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Christy Clark And Her Paid Team of Scofflaws and Slimers

This post is about a BC Liberal Government that breaks laws, ignores court rulings, a government that has disrespected almost everyone who has lived, and died in British Columbia, but more importantly this article is about the slimers and media that not only enabled this Christy Clark BC Liberal government but cheerleaded their actions..

Where to start, so many lowclass creeps to keep track of..

Phil Hochstein who was rewarded a well paying appointed position at the Port of Vancouver, that was his reward for slamming the public sector, for fighting minimum wage and his futile attempts to ram through Gordon Muir Campbell`s backstabbing HST tax....

Twitter follower counter Keith Baldrey, a brutal partisan government press release reader and Global BC legislative reporter and one of cknw`s three main stooges, keith Baldrey to this day stills claims BC Rail theft from our province and even the Basi/Virk trial ending payoff was above-board....Keith Baldrey now talks on cknw`s Friday cutting edge of the ledge show of the future Christy Clark governing dynasty.....Keith Baldrey like Michael Snyth has never done a lick of research or heavy lifting in any written article...the reason why those two  media bought scabs never research or dig for a story is because they are paid in advance to push and promote a pre determined BC Liberal slant on everything..

They both applauded David Hahn and the quazi-privatization of BC Ferries, they both applauded and promoted the BC Liberal`s IPP private power giveaways, a Ponzi scheme started by Gordon Campbell, a scheme designed to enrich BC Liberal party insiders at the expense of both BC Hydro and ratepayers, the result is skyrocketing hydro rates and a bankrupt crown corporation, BC Ferries is also drowning in debt and ferry crossing fees are so cost prohibitive that ridership for cars and foot-passengers are at 20 year lows, that despite a 1 million person increase in BC`s population over that time frame...

Everything Global BC news, the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW and other local media championed and promoted at the behest of the BC Liberals has fallen apart, even Canadian Broadcast standards were broken by these media outlets to shamelessly help the BC Liberals get elected..

Yes indeed, Christy Clark honed her lying for votes routine early on in life, she left S-F-U- with no degree, a school drop-out, what was her sin that forced her to quit?..She cheated on student elections, she was caught cheating on students elections, she became a school embarrassment and decided to quit, not being able to face her fellow students she turned to a new profession, she found a warm home and welcoming arms....She joined political parties, Christy Clark joined the young Liberals of Canada and become a BC Liberal, a natural fit, you see, a pretty face and forked tongue were exactly the pre-requisite qualifications Gordon Campbell was looking for, he found a star candidate in Christy an appointed cabinet minister in the 2001 Campbell Government Christy Clark authored a Bill...Bill 28...Bill 28 has been found illegal not once by the BC supreme court but matter for Christy Clark, she as leader of the BC Liberals will once again appeal the decision and drag it out through the courts....Christy Clark hates teachers and educators, perhaps because she couldn`t cut the mustard in school and quit, perhaps because she was caught cheating and was a laughing stock, or maybe because her Dad was a teacher...I`ll leave that question for Sigmund Freud...

There are many in the media who claim neutrality when it comes to reporting, a stalwart corporate pimp and political game player is Prince George`s own Ben Meisner, a complicit radio trickster when it came to BC Rail...Now he pumps out BC Liberal press releases, suppresses pertinent data and is a brutal comment deleting information holding BC Liberal spin doctor residing at Opinion250...Don`t waste your time reading there, Ben is an industrial sellout, he lacks any moral compass, his goal is self-serving, lie for friends and hide the truth, a truly sad man..

Our BC Media and especially our legislative reporters...Tom Fletcher, Sean Leslie, Michael Smyth, Les Leyne, they knew, they knew it all, of Gordon Campbell`s lust for liquor and his lust for other woman, marriage never got in the way for Gordon Campbell, he could lie, spin and have affairs with many, including the worst kept secret(besides BC Rail scam, BC Ferries scam, Besides the IPP private ripoff power scam) was Gordon Campbell`s long-term adulterous affair with Laura Dauphinee...They all knew, hell, if I knew, the internet knew, BC Mary knew you know they all knew, they just didn`t care, wink, nod, shut up and the pay-cheques with promotions will roll on..

Rewarding the villains with cold hard cash, Brian Bonney, Pamela Gardener, Kim Haakstad, hundreds of dead seniors and taxpayer funded ethnicgate scandals, when caught insiders John Dyble greased the skids and whitewashed it away, he is now preparing to whitewash the Burns lake Babine criminal explosion away...Anything for a price, including selling your soul..

So many more offenders, too many to list all but cknw as a whole are allstar scumbags, Michael Campbell preaching weekly hate against anything not corporate freebie related, Gord MacDonald, a poor man`s Rush Limpball Limbaugh, Billy Good with his monster-sized glasses of whine and so subtle tepid criticism of the BC Liberals only to always turn 180 degrees and come around to endorsing the Government line, and echoing their stale attacks, the endless drone from cknw radio attacking teachers, every radio voice at cknw rallied for and endorsed the defeated HST tax, mathematically that isn`t possible for neutral people, and that`s the point, there is no neutrality at cknw, they are ordered to tow the line promoting BC Liberals or walk, Bill Tieleman saw the exit door for opposing the HST, Rafe Mair saw the same door for opposing farmed fish...

Christy Clark preached hate at CKNW for several years, almost everyday Christy Clark attacked teachers on radio, ad nauseum..kill button at the ready to silence any critics, she lied as easily as rugs, even being forced to retract on air for lying by yours truly taught her nothing, a mere setback, Christy Clark has lied about LNG, all through the election she lied, about jobs, credit rating and her own Government`s record, without a media to report on or to keep honest nothing was going to stop the parade of lies...Global BC News during the election writ ran BC Liberal advertisements disguised as actual news, complaints by hundreds demanding answers made them reluctantly stop the practice..

Internal BC Liberal slimers, Bill racist Bennett, the Kooterney`s number one slimeball, a First Nation`s hater, a beer-buying for youth in exchange for votes liar, he slimed Gabriel Yiu, he slimed everyone, including Gordon Campbell, (off the cuff) and when caught breaking the unwritten BC Liberal code of conduct he quickly returned to bended knees, in fine swallowing mode, Kevin Kreuger was a real shithead too, nuff said about him..

Brad Zubyk, a Wazuku puke who was paid by the BC Liberals to slime auditor general John Doyle, an honest auditor doing his job and Brad Zubyk(Michael Smyth`s friend) and Wazuku wrote harsh lies about, oh indeed, I have seen first hand the work of Zubyk, an internet troll who lives at the Tyee website, name calling people under many aliases, Luke Skywalker, >Luke..Coolhand Luke, and 100 other aliases, Zubyk who has created many websites, like MR. LNGer..or a website designed to attack The straight Goods and me personally, unfortunately for Zubyk he can neither write or be honest, nor can he attract an audience, a mere paid slime-ball wimp who relies on monies for hate, monies for spin, monies for selling his soul..

Today the BC Supreme court once again ruled that the BC Liberals, that Christy Clark broke constitutional laws in regards to her 2003 Bill 28...The Supreme court of BC ruled that the BCTF get $2 million dollars for punitive damages and that class sizes get restored to manageable levels, a retroactive ruling, they also ruled that Bill 26, another BC Liberal education hating bill that was almost identical to bill 28, ...Bill 26 was designed and written as a response to the first court ruling on Bill 22, Both bills ruled illegal, unconstitutional, not only that but as reported last year on blogs that before the 2013 election the BC Liberal government was attempting to goad the BCTF into striking pre-election for political gain..

A plan that failed as everyone on the left could smell a rat, a plan that would only work with complicit help from BC`s media enablers ..enablers like all of CKNW, Keith Baldrey..Global BC news, Vancouver Sun and The Province..

Yes indeed, this plan of screwing the public and distorting the news, of not reporting real news and twisting the facts was a plan hatched in 1996, after the NDP won a small majority, it was a plan hatched at the 1996 BC Liberal political convention held at Whistler BC...Where Keith Baldrey and Bill Good wined and dined, partied and doped their faces off, all funded by the BC Liberal party, a plan hatched by Gordon Campbell and Bud Smith, ...The plan was, get the media drunk, stoned, buy them everything, promise endless perks and promotions, an organized drunk-fuelled plan that involved print, radio and TV media..They vowed to do whatever it takes to keep any left of center political party out of office..

The great right-wing political party money managers....The NDP in 1991 came to office, they inherited a $16 billion dollar debt, after a decade in power where the NDP Government built, hundreds of schools were built all through the province, the Vancouver Island world-class highway was built, the Millennium Skytrain line was built, and yes there were mistakes too...minor in comparison to what these Liberals have done..

After a decade of BC Liberal rule(2001 to 2013) our debt went from $29 billion dollars to $170 billion dollars, BC Ferries in disarray, BC Hydro is bankrupt, electric rates are among the highest in North America, they were the lowest when they took power, $1.6 billion wasted on smart meters, no smart grid rendering a smart meter useless, except for real time billing, Surrey needs 5 new schools now just to catch up, there are none even under construction..

We have dirty uncleaned hospitals, wheelchair fees, the only province with an MSP premium, one that rises every year, we have a carbon tax that goes not to transit or green initiatives but for tax cuts for corporations and high income earners, we have the highest child poverty in Canada again and again and again etc etc etc, leaps and bounds worse than all other provinces, we are governed by a political party that serves only corporate interests..

A BC Liberal Government that refuses to accept BC Supreme court decisions...refuse to accept even decisions rendered by the federal environmental assessment office, Bill Bennett, the Kooteney racist has flown to Ottawa twice on the taxpayers dime to lobby for Tsesako Mine`s destruction of Fish lake open pit  mining project...A project rejected twice but still he lobbies away...Supreme court has ruled again against Christy Clark`s illegal education bills..(Bill 28 and Bill 26)...The court stated that the BC Government was bargaining in bad faith, attempting to provoke a teacher`s strike for political gain..

And come tomorrow cknw will continue the hatred and venom towards teachers..Vancouver Sun editorial board(minus Fazil Mihlar, he left the Vancouver Sun editorial board after the 2013 election and is now a deputy minister in Christy Clark`s government) will write attacks against teachers...Michael Smyth will continue to turn the dribble on his shirt to drivel on his Province paper column..

Tom Fletcher will look the other way, Sean Leslie and his wife will continue to be employed by the Christy Clark government..

Vaughn Palmer will write more government quotes and call it a column..

Christy Clark will not abide by the British Columbia supreme court, these BC Liberals will ignore the law, the courts, a corporation controlled party where he who pays the piper calls the tune..

Christy Clark will continue to disparage teachers, parents, seniors, she will wink, nod and go to her grave content with the fact she got her revenge, on the children...

And you can thank a corrupt media for letting it happen..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Monday, February 23, 2015

Translink Referendum, No, Translink Laugherendum

Written by Grant G

The yes side on the Translink referendum have swiftly turned into both a mocking and desperate entity, endless rhetoric, talking to us as if we are mindless children, added in is fear mongering about congestion and traffic tie ups that will destroy greater Vancouver as we know it, a little dramatic? Perhaps.

The Vancouver Sun, as expected have come out blazing in favour of taxing us lowermainland schmucks, Daphne Bramham has a silly article claiming the only way the yes side wins is if Translink comes out and apologizes for their amateur and wasteful performances of the past...

An apology, really, is that what it takes to make amends...did we get an apology from the BC Liberals for lying in the 2001 election about not selling BC Rail, then Gordon Campbell did a 180 degree turn and sold it anyway, did we hear a sorry for dragging the province through an HST experiment, how about a I`m sorry for lying about a $4 billion dollar deficit in election year 2009...Gordon Campbell lied his face off during that election and claimed the deficit would be a mere $500 million, "$500 million deficit and not a penny more", three months later we find out the true 2009 debt was $4 billion dollars and an HST tax got shoved down our throat.

During that historic HST referendum fight, the battle between the no side and the yes faction, the same old boys club is is on board with the YES...Tax the rubes, who cares, we have hidden agendas.

The same players who promoted the HST as the greatest ever new tax since sliced bread was invented are all lining up on the yes side.

I can`t believe how childish the yes vote side has become, so early in the game, these corporate columnists make me sick, out the door goes arguing known facts, data points and real life examples with Translink`s performances,  instead airy fairy rhetoric dominates our domestic newspaper headlines..

Translink, a failed entity, an entity that despite claims of independence is wholly owned and controlled by the BC Liberal Government, Translink`s errors were BC Liberal Government decisions...

The Faregate boondoggle was Ken Dobell`s lobby horse, Gordon Campbell`s good-time office buddy...Faregates are useless, the gates need to be monitored by human eyes, $220 million dollars for glorified turnstiles that don`t keep fare cheats in or out..Flushhhhhhhhh!

Compass card system, a failed experiment that won`t work with a multi zone fare system, one zone tickets, two zone tickets and three zones tickets, until the zone system is cancelled Compass Cards won`t work...$230 million dollars for a compass card system, and still it doesn`t work...Compass Card system was another BC Liberal decision, not Translink..Flushhhhhhhh!

All the Translink breakdowns last year....Translink brought in(for a hefty price) an outside party to examine why Translink was breaking down..

What was the outcome of the outside report....Translink needs $71 million dollars for intercoms, flashing neon lights at the stations to communicate with stranded riders and new Train software to keep the tracks open...

That outside report on Translink`s failures was in itself another scam.... For if one remembers when that report was released(Novenber 18th/2014), the recommendations contained within...Translink already had the money amounts needed to make the necessary repairs, Translink had a money total for new intercoms, neon lights and software replacements...How was it that the same day that report was released Traslink already had the dollar amounts needed for repair...That means requests for proposals and bids were already issued by Translink to outside contractors, requests sent out and bids returned to Translink, all that was available the very day that outside report was released..

That tells me that it wasn`t an outside report, it was an inside deal hatched by Translink, pretend to get advice from an outside entity when during the creation of the report requests for proposals(RFP`s) were already flying out to Translink`s overpriced contractors..

The very same day this so-called independent report was released to the public Translink already had a $71 million dollar cost estimate to fix the problems, the only way Translink could know what these repairs would cost would be if requests for proposals were issued, time given to the contractors to respond, estimate and remit their bids...

The independent review was a farce, it was a smokescreen scam, just give Translink an extra $71 million for repairs and all is good..

How is that professionalism, shouldn`t the independent report been released first to the public and Translink, THEN requests for proposals sent out, with estimates coming back months later...It didn`t happen that way, from the very onset of that independent report Translink was busy sending out RFP`s  for the repairs and fixes....They sent them out, contractors and companies had months to craft an estimate.

 Translink had a $71 million dollar price tag on the very same day the independent report was released...In other words Translink already knew what repairs and improvements were required...The outside independent report(scam) was merely to provide Translink cover..

November 18th/2014 the so-called independent report was released, on November 18th/2014 Translink already had all the estimates at the ready, proof Translink was playing all of us for fools, those estimates would have taken several months to finalize, meaning requests for proposals were issued in July 2014...The very same time the independent report was called for..

The Vancouver Sun wasn`t finished with their childish rants, bring in moronic Stephen Hume...He lashes out against The Canadian Taxpayer`s Federation, the lead spokes-group for the Translink referendum No Vote..

Absolutely pathetic, it doesn`t matter who is fighting for justice, who is presenting facts, who is ringing the alarm bells, should we just rollover and play dead, accept everything Translink says as gospel, ....Stephen Hume, you pathetic boob, why don`t you write a column demanding the referendum vote be cancelled and have the real authority, the BC Liberal Government actually govern and just bring in the tax....If Stephen Hume doesn`t want anyone to fight the increase to the sales tax than he must be in total favour of rejecting the referendum and placing the responsibility of transit funding back on Christy Clark`s plate...If no one is to fight for the no vote why are we wasting $millions of dollars on a ballot vote and Translink agreeing to spend its $4 million dollar advertising budget promoting the yes vote...

Absolute garbage from the enemies of British Columbia, the beholden to oil companies and corporations, also known as the Vancouver Sun....These two articles makes me think they should change their name to the Vancouver Stunned...We are not Children Stephen Hume, Daphne Bramham.

The claim of 1 million people moving here over the next 20 years, if that is so there will be a 1 million person larger tax base, 1 million more people buying gas, paying property taxes, 1 million more people paying parking taxes, BC Hydro transit levies, if it is true that all these people are coming to overpriced greater Vancouver than Translink`s tax base will rise exponentially with each new immigrant to the GVRD...

The NO VOTE SIDE....They are the only participants in this battle telling the truth...

Is the YES SIDE telling voters that no matter how much of this new money goes into replacing the Puttella bridge once built it will be a toll bridge, costing regular bridge users $2000 dollars per year...The yes vote is deafening silent on that fact...

Is the YES Vote side telling voters that more funding will be required, that plans are already being made for congestion charges, road pricing, X $dollars per miles traveled on roads....Is the yes vote telling you that a car levy is also on the table...Are they telling you that the mayors in a few short years will be pressed by the BC Government to raise property taxes even more, with that funding going to Translink...Plus there is no guarantee this sales tax won`t be increased even further...

All this pain the make things pleasant for the million people coming here....

Gregor Robertson`s subway to UBC is a near $4 billion dollar project all by itself....The Puttella bridge replacement is a $2 billion dollar project and Surrey`s light rail plan(which Translink already objects too, Bombardier and Translink`s usual suspect builders won`t accept a cheaper system) is $2 billion dollars..

$8 billion dollars for those projects, not counting the monies for operations and maintenance...

Here`s a newsflash....Cancel Site C dam, $15 billion dollars for a dam and power we don`t need would fund those projects twice over...There is no referendum on Site C...There is no referendum on the $3 billion dollar Massey bridge proposal...

$8 billion dollars for three Translink proposals...This sales tax increase will only raise, in 10 years....A mere $2.5 billion dollars...Translink also needs money for more buses and the like...South of the Fraser will still be under-served....

The BC Government will never make it easy to cross these expensive bridges, Port Mann bridge..Golden Ears bridge..Puttella bridge because those bridges need massive car traffic to pay for themselves...

Port Mann bridge and the Golden Ears bridge are under performing, both bridges are way under under crossing projections..


Port Mann tolls start to steer drivers to free crossings

 Commuters reported longer delays reaching the Pattullo and Alex Fraser bridges, while traffic was lighter on the Port Mann compared to last week when it was free.


The public are already running away from toll bridges, in 20 years no one will be able to afford to travel to Vancouver, business will migrate east with the population, Vancouver can be left to all the multi-millionaire immigrants..

The Golden ears bridge, ....When that bridge was built, the estimated cost was $800 million dollars, final cost $1.3 billion dollars, the builders of the bridge were supposed to be the toll collector, the bridge cost was to be recouped by the builder, at the 11th hour of the build the bridge builder got cold feet, all of a sudden the Golden ears bridge tolls and cost recovery was handed over by the BC Liberal Government to Translink...Now Translink bleeds money every year on that bridge, subsidizing the bridge builder..


"Even with the recent uptick, the Golden Ears is still falling far short of its original traffic forecasts, leaving TransLink to absorb a roughly $35 million annual shortfall between the tolls that come in and the payments it must make to the bridge builder.
That's a subsidy of roughly half the bridge's annual payments that aren't covered by tolls.
The original traffic forecasts and revenue targets drawn up in 2004 – before the 2008-09 recession – have been discarded as irrelevant and gains of about 1.5 to three per cent per year are now expected, Zein said.

The average number of daily crossings was 30,100 as of December.

Zein said TransLink will pay off the bridge as scheduled over 32 years, but subsidies are expected to continue."


This sad case of mismanagement was reported near exclusively by The Straight Goods years before the MSM...


The BC Government gave Translink the 80 year old Puttella bridge, the reason, to download the replacement costs upon the transit company, the bridge has nothing to do with transit, the Puttella bridge should be part of the ministry of transportation..

How on earth was Translink given an 80 year old bridge, this downloading of costs was well planned many years ago...

This sales tax increase will raise $2.5 billion over 10 years, when over $10 billion is required, where is the rest of the money, until both the federal government, provincial government ink documents guaranteeing the remaining funds for transit than the only way one must vote is no...Hell no..

Are we going to have a referendum on a car levy....a referendum on road pricing, on increased property taxes...Should those who live south of the Fraser have to carry the burden of $thousands in tolls each year along with all the other Translink taxes while the north shore is bridge-toll free, sea to sky highway toll free...While Vancouver has more transit that everyone else combined and still they want a $4 billion dollar subway to help temporary students get to UBC....Students can suffer, or drive a car..

I have heard no stories of students failing to get to class..

This referendum is about contractors, bridge builders and developers drooling for money making opportunities..

Even Yes Side Vote leader Bill Tieleman is in on the gravy train, he is lobbying for Translink contracts after the referendum has finished, along with hundreds of other government insiders, all lobbying to get Translink dollars, where is that money to come from Bill Tieleman?....


"Finally, there is a very long list of more than 50 companies that responded to TransLink’s invitation to pre-qualify for “Professional Planning Research and Policy Services” under RFP Q14-155.
Who might some of those companies be that are in line, hoping to score a TransLink contract?

Bill "Yes to TransLink expansion" Tieleman
Tieleman: touting TransLink
You’ll recognize Aecom, CH2M Hill, Parsons, Stantec and SDG, who are seeking the Surrey and/or Broadway technical services contracts (see above). Interfleet Technology is on the list. The U.K-based consultancy is a division of SNC-Lavalin.
Also seeking TransLink gigs under the same tender notice are Counterpoint Communications, Kirk and Co., Stratcom and West Star Communications Corp.
Kirk and Co. is a BC Liberal-allied firm that already has a TransLink gig which was extended without bid. A Nov. 25, 2014 notice of intent re-upped its “Public Affairs and Engagement Consultant” contract. Mike McDonald, the BC Liberal campaign manager when Premier Christy Clark promised a TransLink funding referendum, is part of Kirk. See above for more about Counterpoint. Stratcom is the polling, research and robocall arm of Vision Vancouver.
West Star is a surprising entry on the list. It is the firm run by Bill Tieleman, perhaps the most-prominent public face of the Yes campaign,.....

 Bill(Tieleman---Grant G) was unavailable for comment much of Jan. 8, but I look forward to updating this post when he responds."


Just look at all the players lining up for a piece of that $250 million per year, Translink will need that money just for paying all these inside players...

Translink doesn`t need any advertising companies on their payrole...Translink needs to move people, not replace dilapidated old bridges..

The no vote is at least honest about Translink`s money woes, .....The Yes Vote is lying, omitting and looking at a black debt hole through rose coloured glasses.

If, WHEN the Translink funding referendum fails finding new monies will be punted back to the BC Government, $dollars will be found, priorities selected and life will go on....We can start by cancelling the not needed Site C dam and the Massey tunnel replacement, after all, the Massey tunnel replacement was only to facilitate larger ocean going tankers to head farther up the Fraser river to gather up coal and exports, coal growth is over, the need isn`t there...Site C dam and Massey bridge cancellations,  There ya go, I just saved the BC Government(the taxpayer) $18 billion dollars.

Translink referendum....I vote hell no, cancel the referendum, place the responsibility and taxing decision making back in the hands of the real authority..

The Christy Clark led BC Liberal Government.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, February 20, 2015

War Is A Drug(Chris Hedges, Podcast)

Everyone who cares about the real truth needs to listen to this podcast..

 Courtesy CBC Radio....

If that link above doesn`t work, try this one(courtesy contributor Hugh)


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Canadian Press and Media. The Sad, Sycophantic Sell-Out.

Canadian Press and Media. The Sad, Sycophantic Sell-Out.  

                                 Part One
                                                           a column by Robin Mathews. Feb. 2015

We know there is a force in Canada – give it the name you wish – that is protecting government/corporation wrong-doing  [often major criminal wrong-doing] from exposure and legal action and conviction.

Those who name the probably-involved forces protecting criminal corruption name the Canadian Press and Media, the RCMP, CSIS, the PMO, the consenting Opposition Parties. They hear shouts and sneers -

“Conspiracy Theorists”.  “Leftist Alarmists”.  “Nutcases”.

But a case has appeared – a gigantic case affecting every Canadian alive and to be born – that is being smothered from the view of Canadians.  So huge is the case and so important to Canadians that we know it should be receiving major play in press and media.  It should be deeply investigated by investigative reporters.  The RCMP should already be doing preliminary investigation.  CSIS should be looking into “offshore” connections and implications.  The Opposition Parties should be holding meetings across Canada to inform constituents of the magnitude and importance of the case that those Parties should also be refusing to let slip from public attention.

This column is about the tragic failure of the Canadian Press and Media. (The failure of the rest is implicit.) One gigantic case shows the truth.  Two others, dealt with here, back up the argument.

The Gigantic Case.  Representing three plaintiffs, Rocco Galati, constitutional lawyer of growing renown, is calling upon the Bank of Canada [in the Federal Court of Canada] to return to one of its major roles in Canadian life, to end its alienation from the needs of the Canadian people. The plaintiffs call upon the Bank of Canada to take up again the role it must fulfill in the provision of credit to governments of Canada at almost no interest/or no interest at all, instead of its present increasingly indebting practice of forcing governments of Canada to lend at exorbitant rates from private banks in Canada and abroad. – reporting the case, provides information that suggests actors in the whole highly questionable drama may be acting criminally – one reason the RCMP, CSIS, investigative reporters, and experts in the Opposition Parties should be publicly, visibly, loudly active in the matter.

pacificfreepress records “The plaintiffs state that the defendants (officials) are unwittingly and/or wittingly, in varying degrees, knowledge and intent engaged in a conspiracy, along with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Financial Stability Forum (FSF), International Monetary Fund (IMF) to render impotent the Bank of Canada Act as well as Canadian sovereignty over financial, monetary, and socio-economic policy, and bypass the sovereign role of Canada through its parliament by means of the banking and financial systems.” 

Canadians are so used to criminal corruption in the conduct of their governments and administrative bodies (corruption covered over, whitewashed) they may not see the possibility in this case for (additional) actions involving criminal fraud and criminal breach of trust at the highest levels. (Note the word “conspiracy” in the quoted text above.)

 Resistance to the case by legal technicality, manipulation, appeals, etc. is becoming increasingly visible.  That means, in short, that the Conservative Cabinet/Bank of Canada are doing what they can to block, frustrate, high-jack, and otherwise prevent a reasonable and legitimate case in law from going forward. (That, in itself, risks being named as in Contempt of Court.)

Okay”, you say.  “But there’s nothing new here”.  Except there is.  Something very large.

Rocco Galati, lawyer on the case, has made very clear to interviewers that “sources” have indicated to him that the present Conservative government interferes in such matters ordering press and media not to cover, or to cover in a certain way acceptable to ‘power in place’: corporations, major financial interests, and their servants in the present governments of Canada.

This is the first time, in my experience, that a major lawyer in a major (public) case in Canada has made unmistakably clear that he believes a government in Canada is giving orders to the press and media to ignore major news – orders they are apparently following right across the country.  As I say, the implications of the case may include criminal wrong-doing … and the government of the day is, it is alleged, trying to destroy the case (a) by interminable legal manipulations and (b) by strangling Canadian press and media.

Mr. Galati held a press conference at the launch of the case (Dec. 2011) in the Federal Court of Canada.  NONE of the so-called mainstream press and media turned up for the event in Toronto. None. Asked if he thought the failure of those people to appear was suspicious, Mr. Galati allowed that he thought it was.  Since then the press and media of Canada has continued (under whose orders??) to ignore and thus attempt to black out the huge and important case before the Federal Court of Canada. 

Jurispudence tells Canadians that The Rule of Law in Canada is not merely a matter of fair legal and judicial conduct.  It is also a matter of the public’s right to know – unimpeded - all that takes place in its interest in the courts of the nation. No one, no force may impede that right to know.

The present Conservative government of Canada led by Stephen Harper – since at least the criminal action of the “in-and-out” Election Scandal of 2006 – seems intentionally to live in the criminal shadows, to purposefully criminalize procedures that have been, until now, by convention, honourably conducted as a matter of trust. 

Since the implications of the Federal Court case point to possible later action for criminal fraud, criminal breach of trust, conspiracy to defraud, etcetera, the members of the present cabinet are placing themselves in peril as accessories to major criminal action – as well as violating the Canadian Constitution in the alleged imposition of a national black out of the case being conducted in the interests of the Canadian people.

Those who say the Canadian government is not in any way involved in the black out of the Federal Court case will have to explain the unanimous, unbroken, complete absence of reporting by the press and media of Canada.

The second example of Canadian government manipulation and erasure of information – and the cooperation of the Canadian press and media – is also enormous in its implications for the development of criminal government in Canada.  It is treated in the press, however, as a parlor joke.

It involves Nigel S. Wright, Chief of Staff (head of the PMO) for Stephen Harper from September 2010 to May 2013.  Nigel Wright was early an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, reactionary British prime minister.  He was very early connected to Stephen Harper, working for his leadership of Right forces in Canada.  He was founding director, working with leading Conservatives, in the fund raising organization for the Conservative Party of Canada: “Conservative Fund Canada”. His appointment to the PMO was of a long-time, faithful Harper Conservative, dedicated to the success of the Party.

Nigel Wright – as almost every Canadian knows – presented a cheque to Senator Mike Duffy for $90,172.00 to cover “improperly claimed residency expenses” [Wikipedia].  In the dispute that followed from that payment, Wright resigned as Chief of Staff in May, 2013.  On October 28, 2013, more than five months later, Stephen Harper denied that Wright had resigned, saying he was dismissed.

The payment of $90,172.00 by Nigel S. Wright to Mike Duffy– according to charges presently standing against Mike Duffy – constitute in the case of Mike Duffy – the acceptance of a bribe.

But they do not – according to presently standing charges – constitute, in the case of Nigel S. Wright, the person who wrote the cheque and gave it to Duffy – the offer of and/or payment of a bribe.

How the RCMP and Prosecutorial actors could omit Nigel S. Wright from the bribery charges is … almost unbelievable.  The consenting press and media mumbled something about the possibility of Nigel S. Wright having received an okay to pay the amount from, it would seem, the prime minister.  That fact does not – in any way – negate the offering and/or payment of a bribe … if – as the allegations hold – the cheque was accepted as a bribe by Mr. Duffy.

There is no doubt in my mind that Nigel S. Wright should have been charged with offering to pay and/or paying a bribe.  In court – if his testimony pointed to the prime minister agreeing to/or suggesting the payment – then the prime minister would have to be charged – at least – as an accessory in the offer to pay and/or the payment of a bribe.  NOTHING erases Nigel S. Wright’s role in Mike Duffy’s alleged acceptance of a bribe! The prime minister might – if evidence made the matter clear in that direction – be charged as a briber himself rather than merely an accessory to the crime.

This is an enormous matter. 

It is such an enormous matter in the parliamentary, the legal, the constitutional, the policing, and the information processes of Canada that it should have been and should presently be subjected to unrelieved attention by Law Societies, press and media, civil liberties associations, Opposition Parties, and organizations of ordinary Canadians. Instead, the press and media of Canada – as I have observed – erased the matter as quickly as it could from the attention of Canadians. And the others are, apparently, trying to forget it.

That the RCMP did not recommend charges against Nigel S. Wright, I allege, means it is complicit in criminal wrong-doing in Canada.  But its life in the criminal shadows has a long history – as I will allege in the last example of the failure of the press and media in Canada.

The last example of criminal corruption protected is from B.C. I will tell the story briefly, keeping the most outrageous information until the end.

From about 2001 onwards investigation by RCMP and others was undertaken into the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR (now headquartered in Texas).

It may be that among original investigating forces were honest parties who insisted that wrong-doing go to trial. Otherwise, every reason existed to bury the corrupt transfer of the railway because so many politicians and corporate actors were involved.

In 2003 a Special Crown Prosecutor was appointed.  He worked with RCMP and others to bring a case to court. Pretrial actions began about 2007, trial ended in 2010. Charged with various crimes were three Sikh, lower-order actors in the whole matter – men, I allege, who were mostly peripherally involved in the huge, carefully constructed, billion dollar fraud.

The trial ended in 2010 when someone in the Liberal government of Gordon Campbell agreed to pay all the legal expenses of the accused – six million dollars – AND to decimate the charges against them to the point of absurdity so that the  trial would be cut off abruptly  - just as cross-examination of (some very very very sensitive) crown witnesses was getting underway.

No one in the Gordon Campbell government was ever revealed as the person permitting the six million dollars of taxpayers’ money to be paid – though the Auditor General of B.C. spent a few years (and at least one court case) trying to get the information for the people of British Columbia.

Any average Canadian might suggest the possibility that the accused men were bribed to close up the trial before it exploded in the faces of Gordon Campbell and his corporate allies.  One of the most important aspects of the case is that Stephen Harper lifted Gordon Campbell out, just at the end of the ugly, seamy stew, and made him Canadian High Commissioner in London – a top Canadian diplomatic appointment.

That is not the most outrageous information.

The most outrageous information is that the whole  investigation after 2003, and the multi-million dollar pre-trial and trial were all invalid.  The Special Crown Prosecutor appointed in 2003 was appointed in flagrant violation of the British Columbia legislation governing the appointment of Special Crown Prosecutors.

That means that his every activity from 2003 until 2010 was at the very best null and void, meaningless.  At the worst, his activities (uninvestigated) may have been undertaken for reasons that do not support the fair administration of justice in Canada. 

The legislation governing the appointment of Special Crown Prosecutors intends and states that the candidate must be free of conflict of interest and even of the possible appearance of conflict of interest.  In that regard the candidate must have no connection to cabinet ministers, MLAs, civil servants, police, etc. etc.  He or she must be clean of conflict of interest and even  the appearance of conflict of interest.  He or she must take on the case free of even the suggestion of any connection to persons related to the case.

William Berardino, the Special Crown Prosecutor named, was, in 2003, not many years away from having been for seven years a partner and colleague of the Attorney General of B.C., from whose office Berardino was named Special Crown Prosecutor.  He had been, in 2003, even fewer years away from having been for eleven years partner and colleague of the presiding Deputy Attorney General of B.C.  

It goes without saying that the BC Rail Scandal case was closely connected to some active politicians and civil servants of the Gordon Campbell government, and to Gordon Campbell himself, all involved in the alleged corrupt preparation and transfer of BC Rail to the CNR.  When William Berardino was appointed Special Crown Prosecutor, Gordon Campbell was premier of B.C. 

The RCMP refused to investigate what I believe was a large and wide-ranging conspiracy to defraud British Columbians, involving politicians, civil servants, and corporate actors.  The RCMP worked side by side with the invalid Special Crown Prosecutor for years in the preparation of the (trivial) case that went to court.  The RCMP never, apparently, checked the qualifications of the Special Crown Prosecutor against the legislation governing his appointment.

When I presented the information to the public (on websites and blogs) of the improper appointment of the Special Crown Prosecutor, the press and media would not touch it. I confronted the major BC Rail Scandal trial reporter for The Vancouver Sun with his failure to report … and he fled.  A journalist writing on the trial for The Tyee electronic news source wrote to a questioner that I was mistaken in my information (an outright falsehood).  The Tyee would never touch the story.

I wrote to the Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court, The Associate Chief Justice, and the judge on the case informing them fully of the illegitimate appointment and, therefore, the illegitimate presence of the Special Crown Prosecutor in the Supreme Court action.  The court officer replying for the top judges of the BC Supreme Court wrote that since they had no hand in the appointment of the Special Crown Prosecutor, they would do nothing. In answer to my second letter to them on the matter they refused all comment.


When the trial began (after long pretrial processes), the court – using a volunteer committee of press and media journalists (plainly in conflict of interest) – denied me the rights of a journalist in the trial.  I could not, for instance, examine any materials placed on ‘public record’.  Other repressions were also invoked to make it very hard for me to report the truth to Canadians.  The court knew almost all of the press and media people who came to the court would not report the truth to the public.  They did not have to be restrained as I was restrained.

No doubt, Canadians are faced with a press and media that are sad, sell-out, and sychophantic.  Journalists and their employers in Canada betray democracy and the Canadian people every day – with smiles on their faces and huge self-confidence … even enthusiasm.  But they are only the tip of the iceberg, underneath which is a corrupt RCMP, corrupt provincial courts, corrupt government officials, corrupt elected representatives in all parties, and an ever-expanding corrupt private corporate sector. The press and media are highlighted here because if they would do their job, they would launch the beginning of the clean-up that is desperately necessary.  And they might … they just might save Canada from the fascist future it is walking into led by public forces determined to destroy democracy and the rule of law.

(To readers.  If you like this column, send it on to friends, politicians, news outlets – any destination that might reproduce it and distribute it in Canada or abroad. The rule of law and democracy are being shattered in Canada: tell the world.)


More on BC Rail Theft (Grant G)

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Federal LNG Tax Breaks Won`t Matter With Current LNG Pricing And Over-supply Glut

A lot of hoopla will be made by local politicians about the federal Governments new announced LNG plant tax breaks, however it won`t make a difference, current LNG pricing makes BC`s LNG proposals economically, not viable..

Directly below, From the Commensense Canadian web site..


Asian spot market prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) have plunged by a single year record of 61.7% since February 2014, according to Platts JKM (Japan/Korea Marker) – a leading source of benchmark prices for the industry.

Average prices for March delivery peaked at a historic high of $20.20 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) on February 14 ,2014. By February of this year, prices for March delivery had tumbled to$7.44/MMBtu – representing the largest year-over-year drop since Platts began tracking the market in 2009, and the lowest benchmark price for Asian LNG since 2010.
Said Stephanie Wilson, managing editor of Asia LNG at Platts:

Moderate temperatures and high buyer inventories continued to cap demand for spot cargoes in northeast Asia, despite the lower prices in March. Exacerbating the oversupply were cheaper competing fuels, which many utility power generators opted to burn rather than LNG.
Taking its nuclear reactors offline post-Fukushima, Japan drove up LNG prices from 2011 on, sparking a global race to supply the Asian market with LNG. But subsequent weakening demand, increased competition and lower oil prices – to which Asian LNG prices are indexed – have all exerted significant downward price pressure on the resource.


 Proposed LNG projects for British Columbia need a long term minimum price for profitability of at least $13 dollars per MMBTU....

As you can see Japan is paying now $7.44 MMBTU....That is well below the threshold for any profitability..

With China inking long term deals with Russia for cheaper piped gas directly from Russia to China, that market is gone...

As well, Japan is restarting several nuclear plants in June of this year, meaning Japan`s LNG needs are going to decrease even further...

Also on the LNG front....Natural gas discoveries are coming fast and furious..

Kenya has just cancelled the building of an LNG import facility, Kenya was ready to sign a long term import deal for Qatari supplied LNG...ahh...But things change..

Kenya has just dicovered...


Kenya’s 1.8 Tcf gas discovery has seen Kenya put off the LNG import deal with Qatar. 

As it was confirmed to Platts by Davis Chirchir, Kenya’s Energy Cabinet Secretary, the country delayed the signing of a 1 million mt of LNG per year deal with Qatar, that was planned in order to meet the demand of a 700-MW power plant in Mombasa.

According to Chirchir, the country is looking for ways to better use the gas discovered by Africa Oil Corp during last year.

He added that the country does not want to come into a situation to import Qatari LNG, and not be able to place its own gas on the market.


So, Kenya has not only cancelled building an LNG import terminal, they have plans on exporting this natural LNG....Another market for the present glut of LNG dries up and another potential LNG exporter joins the muck..

Stephen Harper`s LNG tax break announcement comes too little, too late..

Also, Harper`s tax break announcements are mixed, many components are not eligible for break, not the land, not docks, not marine facilities, even the pipelines from northeast BC to the coast are not eligible..

The bottom line is...unless these energy proponents can ink long term buyers for a minimum of $13 dollars per MMBTU it won`t make a lick of difference..

Other details about these tax breaks....Do they apply to $dollars spent overseas?...Or in the case of Newtimes Energy ltd..They are proposing a 100% foreign built floating facility, will the Feds allow big tax write-offs for investment in another country?(details below)

Lots of noise, changes the bottom line very little..

BC Liberals and the Federal Conservatives will have to give much much more before these companies build..

Not until these foreign energy giants get free gas with 100% tax write-offs, until then..

Harper and Clark are pissing up a rope.


Alberta Tar sands looking at death spiral.....Say goodbye to the gravytrain for employees and community


The president of one of Canada’s biggest oil and gas producers delivered a stern warning to the oil sands industry, telling a room full of Fort McMurray business people that they need to start cutting costs or the industry will fall into a “death spiral.

The “made in Fort McMurray cost” of doing business has risen too quickly and must end, Steve Laut of Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. told members of the local Chamber of Commerce.

The drop in oil prices is an “opportunity” for every part of the industry to cut costs and eliminate inefficiencies that were allowed to creep in when business was booming.

Mr. Laut also said municipal taxes have become the fastest rising cost for CNRL, and that they must drop – a pointed message to the local government. And he urged the Alberta and federal governments to make the regulatory environment more “effective.”

Mr. Laut said the American fracking industry has become the oil sands’ biggest competitor by developing new technologies to bring down extraction costs. If nothing is done to bring down oil sands costs, he said, the industry could be doomed.


Stephen Harper`s single focus economy is doomed, just like Christy Clark...Countries, Nations, people have gathered up too much unsustainable debt....This blunt warning is the first salvo, those bigtime lucrative wages for menial labour will be first to fall, and fall fast they will, towns and cities are being asked to take less and less money....Tar sands will be asking for royalty relief, tax relief, tar sand companies will be pushing hard for more cheap TFWs...

Norway amassed near $1 trillion dollars during the goodtimes, Alberta amassed near nothing, no nest egg, zipppy doodah day, nada, no rainy day fund....

Stephen Harper can`t even present a federal budget, the self proclaimed great economist`s single focus industry is going the way of the dodo bird...

And it is an election year is it not....Cue the Duffy trial.....

Pleasant dreams Harper 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Christy Clark Has No Brain, The Proof Is Here(According to Clark, Translink`s Board Runs and Controls British Columbia`s Government)

Some of you thought my posting yesterday was rather terse, ....And perhaps that is true..

However,....I said this at the end of my February 18/2015 post about Christy Clark..

"Enough is enough...
Christy Clucking Clark, you braindead stunned Bitch, cancel this doomed referendum and make a Governing decision.."

And to prove my point how braindead and educationally stunned Christy Clark is....


Updated: Clark says “TransLink belongs to the mayors”


Premier Christy Clark is brushing off calls to cancel the transit tax plebiscite saying it’s important to give people a say.

And for those who think TransLink itself is the problem, Clark says it’s up to Metro Vancouver mayors to fix it.

You know the province has made a major contribution to this and I think we’ve really done what we can. TransLink belongs to the mayors, and only the mayors, if there are problems that need to be addressed in TransLink, can fix those, fix those problems because it’s not a provincially run organization.”

As for criticism that Translink’s bad image and lack of accountability are undermining the Yes campaign Clark says that’s also the mayors’ problem.

“You know it’s really been the mayors leading it, as it should be, it’s their organization.”

But NDP critic George Heyman says Translink exists because of provincial legislation and it’s frightening Clark doesn’t get that.

“The transportation minister should probably sit her down and explain his government’s, her government’s own legislation to her until she gets it.”

The government insists it has no direct control over Translink.

In fact, TransLink was established through provincial legislation.


Christy Clark`s departed dad, who was an educator must be rolling in his grave on discovering Christy Clark was born without a shred of brainpower, dumb as a sack of hammers Christy Clark is, what an embarrassment we endure having Canada`s one and only premier with an IQ below 50.

Yes, it is true, Christy Clark is a school drop-out, let this be a warning to all those who attend school...Stay there, learn to think, to read and understand...

Don`t be a Christy Clark...Stay in School!

 The latest reincarnation of Translink was created by Kevin Falcon as a member of the BC Liberal Government, Government wanted the Canada line built, mayors, at that time said no, Evergreen line was on the Q first, ...Translink`s structure said no twice to the Canada line, that`s when the BC Liberals rejiggered Translink to get their coveted Canada line..

Furthermore, Ken Dobell was the lobbying force behind today`s Translink board that gave the go-ahead for $200 million dollars worth of useless faregates, Ken dobell, Gordon Campbell`s deputy.

Every major maneuver Translink has made in recent years has been the directive of the BC Liberal Government..
For Christy Clark to blather that Translink is the purview, and controlled by mayors is a pure unadulterated lie..If that was the case how come the mayors couldn`t stop the referendum, every mayor, also the NDP ridiculed Christy Clark for even suggesting a public vote, the mayors called at the time and rejected a plebiscite and or referendum...If mayors had control there would be no plebiscite...

Why isn`t the big media howling with laughter at Christy Clark...Because there are too many trough snorting connected pigs waiting to dine out on the new monies..

We have no opposition party in BC...Every NDPer should stand up in question period, ask no questions, just say.."Christy Clark"..And on cue all of them just laugh for 30 minutes..

That`s what a real opposition would do..

This is one more glaring reason we must all vote no on this Translink cash grab referendum.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Translink Referendum Trough Sucking Pigs(and developers), Fuck Off!

These clowns just don`t get it, do they, Translink is a corrupt organization, it has been for years, a dumping ground for political insiders, a landing pad for those needing taxpayer gravy.

Translink is broken, the BC Liberals designed Translink to facilitate their favoured projects, in particular the Canada Line...

Remember the spin back then, how building the Canada Line traffic from Richmond to Vancouver would now flow smooth and easy, remember that..

How did that work out, has traffic gridlock to and from Richmond been reduced, not a chance!

Guess who is lining up at the trough awaiting Translink contracts, or should I say more Translink contracts, directors of the BC Liberal party(Mike McDonald), those connected to Gregor Robertson, Bill Tieleman and dozens of other political insiders are getting ready to feed at the trough...Bill Tieleman, ..The man who delivered Adrian Dix to the NDP`s leadership, ..Look how well that turned out, Adrian Dix, forger, liar, Skytrain cheating non-paying scofflaw, how ironic, Adrian Dix , Bill Tieleman`s cheating NDP leader was a fare-evading skytrain cheat too, he blew the 2014 election.


"Yesterday, we learned that Transit Police let NDP Leader Adrian Dix off with a warning after he was caught without proof of fare payment on the SkyTrain earlier this month.

The fine for such an offence is $173. Dix's constituency office is directly across the street from the Joyce Street Station and he professes to be a regular SkyTrain user.

Naturally, other transit passengers are feeling miffed that the Opposition leader and likely future premier gets off scot-free whereas most other schleps would be ticketed and fined.
Keep in mind that Dix earns $150,000 per year. He can afford a monthly pass.

It's pretty clear that the cop gave Dix a soft ride. It's not Dix's fault that this occurred. He was probably reasonably well-dressed at the time, offered a plausible explanation, and got off with a warning.

Sometimes, police have a tendency to treat people differently, based on their social and economic class.
Dix has said he took "full responsibility" for his action. It's a line we've heard before in connection with a memo he backdated for his former boss, Glen Clark, when Clark was under a police investigation involving a casino licence."


Bill Tieleman now an adviser to John Horgan...Bill Tieleman rubbing his grubby little hands together along with countless BC Liberals, all anticipating gravy, taxpayer funded gravy to dine out on..Bill Tieleman who gave us Christy Clark now wants Translink money!!!!

Translink is home to a fraudulent reward system for political insiders, ...Time to hear from Bob Mackin..


TransLink rolling out contracts on the road to tax hike vote

Ransford firm re-upped, Tieleman seeks TransLink contract

Counterpoint scores
On Jan. 2, Counterpoint Communications got a new year’s gift. Its “Business and Stakeholder Outreach” consulting contract was extended indefinitely by TransLink without a bid, because of tight timelines and Counterpoint’s “unique expertise.”

Counterpoint's Ransford
Counterpoint’s Ransford
Said the notice of intent: “The Supplier has provided focused stakeholder engagement services to raise awareness of the Mayors’ Council vision, developed a strong understanding of the Mayors’ Plan and provided an important liaison between TransLink/Mayors’ Council and stakeholders.”
Mayors’ Council chair Richard Walton, who is also Mayor of North Vancouver District, was unable to answer about the budget for the contract when I contacted him.
The public relations and lobbying company’s five principals include Bob Ransford, who is thought of by NPA loyalists as a turncoat for joining Vision Vancouver before the 2011 election. Ransford is chair of EasyPark, the City of Vancouver’s quasi-non governmental organization that runs downtown parking lots and was rocked by scandal in 2012 when a worker with gambling addiction was accused of stealing from the company.
Ransford did not respond for comment.

Vote in spring, learn cost by fall
Meanwhile, TransLink is one step closer to hiring consultants to come up with the estimated cost of the Broadway SkyTrain extension and Surrey light rail after the plebiscite.
 Yes, TransLink wants you to vote yes to hike sales taxes in Metro Vancouver before it gets an accurate estimate of the cost of the Commercial-to-Arbutus Broadway subway (which has been pegged at $3 billion so far)....

Yes campaigner seeks TransLink dough
Finally, there is a very long list of more than 50 companies that responded to TransLink’s invitation to pre-qualify for “Professional Planning Research and Policy Services” under RFP Q14-155.
Who might some of those companies be that are in line, hoping to score a TransLink contract?

Bill "Yes to TransLink expansion" Tieleman
Tieleman: touting TransLink
You’ll recognize Aecom, CH2M Hill, Parsons, Stantec and SDG, who are seeking the Surrey and/or Broadway technical services contracts (see above). Interfleet Technology is on the list. The U.K-based consultancy is a division of SNC-Lavalin.
Also seeking TransLink gigs under the same tender notice are Counterpoint Communications, Kirk and Co., Stratcom and West Star Communications Corp.
Kirk and Co. is a BC Liberal-allied firm that already has a TransLink gig which was extended without bid. A Nov. 25, 2014 notice of intent re-upped its “Public Affairs and Engagement Consultant” contract. Mike McDonald, the BC Liberal campaign manager when Premier Christy Clark promised a TransLink funding referendum, is part of Kirk. See above for more about Counterpoint. Stratcom is the polling, research and robocall arm of Vision Vancouver.
West Star is a surprising entry on the list. It is the firm run by Bill Tieleman,

 This Translink referendum political insiders have united as one solitary trough sucking gaggle of snorting money sucking pigs, NDP...LIBERAL, Civic ....All political pigs...Trying so hard to CON the public, ..Throwing study after tainted study at the people..

Let`s have a look at some of the arguments....One columnist for the Vancouver Sun said we have to vote yes to save our children from green house gasses....Oh my, ..We have the Vancouver Sun who has been cheerleader to Christy Clark`s pathetic over hyped bogus LNG fantasy, ..Vancouver Sun who has ignored the fact that if Christy Clark`s LNG fantasy came trough, if...Each large LNG plant would add 10 million tonnes of GHGs to our province each year, if we had 10 large LNG plants our provincial greenhouse gas total will triple....Not a fucking word about that in the Vancouver Sun but suddenly we must vote yes on the Translink referendum to save our children from greenhouse gases from cars...

PATHETIC and desperate..Even more so...Bramham wants Translink to apologize, how fucking sick is that, ..Let me steal $billions of dollars from you, let me keep my job, keep the money and say...Hey rubes, I`m sorry...Grow some testicles media...Stop these damn sick articles!

Stephen Hume wants all those saying NO TO TRANSLINK to fuck off and go away...Yet he wants this Translink referendum to go for a vote, hey numbnuts Hume, if you don`t want anyone fighting for no side then why don`t you yell at Christy Clark and tell her to impose this tax, hey, guess what Stephen Hume, that would save $15 million dollars in ballots and voting costs, as well as clear newspaper headlines for real news!

Vancouver transportation director claims the sky will fall if we vote no..And he states this..

Gridlock 24/7...Bridges will collapse, trains will seize up, ferries will sink....

How pathetic....newsflash, Transit will get funding one way or another, would a Government, a responsible government allow Transit and our roads to totally collapse, what, would they walk around with hands in pockets, whistling past the graveyard while Rome(Vancouver ) is burning..


We saw the same overflow of sewage commentary and opinion when the HST forces were trying to dupe us...imagine that, every province with the HST running deficits, BC?..Huh, no HST and our finances are better than the rest..

We have another article that claims 2 billion dollars in lost productivity by 2045 if we vote no...HAHAHA..

What a sick joke...Those sitting in traffic are burning gas, meaning taxes, cars that breakdown from too much idling, that means service garages have work, commutes that take longer mean coffee stops, food stops, it`s all economic activity, by 2045 parts of Vancouver and Richmond will be under water...How`s that for lost productivity..Nothing easier for these lying bastards to suggest things 30 years out, they won`t be around to say oops, or sorry, just garbage writing!..By 2045 electric cars will be here, automated cars and traffic will flow so smoothhhhhhhh...without transit, prove me wrong assholes!

That statement is just as credible as what these trough sucking pigs are saying..


Congestion in Metro Vancouver could cost $2B without transit improvements: study

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

The Metro Vancouver mayor’s council is out with a new study today on the costs associated with congestion in the hopes of convincing you to vote yes in the upcoming transit plebiscite.
Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore says a study be economists by HDR Consulting shows traffic congestion is already costing the regional economy one billion dollars a year in vehicle operating costs, lost productivity and pollution from vehicle emissions.
He says a no vote means double the annual regional cost of congestion to two billion dollars a year by 2045


Where are these mayors finding all this money for studies????

And these goddamn trough sucking pigs are getting even more pathetic, an article appeared last week claiming according to social media Translink was the most popular transit system, another STUDY ...!!
A study looking at Tweets about Transit systems..Are you kidding me!...I`m not, here`s a novel idea, create a transit lottery, allow BCLC to create scratch tickets or a numbers draw and have the funds goes to Transit...oh no, the BC Liberals wouldn`t dare do that, these BC Liberals want every gambling dollar for themselves...


TransLink is the most popular transit system in North America, says new study

According to a new study of social media comments, TransLink is the most popular transit system in North America.
A recent University of Southern California study used computer algorithms to rank 64,000 comments on Twitter – from most positive to most negative


Hey trough sucking pigs, got any more studies????? or should we ask HOW MANY MORE STUDIES ARE COMING?....What next, the POPE declaring the earth will turn flat if Translink referendum fails, ..That British Columbia will push the entire world into the biggest economic depression mankind has ever seen if the people vote no..

Push push push, shove, beg and plead we the people know that there are those with vested interests, politicians and insiders who want this to pass, this has nothing to do with transportation, this referendum/plebiscite is about creating A NEW form of taxation, ...This will create a taxation method for every needed project the BC Liberals don`t want to fund through their many revenue sources...

A St. Pauls hospital tax....A Site C dam tax...A new second narrows bridge tax..this list is endless..

These useless Translink thugs will reward new Pattullo bridge users with a yearly $2000 dollar toll...

Translink gets 17 cents per litre on fuel...Fuel use because of more efficient automobiles is on the decline, that charge per litre is going up..Property taxes are going up...

Need more...TREO...The company and new Bureaucracy created to collect toll revenue is offering up discounts to get more people to drive CARS and TRUCKS over the TOLLED Port Mann and TOLLED Golden Ears bridge...They want INCREASED CAR TRAFFIC, INCREASED TRUCK TRAFFIC, TREO DOES NOT WANT  LESS TRAFFIC, LESS CARS, LESS TRUCKS......THEY WANT MORE TRAFFIC.


Port Mann operators consider rewards for frequent bridge users

Treo would offer regulars loyalty points or possible rebates on monthly bill

If improved transit takes cars off the road Translink would in turn require more funding from another source, Translink gets 17 cents on every litre of fuel sold, fewer cars, less litres means larger Translink funding shortfall, ...In the below article, if the picture they paint came true, no gridlock, open roads, smooth sailing, if that scenario were to come true Translink would need another $500 million dollars per year in funding, for they would lose most of their petro dollars..

Which makes the latest garbage article in The Province Newspaper reek to high heaven too,

another con job article...Claiming a yes vote will make car driving better, that drivers of vehicles will win, that the roads will be open empty landscapes, no traffic jams, ...My fucking gawd...New bridges and roads, new buses won`t get anyone out of their cars...It rains in BC...and people like cars, buses can`t fly over car traffic, over waterways..

Gregor`s $4 billion dollar 11 kilometer developer wanted condoline subway is NOT NEEDED...A few new buses on Broadway, problem solved...

The public is getting angry with these endless Time-Share heavy pitched doom and gloom articles about voting yes....They have to stop, ...Translink gets $1.44 billion per year in funding...That`s enough, sell off the bridges to private companies, sell off the Fraser river, the BC Liberals are selling off everything, selling off British Columbia to resource extractors, BC`s media is selling out the public for the sake of political trough sucking insiders..

Enough is enough...

Christy Clucking Clark, you braindead stunned Bitch, cancel this doomed referendum and make a Governing decision..

As for the Vancouver Sun and Province Newspapers...Fuck OFF` and die, go the way of SUN NEWS

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open