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Well friends, I have been looking over Bullfrog Power, is what they are doing legal, yes it is legal, is it ethical? Not in my opinion.

What we have here is a company that charges you extra money for what you are already receiving, they claim by you paying a premium you will be helping green the planet, but from what I gather they are greening their pockets...

Here in BC the first thing to consider is this, Bullfrog power claims to have access to windmills in Alberta, here are a couple of things to consider,what if the wind isn`t blowing,where will that expensive premium going to come from?...And here is the one I like, Gordon Campbell has been feeding us this line of "bull#%$#" about us BCers being a net importer of Power,well first off we are net exporter of power but that argument is for another day, but think about this, if thousands of people signed up to BullFrog power and they actually did input power into the grid from Alberta wouldn`t we be adding to the import equation of the debate, wouldn`t Gordon Campbell use this importation argument against the public will and demand more private for profit IPPs?

Another issue with bullfrog is with accounting, how do we know they are actually buying Green power? Because here in BC all the Green projects,such as the Dokie wind farm,Toba run of river and others,these companies aren`t building anything without a power buying contract from BC Hydro backstopped by the BC taxpayer and ratepayer,the other issue is we are already using BC Hydro heritage power,is doesn`t get any greener than that.

But from what I have read, what Bull frog Power does is this, they came from Ontario, what they do is this, the green power projects in Ontario,if their price is 7 cents a kilowatt hour Bullfrog charges a premium for you to buy the power, in Ontario they weren`t actually putting more power into the grid,they were merely charging a premium to provide you with a fuzzy green feeling, they claim that some monies collected goes towards green energy production but does it really?

here`s the deal, it would be very difficult to determine how much of the monies Bullfrog collects actually goes towards green energy renewal, consider this,they have to pay for all their advertising, they have to pay for all the staff, the shareholders need money,the top enchilada`s need to make a fistful of dollars, so what percentage of premium`s over and above the going rate of electricity that you are being charged will really end up producing or investing in Green power?

The other issue is this, instead of paying 30% to 40% more for the same power you would be getting without the premium, why not take that money and invest in double glazed windows, better insulation, newer door draft blockers, a more efficient furnace,LED light bulbs.

Because you see folks, the greenest power of all, it`s not run of river,it`s not wind power, not solar power, not thermal power, no siree Bob, the greenest power of all is the power you don`t use, the power you save by conservation,that my friends is the greenest,cleanest power.(read about how they did business in Ontario here)

So now you know the deal, is it legal, well it isn`t illegal, I don`t think it`s ethical, laying a guilt trip on the public, all for the fuzzy green feeling, well friends, my best advice to you is this.

If you feel the need for a fuzzy green feeling, put on your wife`s slippers!

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Crankypants said...

This scheme may as well come from the handbook of Bernie Madoff. It is obvious that some people are lining their pockets with green(money) at the expense of the gullible.

It looks as if the "green movement" has created an avenue for greenwashing the great unwashed.

PT Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute and the cons will always find a way of exploiting that.


Anonymous said...

Ron Seftel said...


To clarify, Bullfrog sources exclusively from the Bear Mountain Wind Park in BC to supply bullfrogpowered customers in the province with 100% wind power. We do not import any power into BC. With the support and growing demand of Bullfrog customers, Bullfrog Power's goal is to continue to advance the development of new wind power in BC as we have already done across Canada. Bullfrog Power customers have created the demand that has enabled several new wind projects to be commissioned and more will follow.

With regard to how people know whether we are genuinely sourcing green power, Deloitte, an internationally recognized accounting firm, conducts an annual audit to confirm that we have sourced at least as much green power as we have sold on an annual basis and that all of the green electricity certificates have been retired on behalf of our customers. Your readers can click here to read the audits.

Ron Seftel
SVP Operations

Grant G said...

Hello Mr. Seftel...I am well aware of "hot air" or as you say,wind power...

I have written extensively about wind power,I am sure you are aware,even in Denmark where they have thousands and thousands of windmills,they still rely on fossil fuel generated power..

The reason is this,the wind doesn`t always blow,all around the world,despite the claims about wind energy..Windmills only produce on average 12% to 20% of the output that they claim ....For example,a windfarm that states it can produce 200 MW of power,on a yearly bases it would produce at 40 MW...About 1/5 th

Also Mr. Seftel..Everytime wind power is built, and again I look to Denmark,an equal amount of Back-up power must be built to backstop the INTERMITTEN SOFT GREEN POWER..

So let me give the bottom line on wind power,it`s not green power,if BC built 10,000 GW of wind power,we would need 10,000 GW of back-up,either our BC Heritage dam power,Burrard thermal,run of river...

A far more greener plan would for people to greenify their homes....Feel free to look through my archives...Google up (Who wants to buy a windmill)

or Naikun on the rocks...or Naikun meets snake oil salesman....

Read the links...Wind is Hot Air,like one of my faithful readers states...

"another sucker is born every minute"


Anonymous said...

I think Bullfrog is coming from the same perspective as a consumer who is willing to pay more for organic produce. It is supposedly 'greener', and therefor easier on the environment. I agree with the idea of power being more 'green'. However, Grant is pointing out all the reasons that electric energy cannot be on the same 'green' level as farmed organic produce. Bullfrogs' wind power shouldn't even be in BC, as our current hydro damns are perfectly fine IMO. Also, if green technology needs a leg up(corp welfare) from government coffers, then it should come from legitimate sources, such as our carbon tax. But alas, Campbell has screwed this file up so royally that he has lost all legitimacy. He is taking it twice from us here in BC, once in the carbon tax and twice from BC Hydro in the form of guaranteed purchase pricing, and raising residential rates through the roof!

Sorry, Bullfrog, but your success here is limited due to our incompetent government, who cannot even run a lemonade stand.

kootcoot said...

Please Mr. Seftel, you are not Shirley Bond and you are not in the Legislature so:

Correct me if I'm wrong but the following statement is disingenuous at best and an outright lie perhaps:

"To clarify, Bullfrog sources exclusively from the Bear Mountain Wind Park in BC to supply bullfrogpowered customers in the province with 100% wind power."

The first part of your statement IS I assume accurate in that you "source" your power from the "Bear Mountain Wind Park" (do you offer "wind rides" in the "Park?"). However here is where the mis-direction, or lying takes over.

Unless you have built your own SECRET transmission system, that I don't know about, you CANNOT be supplying your SO-CALLED "bullfrogpowered customers" with PURE wind power. Indeed, instead, BC Hydro has been FORCED to pay you two or three or even more times the going rate for ANY (up to the amount in your questionable "contract") power that you can supply to BC Hydro who then mix it with their heritage hydro power, dirty Alberta power and whatever else is necessary to ACTUALLY supply the power demands of the residents of BC (and export markets). As a result WE the customers of BC are forced to pay higher rates to subsidize your greed. After all, BC Hydro certainly can't afford to buy high and sell low just to make money for you without gouging US.

I am not opposed to wind power, solar power or even genuine non-intrusive run of river greener power. I AM opposed to the scam you and the Campbell government are engaged in which is an egrgious example of greenwashing for private gain (actually fraud and theft of public monies by my estimation).

Please explain the flaws in my statements above, without making up stuff and I will eat one of your windmills.

You could start by explaining to me just who are these "bullfrogpowered customers" because unless I am mistaken, you have ONE customer, BC Hydro and BC Hydro is being taken to the cleaners by both yourself and our corrupt government. Am I being clear?

Anonymous said...

If Bullfrog decides to go the other route that permits consumers to sign-up for 'dirty power' (as opposed to green power) going the reverse route - meaning Bullfrog would send a cheque to me for so many cents/kWh. - I will sign up right away.

Anonymous said...

Some bullcrap! These guys are in bed with gordo the drunk (Canada's only elected drug abuser still in power, yes booze is a drug). Remember Bullfrog, he likes been on top.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

stefel commissioned is another word for subsidy so get off it how many times is that same power being payed for,spare me your rhetoric fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me go to work that's how everyone else makes money,well except! the lieberals.GENUINE.

Crankypants said...

I just googled Bear Mountain Wind Farm and looked up the first reference to this venture. The page it brought me to was the government's announcement from 2006 lauding the fact that BC Hydro had awarded a contract to Bear Mountain to purchase their power.

My question is, if BC Hydro is already paying Bear Mountain for their power, who are Bullfrog paying besides themselves? Something smells rotten here, and I wouldn't be surprised if either the BC Liberal party and/or their chosen friends are involved.

As an aside, Gordon Campbell is always crowing about the jobs these various endeavors will create, and from what I read on this announcement he is just blowing more smoke. The announcement states that there will be 60-120 jobs created during construction, approximately 3 years, then SIX fulltime positions once the project is up and running. Hell, a new fast food joint creates more full time work.

jaydee said...

There are now two American Bullfrogs not wanted in B.C. Come one, come all, Campbell welcomes corporate welfare. The felon belongs in jail.

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2010 3:28 PM
Anonymous said...
I wondered about this add like most of you did.
First question: Why should I have to pay more? Why not less? I'm tired of always having to pay "more". These additional 'fees for no service' are really making me crazy. Case in point: Recently recharged my propane tank and received the billing. Cost of propane about 83 cents per litre, then, add $10 for hazmat fee, another 10 for pipeline transportation fee, still another 10 for fuel surcharge, and finally the pst,gst,and carbon tax. Guess what...come and take the tank back, 'cause I'm outa B.C. and the propane company is 'history'. End of contract
It's all about the money folks.
I predicted some years ago that the carbon issue was not about ecology, but rather about money. All that had to be done was to convince people that 'something'was bad (choose carbon), and in order to control it we had to pay more. The "more" comes in the form of carbon taxes and carbon credits. (Interesting concept solve a problem tax it)
Next thing you know, there will be a movement to charge, for the reduction of atmospheric nitrogen. That's almost as silly as California flirting with a tax on runoff from driveways, roofs and parking lots. It's being called a tax on rainfall.
In short: Tell a big enough lie and inject a suitable amount of fear and the majority of the population will not only believe it, but convert it to the holy grail.
Of course, you are aware of the chap who apparently bought millions of acres of Amazon rain forest and will sell the carbon reduction potential of the forest as carbon credits to industry....all about the money. (I think he is an oil Baron)
If one really cared, how about buying the forest, and just letting it stand, unmolested, without charge. In this deal, there is the implied threat that if you don't buy a piece of the forest,in the form of carbon credits, someone will cut it down. We wouldn't want that would we? Where's my wallet! I have to save the forest.
What's next? How about everyone getting a limited amount of carbon they can emit annually. We'll call it a personal carbon emission grant. The agency who determines the amount of that grant will ensure that your actual output is greater than your granted limit. If you want to, or worse, 'have to' emit more carbon, you must buy carbon credits....from some company, or even better, some government agency. I wonder how I could use that concept to my benefit? Easy. I'll form a carbon credit company then proceed south where I'll buy the credits from an aboriginal rainforest person, who lives in the southern hemisphere, and uses half of his allowable annual grant because I helped to buy the forest that he can no longer burn down. I'll pay him one cent per credit and sell it back to a Canadian in January for a dollar, when their allowable carbon limit has been exceeded because it was necessary to heat a home during a northern winter. If I'm really clever, I'll not only buy the forest person's annual unused credits but contract nearly all of the rest of his credits for the next 25 years too. Of course I'll sell him back his own credits later for a much higher price.
Going green is the grail, Carbon and global warming/climate change is the 'big lie' that justifies the quest.
Give me something that I can see to be a truth, and I'll join the cause. Don't try to feed me the global warming scam or the climate change story or some other 'big lie'.
There isn't any global warming that can be proved beyond doubt. It's up for grabs. And as for climate change..... climate always changes in spite of man.
But, I ramble to excess.
I have a new objective today. I'm going out to increase my carbon footprint because it's my way of revolting.
As for Gordo and the band of 40 thieves...they seem to be getting their way.