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LNG-Site C-Phony Press Releases-BC Liberal Bullshit Exposed

Tune in Wednesday night and listen to CanadianGlen and Grant G discuss the burning issues facing British Columbia...

The myth of LNG riches debunked...

The economic boondoggle Site C....The bankrupting of BC Hydro and financial threats to Hydro ratepayers.

Kinder Morgan...The prosperity myth exposed, ..The real environmental risks highlighted, you can't undo the damge of a bitumen spill in waterways.

The never-ending Christy Clark ad nauseum election 2017 called out for what it is...nauseating, desperate, lied-filled....and as usual, BC Liberals promising to fix the problems they let fester while governing over the last 16 years..still blaming the NDP of the 90s...And yes, $$$ millions of taxpayer dollars squandered on feel-good back-patting advertising....The hypocrisy of corporate Christy Clark...The gaseous lies of Rich Coleman....Fraud, corruption, and morally depraved BC Liberals...Premier Christy Clawback bus passes Clark..

Christy In Wonderland - Will The Lies Ever Stop? with Grant G


Tune in, turn on, become enlightened, informed and most certainly.....ENRAGED....!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Site C Dam, Let`s Flush $15 Billion Dollars Down The Toilet

Written by Grant G

In late December/2014....A couple of weeks after Christy Clark told Bloomberg in New York that British Columbia didn`t need Site C dam for the proposed LNG industry, Christy Clark also told Bloomberg the price of Site C was going up by potentially $billions of dollars, we are looking at $10 to $15 billion dollars to build Site C...Possibly $15 billion dollars for a very tiny bite of electric  power...Expensive power, power we don`t need for LNG...The one group that looked at Site C and BC Hydro`s power for the future projected growth model...They came to the conclusion the power was not required, the case not made..!

Meaning there is no need to spend $15 billion dollars we don`t have, no need to put BC Hydro over $20 billion dollars in debt($15 billion plus the $billions of debt hidden in BC Hydro`s deferral accounts),  BC Hydro would have as a crown corporation almost as much debt as British Columbia had when the BC Liberals came into power in 2001...Our provincial debt in 2001, including contractual debt, crown debt stood at that time about $28 billion dollars(now it`s almost $80 billion dollars, not counting contractual debt and crown corporation debt)...And these BC Liberals want to add $15 billion dollars in more debt for power we don`t need?..


Here are Christy Clark`s own words.

"LNG is our priority in British Columbia and we don’t need to do Site C in order to fuel up the LNG industry,” Clark said, adding she ran for office on a pledge to establish the sector."


Christy Clark`s mouth says we don`t need to spend $billions of dollars that we don`t have on Site C for LNG..

And guess who else says we don`t need Site C...


"The retired head of the Association of Major Power Users of BC, Dan Potts, estimates the proposed Site C Dam would lose $350 million a year for taxpayers and BC Hydro ratepayers. The 30-year pulp mill manager told media in Vancouver yesterday that the project, estimated to cost $8 Billion or more, is “fundamentally uneconomic” – based on its outmoded technology and power trading prices that are likely to remain far lower than the cost of electricity produced by Site C.

Potts made the comments at a press conference organized by the District of Hudson’s Hope – where the 80 km-long reservoir would be located – to raise concerns about Site C in advance of the federal cabinet’s ruling on the project, expected this Fall.

Potts and other speakers, including agrologists, farmers, First Nations leaders and elected officials from the region, called for the BC Utilities Commission’s oversight of the project to be restored. The independent energy watchdog was stripped by the BC Liberal Government of its usual role of reviewing a project based on issues like cost and need. In the absence of that review, Potts worries that a project which makes no economic sense may receive unjustified approval.
“This project is turning gold into lead,” said Potts.

It’s going to have a legacy of wealth destruction…It’s going to sap the province’s ability to raise money and borrow money, to do other things, such as infrastructure, hospitals, schools – all the things we need to do."


So here we have experts, and he`s not alone, calling Site C a boondoggle in the making, a very expensive boondoggle, not only will it cost much more than $10 billion, interest payments on that debt will be $400 million per year....And it will lose on average another $350 million per year in direct losses...

All in, this project could end up costing BC taxpayers $30 billion dollars after interest payments and operating costs...for power we don`t need.

The BC NDP should refuse to even enter our provincial legislature until Site C is taken off next summer`s starting date agenda...You see readers, friends, British Columbians, there is time for a strong opposition to fight for British Columbia, that time is now, before the legislature opens...How many days do politicians need off, vacationing, sitting on their over-paid asses!

We must demand that Site C go to a non partisan regulator, or non-partisan committee...Like the BCUC...This project must be vetted by those who have no skin in the game, by those not wanting to win or steal an election..

There are power generating turbines being added to BC`s Mica dam...For a cost of $500 million dollars Mica Dam will produce extra power, the new power generated, on top of power Mica already produces......For $500 million dollars a couple of new added turbines will produce half the power of Site C Dam..Without flooding land, flooding farm land...Merely adding turbines to an existing dam will create half the power of Sire C dam...for a cost of $500 million dollars...

1/20th the cost of Site C dam ....Mica will produce half the power Site C would at 1/20th the cost..

Where is the media outrage?

Someone needs to haul the BC Liberals off to jail..Demand a Site C plebiscite, or referendum...

The biggest expenditure ever proposed in British Columbia with not one shred of evidence that this power is required..

It would be criminal to allow that big of an expenditure without the case being made that the power is needed..

If the NDP can`t persuade the powers at be, the courts, the new media, the internet media..If the NDP can`t fight then we the public must step up to the plate..

We need all hands on deck to stop this $15 billion dollar theft of public money.

We need to explore other options for power..Like this option.

Since we have, according to Christy Clark and Rich Coleman, "British Columbia has some of the largest known natural gas reserves in the world, more than enough for domestic use only, hundreds of years of supply", more than we can ever use domestically.

And as of right now, and probably forever, we don`t and won`t have an LNG export industry..
What British Columbia has is tonnes of natural gas and nowhere to sell it, how about we sell it to ourselves..?

British Columbia could create a market for domestic natural gas, no need to liquify if...And at the same time can create 800 to 1200 mega watts of power, or more,  as much power as Site C dam would produce.

We would not have to flood 30,000 acres of fertile northern farmland...Thus that land up north would not be flooded, the land would continue to grow food and be a carbon sinc, , meaning the non-flooded land would absorb greenhouse gases...Absorb enough greenhouse gas to offset the below proposal..
A proposal that would give B.C. options, options to turn up or down the electrical output depending on the needs, this electrical plant would only take up in total space..24 hectares of space/land required...

And here`s the most attractive part of the whole deal...For a cost of about $1.4 billion dollars we could produce as much power as Site C.

 We could save over $10 billion dollars before interest charges...BC Hydro`s ratepayers would not see their bills go through the roof...

We could build the world`s cleanest, newest, most modern most efficient natural gas electrical generating plant in the world...At the same time greenhouse gas emissions from the natural gas plant would be offset by not flooding 30,000 acres of farmland..no homeowners to piss off, to buy out..no First Nations to cut deals with, plus it gives our natural gas drillers a new market for some of their gas, that means some royalties for the province..And create B.C. jobs for B.C. workers.

And we will save not a few $hundred million dollars but over $10 billion dollars ...
And if someday in the future LNG exports produce bigtime revenues for the province we can shut down this plant, maybe nuclear fusion will come online, newer more efficient appliances, possibly domestic power generation that could feed into the grid, like solar, tidal, geo-thermal and who knows what other technological miracles are coming down the pike..

Pipe dreams, no....A win win win...BC Taxpayers win...Saving food growing farmland wins...A new market for our gas drillers, a win for them, a win for BC`s credit rating and a break-even win for the environment, what greenhouse gas emissions are expelled will be offset by not flooding 30,000 acres of farm land, maintaining the land as a carbon sinc.
BC Hydro won`t have to carry a $20 billion dollar debt, ratepayers won`t have to carry that debt on their bi-monthy electric bills..

British Columbia could save $billions and $billions of dollars by building a copy of this..


 "Shepard Energy Centre is a new, natural gas-fired power plant being built near Shepard Industrial Park in south-east Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The project, estimated to cost C$1.3bn, is being hailed as one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the city of Calgary.

The facility will have a nominal plant rating of 800MW and will be the largest natural gas-fired electricity generation facility in Alberta when commissioned in 2015.

It will generate enough electricity to meet the needs of more than half of Calgary's existing power demands.

The facility will use an advanced emissions technology and will generate less than half the CO2 per megawatt than a conventional coal-fired plant. The plant will be owned and operated by Enmax Shepard, a subsidiary of Enmax Energy."

Enmax Energy's Calgary plant features

Important features of the plant include natural gas compression, auxiliary boilers and a wet surface condenser and cooling tower. Heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) will be partially enclosed, while the steam turbine generator (STG) and gas turbine generators (GTGs) will be fully enclosed. The project also has provisions for future carbon dioxide capture.



We have time, Site C dam construction is not slated to start until the summer of 2015..
Plus there are many lawsuits pending..

I personally asked John Horgan and the NDP party to pay for and commission a non-partisan study exploring the options I highlighted above, if the BC Liberals can prove we need much more power in the future and Site C is the only viable option, so be it, if the BC Liberals have complete faith and confidence they shouldn`t fear a non-partisan committee to review in depth Site C, the costs, the ramifications and other options.

 We may not even need the natural gas power plant, but if we need power, this is the route to go..

However, the time has come for the opposition NDP to step up to the plate, the BC Liberal`s clean energy act is gone, out the window, each proposed large LNG plant would add near 9 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to our provincial airshed each year...This natural gas electrical plant would add about 1/10th of that total...BC`s clean energy act is null n void with an LNG industry..

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have been talking the talk, Christy Clark was blathering in public how "BC`s LNG would clean China`s airshed and make the world`s air cleaner".. 

If that is true, if it is good enough for China than a natural gas electrical plant must be good enough for British Columbia too.

We as a province could even buy carbon offsets, $100 million dollars worth of carbon offsets per year and we would still be ahead of the Site C cost by $billions and $billions of dollars..We could buy offsets of that amount for 30 years and only spend $3 billion dollars... Add in the cost of a natural gas electrical plant of $1.3 billion to even as high as $2 billion dollars, add both amounts together ....$5 billion dollars...

And we wouldn`t necessarily have to buy carbon offsets if we didn`t need to....As stated above...We would not be flooding 30,000 acres of carbon absorbing farmland...

We can`t wait until the spring session of the legislature starts to begin this battle..

 Building a natural gas electrical plant(if we need the power) is a win win... 

BC jobs, BC workers..A electrical generating plant using B.C. natural gas, drilled by B.C. natural gas well drillers, piped through B.C. pipeline, power generated flowing to B.C. homes at a fraction of the cost of a Site C dam...Thus saving the province, saving B.C. Hydro $billions of dollars...Saving ratepayers even $billions more, money that will flow into our economy rather than to New York Bond Buying hedge funds..

A win win win...

We need the media to get onside with this plan...We need the BC NDP making wave after wave...Refusing to sit in our legislature until all these $billion dollar plus saving options are explored thoroughly by non-partisan entities with no skin in the game..

We need The Straight Goods....We need leadership, we need a robust opposition...

Who knows what energy efficiencies lie ahead in the future..A $1.3 to $2 billion dollar natural gas electrical generating plant can easily be decommissioned...A $15 billion dollar dam, not so much..
Food security....Saving ever declining farmland stocks...Not having to flood 30,000 acres...Not having to buy out home-owners, northern businesses, not having to fight First Nations in the Peace region..

The non-flooded land will grow food and absorb carbon...B.C. workers to build a natural gas power plant, giving our drillers another market for our excess gas..

Everybody wins, taxpayers, ratepayers, northern homesteaders, First Nations, the environment, our credit rating..

Everybody wins....

If an NDP opposition can`t make the case, can`t stop it, slow down Site C....Can`t present and produce viable options..

Can`t do a better job than a single blogger with no money, no staff, just a computer and a few connected brain cells..Then we as a province.....
 are doomed!
Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Christy Clark Promotes Trophy Hunting And Welcomes The World`s Big Game Assassins

I have no words to describe this outrage...

Trophy hunting..

Statistics reveal decade-long increase in B.C. hunting licences for grizzlies and black bears


Dressed in a black cowboy hat, B.C. Premier Christy Clark beams at the camera as she accepts the President's Award from the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. The year is 2012, and the outfitters are gathered for their annual convention in Kelowna. Clark has just announced new regulatory changes to benefit the hunting guides to cheers and applause.

Like Canada's polar bears, B.C.'s grizzly bears have been listed as a "species of special concern" by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Unlike their Arctic cousins, though, grizzly bears don't qualify for federally legislated conservation measures — despite the fact that B.C. grizzly numbers have dropped from an estimated 35,000 grizzlies in 1915 to possibly as low as six thousand today — and have become a coveted prize for trophy hunters.  
Polls show that a vast majority of British Columbians oppose the trophy killing of grizzly bears. A 2013 poll by McAllister Opinion Research showed 87 per cent of B.C. respondents favour banning trophy hunting for bears. 
The European Union embargoed the importation of B.C. grizzly bear parts and trophies into its 28 member countries because they believe it is not sustainably managed. 
The bear hunting moratorium by the NDP was immediately overturned by the B.C. Liberal government of Gordon Campbell, and over the past 14 years, the B.C. Liberal government has steadily maintained and increased the rights for outfitters.
These policies are even starting to drive a wedge within the hunting community. Should foreign hunters be given licenses to hunt B.C.'s bears? Should they be hunted at all? As policies expand, many have raised critical questions about the politics behind expanding access to bear hunting in the province. 

A strong voice for hunting in government

Key Liberal politicians in B.C. are champions of hunting, and by extension, the grizzly bear trophy hunt.



Christy Clark, through her actions families were shattered, a man committed suicide, Christy Clark might as well pulled the trigger herself..

What does British Columbia stand for under BC Liberal Governance?...Pay money, shoot species, pay money to fly in helicopters and gun down helpless animals..?

Donate money to the governing BC Liberal party and get what you want, pollute rivers, destroy salmon habitat, cut down rare and declining old growth rain forests..?

Christy Clark welcomes the world`s big game assassins to British Columbia..

Trophy hunting, big game outfitters...

They too donate lots of money to the BC Liberal party..

Christy Clark promises a chicken in every pot..no, a bear paw.

The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Petronas PNW LNG-- Petronas Is out of British Columbia -Petronas to Develop Iranian LNG

Protesters wearing yellow shirts in Kuala Lumpur hold up cartoons
November 23, 2016 · Updated 11:56 AM 

Minister Coleman details PNW timeline
Pacific NorthWest LNG’s investors are scheduled to complete their total review of the project and surrounding market conditions, and decide on the immediate fate of the project in summer 2017.
That was the message given to B.C. Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman approximately a month ago by [company primary stakeholder] Petronas executives in Malaysia.
After reports surfaced last week through Bloomberg that Coleman was given an April 2017 date on whether the company would proceed with the project or not, the Ministry of Natural Gas Development confirmed that a decision is expected by Petronas and its partners before the end of the summer.
“Minister Coleman met with Petronas executives about a month ago in Malaysia. The business development trip was an opportunity for the minister to meet with the recently appointed chairman of the board for both Progress Energy Canada Ltd. and Pacific NorthWest LNG Datuk Mohd Anuar Taib,” the ministry outlined in an email late last week.
“Petronas and their partners are in the process of reviewing the various elements of their proposal, along with the 190 conditions within the federal government’s environmental approval. The company indicated it would complete the review sometime next summer,” ministry representatives continued, adding that the Malaysian trip was not related to the 2017 opening of a B.C. trade office.


Not a shovel in the ground related to LNG....Petronas isn't building anything in British Columbia..

That's why the BC Liberals are saturating our television airways with LNG blather...."$20 billion spent ALREADY" "and created jobs"...

Yea, it sure has, a job for Js Johal and Gordon Wilson...

Why won't our mainstream media call Rich Coleman and the Clark government out on it....LNG spindoctors muse about the LNG glut ending in 2020...it isn't, these LNG terminals take on average 5 years to build...If Petronas started today they would complete in 2021..

But they ain't...Petronas is not building anything in British Columbia, Woodfibre LNG is in doubt too...either way, not a shovel in the ground before the next election.

Petronas has moved on to other countries to do business..Iran is the top of their list, also ..this


Malaysian energy giant Petronas said its first floating LNG producing unit, the PFLNG 1 reached its destination, the Kanowit gas field, offshore Sarawak. 

The unit, named PFLNG Satu, left the South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) shipyard in Okpo on May 14.
Following a 2,120 nautical miles journey, the PFLNG Satu reached its destination on May 30, Petronas said.
It will be the world’s first floating LNG producing facility once it starts production in Kanowit gas field, located 180 kilometres offshore Sarawak, Malaysia, during the year.
The 365-metre long structure will be able to produce 1.2 million tonnes of LNG per year and is designed for water depths between 70 metres to 200 metres deep with 145 crew onboard.
Floating LNG producing units will be game changers in the LNG industry as they pave the way to unlocking gas reserves from remote, marginal and stranded gas fields, which would otherwise be uneconomical to develop.


Sunday, Oct 23, 2016
Petronas, Al Bukhary to Return to Iranian Oil, Gas Market

Malaysian Minister for International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed says Malaysian Petronas and Al Bukhary are to come back to Iran... 
Malaysian Minister for International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed says Malaysian Petronas and Al Bukhary are to come back to Iran.
Mohamed told Iran-Malaysia Trade Session in Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture that the Malaysia is keen on cooperating with Iran in oil and gas sector, Iran’s SHANA news agency reported.
 “The two Malaysian companies, active in oil and gas, want to come back Iran and to this end, talks will be continued to be held with the NIOC.”


Oh indeed...Petronas has been very busy around the globe, at the same time they are deadly silent on British Columbia...Because, for the forseeable future Petronas is out of BC..


Argentina's YPF to expand shale oil drilling with Petronas


Petronas .....One day after Trudeau greenlighted the economically dead, now officially dead PNW LNG project ....The very next day Petronas went to Indonesia to make deals for this..


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

PUTRAJAYA: Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has been offered to explore 10 new blocks of oil and gas (O & G) fields in Indonesia, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said the invitation involving seven exploration blocks in the Exclusive Economic Zone and three in Natuna Island was made by Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, in a meeting in Putrajaya on Tuesday.

Speaking in a press conference later, Ahmad Zahid said with the invitation, Petronas had the opportunity to participate in the open tender by Pertamina, Indonesia’s state-owned oil company, for the exploration of new blocks in other locations.

“This is a good offer as Petronas is basically focusing on exploration in the Asean countries,” he said.


I would like to remind you of this...Natural gas reserves by country...

2 Iran (see: Natural gas reserves in Iran)33,600,000,000,00012 June 2013 est.[7

13 Indonesia3,001,000,000,0001 January 2010 est
21 Canada (see: Natural gas in Canada)1,754,000,000,0001

The BC Liberal Government is blowing LNG fumes out their asses....

Thus the saturation bombing advertising blitz...bragging about nothing, bragging about the two LNG jobs they created...Gordon Wilson and Jas Johal...oh, that's right, Jas Johal bailed out on the BCLNGA communication(spin) job.....And is running for the BC Liberals...

Make that 1 LNG job created..

And yes, not even a one official murmur from Petronas on PNW LNG since August 28th/2016..

One more thing....

Najib Razak, the head of Petronas seems to be a bit preoccupied trying to save his political ass from jail and outright revolt!..



Malaysia protesters demand PM Najib Razak step down

Thousands of yellow-shirted protesters have gathered in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak.


The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Shredding of Rich Coleman's Latest LNG Bullshit Spinfest-A Straight Goods Special

Written by Grant G

There has been some interesting developments on the British Columbia LNG front.....and the developments are bad news for BC's LNG superpower aspirations...

As reported here in previous posts, Japan has officially challenged the legality of "take or pay LNG contracts"...Japan's LNG use is on the decline as a result of several things..number 1..Japan's population is falling by millions...Japan utilities have lost nearly 1 million customers..


Japan's population is shrinking: What does it mean for the economy?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made tackling the problem of Japan’s shrinking population a priority. But experts say averting the looming demographic crisis is virtually impossible.
The population is forecast to fall to about 83 million by 2100, with 35% of Japanese aged over 65, according to the United Nations. Even if the birth rate rose from 1.4 children per woman to Abe’s target of 1.8 and Japan accepted more immigrants, it would be difficult to prevent a fall below 100 million.


Japan is also suffering from almost 0 economic growth, and....Japan is restarting their nuclear grid...this will result in 


Seven Japanese nuclear power reactors are likely to be in operation by the end of next March and 12 more one year later, according to an estimate by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ). Judicial rulings and local consents will influence the rate of restart, it notes.

Under this scenario, compared with FY2010, total spending on fossil fuel imports in FY2017 decreases by JPY4.7 trillion ($45 billion)


"Take or pay" longterm LNG contracts of the past are being ripped, LNG exporters wrote in contracts that Japan utilities could not resell their contracted LNG cargoes, that may be well and fine for LNG exporters, but Japan doesn't need the LNG and storage of the high pressure liquid gas is very expensive...Japan is now legally challenging the legality of those contract provisions...No legal body is going to force Japan or prevent Japan from reselling that LNG...


Japan’s trade commission starts LNG destination clauses inquiry

The regulator intends to review whether the destination clauses limit competition, which could lead to a number of contracts, worth hundreds of billions of dollars, being renegotiated.
The world’s largest LNG importer, Japan, together with other Asian buyers, believes the clauses restrict the trading of LNG in cases when it would be better to sell to other markets.
The companies that fail to comply with orders that have reportedly been issued late last month could face penalties. The deadline for submitting the requested information is the end of November, the report says.
Earlier in May,  Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) recommended the supply contracts to be reworked in order to allow the buyers to resell the imported LNG or negotiate better prices.


Japan will soon be selling their excess contracted LNG to other nations, that will mean LNG export volumes to other nations from LNG exporters will decline, and drive down price....

So, for all intents and purposes, Japan as a major British Columbia LNG buyer isn't in the cards...


The British Columbia LNG and natural gas industry is literally on life-support...Drilling in BC's northeast has never been lower..not since 1993 have so few gas wells been drilled..

The news is so bad that Rich Coleman, British Columbia's Minister of natural gas has created another fake B.C. LNG headline......

BC Liberals are banking on a promise of unlimited LNG riches accruing(in the future) to carry them through election 2017...yet nothing could be further from the truth....

Catch this headline, from Bloomberg....


Canada Sees Petronas’ $27 Billion LNG Decision by April(2017)


Quite the headline...indeed...by the way, April 2017 just happens to be one month before BC's provincial election...Could the story be true, no, absolutely false...

Spencer Sproule and Rich Coleman have faked LNG press releases before, many times, this Bloomberg article on BC's LNG future was completely manufactured by Rich Coleman, the article has one source, no confirmation from anybody, including Petronas and Petronas' partners...one source, ...a one Rich Coleman..


Petroliam Nasional Bhd. will be ready to decide whether to proceed with a propose d $27 billion liquefied natural gas plant on Canada’s Pacific Coast by April(2017), according to Rich Coleman, British Columbia’s minister of natural gas development.
The state-owned Malaysian energy company, which won conditional Canadian government approval in September after more than three years of regulatory review, is in the process of reassessing the project’s costs, including those of steel, pipes and other inputs, he said.
They need to go out and re-price the project,” Coleman said in an interview in Vancouver. “They hope to have that done in three to six months. Once they’ve done that, they’ll go back to the partners and decide whether to make a final investment decision.”
 British Columbia is positioning itself as a gateway for Asian exports with its vast reserves and is among North America’s closest ports to the region. Petronas is reviewing the project and working to lower capital costs, it said in an e-mailed response to questions.
Before the project can proceed to a positive final investment decision, we need to ensure the project is competitive with similar projects around the world,” the Malaysian explorer said.

 Petronas is the majority owner of the Pacific Northwest LNG project, which could produce as much as 19.2 million tons a year of the fuel, or about 8 percent of last year’s global trade. Its partners are China Petrochemical Corp., Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Indian Oil Corp. and Brunei National Petroleum Co.

 An Indian Oil spokesman was unable to comment immediately, while a Beijing-based spokesman for Sinopec said the company has no comment on the matter. Petroleum Brunei could not be reached for comment.
Coleman, who met with Petronas executives last month in Kuala Lumpur, said those partners remain on board as buyers. “There was no indication that any of the partners aren’t still in,” he said. “They have a really strong focus on getting it to be financially viable.”

Did you read that, ....There are no sources but Rich Coleman...Petronas' equity partners refused public comment, not one person besides Rich Coleman is cited in that article, the entire spiel by Rich Coleman is made up out of whole cloth....The only source is  The Malaysian Explorer..who the hell is the Malaysian Explorer..

The Malaysian Explorer is a travel guide?....

A travel guide blog...

Rich Coleman is now citing a travel/and discover neat things about Malaysia blog...

Is that the best you can come up with...Who the hell is the Malaysian Explorer...Sheesh..

And the bad news for British Columbia LNG keeps on coming...believe me folks, you can make this stuff up...

Donald Trump wants to unleash American Energy, cut regulations, open up federal lands and frac, drill and burn baby...

There is a world glut of both oil and gas....and here is where it gets bizarre...

Donald Trump wants to be buddy buddy with Russia and Putin...Putin was the first world leader to officially phone and congratulate Donald Trump on his presidential election victory...

Donald Trump also vowed during his election run-up to reinstate the sanctions against energy powerhouse(to be) Iran.....

Well, ...Donald Trump has officially been outsmarted and goosed by Russia and Russia's big energy companies, ....and this will also make British Columbia look like a mere natural gas reserve pauper...

From Wikipedia...

2 Iran (see: Natural gas reserves in Iran)33,600,000,000,00012 June 2013 est.[
21 Canada (see: Natural gas in Canada)1,754,000,000,0001 January 2010 est.
What might I be talking about...?

Donald Trump and The Inescapable Box he created...


Envoy: Giant Russian Energy Firms to Visit Iran for Oil Contracts

A 28-strong delegation of managers of Russian energy firms, including Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft, Transgaz, Zarubezhneft, etc., are due to visit Tehran on Thursday to participate in a workshop on new oil contracts," Sanayee said on Wednesday.
Noting that Iran has already signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with three Russian companies, he said, "Other giant Russian oil and gas firms are also in talks to invest in Iran's oil and gas fields and endorse relevant MoUs."
Deputy Minister of Petroleum for International Affairs and Trading Amir-Hossein Zamaninia announced last week that a delegation representing Russian companies will visit Iran soon to receive the first hand account of oil contracts
The NIOC had on July 12 and October 8 this year signed two MoUs to entrust studies on two sustainable West and Aban fields as well as Dehloran oilfield to Zarubezhneft and Tatneft respectively.
The Deputy Minister of Petroleum said Gazprom is ready for development of a field in Persian Gulf and contribute to the Iranian LNG project.
Iran's gas reserves are conventional gas reserves, no need to frac, ..meaning cheaper to produce and...Iran has gobs of oil and natural gas..

Iran is also in talks with Indonesia and Malaysia on investing in and developing Iran's massive energy supplies...Iran is aching to get product to market....British Columbia can't compete with Iran, Qatar or Russia on price...

Way to go Donald Trump....you just got trumped by Russia...How far will your new alliance with Putin and Russia go if you try to place energy export and economic sanctions on Iran...

As for you Rich Coleman...you really need to step up your game...

The Straight Goods just shredded your manufactured gobbily goop self manufactured LNG spinfest article before the ink even dried...

And of course, Petronas has not released or issued a single official press release confirming the gibberish Rich Coleman is spewing..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen....Thank You


Thank you for making me cry tears of joy...

See you soon Mr. Cohen

The Straight Goods

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Woodfibre LNG Plays Politics and Footsy With BC Liberal Government, Creates Fake Narrative and Leaves Exit Doors Ajar

Written by Grant G

(updated November 4th/2016  at 6:57 pm)

Desperate days for Christy Clark....Today's announcement(November 4th/2016..Friday trash dump) by Christy Clark at Woodfibre LNG's proposed site was a made up political ploy, it's mere gobbily goop politics at its worst...

Before I break down this Woodfibre LNG stage-play....For Christy Clark and Rich Coleman to go to this length to suck in a gullible public...It means one thing..

Petronas is out, Pacific Northwest LNG in Prince Rupert is 100% dead..caput, never going to be built, same thing goes for the Shell Canada proposal...There are no FIDs coming from the big proposed projects..

Let's breakdown this Woodfibre announcement...

From the November 4th/2016(today)Vancouver Sun...and I quote..

Updated here


"Giraud said work is already underway at the site, but major construction will not take place until after the company receives permit approval from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission by the end of 2017"

(The above paragraph has since been removed by Postmedia editors, it was indeed contained within the original Vancouver Sun linked article, I cut n pasted it, now been removed...Grant G)


That must be a joke, the BC Oil and Gas Commission is a BC Liberal Government industry rubber stamp outfit...by the end of 2017???..After the election???..and there is more...There are questions as to Woodfibre's LNG buying contracts/customers...

From the same Vancouver Sun article, and I quote..


Updated here too


"More work in needed on hammering out customer contracts for the gas in Asia "Stay tuned"said Giraud when asked about whether the company had nailed down those contracts"

(Again, Postmedia editors have removed that statement from the original Vancouver Sun linked article, same thing, I cut n pasted that statement and it too has been removed, Postmedia are so bad, so corporate owned, so in bed with BC Liberals and big energy...Grant G)


(That is pretty pathetic, I highlight the important parts of Postmedia's reporting and....And then they remove after I point out the flaw and inaccuracies...)

At present, Woodfibre has one potential buyer of half of their gas(1 million tonnes)...Woodfibre would produce 2.1 million tonnes of LNG per year, they have one potential buyer for half the gas produced...A Chinese company wanting a 10% equity share, but, that deal hasn't been nailed down or signed either....

So let's cut to the chase...Woodfibre has not nailed down LNG buying customers....Woodfibre is laughable in saying they have to wait near a year and a half for a permit from The BC Oil N Gas Commission..thus taking any construction start well-past the 2017 BC Election...

You need more...Woodfibre LNG has a long history of playing political footsy with the BC Liberals...

BC Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy had his election coffers filled up by Woodfibre at a private fundraiser at a private golf course last year, media was banned from the event..



How close is too close for government and large corporations?
West Vancouver-Sea to Sky Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy and Woodfibre LNG are caught up in a controversy after the company sponsored a fundraiser for Sturdy last week.
Although the next provincial election is in 2017, Sturdy was the beneficiary of a Woodfibre LNG hosted, BC Liberal Party fundraiser at West Vancouver’s Capilano Golf and Country Club on Thursday evening.
Woodfibre LNG is waiting to hear if the province will grant the company an environmental permit for its proposed Squamish liquefied natural gas export and processing facility.
“It is embarrassing,” said Eoin Finn, a well known anti-LNG activist who protested outside the event.
“It is basically wrong to have a proponent with a decision in front of the B.C. cabinet sponsoring an event in broad daylight where it is clear that it is right on that edge between legitimate fundraising and influence peddling,” he said.

I reported on that outrageous scam too...

Petronas on June 11/ 2015 gave a conditional FID....Petronas in June 2015 said they would go ahead with FID and build their project if they got federal approval......


Petronas in September 2016 were granted federal approval and....Petronas is trying to sell their stake in the project...Also, Petronas is reviewing the market.....In other words, Petronas gave a promise of building if granted a federal certificate....Once Petronas got approval, that FID flew out the window..

also, the BC Liberals created a fake press release last month...that post is here..


Look folks, you can believe what you want, this announcement is a premature political channel-changing stunt,,..

You might want to read this...the below article I published on January 8/2016....An article on how the BC Oil N Gas Commission is an industry rubber stamp outlet..


Friday, January 8, 2016

(LNG) British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission is not a Regulatory Body, Its an Energy Industry Gift Shop

(LNG) British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission is not a Regulatory Body, Its an Energy Industry Gift Shop

Written by Grant G

There has been lots of news on the British Columbia LNG industry as of late...And, the news has been bad, really bad..

Mr. Jarvis,  the executive director of Energy Services B.C. stated last week, and I quote..

"2015 has been the worst year in over a decade for the natural gas industry"

Mr. Jarvis went on to say..

"LNG investment may be too late after 2016"

"A triple whammy"

Jarvis says LNG workers suffered in 2015 due to three main factors, including cuts — as much as 20 per cent — to companies' profit margins, fewer projects, and more competition for jobs due to waning LNG sectors in other provinces.
"We're kind of hit with a triple whammy in this region," he said.
"What that means of course is less income to the communities, less income to the province, and of course, [it's] pretty tough to be sustainable," said Jarvis.

Dwindling opportunity


Mr. Jarvis also said the same thing and a whole lot more in this radio interview..

Have a listen(link directly below)


I have written on many occasions this...Every time bad news on the British Columbia LNG front rears it`s ugly head the following days out comes artificial LNG hype and spin, 

The artificial spin and hype is generated by the BC Liberals and their spindoctors, or in this particular case..The spin and hyperbole is being generated by the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission...Not a regulatory body, it is a BC Liberal creation called the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission(also known as the British Columbia Energy Industry Gift Shop).

The very next day after the CBC story and radio interview with Mr. Jarvis..A article and radio interview where you can hear and feel the panic in Mr. Jarvis`s tone....the very next day out came this, courtesy of the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission...And of course British Columbia`s domestic newspaper ran the article(posted the junk news)....That article linked directly below


And....the hilarity of the article, not so much as to what was said in the article, but the headline of the article....Here is that headline

Shell-Led joint venture obtains KEY permit for LNG facility in Kitimat

This so-called "key permit" was issued by the B.C. Oil n Gas Commission..When has this BC Liberal creation ever denied any permit to the energy/natural gas industry, how many leaked stories about how this commission has granted illegal water- draw permits, even as northern streams and lakes are near dry...The point I`m making...


B.C. Oil and Gas Commission accused of violating Water Act

Three environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission and natural gas company Encana over the use of water from B.C.'s lakes and rivers.
The suit, filed Wednesday in B.C. Supreme Court, claims the commission has granted repeated short-term water licences, in violation of the provincial Water Act.

The environmental groups say as Encana proceeded with the fracking process to extract natural gas from underground reserves, it drew 880 Olympic swimming pools worth of water over three years from the Kiskatinaw River, which supplies drinking water to the city of Dawson Creek.



Shell Canada was never ever concerned about getting a go-ahead and build nod from BC`s Oil n Gas Commission..All British Columbia permits required to build, or pipe gas, ship gas, pollute gas are already guaranteed....The BC Oli n Gas Commisssion has denied near nothing...The Vancouver Sun..The Province Newspaper must be aware of that or willfully blind..

In other words..The BC Oil and Gas Commission granted a permit to build to Shell Canada. 

A building  permit that Shell Canada knew was guaranteed long ago, never in doubt...The news nugget? was merely pulled out, it was pulled out of a hat like a magician and his rabbit....

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman are still playing blind man`s bluff..Still trying to keep the LNG bluster alive and this will continue through to the British Columbia 2017 election...And, you can take this to the bank, by election time 2017..British Columbia will still not have an LNG terminal shipping LNG..By election 2017...We will still have vague promises of FIDs just around the corner..of course that will come with a warning..elect BC Liberals or the $trillion dollars and million new LNG jobs will vanish..blah blah blah...

Remember last summer, the special legislative session ...Where the BC Liberals rammed through a PDA for Petronas..Remember that generational giveaway.. ..The tax rate slashed, greenhouse gas rules removed, everything granted to Petronas... 

The BC Liberal Corporate Party granted the B.C. Oil N Gas Commission new powers..Granting a "build permit" was never before in their purview..Ah.But those rascally BC Liberals changed that..and...

And Stephen Harper was busy toiling away on behalf of the energy industry too..

Stephen Harper(The oil obsessed Prime Minister) was still in power, and he was busy, not only did he appoint more energy industry hacks to the NEB(National Energy Board)..Stephen Harper granted the NEB new powers....

After helping Kinder-Morgan lobby for the Trans-Mountain expansion, now Kelly will be on a board that is regulating pipeline construction. The NEB has already been criticized by the Sierra Club of Canada for creating regulations it claims benefit oil companies drilling in the Arctic. 

Marc Eliesen, former CEO of BC Hydro said: It’s utterly incredible the Government of Canada would appoint such an industry consultant to a regulatory agency that presumably is interested in the public interest, and not in the interest of multinational oil corporations.The NEB have totally become a captured industry regulator." 

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/politics/harper-appoints-a-pipeline-consultant-to-national-energy-board/article/440066#ixzz3whhBd7qj


Well..That "key permit"  article wasn`t enough to quell the naysayers..the time was ripe to flex those newly granted NEB powers too..



The Canadian National Energy Board granted a 40-year licence to LNG Canada to export liquefied natural gas from its liquefaction facility to be built near Kitimat, British Columbia. 

Under the licence, which still has to be approved by the Governor in Council, LNG Canada is allowed to export 1494 billion cubic metres, NEB said in its statement on Thursday.
According to the regulator, this is the first 40-year licence since the amendment of the National Energy Board Act in June 2015.

It was concluded that the volumes of liquefied natural gas LNG Canada plans to export are surplus to Canadian demand.

The joint venture set up by Shell, Kogas, Mitsubishi and PetroChina received a facility permit for its proposed liquefaction plant that would initially consist of two 6.5 mtpa LNG production trains with an option to expand the facility with additional two trains.


The NEB only had the power to grant 25 year export licenses...after the Harper NEB amendment, they can grant 40 year export licenses!!!

Like I said...Those new NEB powers were flexed yesterday too...Right, ..BC Liberals needed another bit of LNG news to keep the "con" going...The Governor in council  highlighted above..That is Federal Jurisdiction...That still needs to be approved..

We`ll see what happens with that approval which is under Justin Trudeau control(or is it?)...

Anywho, what does all of the above really mean?....Not much at all...all it does prove is that BC`s domestic media are still ball-less wonders, still in the hands of the BC Liberals and big industry...Means there is still no quality journalistic LNG news coverage coming from British Columbia oriented mainstream media..Vancouver Sun..The Province..CTV..Global..CKNW..When it comes to LNG coverage BC`s media are still mailing it in...

Let`s get to the meat of the issue, there is still a world glut of LNG..There is still gobs and gobs of new LNG supply coming online, including USA`s Sabine Pass operation, they have started shipping LNG.. the price is still in the tank and China can no longer hide their recession... China can`t afford to build anymore ghost cities...


But what about Shell Canada, what about those BC Liberal generated stories, it must be true right?..No, just spin..

Here is how the story should have been reported in our domestic papers...

The BC Oil & Gas Commission (BCOGC) on Tuesday authorized, subject to local safety and environmental conditions, a Kitimat processing and tanker-loading complex for up to 3.7 Bcf/d planned by the group of Shell (50%), PetroChina Corp. (20%), Korea Gas Corp. (15%) and Mitsubishi Corp. (15%) (see Daily GPI,July 6, 2015).

The approval is the first of many in the works at the BCOGC, which last year delegated exclusive power to make terminal site construction decisions on the long lineup of BC overseas gas export projects to the commission.

LNG Canada previously received federal and provincial environmental approval, hired a construction general contractor, made a power supply deal with provincial government-owned BC Hydro, and lined up benefit agreements with the Kitimat native community.

The LNG Canada group has been working on its export scheme for about five years, and Shell had said it would make a final investment decision about the project in 2016 (see Daily GPI, Nov. 10, 2014).

In the biggest part of the preparations, Shell has emerged as a top producer in the Montney formation, tapping the shale-like and liquids-rich “tight gas” formation straddling northern BC and Alberta for about 410 MMcf/d with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques (see Shale Daily, Jan. 4).

The gas currently goes to traditional markets in Canada and the United States, including northern Alberta thermal oilsands extraction where Shell is senior partner in one of the biggest bitumen mining and synthetic crude upgrading complexes.

In announcing the BCOGC permit, Shell indicated full-scale construction remains a considerable time away and is not a sure bet.

The company called the ruling “an important step forward” but added that “the project must ensure it is economically viable and meets several other significant milestones including finalizing engineering and cost estimates, supply of labor, and achieving other critical regulatory approvals before making a final investment decision.”

Shell has been pulling back across North America and in December sharply reduced its development plans for 2016 (see Daily GPI, Dec. 23, 2015).


All the money Shell Canada is spending on site prep work and logistics is pocket change pennies to that behemoth corporation, they can write it off as a business loss

Shell Canada can also just walk away and not lose a minute`s sleep over it...

The window of opportunity has closed....Maybe a new round of terminals will be built in the next decade...and or maybe the sheep in the world will wake up to the fact that LNG is the dirtiest fuel, not a bridge fuel and it`s money wasted when countries can spend less money in the longterm by building green renewable energy..

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