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Manufactured Terrorism-Dog Whistle Politics-"Old Stock Canadians"

Law, without legitimate laws controlling a Nation's police desperate governments run amok, create fake narratives to drive agendas(Grant G)..

The below letter was written by a Canadian man who cares, a man who doesn't scare, a man who shouts from the rafters......Robin Mathews


 Robin Mathews

Greetings to all. I mailed this letter (Canada Post) on January 30 to the people addressed and to Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety. If the letter interests you, you might send it on to any member of the provincial or federal legislatures  and to anyone else you might think is interested in the subject. 

Justin Trudeau, The Right Honourable, Prime Minister,
Hill Office, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6

Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice the Supreme Court of Canada, 301 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0J1

Jody Wilson-Raybould, The Honourable, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 284 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A 0H8

Susan Anton, Attorney General of British Columbia, Ministry of Justice, PO Box 9280 STN Prov Govt, Victoria, B.C. , V8W 9J7

Dear Mr. Trudeau, Ms. McLachlin, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, and Ms. Susan Anton:

This communication is being sent to officials primarily responsible for the integrity of law and justice in British Columbia. It is being sent because the assault upon law and justice in the province – verified and recorded by the Honourable Madam Justice Catherine Bruce in the Supreme Court of British Columbia – specifically in the entrapment case of converts to Islam, ”impoverished recovering heroin addicts with mental health challenges”, (1) John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody, by members of the RCMP, is so egregious that its existence must be known at the highest Canadian political and legal levels as well as at the active operative levels of the maintenance of law and justice in Canada.

Action must be taken against any and all law officers engaged in criminal behaviour in the matter.  This letter requests full investigation and appropriate charges be laid against law officers so involved and implicated.

The Minister of Justice Canada and the Attorney General of British Columbia are the appropriate officers to act in the matter.  Please respond to this letter with information about actions you are undertaking.

Madam Justice Bruce writes in her Judgement: 2016/07/29,Docket 26392, Registry Vancouver, “Regina v. John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody”, paragraph 769:
“Based on the evidence before me, I am satisfied that the RCMP knowingly exploited the demonstrated vulnerabilities of the defendants in order to induce them to commit the offences.” Madam Justice Bruce writes, paragraph 770, “Not only did the police take over the leadership, but they committed illegal acts to enable the defendants to play their small part in the plan”.
And she writes, paragraph 775, “This is truly a case where the RCMP manufactured the crime; this is not a situation where the police simply ‘instigated, originated or brought about’ the offence”.
 Madam Justice Bruce continues, paragraph 776, “The RCMP had to provide the explosive substance, they had to take the defendants shopping for the bomb parts and give them continuous instructions and directions until they finally bought most of what they needed; they had to construct the devices and left only the gluing of nails to the pots and construction of timers, which were never part of the RCMP’s plan, to the defendants. The police had to arrange for a location for the defendants to work on the devices and provide constant supervision and direction until their small part was completed…. The police chose the date for the explosion and they made all the arrangements for the necessary accommodation and travel to Victoria.  The police essentially  chose where the devices would be planted”.

The whole matter is complicated by the fact that the operation was not a “hole-in-corner” act of a few police officers.  More than 200 officers are alleged to have been involved (2) as well as millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

Madam Justice Bruce writes earlier, paragraph 63, “From the outset of the planning for Project Souvenir, [the name given to the Nuttall/Korody entrapment] it was apparent that the RCMP at the National Headquarters level considered the investigation to be urgent and a national priority”. She goes on: “Senior officers at RCMP Headquarters E-INSET Division were regularly briefed on the progress of the investigation.” A police officer (paragraph 63) wrote that “this is a priority investigation not only for E-INSET but also for the National Security Program from Ottawa H.Q.”

How could that be? How could the RCMP take seriously the fantasizing and mumbling of two nearly incompetent human beings who Justice Bruce reveals clearly were incapable of a terrorist action without significant and prolonged RCMP coaching, financing, organizing and other assistance?

The answer to that question may reside in the simple statement in the last sentence written here. Did the top officers in Ottawa intend that an “Islamic” terrorist act would take place in British Columbia to satisfy political masters…?

The question asked opens up questions about the role of the RCMP in Canada and its use of criminal or near-criminal actions in the pursuit of its goals.  Turn to another (less important but very widely publicly observed) RCMP investigation, briefly:

Whatever any Canadian may think of Senator Mike Duffy, the RCMP provided almost all materials arising out of investigation of Duffy’s actions leading to thirty-one criminal charges laid in his case.  For the first time in Canadian history (largely on the basis of RCMP investigative materials) a single Canadian person had thirty-one criminal charges laid against him by the Crown (the Canadian State). AND for the first time in Canadian history not one of the thirty-one charges against that Canadian could stand up in a fair trial. 

I believe – in the Nuttall/Korody “terrorist” case – RCMP officers engaged in behaviour that cries out for criminal investigation and for criminal charges to be laid against any and all officers found to be/to have been in violation of the laws of Canada. 

I urge those addressed in this letter (A) to examine closely and with a view to court action ALL the RCMP actions involved in the Nuttall/Korody case – as part of a publicly announced investigation covering RCMP headquarters and any and all relevant offices and places in British Columbia.  I urge (B) that a Public Commission of Inquiry be struck to review ALL the offices, All the directions, All the positions held in the Force, and ALL the activities of the RCMP in Canada with a view to a major reconstruction of the Force, making it fully and completely responsible to ALL of parliament through on-going and revolving parliamentary committees with unimpeded power to summon, to question, to receive information from RCMP members, and to report regularly and fully to Canadians.
The fact, I suggest, that more than 200 RCMP employees and many millions of dollars were expended in the Gilbert and Sullivan comedy, the Nuttall/Korody case called Operation Souvenir, makes the whole RCMP – as an institution – a danger to the Peace, Order, and Good Government of Canada.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

At the present time, without active and public attention to the matters involved (possibly criminal) in the whole structure of Operation Souvenir, any Canadian who asserts that the RCMP is, or borders on, being a criminal organization cannot be dismissed as a “mere” conspiracy theorist and cannot be said to to be repeating the rantings of unhinged extremists.

For that reason and for the safety of innocent Canadians, the possible and real wrong-doing of police officers in ”Operation Souvenir” must be met with full investigation and, where warranted, criminal charges. 

I am, respectfully,         

Robin Mathews

Footnotes: (1) (2) Barry Zwicker, “Brief to House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security”,
Common Ground, November 2016, pp. 5 and 22.   


(Grant G........-The way I figure, government, the courts, judicial bodies, nobody will be held responsible for the above false flag stageplay...

Any skilled or experienced lawperson would have determined in a matter of hours that these two drug addicted downandouters were incapable of committing to anything, let alone terrorism....also, in very short order it would have been as clear as day that they were not connected to any real terrorist group, or cell, sole actors, bad solo actors feeding drug addictions...

In a matter of hours the two accused could have/should have had the bejesus scared out of them, been told they were being watched and if any terror related activities are identified a lifetime of hardtime behind federal bars await.....

Governments, in my opinion, there are certain sins, special operations where no one is found culpable..perhaps because government never knows when they will be once again in need of creating narratives and driving agenda(s)...... )

  The Straight Goods

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2 hours of blogtalk radio(January 11th/2017)

The archive is now up.....

LNG - A Bridge Fuel Too Far with Grant G


We are back on the BC Series with Grant G (@Realmediavoices) returning with more of The Straight Goods. The fantasy world of LNG being the saviour of British Columbia, and the Clark government, has never been further from reality. But you would never know that listening to the hype coming from Victoria and the corporate media.
First it was Japan being the customer to be fleeced after the Fukushima disaster. Premier Clark boasted of being able to gouge them for all they could. Then Shinzo Abe was elected, Japan is back to nuclear power and that market is gone. Then it was China, the emerging energy market of the world. Surely they would line up to be taken advantage of. China is the world's largest producer of renewable energy, has 25 nuclear power facilities under construction and has built or is building 5000 plants that can use natural gas or coal. Both of which, due to fracking, they have in ample supply. Let's try India then. Well, it turns out that BC LNG is about the most distant energy source as you can get, is overpriced for India, and competitors have BC beat before they even start.
The global glut for LNG is expected to last until 2025 at the earliest and prices reflect that. And that's for operational suppliers, which BC is not. Expecting billions of investment for a dirt cheap commodity? Think again Christy. Minister of Fantasy Rich Coleman has no more tales to spin. The BCLiberals are out of markets, investors and time. Projects with controversial approval will likely never happen, Some principals are trying to sell them off before even being built.
The trillion dollar saviour is a dime store novel. BC energy resource revenue has dropped like a stone. Hiking ICBC rates ain't gonna cut it. The time for change has come and not a moment too soon.
get some background at Grant's site


NEED MORE...1 hour after last night's show Petronas announced they are slashing their 2017 CAPEX..Capex is SPENDING ON NEW PROJECTS..

My kind thanks to Canadian Glen(on Twitter @canadianglen ) for hosting me tonight..

2 hours of exciting blogtalk radio...

The Straight Goods
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B.C. Liberals Rich Coleman and Christy Clark-When they look in the mirror they see a 19th century reflection

LNG...not a bridge fuel, a short term energy ponzi scheme run amok.

For the last three months every Postmedia story on BC LNG features but one person blathering..

Rich Coleman has literally pulled every media card out of his stacked deck in an attempt, as feeble as his attempt an attempt to keep the BC delusional LNG fantasy isn't alive, it's on life support...

LNG will not happen in B.C. in 2017 or 2020....big energy is not interested in expensive BC greenfield projects....BC Liberal government will not secure any real FIDs unless they agree to give the gas away for free...those be the facts on the ground.

Take a look at these feeble attempts by Rich Coleman...the same non-story promoted by CAPP controlled Postmedia..

 December 28th/2016..Vancouver Sun.

Rich Coleman predicts empty gas fumes.

Same nothing story, same bloated gasman Rich Coleman blathering gibberish  Globe and Mail December 27th/2016.

The same nothing story appeared in the Alaska Highway News...same article appeared everywhere..

So what is going on in B.C. with LNG.....?

Sweet nothing, zip, nada...LNG is dead...


BC northern gas lands had their worst year ever for drilling...BC Government received a mere $14 million in land sales for the year..the lowest number ever recorded, going back decades..

2016 worst year on record for B.C. oil and gas drilling licences - See more at:

"Sales have been down since 2014 due to slumping oil and gas prices, as well as declining availability of high quality land. In February, the province recorded its first-ever $0 land sale.

When asked for comment, a ministry of natural gas spokesperson said B.C. isn't alone in seeing lower natural gas revenues."   


The latest Petronas news is....Petronas is now musing about moving part of their project to Ridley island..

Petronas is doing no such thing, the story is unsourced..

What the story is really about....Petronas is not building anything in BC...not unless they get free gas and or the LNG glut won't end...LNG experts have come around to my forecasts that the glut is here until 2030...

From the above article..

"But with oil and gas prices depressing Asian LNG prices, it makes sense to try to get the project’s capital costs down, and choosing a site that does not require a $1 billion suspension bridge might go some way in accomplishing that.
When LNG projects were first proposed for B.C., there was some urgency in getting them approved and built, since the companies were in a race to lock up long-term offtake agreements with Asian buyers.
But those projects missed the last window, and there is now an oversupply of LNG on the market, thanks in part to new LNG projects now in production in Australia. The demand for LNG in Asia has also slowed somewhat.
Analysts now predict the next wave of demand for LNG in Asia will occur between 2025 and 2030"

The present LNG ponzi scheme is on the verge of collapse..

There is no one to sell LNG to....Japan as a LNG market is gone...nuclear restarts and a declining population...Japan is now reselling LNG cargoes they contracted to buy, thus taking away market share from the now many LNG sellers..

Europe's electricity demand is, like many first-world nations...falling, even with populations growing electrical demand is in decline because of efficient homes and modern technology...

In fact electric cars are the only thing keeping electrical demand up in Europe....without those new electric cars Europe would be awash in electricity...electricity coming from renewable power..

The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity

The way we get electricity is about to change dramatically, as the era of ever-expanding demand for fossil fuels comes to an end—in less than a decade. That's according to a new forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that plots out global power markets for the next 25 years. 
Call it peak fossil fuels, a turnabout that's happening not because we're running out of coal and gas, but because we're finding cheaper alternatives. Demand is peaking ahead of schedule because electric cars and affordable battery storage for renewable power are arriving faster than expected, as are changes in China's energy mix. 
Here are eight massive shifts coming soon to power markets.

1. There Will Be No Golden Age of Gas

Since 2008, the single most important force in U.S. power markets has been the abundance of cheap natural gas brought about by fracking. Cheap gas has ravaged the U.S. coal industry and inspired talk of a "bridge fuel" that moves the world from coal to renewable energy. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. 
The costs of wind and solar power are falling too quickly for gas ever to dominate on a global scale, according to BNEF. The analysts reduced their long-term forecasts for coal and natural gas prices by a third for this year's report, but even rock-bottom prices won't be enough to derail a rapid global transition toward renewable energy. 
"You can't fight the future," said Seb Henbest, the report's lead author. "The economics are increasingly locked in." The peak year for coal, gas, and oil: 2025.

China won't be buying Canadian LNG...they will be buying Russian gas/Iranian gas?Iraqui gas/Qatar gas....
In fact China is now going to supply Pakistan with LNG..Cheap LNG that is..

China set to initiate construction work on LNG pipeline

"In a major and positive development, China Pipeline Petroleum Bureau (CPPB) is all set to initiate in the ongoing month of January 2017 the construction work on the mega project of $1.325 billion 700 km LNG pipeline to be laid down from Gwadar to Nawabshah, a senior official of the ministry of petroleum and natural resources told Pakistan Observer.

“The LNG pipeline project will be completed and operational by June 2018.”
Apart from it, two LNG terminals at Gwadar will also be constructed by the same Chinese company which will be part of the LNG pipeline. The two LNG terminals will be constructed at the cost of $350 million having the capacity to regasify the LNG of 1.2 billion cubic feet gas per day. “If the cost of the two LNG terminals is included then the whole cost of the project will stand at $1.675 billion,” the official said.
The project of two LNG terminals to be installed at Gwadar port will be forwarded to ECNEC for approval in coming days and the construction work on pipeline will be initiated in two weeks.

However, the pipeline will be having the capacity to transport 1.952 bcfd out of which Gwadar is to be provided 100 mmcfd gas in the first phase and when pipeline starts in-taking Iranian gas."
Do you see the price of building pipeline in China and Pakisten?...1/5th the price to build a pipeline from northern BC to our coast..
Australia has 5 LNG plants coming online before 2020...
Egypt has discovered vast amounts of domestic gas...Israel is getting into the LNG/gas game...
As is Indonesia..Malaysia..Russia..USA..Mexico..Iran..Iraq...Qatar..Australia...Nigeria..Papua New Guinea...Norway...all of the Stan nations...Kuwait..Chad..Oman..
Even the LNG supply deal Fortis BC had with Hawaii is caput...Hawaii is going straight to fake LNG bridge fuel scam for Hawaii..
There is simply too many nations vying to sell gas to too few buying nations...The great hope is India as a LNG market...the problem with India is..They will only take LNG if it is cheap..that rules out BC greenfield gas..
So who the hell is Petronas going to sell LNG to?
Even today, the Vancouver sun has an article about renewable power...

Here comes the sun: In less than a decade, solar power will likely be the cheapest option everywhere on Earth

Solar power is now cheaper than coal in some parts of the world. In less than a decade, it’s likely to be the lowest-cost option almost everywhere.
In 2016, countries from Chile to the United Arab Emirates broke records with deals to generate electricity from sunshine for less than 3 cents a kilowatt-hour, half the average global cost of coal power. Now, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Mexico are planning auctions and tenders for this year, aiming to drop prices even further. Taking advantage: Companies such as Italy’s Enel SpA and Dublin’s Mainstream Renewable Power, who gained experienced in Europe and now seek new markets abroad as subsidies dry up at home.
Since 2009, solar prices are down 62 percent, with every part of the supply chain trimming costs. That’s help cut risk premiums on bank loans, and pushed manufacturing capacity to record levels. By 2025, solar may be cheaper than using coal on average globally, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
“These are game-changing numbers, and it’s becoming normal in more and more markets,” said Adnan Amin, International Renewable Energy Agency ‘s director general, an Abu Dhabi-based intergovernmental group. “Every time you double capacity, you reduce the price by 20 percent.”
Better technology has been key in boosting the industry, from the use of diamond-wire saws that more efficiently cut wafers to better cells that provide more spark from the same amount of sun. It’s also driven by economies of scale and manufacturing experience since the solar boom started more than a decade ago, giving the industry an increasing edge in the competition with fossil fuels.
The average 1 megawatt-plus ground mounted solar system will cost US73 cents a watt by 2025 compared with US$1.14 now, a 36 percent drop, said Jenny Chase, head of solar analysis for New Energy Finance.
That’s in step with other forecasts. 
GTM Research expects some parts of the U.S. Southwest approaching US$1 a watt today, and may drop as low as US75 cents in 2021, according to its analyst MJ Shiao. The U.S. Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Lab expects costs of about US$1.20 a watt now declining to US$1 by 2020. By 2030, current technology will squeeze out most potential savings, said Donald Chung, a senior project leader. The International Energy Agency expects utility-scale generation costs to fall by another 25 percent on average in the next five years.  The International Renewable Energy Agency anticipates a further drop of 43 percent to 65 percent for solar costs by 2025. That would bring to 84 percent the cumulative decline since 2009.
The solar supply chain is experiencing “a Wal-Mart effect” from higher volumes and lower margins, according to Sami Khoreibi, founder and chief executive officer of Enviromena Power Systems, an Abu Dhabi-based developer.
The speed at which the price of solar will drop below coal varies in each country. Places that import coal or tax polluters with a carbon price, such as Europe and Brazil, will see a crossover in the 2020s, if not before. Countries with large domestic coal reserves such as India and China will probably take longer.
Coal industry officials point out that cost comparisons involving renewables don’t take into account the need to maintain backup supplies that can work when the sun doesn’t shine or wind doesn’t blow. When those other expenses are included, coal looks more economical, even around 2035, said Benjamin Sporton, chief executive officer of the World Coal Association.
“All advanced economies demand full-time electricity,” Sporton said. “Wind and solar can only generate part-time, intermittent electricity. While some renewable technologies have achieved significant cost reductions in recent years, it’s important to look at total system costs.”
Even so, solar’s plunge in price is starting to make the technology a plausible competitor.
In China, the biggest solar market, will see costs falling below coal by 2030, according to New Energy Finance. The country has surpassed Germany as the nation with the most installed solar capacity as the government seeks to increase use to cut carbon emissions and boost home consumption of clean energy. Yet curtailment remains a problem, particularly in sunnier parts of the country as congestion on the grid forces some solar plants to switch off.
Sunbelt countries are leading the way in cutting costs, though there’s more to it than just the weather. The use of auctions to award power-purchase contracts is forcing energy companies to compete with each other to lower costs.
An August auction in Chile yielded a contract for 2.91 cents a kilowatt-hour. In September, a United Arab Emirates auction grabbed headlines with a bid of 2.42 cents a kilowatt-hour. Developers have been emboldened to submit lower bids by expectations that the cost of the technology will continue to fall.
“We’re seeing a new reality where solar is the lowest-cost source of energy, and I don’t see an end in sight in terms of the decline in costs,” said Enviromena’s Khoreibi.


You might be wondering why Postmedia actually posted a truthful article....The reason..BC Liberal LNG delusion is over...the new meme is....(it's not the BC Liberal Government's fault, it's technology)

Bullshit...Christy Clark won the 2013 BC election on a $trillion dollar lie...She wears it..

Petronas is not going forward...LNG Canada is not going forward...Woodfibre LNG in Squamish isn't going forward either..

The only thing going forward is a $15 billion dollar Site C dam boondoggle....And we don't need the power..Alberta doesn't need Site C power and as for electrfying our northern gasfields...There is no justification because there is no LNG industry coming to B.C....Electricity rates are being sold for 1/5th the cost of Site C dam power...BC is going to lose its shirt with Site C..or lose BC Hydro to private hands over unsustainable debt.

The world is awash in natural gas and LNG...

BC Voters deserve better from Keith Baldrey..Vaughn Palmer...Vancouver Sun..Global BC....

LNG is dead..and it won't be revived....

LNG is a ponzi scheme, and like all ponzi schemes....The pyramids collapse.

I'll be doing another blogcast radio spot with CanadianGlen on January 11th/2017...

2 hours of The Straight Goods on LNG and politics...The good, the bad and the ugly..eer, I mean Christy Clark-The habitual liar

The Straight Goods

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