Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline And Stephen Harper`s Con Party, Both Going Down Hard!

The reckoning of reality merges with delusional future forecasts to create a modern day tragic Shakespearian play, politicos promising a smorgasbord of prosperity, wealth for all, health for all, education, world travel, a lifestyle made for kings and queens, for the rich and famous, for you, for average Dick and Jane, for everyone and all one has to do to receive these heavenly gifts is to accept, allow and endorse unabated resource extraction, to allow pipelines, drilling, water exploitation and the inevitable poisoned environments...

A mere 100,000 people in Canada work in resource extraction and if one believes energy company propaganda we will all be working extracting oil n gas, there are near 30 million jobs in Canada, 100,000 are in resource extraction...Let me repeat that, there are near 30 million jobs in Canada, 100,000 are in resources extraction...

1/3rd of 1% of Canadians work in resource extraction yet a corrupted, corporation controlled Federal Government advertises and portrays Canada as a deadland, a country without hope of surviving a fragile economic world without giving in and ceding all that is pure, clean and renewable, ceding the air we breathe, water we drink to an industry with a record of pollution, shortcuts, lies and denial, an all greedy profits above all else industry, oil companies couldn`t care less about anyone`s wellbeing, the country`s wellbeing, energy companies care only of personal profits for the few

There isn`t one educated person alive who really believes oil and energy companies will make any country rich, a country`s people rich...Only irrational bought politicians who care only of directorships and Swiss bank accounts talk of such fantasies, elected liars giving their all to sell the lie, a continuance of the Ponzi, a la la land of make-believe and sparkle ponies, a place where time stands still and the future never comes, the skills shortage, the need for millions of workers, all con propagated by the same roundtable players, a circle of lies emanating from the same table, a table consisting of the corporate mouthpieces, current day politicians clinking expensive wine glasses, gobbling caviar and waving expense account write-it-all-off credit cards, and you my friends are picking up the tab..

Time that stands still, Christy Clark claims we have 150 years worth of natural gas, Allison Redford claims Alberta has 150 years worth of tar goop oil, but what does that mean, in what context, does British Columbia have 150 years of natural gas with one LNG plant operating or 15 years worth of natural gas with ten LNG plants operating, numbers matter and math never lies, only accountants, Alberta has how much goop, 150 years worth with resource extractors feeding two pipelines or 30 years of goop being fed into 50 pipelines.....A giant LNG plant in full operation employs 250 people, a pipeline once built employs a mere handful of workers...

150 years is a micro-second of time, peak oil is a reality and yes the USA may become near self sufficient in energy production but that scenario will last not even a decade, the crash back to a finite resourced earth will be painful.....Painful for all, Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline will be stopped, peak oil, peak gas, peak food and already past peak fresh water, ...Peak oil means not two or four tar goop pipelines but fifty pipelines, fifty pipelines means extracting oil so fast, so furious, so water intensive that 150 years will be 30 years, .....10 LNG plants in British Columbia means 30 years and all our natural gas is gone,.....How is it that our elected politicians never change their numbers, their talking points, how much natural gas do we have, how much tar goop is in the ground, you can`t double, triple, quadruple extraction rates and have the end exhaustion date remain the same, Someone is zooming someone..

Energy companies will make no country or populous rich, they will make themselves rich at the expense of life itself, water, finite water, wildlife, vanishing wildlife, human health, vanishing human health, rising cancer rates, autism epidemics, the children are sick and 150 years is not forever, oil extractors will take the easy pickings first, the last 80 years worth of goop will be deep, ugly and expensive and they won`t be there to assist, there is no more water on earth today than there was 200 hundreds years ago, water is continually renewed, recirculated and refreshed only now natural refreshed water contains caffeine, contains a witch`s brew of pharmaceutical compounds, water purification techniques have failed to keep up with the millions of trace chemicals found in drugs, in petroleum products, insanity on a grand scale, northern Alberta is a toxic sewer, the Athabaska river a cancerous conduit, plans to put trillions of gallons of freshwater, after first saturating water with toxic chemicals into British Columbia`s groundwater and for what.....250 workers will run a LNG plant, times 10 is 2500 workers and within 2 decades we are out of natural gas and fresh water..

100,000 workers employed in resource extraction in Canada, corporations have been predicting for over a decade now a skills shortage, a three card monte game of ruse and trickery, get the Government to train workers, prod universities to train millions of welders, plumbers and mechanics all to join a rapidly growing application for work line up...For when there are millions of extra workers wages can be lowered and lowered, bars dropped and expectations of a rich and famous lifestyle dashed...Automation, robotization and obsoletism will be the future buzz words, these corporate screws use the shortage of millions of future workers ruse to gain leverage today, to gain access today, to remove environmental laws and regulations today, to lower tax rates today while they promise wimpy burgers and enormous wealth sometime way off in the future, there never will be...that day

And the politicians know this, the facts are undeniable, Tim Hortons doughnuts can`t find skilled workers, we can`t pour coffee in Canada, we can`t mine coal in Canada, we can`t build ships, and yes, even the Alberta tar sands are going whole hog on bringing in, bringing in read this well...Cheaper labour, complicit keep your mouth shut, pay your fees, pay the recruiter indentured temporary workers...


A large LNG plants employs 250 person.....A 700 kilometer pipeline once built employs less than 10 workers....Unlimited oil and energy supply to China means the ongoing erosion of Canadian manufacturing, an erosion of standards, of quality of life, increased oil to Asia means more garment workers in India getting burnt to death while working for pennies an hour, more oil to Asia means a never-ending supply of counterfeit goods, fake medicines and a poisoned environment..

150 years of tar goop, 150 years of natural gas in British Columbia and there isn`t a Government alive today that will save money, create future prosperity funds or do anything but spend money faster than it comes in...150 years, or 50 years or even 30 years on a planet earth that is nearly 5 billion years old, oil wasn`t even recovered from the earth until about the year 1900 and by the year 2100 it`s all gone, this position taken by our governments is supposed to bring us comfort, cold or otherwise..

These endless Enbridge ads, the not so subtle threats from the harper Government will continue to fall on deaf ears, by 2020 oil companies, Alberta and the Federal Con party have plans of producing and moving not the 2 millions barrels per day but a 5-fold increase to 10 millions barrels per day, that would require at least 20 more major pipelines and if Enbridge`s northern gateway gets built...Expect a major oil export terminal and pipeline in every British Columbia port...

That`s why our northern British Columbian coast will be defended to the death, to the death of Stephen Harper`s Con oil energy party, or any other political party that threatens our garden of Eden.

We will fight this enemy to the death, we`ll fight this propaganda, we`ll be told that future services are reliant upon oil revenues, health services, pensions, education,  yet those services are already under assault, no more home mail delivery, future monetary increases to Health Canada have already been announced slashed in half, future pensioners will have to work longer to receive less, UIC services slashed, science and research slashed, voices muzzled, federal and provincial advertising propaganda campaigns rising exponentially, every year propaganda budgets increase, unabated Canada action plan ads, stickmen ads, oil pipeline ads, CAPP and Government ads merging as one, rightwing propaganda distortion TV channels pretending to be credible, yes I am talking about Sun News...The Sun News teeny-bop short-sleeved wink and nod female propaganda press release readers combined with a bunch of old white-haired haters, a TV station reliant on two advertisers, Stephen Harper`s Conservative party/The Federal Government and CAPP...

6000 people 2 months ago rallied at Science world against Enbridge, thousands more rallied all across British Columbia, 100,000 across Canada rallied against increased oil/tar/pipelines/tankers and the like and our Global BC, CTV and radio stations like the desperate CKNW failed to even report it...The following Monday(a day after the rallies) there was not one word, not a peep, not a single story on these anti-pipeline rallies from any of the big news outlets, and there was a reason why these news outlets played it that way..

Global BC and CKNW in cahoots with Insights West polling outfit and the Federal Government, in a coordinated propaganda ploy was planning a fake-out,  Enbridge northern gateway pipeline was rising in public support bullshit gambit, they ran it hard on Global news starting at noon, then at 5:00 pm, continued at 6:00pm, CKNW blathered the same bullshit propaganda all based on a shoddy push/pull poll...The poll asked respondents FIRST whether they agreed with increased oil revenues going to health and education, then they asked similar of increased revenue to governments then finally asked the respondents(once they walked them down the garden path) if they were in favor of oil shipments from BC..and even with all that pushing and pulling polling the numbers were vastly against the northern gateway pipeline..

Global BC`s Facebook page lit up with hundreds yelling and screaming calling the report bullshit, Keith Baldrey refused to look or listen to what Global news watchers were saying as he was stuck in a Twitter counting delirium trance...

There has never been a time in history where a populous has been bombarded with this much corporate propaganda.

10,000 years worth of oil supply might give us a blink of time to react, not 50 years, we will never live in a world where 7 billion people all driving cars, flying in jets, crisscrossing the world, it shouldn`t be encouraged because it can`t be maintained long term..

We can`t with good conscience addict an Asian populace on a product that will run dry in mere decades, and we in British Columbia can`t with good conscience allow oil and energy companies along with Stephen |Harper`s Con party to destroy or risk what we hold dear, what can`t be repaired once broken...


The goop in these rail cars that blew up again is the same goop that would be in Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline, tar oil cut with paint thinner, Enbridge`s pipeline ruptured and lit will blow up too



And it`s those reasons why there will be not only violence, not only war in the woods but an expulsion of any Federal Government that attempts to move us aside...

British Columbia has spoken......Enbridge`s Northern Gateway Pipeline is dead on arrival!

Happy New Year.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Call of Mr. Beckon

The Call Of Mr. Beckon

Written by Grant G

Curiosity and my friend the cat are inseparable, like sugar and spice n everything nice, like choosing friends and accepting family, bitter pills swallowed hard because behind the curtain are not pockets aces, only rags of reality...

One reader named Elwood in comment form expressed passionate dismay Mulcair hasn`t come out against Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal only Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline and I did ponder answering his comment with soothing assurances, only I had no words at the ready, or at least no words that would be both calming and truthful.

Stockings are hung over the fireplace a crowbar in one, hammer in another while the third contains condoms and a half-burnt bible, oh to pry open the vault and smash the contents, to stuff a turkey while protecting oneself from infectious scripture.

Ground zero battle is Enbridge`s northern gateway, we will win by stopping that project in its track cold, for without that victory we lose them all, we`ll stop the hideous Taseko prosperity open pit travesty too, battles won in a war ongoing, "We will never surrender, whatever the cost may be" was uttered at a time when the demise of Britain reflected into the eyes of humanity, history remembers moments but forgets the passage of time, there was no talk at the time of driving tyranny from the streets of Berlin only faint hope of surviving and saving the motherland..

The people have been scared into accepting the unacceptable, 2001 terrorist attacks on World Trade Towers frightened the masses and allowed Governments to steal the locks to your home, data mine us, mails read and physical movements followed, they know of your wife cheating, know of hidden alcohol abuse, Governments knows of your children`s drug addiction, the powers that be are aware of everything wrong in your life yet the masses continue to answer how are you questions with standard fare responses of just fine, couldn`t be better....

I heard a year-end interview on Sunday past featuring Sean Leslie asking Christy Clark a few tepid questions, no followups and any pretense of critical exchange quickly turned to promotional fluff, jobs are coming, statistics fluctuate and LNG plants will save the day, even Christy Clark couldn`t muster on the near eve of Christmas a few honest words, her life reduced to blathering hollow talking points, a robotic marionette with threadbare frayed strings showing..no need to be critical of our media`s performance in year-end interviews of our premier, you can`t beat honesty out of a bait n switch advertisement, media`s failure started a decade ago in British Columbia, excellence of journalism awards are now granted to the best press release readers, they not know where the road to investigative reporting begins, circling shopping mall lots and parking in handicapped spots, no walking any distance for our lame media.

We will stand united guarding our northern front, an unbreakable wall of opposition to Enbridge, and yes, as we protect the front line our left and right flanks will succumb, Kinder Morgan was always going to be difficult to stop, established rightaways, infrastructure in place, Enbridge we stop, and we have time on our side with Kinder \morgan, time for turning algae fields into vast crude oil producing farms, time to turn the moon into an electrical energy producing behemoth, time to learn from past mistakes..

The powers that be put fear into the people`s minds, 2009 Wallstreet theft that stole all the money, bored bankers playing games of chance with $trillion dollar playing pieces, these hellbankers threatened to expose the Government books and reveal the true extent of the crimes blackmailed silence from all, not only were they left unpunished but rewards of bailouts and free money to lend, media too cooperated by changing the historical accounts of this time, now regarded as a "recession" ...

The winners write the headlines, headlines scared the public into accepting unabated looting of resources and deliberate degrading of a finite environment...

Christmas spirit and good cheer, being blessed by a new progressive Pope or being touched by an eagle`s feather, both symbolic and spiritual, homes adorned with 14 million LED lights or the flickering of a lone candle placed on a paint-chipped window sill, it`s merely a difference of scale....

 I have no words to soothe what burns within Elwood, or any of you, we shall carry on, we will battle the front lines and lose some flank incursions...I never expected to win all the battles, only the big ones, as for politics, the winning, the words played, one needs first to gain power, then make positive change, Mulcair can`t run on opposing everything, the people, your friends and neighbours have been scared into acceptance, the economy, oil-based economic growth or doom and despair will descend like locusts, a with us or with the enemy stageplay is being played out, fear and loathing, divide, lie, cheat to win...

We can win this battle with information, with words, with truth and compassion, there is no more silence in the world, even while sleeping Mr. Beckon calls.


P.S.....A merry Christmas to all, to Kootcoot with his cut to the bone sharp tongued comments, to professor Robin Mathews for his much desired contributions, to Jean, to Kim, to my interior fighting friend and diva Leah, to Istvan who still reads but no longer comments, to all you passionate blogging writers too numerous to mention by name, and of course to the many thousands who visit daily I wish you all a Merry Christmas...And yes, Merry Christmas to Keith Baldrey, Bill Good and Jessica, to Vaughn Palmer and all the other media, and even a Merry Christmas to Alex Tsakumis., our swords will continue to clash with all of them..And lastly a very Merry Christmas to my Mom and all mothers out there...

Thanks for being a calming influence in our lives..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Enbridge Battle Begins Today, Stephen Harper Ran Out Of Time, And Support!

Good afternoon readers, followers and friends....as you know the NEB has approved the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, this is no surprise, we knew that this whole review process was skewed, we also knew where and whom Stephen Harper and the Con party allegiances lay..that being with big oil energy companies..

But have no fear, this is going to get really fun, nasty and contentious...Let me give you a lay of the land for the near future..

Early in the new year Stephen Harper and his cabinet are going to give the federal nod for Enbridge`s pipeline, it will be at that time when First Nations(Every single First Nation west of Prince George) can officially file court documents, the filings will be widespread, from lack of meaningful consultation to a total failure of achieving any accomodation..These court cases will take a minimum of 5 years to wind their way through the courts, probably deacades...And yes, I don`t expect Christy Clark and the BC Liberals to adhere to any of their 5 conditions for their approval...Because, as a matter of fact diluted bitumen can`t be cleaned up once spilled in water, rivers, streams and oceans...The condition of world class oil spill response is moot, you can`t clean up spilled bitumen in water, therefor worldclass response means zippo...First Nations support has not been and will not be granted and as for BC`s condition of receiving our fair share, that will never get resolved as both the feds, Alberta and the oil energy companies themselves will not pony up cash or benefit..

Also, there is no super fund available for a major clean up, for law suits, the world fund for this is a mere $ 1 billion dollars and there are no assurities that we could access it..supertankers can`t get more than a $few hundred million in insurance, and these mighty energy companies will not pay monies out into a blank-cheque fund...After all, the Alberta oil game is a ponzi, barely profitable, the margins are very slim....And most telling, Enbridge has separated the Northen Gateway Pipeline project from Enbridge as a whole, Northern Gateway Pipeline is a stand-alone limited liability company..Meaning Enbridge themselves is not willing to gamble that project against company assets..!!

And here`s the big one, Stephen Harper has no time left, 18 months of federal rule by the Conservative party of Canada is all that is left, Harper is now in third place in party support and more importantly Stephen Harper is in third place as to who would make the best leader...Justin Trudeau and the Federal Liberals are leading the Harper party by 8% points..Thomas Mulcair is leading Stephen Harper`s Cons by 1% point..

And those polling numbers are before the Canada post debacle, ...Stephen Harper has assaulted the Canada Health act and is reducing federal funding for it, Stephen Harper is making Canadians work longer for a meager CPP pension, ..Stephen Harper is offside with all provinces on Canada Pension enhancement..

Stephen Harper has proven himself a liar on the Senate scandal...Harper has assaulted science, fisheries, environmental laws..

Harper always wins all the Alberta ridings so there is no gain there, Harper support in BC will crash even more than it already has.. Harper is dead in Quebec and dead on Canada`s east coast....Also the Conservative brand in Ontario is bruised and tainted..

Stephen Harper is out of time...

Thomas Mulcair and the Federal NDP will stop the Enbridge pipeline if elected...And for those Justin Trudeau fans and haters...Justin Trudeau was on air with Bill Good on cknw on Monday December 16/2013...He was on air between 8:36 and 8:45 am...And yes, Bill Good asked Justin about Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline and .....Justin Trudeau and his federal Liberal party are completely against Enbridge`s pipeline proposal, he`s not against all pipelines but is 100% opposed to Northern Gateway...


(cue up Decenber 16th/2013..8:00 am..fast forward to 8:36 am)

And lastly, if Enbridge attempts to start building their pipeline before all the Courts in Canada have weighed in...Supreme court of Canada, Appeals court, all of them...There will be massive blockades, civil disobedience and war in the woods that will make Clayquot sound and the New Brunswick protests look like a tea party...

There will be tens of thousands of protesters..

I`ll have more to say on this later...However, let me be clear, today we celebrate as the charade of the NEB review is over..

And today the end of Stephen Harper is in sight..


Celebrate, have a koolaid, have a nog. I`m sending you all hugs..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keith Baldrey`s Revisionist History Distortions

My Twitter account is worth $14,856.00, according to the SocialValuator app. See how much you are worth:

Today's stats: My Twitter account's value increased by $15.60 to $14,871.60. Automatically checked by

I hardly ever tweet on twitter, however, I did tweet Keith Baldrey, I told him to check out Global Facebook page..I told Keith Baldrey that their own Global BC viewers are calling the poll and suggestion that Enbridge support had risen.... Bullshit..!(Those Global BC Facebook comments are in the below link)


And guess what, Keith Baldrey responded to my public tweet ...however, he had no courage to tweet me back publically, no, he`s a coward, he sent me two private messges(tweets)..

Here they are..


Keith Baldrey Keith Baldrey
You have three whole followers! Wow!
09:46 PM - 21 Nov 13


After he insulted me with the three whole Twitter followers bullshit, I tweeted him back that I have thousands of blog followers and I rarely ever use twitter, my account is almost always shut, he sent me another private message..


Keith Baldrey
Off your meds again?
10:06 PM - 21 Nov 13


Keith Baldrey calls himself a pro, he couldn`t debate facts so he lashes out and brags about his twitter followers and then throws in a drug insult based on ...Well, based on the fact he had nothing else in his arsenal...All I did was point out to Baldrey what Global BC viewers were saying on Global`s Facebook page....Keith can`t handle the truth, or facts and id incapable of debating anyone, Keith Baldrey relies on a radio kill switch to turn of callers and a camera that doesn`t ask questions..Baldrey is a low-level hack, he has never produced on paper or public airwaves a critical thought, never produced journalism or presented honest research, just a lowly political carper baggar!


 That brings me to this December 18th/2013 post...

Keith Baldrey`s Revisionist History Distortions

Keith Baldrey`s lame column in the Burnaby Now today...

Clearly Keith is showing his BC Liberal stripes, those are black and white stripes identical to prison issue pajamas..

Keith Baldrey states the BC Business community dropped the ball on the HST, Baldrey states that the business community didn`t fight hard enough for the HST, he suggests that they laid back and let the anti-hst forces dictate the show...Clearly Keith Baldrey is back on some sort of inebriating sauce..

After Gordon Campbell stabbed every BCer in the back by bringing in the HST just days after our provincial election, a tax the BC Liberals stated was a no-go before the election...These BC Liberals spent $9 million dollars on ads promoting the HST...Car dealers advertised for it, mining ran ads, Forestry industry and of course the chamber of commerce were regular guests with Billy Good...Phil Hocstein..John Winters, SAM the caller..Every BC business pimp was given multiple radio segments to promote the HST...

Bill Vanderzalm was tarnished by the media, and we had the HST tax rammed down our throats for over 2 years, it created no jobs and stagnated our economy, everything good promised with the HST failed to materialize, then Christy Clark took over the BC Liberal leadership when Gordon Campbell fled the country in shame..

Christy Clark spent another $10 million dollar advertising sticks and lies in a HST blitz, all this leading up to the referendum, a referndum that came about after every BC riding signed in vast numbers to reject this regressive tax...Michael Campbell on his CKNW Saturday show promoted the HST every week, and every morning, every single radio personality at CKNW endorsed the HST..Bill Good, Gord MacDonald, Jon McComb, Phillip Til, Sean Leslie, Jill Bennett, every single one..In fact because of Bill Tieleman being one of the ANTI-HST protest leaders he lost his Monday morning quarterback radio spot..

The pro-HST forces outspent the anti-HST forces by a factor of 200 to 1....And we still won, yet Keith Baldrey claims that business, Government and the corporate sector laid back and played dead..

What are you smoking Keith Baldrey..

And Baldrey has stated that BC Business blew the Enbridge hearings, that they didn`t fight hard enough to get Enbridge built..

Really Keith Baldrey...?..What would those people have added to the NEB hearings?..That Enbridge was good for tourism?..That Enbridge is good for forestry?..Good for the movie business?...Good for fishing.

What would the chambers of commerce added to the Enbridge NEB hearings Keith Baldrey?...

Besides over $10 million dollars Enbridge has spent on advertising, fake ads, besides the Federal Harper Cons spending $10`s of millions advertising pipelines, tankers and more oil pipelines, Enbridge ads in theatres, on almost every online website there they are, distorted Enbridge ads, showing maps, somehow Enbridge`s advertised maps had thousands of missing islands, 800 rivers and streams removed from Enbridge`s maps, they showed pretty scenes of natural wildlife(Pictures from places Enbridge hasn`t poisoned), Joe Oliver threatening BCers, threatening environmentalists, Stephen Harper ordered a Canada Revenue Agency tax audit witchhunt against all environmental groups, spying on First Nations, on bloggers, on every enviro-group by the RCMP, CSIS, intimidation and thuggery launched by political goons..

And Baldrey is pouting that the deck is stacked against Enbridge....Also..

Enbridge lied their faces off through the entire NEB hearing process, Enbridge has spilled oil thousands of times, they have a brutal track record... Enbridge will soon find itself tied up in Provincial, Appeal, Federal and Supreme courts for the next decade, despite the ruling from the National Energy Board tomorrow...Just think Mackenzie Valley pipeline battle, BC First Nations have not signed treatings, they have not been consulted in full and have not been accommodated one iota..And Stephen Harper`s Conservative party are running out of time, 18 months more, at most, then booted from Government for either Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair...Harper`s party is nothing but a comedy of fatal errors...Ezra Levant and Sunnews can spin like Linda Blair in the exorcist, it won`t change the facts..

Keith Baldrey continues his meme in his article, how BC`s Chamber of Commerce are lobbying Ottawa to ignore a second failed Environmental assessment and to just allow Tesako`s outrageous Prosperity mine, it would be the largest open pit mine in the world, a lake killing, Fraser River watershed tainting project...Obviously Keith Baldrey with that statement like that doesn`t believe in Democracy or process....Just say it Baldrey!!!...We don`t need or want no stinking Environmental assessments..

Keith Baldrey finishes off his rank amateur article by explaining to readers what the difference is between a highway system and a ferry service....In a very sanctimonious manner....!!!!

Really Keith...How about explaining the difference between a heli-jet ride across the Georgia Straight and a free inland ferry..

And how goes that Twitter followers counting game...Sheesh

 Who won WWII Keith Baldrey......Fascists?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christy Clark`s Most Excellent Families First Drunken Adventure

Christy Clark`s Most Excellent Families First Drunken Adventure

Written by Grant G

By now many of you have heard that Christy Clark thinks it is okay for parents to bring their children of all ages in to Alcohol only establishments, into bars, nightclubs and legions..


My gawd, Christy proves once again that she missed the brain train at youth and rode the braindead one way ride to densecity..

First off, restaurants that serve liquor have always allowed children to come in and eat with or without parents..

As for clubs and bars... Grownups and young adults go there to mingle, to flirt, to play pool and darts and of course to cheer on sporting teams on the big screens...Bar goers swear, they curse, there is sexual talking and sexual innuendos..

Men looking for available ladies and vice versa..

I for one never drink alone and only rarely drink in bars, however if I do and there were children present, ..4 years old...5 years..10..15...17...nursing mothers..etc, ...I would walk out the door..

In bars there are always conflicts, that`s why there are bouncers present, you all have heard of backroom drivers, I can picture back-table parenting, tables of adults telling parents with kids or children to stop swearing, stop talking sex etc etc etc...And the fights will ensue..

Also, there are automated lottery machines and pull-tab gaming devices, kids do have pocket money, and or parents letting their children pull open the gaming tabs at their table

Smoking patios and or outdoor smoking, it happens at every bar and club, there too parents would be harassed if their children were exposed to smoke..

Does Christy Clark want parents and adults to encourage our youth to start bar hopping and drinking as early as possible.... son and daughter, as soon as you are legally allowed this is the place you need to be, bring on the happy hour drink specials

Is Christy Clark a suitable parent, we know she listened to Hamish when Hamish asked her mom to race through a red light in Vancouver..

My feeling is many bars would lose money by allowing seating to be used by non-alcohol consuming customers...Each bar seat, on average makes a bar or club $25,000.00 dollars per year in alcohol sales....How much will they make with water or pop drinking children, maybe bars and clubs can start selling baby formula too..Let`s inundate those children from birth into the pub scene..

And there are legal issues, if bars(some) allow under-aged children with adults to attend their establishment and some don`t, does not that open up human right challenges against those bar and club owners who resist or deny children and babies in their club..

And what of young adult babysitters of drinking age, or custodians or coaches, or a school field trip, can they bring young children to the bar, or will club owners have to make these adults prove paternal parenthood, can a school outing bring an entire class into a booze only establishment while a few adults drink.

The restaurant association of British Columbia has already come out in favour of these rules changes, why..Well, they can already have children with or without adults in their restaurants, so, the answer is simple why the restaurant association is in favour..

It opens up the licensing issue, these restaurants can morph into bars, thus defeating the stringent rules and hoops current bar and club owners have to jump through..

Does Christy Clark believe the road to provincial prosperity hinges on turning everyone into gambling and drinking addicts, yes many BCers may very well resort to getting drunk after reviewing the state of our provincial books..

And the utter hypocrisy, these BC Liberals brought in illegal and very strict drinking and driving rules yet at the same time Christy Clark wants more booze at galleries, flea markets, beaches, golf courses, ski hills, more booze everywhere and everyone knows that despite claims by many that they won`t drink and drive the very nature of alcohol impairs one`s decision making ability..

Adults drive to all these places, adults drive to the mountain, drive to galleries and flea markets, no amount of drinking is acceptable if one is planning on driving shortly thereafter, ..one drink can impair a non drinker, or drinking on a empty stomach, the interaction of liquor with drugs, prescription drugs, opioid, psychotropic drugs..

And I am just wondering how many provincial politicians will attend the first funeral of the family slaughtered as a result of impaired parents driving home from booze only establishments with their children..

Clearly Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government lost their moral compass, actually, Christy milfgate Clark never ever had a moral compass..

Maybe Christy Clark wants to bring Hamish with her to those oyster bar planning sessions to help her with her Government decision making?

Written by Grant G 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, December 16, 2013

Enbridge Will Kill British Columbia

British Columbia will never allow Enbridge to destroy our natural resources, Enbridge can drop dead, the Alberta Government can piss in the wind and the Federal Conservative Government can be reduced to third party status..



The Enbridge pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat has to cross a 1000 rivers and streams, all of them fish bearing, the inevitable offshore oil tanker spill will make extinct our Orca whales, we lost half of them with the Exxon Valdez tanker spill, and the Exxon Valdez was a tiny spill, the tankers proposed going into Kitimat are 4 times the size of the Valdez....

The propaganda from the Federal government, Alberta government and Enbridge is just that, Propaganda, oil is $100 dollars per barrel, oil was $25 dollars a barrel in 2001, Alberta is running a $4billion dollar deficit this year, the Federal Cons are running a $50 billion dollar deficit, the Federal Government is getting out of our National  health care, Harper is cutting every ministry by 10% in the coming year, and on the 1st of January/2012 Stephen Harper lowered corporate taxes again, only China, big oil and the Koch brothers will prosper....

This is the battle, Harper will fall on Enbridge, Christy Clark Campbell Liberals will fall on Enbridge, John Cummins will fall on Enbridge, the NDP will take power both Federally and Provincially in  (BC)....

Big media is deliberately lying to you, check out the biggest oil producing countries in the world, their people are poor, impoverished, poisoned environment, big oil is the big lie, not here, not BC, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Stephen Harper is punishing us by not letting us out of the HST, now Stephen Harper wants to destroy our Province and extinct our one of a kind animals, our pristine coastline, People will die in this fight, the last straw is big oil taking our land, our heritage, our soul, they better be prepared to take our corpses.

Email Joe Oliver and tell him to.....


Come and join the party dressed to KILL 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

BC Liberals Murdered My Dad And Other Seniors At Burnaby General Hospital And Other B.C. Hospitals Over Politics And Trying To Avoid Bad Press


UPDATED AGAIN, December 16th/2013...

Vancouver Sun through recent FOI documents has learned the Fraser Health officials and Government of British Columbia officials knew there was a major C Difficile outbreak ongoing at Burnaby General Hospital, and rather than posting warnings they allowed senior after senior patient and other younger patients to continue to enter that hospital, seniors who grab railings and walls for balance are the most vulnerable..

Documents show that the BC Liberal Government tries to squalch the information..This political cowardice resulted in the needless deaths of roughly 200 people...And to this day not even a single apologt has been given to any of the affected families...You BC Liberals should be jailed for murder..

Go to Hell Christy Clark, Go to hell Gordon Campbell...


You killed my dad you sick effing BC Liberals...You have blood on your hands Christy Clark, and it will never wash off..

More disturbing news, Mike Farnsworth through emails has discovered shocking news, news that could and should inspire many to hunt down and pitchfork every BC Liberal holding office, even those who have left..

The emails, in a nutshell talk about saving BC Liberal MLA seats in Burnaby, and using a phony hospital planning scheme to gain an upperhand on the NDP...The letter goes on to state that there is no money now, next year or ever for Burnaby, it`s about politics and trying to con Burnaby and surrounding riding`s voters!

I remind you goddamn BC Liberals that you killed 200 patients at Burnaby hospital, and instead of fixing the problem you are spinning a fake BC Liberal insider committee, playing games, pretending you are doing something, anything when in fact you are continually killing more patients, ....

The pure audacity to make the death of hundreds a political gain, to bullshit the people of Burnaby into believing you are serious, no money, no business plan, no fucking nothing..

May all you BC Liberals die a slow painful death...Families First eh Christy Clark?...Family blood while you lie, cheat, squirm to save your dead political party, ..


Read the latest shocking details here


Thank you Mike Farnworth, again


 UPDATED, BC Liberals attempt to con the public and divert the blame over the elderly people they murdered through their policy at BC Hospitals, Burnaby General, Nanaimo General hospital..

Shocking emails, politics trump people`s lives as the BC Liberals try to mask the outrage of citizens who family members were murdered by the BC Liberals, under Christy Clark nothing has changed, read the shocking story here,


  And this was reported in the below link, Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals and BC`s complicit media have murder and blood on their hands!


What is going on at Burnaby hospital, doctors reported 84 seniors died because of C difficile breakouts but that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

What disturbs me even more is my Dad died in that hospital at the same time as the outbreaks, news on the radio(cknw) today from Fraser Health is...Aramark(cleaning company Fraser health has hired to clean Burnaby hospital) is using a sporacide bleach and are cleaning patient rooms at Burnaby hospital every 12 hours in an attempt to knock down these outbreaks...

84 people dead from inadequate cleaning...Yes indeed the BC Liberals have blood on their hands because since they outsourced the cleaning to private firms these outbreaks have run rampant...In fact cleaning hours per hospital are down 100 hundreds of thousands of cleaning hours compared to pre-outsourcing days...

These Aramark cleaning crews have been pulled from other hospitals and grievances have been filed, for Fraser health rather than hire extra cleaning crews have merely transfered crews from other hospitals which means but one thing....

Others hospitals are being shorted cleaning hours putting them at risk of c difficile outbreaks as well...Is this your idea of Families first Christy Clark?

Killing seniors with staff infections and germs, seniors coming in for care in Burnaby hospital and others and leaving in a wooden box?

This story is getting worse...Hydro-morph..A very strong pain killer that has a very odd side effect...It slows down the heart and seniors with bad or weak hearts should never be given this drug, it kills them....Well guess what..My Dad with his bad heart valve was prescribed hydro-morph, it led to a stroke,  after his stroke he never quite recovered, .....

I researched hydro morph after my Dad`s stroke and WE told the doctors that he wasn`t going to be taking anymore hydro morph, his heart can`t be slowed down with that drug again or it will kill him.....Experienced doctors that I contacted were shocked that my Dad with his heart was prescribed hydro-morph..

Well, after special nutrition and me fighting tooth and nail to help my dad he WAS getting better, that was until he went to Burnaby hospital for routine tests last year and he never left alive, he too left Burnaby hospital in a wooden box..After rehashing the events it`s now clear that dad got infected with this c difficile germs, he was isolated and given enimas in an attempt to clear the c difficile from his system,it helped kill my dad......But there`s more...On the news tonight...

You can hear it on the cknw audio 9:00pm news/March 23/2012(tonight)


Fraser health has ordered Aramark to clean Burnaby hospital patient rooms every 12 hours with a special bleach and....And this SHOCKING-NEWS...

Nurses at Burnaby hospital reported today after their shift that 5 of 7 boxes of pain killers were tampered with, the items in the boxes were replaced with something else, the report didn`t say what the boxes were replaced with but the story did say what drug was tampered with....

HydroMorphone.......5 boxes of the pain killer hydro-morph were opened and replaced with something else....

Which means one of two things.....Either some nurse is trying to kill patients or some nurse(nurses) are trying to save senior patients from being killed with hydro-morph...

I suspect that there are nurses very concerned about the liberal use of hydro-morph on senior patients...For what hydro-morph does is so slow the heart of older patients with weak hearts that when they receive hydro-morph their heart slows down to the point of death.....And yes I do suspect that someone administered hydro morph to my dad when he was at Burnaby General...

What about possible side effects?

The most common side effects are:
  • feeling tired and drowsy
  • dizziness, lightheadedness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • constipation
  • feeling unsteady, loss of balance
  • rash and itching

Is there any reason not to take this drug?

You should not take this drug if you are allergic to hydromorphone, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone or codeine. Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you have or have ever had:
  • a problem with alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • feelings of being depressed or suicidal
  • constipation
  • problems with your lungs or breathing (e.g. severe emphysema or severe asthma)
  • problems with your kidney or liver
  • under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or Addison’s disease
  • enlarged prostate or problems with urinating
  • brain disease or head injury
  • seizures
  • problems with your gallbladder
  • low blood pressure
  • heart rhythm problems



My Dad had both of those last two items on that bullet list....It clearly states that seniors with low blood pressure and heart rhythm problems should never be given hydromorph.....It was the original prescribed dose of hydromorph that caused my Dad to collapse with a stroke, he improved and was recovering after being taken off hydromorph at my insistence after researching that drug ....Then Dad went into Burnaby hospital for tests never to leave alive again...And yes,  I did hear the report last month about doctors reporting that 84 seniors died at Burnaby hospital from c difficile infections and today on radio news it was reported about this new cleaning regiment at Burnaby hospital which means but one thing, Seniors are still dying from infections at our hospitals but when I heard of the tampering of medicines reported by nurses with the drug that scares the hell out of me, Hydromorphone, the contents of 5 boxes of hydromorph were replaced with something else.....

Are there some angelic nurses at Burnaby hospital who also fear hydromorph was being used inappropriately on seniors with bad hearts and removed the poison....

There needs to be complete investigation of Burnaby hospital and those deaths, also with the use of hydromorph on seniors...Beware of this drug, ...

For when my Dad`s heart doctor found out that another doctor prescribed hydromorph to him he was very upset..My Dad`s heart doctor was planning to replace my dad`s heart valve, it didn`t happen, Dad didn`t escape Burnaby Hospital alive....

Beware people....

Gordon Campbell, You and all BC Liberals have blood on your hands for the outsourcing of hospital cleaning and a massive reduction in cleaning hours..


Privatization deal slashes hospital cleaning

Feb 25, 2008 12:03 PM
"Privatization of housekeeping services in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority led to a dramatic reduction in cleaning hours at hospitals and extended care facilities, according to documents obtained by CUPE's Hospital Employees' Union.
The documents, obtained through a freedom of information request, reveal the health authority's top executives cut the number of hours of cleaning in hospitals and extended care facilities by 15 per cent when they contracted out housekeeping to U.S.-based multinational ARAMARK in 2003.
Hospital cleaning is an important factor in limiting the spread of antibiotic resistant organisms like vancomycim resistant enterococci (VRE) and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has estimated that the costs of treating cases of VRE and MRSA, acquired in a health care setting, at more than $4 million last year.
VCH recently recorded a 17 per cent jump in the number of patients infected with MRSA while admitted to local hospitals and extended care facilities.
BC’s health authorities have emphasized hand-washing as a strategy to limit the spread of these infections, but research suggests that enhanced cleaning is also central to infection control strategies.

But the July 17, 2003 business case prepared by senior VCH executives to justify contracting out cleaning services to ARAMARK included a reduction of 153,500 cleaning hours annually. A commercial contract based on the business case was signed with ARAMARK on July 25, 2003.
Both VCH and ARAMARK had blocked HEU’s January 2004 application for an uncensored version of the business case and other documents. The union finally obtained the documents more than three and a half years later, after BC’s information and privacy commissioner ordered their release.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy says BC patients should be very concerned that the price of privatization includes fewer hours spent cleaning and disinfecting hospital facilities.

“Hospital-acquired infections are a costly problem and a major risk for patients and health care workers,” says Darcy. “In the face of this threat, cutting back on cleaning is reckless"


"The health of hospitalized Canadians and their visitors is being seriously put at risk by hospitals that have cut corners in cleaning budgets to save money, a Marketplace investigation has revealed.
The program took hidden cameras inside 11 hospitals in Ontario and British Columbia. What they found in many of them were surprisingly inadequate cleaning regimens – in short, dirty hospitals that could make you sick.
In many hospitals, Marketplace staffers applied a harmless gel to places that many people would touch – hand rails, door handles, light switches, elevator buttons.
The gel glows when seen under an ultra-violet light. But most of the time – and this was true in every hospital where Marketplace carried out gel tests – the gel was still there more than 24 hours later, meaning the surfaces had not been cleaned at all.
The program talked to cleaners, supervisors, nurses, doctors, and hospital administrators to get a handle on what has become a major problem at Canadian health-care facilities – a shocking number of hospital-acquired infections."
Poor hospital cleaning revealed as major problem - Health - CBC News

 Privatization deal slashes hospital cleaning < Healthcare associated infections, Privatization, British Columbia | CUPE

See you in Hell Gordon Muir Campbell...And you too Christy families first Clark

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Stephen Harper`s Relentless attack on Canadian Workers Exposed

As written here many times, Canada`s current advertised by the Federal Government labour shortage in Canada is nothing but BS and a deliberate attempt to drive down wages..

Read the shocking story here..courtesy The Tyee...


As Foreign Temp Program Rolls on, Oil Patch Workers Replaced




and for good measure, a double shot of Stephen Harper hypocrisy..courtesy The Tyee



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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper Oil Spill Response Fake Out

Bitumen excluded from data for federal tanker study, documents reveal


 The possible effects of a bitumen spill on Pacific waters were not considered in the oil response preparedness report released last week by the Harper government, the background data study reveals.....

 The Genivar study, however, does warn, that if the Enbridge Northern Gateway project does go ahead,  the spill risk from diluted bitumen carrying tankers in Douglas Channel and along the north Pacific coast will jump from “low” or “medium” to “very high.” If the twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline goes ahead, then the risk in Vancouver also jumps to “very high.”...


Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver unveiled the second report at a glitzy media event  in Vancouver on Tuesday, December 10. At that time the expert panel report was released to the media along with an abstract of the data.
The actual data report was not posted; it had to be requested through the Transport Canada website, which is how Northwest Coast Energy News obtained the background study.....

The expert panel, however, does not say how the federal government is expected to pay for meeting BC Premier Christy Clark’s condition for a “world class” spill prevention and response system at a time that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is determined to balance the budget and the Harper government is continuing to cut back government services.

Bitumen excluded



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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas From Parliament Hill ,2013 Edition


             Merry Christmas From Parliament Hill ,2013 Edition

Written by Robin Mathews

T’is some days before Christmas, and all through The House
The PM’s voice drones.  He’s attempting to douse
The things being said there that all know are true
And replace them with rancid and festering brew.

His MPs are trained seals, with nary a brain –
“Elected” there by voters, completely in vain.
His Office is full of appointees with might -
All ‘Truthful’ And ‘Honest’, ‘Upholding The Wright’.

They strong-arm whoever might step out of line.
Or they bribe (if it works). For all think that’s just fine.
They’re the worst of the rot in a system decayed –
Betraying, for pay, ‘the people’ (by whom they are paid).

None tells the PM when a bribe is “to go”,
(Though Nigel, it seems, thought he had to do so),
For our PM has set up a dishonest shop
Where the crimes go ahead when he doesn’t say “Stop”.

With a memorized script, and dead, empty eyes ,
With a Robocall voice that denies and denies,
To a lobotomized chorus of cheering and cries - 
The PM pulls wool over NOBODY’S eyes.

On Duncan! On Aglukkak! Answer the call!
On Fantino! On James Moore! On Findlay! On all!
To the sewer! To the sleaze-pit. There’s no further to fall!
You chose Duffy, Pam Wallin, and poor Patrick Brazeau
To bring in, for payoffs, much partisan dough.

[What they spent (on the side) for their comfort and ease
Was okay while they proved how much they could please.]
Which is why, for Wallin, he stood by her side –
Reporting he’d checked out the True Spending Guide
And her spending’s appropriate [hoping his bold,
Blocking action would STOP every hot question - COLD].
But, then, Party Grassroots stirred up such a big fuss
The PM threw all three of them under the bus.

Orders flew to the Senate: “Act now as we say.
Betray them. Besmirch them. Just get them AWAY”.
That’s not a new game – and hardly surprise
As we watch him at work (with our wondering eyes).
He praises the troops and calls them our heroes.
But when they get home, he treats them as zeroes.
Budget payouts for veterans are plainly unfair -
As vets grow more and more sick, and sink deep in despair.
Lost to friends, and to families, to children, and wives,
They reach out … a last time - to take their own lives.
‘Veterans Affairs’ turns away, and refuses to count
Suicides by our vets – as they steadily mount!

[We suspect he tells all his Corporate friends
There’s more money for THEM as each veteran life ends!]
For he loves Corporations. They ‘stick it’ to workers,
Who, for him, are – without doubt - unConservative shirkers.
So he pays U.S. Steel, GM … and many more
To show our own people the Corporate door,
While their jobs and their every ‘secret-of-skill’
Go to some U.S labour camp over the hill.

He slashes and burns, and he attacks all the way
Every sign of free speech, for he wants single sway.
Obsessed with Control – and with hammer in hand,
He smashes and smashes all over the land.
We’ve watched his sick Party move deep into crime
To steal elections … more than one time.

He knew nothing, he says, when in 2006
A Con Careful Plan worked an Election Fraud Fix.
His Conservatives, lying and fighting in court,
Steered Stephen, by crooked ways, bent, into port.
And the Robocall fraud in 2011
Was sent to his Party from Mafia Heaven.
Lies, Fraud, Dirty Tricks, and Despicable Acts
Were used by his Cons to destroy voting facts.
They gained Dirty Power beyond Stephen’s dreams,
And they did it, remember, by CRIMINAL means.

Canadians must know – as Christmas draws near -
That there’s more – a lot more - that they really must fear.
With John Baird and the rest he will build Fascist Truth
And support it with thugs, to be called ‘Harper Youth’.
On Kenney! on Poilievre! on Ambrose and Raitt!
On Flaherty! on Clement! – Don’t ever go straight!
Your task – it is clear – is to shape this nation’s fate
As a jail-filled, truncheon-ruled, new Police State.
[Unless we all gather and challenge … and FIGHT,
There’ll be no:...


A lighthearted, rollicking, fun-loving Yuletide verse for Canadians. Send it to a friend.(Robin Mathews)


The Straight Goods

Eyes Full Of Good Cheers   

Christy Clark`s Families First, First To Die?

Read the shocking story of sickness from fracking, children`s hair falling out, earthquakes and sickness when the wind blows..

A story of tainted water, ....Read how the people of Lethbridge Alberta are fighting to keep fracking from happening in the middle of town..

Read how the locals are selling their properties for anything thing they can get as sickness and life itself is in jeopardy..

How can you live in your homes when the energy companies are killing your children..

From the ...



Big oil, big problems?

 Nick Kuhl

The Hawkwoods have experienced health problems, dead cattle and earthquakes causing property damage in the past three years – all, they say, as a result of fracking operations and more than 80 oil wells just upwind from their ranch.....

  "We’re trying to give people an opportunity to hear unbiased information – so information from engineers and scientists who aren’t on the Goldenkey Oil payroll,” said event organizer Sheila Rogers.


The Hawkwoods, meanwhile, discussed the series of issues that began soon after fracking started about five and six kilometres to their west in 2009. Since they live on a ridge, which they said is level with the top of the nearby flare stacks, they are affected anytime a west wind is blowing.
The flaring has caused hair loss to Nielle Hawkwood, to the point that she now wears a wig, as well as skin, eye and respiratory irritation.
“As the time went on my symptoms got worse,” she said, adding she went to a dermatologist and was told something had affected her immune system.
“So we know from some of the chemicals that they use in fracking that there are effects on people’s immune systems.”

 They’re frightened and they want to leave, or they’ve been affected,” Nielle said. “There’s a neighbour to the south of us – he has prostate cancer, his wife lost her hair, their two teenage daughters lost their hair; they’ve abandoned the house and told the real estate agent to get what you can for it.”

“I think the government knows what the problems are and they’re refusing to act,” she continued. “They’re not acting in Albertans’ interests, they’re acting in the oil companies’ interests. This is not right. This is not safe. Fracking is not safe.”


 Please read the whole story linked above..and the story about BC Children attending schools surrounded by potential lethal sour gas, linked below..


And for those media, and one blogger too who was blathering about how wrong that an anti-fracking group held a demonstration in front of Christy Clark`s home last month.....Wrong, it was indeed appropriate..

The above article was the reason for the demonstration in front of Christy Clark`s home, people make homes in rural BC ..rural Alberta and rural anywhere in the world and along comes the frackers, drillers and then...

And then your water is poisoned, the air your children breathe, poisoned, health issues and sour gas risks(instant death)..These people have to live everyday worrying about their children and cancers..

That`s why the anti-fracking group took the message and demonstration to Christy Clark`s homefront..

Bill Good, Baldrey and Palmer and media are too stunned to understand this, those media and some bloggers still don`t get it, what would you do if your children got sick from exposure..And who will buy their soiled and sick properties....Do any of you understand the mental stress of living in these areas, ...Generations of homesteaders and township, now sleeping dreams turn to nightmares of worry..

For shame on the media, for shame on all those who close their eyes and mind..

What would you do if your kids hair fell out..choking, coughing and cancers and early death.....People I know would give up everything and move...but move to where, fracking is coming to a town near you..(watch the video in the below link...)


 On Oct. 2, 1973 hundreds of residents in central Alberta are forced from their homes after a cloud of hydrogen sulfide spews into the air from an oil well. The threat posed by the poisonous and potentially flammable cloud prompts authorities to seal off a 225-square-kilometre area. This CBC Radio clip looks at the accident and the mass evacuation that it sparked.



We need more of this..


The Straight Goods

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Christy Clark`s Bogus Translink Funding Referendum, Unraveled (updated December 13th/2013)

Updated here...

Transit referendum confusion

It seems no one can agree on next year’s referendum on transit funding – not even the premier and her transportation minister.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Premier Christy Clark says Metro Vancouver voters will be offered a multiple-choice decision on public transit, because – in her words – “A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ doesn’t do justice to the questions that are there.”

Clark also reveals the referendum will take place in conjunction with November’s civic elections.
In the same article, Transportation Minister Todd Stone sings a different tune.
Stone insists the ballot question has not been decided, nor has the date.
And while Clark says she won’t shape the outcome, Stone intends to lobby for a vote in favour of more.


(The truth about how this referendum is going down was already written in the below post ...Grant G)


Let`s talk about one of Christy Clark`s election promises, in particular, the referendum on Translink funding...

The Province newspaper`s Jon Ferry is gung-ho for a leave-it-to-the-voter-referendum on how Translink gets its funding for future expenditures..Let me remind you people what Translink has ownership of and responsibilities for..

The BC Liberal Government in a sneaky manner gifted items to Translink, the province gave the transit company bridges, old bridges in need of replacement as well as new crossings, that being the golden ears bridge, one of those bridges given is the patullo bridge, it is first up for replacement, the cost of replacing that structure is $1.5 billion dollars, or more...The reason the Liberal Government gave these old structures to Translink is obvious, this was done so the cost, the taxes required to replace these items fell to a different entity than the ministry of transportation..Translink can tax tax tax and these slimy Liberals will merely say..."It`s Translink not us"..The Liberals love these alternative taxes that fall under someone else`s purview, that way they can claim how they are the tax cutters, meanwhile user fees and taxes levied by BC Hydro, Translink, downloads onto the municipality, increases at ICBC are not really taxes, including MSP premiums, we are the only province with that tax, these fake tax cutters Liberals are just that, fake..

South of the Fraser needs hundreds of buses and drivers, the powers that be, Kiewit are chomping at the bit for another major doled Government project, that project is going to be the patullo bridge replacement....There is also SNC Lavalin, and property developers, they along with Gregor Robertson are beating the subway to UBC drum, that project will cost $3 to $4 billion dollars alone..

Let`s tally up the numbers....

UBC subway line...$3.5 billion

Patullo bridge replacement...$1.5 billion dollars..

South of Fraser buses and drivers...$1 billion every 5 years..

So, Translink needs $6 billion dollars over the next 5 years...

What Jon Ferry doesn`t understand...


What those people who commented under Ferry`s article don`t understand is this...

Todd Stone, our new transportation minister is refusing to come clean, I have been informed by person in the know..

This Translink funding referendum being put to the people will have these choices.....

#1-Raise property taxes

#2-Raise fuel taxes

#3-Road pricing(The more miles driven on our roads the more you will pay)

#4-Yearly car levy collected by ICBC when you renew insurance.($300 to $500 dollars(per year) depending on vehicle type and size)

#5-Raise each of the above a little bit


Let me first give you a little information, the road pricing option will require spending hundreds of millions of dollars installing cameras and data collectors at roads, bridges, everywhere as well as another agency to monitor, bill and collect, similar to Treo(The company that monitors and collects tolls from the port mann bridge)...

The referendum will not give voters a choice of no, as in no new taxes, the referendum will not allow voters to veto a project, like a new tolled Patullo bridge or the subway line to UBC...

The referendum will be vague as to where the new monies will be directed..

This is why the mayors council are up in arms over this stupid referendum ploy, the BC Liberals are tricking the public again, this is not democracy, why should GVRD residents have to pay for a $3.5 billion dollar subway line they will never use, or those who will never use the Patullo bridge, or buses..

Let me say that again, there will be no choice on the referendum to say no to any new taxes for Translink..

Rich Coleman on Voice of BC with Vaughn Palmer on Thursday, Christy Clark for the last 2 years, all the BC Liberals, each and everyone of them have claimed British Columbia will be debt free, BC Hydro debt paid, BC ferry debt paid, tolls removed, sales tax removed and hundreds of $billions in a prosperity fund for future generations of BCers, all this largess accruing from LNG sales to Asia, a $trillion dollars in economic activity,..

Why than Christy Clark are you gouging seniors $300 dollars per year in wheelchair fees, why are you raising BC Hydro rates 60% over the next 5 years, and that is after rates just went up 17% and several years ago a two-tier hydro electric rate that every single detached home owner pays now,  these Liberals are also raising BC Ferry rates, cutting health spending to below the rate of inflation and selling near $1 billion dollars in assets..All these increases while our BC debt rises by $5 billion dollars per year..

One thing is very clear, it`s obvious to this persuader that the BC Liberal Government doesn`t even believe their own LNG fantasy claim..

For if they really did, hydro increases, Translink funding and healthcare spending for a rapidly aging population would be made by Government, added to our temporary debt, let`s just call it a small advance on that $trillion dollar LNG pie..

Well Todd Stone?..What you say Christy Clark?...LNG, money in the bank, right?

The Straight Goods

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