Monday, June 28, 2010

George Abbot gets Tarred and Feathered!

Gordon habitual liar Campbell and Colin ferret face Hansen just don`t get it, B.C. Liberal MLAs don`t get it, in my entire life have never seen such anger, I remember when the GST was brought in and it can`t compare to the outright fury over the HST!

Sunday evening George Abbot`s constituency office was tarred and feathered, hot tar with fecal excrement mixed in, and feathers, we are not talking about a BC Liberal who barely won his/her seat like Donna Barnett in Caribou Chilcotin or Don Mcrae in the Comox valley, George Abbot won his seat by a bunch, of course there was tough talk from Bobble head Abbot about catching and punishing those who punked him but I think they deserve an award, you see folks that is what it has come to in B.C, The Government ignores the masses, they claim we don`t understand the HST, that is so false, the fact is people understand the HST all too well!......Read about the tar and feathering here

I wouldn`t be surprised if more Liberals aren`t targeted, and believe me, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the police won`t be looking very hard to find the culprits, after all, the cops hate the HST too......I wonder how many BC Liberals have thought of that?

David Shreck had an interesting post yesterday on the HST......David was subtle but Shreck sent a shot across the bow of the BC Liberals......What David Shreck said was......:By the time "Recall in the Fall" (November 15) can be started we should be able to compare prices on the consumer index for B.C. and all other Provinces, for example, when November starts we can look at September numbers, or in September we can see August numbers, a month by month consumer index of household goods.....So we will be able to see if prices RISE or FALL.....And David Shreck also has a link which will show the restaurant numbers, month by month, year over year, and you can bet the NDP, Zalm, and others are documenting current prices in all Provinces....

So friends, with all of us, and sharp shooters like David Shreck monitoring prices very very carefully......So Campbell and Hansen can twirl, spin, and propaganda us until their blue in the face....The numbers will speak for themselves, and I can just imagine the anger people will have if they have a loved one die of a heart attack, stroke, accidental death, car wreck, not only will they be in mourning but when they have to pay an extra $1000 in NEW HST TAX on funerals....Well...Someone might blow their top, from weddings to funerals to ice hockey registration to labour on car repairs, labour on renovations, from birth to death Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen will be digging in your pocket! You can read David Shreck`s cheeky, shot across the bow here

I have bookmarked David Shreck`s links to the restaurant information and the Province by Province consumer index, I will be able to report on the rise of prices, so all those BC Liberals won`t be able to hide in the spin cycle, the numbers will speak volumes, numbers don`t lie.

Unemployment numbers don`t lie, we lost 10,000 jobs in April, soon we will have the May numbers...

So I echo David Shreck`s shot across the bow......Beware BC Liberals....You are already a corpse party beyond revival, and when prices are shown to rise, when unemployment numbers rise, where are you going to hide?

I suggest you don`t hide in your constituency office!

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France lowers Restaurant tax from 19.6% to 5.5%

Very interesting folks.....In Europe...Restaurants have been the biggest offenders in the underground economy, in fact restaurants have had to use Government bill books, there have been many sting operations, what they Government officials do.....

They ask for customers to show a receipt after leaving the restaurant..........

So France and most other European countries have and or about to lower the HST on restaurant meals...

In France the tax on meals is being slashed......The rate is being lowered from 19.6% to 5.5%....

The reason they are lowering the tax is simple, lower tax, more people eat out, more people get jobs, also it will almost end the huge underground economy in restaurants in Europe....
A short post friends, just more proof how the HST will hurt the restaurant industry, and hurt the B.C. economy. You can read about France slashing their HST here

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FortisBC Joins Gordon Campbell`s Clean Energy Scam

Another one of Gordon Campbell`s friends applies to commit a scam, a con, a ruse, a deal that will harm fish, risk a watershed and will require more imported power than the entirety of the power it will produce!

This deal folks is a gouging scam....What FortisBC proposes is this.......

FortisBC wants to pump water out of Nicola lake uphill to a man-made reservoir and then during peak hours (Between 4pm and 9pm) release the water back to the lake and produce electricity......

There are many glaring problems and contradictions with this plan......I will start with the biggest problem.

  1. It will take more power to pump the water uphill than it will recover on the water`s return to the lake.
  2. There are already problems with low water years, there is no guarantee how much water will be available for pumping.
  3. The lake will be lowered by about 1 foot during the pumping uphill process.
  4. The lake water will be warmed by this process.
  5. The disturbance to fish on the waters return will be severe.

Let`s start with the first one....The project claims it will produce 770 megawatt hours, but it will require importing 1200 megawatt hours from Alberta!

So here Gordon Campbell has been lying about the import/export power ratio in B.C......Gordon Campbell has been running around crying foul about importing dirty power from Alberta in the middle of the night, this project will increase that ratio and will directly mean importing MORE dirty power....FortisBC wants to buy cheap power in the middle of the night from Alberta which it will use to pump the water uphill.....Then when power rates are higher during peak use periods they plan on releasing the water back to the lake?

BC Hydro has been making lots of money for our Province for decades doing the same, BC Hydro would buy power in the middle of the night, dirt cheap Alberta power that would other wise be wasted, you can`t store electricity....But there is a big difference, BC Hydro was not importing more power than what they were producing, BC Hydro wasn`t using the Alberta power to pump water uphill, BC Hydro wasn`t buying twice as much power to produce half the power....

This will adversely hurt fish, the Nicola lake watershed will be warmed.....Water will race back to the river at 20 times the rate that the Nicola lake empties into the Nicola river!

This project is a net energy loss, a net loss of power by hundreds of megawatt hours.

If this project was to proceed it would mean that Gordon Campbell`s clean energy scam would have to scam us with another project .....Because as you know, Campbell claims that we must be energy efficient by 2016.....With projects like this will only add to the import/export deficit...This is a scam, everything Gordon Campbell does is a scam........Gordon Campbell....You must stand up and say...

(This project goes against everything I have been saying about being self sufficient, the project is dead)....But friends, Gordon Campbell will not say that, this project is about firming up intermittent wind can read the story here.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Liberals Defect and Flame Out!

I understand many of you are upset with B.C. Liberal`s Friday trash day, but this is a day for celebration, the big red machine is leaking oil, a burning wreck, a siezed up engine, in fact the Liberal machine is off to the scrap yard.....Let me explain.

Let`s start with Jane Thornthwaite, Gordon Campbell wanted Jane Thornthwaite to plead guilty, but.....The riding association was never going to give Jane Thornthwaite the nomination, she was polling so low, the HST, drunk driving, Jane Thornthwaite was/is going to be a 1 term MLA.
So, Jane Thornthwaite not liking Gordon Campbell anyway, she is hated in her riding, she bit the bullet with the HST, not running again, so Jane Thornthwaite told Gordon Campbell to get stuffed, she will take her chances in court, maybe she wins, maybe she loses, that doesn`t matter, Campbell has lost the steering wheel on even lowly backbenchers!

Yesterday Bill Good had Dianne Watts on as a guest, Dianne Watts was short listed as world Mayor of the year, .......Bill Good took many calls and what came out of Dianne Watt`s mouth confirmed my earlier posts.....

Dianne was asked about sending garbage to Cash Creek...Remember Campbell`s buddy Gary collins got a sweet deal for the garbage dump, Gregor Robertson is opposed....So is Dianne Watts, she doesn`t want Campbell`s buddy to make a fortune on garbage....Dianne Watts was asked about Skytrain.....Watts said....Skytrain is too darn expensive, give us light rail ......Watts has gone against Campbell`s skytrain mafia!.....And the big one, she was asked about the HST...

Watts said....We have soccer moms, hockey dads, the tax will hurt families, we need to back off and get rid of the HST or take a year and change it.....And Bill Good asked Dianne Watts about running for Provincial politics....Dianne Watts said....Not on your life, who would want to get involved with that mess.....Watts said she is very happy where she is.....

In other words friends, she has told Campbell and all the rest of the desperate Liberals to go to hell! She will not sacrifice her political future on a party that is nothing but a smoking wreck!

Now let`s get to the big one....John(I am not a crook) Les........The CBC at 6:00pm did the story...They read excerpts from the special prosecutors report, they weren`t kind, he was not exonerated, John Les looked guilty as the reporters peppered Les with questions, it was very disturbing, Les used the phrase..."There isn`t one shred of evidence that I am guilty" Oh yes there is...The reporters continued to hammer away....The CBC interviewed people in Chilliwack...

They all think the deal stinks, they think John Les is guilty, they believe John Les is lying...The CBC made it quite apparent that the special prosecutor wanted to press charges but there wasn`t the smoking gun but in all retrospect, the only one who benefitted was John Les....

And John Les gets to keep the "Proceed`s of crime".........CTV/GLOBAL....I caught all 3 reports on John Les, not one was flattering, although Keith Baldrey was trying to down play the anger, Baldrey looked very concerned!

So here`s the deal, Dianne Watts told Campbell and the B.C. Liberals to drop dead....Jane thornthwaite thumbed her nose at Gordon Campbell and said screw you loser!......And John Les...

Unreal, the PAB(Public affairs bureau) messed up, they underestimated the anger, they blew it, John Les blew it, Gordon Campbell blew it....They all missed the boat, they all called it an exoneration when that is not what the special prosecutor said....The prosecutor basically said that John Les was guilty but there was not enough evidence to get a conviction.....

It would have been better, believe it or not if Jane thornthwaite plead guilty and John Les had charges laid, now the people saw what I saw, 2 more guilty Liberals getting a walk....."Recall in the Fall"

This is a night to rejoice friends, my first smile of the week!

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John Les, Jane Thornthwaite, Leaches of taxpayer dollars!

Well friends, another empty the trash bin Friday for Gordon Campbell and his corrupt Government,let`s start with Glug Glugger Jane Thornthwaite.......

As you know during the Olympics Jane Thornthwaite was drinking and partying at Sochi house, after she consumed more than enough alcohol at Sochi House, Jane Thornthwaite took the sea bus to the North Shore, it is there where she got in to her vehicle and drove, she took the back door route to North Vancouver, unfortunately for Thornthwaite she drove right into a RCMP road block, the police after doing a car check believed Jane Thornthwaite was under the influence of alcohol, they took her back to the police station and conducted official breathalyzer tests, Thornthwaite blew well over the legal limit...........

The shit hits the fan, what an embarrassment to gordon Campbell and his Government, the following days Jane Thornthwaite made several public statements, I would like to quote a few of Jane Thornthwaite`s public statements.....And I quote

"I know what I did was wrong and I full responsibility for my actions" SNIP......

"I didn`t think that I was that impaired, and I know that even one drink is too many"snip

So that my friends is what Jane Thornthwaite did.....And those were here statements following this shameful event, the next step was for the Government to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Thornthwaite drunk driving.........

The special prosecutor has indeed approved charges against Jane Thornthwaite for impaired driving, so that should be the end of right?.........She should plead guilty and move on with her life within Gordon Campbell`s Government, well..............

Friday trash day.......Jane Thornthwaite has pleaded not guilty in court!

OK....Lets go back to Jane Thornthwaite`s on the record PUBLIC STATEMENTS.......

and I qoute...."I know what I did was wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions"snip....And....

"I didn`t think I was that impaired and I know that one drink is too many"snip

What part of taking responsibility is that, she has all but confessed to drinking and driving, our tax dollars are now going to be used for Jane Thorthwaite to try and beat the charge on a technicality, a charge that she has already confessed to, a charge she has admitted to, a charge that Jane Thornthwaite never denied, a charge that Jane Thornthwaite apologized to her constituents for committing.......

Jane Thornthwaite is upholding the B.C. Liberal mantra, if you can`t win cheat, lie, corrupt, make us all proud Jane Thornthwaite, way to take "full responsibility for my actions"

You can read about the court plea here

Although the gutless drunk Jane Thorthwaite didn`t have the courage to appear in court in person, her lawyer entered the plea on her behalf......Hope you are real proud of your MLA north shore!

And now John Les.....And I apologize to my readers, John Les will not be charged, I was wrong, or was I?

The statement from the special prosecutor who was investigating the John Les land fraud case is.....

John les was the benefactor of the land deal, the land SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT of the Agricultural land reserve, but the likelihood of a conviction against John Les is slim, we can`t prove that John Les put undue pressure on Grant Sanborn........

Charges have been approved against Grant Sanborn, a zoning official in Chilliwack that worked under John Les when he was Mayor of Chilliwack, the prosecutor also said that there was a culture of development in Chilliwack under John Les.............Read the more details on Grant Sanborn and John Les affair here

There have already been statements from Gordon Campbell and John Les on this decision, Gordon Campbell stated......."I haven`t read the special prosecutors report yet but I`m glad John Les has been exonerated"snip......And From John Les......"I knew I did nothing wrong and I`m glad I have been completely exonerated"snip.....

Well folks, John Les hasn`t been exonerated, the special prosecutor said....... "There was an unlikelihood of a conviction" snip

Let me put this in context, a man robs a bank, he doesn`t get caught right away, the bandit spends money, the thief gives $50 thousand dollars to his friend, eventually through tips from the public they catch and charge the crook, the bandit has admitted spending the stolen loot, the bandit admits giving $50 K to John Les........The bandit is jailed and charged but the $50k John Les gets to keep and spend!

The special prosecutor has said about the John Les property...."The Rosebank properties should have never been released from the agricultural land reserve"snip

That in no way is an exoneration .......John Les...You stink, Gordon Campbell...."Birds of a feather flock together"

You have not been exonerated by the special prosecutor, your ex-employee fell on his sword to protect you....But if Gordon Campbell considers that an exoneration it shows how corrupt and out of touch with reality Gordon Campbell is.....

Jane Thornthwaite...."I know what I did was wrong and I take full responsibility for my actions" Jane Thornthwaite.......

Nothing more needs to be said by me at this time.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michael Levy and Fraser Institute Unplugged!

Time for the Fraser institute and Michael Levy to get pitchforked where it hurts, right through their heart, the Times Colonist has a follow up story about the Stats Canada and Fraser institute report on the HST.

Big time economists are laughing at the Fraser institutes assertions, they are calling the Fraser institute report "Cryptic" ...."Methodology skewed"...."Numbers out of Whack"

Indeed friends, as we here at the Straight Goods reported yesterday the Fraser institute numbers are bunk, crap, garbage, nothing but right wing drivel!

Yet Michael Levy on CKNW today tried to discredit Stats Canada report while he was lauding the Fraser institute garbage mystery report!

Like I have been saying, anything Michael Levy says must be considered messaging from the enemy, Michael Levy is a con man, a stamp salesman(no offence meant to honest stamp salesmen).....Michael Levy has agreed with the Fraser institute in NEVER RAISING the MINIMUM WAGE.

Tomorrow Michael Levy will probably be on CKNW spinning again, I implore you readers to call in and hammer Michael Levy, hammer Bill Good! They both have their face kissing Gordon Campbell`s butt cheeks.

I`m sorry for being so graphic but it`s time that the public removed Bill Good and Michael Levy from the airwaves, they are working for Gordon Campbell, they are attempting to hurt you financially, they don`t care about you, your family, your children, they care about nothing but the ideology, Rich people first and to hell with everyone else.

Please friends, read the story in this link, call Global news, email all the editors at newspapers, scream at them, time to sharpen the pitchforks!

Time for the public to be in front of B.C. Liberals MLAs homes 24/7 with protest signs, bullhorns(keep it peaceful)......

Time for MLAs to look over their back wary of an outraged public, time for Michael Levy and Bill Good to go to hell!

Read the story debunking Michael Levy and the Fraser institute here.......

By the way, on CTV news tonight Bill Good...... Again he was pimping the Fraser institute garbage report, no mention of Stats Canada report....On Global news, no mention of the Stats Canada report, no mention again on BC Rail trial, yet they had a piece from the stooge Keith Baldrey, his piece tonight was.....B.C. is booming, tourism up, business confidence is up, employment is up(Really Keith, explain how B.C. lost 10,000 jobs last month?)...Home sales are up(really Keith, explain why May was dead month for real estate sales in B.C.)....

You see folks, no matter how much Gordon Campbell lies, no matter how much he screwed the economy, no matter what our Government does Keith Baldrey, Global news, Bill Good,Michael Levy will defend, lie, use propaganda, manipulate, and people wonder how Hitler got away with it!

Look in the mirror Bill Good(try not to throw up)...Ask yourself, why am I doing this, why am I lying to people, why am I defending a corrupt liying bastard who hates children, who hates seniors, who hates everyone who isn`t rich.......How much damn money do you need Bill Good?

Make sure to read the link, it explains everything that was deliberately flawed with the Fraser institute report.

The Straight Goods

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Michael Levy Lies on CKNW and was Caught!

Well well well, today on the 12:30 segment on CKNW Michael Levy lied on the radio, Simi Sara caught Levy red-handed and red-faced and stuck it in his face!

Indeed friends, the cluck cluck liars club on CKNW are running around like chickens with their head cut off, yesterday Bill Good and CKNW pimped the Fraser institute all day long, they headlined their news cast with the Fraser institute story twice an hour, CTV news last night ran with the same story, Niels Veldhuis spun like a top with Simi Sara, he spun false facts too...

Later in the day yesterday the completely NON-Political Stats Canada released their HST study which thoroughly debunked the Fraser institute, the Vancouver Sun had the story last night from stats Canada then for some reason it was yanked, but it was too late, the story had gone viral, they put the story and link to it back for a short while today...

Meanwhile CKNW attempting to do damage control for Gordon Campbell .....Bill Good ran a phony segment with a lousy guest who couldn`t speak with any clarity, the segment, before they ran the segment Bill Good advertised the segment as .......It shows the HST will cost families money, but when the segment arrived the lousy speaking guest waffled and back-peddled and actually was soft-selling the HST...The guest was a professor from UVIC....Obviously his bosses laid the law on him, the segment was a complete bust for both sides!

That brings me to the Simi Sara show(filling in for Crusty cluck cluck Clark).....Her 12:30 segment featured no other than Michael Levy......And Michael Levy was spinning like a top and fabricating his own facts, no, he lied and was caught....

Yesterday Simi Sara did a segment and let the Fraser institute spin, so when Simi Sara read the Stats Canada story she wanted clarification as to which story/report was factual.......

So CKNW brings in Michael Levy.....Levy said that he preferred the Fraser institute report, Levy said that both reports had political leanings, Michae Levy said that the Fraser institute report took into consideration that businesses would pass on all the savings they would realize through the HST, and................

Michael Levy said....The stats Canada report didn`t take into consideration that business would pass on any savings!.....................FULL STOP friends.

That is a categorically false statement, I read the stats Canada report and they arrived at their numbers by assuming that business would PASS ON EVERY DOLLAR of SAVINGS to CONSUMERS and.....Stats Canada took into consideration every tax cut, every tax credit, every HST rebate to the poor, the stats Canada study used 30 different simulations and extrapolated their numbers from a massive million plus BC individuals!

Well....At this point I was ready to pull my hair out but......

Simi Sara slammed Michael Levy with a full frontal assault, Simi Sara read the stats Canada report and quickly straightened out Michael Levy and what Simi Sara said to Levy was....

"I read the story in the Times Colonist and Stats Canada did factor in businesses passing on every dollar of savings"

At this point I heard Michael Levy jaw hit the floor, Bill Good would have never corrected Michael Levy but Simi Sara roasted Levy with facts, at this point Levy starts back-peddling and talking about prices falling in Atlantic Canada which has never been proved and of course Levy never mentioned once that Atlantic Canada....As an incentive to accept harmonization Atlantic Canada had their tax rate lowered by 4 percentage points, that is not happening here. Michael Levy is a fool, a Gordon Campbell, Fraser institute PIMP, Stooge, idiot!

You can read the Stats Canada report on the HST here!

You can hear Michael Levy attempt to lie on CKNW here.

Cue-up 12:00 pm June 22....Fast forward to about 12:35 pm, the segment runs til 1:00pm.

Further to this story, the Simi Sara 1:00pm segment to 1:30pm segment featured Bruce Raulston(NDP finance critic)....And Simi asked Bruce Raulston about the Stats Canada report, Bruce Raulston clarified and said that Michael Levy was totally wrong and in fact Stats Canada assumed that business would pass on 100% of their savings in their study, Raulston also clarified that Stats Canada took into consideration every tax cut, every tax credit and low income credit!

Sorry Folks, I get angry, Michael Levy is such a bullshitting con man, he deliberately misleads listeners, he omits facts, today he attempted to put one past Simi Sara and all the listeners, good job by Simi Sara laying Levy out for the 10 count, good job by Bruce Raulston rubbing salt in Michael Levys open bleeding wound!.....Levy also attempted to lump Stats Canada into the same political sphere as the Fraser institute, Levy totally dismissed stats Canada while at the same time promoted the Fraser institute, anything out of Michael Levy`s mouth must be considered messaging from the enemy!

The Straight Goods

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vancouver Sun, HST story vanishes! UPDATED JUNE 21

B.C. households to be hit hard by HST, analysis shows

The average B.C. household could take a hit of $521 to its bottom line next year as a result of the harmonized sales tax, according to a model prepared for the Victoria Times Colonist by stats Canada.


Updated with new link at bottom of this post.

The above the line title and words were cut and pasted directly from the Vancouver Sun front page.

What the heck is going on folks, there was a story in the Vancouver Sun, the story was about the latest Stats Canada study, the story stated, after an in depth study that all households in B.C. are going to get hammered by the HST, the story completley debunked the phony Fraser institute story, as you know I reported on and posted directly below about the Fraser institute report, after the Stats Canada story came out in the Vancouver Sun I updated the below post, in checking out the comments in the stats Canada story in the Vancouver Sun, I posted 2 comments under their story, when I returned to the story the link on their front page was dead, I quickly Cut and Pasted what they had left on the front page, I quickly came to my site and pasted into this post, then I returned to the Vancouver Sun and all traces of the story had vanished!

Unless they decide to re-run the story, one moment it was there, then it vanished, I cut and pasted the above from the Vancouver Sun, for whatever reasons, the headline was there but when you click to go to the story, it states, "Story is not available, but it was there..HMMM?

It`s a good thing I cut and pasted what I did, because I just went back to the Vancouver Sun and all traces of the story have vanished!

The stats Canada story stated that the B.C. HST would cost average households anywhere from $538 to over $1100 dollars, the stats Canada report ......Even with that, to arrive at those numbers they assumed that businesses would pass on every dollar of savings to BCers, and we know that won`t happen, so the hit to households will be far larger than even Stats Canada stated!....

Updated here June 21

Thanks to our faithful readers we have located a new link to the stats Canada story on the HST....Read the story here

Hopefully this link doesn`t get purged from cyberspace, never the less, it doesn`t explain why the Vancouver Sun vaporized the story, the emails I sent to Patricia Graham(editor-in-chief) of the Vancouver Sun have not been answered yet, I will keep you all informed.

Too late Gordon Campbell, I will find the story elsewhere. You are done Gordon Campbell, lies exposed, true facts revealed!

The Straight Goods

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Fraser institute Con Artists Exposed! Updated June 21

A shocking update at bottom of the post!

Absolutely stunning, the Fraser institute has come out with a phony report claiming the HST will be a boon to low and middle class families, in fact the Fraser institute states that low income families will be ahead money, they claim middle class families will be even and wealthy families will be out a mere $65 dollars per year..HA HA LOL.

The Swiss Cheese report by the Fraser institute, that`s what I am calling their report because it`s so full of holes it couldn`t hold water or stand up to any scrutiny, let`s go to work friends exposing The Straight Goods.

Let`s start with Dalton McGiunty(Ontario Premier)...Dalton Mcguinty a few weeks back finally admitted that the HST will cost middle class families between $862 and $1732 dollars per year, and Dalton is sending middle class families $1000 dollars this year to partially offset the first year of the HST, meanwhile these clowns at the Fraser propaganda institute have the gall to claim everyone in B.C. will be ahead with the exception of the wealthy, the rich will be out a lowly sum of $65 dollars per year, read Dalton McGuinty`s admission here

The numbers, gee whiz folks, numbers don`t lie, the con man from the Fraser propaganda ministry also toss numbers around that don`t make any sense, they state that the HST is revenue neutral to Government, I concede that, the Fraser Group also state that business will pay per year $1.9 billion fewer dollars in tax, I agree with that, the Fraser group state that BCers will pay an extra $1.9 billion per year in tax.......

That makes no sense at all, if we divide $1.9 billion by 4 million BCers it comes to $500 dollars for every man, woman and child in B.C.......But as you know, children pay no tax, also the Fraser institute states that 1.1 million BCers will get an HST tax credit ($230 dollars per year, although many of the tax credits will be half that amount)......But for argument sakes lets keep all those tax credits at $230 dollars, ....$230 X 1.1 million people = $243 million dollars...

$1.9 billion minus $243 million = $1.657 billion dollars.......So even if those families and individuals are made whole with their tax credit that leaves 3 million BCers to pay to Business...

$1.657 billion dollars per year to be paid by the remaining 3 million BCers comes to pay $550 dollars each, everyone of the remaining 3 million BCers would have to pay $550 dollars each, that includes man, woman, and child, the numbers don`t lie, the Fraser institute is intentionally conning BCers, and let`s remember who funds the Fraser institute, banks, big industry, mining, oil n gas, ......

Back to the numbers, pure math tells us that 3 million BCers will have to pay $550 dollars each, but, there is about 1 million of the remaining 3 million who don`t work and pay taxes, I am talking about children, babies, young teenagers, so when you deduct the 1 million from the total, that leaves roughly 2 million BCers to pay $1.65 billion dollars, divide $1.65 billion by 2 million people = $900 dollars per tax payer per year...

Sorry Fraser institute, those are the hard numbers, the Fraser fools also talk about the B.C. Government lowering income taxes and raising the pay no tax threshold to $11 thousand dollars, well......

That is very interesting, because those tax changes were announced two years ago and were budgeted in the spring of 2009....Well before any HST was announced, since the HST lie and scam was perpetrated on us BCers days after the election there has been NO NEW INCOME TAX CUTS ANNOUNCED OR IMPLEMENTED.......

So for the Fraser institute to cite tax changes from 2 years ago as being......"To help offset the HST"....Is disingenuous at best, if not outright dishonest!

As well friends, in my post below, :Gordon Campbell is a Liar...Need Proof:........The fact that if a dirt poor family of 4 making $25 thousand per year .....Is given $800 dollars per year.....And that $800 dollars keeps them EVEN, how on earth can the Fraser Propaganda ministry make the claim the higher earning middle class families will remain dead even when they will receive no rebate and get NO TAX CREDIT.......

Because, even the income tax cuts announced 2 years ago and implemented this year come no where even close to $900 dollars, the middle class tax cuts amounted to $70 dollars.

I read the inaccurate garbage report from the Fraser institute, it makes many claims, many claims that are false and unprovable, such as.....The Fraser institute claim that wages will go up (eventually), the institute claims that prices (should) come down, the institute claim that B.C. workers (should) become more productive. The below paragraph I cut and pasted from the Fraser institute report, what it states is.....Everything they say has yet to be proven, they are estimates, also at the bottom of the Fraser institute garbage report, (I will provide the link) ..It states, the assertions of the report are merely opinions of the authors of the story, the Fraser institute doesn`t support or oppose the HST and does not accept any liability to the accuracy of the authors report. They select their wording very carefully, they don`t say wages WILL go up, they don`t say prices WILL go down, every word they use are spineless non-committal weasel words like.......Should, eventually, etc etc.

The below statement is directly from the Fraser institute report

12 The cal c la tions in this Alert are
based on fore casts of per sonal
income, and on fed eral and pro vin -
cial tax rev e nue fore casts. When
final revenue numbers become
avail able at the end of each fis cal
year and per sonal income data are
updated by Sta tis tics Can ada, the
cal cu la tions will change. In other
words, these are pre lim i nary esti -
mates and will be sub ject to revi sion
when updated gov ern ment fore casts
are made avail able in the 2011 BC
and fed eral bud gets.

You see folks, nothing but insulting garbage, they put in the above statement as an escape clause, in other words their report is speculative and biased at best, a bought and paid report, paid for by big industry, the data has more holes than Swiss cheese, Oil n gas industry will not lower prices, mining won`t lower prices, most consumer goods people buy come from China, all electronics come from China, most shoes and clothes come from China, there is NO embedded PST on those consumer items,......

The propaganda institute also mentions the Atlantic Canada adoption of the HST, of course they omitted the fact that Atlantic Canada when they adopted the HST their Provincial tax was lowered by 4 percentage points, and even with that housing prices rose, previous tax exempt items rose in prices, as for consumer goods, prices fell on some items by 1%...No where near the 4 percentage point drop in tax, the HST is nothing but a scam, also today, one of the authors of this report Niels Veldhuis was on with Simi Sara(filling in for Christy cluck cluck Clark) today, he said today on the Simi Sara show that minimum wage should not be raised in B.C. and he said that corporate taxes need to be reduced in B.C. even further, what an absolute corporate stooge, yea right, lower corporate taxes more, lower income taxes more, just put new taxes on the neccessities of life!

The Fraser institute doesn`t address the extra $700 dollars in tax on 1 funeral, the Fraser institute doesn`t make mention of the extra cost of $35 thousand dollar cost on a $1 million dollar home, and a $1 million dollar home is pretty standard for Vancouver, Coquitlam, Richmond, West Van, North Van, Point Grey.....

The report is so flawed it must be regarded as messaging from the enemy, and isn`t that interesting, 10 days before the HST comes in to affect the Fraser institute comes out with this report, if they could make the case Gordon Campbell would have campaigned on the HST...

But that didn`t happen, Gordon Campbell read the BC Progress board report in December 2008, Campbell planned the HST before the election, the report is garbage, bunk, crap, a waste of words......Perhaps the Fraser institute should check in with Dalton McGuinty and straighten him out, McGuinty has come clean as to the costs to consumers, Gordon Campbell will never stop lying, he`s an Habitual liar. You can read the Fraser institute report here

Pay special attention to all the disclaimers at the end of the article.

No worry folks, too little too late, nobody believes the Fraser institute and the numbers will prove me out and when the public starts paying the tax on every purchase the outrage will grow and grow and eventually boil over!

Updated here-A far more extensive study was released today showing that the BC HST will hurt all middle class families in all financial ranges, this study is far more extensive and totally debunks all and everything Niels Veldhuis and the Fraser institute said and reported...Read the story

over here

And this study wasn`t done by any biased group, this study was done by statistics Canada, and even with this study, it is slightly flawed as well, even though it concludes that all households will get hammered..............The study based it`s model on...."That all businesses would pass on every dollar of savings they see", and we know that won`t happen, so add hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the cost to households!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Gordon Campbell, how does that Fraser institute "toe Jam" taste!

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What services should we Cut Because of the HST?

Absolutely amazing folks, have a good look, the guy on the right is Ron Cantelon, MLA and cabinet minister representing Parksville/Qualicum.

You won`t believe what Ron Cantelon said in an interview for the Nanaimo Daily news!

Perhaps Bill Good, Michael Levy, Gordon scum Campbell, and you Vaughn the con Palmer should read what Ron Cantelon has said about the HST.

I have tried to explain how Gordon Campbell and his paid stooges have been running around like chickens with their head cut off, every other week a different spin is put on the HST, the latest salvo from the enemies of the people was......

"What services should we cut if we cancel the HST"

Sound familiar Vaughn Palmer? What do you say Michael Levy? What about you Bullshitter Bill Good, does that sound familiar?

The real question posed should be.....What services should we cut because of the HST!

Now why would I say that unless I had a smoking gun, besides Ron Cantelon being a rude fool, despite Cantelon being a flop when it came to fish farms, or protecting old growth forest along river banks, Ron Cantelon has had many roles in Gordon Campbell`s corrupt Government, oh indeed friends Ron Cantelon is the best politician MONEY CAN BUY!

But I digress, Ron Cantelon is a big time member of Gordon Campbell`s finance committee, what does the committee do? Well, they dicuss the Province`s fiscal state, they discuss taxes, new taxes, old taxes, revenue streams, budget recommendations, everything money related gets thoroughly scrutinized.

Gordon Campbell has directed the media, the PAB, everyone on the pay role has been ordered to start spinning about what services are to be cut if the HST is cancelled, they are attempting to lay a guilt trip on the public, you know, if we anti-HST types get our way we are hurting the public, we are denying health and education....Blah blah blah, like I said, they are running around like cluck cluck chickens with no heads.....

I knew that the HST, from a story Vaughn Palmer wrote that the first year of the HST the Province will realize about $370 million dollars less than the PST would have brought to Provincial coffers, of course Vaughn the con Palmer seems to have forgotten that story he wrote, his column today has the fingerprints and smell of Kirk Lapointe and Gordon Campbell, the paid stooge Vaughn Palmer is weak, Vaughn bent over and received his marching orders, time for a new trench coat can read Vaughn Palmer himself state that the HST will lose $370 million in the first year here, that of course was what he said February 8/2010....Gordon Campbell and Kirk Lapointe have brought Vaughn the Con Palmer back in the fold!

I wonder if Vaughn Palmer has talked to Ron Cantelon(key member of the Government finance committee).....Because according to Ron Cantelon.........

Not only will the HST bring in less money to the Province this year........

According to Cantelon the HST will bring in less money to the Province for.....Drum roll please.....

For 3 years!....That`s right, 3 years folks!

So we lose $370 million in Provincial revenue in the first year because of the HST but we will lose hundreds of millions more in year 2 and in year 3....And that is not Grant G saying that ....

That is Ron Cantelon who states that, and I again remind you that Ron Cantelon is on the Government finance committee, a group that discusses the in-and-outs of the taxation policies of B.C......Specifically the HST.....

So lets do some math, we lose $370 million in year 1.....and we lose the same over the next 2 years.....Unless....God forbid Ron Cantelon is lying..Gasp, Shock..AWE...Not Ron Cantelon, an upstanding key player in Gordon Campbell`s finance committee, if anyone knows the HST numbers it must be Ron Cantelon......

OK friends, so now let`s look at the shrinking $1.6 billion dollar bribe, I wonder if Vaughn Palmer is ready to re-jigger the long term debt financing numbers in light of the shocking admission from Ron Cantelon,.......What $1.6 billion dollar bribe, the number is down to well below a billion dollars, and the fact that Gordon Campbell has chosen to take the bribe over 3 years not the 2 years that Vaughn fibs about there is millions in short term debt servicing against taking it in one lump sum and applying it to our massive B.C. Liberal deficit and skyrocketing debt!

Like I said friends...."Full blown panic mode".....In fact the B.C. Liberals only open their mouth lately to switch feet! The story from the Nanamio Daily news and the SHOCKING admission by Ron Cantelon is in the below link

You can read the story here

Pay special attention to the below paragraph.....Right from the horse`s own mouth(Ron Cantelon)

To quote Ron Cantelon.........

"In fact, because of the exemptions the Liberals are allowing, the money flowing into provincial coffers will actually decrease for the first two or three years the HST is in place."

I have a very important question for you Vaughn Palmer, "What services should we cut because of the HST"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Gordon Campbell, LIAR...... Need Proof? UPDATED june 20

(Updated here, June 20 th...make sure you have a look at this must read from Kootcoot over at the "House of Infamy)

Another very interesting week friends, Gordon Campbell and his minions are getting desperate, the HST story is turning tragic for the B.C. Liberals, every other day a different spin is being put out for public consumption, it doesn`t matter what the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell says, nobody is buying it!

Several months ago the Government made the ridiculous claim that the HST was being directed towards health care, everyone laughed, including Blair Leckstrom, the citizens rejected this idea, earlier this week Christy cluck cluck Clark was doing the headless chicken thing, first she said that 85% of BCers want the HST because only 15% of the population have signed the petition, the next day Cluck Cluck was pecking away at another stupid claim, Cluck cluck said that Vander Zalm and Delaney were afraid to debate the HST with the public, she must be drinking too much koolaid.

Monday Bill Good had on the liar himself, Gordon Campbell, the whole segment flopped, listeners were laughing in the aisles listening to those two fools, Bill Good ramped up the pressure 2 days later with Michael Levy, again the segment flopped, listeners were ready to rip Levy`s head off, and....Levy and Good officially started a new HST angle, and apparently CFAX radio on the island echoed the same spin, these clowns are now saying, "What $1.6 billion in services would you like cut if the HST is cancelled" .....Now that was a joke, a joke on the public, again the spin backfired.......

The cutting ledge on Friday, Good, Baldrey and Palmer, and again folks Baldrey acted like a stooge, Baldrey claimed that we BCers were becoming "initiative crazy"........Baldrey elaborated, he said that down in California the lawmakers can`t raise taxes, they can`t do anything because the initiative process is used, citizens put initiatives on the ballot, the result is everything gets voted down by the public, and Baldrey added .........The same spin about what services should be cut if the $1.6 billion dollar bribe was returned to Ottawa, and he mentioned that California is broke......

Lets clear up the initiative bullshit that Baldrey was spinning, initiatives in California are far easier, one petition sheet, no registering canvassers, a mere 5% in each county or district has to sign to make it succeed, but here in B.C........

We need 85 different petition sheets, canvassers must get registered, canvassers can only collect signatures for their specific petition sheet, by that I mean, as a canvasser myself, many people wanted to sign but were not registered voters in the Sunshine coast riding, the result was I couldn`t collect their signature.......And..

I remember well, at the onset of the HST initiative, Palmer was laughing at us because we only had 400 canvassers registered at the beginning, Baldrey laughed at us, Bill Good laughed at us, all the paid stooges laughed at us and said it couldn`t be done, their not laughing now!

I would like to remind Baldrey of something he said last fall.....

"There have been 16 initiative attempts and everyone has failed, by the time the HST comes around in July/2010 everyone will have forgotten about the HST"

So now Baldrey is fear mongering that BCers have become initiative crazy and Governments of the future will be hamstrung to bring anything in.......Really Baldrey? 1 for 16 on initiatives, they said it can`t be done, 15% of the voters in 85 riding`s, 85 different sheets, registered canvassers, are you still laughing Baldrey?.......The point i`m trying to make is this, they laughed and scoffed at us, Gordon Campbell didn`t even register as a proponent of the HST, the B.C. liberal party deemed it impossible from the get-go.......And now that we blasted through the petition they want to spin about stifling Government, about BCers being "initiative crazy".....Phony spin about cutting health and education to the tune of $1.6 billion.

But what I really wanted to talk about is Gordon the liar Campbell, specifically the low income HST rebates......

Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell, Michael Levy, and Sam keep claiming that prices are going to come down, well I have indisputable evidence to the contrary......First off, Dalton Mcguinty is on the record as saying....

"The HST will cost middle class families between $900 dollars and $2000 dollars per year"

Dalton McGuinty is also sending every taxpayer in Ontario a cheque before July 1....And Dalton is sending every taxpayer another cheque in December, the cheques go to every tax payer, and those cheques are completely separate from the LOW-INCOME-REBATE cheques that Ontario`s poor will receive.

Here`s the deal for us BCers, no cheque to every taxpayer, and as for the low income people in B.C......Single poor people will receive $230 dollars per year, a family of 4 with a gross income $25 thousand dollars will receive $800 dollars per year.

Lets review that shall we, a family of 4 with TOTAL income $25 thousand dollars per year will receive $800 dollars, let me say this, a family of 4 with that low of income is dirt poor, that is one person working making slightly less than $15 dollars per hour!....In fact a single person living, renting making $15 dollars per hour is dirt poor.

The above 2 paragraphs confirm that Campbell/Hansen/Levy/Good/Sam are all liars, how can Colin Hansen and Campbell claim that prices will fall when a dirt poor family of 4 are being made whole with a rebate of $800 per year? And if that working family member gets a raise to $20 dollars per hour the rebate disappears!

Lets go one step further, Campbell and Hansen by their actions have admitted that the HST will cost middle class families a fortune every year, because.......How much spending power does a family of 4 have with 1 member of the family working for $15 dollars per hour? Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have by their actions conceded that the HST for that dirt poor family will cost them $800 dollars per year.......

So how much will the HST cost a family in a big home, both parents working, a combined income of $100 thousand per year, that family has spending power, 2 cars, repairs, bingo, golf on the weekends, meals out, etc etc etc....One can extrapolate from the numbers that they will be out $2000 dollars or more every year, and in a Province of million dollar condos, property taxes, carbon taxes, tolls, expensive fuel, expensive education, $100 thousand combined income doesn`t make them rich.

The point I am making is, how on earth can Michael Levy/ Campbell/Hansen make the claim that prices will fall and the tax won`t be noticed when their actions and Dalton McGuinty say different?

Finally folks, the average funeral in Canada is about $10 thousand dollars, the HST will add about $ 700 dollars to the cost of 1 funeral.....When my friend Brian asked Colin Hansen about taxing funerals on the Sean Leslie show last fall.....Colin Hansen answered the question thusly, and I quote....

"When a funeral company buys a new carpet for their funeral hall they will get the PST back that was charged to them on the purchase of the carpet , so they will be able to lower the price of the funeral"snip

Let`s see if I have this right, what does a funeral hall sized carpet cost? They`re not shags, not persian`s, they are not flying carpets, usually the carpets are low maintenance and thin, let`s give it a cost of $20 thousand, that is $1400 dollars in PST.........

So unless they replace their carpet every 2 funerals, because 2 funerals would be equivalent to the entirety of the tax on that $20 thousand dollar carpet!

Let me do my own math, an aging population, let`s say the funeral hall is busy, let`s say they do 4 funerals a week, 50 weeks, 50 X 4 = 200 funerals per year, total HST tax paid on those 200 funerals....

$140,000.00 dollars per year in new taxes on those 200 funerals!

And guess what the stooge Vaughn Palmer is up to this Saturday morning, his column today echoes what Bill Good and Michael Levy said,

"what will we cut if we lose the $1.6 billion in transition money from Ottawa"snip

Vaughn goes on and on talking about the dreaded loss of this money, in fact Vaughn Palmer states that if we return the transition money to Ottawa, "the extra $1.6 billion in debt will cost the B.C. treasury $75 million dollars in long term borrowing"

I have but one question for you Vaughn Stooge Palmer..........

What is the long term cost of servicing the B.C. debt, you know, the $50 billion dollar plus B.C. debt, a debt that has more than doubled under Gordon Campbell?

You can read the Vaughn Con here

A real sloppy column by Vaughn, it smells like Kirk Lapoint (editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Sun)gave Vaughn his marching orders, and Vaughn like a good little toady writes a pathetic column not worthy of print, time to pack it in Vaughn, your old, stale, tired, your journalistic ethics are gone, be gone Vaughn, move your desk to Victoria, you`re already writing for the PAB(public affairs bureau)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time is Running out for John Les

Well well well, more developments in the John Les land fraud case, it has been revealed (not proven yet in court) that Grant Sanborn, a member of the Chilliwack council, he was in charge of approving zoning changes, he worked under John Les when Les was mayor of Chilliwack, police are ready to move in on Grant Sanborn, he has been accused of, by many people of charging thousands of dollars to them, what Grant Sanborn was selling was......He claimed he could help get farm land out of the agricultural land reserve..........All it takes is money!

Let me give you a little background on this case, as you know John Les had to step down as top cop because of the accusations, the accusations were....John Les used his political powers and insider friends to get land he bought removed from the land reserve and rezoned, but....The land John Les developed after the zoning change is land that was refused by city council more than once to the previous owner, as a result the land was sold very cheap to John Les, in short order after John Les bought the land Grant Sanborn agreed to change the zoning for his boss John Les!

Rosebank place, approved by Grant Sanborn, ....Land that was refused twice to be rezoned by Chilliwack council because the property was part of the ALR....The carving up of the land was made possible by Chilliwack council when they voted to rezone the land John Les bought cheap, they rezoned it residential from farmland, something the previous owner couldn`t make happen after trying many times, ......But...

And friends, it was Grant Sanborn himself who approved the zoning change, and there was no review by city council, apparently Grant Sanborn carried alot of weight, .....

John Les`s real estate agent, Lorraine Dyck, gave Grant Sanborn a four page final plan, the final plan was submitted to Grant Sanborn, not Chilliwack council, there were large boundary changes, but the most shocking thing....

Lorraine Dyck submitted a final plan 6 days earlier to city council, but the final plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to council was far smaller in scale than the plan she submitted to Grant Sanborn........................A classic case of "bait and switch"

The plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to Grant Sanborn was night and day different from the final plan Lorraine Dyck submitted to Chilliwack council, yet it was the plan that Grant Sanborn had in HIS possession that was approved, city council approved the previous plan, a smaller plan, the plan that ultimately got approved city council never saw, YET THEY VOTED ON IT!....You can read a good story here on the first revelation

The latest from the John Les/Grant Sanborn land fraud case........

Police are now searching records, a search warrant on Grant Sanborn, many people have come forward to complain that Grant Sanborn, for a price suggested that he can make farm land, land in the ALR suddenly become zoned for residential, he charged thousands of dollars but couldn`t produce the goods, I guess since the land fraud case is heating up it was too risky for Sanborn to pull strings with "Eyes Wide Open" watching his every move, ........

The complaints against Grant Sanborn claim....When the people Grant Sanborn was profiting off of didn`t get results they were promised they complained to Sanborn, apparently Sanborn blew them off, and not until the people threatened to go to the authorities that Sanborn offered to return the monies, but only if the people promised to keep quiet on the whole affair......

Like I said a couple of months ago, John Les will be charged in July, well, you can add Grant Sanborn to that list, you can read the latest developments here.

Of course the above charges against these B.C. Liberals haven`t been proven in court, but from all the documents I have seen, the smoking guns, this is a slam dunk conviction, I expect a resignation from John Les very shortly.

Look friends, Gordon Campbell`s Government is corrupt, liars, criminals, drunks, the worst fiscal managers in B.C. history, Gordon Campbell is going down, when John Les and Kash Heed both resign under a cloud of corruption in July Gordon Campbell will follow suit, I suspect Campbell will hide out in Maui, no one will be able to find him once he has resigned, in fact I wouldn`t be surprised if Campbell doesn`t start liquidating his B.C. assets.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Michael Levy wants to know what services BCers want cut if the HST is cancelled?

Today on the Bill Good show .....Michael Levy asked radio listeners to call in and tell him and Bill Good what services would you cut if the HST was cancelled, Good and Levy said, "should we cut from the health budget, should we cut from the education budget"

That`s a very interesting question, these guys are so desperate, no one is buying Bill Good`s bullshit, the callers were rigged, ......So Bill Good and levy want some suggestions, gee off hand I can`t think of what we should cut, Levy and Bill Good suggested that without the HST the Government would have to cut $1.6 billion from health and education, in other words those clowns are saying that the whole amount would come directly off of services.

That is rather amusing to me and I`ll tell you why, Campbell announced a $ 2.8 billion dollar deficit after the election, did Campbell make $2.8 billion dollars in cuts? Nope....Was it not put on the deficit? Yes it was......I am sure everyone knows this but.....Deficits and the end of the year are put on our B.C. debt, right now the B.C. debt is over $50 billion dollars, so I pose this question to you Michael Levy, what services should we cut to eliminate the $50 plus billion dollar debt? Well you sick bastard Levy, what is your answer?

I wonder what services were cut because we had to pay Ottawa $125 million dollars in GST on the German built ferries, imagine if Better ferries were made here, we wouldn`t have had to pay any GST, so add $125 million to the cost of the German built ferries. You can read it here

I wonder what services Gordon Campbell will cut when CN Rail collects on the tax write-offs Campbell wrote into the sales agreement with CN Rail, the amount is growing by millions every year, at the current time CN Rail can collect over $500 million dollars from B.C. in Provincial tax write-offs...You can read the story here

I wonder what services were cut because the Gordon Campbell broke the law and was sued by the HEU and had to pay an $85 million dollar settlement?

I wonder what services are being cut because the Golden Ears bridge lost over $5 million dollars in it`s first year and will lose over $24 million this year and next, read it here And here

What services will be cut because the Vancouver convention center under Ken Dobell`s leadership went $500 million dollars over budget, read it here

I wonder what services were cut because Gordon Campbell gave the highly profitable oil n gas industry a $327 million dollar subsidy in 2009 and a $358 million dollar subsidy this year? You can read it here

There are many more examples of giveaways to the very very wealthy, in fact before Carole Taylor left to go work for the TD bank(for over $250 thousand a year)....While she was still finance minister.....Under orders from Gordon Campbell she removed the tax that banks pay, the cost to the B.C. treasury is a mere $60 million dollars per year, I wonder what services were cut to gift the banks, the banks are making in the $billions every year, read it here

And there is so much more, despite the jiggered ridership numbers the Canada line is losing tens of millions every year and will for the next 2 decades and the project itself ran $1 billion dollars over budget, I wonder what services are being cut to service those bills? You can read about here

There are so many more examples, and of course there is the $600 million dollar cost to build a roof on B.C. Place, what services should we cut so we can build that roof Bill Good? Any suggestions Michael Levy.......If you would like to hear Michael Levy and Bill Good staging calls, playing radio games, acting like uneducated inbred Liberals you can hear the audio vault here

Cue up 9:00am ...Fast forward to 9:30 am....The segment runs from 9:30 am to 10:30 am..June 17th.....

Oh indeed friends, Bill Good and his multiple chins are so desperate, like Crusty Clark, these stooges are in full blown panic mode, running around like chickens with their head cut off, here`s the deal folks, either Bill Good and Michael Levy are mentally retarded or both of them have loaded up on Plutonic stock, I wonder if any of the faithful can find out what Bill Good and Michael Levy have been buying, I would bet my last dollar that Bill Good has a stock portfolio loaded with Plutonic stock, loaded with Naikun stock, I hope you retards lose your shirt, but either way, Gordon Campbell and his minions are dead, there is no reviving them, period!

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christy Cluck Cluck Clark Needs a Face Lift

Indeed folks, Christy Clark is either mentally deficient or she is so desperate, so pathetically desperate she is running around clucking like a chicken, a nasty old spinster aging fast, can`t the producers of CKNW see what Christy Cluck Cluck Clark is, Clark has her head stuck so far up Gordon Campbell`s ass she can see the martinis waterfalling down!

For 15 straight days in a row(excluding weekends) Christy has attacked teachers, school boards, day in and day out Christy is a hater, I hope she chokes on a pink shirt, no wonder all her relationships have ended badly.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Cluck Cluck Clark had Chris Delaney on her program, and what the cluckster said was pathetic, so juvenile, so inaccurate, one has to wonder what type of heavy drugs Cluck Cluck Clark must be taking....

Cluck Cluck said to Delaney, "Only 15% of the population have signed the HST petition" Cluck went on to say......"That means 85% of the people may be in favour of the HST" snip

Chris Delaney was attempting to explain to Cluck Cluck and the listeners that 50% of everyone in the province who voted last year signed the petition, but Cluck Cluck Clark kept on saying that only 15% of BCs 4 million population have signed the petition....... the number is actually closer to 20% of BCs TOTAL population have signed the petition, Chris Delaney tried to explain to Cluck Cluck that only registered voters can sign the petition, that means that 1 million BCers couldn`t sign the petition even if they wanted to, children, babies, new immigrants, there are 3 million registered voters in BC, half of which didn`t vote in the last election, be that as it may, 3 million voters, 700 thousand have signed the petition, maybe 800 thousand by the end of July, even if we use the 700 thousand figure that is 25%.........

Cluck Cluck Clark never was good at math, Clark went on to say to Chris Delaney, .....Lets spend $20 million dollars on a referendum on the HST, .........To which Delaney said,....."Why waste the money on a referendum, we have already had one"snip.........

To which Cluck Cluck Clark said......"Maybe 85% of the people of BC want the HST"

Christy you are so bloody stunned! Chris Delaney mentioned poll after poll where 80% to 90% are opposed to the HST, and again Christy Cluck Cluck said...."Those are only polls, that`s not an election, maybe 85% of BCers want the HST"

I give Chris Delaney full credit for not calling Christy Cluck Cluck Clark a stupid old bat!

So believe it or not Cluck Cluck Clark was telling Chris Delaney that 85% of the population are for the HST......And today on the Cluck Cluck show.....

Clucker Clark was whining about Vander Zalm and Delaney filing complaints against the BC Government and Canwest over their pro HST web site(The province didn`t register as an opponent of the HST initiative) And Keith Baldrey illegally advertised the BC Government website on the news, Baldrey (stooge) disguised the Government ad as a news story.....

So that`s what today`s segment on Clucker Clark was, Cluck Cluck went on and on, Cluck Cluck said over and over again...and I quote.."Bill Vander Zalm and Chris Delaney are afraid to have a debate on the HST" snip.......She was clucking loud and stupid, at least a dozen times the clucker said...."Vander Zalm is afraid of debating the HST with the public"

Well Cluck Cluck Clark, ......... Clucker Clark starts stuttering when confronted, she been stuttering alot lately, Clark states that anti-HST people are afraid of debate.....

Really, is that so, first off the Campbell liars didn`t consult, Gordon Campbell didn`t introduce the HST in the Fall session, in fact Gordon Campbell brought the HST bill into the spring session late and DID NOT ALLOW DEBATE, the HST bill was rammed through the house without going to committee stage, no siree Bob, debate was stifled by Campbell, yet Cluck Cluck Clark is throwing mud in every direction hoping some mud sticks somewhere, the only mud sticking is the mud thrown at Gordon Campbell........Crusty Cluck Cluck Clark also was complaining of the cost of the RCMP(vander Zalm filed a complaint against the Campbell Government over the web site) to investigate whether Campbell and Keith Baldrey broke the law.........

Yet Cluck Cluck wants to hold a $20 million dollar referendum on the HST, keep up the pressure friends, this Government is throwing hail Mary after Hail Mary, Cluck Cluck has gone so low, so amateurish, so child like, it`s almost like Cluck Cluck has a mental defect, all Cluck Clark can do now is stutter, chirp, scream at CKNW staff, cut-off callers, ........

Your career Cluck Cluck on radio is ending very soon, you hate teachers(because you hate your dad who was a teacher?) ...You hate bears, you hate salmon, you hate wildlife, you hate your ex, you are nothing but a hater Cluck Cluck Clark, you hate public education, you hate public health care, you hate everything, the callers are getting screened, cut off, chopped up, talked over, you are hard pressed to find anyone to agree with you Clucker, maybe one day someone will re-attach your head!

Her behaviour has been so bad lately, fox news of the north is already here, I don`t care if Clark promotes the HST or likes the HST, but to screech away on radio, saying the stupidest things, like 85% of the populous is in favour of the HST, or Zalm is afraid of debate, Jack Mintz has been thoroughly discredited, Hansen has zero credibility, the HST provinces are all worse off than BC, Europe is broke, the VAT countries are in trouble, there is no evidence that the HST does anything but lower people`s standard of living..........Afraid to debate, heck I have written a dozen articles alone debunking the HST..........................

I have no respect for McGuinty(Ontario premier).....But at least he is on the record stating a middle class family will be out $900 to $2000 dollars per year, Gordon Campbell couldn`t name any consumer items that will be lowered in price because of the HST, not one, ..........McGuinty is also sending out cheques to every voter this July and another payment in December.

Yet these staged calls Christy arranges, of course SAM the SCAM called in today, he agreed with Cluck Cluck .....Sam ALSO said Zalm was afraid of debate on the HST, Zalm has welcomed debate, town hall after town hall...............

It`s too bad you can`t complain to the CBSC about radio hosts being stunned, or clucking, is racism against teachers and school boards a crime?

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Mike De Jong, the Thinker? Not

Well well well, I find it very interesting the speed at which this corrupt B.C. Government operates at, lets look back at what happened after our fraudulent election, within weeks of stealing the last election the liar Gordon Campbell announced the HST.

Of course everyone in the Province knows Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are habitual liars, Gordon Campbell has not only been lying to BCers for a decade plus but he has been living a lie, an adulterer, a womanizer, but leaving that behind us for the moment, the HST, a complicated agreement between the Federal Government and B.C......

A deal with limited exemptions, a tax that will hurt BCs economy and the public`s buying power, a tax that is regressive, a tax shift of monumental proportions, a yearly $1.9 billion dollar consumer hit, a tax deal that eliminates our sovereignty, a tax deal that that covers millions of items, transitional rules, a transfer of BC Debt, BC debt being added to the Federal debt, small businesses will lose the $1200 dollars a year they were paid to collect the PST, now small business will be non-paid tax collectors for the Federal Government.

This HST agreement is so complicated (according to Government) that Gordon Campbell and ferret face Colin Hansen state...."The voters don`t understand it" and perhaps that is true to some extent, as you know Blair Leckstrom(Minister who brought in the clean energy act on Gordon Campbell`s orders, has quit Government over the HST, Blair Leckstrom is on the record saying.....

"I wouldn`t have voted for the HST if I knew what I know today about the HST" snip

Apparently, in the past the people and workers in the Peace region of BC could buy cars in say Dawson Creek, give an Alberta address and like magic a point-of-sale-rebate removed all the PST tax, I can imagine there was lots of abuse of this practice, the workers of the Peace got tax free cars, of course us poor saps in the rest of the Province have had to pay this tax, anyway, apparently this "Putting out of business" of all the northeast auto dealers was enough to get Blair Leckstrom to quit Government and sit as an independent something.

The point being is that the HST has thousands of tentacles, the HST will increase the underground economy, the HST will drive shoppers to Washington state for cheap(Tax free) goods, new tires, new electronics and a full tank of gas, the HST will cost people money on mutual funds, retirement funds, the HST will also drive more people to shop HST free online, the HST will cost thousands of jobs in the restaurant industry, the HST and carbon tax will keep tourists from coming to B.C..........Three days after the fraudulent BC election Gordon Campbell sent his officials from the finance ministry to Ottawa to finalize the pre-ordained deal, a deal that was planned well in advance of the election, one only needs to look at the BC Progress board`s report to Campbell to confirm this, despite the lies and spin!

But what I really wanted to talk about was the law school flunky Mike De Jong, the only one Mike De Jong could beat in court is ....Maybe some welfare recipient who was over-paid $50 dollars per month by mistake, but I have my doubts.

There was an article in the paper the other day, lawyers, media, legal aid, BC Civil liberties, and the justice department have concluded that the fees for online information from our courts is hurting average folks, it`s cost prohibitive, almost no jurisdiction in North America has fees to access court information, and guess what folks, Mike De Jong and the Government have come to their senses(albeit a little late)......Or have they, as you know legal aid offices for the poor have been closed all through the Province, and of course the HST will apply to legal fees thus making legal advice less accessible to the millions of poor BCers.

But back to the removal of these online fees, it`s good news, sort of, the HST deal between two Governments hashed out a deal on the HST just days after the election, thousands and thousands of details, tentacles reaching into everyone`s pockets, a tax that has far reaching implications, we even lose our taxing authority, we cede everything to the Feds, one complicated tax deal, and it happened so fast, no notice, so perhaps someone could explain to me the complication involved in removing the on-line court fees for information?

Because friends, according to one of the dullest-knives-in-the-drawer Mike De Jong........It`s very complicated removing these fees, in fact Mike De Jong states the very earliest these fees could be removed is August 31/ 2010......

That folks is almost 3 months away, now I am not a rocket scientist, i`m not an engineer, I am but one political coffin closer with a hammer and nails, but, if your credit cards get lost you can get replacements within days, 2 for 1 burger deals can be input into cash registers in a minute, gas station can change the price at the pump several times per day in seconds, yet for reasons beyond my comprehension these court fees are hanging on, almost like that old broom who wants back in my life, sorry broom, the SWIFTER is in, your out!

But I digress, maybe the province and Mike De Jong could get some expert advice from Bill Gates or a computer programmer, geez folks, do we not have the technology to remove these fees before August 31/2010? A man on the moon, particle accelerators, nano technology, the gennome mapping, or even Rubik`s cube, but those fees, my god folks, call in the exterminators, kill those fees, 3 months before a program can be written, a complicated dilemma, a computer engineer`s worst nightmare, a problem mankind has dealt with for eternity.

How to remove a Government Fee!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s and Bill Good`s Stage Play Dismantled!

Unbelievable, today on CKNW Bill Good and Gordon Campbell put on a radio stage play, it was laughable, full of spin, full of false facts, it`s clear from this latest Good/Campbell collaboration that the B.C. Liberals and their minions are in panic mode! Let`s dismantle today`s Bill Good stage play.

First off, Blair Leckstrom was on the Christy Clark show on Friday, Blair was on the Sunday Sean Leslie show and he was on the 8:30AM segment today with Bill Good, for a resigned politician Blair Leckstrom is sure making the rounds, let me remind you what Blair Leckstrom said on the Christy Clark show on Friday.....

"The Federal Government didn`t pursue the HST, we as a Provincial Government ASKED for the HST"

Gordon Campbell said some very interesting things today, one statement from the Habitual Liar really stood out, Campbell said....

"There isn`t one shred of evidence that we were planning on bringing in the HST before the election" snip.

Who would phrase it that way? Only a guilty lying Premier would phrase it that way, Mr. Campbell, is that what we have to do, do we have to find the SHREDDED EVIDENCE first before you admit you were planning it all along?

Bill water carrier Good and Campbell both talked about how revenues collapsed right after the election and how shocked they were that the deficit wasn`t the $495 million they campaigned on and suddenly without any notice ballooned to $2.8 billion dollars, that statement is so laughable because, unless Will McMartin is the greatest clairvoyant in history, Will McMartin wrote in February of 2009 in his toxic fudge story that the Campbell Government was going to be running a $3 to $ 4 billion dollar deficit, Will Mcmartin cited natural gas revenue(price had collapsed to $3 dollars per BTU down from previous $10 to $12 dollars per BTU)...This meant a loss of over $1 billion in Government revenue, Will McMartin cited falling corporate tax revenue, Will cited unemployment surging, Will McMartin cited increased demand on Welfare, Will McMartin cited everything that was going on at that time, so how did Will McMartin know in February 2009 what the deficit was going to be without any Government books at his disposal, everyone of Will McMartin`s concerns were echoed almost word for word after the election by Colin ferret face Hansen and Gordon Campbell immediately after the fraudulent election. I implore everyone to read this story. Here

Anyway, the stage play was a bust, "It`s a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

Bill Good asked Campbell what prices will be lowered in B.C. as a result of the HST, Gordon Campbell couldn`t cite one example of prices in B.C. that will be lowered as a result of the HST, what the liar Campbell did say was ......

"If we look to what happened in Atlantic Canada, prices were lowered"

Well of course Bill Good and Scampbell didn`t mention that the tax rate in Atlantic Canada before they adopted the HST was 19%......As an incentive to harmonize to an HST tax, the tax was lowered to 15%.....The tax rate was lowered by 4 percentage points, and despite the lowering of the tax rate in Atlantic Canada prices on housing rose, prices on Provincially tax exempted items rose, and on items that were subject to the 19% existing tax, when taxes were lowered by 4 percentage points on them, the overall price fell by a mere 1%.......1% ......But, the tax rate was lowered by 4%, where did the other 3% go? Vanished into a black hole! Read more here on the Atlantic Canada HST, see the difference for your self

And the stage play blunder went on and on....Gordon Campbell accused Bill Vander Zalm of not being honest, Campbell then said that "if you buy a $300,000 dollar condo you will save a whole $400 dollars with the HST".....That of course is unproven, all house buying fees will rise, assessments, real estate fees, inspection fees, notary fees, yet Campbell said nothing of the $70 thousand extra on a $1 million dollar new home, no, he was silent on that!

And friends, the segment was almost sad, you could feel Bill Good and Campbell squirming like cornered rats, of course the attempted brainwash wouldn`t be complete without bashing the NDP, Campbell attacked Jack Layton, Campbell said that Layton doesn`t understand the HST, and this charade wasn`t over yet, Gordon Campbell said.......

"This is a made in B.C. HST"snip...."We set our own rates"snip...Really, what does that mean? We had a 7% PST..5% GST, combined together add up to 12% HST.....Where is a special rate, why didn`t the rate get lowered by 4 percentage points like Atlantic Canada? Or 3%..2% Even 1%.....Again the spin keeps coming and coming.

At this point Good and Campbell start throwing hail marys, Bill Good said to Campbell, "Could the HST be lowered in a couple of years" To which Campbell replied, Bill ......

"Lets be honest with each other" snip......"In 2 years we could lower the HST or raise the HST"snip

Then Gordon Campbell said, if we want services we need to pay taxes, to which Bill Good said..."Isn`t the HST revenue neutral to Government".......Campbell said yes......

Let`s examine that last series, Campbell says the tax is revenue neutral, Campbell says we need to pay taxes for services, Campbell said the HST could be lowered or raised in 2 years, let us be perfectly clear folks, the feds are not going to lower the 5% that they get, so any reduction in the HST in 2 years would come off the Provincial side of the HST, well, isn`t that special, for every point in sales tax in B.C. means approximately $1.6 billion dollars in Provincial revenue, in other words, if Campbell lowered the HST by 2 percentage points it would cost the B.C. treasury over $3 billion dollars per year!........Campbell also made the claim that the HST would be a boon to mining, energy, forestry...

Lets cover that angle while were at it, the BC mining industry made over $3 billion dollars last year in profits, Encana gas made triple their expected profits in the first quarter this year alone, mining and oil n gas are rolling in cash, the HST rebate to them means nothing, as for forestry, Pat Bell is on the record as saying there is about $7 dollars worth of embedded PST on every 1000 board feet of lumber, Pat Bell claims that the HST will help forestry, it won`t, the reason being friends is lumber prices fluctuate, 1000 board feet of lumber has been priced at in the last 5 years in a range of.....Drum roll please....

From a low of $140 dollars per 1000 board feet 18 months ago to a high of $800 dollars per 1000 board feet 5 years ago to today`s current price of $330 per 1000 board feet, with such a broad price range $7 dollars per 1000 board feet means next to nothing, in fact since Campbell took over Government 70 mills have closed, 40,000 thousand lost forestry jobs, even when 1000 board feet of lumber was $700 dollars mills still closed and jobs were still bleeding from forestry, the Campbell Government has absolutely no credibility on forestry,none, they gave the forest away to their corporate friends.

And lets keep on dismantling Campbell`s bullshit, EnCana gas made triple expected profits, they made over $500 million in profit for the first quarter of 2010, a few million more dollars to Encana gas won`t lead to one new hiring, they are already drowning in cash, read it here

And Campbell`s bullshit about mining, well folks, here is another story, you`ll like this one, record profits for BC miners despite the global recession, that`s right, even during the global recession BC miners recorded record profits, the HST won`t lead to any hiring in mining, international mineral and ore prices determine if mining fails or wins, the same with natural gas producers, they won`t lower prices to the consumers because of the HST, their prices are controlled by the mercantile exchange, read about record mining profits here

Were almost done, today Vaughn Palmer was trying to echo the orchestrated spin with Gordon Campbell, I have explained the Vaughn Palmer technique in the past, he starts a column pretending to be critical of Government but quickly starts waffling, defending the HST, and Vaughn Palmer .....Vaughn goes into spin about what services are to be cut if we lose the $1.6 billion dollars in federal bribe money, .....

Really Vaughn, what services are to be cut to service our $55 billion dollar debt? What services are to be cut because of a $600 million dollar stadium roof, or the $500 million over budget convention center, what was cut to pay for the $100 million dollar lawsuit the HEU won? The over budget Olympics, the security costs, the over budget Canada line, the money losing Golden ears bridge....................

You are nothing but a complete obfuscator Vaughn Palmer, your bullshit columns, your subtle con, you work hand in hand with Campbell to spin and manipulate, well that how it appears to me,  and Vaughn Palmer  finishes his column by saying the same garbage as Gordon Campbell said today on Bill Good propaganda show.....

You said Vaughn ......"After 2 years of the HST the BC Government could lower the HST by 1% to 2% for 2012"

I can`t understand why a so-called proffssional writer would mention knocking off 2 percentage points off the HST without mentioning the cost to the treasury, once you realize your talking billions and billions every year, and compare that to health care funding, education, and every other neglected minstry, the Government tells us it needs all this money for services and where else is it going to come from, so don`t give me any convoluted airy fairy Government spin about surrendering billions of dollars per year maybe, sometime, possibly in the future the PST side of the HST will be lowered  5%,..It doesn`t make sense, and if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true! 

Really Vaughn, this Government is running around like chickens with their head cut off, they remove one foot from their mouth only to replace it with the other foot, here me loud and clear Vaughn Palmer, the Government or you can`t have it both ways.....

The Government claims the HST is revenue neutral, the Government and you state that the HST is needed for money for Government services, yet you and Gordon Campbell are hinting about taking 2 percentage points off the Provincial share of the HST in 2012 when you know and the Government knows that it would cost the Province $4 billion dollars per year in revenue, you can`t have it every which way you want, you can read Vaughn`s coordinated column, written to coincide with Campbell on Bill Good show here

Gordon Campbell is dead friends, you can`t save him Bill Good, he isn`t worth saving, Gordon Campbell lied about the deficit, he knew we had a massive deficit, Campbell lied about the HST, Campbell lied about everything, and you Bill Good are a Campbell stooge, stop it, get a life, stop spinning, stop defending, are you that much of a moral asshole Bill Good that you would defend a liar, a criminal, a man who won`t raise the minimum wage, a man who doesn`t care about children living in poverty, your going to get what`s coming to you Bill Good.You can listen to the CKNW audio vault here

Cue up June 14...Blair Leckstrom between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM.....Gordon Campbell from 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM.....
And folks, I have saved the best for last, read up all you media stooges, back in December 2008 the BC Progress board, a business magazine that Gordon Campbell reads like a bible, suggested that an....

"Made-in-BC HST"........
  would be good for business, the progress board states over and over again that consumer prices will rise, housing costs will rise, middle to lower incomes will be hurt the most, and what the BC Progress board states next about adopting the HST will blow your mind, but before we get there............

Gordon Campbell today on CKNW  and in the past used the identical phrase that  the BC Progress board`s December 2008 report to Government first coined and I quote...." Made-in BC HST".......Coincidence, Gordon Campbell read that report, he knew! 

 The B.C. Progress boards states back in December 2008....

"Public opposition to such a shift would be substantial concern for policymakers, similar concerns have thwarted sales tax harmonization by all provinces west of Quebec since the GST was introduced in 1991" snip....
Read the story from the BC progress here

Check out pages 30 through 32.......The BC Progress board warned Gordon Campbell that introducing an HST tax would be political poison back in December 2008, Gordon Campbell read that story, Gordon Campbell deliberately lied to BCers about the HST because he wouldn`t be in power today if he ran on the HST tax during the last election! And the B.C Progress board in December 2008 warned Gordon Campbell of the political fall out, Gordon Campbell heeded the warning and kept his intentions and betrayal secret from the voters, everything else is spin, lies and bullshit!

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open