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Why Nobody Believes The Oil Companies, Why Nobody Trusts The Media To Tell The Truth

A couple of little stories and tweets caught my eye in the last couple of days..

CAPP, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers in an article published in the Calgary Herald..


Alberta drilling rig count decline linked to NDP's royalty review


The provincial government’s royalty review is likely worsening the activity-dampening effects of six-year-low crude prices, industry observers say, as an industry rig count drooped to its lowest level since the spring slowdown this week.

Numbers posted by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors show there were 117 drilling rigs working in Alberta as of Monday for a utilization rate of 22 per cent. That’s down 15 rigs from the three previous weekly counts when the utilization rate was 25 per cent.

Meanwhile, the number of rigs working in Canada outside of Alberta fell by just one to 67 this week. The overall Canadian utilization rate of 24 per cent on Monday is about half of the 47 per cent rate in the same week last year, the CAODC reported.

The reason for the bigger decline in activity in Alberta is likely evenly split between oil prices and uncertainty caused by the Alberta NDP government’s royalty review, Tim McMillan told the Herald’s editorial board Tuesday, as benchmark crude rebounded to settle at $39.31 US a barrel.
“We are a challenging jurisdiction for several reasons right now,” said the president and chief executive of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. “The statement ‘lower-for-longer’ I think is pervasive in the industry and the direction of the price of oil in past few weeks seems to reaffirm that.”

He said the situation is similar to that of 2007-08, when a royalty review by the Conservative government was undertaken at the same time a global economic slowdown fuelled lower commodity prices.

“I think there’s an argument to be made that we saw drilling numbers around the world come off but we did see a very clear trend of Saskatchewan’s investment go up, B.C.’s go up and Alberta’s go down,” said McMillan.

“And, I think, anecdotally, we see that around this industry right now, a slight weighting change in companies to projects that have the long-term stability until clarity is put on Alberta and the math can be re-evaluated as to where it stacks up in a competitive nature to other provinces and jurisdictions.”



I read some of the comments below the Calgary Herald article and it was clear the people reading the article who are are either pro, or con on big oil, don`t believe a single word from the CAPP president...

 Can you imagine, oil a year ago was over $100 per barrel, today the barrel price is under $40 dollars per barrel, a decline of over 60%...Hello, hello Mr. CAPP president, you come out swinging about the affect of an announced royalty review, when at the most the NDP Notley Government might add $1 dollar to the cost of a barrel, maybe, bringing the government of Alberta a meager $1.3 billion dollars more revenue per year...When the decline in the barrel price is costing Alberta oil producers as much as $60 billion dollars per year!!!!!!

 This is the reason why nobody believes big oil or Stephen Harper, ...Harper has aligned his government with big oil, in fact they are one in the same..Across Canada the price at the pump is virtually the same price when oil was over $100 dollars per barrel...Oh indeed, while oil producers stumble along crying about a future royalty review the refiners are making money hand over fist by gouging consumers...The refiners claim maintenance schedules and coffee breaks are the cause of continued high pump prices...Big oil producers are thieves, indeed..

I wonder when Thomas Mulcair is going to jump on the driverless tarsand truck story..Suncor has ordered thousands of driverless trucks from Japan...Roughly 6000 high paid tar sand truckdrivers are going to lose their jobs to a computer...Suncor is not alone, all the big tar-sand producers are moving to driverless trucks and soon moving to 90% automation..

This is Stephen Harper`s future, more tar sand production while tar sand employment numbers fall...This is the loyalty we can expect from big oil..

And then there is BC`s media, the ongoing misinformation in relation to LNG,  in relation to the real employment numbers and in relation to investment dollars..the Vancouver Sun, Vaughn Palmer, the province, Michael Smyth, CKNW, Global BC and Keith Baldrey...They keep blathering that Petronas`s Prince Rupert LNG proposal is a $36 billion dollar investment...It isn`t, never was, never will be, in fact the project is about to be scrubbed altogether..Everyday in the BC Legislature during the summer session to pass LNG legislation every BC Liberal including Rich Coleman, Mike De Jong and Christy Clark blathered about Petronas`s $36 billion dollar LNG proposal....

It`s a lie, a proven lie so stop using that number spindoctors, it`s the reason nobody believes you...

The Petronas Prince Rupert terminal if built has an estimated cost of $11 billion dollars, of which $8 billion plus dollars would be spent in South Korea, Japan and China..


Petronas wants engineering work for B.C. LNG venture to be shifted offshore

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail
Last updated

Petronas plans to push contractors to shift more engineering work for a proposed B.C. liquefied natural gas venture to lower-cost centres offshore as the Malaysian energy giant squeezes suppliers.

Of the total $11.4-billion in estimated construction costs for the Petronas-led Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal at Lelu Island, there would be $8-billion worth of imported goods and services spread over a five-year period.
 It is in that international component where Petronas hopes to find the bulk of cost savings, but the state-owned company will cast a wide net abroad and in Canada, including having TransCanada Corp. re-examine ways to make its proposed $5-billion natural gas pipeline project more efficient.


Even today, the Vancouver Sun and Vaughn Palmer know the real investment dollar figure for Petronas`s Prince Rupert proposal, they still toss around the $36 billion dollar figure like a Tom Brady inflated football!..

That`s real funny in a blatant propagandized way....Even the British Columbia Liquid Natural Gas Alliance (BCLNGA) admits Petronas`s Prince Rupert LNG liquefaction terminal proposal is a $11 billion dollar cost...


The Pacific NW LNG facility would cost approximately $11 billion to build.

Malaysia's Petronas profit down 47% on oil weakness


Kuala Lumpur (AFP) - Malaysian state energy firm Petronas said Friday its second-quarter profit plunged 47 percent, warning of "unrelenting" difficulty as lower world oil prices hit the company's bottom line.

Net profit at Malaysia's only Fortune 500 company for the three months ending June 30 fell to 11.1 billion ringgit ($272.2 million), compared to 21.06 billion ringgit in the same period last year.
"Petronas is bracing itself for more challenges ahead as low oil prices persist," Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin, Petronas president and CEO, said in a statement.

"Overall, it has been an unrelenting difficult period," he added.

The news marks the fourth straight quarter of either weakening year-on-year sales growth or outright losses.

The company posted a $2.02 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2014, its first since launching quarterly earnings reports five years before.

Petronas is the single largest source of Malaysian government revenue and national export earnings, and its declining fortunes will add to concerns over the economic prospects of a country heavily dependent on oil exports.

Growth is slowing, and the ringgit currency is daily plumbing 17-year lows due largely to the fears over the rout in oil prices, which hit a fresh six-year nadir in US trading on Thursday.

"Petronas does not foresee a reprieve from the low oil prices in the near future," Wan Zulkiflee said.
Revenue tumbled 28 percent to 61.30 billion ringgit during the second quarter.

Wan Zulkiflee painted a grim picture going forward, saying cash flow this year was not expected to meet capital expenditure plans or dividend commitments.

"This means that we will have to persevere with more austerity measures," he said.
The company has in recent months outlined austerity measures such as deferring some key projects.

"Deferring some key projects"

Petronas will play the stall game for another 6 months before officially pulling the plug...

Lastly, it was reported that Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are going to hold a Fall-Session in the BC Legislature..

This is rather unusual for the BC Liberals, a political party with Canada`s worst legislative record in terms of sitting days...

This move made my political radar alarm start beeping...What are they up to, why a Fall Session?

And then the answer fell in my lap...A source told me there is more LNG legislation being brewed up...

Remember David Keane, president of Christy Clark`s LNG promotional panel known as the BCLNGA?...Remember what was asked/demanded for by by the BCLNGA, within days of the BC Liberals ramming through sell-out LNG legislation in a rare summer sitting, David Keane and the BCLNGA came out with this demand..


VICTORIA – A liquefied natural gas industry: the British Columbia government fought an election on it, launched an extraordinary summer legislative session and made financial concessions, but it still isn’t enough for the companies that want even lower taxes and have expressed concerns over the availability of workers.

The Liberal government’s LNG dream is expected to move towards reality this week when a bill is adopted for a 25-year agreement on what could be B.C.’s first LNG plant.

B.C.’s politicians were recalled this month to debate and pass a single piece of legislation that aims to provide certainty to LNG investors and revenues to the province.

“I think there’s more work to do in terms of making sure we are in fact globally competitive,” said B.C. LNG Alliance president David Keane. “I think the government has more to do.”

Pacific NorthWest LNG, a joint venture backed by Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas, plans to build a US$36-billion LNG plant at Lelu Island near Prince Rupert. It will be the largest private investment in B.C. history and the LNG Project Agreements Act seeks to provide a 25-year buffer against LNG-targeted tax increases but allows increases in corporate and sales taxes.

There are things that can be done in terms of some of these taxes, like the (provincial sales tax) PST,” said Keane. “These projects will pay hundreds of millions of dollars in PST taxes, which typically, if you are classified as a manufacturing facility, you are not subject to.”
B.C. is the only jurisdiction where LNG companies must pay LNG income tax and a carbon tax, he said, adding they will also pay PST, GST, payroll, provincial and federal corporate taxes and municipal taxes.


There it is again, the $36 billion dollar lie....A source informed me that the BC Liberals are planning on bringing legislation that will allow LNG companies to avoid paying any PST, and more...The BC Liberals are planning on bringing in a HST type arrangement for LNG companies...Meaning these LNG companies will get all their taxes back, PST and GST....Yes the GST is federal jurisdiction and it must be paid, however, British Columbia`s BC Liberal Government will refund/rebate these LNG companies back the money...You the taxpayer will pay...An industry specific HST...Remember the HST, the tax we BCers rejected through referendum..The HST....It`s coming back for LNG..___________

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stephen Harper, Sukanto Tanoto, Christy Clark and Najib Razak, The TiesThat Bind, Bought, Corrupt Politician`s Private Club

Written by Grant G

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

I have referenced that saying many times over the years, in particular in relation to the BC Liberal Government and the Stephen Harper regime....

Incredulous, no one with connected brain cells can believe Stephen Harper when he says that he was left in the dark over the whitewashing of the Mike Duffy senate scandal, Stephen Harper, renown for micromanaging the finest details, a control freak, a overarching grip on every move made by his office staff and party henchmen/woman...Are we to believe that Harper was unaware of a near dozen PMO staffers running around like blind mice chasing down and consuming every piece of stinky senate laced cheese....

Stephen Harper must be lying, must be a conman, he knew of the Duffy sins, he knew of the deal, Harper okayed the deal in the form of "good to go" and now he wants the whole sordid affair to go away...

No one believes Stephen Harper and rather than be a man and own up to this pathetic lowbrow cover-up, Stephen Harper continues to build a silk web of lies,

Christy Clark...Ethnicgate scandal...Health firing scandal...Bollywood scandal..Burnaby Hospital scandal...The same theme runs through both governments, lies from the Premier, Lies from the Prime Minister, nobody in charge of a province or country can ever claim that they knew not what their staff was up to, these staffers weren`t temp secretaries or mail-boy trainees but Chiefs of Staff...Communication Directors..Legal teams, Personal lawyers...Political staffers personally appointed by Christy Clark and Stephen Harper...

Incompetence, incoherent,"Just not ready" or plain old corruption from the top offices of British Columbia and Ottawa.

 I don`t care what a person`s political leaning is..Right, Left or mythical Center when one discovers rot, decay, insect infestation that is eating away the foundation of Democracy and snubbing the nose of the rule of law, one must reject corruption, remove the rot and lay poison for the king and queen egg layers, there are no other solutions, once the foundation is cracked and begins sinking into a blackhole of corruption and lies...

There is no turning back...For once the leaders start lying more and more lies are needed to cover for the original lies, political staffers and appointees who possess the straight goods on the real truth they too become liabilities, liabilities that must be shielded, protected and financially taken care of resulting in a bigger and ever growing web of deceit

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"   

Stephen Harper deserves but one thing, to be shown the exit door, so many people have piles of dirt on Stephen Harper that the office of the Prime Minister under Stephen Harper is forever stained, tainted, corrupted, Harper has no moral authority to Govern anymore, all those political dirt possessing palms to be greased with silence$$$ dole...

Here is another example of a bought politician,  Stephen Harper working for the oil companies,  Harper silently appointed a Kinder Morgan paid consultant to Canada`s National Energy Board two days before the election writ was dropped, he appointed a man who was employed by Kinder Morgan to promote their own projects, this outrageous appointment saw this oil executive bounce from Kinder Morgan`s employ to the NEB, a political appointment that doesn`t pass the smell test...Stephen Harper gave Kinder Morgan a third of the power at Canada`s NEB...An oil executive to decide on oil and pipeline projects.

The same thing goes for Christy Clark...Christy Clark and her cabinet have lied and deceived the British Columbia public so often, on so many scandals,  Clark`s office staff, her political staff and partisan appointees have so much dirt on Christy Clark`s Government that the corruption train will run and run, gain speed and careen forward until finally it derails, and in Stephen Harper and Christy Clark`s case,  derailment is good for Democracy, good for the people good for renewal and gives hope for a brighter future...

The BC Liberals are so corrupt, so corporate owned, likewise with Stephen Harper, there is no salvaging any part of those political gangs, the rot runs too deep, only a gutting, a purging, a wholesale burn-them-to-the-ground and sweep away the ashes...

Mike De Jong...Rich Coleman...Christy Clark.....You can`t morally ink MOUs and pass legislation with felons, with tax evaders, with thieves and criminals or with equally corrupt foreign Governments..

Christy Clark`s bullshit LNG con-job..There are no $billions in windfall profits for British Columbia..LNG is a polluting beggars fuel on the way out before it became a perceived in...The entire LNG industry is riddled with graft and public theft...

Australian LNG projects all went over budget by $10`s of billions of dollars, inflated project budgets....Graft..When Governments allowed energy giants to write-off all build costs prices zoomed upwards, the kick-back and triple billing schemes turned soup de jour, all the rave, energy giant CEOs dance the jig knowing Joe Smuck taxpayers are on the hook to pay the inflated bills.

Look at who Christy Clark is joined at the hip with.... Sukanto Tanoto, a criminal, tax evader, environment killer?...And most likely from what I have read a mass murdering $billionaire who destroys villages and the lives of those who get in his profiteering ways..A ruthless killer of those who have no voice...

Christy Clark can`t claim innocence, or stupidity when it comes to Sukanto Tanoto, Christy Clark knows what a ruthless, corrupt cheat Sukanto Tanoto is, the information is out there, ten minutes of online research on sukanto Tanoto is enough to ring alarm bells,  she doesn`t care, Christy Clark is selling out British Columbia and its people for political gain, for personal money, Clark makes sure she is well-fed and taken care of and doesn`t give a damn if $hundreds of $billions are stolen, looted from British Columbia`s coffers and life itself sucked out of our salmon rivers, as long as Christy Clark and the BC Liberal party are paid off with political bribes nothing else matters.

This posting, this recital of facts, this scathing story is meant as a wake-up call to all Canadians..

Remove the rot, burn these corrupt entities to the ground, clean house, sweep these elected criminals out of office and with luck, jail them for crimes against humanity and grand theft of the public purse..

PETRONAS...NAJIB RAZAK....They are one of the same...Stephen Harper CON PARTY and Christy Clark`s Liberal Government have disrespected First Nations, they have corrupted all environmental assessments, the NEB is an oil industry infiltrated entity, British Columbia Government are cooking mythical books on vague LNG revenues flowing to BC sometime in the future(2028), a decade plus later??  for finite natural gas, the BC Liberals are lying about investment value of these LNG projects by a factor of 10...Lying about employment numbers by a factor of 20, lying about financial returns to the province and lying their godamn faces off over the threat to Canada`s second most productive salmon river..The Skeena..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman would kill every wild salmon in British Columbia for the price of a political bribe and personal gain, they will deal with corrupt bought governments, mass murderers?, tax evaders, even worse, these BC Liberal grafters are spending probably $12 to $15 billion on a not needed Site C dam, this power, another BC taxpayer gift being handed to the sunset industry known as LNG export.. 

A project they refuse to be examined by the BCUC or any expert...$billions and billions to be spent, a decision made by a school drop-out, Christy Clark`s BC Liberal team know Site C dam power project won`t survive scrutiny....Corruption, Bought..

Christy Clark will even have business dealings with Malaysia`s Najib Razak, remember Najib, he is the head of Petronas energy company and the Prime Minister of Malaysia...

Well, ....Najib Razak, Malaysia`s prime minister is embroiled in a growing and growing scandal..

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive" 

Najib Razak, Malaysia`s prime minister was outed by a whistle-blower, the whistle-blower who is now MIA..Gone, probably dead, the whistle-blower reported on the fact that Najib Razak mysteriously had near $900 million US dollars deposited in his personal bank account, not a political party bank account, not a government bank account but his own personal bank account, ..10,000 years worth of his yearly prime minister salary($80 K per year) deposited in his bank account..

The shit hit the fan, the money is believed to be stolen from a Malaysian investment fund that has gathered up $11 billion in debt over the last few years.....A crime and corruption commission looking into the scandal became a target of Najib Razak and his Government powers...Members of the commission were disbanded, arrested and sent packing, the investigation halted..Malaysia`s attorney general was fired, honest Malaysian cabinet ministers removed, four of them tossed, local Malaysian newspapers and media outlets shuttered, dozens arrested as Christy Clark`s Malaysian business partner attempts to put out all his domestic fires, pure brute force to silence Razak`s critics, and silence justice.

After the BC Liberals used  their majority to ram through their draconian sell-out LNG legislation  Mike De Jong immediately and personally flew to Malaysia to tell Najib Razak in PERSON that the BC Liberal Government legislated into law all the demands he requested.

Mike De Jong was there to collect on what they were promised, shovels in the ground before the 2017 election, he never even got a commitment on anything, unfortunately for Mike De Jong, Najib Razak is in survival mode and Petronas`s Prince Rupert project proposal has been shuffled to the back-burner...Mike De Jong was shown the out-door and the way back to the Malaysian airport and sent back to British Columbia empty handed.

BC Liberals drafted legislation and sold us out on a flyer, a prayer, a wisp of fairy dust, tongue hanging, pant pant pant, not a flattering picture, a burning image of De Jong and Christy Clark begging for bones from the $1 billion dollar man..

Who today wants to invite Najib Razak to British Columbia, or Canada and hold a big ritzy photo-op and presser where the environmental approval and whitewashing rigged environmental assessment  result is announced....Stephen Harper can bond with another tough on ISIS crusader?...Christy Clark can teach Najib Razak kite-surfing?..

 Not Stephen Harper, he has his own office problems, but not for long..Tic Toc, tic toc..

So, Nazib Razak gets caught with near $1 billion US dollars in his personal bank account, he needed an excuse, and boy oh boy did Najib Razak come up with a whopper.

Najib Razak made the claim that the near $1 billion US dollars deposited in his personal bank account in March 2013 was..

"A political donation"

A $billion dollar political donation, from an un-named, unknown Middle East donor, ?

Are you kidding me...Najib Razak, Christy Clark`s partner in crime made the absurd claim that this $1 billion US dollars was a mere election campaign gift.

However,  no brain-cell connected person believes the story, except Christy Clark and Stephen Harper, only those two political leaders believe Najib Razak...after-all, Mike Duffy scandal..military procurement boondoggles, endless deficits and ballooning debt, ...Christy Clark has a dozen scandals, every office staffer mute, political appointees investigating political appointees in an endless stream of scandal, graft, public theft and political thugness, roll out the legal guns eh Christy, eh Stephen..

Well, we have news, big damning news...Cuz guess what, Najib Razak has changed his mind, err, changed his story, again, this near $1 billion dollar gift, which earlier Najib Razak claimed was a political election party donation, now Najib Razak is claiming the money was gifted to him because....

Because he was instrumental in the fight against ISIS....Wholly smokes Batman. Hold onto to your tights Robin...This is a bombshell announcement that is about to blow up all over Najib Razak`s political future..


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should come clean about the RM2.6 billion donation made to his personal accounts following revelations that the money was given to Malaysia for fighting militant group Isis, DAP said today.

Its parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang added that this latest "spin" was so far the most "ludicrous and outrageous" explanation of the funds deposited into Najib's accounts.
"It has been said that once you tell a lie, you need to tell ten more lies to cover the first lie," Lim said in a statement today.

"But the latest spin that the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal bank accounts originated from Saudi Arabia as an appreciation to Malaysia for championing Islam, fighting Isis and for practising Sunni Islam really takes the cake for being the most ludicrous and outrageous explanation so far."

Najib's claim was full of holes and could not hold up under scrutiny, Lim, the Gelang Patah MP said


Well, that changes everything, so this near $1 billion US dollars deposited into Najib Razak`s personal bank account wasn`t a political party donation but a personal gift for championing the fight against ISIS....Oh how noble, what a sweet gift, Christy Clark`s business partner...Stephen Harper`s Malaysian buddy..


 (Stephen Harper with Najib Razak pictured above)

Well, maybe Stephen Harper can enlist Najib Razak to help him in his Canadian campaign of fear...

Possibly, except we have a problem with the latest version of where and how this massive chunk of money came to be, because this money was deposited in Najib Razak`s personal bank account in March 2013....

And, ...first things first..

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

Near $1 billion US dollars was deposited in Najib Razak`s personal bank account in March 2013...Then, fast-forward to a few months ago(in the year 2015)..... A whistle-blower reported that Najib Razak had nearly $1 billion US dollars in his bank account.

Najib Razak, clearly not thinking straight when confronted on the money by authorities..Razak claimed the money was a political election campaign donation from a anonymous Middle Eastern donor, to this day still anonymous, that was the meme and theme Najib Razak and his henchmen have been trying to sell to an ever more skeptical public..

Now today, August 18/2015

Najib Razak is changing his farcical political donation story...Najib Razak is now claiming the money deposited in March 2013 was a gift from the Middle East for speaking out against ISIS...

There is a problem with that new fairy tale, two problems actually...The first issue...There was no official ISIS entity in March 2013...The world, the USA, Canada, none of you readers, none of the world press knew of any group called ISIS in March 2013 because ISIS didn`t exist on the world stage.


 "In April 2013, ISIS announced that the Nusra Front in Syria was affiliated with al Qaeda and the two would work together in Syria and Iraq. There were reports that ISIS had waned in influence early in 2014 and in February, al Qaeda separated itself from ISIS. This may have accounted President Obama's comment that the group was "the jayvee team" – a reference to the apparent rise of the still AQ-affiliated Nusra Front at the expense of ISIS. But in June 2014, the Nusra Front was reported to have merged into ISIS, providing it with an additional 15,000 soldiers for its latest push across western Iraq.

ISIS has enormous financial reserves. When Iraqi forced killed the ISIS commander of Mosul in June 2014, they retrieved 160 computer flash drives – which the CIA, among others, has been combing for information. According to The Guardian newspaper, the drives contained "noms de guerre of all foreign fighters, senior leaders and their code words, initials of sources inside ministries and full accounts of the group's finances." A British official told the newspaper, "Before Mosul, their total cash and assets were $875 million. Afterwards, with the money they robbed from banks and the value of the military supplies they looted, they could add another $1.5 billion to that."
ISIS, then, was not unknown to American, British, Iraqi or other intelligence services before it began its streak across the Syrian-Iraqi border and the acquisition of territory in which it has declared its caliphate."

  • The Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL), another name for the same group, started operations in Northern Syria following large demonstrations against Assad.[vi]
  • ISIL officially declared its governance over the Levant in April 2013
  • In August 2013, U.S. officials said ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was operating from Syria, but directing suicide attacks in central Iraq[vii]
  • The group refocused efforts on Iraq-Syria border after fighting began with other rebel groups and Assad in late 2013 early 2014 [viii]
  • AQ Central and ISIS split due to differences over methodology and fighting in early 2014 [ix]
  • ISIS pushed deeper into Iraq, capturing Fallujah in Jan 2014[x] and Mosul in June.


So, in March 2013, a time in history when you, Canada, America(USA), United Kingdom, Canada`s leaders, Canada`s media never ever heard of the group ISIS...Najib Razak is now claiming the near $1 billion US dollars deposited in March 2013 in his personal bank account was given to him because he spoke against the ISIS threat and presumably, Razak kept quiet about this grand gift until...Until caught! ....Utter hogwash..

Calling it Hogwash is being poloite, it stretches the imagination, no, you Najib Razak must be lying, must really be corrupt, a bought politician..

Here is the smoking gun proof that Najib Razak is lying about the purpose of that money/bribe 

 Najib Razak is now saying.... The money deposited in March 2013 into his private bank account was because he was a staunch vocal opponent of the terrorist group ISIS...

Yet, on June 23th/2014...At a UMNO party function, UMNO are the initials of Najib Razak`s Malaysian political party...15 months after the money was deposited into his private bank account, at a partisan political UMNO dinner..

 Najib Razak said this about ISIS...


Be brave like ISIL fighters, Najib tells UMNO

Umno must emulate the bravery of a Middle Eastern militant group that defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it nearly 30 to one if the Malay nationalist party is to survive, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.
The Umno president and prime minister was listing virtues that were needed to allow the Malay nationalist party to continue in power, during a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its Cheras branch yesterday.
“For example, when someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team.

- More at
- See more at:

Be brave like ISIL fighters, Najib tells UMNO

Umno must emulate the bravery of a Middle Eastern militant group that defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it nearly 30 to one if the Malay nationalist party is to survive, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.
The Umno president and prime minister was listing virtues that were needed to allow the Malay nationalist party to continue in power, during a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its Cheras branch yesterday.
“For example, when someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team.

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- See more at:

KUALA LUMPUR — Umno must emulate the bravery of a Middle Eastern militant group that defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it nearly 30 to one if the Malay nationalist party is to survive, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said yesterday (June 23)

The Umno president and prime minister was listing virtues that were needed to allow the Malay nationalist party to continue in power, during a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its Cheras branch yesterday.

He said: “For example, when someone dares to fight to their death, they can even defeat a much bigger team.

“As proof — whether we agree or not is another matter — the group ISIL with the strength of just 1,300 people, can defeat an Iraqi army of 30,000 soldiers, until four, five generals with three, four stars run for their lives, jump out the window at night. Why? Because they are afraid of those who are brave,” he told more than 1,000 Umno members in attendance.

Apart from bravery, the five other virtues Mr Najib said Umno needed were to remain strong and relevant included obedience, loyalty, unity, excellence and sincerity. He also stressed the importance of being loyal to god, the party, and friends.

Mr Najib said having wisdom and foresight in battles as well as the ability to organise is also crucial in strengthening the party.

“Loyalty must not only be to the party but to the country as well, be brave to face the challenges. We must have the ability to adapt to changes and follow changes in the social media and technology.
We cannot just go into a battle without being prepared for the technical advancement. If there are people who are using Facebook to challenge us, we must fight back using Facebook. If they use online, we must also know how to fight back via online,” he said.

The Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL) is a splinter group of al-Qaeda that wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria.

ISIL is viewed as a terror organisation by authorities both here and abroad.

A Malaysian suspected of being a member of ISIL was believed to have been the suicide bomber who killed 25 members of an Iraqi police team last month.
Earlier this month, three local men were arrested by police for suspected links to ISIL. AGENCIES


"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

Did you catch that harsh language from Najib Razak directed at ISIS, it sounded more like an ISIS recruitment speech than anything else..Remember, during that political speech by Razak he already had that money in his bank account for 15 months, ....He calls ISIS brave, Najib Razak places ISIS on pedestal in June 2014....If it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true  

So,,let us recap, Christy Clark and Stephen Harper are chummy with a corrupt bought politician...Najib Razak who found himself on the receiving end of $900 million US dollars, deposited in his personal bank account in March 2013....A time in history when no one never even heard of the group ISIS(including myself and I read everything, everywhere)...Earlier in 2015 a whistle-blower(now gone missing) reported on the massive amount of money in Najib Razak`s personal bank account....The shit hit the fan...Najib Razak fired cabinet ministers, the attorney general, he shut down the crime and corruption commission, shut down Malaysian media and arrested dozens, claimed the money was from an anonymous Middle East donor, and now today, August 18th/2015 Najib Razak and his henchmen are saying that this near $1 billion US dollars was a gift, an anonymous gift from the Middle East for speaking up against ISIS, speaking up against ISIS ????, are you kidding me.

In March 2013 ISIS was unknown to the world....

Christy Clark....At this stage of the Najib Razak corruption scandal, a scandal that directly involves Petronas, the people of British Columbia should not have to honour or adhere to any legislation your party and government drafted to please a bought, corrupt politician and corrupt energy company..

You Christy Clark can`t legally bind British Columbia`s financial future to a known criminal(s)..

The next BC Government will have a moral authority to shred any legislation you wrote as to LNG...

Stephen Harper...Christy Clark...Sukanto Tanoto...Najib Razak...

Embezzlers, tax evaders, Mass Murderers?, environmental criminals, all bound together by the ties that bind..

Members of the Bought Politician`s Club.

The Straight Goods

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Datuk Seri Najib Razak last night outlined six virtues that Umno needed to survive and flourish in the country among which bravery, as displayed by some Middle East militants, was a requisite trait.
The Umno president said the party should emulate the exploits of a Middle Eastern militant group which defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it.
“For example, when someone dares to fight to his death, he can even defeat a much bigger team,” he said, singling out the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Isil, a splinter group of al-Qaeda, wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria and has been classified as a terror organisation. - See more at:
Datuk Seri Najib Razak last night outlined six virtues that Umno needed to survive and flourish in the country among which bravery, as displayed by some Middle East militants, was a requisite trait.
The Umno president said the party should emulate the exploits of a Middle Eastern militant group which defeated an Iraqi force outnumbering it.
“For example, when someone dares to fight to his death, he can even defeat a much bigger team,” he said, singling out the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

Isil, a splinter group of al-Qaeda, wants to set up an Islamic caliphate encompassing both Iraq and Syria and has been classified as a terror organisation. Malaysians are said to be linked to the group. One was believed to have been the suicide bomber who killed 25 Iraqi policemen last month while police here arrested three local men, believed to be members of the group, earlier this month.
“Whether we agree or not is another matter, the group Isil with the strength of just 1,300 people, can defeat an Iraqi army of 30,000 soldiers, until four, five generals with three, four stars run for their lives, jump out the window at night,” he said at a dinner to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the party’s Cheras Umno branch last night.
He said ISIL could defeat a bigger force simply because the latter was afraid of it.
Apart from bravery, the five other virtues Najib said Umno needed were to remain strong and relevant included obedience, loyalty, unity, excellence and sincerity.
"Loyalty must not only be to the party but to the country as well, be brave to face the challenges. We must have the ability to adapt to changes and follow changes in the social media and technology.
"We cannot just go into a battle without being prepared for the technical advancement. If there are people who are using Facebook to challenge us, we must fight back using Facebook. If they use online, we must also know how to fight back via online," he said.
Najib later launched a book titled “Buku Minda Syed Ali” and a special bulletin to commemorate Cheras Umno's 20th anniversary. – June 24, 2014.
- See more at:

Monday, August 17, 2015

Is Thomas Mulcair Intending A “British Columbia Outcome” for the October Federal Election?

Is Thomas Mulcair Intending A “British Columbia Outcome” for the October Federal Election?

Written by Robin Mathews

The outcome of the 2013 B.C. Election is burned into the souls of British Columbians.  Beginning with a 20 point lead, the NDP went down to ignominious defeat.  Even people who weren’t fond of the NDP knew a change was needed and helped make up the 20 point lead. But the B.C. NDP handed the election to the neo-liberal, deeply corrupt, so-called “Liberal” party of British Columbia (always in close harmony with the present national Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper.)  The NDP lost the election as if it wanted to lose the election.

Could it be that the NDP did want to lose the B.C. election?  And could it be that Thomas Mulcair and his “advisors” (how many from the BC election?) want to lose the 2015 national election? The federal NDP campaign pattern is shaping up to be stunningly similar to the B.C. campaign.

In British Columbia corruption was the first, second, third, and fourth most important issue.  Rail tracks in B.C. were leaking pus from the corrupt sell-out of BC Rail.  Hydro lines were dripping pus from the tragic corruption in BC Hydro.  (For ten years - plus – year after year, the Auditor General of British Columbia publicly refused to accept the accounting practices of BC Hydro.) The give-away of B.C. rivers to private exploitation gave a new, lurid meaning to “exploitation”, as did the needless splitting and privatizing parts of BC Hydro.

BC Ferries became a tragic, ridiculous non-privatization to coddle corporate blood-suckers of many kinds.  The scandal in Children and Families was brushed under the carpet. The person running as Liberal leader was Christie Clark who was Education minister (2001) under whom the government (court judgements still in process) – is accused of violating the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to savage the province’s teachers.  The attack on unions was endless and dirty….

And much, much, much more ….

The B.C. NDP apparently decided it would be unmannerly, offensive to delicate ears, unbecoming to gentlemen and ladies to discuss the major issue in British Columbia – galloping corruption in every nook and cranny of government operation … corruption costing the B.C. people billions of dollars and dragging the democratic process into a pit of shame and ignominy.  B.C. was so corrupt that Stephen Harper personally picked long-time B.C. “Liberal” premier, Gordon Campbell, to be Canada’s High Commissioner in London!

In the present federal election there is but one issue: Corruption – the corruption of the Conservative government, the corruption of the Conservative Party of Canada, the corruption of Stephen Harper, leader. Every other matter is secondary, because every other so-called issue is a product of the core corruption in the present government.

Ralph Surette, in the Halifax Chronicle Herald wrote on August 10, 2015 the following.  “This is not an election like any other. What’s at stake is nothing less than the integrity of Canada’s most fundamental features – the justice system, the electoral system, the public service, the tax system and Parliament itself – all of which Harper has relentlessly assaulted ….”

Nor is the fact of Conservative corruption an uncertain claim argued by a small body of observers.  Information has been pouring out in newstories, columns, articles, books.  Books: Brent Rathgeber, Irresponsible government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada; Lawrence Martin, Harperland: The Politics of Control; Michael Harris, Party of One; Donald Gutstein, Harperism; Mel Hurtig, The Arrogant Autocrat.

Maud Barlow has a long article written for the Council of Canadians; Ralph Surette points to in which a coalition of “200 civil society groups like Amnesty Canada and Democracy Watch” present a report entitled “Dismantling Democracy”. The news website, The Tyee, has prepared and released an accounting “of Harper government assaults on democracy and law”.  The Tyee group lists 70 abuses by the Conservative government, itemizing violations, crimes, deceptions.  At every turn information is available: the list given here is just a start….

But none of it has, apparently, been picked up by Thomas Mulcair, leader of the National New Democratic Party. 

At the beginning of the two-hour Maclean’s leaders’ debate Thomas Mulcair should have pointed out the categories for debate amounted to one thing: Stephen Harper corruption and the corruption of the Conservative government.  Thomas Mulcair should have seized, held, and controlled the two hours of debate, focussing every subject on its aspects corrupted by the Conservative government. That would not have been hard to do.

But Thomas Mulcair never mentioned corruption in the first, major election debate.  Nor has he mentioned the subject since. That looks and sounds like the strategy followed in B.C. in 2013 by the NDP to assure that it would not become government, to assure that the deeply corrupt government in power would stay in power.  The psychology of such a state of being is very hard for ordinary, honest, straight-forward people – like most Canadians – to grasp.  How … WHY … does the leader of the Opposition and his Party miss – purposefully avoid - the major issue in a national election?
Why would a political party that could take power in an election decide to “throw” the election … and award it to a grossly corrupt entity guaranteed to strip the population of its rights and freedoms?

Let us say – to start – that the major issue in the present election, Conservative Corruption, had to be discussed (in private) by Thomas Mulcair and organizers preparing their NDP election strategy.  They had to decide to avoid the subject of corruption – and they had to have a reason or reasons to make that decision…? 

As I write, documents and testimony are flowing from the trial of Mike Duffy on 31 (Alice-in-Wonderland) charges of fraud, breach of trust, and bribery. The documents and testimony are rock-solid in their content. Canadians may, I believe, honestly conclude from them: (1) That Stephen Harper was deeply involved in the deception involving the whole operation; (2) that Nigel Wright should be charged with breach of trust, and offering and concluding a bribe; (3) that Mike Duffy (whatever his paddings of expenses) was (first) pressured to follow Prime Minister’s Office plans; and (4) then (secondly) had charges heaped and heaped and heaped against him – as what seems like revenge.

When the charges were laid Duff Conacher, former head, and present director, of Democracy Watch, stated - with crystal clarity (July 17, 2014): “the RCMP and prosecutor’s opinion of Nigel Wright’s role is entirely legally and factually incorrect.”  The present trial is underscoring Conacher’s statement.

We don’t need Conacher’s expert opinion to realize corruption involving the Prime Minister’s Office and some Senate members has almost certainly been extended to the Prosecution Office and to the RCMP.  Thomas Mulcair should be on his feet – all over Canada – in genuine anger and urgency, revealing, explaining, analyzing, drawing conclusions about the GIGANTIC FRAUD Harper and his group have perpetrated on all Canadians (as well as Mike Duffy).  It is the responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Party members to inform the public, to tell Canadians in clear, comprehensible terms the meaning of government crime that has to be of grave concern to them.

[Faced with the issue on the campaign trail, Stephen Harper acts ‘in character’ .  He declares (groundlessly) that he will not comment on a matter before the courts.  But he doesn’t say that until he has repeated his (obviously) rehearsed comment about the matter before the courts that - knowing nothing of the matter – when he learned of it, he acted.  He, of course, “learned of it” when a CTV journalist spilled the beans on a matter his team was doing everything possible to keep secret.]

Thomas Mulcair is avoiding the subject, and NDP candidates are ‘following the leader’. Why?  WHY?

A charge against them of bottomless stupidity is not good enough.

The radical Conspiracy Theory that Thomas Mulcair is in the NATO/U.S./Israel loop moving towards World Government by Global Fascist Private Corporations seems impossible to credit….

But something is wrong … something is deeply wrong.  Are we facing (because of NDP failure to fight the election campaign on the real issue) an historical situation in which Canadians will be pulled into a state of repression, poverty, and despair (over decades) until a wholly new force is born to fight its way to something like a life of decency for Canadians?  In his latest article in Common Ground (Aug, 2015) Anthony Hall calls this election, “the most important federal election in Canadian history”.  Aware Canadians know Tony Hall is right. 

Thomas Mulcair, apparently, is not among those Canadians.

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jessica Ernst Is All of Us

Jessica Ernst Is All of Us
 Written by Robin Mathews, Aug. 2015
She is fighting the system – fighting the Alberta government as well as big Oil and Gas in Alberta who are closely cooperating with the dishonest federal Conservative government.  She is fighting the Alberta Regulator (whose head was, formerly, a top officer in Encana Corporation and president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers). She is fighting Encana Corporation, (not to mention the conventional press and media of Canada) - about the pollution of her own property and water supply and what everyone knows is also true - the polluting fact of fracking for oil and gas wherever water sources matter and agricultural land is involved.

She is fighting them in a dubious Alberta court (and lawyer) structure which puts Jessica Ernst  (scientist and long-time oil patch actor) in the position of every Canadian.  That needs explaining.  Around the planet, so-called democratic societies have become so corroded, so perverted, so mangled out of shape that to get “democratic” rights requires full-out, unswerving, endless combat against the forces supposed to be protecting the population and its freedoms.  Any Canadian seeking justice, as Jessica Ernst is doing, will face exactly the same struggle – until we all make change happen.

That is because – short of armed violence (in fact organized revolt) those fighting for democratic behaviour, for justice, for equality before the law, for rights of free expression face police forces willing to violate their fundamental role, lawyers who will not challenge power, courts that are for sale to the richest bribers, political parties ‘bought’ by huge private corporations.

One instance stands out dramatically.  Jessica Ernst has been fighting her case for eight years.  Almost everything about Conservative rule in those years was, in her matter, almost certainly negative, deceitful, corrupt.  The NDP has swept into power in Alberta … and has done nothing to effect necessary change so that every principle Ms. Ernst stands for and every evil she faces are seen clearly in the light of fair, just, democratic behaviour insisted upon by the new government.
Those who reply, quickly, that the NDP in Alberta cannot offend the oil and gas sector in that province are saying, simply, that those forces make up the government of Alberta, not the freely elected representatives of the people sitting in the Alberta legislature.

Around the planet so-called democratic societies have become corroded, perverted, mangled out of shape.  Alberta is, at this moment, shining a bright light on that fact.  Unless the new Alberta NDP government makes some significant changes in regulation, oversight, ownership, royalty payments, and protection of the population, it will be giving evidence that it serves profit-making private corporations – not the people of Alberta and Canada.

In her (August 2, 2015) CBC Sunday Morning interview (shared with Toronto lawyer Murray Klippenstein) Ms. Ernst hinted at ugly truths with which some of us are familiar – and which all Canadians should know.

Put simply, she will be said by many to be facing a gigantic, (almost) lawless oil and gas corporate structure working in close cooperation with a dishonest federal Conservative cabinet in league with an Alberta Regulator headed by a former high Encana Corporation executive apparently appointed to frustrate justice – and a court headed by a judge whose arrival on the case was unusual to the point of being … very strange indeed.

In short, one may ask if a criminal consortium made up of senior government, provincial government, provincial regulator, the gas/oil monster in Alberta, and the judge on the case is working to destroy Jessica Ernst – to be rid of her and to provide a powerful, negative example to anyone else who is fool enough to seek remedy in Alberta for harm done to him, her, and/or the Public Good.

To begin, she was not able to obtain satisfactory legal representation in Alberta because of what I believe is the essential, fundamental corruption of many lawyers in that province.
Lawyers not willing to take legitimate cases against powerful corporations and/or governments are declaring, simply, that they are cowardly and corrupt.  They are denying ordinary Canadians the fundamental right to seek remedy for harm done to them.  And since “going to law” is the peaceful means citizens have to seek justice for injury done to them, the law profession denies Canadians what are absolutely basic rights when it refuses to act for them.
In addition, in my experience, many courts of Alberta are equally disreputable.  Canadians have, I believe, every reason, for instance, to doubt the probity of the judge on the Jessica Ernst case: Chief Justice Neil Wittmann of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. My own experience with him in a matter relating to the BC Rail Scandal trial (2007-2010) left me without confidence in his judgement. In the B.C. case, as I have written elsewhere, the “honest” judge on the case was removed by promotion to the Appeals Division of the courts.  (That had to be an act participated in by senior court officers in B.C., by the Stephen Harper Conservative cabinet, and, perhaps, by the B.C. cabinet.  It was not a random act.)

The replacement judge refused to act on absolutely certain evidence that the Special Crown Prosecutor on the case (appointed in 2003) was named in flagrant violation of the legislation governing such appointments. The result, from the moment of his illegitimate appointment, was that the investigation, the construction of evidence, the pre-trial, and the trial were illegitimate.

To seek a remedy for the judges’ refusal to act, I appealed to the highest place – the Canadian Judicial Council.  Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta, Mr. Justice Neil Wittmann acted on behalf of the CJC of which he was a member with the judge complained against. He denied (spuriously, I believe) any legitimacy to my complaint.  He, therefore, I believe, legitimized a long court procedure that was (a) totally illegitimate and (b) very likely corrupt from start to finish. (That was after the refusal of the B.C. Attorney General’s ministry, the Chief Justice and the Associate Chief Justice and the new judge on the trial to act in any way.  The judges did not deny the allegation; they simply refused to act). The assistant deputy Attorney General wrote that the matter could not be examined since it was sub judice.  That was outright nonsense. The position of the Special Crown Prosecutor was in no way under court examination. (The conventional press and media refused to report the illegitimate appointment.)

Without exaggeration, I think one may refer, in this matter, to a criminal consortium engaged in the repression of truth and justice and in the prevention of a fair and just remedy for the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the (now U.S. owned) CNR.

Canadians might believe they are experiencing a bad Hollywood film when I tell them that the first judge dealing with Jessica Ernst’s case was peremptorily appointed to the Appeals Division of the Alberta higher courts. That was an action that could only be effected by the Conservative cabinet in Ottawa …  and it was an act that mirrored the BC Rail Scandal case in British Columbia.  Rather than appoint another judge to the case, Chief Justice Neil Wittmann volunteered to take over the Jessica Ernst case … a very strange development to say the least and, I regret to say, suspicious.

One way of seeing his conduct in the Jessica Ernst case is as a servant and ally of big oil/gas and the other forces seeking to defeat Ms. Ernst’s attempt to seek redress for wrong done to her.  Wittmann’s ruling that the actions of the Alberta Regulator are outside the reach of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is, to my mind, an outrage. If upheld, the chief defence of ordinary Canadians against abuse, mistreatment, harassment, oppression, and gross injustice at the hands of government and government appointed agencies will be erased.

In forcing Ms. Ernst to seek from the Supreme Court of Canada a judgement that no action of any person or agency of government is outside the reach of the Charter, Chief Justice Wittmann has, in my opinion, deliberately delayed the trial unnecessarily and has caused Ms. Ernst anxiety, time, and costs to which she should not have been subjected.  That he was upheld in his judgement by the Alberta Court of Appeal requires no comment whatever.

As if to provide a mirror-image of the Alberta conflict – though on an international scale, the present government of Greece has been beaten into submission (as an intended rejection of the expressed democratic will of the people of Greece) by the international banks, European Union finance ministers, newly-inspired German imperial ambitions, and silent private corporations greedy for cheaply-acquired Greek assets.

Greece is to be starved.  Unemployment and taxes are to rise.  Pensions are to be cut. Greek assets are to be sold at bargain-basement prices to private owners anywhere on the planet. The Greek population is to be made permanently destitute.

That is to be so – reported the international spokesman for the Greek government on CBC radio in July, 2015 – not for economic reasons but for political reasons.  Greece has a reform government which sought the direction of its people by referendum – and it has to be punished … brought to its knees to show every other national population that the banks and the big private corporations rule European countries – NOT the freely elected representatives of the people.

In the most recent issue of le Monde diplomatique (Aug. 2015) the former Greek minister of finance, Yanis Varoufakis, (ousted, apparently, at the insistence of Germany) writes that the sole objective of the European Union “was to humiliate us”.  He insists Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup, showed open contempt for “the most elementary democratic principles”, and that Wolfgang Shauble, German finance minister, cared nothing that a new government had been elected in Greece to seek new credit terms, insisting democratic change (elections) means nothing.

Almost unbelievably, Varoufakis points out in his article that the so-called “Eurogroup” which brought Greece to its knees insisted upon meeting again (to reject all proposals by the Greek government and to punish all Greeks).  AND it insisted that Varoufakis not be present.  When Varoufakis protested, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Eurogroup president, replied that: “the Eurogroup does not possess any legal existence. It acts as an informal group, and, as a consequence, there is no written law that can limit the action of its president.”

The punishment of Greece was intensified by a wholly irresponsible (but all-powerful) “informal group” after the Greek people in a freely held referendum rejected the unfair demands of the E.U. actors – after the democratic will of the Greek people was made known.

The corrupt Conservative government of Canada, in the hands of global private corporations, has fed the power of the gas/oil giants in Alberta (and all Canada) – removing oversight, weakening environmental regulation, and selling-out Canada’s sovereign power in order to feed private and foreign corporate interests.  It has prepared the ground for the corrupt fog Jessica Ernst has had to try to see her way through.  It has sacrificed a stable industrial economy in order to serve gigantic (often foreign) corporations. It has hollowed out the Canadian economy in order to serve the forces that have brought Greece to its knees.

Jessica Ernst, almost unconsciously – in fighting for freedom of expression, clean water, fair legal procedure and justice in the Alberta courts is a symbol of the undeclared war being fought globally against anyone in democratic society  (whether a whole government, Greece, or an individual, Ernst) insisting that democratic rights and the freedom of the population be observed, defended, and declared inalienable.

Under the (false) guise of fairer trade, open markets, and higher standards of living made possible by the planetary flow of cheaply produced goods – the gigantic, obscenely wealthy corporations (big banks, big oil, big high-tech ops, “the One Per Cent”) are buying political parties, adding governments to “costs of operation”, raping the global environment, enslaving whole populations, and oppressing any and all who resist…. Greece has resisted and has become the first European nation to be a symbol of the fight back … which is only starting ….

Jessica Ernst has found the source of the rot in Canadian democracy right in her own back yard (literally). She is all of us.  She is leading the fight against the rot. She must be an inspiration to all decent Canadians to go to work and generalize her insights … and to work on the restoration of democracy in Canada.  Like the new party, Syriza, in Greece, Jessica Ernst is a bellwether, a symbol, an inspiration, a very loud wake-up call. If present political parties will not boldly take up the fight opened by Jessica Ernst, Canadians will have to create their own new party, their own Syriza, and set to work to return Canada to Canadians and to the democracy Canadians created (and are only beginning to understand is being wrested from them).
Written by Robin Mathews


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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ray Heard, Sunnews Network Redneck Ghost and Stephen Harper Pom Pom Girl Is Frothing at The Mouth

I don`t know if anyone remembers who this clown is?.....He is a staunch Conservative pom pom girl, and a regular hard rightwing reform spindoctor on the defunct Sunnews channel...Remember them..

Sunnews was a joke, featuring Brian Lilly, Ezra sue me for libel and slander Levant, Michael praise the lord Coren along with scantly dressed bimbos disguised as journalists...Eh Faith Goldy?

The man(ape) pictured above is an Alberta redneck goon, his name is Ray Heard....

 If anyone wonders why Sunnews network(Harper Conservative party broadcaster) could only get 5000 viewers during primetime hours one only has to look at the likes of the Sunnews spindoctors they aired...Ray Heard, how on earth did that man ever get any airtime...

Look, I`m no angel, but I only swear on rare occasions, .....

I like to browse Twitter and see what various pundits have to say...I look at Merv Adey...Norman Spector..Norm and then Ezra Levant(when I need a laugh)...

Ray Heard was one pundit I never searched for on Twitter, I stumbled across him tonight, as for Ray Heard, maybe it is senility, old age, a brain gone soft, on Sunnews Ray Heard couldn`t keep his anger towards Trudeau or Mulcair under wraps...Ray Heard literally had foam frothing from his mouth while on Sunnews ...

Tonight I watched the Debate on CPAC...My impression was...

Elizabeth May knows her stuff....And the mainstream media will always say how great the Green Party leader was...Simple mainstream media strategy, CKNW and Global played the same game during our provincial election writ period....Why?...BC Liberal television and radio pundits know green voters are votes that would go to the NDP if the Greens weren`t in play...The same thing is happening tonight....Pump up the Green party to take votes away from Trudeau and Mulcair..

And personally speaking I like the Green Party and many of their platform items, however, the Green party has elected the BC Liberals the last three provincial elections by taking just enough votes away from the NDP..

 This is the first story I ever did on Ray Heard, and truthfully speaking, the man should be all but ignored, however, his tweets on, during and before the Macleans Debate need to have a light shone on them, they are that repulsive..

Perhaps you think me calling him a redneck goon is over the top, well, if he was on air I could hit the mute button....

Ray Heard epitomizes the Stephen Harper voter, nasty angry bitter old bags of bones...!

Where was I...Ray Heard tonight on Twitter...August 6th/2015

Really sad to see so many Macleans-Rogers hacks Tweet undeserved praise on colleague Wells for fucking up debate


    I reach for sick bag as makes delsuional drama queen ending statement. Wells sucked as moderator.
  1. Moderator Paul Wells destroys his credibility by acting as prosecutor of in debate. He lobs softballs at Socialist, Grit and Green
  2. Having coproduced epic 84 debate may be qualified to say Paul Wells has staged this debate as attack ad on . Ted Rogers weeps.
  3. Paul Wells self destructs as worst debate moderator ever. Hook this idiot off.
  4. So uses redundancy "period of time" to confirm she's illiterate
    What the fxck is delusional drunk doing at national debate?

    Tweet text

  1. So does not look at Harper when demonizing him
  2. Paul wells stilted. Needs media training. This is cruel, unusual punishment.

    Problem with Paul Wells moderating Maclean's debate is he's on endless ego-trip, lacks humour. You Heard here, it will be a disaster!

    During debate, hope someone reminds she drunkenly praised killer terrorist Khadr and demonized "fucking" Cabinet.


    Looks like Ray Heard is angry because Stephen Harper was nailed so many times for false facts, eerrr, I mean lying, the country is in deficit, in recession, Harper has ran 8 straight deficit budgets, added $150 billion to our national debt, less Canadians are working today than there was in 2007...

    I imagine Ray Heard wishes Sunnews was still on the air so Ezra Levant, Brian Lilly and he could stage a non-partisan Sunnews political debate..

    Hey, and Faith Goldy could act like a boxing match showgirl by strutting out with a placard stating each new question...


    (The story that accompanies that Faith Goldy picture is linked directly below..)

    I find it amusing and tragic all in one, Sunnews Network, a Conservative propaganda now defunct network, a fake news station that was so bias, so partisan, so hack amateur, so pathetic they couldn`t draw viewers or advertisers, with the exception of Harper action plan ads, and Enbridge, their main sponsor was CAPP....A fake news station that had to have their on air  personalities retract, apologize and beg for forgiveness and money for lawyers...

    A fake news station that allowed Ray Heard to spin, distort, name-call and lie his face-off on-air, his target was Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau and Justin Trudeau, Trudeau`s father, his mother, his wife, his children, his friends...His second target was everyone who didn`t bow to Stephen Harper`s greatness...

    And here Ray Heard is frothing at the mouth over the Macleans debate moderator Mr. Paul Wells? Amazing!...

    Come election time, Ray Heard will still be frothing at the mouth over Trudeau, only now Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May will make him froth too..

    With the partisan trash Sunnews Network put on air daily, for any Sunnews mouthpiece to cry foul and think the debate moderator was bias...Welcome to The Matrix Ray Heard, choose the Blue pill!

    By the way...I thought three of the four leaders performed very well....Stephen Harper kept getting caught telling lies..

    The Straight Goods

    Cheers Eyes Wide Open