Monday, November 28, 2011

Vancouver Sun writer lies, editors let it slide!

I wonder if this Vancouver Sun writer is prepared to retract or edit his story, because clearly he`s delusional or insane....I`ll let you decide...And if you have a minute email the Vancouver Sun and give them a blast...

The Writer`s story is so full of wishful embellishments and lies, perhaps his next articles should be moved to the funny pages!

There are many misleading statements made by this nutcase, but this one shines likes a diamond in the rough..


"The same protest groups have tried to stop the development of Taseko Mines' Prosperity mine project, a $1-billion undertaking to exploit the rich gold and copper resource near Williams Lake. The company has invested an additional $300 million to answer environmental concerns, but the response by the Tsilhquot'in First Nation was to illegally obstruct the company from performing necessary work and to launch court action. The Prosperity Mine would increase employment by 71,000 jobs, provide billions of dollars in revenue to the federal and provincial governments and add $11 billion to gross domestic product. The band and the environmental groups have offered no alternative economic or employment opportunities."


Mr. Harvey Enchin, could you and your corporate bosses please expand on that jobs figure, because as far as I know Tesako stated that the Prosperity mine would employ about 300 employees, with about the same in spin-off jobs....However the environmental damage would be extreme, that`s why the Federal Environmental assessment rejected the project, the Fraser river watershed and salmon/fish survival is far more important.

Harvey Enchin, you are a bold-faced liar, your editors or either sleeping or don`t give a rat`s ass about the truth,  deliberate lies are getting to be synonymous at the Vancouver Sun!

Harvey Enchin, perhaps you should have included this proviso...You know, the one that comes with company future forecasts, ....Here is that proviso..Below is the warning from the Tesako press release, Harvey Enchin literally copied word for word from this release, the below proviso is on the bottom of Tesako`s press release, yet Harvey left it out and other pertinent details and distorted the entire press release....Quality journalism for sure Harvey(insert laughter here)!

No regulatory authority has approved or disapproved of the information contained in this news release. CAUTION REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING INFORMATION
This document contains "forward-looking statements" that were based on Taseko's expectations, estimates and projections as of the dates as of which those statements were made. Generally, these forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "outlook", "anticipate", "project", "target", "believe", "estimate", "expect", "intend", "should" and similar expressions.

Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company's actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These included but are not limited to:
  • uncertainties and costs related to the Company's exploration and development activities, such as those associated with continuity of mineralization or determining whether mineral resources or reserves exist on a property;
  • uncertainties related to the accuracy of our estimates of mineral reserves, mineral resources, production rates and timing of production, future production and future cash and total costs of production and milling;
  • uncertainties related to feasibility studies that provide estimates of expected or anticipated costs, expenditures and economic returns from a mining project;
  • uncertainties related to our ability to complete the mill upgrade on time estimated and at the scheduled cost;
  • uncertainties related to the ability to obtain necessary licenses permits for development projects and project delays due to third party opposition;
  • uncertainties related to unexpected judicial or regulatory proceedings;
  • changes in, and the effects of, the laws, regulations and government policies affecting our exploration and development activities and mining operations, particularly laws, regulations and policies;
  • changes in general economic conditions, the financial markets and in the demand and market price for copper, gold and other minerals and commodities, such as diesel fuel, steel, concrete, electricity and other forms of energy, mining equipment, and fluctuations in exchange rates, particularly with respect to the value of the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar, and the continued availability of capital and financing;
  • the effects of forward selling instruments to protect against fluctuations in copper prices and exchange rate movements and the risks of counterparty defaults, and mark to market risk;
  • the risk of inadequate insurance or inability to obtain insurance to cover mining risks;
  • the risk of loss of key employees; the risk of changes in accounting policies and methods we use to report our financial condition, including uncertainties associated with critical accounting assumptions and estimates;
  • environmental issues and liabilities associated with mining including processing and stock piling ore; and
  • labour strikes, work stoppages, or other interruptions to, or difficulties in, the employment of labour in markets in which we operate mines, or environmental hazards, industrial accidents or other events or occurrences, including third party interference that interrupt the production of minerals in our mines.
For further information on Taseko, investors should review the Company's annual Form 40-F filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and home jurisdiction filings that are available at

 You also failed to include this from the press release..

"starting with the 2013 construction phase and ending with the anticipated 2036 closure of the mine."

Now what about that retraction Harvey?....Let me be blunt, you Harvey deliberately failed to include the proviso that...That the numbers you used are a company outlook forecast going to the year 2036...Yet you implied this was the here and now date, you implied that 71,000 jobs would be created if that mine opened tomorrow, you Harvey Enchin copied word for word the Tesako company forecast, yet you left out that these numbers are cumulative over 27 years, even the company Tesako included the cumulative time-line and proviso, you did no such thing, a first year journalism student knows better than that, for shame Vancouver Sun!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The World Moves Left While Corporate Money Moves Wrong

Spin, distortion, skewed facts, call it what you like, I call it bought and paid stooges who are prepared to sell their souls and future generations for a fistful of dollars...

The HST, the referendum, the results.....By an overwhelming margin....56% of B.C. voters, despite a $30 million dollar barrage of deceptive if not lying pro-HST advertising still voted the HST gone....56% to 44%..

According to recent polling by Angus Reid over 1/3rd of BC Liberals voted against the HST....Now let`s look at CKNW on air radio voices...

CKNW`s Early morning radio host Philip Til voted FOR the HST....He stated on air what his reason for accepting the HST was... Here`s the quote from Philip Til....

"A 10% hst tax makes for easy math, even an old guy like me can figure out that math"

Bill Good voted FOR the HST,,,

Christy Clark, CKNW`s previous afternoon host voted FOR and promoted the HST..

CKNW`s late afternoon host John Macolm voted FOR the HST.

CKNW`s news and fill-in radio host Gord(idiot) MacDonald voted FOR the HST.

Michael Smyth who was REMOVED from CKNW was opposed to the HST, ?

CKNW`s weekend host Sean Leslie was in favour of the HST too.

Not one CKNW radio voice voted against the HST or even attempted to promote the majoritiy`s wishes!

So let`s look at the numbers, the large majority of BCers soundly rejected the HST, Conservative voters rejected the HST, Liberal voters rejected the tax as did NDPers and Greens, so if we look at pure math surely one CKNW radio voice would have been Anti-HST, but there wasn`t even one, on mass every CKNW radio host defended the HST to the bitter dead end, how could they be so wrong, even Christy Clucking Clark on Vaughn Palmer`s last Voice of BC show admitted on his show that the phone lines at CKNW would light up and the screaming public would rage at the radio hosts on their support of the HST, clearly that happened on Philip Til`s, Sean Leslie`s, Bill Good`s, John Macolm`s and Gord MacDonald`s show...

So considering all that public noise, all the lit up phone lines, all the polls telling media BCers hated the HST and would never accept it, considering all the HST lies that were revealed long before the actual mail-in referendum...{Revenue neutral...No added cash for the Province...not on our radar...etc etc etc)...Even when Colin Hansen, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell were caught red-handed lying their faces off and distorting every aspect of the HST and the $4 billion dollar deficit lie(Pre-election) that was used to justify the back-stab..

Despite all of that backlash including BC Liberals threatening the BC Public with doom and gloom if the HST went down, even with all the dirty low-down tactics deployed by the BC Liberals not one  CKNW radio voice sided with the majority of BCers, not one!....Coincidence, not a chance, these radio voices were told point blank either promote the HST or lose their job...Michael Smyth didn`t play the game and he was canned from CKNW in a heartbeat!

On last Friday`s cutting edge of the Ledge show.....One of the Victoria occupiers called in and defended their group`s plan to disrupt the Santa Claus/Christmas parade, this woman called in and stated that people should stop buying Corporate crap, boycott Christmas, her premise which is correct, the best way to strike back at the corporate thieves is to stop buying their junk...The woman was well spoken, she suggested giving to charities and the like...And the response from Billy Good was expected...Bill Good lashed out in anger, Billy proclaimed .....

"Well then don`t buy"..

And the other night Corus radio`s Charles Adler had on on air rant against "Occupy Christmas"

Charles was very critical, and I say, there is no way in hell radio voices or any media would ever support or promote Occupy Christmas when their existence is solely dependent upon corporate advertisers peddling their wears on said media!

How is it that not one radio personality on CKNW came out against the HST, CKNW including the habitual liar Michael Campbell promoted the HST to the bitter end!...Pure math tells us that some radio voices must have been personally against the HST, it also tells us that the CKNW power brokers demanded HST support or their jobs would be gone!

Global news, Vancouver Sun, CKNW, CTV, everyone of those outfits bashed occupy Vancouver and the protesters, everyone of those media stooges denigrated the movement and attacked Gregor Robertson, now don`t get me wrong, Gregor Robertson is a little flaky however...

However the ad nauseum relentlessly attacked Gregor on the NPA Olympic village corruption scandal, they attacked Gregor on the bike lanes with vigor for years, they attacked wheat fields and backyard chickens, the right wing corporate media came out with misleading polls endorsing Susan Anton.

Abbotsford City spent $hundreds of thousands of dollars of public money advertising a P3 water project, a project that Stephen Harper promoted via ultimatum, and what I mean by that is....The Federal Government would only contribute money to the project if it was private, Stephen Harper`s Government said the $67 million dollars of Federal money is off the table if the project stays in public hands!....Imagine that, Abbotsford, the bible belt of Conservatism where the Haperites won in a landslide and still....

And still the public by a 3 to 1 margin voted the Federal P3 project gone!...Ad nauseum failed, CKNW`s spin on the HST failed, Global and CTV`s non-stop Gregor Robertson bashing fell on deaf ears...Gregor Robertson won by a landslide...

The people, they voted the HST gone, they vote the water P3 gone, when the public is given an opportunity to vote on key issues they almost without fail make the correct decision..
In Europe despite their corporate media defending the status quo average people are protesting in the streets, in Egypt the same thing is happening and even in China protest and revolution is boiling over...

The streets of Guizhou in southwestern China took a lesson from London on Thursday evening, erupting into riots with the smashing and burning of vehicles.
Xinhua reported that the riots, which quickly attracted thousands, were set off when officials injured a female cyclist while trying to confiscate her bicycle for illegal parking.
The riots carried on through the night Thrusday, with 10 police officers wounded.
It is the latest instance of percolating discontent in China bubbling over.
In recent months, groups of migrant workers, parents and townspeople have demonstrated over everything from discrimination and a growing wealth gap to government corruption and lead poisoning among children.
Last month, hundreds of people in another southern Chinese city rioted after authorities beat up a one-legged fruit seller, who later died of his injuries.
In the city of Chaozhou, also in south China, 200 migrant workers demanding their wages at a ceramics factory recently attacked government buildings and set vehicles on fire.
GlobalPost in Beijing: Protests grip China
But are these incidents becoming more frequent, or is it that they are getting more media attention?
According to reporting by GlobalPost's Beijing correspondent, Kathleen McLaughlin, it's almost impossible to tell.
In 2007, China had over 80,000 "mass incidents," up from over 60,000 in 2006, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. But no official statistics have been released since then.
Experts say the number of protests has likely grown to around 100,000 such incidents every year.
“For me, I think the question is not why are so many people protesting, but why are not more people protesting given the day-to-day social injustice that ordinary people have to endure?” Geoffrey Crothall, communications director for the Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin, told McLaughlin.
“We shouldn’t be at all surprised that people are taking to the streets, because the vast majority of them have no other alternative.”(Whole Story here)

Occupy Canada, Occupy America, corporate media, especially in Canada ran a deliberate smear and destroy campaign, the endless drone from Billy Good, the vicious childish name calling by some egotistical bloggers, the Vancouver Sun, the Province, all of them.

Every big media personality knew full well what and how the public felt and deliberately distorted facts in an effort to reward the criminals, their jobs were more important than the truth!

But the good news is this...They failed and there is a reason, the internet, bloggers, websites, despite $billions in advertising the real truth is coming out.

The day of reckoning is coming, the message, our message is winning the day!

For those of you with netflix I recommend this real life documentary,

It`s very clear, around the world and here in Canada, especially BC, Conservatism is dying, I`m not talking about fiscal prudence, I`m talking about the myth of corporate good, the myth of Harper Conservative and religious zealots being good money managers, and with Harpo Marx preparing to slash public services to the bone, any political parties planning on riding Harper`s coattail to victory is living in the land of the make-believe, in fact I hope Harper does slash n burn from coast to coast, it will galvanize the NDP orange surge that`s currently sweeping Canada..

And there is no more proof needed than the re-election of Gregor Robertson, concentrated media attacks and even the self-proclaimed king of Blaggards, err, I mean  bloggers couldn`t put the slightest dent in Gregor`s campaign.

 And please remember, the media is not your friend, they are gutless cowards!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Money Talks, Hopefully Con-Man Ozzie Jurock Doesn`t Walk

The B.C.  Supreme court has approved a class action lawsuit against Michael Campbell`s regular on air real estate buddy Ozzie Jurock.

The lawsuit cites fraud, deception, faulty construction, Ozzie used Michael Campbell`s pulpit to peddle his frauds!.....And with luck Ozzie Jurock has seen his last radio broadcast.

Gordon Campbell`s brother Michael Campbell gave Ozzie a public soap box in which he could sell his snake oil...

Ozzie Jurock, Michael Campbell....Criminals and liars..Remove them both from the airwaves..

Those two are nothing but corporate scum, Michael Campbell allowed Ozzie Jurock to peddle his wears even as this case wound its way through court, over to you Michael Campbell!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

British Columbia Deserves and Requires a Provincial Election

A Government of habitual liars, the Government of Gordon Campbell lied to and betrayed the people of BC with impunity, the list of lies is long, from the theft of BC Rail to deficits to the HST, Gordon Campbell was more than a ruthless dictator, he was an habitual liar and criminal, he was a bought man from top to bottom, not only did Gordon Campbell enrich himself and gift $billions of public tax $dollars to his corporate donors, but he indebted the Province and in 1 decade tripled our BC debt...

 Going into the the BC 2009 election the Campbell BC Liberals stated as fact,

"BC will avoid the recession and our deficit will be $495 million dollars, maximum!"

Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and Kevin Falcon and the BC Liberal party also stated going into that election that...

"We have no intention of bringing in an HST.....It`s not on our radar"

Within days of that 2009 election Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen inform us that they were wrong, the deficit is in the $billions(Over 4 billion to be precise) and we are getting a brand new 12% consumer tax, the HST....

The bold faced BC Liberal liars came on TV with their smug and newly elected faces and smiled at the camera, smiling liars, ....A $4 billion dollar deficit and a new tax within days of the election, ....The Liberals knew their budget was bogus, everyone did,..

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals also raided ICBC for a  $billion dollars and have been illegally collecting dividends from BC Hydro from profits that don`t exist, the BC Liberals went too far, BCers put their backs up, the first successful referendum, a successful petition, so angered were BCers that Gordon Campbell was driven from office, forced to resign, the most despised and hated premier in Canadian history, a mere 9% approval rating when finally shoved out the door....Good riddance, a low-down dirty lying son of bitch, a spineless yellow bellied corporate stooge named Gordon Muir Campbell,...

Since that fraudulent 2009 election Gordon Campbell was chased from office over his lies, Jane Thorthwaite got a free-ride on an impaired driving, we have another Liberal committing domestic assault, Kash Heed committed election fraud, Bill Bennett and Blair Leckstrom have been kicked out and invited back, John Les the benefactor of land fraud, we`ve had solicitor General and Attorney Generals being changed like diapers, since 2009 we`ve had a dysfunctional Government running around like chickens trying to hide debt and save their beloved HST, a bunch of bumbling idiots who have cost BC dearly, liars, conmen and thieves....

Which brings me to the theme of this post, we must have an early election, the reason, the HST, Kevin Falcon has lost his way as finance minister and is actively working against the wishes of BC voters....Kevin Falcon is harming BC`s negotiations with Ottawa,...

Let me remind you of recent history, Gordon Campbell was forced to resign as Premier over his Government`s HST betrayal,....The BC Liberals had a leadership contest, Christy Clark won that contest, and what exactly did Christy Clark say to the public to win that leadership contest?....

Christy stated that she needed a mandate from the public and would hold an early election, ....She broke that promise and is clinging to unelected power until May2013 ....Christy Clark stated that she wouldn`t use the people`s money to advertise the HST, she wouldn`t use a persuasion campaign, ....She broke that promise and spent $millions in a phony scam ad campaign......Despite the BC Liberals spending $millions trying to sell Gordo`s snake oil HST tax the BC Public by an over whelming margin rejected the HST.....

Christy Clark has done nothing but lie, her word to the public is worthless, if Christy Clark can`t keep her word as acting premier, with no mandate, if Christy Clark can lie her face off before she`s even been elected premier!!!...Well..

Which brings me to the theme of this post....Here are some statements from Kevin Falcon(Finance Minister)....From yesterday`s question period ...Below is cut n pasted from Hansard.


S. Simpson: The housing industry in B.C. generates tens of billions of dollars of economic activity, probably in excess of 200,000 direct and indirect jobs. It's an industry that's critical to our economy, and it's an industry that is in some trouble because of either inaction or ineptness on the part of the Finance Minister and the B.C. Liberals around the HST transition.

The industry is looking for certainty and clear rules on the transition back to the PST. They haven't received that to date. The Urban Development Institute, the Canadian Home Builders Association and the B.C. Real Estate Association have all said it's hurting their industries, with the UDI telling us they're putting 2,000 units on hold with the 8,000 jobs that won't happen because this government can't come up with a set of clear rules.

When is the industry going to get those rules? When is the Minister of Finance going to produce clear rules for the transition back to the PST?

Hon. K. Falcon: I was going to say I'd really like to take this question, but thank you for directing it to me, Member.

Member, it's rather remarkable that the group that campaigned to go back to a very cumbersome, complex, inefficient tax are the same group that are now complaining about the process of going back. It's rather remarkable that they campaigned to go back to an inefficient tax. Then they complain about the fact that it takes time to go back to an inefficient tax. That is a remarkable, remarkable series of positioning from the members of the opposition.

What I can tell the member…. The member should well know that there was an independent panel report that they actually…. The NDP used to go around quoting from this independent panel report quite happily. But you know, Mr. Speaker? They are no longer quoting from the section that warned that it would take 18 to 24 months in order to go back to a PST-GST world. They should perhaps refer to the report that they were fond of quoting.

Mr. Speaker: Member has a supplemental.


S. Simpson: The Minister of Finance should listen to the questions that are coming from the Urban Development Institute, from the home builders and the real estate association. They are asking for certainty. They're asking for this government to at least do as much work as to tell them what the rules will be and what they can expect at the end of the day. The UDI tell me

HSE - 20111121 PM 009/ebp/1410

the homebuilders and the Real Estate Association. They're asking for certainty. They're asking for this government to at least do as much work as to tell them what the rules will be and what they can expect at the end of the day.

Hon. Speaker, the UDI tells me they can't even write a presale agreement. They don't know what rules they can put in the contract, because this minister can't get it together to make it happen. The government knew they were going to lose the HST referendum before the vote. They ignored it. They've ignored it for months since. They've done nothing.

This industry is hurting. Thousands of jobs are on the line. The Canadian Home Builders Association in a recent report of its members on the HST said that the HST "is choking the ability for builders and renovators to continue as the small business owners that form the backbone of the province." Their members went on to say that it demonstrates "the anxiety and devastation that is becoming a reality in our industry, and the resulting fallout of lost human capital as jobs are lost."

They're not saying: "Change the dates." They're saying: "Just tell people what's going on." Or tell them you don't know what you're doing and you don't know what's going on.

Hon. K. Falcon: I'm encouraged to hear the member for Vancouver-Hastings actually expressing a concern about the business community. That is certainly the first time I've heard that. Mr. Speaker. You know, during the decade in which the party of the member opposite held power, I didn't hear the same concern when housing starts went down 66 percent under the NDP government. I didn't hear any of that concern about jobs and how concerned they were.

You know, I understand. I understand the NDP. I mean, I know the Leader of the Opposition is phoning around and begging for meetings with senior business leaders, going to them so he can go around and pretend that he has talked to business. He wants to pretend they're friendlier. But I note that they're not talking about their agenda. They're not talking about the 20 percent corporate tax increase they want to put through. They're not talking about the corporate capital tax they're bringing back. They're not talking about raising the small business tax 80 percent. No, they're not talking about any of the job-killing tools they implemented in the 1990s in the most disastrous government we have known in the history of the province of British Columbia.

B. Ralston: Well, the Minister of Finance is clearly not prepared to listen to the Urban Development Institute, the Real Estate Association and the homebuilders.

Let's try someone else. Maybe this will catch his attention. One of the earliest prominent supporters of the Premier in her bid for the leadership of the B.C. Liberals was Vancouver realtor Bob Rennie. He said recently: "I need someone to stand up and tell me what the rules are. What day does the HST go away?" He continued: "I'm just looking for my government to give me certainty as soon as possible."

Does that catch the interest of the Minister of Finance, now that a prominent supporter of the Premier has raised this issue? When is he going to step in, clean up the mess the Liberals have created and bring some certainty to the HST regime?

Hon. K. Falcon: You know, I met with representatives of UDI. I meet with folks from the housing industry all the time, Mr. Speaker. Naturally, I tell them the same thing I've said in this House before, and that is that the federal government, which is responsible for drafting the transitional rules, are moving as fast as they can to put those transitional rules together. But none of this escapes the irony of the fact that it is the NDP who campaigned to go back to this cumbersome, inefficient tax that is hated by everyone in the business community, virtually without fail. Now they're complaining about the fact that the result they got is causing impacts as a result of having to go backwards. I mean, it's a remarkable position for the Finance critic to be complaining now about the fact that it takes time. They should have thought about that when they were out campaigning to go back to a stupid, inefficient tax.


Mr. Speaker: Take your seat, Member.

Member has a supplemental.


B. Ralston: It's hard to imagine something more arrogant and contemptuous of democracy than what the Finance Minister just said.

HSE - 20111121 PM 010/dmm/1415


Mr. Speaker: Take your seat, Member.

Member has as a supplemental.

B. Ralston: It's hard to imagine something more arrogant and contemptuous of democracy than what the Finance Minister just said. Clearly, he didn't like the result of the referendum, but he is obliged to follow it.

During the Finance Committee hearings in Chilliwack just recently on the 2012 budget consultation, M.J. Whitemarsh, the president of the Canadian Home Builders Association of B.C. said that their industry is in crisis. "Now that the referendum is over, we are in another 18 to 24 — maybe longer; we don't know — wait-and-see period, and our industry is dying." Thousands of jobs are at stake, and they're real jobs. This industry exists. It's here now. It's not offshore somewhere, waiting to come here. It's here right now. People are waiting to get to work.

When will the Finance Minister step in and speed up the transition process, don't blame the federal government, step in and do his job and bring certainty to that regime here in British Columbia?

Hon. K. Falcon: Well, this is the same Finance critic that back in July came out and said that our 2 percent GDP growth forecast that we had in our budget was lowballing and that we were trying to lowball things so that we would look better at the end of the year.

Well, I hear only silence from the opposition benches today. Only silence because once again in the NDP world being responsible and cautious in your estimates of GDP growth at a time when there's a sovereign debt crisis in Europe, at a time when the U.S. is undergoing severe challenges in their economy — that's the time that the NDP says we ought to have a high rate of growth forecast and we need to spend more in every single ministry of government. That is what we hear from these folks across the way.

I'll tell you this much. We're very concerned about the housing sector. I can tell you that when the number of housing starts came out in October, it showed that in B.C. the numbers rose 2.4 percent, which bucks the national trend. It bucks the national trend which saw a decline.

Nevertheless, I can tell you that what's happening around the world is bound to impact confidence in the housing sector. We're very concerned about that. We're working as quickly as we can with the federal government to bring forward those transitional rules that will give additional comfort to those in the housing sector.


N. Macdonald: Here it is almost three years later, and I think everybody would have to be struck by the mess that this government made when they decided to deceive British Columbians with the HST. It's a mess.

One more example of that is with resort municipality agreements which are in place with 12 local governments, including five in Columbia River–Revelstoke. The bungled implementation of the HST inadvertently wiped out the funding mechanism for these agreements. A grant system is being used as a stopgap.

But as the government very slowly reinstates our PST, resort communities want assurance that we will also return to the pre-existing resort municipality funding mechanism. Can the Minister of Finance give that assurance today in the Legislature?

Hon. K. Falcon: Mr. Speaker, I may get the member to repeat the question. I thought he was going down another track, and I'm not sure that I caught the gist of it.

What I can tell the member that he might find interesting is, you know, housing starts…. Particularly in the member's area, he should be concerned. We're all concerned about a slowdown in housing activity. What is interesting to me though is that coming out of the worst economic downturn we've seen in at least 60 years around the world in the late '09, in 2010 we saw housing starts return to more than 26,000. We're currently forecast to see an increase this year. A modest increase, but nevertheless an increase.

I think what is interesting to me is that during the decade of the 90s when we saw global economic growth and we saw the President of the United States, President Clinton, balance the budget and we saw generally good times right across North America, amazingly enough, in British Columbia housing starts fell 66 percent.


That is a really unfortunate testament to what happens when you have that kind of government in power.
Can you see what Kevin Falcon said, said just yesterday..Here it is again(and here is the actual question period video, November 21/Monday)

Hon. K. Falcon:  "I was going to say I'd really like to take this question, but thank you for directing it to me, Member.

Member, it's rather remarkable that the group that campaigned to go back to a very cumbersome, complex, inefficient tax are the same group that are now complaining about the process of going back. It's rather remarkable that they campaigned to go back to an inefficient tax."

 Well here`s the deal, Christy Clark stated she needed a mandate from the People to Govern, but with poor polling results she canceled, Christy Clark lied, Christy Clark also promised in her leadership run that she wouldn`t advertise on the people`s dime a persuasion AD campaign promoting the HST...Another bold-faced BC Liberal lie!

In fact all Christy Clark has done in office is lie and defend Gordon Campbell`s policies.......Right now allegedly Shirley Bond is negotiating a new RCMP contract, Could Shirley Bond negotiate a new RCMP  contract if she went around saying, the RCMP is bad, archaic, cumbersome, outdated etc etc etc....Also right now Kevin Falcon as finance minister is negotiating with Ottawa on behalf of the BC electorate to remove the HST and return our BC PST/GST, ..

Let me repeat that, ........ Kevin Falcon as finance minister is negotiating with Ottawa on behalf of the BC electorate to remove the HST and return our BC PST/GST, ..

How on earth can we as a Province have Kevin Falcon negotiate on behalf of the BC majority to remove the HST when Kevin Falcon, in public adamantly ridicules the PST, he calls it names, Kevin Falcon in our BC Legislature is laughing at the electorate, Falcon lambastes the NDP for backing the Majority`s wishes, Falcon is condescending, insulting, Kevin Falcon is the BC representative to Ottawa on the removal of the HST, how on earth can we have as our chief negotiator in Ottawa on the HST a man, along with Christy Clark, who led the campaign for the BC Liberals to keep the HST in a ruthless deceptive ad campaign ......
When our chief negotiator on the return of the HST is calling our PST..

"Archaic, cumbersome, job killing"
How can we possibly have our representative in Ottawa so denigrate the British Columbia voting public , a mealy mouthed little lying twerp named Kevin Falcon is negotiating for us, are you kidding me! We as a Province will never get any kind of a decent deal with Ottawa when our negotiator(Kevin Falcon) is defending the HST and pushing the Federal case for the HST consumer tax...Falcon stated that every business without fail wants the HST, it`s only the NDP and idiots who are against the HST, did no one inform Falcon the results of the referendum, Falcon is still fighting for the HST, perhaps, just perhaps Christy Clark should remove Falcon from that portfolio, YA THINK!

Christy Clark, you have no mandate to Govern, you have done nothing but lie, cheat and defend Gordon Campbell`s policies, including the HST, the one item that drove Campbell from office, an item that you Christy Clark specifically promised not to promote or advertise, you lied on both counts, you lied on a snap election, you have no mandate and now you have appointed the biggest HST proponent to be our point man in Ottawa on its removal!...That doesn`t mesh!.....Clearly Kevin Falcon  is the wrong choice for that job and if you don`t make a leadership move immediately to replace Kevin Falcon of that position than you too Christy Clark are failing in your capacity as leader of the Province!

Christy Clark, not only does Kevin Falcon need to apologize to everyone in British Columbia for his condescending attitude towards the majority but you need to call an election, your limited mandate has expired, you have lied and obfuscated on every issue.

Time to put up or shut up Christy Clark, British Columbia can`t wait for an unlikely BC Liberal bump in the polls!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Make Susan Anton and the NPA Go Away, Far Away!

I haven`t much to say about the civic elections.....However..

I look forward to the look on Mr. Peary`s face when his P3 water sell-out gets voted out and flushed down the toilet by Abottsford voters(Take that Harper, your Federal bribe for P3s is falling on deaf ears, a sign of things to come)..

And as for Sleazy Anton versus Gregor Robertson....

Congratulations Gregor Robertson,....... This result neither pleases or upsets me, but the one thing I do look forward to,....

Is never having to hear  Susan Anton`s blathering bullshit again, I have never heard of seen the likes of a single councilor getting as much airtime as Susan Anton has gotten, and has gotten it for years, on Global,  almost a daily regular on CKNW....For the last 3 years Sussie has been flipping, flopping and giving us all headaches!

The bike lanes, there are thousands of streets in Vancouver, it wouldn`t matter where or which lanes were chosen the vocal minority would be howling and calling for Gregor`s head.....

Gregor Robertson, as Ian Reid points out, put up a strong defence and halted the big casino expansion the BC Liberals were ramming down our throats...

The Vancouver hockey riots, a no-win situation, Kobayashi Maru....The riot was merely BC Tradition, the only way to stop that riot was if 1000s of cops were deployed to prevent it, and then the Gregor critics would lambaste him for using heavy hands(like a police state) to stop nothing......

Susan Anton brings nothing to the table...

 I have a few words about the hockey riots, total damage was around $5 million dollars(David Hahn`s lifetime pension alone is worth more than that), the City and Province are on pace to spend double or triple that trying to punish the losers and participants, the biggest harm the riot brought was in world-wide embarrassment for British Columbia and Vancouver, so what else is new, Gordon Campbell embarrassed us for years, he still is, time to move on, this is throwing good money after bad..Not that i`m against punishment, the problem is, they won`t get any punishment, perhaps you remember the Taco-Del Mar bomber case in Vancouver, a case that concluded with a guilty plea....The man got house arrest for his sentence, let me remind you what this man did....

He committed insurance fraud for a relative and owner of a restaurant that was going bankrupt, that restaurant was the Taco Del Mar, this man, late at night, with containers of fuel, blew up the restaurant in a big old explosion, in fact he almost killed himself with fire and burns, the building was destroyed, 5 other buildings damaged badly too...Over$5 million dollars in damages, 1000`s of dollars in medical bills, ....This guy could have killed many, 2 weeks after the explosion the wife of the restaurant owner was found dead at the bottom of Lions Bay Cliff, an apparent stress related to the Taco Del Mar event suicide, or was it something else, was she insured too?....I don`t know about that......

The point I am making is this, if a man blows up 6 building with gasoline in an insurance fraud case, that leads to a suicide or worse, costs to the BC Medical and potentially endangering the public, a gas bomb for goodness sakes, when he was sentenced to house arrest with NO RESTITUTION at all, meaning he`s scott free, sitting at home with his pretty young pregnant wife with provisions for shopping and errands, ....If that`s what a real criminal gets for a sentence(read whole story here) what on earth is Joe Public caught up in a alcohol fueled mob mentality riot going to get....Nothing, so why bog down our courts with this crap?

My biggest complaint with all politicians, tell the truth, after the riots the Mayor should have said..."oops"...And moved on, the athletes village, same thing, the NPA screwed that project from the get-go, all this blather about how to fix the mess, eggs don`t get unscrambled, the Olympic village will lose hundreds of $millions in tax dollars,....Just tell the truth, too much effort has been put in to cover politician`s rear ends,...

Politicians need to give the people The Straight Goods, no matter where the blame falls!

Runner ups in Mayoral races don`t get any airtime, a tradition that hopefully remains...

Now go vote(Please)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christy Clark, Welcome to Fawlty Towers!

The BC Liberals broke the law, the legal fee indemnity for Government employees is straight forward, if you are innocent legal fees are paid, if found guilty or pleading guilty Government employees are required to pay their own legal fees, no ifs ands or buts...

The Toope report commissioned by the BC Liberals was two things, a waste of time and money and a lame attempt to shield a corrupt BC Liberal Government from public scrutiny, the move back-fired, Toope`s report has spawned more questions than answers, in fact the only thing the Toope report has done is confirm that the Christy Gordon Campbell Clark Government broke the law!..

Graham Whitmarsh, deputy minister of finance...First off, whether it was Bernadino, Whitmarsh, Loukidelis, whether it was Collins, Oppal, De Jong matters not, the real driving force behind the sudden conclusion of the BC Rail Corruption trial was one...

Gordon Muir Campbell and David Mclean, those two are indeed the power brokers, Campbell promised David Mclean a railway in 1996 and although a little late, Gordon  Campbell made good that promise in 2002, shortly after he won the Provincial election of 2001, an election where Gordon  Muir Campbell campaigned on a platform that was very specific, and I quote...

"I will not sell BC Rail" snip.......Now we know he sold it, Gordo the liar did cling to a story for some years after that he didn`t sell it, he leased it, well, a 999 year lease is no lease, it`s a goddamn sale, the reason why I brought this up, for what I`m about to say next saddens me, it saddens me how morally weak man can be, how smart, well-educated men can lie, cheat, steal, break laws and be basically bribed into doing anything, including wiping Gordon Campbell`s shit stains!

Graham Whitmarsh, the man has an impressive profile, well educated, a world traveler, here is a little background on Whitmarsh..

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc honours in engineering, Graham pursued a career in the Royal Navy as a warfare officer in nuclear submarines. During his time in the Royal Navy, he continued his education at Dartmouth Royal Naval College and Greenwich Naval College. His 17 year international business career included senior executive positions at British Aerospace, Sabre Airline Solutions, Harmony Airways, and Mercury Scheduling Systems, where he led experienced teams through large complex projects and new ground breaking initiatives, including public and capital asset financing and low cost operational service delivery. His business acumen and talents are diverse; extending to all aspects of corporate development, finance, account management, business systems, organizational planning and restructuring.
As head of the Climate Action Secretariat, Graham's responsibilities were critical to achieving the province's successful climate action agenda and setting the course to reduce greenhouse gas emission in BC by 33 percent by 2020 and ensure that the government of British Columbia is carbon neutral by 2010. Graham has led a world-class team of professionals from business, government and the environmental movement to help meet these ambitious goals. He played a leading role in establishing the Pacific Carbon Trust a new crown corporation which will play a key role in developing the fast growing carbon offset market in BC.

But talented doesn`t always mean successful or ethical, you will notice that Whitmarsh has a background at Harmony Air, yes indeed, both Graham Whitmarsh and Gary Collins worked hand to mouth at the now defunct Harmony Air and they both worked with the BC Ministry of Finance...

Pay special attention to the latter part of the above cut n paste, Graham Whitmarsh was appointed by a one Gordon  Campbell to be his climate action secretariat, imagine that, first off, BC has not reduced GHG emissions one iota since Whitmarsh was named head of Gordon Campbell`s climate scam, for that`s what it was, a SCAM! Whitmarsh although educated his expertise is in PR...You bet, he`s a spin doctor, Gordon Campbell needed spin doctors and gullible celeb eco sellouts like Tzeporah Berman to sell his snake oil,......EnCana Gas`s Cabin gas plant in Northern BC will be adding 3% to BC`s total emissions alone, imagine that, one single EnCana gas project adds 3% to BC`s total emissions alone....Hmmm..

So not only is Gordon  Campbell in Europe promoting the Alberta oil sands, Campbell is lobbying against clean fuel standards, the dirty low-down scoundrel not only jacked up BCers with a useless carbon tax he at the same time is lobbying for dirty fuel and expanded tar sand use, and who was Gordo`s BC PR man, the man he put in charge of the Carbon Tax and carbon offsets, no other than one Graham Whitmarsh....So Gordo makes Whitmarsh our climate secretary, our BC emissions rise, the carbon tax is useless and, ....CARBON OFFSETS....Pacific Carbon Trust, Graham Whitmarsh is the verbal architect of Pacific Carbon Trust, Graham Whitmarsh is the point-man for Gordon  Campbell`s climate scam that has funneled $10s of millions of public dollars  from schools and hospitals....

Full Stop.....BC`s emissions are rising, Gordon Campbell`s carbon tax is useless, BCers are stuck paying a rising carbon tax, meanwhile Gordon Campbell is lobbying for more pollution in Europe, and BC cash-strapped schools and hospitals have to pay $millions of dollars to EnCana gas .....The one company that has added more emissions to BC`s total than any other receives your tax dollars that were stolen from schools and hospitals....

The media in BC allowed Gordon Muir Campbell to commit these crimes in broad daylight, ... as you can see Gordo needed a PR man to sell his putrid pile of manure, the man up for the task was none other than Graham Whitmarsh, ....Whitmarsh soon after gets promoted to the position of Deputy Ministry of finance...From selling snake oil to spinning tales with both hands on the BC cheque book

The other player was once considered by most, including me to be an upstanding fighter, a good guy, a man in pursuit of the truth, the man the BC Liberals as late as January 2010 hated, a man the BC Liberal Government fought tooth and nail with, a one David Loukidelis,

So what happened, in February 2010 out of the blue it`s announced and confirmed that David Loukidelis  is switching teams, he went from head of the Freedom of information where he fought Government including taking them to court forcing documents to be released to ....Drum roll please...To being appointed by the BC Liberals to be deputy Attorney General for the Province of BC..

Everyone in my circle knew that trouble was coming, our once defender and fighter was now working with a corrupt BC Liberal Government....What was your price David Loukidelis?...How much money did it take?....For I believe it was then, at that time was when the planning for the day Basi and Virk were relieved of any legal fees was hatched!.....The two newbie dumbass stooges were placed in a position of power and ordered to do the deed...That deed being to sign off on Basi and Virk, upstanding so-called neutral people playing dumb and taking the heat, Loukidelis had a reputation for honesty, that`s why he was recruited for the deed,....For it must be true, nothing else makes sense, Graham Whitmarsh had already justified the theft of monies from  public schools and hospitals for carbon offsets, monies funneled to EnCana gas and Lafarge cement, $millions of public dollars shipped off to ultra rich corporations, Whitmarsh was willing to sell that slop, signing off on Basi/Virk would be easy...

So let`s run through this, you have a newbie appointed Deputy Minister of Finance in Graham Whitmarsh....And you have a really newly appointed Deputy Attorney General in David Loukidelis....

Here is a little excerpt from a Rob Shaw article that appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist, the link is now dead but we have this saved...(Thanks to our favorite mad scientist Ross K)

".....(W)hen special prosecutor Bill Berardino made the B.C. government aware on Oct. 5 that he had proposed to let the two men plead guilty, it fell to the deputy minister of finance, Graham Whitmarsh, and (Deputy Attorney General David) Loukidelis to figure out whether they would actually have to come up with the money, Loukidelis's statement read.

"A major consideration was the relatively small amounts that might be recovered from Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk compared to the millions of additional dollars it would cost the government to continue to fund defence, prosecution and court-related costs through to the completion of the trial, and to fund any appeals, with no guarantee of convictions," said Loukidelis.

"Based on the above, in our respective capacities the Deputy Minister of Finance and I decided to release Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk from their liability to repay. I communicated that decision to the Attorney General on October 8, 2010....."


Can you read, .....On October 5/2010 Bernadino made the BC Government AWARE!...

".....(W)hen special prosecutor Bill Berardino made the B.C. government aware on Oct. 5 that he had proposed to let the two men plead guilty, it fell to the deputy minister of finance, Graham Whitmarsh, and (Deputy Attorney General David) Loukidelis to figure out whether they would actually have to come up with the money, Loukidelis's statement read.

Bernadino informed the BC Liberal GOVERNMENT that Basi and Virk were pleading guilty to these charges if their legal fees are paid, Bernadino wouldn`t let senior Government know about a plea without telling them about a $6 million dollar gift to the guilty...these are lawyers after all!....The Government knew, and let`s be clear....

David Loukidelis is very smart, Loukidelis had only been a Deputy Attorney General for a whole  6 months,  Whitmarsh barely much longer as Deputy Finance Minister....So are you telling me that David Loukidelis, a newbie employee, a mere 6 months on the job was making a decision on breaking the law, at a cost of $6 million dollars, making a decision that clearly breaks the Government`s legal indemnity policy, $6 million bucks, involving a red hot trial that has been burning the Government for years, a trial being watched across Canada by legal and political junkies, the biggest BC Government corruption trial in the history of British Columbia with Gary Collins next on the stand.....The same Gary Collins who is not only a friend of a one Graham Whitmarsh but old-time working buddies at Harmony Air, and you expect me or any human being to believe that David Loukidelis didn`t take it up the food chain, at least as far as the Attorney General????? Or that Whitmarsh didn`t go up the food chain to next on the stand a one Gary Collins????......

Are you kidding me!.....There is no way Mike De Jong, Gordon Campbell or Colin Hansen didn`t know about the decision to forgive these legal fees, there is no way two-newbies went out on a limb in okaying breaking a long-standing straight-forward government policy, at the very least David Loukidelis would have sought advice from the Attorney General, who at that time was Mike De Jong....

It doesn`t matter, the plea agreement is just another distraction along the way, Collins, Lokidelis, Whitmarsh, Bernadino, all paid pawns hired to Cover Gordon Muir Campbell`s dirty stinking skid marks...

Really disappointed with you David Loukidelis, does everyone have a price?

The bottom line is the above players are spineless sellouts, they are protecting Gordon  Campbell and David Mclean, there is no way in hell that the BC Government, from select cabinet to the Premier didn`t know about the legal fee deal before it was signed, any BC Liberal Government that tries to say different is merely giving us the..."Dog ate my homework" excuse!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stephen Harper, Goo Man Dictator

Time, whether it`s standing still or racing is one of perspective, maybe, or perhaps it depends on which end of the hourglass one resides in...

Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper along with a huge assist from eastern pro-business media just told British Columbia and First Nations to Fuck Off and Shut Up...Graphic, you bet, first off, all the yak about getting more representation out west by adding more MPs for the next election, well, we get screwed again and nobody said a darn word about it, 30 new seats, 6 for British Columbia, 6 for Alberta, 3 for Quebec and 15 for Ontario,,,Where did we improve our situation, 18 eastern seats to 12 western seats and when you consider Alberta is almost all Conservative Blue, well, we didn`t gain anymore representation we lost ground on two levels, east versus west and right versus left, for now the interests of the east can dominate the western minority even more than is the case now, ...And I want to be clear, I don`t believe any seats should be added, redistribute the current seats, with politicians voting party lines more representatives means nothing, just more payroll, at a $1 million plus dollars a year to feed and fund another dancer on the conga line seems rather pointless..

 Poll after poll has BCers and Canada strongly opposed to oil tanker traffic off of BC`s Northern coast yet Conservative MP after Conservative MP, Federal Government and Harper mouthpieces one by one tout the Enbridge pipeline as a done deal, what about our representation, what about listening to the west, would 6 more BC MPs make a difference to a Government hell bent on pushing tar sand oil above all else.

The Obama administration last week called for an 18 month delay on the Keystone pipeline, this post, the theme of this post has nothing to do with either the rejection or approval of the Keystone pipeline, however if one reads the story behind the last link and peruses through the comments one would get the impression that B.C. doesn`t exist, from the author of the story to many commenters, they talk like...

"To hell with the Americans, we`ll ram the Enbridge Northern pipeline through British Columbia and sell oil to China"

Have I got this wrong, have I not been paying attention, did I miss something, when did the Federal Government or Enbridge ever say ....

"If we get approval on the Keystone pipeline the Northern Enbridge pipeline will be scrapped"

That was never said, big oil spooks are now talking about Enbridge as a back-up to the rejection of Keystone yet you know, I know, every goddamn conservative politician knows that Enbridge was getting rammed through no matter what the Keystone pipeline outcome....

Stephen Harper last month said and I quote..."The Keystone pipeline is a no-brainer for the US"

But now that Obama has put either an 18 month hold on a decision about Keystone and or the US will scrap it altogether Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty have come out firing subtle threats and....

And the Federal Conservative Government talks ultimatums which implicate British Columbians in profound way, Flaherty and Harper talk through BC, they talk like our voices don`t matter, our objections don`t matter, the federal Conservative Government has told British Columbians and First Nation`s people to....

Get stuffed, we will ram the Enbridge pipeline through British Columbia so Fuck off and shut the Hell up!....Graphic, indeed, but as statesmen both Flaherty and Harper revealed their true non-democratic colours, no real leader would treat British Columbia as a pawn on a chessboard ready for sacrifice....What do the present group of Federal BC Conservative MPs have to say about these latest developments?....

Absolutely nothing, the whole works of BC Federal Conservative MPs are prepared to heed the orders of Stephen Harper and Conga line from Fort Mcmurray through to Kitimat and BCers and First Nations be damned!...And do any of you believe that 6 more seats in BC would make a lick of difference when majority rules and independent thinking in Ottawa went extinct 2 decades ago!

Perhaps you think I`m overstating the case....Perhaps you missed these quotes.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, also in Hawaii, warned Friday the $7-billion Keystone pipeline project might not survive a delay until after the U.S. election next November, hinting that other buyers could be found for the oilsands output.

"The decision to delay it that long is actually quite a crucial decision. I'm not sure this project would survive that kind of delay," Flaherty said during an interview in Honolulu. "It may mean that we may have to move quickly to ensure that we can export our oil to Asia through British Columbia."

Read more:


“Canada will be looking for a buyer and so obviously the Keystone project is one that is proposed and one that we would like to see go forth, but obviously we’re a resource-based, energy-based country and we’ll be looking at all opportunities,” said Sarah McIntyre, a spokeswoman for Mr. Harper.
“While we are disappointed with the delay, we remain hopeful the project will be decided on its merits and eventually approved,” Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said in a statement.
“In the meantime, our government will continue to promote Canada, and the oil sands, as a stable, secure, and ethical source of energy for the world.”
The key lesson for Canada in the U.S. decision is that diversifying away from the country’s heavy reliance on the U.S. market is now an urgent priority, argued William Robson, president of C.D. Howe Institute, an economic think tank.
“We do want to make sure we aren’t hostage just to that one market because they don’t treat us as nicely as their self-interest suggests they should,” Mr. Robson said.
And that will mean pushing ahead with the Gateway pipeline to move oil sands crude to the West Coast and beyond, to markets such as oil-hungry China, he said.

And from Gywn Morgan

The United States is becoming a “less attractive customer in general for Canada, for not just energy but everything because of their own economic and financial difficulties,” said Gwyn Morgan, the former chief executive officer of Canadian gas giant Encana Corp.
“This is just another signal that Canada is going to have to diversify away from the United States, not just in energy but in everything else we can.”

The Federal Government would never treat Quebec like that or Ontario, if Harper and Flaherty ever talked over Quebec like they didn`t exist the eastern papers would be awash in criticism but it wasn`t Quebec it was British Columbia, the Eastern power brokers could care less, the Harper Government will ram through the Enbridge pipeline regardless of what first Nations or the MAJORITY of British Columbians or Canadians think....And where`s our BC Media reporting on this, British Columbia`s rivers would be at risk, BC`s coast line, BC`s one of a kind northern thriving eco-rich coastline would be at risk and we in British Columbia have zero say because a ruthless void of science and facts dictator named Stephen Harper only cares about his Alberta oil buddies.....Oh but isn`t Stephen Harper great, BC is getting 6 of 30 new seats in Ottawa!

Canada isn`t broke, the tar sand and gas fields aren`t going anywhere and life is short, what right do we have as BCer`s or Canadians to exploit natural resources as fast as we can, here in BC we have less than 30 years of natural gas if we extract it as fast as industry wants, same with the tar sands, Canada has a 200 hundred year supply at present extraction levels, but proposed projects and pipelines would see even the vast tar sands gone in 60 years, then what....

Christy Clark on her trip to Asia has proposed selling a BC Coal mine to Chinese investors, a coal mine in First Nation territory that will never be developed, Christy Clark is re-announcing old projects and blathering about projects that will never happen, like Prosperity mine and the destruction of Fish Lake and the Fraser river watershed...

Representation, Federal, Provincial, zippo, we have no representation, Christy Clark the photo-op queen will propose anything, Harper and the Conservatives will ram projects down BCers throat regardless....

My ancient cedar tree outside my window was here well before the first dribs of oil began to find their way across the border in 1952, when Canada sent an average 3,900 barrels a day south. That volume has grown nearly 500-fold. In 2009...

And when the last barrel of oil is shipped from Alberta my old cedar tree will still be here, Canada`s saviour will not be tar sand oil, the Alberta tar sands have been operating for decades and Canada`s national debt has risen faster under the rapid Alberta tar sand development era then any other time in history....

The time has come for long term thinking, slow and steady wins the race, if indeed peak oil  comes and world reserves of oil are exhausted, Canadians will only be fooling ourselves if we think Canada will be the only country with oil and countries will be lined up to buy.....Toxic water destroying mines, ground water polluted through chemicals and fracking, rivers of poison causing cancers and deformaties and 11,000 kilometers of poisonous tailing ponds to date.

Time, in less than a half-life of a cedar tree modern man will have polluted and poisoned the earth, it`s times like this I`m almost glad that I reside on the busy end of the hourglass

Representation, what representation..."All Heil Harper"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gordon and Michael Campbell....Criminal Minds

A special guest post from Robin Mathews.

Facts Maam, Just the Facts.
B.C. RCMP Sexual Harassment and the BC Rail Scandal
The BC Rail Scandal is so huge and so intricate that it reaches right into the present sexual harassment claims against RCMP officers made by Catherine Galliford, Krista Carle, and others.
Responding for the RCMP in a news release - under the Orwellian title “RCMP Health and Wellness” - BC RCMP Superintendent Kevin DeBruyckere states that the RCMP “encourages our members to report incidents of harassment….”
Ms. Carle has reported already that when she reported incidents of harassment the RCMP Management tried to cover up the problems. Males in the Force have made similar kinds of statement.
Attorney General Shirley Bond is completely unruffled by the news.  Negotiations with the RCMP for a 20 year contract with B.C. will go on as if nothing has happened, she has – in effect – said.  Ms. Bond, I suggest, is aware that the RCMP has so much on the Gordon Campbell Liberal Cabinet and its successors that she dare not suggest there will be any hitch in completing the new contract.
I suggest the BC Rail Scandal is governing the conditions under which the cabinet of British Columbia can negotiate with the RCMP.  But there is more ….
Let us remember Superintendent Kevin DeBruyckere.  He was a major investigator in the BC Rail Scandal leading to the criminal charges against Basi, Virk, and Basi.
Defence counsel claimed that he is the brother-in-law of Kelly Reichert, then executive director of the B.C. Liberal Party.  Defence counsel went on to ask in very assertive tones if Kevin DeBruyckere was conveying information about the investigation to Kelly Reichert who was discussing the matters with Gordon Campbell, then premier of the province.  Allegations were made in the media that Defence counsel had documents to back their position, documents that were never revealed because of the sudden shutting down of the trial.
Kevin DeBruyckere was – in fact – front and centre in the hasty, messy, odious, shutting down of the trial of Dave Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi.
Here is how I interpret major events. When the accused chose to change from their election of trial by judge alone to trial by judge and jury, they had to deal with the Special Prosecutor (who was illegitimately appointed to the position by the Attorney General’s ministry in which he had been for seven years partner and colleague of Attorney General Geoff Plant, and eleven years partner and colleague of Deputy Attorney General Alan Seckel).
The ‘dealing’ between the accused and prosecution resulted in an ‘Agreement of Facts’ between them - not a rare matter.  Often, to facilitate trial, accused and prosecution agree to a number of basic facts. 
This agreement of facts, however – as I interpret it – contained an “agreement” by the accused and their counsel that they would abandon certain inalienable rights the accused has to defend against criminal allegations.  They, apparently, agreed they would not question things like the investigation process, the involvement of certain high-ranking politicians – things, apparently, of that kind.
When the trial began a complete impasse occurred.  Everything stopped dead.  It did so because – as I interpret events - the accused refused to believe that the agreement they had signed was one in which they gave away some of their right to defend against charges.  But they had signed the agreed ‘Statement of Facts”.  Their counsel had also signed the Agreement.
Defence counsel was in a terrible bind.  They had signed, and – unlike the Special Crown Prosecutor - they were legitimately in the courtroom. They would stand by their signatures.  But the accused refused to accept the interpretation of the agreement of facts made by the Special Prosecutor.
The trial stopped.  The accused were advised to seek independent advice.  They did so. Some days passed. Then … the accused  decided to proceed with their counsel in place.  But it appears that something had happened in the minds of Defence counsel.
When the first Crown witness, Martyn Brown, long-time chief of staff for Gordon Campbell, took the stand, something happened – something dramatic.
Kevin McCullough, Defence counsel, asked Martyn Brown what he knew about the relationship of Kevin DeBruyckere and Kelly Reichert.  And – if I remember correctly – he asked … or he intimated that through those two men information about the investigation was likely being reviewed by Gordon Campbell.  Gordon Campbell, premier, was alleged by Defence counsel to be a principal in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR and, therefore, someone who should have known nothing whatever about the investigation.
No sooner was the question to Martyn Brown out of the mouth of Kevin McCullough than Special Crown Prosecutor William Berardino leapt to his feet and objected strenuously to, as he saw it, the breach of the Agreement.
High drama was playing out in the courtroom!  The judge on the trial, Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, had refused to acknowledge that William Berardino was illegitimately in the courtroom.  She was permitting – I am convinced – an illegitimate trial to proceed.  She was – some suggested – rushing the trial forward from pre-trial and was attempting to keep it packaged in a very small scope that kept away from major politicians and major private corporation wheelers-and-dealers.
The trial stopped again.  Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie had to rule on the legitimacy of the questions asked Martyn Brown by Defence counsel.
She, now, was in a bind, as I see it.  If she ruled that the questions were not acceptable, she might be seen as denying the rights of the accused to a fair trial – and that judgement might very well be made by a higher court on appeal.  She would not look good. I believe no higher court could approve of accused people signing away their right to a fair trial.  That would contradict the most fundamental principles of our legal system.
If she ruled that the questions were acceptable, the door would swing open to Crown witness after witness being questioned about the corrupt structure and dealings to transfer BC Rail to the CNR.  The trial would turn away from the three accused to their superiors in cabinet and in private corporations, and it might reveal to British Columbians a pattern of criminal behaviour at the highest levels in British Columbia.
Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie ruled that the questions asked by the Defence were acceptable … and it could proceed.
Alarm bells must have rung in cabinet and corner corporate offices all over B.C.  The trial had to be stopped right away, I believe. Negotiations with the accused and their lawyers went into full spate.  Only one other witness was half-way through being cross-examined by Defence counsel when the trial stopped.  Shut down. Ended. 
It was all over.  The Special Crown Prosecutor who was illegitimately appointed, and his assistants, would collect (from taxpayers) their (something like) $12 million dollars.  Defence counsel would be paid by the taxpayers their $6 million dollars. The accused would pay none of their costs of Defence. According to the auditor general of B.C., the approval of payment of the bills of the accused was nowhere minuted in cabinet proceedings – though cabinet approved the extraordinary payment of Defence counsels’ $6 million bill.
What sparked that rush to close up the trial?  The questions to Gordon Campbell’s chief of staff Martyn Brown about the relation and dealings between RCMP officer Kevin DeBruyckere, executive director of the B.C. Liberal Party Kelly Reichert, and Gordon Campbell, architect of the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR.
There was Kevin DeBruyckere smack in the middle of the matter that blew up the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial and caused it to end ignominiously. 
And here is Kevin DeBruyckere issuing a press release on the claims by female officers that the RCMP is riddled with sexual intimidation and other misconduct. And here is Kevin DeBruyckere holding hands, you might say, with Shirley Bond – the two of them saying everything is just fine.  Relax.  The RCMP is the heart and soul of integrity and the B.C. cabinet – stuffed with members from the Great Days Of The BC Rail Sell-Out – is aching for a twenty year renewed contract with the RCMP.
Thanks for that Robin Mathews, for your opinion matters, you went to the courtroom almost everyday, you witnessed first hand what angered the Government, your relentless pursuit of the law, the rule of law, the conduct of law, the BC Liberal crutch, the RCMP crutch....One corrupt entity covering for another corrupt entity.....Your passionate article Robin is in fact...Exactly what occupy Vancouver and the world is all about...

Gordon Campbell(Habitual liar) stole BC Rail, the price was election financing, every BC Liberal MLA is complicit in Campbell`s crimes....The Order (Oder) of BC should have never been allowed to honour either Ken Dobell, David Emerson or criminal Gordon Campbell, Bill Barisof, BC Liberal and speaker of the house, Barisof is also a bought man and sold his soul to shield Gordon Campbell.

When history looks back at the Gordon Campbell Liberals and all their crimes against humanity, the families of these bought politicians will be forever linked with corporate crime.

BC Rail is gone,  John Doyle has busted the criminal organization known as BC Liberals a dozen times, he busted them on the illegal forest giveaways(17% of Vancouver island given away to Rich Coleman`s brother), he busted them on theft of monies from BC Hydro, on ferries, on accounting practices, John Doyle can present smoking gun after smoking gun  evidence against the BC Liberal crime family and still nothing happens..

All we can hope for is once the BC Liberals are booted out of office in a left-wing rout that the new Government makes the appropriate changes to make sure no creature or criminal organization like the BC Liberals ever take power again, and for those of us who can`t wait for justice we are left to hope that stray bullets find their way into the heart and heads of this corruption...No tears will be shed

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open