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After Sleep

After Sleep

Written by Robin Mathews

Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing itself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks.  Methinks I see her as an eagle mewing her mighty youth and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam.”  [John Milton  (1608-1674) Areopagitica] 

In the impossible construction called a democratic nation every evil that arises in community can gather itself into a single force and seem to spread without hindrance: greed, bribery, flagrant breach of public trust, oppressing fear, racism, cynical exploitation of the weak and vulnerable, cronyism, manufactured militarism, organized corruption ….

Heartbreaking is the ease with which the single force seems to be accepted as … well … ‘the way of the world’.

All those who can benefit seem to choose to do so as the wrecking ball swings through the democracy.  The others, mostly, seem to cower in fear. Here and there voices are raised.  Records are kept.  Violations are recorded and broadcast by means possible.  Many of the ordinary means are bribed or coerced into silence, closed to what is real.  Even so … the word goes round.

The single force concentrating evil in a democracy is not to be confused with the dark evil that controls despotisms, dictatorships … and that violently erases opposition.  The single force doesn’t have that power in a democracy but works to achieve it, to turn the impossible construction called a democratic nation into a real, full-fledged despotism. It wants to do so. It works tirelessly to do so.  It is like a poisonous boil that grows and pains and weakens the whole body. The pain is the warning sign … the call for remedial action.

In the impossible construction called a democratic nation the single force is usually given a name … and here in Canada it has been called Harperism, the name adopted from the chief (fronting) instigator, controller, manager, designer, and implementer of the steps that have been undertaken to turn this democracy into a despotism. And – as is usually the case – the beneficiaries of the single force actively deny its existence. Of course.

Our society – the kind of community talked about here – “the impossible construction called a democratic nation” possesses an almost magical ability to respond.  Apparently a gathering of disconnected individuals, it is greatly and deeply more than that. We speak of “the body politic” (“polis”in Greek meaning “the people”) as if the whole nation is, at rare times, a single organism, a body … which thinks and acts.

As it did on October 19, 2015.

Word went round … and round.  People talked.  Books were written. Articles were exchanged.  ‘Strategic’ organizations formed. Opposition parties spoke of ‘change’ to avoid open condemnation of incipient (and shaping) despotism. They were careful … almost complicit….

But "like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks” Canadians took hold.  They watched, towards the close, as “Harperism” employed one of the most unlovely political advisors in the English-speaking world.  They watched “Harperism” goad on racism, attack a minority … and then (upon advice?) promise to mount greater racist attacks on that (and any other slandered ‘odious’) minority.  They watched Stephen Harper declare (in campaign) the outright, bald falsehood that Canada is “the largest per capita refugee receiver in the world”, as he also declared the simple flat lie that, of the CBC, “there are no cuts” … lying openly, easily, casually, readily, frequently since lying has become second nature to him: his special skill - his sign of contempt for Canadians, his testimony of loyalty to thug corporations … and to thuggery. 

In that behaviour is revealed such a closeness to madness that the Canadian organism – the impossible construction called the Canadian democratic nation – made up its mind. 

It would remove Harperism.  It would go around the fundamentalists – Corporate, Christian, neo-liberal, “Conservative”, Monetary, Media. It would remove Stephen Harper and “Harperism”. 

And so the Canadian body politic “kindling her undazzled eyes”, watched and listened, weighed and worried.  And then the impossible construction called a democratic nation made a choice.  It didn’t make the ideal choice, perhaps.  It didn’t choose even what it might have chosen if given a wide-open set of choices … and time to consider, perhaps.  It may even have chosen wrongly… for the impossible construction called a democratic nation has, always, to work within the possible.
But the magic of Canadian democracy happened (despite Harper and Harperism using every fraudulent tactic to prevent it from doing so).  The indefinable thing called Canadian history went into play; the indescribable thing called Canadian culture – deep and invisible – showed its face.   And so … from the possible … it took the major step and lanced the boil from the body politic as an intentional act.  It removed Harper and Harperism.  For the moment … a possible (and likely) despotism was removed by “a noble and puissant nation, rousing itself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks ... kindling her undazzled eyes ….”
The other political leaders thanked Harper for his “contribution” to Canadian life.  The neo-fascist-supporting major media began white-washing, ‘retrospective’ looks at Harper and Harperism. Paid ‘historians’ began the task of writing volumes of lies.

Written by Robin Mathews


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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

(Written October 15th, 2012) Justin The Thunderbolt Trudeau

 Hello friends, readers, bloggers and political junkies, I needed to rerun a Straight Goods article from October 15 2012..

You all, most of you scoffed at me then, ridiculed my opinion, sometimes in life clarity, vision and even the future is apparent, sadly too many people , even good people are blinded by partisan politics...


The Straight Goods ..... (Grant G October 20th/2015)



October 15th, 2012


Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau

Alise Mills, Norman Specter, Stephen Harper and Especially Sun News and Ezra Levant

There is fear in your voices and trembling in your written words, bombastic name calling of Justin Trudeau, blaming his father, the mother, lightweight, insufferable, no policies, fickle, well, as reported here at the Straight Goods, Justin Trudeau is indeed a superstar, Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau...And for the record, I`m not a Federal Liberal groupee, I am a staunch NDPer...However, I would vote for kilt wearing little people(midgets) if it meant tossing Harper out on his ass...Adios Stephen Treason Harper...

You Stephen Treason  Harper lost British Columbia and Ontario will gladly toss you out on your ass, Ontario, like British Columbia is not locked into a red-neck religious right dogma, we are not Alberta or flathead, err, flatland prairies, .....For those that missed this post, for those that didn`t believe...Here`s Nik on the numbers, The Globe n Mail, link to comments, and of course, The Straight Goods...

 Trudeau’s leadership bid boosts Liberals in recent poll

 Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau

Written by Grant G

The contrast of political fortunes is striking, on one hand we have a shooting star blazing a trail across Canada and on the other hand we have a comedy of errors, actually it`s far worse than that, Christy Clark has descended into a sad pathetic role, she`s been exposed as unintelligent, shallow scripted soap opera actress, playing a role and playing it badly, there will be no Emmy award coming her way..

Christy Clark, a lifetime Federal Liberal member, the reason a right wing BC Liberal(Liberal in name only) party chose her as leader was obvious, who would want Kevin Falcon as premier, Mike De Jong or Mr. milktoast, George Abbott, the BC Liberal hierarchy was banking on pure sex appeal and name recognition to carry the day and win the election, it was a strategy that may have worked if Christy Clark called an election the day after she won party leadership, she didn`t and that was her fatal flaw, for time, time revealed her glaring shortcomings, can`t think on her feet, doesn`t know the issues, inability to speak English, day by day the real unqualified Christy emerged while the illusion of skilled debater and speaker waned, the one-time radio voice with cut-off button nearby crashed, for without the ability to hit the kill button and cherry pick callers the game quickly ended and reality crashed in on both Christy Clark and her handlers..

Long in the tooth old Socreds who dominated the BC Liberal backrooms soon became frustrated, ill-tempered and panicky, the genie was out of the bottle and internal revolt was soup de jour, what was Christy to do, a long time Federal Liberal being stalked by angry old white men, well of course, Christy Clark needed to prove she had Federal Conservative credentials and brought in Ken Boesenkool as her chief-of-staff, surely this move would satisfy the cranks, it did, for a millisecond, the poll numbers went the other way, for the name Stephen Harper had already turned to mud, assaulting BCers pensions, de-funding healthcare, closing coast guard bases, radar stations and slashing food inspectors and not to mention the robo-call scandal, which is working it`s way through the courts, there was also Bay street hedge fund manager Joe Oliver calling British Columbians radicals and terrorists for speaking up for our environment, the flavour had changed, Christy Clark jumped on the Federal Conservative band wagon at the same time Canada was egging and tomatoing Harper off the stage, did no one notice, did no one in the BC Liberal party see the changing tide, could they not smell the Harper stench...

And today, Christy Clark is still a life long Federal Liberal, yes Stephan Dion was a cruel joke, he too couldn`t speak English, well, if you get right down to it Michael Ignatief, Stephan Dion and Christy Clark, none can speak English fluently enough to persuade the electorate, one in need of a Rosetta stone, another who talked down to Joe average and one that still needs to complete her GED...

Rather than Christy Clark being herself and vying for the center Liberal vote she cast her Federal pals under the bus, she took a Harper plunge and hit her head on the bottom of the pool and what`s so ironic, if only she bided her time and told those old white haired Socreds to get stuffed and stayed in the middle, for if she did that she could`ve jumped on Justin Trudeau`s rising star, and let`s be perfectly clear, Justin Trudeau terrifies Stephen Harper, forget the lightweight monicker, forget his mother, or father the man has sex appeal, charm and raw intelligence, he also possesses a rare thing, the wow factor, yes Justin Trudeau gave the Conservative party the big middle finger in the House of Commons, but he did far more than that, for charity Justin went into the ring and fought(with gloves) a big fat over-stuffed Federal Conservative MP and shoved his fist over and over down his opponents throat, the Conservative MP was left laying on the ground gasping for air and pleading for mercy and that my friends is the wow factor...

Meanwhile poor uneducated Christy, exposed Canada wide as a shallow fluttering butterfly who flits from flower to flower leaving her mark, churning through Chiefs of Staffs faster than Gordon Campbell did mistresses, how does that saying go....

"beauty is only skin deep but dumb is forever"

The game is over for Christy Clark, her attempts of a public pissing contest against unions, teachers and Adrian Dix backfired, the only one covered with urine is Christy Clark herself, something about a hurricane, I`ll leave that one to your imagination..

Stephen Harper, the man is terrified of Justin Trudeau, a young charming attractive man with a young family, no white hair, not afraid to speak, Quebec will never turn for Stephen Harper, that Province which is now painted Orange is willing to vote Federal Liberal Red, willing to vote separatist, willing to vote any colour but Conservative blue...

 Alberta doesn`t matter, with all the gangbang bullying going on, Ottawa and Alberta, those two teaming up against the rest of Canada, it hasn`t gone unnoticed, that alone will change the vote in riding rich Ontario, for one only need to take a short glance at the 2010 Federal election results in Ontario to see that with a.....

Charming, aggressive well versed and ultra skilled politician, one that female voters swoon over, with name recognition, and good hair(sorry El Bloatto), a man that backs up his tough talk with tough fists in the real ring, I can already see the ads running, Justin`s arm held up high by a referee while the Conservative lay on the ground bleeding and weeping...Ah, an instant classic..

There were so many ridings in Ontario which Conservatives won but by a margin so small, with Canadians rejecting Michael Ignatief, he didn`t even win his own seat, just imagine how many of those ridings, ridings full of baby boomers and seniors who value both healthcare and pensions, not to mention a good steak, the question isn`t ..

Will ridings in Ontario turn from blue to red? the question will be...

How many ridings in Ontario will turn from blue to red?

Here are a few examples...


 Welcome to the big leagues Justin, I wish you well..

Ajax, Ont.


Conservative-24 797  44.1% 


Liberal-           21 569  38.3% 

Conservative-19 907  34.4 %

 NDP-           19 368  33.5 %

Liberal-        16 402  28.4 %
  Don Valley East/Don Valley-Est

Conservative-14 422  36.8%

Liberal-          13 552  34.6% 


Don Valley West/Don Valley-Ouest

Conservative-22 962  42.9% 

Liberal-         22 351  41.8%

Joe Oliver-Conservative-22 652  46.8%
Joe Volpe-Liberal -         18 590  38.4%
 Etobicoke Centre/Etobicoke-Centre

Conservative-21 644  41.2%

Liberal-         21 618  41.2%

Conservative-21 997  40.3%

Liberal-         19 128  35.1%

Conservative-27 039  40.9%

Liberal-         24 895  37.6%
 London North Centre/London-Centre-Nord

Conservative-19 468  37.0%

Liberal-         17 803  33.8 %

Conservative-22 104  43.9%

Liberal-         18 651  37.0%


Conservative-15 495  36.7%

Liberal-         15 477  36.6%


You can peruse more riding results here...But as you can see, with a popular well schooled leader a dozen ridings go the other way..Adios Stephen Treason Harper.

Yes indeed, Justin Trudeau is a political rock star and Christy Clark is Canada`s national joke, our own version of Sarah Palin, only with fewer brain cells and not as sexy...

Oh what could have been Christy.....

Welcome to the big leagues Justin, I wish you well..

Updated here, October 5th/2012....Hmmm, looks like my instincts were correct.

Updated again here..November 21/2012..From the very right wing and Harper friendly newspaper....The National Post


• Trudeau Liberals – 39%
• Harper Conservatives – 30%
• Mulcair New Democrats – 23%

"If an election were held today, a Liberal party led by Justin Trudeau would win a strong minority government from Canadians while the NDP would tumble to a distant third, a new poll suggests.
Under Trudeau, 39% of respondents in a Forum Poll for the National Post said they would vote for the Grits, while the Conservatives would take 30% and the NDP would fall to 23% — less than a quarter of the popular vote.
Those numbers would win the Liberals 150 seats in the Commons, just short of the 155 needed to have a majority in the 308-seat House.
“It’s clear by now that the Trudeau phenomenon is no one-day wonder, and that a Liberal Party led by him would be the prohibitive favourite to beat in the next federal election,” Forum Research President Dr. Lorne Bozinoff said."

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Throwout,” by William Thorsell, and a little straight goods

"Throwout,” by William Thorsell

[I am on a list of people who receive periodic emails from William Thorsell, who was the Globe and Mail’s editor-in-chief from 1989 to 2000 and the CEO of the Royal Ontario Museum for a decade after. William sends out occasional thoughts on events, design, urban life and other preoccupations. The other day he sent this, calling it “the editorial I’d write” — about the current federal election campaign — “if I were still writing them.” I’ve checked, and he consented to let me publish his article here. This is William Thorsell’s argument, not my own, but I offer it as interesting contrast to what his successors at the Globe have produced. — PW]

 Written by William Thorsell

Not in recent times have Canadian voters had an opportunity to “throw the bastards out” in the classic phrase. Elected officials generally leave office before such public urges get to them.
Brian Mulroney stepped down five months before an election was required in 1993. (Kim Campbell launched that campaign in September running high in the polls.) Voters rather gently rebuked Pierre Trudeau with his close defeat in 1979, but his resurrection in 1980 set the stage anew. Mr. Trudeau stepped down in 1984, nine months before an election was required. (John Turner called an election that July, also running well in the polls.)

This time however, Stephen Harper is sticking his head up above the parapets after nine years in office — nine years generally seen as the Best Before Due Date in politics, as it is for leadership in the private sector. Knowing when to leave is among the more elegant qualities of any CEO, but then Mr. Harper has never laid claim to elegance.

An accumulation of baggage eventually weighs the owner down to the point of stumbling and falling. Mr. Harper is quite overweight in that department. In recessionary times, he is running a primary budget surplus (revenues over program spending) of some 1.4 per cent of GDP — an elementary error in Economics 101, less a matter of ideology than incompetence. Governments should not pull money out of an economy facing strong economic headwinds: We might refer to Stephen “Hoover” in this context, after the hapless U.S. president in the 1930s.

You do not cut the national sales tax in favour of targeted tax goodies in your party’s political interest. Nor do you do so to reduce Ottawa’s capacity to fund grievously inadequate infrastructure, undermining productivity and aggravating social divides. You do not claim success in energy policy having seen no new significant pipelines approved or built on your watch, either domestically or in our interest in the United States. Nor do you sit out the global conversation on climate change in words and action.

You do not exacerbate income inequality by providing significant new tax breaks for the wealthy in tax-free savings and investment accounts.
You do not fan cultural conflict in Canada in the face of unprecedented cultural diversity and high rates of immigration. Canada’s generally successful experience in accommodating diversity needs nurturing attention, not a matador’s incendiary skills.

You do not acquiesce to deteriorating relations with Canada’s First Peoples. You do not evince contempt for science or, for that matter, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the courts mandated to interpret and uphold it. You do not tendentiously attack the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada as cover for your own incompetence in making laws and appointments.

You do not turn your backside to the federal nature of Canada, refusing to meet the premiers and other leaders in congress to explore and debate issues of common national concern.
On your watch, Canada’s relations with the United States appear as cool as they became in Pierre Trudeau’s latter years — a fundamental failure in a critical arena. And you have reduced Canada’s stature in the world at large through excessively partisan positions on matters of great complexity in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, for example.

Barely concealed hostility to China and the United Nations, ineffective diplomacy regarding the Arctic and a general downgrading of Canada’s foreign service personnel and facilities add yet more weight to the baggage. Only apparent enthusiasm in military matters indicates much appetite for engagement in foreign affairs.
New trade agreements may hold promise, though there has been no public consultation and we have seen no details on the large ones.

Prime ministers do not have to be eminently likeable if they are sufficiently competent and inspiring. But to demonstrate qualities of meanness with a scent of pouting in the air makes the wheels on the luggage squeak. Who but the deeply petulant would forbid his entire parliamentary caucus from speaking to the former Progressive Conservative prime minister of Canada on ethereal grounds?
Indeed, who is allowed to speak to Canadian voters themselves in Stephen Harper’s caucus — you know, the voters who hired them? Empty chairs at public forums, gag orders on ministers of the crown, refusals to respond to media enquiries evince deep contempt for the democratic process at its most intensive phase.

All this is consistent with unprecedented contempt for Parliament in the use of closure and reliance on Brodingnagian omnibus bills — not to mention a promise to un-man the Senate, which remains an essential player under the Canadian constitution.

Yes, an unusual opportunity to “throw the bastards out” lies just a few days away, and there are reasons and a chance it may well happen.


That was really good William Thorsell..Great writing with a succinct accurate message.....William Thorsell, Fantastic stuff indeed, I applaud you!

The Straight Goods

Globe and Mail`s Message To Canada....Eat Cake 

(I do apologize for writing very little on election mentioned before I am neither pom pom(ing) for Liberals or NDP, ...However I am bashing Conservatives with their own sorry record every chance I get....And yes, I strategically voted orange in my riding..
 There was nothing important enough to report on,  as this 2015 election was essentially over a month ago, the Munk Debates...Everything turned after the Munk debates and Trudeau was it, Destiny was shinning and inevitability was apparent, at least to those with Eyes Wide Open..Trudeau was going to be Prime Minister.)

Globe and Mail`s Message to Canada....Eat Cake

Written by Grant G

 The Globe and Mail with their bizarre endorsement of the CPC party...The message was quirky, vote Conservative and (hope), believe, suggest, pray Stephen Harper resigns because as a leader he is a democracy killing, divisive, race-baiting zealot,...According to the Globe and Mail owner, low corporate taxes and boutique tax cuts for the chosen few trump the rule of law, override fairness and process, .

What kind of message is that?..Good governance be damned as long as we get ours, a new standard of lowbrow messaging was sent by corporate media to Canadians....That message is..

We no longer punish miscreants or illegal behaviour, in 2015 the Globe and Mail ownership believe assholes, liars, corrupt politicians who derail investigations and stifle information, muzzle the truth at every turn and offend almost every Canadian deserve to carry on with business as usual as long as someone in charge(Stephen Harper) falls on his sword, that message again is, after Harper is granted another four years to govern we hope he steps aside for a human being...?

Hilarious...Hello Globe...Why didn`t you advise Stephen Harper to fall on his sword last year and resign, advise him that a "mythical" new Phoenix Rising conservative leader is needed to right the good ship lollypop for election 2015.....We heard Silence from you then media, no?, perhaps?, or maybe Stephen Harper already rejected stepping down when asked by party operatives..?

This is why I personally refuse to ever buy any mainstream corporate news, no matter what the issue, whether it be an environmental issue, a social issue, a fairness issue, any debate that makes the news without fail, time and time again media owners espouse the corporate line...

Election 2015 is a perfect example....poll after poll shows 70% of Canadians want change...Harper and HIS party has had 10 years to prove themselves and after failing miserably on so many democratic and fiscals fronts big corporate media comes out against the 70%...

All Post media newspapers endorsed Harper`s Party...The Province..Vancouver Sun...Alberta papers, the Ottawa Citizen..Globe and Mail...National Post....The National Post muzzled Andrew Coyne on election eve weekend..

Comment sections lit up with dismay and disgust over these endorsements and bizarroments...

Globe and Mail, big media....They failed badly, Stephen Harper should never have been a contender in this election had they done their job, had they reported and even remembered, remembered that Canada`s navy and shipbuilding procurement announced to much fanfare days after Harper won a majority four years ago has sputtered, floundered, we are no closer to new ships today than we were five years ago..

The money for the navy rebuild was clawed back for election budget 2015...GM shares sold early for election budget 2015....Canada`s priorities were put on a dangerous hold for blatant political purposes...

Harper appointing a Kinder Morgan employee to the NEB the weekend of the writ dropping....Dean Del Maestro sent in handcuffs to jail....

Harper raising retirement age to 67 from 65....Illegal Bills..gutting environmental laws, divisive fear mongering. ...Corruption corruption and more corruption....

Campaign speeches, ...Harper.."1.3 million new jobs"  ...Yes, but that increase was measured against the 2008 employment lows, in the depth of the recession, meaning it is a phony stat..

Boutique tax cuts and raising the TFSA by double...More money for those that already have money..

These issues and more were ignored by big media throughout the campaign, fact-checking by the MSM was near non-existent and those that did fact-check(cknw)... their fact-checkers needed to be fact-checked, media fact-checkers were spinning..

In Alberta an economic disaster and severe provincial recession is blazing away, Harper`s home province, an oil driven economy is drowning and the media went silent, why no Alberta economy questions to Harper?..No time, a short election?..Harper even had the audacity to chastise Rachel Notley, a government of but a few months taking over over for a Conservative government that had 44 years to get it right..

The media allowed Harper to bash Alberta`s new premier Rachel Notley and no reporters dared to ask, no newspapers set the record straight.

I heard not one big-media question to Harper about Alberta`s economic disaster...Not enough time?

Stephen Harper should never have been in the running or anywhere near having a chance to win election 2015 had the media, had the Globe and Mail actually investigated, reported or engaged in honest journalism over the last five years..

 Canada`s longest ever election campaign...

Muzzled Conservative candidates, a muzzled Stephen Harper..Faked foreign photos..Insulting the Governments of Ontario, Alberta, insulting governments of decades past in many more provinces, silent on Alberta, silence on Canada`s laughing stock rustbucket Navy, media silence on cooking 2015 budget books for partisan electioneering purposes..

Deafening media silence on so many issues....including ethics, morality and humanity..

Post Media`s, Globe and Mail`s message to Canadians.....We got our corporate tax cuts, we have our own dedicated corporate government and nothing else matters, eat cake Canada!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Written by Grant G

First Justin Trudeau pummeled Patrick Brazeau and now he`s Ko`d Stephen Harper in the late rounds..

Watch this Trudeau campaign rally video(linked directly below), witness a powerful performance by Canada`s next Prime Minister....(Make sure to watch the last 10 minutes)

I wrote several years ago in a Straight Goods`s post titled (Justin the Thunderbolt Trudeau) that Justin Trudeau would be Canada`s next Prime Minister...

Check out this poll, pay special attention to the riding rich Ontario numbers..

Trudeau and his Liberal team.....When Stephen Harper dropped the writ on August 2/2015 Justin`s team was in distant third place.....Now Justin Trudeau is leading in the polls and surging..He`s run a fabulous campaign and his people deserve kudos for leading Trudeau to victory..

Thomas Mulcair played it too safe, he will however have many pockets of strength, including here in BC and Quebec..

Justin Trudeau has endured three years of personal attack ads from Harper`s smear machine, Stephen Harper many years ago vowed to destroy the Liberal party of Canada...That is not going to happen, change, Canadians want change in Government and that message is crystal clear leaving only one question remaining to be answered,,, Change to who, who would grasp the brass ring and inspire Canadians from coast to coast...

Justin Trudeau...He`s walking with forceful stride exuding the confidence of a man whose date with Destiny is near....And it is.

Justin Trudeau`s family.....Today in Ontario at a campaign rally Justin Trudeau hit homerun after homerun out of the park, his family was beautiful, stage perfect, his youngest child bubbled with pride, he smiled and gave an Oscar winning performance in the position of Best Supporting Actor....You can`t script what went down today in Ontario..

Pure power, belief, bravado and confidence and it`s all Justin Trudeau...

Play it safe Mulcair cemented his third place position in Federal election 2015

Stephen Harper with his deranged Joker grimace striped across his face infused with arm-flapping shoulder shrugging terrorist threat invoking divisive scripture has lost this election, lost direction, his  flailing of fear and division promoting sermons are falling on deaf ears in an ever shrinking flock...

Canadians on mass are rejecting Canada`s Conservative Party and more importantly are rejecting Stephen Harper....Change. Canada wants change..

I have very little to say about Thomas Mulcair, he ran a safe, too safe campaign and yes many of his policies are progressive and have merit but you need more to win....Canada`s NDP party failed to rectify, purge or rid itself of a disease it has ailed from for decades...Too safe disease..Carole James was afflicted and Adrian Dix was far along in stage 4, in the fatal zone..

Justin Trudeau didn`t play it safe....He was bold!

Running infrastructure deficits.....More money for senior`s healthcare, including more money for Health Canada`s next medical growth sector, home-care...Legalizing marijuana...

Justin Trudeau`s team ran the anti Harper campaign, no fear, no worries no middle ground.

Thomas Mulcair ran a Stephen Harper light campaign, Tom muddled, nuanced and instead of firing heavy guns at Harper he fired blanks against Teflon Trudeau...Mulcair`s last fatal mistake came in the Munk debates..And he can`t come back..

Don`t mess with someone`s father...Especially when his name is Trudeau, as in Pierre Elliot..


Lastly,....I`m still voting NDP as I`m in a strong NDP riding....Strategic voting still matters, stay informed, do your research and vote for the candidate most likely to win the riding, anyone but Harper..
Also, I hope Thomas Mulcair concedes his errors and chooses to spend the remaining two weeks damning Harper and his anti democratic deeds....

For the good of Canada Trudeau and Mulcair need to forget about each other and attack the real enemy, that being Canada`s Conservative Party under Stephen Harper`s deranged leadership..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open