Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(UPDATED FEB 4th)Christy Clark and CKNW, rigged radio contests!

Update 4:15 pm/Thursday/Feb/4th.....Tom Plasteras program director for CKNW has had a change of heart,an email was sent from Tom Plasteras to Brian ...And he has been advised to make arrangements to pick-up his two tickets to Hockey House,no explanation, no apology from Christy Clark, only that Brian was indeed caller number 8 and won the tickets.....And with that this story is closed, thanks folks.(by the way,Christy Clark wasn`t on air today, Simi Sara filled in and boy was she great, a pleasent voice and lots of Bravado!) Hopefully they keep Simi Sara on!

Just for the record....Brian from Garden Bay 2......Christy Clark 0

Well friends, an interesting little development, I have been working on a few stories,reading,relaxing, listening to CKNW and Christy Clark had a contest going on,well actually Christy usually gives something away everyday,well anyways, Christy while talking to her assistant....Christy states, for two tickets to hockey house be caller number 8.......So Brian calls in and lo n behold Brian from Garden Bay is caller number 8.....

So the guy who answered the phone asked Brian if he had won anything in the last 30 days to which Brian answered NO...The guy then asked for Brian`s name...To which Brian responded "It`s Brian from Garden Bay" The guy then paused and said wait a minute...The phone went dead......Brian called back three times and finally got through to the same guy who answered the phone....Brian said..."Where can I pick up my prize".......The guy responded, "Your`re banned"....And "Don`t ever call again"...........To which Brian responded...."What do you mean I` am banned, I was on the Bill Good show last Friday and the Friday before that"......To which the Guy said...."Your banned,don`t ever call in again".........

Well well well, that didn`t sit well with Brian....Brian called for the program director Tom Plasteras and was put foward to Tom`s assistant SONYA.....Brian explained what happened to which Sonja called Brian "Mistaken and he was not caller number 8"......To which Brian explained what the guy said,the part about have you won in the last 30 days, Sonya ended up hanging up as well......Brian attempted to leave a message for Tom Plasteras but the phone went dead!

So here`s the deal, CKNW`s radio contests are rigged....In fact when Brian Called back to the radio station the guy also said, he didn`t look at who was calling he just answered the phone, Brian said.....Your not supposed to see who`s calling,your just looking for caller number 8.....Which I am/was......So obviously all their call in contests are rigged at CKNW....Brian was of course going to give his tickets away to someone more needy in town......

The point is this,how can Brian be banned but not informed, how was Brian on the radio with Bill Good/Palmer/Baldrey for two weeks in a row and be banned,how can they illegally take a prize away from the legitimate winner!

Emails Here (Tell him what you think) (Tom Plasteras,program director)...

and here and for Christy Clark .. and Bill Good and What a two-bit outfit...Christy Clark has a hissy pissy fit because I made her retract and CKNW runs rigged radio contests! We will have to see how the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) responds to complaints of corruption!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Shame shame shame! That's like a rigged lottery run by a lottery corp. and the police would be called in.

Stick up for your rights!

Give 'em hell Grant!

Evil Eye said...

Since CORUS got rid of Mair, the entire station has fallen into disrepute and become as honest as Gordon Campbell.

I seldom listen to the station anymore, I do not phone in - but I do is write the advertisers that because they buy ads on NW, I will not buy their product.

Now, if you want frothing of the mouth, just do what the "Eye" does and hear the blather at the other end of the phone.

Ha, ha, ha!

Unknown said...

cknw in small letters because they are a small piece of crap people,that care for people that can do for themselves and not really want to help people that really are in need,for instance someone (although no one should be screwed)that put up 8 grand to rent a unit in whistler I'm sure that generosity could have gone to someone needier !

Anonymous said...

Grant, I think that you should tell Brian that he should bring up this fraudulent matter on this Friday's Cutting Edge of the Ledge.

Last week Brian took over the show - this week Brian should inform CKNW's entire audience about their fraudulent practices.

Let the TRUTH prevail!!!

Crankypants said...

It sounds as if Christy and her handlers still hold a grudge against Brian for forcing her retraction on the BC Ferries issue, such as it was.

I can see her tenure on that station coming to an end soon. Simi Sara subbed for Sean Leslie a couple of weeks ago on his weekend show, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them make a switch.

The sooner , the better, I say.

Grant G said...

That`s the part that is so silly....The Guy who answered the phone and said "congratulations your caller number 8"

He is the same guy who answers the phone for bill Good?
Why would he say your banned and never/ever call again,he put Brian through to Bill Good the Friday before...

This guy who was always polite was angry,nasty,almost like he had a gun to his head...Perhaps a screaming,tantrum,hair pulling,screeching Christy Clark?

The point is Brian Won,they screwed up, I have sent another letter off the the CBSC Canadian broadcast standards council...I`m still involved with round two of the BC Ferries retraction,That has to go to a hearing,now here I am back complaining again about a corrupt Christy Clark....

As for Brian controlling the Cutting Ledge last week...I think that is exactly what is going on,Palmer and Baldrey were fighting off Brian from the week before,bring on Brian and the whole show turned to the Brian from Garden Bay show....The prize was worth 200,00$ 2 one hundred dollar tickets....

Just picture in your mind Christy Clark screaming,yelling at the phone guy,stomping her feet and having to explain to Tom Plasteras AGAIN what happened....I think the CBSC are going to be upset about contest rigging!

Christy Clark hold a grudge,does a bear shit in the woods? I guess CKNW is angry that I won`t join their facebook page...LOL LOL...Makes Brian`s day to see Christy Clark pulling her hair out!


jaydee said...

These bottom feeders at CKNW and all other media outlets don't even try to fake it. They have a good teacher in felon Campbell. White collar crime is so big now it wouldn't surprise me if it is even bigger than Campbell and his gang and organized crime. The guy who answered the phone at CKNW when Brian called back said he 'didn't look to see who was calling' is dumber than dumb and needs a refresher course from Campbell on Crime 101. One of my best friends works for Dairyland doing one of their promos about the moo cow on selected Dairyland milk products. She is well-liked there, and the top prize was a new car. Mr. Big there told my friend she could claim the car for herself. Believe this...she is honest...and was shocked when she received this offer and told them no thanks. Never did find out who he gave it to.
Grant if you ever have time I would love to see you do some stuff on Dianne Watts. You mentioned her briefly a few days ago and I live in Surrey and for sure she is a carbon copy of Campbell. Getting too scary, so many people saying she should be the next premier (NEVER). In the Peace Arch News today (Feb.2/10) 'Watts quits transit post'. As you know she was the chair of the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation and a while back she and the other mayors gave more millions of our tax money to the appointed, unelected Translink board just to stay the status quo. The status quo?? Surrey and the south of the Fraser have lotsa new shiny, cost over-run, hugely tolled bridges that we can't get around because they will all be tolled and the working people have no choice but to take their cars to work. Yay Falcon, well done!!! There was a good article in the local paper a week or so ago when she showed her sly, venomous, control freak, corporate welfare loving self (her true colours). After her announcement on quitting the transit post Watts dismissed speculation she is clearing her agenda for a run at the leadership of the B.C. Liberals, if the premier steps down. "No,no,no", she said. Ha Ha Ha I don't believe her.
Thanks Grant, just keep on keepin' on complaining, we really do appreciate all that you do.

Grant G said...

Dianne Watts is in my crosshairs,,Christy Clark is now damaged goods...Carole Taylor,she stinks of skin tightener and old money...As for Dianne watts,look to her developer backers ...Hint Hint...24 score

One should check her brother in law who was running a home-based business from Dianne Watt`s home(without a permit)...The Transit post,why? Why was the key player removed and replaced by Greg Moore? This has got Bombardier written all over it!

Stay tuned!

Evil Eye said...

Aside from 'NW's questionable policies, one must ask the question: "Why was Christie Clark hired in the first place?"

She has little skill and her knowledge of regional issue are so slim, she is more of an embarrassment than anything else?

Was she hired because she was a 'mouth'?, or was she hired because she was a Liberal?

Certainly with her husband ties with the 'BC Rail Affair', I would have thought she wood be seen as damaged goods.

But hey, the premiers brother still has his radio program and is seen as some sort of economic guru. His 20/20 hindsight is just so bang on!

The really sad thing is that good old 'Top Dog' 'NW'98 is just a pale shadow of its former self and with the likes of Bill Boring and 'the nasty' Christie Clark, it is a radio station that is best left off.

Adiós 'NW!

Laila Yuile said...

Evil, here is a quote from Alex Tsakumis's site, written by Alex in reference to a conversation between him and another fellow, in this post:

" During the 2005 municipal election, I was still on the Board of the NPA in Vancouver. (I didn’t become a scribbler until later in 2005). My youngest daughter was going through life saving heart surgery about the time of the mayoral nomination, fought by Sam and Christy. I resigned from the campaign committee to assist my wife with caring for Giulia (who is fully recovered, thank God), but had an interesting conversation with someone, who stunned me with his revelation…

He knew that I was supporting Sam (and not just because Sam was clearly the better candidate, but, too, because Christy’s then husband would have turned City Hall into a federal Liberal Martinite outpost).

Then this same fellow said to me that while he was supporting Christy, he had some regrets…

“You know, Alec, I’m working awfully hard on getting her a sealed deal at NW for as long as she wants. She should go do that instead of Mayor. CKNW will do her political career much better and keep her name circulated and current…then we can run her for whatever she wants” I was so stunned, I wrote it down, it’s verbatim.

The man’s name?

Patrick Kinsella"

: )

Evil Eye said...

If Christie Clark ran for Premier as a BC Liberal, I would vote for Carole James, then hang myself!

Anonymous said...

Diane Watts is definitely not an average joe supporter. Big Business! Big developers! Same as McCallum - clear cuts all over, raping the hills for homes, and paving over agricultural land. Not a choice in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Grant - say congrats to Brian!

And after stike 3 - Christy's out! She probably had either a break-down or a tongue lashing after being inundated by e-mail. LOL. And she is probably peeved that her future replacement got to fill in today. LOL

Evil Eye said...

The 'Evil Eye' says hats off to Brian from Garden Bay and again the power of the blog is telling.

The 'Eye' is hearing many rumors of financial problems with the once mighty '98 and worried advertisers would not want any negative fall out from "Brian's ticket affair"!

Hopefully the die hard Liberal Christie will take a long walk off a short pier and go away and not be heard from again.

The only way to try to contain the Liberal cabal that runs this province is stopping their cash flow. We must take direct action to Gordo and the rest of his rancid band of halfwits and flim-flam artists and the only way to do is to deter advertisers from not placing adverts on the Liberal mouthpieces Bill Boring and Christie Snark.

Anonymous said...

Brian, why Keep up the charade of being Grant Gough, when anyone can do a quick look around the web and find out you are actually Bitter Brian? What, haven't you figured out how to get rid of Google Caches yet? Facebook?

Drop the act and tell the people who you really are.

jaydee said...

Woe is is Day 1 of the official media blitz for Dianne featuring Herself on the 6 pm and 11 pm CTV BS News hours, telling us how great she is and how democratic she is and all that nice stuff, while Spiderman flies around in the air (pants way too short, showing too much sock according to very expensive Vancouver-Oly etiquette book), too stupid to know he is co-starring with his replacement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... February 5, 2010 3:01 PM.
Brian, why Keep up the charade of being Grant Gough,Drop the act and tell the people who you really are.
An example of classical stupidity.An anonymous person telling another person to identify themselves....
You gotta be a Crusty Clark supporter to make such an silly request.

Henri Paul

Anonymous said...

The way to get rid of bill boring & crusty creme, is to show their advertisers that we are
pissed! Below are a couple of e-mail I sent to bill boring....

Mr. Good:
As of this morning we will be e-mailing, as well as regular mail to all your advertisers.
We will explain our agenda, and will re-emphasize our demands to them about
sponsoring your program. It is well within our rights to do so. Our numbers are swelling,
and all are resolved in continuing this boycott until we have arrived at a satisfactory
conclusion. Your options are simple, tell us the truth about gordo and we will back off.
Until then, full steam ahead sir. We are demanding only what we have been promised by
you. Unbiased reporting, and a clearer explanation of the "Raid on the Leg" over six years
Kam Lee


Senator Bill:

Just another note, re: sending people to another (read non supporter of your station)
contractor. Last week I sent you a email saying, "$28000.00 to anther company", and to
continue this theme, I have some more good news. Another company decided with my
help to utilize another contractor, to the tune of, get this... $45000.00! I will continue this,
until you see the light. Gordo is a lier, a drunk, and the worst thing for our province. I
have composed a list of current advertisers on your station, and I will focus on your show
and your suppliers. This now totals over $70000.00 of lost business for your roofing

The beat goes on!


Kam Lee

This is the only way to get to the sponsors, send business to others. I have received many
e-mails for the company in question, all with the same theme...stop please. Not until their
is justice. Bill retires, cristy gets fired, and gordo goes to jail , More to come.

Anonymous said...

this is bill good speaking,even though you've been ripped off by the oylimpdics,it's time to shut up and let us enjoy the olyimpdicks you payed and will keep paying for generations and by the way don't come downtown with your cars because we shut down lanes only we the privileged,can use and who gives a rats ass that you who are paying for this bullshit need to go to work to pay for this crap,get over it and enjoy this special time in my and all my colleges live you damn little pricks always try to spoil things with protests and your selfish demands for government handouts,for the love of god we can't have all this fun and pay for your simple little pee-on needs when will you ever learn we need to live a life style and there's no food or shelter for you and your demands to get around freely in the city and interfere with the games geez you must really think you live in a democracy p,s brian you really piss me off, jerk how dare you make me and all my other spinmasters look like freakin doltz,keith and smyth and baldry and cristy are livid I'm so glad that we're getting back at you by cutting surgeries selling off all your assets and damaging lakes and wilderness killing salmon and just wait till your hydro bills go up...and up and...well you know hopefully that will shut you loud buggers up,yeah that's the ticket make it too expensive to use any of your electronic equipment to make us look bad,heil gordo!!!!!!

Beth said...

Just in response to anon @12:06 Feb6,.. ..Donald Duck could be the mastermind of this amazing web page for all I care, so to Brian, or Grant and of course "Donald" a big thankyou for your tireless efforts in publishing what the big 3 gave up doing years ago, thanks again for reminding us of what is at stake here, I stopped listening to nw last year (except when Bill T. was on air) and I see I still have no reason to go back they sure want you and I to just shutup and go a way dont they? leave your brain at the door before you tune in

Anonymous said...

Dear... dear... Beth although you may think Donald duck,is running that operation,I think it's mickey mouse?

Anonymous said...

boy when pundits have to defend themselves from the likes of Brian from garden bay and old koot (I like the way he slithered that in)knew who it was right away,are they still pundits or shills? Boy,I never knew that they changed their format to a comedy routine,because those idiots on that station make me laugh how stupid do they think we are,and you can bet they'll use Simi Sara for there own personal benifit no matter what ,I just hope she doesn't take the meds that they prescribe!

Crankypants said...

Congratulations to Brian on getting your just reward. You may be a thorn in Christy's side, but the station has never advertised that only those that they deem desirable can win any of their contests.

And to those malcontents that insist on posting comments that are not relevant to the topic brought forth, GET A LIFE. Your immature comments are only surpassed by the lack of intelligence you portray. That probably means that you have the qualifications to be employed by the PAB if you are not already so employed.

Grant, keep up the good work. You have one of the better blogs dealing with what is happening in BC. You tell it like it is, pulling no punches, and if you are stepping on some toes in the process, so much the better. Unless I'm misinformed, none of your targets are taking you to court for defamation of character or whatever and to me that means only one thing. What you say cannot be disputed because we all know that your targets would never hesitate to use the judiciary to stifle you and your commentaries.


jaydee said...

Where's Grant, no posts since Feb.4/10 - hope you're ok and just getting some more good info together for us. Miss your blogs.

Evil Eye said...

Maybe Gordo and his personal Gestapo are practicing Nacht und Nebel? Maybe we will soon be getting Olympic style concentration camps?

Has evil won?

Kim said...

Grant. I hope you're onto a big story or a big fish. It might be a good time to run a virus scan too. Let us know that you're okay soon.

Anonymous said...

come on grant we need more,or have they done something to shut you up,I need to know what that con artist is up to now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard gordo on crusty's show this am. Interesting, he was sober, but he still lied. When he was asked, "With all the trucks & helicopters dragging snow down from wherever, will this still be considered a green owelipics?" He answered (snicker, snicker) yes. He still lies, as he is the only one who thinks this way. What a waste of skin.

jaydee said...

Well really, does anyone know where Grant is and if he is ok...getting concerned. I've never seen him stay off here for this long. Any ideas of how to find out about him?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is been held captive by the PABsmears. Lets hope all is well.

jaydee said...

Anon at 7:12, Kim, Evil Eye, Cam - Those PAB's are cowards, all mouth, no action. Can anyone think of anyone we might be able to find out from if he is OK, maybe Laila, BC Mary......? Just seems really strange unless he is maybe working on a really, really big story but then still think he would check in with so many people wondering if he is OK.

Anonymous said...

OMG, what happended to Grant? In an earlier post he was very worried about his own personal safety about speaking the truth.

I hope he's not another victim of El Gordo using his RCMP minions against him. I also hope that the evil PAB has not done him in.

Be very worried about those crooks. They have a motto -"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." They have powers beyond which each of us can comprehend!

jaydee said...

Anon 9:47 pm,
What to do? How can we find out, does anyone know him personally or his dad? Scary, he seems to love what he does and couldn't be away this long?

Evil Eye said...

Could be that he has probably been served with a "Libel" action by Campbell or his agents. Part of a Libel action is a 'cease and desist' order from blogging.

Though, as the blog has not come down, this maybe unlikely. Let's face it, Grant has scored so many direct shots at Campbell the Fascist and his media friends that that maybe he has 'disappeared' for personal safety.

The "Eye" was once threatened in such a manner that several pubs and cafés were "no-go" areas for over a year.

As there has not been any missing persons reports from the Sunshine Coast, I would think he is just 'taking stock'.

The only other alternative theory is an assassins '22' in the back of the head, which Der Leader in Victoria knows a few.

Anonymous said...

He could also be working on a HUGE story set to break the same day as the Grand Poobah opens the games? Give the foreign press something to really sink their teeth into - we can only hope. GC needs to be embarrassed before the world...though he was once - didn't do a damn thing to his ego.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone, don't worry- sometimes as bloggers, life happens and we are not always able to post for whatever reason,or even simply because we are ill, or on vacation and we dont want anyone to know. I've been in the position myself once or twice, and yes, everyone freaks out, but the people who know us personally,know whats going on. I'm sure this is the case with Grant. For people like us who blog about contentious issues, it's never a good idea to post a prolonged absence on the blog, but if he is sick with flu or something,he just may not feel up to posting.

Try to be patient!

G West said...

Very nice stuff Grant.

I haven't laughed so hard for ages.

These guys are too funny for words. Personally, if I were you, I'd USE the tickets myself and get some candid shots of what's going on...might be some beautifully embarrassing stuff of local celebs with their pants around their ankles.

You think?

Keep up the good work...I'm trying to work up some contacts in the international media...folks who might be interested in describing to the world the way 'news organizations' actually operate here in BC.

Kim said...

G West. Good for you, are you going to link them up with some of these blogs?
Laila. You are right, of course, but we can't help but worry. Like I said, I hope he's gone fishing and will reappear shortly, but the worry factor says alot about our political climate.