Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Elon Musk's Epic Transformation, From Mr. Futuristic to Internet Darklord

 Written by Grant G

     Puzzling to say the least.........How could the one-time richest man in the world(Still has more money then one could ever need, no matter how opulent his spending) be so hell bent on changing the direction of a populous that has gradually moved forward in terms of inclusion and acceptance, a populous that has by majority accepted man's affect on a world climate, a populous that wants progressive cleaner alternatives to transit, to all forms of travel, to heat and energy.

Elon Musk has projected that clean futuristic image for a long time and then, seemingly out of the blue his narrative changed, along with that "clean image" .....Elon Musk took to headlines in the Spring of 2022 announcing his lavish offer for all of Twitter, a $44 billion dollar buy.....Eyes lit up, that's a lot of money, an offer to good to refuse...But why did Elon want Twitter? To advance mankind, to promote unity among nations, to deter fossil fuel use, to campaign on climate change, to push a narrative of protecting environments, protecting our only planet, was Elon's acquisition of Twitter not only extremely expensive but was it also noble, altruistic, a higher calling of sorts or was it....

To bring back Donald Trump?

Before we get started let's disclose some facts that may be connected...Jared Kushner received $25 million dollars , and $2 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia, the $2 billion the Saudis gave Jared Kushner was a so-called investment from the kingdom‘s sovereign wealth fund to his Kushner's newly formed private equity firm, the $25 million was a pre-performance gift, regardless of any success....

Elon Musk, despite his enormous wealth did not have $44 billion in liquid assets to buy Twitter...Elon sold $billions in Tesla shares and raised money, but not enough....


 "Musk completed his $44 billion acquisition with the help of bin Talal, founder of Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding Co., who agreed to roll over his company’s existing $1.89 billion stake in the social media platform"


I'm sure it's just a coincidence that both Jared Kushner and Elon Musk were paraded around like blue ribbon canines at a Westminster Dog Show by the Saudis at the world cup in Qatar.....It really had a vibe of Saudi princes showing off their prized possessions...in this case, "paraded around like blue ribbon canines"...or dogs for short..

I don't need to explain to readers here that the Saudi power structure does not believe in freedom of speech, or freedom of the press, or woman's rights or equal rights in general, Saudi Arabia power structure is an authoritative regime which regards ordinary person's human rights as expendable....Two classes....Elite and an expendable populous.

The point i'm making is.....Elon was so rich, he had/has everything, he didn't need to go to bed with a repressive regime to buy Twitter...Elon didn't need Twitter, .....However, Elon wanted Twitter, why? ...Mr. Musk could have created a Twitter clone that was better, faster, more options, Elon could have created his own Social Media but he didn't, why? 

That answer is obvious, it takes time to create a Social Media app, it takes time to build a customer base and that's the one thing Elon Musk didn't have...time...2022 Midterm elections were fast approaching and....although most public polls were deliberately skewed to showing a red wave, real pollsters, and the political parties themselves knew different, Mitch McConnel knew Republicans weren't gaining in the Senate...And Mitch was right....All those big name Trump endorsements who were also bigtime election deniers got spanked....Even the House/Congress, barely moved, when historically the party in opposition gains big in the house, that didn't happen either....in other words....Elon knew too that the 2022 red wave was a mirage of sorts..

Thus Elon needed to acquire Twitter early enough to try and boost Republican chances in 2022 midterms...It wasn't obvious at first as to what Elon's Twitter purchase motive was but it's painfully obvious now....Elon flew into the Twitterverse  claiming to be a "Free Speech Absolutist"  and now a short few months later the real reason and the real Elon reared their ugly anti democratic heads...in full view of those with eyes....And yes, the frothy hyperbolic right are tweeting praise at Elon, declaring that Elon the savior has opened up Pandora's box and exposed a massive crime spree that stole elections from Trump and the GOP...  

Hogwash.....Elon, unfortunately, for a so-called genius can't see what the world sees, Elon can't see the forest through his stacks of money because it's as clear as day Elon is a extreme rightwing authoritarian promoter.....Elon doesn't believe in democracy and doesn't care about anyone's future outside of his own..

Let's do this in chronological order.......May 18/2022..

In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican. Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold … 🍿

Musk has characterized his pending $44 billion acquisition of Twitter a “moderate takeover” of the platform, not a right-wing takeover. But he then proceeded to bash the Democratic Party.

Spurred by podcast and event host Jason Calacanis, who is raising funds to help Musk acquire Twitter, the Tesla CEO said, “The Democratic party is overly controlled by the unions and the trial lawyers, particularly the class-action lawyers.”

On the social platform, Musk has frequently insulted and scrapped with elected Democrats, including Biden, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wyden, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

By contrast, he tends to engage in a friendly and nonconfrontational manner with right-wing elected officials like GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert and far-right personalities including Steven CrowderDinesh D’Souza and others.


So, in May of 2022 Elon Musk claims the democrat party is the party of division and hate and basically asked Democrat s to attack him...Attacks didn't come, nobody took the bait, although many pointed out to Elon that Trump and the GOP were the hate and fear mongers.........Full stop, does Elon not watch Trump rallies, the immigration rhetoric, the attacks on teachers, on LBGTQ community, attacks on everything coming from Trump and republicans....Is Elon Musk blind?

No, he's not blind.....Dinesh D Souza's 2000 mules fictional garbage and Elon praises the guy...or engages with Lauren Boebert....Dinesh a liar and Boebert an illiterate valley girl....In May of 2022 Elon is pissed he can't have slaves for employees, damn unions and worker's rights.....Elon is so obvious..

Oct 30/2022


Just days after officially buying Twitter, Elon Musk used the platform to float an anti-LGBTQ conspiracy about the violent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband from a right-wing website that frequently spouts conspiracy theories.

"There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye," Musk responded Sunday morning. He linked to a post from a website called the Santa Monica Observer that claims DePape is a male sex worker who was in a dispute with Paul Pelosi, who was drunk, citing right-wing speculation on Twitter.

The claim has no basis, and the post makes no effort to verify it.

The Santa Monica Observer is a website masquerading as a news outlet that has published outrageous fake news in the past. Owned by David Ganezer, the website once claimed Hillary Clinton died and a body double was used to debate Donald Trump in 2016, that Trump appointed Kanye West to the Department of the Interior, and that sunlight could cure COVID-19 patients, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Elon Musk knew the Paul Pelosi story was a rightwing hit job on the Dems, Elon also knew the 2022 midterms were fast approaching.....This was Elon once again deliberately trying to affect the election with misinformation...Elon sent the Paul Pelosi hit job story to Twitter's top trending stories, rightwing trolls spread the story like wildfire....Meanwhile Paul Pelosi lay in a ICU critical care unit with a cracked skull...

Elon didn't care how obvious his motives appeared to regular people.....Elon was hellbent on a redwave, a fascist wave and a return to Trumpism...Ethics and morality be damned.


Twitter Inc. owner Elon Musk told his audience of more than 100 million followers on the social-media platform to vote for Republicans -- on the eve of midterm elections where Democrats are poised for losses.

“To independent-minded voters: Shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties, therefore I recommend voting for a Republican Congress, given that the Presidency is Democratic,” Musk wrote Monday. 

“Hardcore Democrats or Republicans never vote for the other side, so independent voters are the ones who actually decide who’s in charge!,” he added.

The tweets from Musk, who also serves as chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., marked a startling departure from other CEOs in the US who have largely shunned political activism over fears of alienating both customers and shareholders. 

Tech industry watchers painted his move as uncommon, especially so close to an election, and said it would raise further questions about his stewardship of Twitter, which is already seeing advertisers flee over concerns about changes to its content moderation policies.

“It’s unprecedented to have a CEO come straight out and say that,” said Katie Harbath, a former Meta public policy director. “Many others have done donations, so you know what their leanings are. But it’s rare to see them actually tell people who they should go vote for.”


At this point it has become crystal clear that Elon Musk is in the tank for republicans, and Trumpism..

Shorty after the 2022 midterms where Trump's big picks and bigtime election deniers were spanked Elon Musk reinstated Trump to Twitter's platform.....Elon even after seeing the 2022 election results where Trump's extreme endorsees were tossed aside, an election where democrats gained near everywhere Elon doubled down on Trump by reinstating him.....

The picture Elon is painting is coming in to sharp focus now....

November 20th Elon Musk reinstates Trump to Twitter..

On December 2nd/2022 Elon Musk allows his people, Matt Taibbi to selectively release internal communications and screenshots along with a partisan spin to try and paint a picture of Twitter insiders working with FBI to suppress Trump and rightwing voices to help elect Joe Biden...

After 7 Twitter drop threads....Elon hasn't proven anything except...

Although information Elon released to Matt Taibbi in Twitter drop number 1 stated that both campaigns, Trump and Biden, along with the Trump Whitehouse both made requests of Twitter and all entities were granted requests.

"Both parties had access to these tools. For instance, in 2020, requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign were received and honored"


There have thus far been 7 Twitter file drops.....Elon has proven nothing, shown no smoking gun, no democratic plot, no suppression of anything that amounts to a hill of beans....The biggest takeaway is Elon Musk and his chosen surrogates have refused to show even one request made from the Trump whitehouse and or the Trump campaign even though we know they made requests and were granted requests.....Yet all we hear from Elon Musk on that front is deafening silence.

And it's getting worse, in the last week Elon Musk suspended leftwing journalists for no reason, he's changed rules back n forth, he stated new policy will be decided via polls, he's now backed out of that proposal.

Elon lost a twitter poll on him staying on as Twitter's CEO...he has now backed out of that poll and decided to make a policy change that only blue check mark accounts who pay $8 dollars per month can vote.....Again, is that free speech, considering many people in poor countries can't afford $8 dollars per month, and millions of Twitter account holders in other countries have no access to blue check marks at any price...

Elon also has put in place new rules, without a poll,?? stating that any mention of other social media sites with links will result in suspension.... Even links on your profile....Elon has decided to close Twitter's border and lock everyone in, kinda like a Trump Mar A Lago event..


So...Elon is not for free speech....He lies at will, breaks his own Twitter rules, doesn't honor polls when they don't go his way, now only paying blue check accounts can partake in Twitter polls, there are about 400,000 blue checks on Twitter, about 2% of all twitter accounts..

So now only Elon's fan boys can vote in polls, shutting out 98% of all Twitter users from voting in polls.

Elon's Twitter file dumps have produced nothing, no smoke, no fire, no collusion...

The big question, the one I started this post with...Why did Elon acquire Twitter.

My best guess is....Elon wanted to assist republicans and promote Trump....After the 2022 shit-kicking the GOP suffered...Elon took it personal, thus came the Twitter file drops...Which ended up humiliating Elon even more. One might think Elon would have learned a lesson when his partisan low budget hit job fell flat....Elon has twitter dropped 6 more times since the first offering and it has only become more embarrassing after each one...

Today Elon went after Adam Schiff......interesting....Yet Elon Musk hasn't said a single thing on..

MTG..Boebert...Ron Johnson...Steve Bannon...Dinesh D Souza...Louie Gohmert...Jeff Clark...John Eastman..Michael Flynn, Trump and or another hundred plus rightwing chaos agents..

Elon also didn't absorb the results of the 2022 midterms...It was a referendum on Joe Biden..on Hunter Biden...on Healthcare, on LBGTQ rights...Medicare...Trumpism lost big.

Anyway folks,........

Something will come along to replace Twitter...Mastadon needs work....Youtube has many great podcasters and it's my belief that we've turned the corner on this latest Fascist uprising...Democracy prevailed..

Unfortunately Elon Musk will learn the hard way.....And so will Tesla stock owners.


Tesla shares.. year to date.....Stock is down 68.91%.....January 3rd/2022....Tesla shares were $399.93.....

Today, December 22/2022 ......Tesla shares have dropped to $123.81...

Let's narrow it down a little more...on September 20th/2022 Tesla share price was $308.73 and 2 months later, December 22/2022 Tesla share price is $123.90..That's a 59.86 % drop...in 2 months...


Twitter is dead....Tesla stock owners.....Heed the warnings.....#ETTD and coming soon..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Friday, December 16, 2022

Elon Musk and The Missing Conspiracy..........Twitter drop #6


Elon Musk and The Missing Conspiracy..........Twitter drop #6

Written by Grant G



There was no "Kaboom" in Friday's evening Twitter file drop..

 In fact, it was so bad no need to address it.

In other news...Elon is making up rules on the fly, ...Elon pisses in journalists' cornflakes with manufactured TOS violation.

Twitter..News, in general....Elon's doxing rule makes near everything untweetable by the new Elon doxing rule...A expresident arriving at a CPAC conference, Steve Bannon heading into a courtroom, a selfie with Mike Lindell at a Trump rally, a Dave Chapelle comedy show...

Those items get insta-tweeted all the time... ..By Elon's definition, that's doxing...Elon actually doxes himself on Twitter all the time...

Elon is thin skinned liar....No newsworthy info from Twitter drop #6....in other news..

Tonight Elon stepped up reinstating suspended accounts..

Hate preacher Greg Locke..


Greg Locke



Election denier Mike Lindell reinstated today to Twitter....Lindell is banned from appearing on Fox..Newsmax...He's is also getting sued for over $1 billion dollars by Dominion....

Mike Lindell is a sick man, to this day, 2 years after 2020, Lindell hasn't produced a single shred of election fraud..

Funny stuff..Mike Lindell pays for RSBN to televise all Trump rallies and rightwing events, such as Turning point and CPAC events....Live broadcasting, on Twitter, with Lindell being doxed as to his location, trump being doxed, CHARLIE Cook doxed.....This is all doxing, and is acceptable...

Elon is thin skinned rightwing zealot...Everyone can determine their own security requirements...Trump has lifetime security, and lots ...Lindell none, no security...If Elon is worried about his family's safety, or his personal safety, he should hire more security..Not ban journalists who call out Elon's hypocrisy...Elon Musk has doxed little people, with no security, so has Trump...When those who possess millions of cult followers(Trump/Musk)...Doxing is dangerous....A jet at airport is not doxing..Doxing someone with false claims of stealing an election, ..Ruby and Shaye...That's dangerous....Tweeting a billionaire's plane is on route to Texas is not doxing....Doxing is releasing some low level twitter employees info while carefully framing a narrative of..of something, and definitely inciting anger...Elon put lives at risk...

Anyway...Greg Locke has threatened many ...including those in his own flock.....

Mike Lindell is a bad person....Soon he'll lose everything to Dominion, too bad he has no family, or friend to help him get back to reality..

Elon not really fooling anyone....Twitter drop #6.....It wasn't even a nothingburger...

The bun was missing too......Elon Musk's Twitter file drops have progressed, from nothingburgers to..

"Wish Sandwiches"


(updated December 17/2022 Elon Musk has announced a Social Credit scoring system on Twitter....Welcome to China everyone...Welcome to Elon's shadow banning of those who won't pay $8 dollars per month or those that go against Elon's position on any topic....Social Credit scoring is complete opposite of free speech..A Twitter account, a little account could comment on a story, or comment on a tweet, and it could be a lights out fantastic comment and tweet...and nobody will see it...Also groups of left, or right, or extreme accounts either way can target users tweets and down-vote them.....like Redditt, like China.....It's official folks.....Twitter under Elon is dead, free speech at Twitter is dead....Also, it appears Elon wants to force everyone to get blue check marks(currently/historically there is 400,000 blue checks)to be seen, ..if 400k blue checks stay and pay $8 per month, call it $10 for easy math.....That's $4 million per month $48 million per year at $8...At $10..$60 million per year...A 1000 years comes $48 to $60 billion...However, at 50 million blue checks...At $10 per month..$6 billion per year......Paying $$$ to get lost in a sea blue checks everywhere, from big names to small...And still most blue checks won't get seen...Blue checks a dime a dozen at that point, and trends will still go the way they go, ....Bad business model in my opinion, ...Elon oh so overpaid, and by hook or by crook, he's going to try and monetize Twitter users for access....Controlled access, manipulated by Elon's flavor of the day.......



Elon Musk is seeking out new investors to buy Twitter shares for the same price he paid for them. Apparently Elon is having $money issues and interest payments are due on his $13 billion debt ..

Good luck trying to find investors for a way over-priced private company that makes no profit, doesn't even break even....


At this rate....The end of Twitter is nigh.....Well done Elon, took less than 3 months to destroy Twitter)


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Monday, December 12, 2022

Elon Musk and the Making of a Conspiracy.....Dinesh D Souza Has Competition in the Field of Fiction

 Written by Grant G

To cite a recent tweet by Elon Musk

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"

Accurate quote by Sir Walter Scott in 1808 indeed, however, it has no meaning or context when it's infused with Elon's twitter file dumping.

In a nutshell, twitter employees, conduct police if you must, struggled as to how to contain a world leader who habitually lies on twitter and not just on twitter, on facebook, in the oval office, in white house press conferences, everywhere Donald trump was lying, 30,000 documented lies in 4 years in office...Yet Twitter let Trump free wheel his lies for 4 years, no warnings, no suspensions, nothing, any other twitter user would have been tossed...Trump was left alone..

Only in the run-up to 2020 election did twitter de-amp, Twitter deamped a whole one tweet that was later restored, even though it was technically in violation of terms of service....The NY Post Hunter Biden laptop story was de-amped, for one day, then restored....Meanwhile Trump and his influencers were still pushing out misinformation, lies and smears with impunity on Twitter and Facebook., for years and years Trump was pushing bullshit on Facebook and Twitter.

After the 2020 election loss by Trump, ...Election theft tweets from DJT flourished, he was throwing mud in every direction, from Dominion stealing the election, more votes than voters, Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss as "vote hustlers"..vote dumps at night, fake ballots, and on and on and to this day, Trump still bleating on this....Twitter moderation gate-keepers post 2020 election started slapping misinformation warnings on Trump's lying tweets...They still spread like wildfire through twitterverse, and Facebook....

Only after the January 6th/2021 failed coup attempt does twitter finally suspend Trump's twitter account, and yes, technically Trump, post 2021 Capital riot, didn't tweet anything that merited suspension, according to Twitter's rules for Heads of State....Therin lies the rub, you, me, anybody would have long been tossed from twitter, suspended and removed,, but Trump didn't violate Twitter's unique standard treatment and leeway policy given to heads of State...And technically, that was true...

Bear with me on this...Dictators, Heads of State, are allowed on Twitter, some partake, some don't, and in America, in Canada, in many parts of the world Democracy reigns supreme, for the most part, Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, Obama tweeted like leaders, tweeted sanity, policy, well wishes etc etc....And among the world's twitter users, if the head of Iran, or Russia, Syria etc etc tweeted something outrageous or threatening..it kinda was expected, Kim Jong Un isn't on Twitter, however, if he was and tweeted that he bowled 5 straight 300 games...or that he got 18 holes in 1 playing golf, or that he had the biggest nukes known to man and menaced tweeted, that would be expected, and discounted and left to stand...kinda like Tokyo Rose radio broadcasts during WW11...They were aired...And people around the world recognized it as propaganda.

Post January6th/2021 Trump riot, Twitter moderation gate keepers never ever expected that they would have to find new tools, or break standing norms and special Heads of State rules to silence Trump...Who'd imagine a US sitting President would foment violence, not peacefully transfer power and ....And continue to push on Twitter election lies that his own DOJ, and  attorney general along with countless officials thoroughly debunked...

We are talking new ground sane twitter employees had to travel down....Bottom line...Trump was treated with kid gloves and Twitter employees struggled with how to deal with a head of state spewing lies, fomenting violence and threatening Democracy itself.....Twitter kid gloved Trump post 2021 Capital Riot....So what...What do I mean by Twitter "kid gloved" trump...?  Trump stayed on Twitter through his Twitter surrogate/proxy @lLizHarrington....She was a non stop spreader of Trump's lies post riot...She left when Truth Social rose....Liz Harrington's twitter posts got 1000's upon 1000,'s of flags for telling, repeating trump's messages, lies, election lies, not a few, 1000,'s of misinformation tweets by Harrington, Trump's Twitter proxy..How is allowing Harrington to stay on Twitter NOT violate Twitter's TOS..? It was sort of a soft suspension for trump, proxies allowed....Twitter even after suspending Trump allowed his voice to be heard through Harrington, RSBN, Dinesh D Souza and countless others.....Hence kid gloved..

Trump, as I write this article is rage "truthing" on Truth Social that the Twitter files proves he won the election and Twitter and big tech rigged the 2020 election against him...

Elon Musk, the Trump fluffer is presenting that same story, that Trump was robbed of the presidency, de-platformed and treated unfairly by left leaning Twitter referees....

To which I say....Hogwash Elon...The facts say different.

First things first...How did we get here....Trump at every 2020 campaign rally stated the only way he could lose 2020 election is if it's rigged, every rally he said it...Steve Bannon reveled before 2020 election that Trump was going to declare victory and say the election was rigged if he was losing, or looking like losing.


Trump did just that...and the days that followed even more nutter butters and propaganda spiders crept out from the woodwork and slithered onto Trump's growing web of lies..

Mike Lindell claims algorithms via Dominion machines stole the election...Sydney Powell and Lin Wood threatened to release the kraken, Jenna Ellis and Rudy hair dye Giuliani claimed Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss had flash-drives, suitcases full of Biden votes and were running Biden ballots through 5 times...Italian satellites , nursing home harvesting, more votes than voters, ballot hustlers ...Near a year later Dinesh D Souza made a fiction movie(debunked badly)claiming 2000 to 30,000 mules stole the election....Dinesh provided zero evidence..

All the many 2020 election lies Trump pushed through Twitter, through Facebook, through Fox News, OAN, Newsmax...all unfiltered..

Also Trump went 1 for 71 in election related court challenges... Rudy Giuliani and many other trump attorneys have been sanctioned and some getting their asses sued off over the false claims presented.

Trump continued to push all these debunked election lies post 2020 election despite the courts, and despite assurances from the highest ranking members in Trump's own administration telling him over and over again the the allegations have no merit...Trump didn't care, he had nobody to rein him in, Twitter/Facebook left Trump to his devices...And this is important..

Nowhere around the 2020 election, and definitely not post 2020.election or the lead up to his Capital riot did Trump blame Twitter for his election defeat.....But now Trump has done just that, ..Lovely!

I guess it wasn't Dinesh's mules that cost Trump the election, wasn't vote hustlers Ruby and Shaye, wasn't a Kraken, Italian satellites, wasn't drop boxes, fake ballots, wasn't RINOs working for the deep state, wasn't the CCP, wasn't Antifa and illegal alien voters.....According to Trump and his fluffer Elon Musk...It was suppression by Twitter that stole Trump's presidency...

Elon Musk and his fascist fantasy and personal hit job..weak, very weak..

Let's take another few minutes to see how Trump was suppressed by Twitter and big tech shall we..

Trump post 2020 election fraud claims went viral on Twitter and Facebook 


Trump says the election is not over as 'Stop the Steal' and 'voter fraud' disinformation go viral on Facebook and Twitter




Trump was getting filtered you say....?

Trump's lies were trending not only on Facebook but Twitter too.

Trump was a prolific TOS offender on Facebook and Twitter, ALWAYS...


"A CNBC analysis of Trump’s tweets during his presidency found that his most popular and frequent posts largely spread disinformation and distrust. Many of his most-liked tweets contained falsehoods, while the topic he posted about most frequently, “fake news,” was a weapon for undermining information.

“Trump’s primary use of Twitter has been to spread propaganda and manipulate public opinion,” said Sam Woolley, director for propaganda research at the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Media Engagement. “He used Twitter to delegitimize information or to delegitimize the positions of his opponents.”

Of Trump’s 10 most-popular tweets, four contained false claims related to the 2020 election results. Of his 100 most popular posts, 36 contained election-related falsehoods." 



 Elon Musk is trying to paint a conspiratorial picture of Twitter suppression costing Trump the election, its not going so well, Elon is no Rembrandt and his conspiracy laden painting is more of a Jackson Pollock than a Rembrandt.

To suggest that Trump wasn't being heard, was suppressed by Twitter and Facebook is a fool's errand..

Trump was number one draw on both platforms..

Trump was gaming everything, every rule and violating with impunity TOS at Twitter and Facebook, Trump even gamed the Federal Government, Trump was using every tool he could use, even tools he wasn't allowed to use.

Trump with his 100 million followers/tweeters....There was no way to suppress him.




"The warning labels that Facebook has been affixing to President Donald Trump’s baseless post-election claims are basically doing nothing to slow the spread of false content across the platform—a concerning, if not all that surprising, reflection of the company’s incompetence in handling misinformation that continues to account for some of its highest levels of engagement. 

Arguably more alarming is Facebook’s knowledge of the failure, according to internal data obtained by BuzzFeed News. The finding was disclosed after an employee asked on an internal company message board if the company had any insight into whether the warnings Facebook has attached to the blitz of Trump falsehoods have been effective.

 “We have evidence that applying these informs to posts decreases their reshares by ~8%,” a Facebook data scientist said. “However given that Trump has SO many shares on any given post, the decrease is not going to change shares by orders of magnitude.” The data scientist reportedly noted that flagging false content with labels was not expected to reduce its spread, but rather “to provide factual information in context to the post.”



As one can clearly read, it was impossible to suppress Trump's lies and misinformation, warning labels didn't stop the sharing of Trump posts

 Trump used the military and staged a photo-op at Lafayette Square....Holding a bible Trump never read..not a single page of it....Government resources for what...

The next bit, Trump reigned supreme on Facebook, his team played it like a fiddle, played dirty and hard...and I guess that's fair game...Don't see any suppression.


The Man Behind Trump's Facebook Juggernaut

"Parscale’s firm was paid ninety-four million dollars, most of which went toward digital advertising. Some of the ads were standard fare about national security or the debt; others were designed to help Trump’s mendacity and nativism go viral on social media, where lies and fractious memes are disproportionately likely to be amplified. 

Facebook did not maintain an archive of its political ads until 2018, so some of the 2016 campaign’s dodgier efforts may be lost to history. But we do know that Trump tweeted an image, originally circulated on anti-Semitic message boards, of Hillary Clinton’s face, a Jewish star, and a pile of cash; that one of Parscale’s staffers made an ad featuring audio of Hillary Clinton referring to African-Americans as “superpredators” 

(the intention was to microtarget the ad to black Facebook users in swing states); and that Defeat Crooked Hillary, a Facebook page funded by a pro-Trump super pac, disseminated several conspiratorial videos, including one insinuating that Clinton was taking illicit drugs and another alleging that she had undisclosed ties to Vladimir Putin.......

The point of all this, of course, was to sway the election in Trump’s favor, and, given the election’s narrow margins, it’s highly possible that it worked. (The Internet Research Agency, a troll farm associated with Putin, purchased thirty-five hundred Facebook ads between 2015 and 2017; Parscale and his team bought millions.)
 None of this is evidence of election-related malfeasance, however. Most social platforms have rules against harassment, hate speech, and violent threats, but they have usually granted exceptions to those rules when the boundaries are tested by a Presidential campaign, or by the President



Trump was gaming the rules everywhere, using his Head of State/presidency to balk at meager rules in place at Twitter or Facebook, in other words...Trump was never suppressed, he dominated both Twitter and Facebook....And Fox News, and OAN, Newsmax....Fox News not only shamelessly promoted Trump to the nines, they suppressed all stories that shone favorable light on Biden, it's no secret..


I don't hear anything from maga's free speech purists in regard to Fox News or Newsmax suppressing stories that look good on Biden...The frothy right is deliberately blind, and their faux rage is very selective..

Trump was trailing in the 2020 polls ...He knew that....Trump then transformed the Whitehouse and the White House press briefings into his personal campaign events, once again breaking all political norms.


White House transforms from people's house to campaign venue

"Behind the scenes this past week, campaign and convention staffers began work on the White House South Lawn setting up lights, speakers and a stage that would be used for President Donald Trump to deliver his acceptance speech as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Trucks brought in long metal poles and beams, and construction equipment was set up adjacent to the Rose Garden.

It is unprecedented in modern politics for the White House to be used as the site of an explicitly political event, with past presidents maintaining some boundaries between the office of the presidency and their re-election bids.

Trump has been smashing those norms for months — attacking Democratic rival Joe Biden from the Rose Garden and playing campaign-style videos in the White House briefing room — but his prime-time convention address will represent the most blatant blurring of the lines yet."



Covid press briefings at the Whitehouse turn into campaign videos for Trump.


"At a White House briefing meant to provide updates on the U.S. efforts to combat the coronavirus, President Donald Trump played a campaign-style video clip portraying his initial response to the disease as a bold success – further blurring the line between the government and his presidential reelection bid.

“We have a few clips that we’re just going to put up,” Trump told reporters in the White House briefing room Monday evening before starting the reel. “I think you’ll find them interesting.”

The president said he would answer questions after the video ended. “But most importantly, we’re going to get back onto the reason we’re here, which is the success we’re having,” Trump added.

What followed was a nearly four-minute video, made up of news clips promoting or defending the president’s actions and complete with dramatic music, graphics and visual effects. It offered perhaps the clearest example yet of Trump using the daily briefings to tout what he describes as his successes, rather than merely inform the public about the deadly pandemic. He said White House staff produced the video. 

Critics have accused the president of abusing the briefings, which are carried on most major TV networks, by treating them as de facto campaign events. They say he has tried to replace the boisterous rallies he has been forced to cancel during the public health crisis."


Elon Musk tweeting out a pathetic partisan thread claiming a vast conspiracy of Twitter suppression cost Trump the presidency when the facts don't bear it out.
Trump was the biggest spreader of lies and misinformation on Facebook, and Twitter, suppression of Trump in social media was impossible as too many rightwing influencers and followers spread it far and wide.
Elon Musk hasn't proven a thing, except that Twitter gate keepers struggled with how to reign in the lying king Donald J Trump, ..if Trump wasn't a head of state they'd of suspended Trump a 100 times over...Trump abused that special privilege and Twitter employees had no solution....The meager attempts they made at deamping Trump failed, the ultimate suspension of Trump came as Twitter employees felt a patriotic duty to do something, anything to hinder Trump's assault on Democracy, even if it meant tossing out the rule book....However, it was too late, the damage was done, and to this day, Trump hasn't walked back a single election fraud claim...Ask Shaye Moss or Ruby..

Elon Musk has failed in demonstrating any plot against Trump,.....Elon Musk did demonstrate that there were employees who felt duty bound to stop a madman....And the election was over.

Too bad Elon Musk refuses to accept reality, refuses to see Trump's crimes, going back years..blinders.

Elon has his own priorities.....Civil unrest and some sort of corporate fascism, or worse..apartheid, not sure yet.

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