I think you missed the rest of the mesage on Campbell's head covering. The underside carried the balance of it. "to rape and pillage peoples' wallets and give it to my friends".

Let's face it, if one of his MLAs wasn't singled out with Dosangh, Campbell would have done his photo-op and uttered nary a word. If I was one of the organizers, I'd be doing cartwheels knowing that Mr. Red Mittens would be a no show.


Anonymous said...

Grant - Gordo and the LIEberals are crashing and burning. The NDP has an astounding 18% lead in a new poll. Check it out.

PS. Looks like everyone is now reading the Straight Goods!

Leah said...

Grant, just want to make a bit of a distinction here...and it's an important one. For the most part, when Canadians say "East Indians" we tend to lump the entire group into one. We're wrong to do that, and we need to educate ourselves to the differences and similarities. It's something I've only recently learned, have taken to heart...and am trying to correct.

Try reading a couple of articles from this website:

When referring to East Indians, we need to speak with greater clarity about which culture we refer to.

kootcoot said...

Leah, all the term "East Indians" means is to distinguish then from our own Indians, who were accidentally called that because Columbus or somebody didn't know where they were.

My point is that they are all in a way "East Indians" be they Sikhs, Moslems, Hindus etc., from our perspetive as Western "non-Indians" or even western first nations folk.

Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot....Leah I tried to be very general.

I love the fact that .....Their culture takes politics very serious.

On another note, 5 hours today at our little IGA Store I gathered up 150 signatures, boy are the people angry, I had line-ups, people left and came back with their neighbors...

2 days canvassing, 230 signatures, and.....

I have 10 weeks left! We need 3600 signatures for our riding, I live in the smallest town on the Sunshinecoast.

We have people in Gibsons, Sechelt,pender harbour, and Powell river.

I will get at least a 1000 signatures myself, I haven`t even knocked on 1 door yet!


Anonymous said...

The Liberals are stupid, to be sure, but so are you Grant. This post clearly shows your lack of knowledge regarding that temple, and who runs it,as Kim Bolan has been detailing with threats to her life for some time.

The temple is well known for being the temple of terrorists, considering several well known Sikh extremist groups are leaders there. In the past,it has been controversial that political leaders even attended this parade knowing who was behind the organisation. A subtle endorsement or a blind eye? In the end it was pandering to votes.

I am not a liberal, nor will I ever be, however Campbell did the right thing here, because Dianne Watts left when she saw the martyr float come by. This is a religious fesitival that has been organised and literally hijacked by terrorist sympathizers for years. Check your facts and background before you write. This has nothing to do with the HST, and everthing to do with not endorsing terrorist leaders.

Grant G said...

I don`t believe you are correct, what were these martyrs dying for? Political reasons.

"One man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter"

The USA is the world`s biggest baddest terrorist, you missed the whole point of my story, in that culture, political betrayals aren`t taken well, but you need to ask yourself, why were those 2 politicians singled out?
They weren`t threatened last year, do you know how many people have threatened the BC Liberals since July?

The number is large, I suggest that you don`t pay any attention to Canwest Global or CNN.

Real quickly friend, bin Laden was bankrolled by the USA for a decade to fight the Russians, the USA supplied Saddam Hussein the poison gas he used in the Iran/Iraq war and supplied arms.

I am not advocating terrorism, the problem is most people don`t know who the real terrorists are!

I would suggest that Gordon Campbell is a terrorist with blood on his hands, as for Dianne Watts, don`t lose focus on all the strings on her back and who`s pulling them!

Grant G said...

Anon 10:48 PM....By the way...

Here is a paragraph from a story in The Province newspaper by Lena sin...(Cut and pasted)

(Jatinderpal Singh Gill, one of many organizers, said Dosanjh and Hayer were welcome to attend — but added they could not go on the main stage put on by the temple because they are “always opposing the issues in the community.”)

Well friend, issues, issues like education cuts and strong opposition to the HST...

Also, you are partially correct about this issue being about politics in the homeland, it`s also been exasperated by Ujal Dosangh and Dave Hayer bending over and voting with their party rather than listening to the will of 90% of the people...

A tax rip-off and blatant lying is offensive to all.

Neither of those politicians have listened to the majority, I suspect that arrogance spawned the veiled threat.


Rick said...
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Anonymous said...

ya i agree heir rick zom von shoot be vatching zis mon ,zeig hail!

Rick said...
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Grant G said...

Rick, what is your holy name...

As for a dis-service to the Sikhs...The ones I talk too don`t agree with your view...

I never mentioned Air India...There were many profiles on that float....

I suggest to you Rick that you go to Surrey, ask that community what they think about cuts to education,the "big"stall at Surrey memorial hospital and the HST....and the other Liberal betrayals...

Then get back to me.


Rick ( Sangha) said...
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Grant G said...

Well Rick ? or whoever you are...Let me first state that I don`t think politicians should attend any religious festivals or celebrations.

I am very aware..Especially about recent rioting and revolt over assasinations in the homeland..

Let me first say that I think you are full of BS as to who you are...

Secondly, I think many things should be stopped, this is Canada, rules apply about work safety, headwear,and Kirpans, for once we start allowing different rules for different people conflicts will arise.

Including well known underground economies, including the use of slaves, including scamming the government for money over arranged marriages that are set up for failure.

There are a whole host of issues, including the BC Liberals looking the other way for votes!

But I suggest to you Mr. Rick Sangha.....

Go to your people, make a formal apology to Ujal Dosangh,Dave Hayer,Gordon Campbell,and Michael Ignatief....

Further more, if you disagree with my opinion piece that`s OK...Remember the Danish cartoonist?

Or perhaps you are trying to stifle free speech too!

Anyway, the problem is not mine, my story was about 90% of the people that hate the HST...The problem is for Gordon Campbell and Ignatief.

Finally, your links to CBC and google home page speak volumes as to who you are.

Saanu Dang Glidang

Rick said...
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kootcoot said...

"I am not trying to stifle free speech, or your rights to choose to continue to be ignorant about the South Asian community, and the many, many differences and divisions in it."

If the world was in proper balance the "South Asian Community" would be located in the southern portion of fucking Asia. Once you are here you should make a bit of an effort to be "Canadian" because this is North American, specifically Canada.

Grant G said...

Well Rick Sangha...As I already suspected, you are not whom you appear to be or who you said you were.

You call yourself an Honourable Sikh...LOL...

But it appears you spend your time on Craigs list reading garbage and offering up garbage.

A hard working Sikh..You should be ashamed of yourself, First you pretend to be someone your not,you claim all this self righteous bullshit.

When in fact you are part of the Craig`s list slimeball patrol!

And just for that Rick(not Sangha)....Your posts will be deleted.

Grant G said...

Just a little clarification, by Craig`s list I am refering to the Rants and Raves section.

A place full of disgusting foul mouthed thugs.